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17174: MESESNEL. JANEZ, - France Slana: Watercolors, Paintings And Drawings 1944-1980.
802934: JANIS, HARRIET AND SIDNEY, - Picasso: The Recent Years, 1939-1946.
801992: JANOSIK, ROBERT J., - Encyclopedia of the American Judicial System.
35477: JANSE, OLOV, - Un Groupe De Bronzes Anciens Propres A L'extreme-asia Meridionale.
280021: JANSEN, CHRISTIAN, - Exzellenz Weltweit: Die Alexander-Von-Humboldt-Stiftung Zwischen Wissenschaftsförderung Und Auswärtige Kulturpolitik 1953 - 2003..
240270: JANSEN, MARIUS B., - Japan and Its World: Two Centuries of Change (Brown & Haley Lectures, 1975.).
220734: JANSON, FLORENCE EDITH, - The Background of Swedish Immigration 1840-1930 (The American immigration collection. Series II).
58654: JANSON, E. M. C. M, - De Archipelbuurt En Het Willemspark: De Geschiedenis Van Twee Haagse Woonwijken (Dutch Edition).
32075: JANSON, H. W., - 16 Studies.
120809: JANSSEN, ALFRED, - The Team Behind the Barn-- and Other Stories.
806920: JANSSEN, BARBARA SUIT, - Patent Models Index: Guide to the Collections of the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution: Listings By Patent Number and Invention Name / Listings By Inventor and Residence of Inventor (2 Vols.)..
806919: JANSSEN, BARBARA SUIT, - Patent Models Index: Guide to the Collections of the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution: Listings By Patent Number and Invention Name / Listings By Inventor and Residence of Inventor (2 Vols.)..
60674: JANTZ, HAROLD STEIN, - The Form of Faust: The Work of Art and Its Intrinsic Structures.
59776: JANTZEN, HANS; PALMES, JAMES, - High Gothic the Classic Cathedrals of Chartres, Reims and Amiens.
22776: JANZEN, JOHN M., - The Quest For Therapy In Lower Zaire.
53214: JAPAN, COLLEGE WOMENS ASSOCIATION OF, - Twentieth Annual Print Show, October 17-19, 1975, Tokyo American Club.
53213: COLLEGE WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION OF JAPAN, - College Women's Association of Japan 25th Annual Print Show.
901783: JAPAN, MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY OF & KIYOSI ITO, - Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics.
51921: JARAMILLO-ARANGO, JAIME, - The British Contribution to Medicine.
48310: JARMAN, T. L., - Landmarks In The History Of Education English Education As Part Of The European Tradition.
801105: JARRY, MADELEINE, - Period Needlepoint For Antique Furniture.
36790: JASANI, BHUPENDRA, - Space Weapons: The Arms Control Dilemma.
26162: JASANI, BHUPENDRA, - Outer Space A New Dimension Of The Arms Race.
31793: JASEN, DAVID A., - Spreadin' Rhythm Around: Black Popular Songwriters, 1880-1930.
281337: JASMIN, E. BAJUSZ AND G., - Methods and Achievements in Experimental Pathology (Investigative Techniques, Volume 2).
54298: JASPER, HERBERT H. HOSPITAL, HENRY FORD, - Reticular Formation of the Brain.
7978: JASPER, MARGARET C., - Elder Law.
43446: JASPERS, KARL. ASHTON, E. B., - The Future Of Mankind.
140902: JASTROW, MORRIS, - The Civilization Of Babylonia And Assyria: Its Remains, Language, History, Religion, Commerce, Law, Art And Literature.
42288: JAY, WILLIAM, - Miscellaneous Writings On Slavery.
29897: JAY, KARLA, - Lesbian Texts And Contexts: Radical Revisions.
100709: JAYCOX, ELBERT R., - Beekeeping in the Midwest Circular 1125.
55752: JAYSON, MALCOLM I. V., - Lumbar Spine and Back Pain.
48131: JAYYUSI, SALMA KHADRA, - The Literature Of Modern Arabia: An Anthology.
711599: JEAN, CHARLES-F.; JACOB HOFTIJZER., - Dictionnaire des Inscriptions Sémitiques de l'Ouest..
52725: JEANS, J. H, - The Dynamical Theory of Gases.
52724: JEANS, J. H, - The Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism.
45100: JEANSON, FRANCIS, - Sartre And The Problem Of Morality.
140079: JEFFERIES, RICHARD, - The Old House At Coate and Other Hitherto Unpublished Essays.
19951: JEFFERSON, JOSEPH. DOWNER, ALAN S., - The Autobiography Of Joseph Jefferson.
280354: JEFFERSON, JAMES, - The Southern Utes: a Tribal History.
59611: JEFFREYS, HAROLD & B. S. JEFFREYS, - Methods of Mathematical Physics.
55947: JEFFREYS-JONES, RHODRI, - American Espionage: From Secret Service to CIA.
