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711365: MATHEWSON, JAMES L., - The Missouri State Capitol (Historic Information Collection About Architectural Design).
31009: MATHIAS, ELIZABETH, - Italian Folktales In America: The Verbal Art Of An Immigrant Woman.
901728: MATHY, HELMUT, - Die Universitat Mainz 1477-1977 Mit E. Bildteil 1946-1977 U. E. Tabellar. Anh.
50577: MATICH, OLGA. HEIM, MICHAEL, - The Third Wave: Russian Literature in Emigration.
6990: MATISOFF, BERNARD S., - Handbook of Electronics Manufacturing Engineering.
36825: MATLOFF, MAURICE, - American Military History: Volume 2 1902-1996.
48805: MATRAY, JAMES I, - Historical Dictionary Of The Korean War.
11537: MATRAZZO, DONNA, - Corporate Scriptwriting Book: a Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Business Films, Videotapes, and Slide Shows.
280155: MATSON, RANDALL E, - Somewhere in Italy.
280848: MATSON, RANDALL E, - Somewhere in Italy.
7111: MATSUMURA, FUMIO, - Biodegradation of Pesticides.
100379: MATSUNAGA, SPARK M. & PING CHEN; ALBERT, CARL, - Rulemakers of the House.
32936: MATSUSHITA, TAKAAKI, - Ink Painting (arts Of Japan).
37026: MATTES, MERRILL J., - The Great Platte River Road.
10981: MATTHES, FRANCOIS E., - Sequoia National Park: A Geological Album.
47215: MATTHEW, DAVID, - The Social Structure In Caroline England.
50643: MATTHEWS, WILLIAM, - Ill-Framed Knight: a Skeptical Inquiry Into the Identity of Sir Thomas Malory Ill-Framed Knight: a Skeptical Inquiry Into the Identity of Sir Thomas Malory.
45582: MATTHEWS, J. H., - The Imagery Of Surrealism.
40346: MATTHEWS, LESLIE G., - History Of Pharmacy In Britain.
39432: MATTHEWS, DONALD R, - Yeas And Nays Normal Decision-making In The U.s. House Of Representatives.
31362: MATTHEWS, CORNELIUS, - Enchanted Moccasins And Other Legends Of The American Indians Enchanted Moccasins And Other Legends Of The American Indians.
29715: MATTHEWS, WILLIAM, - American Diaries In Manuscript, 1580-1954; : A Descriptive Bibliography.
180104: MATTHEWS, BRANDER, - Ballads of Books.
11143: MATTHEWS, J., - Introductory Woodwork Projects.
8851: MATTHEWS, R. E. F. (RICHARD ELLIS FORD), - Plant Virology.
4918: MATTHEWS, RALPH, - The Creation of Regional Dependency.
280446: MATTHEWS, JOHN R. & WALTON BEACHAM, - The Official World Wildlife Fund Guide to Endangered Species of North America, 4 volume set.
140793: MATTICK, PAUL, - Marx and Keynes: The Limits of the Mixed Economy.
20567: MATTINGLY, CAROL, - Well-tempered Women: Nineteenth-century Temperance Rhetoric.
60712: MATTSON, JAMES S, - Activated Carbon: Surface Chemistry and Adsorption from Solution,.
140267: MAUDE, GEORGE, - Historical Dictionary of Finland.
57806: MAURER, WARD DOUGLAS, - APPLE Assembly Language with Lazerware Software.
57275: MAURER, WILHELM, - Historical Commentary on the Augsburg Confession.
50410: MAURER, MAURER, - Combat Squadrons of the United States Air Force World War II.
281528: MAURER, MAURER, - Aviation in the U.S. Army 1919-1939.
100191: MAURER, THOMAS, - Contact and Photocontact Allergens: A Manual of Predictive Test Methods (Dermatology).
711028: MAURITZSON, JULES; BERGENDOFF, CONRAD, - Looking West: Three Essays on Swedish American Life (Augustana Historical Society Publication).
710933: MAUST, DON, - Early American Clocks Volume 1. a Collection of Essays on Early American Clocks and Their Makers. a Practical Reference. Volume 2. a Collection of Essays on American Clocks. a Rediscovery of Their Makers & How They Were Made.
39937: MAUVAIS-JARVIS, P., - Hirsutism: With 32 Figures And 10 Tables.
53478: MAX, STANLEY M., - The United States, Great Britain, and the Sovietization of Hungary 1945-1948.
160802: MAXWELL, BALDWIN, - Studies in Beaumont, Fletcher, and Massinger.
10997: MAXWELL, J. T., - Outline Of Ocular Refraction.
6590: MAXWELL, MARY, - Morality Among Nations : an Evolutionary View (Suny Series in Biopolitics).
2552: MAXWELL, NAN L., - Income Inequality in the United States: 1947-1985.
120590: MAY, JACQUES M., WITH THE COLLABORATION OF DONNA L. MCLELLAN, - Ecology of Malnutrition in the French Speaking Countries of West Africa and Madagascar: Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Togo, Dahomey, Cameroon, Niger, Mali, Upper Volta and Madagascar (Studies in Medical Geography Vol. 8).
56237: MAY, ARTHUR J, - The Hapsburg Monarchy 1867-1914.
50529: MAY, HENRY F., - The Enlightment in America.
44002: MAY, HENRY F., - Protestant Churches And Industrial America.
23630: MAY, ERNEST R, - The Kennedy Tapes: Inside The White House During The Cuban Missile Crisis.
25999: MAY, ERNEST R, - American-east Asian Relations: A Survey.
120591: MAY, JACQUES M., - Ecology of Malnutrition in Northern Africa: Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spanish Sahara and Ifni, Muretania (Studies in Medical Geography : Vol).
45231: MAY, LARRY, - Mind And Morals: Essays On Ethics And Cognitive Science.
61114: LE MAY, I., - Principles of Mechanical Metallurgy.
16237: MAY, JACQUES M, - Ecology Of Malnutrition In The Far And Near East.
901618: MAY, JACK T., - Southern Pine Nursery Handbook.
