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058962: CHABON, MICHAEL - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay A Novel
048538: CHABON, MICHAEL - The Yiddish Policemen's Union
048661: CHABON, MICHAEL - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
9900040879: CHABOT, REV. ADRIEN - History of the Diocese of Gravelbourg 1930 - 1980
026703: CHABOT, DENYS - Moon Country
9900043850: CHABOT, GILBERT (ED.) - Lafleche Parish of St. Radegonde 1906-1989
018742: CHADDERTON, H. CLIFFORD - Excuse Us! Herr Schicklgruber* A Memoir of an Officer who Commanded an Infantry Company of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles (Canadian Army) in Normandy
9900043056: CHADDERTON, H. CLIFFORD - Excuse Us! Herr Schicklgruber
9900044783: CHADWICK ESTATE [SIR ANDREW CHADWICK] [DR. ANSEL CHADWICK] - A Record of the Genealogy of the Chadwick As Made by Dr. A. Chadwick [December, 1852]
9900036809: CHADWICK, OWEN - An Ecclesiastical History of England / the Victorian Church Part I
059524: CHALKER, KARI (GENERAL ED.); LOIS S. DUBIN & PETER M. WHITELEY (CONTRIBUTING EDS.) - Totems to Turquoise Native North American Jewelry Arts of the Northwest and Southwest
9900002986: CHALLIE, LAURENCE BUFFET - The Art Nouveau Style
9900031705: CHALMERS, SIR M. D. - The Bills of Exchange Act, 1882
9900044899: CHAMBAUD, LEWIS - Exercises to the Rules and Construction of French Speech; Consisting of Passages Extracted out of the Best French Authors
9900026238: CHAMBERLAIN, BRENDA - Tide-Race
057549: CHAMBERLIN, J. EDWARD - The Banker and the Blackfoot A Memoir of My Grandfather in Chinook Country
9900042192: CHAMBERS, JAMES - The Engines of Sacrifice
015033: CHAMBERS, CALVIN H. - In Spirit and in Truth Charismatic Worship and the Reformed Tradition
9900035912: CHAMBERS, R. W. - On the Continuity of English Prose from Alfred to More and His School
9900034362: CHAMBERS, ROBERT W. - Quick Action
053313: CHAMBERS - Chambers Dictionary of World History
9900039278: CHAMISH, BARRY - Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? Updated English Version
9900040411: CHAMISH, BARRY - The Devil Wore an Angel's Suit
054187: CHAMPNISS, KIM CLARKE - Skinheads, Fur Traders, and Djs An Adventure Through the 1970s
028015: CHANDA, NAYAN - Bound Together How Traders, Preachers, Adventurers, and Warriors Shaped Globalization
042517: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The Lady in the Lake
049420: CHANDLER, DAVID - The Campaigns of Napoleon
032900: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The Lady in the Lake
052244: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - Trouble Is My Business And Other Stories
047084: MOSKOWITZ, ISA CHANDRA WITH MATTHEW RUSCIGNO - Appetite for Reduction 125 Fast & Filling Low~Fat Vegan Recipes
9900043377: CHANG, PHILIP (ED.) - Winnipeg Chinatown Celebrating 100 Years / a Remarkable Achievement / 1909-2009
056458: CHANG, JUNG; JON HALLIDAY - Mao The Unknown Story
059812: CHANGE, JEFF; DJ KOOL HERC (INTRO.) - Can't Stop Won't Stop A History of the Hip-Hop Generation
059290: CHANSON, PAUL - L'Etreinte Reservee: Temoignage Des Epoux Ouvrage reserve aux epoux
9900043690: CHAO, H. C. - The Striking Snake Maneuvers
036078: CHAPIN, HARRY - Looking... Seeing poems and song lyrics by Harry Chapin, drawings by Rob White
9900037357: CHAPLAIS, PIERRE [ED.] - The War of Saint-Sardos (1323-1325) Gascon Correspondence and Diplomatic Documents
051850: CHAPLIN, CHARLES - My Autobiography
9900034196: CHAPMAN, R. W. - Johnsonian and Other Essays and Reviews
9900025083: CHAPMAN, ARTHUR - Out Where the West Begins and Other Western Verses
9900013750: CHAPMAN, WALKER - The Loneliest Continent the Story of Antarctic Discovery
9900042402: CHAPPLE, WILLIAM - The Story of Uncle Tom
011988: IODE [JON SIGURDSSON CHAPTER] - Veterans of Icelandic Descent: World War II 1939-1945
044219: IODE [JON SIGURDSSON CHAPTER] - Veterans of Icelandic Descent: World War II 1939-1945 (with Supplement)
055858: IODE [JON SIGURDSSON CHAPTER] - Veterans of Icelandic Descent: World War II 1939-1945 A Sequel to Minningarrit Islenzkra Hermanna, 1914-1918
9900030503: CHARACH, PAUL - Power of a Woman
041988: CHARBONNEAU, ANDRE; YVON, DESLOGES; MARC, LAFRANCE - Quebec: The Fortified City: From the 17th to the 19th Century
043988: CHARBONNEAU, JEAN-PIERRE - The Canadian Connection
9900040743: [SIR JOHN CHARDIN] - Voyages de Ms. Le Chevalier Chardin En Perse, En Autres Lieux de L'Orient
044474: DE CHARDIN, PIERRE TEILHARD - The Appearance of Man
005958: CHARETTE, GUILLAUME - L'Espace de Louis Goulet
9900009068: CHARETTE, P. PH. - 1834-84 Noces D'or de la Saint-Jean Baptise / Compte-Rendu Officiel Des Fetes de 1884 a Montreal
9900043418: CHARETTE, GUILLAUME - Manitoba Jubilee Account of Events Which Brought About the Formation of the Province
028552: LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY LAMB - Tales from Shakespeare
9900025112: ASHMAN, CHARLES AND ROBERT J. WAGMAN - The Nazi Hunters the Shocking True Story of the Continuing Search for Nazi War Criminals
044938: CHARLES, PRINCE OF WALES - H.R. H. The Prince of Wales Watercolours
058896: SCHNEIDER, CHARLES AND GARY GROTH - Burlesque Paraphernalia and Side Degree Specialties and Costumes
9900042749: SPON, CHARLES / WITH A FOREWORD BY THE REV. P. B. CLAYTON / ILLUSTRATIONS BY A. A. MOORE - Berkyngechirche All Hallows by the Tower
9900036753: WILLIAMS, CHARLES / WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY ANNE RIDLER - Seed of Adam and Other Plays
