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36323: ROHAN-CSERMAK, GEZA DE., - Sturgeon Hooks Of Eurasia.
100722: ROHDE, ELEANOUR SINCLAIR, - The Scented Garden.
54181: ROHLF, WILLIAM AMOS, - Good Morning, Doctor..
32353: ROHLICH, GERALD A., - Eutrophication: Causes, Consequences, Correctives.
120267: ROHSE, MITCH, - Land-Use Planning in Oregon: a No-Nonsense Handbook in Plain English.
16735: ROJANSKY, VLADIMIR, - Electromagnetic Fields And Waves.
25154: DE ROJAS, FERNADDO. SINGLETON, MARK HENDRICKS., - Celestina A Play In 21 Acts Attributed To Fernandode Rojas.
711379: ROJAS, FERNANDO DE ., - La Celestina O Tragicomedia De Calixto Y Melibea. Ilustr. De F. Ezquerro. Pról De A. Prieto. Texto Crítico De M. Criado Del Val..
55905: ROLFE, BARI, - Mimes on Miming: Writings on Art of Music.
140268: ROLFE, BARI, - Mimes on Miming: Writings on the Art of Mime.
15446: ROLFSRUD, ERLING NICOLAI, - Cobber Chronicle: An Informal History Of Concordia College.
805192: ROLI, RENATO, - Orvieto/cathedral.
23867: ROLL, ERIC, - The World After Keynes: An Examination Of The Economic Order.
24210: ROLLAND, ROMAIN. EWEN, DAVID, - Romain Rolland's Essays On Music.
43536: ROLLE, ANDREW., - John Charles Fremont: Character As Destiny.
42901: ROLLE, ANDREW F., - The Immigrant Upraised: Italian Adventurers And Colonists In An Expanding America.
281030: ROLLINS, HYDER E. (EDITOR), - The Pack of Autolycus or Strange and Terrible News of Ghosts, Apparitions, Monstrous Births, Showers of Wheat, Judgments of God, and other Prodigious and Fateful Happenings as told in Broadside Ballads of the Years 1624-1693.
801720: ROLLINS, HYDER E., - The Renaissance In England.
47774: ROMAN, STEVEN, - Developing Visual-basic Add-ins.
7891: ROMAN, CAMILLE P., - The Women and Language Debate: a Sourcebook.
56686: ROMANOFF, PAUL, - Jewish Symbols on Ancient Jewish Coins.
9521: ROMBERGER, J. A., - Meristems, Growth, And Development In Woody Plants.
140541: AMERICAN ACADEMY IN ROME, - American Academy in Rome Report 1968-1973.
18438: ROMEIN, JAN, - Watershed Of Two Eras Europe In 1900.
49568: ROMERO, PATRICIA W., - Women's Voices On Africa: A Century Of Travel Writings.
805581: ROMERO, CAROL J., - JTPA Programs and Adult Women on Welfare : Using Training to Raise AFDC Recipients Above Poverty (Sudoc Y 3. EM 7/3: 10/93-01).
46226: ROMINE, GREGORY S., - Applied Physics: Concepts Into Practice.
35303: ROMINE, JOAN, - Copshaholm The Oliver Story.
220853: RONALD, STRAHAN, - Mammals of Australia.
47037: RONALD, BRUCE W. RONALD, VIRGINIA, - Oakwood: The Far Hills.
43404: RONNE, CAPTAIN FINN, - Antarctic Command.
29510: ROOM, ADRIAN, - A Dictionary Of Pseudonyms And Their Origins, With Stories Of Name Changes.
803133: ROONEY, JOHN F., - This Remarkable Continent: An Atlas Of North American Society And Culture.
34939: ROORBACH, O. A., - Bibliotheca Americana Catalogue Of American Publications Including Reprints And Original Works From 1820-1852 Inclusive Together With A List Of Periodicals Published In The United States.