14633: MAY, WILLIAM F., - The Patients Ordeal.
140518: MAY, EDNA, - The Picture and the Pen.
100033: MAYALL, JAMES & CORNELIA NAVARI, - The End of the Post-War Era: Documents on Great-Power Relations 1968-1975 (LSE Monographs in International Studies).
41587: MAYBURY-LEWIS, DAVID, - Akwe-shavante Society.
21832: MAYCOCK, A. L., - The Inquisition From Its Establishment To The Great Schism.
280942: MAYER, THOMAS F., - A Reluctant Author: Cardinal Pole and His Manuscripts (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
240170: MAYER, JOHN JOSEPH, - The History, Comparative Morphology, and Current Status of Wild Pigs in the United States.
220407: MAYER, CHRISTA CHARLOTTE, - Masterpieces Of Western Textiles From The Art Institute Of Chicago.
49010: MAYER, HAROLD M. WADE, RICHARD C., - Chicago: Growth Of A Metropolis.
41079: MAYER, HENRY, - A Son Of Thunder: Patrick Henry And The American Republic.
29208: MAYER, ANN ELIZABETH, - Islam And Human Rights: Tradition And Politics.
22999: MAYER, PHILIP, - Socialization; The Approach From Social Anthropology.
120002: MAYER, HENRY, - A Son of Thunder: Patrick Henry and the American Republic.
10468: MAYER, WILLIAM V., - Natural Mammalian Hibernation: A Bibliography.
280928: MAYER-OAKES, WILLIAM J., - El Inga: A Paleo-Indian Site in the Sierra of Northern Ecuador (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
3616: MAYERS, DAVID, - George Kennan and the Dilemnas of US Foreign Policy.
33872: MAYES, DAVID G., - The Economic Impact Of Leasing.
100693: MAYHEW, EDWARD, - Mayhew'S Illustrated Horse Management: Containing Descriptive Remarks Upon Anatomy, Medicine, Shoeing, Teeth, Food, Vices, Stables ... Embellished with Numerous Engravings.
32551: MAYNARD, GEOFFREY, - Economic Development And The Price Level.
56600: MAYNE, JONATHAN, - Thomas Girtin.
38856: MAYNE, ARTHUR, - British Profile Miniaturists.
54339: MAYO, BERNARD, - Instructions to the British Ministers to the United States, 1791-1812.
49416: MAYO, FRANK, - Oxidation Of Organic Compounds Volume III Ozone Chemistry Photo And Singlet Oxygen And Biochemical Oxidations.
803846: MAYOR, A. HYATT, - Artists and Anatomists.
800929: MAYOR, A. HYATT, - Rembrandt And The Bible.
240391: MAYOR, A. HYATT, - Prints and People: a Social History of Printed Pictures.
28714: MAYOR, ARCHER H., - Southern Timberman: The Legacy Of William Buchanan.
58373: MAYR, ERNST, - This Is Biology: The Science of the Living World.
45531: MAYR, ERNST, - Toward A New Philosophy Of Biology: Observations Of An Evolutionist.
45123: MAYR, ERNST, - This Is Biology: The Science Of The Living World.
41224: MAYR, ERNST, - Evolution And The Diversity Of Life : Selected Essays.
801037: MAZAR, BENJAMIN, - Beth She'arim; : Report On The Excavations During 1936-1940 The Catacombs 1-4.
32706: MAZLISH, BRUCE, - James And John Stuart Mill Father And Son In The Nineteenth Century.
9987: MAZLISH, BRUCE, - The Fourth Discontinuity: the Co-Evolution of Humans and Machines.
53007: MAZRUI, ALI A. & TOBY KLEBAN, - The Africans a Reader.
806031: MAZURAN, IVE, - Osijek.
54029: MAZZARO, JEROME, - Postmodern American Poetry.
32149: MAZZEO, JOSEPH ANTHONY, - Varieties Of Interpretation.
220073: MBITI, JOHN S., - Akamba Stories (Oxford Library of African Literature).
160873: MCADAM, ROGER WILLIAMS, - Priscilla of Fall River.
805126: MCAFEE, ILA, - Indians, Horses, Hills, Et Cetera.
40418: MCAFEE, ROBERT BRECKINRIDGE, - History Of The Late War In The Western Country.
36458: MCAINSH, T. F., - Physics In Medicine And Biology Encyclopedia.
220747: MCALEER, JOHN J., - Ralph Waldo Emerson: Days of Encounter.
281262: MCALEER, KEVIN, - Dueling; the Cult of Honor in Fin-De-Siecle Germany.
31562: MCALEXANDER, HUBERT M., - Critical Essays On Peter Taylor.
54482: MCALISTER, HUGH, - Stand By The Story of a Boy's Achievement in Radio.
46784: MCALLISTER, DONALD M., - Evaluation In Environmental Planning.
59232: MCALLISTER, LESTER G. & WILLIAM ELDON TUCKER, - Journey in Faith: a History of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
711555: MCALPIN, DAVID W., - Proto Elamo Dravidian: The Evidence and Its Implications (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
38840: MCARDLE, KENNETH, - A Cavalcade Of Colliers.
13946: MCARTHUR, LYNNE C., - Approval And Monitoring Of Narcotic Treatment Programs.
52487: MCBRIDE, HERBERT W., - A Rifleman Went to War.
758: MCBURNEY, WILLIAM H. COMPILIER, - English Prose Fiction 1700-1800 in the University of Illinois Library.
280868: MCCABE, JAMES DABNEY. NORTHRUP, HENRY DAVENPORT, - The Pictorial History of the World ; : Embracing Full and Authentic Accounts of Every Nation of Ancient and Modern Times, Showing the Causes of Their Prosperity ... Discovery and Settlement of the New World Volume 1.
803160: MCCABE, CYNTHIA JAFFEE, - Fernando Botero.
803161: MCCABE, CYNTHIA JAFFEE, - Fernando Botero.
120295: MCCABE, GERARD B. & JAMES R. KENNEDY, - Planning the Modern Public Library Building (Libraries Unlimited Library Management Collection).
