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545: SCOTT, ERNEST FINDLAY., - The Literature of the New Testament..
100358: SCOTT, JEANETTE, - Hollow Fibers: Manufacture and Applications (Chemical technology review).
160241: SCOTT, JAMES FOSTER, - The Sexual Instinct. its Use and Dangers As Affecting Heredity and Morals. Essentials to the Welfare of the Individual and the Future of the Race..
160744: SCOTT, CLINTON LEE, - The Universalist Church of America: a Short History.
281204: SCOULAR, DAVID B, - The First Decade: a History of Events At Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium, 1964-1974.
41209: SCOUTEN, WILLIAM H., - Affinity Chromatography.
41208: SCOUTEN, WILLIAM H., - Affinity Chromatography.
38973: SCOVELL, BESSIE LATHE, - A Brief History Of The Minnesota Women's Chritisian Temperance Union From Its Organization, September 6, 1877 To 1939.
57869: SCRANTON, PHILIP, - Proprietary Capitalism: The Textile Manufacture at Philadelphia, 1800-1885.
48335: SCRASE, TIMOTHY J., - Globalization, Culture And Inequality In Asia.
57809: SCRIMSHAW, AND NEBIN, AND GLEASON, GARY, - Rapid Assessment Procedures : Qualitative Methodologies for Planning and Evaluation of Health Related.
8619: SCRIMSHAW, NEVIN S. ALTSCHUL, AARON M., - Amino Acid Fortification Of Protein Foods.
14985: SCRIPPS, E. W. KNIGHT, OLIVER, - I Protest: Selected Disquisitions Of E. W. Scripps.
40615: SCUDDER, THAYER, - Kariba Studies Volume II The Ecology Of The Gwembe Tonga.
140492: SCUDDER, CHARLES LOCKE, - The Treatment of Fractures: with Notes Upon a Few Common Dislocations.
58239: SCULLARD, H.H., - A History of the Roman World 753 to 146 BC.
46100: SCULLY, J. C., - The Fundamentals Of Corrosion.
40543: SCULLY, ARTHUR, - James Dakin, Architect, His Career In New York And The South.
547: SCURA, DOROTHY M. EDITOR., - Ellen Glasgow: New Perspectives..
21896: SCUTCHFIELD, F. DOUGLAS, - Principles Of Public Health Management.
34833: SEABY, H. A., - Seaby's Coin And Medal Bulletin 1960.
43670: SEAGER, FREDERIC H., - The Boulanger Affair: Political Crossroad Of France 1886-1889.
16897: SEAGOE, MAY V., - Terman And The Gifted.
710681: SEALE, WILLIAM, - Montpelier Prince George's County Maryland: Project for the Interiors.
47219: SEARIGHT, THOMAS B. BRUCE, ROBERT, - The Old Pike: A History Of The National Road With Incidents, Accidents, And Anecdotes Thereon [and] The National Road.
44984: SEARLE, JOHN R., - Mind, Language And Society: Philosophy In The Real World.
26843: SEARLE, HUMPHREY, - Ballet Music: An Introduction.
100555: SEARLE, SHAYLE R., - Linear Models for Unbalanced Data.
8896: SEARLE, CHARLES E., - Chemical Carcinogens.
901154: SEARS, STEPHEN W., - The American Heritage Collection Of Civil War Art.
23672: SEARS, ROBERT R., - Identification And Child Rearing.
19072: SEARS, CLARA ENDICOTT, - Highlights Among The Hudson River Artists.
51259: SEARS, CLARA ENDICOTT, - Some American Primitives: a Study of New England Faces and Folk Portraits.
52452: SEAWELL, MOLLY ELLIOT, - Paul Jones: Young Heroes of Our Navy.
35250: SEBELL, W. H. , JR. HARRIS, ROBERT. S. GYORGY, PAUL. PEARSON, W. N., - The Vitamins: Chemistry, Physiology, Pathology, Methods Volume 7.
35249: SEBELL, W. H. , JR. HARRIS, ROBERT. S. GYORGY, PAUL. PEARSON, W. N., - The Vitamins: Chemistry, Physiology, Pathology, Methods Volume 6.
