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710757: SOTHEBY'S LONDON, - Sotheby's - the Return of Marco Polo - Auction in the Forbidden City - Beijing 5th June 1988.
807293: SOTRIFFER, KRISTIAN, - Expressionism and Fauvism.
8150: SOUDER, WILLIAM E., - Managing New Technology Development.
52014: SOUERS, PHILIP WEBSTER, - The Matchless Orinda.
10903: SOULSBY, E. J. L., - Parasitic Zoonoses: Clinical And Experimental Studies.
13750: SOURS, JOHN A., - Starving To Death In A Sea Of Objects.
710728: SOUSOUNIS, PETER. ALBERCOOK, GEORGE, - Climate Change in the Upper Great Lakes Region: a Workshop Report University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan May 4-7, 1998.
180012: SOUTER, ALEXANDER, - Novum Testamentum Graece Textui a Retractatoribus Anglis Adhibito Brevem Adnotationem Criticam Subiecit.
711829: SOUTH CLAY HIGH SCHOOL, DICKENS, GILLETT GROVE, WEBB IOWA., - South Clay High School, Dickens, Gillett Grove, Webb Iowa. the Spartan 1979-80 Yearbook.
711830: SOUTH CLAY HIGH SCHOOL, DICKENS, GILLETT GROVE, WEBB IOWA., - South Clay High School, Dickens, Gillett Grove, Webb Iowa. the Spartan 1972 Yearbook.
711808: SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL, MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA., - South High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1932 Tiger Yearbook.
60886: SOUTHALL, DOUGLAS, - Lee's Lieutenants, Vol. 3: Gettysburg to Appomattox.
31590: SOUTHERN, RICHARD, - The Staging Of Plays Before Shakespeare.
22662: SOUTHERN, R. W., - The Making Of The Middle Ages.
23628: SOUTHGATE, ROBERT L., - Black Plots And Black Characters: A Handbook For Afro-american Literature.
34967: SOUTHWELL, R. V., - Relaxation Methods In Engineering Science A Treatise On Approximate Computation.
46675: SOVA, DAWN B., - Literature Suppressed On Religious Grounds: Banned Books.
46674: SOVA, DAWN B., - Literature Suppressed On Political Grounds: Banned Books.
46673: SOVA, DAWN B., - Literature Suppressed On Sexual Grounds (banned Books).
46672: SOVA, DAWN B., - Literature Suppressed On Social Grounds (banned Books).
34919: SOVRAN, GINO, - Fluid Mechanics Of Internal Flow: Proceedings Of The Symposium ... General Motors Research Laboratories, Warren, Mich., 1965.
6421: SOWELL, THOMAS, - Inside American Education : the Decline, the Deception, the Dogmas.
33180: SPADACCINI, NICHOLAS, - Through The Shattering Glass: Cervantes And The Self-made World.
42294: SPAETH, SIGMUND, - Music And Dance In Pennsylvania, New Jersey And Delaware.
52029: SPAIN, RUFUS B., - At Ease in Zion: Social History of Southern Baptists, 1865-1900.
49479: SPALDING, J. L., - Socialism And Labor, And Other Arguments Social, Political And Patriotic.
804901: SPANNAGEL, FRANZ, - Das Drechslerwerk - Ein Fachbuch Für Drechsler, Lehrer, Architekten Und Liebhaber - Untertitel: Auch Ein Beitrag Zur Stilgeschichte Des Hausrats.
36507: SPANOS, WILLIAM V., - The Christian Tradition In Modern British Verse Drama: The Poetics Of Sacramental Time.
805284: SPARGO, JOHN, - The Potters and Potteries of Bennington.
220845: SPARKS, EDWIN ERLE, - Collections Of The Illinois State Historical Library V3: Lincoln Series V1, The Lincoln-Douglas Debates Of 1858.
55659: SPARKS, JOHN AND SOPER, TONY, - Penguins.
51230: SPARKS, DAVID S., - The Birth of the Republican Party in Iowa (Iowa Journal of History, January 1956).
240251: SPARKS, ESTHER, - Selections from the John Deere Art Collection.
802392: SPARROW, WALTER SHAW, - A Book Of British Etching From Francis Barlow To Francis Seymour Haden.
902165: SPASSKY, NATALIE, - Winslow Homer-a Medaenas Monograph on the Arts.
32050: SPATE, O. H. K., - The Pacific Since Magellan Volume 2 Monopolists And Freebooters.
19062: SPATER, GEORGE, - William Cobbett: Poor Man's Friend: 2 Volume Set.
43610: SPECK, GORDON, - Samuel Hearne And The Northwest Passage.
58599: SPECTOR, RONALD H., - In the Ruins of Empire: The Japanese Surrender and the Battle for Postwar Asia.
48075: SPECTOR, MARSHALL, - Concepts Of Reduction In Physical Science.
806510: SPECTOR, WILLIAM, - Handbook of Biological Data.
