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180077: PHILLIPS, C. B. ; LEWIS, C. P., - Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire for the Year Vol: 144 1994.
15053: PHILLIPS, JOHN, - The Development Of Agriculture And Forestry In The Tropics.
901413: PHILLIPS, TOM. ORNDUFF, DON, - The Sketches Of Tom Phillips.
140552: PHILLIPS A. M. , ULRICH BONNELL; FILLER, LOUIS, - Georgia And States Rights: A Study Of The Political History Of Georgia From The Revolution To The Civil War, With Particular Regard To Federal Relations..
750119: PHILLIPS, SANDRA S. & LINDA WEINTRAUB & LEN JENSHEL, - Charmed Places: Hudson River Artists and Their Houses, Studios, and Vistas.
46718: PHILPS, L., - Applied Consumption Analysis.
28439: PHILPS, L., - Applied Consumption Analysis.
33718: PHILSON, EMMA, - Animal Lore In Shakespeare's Time.
15299: PHLIPS, LOUIS, - Effects Of Industrial Concentration: A Cross-section Analysis For The Common Market.
39441: PHYSICS SURVEY COMMITTEE. BROMLEY, D. ALLEN, - Physics In Perspective Volume 1.
240285: PIAGET, JEAN, - Memory and Intelligence.
56759: PIAGET, JEAN, - Insights and Illusions of Philosophy.
39775: PIAGET, JEAN, - The Mechanisms Of Perception.
37570: PIAGET, JEAN, - Memory And Intelligence.
14282: PIAGET, JEAN, - Success And Understanding.
12406: PIAGET, JEAN, - Experimental Psychology: Its Scope And Method. Vol. 1 History And Method.
10793: PIAGET, JEAN, - The Mechanisms Of Perception.
36475: PIAZZA, MARCELLO, - Experimental Viral Hepatitis.
804599: PICASSO, PABLO, GINZBURG RALPH, - Avant Garde #8 Picasso's Erotic Gravures.
35612: PICASSO, PABLO., - The Sculptor's Studio: Etchings.
2739: PICCIRELLI, R. A. EDITOR, - Topics in Statical Mechanics and Biophysics: a Memorial to Julius L. Jackson.
33683: PICK, HERBERT L., - Cognition: Conceptual And Methodological Issues.
25493: PICKARD, MARJORIE, - Wayland The First Century.
27928: PICKERING, J. F., - Industrial Structure And Market Conduct.
25020: PICKERING, NANCY O., - Iowa Cultural Resources Directory, 1991.
14855: PICKERING, F. P., - Literature And Art In The Middle Ages.
20149: PICKETT, CALDER M., - Ed Howe: Country Town Philosopher.
18517: PICKVANCE, RONALD, - Van Gogh In Arles.
35732: PICON, GAETAN, - Ingres.
59688: PIEHL, MEL, - Breaking Bread: the Catholic Worker and the Origin of Catholic Radicalism in America.
805817: PIEL, GERARD, - Scientific American Volume 202 January 1960 - June 1960.
11441: PIEL, GERARD, - The World of Rene Dubos: a Collection from His Writings.
55162: PIERCE, KATHRYN MITCHELL AND GILLES, CAROL J. AND BARNES, DOUGLAS, - Cycles of Meaning: Exploring the Potential of Talk in Learning Communities.
49773: PIERCE, SUSAN, - Perspectives: Women In Nebraska History.
49300: PIERCE, GEORGE W., - Electric Oscillations And Electric Waves; : With Application To Radiotelegraphy And Incidental Application To Telephony And Optics,.
49282: PIERCE, SUSAN, - Perspectives: Women In Nebraska History.
120585: PIERCE, WILLIAM H, - Failure-Tolerant Computer Design.
49218: PIERIK, M., - Dramatic And Symbolic Elements In Gregorian Chant.
34050: PIERO, G. DEL, - Unilateral Problems In Structural Analysis, 2.
32995: PIERO, G. DEL, - Unilateral Problems In Structural Analysis.
160341: PIÉRON, HENRI, - The Sensations: Their Functions, Processes and Mechanisms. Translated by M H Pirenne and B C Abbott..
711585: PIERRE, ROBERT G ST., - National Evaluation of the Even Start Family Literacy Program: Report on Effectiveness.
120901: PIERROT , R (ED), - Balzac Correspondance. Tome IV (4). 1840-Avril 1845.
56903: PIERSON, PROFESSOR GEORGE WILSON, - Tocqueville in America.
23869: PIERSON, JOHN H. G., - Full Employment Without Inflation.
24471: PIERSON, JOHN H. G., - Essays On Full Employment, 1942-1972.
281171: PIETERSE, JAN NEDERVEEN AND KHONDKER, HABIBUL HAQUE, - 21st Century Globalization: Perspectives from the Gulf (Encounters).
9019: PIETRO, ANTHONY SAN, - Harvesting The Sun: Phosynthesis In Plant Life.
31766: PIGGOTT, STUART, - The Neolithic Cultures Of The British Isles: A Study Of The Stone-using Agricultural Communities Of Britain In The Second Millennium B.c.
100569: PIGGOTT, J. R., - Statistical Procedures in Food Research.
180020: PIGOU, A. C, - The Political Economy of the War.
54653: PIGOU, A., - Memorials of Alfred Marshall.
44206: PIKE, FREDERICK B., - Hispanismo, 1898 - 1936 Spanish Conservatives And Liberals And Their Relations With Spanish America.
50611: PILAND, SHERRY, - Women Artists an Historical, Contemporary and Feminist Bibliography.
