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711870: LINDBERGH, CHARLES A, - Boyhood on the Upper Mississippi: a Reminiscent Letter, (Publications of the Minnesota Historical Society).
31695: LINDBLAD, ISHRAT, - Pamela Hansford Johnson.
27155: LINDBURG, DONALD G., - The Macaques Studies In Ecology, Behavior And Evolution.
12805: LINDEMAN, M. H., - The Quarter Horse Breeder.
55624: LINDEMANN, ALBERT S, - The Red Years: European Socialism Versus Bolshevism, 1919-1921.
60648: LINDER, DORIS H., - Crusader for Sex Education: Elise Ottensen-Jensen (1886-1973) in Scandinavia and on the International Scene.
24427: LINDESMITH, ALFRED R., - The Addict And The Law.
27153: LINDHOLM, RICHARD W., - Value-added Tax And Other Tax Reforms.
39227: LINDMAN, HAROLD R., - Analysis Of Variance In Complex Experimental Designs.
31718: LINDMARK, STURE, - Swedish America 1914-1932 Studies In Ethnicity With Emphasis On Illinois And Minnesota.
10820: LINDNER, ROBERT, - Explorations In Psychoanalysis: Essays In Honor Of Theodore Reik.
55698: LINDQUIST, EMORY, - Immigrant's Two Worlds: A Biography of Hjalmar Edgren (Augustana Historical Society publication no. 23).
55695: LINDQUIST, EMORY. SKARSTEDT., - An Immigrant's American Odyssey: A Biography of Ernst Skarstedt..
28504: LINDQUIST, EMORY, - An Immigrant's Odyssey: A Biography Of Ernst Skarstedt.
37189: LINDQUIST, EMORY, - Bethany In Kansas: The History Of A College.
100520: LINDQVIST, SVEN & LINDA HAVERTY RUGG, - A History of Bombing.
711180: LINDSAY, SUZANNE G., - Mary Cassatt and Philadelphia.
47672: LINDSAY, J. SEYMOUR, - Iron And Brass Implements Of The English House.
47626: LINDSAY, J. O., - The New Cambridge Modern History: Volume 7 The Old Regime.
4917: LINDSAY, ROBERT O., - French Political Pamphlets, 1547-1648; a Catalog of Major Collections in American Libraries.
40508: LINDSEY, K., - Plant Biotechnology In Agriculture.
59387: LINDSEY, WILLIAM C. & MARVIN K. SIMON, - Telecommunication Systems Engineering.
24179: LINDZEY, GARDNER, - The Handbook Of Social Psychology Vol 4 Group Psychology And The Phenomena Of Interaction.
47423: LINDZEY, GARDNER, - The Handbook Of Social Psychology Vol 2 Research Methods.
42042: LINDZEY, GARDNER, - The Handbook Of Social Psychology Vol 3: The Individual In A Social Context.
42030: LINDZEY, GARDNER, - The Handbook Of Social Psychology Vol 2 Research Methods.
42024: LINDZEY, GARDNER, - The Handbook Of Social Psychology Vol 4 Group Psychology And The Phenomena Of Interaction.
27469: LINDZEY, GARDNER, - Handbook Of Social Psychology.
24182: LINDZEY, GARDNER, - The Handbook Of Social Psychology Vol 5 Applied Social Psychology.
10802: LINDZEY, GARDNER, - Assessment Of Human Motives.
901870: LINDZEY, GARDNER, - The Handbook of Social Psychology 5 Volume Set Plus Index..
281569: LINDZEY, GARDNER, - The Handbook Of Social Psychology: Vol 1 Historical Introduction Systematic Positions.
26581: LINEGEMAN, RICHARD, - Theodore Dreiser: At The Gates Of The City, 1871-1907.
59925: LINENTHAL, EDWARD T. & TOM ENGELHARDT, - History Wars: The Enola Gay and Other Battles for the American Past.
34162: LINENTHAL, EDWARD T., - Unfinished Bombing: Oklahoma City In American Memory.
