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063113: SASEK, M. - This Is Paris
046655: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED; JOHN LAWRENCE [ILLUST.] - The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston [Three Volumes in Slipcase] Sherston's Progress; Memoirs of an Infantry Officer; Memoirs of a Fox-hunting Man
9900044126: SATHER, NANCY - Western Prairie Fringed Orchid
027008: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - On Equilibrium
055278: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - Voltaire's Bastards The Dictatorship of Reason in the West
062907: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - The Comeback How Aboriginals Are Reclaiming Power And Influence
053348: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World
057223: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - The Doubter's Companion A Dictionary of Aggressive Common Sense
056706: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - Voltaire's Bastards The Dictatorship of Reason in the West
056707: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - Reflections of a Siamese Twin Canada at the End of the Twentieth Century
057101: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - The Unconscious Civilization
062720: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - The Unconscious Civilization
048770: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - On Equilibrium
052039: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - The Unconscious Civilization
049060: SAUL, D. T.; RANDY AVERY - Royal Canadian Mounted Police Centennial 1873-1973
046486: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - The Paradise Eater A Novel
062922: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - Voltaire's Bastards The Dictatorship of Reason in the West
056775: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - Baraka: Or the Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor of Anthony Smith The Field Trilogy
056778: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - The Next Best Thing The Field Trilogy
049705: SAUM, LEWIS O. - Fur Trader and the Indian
9900045489: SAUNDERS, DORIS; ROBIN HOOPLE - Manitoba in Literature: An Issue on Literary Environment Vol. 3, No. 3, Spring 1970
053400: SAUNDERS, DOUG - The Myth of the Muslim Tide: Do Immigrants Threaten the West?
9900040257: SAUNDERS, THOMAS - A Proud Heritage a History of the St. Andrew's Society of Winnipeg 1871-1982
053998: SAUNDERS, THOMAS - Horizontal World
062960: SAUNDERS, DOUG - The Myth of the Muslim Tide Do Immigrants Threaten the West?
9900032559: SAUNDERS, THOMAS - A Proud Heritage a History of the St. Andrew's Society of Winnipeg 1871-1982
9900036868: SAUNDERS, THOMAS - A Proud Heritage a History of the St. Andrew's Society of Winnipeg 1871-1982
9900035040: SAUNDERSON, HUGH H. - The Saunderson Years
9900006485: SAUNDERSON, HUGH H - The Saunderson Years
022017: SAUVE, CLAUDINE - Green Boys and Pink Girls
9900044806: SAUVY, ANNE - The Game of Mountain and Chance
036889: SAVAGE, CHARLES ALBERT - The Athenian Family: A Sociological and Legal Study Based Chiefly on the Works of the Attic Orators
9900014511: SAVAGE, GEORGE - Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century French Porcelain
060474: SAVAGE, CANDACE - A Geography of Blood Unearthing Memory from a Prairie Landscape
059460: SAVARD, FELIX-ANTOINE - La Dalle-Des-Morts Drame en trois actes
039089: SAVIANO, ROBERTO - Gomorrah: A Personal Journey Into the Violent International Empire of Naples' Organized Crime System
9900005586: SAVOURS, ANN (ED.) - Scott's Last Voyage
9900043080: SAWATZKY, PETER - Sculpture in Wood & Bronze
035608: SAWCHUK, JOE - Readings in Aboriginal Studies Volume 4: Images of the Indian: Portrayals of Native Peoples
026267: SAWYER, RALPH D.; MEI-CHUN LEE SAWYER - Fire and Water The Art of Incendiary and Aquatic Warfare in China
039232: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Are Women Human? Astute and Witty Essays on the Role of Women in Society
045016: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - The Nine Tailors
9900040463: SAYLES, JOHN - Pride of the Bimbos
003042: SAYLOR, STANLEY G, ET AL. - An Introduction to Manitoba Archaeology
045742: SAYLOR, STANLEY - The Maskwa River Site
9900033978: SAYRE, THEODORE BURT - Tom Moore an Unhistorical Romance, Founded on Certain Happenings in the Life of Ireland's Greatest Poet
059428: SCADUTO, TONY - Mick Jagger Everybody's Lucifer
046583: SCALORA, SUZA - The Witches and Wizards of Oberin
9900042875: [SHIP SCANTLINGS] - Ship Building [Copper Engravings]
061601: SCARAVELLI, VANDA - Awakening the Spine The Stress-Free New Yoga that Works with the Body to Restore Health, Vitality and Energy
9900041152: TRANSLATED FROM THE ITALIAN OF ANTONIO SCARPA WITH NOTES NY JAMES BRIGGS - Practical Observations of the Principal Diseases of the Eyes: Illustrated with Cases.