35247: SEBELL, W. H. , JR. HARRIS, ROBERT. S. GYORGY, PAUL. PEARSON, W. N., - The Vitamins: Chemistry, Physiology, Pathology, Methods Volume 3.
35246: SEBELL, W. H. , JR. HARRIS, ROBERT. S. GYORGY, PAUL. PEARSON, W. N., - The Vitamins: Chemistry, Physiology, Pathology, Methods Volume 2.
35245: SEBELL, W. H. , JR. HARRIS, ROBERT. S. GYORGY, PAUL. PEARSON, W. N., - The Vitamins: Chemistry, Physiology, Pathology, Methods Volume 1.
551: SEBEOK, THOMAS A., - American Signatures: Semiotic Inquiry and Method..
39162: SEBER, G. A. F., - Linear Regression Analysis.
60009: SECCO, RICARDO DE S, - Revisao Dos Generos Anomalocalyx Ducke, Dodecastigma Ducke, Pausandra Radlk. , Pogonophora Miers Ex Benth. E Sagotia Baill. (Euphorbiaceae-Crotonoideae) ... (Colecao Adolpho Ducke) (Portuguese Edition).
280666: SECCOMBE, JOHN F., M.D. & HARTZELL V., M.D. SCHAFF, - Vasoactive Factors Produced by the Endothelium: Physiology and Surgical Implications (Medical Intelligence Unit).
712060: SECOND REFORMED CHURCH. PELLA, IOWA., - One Hundredth Anniversary. Second Reformed Church. Pella, Iowa. 1863-1963.
281187: SACROSANCTUM OECUMENICUM CONCILIUM VATICANUM SECUNDUM, - Declaratio De Ecclesiae Habitudine Ad Religiones Non-Christianas.
281183: SACROSANCTUM OECUMENICUM CONCILIUM VATICANUM SECUNDUM, - Constitutio Dogmatica De Divina Revelatione.
281192: SACROSANCTUM OECUMENICUM CONCILIUM VATICANUM SECUNDUM, - Decretum De Presbyterorum Ministerio Et Vita.
281188: SACROSANCTUM OECUMENICUM CONCILIUM VATICANUM SECUNDUM, - Decretum De Accommodata Renovatione Vitae Religiosae.
281189: SACROSANCTUM OECUMENICUM CONCILIUM VATICANUM SECUNDUM, - Decretum De Ecclesiis Orientalibus Catholicis.
281186: SACROSANCTUM OECUMENICUM CONCILIUM VATICANUM SECUNDUM, - Decretum De Pastorali Episcoporum Munere in Ecclesia.
32309: SEDDON, D., - Peasants And Workers In Nepal.
48645: SEDGWICK, MICHAEL, - The Motor Car, 1946-56.
140724: SEDGWICK, WILLIAM ELLERY, - Herman Melville: The Tragedy of Mind.
51243: SEEBASS, FRIEDRICH, - Südtriol. Alto Adige. South Tyrol. Tyrol Du Sud.
44664: SEEBURGER, MERZE MARVIN, - Iowa Palimpsest Magazine: Charles Marvin Sheandoah Editor.
51555: SEECH, ZACHARY, - Writing Philosophy Papers.
120614: SEEGERS, WALTER H, - Blood Clotting Enzymology.
3737: SEEGERS, WALTER H. EDITOR, - Blood Clotting Enzymology.
39326: SEELEY, ROBERT T., - An Introduction To Fourier Series And Integrals.
711155: SEELY, RON & FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT & DEBORAH KADES & MARGO O. HOKANSON & MEG THENO, - Monona Terrace: Frank Lloyd Wright's Vision on the Lake.
60098: SEELYE, JOHN, - Beautiful Machine: Rivers and the Republican Plan, 1755-1825.
51321: SEGAL, RONALD, - The Black Diaspora: Five Centuries of the Black Experience Outside Africa.
41326: SEGAL, HAROLD L., - Protein Turnover And Lysosome Function.
38028: SEGAL, ROBERT A, - Joseph Campbell: An Introduction.
21841: SEGAL, ERICH, - Roman Laughter: The Comedy Of Plautus.
59088: SEGAL, JEFFREY A. & HAROLD J. SPAETH, - The Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model.