43576: SPECTOR, SHERMAN DAVID, - Rumania At The Paris Peace Conference A Study Of The Diplomacy Of Ioan I. C. Bratianu.
39430: SPECTOR, MARSHALL, - Methodological Foundations Of Relativistic Mechanics.
54354: SPEDDING, C. R. W, - Sheep Production and Grazing Management.
39387: SPEER, EUGENE R., - Generalized Feynman Amplitudes.
804687: SPEERS, JOAN, - Art At Auction the Year At Sotheby Parke-Bernet, 1979-80.
800244: SPEERT, HAROLD, - Iconographia Gyniatrica; A Pictorial History Of Gynecology And Obstetrics.
50425: SPEIER, HANS, - German White-Collar Workers and the Rise of Hitler.
54131: SPEISER, E A, - World History of the Jewish People: Volume One- At the Dawn of Civilization: a Background of Biblical History [VOL 1 ONLY].
40409: SPEISER, E. A., - Oriental And Biblical Studies Collected Writings Of E. A. Speiser.
901809: SPELTZ, ALEXANDER, - The History of Ornament: Design in the Decorative Arts.
33585: SPENCE, DONALD P., - The Freudian Metaphor: Toward Paradigm Change In Psychoanalysis.
29427: SPENCE, LEWIS, - The Problem Of Atlantis.
802303: SPENCER, ISOBEL, - Walter Crane.
710707: SPENCER, DICK III, - Intermediate Western Horsemanship.
57536: SPENCER, HERBERT; ANDRESKI, STANISLAV, - Principles of Sociology Selections.
51283: SPENCER, THOMAS EDWIN, - The Story of Old St. Louis.
50715: SPENCER, HERBERT, - Principles of Sociology Volume II (2).
30155: SPENCER, JOHN F. T., - Public Health Microbiology: Methods And Protocols (methods In Molecular Biology).
59607: SPENCER, J. F. T. & DOROTHY M. SPENCER & I. J. BRUCE, - Yeast Genetics: a Manual of Methods.
31857: SPENGEMANN, WILLIAM G., - The Adventurous Muse: The Poetics Of American Fiction, 1789-1900.
8877: SPENGLER, JOSEPH JOHN, - Population Economics; Selected Essays of Joseph J. Spengler. Compiled by Robert S. Smith, Frank T. De Vyver and William R. Allen.
280324: SPENSER, EDMUND; GREENLAW, EDWIN & CHARLES GROSVENOR & FREDERICK MORGAN PADELFORD, - The Faerie Queene - the Works of Edmund Spenser a Variorum Edition Book One.
27812: SPERBER, MURRAY, - Shake Down The Thunder: The Creation Of Notre Dame Football.
100504: SPERBER, DAN & DEIRDRE WILSON, - Relevance: Communication and Cognition (Language and Thought).
26747: SPERLING, DANIEL, - New Transportation Fuels: A Strategic Approach To Technological Change.
805528: SPERRY, ANN, - Thirty Pieces Thirty Years Sculpture by Ann Sperry.
31684: SPETH, JOHN D., - Bison Kills and Bone Counts: Decision Making by Ancient Hunters.
803721: SPHYROERAS, VASILIS. AVRAMEA, ANNA. ASDRAHAS, SPYROS, - Maps and Map-Makers of the Aegean.
803804: SPICER-SIMSON, THEODORE, - A Collector of Characters: Reminiscences of Theodore Spicer-Simson.
27274: SPICER, STANLEY T., - Masters Of Sail The Era Of Square-rigged Vessels In The Maritime Provinces.
120459: SPICER, DOROTHY GLADYS, - The Book of Festivals.
37343: SPIELMANN, M. H. LAYARD, G. S., - Kate Greenaway.
46030: SPIER, R. E., - Advances In Animal Cell Biology And Technology For Bioprocesses.
280025: SPIERS, A, - Spiers and Surenne's French and English Pronouncing Dictionary: Newly Composed from the French Dictionaries of the French Academy, Laveaux, Boiste, Bescherelle, ... of Johnson, Webster ... Richardson, Etc.
807305: SPIES, WERNER, - Sculpture by Picasso, : with a Catalogue of the Works.
10905: SPIESS, ELIOT B., - Genes In Populations.
52211: SPILLER, ROBERT E., - Literary History of the United States Bibliography Supplement II.
33388: SPILLMAN, JANE SHADEL, - Reflections On Glass Articles From The Glass Club Bulletin.
15119: SPINDLER, GEORGE D., - The Making Of Psychological Anthropology.
40354: SPINK, WESLEY W., - Sulfanilamide And Related Compounds In General Practice.
60868: SPIRN, JEFFREY R, - Program Behavior: Models and Measurements (Operating and Programming Systems Series).
19238: SPIRO, HOWARD M, - Doctors, Patients, And Placebos.
47077: SPITZ, DAVID, - The Liberal Idea Of Freedom.