38055: MCCAFFERY, LARRY, - Postmodern Fiction: A Bibliographical Guide.
54428: MCCAFFREY, LAWRENCE JOHN, - Daniel O'Connell and the Repeal year.
18749: MCCAGUE, JAMES, - The Cumberland.
55896: MCCALL, DOUGLAS L., - Monty Python: a Chronological Listing of the Troupe's Creative Output, and Articles and Reviews about Them, 1969-1989.
51473: MCCALL, DOUGLAS L., - Monty Python: a Chronological Listing of the Troupe's Creative Output, and Articles and Reviews about Them, 1969-1989.
20875: MCCALL, WALTER P., - American Fire Engines Since 1900.
18000: MCCALL, ANDREW, - The Medieval Underworld.
160678: MCCALLUM, JAMES DOW, - Eleazar Wheelock Founder of Dartmouth College.
3031: MCCALLY, MICHAEL EDITOR, - Hypodynamics and Hypogravics: the Physiology of Inactivity and Weightlessness.
42695: MCCALMON, - Creating Historical Drama; : A Guide For The Community And The Interested Individual.
48777: MCCANDLESS, PERRY, - A History Of Missouri: Volume Ii. 1820 To 1860.
28370: MCCARTER, P. KLYE, JR., - The Anchor Bible II Samuel.
711715: MCCARTER, JOHN W., - Sotheby's : The O'Fallon Collection of American Indian Portraits by George Catlin; December 2, 2004.
48683: MCCARTHY, PATRICK A., - Olaf Stapledon.
46823: MCCARTHY, GREGORY J. , LAUF, ROBERT J., - Fly Ash And Coal Conversion By-products: Characterization, Utilization, And Disposal I : Symposium Held November 29-30, 1984, Boston, Massachusetts,.
45400: MCCARTHY, MICHAEL H., - The Crisis Of Philosophy.
44909: MCCARTHY, THOMAS, - Ideals And Illusions: Reconstruction And Deconstruction In Critical Theory.
31092: MCCARTHY, JOHN A., - Christoph Martin Wieland.
100143: MCCARTHY, BELINDA RODGERS, - Easy Time: Female Inmates on Temporary Release.
100159: MCCARTHY, P.L. & GERALD SHKLAR, - The Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease.
794: MCCARTHY, HAROLD T., - The Expatriate Perspective: American Novelists and the Idea of America.
140262: MCCARTHY, PATRICK A, - Olaf Stapledon (Twayne's English authors series).
120831: MCCARTY, DWIGHT G., - History of Palo Alto County.
44178: MCCARTY, DWIGHT G, - The Territorial Governors Of The Old Northwest: A Study In Territorial Administration.
39714: MCCARTY, SISTER MARY EVA, - The Sinsinawa Dominicans Outlines Of Twentieth Century Development 1901-1949.
51042: MCCAUL, ROBERT L., - The Black Struggle for Public Schooling in Nineteenth-Century Illinois.
803144: MCCAULEY, DANIEL & KATHRYN, - Decorative Arts Of The Amish Of Lancaster County.
47842: MCCAWLEY, JAMES D., - Everything That Linguists Have Always Wanted To Know About Logic But Were Ashamed To Ask.
120259: MCCGWIRE, MICHAEL & ETC., - Soviet Naval Policy: Objectives and Constraints (Praeger Special Studies in International Politics and Government).
36808: MCCLANAHAN, REBECCA, - Word Painting: A Guide To Writing More Descriptively.
280984: MCCLELLAN, JAMES E., III, - Specialist Control: The Publications Committee of the Academie Royale Des Sciences (Paris), 1700-1793 (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
53693: MCCLELLAN, H. B., - Campaign's of Stuart's Cavalry.
281626: MCCLELLAN, ELISABETH, - History of American Costume 1607-1870.
220031: MCCLELLAND, JAMES C., - Autocrats and Academics, Education, Culture, and Society in Tsarist Russia.
140836: MCCLELLAND, VINCENT ALAN, - English Roman Catholics and Higher Education 1830-1903.
48181: MCCLINTON, KATHARINE MORRISON, - Art Deco. A Guide For Collectors.
47684: MCCLINTON, KATHARINE MORRISON, - Collecting American 19th Century Silver.
12748: MCCLINTON, - Antiques In Miniature.
10747: MCCLUNG, ROBERT M., - America's Endangered Birds.
803089: MCCLURE, SUSAN, - Midwest Landscape Design.
36278: MCCLURE, S. S. FILLER, LOUIS, - My Autobiography.
26537: MCCLUSKEY, KATHLEEN A., - Life-span Developmental Psychology: Historical And Generational Effects.
60530: MCCOLLOUGH, THOMAS, - The Moral Imagination and Public Life: Raising the Ethical Question (Chatham House Studies in Political Thinking).
280417: MCCOLLUM, JOHN I., - Restoration Stage.
801140: MCCONKEY, KENNETH, - British Impressionism.
34458: MCCONNELL, VIRGINIA A., - Arsenic Under The Elms.
28956: MCCONNELL, CURT, - Great Cars Of The Great Plains.
50379: MCCONNON'S, - Mcconnon's Almanac and Stockbook (Stock Book) 1913.
57909: MCCORMICK, RICHARD L., - The Party Period and Public Policy: American Politics from the Age of Jackson to the Progressive Era.
50839: MCCORMICK, RICHARD A., - Notes On Moral Theology 1965 through 1980.
36264: MCCORMICK, ROBERT R., - The War Without Grant.
35154: MCCORMICK, JOHN, - The Complete Aficionado: A Comprehensive Survey Of The Art And Technique Of Modern Toreo..
160779: MCCORMICK, RICHARD P., - Second American Party System: Party Formation in the Jacksonian Era.
59054: MCCORMICK, PETER J., - Modernity, Aesthetics, and the Bounds of Art.
804887: MCCORMICK, ROBERT R & RUSH C BUTLER & WILLIAM PETER WELSH & LOUIS ORR & PHOTOS, - Chicago the World's Youngest Great City.
120405: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL, - Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences. Volume 10.