58156: LINES, TIMOTHY ARTHUR, - Functional Images of the Religious Educator.
58153: LINES, TIMOTHY ARTHUR, - Systemic Religious Education.
57421: LINES, CLIFFORD JOHN, - Companion to the Industrial Revolution.
220972: LING, BETTINA & DOROTHY LING, - Original Art of Music.
711909: LING, LI, - The High Appreciation of the Cultural Relics of the Zeng Hou Yi Tomb.
711098: LINGEN, JOAN. SCHLESIER, DOUGLAS. KAMES, LOUISE, - Art and Life in Africa Objects from the Stanley Collection of the University of Iowa Museum of Art March 4 - April 1, 1993.
15929: LINGENFELTER, RICHARD E., - The Hardrock Miners: A History Of The Mining Labor Movement In The American West 1863-1893.
710367: LINK, MIKE AND BLACKLOCK, CRAIG, - Black Hills Badlands.
56644: LINK, ARTHUR S., - Wilson Campaigns for Progressivism and Peace 1916-1917.
39538: LINK, ARTHUR S., - Wilson: V. 1, The Road To The White House; V. 2, The New Freedom; V. 3, The Struggle For Neutrality 1914-1915; V. 4, Confusions And Crises 1915-1916; V. 5, Campaigns For Progressivism And Peace 1916-1917 (5 Vol. Set, Complete).
42053: LINKS, J. G., - Canaletto And His Patrons.
56797: LINN, ROLF N., - Heinrich Mann.
36282: LINN, ROLF N., - Heinrich Mann.
100842: LINSLEY, RAY K., JR.; KOHLER, MAX A.; PAULHUS, JOSEPH L., - Applied Hydrology.
801055: LINTON, HAROLD, - Sketching The Concept: Perspective Illustration For Architects, Designers And Artists.
13186: LINVINGSTONE, I., - The Teaching of Economics in Africa.
28376: LIOI, VITTORIO CORBO, - Inflation In Developing Countries.
711366: LIPCHITZ, JACQUES, - Selected Master Drawings of Jacques Lipchitz: 1910-1958. [Exhibition].
32867: LIPKING, LAWRENCE, - The Ordering Of The Arts In Eighteenth-century England.
804044: LIPMAN, JEAN, - Rufus Porter: Yankee Pioneer.
801264: LIPMAN, JEAN, - Bright Stars: American Painting And Sculpture Since 1776.
120511: LIPNER, JULIUS, - Hindus: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices.
36314: LIPOWSKI, Z. J., - Psychosocial Aspects Of Physical Illness (advances In Psychosomatic Medicine).
802498: LIPPARD, LUCY R., - The Graphic Work Of Philip Evergood: Selected Drawings And Complete Prints.
800532: LIPPE, ASCHWIN, - The Freer Indian Sculptures.
46025: LIPPMANN, MORTON. SCHLESINGER, RICHARD B., - Chemical Contamination In The Human Environment.
25829: LIPPY, CHARLES H., - Religious Periodicals Of The United States Academic And Scholarly Journals.
711249: LIPSCOMB, MARK, - Mark Lipscomb: Selected works, 1984-1989, October 1 - November 5, 1989.
56968: LIPSET, DAVID, - Mangrove Man: Dialogics of Culture in the Sepik Estuary (Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology).
49102: LIPSET, SEYMOUR MARTIN, - Revolution And Counterrevolution Change And Persistence In Social Structures.
34089: LIPSET, SEYMOUR MARTIN, - Confidence Gap, The: Business, Labor And Government In Public Mind.
43095: LIPSON, E., - The Growth Of English Society: A Short Economic History.
220891: LIPTON, KATHRYN L., - Dictionary of Agriculture: From Abaca to Zoonosis.
37328: LIPTZIN, SOL., - The Maturing Of Yiddish Literature.
36230: LIPTZIN, SOL., - The Jew In American Literature..