4662: SEGAL, BERNARD, - Drugs and Behavior : Cause, Effects, and Treatment.
20779: SEGALL, HAROLD N., - Pioneers Of Cardiology In Canada 1820-1970.
58041: SEGARRA, JOSE A. & RICARDO DOBLES, - Learning As a Political Act: Struggles for Learning and Learning from Struggles (Reprint Series, Volume R32).
55538: SEGEL, HAROLD B., - Twentieth Century Russian Drama: from Gorky to the Present.
41868: SEGRAVE, KERRY, - Drive-in Theaters: A History From Their Inception In 1933.
2951: SEGRAVE, KERRY AND LINDA MARTIN, - The Post-Feminist Hollywood Actress: Biographies and Filmographies of Stars Born after 1939.
47921: SEGRE, EMILIO, - From Falling Bodies To Radio Waves.
160205: SEGURA, JUAN DE; PLACE, EDWIN B., - Processo de Cartas de Amore.
805439: SEGY, LADISLAS, - African Sculpture Speaks.
802153: SEGY, LADISLAS, - African Sculpture Speaks.
802971: SEGY, LADISLAS, - African Sculpture Speaks.
711088: SEIBERLING, FRANK, - The Owen and Leone Elliott Collection - Inaugurating the Opening of the University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City.
804124: SEIBERLING, FRANK, - Impressionism and its Roots.
711089: SEIBERLING, FRANK, - The Owen and Leone Elliott Collection - Inaugurating the Opening of the University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City.
711254: SEIBERLING, FRANK, - The Owen and Leone Elliott Collection - Inaugurating the Opening of the University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City.
220657: SEID, BETTY AND PAL, PRATAPADITYA; CHICAGO, ART INSTITUTE OF, - The Holy Cow and Other Animals: A Selection of Indian Paintings from the Art Institute of Chicago.
800535: SEIDEL, HARRIS F., - Iowa's Heritage In Water Pollution Control Including A History Of The Iowa Water Pollution Control Association.
57040: SEIDEL, LINDA, - Songs of Glory: the Romanesque Facades of Aquitaine.
32320: SEIDEL, BERHARD, - Wage Policy And European Integration.
901489: SEIDEL, M. MARIJNISSEN, R. H, - Bruegel.
805251: SEIDEL, HARRIS F., - Iowa's Heritage In Water Pollution Control Including A History Of The Iowa Water Pollution Control Association.
32250: SEIDMAN, LAURENCE S., - The Design Of Federal Employment Programs.
55628: SEIGEL, JERROLD, - Marx's Fate: The Shape of a Life.
43382: SEIN, KENNETH. WITHEY, JOSEPH A, - The Great Po Sein: A Chronicle Of The Burmese Theater.
53336: SEIP, TERRY LEE, - The South Returns to Congress Men, Economic, Measures, and Intersectional Relationships, 1868-1879.
901362: SEIROKU, NOMA, - The Arts Of Japan Ancient And Medieval Volume I.
711137: SEITZ, WILLIAM CHAPIN, - Hans Hofmann (Museum of Modern Art).
31825: SELBY, SPENCER, - Dark City: The Film Noir.
43805: SELDEN, SAMUEL, - International Folk Plays.
35764: SELDIN, PETER, - Evaluating And Developing Administrative Performance: A Practical Guide For Academic Leaders.
27206: SELDIN, JOSEPH J., - The Golden Fleece: Selling The Good Life To Americans.
120298: SELDIN, DONALD W.; GIEBISCH, GERHARD, - The Regulation of Sodium and Chloride Balance.
120294: SELDIN, DONALD W.; GIEBISCH, GERHARD, - The Regulation of Acid-Base Balance.
46599: SELDON, ARTHUR, - Capitalism.
804689: SELF, HUBER, - Environment and Man in Kansas a Geographical Analysis.
802064: SELF, HUBER, - Environment And Man In Kansas: A Geographical Analysis.
36966: SELIGMAN, LESTER G., - Leadership In A New Nation: Political Development In Israel.
901513: SELIGMAN, EDWIN R. A., - Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences.