9900044454: DARWIN, CHARLES WITH INTRODUCTION BY RICHARD KEYNES. - Journal of Researches Into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of H.M. S. Beagle
9900035306: DICKENS, CHARLES AND WILKIE COLLINS - The Perils of Certain English Prisoners and Their Treasure in Women, Children, Silver and Jewels
9900041761: WHITE, WILLIAM CHARLES / WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY CECIL ROTH - Chinese Jews a Compilation of Matters Relating to the Jews of K'Ai-Feng Fu / Second Edition
9900032789: [HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK - CHARLESWOOD, MANITOBA - GREG KUBIK, EDITOR] - Not Yours, Not Mine, But Ours / Royal 1975-76
036894: CHARLESWORTH, M. P. - Documents Illustrating the Reigns of Claudius & Nero
042406: CHARLESWORTH, HECTOR - More Candid Chronicles Further Leaves from The Note Book of A Canadian Journalist
046838: CHARMLEY, JOHN - Churchill's Grand Alliance The Anglo-American Special Relationship 1940-57
9900016807: CHARTERIS, THE HON. EVAN - The Life and Letters of Sir Edmund Gosse
034129: CHARTERIS, LESLIE - The Ace of Knaves
9900040118: CHARTERIS, LESLIE - The Last Hero
9900038509: CHARTERIS, LESLIE - X Esquire
9900038511: CHARTERIS, LESLIE - The White Rider
9900040260: CHARTRAND, REV. MONSIGNOR NORMAN J. - The History of the Archdiocese of Winnipeg
9900036490: CHARY, TH. - Les Prophetes Et le Culte a Partir de L'Exil / Autour Du Second Temple L'Ideal Cultuel Des Prophetes Exiliens Et Postexiliens
049710: CHASSEAUD, GEORGE WASHINGTON - The Druses of the Lebanon Their Manners, Customs, and History. With a Translation of Their Religious Code
059996: CHAST, ROZ - Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? A Memoir
9900045389: CHATER, SHIRLEY - Understanding Research in Nursing.
038065: CHATTERJEE, UPAMANYU - English, August An Indian Story
9900028262: CHATTERTON, E. KEBLE - The Ship Under Sail
048052: CHATTMAN, LAUREN - Instant Gratification No-Hassle Desserts in Just About No Time
032670: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Canterbury Tales An illustrated selection rendered into modern English by Nevill Coghill
047624: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY; WALTER W. SKEAT (ED.) - The Tale of the Man of Lawe; the Pardoners Tale; the Second Nonnes Tale; the Chanouns Yeamannes Tale From The Canterbury Tales
036063: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - Canterbury Tales
059843: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY; F. N. ROBINSON - The Peotical Works of Chaucer
059844: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY; WILLIAM MORRIS (ED.) - The William Morris Kelmscott Chaucer
048323: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Canterbury Tales An Illustrated Edition
049520: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Canterbury Tales
055507: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - Troilus and Criseyde
051516: CHAUDHURI, NIRAD C. - The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian
055466: CHAUDHURI, NIRAD C. - Thy Hand, Great Anarch! India: 1921-1952
9900043367: CHAUNDLER, CHRISTINE - Princess Carroty-Top and Timothy a Fairy-Tale of Today
057894: VIEUX-CHAUVET, MARIE - Love, Anger, Madness A Haitian Trilogy
048737: LAMAR, CYNTHIA CHAVEZ AND SHERRY FARRELL RACETTE WITH LARA EVANS - Art in Our Lives Native Women Artists in Dialogue
9900030462: CHAYEFSKY, PADDY - Altered States
058536: CHEADLE, WALTER B. - Cheadle's Journal of Trip Across Canada: 1862-1863
049551: CHEADLE, W. B,; VISCOUNT MILTON - The North-West Passage by Land
026925: CHEKHOV, ANTON PAVLOVICH - The Brute and Other Farces
054398: CHEKHOV, ANTON - The Undiscovered Chekhov Forty-Three New Stories
050254: CHEKHOV, ANTON; I. C. CHERTOK & JEAN GARDNER (TRANS.) - Late-Blooming Flowers: And Other Stories
045538: RUDOLPH CHELMINSKI - Superwreck Amoco Cadiz The Shipwreck That Had to Happen
024799: CHEMNITII, MARTINI [MARTIN CHEMNITZ]; POLYCARPI LEYSERI D. [POLYKARP LEYSER], ED.; PHILIPPI MELANCHTHONIS [PHILIPP MELANCHTHON] - Loci Theologici [Locorum Theologicorum] Quibus Et Loci Communes D. Phil. Melanchthonis Perspicue Explicantur, & Quasi Integrum Christianae Doctrinae Corpus, Ecclesiae Dei Syncere Proponitur. In Three Parts. /with/ Fundamenta Sanae Doctrinae, de Vera Et Substantiali Praesentia, Exhibitione, Et Sumptione Corporis & Sanguinis Domini in Coena /and/ Caput I: De Explicatione Vocabulorum Essentiae /and/ Index Secundis Quibus et Loci Communes D. Phil. Melanchthonis Perspicue Explicantur, & Quasi Integrum Christianae Doctrinae Corpus, Ecclesiae Dei syncere Proponitur
9900014792: CHENEY, MARGARET - Tesla Man out of Time
052739: CHENG'EN, WU - The Monkey King's Amazing Adventures A Journey to the West in Search of Enlightenment
053083: CHENG,ERIC - Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones
052193: CHERKOVSKI, NEELI - Hank: The Life of Charles Bukowski
059236: CHERNIACK, EDITH, ED. - Folk Festival Fare
9900038859: CHERNIACK, REUBEN M., M.D. - Pulmonary Function Testing
9900034338: CHERRY, GORDON E. - The Evolution of British Town Planning
041297: CHERRYH, C. J. - C.J. Cherryh's Gate of Ivrel No. 1
048655: CHERVIN, RONDA DE SOLA - Treasury of Women Saints
042722: CHESLER, PHYLLIS - An American Bride in Kabul
055941: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Five Types
9900033984: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Incredulity of Father Brown