60008: LISBOA, REGINA CELIA LOBATO, - Musgos Acrocarpicos Do Estado De Rondonia (Colecao Adolpho Ducke) (Portuguese Edition).
38030: LISCHER, RICHARD, - The Preacher King: Martin Luther King, Jr. And The Word That Moved America.
57213: LISHMAN, JOYCE, - Evaluation (Research Highlights in Social Work 8).
48705: LISLE, GEORGE, - Accounting In Theory And Practice.
220728: LISS, PEGGY K., - Mexico Under Spain, 1521-1556: Society and the Origins of Nationality.
9440: LISSAK, K., - The Neuroendocrine Control Of Adaption.
40168: LISSANT, KENNETH J., - Emulsions And Emulsion Technology: Parts I And II (surfactant Science).
710928: LISTER, ROBERT HILL, - An Example of Ten Centuries of Prehistoric Ceramic Art in the Four Corners Country of Southwestern United States, (University of Colorado Studies. Series in Anthropology).
44245: LISTER, FLORENCE C., - Earl Morris & Southwestern Archaeology.
22514: LISTER, ROBERT G., - Perspectives on Cognitive Neuroscience.
280369: LISTER, ROBERT & FLORENCE LISTER, - University of Colorado Studies. Series in Anthropology No. 9 Contributions to Mesa Verde Archaeology: I Site 499, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado ..
280374: LISTER, ROBERT H., - Contributions to Mesa Verde Archaeology: IV Site 1086, an Isolated, Above Ground Kiva in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. University of Colorado Studies. Series in Anthropology No. 13..
280376: LISTER, ROBERT HILL, - The Present Status of the Archaeology of Western Mexico; (University of Colorado Studies. Series in Anthropology).
280377: LISTER, ROBERT HILL, - Archaeological Excavations in the Northern Sierra Madre Occidental, Chihuahua and Sonora, Mexico (University of Colorado Studies. Series in Anthropology).
710415: LISTOKIN, DAVID AND WALKER, CAROLE, - The Subdivision and Site Plan Handbook.
42021: LISTOKIN, DAVID, - Land Use Controls Present Problems And Future Reform.
41222: LISTOKIN, DAVID, - Landmarks Preservation and the Property Tax: Assessing Landmark Buildings for Real Taxation Purposes.
23411: LISTOKIN, DAVID, - Housing Rehabilitation: Economic, Social And Policy Perspectives.
25579: LISTOWEL, JUDITH, - The Other Livingstone.
805420: LISZT, FRANZ, - Werke Fur Klavier Zu 2 Handen. Band X. Bearbeitungen Von Emil Von Sauer..
17025: LITAN, ROBERT E., - Open Doors: Foreign Participation In Financial Systems In Developing Countries.
710565: THE NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR FINANCIAL LITERACY, - The National Strategy for Financial Literacy: Taking Ownership of the Future.
54502: LITTLE, WILFRED LAURENCE, - Staffordshire Blue: Underglaze blue transfer-printed earthenware.
35041: LITTLE, WILLIAM A, - Reliability Of Shell Buckling Predictions.
30832: LITTLE, ROGER, - Saint-john Perse.
280752: LITTLE, NINA FLETCHER; ROCKEFELLER, WINTHROP & KENNETH CHORLEY, - The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Collection: A Descriptive Catalogue.
140335: LITTLETON, COLORADO PUBLIC SCHOOLS, - Littleton (Colorado) Public Schools Alumni Directory 2003.
34632: LITTON, E., - Automatic Computational Techniques In Civil And Structural Engineering.
805358: INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY, - Lectionary for Mass The Roman Missal Revised by Decree of the Second Vatican Council and Published By Authority of Pope Paul VI.
52385: CENTER FOR PASTORAL LITURGY, - The Saint Andrew Bible Missal.
48565: LITWACK, GERALD, - Biochemical Actions Of Hormones Volume II.
48564: LITWACK, GERALD, - Biochemical Actions Of Hormones Volume I.