160349: SELINCOURT, E. DE AND DARBISHIRE, HELEN, - The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth Volume III (3). Miscellaneous Sonnets. Memorials of Various Tours. Poems Dedicated National Independence and Liberty. the Egyptian Maid, the River Duddon Series. the White Doe and Other Narrative Poems..
802350: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN, - Charles Willson Peale A Biography.
802340: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN, - Charles Willson Peale A Biography.
2811: SELLERS, OVID R. ET AL, - The 1957 Excavation At Beth-zur.
20690: SELLEY, RICHARD C., - Ancient Sedimentary Environments.
17181: SELLIN, DAVID, - American Art In The Making: Preparatory Studies For Masterpieces Of American Painting 1800 - 1900..
20157: SELLS, A. LYTTON, - The Italian Influence In English Poetry.
803218: SELMAN, ROBYN, - Conceptual People Photography 3 Portraiture Life Style Fashion Beauty Illustration.
52792: SELTSAM, WILLIAM H., - Metropolitan Opera Annals: a Chronical of Artists and Perfomances (First Supplement: 1947-1957).
23392: SELTZER, MARSHA MAILICK, - Aging And Mental Retardation: Extending The Continuum.
41375: SELTZER, CURTIS, - Fire In The Hole: Miners And Managers In The American Coal Industry.
140132: SELTZER, GEORGE, - Music Matters: The Performer and the American Federation of Musicians.
34019: SELVADURAI, A. P. S., - Developments In Engineering Mechanics: Proceedings Of The Technical Sessions 1987.
13949: SELWYN, PETER A, - Treatment For Hiv-infected Alcohol And Other Drug Abusers.
803295: SELZ, PETER, - Art in Our Times: a Pictorial History, 1890-1980.
711896: SELZ, PETER, - Max Beckmann (Modern Masters Series).
901912: SELZ, PETER HOWARD, - Sam Francis.
804605: SEMENOFF, NIK, - A Lithographer's Notebook: a Recipe Book of Formula and Useful Hints for the Lithographic Printmaker.
53201: SEMICONDUCTOR, NATIONAL, - Data Acquisition Databook.
12612: DALLAS SEMICONDUCTOR, - Dallas Semiconductor 1994-1995 Application Note Book.
12610: NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR, - National Applications Specific Analog Products Databook.
12596: NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR, - Crossvolt Low Voltage Logic Series Databook.
220310: LUTHER SEMINARY, - Luther Seminary Alumni/ae Directory 2001.
711719: NORTH PARK COLLEGE AND THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, - North Park Alumni Directory 1980 Edition.
45135: SENCHUK, DENNIS M., - Against Instinct: From Biology To Philosophical Psychology.
120866: SENECAE, L. ANNAE; VIANSINO, IOANNES, - Hercules Furens. Troades Phoenissae Medea. -Phaedra..
120865: SENECAE, L. ANNAE; VIANSINO, IOANNES, - Oedipus. Agamennon. Thyestes. Hercules Oetaeus. Incerti Poetae Octavia.
47707: SENGE, PETER M., - The Fifth Discipline : The Art And Practice Of The Learning Organization.
46312: SENGE, PETER M., - The Fifth Discipline : The Art And Practice Of The Learning Organization.
49388: SENGLE, FRIEDRICH, - Das Historische Drama In Deutschland Geschichte Eines Literarischen Mythos.
28417: SENGUPTA, JATI K., - Economic Analysis And Operations Research Optimization Techniques In Quantitative Economic Models.
9203: SENGUPTA, JATI K., - Economic Analysis And Operations Research Optimization Techniques In Quantitative Economic Models.
100476: SENGUPTA, JATI K., - Stochastic Programming: Methods and Applications.
57214: SENIOR, MATTHEW, - Animal Acts: Configuring the Human in Western History.
28862: SENIOR, OLIVE, - Working Miracles: Women' Lives In The English-speaking Caribbean.
34829: SENN, MILTON J. E. AND CLAIRE HARTFORD., - The Firstborn: Experiences Of Eight American Families.
806576: SENNER, WAYNE M.; SENNER, WAYNE M. & WILLIAM MEREDITH & ROBIN WALLACE, - The Critical Reception of Beethoven's Compositions: by His German Contemporaries Volume 1.