028783: SCARROW, C.A.; G.N. GRIFFIN - Citizenship and Character Education A Manual for Grades III and IV
042042: SCARROW, SIMON - The Fields of Death (Revolution, #4) The Wellington and Napoleon Quartet: 1809-1815
061878: SCHACHT, RICHARD - Classical Modern Philosophers Descartes to Kant
052100: SCHADE, WERNER; LUCAS CRANACH; HANS CRANACH; HELEN SEBBA (TRANS.) - Cranach: A Family of Master Painters
056745: SCHAEF, ANNE WILSON - Women's Reality An Emerging Female System in the White Male Society
057216: SCHAEFFER, FRANK - Zermatt Calvin Becker Trilogy
057215: SCHAEFFER, FRANK - Portofino Calvin Becker Trilogy
9900034804: SCHAEFFER, CLAUDE E. - Blackfoot Shaking Tent
062580: SCHAFER, REUBEN; KEN BORDEN - ... Now Show Me Your Belly-Button!
019392: SCHAFFER, RONALD - Wings of Judgment American Bombing in World War II
052123: SCHAMA, SIMON - Landscape and Memory
057158: SCHANBACHER, GARY - Migration Patterns Stories
047999: SCHAPPELL, ELISSA - Use Me
037455: SCHARF, AARON - Art and Photography
062608: SCHARFE, SHARON - Complicity Human Rights and Canadian Foreign Policy: The Case of East Timor
032436: SCHARPER, STEPHEN BEDE - Redeeming the Time: A Political Theology of the Environment
017538: BEVERS, HOLM, PERTER SCHATBORN AND BARBARA WELZEL - Rembrandt le Maitre Et Son Atelier: Vol I: Dessins Et Gravures; Vol II: Peintures
060232: SCHELLINKS, WILLIAM; MAURICE EXWOOD - The Journal of William Schellinks' Travels in England, 1661-1663
032973: PETERSEN-SCHEPELERN, ELSA - Steaming Healthy Food from China, Japan and South East Asia
045488: SCHERM, REBECCA - Unbecoming A Novel
9900038903: SCHERMAN, KATHARINE - Daughter of Fire a Portrait of Iceland
055176: SCHICK, RON - Norman Rockwell Behind the Camera
021902: SCHIEFFELIN, EDWARD L. - The Sorrow of the Lonely and the Burning of the Dancers
9900032059: SCHILLER, K. F. R. (ED.) - Clinics in Gastroenterology / Volume 7/Number 3/ September 1978 / Endoscopy
9900023884: SCHILPP, PAUL ARTHUR (ED.) - The Philosophy of John Dewey
052095: SCHIMMEL, ANNEMARIE - Calligraphy and Islamic Culture
9900016276: SCHLATTER, ADOLF - Erlauterungen Zum Neuen Testament / Das Evangelium Nach Matthaus
036533: HEMBROFF-SCHLEICHER, EDYTHE - Emily Carr: The Untold Story
9900038334: HEMBROFF-SCHLEICHER, EDYTHE - Emily Carr the Untold Story
038047: SCHLESINGER, ALFRED CARY - Boundaries of Dionysus Athenian Foundations for the Theory of Tragedy
039615: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR M. - The Age of Roosevelt / Volume I [of Three] Only I. The Crisis of the Old Order
052282: SCHLESINGER, STEPHEN C. - Act of Creation The Founding of the United Nations: A Story of Superpowers, Secret Agents, Wartime Allies and Enemies, and Their Quest for a Peaceful World
