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050465: WILSON, CINTRA - A Massive Swelling: Celebrity Re-Examined As a Grotesque, Crippling Disease and Other Cultural Revelations
055761: WILSON, GRAHAM - Playboy's Graham Wilson
9900025888: WILSON, KEITH - Manitobans in Profile Hugh John Macdonald
9900025974: WILSON, KEITH - Robert Terrill Rundle
9900041416: CURATED BY DERMOT J. M. WILSON - Paul Kelly Along the Roads of the Cambrian Shield, Past & Present 2004-2006
9900019230: WILSON, ERIC - Terror in Winnipeg
9900029434: WILSON, CLIFFORD (ED.) - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba, Season 1944-45.
9900033257: WILSON, EDMUND - The Wound and the Bow Seven Studies in Literature
9900039756: WILSON, KEITH - William Cyprian Pinkham / Manitobans in Profile
9900042120: WILSON, WOODROW - A History of the American People
9900031485: WILSON, ANDREW - The Abode of Snow Observations of a Journey from Chinese Tibet to the Indian Caucasus Through the Upper Valleys of the Himilaya
9900044561: WILSON, REV. EDWARD F. - The Ojebway Language: A Manual for Missionaries and Others Employed Among the Ojebway Indians / in Three Parts: Part I : The Grammar. Part II: Dialogue and Exercises. Part III: The Dictionary.
9900029539: WILTON, ANDREW - British Watercolours 1750 to 1850
059039: WIMBERLY, RON; RAY BRADBURY (INTRO.) - Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes The Authorized Adaptation
9900041476: WIMPERIS, H. E. - Defeating the Bomber
019875: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Man Who Loved China The Fantastic Story of the Eccentric Scientist Who Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kindgom
031931: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa The Day the World Exploded. August 27, 1883
038450: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Alice Behind Wonderland
039603: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Their Noble Lordships Class and Power in Modern Britain
040174: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa The Day the World Exploded August 27, 1883
042401: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Meaning of Everything The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary
057614: WINCHESTER, SIMON - A Crack in the Edge of the World America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906
046700: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Surgeon of Crowthorne A Tale of Murder, Madness and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary
047009: SIMON WINCHESTER - The Meaning of Everything The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary
053243: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Korea A Walk Through the Land of Miracles
057254: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Atlantic Great Sea Battles, Heroic Discoveries, Titanic Storms, and a Vast Ocean of a Million Stories
057722: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Man Who Loved China The Fantastic Story of the Eccentric Scientist Who Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kingdom
057621: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa The Day the World Exploded August 27, 1883
059615: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Perfectionists How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World
057613: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Map That Changed the World William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology
9900017010: DE WINDT, HARRY - Through the Gold-Fields of Alaska to Bering Straits
030969: WINE, CYNTHIA - Parsley, Sage, and Cynthia Wine The Guide to the Restaurants of Winnipeg
048653: WINEHOUSE, JANIS - Loving Amy A Mother's Story
059525: WING, R. L. - The Illustrated I Ching
032715: ROSEN, WINIFRED AND PAUL O. ZELINSKY - Three Romances Love Stories from Camelot Retold
034462: WINKLER, JOHN J. - The Constraints of Desire The Anthropology of Sex and Gender in Ancient Greece
003460: [THE CITY OF WINNIPEG] - On the East of the River a History of the East Kildonan - Transcona Community
030851: [CITY OF WINNIPEG] - By-Laws of the City of Winnipeg: Dealt with by the Council During the Year 1946
026329: [THE UNIVERSITY OF WINNIPEG] - The University of Winnipeg Arts and Science; Summer Session: July 2 - August 17, 1968
051217: [CITY OF WINNIPEG] - Winnipeg Centennial Souvenir Book, 1874-1974
058227: [METROPOLITAN CORPORATION OF GREATER WINNIPEG] - Metropolitan Winnipeg Street Guide
9900002238: [CITY OF WINNIPEG] - City of Winnipeg by-Laws
9900008743: [WINNIPEG] - The Golden Boy the Story of Manitoba's Legislative Building
055955: [WINNIPEG] - Winnipeg: Manitoba, Canada The City of Unlimited Industrial and Commercial Opportunities
9900030310: [CITY OF WINNIPEG] - 1983 the Year Past Report of the City of Winnipeg Historical Buildings Committee
9900000500: [WINNIPEG, CITY OF] - The Historic Winnipeg Restoration Area / an Illustrated Guide to Winnipeg's Historic Warehouse District
9900039990: LAKES WINNIPEG AND MANITOBA BOARD - Report on Measures for the Control of the Waters of Lake Winnipeg and Manitoba / Supplementary Volumes I and II
052253: [CITY OF WINNIPEG] - Winnipeg, Canada Published by the City Council September, 1903
056917: CITY OF WINNIPEG - Winnipeg Gateway to the Golden West
031096: WINTER, KATHLEEN - Annabel: A Novel
036155: WINTER, MICHAEL - This All Happened A Fictional Memoir
049161: WINTER, MICHAEL - Minister without Portfolio
059333: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Sexing the Cherry
044182: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?
