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033615: JELLOUN, TAHAR BEN - This Blinding Absence of Light
045275: JENISH, D'ARCY - The Montreal Canadiens: 100 Years of Glory
034189: JENKINS, CLAUDE; K.D. MACKENZIE [EDS.] - Episcopacy, Ancient and Modern
045117: JENKINS, JOHN (REV.) - A Protestants Appeal to the Douay Bible And Other Roman Catholic Standards, in Support of the Doctrines of the Reformation.
032745: JENKINS, ELIZABETH - The Mystery of King Arthur
9900000936: JENNESS, DIAMOND - Eskimo Administration: V. Analysis and Reflections
049787: JENNESS, DIAMOND - Indians of Canada
9900041926: JENNESS, DIAMOND - Indians of Canada
9900029440: JENNESS, DIAMOND - The Corn Goddess and Other Tales Forom Indian Canada
050953: JENNESS, DIAMOND - The Indians of Canada (Sixth Edition) Bulletin 65: Anthropological Series, No. 15
9900029437: JENNESS, DIAMOND - Indians of Canada
017910: JENNINGS, PAYNE - Sun Pictures of the Norfolk Broads One Hundred Photographs from Nature of the Rivers and Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk
9900039000: JENNY, DR. A. / TRANSLATED BY WINIFRED LEWIS - The Anodic Oxidation of Aluminium and Its Alloys
054440: JENSEN, DERRICK - The Culture of Make Believe
9900037308: JERDAN, WILLIAM - Original Documents Illustrative of the Courts and Times of Henry VII and Henry VIII...
029678: KLINKOWITZ, JEROME AND JOHN SOMER - The Vonnegut Statement Original Essays on the Life and Work of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
033983: JEROME, JEROME K. - Diary of a Pilgrimage And Six Essays
9900025686: BARLOWE, JEROME AND ROYE, WILLIAM - Rede Me and Be Nott Wrothe
046675: JEROME, JEROME K. - Three Men in a Boat
9900034765: TWETON D. JEROME - The Marquis de Mores Dakota Capitalist / French Nationalist
9900026385: JEROME, JEROME K. - Told After Supper with 96 or 97 Illustrations by Kenneth M. Skeaping
9900029678: JERRMANN, EDWARD - St. Petersburg: Its People; Their Character and Institutions
9900039055: JERROLD, DOUGLAS - Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures and Other Stories and Essays
9900040714: JERROLD, WALTER - Douglas Jerrold and 'Punch'
9900022669: JESSE, F. TENNYSON - Act of God
9900028113: JESSE, TENNYSON F. (ED) - Trial of Madeleine Smith
9900044432: JESSIMAN, JIM - Hinge of a Nation Fort William 1805-1971
054457: [WINNIPEG JETS; BOBBY HULL] - Souvenir Yearbook of the Winnipeg Jets 1972-1976
9900045446: JEWETT, PAULINE - A Structure Study of the Canadian Nurses' Association
025300: JOHN JEWITT - White Slaves of Maquinna John R. Jewitt's Narrative of Capture and Confinement at Nootka
9900024345: JEWITT, LLEWELLYNN - The Wedgwoods: Being a Life of Josiah Wedgwood; with Notices of His Works and Their Productions, Etc.
050037: JILEK, WOLFGANG G. - Indian Healing: Shamanic Ceremonialism in the Pacific Northwest Today
9900034934: JIMENEZ, ANTONIO NUNEZ - The Journey of the Havana Cigar
053651: JOAN, NATALIE; LADY MIDDLETON; E.E. COWPER; ET AL. - Blackie's Girls' Annual
046775: WISSINGER, JOANNA AND RAYMOND GROLL - Arts and Crafts Metalwork and Silver
049058: JOBIN, F. L.; R. E. GROSE - City of the Rivers
9900043141: JOERG, W. L. G. - Brief History of Polar Exploration Since the Introduction of Flying
9900040382: BARNES JOEY - King of Obsolete Cat Train Newsletters
052553: BOOS, JOHANN AND PETER CASS - Classical and Modern Methods in Summability
020878: KILLEEN, JOHANNE AND GEORGE GERMON - On Top of Spaghetti... ...Macaroni, Linguine, Penne, and Pasta of Every Kind
9900031304: JOHANNESSON, SIGRID - Some Silent Shore
9900040759: [MEMBERS OF OXFORD MOVEMENT] JOHN HENRY NEWMAN, EDWARD BOUVERIE PUSEY, JOHN KEBLE, ET AL. - Plains Sermons by Contributors to the 'Tracts for the Times. ' Vol. VII.
028975: MILLER, JOHN AND BENEDICT COSGROVE - Gluttony Ample Tales of Epicurean Excess
9900040761: [MEMBERS OF OXFORD MOVEMENT] JOHN HENRY NEWMAN, EDWARD BOUVERIE PUSEY, JOHN KEBLE, ET AL. - Plains Sermons by Contributors to the 'Tracts for the Times. ' Vol. II. / New Edition
9900018754: JOHN, DAVID G. - The German Nachspiel in the Eighteenth Century
053534: DUNNINGM JOHN - The Bookman's Promise
9900035314: TWITCHETT, JOHN AND BETTY BAILEY - Royal Crown Derby
9900040760: [MEMBERS OF OXFORD MOVEMENT] JOHN HENRY NEWMAN, EDWARD BOUVERIE PUSEY, JOHN KEBLE, ET AL. - Plains Sermons by Contributors to the 'Tracts for the Times. ' Vol. IV.