160302: JEFFREYS, HAROLD, - Scientific Inference.
802902: JELINKOVA, LUDMILLA. EHM, JOSEF, - Castles In Czechoslovakia.
802016: JELLICOE, SIR GEOFFREY, - Guelph Lectures On Landscape Design.
160393: JELLINEK, H. H. G, - Degradation of Vinyl Polymers (Physical Chemistry, a Series of Monographs).
57502: JELLISON, CHARLES A., - Ethan Allen Frontier Rebel.
57682: JENCKS, CHARLES AND ACADEMY,, - A Post-Modern Reader.
220500: JENISON, MARGUERITE EDITH (ED.), - War Documents and Addresses - Illinois in the World War - Vol. VI.
120067: JENKINS, HENRY, - Textual Poachers: Television Fans and Participatory Culture (Studies in Culture and Communication).
100632: JENKINS, PHILIP, - Beyond Tolerance: Child Pornography Online.
48012: JENKINS, IREDELL, - Social Order And The Limits Of Law: A Theoretical Essay.
40363: JENKINS, GLENN L., - The Chemistry Of Organic Medicinal Products.
40362: JENKINS, GLENN L., - The Chemistry Of Organic Medicinal Products.
36435: JENKINS, GLENN L., - The Chemistry Of Organic Medicinal Products.
34125: JENKINS, W. M., - Matrix And Digital Computer Methods In Structural Analysis.
31185: JENKINS, BRIAN, - Fenians And Anglo-american Relations During Reconstruction.
711586: JENKINS, LYNN B. ; KIRSCH, IRWIN S, - Adult Literacy in Iowa Results of the State Adult Literacy Survey.
51497: JENKS, BILL. LUNA, JERRY, - Early American Pattern Glass 1850-1910: Major Collectible Table Settings with Prices.
52794: JENNESS, D., - The Copper Eskimos. Vol. XII. Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913 - 1918. - Southern Party - 1913-16. Part A: the Life of the Copper Eskimos. Part B: Physical Characteristics of the Copper Eskimos. Part C: Osteology and Dentition Western.
100162: JENNETT, BRYAN, - Effect of Carotid Artery Surgery on Cerebral Blood Flow: Clinical and Experimental Studies.
280265: JENNETTE, J. CHARLES, - Immunohistology in Diagnostic Pathology.
710034: JENNINGS, DANA CLOSE, - Days of Steam and Glory.
46518: JENNINGS, M. KENT, - Generations And Politics.
39471: JENNINGS, SIR IVOR, - Party Politics: Volume 1 Appeal To The People Volume 2. The Growth Of Parties. Volume 3. The Stuff Of Politics.
34212: JENNINGS, FRANCIS, - The Creation Of America : Through Revolution To Empire.
281107: JENNINGS, GEORGE J, - Hadith: Composite Middle Eastern Village under a Missions Consultant's Gaze.
11515: JENNINGS, S. GERARD, - Aerosol Effects on Climate.
807412: JENNINGS, JAN & HERBERT GOTTFRIED, - American Vernacular Interior Architecture 1870-1940.
807423: JENNINGS, JAN & HERBERT GOTTFRIED, - American Vernacular Interior Architecture 1870-1940.
220808: JENSEN, H.JAMES, - Muses' Concord: Literature, Music and the Visual Arts in the Baroque Age.
38138: JENSEN, ARTHUR ROBERT, - Bias In Mental Testing.
31414: JENSEN, RICHARD J., - Illinois: A Bicentennial History.
18475: JENSEN, ARTHUR ROBERT, - Bias in Mental Testing.
710810: JENSEN, LYNETTE, - Cozy Quilts: a Collection of Country Flannel Quilts.
901924: JENSEN, JENS CHRISTIAN, - Paul Wunderlich.
807438: JENSEN, KNUD W. ; HOHNEN, DAVID (TRANSLATOR), - Louisiana: Samling Og Bygninger / the Collection and the Buildings.
901506: JENTLESON, BRUCE W. PATERSON, THOMAS G, - Encyclopedia of U. S. Foreign Relations Complete 4 Volume Set.
59983: JENTSCH, WERNER, HARTMUT JETTER, MANFRED KIESSIG & HORST RELLER (HRSG.), - Evangelischer Erwachsenenkatechismus: Kursbuch d. Glaubens (German Edition).
49961: JEPPSON, ROLAND W., - Analysis of Flow in Pipe Networks.
15042: JERMY, T., - The Host-plant In Relation To Insect Behaviour And Reproduction.
23145: JEROME, JOHN, - The Death Of The Automobile: The Fatal Effect Of The Golden Era, 1955-1970.
140194: JERVIC, CUTLER, - A Topographical Description of the State of Ohio, Indiana Territory, and Louisiana (The First American Frontier).
49999: JERVIS, SIMON, - Art & Design in Europe and America 1800-1900.