58487: ROOS, FRANK J., - Bibliography of Early American Architecture: Writings on Architecture Constructed before 1960 in Eastern and Central US.
34291: ROOSE, ROBERT W., - Handbook Of Data Sheets For Solution Of Mechanical Systems Problems.
806083: ROOSENSCHOON, C.F., - 100 Jaar Van Der Have 1879-1979.
54833: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE, - Hunting Trips of a Ranchman: Sketches of Sport on the Northern Cattle Plains.
54142: ROOSEVELT, JOHN BURROUGHS & OTHERS, ILLUSTRATED BY NUMEROUS TEDDY; NUMEROUS,, - Century Magazine, Volume 32, May 1886 to Oct. 1886.
50960: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE., - Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter.
42971: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE. LASCH, CHRISTOPHER, - The Winning Of The West, A Modern Abridgment.
38959: ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN EDITED BY EDGAR B. NIXON, - Franklin D. Roosevelt And Foreign Affairs, Volume II (2).
35361: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE., - The New Nationalism.
280574: ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN EDITED BY EDGAR B. NIXON, - Franklin D. Roosevelt And Foreign Affairs, Volume I (1).
802391: ROOSVAL, JOHNNY, - Swedish Art Being The Kahn Lectures For 1929.
45339: ROOT, MICHAEL, - Philosophy Of Social Science: The Methods, Ideals, And Politics Of Social Inquiry.
21011: ROOT, MARIA P. P., - Bulima: A Systems Approach To Treatment.
140135: ROOT, GEORGE F., - The Story of a Musical Life: An Autobiography (Da Capo Press Music Reprint Series).
35728: ROPER, DONNA C., - Proto-historic Pawnee Hunting In The Nebraska Sand Hills: Archeological Investigations At Two Sites In The Calamus Reservoir.
60209: ROQUES, MARIO, - Les Romans De Chretien De Troyes Le Chevalier Au Lion (Yvain).
29885: RORABAUGH, C. BRITTON, - Digital Filter Designer's Handbook: Featuring C Routines.
140893: ROREM, NED, - Music and People.
21221: RORIG, FRITZ, - The Medieval Town.
60693: RORTY, AMELIE OKSENBERG, - Essays on Aristotle's "Ethics" (Major thinkers series).
45683: RORTY, RICHARD, - Philosophy And Social Hope.
45474: RORTY, RICHARD, - Truth And Progress: Philosophical Papers Volume 3.
59341: RORTY, RICHARD & JEROME B. SCHNEEWIND & QUENTIN SKINNER, - Philosophy in History: Essays in the Historiography of Philosophy (Ideas in Context).
16592: ROSALER, ROBERT C., - Standard Handbook Of Plant Engineering.
18532: ROSANIK, RALPH, - Hawk Safari: The Search For A Rare Bird: A Curtiss Hawk P6-e.
710276: ROSANTHAL, GERTRUDE, EDITOR, - Italian Paintings XIV - XVIIIth Centuries from the Collection of The Baltimore Museum of Art.
100727: ROSBLOOM, JULIUS, - Diesel Hand Book - A Practical Book of Instruction for Engineers and Students on Modern Diesel Engineering. Land, Marine, Locomotive, Aero, Automotive and Portable Installations.
280147: ROSE, BARBARA, - American Modernism: The Francoise & Harvey Rambach Collection.
805252: ROSE, H. WICKLIFFE, - The Colonial Houses of Worship in America Built in the English Colonies before the Republic, 1607-1789, and Still Standing.
800004: ROSE, GEORGE G., - Atlas of Vertebrate Cells in Tissue Culture.
58488: ROSE, SHELDON D. & JEFFREY L. EDLESON, - Working with Children and Adolescents in Groups (Jossey Bass Social and Behavioral Science Series).
54169: ROSE, ERNST & FRITZ SEMMLER & HILDEGARD ROSE, - Grosse Vergangenheit: an Annotated Anthology of German Literature from the Beginnings to World War I.