053928: [CHESTERTON, G. K.]; LYLE W. DORSET, ED. - Gk's Weekly A Sampler
056558: [ORGANIZATION OF SERBIAN CHETNIKS] - Draza Mihailovic Memorial Book Dedicated to the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Death of the Leader of the Third Serbian Uprising
027333: CHEVALLIER, GABRIEL - Clochemerle-Babylon
9900023487: CHEVIGNY, HECTOR - Lord of Alaska Baranov and the Russiona Adventure
057164: CHEVIGNY, HECTOR - My Eyes Have a Cold Nose A classic account of a man's sudden initiation into the blind world.
033910: CHEYNEY, PETER - Lady, Behave!
058850: CHIA, MANTAK & MANEEWAN CHIA - Bone Marrow Nei Kung Taoist Ways to Improve Your Health by Rejuvenating Your Bone Marrow and Blood
059198: CHIAVERINI, JENNIFER - Resistance Women A Novel
9900037336: CHIBNALL, MARJORIE [ED.] - Selected Documents of the English Lands of the Abbey of Bec
046400: CHICAGO, JUDY - Holocaust Project From Darkness Into Light
9900001425: CHICHESTER, FRANCIS - The Lonely Sea and the Sky
9900030110: CHICHESTER, FRANCIS - Along the Clipper Way
9900014055: CHICHESTER, SIR FRANCIS - Gipsy Moth Circles the World
9900038914: UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA / SOL J. PRASOW (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Brown and Gold 1942
9900040688: CHIEL, ARTHUR A. - The Jews in Manitoba a Social History
026651: CHILD, JULIA - Cooking with Master Chefs
059772: CHILD, JULIA; SIMONE BECK - Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume 2
058696: CHILD, JULIA; SIMONE BECK - Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. 2
059773: CHILD, JULIA; LOUISETTE BERTHOLLE; SIMONE BECK - Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume one
9900019659: CHILD, HAROLD - Thomas Hardy
056525: CHILD, JULIA - Julia Child's Menu Cookbook
9900036896: CHILD, FRANCIS JAMES (ED.) - The English and Scottish Popular Ballads Volumes I and II
042277: CHILDERS, HUGH - Romantic Trials of Three Centuries With Twenty-Four Illustrations
9900036675: CHIN, LUCAS (ED.) - The Sarawak Museum Journal Vol. XX Nos. 40-41 [New Series]
055157: CHINCHILLA, MADAME - Electric Tattooing by Women, 1900-2003: Volume One An Extraordinary "First Time" Documentation of Women Tattoo Artists
046915: CHIPMAN, H.B.; E.S. RUSSENHOLT (ED. & ILLUST.) - Meri-Ka-Chak: His Message
9900034442: CHISM, JAMES V. - Canadian Historic Sites Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History - No. 5
052102: CHITTICK, V.L.O. - Thomas Chandler Haliburton "Sam Slick"; a Study in Provincial Toryism
053161: CHIVERS, C. J. - The Gun
9900031970: CHODOS, ROBERT - Right-of-Way Passenger Trains for Canada's Future
057941: CHODRON, PEMA - The Wisdom of No Escape and the Path of Loving Kindness
059915: CHOKO, MARC H.; MATTHIAS C. HUHNE (ED.) - Canadian Pacific Creating a Brand, Building a Nation
059137: CHOMICHUK, GMB - Midnight City Corpse Blossom
053829: CHOMICHUK, G.M.B. - Infinitum: Time Travel Noir
050990: CHOMICHUK, G.M.B.; JOHN TOONE - The Imagination Manifesto, Book 3
029681: CHOMSKY, NOAM - For Reasons of State
058697: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Deterring Democracy
057455: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Rules and Representations
059557: CHOMSKY, NOAM; C. P. OTERO (ED.) - Radical Priorities
057196: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Hegemony or Survival America's Quest for Global Dominance
057450: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Rethinking Camelot JFK, the Vietnam War, and U.S. Political Culture
057447: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Language and Politics
057446: CHOMSKY, NOAM - On Language Chomsky's Classic Works Language and Responsibility and Reflections on Language in One Volume
057451: CHOMSKY, NOAM - The Minimalist Program
057488: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Pirates & Emperors International Terrorism in the Real World
058353: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Language and Politics
057452: CHOMSKY, NOAM - World Orders, Old and New
049020: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Failed States The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy
057240: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Reflections on Language
057448: CHOMSKY, NOAM - The Chomsky Reader
039803: CHONG, DENISE - The Girl in the Picture The Kim Phuc Story
030009: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Muhammad A Story of God's Messenger and the Revelation That Changed the World
051151: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - God A Story of Revelation
058807: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Life After Death The Burden of Proof
053456: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment
032099: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - The Return of Merlin
029624: CHOQUE, CHARLES - St. Theresa Hospital; Chesterfield Inlet, N.W. T. [Hopital Ste-Therese; Chesterfield Inlet, T. -N. -O. ] 50th Anniversary: 1931 - 1981 [50e anniversaire: 1931 -1981]
046763: CHOQUETTE, SONIA - Ask Your Guides Connecting to Your Divine Support System
051710: CHOU, ERIC - Mao Tse-Tung The Man and the Myth
053057: CHOY, WAYSON - The Jade Peony
9900026343: CHOY, WAYSON - Paper Shadows a Chinatown Childhood
052558: CHRETIEN, JEAN - Straight from the Heart
055773: CLAREMONT, CHRIS AND ALAN DAVID - Excalibur Mojo Mayhem
051857: CHRISTE, IAN - Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal
9900033686: CHRISTENSEN, DR. PENELOPE - Parishes & Registration Districts in England & Wales
030252: CHRISTIANSSON, CARL E. - Bruno Mathsson: Furniture/Structures/Ideas
025691: [CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS (CANADA) LTD. & MONTREAL BOOK AUCTIONS LTD.] - Christie's (Canada) with Montreal Book Auction [Works of Art and Literature]: Works of Art and Literature Monday 28 September At 8 p.m. Precisely
034083: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - By the Pricking of My Thumbs
041177: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - A Pocket Full of Rye
033779: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories
042074: CHRISTIE, ROBERT - A History of the Late Province of Lower Canada, / Vol. II. Only Parliamentary and Political, From the Commencment to the Close of Its Existence as a Separate Province;
052920: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Curtain
048724: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Passenger to Frankfurt An Extravaganza
9900027158: MITCHELL-CHRISTIE, FRANK - Practical Weather Forecasting
053055: [CHRISTIE, MASON & WOODS (CANADA) LTD.] - Catalogue of the Wilson Mellen Collection of Indian Artifacts which will be sold at auction by Christie, Manson & Woods (Canada) Ltd. at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Wednesday, The 7th, May From 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.
050710: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Body in the Library A Miss Marple Story
051132: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Man in the Brown Suit
9900027720: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Death Comes As the End...
9900043139: [CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS INTERNATIONAL, INC.] - Eighteen Important and Modern Paintings from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Sydney R. Barlow
9900034134: [CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS INTERNATIONAL INC.] - Impressionist and Modern Paintings / the Properties of Irving Mitchell Felt [and from Various Sources]
9900034135: [CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS INTERNATIONAL INC.] - Eighteen Important Impressionist and Modern Paintings from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Sydney R. Barlow
034863: HITCHENS, CHRISTOPHER AND ROBERT ATWAN - The Best American Essays 2010
034621: HITCHENS, CHRISTOPHER AND DOUGLAS WILSON - Is Christianity Good for the World? A Debate
048714: WALDREP, CHRISTOPHER AND MICHAEL BELLESILES, EDS. - Documenting American Violence A Sourcebook
049547: MATTHEWS. CHRISTOPHER - Kennedy & Nixon The Rivalry That Shaped Postwar America
9900032238: [ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE] CHRISTOPHER AND BARBARA RODEN / GENERAL EDITORS - The Case Files of Sherlock Holmes / the Musgrave Ritual
030359: CHRUCHILL, WINSTON S. - Victory
9900033083: CHUJOY, ANATOLE - The Symphonic Ballet
9900035816: [CHUMS] - Chums
9900041996: [CHUMS] - Chums
9900035376: [CHUMS] - Chums
9900035377: [CHUMS] - Chums
030852: [THE U.C.W. OF ST. PAUL'S UNITED CHURCH] - Morden Cook Book
051228: [CEDAR COTTAGE UNITED CHURCH] - Cedar Cottage United Church: A Brief History of the First 50 Years Golden Jubilee Anniversary: 1909-1959
9900045483: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 41, Number 2, June 1976
9900045378: CHURCH, ALONZO - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 4, Number 4, December 1939
9900045473: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 39, Number 4, December 1974
9900042268: CHURCH, DAVID (ED.) - Playing with Memories Essays on Guy Maddin
9900045423: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 9, Number 3, September 1944
9900045425: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 8, Number 2, June 1943
9900045466: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 38, Number 1, March 1973
9900045476: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 36, Number 3, September 1971
9900045451: CHURCH, ALONZO - Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 15, No. 1 ; Containing Abstract of on Carnap's Analysis of Statements of Assertion and Belief
9900045505: CHURCH, ALONZO; QUINE, WILLARD VAN ORMAN - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 17, No. 3, September 1952 ; Containing 'Some Theorems on Definability and Decidability'
9900045465: CHURCH, ALONZO - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 11, No. 1 ; Containing Abstract of a Formulation of the Logic of Sense and Denotation
055204: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 9, Number 1, March 1944
055205: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 9, Number 4, December 1944
9900045481: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 40, Number 4, December 1975
9900045474: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 36, Number 1, March 1971
9900045475: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 36, Number 2, June 1971
9900045482: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 41, Number 1, March 1976
9900042569: CHURCH, ARCHIBALD, M.D. - Pituitary Tumor in Its Surgical Relations [in the Journal of the American Medical Association]
9900045467: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 38, Number 2, June 1973
9900045480: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 40, Number 3, September 1975
055203: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 8, Number 4, December 1943