47955: LITWACK, LARRY, - Journal Of Reality Therapy: A Compendium Of Articles 1981-1993.
10829: LITWACK, GERALD, - Receptor Purification Vol. 2 Receptors For Steroid Hormones....
160963: LIU, TA-CHUNG AND YEH, KUNG-CHIA, - The Economy of the Chinese Mainland: National Income and Economic Development, 1933-1959.
280947: LIVESEY, STEVEN JOHN, - Antonius De Carlenis, O.P. Four Questions on the Subalternation of the Sciences (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
47149: LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM, - The Independent Reflector: Or, Weekly Essays On Sundry Important Subjects More Particularly Adapted To The Province Of New York. And Others.
43134: LIVINGSTON, W. ROSS, - Responsible Government In Nova Scotia: A Study Of The Constitutional Beginnings Of The British Commonwealth.
280973: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID N., - The Preadamite Theory and the Marriage of Science and Religion (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
25102: LIVINGSTONE, I., - A Introduction To Economics For East Africa.
30313: LIVO, LAUREN J., - Of Bugs And Beasts: Fact, Folklore, And Activities.
25089: LLEWELLYN-JONES, DEREK, - Human Reproduction And Society.
901226: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER, - Atlas Of Maritime History.
45076: LLOYD, G. E. R., - Aristotelian Explorations.
44338: LLOYD, RICHARD M, - Strategy And Force Planning.
38188: LLOYD, SETON, - Mounds Of The Near East.
21399: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER, - Explanation In Social History.
13961: LLOYD, T. O, - Empire To Welfare State 1906-1967.
11649: LLOYD, JOHN GILBERT, - Stained Glass In America.
9571: LLOYD, RALPH I, - Visual Field Studies.
2615: LLOYD, CYNTHIA B. AND BETH T. NIEMI, - The Economics of Sex Differentials.
31890: LOBBAN, RICHARD, - Historical Dictionary Of The Republics Of Guinea-bissau And Cape Verde.
60702: LOBO, ROGERIO A., - Perimenopause (Serono Symposia USA).
280798: LOBOVA, E. V, - Soils of the Desert Zone of the U. S. S. R: (Pochvy Pustynnoi Zony SSSR).
41200: LOCK, DENNIS, - Industrial Scheduling Techniques.
54843: LOCKARD, LORENZO B, - Tuberculosis of the Nose and Throat.
60238: LOCKE, EDWARD, - Edward Locke: Collected Poems Volume IV (Four, 4).
54701: LOCKE, DICK, - Global Supply Management: A Guide to International Purchasing.
51647: LOCKEMANN, FRITZ, - Literaturwissenschaft Und Literarische Wertung.
39856: LOCKERETZ, WILLIAM, - Agricultural Research Alternatives.
43966: LOCKHART, JAMES, - Spanish Peru 1530-1560 A Colonial Society.
42543: LOCKLEY, PAUL, - Counselling Women In Violent Relationships.
50570: LOCKRIDGE, LAURENCE S., - Coleridge the Moralist.
805118: LOCKWOOD, LUKE VINCENT., - Colonial Furniture in America. Volumes 1 and 2..
58595: LOCKWOOD, LEWIS, - Music in Renaissance Ferrara, 1400-1505 (Studies in the History of Music).
34889: LOCKWOOD, LUKE VINCENT, - Colonial Furniture In America.
23832: LOCKWOOD, WILLIAM W., - The State And Economic Enterprise In Japan.
807007: LODEWICK, H. J. M. F, - Ik Probeer Mijn Pen: Atlas Van De Nederlandse Letterkunde (Dutch Edition).
37543: LODRICK, DERYCK O., - Sacred Cows, Sacred Places: Origins And Survivals Of Animal Homes In India.
802744: LOEB, JOHN L., - The Ambassador John L. Loeb JR. Danish Art Collection.