10439: SPITZER, CARY R., - Viking Orbiter Views Of Mars.
56258: SPOEHR, KATHRYN T. AND LEHMKUHLE, STEPHEN W., - Visual Information Processing.
280192: SPONENBERG, D. PHILLIP & BONNIE V. G. BEAVER, - Horse Color.
281595: SPONG, WILLIAM B., - Defamation and the First Amendment: New Perspectives.
15196: SPONG, KENNETH, - Banking Regulation.
710850: SPOONER, PETER, - Contemporary Art And The Mathematical Instinct.
57422: SPOONER, BRIAN, - Population Growth: Anthropological Implications.
805164: SPORRE, DENNIS J., - Reality through the Arts.
750068: SPORTSMANS EDGE, LTD., - A Collection of Original Paintings, Prints and Sculpture of Contemporary Sporting and Wildlife Art (1976).
750065: SPORTSMANS EDGE, LTD., - A Collection of Original Paintings Prints and Sculpture of Contemporary Sporting and Wildlife Art Catalog 1974.
750069: SPORTSMANS EDGE, LTD., - A Collection of Original Paintings, Prints and Sculpture of Contemporary Sporting and Wildlife Art (1976).
750072: SPORTSMANS EDGE, LTD., - A Collection of Original Paintings, Prints and Sculpture of Contemporary Sporting and Wildlife Art (1976).
750074: SPORTSMANS EDGE, LTD., - Sportsman's Edge, Ltd. Print Catalogue 1980.
750070: SPORTSMANS EDGE, LTD., - A Collection of Original Paintings, Prints and Sculpture of Contemporary Sporting and Wildlife Art (1976).
750071: SPORTSMANS EDGE, LTD., - A Collection of Original Paintings, Prints and Sculpture of Contemporary Sporting and Wildlife Art (1976).
46812: SPOSITO, V. A., - Linear And Nonlinear Programming.
23087: SPRADLEY, JAMES P., - The Cocktail Waitress Woman's Work In A Man's World.
53818: SPRAGUE, CLAIRE & VIRGINIA TIGER, - Critical Essays on Doris Lessing.
180111: SPRAGUE, MARSHALL, - Newport In The Rockies The Life And Good Times Of Colorado Springs.
9840: SPRAGUE, HOWARD B., - Grasslands Of The United States: Their Economic And Ecologic Importance.
180016: SPRAGUE, JESSE RAINSFORD, - James Read, Building Material Merchant.
41602: SPRENGELL, CONRAD, - Aphorisms Of Hippocrates (classics In Medical Literature).
801653: SPRIGG, JUNE, - By Shaker Hands.
16183: SPRIGG, JUNE, - Shaker: Life, Work, And Art.
42960: SPRING, JOHN. GUSTAFSON, A. M., - John Spring's Arizona.
280998: SPRINGER, CARL P. E., - The Manuscripts of Sedulius: A Provisional Handlist (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
806359: SPRINGER, OTTO, - Langenscheidt's New Muret-sanders Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Englsh and German Languages (Parts I--English-German). 2 Vols..
13381: SPRINGER, L. ELSIMORE, - The Collector's Book Of Bells.
2404: SPRINGER, PETER AND H. WENZEL, - Transportation Planning for a Better Environment.
50535: SPRINKER, MICHAEL, - A Counterpoint of Dissonance: the Aesthetics and Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins.
21396: SPROAT, IAIN, - Wodehouse At War.
32476: SPROUL, ALLAN. RITTER, LAWRENCE S., - Selected Papers Of Allan Sproul.
40974: SPRUILL, CHARLES R., - Conglomerates And The Evolution Of Capitalism.
750016: SPUHLER, FRIEDRICH, - Islamic Carpets and Textiles in the Keir Collection.
28443: SPULBER, NICOLAS, - Quantitative Economic Policy And Planning.
51058: SPURLIN, PAUL M, - Rousseau in America 1760-1809.
54331: SPURLING, R. GLEN., - Lesions of the Cervical Intervertebral Disc.
32386: SPURLING, R. GLEN, - Lesions Of The Cervical Intervertebral Disc.
240082: SPYRI, JOHANNA, - Heidi Windermere Series.
52648: SPYRI, JOHANNA. ALLEN, PHILIP SCHUYLER. ENRIGHT, MAGINEL WRIGHT, - The Windemere Series: Heidi; : a Story for Children and Those Who Love Children, (The Windermere Series) Heidi; : a Story for Children and Those Who Love Children.
13988: SQUIER, CHARLES L., - John Fletcher.
805726: SQUIRE, LARRY R., - Encyclopedia of Learning and Memory.
10890: SQUIRE, LARRY R., - Encyclopedia Of Learning And Memory.
49306: SQUIRES, W. H. T., - The Land Of Decision.
36695: SQUIRES, GREGORY D., - Chicago: Race, Class, And The Response To Urban Decline.