057407: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Art and Lies A Piece for Three Voices and a Bawd
051878: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - The Passion
055238: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - The Powerbook
057625: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Boating for Beginners
9900027196: WINTON, JOHN (ED.) - Freedom's Battle Volume I the War at Sea 1939-1945 / Volume II the War in the Air 1939-1945
047526: WISE, VICTORIA; SUSANNA HOFFMAN - The Well-Filled Tortilla Cookbook
9900028403: BURGESS-WISE, DAVID - Fire Engines & Fire-Fighting
9900044293: WISEMAN, ADELE - The Sacrifice a Novel
9900043393: WISEMAN, ADELE - Old Woman at Play
051982: WISEMAN, JACQUELINE P. - Stations of the Lost The Treatment of Skid Row Alcoholics
044994: WISEMAN, NELSON - Social Democracy in Manitoba A History of the CCF-NDP
9900039012: WISEMAN, ADELE - Crackpot
046575: WISEMAN, JOHN - The Sas Survival Handbook How to survive in the wild, in any climate, on land or at sea.
058991: WISEMAN, JAY - Sm 101: A Realistic Introduction Second Edition
054511: WISEMAN, RICHARD - Paranormality The Science of the Supernatural
9900044295: WISEMAN, ADELE - Crackpot
053969: WISEMAN, JOHN 'LOFTY' - Sas Survival Handbook How to Survive in the Wild, in any Climate, on Land or at Sea
020650: WISS, RAY - A Line in the Sand Canadians at War in Kandahar
018989: WISSE, RUTH R. - The Modern Jewish Canon A Journey Through Language and Culture
9900037227: WISSLER, CLARK - North American Indians of the Plains
9900034187: WISTER, OWEN - When West Was West
052143: WISTRICH, ROBERT S. - Hitler and the Holocaust
053216: WITHROW, WILLIAM J. - Bauhaus: 50 Years; German Exhibition (Including a Supplemental Volume. ) Art Gallery of Ontario in Cooperation with the National Design Council, Grange Park, Toronto 28; December 6, 1969 - Febrary 1, 1970
043655: WITHROW, WILLIAM - Contemporary Canadian Painting
059606: WITTES, BENJAMIN & GABRIELLA BLUM - The Future of Violence: Robots and Germs, Hackers and Drones Confront A New Age of Threat
057670: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG - Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
059712: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG - Philosophical Investigations
057500: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG - Tractatus Logico Philosophicus
011434: ODYNSKY, WM. AND J. D. NEWTON - Soil Survey of the Rycroft and Watino Sheets Report No. 15 - Alberta Soil Survey
011460: ODYNSKY, WM. AND A. WYNNYK - Reconnaissance Soil Survey of the High Prairie and Mclennan Sheets Report No. 17 - Alberta Soil Survey
041747: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Code of the Woosters
044205: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - The Golf Omnibus Thirty-One Humorous Tales from the Green by the Master of Comic Fiction
054392: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Lord Emsworth and Others