220233: LOEB, HANAU W., - Operative Surgery of the Nose, Throat, & Ear for Laryngologists, Rhinologists, Otologists, & Surgeons, Volume 2.
807468: LOEBNER, EGON E, - The Selected Papers of Egon Loebner.
160159: LOEGERING, W. Q, - Plants of the Canoe Country.
59302: LOEW, FRANKLIN M, - Vet in the Saddle: John L. Poett, First Veterinary Surgeon of the North West Mounted Police.
44070: LOEWENBERG, J., - Hegel's Phenomenology: Dialogues On The Life Of The Mind.
42865: LOEWENBERG, JACOB, - Reason And The Nature Of Things Reflections On The Cognitive Function Of Philosophy.
41591: LOEWENBERG, JACOB, - Reason And The Nature Of Things Reflections On The Cognitive Function Of Philosophy.
39485: LOEWENBERG, GERHARD, - Parliament In The German Political System.
7767: LOEWENBERG, GERHARD, - Handbook of Legislative Research.
59272: LOEWENSTEIN, BEDRICH, - Der Entwurf Der Moderne: Vom Geist Der Burgerlichen Gesellschaft Und Zivilisation (German Edition).
15175: LOEWENSTEIN, WERNER R., - The Touchstone Of Life.
57472: LOFARO, MICHAEL A., - James Agee: Reconsiderations (Tennessee Studies in Literature).
50067: LOFARO, MICHAEL A, - Davy Crockett: the Man, the Legend, the Legacy, 1786-1986.
711424: LOGAN, WILDRED D., - Woodland Complexes in Northeastern Iowa Publications in Archeology 15.
57156: LOGAN, WILDRED D, - Woodland Complexes in Northeastern Iowa Publications in Archeology 15.
40501: LOGAN, TERRY J., - Effects Of Conservation Tillage On Groundwater Quality: Nitrates And Pesticides.
58891: LOGAN, WILLIAM, - Desperate Measures.
806150: LOGAN, ANNE MARIE; (INTRODUCTION), ELLEN SHARP, - Dutch and Flemish Drawings and Watercolors (The Collections of the Detroit Institute of Arts).
56815: LOGAN, WILFRED D. INGMANSON, J. EARL, - Iowa Palimpsest Magazine: Effigy Mounds National Monument.
31211: LOGSDON, JOSEPH, - Horace White, Nineteenth Century Liberal.
43893: LOHF, KENNETH A., - Frank Norris: A Bibliography.
37042: LOKKEN, ROSCOE L., - Iowa Public Land Disposal.
14752: LOKKEN, ROSCOE L., - Iowa Public Land Disposal.
43331: LOKKEN, ROY N., - David Lloyd: Colonial Lawmaker.
8751: LOMAX, ELIZABETH M. R., - Science and Patterns of Child Care.
27116: LOMBARDI, FABRIZIO, - Testing And Diagnosis Of Vlsi And Ulsi.
24267: LOMBARDI, MARILYN MAY, - Elizabeth Bishop: The Geography Of Gender.
802519: LOMBARDO, JOSEF VINCENT, - Chaim Gross: Sculptor.
28664: LONDERO, ELIO, - Benefits And Beneficiaries.
803090: LONG, MILBRA. SEATE, EMILY, - Fostoria Stemware: The Crystal For America.
52706: LONG, WILLIAM J, - Wood-Folk Comedies the Play of Wild-Animal Life on a Natural Stage.
51906: LONG, REV. JOHN DIXON, - Pictures of Slavery in Church and State; : Including Personal Reminiscences, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, Etc. , Etc.
49420: LONG, ORIE WILLIAM, - Literary Pioneers; : Early American Explorers Of European Culture,.
49231: LONG, EUGENE THOMAS, - Jaspers And Bultmann; : A Dialogue Between Philosophy And Theology In The Existentialist Tradition.
48876: LONG, ROBERT EMMET, - The Achieving Of The Great Gatsby: F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1920-1925.
36543: LONG, CALVIN T., - Mathematical Reasoning For Elementary Teachers.