9900036966: [COMPILED BY A MEMBER OF THE ORTHODOX CHURCH] - Feasts of the Orthodox Church Part I the Period from Easter to Pentacost
9900045479: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 40, Number 2, June 1975
9900045477: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 36, Number 4, December 1971
9900045478: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 40, Number 1, March 1975
054928: [ST. LUKE'S CHURCH] - In This Place 1897-1977
9900045469: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 38, Number 4, December 1973
9900045468: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 38, Number 3, September 1973
9900045470: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 39, Number 1, March 1974
9900045429: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 6, Number 1, March 1941
9900045471: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 39, Number 2, June 1974
9900045426: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 8, Number 1, March 1943
9900045419: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 10, Number 3, September 1945
9900045420: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 10, Number 2, June 1945
9900045421: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 10, Number 1, March 1945
9900045422: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 9, Number 2, June 1944
9900045472: CHURCH, ALONZO, ET AL., EDS. - The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 39, Number 3, September 1974
022732: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. [COMPILED BY RANDOLPH S. CHURCHILL, M.P.] - Blood Sweat and Tears Speeches by The Right Honourable Winston S. Churchill, P.C., M.P.
025850: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Island Race
026711: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S.; RANDOLPH S. CHURCHILL - Into Battle Speeches by Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill
036085: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - Their Finest Hour Speeches, Broadcasts and Messages of Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill Since He Became Prime Minister
9900039311: CHURCHILL, RIGHT HON. WINSTON S., C.H., M.P. / COMPILED BY CHARLES EADE - The Dawn of Liberation War Speeches
038513: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Europe Unite Speeches: 1947 and 1948
052996: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S.; CHARLES EADE (COMPILED) - The End of the Beginning: War Speeches by the Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill, C.H. , M.P.
9900030038: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Blood Sweat and Tears
059770: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The River War An Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan
055853: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - Thoughts and Adventures
053959: CHURCHILL, WINSTON [RANDOLPH S. CHURCHILL, COMP.] - Arms and the Covenant
047025: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - The Inside of the Cup
047122: CHURCHILL, WINSTON SPENCER - The Afterman Being a Sequel to the World Crisis
058211: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Great Republic A History of America
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9900038459: CITY OF AUSTIN, TEXAS, AND CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IN WATER RESOURCES - Design Guides for Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes
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043640: COLES, ROBERT - The Spiritual Life of Children
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052044: COMEY, JAMES - A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership
059537: COMEY, JAMES - A Higher Loyalty Truth, Lies, and Leadership
012740: COMFORT, CHARLES FRASER - Artist at War
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041904: [U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE] - Report of the National Screw Thread Commission
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024140: CITY OF WINNIPEG [BROOKSIDE BOOK COMMITTEE] - Brookside Cemetery A Celebration of Life: Volume 2 - 1878 - 2004
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054508: COUPLAND, DOUGLAS - The Gum Thief
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057113: COUPLAND, DOUGLAS - All Families Are Psychotic
057112: COUPLAND, DOUGLAS - Girlfriend in a Coma
052934: COUPLAND, DOUGLAS - Polaroids from the Dead
059282: DE COURBERIVE, J. - Devenez Celui Que Vous Voudriez Etre Par la Psychoculture
042443: COURLANDER, HAROLD - Kantchil's Lie Pit and Other Stories From Indonesia
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004837: COWARD, NOEL [SELECTED BY MICHAEL COX] - The Cream of Noel Coward
033960: COWARD, NOEL - Pomp and Circumstance
040364: COWARD, ROSALIND - Diana: The Portrait
042379: COWARD, NOEL - The Lyrics of Noel Coward
9900041770: COWARD, NOEL - The Cream of Noel Coward
050447: COWARD, NOEL - The Lyrics of Noel Coward
9900044422: COWARD, KENNETH - The Welfare a Concise Archival History of Social Services
028138: COWBURN, BENJAMIN - No Cloak, No Dagger Allied Spycraft in Occupied France
052226: COWDEROY, DUDLEY; ROY C. NESBIT - War in the Air: Rhodesian Air Force, 1935-1980
056871: COWIE, ISAAC - The Company of Adventurers A Narrative of Seven Years in the Service of the Hudson's Bay Company During 1867-1874
020544: COX, BRUCE ALDEN - Native People, Native Lands Canadian Indians, Inuit and Metis