37983: JERVIS, JOHN B. FITZSIMMONS, NEAL, - Reminiscences Of John B. Jervis: Engineer Of The Old Croton..
36277: JERVIS, HENRY JERVIS-WHITE, - History Of The Island Of Corfu, And Of The Republic Of The Ionian Islands.
46397: JESKE, WALTER E., - Economics, Ethics, Ecology : Roots of Productive Conservation : Based on Material Presented At the 35th Annual Meeting of the Soil Conservation Socie.
901545: JESSE, JOHN HENEAGE, - Memoirs of the Courts of England During the Reign of the Stuarts, Including the Protectorate.
901546: JESSE, JOHN HENEAGE, - Memoirs of the Courts of England from the Revolution in 1868 to the Death of George the Second.
901547: JESSE, JOHN HENEAGE, - Memoirs of the Pretenders and Their Adherents.
23542: JESSEN, RAYMOND J., - Statistical Survey Techniques.
15310: JESSUP, FRANK W., - Sir Roger Twysden 1597-1672.
160297: JEVONS, W. STANLEY; NAGEL, ERNEST, - The Principles of Science: A Treatise on Logic and Scientific Method.
901289: JEWELL, EDWARD ALDEN, - French Impressionists And Their Contemporaries Represented In American Collections.
140183: JEWELL, HELEN M., - English Local Administration in the Middle Ages.
803844: JIANOU, IONEL. CASSOU, JEAN, - Brancusi.
52558: WOODWORTH JIM, - The Kodiak Bear Alaskan Adventure.
21354: JIMENEZ, JUAN RAMON, - Platero And I.
38690: JINDRICH, LION. LUKAS, JAN, - The Old Prague Jewish Cemetery.
26678: JINKINS, MICHAEL, - Power And Change In Parish Ministry.
49854: JOAD, C. E. M., - A Critique Of Logical Positivism.
800434: JOBE, J, - The Romance Of Ballooning The Story Of The Early Aeronauts.
42673: JOBES, GERTRUDE, - Motion Picture Empire.
60249: JOBMAN, DARRELL R, - Global Vision, Hometown Values: a History of Oster Communications First 25 Years.
140556: JOCHUM, PATRICIA, - River's End.
801366: JODICE, MIMMO. HERSEY, GOERGE, - Mimmo Jodice: Mediterranean.
712125: JOE, POOR, - Poor Joe's Iowa Almanack 1978.
710651: JOE, POOR, - Poor Joe's Minnesota Almanack 1977.
38887: JOEDICKE, JURGEN, - A History Of Modern Architecture.
100323: JOFFE, ABRAHAM, - Fusarium Species: Their Biology and Toxicology.
47058: JOGERST, MICHAEL., - Reform in the House of Commons: the Select Committee System..
901861: JOHANNESEN, MATTIAS, - Sverrir Haraldsson.
100835: JOHANNESSON, ERIC O., - The Novels of August Strindberg, A Study in Theme and Structure.
27927: JOHANSEN, ROBERT T., - Chemistry Of Oil Recovery.
10998: JOHANSEN, ROBERT C., - The National Interest And The Human Interest.
806694: JOHN, GERAINT, - Handbook Of Sports And Recreational Building Design: Vol. 4 Sports Data.
802013: JOHN, JASPER. ROSENTHAL, MARK, - Jasper Johns: Work Since 1974.
31310: JOHN, ELIZABETH A. H., - Storms Brewed In Other Men's Worlds: The Confrontation Of Indians, Spanish, And French In The Southwest, 1540-1795.
180113: JOHN, MORTON, AND MINNA EDGAR, - Faith's Foundation.
100279: JOHN, ETC. CLARKE (EDITOR), - Working Class Culture: Studies in History and Theory (Hutchinson University Library).
807362: COLLEGE OF SAINT BENEDICT SAINT JOHN'S UNIVERSITY, - 1983 Saints, College of Saint Benedict Saint John's University Volume XIV (Yearbook Annual).
31353: JOHNPOLL, BERNARD K., - The Impossible Dream: The Rise And Demise Of The American Left.
901610: JOHNS, JASPER. FIELD, RICHARD S., - Jasper Johns Prints 1960-1970.
120096: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A., - Prairie Birds: Fragile Splendor in the Great Plains.
220898: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A., - The Nature of Nebraska: Ecology and Biodiversity (Natural History).
48835: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A, - Birds Of The Great Plains.
41132: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A, - Waterfowl Of North America.
806205: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A., - Cormorants, Darters, and Pelicans of the World.
59676: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A., - Birds of the Great Plains: Breeding Species and Their Distribution.
281371: JOHNSON, A. B. ; DRAKE, STILLMAN, - The Meaning of Words Analysed Into Words & Unverbal Things & Unverbal Things Classified into Intellections, Sensations & Emotions.
711962: JOHNSON, PAUL CORNELIUS, - Farm Inventions in the Making of America.