9900042334: ST. JOHN, JUDITH (AFTERWORD) - The History of the Celebrated Nanny Goose and the History of the Price Renardo and the Lady Goosiana
9900043809: BRADBURY, JOHN AND TERRY PRIMAS - Old Pulaski in Pictures
9900000740: JOHN, AUGUSTUS - Chiaroscuro: Fragments of Autobiography
9900037629: TAYLOR, JOHN / WITH A MEMOIR BY WILLIAM GEORGE - Antiquarian Essays Contributed to the 'Saturday Review'
9900029064: ST. JOHN, PETER (EDITOR) - Mackenzie King to Philosopher King: Canadian Foreign Policy in the Modern Age
9900037409: FERGUSON, JOHN AND E. L. ROBERTS (EDS.) - The Manitoban Celebrating Manitoba's 125th Anniversary
9900028141: CROSSLAND, JOHN AND J. M. PARRISH (EDS.) - The Boys' and Girls' Adventure Book
9900008762: JOHNHETT - Our Glorious Future a Novel in Two Parts / the Miracle Child / the Battle of the Spritis
036988: TATTOO JOHNNY - Tattoo Johnny: 3,000 Tattoo Designs
043225: CASH, JOHNNY AND PATRICK CARR - Cash The Autobiography
015140: JOHNPOLL, BERNARD K. - The Politics of Futility The General Jewish Workers Bund of Poland, 1917-1943
028677: JOHNS, ETHEL - The Winnipeg General Hospital; School of Nursing, 1887 - 1953
034480: JOHNS, CATHERINE - Sex or Symbol Erotic Images of Greece and Rome
019828: JOHNSON, W. JOHN [ROGER NEWMAN, ED.] - Decade of Dreams The 70s
023786: JOHNSON, DENIS - Nobody Move
9900043084: DAVIES, K. G. (ED.) ASSISTED BY A. M. JOHNSON WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY RICHARD GLOVER - Letters from Hudson Bay 1703-40
9900043085: DAVIES, K. G. (ED.) / ASSISTED BY A. M. JOHNSON / WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY GLYNDWR WILLIAMS - Northern Quebec and Labrador Journals and Correspondence 1819-35
9900043088: RICH, E. E. (EDITOR) ASSISTED BY A. M. JOHNSON WITH A FOREWORD BY THE CHAIRMAN - James Isham's Observations on Hudsons Bay, 1743
033159: JOHNSON, PAUL M. - Creators From Chaucer and Durer to Picasso and Disney
016468: JOHNSON, W. JOHN - From Steeds to Stars Memoirs of W. John Johnson
039545: JOHNSON, SAMUEL, JOHN HAWKESWORTH, MR. TOWN, ETC. - British Essayists / 3 Compound Volumes Including: The Spectator; the Rambler, the Idler, the Adventurer, the Conoisseur; the Tatler, the Guardian
039986: JOHNSON, PAUL - Intellectuals
9900032862: JOHNSON, L. P. V., AND OLA MACNUTT - Aberhart of Alberta
042214: JOHNSON, PAUL - Creators From Chaucer and Dürer to Picasso and Disney
040528: JOHNSON, STEVE; SHELDON OBERMAN - The Folk Festival Book The Stories of the Winnipeg Folk Festival
052456: JOHNSON, KURT; STEVE COATES - Nabokov's Blues: The Scientific Odyssey of a Literary Genius
043149: JOHNSON, DENIS - Already Dead: A California Gothic
042933: JOHNSON, PAUL - Churchill
052997: JOHNSON, PAUL - Mozart A Life
044106: JOHNSON, DENIS - The Laughing Monsters
044803: JOHNSON, STEVEN - How We Got to Now Six Innovations That Made the Modern World
045142: JOHNSON, J.E. ('JOHNNIE') - Full Circle The Story of Air Fighting
9900035497: JOHNSON, W. JOHN - From Steeds to Stars
9900020561: JOHNSON, EDGAR - Charles Dickens His Tragedy and Triumph
046195: JOHNSON, E. PAULINE (TEKAHIONWAKE) - Legends of Vancouver
046660: JOHNSON, SAMUEL; JAMES BOSWELL - Journies of the Western Isles A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland; The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides
9900043374: JOHNSON, PETER - A Rugby Memoir
049796: PASHAWONEEBINDEE (RALPH JOHNSON); GINOOSHA CLAN (THE GREAT NORTHERN PIKE) - Eagle Feathers, Eagle Whistles & Dream Catchers (Aboriginal Teachings & Philosophies 5)
051369: JOHNSON, PAULINE - Creative Bookbinding
054803: JOHNSON, GILLIAN - Thora
049797: PASHAWONEEBINDEE (RALPH JOHNSON); GINOOSHA CLAN (THE GREAT NORTHERN PIKE) - The Creation & Origin Stories: The Midawin Teachings (Aboriginal Teachings & Philosophies 1)
055155: JOHNSON, DENNIS F. - York Boats of the Hudson's Bay Company Canada's Inland Armada
041742: JOHNSON, SKULI - Selected Odes of Horace
9900034038: JOHNSON, CROCKETT - Barnaby and Mr O'Malley
9900029301: JOHNSON, GEORGE [PREPARED BY] - Louisiana Purchase Exposition 1904 / Canada Its History, Productions and Natural Resources
049798: PASHAWONEEBINDEE (RALPH JOHNSON); GINOOSHA CLAN (THE GREAT NORTHERN PIKE) - Indian Names & "Namesake" (Aboriginal Teachings & Philosophies 3)
9900029793: JOHNSON, LIONEL - The Art of Thomas Hardy
9900037002: TEKAHIONWAKE (E. PAULINE JOHNSON) - Flint and Feather
050492: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland
9900042295: [IVAN EYRE] / ESSAY BY DONALDA JOHNSON - Eyre with Honour
9900020635: JOHNSON, SAMUEL, LL.D.; AIKIN, JOHN, M.D. - The Works of the English Poets. With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical: Re-Edited with New Biographical and Critical Matter / Complete Six Volume Set The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser, from the Text of J. Upton, with a Preface, Biographical and Critical
049803: PASHAWONEEBINDEE (RALPH JOHNSON); GINOOSHA CLAN (THE GREAT NORTHERN PIKE) - The Sacred Lodges of the Ojibway (Aboriginal Teachings & Philosophies 9)
9900043091: RICH, E. E. (EDITOR) ASSISTED BY A. M. JOHNSON WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY E. G. R. TAYLOR - Copy-Book of Letters Outward &C Begins 29th May, 1680 Ends 5 July, 1687
048414: JOHNSON, CLIVE - The Devil's Labyrinth Encounters with the Arctic
046972: JOHNSON, IAN - A Mosque in Munich
051633: WALTER JOHNSON - Journals of Gilbert White
9900043118: RICH, E. E. (EDITOR) ASSISTED BY A. M. JOHNSON WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY K. G. DAVIES - Hudson's Bay Copy Booke of Letters Commissions Instructions Outward 1688-1696
049727: JOHNSON, STEVE; SHELDON OBERMAN - The Folk Festival Book: The Stories of the Winnipeg Folk Festival
9900044716: JOHNSON, VICTOR H. - Bold Moment (the Horncasters)
055506: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Selected Essays
049799: PASHAWONEEBINDEE (RALPH JOHNSON); GINOOSHA CLAN (THE GREAT NORTHERN PIKE) - The Sacred Pipes (Aboriginal Teachings & Philosophies 6)
9900044181: JOHNSON, P. DEMAREST - Claudius the Cowboy of Ramapo Valley / a Story of Revolutionary Times in Southern New York.
038816: JOHNSON, DENIS - Tree of Smoke A Novel
9900039983: JOHNSON, JAMES S. - A Contribution to the Structure of Northern Baffin Bay and Lancaster Sound
9900043451: JOHNSON, E. PAULINE - Flint and Feather the Complete Poems
052197: JOHNSON, ADAM - The Orphan Master's Son
049802: PASHAWONEEBINDEE (RALPH JOHNSON); GINOOSHA CLAN (THE GREAT NORTHERN PIKE) - The Clan System (Aboriginal Teachings & Philosophies 4)
049800: PASHAWONEEBINACE (RALPH JOHNSON); GINOOSHA CLAN (THE GREAT NORTHERN PIKE) - Pow-Wows: The Traditional & Competition (Aboriginal Teachings & Philosophies 2)
049801: PASHAWONEEBINDEE (RALPH JOHNSON); GINOOSHA CLAN (THE GREAT NORTHERN PIKE) - Noquasegun, Sweet Grass, Tobacco, Cedar & Sage (Aboriginal Teachings & Philosophies 8)
9900042265: JOHNSON, SKULI - The Constitution of New Iceland
9900038478: JOHNSON, DR. SAMUEL [WRITING ANONYMOUSLY] - The Prince of Abissinia a Tale in Two Volumes [Rasselas]
9900032155: JOHNSON, JAMES, M.D. - An Essay on Morbid Sensibility of the Stomach and Bowels As the Proximate Cause or Characteristic Condition of Indigestion Etc.