120403: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL, - Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences. Volume 8.
120401: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL, - Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences. Volume 6.
120402: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL, - Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences. Volume 7.
120399: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL, - Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences. Volume 4.
120396: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL, - Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences. Volume 1.
120397: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL, - Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences. Volume 2.
120398: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL, - Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences. Volume 3.
120404: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL, - Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences. Volume 9.
806033: MCCORQUODALE, CHARLES, - Bronzino (Icon editions).
58189: MCCOWN, ROBERT A., - The Life and Times of Leigh Hunt.
28340: MCCOY, JOHN H., - Livestock And Meat Marketing.
60403: MCCOY, F.N., - Robert Baillie and the Second Scots Reformation.
47272: MCCREIGHT, L. R. RAUCH, H. W. SUTTON, W. H., - Ceramic And Graphite Fibers And Whiskers A Survey Of The Technology (Refractory materials: a series of monographs).
53953: MCCUBBIN, HAMILTON I., - Families in the Military System.
38525: MCCULLOUGH, ESTHER MORGAN, - As I Pass, O Manhattan An Anthology Of Life In New York.
30816: MCCULLY, NEWTON A., - The Mccully Report: The Russo-japanese War, 1904-05.
56723: MCCURRY, C.J. AND SEPIC, M. T., - Lines Between Two Rivers: A History of Telephony in Iowa.
710300: MCCUSKER, JOHN J, - Alfred: the First Continental Flagship, 1775-1778 (Smithsonian Studies in History and Technology, No. 20).
52424: MCCUTCHEON, GEORGE BARR, - The Day of the Dog. a Love Story..
56621: MCDANIEL, BODIE E. DOUGLAS & DARL H., - Concepts and Models of Inorganic Chemistry.
46039: MCDANIELD, JOHN M., - Spring Turkey Hunting: A Serious Hunter's Guide.
56628: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS, - Frenchmen and French Ways in the Mississippi Valley.
40039: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS, - Travelers On The Western Frontier.
40040: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS, - The Spanish In The Mississippi Valley, 1762-1804..
47674: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS, - The Frontier Re-examined.
38934: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS, - The Frontier Re-examined.
38299: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS, - George Caleb Bingham: River Portraitist.
37040: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS, - The Lost Panoramas Of The Mississippi.
32134: MCDERMOTT, JOHN D., - Forlorn Hope: The Battle Of White Bird Canyon And The Beginning Of The Nez Perce War.
60958: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS, - Before Mark Twain: A Sampler of Old, Old Times on the Mississippi (Shawnee Classics).
710350: MCDONALD, ANN GILBERT, - The Evolution of the Night Lamp.
710096: MCDONALD, JULIE JENSEN, - Pathways to the Present in 50 Iowa and Illinois Communities.
55799: MCDONALD, JULIE JENSEN, - Grant Wood and Little Sister Nan : Essays and Remembrances.
53379: MCDONALD, JULIE, - The Sailing Out.
29618: MCDONALD, JULIE, - Ruth Buxton Sayre, First Lady Of The Farm.
26434: MCDONALD, FRANK, - European Economic Integration.
25550: MCDONALD, ANGUS W., - The Urban Origins Of Rural Revolution.
750063: MCDONALD, JULIE JENSEN, - Pathways to the Present in 50 Iowa and Illinois Communities.
750025: MCDONALD, JULIE JENSEN, - Pathways to the Present in 50 Iowa and Illinois Communities.
989: MCDONALD, WILLIAM A., - Progress Into the Past: the Rediscovery of Mycenaean Civilization.
160544: MCDONNELL, TIMOTHY L, - The Wagner Housing Act; : a Case Study of the Legislative Process (Jesuit Studies).
710201: MCDONOUGH COUNTY, ILLINOIS, - 1826-1976 Mcdonough County, Illinois Sesquicentennial.
40187: MCDONOUGH, JAMES LEE, - Chattanooga A Death Grip On The Confederacy.
28234: MCDONOUGH, PETER, - The Politics Of Population In Brazil: Elite Ambivalence And Public Demand.
22287: MCDONOUGH, JAMES LEE, - Stones River: Bloody Winter In Tennessee.
21668: MCDONOUGH, JAMES LEE, - Chattanooga A Death Grip On The Confederacy.
806758: MCDOUGAL, W.S. & C.L. SLADE & B.A.JR. PRUITT; WILLIAMS, M. & C.H. BOYTER & D.P. RUSSELL, - Manual of Burns (Comprehensive Manuals of Surgical Specialties).
60220: MCDOUGALL, DEREK, - The International Politics of the New Asia Pacific.
281342: MCDOWALL, R. J. S., - The Control of the Circulation of the Blood. Supplemental Volume by Various Authors..
40853: MCDOWELL, JOHN PATRICK, - He Social Gospel In The South: The Woman's Home Mission Movement In The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1886-1939.
33785: MCDOWELL, BANKS, - Ethical Conduct And The Professional's Dilemma.
220629: MCELROY, JOHN, - This Was Andersonville; : the True Story of Andersonville Military Prison As Told in the Personal Recollections of John Mcelroy, Sometime Private, Co. L, 16th Illinois Cavalry.
41041: MCELROY, WILLIAM C., - Roof Builder's Handbook.
9045: MCENTIRE, DAVIS, - Toward Modern Land Policies.
48641: MCEUEN, MELISSA A., - Seeing America: Women Photographers Between The Wars.
803091: MCFADDEN, DAVID REVERE, - Scandinavian Modern Design, 1880-1980.
180071: MCFADYEN, JOHN EDGAR, - Key to the Exercises in the Late Professor a. B. Davidson's Revised Introductory Hebrew Grammar With Explanatory Notes.
57846: MCFAGUE, SALLIE, - Metaphorical Theology: Models of God in Religious Language.
47950: MCFAGUE, SALLIE, - Metaphorical Theology: Models Of God In Religious Language.
31388: MCFARLAND, DANIEL MILES, - Historical Dictionary Of Upper Volta (haute Volta).
24103: MCFARLAND, D. J., - Motivational Control Systems Analysis.