9900028101: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Plot That Thickened
027713: WOHLSEN, MARCUS - Biopunk: Solving Biotech's Biggest Problems in Kitchens and Garages
053575: WOIDECK, CARL (ED.) - The John Coltrane Companion: Five Decades of Commentary
046896: WOJNA, LISA - Canadian Inventions Fantastic Feats & Quirky Contraptions
9900003654: WOLCOTT, P. C. - What Is Christian Science? an Examination of the Metaphysical, the Theological, and the Therapeutic Theories of the System
027520: WOLF, ADOLF HUNGRY - Good Medicine in Glacier National Park
030886: GRAUMAN WOLF, STEPHANIE - As Various As Their Land: The Everyday Lives of Eighteenth-Century Ameicans
046933: WOLF, ERIKA - Aleksandr Zhitomirsky Photomantage as a weapon of World War II and the Cold War
056924: HUNGRY WOLF, ADOLF; BEVERLY HUNGRY WOLF - Blackfoot Craftworker's Book
036838: WOLFE, TOM - In Our Time
041194: WOLFE, TOM - Hooking Up
054743: WOLFE, THOMAS - The Bonfire of the Vanities
059321: WOLFE, GENE - Soldier of Sidon
9900034040: WOLFE, CHARLES K. (ED.) - Planets and Dimensions Collected Essays of Clark Ashton Smith
023694: WOLFF, TOBIAS - The Barracks Thief
9900042886: WOLFF, ALBERT - 1886 Figaro-Salon
052866: MICHAEL WOLFF - Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House
057995: WOLFF, TOBIAS - The Night in Question Stories
042985: WOLFFE, RICHARD - Renegade: The Making of a President
048175: VAN DER WOLK, JOHANNES - Vincent Van Gogh Drawings, 1853-1890
046380: WOLMAR, CHRISTIAN - Blood, Iron & Gold How the Railways Transformed the World
024737: WOLOCH, ISSER - Napoleon and His Collaborators The Making of a Dictatorship
052524: WOLPERT, STANLEY - India
045272: WOLSELEY, GARNET; JAMES A. RAWLEY [ED. & INTRO.] - The American CIVIL War: An English View The Writings of Field Marshal Viscount Wolseley
9900045385: A UNIVERSITY WOMAN - The Baby: A Mother's Book by a Mother
037781: ST. GEORGE'S CHURCH WOMEN - 50 Casseroles
048775: [ADVISORY COUNCIL ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN] - The Person Papers: Rape and Sexual Assault
9900022734: [STATUS OF WOMEN] - Report of the Manitoba Volunteer Committee on the Status of Women
9900029717: [WINNIPEG - MANITOBA - WOMEN] - The Great Human Heart / a History of the Manitoba Women's Institute 1910-1980
034899: WONG, JAN - Out of the Blue A Memoir of Workplace Depression, Recovery, Redemption and, Yes, Happiness
055639: WONG, DAVID - This Book Is Full of Spiders Seriously, Dude, Don't Touch It
042719: WONG, JAN - Red China Blues My Long March from Mao to Now
9900043725: WONG, JAMES L. (ED.) - The Great Sage Monkey System / Ta Sheng P'i Kua Men / Volume One: History and Forms
022638: WOOD, JAMES N. - Democracy and the Will to Power
031932: WOOD, BRIAN; BRETT, WELDELE - Couscous Express
035309: WOOD, DON - Into the Volcano A Graphic Novel
040207: WOOD, J. G. - The Illustrated Natural History / Reptiles, Fishes, Molluscs, &C.