42061: PILAND, SHERRY, - Fountains Of Kansas City: A History And Love Affair.
240178: PILET, CHARLES, - Special Issue on Animal Rabies Papers Presented At the Joint Scientific Meeting on Animal Rabies Held from 3 to 5 June 1982.
47548: PILKINGTON, JAMES, - The Heart Of Yoknapatawpha.
39769: PILKINGTON, JAMES PENN, - The Methodist Publishing House A History Volume I (1) From Its Beginnings To 1870.
800210: PILLMORE, CAPTAIN GEORGE UTLEY, - Clinical Radiology A Correlation Of Clinical And Roentgenological Findings Vol. 2.
806279: PILLSBURY, KATHERINE H. HALE, ROBERT D. POST, JACK, - The Duxbury book, 1637-1987.
27590: PIMLOTT, BEN, - Fabian Essays In Socialist Thought.
27080: PINE, FRED, - Developmental Theory And Clinical Process.
100432: PINEDO, H.M. & J. VERWEIJ & H.D. SUIT, - Soft Tissue Sarcomas: New Developments in the Multidisciplinary Approach to Treatment (Cancer Treatment and Research).
47278: PINES, DAVID. NOZIERES, PHILIPPE, - The Theory Of Quantum Liquids Volume I Normal Fermi Liquids.
807458: PINGREE, DAVID, - Sanskrit Astronomical Tables in the United States.
36031: PINION, F. B., - A Wordsworth Companion: Survey And Assessment.
220944: PINKUS, BENJAMIN, - The Jews of the Soviet Union: The History of a National Minority (Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies).
19974: PINKUS, BENJAMIN, - The Jews Of The Soviet Union: The History Of A National Minority.
57537: PINSKER, STANFORD, - Three Pacific Northwest Poets: William Stafford, Richard Hugo, and David Wagoner (Twayne's United States Authors Series).
34494: PINSKER, SANFORD, - Three Pacific Northwest Poets: William Stafford, Richard Hugo, And David Wagoner.
37247: PINSON, KOPPEL S., - Modern Germany: Its History And Civilization.
29303: PINSTRUP-ANDERSON, PER, - Agricultural Research And Technology In Economic Development.
3758: PINTA, MAURICE, - Detection and Determination of Trace Elements: Absorption Spectrophotometry Emission Spectroscopy Polarography.
51993: PINTER, WALTER MCKENZIE, - Russian Economic Policy under Nicholas I.
51558: PINTNER, RUDOLF. DRAGOSITZ, ANNA. KUSNER, ROSE, - Supplementary Guide for the Revised Stanford-Binet Scale (Form L).
59501: PIOTT, STEVEN L., - The Anti-Monopoly Persuasion: Popular Resistance to the Rise of Big Business in the Midwest (Contributions in Economics and Economic History).
56214: PIOVESANA, GINO K., - Contemporary Japanees Philosophical Thought.
801532: PIPER, WATTY. HOLLING, LUCILLE., - Children Of Other Lands.
55756: PIPER, DAVID, - Artists' London.
22440: PIPER, EDWIN FORD, - Canterbury Pilgrims.
14162: PIPER, WILLIAM E, - Adaptation To Loss Through Short-term Goup Psychotherapy.
56535: PIPPENGER, JOHN J. HICKS, TYLER G., - Industrial Hydraulics.
806111: PIRIPATA, HEMI, - Waiata O te Iwi Maori. < Songs of the Maori People. > Music by H. Piripata. English verse by Morihi Keiha. Maori & Eng.
801612: PIROTTO, ARMANDO D., - Iconografia De Montevideo.
47106: PIRSON, SYLVAIN J., - Elements Of Oil Reservoir Engineering.
43791: PISTORIUS, PHILIPPUS VILLIERS, - Plotinus And Neoplatonism An Introductory Study.
36084: PITCHER, MILO, - My Heritage On Hominyridge.
27238: PITCHER, EVELYN GOODENOUGH, - Boys And Girls At Play.
240241: PITCHFORD, MARY ANN. WALLACE, CAROL STEPHENS, - Visions of the Past: Grafton, Illinois (American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976).
140804: PITKIN, HANNA FENICHEL, - The Concept of Representation.
38387: PITON, CAMILLE, - Le Costume Civil En France Du XIII Au XIX Siecle.
100040: PITRONE, JEAN MADDERN, - Take it from the Big Mouth: the Life of Martha Raye.
50784: PITT, BARRIE, - The Crucible of War: Vol.1: Wavell's Command.
24509: PITTMAN, DAVID J., - Revolving Door: A Study Of The Chronic Police Case Inebriate.
710779: PITTSBURG, KANSAS HIGH SCHOOL, - Pittsburg, Kansas High School Purple and Whilte 1947 Yearbook.
803785: PITZ, HENRY C., - The Practice of Illustration.
802135: PITZ, HENRY C., - A Treasury Of American Book Illustration.
801541: PITZ, HENRY C., - A Treasury Of American Book Illustration.
800452: PITZ, HENRY C., - Illustrating Children's Books: History, Technique, Production..
31300: PITZ, HENRY C., - The Brandywine Tradition.
41166: VON PIVKA, OTTO, - Navies Of The Napoleonic Era.
17790: PIZER, DONALD, - Theodore Dreiser: A Primary And Secondary Bibliography.
50709: PLAMBECK, HERB, - Heritage of Community Service Golden Anniversary History Nebraska-Iowa District Kiwanis International 1920-1970.
54211: VAN DER PLANK, J. E., - Disease Resistance in Plants.