027367: SCHLOSSER, ERIC - Fast Food Nation Tie-in the Dark Side of the All-American Meal (P.S. )
029381: SCHLOSSER, ERIC - Reefer Madness Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market
045125: SCHLOSSER, ERIC - Fast Food Nation The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
017838: SCHMIDT, KARL PATTERSON - Homes and Habits of Wild Animals North American Mammals
9900002268: SCHMIDT, ANITA E. - On the Banks of the Assiniboine a History of the Parish of St. James
048654: SCHMIDT, SARAH - See What I Have Done
9900043610: SCHMIDT, JOHN - An Experiment That Worked
9900034478: SCHMIDT, ANITA E. - On the Banks of the Assiniboine a History of the Parish of St. James
051676: SCHMITZ, KENNETH L. - At the Center of the Human Drama The Philosophical Anthropology of Karol Wojtyla/Pope John Paul II
031231: SCHNEIDER, REGINA - Sidney's (Re)Writing of the Arcadia
058688: SCHNEIDER, ROMY - Romy Schneider Portraits 1954 - 1981
055406: SCHNEIDER, REISSA - In Honour of Our Grandmothers Imprints of Cultural Survival
9900040421: SCHNEIDER, INA - Works 1997-99
9900039703: SCHNEIDEWINI, JOHANNIS [JOHANN SCHNEIDEWEIN] - In Quator Institutionum Imperalium Justiniani, Commentarii [Commentaries Upon the Institutes (Codex) of Justinian]
9900030957: SCHNITKER, MAURICE A., M.D. - The Electrocardiogram in Congenital Cardiac Disease a Study of 109 Cases, 106 with Autopsy
031459: SCHOEMPERLEN, DIANE - Forms of Devotion
027259: SCHOEMPERLEN, DIANE - Forms of Devotion Stories and Pictures
9900034942: SCHOFIELD, FRANK HOWARD - The Story of Manitoba
9900033377: SCHOFIELD, FRANK HOWARD - The Story of Manitoba
049364: [CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF RHODES SCHOLARS] - Rhodes Scholar Directory List of Rhodes Scholars elected from Canada and Other Rhodes Scholars resident in Canada: 1904-1983
049365: [CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF RHODES SCHOLARS] - Rhodes Scholar Directory List of Rhodes Scholars elected from Canada and Other Rhodes Scholars resident in Canada: 1904 - 1974
040726: SCHOLEM, GERSHOM - From Berlin to Jerusalem: Memories of My Youth
058171: SCHOLINSKI, DAPHNE - The Last Time I Wore Dress A Memoir
9900041566: VON SCHONBERG, ELIZABETH - Sonnets of San Francisco in Swingtime and Other Poems
055039: STUDENTS OF WALLENBERG TRADITIONAL HIGH SCHOOL; SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA ARTISTS (ILLUS.) - Exactly 10 Beavers, 9 Fairies, 8 Dreams, 7 Knights, 6 Princesses, 5 Dogs, 4 Otters, 3 Old Men, 2 Robots, 1 Traveling Shoe & Everything Else It Takes to Make a Great Children's Story Book (More or Less)
014825: [CENTENNIAL SCHOOL] - Limited Edition A visual statement created by students of the Visual Communications programme