053211: WOOD, MARGARET - A Painter's Kitchen Recipes from the Kitchen of Georgia O'Keeffe
045726: WOOD, W.J. - The Terminal Woodland Period at Southern Indian Lake, Manitoba
045727: WOOD, W.J. - The Terminal Woodland Period at Southern Indian Lake, Manitoba
052625: WOOD, JAMES - How Fiction Works
047278: WOOD, FRANCES - The Silk Road
9900035286: WOOD, S. ANDREW - I'LL Blackmail the World
051310: WOOD, RALPH C. - The Gospel According to Tolkien Visions of the Kingdom in Middle-Earth
9900043034: WOOD, LAWSON & G. E. STUDDY - Jolly Rhymes
028342: WOOD, DAVID - Time After Time
036931: WOODARD, THOMAS (ED.) - Sophocles A Collection of Critical Essays
040378: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - Gabriel Dumont The Mtis Chief and his Lost World
9900037331: WOODCOCK, AUDREY M. - Cartulary of the Priory of St. Gregory, Canterbury
9900022748: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - Gabriel Dumont the Metis Chief and His Lost World
053340: WOODFORDE, JOHN; JAMES LAVER (FOREWORD) - The Strange Story of False Teeth
045658: WOODGATE, M.V. - Charles de Condren
053511: WOODROFFE, PATRICK - Mythopoeikon: Fantasies, Monsters, Nightmares, Daydreams The Paintings, Etchings, Book-Jacket & Record-Sleeve Illustrations of Patrick Woodroffe
032499: WOODROW, MARNIE - In the Spice House
031489: WOODS, S.E., JR. - The Squirrels of Canada
039684: WOODS, PAUL A. (ED.) - Quentin Tarantino The Film Geek Files
029227: WOODS, FREDERICK [WINSTON CHURCHILL] - Young Winston's Wars The Original Despatches of Winston S. Churchill War Correspondent, 1897-1900
040858: WOODS, PAUL - Blood Siblings: The Cinema of Joel Coen and Ethan Coen
046830: WOODS, FREDERICK - Winston S. Churchill War Correspondent, 1895-1900
9900033100: WOODS, SARA - Knives Have Edges
9900014563: WOODS, ANNA - Freeing the Spirits
035485: WOODSWORTH, JAMES S. [INTRODUCTION BY MARILYN BARBER] - Strangers Within Our Gates, or Coming Canadians The problem of the immigrant 1909
9900037823: WOODSWORTH, J. S. - My Neighbor a Study of City Conditions / a Plea for Social Service
9900032687: WOODSWORTH, J. S. - War Clippings from a War-Time Scrap-Book
045431: WOODWARD, BOB - Wired The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi
9900042589: WOODWARD, W. - Historical Survey of Hartlepool and Description of Corporation Plate, &C.
9900031828: WOODWARD, B. B. - A History and Description of Winchester
057588: WOODWARD, BOB - Fear Trump in the White House
048137: ALLENM WOODY - Side Effects
041554: WOOLCOTT, ALEXANDER - Mrs. Fiske Her Views on Actors, Acting, and the Problems of Production
054410: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Room of One's Own and Three Guineas
039988: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Jacob's Room
054401: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Years
052297: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Between the Acts
057088: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Room of One's Own
054567: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Mark on the Wall and Other Short Fiction
059591: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Years
057049: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Mrs. Dalloway
048846: WOOLF, VIRGINIA; NIGEL NICOLSON; JOANNE TRAUTMANN (ED.) - The Question of Things Happening The Letter of Virginia Woolf. Vol II: 1912-1922
048816: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Mrs. Dalloway
9900025029: WOOLF, LEONARD - Imperialism and Civilization
053267: WOOLF, VIRGINIA; JOANNE TRAUTMANN BANKS (ED.) - Congenial Spirits: The Selected Letters of Virginia Woolf
054716: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Mrs. Dalloway
052746: WOOLFORD, ANDREW - This Benevolent Experiment: Indigenous Boarding Schools, Genocide, and Redress in Canada and the United States
9900034435: WOOLLEY, C. LEONARD; LAWRENCE, T. E. - Palestine Exploration Fund Annual, 1914-1915. Double Volume. The Wilderness of Zin (Archaeological Report) with a Chapter on the Greek Inscriptions by M. N. Tod
041981: WORCESTER, JOSEPH E. - A Dictionary of the English Language