30688: PLANK, TOM M., - Accounting Desk Book 2003: The Accountant's Everyday Instant Answer Book.
710900: CENTER FOR DESIGN PLANNING, - Streetscape Equipment Sourcebook, 2: Lighting, Traffic Safety and Control, Housekeeping and Amenity, Signage, Communication and Safety Devices, Shelters, Recreation and Play, Miscellaneous.
38661: PLANT, MARGARET, - Paul Klee Figures And Faces.
47287: PLANTS, HELEN LESTER. HAYNES, RUSSELL REX, - Programmed Topics In Statics And Strength Of Materials.
59120: PLATO, ; HAMILTON, EDITH & HUNTINGTON CAIRNS & LANE COOPER, - The Collected Dialogues of Plato Including the Letters (Bollingen Series LXXI).
60656: PLATO, ; HAMILTON, EDITH & HUNTINGTON CAIRNS & LANE COOPER, - The Collected Dialogues of Plato Including the Letters (Bollingen Series LXXI).
60657: PLATO, ; HAMILTON, EDITH & HUNTINGTON CAIRNS & LANE COOPER, - The Collected Dialogues of Plato Including the Letters (Bollingen Series LXXI).
56386: PLATO, ; JOWETT, B., - The Dialogues of Plato in Four Volumes Volume IV.
56385: PLATO, ; JOWETT, B., - The Dialogues of Plato in Four Volumes Volume III.
49381: PLATO, HACKFORTH, R, - Plato's Phaedo. Translated With Introduction And Commentary By R. Hackforth..
711813: PLATTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, PLATTEVILLE, WISCONSIN., - Platteville High School, Platteville, Wisconsin. 1979 Tailings Yearbook..
805242: PLAUT, JAMES S., - Steuben Glass.
180015: PLAUTUS; LINDSAY, W.M. (ED.); PLAVTI, T. MACCI, - T. Macci Plavti: Captivi.
12779: PLAYER, J. W., - Britten's Watch & Clock Maker's Handbook Dictionary And Guide.
803715: PLESCH, JANOS, - Rembrandts Within Rembrandts.
27226: PLESSET, MILTON S., - Transient Two-phase Flow.
46067: PLOCEK, JOSEPH E., - Economic Indicators: How America Reads Its Financial Health.
37727: PLOG, FRED T., - The Study Of Prehistoric Change.
160749: PLOMER, HENRY R, - William Caxton (1424-1491).
45149: PLOTKIN, HENRY., - Evolution In Mind: An Introduction To Evolutionary Psychology.
6720: PLOTNICOV, LEONARD, - Essays in Comparative Social Stratification.
800627: PLOWDEN, DAVID, - Small Town America.
804828: PLOWMAN, JOHN, - The Craft of Handmade Paper a Practical Guide to Papermaking Techniques.
39726: PLUMBE, JOHN, - Sketches Of Iowa And Wisconsin Embodying The Experience Of A Residence Of Three Years In Those Territories.
52512: PLUMBE, JOHN, - Sketches of Iowa and Wisconsin Embodying the Experience of a Residence of Three Years in Those Territories.
39609: PLUMBE, JOHN, - Sketches Of Iowa And Wisconsin Embodying The Experience Of A Residence Of Three Years In Those Territories.
32379: PLUMMER, HARRY C., - Principles Of Brick Engineering Handbook Of Design.
807073: PLYMAT, WILLIAM, JR., - Victorian Architecture of Iowa.
807040: PLYMAT, WILLIAM, - The Victorian Architecture of Iowa.
39873: POATE, J. M., - Thin Films Interdiffusion And Reactions.
13344: POATGIETER, A. HERMINA, - Gopher Reader.
280234: PODELL, JANET; ANZOVIN, STEVEN, - Speeches of the American Presidents.
160803: POGGIOLI, RENATO (R. ), - The Poets of Russia 1890-1930.
42348: POGUE, ROBERT E. T., - Yesterday In St. Mary's County.
803372: POHANISH, RICHARD P. GREENE, STANLEY A, - Hazardous Substances Resource Guide.
54777: POHL, ADOLF, - Die Offenbarung Des Johannes; 1. Und 2. Teil, 2 Bände.
59913: PÖHLMANN, HORST GEORG, - Bookseller Imageunser Glaube. Die Bekenntnisschriften Der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche.
57987: POHM, A. V, - High-Speed Memory Systems.
41192: POINAR, GEORGE O., - Laboratory Guide To Insect Pathogens And Parasites.
27724: POINCARE, H., - Science And Hypothesis.
901236: POINTER, LARRY, - Harry Jackson, His Life And His Work.
5258: POINTER, LARRY, - In Search Of Butch Cassidy.
46126: POJASEK, ROBERT B., - Toxic And Hazardous Waste Disposal Volume One Processes For Stabilization/solidification.
100515: POLAK, E., - Computational Methods in Optimization: A Unified Approach (Mathematics in Science and Engineering Ser. : Vol 77).
41883: POLAKOFF, KEITH IAN, - The Politics Of Inertia; : The Election Of 1876 And The End Of Reconstruction.
25072: POLANSKY, NORMAN, - Roots Of Futility.
140327: POLDERVAART, ARIE, - Crust Of The Earth (a Symposium).
43732: POLE, DAVID, - Conditions Of Rational Inquiry: A Study In The Philosophy Of Value.
20016: POLE, J. R., - The Revolution In America, 1754-1788; Documents And Commentaries.
33881: POLHEMUS, ROBERT M., - Comic Faith The Great Tradition From Austen To Joyce.