9900034973: RICH, E. E. (ED.) / ASSISTED BY A. M. JOHNSON / WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY W. L. MORTON - London Correspondence Inward from Eden Colvile 1849-1852
037158: JOHNSON, DENIS - The Laughing Monsters A Novel
053310: STEVEN JOHNSON - The Ghost Map The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic--and How It Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World
9900043116: [SAMUEL BLACK] RICH, E. E. (ED.) ASSISTED BY A. M. JOHNSON WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY R. M. PATTERSON - A Journal of a Voyage from Rocky Mountain Portage in Peace River to the Sources of Finlays Branch and North West Ward [Etc]
JA028890: JOHNSON, HALDOR; PHILLIP PETURSSON [EDS.] - Brautin: ŕrsrit Hins Sameinađa Kirkjufélags íslendinga í NorđUr-Ameríku / Complete 9 Volumes [The Way: Icelandic Federated Conference of North America [Unitarian Church], 1944-1952]
9900031298: JOHNSON, J. RAGNAR (ED.) - Manitoba Bar News Volumes 1 - 6 October, 1928 - June, 1934
9900027536: JOHNSON, ALEXANDER B. - An Inquiry Into the Nature and Value of Capital and Into the Operation of Government Loans Banking Institutions and Etc.
9900043096: RICH, E. E. (EDITOR) ASSISTED BY A. M. JOHNSON WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY DR. BURT BROWN BARKER - Peter Skene Ogden's Snake Country Journals 1824-25 and 1825-26
9900040794: JOHNSON, CHARLES PLUMPTRE - Hints to Collectors of Original Editions of the Works of William Makepeace Thackeray
9900034081: RICH, E. E. (ED.) / ASSISTED BY A. M. JOHNSON / WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY W. L. MORTON - London Correspondence Inward from Eden Colvile 1849-1852
052181: JOHNSON, DIANE - Dashiell Hammett: A Life
9900040227: BOZOZUK, M., G. H. JOHNSTON AND J. J. HAMILTON - Deep Bench Marks in Clay and Permafrost Areas
018864: JOHNSTON, J.T. - Report on the Winnpeg River Power and Storage Investigations Water Resources Paper No. 3 Volume II
023899: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - The Navigator of New York
9900044105: JOHNSTON, R. [ROBERT] - The CIVIL Service Spelling-Book, Containing All Words Likely to Be Misspelled
9900030482: JOHNSTON, SIR HARRY - Pioneers in Canada
046245: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - A World Elsewhere
049410: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - The Custodian of Paradise
9900029981: JOHNSTON, HUGH - The Voyage of the Komagata Maru the Sikh Challenge to Canada's Colour Bar
9900009571: JOHNSTON, ALEX. KEITH - School Atlas of Classical Geography... With a Complete Index of Plates / a New and Enlarged Edition
054103: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - The Colony of Unrequited Dreams
054124: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - The Navigator of New York
9900025194: JOHNSTON, STEVE (NARRATOR) - The Bible
9900028622: JOHNSTON, JAMES - Westminster Voices Studies in Parliamentary Speech
052369: JOHNSTON, JOHN; NICK CARTER - Strong by Night 'Fortis Nocte': History and Memories of No. 149 (East India) Squadron Royal Air Force 1918/19-1937/56
052183: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - Baltimore's Mansion A Memoir
9900034467: JOHNSTON, JAMES - Grenfell of Labrador
9900037114: JOLYS, J.-M. / J.-H. COTE - Pages de Souvenirs Et D'Histoire la Paroisse de Saint-Pierre-Jolys Au Manitoba
9900045529: BARWISE, JON ET AL. (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 49, Number 3, September 1984
9900045404: BARWISE, JON ET AL (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 3, Number 3, September 1938
9900045352: BARWISE, JON ET AL (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 48, Number 4, December 1983
9900045408: BARWISE, JON ET AL (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 53, Number 2, June 1988
9900045409: BARWISE, JON ET AL (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 53, Number 3, September 1988
9900045532: BARWISE, JON ET AL. (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 50, Number 2, June 1985
9900045346: BARWISE, JON ET AL (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 48, Number 2, June 1983
055206: BARWISE, JON ET AL. (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 51, Number 2, June 1986
055207: BARWISE, JON ET AL. (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 51, Number 3, September 1986
9900045530: BARWISE, JON ET AL. (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 49, Number 4, December 1984
9900045531: BARWISE, JON ET AL. (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 50, Number 1, March 1985
9900045528: BARWISE, JON ET AL. (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 49, March 1984
9900042393: GERRARD, JON WITH GARY GIRARD - Battling for a Better Manitoba a History of the Provincial Liberal Party
9900045410: BARWISE, JON ET AL (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 53, Number 4, December 1988
9900045407: BARWISE, JON ET AL (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 52, Number 2, June 1987
9900045533: BARWISE, JON ET AL. (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 50, Number 3, September 1985
9900045347: BARWISE, JON ET AL (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 48, Number 3, September 1983
9900045406: BARWISE, JON ET AL (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 52, Number 1, March 1987
9900045405: BARWISE, JON ET AL (EDS.) - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 3, Number 4, December 1938
041273: JONASSON, JONAS - Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All
9900030711: JONASSON, G. N. LOUISE - Minningar Um Ey [Island Souvenir]
9900039822: JONASSON, ERIC - Untangling the Tree Organizational Systems for the Family Historian
9900039821: JONASSON, ERIC [COMPILED FOR LARUS A. SIGURDSON BY ERIC JONASSON) - The Ancestry of Jon Jonsson of Grund, 1846-1943
045338: SWIFTM JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels
017922: JONES, MARY HOXIE - Swords Into Ploughshares An Account of the American Friends Service Committee 1917-1937
020411: DUNCAN-JONES, KATHERINE, COMP. - Shakespeare's Life and World
024722: JONES, BART - Hugo! The Hugo Chavez Story from Mud Hut to Perpetual Revolution
036562: JONES, EDWARD P. - Lost in the City Stories
041967: JONES, TERRY - Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book
9900031668: JONES, GEOFFREY P. - Autumn of the U-Boats
9900033916: JONES, F. C. - Japan
043996: JONES, EDWARD P. - The Known World
045532: JONES, BRUCE; SANDY KING; TRENT OLSON - John Carpenter's: Asylum City of Angels, Hearts of Darkness: Volume 1
049845: JONES, PETER; KEITH SIDWELL - The World of Rome An Introduction to Roman Culture
046399: JONES, KAREN M. - From a to Z A Folk Art Alphabet
052470: JONES, ESYLLT W. - Influenza 1918 Disease, Death, and Struggle in Winnipeg
047206: DUNCAN-JONES, KATHERINE, COMP. - Shakespeare's Life and World
9900000352: JONES, MAX & CHILTON, JOHN - Louis the Louis Armstrong Story
9900033527: JONES, C. MEREDITH - Some Observations on the Present State of Canadian French
9900008766: JONES, CLAUDE P. - The Countersign a Story of Tibet
9900032151: JONES, TRISTAN - The Improbable Voyage
9900029806: JONES, JAMES - From Here to Eternity
9900030358: JONES, MAX - The Last Great Quest Captain Scott's Antarctic Sacrifice
055653: JONES, BILL - The Savoury Mushroom Cooking with Wild and Cultivated Mushrooms
9900045251: JONES, ROBERT H. - Building Futures: A History of Investors Group
052389: JONES, JACK - Let Me Take You Down: Inside the Mind of Mark David Chapman, the Man Who Killed John Lennon
049765: JONES, EDWARD P. - The Known World
9900045241: JONES, OWEN - The Psalms of David
9900043487: JONES, E. R. (COMPILED BY) - Tunes of Tom the Tiler
9900038827: JONES, HORACE - A Solitary Pilgrim an Autobiography
047529: JONES, PETER - Elvis
9900036279: JONES, DOROTHY C. - Changes in Population Structure in the Aleutian Islands / Isegr Research Note No. A-2, December 1970
9900032485: JONES, DAVID C. - Midways, Judges, and Smooth-Tongued Fakirs the Illustrated Story of Country Fairs in the Prairie West
9900035096: JONSDOTTIR, INGUN - Bokin Min
052514: JONSON, BEN - Epicoene or the Silent Woman
9900038878: JONSON, BEN / FRANCIS BEAUMONT / JOHN FLETCHER - The Dramatic Works of Ben Jonson, and Beaumont and Fletcher the First Printed from the Text, and with the Notes of Peter Whalley
052704: JONSON, BEN; ROBERT N. WATSON (ED.) - Every Man His Humour (New Mermaids)
052703: JONSON, BEN; G. R. HIBBARD (ED.) - Bartholmew Fair (New Mermaids)
9900042148: JONSSON, GISLI (RISTJORI) - Timarit Thjodraeknisfelags Islendinga / Thritugasti Og Sjoundi Argangur 1955 / XXXVII. Ar.