18998: SENNETT, RICHARD, - Flesh And Stone: The Body And City In Western Civilization.
281457: SENNETT, ROBERT E., - Matrix Analysis of Structures (Prentice-Hall International Series in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics).
60785: SENTER, RENEE THOMASON, - University Museums: Collections Handbook.
13032: SENTZ, ROBERT E., - Feedback Amplifiers And Oscillators.
681: SERAFICA, FELICISIMA C. EDITOR, - Social-Cognitive Development in Context.
58675: SERAGANIAN, PETER, - Exercise Psychology: The Influence of Physical Exercise on Psychological Processes.
289: INTERNATIONAL FORUM SERIES., - Traffic, Transportation And Urban Planning. Volume 2 Only Which Consists Of Part Iv: Designing Traffic And Transportation Facili.
140596: SERRA, CARLOS, - Racismo, Etnicidade E Poder : Um Estudo Em Cinco Cidades.
10700: SERRANO, MIGUEL, - C. G. Jung and Hermann Hesse: a Record of Two Friendships.
800317: SERULLAZ, ARLETTE, - Delacroix The Late Work.
41169: SERULLAZ, ARLETTE, - Phaidon Encyclopedia Of Impressionism.
41164: SERULLAZ, MAURICE, - Encyclopedie De L'impressionnisme.
43053: SERVADIO, GAIA, - Salome: Notes For A New Novel. Don Givanni: Notes For A Revised Opera.
60447: US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. FOREST SERVICE, - Loss of Energy At Sharp Edged Pipe Junctions in Water Conveyance Systems.
805501: U. S. FOREST SERVICE, - Land and Resource Management Plan Superior National Forest.
803330: U. S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE, - Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge Draft Environmental Statement and Comprehensive Conservation Plan.
801755: FOREST SERVICE, - Forest Service Roadless Area Conservation Final Environmental Impact Statement Volume 1.
801756: FOREST SERVICE, - Forest Service Roadless Area Conservation Final Environmental Impact Statement Volume 3 Agency Responses To Public Comments.
51636: U. S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE, - Northern Tallgrass Prairie: Habitat Preservation Area Draft Environmental Impact Statement.
45991: SOIL CONSERVATION SERVICE, - Drainage Of Agricultural Land: A Practical Handbook....
100820: IOWA STATE COLLEGE EXTENSION SERVICE, - Home Furnishing Booklets.
711687: NATIONAL PARK SERVICE, - Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park Georgia/tennessee. General Management Plan. Development Concept Plan. Environmental Assessment..
12859: U. S. FOREST SERVICE, - Interior Columbia Basin Final Enviromental Impact Statement.
12833: U. S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE, - Big Muddy National Fish And Wildlife Refuge Final Environmental Impact Statement.
9773: FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE, - Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife And Fish Refuge: Environmental Impact Statement.
4352: U. S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE, - Northern Tallgrass Prairie: Habitat Preservation Area Final Environmental Impact Statement.
902016: COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE, - Illinois Iowa Dairy Handbook.
57118: U. S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, - Research Monograph - 24 : Alcohol and Interpersonal Violence : Fostering Multidisciplinary Perspectives.
56121: U. S. DEPT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, - Cultural Competence for Social Workers a Guide for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Professionals Working with Ethnic/racial Communities (Sudoc HE 20.420: 4).
712063: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, - Enhancing Motivation for Change in Substance Abuse Treatment: Treatment Improvement Protocol Series (Tip 35).
800024: SESSIONS, KEN W., - IC Schematic Sourcemaster.
40167: SESSIONS, KENDALL WEBSTER, - Understanding Oscilloscopes And Display Waveforms.
710789: SETFORD, DAVID F., - Pablo Picasso: A Vision.
47107: SETON-WATSON, HUGH, - The Russian Empire 1801-1917.
47085: SETON-WATSON, HUGH, - The Russian Empire 1801-1917.
280023: SETTLE, RAYMOND W, - Empire on Wheels.
50513: SEUNG, T. K., - Cultural Thematics: the Formation of the Faustian Ethos.
56594: SEUPHOR, MICHEL., - Sculpture of This Century..