60551: JOHNSON, THOMAS H., - Also Called Sacajawea: Chief Woman's Stolen Identity.
24954: JOHNSON, A. H., - Whitehead's Theory Of Reality.
806425: JOHNSON, E.D.H., - Paintings of the British Social Scene from Hogarth to Sickert.
801031: JOHNSON, G. WESLEY, - Phoenix Valley Of The Sun.
800510: JOHNSON, J. B., - The Theory And Practice Of Modern Framed Structure.
800016: JOHNSON, PETER, - Toy Armies.
710095: JOHNSON, PAUL CORNELIUS, - Farm Animals in the Making of America.
240190: JOHNSON, HOWARD P., - Agricultural Engineering Century: Iowa State University.
220552: JOHNSON, LYNDON B. (PRESIDENT), - Public Papers of the Presidents; Lyndon B. Johnson 1966. Books I & II. Two Volumes.
58810: JOHNSON, PAUL, - Art: a New History.
58736: JOHNSON, JULIANNE, - Liquid Crystals and Ordered Fluids: Proceedings of an Amer. Chemical Soc. Symposium on Ordered Fluids and Liquid Crystals.
58452: JOHNSON, RICHARD S., - Tqm: Management Processes for Quality Operations (Asqc Total Quality Management Series).
58448: JOHNSON, RICHARD S. & LAWRENCE E. KAZENSE, - Tqm: The Mechanics of Quality Processes (Asqc Total Quality Management Series).
58269: JOHNSON, ROGER A. & ROLAND HERBERT BAINTON, - Psychohistory and Religion : the Case of Young Man Luther.
57706: JOHNSON, HALVARD, - Winter journey.
57636: JOHNSON, HALVARD, - Eclipse.
57068: JOHNSON, DONALD LESLIE, - Frank Lloyd Wright Versus America: the 1930s.
56794: JOHNSON, BURGES, - As I Was Saying.
54636: JOHNSON, P. ADELSTEIN, - The First Century Of Congregationalism In Iowa 1840-1940.
53240: JOHNSON, SALLY A., - Fort Atkinson on the Council Bluffs.
52244: JOHNSON, JAMES WILLIAM, - The Formation of English Neo-Classical Thought.
51753: JOHNSON, ROBERT UNDERWOOD, - Battles and Leaders of the Civil War Volume I Part I.
48955: JOHNSON, JOHN W., - Historic U.S. Court Cases 1690-1990: An Encyclopedia.
48752: JOHNSON, ELIZABETH S., - The Shadow Of Keynes: Understanding Keynes, Cambridge, And Keynesian Economics.
48471: JOHNSON, PETER, - Gordon Of Khartoum (psl Alternative History Series).
47416: JOHNSON, M. R. W. AND F. H. STEWART, - The British Caledonides.
46609: JOHNSON-LAIRD, PHILIP N, - The Computer And The Mind An Introduction To Cognitive Science.
46490: JOHNSON, HAZEL J., - Bank Mergers, Acquisitions & Strategic Alliances: Positioning & Protecting Your Bank In The Era Of Consolidation.
46061: JOHNSON, RAY C., - Optimum Design Of Mechanical Elements.
45970: JOHNSON, SAMUEL. REDFORD, BRUCE, - The Letters Of Samuel Johnson Volume III 1777-1781.
45968: JOHNSON, SAMUEL. REDFORD, BRUCE, - The Letters Of Samuel Johnson Volume I. 1731-1772.
45969: JOHNSON, SAMUEL. REDFORD, BRUCE, - The Letters Of Samuel Johnson Volume II 1773-1776.
43671: JOHNSON, ROBERT B., - Henry De Montherlant.
43306: JOHNSON, MARTIN, - Art And Scientific Thought: Historical Studies Towards A Modern Revision Of Their Antagonism.
43287: JOHNSON, P. ADELSTEIN, - The First Century Of Congregationalism In Iowa 1840-1940.
43286: JOHNSON, P. ADELSTEIN, - The First Century Of Congregationalism In Iowa 1840-1940.
42969: JOHNSON, SAMUEL. MCADAM, E. L., - Samuel Johnson Poems (yale Edition Of The Works Of Samuel Johnson Volume IV (4) ).
42637: JOHNSON, MERLE, - A Bibliography Of The Works Of Mark Twain, Samuel Langhorne Clemens.
41682: JOHNSON, ROBERT KEITH, - Immersion Education : International Perspectives.
39573: JOHNSON, JACK T., - Peter Anthony Dey Integrity In Public Service.
31572: JOHNSON, MERLE, - A Bibliography Of The Works Of Mark Twain, Samuel Langhorne Clemens.
38749: JOHNSON, CARL H., - The Building Of Galena An Architectural Legacy.
38395: JOHNSON, MARILYNN. TRACY, BERRY B., - 19th-century America Furniture And Other Decorative Arts.