053984: JONSSON, GUDLAUGUR - Bondinn a Heidinni Og Fleiri Sagnir
9900037048: JONSSON, MAGNUS (ED.) - Idunn Julif - Okt. IX, 3 1925
014000: JORDAN, TERRY - Beneath That Starry Place
037855: JORDAN, BASS - The Future Dictionary of America A Book to Benefit Progressive Causes in the 2004 Elections
043673: JORDAN, NEIL - Shade
052296: JORDAN, BASS (ED.) - The Future Dictionary of America
9900042350: JORDAN, JUNE - Niagara Falls
9900034800: JORDAN, MARY - To Louis from Your Sister Who Loves You Sara Riel
037323: JORDAN, NEIL - A Neil Jordan Reader Night in Tunisia and Other Stories, The Dream of a Beast and The Crying Game
9900039663: JORDON, TERRY - It's a Hard Cow
054832: JORGENSEN, MIRIAM (ED.) - Rebuilding Native Nations Strategies for Governance and Development
9900042755: COLLINS, JOSEPH AND HENRY E. MARKS, MDS - The Early Diagnosis of Spinal Cord Tumors [an Article in the American Journal of the Medical Sciences, January, 1915]
9900037465: ADDISON, JOSEPH AND RICHARD STEELE - The Spectator. With Sketches of the Lives of the Authors, and Explanatory Notes.
029309: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M. - The Patriot Chiefs: A Chronicle of American Indian Resistance
039712: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M. - The Indian Heritage of America
042028: JOSEPHY, JR, ALVIN M. - The Nez Perce Indians And the Opening of the Northwest
012653: WEDGWOOD, JOSIAH AND ETHEL WEDGWOOD - The Road to Freedom and What Lies Beyond
9900035422: STRONG, REV. JOSIAH / WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY PROF. AUSTIN PHELPS - Our Country Its Possible Future and its Present Crisis
9900043803: BAUM, FRANK JOSLYN AND RUSSELL P. MACFALL - To Please a Child a Biography of L. Frank Baum / Royal Historian of Oz
036389: JOUDREY, M C - Charleswood Road Stories
9900040573: JOUDRY, PATRICIA - O Listen! a New Three Act Play
023220: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
036712: JOYCE, JAMES; RUSSEL, MYRA TEICHER (ED.) - James Joyce's Chamber Music The Lost Song Settings
054875: JOYCE, JAMES - Dubliners
028246: JOYCE, JAMES; ANDERSON, CHESTER G. [ED.] - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man: Text, Criticism, and Notes
050682: JOYCE, JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
046117: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
046150: JOYCE, JAMES - Dubliners
9900028760: JOYCE, WALTER W. - Moorside Tales and Talk
051389: JOYCE, JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
054799: JOYCE, RACHEL - The Music Shop
9900043363: DAVIS, JOYCE AND KIM DUNNICK (EDS.) / TRANLATED BY OLGA BRASLAVSKY - The Memoirs of Timofei Dokshizer an Autobiography / Based Upon the Original Russian Edition of 'Trumpeter on a Horse'
052032: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
9900042944: JOYCE, JOANNE - Tall-Grass Prairie Conservation Project / Final Report / April 1989
049105: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
9900017948: JOYCE, JAMES - Giacomo Joyce
051584: JOYCE, JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
9900022463: JOYCE, JAMES - Exiles a Play in Three Acts
9900045414: JOYCE, M.S. (INTRO.) - 402 'City of Winnipeg' Squadron: 50th Anniversary
023244: SMITH JR., JOSEPH - The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ
053148: COLLINS JR., HENRY B. - Prehistoric Art of Alaskan Eskimo (with 24 Plates)
049178: SINCLAIR JR., GORDON - Cowboys and Indians: The Shooting of J.J. Harper
050838: STEWART JR., GEORGE - Canada Under the Administration of the Earl of Dufferin
052475: ROOS JR., FRANK J. - Bibliography of Early American Architecture: Writings on Artchitecture Constructed Before 1860 in Eastern and Central United States
039764: JUBINVILLE, W. L.; EDMOND LAVOIE, LEO BLAIS, AND ALEXANDRE BOULET - Dédicace A la mémoire des anciens curés
051999: JUDAH, TIM - Kosovo: War and Revenge
9900043383: [JUDAICA] - Family Who's Who
030057: JUDITH , ANODEA - Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self
9900033360: JUETTNER, OTTO, M.D. - Physical Therapeutic Methods a Handbook of Drugless Medical Practice (Including a Chapter on Radiography)
050527: CHILD, JULIA AND ALEX PRUD'HOMME - My Life in France
9900017804: 'JULIE' - My Nights and Days
039914: AL JUNDI, SAMI; JEN MARLOWE - The Hour of Sunlight: One Palestinian's Journey from Prisoner to Peacemaker
043071: JUNGERSEN, CHRISTIAN - The Exception
049868: JURRIENS, HENNY (DIR.) - Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet
042007: JURY, WILFRED; ELSIE, MCLEOD JURY - Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons
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055509: JUSTINIAN - The Digest of Roman Law Theft, Rapine, Damage, and Insult
051677: JYOTI, SWAMI AMAR - Immortal Light The Blissful Life and Wisdom of Swami Amar Jyoti
051385: KAFKA, FRANZ - The Metamorphosis, in the Penal Colony, and Other Stories
054969: KAFKA, FRANZ - The Castle
054049: KAFKA, FRANZ - Franz Kafka Stories 1904-1924
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049485: KAFKA, FRANZ - The Penal Colony
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050563: KAGAN, SHELLY - Death
049700: KAGAN, DONALD - The Peloponnesian War
053043: KAGAN, DONALD - Thucydides
9900044918: KAHANE, RABBI MEIR - Our Challenge the Chosen Land
048706: KAIDEE, MAY; JO THAVON - Thai Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbook
051524: KAISER, OTTO - Introduction to the Old Testament A Presentation of Its Results and Problems
9900034264: KAITA, FRED (ED.) - Niverville a History 1878-1986
019172: KALEN, HENRY - Henry Kalen's Winnipeg
035816: KALFUS, KEN - Pu-239 and Other Russian Fantasies
014693: KALLAY, KAROL - Fotografie = Photographs
9900039641: KALMIN, RICHARD - The Sage in Jewish Society of Late Antiquity
9900036337: KAMBOURELI, SMARO - In the Second Person
032557: KAMENKA, E - Marxism and Ethics
040504: KAMIENSKI, JAN - 100 Cartoons
015045: VAN DER KAMP, W. - The Heart of the Matter An Approach to a Study in Scriptural Cosmology
9900043102: KANE, PAUL - Wanderings of an Artist Among the Indians of North America from Canada to Vancouver's Island and Oregon... .