31741: LONG, DAVID F., - Nothing Too Daring; : A Biography Of Commodore David Porter, 1780-1843.
26341: LONG, RICHARD K., - A Cook's Tour Of World War II.
24795: LONG, FRANCIS A., - Centennial Trilogy Of The University Of Nebraska College Of Medicine: Prairie Doctor Of The Eighties, Golden Anniversary, The First Hundred Years.
60055: LONG, MICHAEL, - Macbeth (Twayne's New Critical Introductions to Shakespeare).
8120: LONG, STEPHEN I., - Gallium Arsenide Digital Integrated Circuit Design.
160109: LONG, GEORGE M., - Efficient Use of Fuels in Process and Manufacturing Industries: Symposium Papers Presented April 16-19, 1974 At IIT Research Institute Auditorium, Chicago, ... Sponsored by Institute of Gas Technology.
160236: LONG, SAMUEL P., - Art: Its Laws and the Reasons For Them, Collected, Considered and Arranged For General and Educational Purposes.
160429: LONG, CHARLES ALAN, - The Mammals of Wyoming, (University of Kansas Publications, Museum of Natural History).
34753: LONGACRE, WILLIAM A., - Reconstructing Prehistoric Pueblo Societies.
8686: LONGAIR, M. S., - Our Evolving Universe.
50276: LONGFELLOW, WILLIAM P. P, - The Column and the Arch Essays on Architectural History.
801209: LONGSHORE, DAVID, - Encyclopedia Of Hurricanes, Typhoons, And Cyclones.
800444: LONGWELL, DENNIS, - Steichen: The Master Prints 1895-1914, The Symbolist Period.
57458: LONNROT, ELIAS AND MAGOUN, FRANCIS PEABODY, - The Old Kalevala and Certain Antecedents.
18997: LONSDALE, RICHARD E., - Nonmetropolitan Industrialization.
807453: LOOMIE, ALBERT J., - Toleration and Diplomacy : the Religious Issue in Anglo-Spanish Relations, 1603-1605.
32378: LOOMIS, ALFRED L., - Lectures On Fevers.
26383: LOOMIS, ROGER SHERMAN, - Studies In Medieval Literature; A Memorial Collection Of Essays.
100064: LOOMIS, L.R., - The Book of the Popes (Liber Pontificalis) to the Pontificate of Gregory I.
41416: VAN LOON, JON C., - Analytical Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy: Selected Methods.
800950: LOOS, RAY, - Watercolor Options.
51694: LOOS, MICHAEL, - Bacteria and Complement (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology).
42864: LOPEZ, CLAUDE-ANNE, - Mon Cher Papa Franklin And The Ladies Of Paris.
28345: LOPEZ, RIGOBERTO A., - Vegetable Markets In The Western Hemisphere.
24456: LOPEZ-RAY, MANUEL, - Crime An Analytical Appraisal.
120179: LOPUCKI, LYNN, - Courting Failure: How Competition for Big Cases Is Corrupting the Bankruptcy Courts.
40349: LORAINE, JOHN A., - Hormone Assays And The Clinical Application.
805832: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1955 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
806863: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 2008 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807172: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1999 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
805831: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1954 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
805830: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1953 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
805829: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1952 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
806861: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 2001 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
806862: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 2007 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807365: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1965 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807366: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1966 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807369: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1969 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807370: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1970 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807372: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1987 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807373: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1988-89 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807375: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1990-91 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807376: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1991-92 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807377: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1992-93 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807378: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1998 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807379: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 2000 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807380: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 2002 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
807381: LORAS COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - The 1988 Purgold Yearbook Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.
59111: LORBER, JUDITH, - Paradoxes of Gender.
48145: LORD, VANESSA, - Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin (afob) 2005.
26212: LORD, B. H., - The History Of The Tanker Corrosion Research Project Of The American Petroleum Institute.