711557: SEVERIN, GREGORY M, - The Paris Codex: Decoding an Astronomical Ephemeris (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
140929: SEVERIN, TIMOTHY, - Explorers of the Mississippi.
43630: SEWALL, SAMUEL. VAN DOREN, MARK, - Samuel Sewall's Diary.
27892: SEWALL, SAMUEL. THOMAS, M. HALSEY, - Diary Of Samuel Sewall, 1674-1729.
712033: SEWELL, JACK V., - Persian and Indian Miniatures From the Collection of Everett and Ann McNear.
34950: SEXTON, W. A., - Chemical Constitution And Biological Activity.
902025: SEXTON, R.W., - American Public Buildings of Today: City Halls, Court Houses, Municipal Buildings, Fire Stations, Libraries, Museums, Park Buildings.
26181: SEYBERT, ADAM, - Statistical Annals Of The United States 1789-1818.
802953: SEYMOUR, MAURICE, - Ballet Portraits.
802501: SEYMOUR, CHARLES, - Masterpieces Of Sculpture From The National Gallery Of Art.
46376: SEYMOUR, DANIEL, - Once Upon A Campus: Lessons For Improving Quality And Productivity In Higher Education.
9849: SEYMOUR-SMITH, MARTIN, - Novels And Novelists : A Guide To The World Of Fiction.
39906: SFEIR-YOUNIS, ALFREDO, - Land And Soil Management: Technology, Economics, And Institutions.
34093: SGRO, PASQUALE M, - Wage Differentials And Economic Growth.
802049: SHACKELFORD, BUD, - Experimental Watercolor Techniques.
803237: SHACKLETON, KEITH, - Wildlife and Wilderness: an Artist's World.
711634: SHACKLEY, LARRY, - Footsteps of Jesus: a Musical Journey through the Life of Christ.
38394: SHADWELL, WENDY J., - American Printmaking: The First 150 Years.
711363: REX SHAFER, - Rex Shafer Self-Aligning Roller Bearings Catalog No. 750.
30289: SHAFFER, BRIAN W., - The Blinding Torch: Modern British Fiction And The Discourse Of Civilization.
50714: SHAFTESBURY, EDMUND, - Cultivation of the Chest; Or, the Highest Physical Development of the Human Form.
52770: SHAHEEN, ESBER I., - Environmental Pollution: Awareness and Control.
48133: SHAHEEN, JACK G., - Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies A People.
36581: SHAHIN, TEODOR, - The Awkward Class; : Political Sociology Of Peasantry In A Developing Society: Russia 1910-1925.
901224: SHAHN, BERNARDA BRYSON, - Ben Shahn.
901225: SHAHN, BERNARDA BRYSON, - Ben Shahn.
57565: SHAKESPEARE, ; HUGHES, TED, - The Essential Shakespeare.
56768: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. FURNESS, HORACE HOWARD., - Hamlet. A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare. Volume I Text.
44838: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. CLARKE, WILLIAM GEORGE. WRIGHT, WILLIAM ALDIS, - Great Books Of The Western World: Volume 27. The Plays And Sonnets Of William Shakespeare.
41302: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. BEVINGTON, DAVID, - Antony And Cleopatra (the New Cambridge Shakespeare).
41287: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. GURR, ANDREW, - King Henry V (the New Cambridge Shakespeare).
41570: SHALHOPE, ROBERT E., - The Roots Of Democracy: American Thought And Culture, 1760-1800.
9060: DE-SHALIT, AMOS, - Nuclear Shell Theory.
54721: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - The Constitutions of Iowa.
52855: SHAMBAUGH, BERTHA H. M., - Amana That Was and Amana That Is.
49157: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - Applied History Volume II (2).
49158: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - Municipal Government And Administration In Iowa (applied History Series).
47150: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - The Old Stone Capitol Remembers.
44752: SHAMBAUGH, BERTHA M. H, - Iowa Palimpsest Magazine: Amana That Was and Amana That Is.
44665: SHAMBAUGH, BENJ. F, - Iowa Palimpsest Magazine: Iowa City through the Years.
44643: SHAMBAUGH, BERTHA M. H, - Iowa Palimpsest Magazine: Amana That Was and Amana That Is.