9900035555: [ST. JOHNS-RAVENSCOURT SCHOOL] - The Eagle Volume 24 1973-1974
9900024924: [BOSTON COOKING SCHOOL] - American Cookery
9900035663: [ST. JOHNS-RAVENSCOURT SCHOOL] - The Eagle Volume 14 1963-1964
9900041953: [ST. JOHNS-RAVENSCOURT SCHOOL] - The Eagle Volume 27 1976-1977
9900035662: [ST. JOHNS-RAVENSCOURT SCHOOL] - The Eagle Volume 25 1974-1975
9900032130: [KELVIN HIGH SCHOOL] - Cherry & Grey 1970 [Volume 50, 1969-1970]
9900035649: [ST. JOHNS-RAVENSCOURT SCHOOL] - The Eagle Volume 31 1981-1982
9900035557: [ST. JOHNS-RAVENSCOURT SCHOOL] - The Eagle Volume 16 1965-1966
9900035556: [ST. JOHNS-RAVENSCOURT SCHOOL] - The Eagle Volume 23 1972-1973
9900035643: [ST. JOHNS-RAVENSCOURT SCHOOL] - The Eagle Volume 39 1988-1989
9900029057: [UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA LAW SCHOOL] - Manitoba Law Journal
9900035645: [ST. JOHNS-RAVENSCOURT SCHOOL] - The Eagle Volume 34 1983-1984
9900035644: [ST. JOHNS-RAVENSCOURT SCHOOL] - The Eagle Volume 31 1980-1981
9900033496: [ST. JOHNS-RAVENSCOURT SCHOOL] - The Eagle Volume 38 1987-1988
9900033497: [ST. JOHNS-RAVENSCOURT SCHOOL] - The Eagle Volume 34 1983-1984
053498: SCHORSKE, CARL E. - Fin-de-Siecle Vienna: Politics and Culture
052750: SCHRODER, JOHAN; ORM OVERLAND (ED., TRANS., AND INTRO.) - Johan Schroder's Travels in Canada, 1863
027188: SCHROEDER, ANDREAS - The Mennonites : A Pictorial History of Their Lives in Canada
9900034871: SCHROEDER, ANDREAS - The Mennonites a Pictorial History of Their Lives in Canada
9900037279: SCHUBERT, HERMANN - Mathematical Essays and Recreations
9900042726: SCHUBIGER, P. A., L. LEHMANN, M. FRIEBE (EDS.) - Pet Chemistry The Driving Force in Molecular Imaging
033920: SCHULL, JOSEPH - Rebellion: The Rising in French Canada 1837
061037: SCHULMAN, AUDREY - Theory of Bastards
023781: SCHULTZ, DUANE - Quantrill's War The Life & Times Of William Clarke Quantrill, 1837-1865
030931: SCHULTZ, PATRICIA - 1,000 Places to See in the U.S. A. & Canada Before You Die
9900041458: SCHULTZ, HON. JOHN, M.D. - The Old Crow Wing Trail
9900041459: SCHULTZ, HON. JOHN, M.D. - A Forgotten Northern Fortress
038022: SCHULZ, J. - Rise and Fall of Canadian Farm Organizations
045853: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Sunday's Fun Day, Charlie Brown; You'Re out of Sight Charlie Brown
045854: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - You Can't Win Charlie Brown; You'Re You, Charlie Brown
045856: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - It's a Dog's Life, Charlie Brown; You Need Help, Charlie Brown
9900032692: SCHULZ, J. - Rise and Fall of Canadian Farm Organizations
9900042444: SCHUR, DANNY & RICK CHAFE - The Musical Strike!
9900040278: SCHUR, DANNY & RICK CHAFE - The Musical Strike!