35163: SQUIRES, RADCLIFFE, - Frederic Prokosch.
58205: SRIRAM, SUBRAMANIAN SIVARAMAN, - The Demand for Money in Malaysia.
120575: SRIVASTVA, SURESH, - The Executive Mind.
281600: ST. JOHN'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, DUBUQUE, IOWA., - Diamond Jubilee 1854-1929 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Dubuque, Iowa..
281602: ST. ANTHONY'S CHURCH. DUBUQUE, IOWA., - St. Anthony's Church. Dubuque, Iowa. Journey to Renovation. 1988-1996.
711141: ST MARY'S PARISH. SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA, - St Mary's Parish Family Spirit Lake, Iowa.
54662: ST. CLAIR, OSWALD, - A Key to Ricardo.
38933: ST. JOHN, ROBERT, - Movie Lot To Beachhead The Motion Picture Goes To War And Prepares For The Future.
38255: ST. JOHN, JUDITH, - The Osborne Collection Of Early Children's Books 1566-1910.
281391: ST. CLAIR, ALEXANDRINE N, - The Image of the Turk in Europe.
281599: ST. CATHERINE'S PARISH, ST. CATHERINE, IOWA, - Brief History of the Origin and Development of St. Catherine's Parish, St. Catherine, Iowa. 1850 -1935.
120633: STAATS, ARTHUR W., - Child Learning, Intelligence, and Personality: Principles of a Behavioral Interaction Approach.
51331: VAN STAAVEREN, JACOB, - An American in Japan 1945-1948: a Civilian View of the Occupation.
160452: STABLEFORTH, ARTHUR WALLACE, - Infectious Diseases of Animals: Diseases Due to Bacteria.
19038: STABLER, ERNEST, - Founders: Innovators In Education 1830-1980.
120836: STACE, W. T., - Philosophy of Hegel a Systematic Exposition.
710538: STACK, LOTUS, - The Essential Thread: Tapestry on Wall and Body.
711086: STACK'S,, - The Tucson Sale Featuring Selections From the Robert and Edna Whitmore Collection February 15, 2008.
803320: STADE, GEORGE, - European Writers: the Twentieth Century Volume 8 Sigmund Freud to Paul Valery.
803321: STADE, GEORGE, - European Writers: the Twentieth Century Volume 10 Yevgeny Zamyatin to Par Lagerkvist.
803322: STADE, GEORGE, - European Writers: the Twentieth Century Volume 11 Walter Benjamin to Yuri Olesha.
803323: STADE, GEORGE, - European Writers: the Twentieth Century Volume 13 Jean Anouilh to Milan Kundera.
803318: STADE, GEORGE, - European Writers: the Age of Reason and Enlightenment.
58749: STADLER, FRIEDRICH, - Vertriebene Vernunft II - Emigration Und Exil Österreichischer Wissenschaft.
160950: STADTMAN, VERNE A, - The University of California, 1868-1968,.
28946: STADUM, BEVERLY, - Poor Women And Their Families: Hard Working Charity Cases, 1900-1930.
45933: DE STAEL, GERMAINE. FOLKENFLIK, VIVIAN, - An Extraordinary Woman: Selected Writings Of Germaine De Stael.
140330: STAFF, MCGRAW HILL, - Quarry Mine and Plant Practice.
280830: STAFF, COUNCIL ON ECONOMIC PRIORITIES, - Paper Profits Pollution in the Pulp and Paper Industry.
711477: STAFF, CHRISTIE'S, - Christie's New York: Important 20th Century Decorative Arts Including Arts & Crafts and Architectural Designs; Including the Harriet & Jack Stievelman Collection: 8890: June 11, 1994; June 13, 1994.
711476: STAFF, CHRISTIE'S, - Christie's New York: Important 20th Century Decorative Arts Including Arts & Crafts and Architectural Designs; Including The Harriet & Jack Stievelman Collection: 8890: June 11, 1998.
711505: STAFF, SOTHEBY'S, - Sotheby's Important American Indian Art, New York, Friday, May 30, 1986.
711475: STAFF, CHRISTIE'S, - Christie's New York: Important 20th Century Decorative Arts: 8614: April 12, 1997.
803853: ARTS MAGAZINE STAFF, - International Art Exhibitions Arts Magazine Yearbook 10.
802486: GENERAL STAFF, - Reports Of General Macarthur Volume I Supplement Macarthur In Japan: The Occupation: Military Phase.
802485: GENERAL STAFF, - Reports Of General Macarthur Volume I The Campaigns Of Mcarthur In The Pacific.
710403: STAFF, PRINCETON ARCH, - Midgard 2: Type & the Im-Possi (Impossibilities of Convention).
53205: AMERICAN RADIO RELAY LEAGUE HEADQUARTERS STAFF, - The Radio Amateur's Handbook 1951 Edition.
28574: DHARMA PUBLISHING STAFF, - Dhammapada.
23636: TAB EDITORIAL STAFF, - Airline Color Tv Service Manual.