53870: ROSE, ANTHONY H. & J.S. HARRISON, - The Yeasts. Volume 2 Physiology and Biochemistry of Yeasts..
53869: ROSE, A.H. & J. S. HARRISON, - The Yeasts Volume 1 Biology of Yeasts.
53259: ROSE, F. CLIFFORD. BYNUM, W. F., - Historical Aspects of the Neurosciences a Festschrift for Macdonald Critchley.
52363: ROSE, ROBERT R. GRESSLEY, GENE M, - Advocates and Adversaries: the Early Life and Times of Robert R. Rose.
48571: ROSE, A. H., - Economic Microbiology: Food Microbiology.
44917: ROSE, STEVEN, - From Brains To Consciousness? Essays On The New Sciences Of The Mind.
43701: ROSE, SAUL, - Socialism In Southern Asia.
42349: ROSE, WILL, - The Vanishing Village.
41960: ROSE, JEROME G. EDITOR, - The Transfer Of Development Rights A New Technique Of Land Use Regulation.
38612: ROSE, F. CLIFFORD, - The Eye In General Medicine.
36991: ROSE, SAUL, - Britain And South-east Asia.
35827: ROSE, JEROME G. EDITOR, - Tax And Expenditure Limitations: How To Implement And Live Within Them..
34962: ROSE, ANTHONY H., - Thermobiology.
30782: ROSE, MARK, - Heroic Love: Studies In Sidney And Spenser.
30109: ROSE, JAMES, - Black Genesis.
19053: ROSE, LISLE A., - Assault On Eternity: Richard E. Byrd And The Exploration Of Antarctica, 1946-47.
140391: ROSE-INNES, A. C, - Introduction to Superconductivity (International Series of Monographs on Solid State Physics).
14534: ROSE, HILARY, - Love, Power And Knowledge.
59158: ROSE, ANNE C., - Victorian America and the Civil War.
11570: ROSE, LENNIE, - Parties with Panache.
5421: ROSE, ALBERT, - Governing Metropolitan Toronto: a Social and Political Analysis, 1953-1971.
160277: ROSE, H. B., - The Economic Background to Investment.
160334: ROSE-INNES, A.C., - Low Temperature Techniques. The use of Liquid Helium in the Laboratory.
39854: ROSEAU, MAURICE, - Asymptotic Wave Theory.
43683: ROSEBERY, ARCHIBALD PHILIP PRIMROSE (LORD). GRANT, A. R. C., - Lord Rosebery's North American Journal 1873.
180075: ROSELL, ELNA AND ROSELL, PAUL, - Bread Upon the Waters: Pioneering in the Ubangi.
120888: ROSELL, MERVIN E., - Crusade Songs (Official Merv Rosell Campaign Book).
46941: ROSEMAN, CURTIS G., - Ethnicity: Geographic Perspectives On Ethnic Change In Modern Cities.
21175: ROSEMBAUM, S. B., - English Literature And British Philosophy: A Collection Of Essays.
3247: ROSEMBAUM, MAX, - Handbook of Short-Term Therapy Groups.
803268: ROSEN, RANDY. BRAWER, CATHERINE C., - Making Their Mark: Women Artists Move Into Mainstream 1970-85.
28420: ROSEN, SHERWIN, - Studies In Labor Markets.
140748: ROSEN, GEORGE, - Madness in Society: Chapters in the Historical Sociology of Mental.
15385: ROSEN, LAWRENCE R., - The Mcgraw-hill Handbook Of Interest, Yields And Returns.
1349: ROSEN, STANLEY, - The Limits of Analysis.
506: ROSEN, RAYMOND C. AND SANDRA R. LEIBLUM., - Erectile Disorders: Assessment and Treatment..
60107: ROSENAU, PAULINE, - Post-Modernism and the Social Sciences.