18002: MCFARLAND, STEPHEN L., - To Command The Sky: The Battle For Air Superiority Over Germany 1942-1944.
9358: MCFARLAND, ROSS A., - Human Factors In Air Transport Design.
37652: MCFATE, KATHERINE, - Poverty, Inequality, And The Future Of Social Policy: Western States In The New World Order.
47699: MCFEELY, WILLIAM S, - Grant: A Biography.
27909: MCFETRIDGE, DONALD G., - Economics Of Industrial Policy And Strategy.
50050: MCGARRITY, GERALD J., - Mycoplasma Infection of Cell Cultures (Cellular Senescence and Somatic Cell Genetics).
59182: MCGARVIE, MARK DOUGLAS, - One Nation Under Law: America's Early National Struggles to Separate Church and State.
37647: MCGAUGH, JAMES L., - Memory Consolidation.
7770: MCGAVIN, GARY L., - Earthquake Protection of Essential Building Equipment: Design, Engineering, and Installation.
53843: MCGEE, MARK THOMAS, - Beyond Ballyhoo Motion Picture Promotion and Gimmicks.
37884: MCGIFFERT, ARTHUR CUSHMAN, - No Ivory Tower: The Story Of The Chicago Theological Seminary.
280727: MCGILL, ORMOND, - The Mysticism and Magic of India.
711744: MCGILL, HENRY C. (ED.), - The Geographic Pathology of Atherosclerosis.
20704: MCGILLEM, CLARE D., - Hermes Bound: The Policy And Technology Of Telecommunications.
29872: MCGILLIGAN, PAT, - Backstory: Interviews With Screenwriters Of Hollywood's Golden Age.
710606: MCGINNIS, THOMAS J., - Quod Scripsi, Scripsi Prose and Poetry: Along the Way from the Blair Press St. Kevin's Newsletter Articles, Poetry, Special Event Papers.
55485: MCGINNIS, TIMOTHY SCOTT, - George Gifford And The Reformation Of The Common Sort: Puritan Priorities in Elizabethan Religious Life (Sixteenth Century Essays and Studies).
27606: MCGLASHAN, C. F., - History Of The Donner Party A Tragedy Of The Sierra.
55417: MCGLATHERY, JAMES M., - Fairytale Romance.
280788: MCGONAGLE, ADELYN D. BREESKIN WILLIAM A., - Mary Cassatt Among the Impressionists.
280383: MCGOVERN, VINCENT J, - The Nature of Melanoma, (American Lecture Series, Publication No. 741. a Monograph in the Bannerstone Division of American Lectures in Living Chemistry).
804448: MCGOWAN, ANN, - Pepper Construction Beyond Bricks and Mortar, a Proud Seventy-Five Year History and Heritage.
47980: MCGOWAN, CHRISTOPER, - The Dragon Seekers: How An Extraordinary Circle Of Fossilists Discovered The Dinosaurs And Paved The Way For Darwin.
140173: MCGOWAN, PATRICK J. AND SHAPIRO, HOWARD B., - Comp Study of Foreign Policy: Survey Scientific Findings (SAGE Library of Social Research).
160925: MCGRANE, REGINALD CHARLES, - The University of Cincinnati: a Success Story in Urban Higher Education.
220510: MCGRANE, REGINALD CHARLES, - William Allen: A Study in Western Democracy..
800355: MCGRATH, KIMBERLY A., - World Of Invention.
901051: MCGRATH, DANIEL F., - Bookman's Price Index Cumulative Index To Volumes 37-46.
901719: MCGRATH, DANIEL F., - Bookman's Price Index Volume 57-87 1998-2007.
806343: MCGRAW-HILL,, - McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science & Technology.
711666: MCGRAW-HILL,, - Essential Elements for Choir, Level 4 Musicianship Student Edition.
710666: MCGREAL, MARY NONA, - Samuel Mazzuchelli, O. P: a Kaleidoscope of Scenes from His Life.
140533: MCGREAL, MARY NONA, - Samuel Mazzuchelli American Dominican Journeyman Preacher Pastor Teacher.
33679: MCGREEVEY, WILLIAM PAUL, - An Economic History Of Columbia 1845-1930.
32866: MCGREGOR, DOUGLAS. BENNIS, WARREN G., - Leadership And Motivation.
281279: MCGREGOR, JOHN C., - Southwestern Archaeology.
100027: MCGREW, W. C., - An Ethological Study of Children's Behavior.
280279: MCGREW, RODERICK, - Encyclopedia of Medical History.
281082: MCGROARTY, MARY, - Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, Volume 25 (2005); A survey of Applied Linguistics (A Survey of Applied Linguistics, 25).
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44239: MITRANY, DAVID, - Marx Against The Peasant: A Study In Social Dogmatism.
29500: MITROFF, IAN I., - The Unbounded Mind: Breaking The Chains Of Traditional Business Thinking.
55887: MITSUHASHI, SUMUMU, - R factor, drug resistance plasmid.
34511: MITSUHASHI, SUSUMU, - Macrolide Antibiotics And Lincomycin, (drug Action And Drug Resistance In Bacteria).
38225: MITTEN, DAVID GORDON, - Master Bronzes From The Classical World.
26772: MITTON, JEFFRY B., - Selection In Natural Populations.
17980: MIX, PAUL, - The Life And Legend Of Tom Mix.
43321: MIYAKAWA, T. SCOTT, - Protestants And Pioneers: Individualism And Conformity On The American Frontier.
47828: MIZEJEWSKI, LINDA, - Ziegfeld Girl: Image And Icon In Culture And Cinema.
180062: MIZUNO, KSOGEN YAMAMOTO, KSOSHSO,, - Primitive Buddhism..
24482: MODE, C. J., - Stochastic Processes In Demography And Their Computer Implementation.
35618: MODELSKI, ANDREW M., - Railroad Maps Of The United States: Selected Annotated Bibliography Of Original 19th Century Maps In The Geography And Map Division Of The Library Of Congress.
32546: MODER, JOSEPH J., - Handbook Of Operations Research: Foundations And Fundamentals.