53207: AMERICAN RADIO RELAY LEAGUE HEADQUARTERS STAFF, - The Radio Amateur's Handbook 1962 Edition.
711465: STAFF, CHRISTIE'S, - Christie's New York: 19th Century Decorative Arts Including the Howard and Judy Berkowitz Collection Friday December 12, 1986.
22342: DHARMA PUBLISHING STAFF, - Dhammapada.
711495: STAFF, SOTHEBY'S, - Sotheby's New York: 20th Century Decorative Works of Art: 6628: November 18 & 19, 1994.
711464: STAFF, CHRISTIE'S, - Christie's New York: 20th Century Decorative Arts Including Arts & Crafts: 8013: June 10, 1997.
806149: STAFF, CCH EDITORIAL; WALTEMATH, J.D. JOY AND STEPHANIDES, J.D. DAVID AND LEVIN, J.D. DEBRA, - Osha Standards for the Construction Industry, 2007 Edition.
711483: STAFF, CHRISTIE'S, - Christie's Photographs New York (October 22, 2002) #1135.
711484: STAFF, CHRISTIE'S, - British and Continental Ceramics and Glass Including Paperweights 2 November 1998.
711996: STAFF, BONHAMS, - Fine Writing Instruments December 6, 2011.
281312: STAFFORD, MAUREEN AND WARE, DORA, - Illustrated Dictionary of Ornament.
57121: STAFFORD, WILLIS, - RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society) --The First 50 Years.
57123: STAFFORD, WILLIS, - RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society) --The First 50 Years.
140244: STAFFORD, WILLIAM, - The Mozart Myths: A Critical Reassessment.
13708: STAFFORD, BARBARA, - Central Illinois Expressway Archeology: Floodplain Archaic Occupations Of The Illinois Valley Crossing.
34694: STAGG, K. G., - Rock Mechanics In Engineering Practice.
35110: STAGNER, ROSS, - The Dimensions Of Human Conflict The Franklin Memorial Lectures Volume 15.
805955: STAHL, WILMA, - Oregon Genealogical Society Pedigree Book Volume 1.
24116: STAHLER, GERALD J., - Innovative Approaches To Mental Health Evaluation.
11462: STAHMANN, ROBERT F., - Counseling in Marital and Sexual Problems: a Clinician's Handbook.
54802: STAHRE, NILS-GUSTAF, - Stockholms Gatunamn (Stockholmsmonografier).
40394: STAIGER, EMIL, - Goethe Band I 1749-1786.
38371: STAINER, J., - A Dictionary Of Musical Terms.
711653: STAINES, BILL, - If I Were a Word, Then I'd Be A Song.
54817: STAKE, ROBERT, - Quieting Reform.
25719: STAKMAN, E. C., - Campaigns Against Hunger.
801029: STALEY, THOMAS F., - Dictionary Of Literary Biography Volume 34 British Novelists, 1890-1929: Traditionalists.
14419: STALEY, THOMAS F., - British Novelists, 1890-1929: Modernists.
26958: STALLINGS, WILLIAM, - Reduced Instruction Set Computers.
60635: STAM, ROBERT, - Subversive Pleasures: Bakhtin, Cultural Criticism, and Film (Parallax: Re-visions of Culture and Society).
281196: STAM, ROBERT, - O Espetaculo Interrompido Literatura Cinema De Desmisficacao.
38730: STAMPFLE, FELICE, - Drawings From New York Collections II The Seventeen Century In Italy.
54027: STAN, SUSAN, - Young Adult Authors Series - Presenting Lynn Hall.
280561: STANBROOK., BENEDICTINES OF, - The Stanbrook Abbey Press: Ninety-Two Years of its History..
27986: STANBURY, W. T., - Managing Public Enterprises.
801063: STANFORD, DONALD E., - Dictionary Of Literary Biography Volume 19 British Poets 1880-1914.
280049: STANFORD, WILLIAM BEDELL, - The Sound of Greek: Studies in the Greek Theory and Practice of Euphony (Sather Classical Lectures).
220109: STANFORD, ERNEST ELWOOD, - Economic Plants.
57810: STANFORD, JOHN L., - Tornado: Accounts of Tornadoes in Iowa.
573: STANFORD, DEREK., - Critics of the Nineties..
56676: STANISLAVSKY, KONSTANTIN SERGEIVITCH; ROBBINS, J. J. (TRANSLATOR), - My Life in Art / By Constantin Stanislavski.
807250: STANKOWSKI, ANTON, - Anton Stankowski Photos 1962.
120045: STANLEY, SANDLER, - Segregated Skies (Smithsonian History of Aviation and Spaceflight).
58691: STANLEY, CHRISTINE A.; PORTER, M. ERIN, - Engaging Large Classes: Strategies and Techniques for College Faculty (JB - Anker).