140736: LORD, FREDERICK T. , ROBINSON, ELLIOTT S. , HEFFRON, ROBINSON, - Pneumonia and Serum Therapy.
39508: HOUSE OF LORDS, - The Manuscripts Of The House Of Lords Volume IV (4) New Series 1699-1702.
39509: HOUSE OF LORDS, - The Manuscripts Of The House Of Lords Volume IV (4) New Series 16702-1704.
39507: HOUSE OF LORDS, - The Manuscripts Of The House Of Lords Volume III (3) New Series 1697-1699.
39506: HOUSE OF LORDS, - The Manuscripts Of The House Of Lords Volume II (2) New Series 1695-1697.
39505: HOUSE OF LORDS, - The Manuscripts Of The House Of Lords Volume I (1) New Series 1693-1695.
711556: LORENCE, JAMES J., - Organized Business and the Myth of the China Market: The American Asiatic Association, 1898-1937 (American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia).
40119: LORENZ, KONRAD, - The Natural Science Of The Human Species: An Introduction To Comparative Behavioral Research: The Russian Manuscript 1944-1948.
51142: LORENZ, EDMUND S., - The Church Hymnal the Official Hymnal of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ.
48366: LORENZ, ANGELIKA, - Das Deutsche Familienbild In Der Malerei Des 19. Jahrhunderts.
711882: LORENZ, ALBERT, - Illustrating Architecture.
711702: LORENZ, ELLEN JANE; ZETTERVALL, HOWARD, - Spinet Hymn Transcriptions with Specific Registration for Baldwin (Acrostic) , Conn (Minuet) , Hammond (Spinet) , and Wurlitzer (Spinette) Organs.
8956: LORENZ, KONRAD, - Here Am I--Where Are You? : the Behavior of the Greylag Goose.
160403: DE LORENZI, OTTO, - Combustion Engineering: A Reference Book On Fuel Burning And Steam Generation.
41978: DE LORIMIER, ALFRED A., - The Arthropathies - A Handbook Of Roentgen Diagnosis.
804976: LORING, JOHN, - Tiffany's 20th Century.
9059: LORING, D. H., - Morphology And Sediments Of The Gulf Of St. Lawrence.
48488: LOSCH, AUGUST, - The Economics Of Location.
37291: LOSCH, ANNAMARIA, - World Cars, 1985.
59166: LOSICK, R. CHAMBERLIN, M, - RNA Polymerase (Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Series).
17274: LOSS, ARCHIE K., - W. Somerset Maugham.
804988: LOSSING, BENSON J., - Mathew Brady's Illustrated History of the Civil War, 1861-65 and the Causes That Led Up to the Great Conflict.
17275: LOTCHIN, ROGER W., - San Francisco 1846-1856 From Hamlet To City.
800440: LOTH, CALDER, - The Only Proper Style: Gothic Architecture In America.
220156: LOTTICH, KENNETH V, - New England Transplanted, : a Study of the Development of Educational and Other Cultural Agencies in the Connecticut Western Reserve in Their National and Philosophical Setting.
7466: LOTZ, AILEEN R., - Birding around the World : a Guide to Observing Birds Everywhere You Travel.
160906: LOUCKS, VERNON R, - James Alton James, : a Short Biography.
280438: LOUE, SANA, - Handbook of Immigrant Health.
805055: LOUNSBURY, PAT, - State University of Iowa 1950 Hawkeye Yearbook.
806446: LOUNSBURY, PAT, - 1943 (state University Of Iowa) Hawkeye.
38712: LOUNSBURY, PAT, - 1943 (state University Of Iowa) Hawkeye.
26976: LOUNSBURY, PAT, - State University of Iowa 1950 Hawkeye Yearbook.
57137: LOVE, R. H., - Ladies in the Home & Garden. Glimpses of Women Indoors and out by American Artists 1850-1925.
46850: LOVE, ARNOLD J., - Internal Evaluation: Building Organizations From Within.
39712: LOVE, RICHARD H., - Cassatt: The Independent.
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