060203: SCHUSTER, MARILYN [EDITOR] - A Queer Love Story The Letters of Jane Rule and Rick Bebout
058072: SCHUTZ, STEFAN - Peyote Or My Friend the Indian
9900034572: SCHUTZ, J. B. - Allgemeine Weltgeschichte Fur Denkende Und Gebildete Leute ('General World History for Thinking and Educated People') Nach Eichorne, Gallettis und Remers Werken ('After works by Eichorns, Galletis and Remers')
050489: SCHUYLER, GEORGE S.; ISHMAEL REED (INTRO.) - Black No More: A Novel
055647: SCHWARCZ, JOE - That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles 65 All-New Commentaries on the Fascinating Chemistry of Everyday Life
062046: SCHWARTZ, BRYAN; EDWIN KROEGER & SCOTT MONKMAN (EDS.) - Underneath the Golden Boy: A Review of Recent Manitoba Laws and How They Came to Be 2005 Volume 4
058124: SCHWARTZ, JOSEPH - Cassandra's Daughter A History of Psychoanalysis
063077: SCHWARZ, HERBERT T.; DAPHNE ODJIG (ILLUS.) - Tales from the Smokehouse
9900040861: SCHWEITZER, PROF. ALBERT - On the Edge of the Primeval Forest Experiences and Observations of a Doctor in Equatorial Africa
9900031498: SCOBIE, CAPTAIN I. H. MACKAY - An Old Highland Fencible Corps: The History of the Reay Fencible Regiment of Foot, or Mackay's Highlanders 1794-1802 With an Account of its Services in Ireland during the Rebelioon of 1798
062267: SCOFIELD, GREGORY - Witness, I Am
053847: SCOFIELD, GREGORY - Louis: The Heretic Poems
019819: SCOGGAN, H.J. - Flora of Manitoba Bulletin No. 140, Biological Series No. 47
057438: SCOGGAN, H. J. - Flora of Manitoba Bulletin No. 140, Biological Series No. 47
042996: SCOLES, JOHN - Housecoat Diaries: Chicken Scratch for the Soul
9900044900: SCOT, A. - Rudiments and Practical Exercises, for Learning the French Language, by an Easy Method.
9900042541: NOVA SCOTIA, PROVINCE OF - A Submission of Its Claims with Respect to Maritime Disabilities in Confederation
018716: SCOTT, MICHAEL - The Cruise of the Midge / Two Volumes
033580: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Guy Mannering; or the Astrologer
020935: SCOTT, PETER DALE - The War Conspiracy The Secret Road to the Second Indochina War
037974: SCOTT, PAUL - The Jewel in the Crown
038300: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Redgauntlet
039619: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; SHARP, WILLIAM - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott. : With Prefatory Notice, Biographical and Critical. / Two Volumes Original Ballads. The Lay of the Last Minstrel. Marmion.; The Lady of the Lake. The Lord of the Isles. Miscellaneous Poems.
9900031895: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Fair Maid of Perth or Saint Valentine's Day
045059: SCOTT, F.R. - Leaving the Shade of the Middle Ground: The Poetry of F.R. Scott Selected with an Introduction by Laura Moss and an Afterword by George Elliott Clarke
046109: SCOTT, JOANNA - Arrogance
045185: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Kenilworth
9900029555: BOSWELL, JAMES [GEOFFREY SCOTT AND FREDERICK A. POTTLE, EDITORS] - The Journal of James Boswell 1781-1783 / Death of Lord Auchinleck 30 August 1782 / Jaunt to London, Spring, 1783
9900027606: SCOTT, WALTER - The Lady of the Lake. A Poem.