60261: INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CHIEFS OF POLICE, - Managing for Effective Police Discipline: a Manula of Rules, Procedures, Supportive Law and Effective Management.
23710: ALLIANCE FOR RESPONSIBLE ATMOSPHERIC POLICY, - International Conference On Ozone Protection Technologies 1996.
23711: ALLIANCE FOR RESPONSIBLE ATMOSPHERIC POLICY, - International Conference On Ozone Protection Technologies 1997.
800170: POLISHUK, PAUL, - Nucleonics In Aerospace.
52920: R. L. POLK, - 1957 Polk's Waterloo (Iowa) City Directory Including Black Hawk County.
805671: POLK, BENJAMIN, - Building for South Asia: an Architectural Autobiography.
44381: POLKINGHORNE, JOHN, - The Faith Of A Physicist: Reflections Of Being A Bottom-up Thinker.
34711: POLLACK, BRUCE, - Popular Music: An Annotated Index Of American Popular Songs Volume 22 1997.
34712: POLLACK, BRUCE, - Popular Music: An Annotated Index Of American Popular Songs Volume 23 1998.
53533: POLLACK, NAOMI SIMON, MICHAEL OTTO MARK, - Social Anxiety Disorder Research and Practice.
52942: POLLACK, BRUCE, - Popular Music: an Annotated Index of American Popular Songs Volume 24 1999.
52939: POLLACK, BRUCE, - Popular Music: an Annotated Index of American Popular Songs Volume 21 1996.
52940: POLLACK, BRUCE, - Popular Music: An Annotated Index Of American Popular Songs Volume 22 1997.
52938: POLLACK, BRUCE, - Popular Music: an Annotated Index of American Popular Songs Volume 20 1995.
9484: POLLACK, ROBERT H., - The Experimental Psychology Of Alfred Binet.
281643: POLLARD, A. W. ; REDGRAVE, G. R., - A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad 1475 - 1640..
35052: POLLARD, ALFRED W., - Early Illustrated Books A History Of The Decoration And Illustration Of Books In The 15th And 16th Centuries.
27599: POLLARD, S., - Documents Of European Economic History Vol. 2 Industrial Power And National Rivalry 1870-1914.
27598: POLLARD, S., - Documents Of European Economic History Vol. 1 The Process Of Industrialization 1750-1870.
24475: POLLARD, SIDNEY, - Documents Of European Economic History. Vol. 3 The End Of The Old Europe 1914-1939.
11642: POLLINGER, GERALD, - Model Railways As A Pastime.
57973: POLLIO, HOWARD R., - Psychology of Symbolic Activity.
57721: POLLOCK, SIR FREDERICK AND MAITLAND, FREDERIC WILLIAM, - The History of English Law: Volume 2: Before the Time of Edward I.
44184: POLLOCK, IVAN L, - History Of Economic Legislation In Iowa (iowa Economic History Series).
32114: POLLOCK, LINDA, - A Lasting Relationship: Parents And Children Over Three Centuries.
120355: POLLOCK, BRUCE, - Popular Music, 1992: An Annotated Guide to American Popular Songs (Popular Music (Gale Res)).
120356: POLLOCK, BRUCE, - Popular Music 1993: An Annotated Guide to American Popular Songs, Including Introductory Essay, Lyricists and Composers Index, Important Performance (Popular Music (Gale Res)).
120354: POLLOCK, BRUCE, - Popular Music, 1991: An Annotated Guide to American Popular Songs, Including Introductory Essays, Lyricists and Composers Index, Important Performan (Popular Music (Gale Res)).
120353: POLLOCK, BRUCE, - Popular Music, 1990: An Annotated Guide to American Popular Songs, Including Introductory Essay, Lyricists and Composers Index, Important Performanc (Popular Music (Gale Res)).
120357: POLLOCK, BRUCE, - Popular Music 1994: An Annotated Guide to American Popular Songs Including Introductory Essays, Lyricists and Composer Index, Important Performances (Popular Music (Gale Res)).
39317: POLOZHIY, G. N., - Equations Of Mathematical Physics.
807448: POLT, JOHN HERMAN RICHARD, - Jovellanos and His English Sources: Economic, Philosophical, and Political Writings (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, New Ser).
100455: POMERANZ, Y., - Functional Properties of Food Components (Food science and technology).
24654: POMEROY, EARL, - In Search Of The Golden West: The Tourist In Western America.
22856: POMEROY, WARDELL B., - Taking A Sex History: Interviewing And Recording.
43386: POMFRET, JOHN E., - The Henry E. Huntington Library And Art Gallery From Its Beginnings To 1969.
42490: DE PONCINS, GONTRAN, - Kabloona: A White Man Alone In The Arctic Among The Eskimos.
46199: POND, WILSON G., - Animal Agriculture: Research To Meet Human Needs In The 21st Century.
27368: POND, ALONZO W., - The Desert World.
807457: PONKO, VINCENT, - The Privy Council and the spirit of Elizabethan economic management, 1558-1603.
23873: PONSIOEN, J. A., - Social Welfare Policy First Collection Contribution To Theory.
180098: DU PONT, VICTOR MARIE; DAVID, CHARLES W., - Journey to France and Spain 1801..
280745: POOL, DAVID DE SOLA, - The Traditional Prayer Book for Sabbath and Festivals.
59916: POOL, ROBERT, - Dialogue and the Interpretation of Illness: Conversations in a Cameroon Village (Explorations in Anthropology).
60051: POOLE, ADRIAN, - Coriolanus (Twayne's New Critical Introductions to Shakespeare).
100691: POOR, HENRY., - The Money Question; a Handbook for the Times..