30103: ROSENAUER, N., - Kinematics Of Mechanisms.
120015: ROSENBAUM, JONATHAN, - Movies as Politics.
800293: ROSENBAUM, JOAN, - Mario Cavaglieri The Glittering Years 1912-1922.
58198: ROSENBAUM, JONATHAN, - Placing Movies: The Practice of Film Criticism.
6910: ROSENBAUM, J. F., - Panic Disorder & its Treatment.
3585: ROSENBAUM, ALEXANDER, - Sociobiology and the Preemption of Social Science.
803407: ROSENBERG, PIERRE, - The Age of Louis XV French Painting 1710-1774.
803151: ROSENBERG, MARTIN, - Raphael And France: The Artist As Paradigm And Symbol.
50056: ROSENBERG, CHARLES E., - The Care of Strangers: the Rise of America's Hospital System..
47986: ROSENBERG, ALEXANDER, - The Structure Of Biological Science.
47216: ROSENBERG, NORMAN J, - North American Droughts.
806163: ROSENBERG, PIERRE, - France in the Golden Age: Seventeenth-Century French Paintings in American Collections.
29225: ROSENBERG, CHARLES E., - The Family In History.
21283: ROSENBERG, ELLEN M., - The Southern Baptists: A Subculture In Transition.
18518: ROSENBERG, JAKOB, - Great Draughtsmen From Pisanello To Picasso.
27732: ROSENBLOOM, PAUL, - The Elements Of Mathematical Logic.
807335: ROSENBLUM, NAOMI, - A History of Women Photographers.
34855: ROSENDAHL, CARL OTTO, - Trees And Shrubs Of Minnesota.
60732: ROSENFELD, AZRIEL, - Picture Processing By Computer (Computer Science And Applied Mathematics).
220608: ROSENFELD, ALVIN H. BLAKE, WILLIAM, - William Blake: Essays for S. Foster Damon.
30106: ROSENFELD, RACHEL ANN, - Farm Women Work, Farm, And Family In The United States.
100430: ROSENFELD, WALTER, - The Practical Specifier: A Manual of Construction Documentation for Architects.
16172: ROSENFELD, LOUIS, - Thomas Hodgkin: Morbid Anatomist And Social Activist.
40339: ROSENFIELD, ALAN R., - Dislocation Dynamics.
40899: ROSENKRANZ, ZE'EV, - The Einstein Scrapbook.
60235: ROSENOF, THEODORE, - Realignment: The Theory that Changed the Way We Think about American Politics.
26090: ROSENSTONE, STEVEN J., - Third Parties In America Citizen Response To Major Party Failure.
16597: ROSENSTONE, ROBERT A., - Mirror In The Shrine: American Encounters With Meiji Japan.
51492: ROSENTHAL, STUART, - The Cinema of Federico Fellini.
802062: ROSENTHAL, MICHAEL, - Constable: The Painter and His Landscape.
45181: ROSENTHAL, SANDRA B., - Speculative Pragmatism.
37650: ROSENTHAL, JOSEPH H, - The Neuropsychopathology Of Written Language.
37525: ROSENTHAL, M. L., - Our Life In Poetry: Selected Essays And Reviews.
33234: ROSENTHAL, SANDRA B., - Speculative Pragmatism.
31983: ROSENTHAL, M. L., - Running To Paradise Yeat's Poetic Art.
14055: ROSENTHAL, NORMAN E., - Seasonal Affective Disorders And Phototherapy.
902127: ROSENTHAL, GEORGE S. (ED), - Portfolio: the Annual of Graphic Arts.
180126: ROSENTHAL, FRANK, - The Jews Of Des Moines The First Century.
180127: ROSENTHAL, FRANK, - The Jews Of Des Moines The First Century.
9038: ROSENTHAL, ROBERT, - Artifact In Behavioral Research.
800187: ROSENTSWIEG, GERRY, - San Francisco: Graphic Design.