062388: SCOTT, WALTER - The Lady of the Lake A Poem in Six Cantos
056070: SCOTT, LINDA M. - Fresh Lipstick Redressing Fashion and Feminism
053560: SCOTT, W.S. (TRANS & INTRO.) - The Trial of Joan of Arc: Being the Verbatim Report of the Proceedings from the Orleans Manuscript
9900033398: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Old Mortality
9900043357: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The 'Illustrated Waverley Novels' / Complete 25 Volume Set
052802: SCOTT, GINI GRAHAM - Shamanism for Everyone
9900041580: [JAMES BOSWELL] SCOTT, GEOFFREY (ED.) - Private Papers of James Boswell / in the Isham Collection from Malahide Castle / Now First Printed
051245: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Guy Mannering
9900037782: SCOTT, WILLIAM C. - Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound
054674: SCOTT, R. B. Y. (TRANS., INTRO., & NOTES) - Proverbs & Ecclesiates
055927: SCOTT, FRANK R. - Essays on the Constitution Aspects of Canadian Law and Politics
058594: SCOTT, R. F. - The Voyage of the "Discovery
9900030359: SCOTT, CAPTAIN ROBERT F. - The Voyage of the Discovery
9900022849: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Peveril of the Peak / the Bride of Lammermoor
053816: TAYLOR, SCOTT AND DR. KRIS ROW - Home Run The History of the Winnipeg Goldeyes and CanWest Global Park
9900045177: [CAPTAIN ROBERT F. SCOTT] - Everybody's Magazine August 1913 Vol. XXIX, No. 2 / with 'the Uttermost South: The Undying Story of Captain Scott'
9900038649: SCOTT, WALTER - The Tabernacle: Its Structure, Vessels, Coverings, Sacrifices, and Services.
9900031982: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Talisman
9900031980: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Woodstock or the Cavalier
9900029724: SCOTT, WALTER - Ballads and Lyrical Pieces [and Other Works]
9900033788: [BOY SCOUTS] - The Boy Scouts Association / Handbook for Canada
062255: SCRIVER, STEPHEN - Under the Wings
013352: SCUDDER, SAMUEL HUBBARD [A ROCHESTER FELLOW] - The Winnipeg Country or Roughing It with an Eclipse Party
9900033221: SCUDDER, ANTOINETTE - The Grey Studio
035011: SCULLARD, H. HOWARD - A History of the Roman World From 753 to 146 B.C.
050103: SCULLARD, H.H. - From the Gracchi to Nero A History of Rome from 133 BC to AD 68
045832: SCULLY, ROCK; DAVID DALTON - Living with the Dead
052674: SCULLY, VINCENT JOSEPH - Frank Lloyd Wright
9900045099: SEAGER, ROBIN - The Crisis of the Roman Republic Studies in Political and Social History
062701: SEAGRAVES, ANNE - Soiled Doves Prostitution in the Early West
037108: SEALE, DAVID - Vision and Stagecraft in Sophocles
055938: SEALEY, D. BRUCE; KEITH WILSON (SERIES ED.) - Cuthbert Grant and the Metis (We Built Canada)
9900045037: SEAMAN, LOUIS LIVINGSTON, M.D. - The Real Triumph of Japan the Conquest of the Silent Foe
9900013074: MANLEY, SEAN AND GOGO LEWIS (EDS) - Polar Secrets a Treasury of the Arctic and Antarctic
9900042270: O'BRIEN, SEAN AND STEPHEN PLAICE (EDS.) / EVA SALZMAN ISSUES EDITOR - The Printer's Devil Issue D / a Magazine of New Writing
040032: SEARLE, RONALD - Zoodiac
9900039024: SEARLE, RONALD & KILDARE DOBBS - The Great Fur Opera: Annals of the Hudson's Bay Company 1670-1970
041879: SEARLE, RONALD; DOBBS KILDARE - The Great Fur Opera; Animals of the Hudsons Bay Company
9900039163: SEARLE, RONALD - Back to the Slaughterhouse and Other Ugly Moments
9900032013: SEARLE, RONALD - The King of Beasts & Other Creatures
051715: SEARLE, RONALD - Dick Deadeye
9900039164: SEARLE, RONALD - The Female Approach with Masculine Sidelights
047532: SEARLE, RONALD - The Square Egg & the Vicious Circle
9900030816: SEAVER, GEORGE - Edward Wilson: Nature-Lover
043195: SECKEL, AL - Masters of Deception Escher, Dalí & the Artists of Optical Illusion
060561: SECKEL, AL - Masters of Deception Escher, Dali & the Artists of Optical Illusion
025318: SEDARIS, DAVID - When You Are Engulfed in Flames
047324: SEDARIS, DAVID - Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls
036126: SEDARIS, DAVID - Me Talk Pretty One Day
057404: SEDARIS, DAVID - Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
057748: SEDARIS, DAVID - When You Are Engulfed in Flames
062642: SEDARIS, DAVID - Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk A Modest Bestiary
062150: SEDARIS, DAVID - Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls Essays, Etc.