805314: POP, PORUMB, - The Natural and Cultural Heritage of Romania. Western Mountains (Muntii Apuseni).
180061: POPE, ALEXANDER AND DAVIS, HERBERT, - Pope Poetical Works.
60834: POPE, NATHAN R, - Motivation for Ministry: Soli Deo Gloria : Perspectives for Every Pastor.
710653: POPE, JOHN PAUL, - Pennsylvanian Geology of the Saylorville Dam Emergency Spillway: after the Floods of '93.
54094: POPE, MARVIN H., - The Anchor Bible Song Of Songs.
35490: POPE, ALEXANDER., - The Dunciad, Variorum 1729.
33197: POPE-HENNESSEY, UNA, - Three English Women In America.
31933: POPE, DUDLEY, - Battle Of The River Plate.
160856: POPE, ARTHUR, - The Language of Drawing and Painting.
750042: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN, - Italian High Renaissance and Baroque Sculpture, Catalogue.
750043: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN, - Italian High Renaissance and Baroque Sculpture, Plates.
37895: POPKIN, RICHARD H., - The History Of Scepticism From Erasmus To Descartes.
37000: POPKIN, RICHARD H., - The History Of Scepticism From Erasmus To Descartes.
48141: POPLE, KENNETH, - Stanley Spencer: A Biography.
804900: POPPEN, JAMES LEONARD, - An Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques.
801451: POPPER, FRANK, - Agam.
30170: POPPER, FRANK J., - The Politics Of Land-use Reform.
42752: POPPLE, CHARLES STERLING, - Development Of Two Bank Groups In The Central Northwest.
32241: POPS, GERALD M., - Emergence Of The Public Sector Arbitrator.
120797: POPS, MARTIN LEONARD, EDITOR, - Salmagundi Dance Spring-Summer 1976 No. 33-34.
17773: PORE, RENATE, - A Conflict Of Interest: Women In German Social Democracy 1919-1933.
140072: PORESKY, LOUISE A., - The Elusive Self: Psyche and Spirit in Virginia Woolf's Novels.
801120: PORGES, IRWIN, - Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan.
710198: PORGES, TIMOTHY AND BOYD, HAROLD; BLINDERMAN, BARRY, - Harold Boyd: Bodies of Work.
1116: PORIES, WALTER J. ET AL, - Clinical Applications of Zinc Metabolism.
14171: PORTENKO, L. A., - Birds Of The Chukchi Peninsula And Wrangel Island. Vol. 1.
140001: PORTER, SARAH HARVEY, - Life and Times of Anne Royall (American Women : Images and Realities).
710556: PORTER, DOUGLAS R. & PATRICK L. PHILLIPS & TERRY JILL LASSAR, - Flexible Zoning: How It Works.
57070: PORTER ET AL., - A General Discussion on Molecular Beam Scattering. 16th-18th April 1973. Faraday Discussions of the Chemical Society. Number 55.
53718: PORTER, ROY, - Biographical Dictionary of Scientists.
41813: PORTER, C. L., - Taxonomy Of Flowering Plants.
41190: PORTER, CHARLOOTE M., - The Eagle's Nest: Natural History And American Ideas, 1812-1842.
34666: PORTER, RUTH, - Gas Chromatography In Biology And Medicine A Ciba Foundation Symposium.
120461: PORTER, DAVID; MADISON, R. D., - Journal of a Cruise (Classics of Naval Literature).
16604: PORTER, SUSAN L., - With An Air Debonair: Musical Theatre In America 1785-1815.
710808: PORTER, PHIL, - View From the Veranda; the History and Architecture of the Summer Cottages on Mackinac Island (Reports in Mackinac History and Archaeology, Number 8).
901252: PORTER, ELIOT, - Galapagos The Flow Of Wildness.
806787: PORTER, A. KINGSLEY, - Medieval Studies in Memory of A. Kingsley Porter (Essay Index Reprint Series).
120509: PORTER, LEWIS, - Lester Young (Twayne's Music Series).
160826: PORTERFIELD, ALLEN WILSON, - Karl Lebrecht Immermann: a Study in German Romanticism.
54023: PORTERFIELD, AMANDA, - Feminine Spirituality In America: From Sarah Edwards To Martha Graham.
40847: PORTERFIELD, AMANDA, - Feminine Spirituality In America: From Sarah Edwards To Martha Graham.
30591: PORTIS, ALAN M., - Electromagnetic Fields: Sources And Media.
902074: PORTMAN, JOHN. RIANI, PAOLO - TEXT. [ARCHITECTURE]., - John Portman. Interview with John Portman by Paul Goldberger..
57163: PORTMANN, ADOLF AND ZAHAN, DOMINIQUE; HUYGHE, RENE, - Color Symbolism: Six Excerpts from the Eranos Yearbook 1972.
805268: PORTOGHESI, PAOLO, - Silver and Architects. Cleto Munari Collection..
18963: PORTUGAL, FRANKLIN H., - A Century Of Dna.
53147: POSER, CHARLES M, - The Relationship between Syringomyelia and Neoplasm (American Lectures in Neurology).
220057: POSEY, WALTER BROWNLOW, - Religious Strife on the Southern Frontier.
33853: POSNER, MICHAEL V., - Fuel Policy A Study In Applied Economics.
59631: POSNER, THE HONORABLE RICHARD A., - Overcoming Law.
38005: POST, ROBERT C., - High Performance : The Culture And Technology Of Drag Racing, 1950-1990.
37178: POST, ROY G., - Water Production Using Nuclear Energy.
29942: POST, STEPHEN G., - Inquiries in Bioethics.