32545: MODER, JOSEPH J., - Handbook Of Operations Research: Models And Applications Volume 2.
30775: MODERSOHN-BECKER, PAULA. BUSCH, GUNTER., - Paula Modersohn-becker: The Letters And Journals.
42831: MODZELEWSKI, MICHAEL, - Inside Passage: Living With Killer Whales, Bald Eagles, And Kwakiutl Indians.
806295: MOE, THORLEIF OG ERLING DITTMANN, - Med Gutteoyne under Fjellet. Tønsberg I En Krigstid.
902148: VAN MOE, EMILE-A, - The Decorated Letter in Manuscripts From the Vlllth to the Xllth Century.
21603: MOEHLMAN, CONRAD HENRY, - Ordeal By Concordance A Historical Study Of A Recent Literary Invention.
17462: MOELLER, DOROTHY, - Speech Pathology And Audiology: Iowa Origins Of A Discipline.
57145: MOENKE, HELEN, - Ecology of Colorado Mountains to Arizona Deserts.
31879: MOENKEMEYER, HEINZ, - Francois Hemsterhuis.
23311: MOESCHL, RICHARD, - Exploring The Sky: Projects For Beginning Astronomers.
29315: VAN MOESEKE, PAUL, - Mathematical Programs For Activity Analysis.
805283: MOFFAT, ALFRED EDWARD, - The Minstrelsy of England. a Collection of 200 English Songs with Their Melodies, Popular from the 16th Century to the Middle of the 18th Century. Edited ... with Historical Notes by F. Kidson.
804639: MOFFAT, DONALD W, - Plant Engineer's Handbook of Formulas, Charts, and Tables.
36999: MOFFAT, JAY PIERREPONT. HOOKER, NANCY HARVISON, - The Moffat Papers: Selections From The Diplomatic Journals Of Jay Pierrepont Moffat 1919-1943.
26844: MOFFATT, MICHAEL, - Coming Of Age In New Jersey : College And American Culture.
805972: MOFFET, KENWORTH, - Jules Olitski.
14796: MOFFETT, JAMES, - The Universal Schoolhouse: Spiritual Awakening Through Education.
15050: MOHAMMAD, A. H. HELMY, - Proceedings Of The First Symposium On Recent Advances In Rodent Control.
7116: MOHANTY, NIRODE, - Signal Processing : Signals, Filtering, And Detection.
41426: MOHARIR, P. S., - Pattern-recognition Transforms.
24461: MOHL, RAYMOND A., - Poverty In New York 1783-1825.
22350: MOHLER, JAMES A., - Dimensions Of Faith Yesterday And Today.
52360: MOHR, NICOLAUS. BILLINGTON, RAY ALLEN., - Excursion through America.
14174: MOHRMAN, SUSAS ALBERS, - Tomorrow's Organization.
710030: DES MOINES, IOWA. ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL, - Des Moines, Iowa. Abraham Lincoln High School the Senior Railsplitter Yearbook.
902053: MOINES, IA: DES MOINES ART GALLERY, MAY 23 TO SEPT. 6, 1998 DES, - Iowa Artists, 1998.
902052: MOINES, IA: DES MOINES ART GALLERY, MAY 23 TO SEPT. 6, 1998 DES, - Iowa Artists, 1998.
35078: MOKK, LASZLO, - Prefabricated Concrete For Industrial And Public Structures.
46046: MOLDEN, DAVID, - Bibliography Of Russian Composers.
18952: MOLDENHAUER, W. C., - Conservation Farming On Steep Lands.
31663: MOLHO, ANTHONY, - Renaissance: Studies In Honor Of Hans Baron.
32270: MOLLE, WILLEM, - Wage Differentials In The European Community: Convergence Or Divergence?.
40492: MOLLENHOFF, CLARK R., - Atanasoff : Forgotten Father Of The Computer.
59178: MOLLENHOFF, CLARK R., - Atanasoff : Forgotten Father Of The Computer.
28799: MOLLENHOFF, CLARK R., - Atanasoff : Forgotten Father Of The Computer.
60285: MOLLICA, ANTHONY, - Teaching and Learning Languages: Selected Readings from Mosaic.
100789: MOLLOY, EDWARD, - Hydraulic Equipment; : Dealing with the Operation, Inspection, and Maintenance of Lockheed, Dowty, and Other Representative Types of Hydraulic ... (Aeroplane Maintenance and Operation Series No. 10).
100790: MOLLOY, EDWARD, KNOTT, E. W., - Landing Legs, Wheels, and Brakes : Dealing with the Maintenance and Repair of the Lockheed Airdraulic Oleo Leg, the Vickers Oleo-Pneumatic Shock Absorber Strut, the Turner Oleo-Pneumatic and Pneumatic Landing Legs, and the Dowty Oleo-Pneumatic Shock Absor.
34245: MOLLOY, SCOTT, - Trolley Wars Streetcar Workers On The Line.
32736: MOLLOY, E., - Aeroplane Carburetors Part 2..zenith, Rolls Royce, Stromberg...boost Pressure Control.
32735: MOLLOY, E., - Starters And Generators; : Dealing With The Operation And Maintenance Of Rotax Starters And Generators, B.t.h. And Armstrong-siddeley Starters.
32731: MOLLOY, E., - Auxiliary Equipment.
32728: MOLLOY, E., - Aeroplane Instruments Part 1 Dealing With ...sperry Gyropilot, Sperry Aircraft, And Smith's Aircraft Instruments.
802367: MOLMENTI, POMPEO. LUDWIG, GUSTAV, - The Life And Works Of Vittorio Carpaccio.
32276: VON MOLTKE, KONRAD, - Educational Leaves For Employees: European Experience For American Consideration.
49352: MOLTMANN, JURGEN, - Theologie Der Hoffnung: Untersuchungen Zur Begrundung Und Zu Den Konsequenzen Einer Christlichen Eschatologie (beitrage Zur Evangelischen Theologie. Theologische Abhandlungen, Band 38).