057732: SEDARIS, DAVID - Naked
041531: SEDGWICK, DOROTHY - A Bibliography of English-Language Theatre and Drama in Canada 1800~1914
045317: SEDIA, EKATERINA (EDITOR) - Beware the Night
9900044677: SEE, SAM / PICTURES BY FRANK LIEBERMAN - The Eye-Cue Builder Book / a 'Do' Book for Hand & Eye
039067: SEESSLEN, GEORG; PETER KORTE - Joel and Ethan Coen
062991: SEGAL, JEROME M . - Graceful Simplicity Toward a Philosophy and Politics of Simple Living
061851: SEGERS, LADISLAUS - The Song of Hulda's Rock
059443: SEGUIN, ROBERT-LIONEL - Les Moules Du Quebec Musee national du Canada: Bulletin no. 188
059444: SEGUIN, ROBERT-LIONEL - Les Granges Du Quebec Du XVII Au XIX Siecle Musee national du Canada: Bulletin no. 192
058193: SEIDEN, MORTON IRVING - The Paradox of Hate A Study in Ritual Murder
049301: SEIFERT, ELIZABETH - Substitute Doctor
039244: SELBY, SCOTT ANDREW - The Axmann Conspiracy The Nazi Plan for a Fourth Reich and How the U.S. Army Defeated It
014264: MACARTNEY, MERVYN E., SELECTED AND EDITED BY - The Practical Exemplar of Architecture From "The Architectural Review
023043: HEALD, TIM [SELECTED AND INTRODUCED BY] - The Best After-Dinner Stories
052975: HAVEL, VACLAV; PAUL WILSON (SELECTED AND ED.) - Open Letters: Selected Writings, 1965-1990
056650: FLUDD, ROBERT; WILLIAM H. HUFFMAN (SELECTED AND ED.) - Robert Fludd: Essential Readings
9900041689: HUDSON, ROGER / SELECTED AND INTRODUCED BY - The Folio Book of Days
053753: BLOOM, HAROLD (SELECTED AND COMMENTARY) - The Best Poems of the English Language: From Chaucer Through Frost
9900028699: GARNETT, DAVID (SELECTED WITH A PREFACE BY) - The Essential T.E. Lawrence
9900030250: DAVIES, RANDALL (SELECTED AND EDITED BY) - Black's Dictionary of Pictures a Guide to the Best Work of the Best Masters
9900037154: DICKSON, LOVAT (SELECTED AND ARRANGED BY) - The Green Leaf a Tribute to Grey Owl
056739: SELF, WILL - Cock and Bull
057968: SELF, WILL - How the Dead Live
048295: SELF, WILL - My Idea of Fun A Cautionary Tale
017451: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION [ED. ROBERT SELIM] - G.A. 100 The Centenary of the Division of Graphic Arts
040976: SELLAR, W. Y. - The Roman Poets of the Republic Re-Issue of the Third Edition
046674: SELLAR, WALTER CARRUTHERS; ROBERT JULIAN YEATMANN - 1066 and All That A Memorable History of England
057381: SELLAR, W.C.; R.J. YEATMAN - 1066 and All That
058255: SELLAR, W. C.; YEATMAN, R. J. - 1066 & All That A Memorable History Of England, Comprising All The Parts You Can Remember, Including 103 Good Things, 5 Bad Kings And 2 Genuine Dates
058433: SELLYN, NATHAN - Indigenous Beasts
062830: SELSAM, MILLICENT E. - Seeds and More Seeds
9900029736: SELTZER, CHARLES ALDEN - Gone North
011731: SELWYN, CECIL E. - Rhyming Snapshots of an Idle Fellow
9900043907: SELWYN, CECIL E. - Rhyming Snapshots of an Idle Fellow
054209: SELWYN, ALFRED R. C. (DIRECTOR) - Geological Survey of Canada Report of Progress for 1876-77
038851: SELZER, RICHARD - The Exact Location of the Soul New and Selected Essays