140123: POST, LYDIA MINTURN, - Personal Recollections of the American Revolution: A Private Journal Prepared from Authentic Domestic Records..
33455: POSTAL, PAUL, - Constituent Structure A Study Of Contemporary Models Of Syntactic Description.
8242: POSTNIKOV, S. N., - Electrophysical and Electrochemical Phenomena in Friction, Cutting, and Lubrication.
54582: POTASH, ROBERT, - The Army and Politics in Argentina, 1928-1945 : Yrigoyen to Peron.
57854: POTERBA, JAMES M., - Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 18.
34938: POTTER, MARION E., - The United States Catalog Books In Print 1899.
23016: POTTER, DAVID M., - The South And The Sectional Conflict.
9180: POTTER, PAUL EDWIN, - Paleocurrents And Basin Analysis.
35176: POTTINGER, DAVID, - Printers And Printing.
281284: POTTLE, FREDERICK A., - Pride and Negligence: The History of the Boswell Papers (The Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell, Research Edition).
120027: POTTS, MARION, - Structure and Development in Child Language: The Preschool Years.
60030: POTTS, CHARLES, - Valga Krusa.
55743: POUCHER, W. A (WALTER), - Alps.
806945: POULENC, FRANCIS, - Stabat Mater Pour Soprano Solo, Choeur Mixte, et Orchestre.
140775: POUND, ROBERT, AND ERIC DURAND, - Microwave Mixers.
17736: POUND, ROSCOE, - Criminal Justice In America.
38045: POUNDS, NORMAN J. G., - An Historical Geography Of Europe 450 B.c. To A.d. 1330.
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55937: REINIKKA, MERLE A, - A History of the Orchid,.
33591: REIS, ROBERTO, - Toward Socio-criticism: Selected Proceedings Of The Conference "Luso-brazilian Literatures, A Socio-critical Approach".
38239: REISCHAUER, EDWIN O., - Translations From Early Japanese Literature.
32132: REISCHAUER, AUGUST KARL, - Studies In Japanese Buddhism.
60250: REISER, MARTIN, - Police Psychology: Collected Papers.
57843: REISER, STANLEY JOEL, - Medicine and the Reign of Technology.
10575: REISINGER, WOLFGANG, - Ancient Myth And Philosophy In Peter Russells's Agamemnon In Hades.
61022: REISMANN, HERBERT AND PAWLIK, PETER S., - Elasticity: Theory and Applications.
21853: REISS, EDMUND, - William Dunbar.
120747: REITLINGER, GERALD, - The Final Solution: The Attempt to Exterminate the Jews of Europe, 1935-1945.
48303: REITZ, MIRIAM, - Adoption And The Family System.
34540: RELKIN, RICHARD, - The Pineal Gland.
20151: REMENYI, JOSEPH, - Hungarian Writers And Literature.
802838: REMICK, OSCAR E. SUTFIN, JOE, - Within Our Bounds A Centennial History Of Alma College.
712066: REMINGTON, PRESTON, - English Domestic Needlework of the XVI, XVII, and XVIII Centuries.
901758: REMISE, JAC/FONDIN, - Golden Age of Toys.
59615: REMSBURG, ANNETTE, - Rural Reality: Sixty Years of Iowa Farm Family Life.
160943: REMY, ARTHUR FRANK JOSEPH, - The Influence of India and Persia on the Poetry of Germany.
805776: RENAULT, - Renault 18 Workshop Manual M. R. 220 Mechanical.
711706: RENAULT, - Renault Manuel De Reparation (Workshop Manual) M. R. 94: R 1094, R 1095.
711283: RENDA, EZIO, - Tarquinia.
140616: RENDA, FRANCESCO, - La Sicilia Nel 1812.
18390: RENDELL, RUTH, - Crocodile Bird.
38026: RENEHAN, EDWARD J., - John Burroughs: An American Naturalist.
45344: RENGGER, N. J., - Political Theory, Modernity And Postmodernity.
160921: RENIERS, PERCEVAL, - The Springs of Virginia Life, Love, and Death At the Waters 1775 - 1900.
180021: RENO, CLAUDE TREXLER, - The Manual of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.
35559: RENOIR, AUGUSTE, - Paintings By Renoir.
55280: RENSBERGER, DAVID, - Johannine Faith and Liberating Community.
57881: RENSBURG, PATRICK VAN, - Report from Swaneng Hill: Education and Employment in an African Country.
48306: RENSHAW, DOMEENA, - Incest Understanding And Treatment.
41425: DE RENZO, D. J., - Wind Power: Recent Developments.
39885: DE RENZO, DOROTHY J, - Energy From Bioconversion Of Waste Materials.
901106: MITCHELL REPAIR, - Mitchell Repair Engine Performance Domestic Cars 1966-1988.
710595: POWERPLAY MULTIDIMENSIONAL REPORTING, - Powerplay Multidimensional Reporting 6. X User Guide.
140526: COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, - School Prayers : Hearings before the Committee on the Judiciary House of Representatives Eighty-Eighth Congress Second Session on Proposed Amendments to the Constitution Relating to Prayers and Bible Reading in the Public Schools.
220093: RESCHER, NICHOLAS, - Distributive Justice: A Constructive Critique of the Utilitarian Theory of Distribution..
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9853: SWISS FOUNDATION FOR ALPINE RESEARCH, - Everest: The Swiss Expeditions In Photographs.
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140096: INSTITUTE OF LABORATORY ANIMAL RESOURCES, - Amphibians: Guidelines for Breeding, Care and Management of Laboratory Animals.