5825: ROSENZWEIG, SAUL, - Freud, Jung, and Hall the King-Maker : the Historical Expedition to America (1909 with G. Stanley Hall As Host and William James As Guest, Including).
30876: ROSES, LORRAINE ELENA, - Harlem Renaissance And Beyond: Literary Biographies Of 100 Black Women Writers 1900-1945.
120305: ROSES, LORRAINE E. & RUTH E. RANDOLPH, - Harlem's Glory: Black Women Writing, 1900-1950.
17717: ROSEVEARE, HENRY, - The Treasury: The Evolution Of A British Institution.
57191: ROSHEIM, DAVID L, - Old Iowegian Sagas.
43878: ROSIER, JAMES, - Prosperous Voyage.
54657: ROSIN, JOSEPH, - Reagent Chemicals & Standards 1ST Edition.
40320: ROSKE, RALPH J., - Everyman's Eden A History Of California.
25718: ROSKENS, RONALD W., - Paradox, Process And Progress.
50581: ROSKILL, STEPHEN, - Churchill and the Admirals.
8982: ROSLANSKY, JOHN D., - Creativity: A Discussion At The Nobel Conference.
55328: ROSMINI, ANTONIO; CLEARY, DENIS; WATSON, TERENCE, - Theosopy Volume 2: Trine Being.
710656: ROSMUS, ANNA, AND KLEIN, ROBERT, AND THALER, MICHAEL (INTRO. ), - Robert Klein: Ein Jude Schaut Zuruck.
801219: ROSNEK, CARL, - Skystone And Silver: The Collector's Book Of Southwest Indian Jewelry.
6731: ROSNOW, RALPH L., - Paradigms in Transition : the Methodology of Social Inquiry.
41068: ROSOW, JEROME M., - Training: The Competitive Edge.
806943: ROSS, DAVID & JURGEN HARTEN, - Binationale: German Art of the Late 80's.
800376: ROSS, JOHN A., - International Encyclopedia Of Population.
240009: ROSS, DAVID A., - Between Spring And Summer, Soviet Conceptual Art in the Era of Late Communism.
220294: ROSS, EARLE DUDLEY, - A History of the Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.
53972: ROSS, LESLIE, - Medieval Art a Topical Dictionary.
53927: ROSS, EARLE DUDLY, - The Land-Grant Idea At Iowa State College; a Centennial Trial Balance, 1858-1958.
48892: ROSS, IAN CAMPBELL, - Laurence Sterne: A Life.
48614: ROSS, ERIC, - Beyond The River And The Bay. Some Observations On The State Of The Canadian Northwest In 1811 With A View To Providing The Intending Settler With An Intimate Knowledge Of That Country.
47236: ROSS, ROBERT B., - Metallic Materials.
45588: ROSS, STEPHEN DAVID, - The Gift Of Truth: Gathering The Good.
44806: ROSS, RUSSELL M., - Iowa Palimpsest Magazine: Iowa Government in Action.
41151: ROSS, JOHN, - Prairie Time: The Leopold Reserve Revisited.
39797: ROSS, EARLE D., - Iowa Agriculture An Historical Survey.
47114: ROSS, EARLE D., - Iowa Agriculture An Historical Survey.
21979: ROSS, ROBERT W., - So It Was True: The American Protestant Press And The Nazi Pesecution Of The Jews.
15819: ROSS, BILL, - Iwo Jima: Legacy Of Valor.
2431: ROSS, ANDREW, - The Chicago Gangster Theory Of Life: Nature's Debt To Society.
100290: ROSS, LESLIE D., - Text, Image, Message: Saints in Medieval Manuscript Illustrations (Contributions to the Study of Art and Architecture).
8627: ROSSANT, JANET PEDESEN, ROGER A., - Experimental Approaches to Mammalian Embryonic Development.
140099: ROSSEL, SVEN HAKON, - Johannes V. Jensen (Twayne's World Authors Series).