38389: JOHNSON, ALFRED FORBES, - Facsimiles And Illustrations No. 1 German Renaissance Title-borders.
35135: JOHNSON, R. P., - Structural Concrete.
34001: JOHNSON, JAMES H., - Housing And The Migration Of Labour In England And Wales.
32234: JOHNSON, E. A. J., - The Foundations Of American Economic Freedom; : Government And Enterprise In The Age Of Washington.
29037: JOHNSON, E. A. J., - The Organization Of Space In Developing Countries.
28393: JOHNSON, D. GALE, - The Role Of Markets In The World Food Economy.
28049: JOHNSON, HARRY G., - Economic Nationalism In Old And New States.
27989: JOHNSON, PETER, - New Firms: An Economic Perspective.
27988: JOHNSON, IRVIN E., - Selling Real Estate By Mortgage-equity Analysis.
27321: JOHNSON, RICHARD M, - The Dynamics Of Compliance Supreme Court Decision-making From A New Perspective.
24075: JOHNSON, J. C., - Plant Growth Regulators And Herbicide Antagonists: Recent Advances.
25077: JOHNSON, CLIFTON, - Old-time Schools And School-books.
25068: JOHNSON, ROBERT, - Culture And Crisis In Confinement.
25063: JOHNSON, CLIFTON, - Old-time Schools And School-books.
25064: JOHNSON, CLIFTON, - Old-time Schools And School-books.
25060: JOHNSON, CLIFTON, - Old-time Schools And School-books.
59825: JOHNSON, WALTER GILBERT, - August Strindberg (Twayne's World Authors Series #410).
901232: JOHNSON, DIANE CHALMERS, - American Art Nouveau.
21721: JOHNSON, ALEXANDER BRYAN, - A Treatise On Language.
100304: JOHNSON, JOYCE L., - Roman Oratorio, 1770-1800: The Repertory at Santa Maria in Vallicella (Studies in Musicology, 91).
120449: JOHNSON, SAMUEL, - Johnson on Johnson: a Selection of the Personal and Autobiographical Writings of Samuel Johnson (1709-1784).
18625: JOHNSON, GENE, - Ship Model Building.
18413: JOHNSON, DOROTHY M., - The Bloody Bozeman.
43189: JOHNSON, HILDEGARD BINDER, - Order Upon The Land: The U.s. Rectangular Land Survey And The Upper Mississippi Country.
160759: JOHNSON, MERLE; BLANCK, JACOB, REVISED AND ENLARGED BY, - Merle Johnson's American First Editions.
16585: JOHNSON, DAVID ALAN, - Founding The Far West: California, Oregon, And Nevada, 1840-1890.
40271: JOHNSON, SAMUEL. HYDE, DONALD, - Samuael Johnson: Diaries, Prayers And Annals.
13065: JOHNSON, BRIAN,, - Fly Navy: the History of Naval Aviation.
12725: JOHNSON, CLIFTON, - A Book Of Clouds And Sunshine.
12014: JOHNSON, COLLEEN LEAHY, - EX Familia: Grandparents, Parents and Children Adjust to Divorce.
11202: JOHNSON, PAULINE, - Creative Bookbinding.
10927: JOHNSON, ARNOLD H., - Encyclopedia Of Food Technology.
10532: JOHNSON, GLENN L., - Social Science Agricultural Agendas And Strategies.
8452: JOHNSON, J. H., - Mathematical Revolution Inspired by Computing: Based on the Proceedings of a Conference on the Mathematical Revolution Inspired by Computing, Organized by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and Held At Brighton Polytechnic in April.
6973: JOHNSON, JAMES B., - The Multibus Design Guidebook : Structures, Architectures, and Applications.
4609: JOHNSON, DAVID WESLEY, - Hamline University, a History.
1520: JOHNSON, ERIC R., - Servomechanisms.
901431: JOHNSON, ALLEN, - Dictionary Of American Biography (complete Set Plus 10 Volume Supplement Plus Comprehensive Index).
901852: JOHNSON, STEPHEN V., - Nebraska Insects.
711316: JOHNSON, ERNEST W., - A Collection of Ernie's Editorials 1962-1987, Published in the College of Medicine Journal.
280463: JOHNSON, JOHN W., - Historic U.S. Court Cases 1690-1990: An Encyclopedia.
280474: JOHNSON, JOHNNY R., - Introduction to Digital Signal Processing.
281214: JOHNSON, HILDEGARD BINDER, - German Forty-Eighters in Davenport, Iowa Journal of History and Politics, Vol 44, No 1, January, 1946;.
711926: JOHNSON, PAUL CORNELIUS, - Farm Power in the Making of America.
140026: JOHNSON, CARROLL B., - Don Quixote: The Quest for Modern Fiction (Twayne's Masterwork Studies).
160400: JOHNSON, EVERETT R, - The Radiation-Induced Decomposition of Inorganic Molecular Ions.