046410: KANE, ART - The Persuasive Image How a Portraitist and Story Teller Illuminates Our Changing Future
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049300: KANE, FRANK - Bullet Proof
9900037167: [ PAUL KANE ET AL ] - The Canadian Journal, a Repertory of Endustry, Science, and Art; and a Record of the Proceedings of the Canadian Institute
027638: KANIUT, LARRY - Danger Stalks the Land Alaskan Tales of Death and Survival
044475: KANN, ROBERT A. - A History of the Habsburg Empire: 1526-1918
031632: KANON, JOSEPH - The Good German
048222: KAPLAN, FRED - 1959 The Year Everything Changed
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9900017273: KAPPI, LEONI, ED. - Inuit Legends
041704: KAPUSCINSKI, RYSZARD - The Shadow of the Sun
042514: RYSZARD KAPUSCINSKI - The Shadow of the Sun
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013135: KARAMESSINES, SUSAN - United States Indian Tribal Courts: A Bibliography Social Science Notes - 6
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049259: KARLINSKY, AMY ; MARY CARPENTER REID; DENNIS COOLEY - Figure Ground Paintings And Drawings of Ivan Eyre
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047172: ADLER-KARLSSON, GUNNAR - Reclaiming the Canadian Economy A Swedish Approach through Functional Socialism
9900039292: SCHREYER, KARMEL AND INCORPORATING THE JOURNALS OF JOHN JAMES SCHREYER - By the Banks of the Brokenhead One Life - and One Summer - on the Canadian Prairie
047438: KARP, MARCELLE - The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order
043039: KARSH, EFRAIM; INARI RAUTSI - Saddam Hussein: A Political Biography
043709: KARSH, YOUSUF - Regarding Heroes
9900041162: KARSH, YOUSUF - Karsh Canadians
9900026266: KARSH, YOUSUF - In Search of Greatness Reflections of Yousuf Karsh
041110: KARSH, YOUSUF - Karsh: American Legends
9900034396: KARSH, YOUSUF - Karsh Canadians
9900021798: KATAYEV, VALENTIN - A Mosaic of Life Memoirs of a Russian Childhood
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016624: KATZ, JACOB - Tradition and Crisis Jewish Society at the End of the Middle Ages
041182: KATZ, JANE - Artists in Exile American Odyssey
054869: KATZ, JERROLD J. - Realistic Rationalism
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051142: KAVAN, ANNA - Let Me Alone; a Scarcity of Love
045144: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Lord of Emperors
045837: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Ysabel
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042768: KAZANTZAKIS, NIKOS - Zorba the Greek
054734: KAZANTZAKIS, NIKOS - The Greek Passion
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051900: KEALEY, LINDA [EDITOR] - A Not Unreasonable Claim Women and Reform in Canada, 1880s-1920s
050721: KEAN, SAM - The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons The History of the Human Brain as Revealed by True Stories of Trauma, Madness, and Recovery
052837: KEAN, SAM - The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons The History of the Human Brain as Revealed by True Stories of Trauma, Madness, and Recovery
043972: KEANE, JOHN - Vaclav Havel: A Political Tragedy in Six Acts
9900000069: KEATING, BERN - The Northwest Passage
9900016698: KEATING, WILLIAM H. - Narrative of an Expedition to the Source of St Peter's River, Lake Winnepeek, Lake of the Woods, Performed in the Year 1823
016476: KECSKEMETI, PAUL; THE RAND CORPORATION - Strategic Surrender The Politics of Victory and Defeat
053852: KEDOURIE, ELIE - Nationalism
049251: KEE, ED - Saving Our Harvest The Story of the Mid Atlantic Region's Canning & Freezing Industry
9900043771: O'KEEFFE, TIMOTHY (ED.) - Alienation
9900037116: O'KEEFFE, ELAINE, ZULMA CHERLET, AND YVONNE DELICHTE (EDS.) - Wittevrongel 1888-2004
051732: KEEGAN, JOHN - The Mask of Command A Study of Generalship
055538: KEEGAN, JOHN - The Face of Battle
049521: KEEGAN, JOHN - The First World War
9900039863: KEEN, W. W., M.D. - Amputation of the Entire Upper Extremity (Including the Clavicle and Scapula) for Sarcoma Following Fracture of Clavicle
046873: KEEN, STEVE - Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis?
050766: KEEN, STEVE - Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis? (the Future of Capitalism)
039961: KEENAN, THOMAS P. - Techno Creep The Surrender of Privacy and the Capitalization of Intimacy
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048412: KEENE, JARRET - Monster Fashion
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9900015290: KEENLEYSIDE, DAVID - The Land Beyond
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9900016215: WILSON, KEITH AND ANTOINE S. LUSSIER - Off and Running Horse Racing in Manitoba
042697: LYDON, JOHN; ZIMMERMAN, KEITH AND KENT - Rotten: No Irish - No Blacks - No Dogs The Authorized Autobiography of Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols
046585: KEITH, DARREN, ET AL. - Inuit Qaujimaningit Nanurnut / Inuit Knowledge of Polar Bears A project of the Gjoa Haven Hunters' and Trappers' Organization
9900038040: KEITH, MARIAN - A Gentleman Adventurer
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9900000738: KELLER, BETTY - Pauline: A Biography of Pauline Johnson
9900032383: KELLER, BETTY - Black Wolf the Life of Ernest Thompson Seton
9900037526: KELLER, BETTY - Black Wolf the Life of Ernest Thompson Seton
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053582: KELLEY, ROBIN D. G. - Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original
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053639: KELLY, CALEB (ED.) - Sound
9900040049: KELLY, HOWARD A. - Operative Gynecology / Two Volumes
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032595: KEN , ADACHI - The Enemy That Never Was: A History of the Japanese Canadians
9900003432: COATES, KEN AND FRED MCGUINESS - The Keystone Province / an Illustrated History of Manitoba Enterprise
9900043801: ZEILIG, KEN AND VICTORIA ZELIG - Ste. Madeleine Community without a Town Metis Elders in Interview
9900037108: ZEILIG, KEN AND VICTORIA - Ste. Madeleine Community without a Town Metis Elders in Interview
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047247: KENDALL, PAUL MURRAY - Richard III
053551: KENDALL, EZRA - Spots of Wit and Humor
049100: KENDALL, RALPH S. - The Luck of the Mounted A Tale of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police
040722: WALTER KENDRICK - The Secret Museum Pornography in Modern Culture
041500: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Gossip from the Forest
046512: KENEALLY, THOMAS - American Scoundrel The Life of the Notorious Civil War General Dan Sickles
052358: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Schindler's List
9900045102: KENNAN, GEORGE - Siberia and the Exile System
031300: KENNEDY, DES - Climbing Patrick's Mountain
9900045235: KENNEDY, W. W. - To Understand Is to Forgive: Revealing Letter by Louis Riel / Article Clipping from November 1942
9900043308: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - The Ink Truck
9900043309: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Legs a Novel
047569: KENNEDY, DIANA - Mexican Regional Cooking Originally Published as Recipes from the Regional Cooks of Mexico
9900026600: KENNEDY, LUDOVIC - Pursuit the Chase and Sinking of the Battleship Bismarck
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012300: KENNEDY, WILLIAM SLOANE - Wonders and Curiosities of the Railway or Stories of the Locomotive in Every Land
9900045269: KENNER, HUGH. - Wyndham Lewis.