9900043217: EDITED BY THE SECRETARY [DANIEL H. COX] - Transactions of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. XXIII 1915
9900043218: EDITED BY THE SECRETARY [DANIEL H. COX] - Transactions of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. XXIV 1916
9900033870: COX, ERLE - Out of the Silence
049810: COX, BRUCE ALDEN (ED.) - Native People, Native Lands: Canadian Indians, Inuit and Metis
9900038657: COX, FRANCIS AUGUSTUS - Female Scripture Biography: Including an Essay on What Christianity Has Done for Women. Vol. I
9900030061: COX, DAVID - The Henry Wood Proms
9900025315: COXHEAD, ELIZABETH - Lady Gregory a Literary Portrait
042662: COYNE, JERRY A. - Faith Versus Fact Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible
026314: CRABB, MICHAEL - Instinct for Success Arnold Spohr and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet
9900044921: CRABB, MICHAEL - An Instinct for Success Arnold Spohr and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet [Inscribed by Author and Arnold Spohr]
9900042897: CRABB, MICHAEL - An Instinct for Success Arnold Spohr and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet
9900024861: CRAIG, BARBARA L. - Medical Archives What They Are and How to Keep Them
042331: CRAIG, EDWARD GORDON - Index to the Story of My Days
9900017428: CRAIG, IRENE - First Footers
059203: CRAIG, WILLIAM - Enemy at the Gates The Battle for Stalingrad
048892: [THE RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF ARGYLE]; INTRODUCTION BY DONALD W. CRAIK AND STEINI JOHNSON - Centennial History of Argyle "Come Into Our Heritage R.M. of Argyle 1882-1982
034676: CRAIK, ELIZABETH M.; WILLETS, R. F. (ED.) - The Dorian Aegean
051231: CRAIK, MRS. DINAH MARIA; A. A. DIXON (ILLUS.) - John Halifax, Gentleman
9900042851: MULOCK, DINAH MARIA [MRS. CRAIK] [AND] BENJAMIN D'ISRAELI [DISRAELI] - John Halifax, Gentleman [Bound Togther with] Olive a Novel [Bound Together with] Venetia; or, Lord Byron and His Daughter
9900042622: CRAM, GEO. F. (ENGRAVER) - [Map] British Columbia
9900039702: CRAN, MRS. GEORGE - A Woman in Canada
9900011257: CRANE, WALTER - Four Antique Picture Book Classics
057175: CRANE, STEPHEN; SHELBY FOOTE (INTRO.) - The Red Badge of Courage: An Episode of the American CIVIL War & "The Veteran
054340: CRANE, NICHOLAS - Mercator
011553: CRAVEN, NORA E. - Love, Love Including "Dog's Life" by Sara Ellen Love
042946: CRAWFORD, ISABELLA VALANCY - Collected Poems
053652: CRAWFORD, MATTHEW B. - The World Beyond Your Head On Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction
048557: CRAWFORD, ISABELLA VALANCY - Winona or the Foster-Sisters
9900022767: [CRAWFORD, ISABELLA VALANCY] GARVIN, J. W. (ED.) - The Collected Poems of Isabella Valancy Crawford
053088: GEORGES ALFRED PAVIS 1886-1979; CLAUDE PROSPER JOLYOT DE CRÉBILLON ("CRÉBILLON FILS"). - Lettres de la Marquise de M*** Au Comte de R***: A Suite of 46 Erotic Watercolours
015656: CREESE, GILLIAN - Contracting Masculinity Gender, Class, and Race in a White-Collar Union, 1944-1994
043929: CREIGHTON, DONALD - John A. Macdonald [Two Volumes] Vol I: The Young Politician; Vol. II: The Old Chieftan
056282: CREPAX, GUIDO - The Story of O: Volume 3
057627: DE CRESCENZO, LUCIAN - The History of Greek Philosophy Volume 1 - The Pre-Socratics
033975: CREWS, FREDERICK C. - The Pooh Perplex In Which It is Discovered the the True Meaning of the Pooh Stories is Not as Simple as is Usually Believed, But for Proper Elucidation Requires the Combined Efforts of Several Academicians of Varying Critical Presuasuions
035960: CREWS, FREDERICK - Postmodern Pooh
031443: CRICHTON, JUDY - America 1900: The Turning Point
056312: CRIDDLE, ALMA - Criddle-de-Diddle-Ensis A Biographical History of the Criddles of Aweme, Manitoba Pioneers of the 1880's
052817: CRIDDLE, NORMAN - Farm Weeds: Illustrated in Colour Reprinted from the book Farm Weeds of Canada
9900029559: CRISLER, LOIS - Arctic Wild
9900020213: CRISP, A. H. - Anorexia Nervosa: Let Me Be
9900033103: CRISPIN, EDMUND (ED.) - Best Detective Stories
9900012474: CRIST, RAYMOND E. - Tropical Subsistence Agriculture in Latin America: Some Neglected Aspects and Implications
046956: CROCKER, LESTER G. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau: A New Interprative Analysis of His Life and Works [Two Volumes] The Quest: 1712 - 1758; The Prophetic Voice 1758 - 1778
9900022997: CROCKETT, W. S. - The Scott Originals an Account of the Notables & Worthies the Originals of Characters in the Waverley Novels
9900023025: CROCKETT, W. S. - The Scott Originals an Account of the Notables & Worthies the Originals of Characters in the Waverley Novels
9900031289: CROCKETT, S. R. - Sweethearts at Home
028277: CROKE, VICKI - The Lady and the Panda: The True Adventures of the First American Explorer to Bring Back China's Most Exotic Animal
042457: CRONE, K. [EDITOR] - Canadian Pictorial: Canada's Popular Magazine
039609: CROSBY, EVERETT U.; BISHKO, JULIAN C.; KELLOGG, ROBERT L. - Medieval Studies A Bibliographical Guide
9900041430: CROSBY, PERCY - Dear Sooky
059059: CROSLEY, SLOANE - I Was Told There'd Be Cake
047038: CROSLEY, SLOANE - How Did You Get This Number
044446: CROSNIER, ROGER - Fencing with the Electric Foil: Introduction and Tactics
044445: CROSNIER, ROGER - Fencing with the Sabre: Instruction and Technique
020747: CROSS, CHARLES R. - Heavier Than Heaven A Biography of Kurt Cobain