807316: JOHNSON, JAY & WILLIAM C. KETCHUM JR. & ROBERT BISHOP, - American Folk Art of the Twentieth Century.
160662: JOHNSTON, ADELIA A. FIELD; KEELER, HARRIET L., - The Life of Adelia A. Field Johnston Who Served Oberlin College for Thirty-Seven Years ...
51513: JOHNSTON, PATRICIA CONDON. RUNK, JOHN, - Stillwater: Minnesota's Birthplace.
35797: JOHNSTON, R. J., - The American Urban System A Geographical Perspective.
281630: JOHNSTON, EDITH, - Regional Dances of Mexico.
711334: JOHNSTON, DUDLEY E., - Exotic Animal Medicine in Practice: the Compendium Collection. Two Volume Set..
13369: JOHNSTON, RANDOLPH WARDELL, - The Book Of Country Crafts.
2982: JOHNSTON, KENNETH R., - Wordsworth and the Recluse.
807005: JOHNSTON, RICHARD S. AND DIETLEIN, LAWRENCE F., - Biomedical Results from Skylab NASA SP-377.
37546: JOHRI, C. K., - Industrialism And Employment Systems In India.
140615: JOINT MILITARY INTELLIGENCE COLLEGE; SWENSON, RUSSELL G. ; LEMOZY, SUSANA C., - Intelligence Professionalism in the Americas.
37231: JOLLES, ROBERT L., - How To Run Seminars And Workshops : Presentation Skills For Consultants, Trainers, And Teachers.
60036: JONES, WILLIAM THOMAS, - A History of Western Philosophy, Volume 4: Kant to Wittgenstein and Sartre.
100299: JONES, SAMUEL, - Pittsburgh in the Year 1826 (American Environmental Studies).
711534: JONES, W. J, - The Foundations of English Bankruptcy: Statutes and Commissions in the Early Modern Period (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society ; V. 69, Pt. 3).
60069: JONES, ALEXANDER, - Jerusalem Bible.
802574: JONES, EDGAR R., - Those Were The Good Old Days A Happy Look At American Advertising, 1880-1930.
801376: JONES, PETER C., - The Changing Face Of America.
800862: JONES, THOMAS C., - The Halls Of Fame: Featuring Specialized Museums Of Sports, Agronomy, Entertainment, And The Humanities.
800722: JONES, ALLEN, - Sheer Magic.
710070: JONES, FRANK N. ET. AL., - Two Thousand (2000) Years of Calligraphy a Three Part Exhibition - a Comprehensive Catalogue.
280110: JONES, VINCENT C., - Manhattan: The Army and the Atomic Bomb (United States Army in World War II, Special Studies).
240343: JONES, CLIFFORD M., - New Testament Illustrations (Cambridge Bible Commentaries on the New Testament).
58497: JONES, MAX, - The Last Great Quest: Captain Scott's Antarctic Sacrifice.
57722: JONES, WILLIAM THOMAS, - A History of Western Philosophy, Volume 4: Kant to Wittgenstein and Sartre.
39944: JONES, J. T., - Ceramics: Industrial Processing And Testing.
55135: JONES, WILLIAM E., - Equine Sports Medicine.
54518: JONES, JR., J. KNOX & DAVID M. ARMSTRONG & ROBERT S. HOFFMANN & CLYDE JONES, - Mammals of the Northern Great Plains.
54402: JONES, LAURENCE CLIFTON, - Piney Woods and its Story.
53057: JONES, WILLIAM THOMAS, - A History of Western Philosophy, Volume IV Kant to Wittgenstein and Sartre.
52251: JONES, OAKAH L. JR, - Pueblo Warriors and Spanish Conquest.
51302: JONES, JOHN PAUL, - Memoirs of Rear Admiral John Paul Jones: Compiled from His Original Journals and Correspondence.
48884: JONES, A. R., - The Ciliates.
48043: JONES, RICHARD FOSTER, - Ancients And Moderns: A Study Of The Rise Of The Scientific Movement In Seventeenth-century England.
47606: JONES, DAVID A. MULLEN, THOMAS W., - Blow Molding.
46839: JONES, RAYMOND E., - Characters In Children's Literature.
42840: JONES, H. G, - The Records of a Nation-Their Management, Preservation, and Use.
41240: JONES, MOTHER. STEEL, EDWARD M., - The Speeches And Writings Of Mother Jones.
41095: JONES, J. KNOX, - Mammals Of The Northern Great Plains.
36267: JONES, EVAN, - Citadel In The Wilderness The Story Of Fort Snelling And The Northwest Frontier.
35414: JONES, DONALD L., - State Municipal Leagues: The First Hundred Years : 1900-1999.
34558: JONES, BARRY E., - Instrumentation, Measurement, And Feedback.
33716: JONES, PAUL M., - Logical Data Base Design.
33146: JONES, BYRAN D., - The Sustaining Hand: Community Leadership And Corporate Power.