9900044649: KENNEY, JAMES F. - The Founding of Churchill
053507: KENNEY, MART - Mart Kenney and His Western Gentlemen
9900034702: KENNEY, JAMES F. - The Founding of Churchill
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9900036254: KENT, GROUP CAPTAIN J. A. - One of the Few
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045074: KEPLER, LARS - The Hypnotist
9900013572: KEPPEL, CAPTAIN THE HON. HENRY - The Expedition to Borneo of H.M. S. Dido: For the Suppression of Piracy / Complete Two Volume Set With extracts from the journal of James Brooke, Esq. of Sarawak
9900036596: ENGLISH TRANSLATION BY WALTER C. A. KER - Martial Epigrams
030537: [VAN DE KERCKHOVE] - Van de Kerckhove Family Reunion Cookbook: July 26, 27, 28 1991
032712: KERMAN, PIPER - Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison A Memoir
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050282: KERMODE, FRANK - An Appetite for Poetry
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034066: KEROUAC, JACK - Jack Kerouac: Selected Letters
034853: KEROUAC, JACK - Doctor Sax and the Great World Snake
9900029207: KEROUAC, JACK - The Subterraneans
048182: KEROUAC, JACK - On the Road
048474: KEROUAC, JACK - Atop an Underwood Early Stories and Other Writings
049577: KEROUAC, JACK - Mexico City Blues 242 Choruses
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002772: KERR, DONALD C., ED. - Westerm Canadian Politics: The Radical Tradition
9900040531: KERR, WILFRID - Arms and the Maple Leaf / the Memoirs of Wilfrid Kerr, Canadian Field Artillery, 1918
047944: KERR, PHILIP - The Other Side of Silence
048304: KERR, DON - Talkin Basie
9900032887: KERR, AUBREY - Leduc
055390: KERR, ILLINGWORTH - Paint and Circumstance
9900045239: KERR, ILLINGWORTH - Paint and Circumstance
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9900043009: KERRY, COLONEL A. J., AND MAJOR W. A. MCDILL - The History of the Corps of the Royal Canadian Engineers / Volume I 1749 - 1939
9900034039: KERSH, GERALD - The Ugly Face of Love
046851: KERSHAW, IAN - The End
055673: KERSHAW, ALEX - Blood and Champagne The Life and Times of Robert Capa
044416: KERSTEN, JASON - The Art of Making Money The Story of a Master Counterfeiter
025326: KERTESZ, IMRE - Kaddish for a Child Not Born
053806: KERTÉSZ, IMRE; TOM WILKINSON (TRANS.) - Fatelessness
035828: KERTZER, DAVID I. - Prisoner of the Vatican The Popes, the Kings, and Garibaldi's Rebels in the Struggle to Rule Modern Italy
020365: KESEY, KEN - One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
040100: KESEY, KEN - Demon Box
054796: KESEY, KEN - One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
9900030367: KETCHUM, MILO S. - The Design of Mine Structures
9900035273: KETILSSON, MAGNUS / THORKELL JOHANNESSON - Stiftamtmenn Og Amtmenn a Islandi 1750 Til 1800
046788: KETTLE, MICHAEL - Churchill and the Archangel Fiasco Russia and the Allies, 1917-1920
051979: KEY, JOSHUA - The Deserter's Tale The Story of an Ordinary Soldier Who Walked Away from the War in Iraq
055483: KEYES, DANIEL - Flowers for Algernon
051432: KEYNES, GEOFFERY - A Study of the Illuminated Books of William Blake Poet. Printer. Prophet
017544: KHADDURI, MAJID - Republican 'Iraq A Study in 'Iraqi Politics Since the Revolution of 1958
054750: KHALIDI, TARIF (TRANS.) - The Qur'an
046617: AL KHALIFA, MAI BINT MOHAMMED - In a World of Your Own
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054159: KHANDALAVALA, KARL, ED. - Mewar Painting Lalit Kala Series Portfolio No. 23
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053224: KHAYYAM, OMAR; EDWARD FITZGERALD - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
047602: KHAYYAM, OMAR; FITZGERALD, EDWARD, TRANS. - Rubáiyát of Omar KhayyáM and the Saláman and AbsáL of JáMí Rendered into English Verse by Edward FitzGerald
049628: KHAYYAM, OMAR - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
045263: KHIN, YVONNE M. - Collectors Dictionary of Quilt Names and Patterns
9900039818: KIDD, BETTY H. - Using Maps in Tracing Your Family History
041424: KIDD, SUE MONK - The Secret Life of Bees A Novel
051497: KIDDER, TRACY - Strength in What Remains
043317: KIDDER, TRACY - House
055376: KIENDL, ANTHONY (ED.) - Space Camp 2000 Uncertainty, Speculative Fictions and Art
055659: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN - Attack Upon "Christendom
9900009699: KIEV, ARI - Magic, Faith, and Healing: Studies in Primitive Psychiatry Today
020520: KILBOURN, WILLIAM - The Firebrand William Lyon Mackenzie and the Rebellion in Upper Canada
044336: KILBOURN, WILLIAM - The Firebrand William Lyon Mackenzie and the Rebellion in Upper Canada
026974: KILDARE, KIB - Beyond the Dreams of Alice
039708: KILFORD, CHRISTOPHER R. - The Other Cold War: Canada's Military Assistance to the Developing World, 1945-1975
040190: KIMBALL, JEFFREY - Nixon's Vietnam War
034869: KIMBERLING, BRIAN - Snapper
017535: KIMISSARJEVSKI, V. - Le Theatres de Moscou
9900034249: KIMLEY, DAVID - The Use of Credit Instruments in the United States
033801: KINCAID, JAMAICA - A Small Place
043582: KINCAID, JAMAICA - Annie John
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044035: KINDLEBERGER, CHARLES P. - World Economic Primacy 1500-1990
052112: KINEW, WAB - The Reason You Walk
054510: KING, STEPHEN - The Outsider A Novel
021097: KING, STEPHEN, AND F-STOP FITZGERALD - Nightmares in the Sky Gargoyles and Grotesques
025894: KING, THOMAS - Green Grass, Running Water
026345: KING, BOB - The Hat's in the Ring
053380: KING, STEPHEN - Misery
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035211: KING, DOROTHY N. - Santa's Merry Carnival
039468: KING, EDWARD - Vestiges of Oxford Castle or a Small Fragment of a Work, Intended to be Published Speedily; on The History of Ancient Castles; and on the Progress of Architecture
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053602: KING, STEPHEN - The Tommyknockers
044537: KING, THOMAS - The Back of the Turtle
046032: KING, DAVID - Death in the City of Light The Serial Killer of Nazi-Occupied Paris
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055048: KING, ROSS - Defiant Spirits The Modernist Revolution of the Group of Seven