031591: INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS - Protocols Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949
043566: CROSS, CHARLES R. - Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain
9900032471: CROSS, MISS MAY (ED.) - Pygmalion, Child of the Lake, the Three Rings, and Other Poems
057749: CROSS, AMANDA; FIONA HUNTER - Juices & Smoothies Over 200 Delicious Drinks for Health and Vitality
055805: CROSS, CHARLES R. - Here We Are Now The Lasting Impact of Kurt Cobain
054272: CROSS, CHARLES R. - Heavier Than Heaven A Biography of Kurt Cobain
9900039649: CROSSMAN, KELLY - A Study of Anglican Church Buildings in Manitoba
059003: CROTHERS, SAMUEL MCCHORD - The Children of Dickens
055781: CROW, BILL - Jazz Anecdotes
023931: CROWE, KEITH J. - A History of the Original Peoples of Northern Canada
042248: CROWE, ROEWAN - Quivering Land
045916: CROWELL, PERS - The First Horseman
048472: CROWLEY, JOHN - The Translator
055102: FACEY-CROWTHER, DAVID - The New Brunswick Militia: 1787-1867
050232: CRUDDEN, MICHAEL - The Homeric Hymns
036653: CRUDEN, ALEXANDER - A Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testament or a Dictionary and Alphabetical Index to the Bible With A Complete Table of Proper Names with Their Meanings in the Original Languages, A Concordance to the Proper Names of the Old and New Testament, A Concordance to the Apocrypha, and A Compendium of the Holy Scriptures
9900012266: BY VARIOUS AUTHORS [GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, ILLUSTRATOR] - Old 'Miscellany' Days a Selection of Stories from 'Bentley's Miscellany. '
054117: CRUMMEY, MICHAEL - River Thieves
053899: CRUMMY, ANDREW, ET AL. - Scottish Diaspora Tapestry: Telling Tales to Scotland / Greis-Bhrat Diaspora Na H-Alba: Ag Innse Sgeulachdan Do Dh'Alba Your Complete Official Guide with Commentaries / Ur Stiuir Iomlan Oifigeil le Beachdan
036042: CRUMP, A. K. (PUBLISHER) - Incredible Eyes
050646: CRUSE, HOWARD; ALISON BECHDEL (INTRO.) - Stuck Rubber Baby
9900040609: CRUTTWELL, C. R. M. F. - Wellington
056028: CRYAN, DAN; SHARRON SHATIL; PIERO - Introducing Capitalism A Graphic Guide
043004: CRYSTAL, DAVID - The Stories of English
047061: CRYSTAL, BILLY - Still Foolin' 'Em Where I've Been, Where I'm Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys?
9900030391: CUBBERLEY, ELLWOOD P. - The Improvement of Rural Schools
055166: CUDI, AZAD - Long Shot The Inside Story of the Snipers Who Broke ISIS
026365: BANNATYNE-CUGNET, JO; YVETTE MOORE - A Prairie Alphabet
033707: CULLETON, BEATRICE - Spirit of the White Bison
052439: CULLETON, BEATRICE - Spirit of the White Bison
024848: WASYLYSHEN, BEN; UKRAINIAN CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL CENTRE (OSEREDOK) - Ben Wasylyshen [the Women Within] Paintings, print & drawings; June 13 - September 9, 1990
024870: [UKRAINIAN CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL CENTRE] - Summer Scape '84: June 8 - September 10, 1984 Works by Ukrainian Manitoban artists
055464: WAIANAE COAST CULTURE AND ARTS SOCIETY - Ka Po'e Kahiko O Wai'Anae Oral Histories of the Wai'anae Coast of O'ahu
052334: CONGRESS FOR JEWISH CULTURE - A Decade of Destruction: Jewish Culture in the Ussr, 1948-1958
9900038062: CULVER, ROY POEMS BY / PRINTS BY LOUISE A. MOSS - Continents of Vapor a Collection of Twenty-One Poems and Eight Etchings: Accompanied Entirely by the Hand Processes
051071: CULVERWELL, NATHANIEL; ROBERT A. GREENE (ED.); HHUGH MACCALLUM (ED.) - An Elegant and Learned Discourse of the Light of Nature
9900032666: CUMBERLAND, BARLOW - The Story of the Union Jack How It Grew and What It Is, Particularly in Its Connection with the History of Canada
9900036488: CUMMING, CHARLES GORDON - The Assyrian and Hebrew Hymns of Praise
9900034116: CUMMING, ROUALEYN GORDON - Five Years of a Hunter's Life in the Far Interior of South Africa
055929: CUMMINGS, E. E. - Fairy Tales
055497: CUMMINGS, E. E. - The Enormous Room
9900030143: CUNDALL, H. M. - A History of British Water Colour Painting
9900040700: CUNHA, FELIX, M.D. - Osler As a Gastroenterologist
027996: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL - The Hours A Novel
040154: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL - The Hours
048162: CUNNINGHAM, GERRY; MARGARET HANSSON - Light Weight Camping Equipment and How to Make it
041541: CUNNINGHAM, SCOTT - Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic
9900005074: CUNNINGS, T.A.J - The Saga of Doctor Thor
9900014295: CUNNINGS, T. A. J. - The Saga of Doctor Thor Paul H.T. Thorlakson CC Md
9900031022: CUNRADI, CHARLES - The Phenomenon of Evil Its Scientific Exposition and Realistic Deterrent
9900010465: CUNY, HILAIRE - Albert Einstein the Man and His Theories
9900044979: CUOMO, S. - Technology and Culture in Greek and Roman Antiquity
9900044768: CUPPLES, MRS. GEORGE [ANNE JANE CUPPLES] - Fanny Silvester; or a Merry Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine / a Tale for the Young
055713: MUSEU LASAR SEGALL (CURADORIA) - Lasar Segall E O Rio de Janeiro Dezembro, 1991
9900043657: BORYS, STEPHEN (CURATOR) WITH ANDREW KEAR - Masters / Only in Canada
034866: CURIEL, JONATHAN - Al America Travels Through America's Arab and Islamic Roots
9900043438: CURLE, RICHARD - The One and the Other
058119: CURNOW, ALLEN - Look Back Harder Critical Writings, 1935-1984
9900039610: CURRAN, J. J., Q.C., M.P. - Golden Jubilee of the Reverent Fathers Down and Toupin, with Biographical Sketch of Irish Community of Montreal.