56352: NORTH AMERICAN LITURGY RESOURCES, - Glory and Praise: Classic Edition..
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38189: VAN RESSELAER, MRS SCHUYLER. PENNELL, JOSEPH, - English Cathedrals: Canterbury, Peterborough, Durham, Salisbury, Lichfield, Lincoln, Ely, Wells, Winchester, Gloucester, York, London.
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800620: RETI, LADISLAO, - The Unknown Leonardo.
39725: RETTIG, LAWRENCE L, - Amana Today A History Of The Amana Colonies From 1932 To The Present.
39623: RETTIG, LAWRENCE L, - Amana Today A History Of The Amana Colonies From 1932 To The Present.
281297: REUBEN, BRYAN G. AND BURSTALL, L.M., - Chemical Economy.
806691: (FRANCE), REUNION DES MUSEES NATIONAUX; BELLOLI, ANDREA P. A. & RICHARD R. BRETTELL & LOS ANGELES CO, - A Day in the Country: Impression and the French Landscape.
804946: REVI, ALBERT CHRISTIAN, - American Pressed Glass and Figure Bottles.
804403: REVI, ALBERT CHRISTIAN, - American Pressed Glass and Figure Bottles.
803522: REVI, ALBERT CHRISTIAN, - American Pressed Glass and Figure Bottles.
803314: REVI, ALBERT CHRISTIAN, - American Cut and Engraved Glass.
802495: REVI, ALBERT CHRISTIAN, - American Cut And Engraved Glass.
801098: REVI, ALBERT CHRISTIAN, - American Cut And Engraved Glass.
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710429: NATIONAL SOCIETY DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, - One Hundred Years 1896-1996. Deborah Avery Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Lincoln Nebraska.
52242: SOCIETY OF SUNS OF THE REVOLUTION, - The Constitution of the Society of Suns of the Revolution and By-Laws and Register of the Iowa Society.
52241: SOCIETY OF SUNS OF THE REVOLUTION, - The Constitution of the Society of Suns of the Revolution and By-Laws and Register of the Iowa Society.
140489: ILLINOIS STATE ORGANIZATION OF THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF THE DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, - Biennial Proceedings 1982-1983: Illinois State Organization of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 86th and 87th annual state conferences.
220869: REWALD, JOHN, - Cezanne and America: Dealers, Collectors, Artists and Critics, 1891-1921 (A W Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts).
38181: REWALD, JOHN, - The Woodcuts Of Aristide Maillol: A Complete Catalogue With 176 Illustrations.
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711609: REYNOLDS, CAROL BECHTEL, - Sowing Tears, Reaping Joy: The Bible and Brahms' Requiem, Participant (Word Inspires Music).
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160579: REYNOLDS, STEPHEN M., - The Biblical Approach to Alcohol.
220739: RHEA, GORDON C., - The Battle of the Wilderness May 5-6, 1864.
31834: RHEA, GORDON C., - The Battle Of The Wilderness May 5-6, 1864.
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802236: RHEIMS, MAURICE, - The Flowering Of Art Nouveau.
41110: RHEIN, ERICH, - The Art Of Print Making; : A Comprehensive Guide To Graphic Techniques.
281447: RHEINHEIMER, GERHARD, - Aquatic Microbiology.
59523: RHEINSTEIN, MAX, - Marriage Stability, Divorce, and the Law..
26170: RHIND, DAVID, - A Census User's Handbook.
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14032: RHOADS, STEVEN E., - Incomparable Worth: Pay Equity Meets The Market.
35799: RHODA, RICHARD, - Urban And Regional Analysis For Development Planning.
100018: RHODE, GRANT F. & REID E. WHITLOCK, - Treaties of the People's Republic of China, 1949-1978: An Annotated Compilation (Westview special studies on China and East Asia).
120560: RHODEHAMEL, JOHN H., - The American Revolution: Writings from the War of Independence (Library of America).
26064: RHODES, DANIEL, - Tamba Pottery The Timeless Art Of A Japanese Village.
11195: RHODES, MARY, - Small Woven Tapestries.
100666: RHODES, KAREN, - Booking Hawaii Five-O : An Episode Guide and Critical History of the 1968-1980 Television Detective Series.
57182: RHYNE, CLYDE THOMAS, - Faith Establishes the Law (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature) ).
43730: RIASANOVSKY, ALEXANDER V. RIZNIK, BARNES, - Generalizations In Historical Writing.
40450: RIBEIRO, BRANCA TELLES, - Coherence In Psychotic Discourse.
15019: RIBENBOIM, PAULO, - Rings And Modules.
35719: RICCIARDELLI, CATHERINE H., - African Art From The Richard Kempshall Meyer Collection.
711107: RICE, JACQUELINE, EDITOR, - The First World Congress of Craftsmen.
7134: RICE, C. DUNCAN, - The Scots Abolitionists, 1833-1861.
2029: RICE, E. E. EDITOR, - Revolution and Counter-Revolution.
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20506: RICH, ALAN, - American Pioneers: Ives To Cage And Beyond.
53960: RICHARD, LOBBAN, - Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Cape Verde.
53940: RICHARD, ALFRED CHARLES, - Contemporary Hollywood's Negative Hispanic Image an Interpretive Filmography, 1956-1993 (Bibliographies and Indexes in the Performing Arts).
30126: CRITCHFIELD. RICHARD, - Trees, Why Do You Wait? : America's Changing Rural Culture.
46723: RICHARDS, JEFFREY. MACKENZIE, JOHN M., - The Railway Station: A Social History.
38280: RICHARDS, J. M., - An Architectural Journey In Japan.