41971: STANLEY, HENRY M, - In Darkest Africa; : Or, The Quest, Rescue, And Retreat Of Emin, Governor Of Equatoria.
34678: STANLEY, PAUL, - Computing Developments In Experimental And Numerical Stress Analysis.
140838: STANLEY, HENRY M. (HENRY MORTON),, - My Kalulu, Prince, King and Slave.
100257: STANNARD, MARTIN, - Evelyn Waugh: The Later Years 1939-1966.
53933: STANNARD-FRIEL, DON, - Harassment Therapy a Case Study of Psychiatric Violence.
23039: STANNARD, DAVID E., - The Puritan Way Of Death.
41719: STANSKY, PETER, - Ambitions And Strategies The Struggle For Leadership Of The Liberal Party In The 1890s.
19515: STAPLES, ROBERT, - Black Families At The Crossroads : Challenges And Prospects.
38849: TERRE HAUTE TRIBUNE-STAR, - The Brown Section In Review Terre Haute, Indiana.
711212: STARCK, ROBERT & LYNN DANCE; ROTHSTEIN, ARTHUR, - Nebraska Photographic Documentary Project, 1975-76.
26175: STARES, PAUL B., - Space And National Security.
60594: STARK, WERNER, - Sociology of Religion: Types of Religious Culture v. 5: A Study of Christendom (International Library of Society).
802121: STARK, HARRY A., - Ward's Automotive Yearbook 1987.
21274: STARK, RICHARD, - The Man With The Getaway Face.
120180: STARKE, MIKE, - Saltwater Fly Fishing: Seven Strategies for Success.
30159: STARR, ADALINE, - Rehearsal For Living: Psychodrama.
8493: STARR, MORTIMER P., - Phytopathogenic Bacteria: Selections from the "The Prokaryotes-A Handbook on Habitats, Isolation, and Identification of Bacteria".
806014: STASIK, ANDREW, - Print Review 6.
43450: DEPARTMENT OF STATE, - Papers Relating To Foreign Relations Of The United States 1929 Volume III.
43453: DEPARTMENT OF STATE, - Papers Relating To Foreign Relations Of The United States 1929 Volume I.
901904: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE, - Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States 1933 (Five Volume Set).
710940: ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES, - Integrated Regional Development Planning: Guidelines and Case Studies from Oas Experience.
900043: STATIONERS' CO. , LONDON., - A Transcript of the Registers of the Worshipful Company of Stationers, from 1640-1708 A.D. (3 Volume Set).
281197: STAUTER, LOIS, - Dear Edna.
36454: STAVE, UWE, - Physiology Of The Perinatal Period Volume 2 Functional And Biochemical Development In Mammals.
100092: STAVE, BRUCE M, - The New Deal and the Last Hurrah; Pittsburgh Machine Politics.
160723: STAVISKY, ARON G., - Shakespeare and the Victorians: Roots of Modern Criticism.
29710: STAYER, MARCIA SWEET, - Newton's Dream.
711895: STEAD, D. H. ; HAYNES, J. H., - Fiat 124 and 124S Saloons Owners Workshop Manual.
52250: STEAMER, ROBERT J, - The Supreme Court in Crisis a History of Confllict.
160561: STEAMER, ROBERT J., - Supreme Court in Crisis: A History of Conflict..
160347: STEARN, WILLIAM, - Botanical Latin.
36274: STEARNS, MONROE, - Immortals Of Literature: Dante Poet Of Love.
18366: STEARNS, RAYMOND PHINEAS, - Science In The British Colonies Of America.
160639: STEARNS, FRANK PRESTON, - Cambridge Sketches (Essay Index Reprint Series).
35694: STEBBINS, THEODORE E., - A New World Masterpieces Of American Painting 1760-1910.
802380: STECHOW, WOLFGANG, - Dutch Landscape Painting Of The Seventeenth Century.
38372: STECHOW, WOLFGANG, - Dutch Landscape Painting Of The Seventeenth Century.
44252: STECKMESSER, KENT LADD, - The Western Hero In History And Legend.
41847: STEDMAN, JANE W., - W. S. Gilbert : A Classic Victorian And His Theatre.
38009: STEDMAN, RAYMOND WILLIAM, - Shadows Of The Indian: Stereotypes In American Culture.
59083: STEDMAN'S,, - Stedman's Anatomy & Physiology Words.
53450: STEED, ROBERT P., - Southern Parties and Elections Studies in Region Political Change.
30236: STEEGMAN, JOHN, - Victorian Taste: A Study Of The Arts And Architecture From 1830 To 1870.
56109: INKOR STAINLESS STEEL, - 3 Ply Inkor Stainless Steel Recipes and Instructions.
281125: UNITED STATES STEEL, - Shapes and Plates - USS - United States Steel.
281124: UNITED STATES STEEL, - I - T Diagrams: Isothermal Transformation of Austenite in a Wide Variety of Steels Third Edition.
26603: STEELE, LENDELL E., - Radiation Embrittlement Of Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels.