23821: JONES, PETER W., - Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons Third International Symposium On Chemistry And Biology.
31141: JONES, MICHAEL, - Finland: Daughter Of The Sea.
30833: JONES, HARDY E., - Kant's Principle Of Personality.
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807330: KIMBALL, DONALD L., - A Sesquicentennial History of Iowa: Volume Two. the Settlement of Iowa.
807332: KIMBALL, DONALD L., - A Sesquicentennial History of Iowa: Volume Five. from Century to Century 1884-1914.
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180145: KIMPEL, BEN, - The Symbols of Religious Faith.
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901789: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - The Works of Rudyard Kipling: the Authorized Edition.
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52292: KIRBY, RICHARD SHELTON. LAURSON, PHILIP GUSTAVE, - The Early Years of Modern Civil Engineering.
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45941: KIRKENDALL, RICHARD S., - Uncle Henry: A Documentary Profile Of The First Henry Wallace.
43444: KIRKENDALL, RICHARD S., - The Truman Period As A Research Field.
325: KIRKHAM, E. KAY., - Survey Of American Church Records: Major Denominations Before 1880..
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42761: KIRKPATRICK, JOHN ERVIN, - Timothy Flint, Pioneer, Missionary, Author, Editor, 1780-1840; : The Story Of His Life Among The Pioneers And Frontiersmen In The Ohio And Mississippi Valley And In New England And The South.
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803731: KIRKWOOD, JOHN. KIRKWOOD, ANNE, - History in Cartoons from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties Presented to Mr. and Ms. Galen Trail on the Occasion of Their Wedding.
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220491: KIRTLEY, JAMES SAMUEL, - Salesman's Sample: Half-Hour Talks on Character Building: by Self-Made Men and Women, Easy Bible Stories for Young People. Children Stories of Animal Life. (Salesman's Sample).
807456: KISCH, HERBERT, - Prussian Mercantilism and the Rise of the Krefeld Silk Industry; : Variations Upon an Eighteenth-Century Theme (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
41371: KISSIN, BENJAMIN, - The Biology Of Alcoholism: Vol. 2 Biology Of Alcoholism: Physiology And Behavior.
37725: KISSINGER, WARREN S, - The Lives Of Jesus: A History And Bibliography.
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280210: KIT, EDWARD, - Software Testing In The Real World: Improving The Process.
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140488: KITT, THEODOR; SMITH, ALLEN, - Text Book of Comparative General Pathology.
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160793: KIWANIS CLUB OF DES MOINES, IOWA, - Fifty Golden Years. Golden Anniversary Kiwanis Club of Des Moines [Iowa] (Downtown) 1920-1979.
160127: KIWANIS,, - Songs of Kiwanis, with Words and Music of Songs for All Occasions.
18266: KLAMKIN, MARIAN, - Old Sheet Music : A Pictorial History.
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160897: KLAPERMAN, GILBERT; GOLDBERG, ARTHUR J. (INTRO), - The Story of Yeshiva University -- the First Jewish University in America.
41663: KLARE, HUGH J., - Changing Concepts Of Crime And Its Treatment.
33821: KLAREN, PETER F., - Modernization, Dislocation, And Aprismo; : Origins Of The Peruvian Aprista Party, 1870-1932.
21864: KLARMAN, HERBERT E., - Economics Of Health.
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7986: KLASS, LEON R., - Toward a More Natural Science: Biology and Human Affairs.
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100135: KLAUBER, LAURENCE M., - Rattlesnakes: Their Habits, Life Histories, and Influence on Mankind, Abridged edition.
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710905: KLEIHUES, JOSEF P.; SHKAPICH, KIM, - Josef P. Kleihues: The Museum Projects.
39191: KLEIJNEW, JACK P. C., - Statistical Techniques In Simulation Parts I And II.
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49725: KLEIN, F, - Famous Problems And Other Monographs.
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28660: KLEIN, L. R., - An Essay On The Theory Of Economic Prediction.
43340: KLEIN, HERBERT S., - Slavery In The Americas: A Comparative Study Of Cuba And Virginia.
42737: KLEIN, CHARLES J., - Aghvook, White Eskimo: Otto Geist And Alaskan Archaeology.
30010: KLEIN, MALCOLM W., - The American Street Gang: Its Nature, Prevalence, And Control.
27730: KLEIN, FELIX, - Elementary Mathematics From An Advanced Standpoint: Arithmetic Algebra Analysis.
25995: KLEIN, NORMAN M., - Seven Minutes The Life And Death Of The American Animated Cartoon.
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61105: KLEIN, LAWRENCE ROBERT, - An Essay on the Theory of Economic Prediction (Markham Economics Series).
2508: KLEIN, LAWRENCE EDITED BY JAIME MARQUEZ, - Economic Theory and Econometrics.