9900028994: [CANADA] [PARLIAMENT] [HOUSE OF COMMONS] [W. L. MACKENZIE KING] - Speech of Rt. Hon. W.L. Mackenzie King, M.P. Prime Minister of Canada on the Defence of Canada
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9900042703: KING, LARRY - Cnn [Transcript of 'Perot Debates Vice President Gore on Nafta' on 'a Larry King Special' Air Date: November 9, 1993]
037378: KING, JOHN - White Trash
055472: THOMAS KING - Green Grass, Running Water
053878: KING, STEPHEN - From a Buick 8
053689: KING, STEPHEN - Joyland
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053867: KING, STEPHEN - The Tommyknockers
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9900039454: KYLE, GALLOWAY (ED.) - The Poetry Review May June 1916 Vol. VII No. 3
053452: KYLE, JOHN - Design for Industrial Arts (Two Volumes of Three) Vol. 1: Woodwork; Vol. 2: Metal-Work
039184: BRAVO, KYLE AND JENNY LEBLANC - Making Stuff & Doing Things A Collection of DIY Guides to Doing Just About Everything
9900045092: KYLE, DONALD G. - Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome
052690: KYLE, DAVID A. - A Pictorial History of Science Fiction
9900019125: KYNE, PETER B - The Parson of Panamint
015853: WAUGH, SCOTT L. AND PETER D. DIEHL, EDS. - Christendom and Its Discontents Exclusion, Persecution, and Rebellion, 1000-1500
9900037978: HAMMOND, J. L. AND BARBARA HAMMOND - The Village Labourer 1760-1832 a Study in the Government of England Before the Reform Bill
9900037977: HAMMOND, J. L. AND BARBARA HAMMOND - The Skilled Labourer 1760-1832
046651: THOMPSON, JERRY L. AND SUSAN VOGEL - Closeup Lessons in the Art of Seeing African Sculpture, From an American Collection and the Horstmann Collection
9900031016: MACMILLAN, R. L. AND J. F. MUSTARD (EDS.) - Anticoagulants and Fibrinolysins
9900026831: GRANATSTEIN, J. L. AND PETER NEARY (EDS.) - The Good Fight Canadians and World War II
9900007312: SMILEY, TERAH L. AND JAMES H. ZUMBERGE (EDITORS) - Polar Deserts and Modern Man
9900033263: GETTY, IAN A. L. AND DONALD B. SMITH (EDS.) - One Century Later Western Canadian Reserve Indians Since Treaty 7
9900029796: GRANATSTEIN, J. L. AND PAUL STEVENS - Canada Since 1867 a Bibliographical Guide
9900003110: NORTHRIDGE W.L. - Disorders of the Emotional and Spiritual Life
055612: NAYLER, J. L. AND E. OWER - Aviation of to-Day Its History and Development
9900033471: RUSSELL, CECIL L. ET AL - Medicine and Writing
9900012513: GOUDGE, H. L. AND THE REV. ALBAN HEATH - The British Israel Theory / a Reply
9900030452: LANGEVIN H. L. - Colombie Britannique Rapport de L'Hon. H.L. Langevin, C.B. , Ministre Des Trauvaux Publics
041038: LABOCCETTA, MARIO [ILLUST.] - Tales of Hoffmann
051865: [CONNAUGHT MEDICAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES] - Insulin: A Handbook for Diabetic Patients
053963: LABUTE, NEIL - Fat Pig
025743: LACEY, ROBERT - Sotheby's Bidding for Class
9900040428: LACEY, G. M. [GLADYS MARGARET LACEY] - On Reeds from Niso's Stream
9900032499: LACEY, PETER - The Muskeg Limited the First 80 Years of the Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway
9900023627: LACEY, ROBERT - The Life and Times of Henry VIII
040530: PIERRE CHADERLOS DE LACLOS - Les Liaisons Dangereuses
045637: LACZ, KEVIN; ETHAN E. ROCKE; LINDSAY LACZ - The Last Punisher A Seal Team Three Snipers Account of the Battle of Ramadi
031594: LAFFIN, JOHN - The French Foreign Legion
029941: LAGASSE, EMERIL - Emeril's Potluck Comfort Food with a Kicked-Up Attitude
046553: LAGER, JAMES L. - Leica Illustrated Guide I 1925-1975
048728: LAGERCRANTZ, DAVID - The Girl in the Spider's Web A Lisbeth Salander Novel
048839: LAHIRI, JHUMPA - Interpreter of Maladies
054414: LAHIRI, JHUMPA - Interpreter of Maladies
054507: LAHIRI, JHUMPA - Unaccustomed Earth
037828: LAHIRI, JHUMPA - The Lowland A Novel
035881: LAHIRI, JHUMPA - Interpreter of Maladies Stories
9900016943: LAHR, JOHN - Notes on a Cowardly Lion
9900040472: LAI, DAVID CHUENYAN - Chinatowns Towns Within Cities in Canada
052262: LAINEZ, MANUEL MUJICA; MARY FITTON (TRANS.) - The Wandering Unicorn
9900033164: LAING, JANET (ED.) - The Honeycombers a Narrative by John James Pettigrew
9900027653: GERIN-LAJOIE, A. - Jean Rivard
026318: [TOWN OF BLAINE LAKE AND RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF BLAINE LAKE #434] - Bridging the Years Era Of Blaine Lake And District; 1790 -1980
054471: LAKHNAVI, GHALIB; ABDULLAH BILGRAMI; MUSHARRAF ALI FAROOQI (TRANS.); HAMID DABASHI (INTRO.) - The Adventures of Amir Hamza Lord of the Auspicious Planetary Conjunction
9900000145: LAL, KANWAR - The Cult of Desire
9900044041: LALONDE, ROBERT - Le Petit Aigle a Tete Blanche
055367: LALONDE, CHRISTINE - Beauty in a Common Thing / la Beaute Dans Une Chose Ordinaire Drawings and Prints by L.L. FitzGerald / Les dessins et estampes de L.L. FitzGerald
033855: LALOR, GEORGE - The Foot of the River
9900044382: LALOR, GEORGE - The Foot of the River
024682: LAM, VINCENT - Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures Stories
031638: LAM, VINCENT - The Headmaster's Wager
034378: LAM, VINCENT - Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures Stories
051888: DALAI LAMA - Freedom in Exile The Autobiography of the Dalai Lama
016709: LAMARTINE, A. DE / ALEXANDRE DUMAS / ANNETTE MARIE MAILLARD - The Wanderer and His Home / with / George; or, the Planter of the Isle of France / and / Zingra, the Gipsy Three complete books, bound in one
030413: LAMARTINE, A. DE - Jocelyn Journal Trouve Chez un Cure de Village
9900031596: LAMARTINE, ALPHONSE DE - Travels in the East, Including a Journey to the Holy Land / with a Memoir of the Author / Vol. II
9900028503: LAMARTINE, ALPHONSE (MARIE LOUIS) DE - Histoire de la Revolution de 1848
025342: LAMB, JAMES B. - In Love and War The Delanceys at Waterloo
027250: LAMB, GREGOR - The Place-Names of South Ronaldsay & Burray
027509: LAMB, CHARLES - Elia of Elia and Eliana / 2 Volume Set
045848: LAMB, CHARLES; MARY LAMB - Tales from Shakespeare
9900040960: LAMB, JOHN - Questions and Answers on the Construction and Operation of Diesel, Semi-Diesel and Other Internal Combustion Engines Etc.