711187: ROSSEN, SUSAN, - The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies, No 1 (Daniel Burnham Issue)..
711167: ROSSEN, SUSAN, - The Architecture of the Art Institute of Chicago (The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies, No 1).
711906: ROSSEN, SUSAN, - The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies, No 1: the Art Institute of Chicago Buildings.
750102: ROSSI, FERDINANDO; ROSS, D., - Mosaics: A Survey of Their History and Techniques.
711539: ROSSI, JOHN P, - The Transformation of the British Liberal Party: a Study of the Tactics of the Liberal Opposition, 1874-1880 (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
13754: ROSSI, ERNEST L., - Mind-Body Therapy : Methods of Ideodynamic Healing in Hypnosis.
55228: ROSSMAN, EDMUND, - Castles Against Ignorance: How to Make Libraries Great Educational Environments.
140505: ROSTAGNO, SERGIO, - Essays on the New Testament: a 'Materialist' Approach.
46579: ROSTON, HOLMES III, - Environmental Ethics: Duties To And Values In The Natural World.
220783: ROSTOW, PROFESSOR EUGENE V., - Toward Managed Peace: The National Security Interests of the United States, 1759 to the Present.
29233: ROSTOW, W. W., - Politics And The Stages Of Growth.
36153: ROTBERG, ROBERT I., - Marriage And Fertility (studies In Interdisciplinary History Series).
31768: ROTBERG, ROBERT I., - Africa And Its Explorers Motives, Methods And Impact.
25555: ROTBERG, ROBERT I., - Africa And Its Explorers Motives, Methods And Impact.
10440: AIR FORCE ROTC, - Fundamentals Of Aerospace Weapons Systems.
220292: ROTH, SAMUEL, - American Aphrodite Vol I Number 2.
51148: ROTH, SISTER MARY AUGUSTINE, - With Mercy Toward All Mercy Hospital, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 1900-1978.
19266: ROTH, JAMES A., - Virulence Mechanisms Of Bacterial Pathogens.
9391: ROTH, JAMES A., - Virulence Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogens.
48563: ROTHBLAT, GEORGE H., - Growth, Nutrition, And Metabolism Of Cells In Culture, Vol. 1.
804041: ROTHE, J. P., - The Seismicity of the Earth 1953-1965 / La Seismicite Du Globe 1953-1965.
50216: ROTHENBERG, JEROME, - Poems for the Millennium: the University of California Book of Modern and Postmodern Poetry, Vol. 2: from Postwar to Millennium.
45298: ROTHENBERG, DAVID, - Hand's End: Technology And The Limits Of Nature.
55644: ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN., - Stanley Spencer: The Man: Correspondence and Reminiscences.
31271: ROTHMAN, ELLEN K, - Hands And Hearts: A History Of Courtship In America.
24913: ROTHMAN, DAVID J., - Politics And Power The United States Senate 1869-1901.
913: ROTHSCHILD, ROBERT, - Peace for Our Time.
37602: ROTHSTEIN, FRANCES ABRAHAMER, - Anthropology And The Global Factory.
140171: ROTHSTEIN, ERIC, - Systems of Order and Inquiry in Later Eighteenth-Century Fiction.
59973: ROTHWELL, JOHN C., - Control of Human Voluntary Movement.
27908: ROTHWELL, ROY, - Reindustrialization And Technology.
43265: ROTTMAN, LARRY, - Winning Hearts And Minds: War Poems By Vietnam Veterans.
27364: ROUBINE, E., - Mathematics Applied To Physics.
21214: ROUDIEZ, LEON S., - French Fiction Revisited.
34916: ROUKES, NICHOLAS, - Sculpture In Plastics.
34231: ROULSTON, ROBERT, - James Norman Hall.
58637: ROUNER, LEROY S., - Foundations of Ethics (Boston University Studies in Philosophy and Religion).