280564: KLEIN, JOHANNES, - Geschichte der deutschen Lyrik von Luther bis zum Ausgang des Zweiten Weltkriegs.
59101: KLEIN, HANNY LIGHTFOOT & ELLEN COLE & ESTHER D ROTHBLUM, - A Woman's Odyssey into Africa: Tracks Across a Life (Haworth Women's Studies).
11637: KLEINMAN, ARTHUR, - Medicine In Chinese Cultures: Comparative Studies Of Healh Care In Chinese And Other Societies.
806505: KLEINSCHMIDT, ROBERT D., - An Architect Collects.
56207: VON KLEIST, HELBLING, ROBERT E, - Novellen Und Asthetische Schriften.
20278: KLEJMENT, ANNE, - Berrigans: A Bibliography Of Published Works By Daniel, Philip, And Elizabeth Mcalister Berrigan.
31907: KLEMENT, FRANK L., - The Limits Of Dissent: Clement L. Vallandigham & The Civil War.
43335: KLEMKE, E. D., - Studies In The Philosophy Of G. E. Moore.
27357: KLEMM, FRIEDRICH, - A History Of Western Technology.
801232: KLENGEL, HORST, - The Art Of Ancient Syria; : Pre-islamic Monuments Of The Syrian Arab Republic.
55960: KLEPPER, ROBERT F., - A Concordance of the Pilgrim Hymnal.
59082: KLESSMANN, CHRISTOPH, - Die Doppelte Staatsgründung Deutsche Geschichte 1945-1955.
59817: KLIMO, JONATHAN, - Hellcoal Annual Two.
280813: KLINE, TILDE S., - Handbook of Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Cytology.
53491: KLINE, PAUL, - Personality Measurement and Theory.
53281: KLINE, GORDON M., - Analytical Chemistry Of Polymers: Part III Identification Procedures And Chemical Analysis.
281339: KLING, DAVID H., - The Synovial Membrane and the Synovial Fluid with Special Reference to Arthritis and Injuries of the Joints.
280380: KLING, ALICE JANE, - America's Contemporary Craftsmen: a Way of Work, a Way of Life.
41296: KLINGAMAN, DAVID C., - Essays On The Economy Of The Old Northwest.
280888: KLINGELHOFER, ERIC, - Settlement and Land Use in Micheldever Hundred, Hampshire, 700-1100 (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
800421: KLINGENDNER, FRANCIS, - Animals In Art And Thought To The End Of The Middle Ages..
7857: KLINGLER, RICHARD, - The New Information Industry : Regulatory Challenges and the First Amendment.
17367: KLINKOWITZ, JEROME, - Donald Bartholme: A Comprehensive Bibliography And Annotated Secondary Checklist.
17366: KLINKOWITZ, JEROME, - Their Finest Hours: Narrative Of The R.a.f. And Luftwaffe In World War II.
17598: KLINKOWITZ, JEROME, - Literary Disruptions: The Making Of A Post-contemporary American Fiction.
27954: KLITZ, J. KENNETH, - North Sea Oil: Resource Requirements For U.k. Development.
36774: KLOMAN, ERASMUS H., - Assignment Algiers: With The Oss In The Mediterranean Theater.
59409: KLOPPENBORG,, - Shape of Q: Signal Essays on the Sayings Gospel.
802057: KLOSS, WILLIAM, - Art In The White House : A Nation's Pride.
55519: KLOSTERMAIER, DORIS M., - Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach: The Victory of a Tenacious Will (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought).
54032: KLOTMAN, PHYLLIS R., - Frame by Frame a Black Filmography.
48254: KLOTZKO, ARLENE JUDITH, - A Clone Of Your Own?.
49647: KLUGE, MANFRED. RADLER, RUDOLF, - Hauptwerke Der Deutschen Literatur: Einzeldarstellungen Und Interpretationen.
10259: KLUGE, ARNOLD G., - Chordate Structure and Function.
52937: KNAACK, MARCELLE SIZE, - Encyclopedia of US Air Force Aircraft and Missle Systems, Vol 1 Post World War II Fighters, 1945-1973.
26223: KNACK, MARTHA C., - As Long As The River Shall Run.
47134: KNAPP, JOSEPH G., - Farmers In Business Studies In Cooperative Enterprise.
40835: KNAPP, RICHARD F., - Play For America National Recreation Association 1906-65.
34234: KNAPP, MONA, - Doris Lessing.
29369: KNAPP, JOSEPH G., - The Advance Of American Cooperative Enterprise 1920-1945.
3081: KNAPP, JOSEPH G., - The Rise Of American Cooperative Enterprise: 1620-1920.
17600: KNAPTON, ERNEST JOHN, - Revolutionary And Imperial France, 1750-1815.
140226: KNAUFF, ELLEN RAPHAEL, - The Ellen Knauff Story.
806384: KNAUST, REBECCA; HUGHES, MAURICE, - The Complete Guide to La Boheme.

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