9900043093: RICH, E. E. (EDITOR) ASSISTED BY A. M. JOHNSON WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY J. M. WORDIE AND R. J. CYRIAX - John Rae's Correspondence with the Hudson's Bay Company on Arctic Exploration 1844-1855
053169: WORNUM, R. N. - Analysis of Ornament
9900008692: WORSFOLD, W. BASIL - A History of South Africa
059188: WOSK, MIRIAM - Sequins and Skeletons: The Art of Miriam Wosk Paper - Paint - Glue - Glitter- Backroom - Stuff - Scrapbooks - Details - Process - Pictures - Inspiration
025806: WOTTON, PATRICIA - With Love, Lydia The Story of Canada's First Woman Ordained Minister
024235: WOUK, HERMAN - War and Remembrance
043269: WOUK, HERMAN - The Caine Mutiny
033647: WOYCENKO, OL'HA - The Ukrainians in Canada
9900020335: WOYCENKO, OL'HA - The Ukrainians in Canada
9900041728: WRAGG, DAVID - Boats of the Air an Illustrated History of Flying Boats, Seaplanes & Amphibians
9900044681: DE WREE, OLIVIER - De Seghelen Der Graven Van Vlaendren Ende Voor-Schriften Van Hunne Brieven Histori-Wys Uyt-Gheleyt
9900033478: WRENCH, G. T., M.D. - Lord Lister His Life and Work
057584: WRIGHT, RONALD - Stolen Continents The "New World" Through Indian Eyes
017408: WRIGHT, REV. G. N. - Landscape-Historical Illustrations of Scotland, and the Waverly Novels
018761: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Clara Callan A Novel
024656: WRIGHT, RONALD - Stolen Continents The "New World" Through Indian Eyes
025811: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Clara Callan : A Novel
025826: WRIGHT, RONALD - A Scientific Romance
059499: WRIGHT, J. V.; R. S. KIDD; ROSCOE WILMETH; RUTH GRUHN; ROBERT MCGHEE - Contributions to Anthropology VII: Archaeology and Physical Anthropology Bulletin 232
028986: WRIGHT, ESMOND, ED. - The Fire of Liberty
037879: WRIGHT, RICHARD B . - October
057755: WRIGHT, STEPHEN - The Amalgamation Polka
048707: WRIGHT, DARE - Lona, a Fairy Tale
042923: RICHARD B WRIGHT - Clara Callan
043723: WRIGHT, CLIFFORD A. - A Mediterranean Feast: The Story of the Birth of the Celebrated Cuisines of the Mediterranean from the Merchants of Venice to the Barbary Corsairs, with More Than 500 Recipes
052848: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Frank Lloyd Wright Decorative Design Collection
059194: WRIGHT, STEVE - Banksy's Bristol: Home Sweet Home The unofficial guide
037880: WRIGHT, RICHARD B . - Adultery
057380: WRIGHT, RICHARD A. - Native Son
058702: WRIGHT, ROBIN K.; DAINA AUGAITIS - Charles Edenshaw
051679: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - October
055527: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Native Son
008203: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Adultery
9900037491: WRIGHT, DARLENE - Out of Tradition Abraham Anghik / David Ruben Piqtoukun
059501: WRIGHT, J. V. - The Laurel Tradition and the Middle Woodland Period National Museum of Canada, Bulletin No. 217, Anthropological Series 79
9900044484: WRIGHT, J. F. - Geology and Mineral Deposits of a Part of Southeastern Manitoba
059424: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - A Testament Book One: Autobiographical and Book Two: The New Architecture in one volume
053468: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Black Power: Three Books from Exile Black Power; the Color Curtain; and White Man, Listen!
9900029601: WRIGHT, L. R. - Kidnap
053279: WRIGHT, ALLEN A. - Prelude to Bonanza The Discovery and Exploration of the Yukon
056731: WRIGHT, RONALD - Cut Stones and Crossroads A Journey in the Two Worlds of Peru
052957: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - In the Middle of a Life
024502: WRIGHT, LOUIS B. - The Dream of Prosperity in Colonial America
053690: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Final Things
058256: WRIGHT, ED - A Left-Handed History of the World
058625: WRIGHT, ERIK OLIN - Understanding Class
9900033904: WRIGHT, LAURA MOORE - The Song of Rolland the Legend That Turoldus Relates / the Oxford Version Tranlated Into Modern English Verse
9900037323: WRIGHT, THOMAS [ED.] - A Contemporary Narrative of the Proceedings Against Dame Alice Kyteler, Persecuted for Sorcery in 1324, by Richard de Ledrede. .