44052: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - Iowa City: A Contribution To The Early History Of Iowa.
42984: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - Applied History Volume II (2).
42985: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - County Government And Administration In Iowa (applied History Iv).
42983: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - Municipal Government And Administration In Iowa (applied History Series).
40327: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - Applied History Volume I (1).
40328: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - Applied History Volume III (3) Statute Law-making In Iowa.
39583: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - The Old Stone Capitol Remembers.
39582: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - The Old Stone Capitol Remembers.
39581: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - The Old Stone Capitol Remembers.
39537: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - The Old Stone Capitol Remembers.
38920: SHAMBAUGH, BERTHA H. M., - Amana That Was And Amana That Is.
38699: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - Progressive Men Of Iowa Volume II Leaders In Business, Politics, And The Professions.
6419: SHAMBAUGH, BERTHA H. M., - Amana : the Community of True Inspiration.
39596: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F., - The Constitutions Of Iowa.
52962: SHAMMA, M., - Isoquinoline Alkaloids.
160098: SHANDS, WILLIAM E., - The Lake States Forests - A Resources Renaissance. Report And Proceedings Of the Great Lakes Governors' Conference on Forestry April 9-10 1987 Minneapolis Minnesota.
24326: SHANK, WESLEY I., - The Iowa Catalog Historic American Buildings Survey.
803444: SHANKEN, MARVIN R, - Cigar Aficionado. Summer 1996 Vol. 4 No.4.
50886: SHANNON, PATRICK, - Basal Readers: a Second Look.
100741: SHANNON, SAMUEL F., - A Complete Repertory Of The Tissue Remedies Of Schussler.
801065: SHAO, PAUL, - The Origin Of Ancient American Cultures.
53580: SHAPIRO, MILTON M., - Foundations of the Market-Price System.
45134: SHAPIRO, IAN, - Democratic Justice.
45029: SHAPIRO, IAN, - Political Criticism.
41503: SHAPIRO, S. L., - Ultrashort Light Pulses: Picosecond Techniques and Applications.
36354: SHAPIRO, JACOB, - Radiation Protection.
23865: SHAPIRO, SAMUEL, - Integration Of Man And Society In Latin America.
22416: SHAPIRO, DEANE H, - Control Therapy: An Integrated Approach To Psychotherapy, Health And Healing.
21065: SHAPIRO, IAN, - Political Criticism.
160853: SHAPIRO, BARBARA J, - John Wilkins, 1614-1672; : an Intellectual Biography.
902119: SHAPIRO, DAVID, - Jasper Johns Drawings, 1954-1984.
14294: SHAPIRO, EDWARD S., - A Time For Healing: American Jewry Since World War II.
901903: SHAPIRO, NAT. POLLACK, BRUCE. COHEN-STRATYNER, BARBARA,. GRAFF, GARY., - Popular Music: an Annotated Guide/index of American Popular Songs 1900-2001 (22 Volume Set).
902120: SHAPIRO, DAVID, - Jasper Johns Drawings, 1954-1984.
711080: SHAPIRO, JOEL, - Tracing the Future.
180038: SHAPIRO, JOSEPH RANDALL, - Joe Sez: Essays on Art, Life, and Relationships.
801985: SHAPLEY, DEBORAH, - The Seventh Continent.
35567: SHAPLEY, FERN RUSK, - Catalogue Of The Italian Paintings. Volume 2 Plates.
711949: SHARF, FREDERIC, - Boxer Rebellion: China 1900-Softbound (Centennial Exhibition).
48847: SHARISTANIAN, JANET, - Gender, Ideology, And Action: Historical Perspectives On Women's Public Lives.
280481: EL-SHARKAWY, MOHAMED, - Signal Processing, Image Processing and Graphics Applications With Motorola's Dsp96002 Processor: Image Processing and Graphics Applications.
281288: SHARKEY, N.E., - Advances in Cognitive Science 1..
34596: SHARMA, ARUN KUMAR, - Chromosome Techniques: Theory And Practice.
20106: SHARMA, RAM SHARAN, - Aspects Of Political Ideas And Institutions In Ancient India.
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