31146: ROUNER, LEROY S., - Within Human Experience: The Philosophy Of William Ernest Hocking.
800436: ROURKES, NICHOLAS, - Plastics For Kinetic Art.
43820: ROUSE, IRVING. CRUXENT, JOSE M, - Venezuelan Archaeology.
35168: ROUSE, BLAIR, - Ellen Glasgow.
14824: ROUSE, WILLIAM B., - Start Where You Are.
56650: ROUSSEAU, ; SHARP, WILLIAM AND GLOVER, A.S.B., - The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
27597: ROUSSET, DAVID, - The Legacy Of The Bolshevik Revolution.
35080: ROUSSOPOULOS, A. I., - Theory Of Elastic Complexes.
37007: ROUTLEDGE, JAMES, - Chapters In The History Of Popular Progress Chiefly In Relation To The Freedom Of The Press And Trial By Jury, 1660-1820 With An Application To Later Years..
160689: ROUTLEY, ERIK, - The English Carol..
48849: ROVER, CONSTANCE, - Love, Morals And The Feminists.
806433: ROVIN, JEFF, - Adventure Heroes: Legendary Characters from Odysseus to James Bond.
24502: ROWAN, D. C., - Output, Inflation And Growth An Introduction To Macro-economics.
58313: ROWE, GEORGE E., - Thomas Middleton and the New Comedy Tradition.
43061: ROWE, WILLIAM WOODIN, - Dostoevsky Child And Man In His Works.
100232: ROWE, WILLIAM D., - An Anatomy of Risk (Wiley series on systems engineering & analysis).
711084: ROWE, M. JESSICA & SANDRO MARPILLERO & MARY MISS, - Mary Miss Photo/Drawings.
803259: ROWELL, MARGIT. MIRO, JOAN, - Miro.
801123: ROWELL, MARGIT. MIRO, JOAN, - The Captured Imagination: Drawings By Joan Miro From The Fundacio Joan Miro, Barcelona.
26201: ROWLAND, K. T., - Steam At Sea: A History Of Steam Navigation.
120200: ROWLAND, DEBRAN, - Boundaries of Her Body: a Troubling History of Women's Rights in America.
32965: ROWLANDS, JOHN, - Master Drawings And Watercolours In The British Museum.
901204: ROWLANDSON, THOMAS. HEINTZELMAN, ARTHUR W., - The Watercolor Drawings Of Thomas Rowlandson, From The Albert H. Wiggin Collection In The Boston Public Library,.
34070: ROWLEY, ANTHONY, - The Barons Of European Industry,.
60353: ROWLEY, H. H., - The Book of Job. The New Century Bible Commentary.
802560: ROWSE, A. L., - The First Colonists: Hakluyt's Voyages To North America: A Modern Version.
806773: ROWSE, A. L. SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - Annotated Shakespeare: Volume II; the Histories, Sonnets and Other Poems.
806775: ROWSE, A. L. SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - Annotated Shakespeare Volume III Tragedies and Romances.
50428: ROWTON, FREDERIC, - The Female Poets of Great Britain : Chronologically Arranged with Copious Selections and Critical Remarks.
280600: ROY, LOUIS MAURICE AUGUSTE, - The Candle Book: Texts and Photographs (old ways of working).
280837: ROY, B., - Combinatorial Programming: Methods and Applications. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at the Palais des Congres, Versailles, France, 2-13 September 1974..
803369: ROY, CHRISTOPHER D., - African Art from Iowa Private Collections.
803368: ROY, CHRISTOPHER D., - African Sculpture: the Stanley Collection.
805774: ROY, CHRISTOPHER D., - African Sculpture: the Stanley Collection.
38619: ROY, DAVID T., - Ancient China: Studies In Early Civilization.
28267: ROY, ROBERT H., - Operations Technology: Systems And Evolution.
21368: ROY, EMIL, - British Drama Since Shaw.