9900000553: WRIGHT, H. ELEANOR (MOONEY) - Joe Lake Reminiscences of an Algonquin Park Ranger's Daughter
9900022613: WRIGHT, ESMOND (ED., INTRO.) - The Fire of Liberty
059484: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - The Future of Architecture
9900039967: MIERAU, MAURICE (WRITER AND INTERVIEWER) / HANA SIMON (MANAGING EDITOR) - Voices University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine - 125th Anniversary - 1883-2008
055309: LORRAINE K. MUENSTER (LAYOUT & WRITING); KATHLEEN ATKIN (ED.) - Peter Sawatzky Bronzes 1991 - 1999
049153: SCOTT, PETER [WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED] - Morning Flight: A Book of Wildfowl
025296: WROBLEWSKI, DAVID - The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
046474: WROE, ANN - The Perfect Prince The Mystery of Perkin Warbeck and His Quest for the Throne of England
011435: BOWSER, W. E., R. L. ERDMAN, F. A. WYATT AND J. D. NEWTON - Soil Survey of Peace Hills Sheet Report No. 14 of the Alberta Soil Survey
036813: WYATT, HORACE G. - Crime in Canada and the War
029992: WYCHERLEY, WILLIAM - The Country Wife
048968: WYKES, ALAN - Snake Man The Story of C. J. P. Ionides
9900038945: WYKOFF, GERALD L. - Beyond the Glitter Everything You Need to Know to Buy... Sell... Care for... And Wear Gems and Jewelry Wisely
9900034377: WYLLIE, J. M. - The Oxford Dictionary Slanders the Greatest Scandal in the Whole History of Scholarship
9900000826: WYMAN, MAX - The Royal Winnipeg Ballet: The First Forty Years
057257: WYNDHAM, JOHN - The Kraken Wakes
9900041224: WYNDHAM, HENRY PENRUDDOCKE - The Diary of the Late George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis; from March 8, 1749, to February 6, 1761.
052236: WYNN, KENNETH G. - Men of the Battle of Britain: Supplementary Volume A Who was Who of the Pilots and Aircrew, British, Commonwealth and Allied, who flew with the Royal Air Force Fighter Command, July 10 to October 31, 1941
011432: ODYNSKY, WM., A. WYNNYK AND J. D. NEWTON - Reconnaissance Soil Survey of the Grande Prairie and Sturgeon Lake Sheets Report No. 18 - Alberta Soil Survey
054942: XENOPHON; ARTHUR SUMNER WALPOLE (ED.) - The First Book of the Anabasis With Notes, Vocabulary and Illustrations
051303: XENOPHON; VIVIENNE J. GRAY (ED.) - Xenophon on Government
050543: XENOPHON - A History of My Times
043335: XIANLIANG, ZHANG - Getting Used to Dying
054615: XIAOLONG, QIU - Loyal Character Dancer
9900043691: XINDE, WANG (TRANSLATED BY HE ZHOU) - 12 Fatal Leg-Attack Techniques (in Chinese-English)
044728: XINGJIAN, GAO - One Man's Bible
056259: XINGJIAN, GAO; MABEL LEE (TRANS.) - Soul Mountain
051656: XINGJIAN, GAO - One Man's Bible
9900040406: YACOWAR, MAURICE - No Use Shutting the Door
030229: YADIN, YIGAEL - The Message of the Scrolls
9900033577: YALLOP, DAVID - In God's Name an Investigation Into the Murder of Pope John Paul I
9900032545: YALLOP, DAVID - In God's Name
056552: YALOM, IRVIN D. - When Nietzsche Wept A Novel of Obsession
9900042561: YANCHYSHYN, ANNE CAROLINE - Come Walk with Me... I'LL Tell You a Story