28108: RICHARDS, ROBERT H., - A Textbook Of Ore Dressing.
120552: RICHARDS, KEITH & PAUL SEEDHOUSE, - Applying Conversation Analysis.
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280894: RICHARDS, MARY P., - Texts and Their Traditions in the Medieval Library of Rochester Cathedral Priory (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
19700: RICHARDSON, E. ALLEN, - Strangers In This Land: Pluralism And The Response To Diversity In The United States.
803248: RICHARDSON, EDGAR P., - Charles Willson Peale and His World.
710590: RICHARDSON, H. H., - H.H. Richardson's Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail.
240367: RICHARDSON, A. E, - The English Inn, Past and Present; : a Review of its History and Social Life,.
220370: RICHARDSON, RUSSELL, - Europe from a Motor Car.
48530: RICHARDSON, HARRY W, - Regional And Growth Theory.
38735: RICHARDSON, EDGAR PRESTON, - The Way Of Western Art 1776-1914.
38131: RICHARDSON, STEPHEN A., - Interviewing: Its Forms And Functions.
37357: RICHARDSON, J. HENRY, - Economic And Financial Aspects Of Social Security An International Survey.
35592: RICHARDSON, EDGAR P., - Gilbert Stuart Portraitist Of The Young Republic 1755-1828.
26160: RICHARDSON, JAMES F., - Urban Police In The United States.
15294: RICHARDSON, NICHOLAS, - The French Prefectoral Corps 1814-1830.
140890: RICHARDSON, H. G. AND SAYLES, G. O., - The Irish Parliament In The Middle Ages.
31336: RICHEY, M. F., - Essays On Mediaeval German Poetry.
100499: RICHEY, - Fly Hatches.
49604: RICHIE, DONALD, - Japanese Cinema: Film Style And National Character.
710438: RICHMOND, LEONARD, - Imaginative Techniques in Painting.
45136: RICHMOND, AL, - Cowboys, Miners, Presidents & Kings: The Story Of The Grand Canyon Railway.
43083: RICHMOND, ROBERT W., - Requisite Learning And Good Moral Character: A History Of The Kansas Bench And Bar.
60509: RICHTER, DONALD C., - Riotous Victorians.
5822: RICHTER, HARVENA, - Writing to Survive : the Private Notebooks of Conrad Richter.
140225: RICHTER, PEYTON E., - Voltaire (Twayne's World Authors Series).
43829: RICKELS, MILTON, - Thomas Bangs Thorpe: Humorist Of The Old Southwest.
280125: RICKERT, MARGARET JOSEPHINE, - Painting in Britain: The Middle Ages (The Pelican history of art).
902070: RICKETT, HAROLD WILLIAM, - Wild Flowers of the United States Volume 3 Texas Part One and Part Two.
902076: RICKETT, HAROLD WILLIAM; STEELE, WILLIAM C., - Wild Flowers of the United States Volume 1. the Northeastern States. Part One.
901241: RICKETT, HAROLD WILLIAM, - Wild Flowers Of The United States Volume 4 The Southwestern States.
901245: RICKETT, HAROLD WILLIAM, - Wild Flowers Of The United States Volume 5 The Northwestern States Part 1.
901246: RICKETT, HAROLD WILLIAM, - Wild Flowers Of The United States Volume 6 The Central Mountains And Plains.
901748: RICKETT, HAROLD WILLIAM; STEELE, WILLIAM C., - Wild Flowers of the United States Volume 1. the Northeastern States in Two Parts..
901800: RICKETT, HAROLD WILLIAM, - Wild Flowers of the United States with Index Complete 15 Volume Set.
901947: RICKETT, HAROLD WILLIAM; STEELE, WILLIAM C., - Wild Flowers of the United States Volume 1. the Northeastern States in Two Parts..
24280: RICKEY, DON, - Forty Miles A Day On Beans And Hay: The Enlisted Soldier Fighting The Indian Wars.
33830: RICKMAN, H. P., - Wilhelm Dilthey: Pioneer Of The Human Studies.
56678: RIDDEL, JOSEPH N., - The Clairvoyant Eye: the Poetry and Poetics of Wallace Stevens.
120666: RIDDLE, JOHNNY, - Ball Bearing Maintenance.
17677: RIDEOUT, WALTER B., - The Radical Novel In The United States 1900-1954.
100711: RIDER, JOHN FRANCIS USLAN, SEYMOUR DANIEL,, - FM Transmission and Reception.
43822: RIDER, BERTHA CARR, - The Greek House: Its History And Development From The Neolithic Period To The Hellenistic Age.
35174: RIDER, FREMONT, - And Master Of None: An Autobiography In The Third Person.
800238: RIDGWAY, BRUNILDE SISMONDO, - The Severe Style In Greek Sculpture.
42436: RIDGWAY, ROBERT, - Robert Ridgway.
9515: RIDINGTON, ROBIN, - Trail To Heaven: Knowledge And Narrative In A Northern Native Community.
46321: RIDLEY, JASPER, - The Freemasons: A History Of The World's Most Powerful Secret Society.
39160: RIDLEY, CONSTANCE MARJORIE, - The Vulva (major Problems In Dermagology).
12651: RIDLEY, ANTHONY, - Living In Cities.
33098: RIEBER, R. W., - Roots Of American Psychology: Historical Influences And Implication For The Future.
801544: RIEFENSTAHL, LENI, - The Last Of The Nuba.
801057: RIEFENSTAHL, LENI, - The Last Of The Nuba.
801191: RIEFKIND, CAROLE, - A Field Guide To Contemporary American Architecture.

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