41253: MOMENI, JAMSHID A., - Demography Of Racial And Ethnic Minorities In The United States : An Annotated Bibliography With A Review Essay.
35999: MONAHAN, DORIS, - Destination Denver City: The South Platte Trail.
41403: MONCRIEFF, R. W., - Man-made Fibres.
35020: MONCRIEFF, R. W., - Man-made Fibres.
60083: MONDEN, YASUHIRO, - Toyota Production System: An Integrated Approach to Just-In-Time.
9871: MONDEN, YASUHIRO, - Japanese Management Accounting: A World Class Approach To Profit Management.
800619: MONDOR, HENRI, - Doctors And Medicine In The Works Of Daumier.
711902: MONET, CLAUDE, - Monet Unveiled: a New Look At Boston's Paintings : [Catalogue of the Exhibition] Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
802615: MONEY, KEITH, - The Art Of The Royal Ballet.
24442: MONEY, L. C. CHIOZZA, - Riches And Poverty.
280970: MONFASANI, JOHN, - Fernando of Cordova: A Biographical and Intellectual Profile (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
57864: MONGOVEN, ANNE MARIE, - The Prophetic Spirit of Catechesis: How We Share the Fire in Our Hearts.
60511: MONIGHAN-NOUROT, PATRICIA AND SCALES, BARBARA AND HOORN, JUDITH VAN AND ALMY, MILLIE CORINNE, - Looking at Children's Play: A Bridge Between Theory and Practice (Early Childhood Education Series).
902101: MONITOR, EDITORS OF THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE; FANNING, KATHERINE W., - The First 80 Years: The Christian Science Monitor 1908-1988.
53509: MONMONIER, MARK, - Air Apparent How Meteorologists Learned to Map, Predict, and Dramatize Weather.
49473: MONRO, D. H., - Empiricism And Ethics.
34402: MONRO, ISABEL STEVENSON, - Index To Reproductions Of American Paintings.
804224: MONSEN, STEPHEN. B. STEVENS, RICHARD. SHAW, NANCY L, - Restoring Western Ranges and Wildlands.
9183: MONTAGU, ASHLEY, - Science And Creationism.
140878: MONTAGUE, C. E. ; SMITH, PERCY; TOMLINSON, H. M., - A Writer's Note on His Trade.
44836: DE MONTAIGNE, MICHEL EYQUEM, - Great Books Of The Western World: Volume 25 The Essays Of Michel Eyquem De Montaigne.
43502: DE MONTAIGNE, MICHEL EYQUEM, - Great Books Of The Western World: Volume 25 The Essays Of Michel Eyquem De Montaigne.
240093: MONTANA, HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF, - Contributions to the Historical Society of Montana Vol V.
56156: MONTANARO, JOHN, - A Conversion Table of Simplified Chinese Characters (Mirror Series C).
58970: MONTASSIER, VALERIE ANNE, - Les Annees D'Apres-Guerre, 1944-1949: La Vie Politique En France, L'Economie Les Relations Internationales, L'Union Francaise (French Edition).
25801: MONTCREIFFE, SIR IAIN, - Royal Highness : Ancestry Of The Royal Child.
803443: DE MONTEBELLO, PHILIPPE DE, - The Met and the New Millennium: a Chronicle of the Past and a Blueprint for the Future.
120821: MONTESINOS, JOSE F., - Galdos.
26302: MONTESSORI, MARIA, - Montessori Method.
39689: MONTGOMERY, A. JAMES, - Thomas D. Foster 1845-1915 A Biography.
31163: MONTGOMERY, MICHAEL, - Imperialist Japan: The Yen To Dominate.
28135: MONTGOMERY, FLORENCE M, - Textiles In America 1650-1870: A Dictionary.
22955: MONTGOMERY, JOHN D., - Technology And CIVIC Life : Making And Implementing Development Decisions.
19630: MONTGOMERY, JOHN H., - Groundwater Chemicals Desk Reference.
140730: MONTGOMERY, D. H., - Heroic Ballads with Poems of War and Patriotism.
140613: MONTIEL, ISIDORO, - Historia De La Universidad De Siguenza. Volume 1.
30656: MONTPARKER, CAROL, - A Pianist's Landscape.
711811: MONTPELIER HIGH SCHOOL. MONTPELIER, IDAHO., - Montpelier High School. Montpelier, Idaho. 1949 the Idamont Yearbook.
52842: MONTZHEIMER, O. H. SCHEE, GEORGE W., - Biographical Data and Army Record of Old Soldiers Who Have Lived in O'Brien County, Iowa.
47507: MOOCK, JOYCE LEWINGER, - Understanding Africa's Rural Households And Farming Systems.
51610: MOODY-ADAMS, MICHELE M., - Fieldwork in Familiar Places: Morality, Culture, and Philosophy.
30754: MOODY, DONALD R., - Quest And Response: Minority Rights And The Truman Administration.
100425: MOOI, W. J., - Biopsy Pathology of Melanocytic Disorders (Biopsy Pathology Series).
37080: MOONEY, H. NEWTON, - The Psychology Of Religion For Ministry.
901848: MOONEY, JAMES L. ELLER, E. M., - Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.
120101: MOORE, ROGER, - The Emergence Of The Labour Party 1880-1924.
280587: MOORE, ERNEST ROBERT, - History of Mount Hermon Lodge no. 263: Ancient Free & accepted masons Cedar Rapids, Iowa, under the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Iowa, 1870-1945,.
804245: MOORE, DENNIS, - Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment for People with Physical and Cognitive Disabilities.
804207: MOORE, HENRY., - Henry Moore: a Retrospective Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawings February 6 through March 14.
803282: MOORE, HENRY., - Henry Moore: Animals.
280012: MOORE, DANIEL C., - Regional Block - A Handbook for Use in the Clinical Practice of Medicine and Sur.
280010: MOORE, DANIEL C., - Complications of Regional Anesthesia: Etiology - Signs and Symptoms - Treatment.
55779: MOORE, CARL, - Federal Reserve System: a History of the First 75 Years.
54137: MOORE, CHARLES A., - Philosophy and Culture East and West East-West Philosophy in Practical Perspective.