055413: YANEFF, CHRIS (CUR.) - Exhibition: Royal Canadian Academy of Arts Academy House, 8 Adelaide St. East. Oct. 16 to Dec. 30, 1987
039685: YARMOLINSKY, AVRAHM - Dostoevsky: Works and Days
049313: YARNELL, DUANE - Mantrap
040428: YATCHEW, ADONIS - Semiparametric Regression for the Applied Econometrician
021385: YATES, MICHAEL D. - In and out of the Working Class
042367: YATES, SARAH - The Manitoba Society of Artists: A History
059217: YATES, RICHARD - Revolutionary Road
9900033073: YEAGER, DORR G. - Bob Flame Among the Navajo
056391: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER - The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats
042408: YEATS, W. B.; FRAYNE, JOHN P (ED.) - Uncollected Prose / 2 Volumes
058632: YEATS, W. B. - Poems Selected by Seamus Heaney
9900034063: YEATS, W. B. - Stories of Red Hanrahan / the Secret Rose / Rosa Alchemica
9900040592: YEE, CHEN MAY - The Royal Selangor Story Born and Bred in Pewter Dust
9900032822: YELLOWLEES, HENRY - The Human Approach a Book for Medical Students
046376: YENNE, BILL - Operation Long Jump Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, and the Greatest Assassination Plot in History
049956: YENNE, BILL - Sitting Bull
053930: YEW, WEI (ED.) - Gotcha Twice! The Art of the Billboard 2
018170: YODER, SANFORD CALVIN - For Conscience Sake A Study of Mennonite Migrations Resulting from the World War
059417: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You (Two Volumes in Slipcase) A revelatory commentary on the original teachings of Jesus
9900032133: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - Love and Life an Old Story in Eighteenth Century Costume
051519: YORK, ALISSA - Effigy
021596: YORK, ALISSA - Mercy
023919: YORK, ALISSA - Mercy
053124: YORK, ALISSA - Fauna
045963: YORK, ALISSA - The Naturalist
047005: YORK, SARAH KATHRYN - The Anatomy of Edouard Beaupre
056788: YORK, GEOFFREY - The Dispossessed Life and Death in Native Canada
035593: YORK, ALISSA - Effigy
049836: YORK, GEOFFREY & LOREEN PINDERA; DAN DAVID (FOREWORD) - People of the Pines: The Warriors and the Legacy of Oka
051795: YORK, GEOFFREY - Dispossesed
058329: YORK, ALISSA - Effigy A Novel
057950: YORK, ALISSA - Fauna A Novel
057631: YOSHIMOTO, BANANA - Goodbye Tsugumi
000790: YOUNG, DAVID E. - Health Care Issues in the Canadian North
031047: YOUNG, T. KUE - The Health of Native Americans Towards a Biocultural Epidemiology
036720: YOUNG, BARBARA - This Man from Lebanon A Study of Kahlil Gibran
038885: YOUNG, IRENE - Nena
049958: YOUNG, DAVID; GRANT INGRAM, AND LISE SWARTZ - Cry of the Eagle: Encounters with a Cree Healer
058685: YOUNG, EGERTON RYERSON - Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Camp-Fires
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052108: YOUNG, DAVID - Glenn: A Play
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9900041424: YOUNG, SCOTT - The Flood
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9900042547: YOUNG, CHIC - Blondie Fun for All!