805784: ROY, CHRISTOPHER D., - Art and Life in Africa. Selections from the Stanley Collection. April-Aug. 1985..
2637: ROY, ROBERT H., - The Cultures of Management.
59532: ROYCE, ANYA PETERSON, - The Anthropology of Dance.
53343: ROYCE, JOSIAH. CLENDENNING, JOHN, - The Letters of Josiah Royce.
43735: ROYCE, JOSIAH, - Lectures On Modern Idealism.
42462: ROYCE, JOSIAH. SMITH, JOHN E., - The Problem Of Christianity.
33491: ROYCE, JOSIAH, - The Religious Aspect Of Philosophy.
40227: ROYCE, JOSIAH. MCDERMOTT, JOHN J., - The Basic Writings Of Josiah Royce.
14564: RUBEL, ARTHUR J., - Susto: A Folk Illness.
51224: RUBENS, PETER PAUL. DE BACKER-VAN OCKEN, R., - P. P. Rubens: Paintings, Oilsketches, Drawings (Royal Museum of Fine Arts Exhibit, 29th June - 30th September 1977, 4th Centennial Commemoration of Ruben's Birth).
10506: RUBENSTEIN, ELI A, - Research In Psychotherapy Volume 2 Proceedings Of A Conference May 17-20, 1961.
10505: RUBENSTEIN, ELI A, - Research In Psychotherapy Volume 1 Proceedings Of A Conference April 9-12, 1958.
801546: RUBER, PETER, - The Last Bookman; : A Journey Into The Life & Times Of Vincent Starrett, Author, Journalist, Bibliophile.
60490: RUBIN, STEVEN J., - Telling and Remembering: A Century of American Jewish Poetry.
12443: RUBIN, CHARLES T., - The Green Crusade.
804673: RUBIN, STEPHEN & N. Y.) METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK; HOWAR, JOHN K. & AMERICAN FEDERATION O, - American Watercolors from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
802069: RUBIN, WILLIAM, - Anthony Caro.
220758: RUBIN, BARRY AND RUBIN, JUDITH COLP, - Hating America: A History.
57506: RUBIN, BARRY, - Secrets of State: The State Department and the Struggle Over U.S. Foreign Policy.
31001: RUBIN-DORSKY, JEFFREY, - People Of The Book: Thirty Scholars Reflect On Their Jewish Identity.
20564: RUBIN-DORSKY, JEFFREY, - People Of The Book.
6409: RUBIN, LOUIS DECIMUS, - A Gallery of Southerners.
31721: RUBINOFF, LIONEL, - Collingwood And The Reform Of Metaphysics; : A Study In The Philosophy Of Mind.
902096: RUBINSTEIN, GOUNOD, LASSEN, JENSEN, GRIEG AND OTHERS, - Song Classics for Low Voice, by Rubinstein, Gounod, Lassen, Jensen, Grieg and Others.
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120826: SCOTT, NATHAN A., - The Broken Center: Studies in the Theological Horizon of Modern Literature.
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49504: SCOTT, ANDREW, - Basic Nature.
49240: SCOTT, JAMES LEANDER, - A Journal Of A Missionary Tour Through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, ....
48404: SCOTT, BERNARD BRANDON, - Jesus, Symbol-maker For The Kingdom.
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40463: SCOTT, DOUGLAS D., - Archaeological Insights Into The Custer Battle: An Assessment Of The 1984 Field Season/with Map.
35961: SCOTT, DOUGLAS D., - Archaeological Insights Into The Custer Battle: An Assessment Of The 1984 Field Season/with Map.
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120547: SCOTT, DAVID ALEXANDER, - Behind the G-String: An Exploration of the Stripper's Image, Her Person, and Her Meaning.
711767: SCOTT, DONALD HOWARD, - Barns of Indiana.
16490: SCOTT, A. C., - Traditional Chinese Plays Volume 2.

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