9900044514: LAMB, W. KAYE (ED.) - The Journals and Letters of Sir Alexander Mackenzie
9900030045: LAMB, HAROLD - Suleiman the Magnificent Sultan of the East
051678: LAMB, JAMES B. - On the Triangle Run
9900040197: LAMB, HENRY / ARRANGED FOR THE PIANO BY - Childhood's Familiar Songs
9900008038: LAMB, CHARLES / INTRODUCTION BY ERNEST RHYS - The Letters of Charles Lamb
9900043679: LAMB, CHARLES & MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
042101: LAMBERT, BETTY - Sqrieux-de-Dieu a play
035916: LAMEY, ANDY - Frontier Justice The Global Refugee Crisis and What To Do About It
032567: LAMOTT, ANNE - All New People
045285: LAMOTT, ANNE - Blue Shoe
044009: DI LAMPEDUSA, GIUSEPPE TOMASI - The Professor and the Siren
047948: GIUSEPPE DI LAMPEDUSA - The Leopard
047870: LAMPORT, FELICIA - Light Metres
031091: LANCHESTER, JOHN - The Debt to Pleassure
055133: LANCTOT, MARK; PIERRE LAPOINTE - Yannick Pouliot
052891: LANDAU, RONNIE S. - The Nazi Holocaust
034884: LANDER, CHRISTIAN - Stuff White People Like A Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions
044971: LANDES, DAVID S. - Revolution in Time Clocks and the Making of the Modern World
038137: LANDIS, PAUL - Four Famous Greek Plays The Medea of Euripides / The Oedipus Rex of Sophocles / The Frogs of Aristophanes / The Agamemnon of Aeschylus
9900034147: SAVAGE-LANDOR, A. HENRY - Everywhere the Memoirs of an Explorer
055117: LANDRY, PIERRE - Geoffrey Farmer
9900042205: LANDRY, HON. P. - Speech on Manitoba Boundaries / the Senate Debates / First Session - Twelfth Parliament / Ottawa, Monday, March 25, 1912.
9900013427: LANDSTROM, BJORN - Columbus
028172: LANE, HARRIET - Alys, Always A Novel
054431: LANE, NICK - Power, Sex, Suicide Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life
9900031651: LANE, MARGARET - Edgar Wallace the Biography of a Phenomenon
050916: LANE, FREDERIC C. - Venice: A Maritime Republic
051386: LANE, PATRICK - Deep River Night A Novel
052652: LANG, ANDREW - A Monk of Fife Being the Chronicle Written by Norman Leslie of Pitcullo, Concerning Marvellous Deeds That Befell the Realm of France, in the Years of our Redemption, MCCCCXIX-XXXI. Now First Done Into English out of the French by Andrew Lang.
055149: LANGAGER, CRAIG; JOHN MACEWAN; SYNTHIA SHORT - Dialogues The Winnipeg perspective 1984
018264: LANGDON, JOHN EMERSON - Canadian Silversmiths and Their Marks 1667 - 1867
037926: LANGDON, JOHN E. - Clock & Watchmakers in Canada: 1700 to 1900
9900042723: LANGELIER, GILLES - National Map Collection General Guide Series 1983
9900025365: LANGENBECK, PROF. B. VON - Extirpation of a Medullary Sarcoma of the Upper Arm, and of the Frontal Bone [in 'Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal', 1878]
024971: LANGER, LANGER L. - The Game Continues Chess in the Art of Samuel Bak
036473: LANGER, ADAM - Crossing California
054375: LANGER, ELLEN J. - Mindfulness
9900028273: LANGLEY, JOAN & WRIGHT - Key West Images of the Past
053333: [UNO LANGMANN] - Ludvig Jacobsen (Danish 1890 - 1957): Exhibition October 23 - November 13, 1999
9900008464: LANGNER, LAWRENCE - Gbs and the Lunatic
JA027390: LANGRELL, OPAL - Yesteryears: Woodlands Municipal Memoirs Rural Municipality of Woodlands, Manitiba: Incorporated 1880
9900044697: LANGRELL, OPAL - Yesteryears Woodlands Municipal Memoirs
044482: LANGTON, JERRY - Iced the Crystal Meth Epidemic
9900023010: LANGTON, ROBERT - Charles Dickens and Rochester
048180: LANGTON, JERRY - Rat How the World's Most Notorious Rodent Clawed its Way to the Top
048663: LANGTON, JERRY - Gangland The Rise of the Mexican Drug Cartels From El Paso to Vancouver
9900043392: LANGWORTHY, YOLANDE / ILLUSTRATED BY KURT WIESE - Poems from Arabesque
027256: LANHAM, EDWIN M. - Sailors Don't Care
049896: LANIER, SYDNEY (ED.) - King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
9900045003: LANNI, ADRIAAN - Law and Justice in the Courts of Classical Athens
9900037159: LANNOY, DANNY - For Freedom Voor de Vrijheid / Pour la Liberte
021594: LANSDALE, JAMES - Duel A True Story of Death and Honour
9900030637: LANSDOWNE, J. F. - Birds of the West Coast, Volume One
019050: LANSKY, AARON - Outwitting History The Amazing Adventures of a Man Who Rescued a Million Yiddish Books
047612: LAPAVITSAS, COSTAS - Profiting without Producing How Finance Exploits Us All
051998: LAPHAM, LEWIS H. - Age of Folly: America Abandons Its Democracy
037351: LAPHAM, LEWIS H. - Hotel America Scenes in the Lobby of the Fin-De-Siecle
053282: LAPHAM, DAVID - Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor
024550: LAPINTE, RICHARD; LUCILLE TESSIER - Histoire Des Franco-Canadiens de Saskatchewan
033080: LAPPE, ANTHONY; GOLDMAN, DAN - Shooting War
039043: LAPPE, ANNA - Diet for a Hot Planet The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can Do about It
9900037338: LAPRADE, WILLIAM THOMAS [ED.] - Parliamentary Papers of John Robinson
051675: CARMODY, DENISE LARDER AND JOHN TULLY - Serene Compassion A Christian Appreciation of Buddhist Holiness
9900023496: LARDNER, REV. DIONYSIUS - The History of Maritime and Inland Discovery (Vol. II)
036320: LARGE, R. GEDDES - Drums and Scalpel From Native Healers to Physicians on the North Pacific Coast
053868: LARHER, ERWAN; BRENT KEEVER (TRANS.) - The Book I Didn't Want to Write
055313: LARISEY, PETER; ARTHUR ERICKSON (FOREWORD) - Light for a Cold Land Lawren Harris's Work and Life - An Interpretation
048500: LARKEN, H. W. - Compositor's Work in Printing
055015: LARKIN, DAVID (ED.) - The Unknown Paintings of Kay Nielsen with an Elegy by Hildegarde Flanner
053283: LARKIN, DAVID - The Fantastic Kingdom A Collection of Illustrations From the Golden Days of Storytelling
9900038101: LARMOND, ELIZABETH - Methods for Sensory Evaluation of Food
9900025143: LARMOUR, W. T. - The Art of the Canadian Eskimo

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