9900037367: CURRAN, BERYL [ED.] - The Despatches of William Perwich English Agent in Paris 1669-1677.
020132: CURRIE, SHELDON - The Glace Bay Miners' Museum
9900039996: CURRIE, BUZZ - The Millenium in Manitoba
9900028390: CURRIE, ALASTAIR R., T. SYMINGTON, J. K. GRANT (EDS.) - The Human Adrenal Cortex Proceedings of a Conference Held at the University of Glasgow, 11th to 14th July, 1960.
058109: CURRIE, ELLEN - Moses Supposes Stories
9900043014: CURRIE, ROBERT - Moving out
054189: CURRY, JACK - Woodstock The Summer of Our Lives
9900042204: CURRY, D. S. - City of Winnipeg Comptroller's Report of Receipts and Expenditure for the Fiscal Year Ending 30th April, 1893
9900036453: CURRY, BUZZ - The Millennium in Manitoba
9900044893: CURTIS, BENJAMIN ROBBINS - An Article on the Debts of the States, from the North American Review, for January, 1844
030472: CURTIS, MARIANNE - Finding Gloria
056208: CURTIS, EDWARD S. - The North American Indian
055712: STONE, JANA (ED.); MEL CURTIS AND BONNIE SHARPE (PHOTOS.) - Every Part of This Earth Is Sacred Native American Voices in Praise of Nature
054498: NICHOLAS OF CUSA; THOMAS M. IZBICKI (TRANS.) - Writings on Church and Reform
059184: CUSHWAY, PHILIP [ED.] - Art of the Dead
9900038576: CUST, LIONEL - Anthony Van Dyck: A Further Study with Twenty-Five Illustrations in Colour Executed Under the Supervision of the Medici Society
9900038169: A NEW VERSION BY ROBERT H. HOBART CUST - The Life of Benvenuto Cellini
9900043016: SCHULZ, HERBERT C. / NORMA B. CUTHBERT AND HAYDEE NOYA - Ten Centuries of Manuscripts in the Huntington Library
051625: CUTHBERT, CHRIS; SCOTT RUSSELL - The Rink Stories from Hockey's Home Towns
9900037352: CUTTINO, G. P. [ED.] - The Gascon Calendar of 1322
9900029847: CVROIL, JAMES - Steam Navigation and Its Relation to the Commerce of Canada and the United States
037690: CYNK, JERZY B. - The Polish Air Force at War [Two Volumes] The Official History: Volume 1, 1939-1943; Volume 2, 1943-1945
048346: CZUBOKA, MICHAEL - Juba
9900042229: CZUBOKA, MICHAEL - Juba
054129: CZUBOKA, MICHAEL; BILL HORODYSKI - They Stopped at a Good Place A History of Beausejour, Brokenhead, Garson and Tyndall Area of Manitoba: 1875 -1981
017467: JORDAN, PHILIP D. AND LILLIAN KESSLER - Songs of Yesterday A Song Anthology of American Life
011438: SCHEELAR, M. D. AND WM. ODYNSKY - Reconnaissance Soil Survey of the Grimshaw and Notikewin Area Report No. 25 Alberta Soil Survey
039779: CHOPRA M.D., DEEPAK - Ageless Body, Timeless Mind The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old
9900032825: CRACKNELL, IAN D. AND MICHAEL G. MEAD - Atlas of Minor Surgery
049087: METCALF, BARBARA D. AND THOMAS R. - A Concise History of Modern India Second Edition
060017: LEBITT, STEVEN D. AND STEPHEN J. DUBNER - Freakonomics A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
9900041937: BRUCE, HERBERT A., M.D. / WITH INTRODUCTION BY HECTOR CHARLESWORTH - Politics and the Canadian Army Medical Corps
058597: NICHOLS, JOHN D. AND EARL NYHOLM - A Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe
9900040046: BENNET, J. HENRY, M.D. AND T. WAKLEY, JR., EDS. - The London Lancet a Journal of British and Foreign Medicine, Physiology, Surgery, Chemistry, Criticism, Literature, and News.
9900043151: CONNOR, R. D. AND A. D. C. SIMPSON / EDITED BY A. D. MORRISON-LOW - Weights and Measures in Scotland: A European Perspective
9900042899: DAFOE, CHRISTOPHER - Dancing Through Time the First Fifty Years of Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet
9900029930: DAFOE, JOHN W. [W. L. MORTON, ED.] - The Voice of Dafoe a Selection of Editorials on Collective Security 1931-1944

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