9301: STEELE, MARTIN C., - Wave Interactions in Solid State Plasmas.
902009: STEELE, JAMES H., - CRC Handbook Series in Zoonoses: Section A. Bacterial, Rickettsial and Mycotic Diseases. Section B. Viral zoonoses. Section C. Parasitic zoonoses. Section D. Antibiotics, Sulfonamides and Pubic Health.
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26853: STEEN, LYNN ARTHUR, - Counterexamples In Topology.
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49601: TACITUS, P. CORNELIUS, - Great Books Of The Western World: Volume 15. Tacitus. The Annals And The Histories.
44827: TACITUS, P. CORNELIUS, - Great Books Of The Western World: Volume 15. Tacitus. The Annals And The Histories.
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10965: TAIT, LAWRENCE S., - Rethinking The Role Of Structures In Shore Protection.
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711203: TALLEUR, RICHARD W., - Fly Tyer's Primer.
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120309: TALMAGE, JAMES E., - Jesus The Christ: A Study Of The Messiah And His Mission.
802563: TALVIO, MAILA, - Janis Rozentals.
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806826: TAMMS, FRIEDRICH, - Duesseldorf Work Play & Planning.
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29476: TANFORD, J. ALEXANDER, - The Trial Process: Law, Tactics, And Ethics.
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160727: TANNENBAUM, SAMUEL A., - Shakespearian Scraps and other Elizabethan Fragments.
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800588: TANNER, CLARA LEE, - Southwest Indian Craft Arts.
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49314: TATON, RENE, - History Of Science The Beginnings Of Modern Science From 1450 To 1800.
49163: TATON, RENE, - Reason And Chance In Scientific Discovery.
800428: TATTERSALL, IAN, - Encyclopedia Of Human Evolution And Prehistory.
56067: TATTERSFIELD, MINALE. BOOTH-CLIBBORN, EDWARD, - Minale Tattersfield Design & Graphics: a Unique Philosophy Applied to all Aspects of Design.
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34604: TAVASSOLI, MEHDI, - Bone Marrow, Structure And Function.
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34033: TAVIS, LEE A., - Rekindling Development: Multinational Firms And Third World Debt.
220678: TAWA, NICHOLAS E., - High-Minded and Low-Down: Music in the Lives of Americans, 1800-1861.
140094: TAYLOR, JOHN GERALD, - Quantum Mechanics; : [An Introduction].
120127: TAYLOR, GARY, - Reinventing Shakespeare: A Cultural History, from the Restoration to the Present.
59657: TAYLOR, MARK C., - Journeys to Selfhood, Hegel and Kierkegaard.
59507: TAYLOR, PAUL W, - Normative Discourse.
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804399: TAYLOR, D. W., - The Speed and Power of Ships; : a Manual of Marine Propulsion.
803905: TAYLOR, LINDA DEARYBURY, - History of Cowpens South Carolina.
803276: TAYLOR, BASIL, - Stubbs.
803206: TAYLOR, JOSHUA C, - America As Art.
802931: TAYLOR, JOSHUA C, - American As Art.
802240: TAYLOR, JOSHUA C, - William Page: The American Titian.
802084: TAYLOR, HILARY, - James Mcneill Whistler.
801493: TAYLOR, HILLARY, - James Mcneill Whistler.
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801188: TAYLOR, BASIL, - Constable: Paintings, Drawings And Watercolours.
58670: TAYLOR, CAROLE ANNE, - The Tragedy and Comedy of Resistance: Reading Modernity Through Black Women's Fiction (Penn Studies in Contemporary American Fiction).
58413: TAYLOR, WELFORD DUNAWAY, - The Newsprint Mask: The Tradition of the Fictional Journalist in America.
57771: TAYLOR, LAWRENCE J., - Occasions of Faith: An Anthropology of Irish Catholics (Contemporary Ethnography).
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47667: TAYLOR, JOHN A, - Regional And Applied Anatomy Of Domestic Animals Part Two. Thoracid Limb.
47610: TAYLOR, HENRY C. TAYLOR, ANNE DEWEES, - The Story Of Agricultural Economics In The United States 1840-1932.
47280: TAYLOR, J, - The Economic Development Of Poland 1919-1950.
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44016: TAYLOR, ARCHER. WHITING, BARTLETT JERE, - A Dictionary Of American Proverbs And Proverbial Phrases 1820-1880.
43357: TAYLOR, HENRY, - The Horse Show At Midnight: Poems By Henry Taylor.
42711: TAYLOR, EDWARD. GRABO, NORMAN S., - Edward Taylor's Christographia.
39141: TAYLOR, FRED, - Hands-on Digital Signal Processing.
38956: TAYLOR, DORIS W, - Ceramic Painting Step By Step.
37926: TAYLOR, MORRIS F., - O. P. Mcmains And The Maxwell Land Grant Conflict.
23811: TAYLOR, LEE, - Rural Life And Urbanized Society.