056929: YOUNG, STELLA - Ne Nanowawen Cree Sayings and Phrases in Roman Orthography and Syllabics
056930: YOUNG, STELLA - Ne Nanowawen 1000 Cree Words in Roman Orthography and Syllabics
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048743: YOUNG, ROBERT J. - Premontions of War The Winnipeg Free Press in the Hitler Years
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051286: YOUNG, NEIL - Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life & Cars
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035087: YOUSAFZAI, MALALA; CHRISTINA LAMB - I Am Malala The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot By the Taliban
028814: YOUSSOUPOFF, PRINCE FELIX - Lost Splendour
041802: YU, SU-MEI - Asian Grilling 85 Satay, Kebabs, Skewers and Other Asian-Inspired Recipes for Your Barbecue
041992: YU, SU-MEI - The Elements of Life A Contemporary Guide to Thai Recipes and Traditions for Healthier Living
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057433: ZAHAVI, HELEN - Dirty Weekend A Novel of Revenge
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050247: ZAIDMAN, LOUISE BRUIT; PAULINE SCHMITT PANTEL - Religion in the Ancient Greek City
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052587: ZELDIN, THEODORE - Intimate History of Humanity
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9900044777: ZENTNER, L. (ENGRAVER) - A Select Collection of Landscapes from the Best Old Masters / Une Collection Choisie de Paysages Engraved by L. Zentner, after Drawings made by him from original Pictures, in different cabinets, during his residence in Germany, France, Holland, &c. to which are added, Portraits of the Artists, and Short Biographical Accounts of each.
059304: ZENTNER, ALEXI - Copperhead
056076: ZERZAN, JOHN - Running on Emptiness The Pathology of Civilization
051189: THE MARQUESS OF ZETLAND - Lord Cromer Being the Authorized Life of Evelyn Barin, First Earl of Cromer
032136: ZETTWOCH, DAN; KEVIN HUIZENGA - Amazing Facts & Beyond! with Leon Beyond [2008-2012]
059120: ZETTWOCH, DAN - Birdseye Bristoe
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041405: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - Soldiers Fighting Men's Lives, 1901-2001
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052773: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - King Edward VIII: A Biography
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9900035738: VAN ZILE, EDWARD S. - Perkins the Fakeer a Travesty on Reincarnation
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057774: ZINN, HOWARD - The Politics of History
029279: ZINN, HOWARD - You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our Times
033737: ZINN, HOWARD - Voices of a People's History of the United States
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058846: ZINN, HOWARD; MATTHEW ROTHSCHILD (INTRO.) - The Historic Unfulfilled Promise
059969: ZINN, HOWARD - A People's History of the United States: 1492-Present
057535: ZINN, HOWARD; DAVID BARSAMIAN - The Future of History Interviews with David Barsamian
057477: ZINN, HOWARD - Howard Zinn on War
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057484: ZIZEK, SLAVOJ - Welcome to the Desert of the Real Five Essays on September 11 and Related Dates
027833: ZOBEL, HILLER B. - The Boston Massacre
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052577: ZOLA, EMILE - The Abbe Mouret's Sin
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054573: ZOLA, EMILE; LEONARD TANCOCK (TRANS.) - La Bte Humaine
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033264: ZOLF, RACHEL - Janey's Arcadia
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012802: ZOLF, FALK; TRANSLATED BY MARTIN GREEN - On Foreign Soil Volume 1: 1900-1917 [Oyf Fremder Erd]
053932: ZOLF, RACHEL - Masque
055833: ZOLF, FALK; MARTIN GREEN (TRANS.) - On Foreign Soil Tales of a Wandering Jew
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9900038015: ZORIAN, PAUL - Master Memory
9900041837: KHASEVYCH, NIL - BEY-ZOT AND HIS DISCIPLES - Ukrainian Underground Art: Album of the Woodcuts Made in Ukraine, in 1947-1950
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038814: ZUEHLKE, MARK - Juno Beach Canada's D-Day Victory: June 6, 1944
048326: ZUEHLKE, MARK - Tragedy at Dieppe Operation Jubilee, August 19, 1942
049134: ZUEHLKE, MARK - The Cinderella Campaign First Canadian Army and the Battles for the Channel Ports
9900045107: ZUEHLKE, MARK (TEXT). MAPS BY C. STUART DANIEL - The Canadian Military Atlas the Nation's Battlefields from the French and Indian Wars to Kosovo
043771: ZUSAK, MARKUS - I Am the Messenger
059085: ZUSAK, MARKUS - The Book Thief
011498: ZYW, ALEKSANDER; INTRODUCTION BY H. HARVEY WOOD - Edinburgh As the Artist Sees It
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