53261: MOORE, GARY T., - Emerging Methods in Environmental Design and Planning.
47528: MOORE, MICHAEL J., - Compensation Mechanisms For Job Risks: Wages, Workers' Compensation, And Product Liability.
46619: MOORE, CAREY A., - The Anchor Bible Daniel, Esther And Jeremiah The Additions.
45147: MOORE, KEITH M., - Conflict, Social Capital And Managing Natural Resources: A West African Case Study.
44555: MOORE, P. D. BELLAMY, D. J., - Peatlands.
44143: MOORE, TERRIS, - Mt. Mckinley The Pioneer Climbs.
28479: MOORE, LYNDEN, - The Growth And Structure Of International Trade Since The Second World War.
43250: MOORE, JOHN PRESTON, - The Cabildo In Peru Under The Bourbons; : A Study In The Decline And Resurgence Of Local Government In The Audiencia Of Lima.
43200: MOORE, ERNEST R, - Centennial Anniversary Of The Grand Lodge Of Iowa Of Ancient, Free, And Accepted Masons 1844-1944.
42953: MOORE, EDWARD C. ROBIN, RICHARD S., - Studies In The Philosophy Of Charles Sanders Peirce Second Series.
41469: MOORE, PATRICK, - Astronomical Telescopes And Observatories For Amateurs.
40643: MOORE, KENNETH J., - Native Warm-season Grasses: Research Trends And Issues.
40515: MOORE, JACK B., - Joe Dimaggio : Baseball's Yankee Clipper.
37335: MOORE, ALBERT BURTON, - Conscription And Conflict In The Confederacy.
805886: MOORE, HENRY. MITCHINSON, DAVID. RUSSOLI, FRANCO, - Henry Moore Sculpture with Comments by the Artist.
32811: MOORE, DEBORAH DASH, - B'nai B'rith And The Challenge Of Ethnic Leadership.
31786: MOORE, STANLEY, - Marx On The Choice Between Socialism And Communism.
25975: MOORE, HENRY. MITCHINSON, DAVID., - Henry Moore Unpublished Drawings.
25735: MOORE, HARRY T., - Twentieth-century French Literature Since World War II.
120810: MOORE, TODD, - The Name is Dillinger.
60877: MOORE, HENRIETTA, - Feminism And Anthropology (Exxon Lecture Series).
710861: MOORE, WILLARD, - Circles of Tradition: Folk Arts in Minnesota.
750039: MOORE, HENRY. JAMES, PHILIP, - Henry Moore On Sculpture: A Collection Of The Sculptor's Writings And Spoken Words.
18770: MOORE, HARRY T., - The World Of Lawrence Durrell.
17454: MOORE, JOHN NORTON, - Law And The Indo-china War.
280264: MOORE, JOHN B. & KENNETH N. MCKAY, - Modula-2: Text and Reference.
1570: MOORE, C. BRADLEY EDITOR, - Chemical and Biochemical Applications of Lasers Volume 3.
59759: MOORE, CAREY A., - The Anchor Bible Daniel, Esther And Jeremiah The Additions.
22912: MOORE, PATRICK, - Fireside Astronomy: An Anecdotal Tour Through The History And Lore Of Astronomy.
711589: MOORE, HENRY AND HEDGECOE, JOHN, - Henry Moore: My Ideas, Inspiration and Life As an Artist.
140166: MOORE, JOHN BASSETT, - Four Phases of American Development (A Da Capo Press reprint edition).
56432: MOOREHEAD, WARREN K., - Prehistoric Relics: An Illustrated Catalogue Describing Some Eight Hundred and Fifty Different Specimens.
10774: MOORHEAD, FREDERICK B., - Pathology Of The Mouth.
800263: MOORHOUSE, JUDITH, - Collecting Oriental Antiques.
160808: MOORMAN, CHARLES, - The Precincts of Felicity: The Augustinian City of the Oxford Christians.
800791: VON MOOS, STANISLAUS, - Venturi, Rauch, Scott, Brown Buildings And Projects.
41492: MOOS, RUDOLF H., - The Human Context Environmental Determinants Of Behavior.
901453: VON MOOS, STANISLAUS, - Venturi, Rauch, Scott, Brown Buildings And Projects.
120095: MOOTRY, MARIA K & GARY SMITH, - A Life Distilled: Gwendolyn Brooks, Her Poetry and Fiction.
803033: MORA, MARLIN CALVO, - Gold, Jade, Forests: Costa Rica.
57550: MORA, PAT, - Nepantla: Essays from the Land in the Middle.
37550: MORAIN, THOMAS J., - Family Reunion Essays On Iowa.
29626: MORAIN, THOMAS J., - Family Reunion Essays On Iowa.
27762: MORAIN, THOMAS J., - Family Reunion Essays On Iowa.
22282: MORAIN, TOM J., - Family Reunion: Essays on Iowa.
220481: MORAN, JAMES, - Printing in the 20th Century: a Penrose Anthology (Visual Communication Books).
48818: MORAN, SEAN FARRELL, - Patrick Pearse And The Politics Of Redemption: The Mind Of The Easter Rising, 1916.
120830: MORANA, MABEL, - Literatura y Cultura Nacional En Hispanoamerica (1910-1940).
1225: MORAWETZ, ANITA AND GILLIAN WALKER, - Brief Therapy with Single-Parent Families.
52562: MORCOMBE, JOSEPH E, - History of Crescent Lodge No. 25, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Cedar Rapids, Iowa: from its Organization in 1850, to the Close of the Year 1905.
52563: MORCOMBE, JOSEPH E, - History of Crescent Lodge No. 25, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Cedar Rapids, Iowa: from its Organization in 1850, to the Close of the Year 1905.
56694: MORE, HANNAH, - Complete Works of Hannah More, 2 vols..
34482: MOREAU, CLAUDE, - Moulds, Toxins And Food.
27466: MORECROFT, JOHN H., - Elements Of Radio Communication.
38296: MORELEY, CHARLES R., - Lost Mosaics And Frescoes Of Rome Of The Mediaeval Period.

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