31338: TAYLOR, ANNE, - Laurence Oliphant, 1829-1888.
15648: TAYLOR, LLOYD C., - Margaret Ayer Barnes.
29214: TAYLOR, C. ROBERT, - Agricultural Sector Models For The United States: Descriptions And Selected Policy Applications.
24508: TAYLOR, GEORGE ROGERS, - Approaches To American Economic History..
20642: TAYLOR, WILLIAM LEONHARD, - A Productive Monopoly; The Effect Of Railroad Control On New England Coastal Steamship Lines, 1870-1916.
59455: TAYLOR, RICHARD, - Freedom, Anarchy, and the Law: An Introduction to Political Philosophy.
281277: TAYLOR, KENNETH J. AND AL, ET, - Clinical Applications of Doppler Ultrasound.
180093: TAYLOR, VINCENT, - Gospel According to Saint Mark: The Greek Text.
160767: TAYLOR, HOWARD CROMWELL, - The Educational Significance Of The Early Federal Land Ordinances.
14500: TAYLOR, ROBERT M, - The Northwest Ordinance 1787: A Bicentennial Handbook.
16971: TAYLOR, JOAN KENNEDY, - What To Do When You Don't Want To Call The Cops.
11088: TAYLOR, LISA, - The Phenomenon Of Change.
598: TAYLOR, JEROME AND ALAN H. NELSON., - Medieval English Drama: Essays Critical and Contextual..
100386: TAYLOR, ANGELA E.R. & JOHN R. BAKER, - Methods of Cultivating Parasites in Vitro.
160146: TAYLOR, WILLIAM RALPH, - A Revision of the Catfish Genus Noturus Rafinesque, with an Analysis of Higher Groups in the Ictaluridae (United States. National Museum. Bulletin).
801045: TAZEWELL, WILLIAM L., - Norfolk's Waters: An Illustrated Maritime History Of Hampton Roads.
37679: TCHAIKOVSKY, PIOTR ILYICH, - Letters To His Family: An Autobiography.
710584: TCL, THE CONNECTING LINK, - ADHD and the Classroom Teacher: Participant Manual.
710583: TCL, THE CONNECTING LINK, - Empowering Educators in the Classroom: Integrating Education and Mental Health: Participant Manual.
802231: TEAGUE, RICHARD D., - A Manual Of Wildlife Conservation.
804146: BISON MANAGEMENT PLAN EIS TEAM, - Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Interagency Bison Management Plan for the State of Montana and Yellowstone National Park.
60127: THE ST. PETERSBURG-USA ORPHANAGE RESEARCH TEAM, - The Effects of Early Social-Emotional and Relationship Experience on the Development of Young Orphanage Children (Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development).
240112: TEATRO ALLA SCALA. VERDI, GIUSEPPE, - Teatro Alla Scala Stagione Lirica 1955-1956 Un Ballo in Maschera Melodramma in Tre Atti.
100256: TEBBEL, JOHN & MARY ELLEN ZUCKERMAN, - The Magazine in America, 1741-1990.
25628: TEBBEL, JOHN, - The Magazine In America, 1741-1990.
281530: TEBBEL, JOHN WILLIAM, - A History of Book Publishing in the United States Volume 1. the Creation of an Industry, 1630-1865.
140554: TEBEAU, CHARLTON W., - Man in the Everglades 2000 Years of Human History.
160157: COMMITTEE ON BACTERIOLOGICAL TECHNIC, - Manual of Methods for Pure Culture Study of Bacteria.
803993: MICHIGAN COLLEGE OF MINING AND TECHNOLOGY, - Michigan College of Mining and Technology Keweenawan Yearbook 1962.
12620: LINEAR TECHNOLOGY, - Interface Product Handbook 1995.
12618: LINEAR TECHNOLOGY, - Linear Technology 1994 Linear Databook Volume III.
12617: LINEAR TECHNOLOGY, - Linear Technology 1994 Linear Databook Volume III.
26390: TEDLOCK, DENNIS, - The Spoken Word And The Work Of Interpretation.
34191: TEED, PETER, - A Dictionary Of Twentieth-century History: 1914-1990.
55393: TEICHGRAEBER, RICHARD F., - Sublime Thoughts/Penny Wisdom: Situating Emerson and Thoreau in the American Market (New Studies in American Intellectual and Cultural History).
34510: TEIGEN, PHILIP M., - Books, Manuscripts, And The History Of Medicine: Essays On The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Osler Library.
750052: TEIWES, HELGA, - Mission San Xavier Del Bac / a Photographic Essay on the Desert People and Their Church.
56387: TELEVISION, THE TECHNICAL STAFF OF COYNE ELECTRICAL AND RADIO, - Applied Practical Radio-Television: Radio And Television Instruments And Testing Methods Volume 4.
901623: IOWA PUBLIC TELEVISION, - Loess Earth Trails: an Interactive Exploration of Nature.

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