054331: SEMMENS, REV. JOHN - The Field and the Work Sketches of Missionary Life in the Far North
9900035390: SEMON, RICHARD - In the Australian Bush and on the Coast of the Coral Sea
061229: SEMPÉ, JEAN-JACQUES; GOSCINNY - Nicholas Again (Nicholas)
9900007807: SEMPILL, CECILIA - English Pottery and Porcelain
018881: SEMYONOV, V.B. - Malachite / 2 Volumes Book 1: Poetics of Stone; Book 2: Chronicles, Documents, Commentaries
058718: SEN, AMARTYA - Development As Freedom
062260: SENDAK, MAURICE - Chicken Soup with Rice A Book of Months
054144: SENDAK, MAURICE - We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy Two Nursery Rhymes with Pictures
060870: SENDAK, MAURICE - The Disney Poster Book
059342: SENECAL, PATRICK - Seven Days
053263: SENECAL, CATHERINE - Pelicans to Polar Bears: Watching Wildlife in Manitoba
9900044788: SENGHOR, LEOPOLD SEDAR / HANS ERNI - Terre Promise D'Afrique Symphonie En Noir Et or Avec Dix-Sept Lithographies Originales de Hans Erni
9900034319: SENKEVITCH, ANATOLE - Rockville, Maryland Historic Districts Preliminary Preservation Plan
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049367: SETTLER, FAYE; WINNIE TATYA - Winnie Tatya: Wall Hangings Wednesday, October 6th: 5p.m. to 10 p.m. Continuing through October 23rd, 1982
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9900042934: SHIELDS, CAROL - Happenstance
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059961: SHILTS, RANDY - And the Band Played on Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic
056592: SAMUELSSON, MARCUS; SHIMON AND TAMMAR (PHOTOS.) - Aquavit and the New Scandinavian Cuisine
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9900042133: SHIRLEY, EDWARD - 'Play' / a Picture Book Illustrated by John Massall
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024851: SHKANDRIJ, MYROSLAV; MARY JO HUGHES [CURATOR] - The Phenomenon of the Ukrainian Avant-Garde 1910 - 1935
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061074: SHORTT, ANGUS - My Life with Birds The Education and Successes of a Wildlife Artist
036512: SHOSKES, DR. H. - Pages of a Ghetto-Diary An authentic document on the Tragic events in Poland, from the Invasion to the battle of the Warsaw-Ghetto.
026360: SHOSTAK, PETER - Peter Shostak: For Our Children A Series of Paintings Depicting Early Ukrainian Pioneer Settlement in Western Canada
052117: SHOUMATOFF, ALEX - Legends of the American Desert: Sojourns in the Greater Southwest
029588: [MANITOBA AIR SHOW] - Manitoba Airshow - 88; Canadian Forces Base, Portage la Prairie September 17 -18, 1988; 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Daily
029587: [MANITOBA AIR SHOW] - Manitoba Airshow '90, Cfb Portage la Prairie: July 14 -15, 1990 [50th Anniversary] Celebrating 50 Years of Flying Training [$2.00]
055707: STAFF OF THE LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT, THE; SEAN KELLY (ILLUS.) - Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions
031653: SHOWALTER, ELAINE - Sexual Anarchy Gender and Culture at the Fin de Siecle
057056: SHOWALTER, ELAINE - The Vintage Book of American Women Writers
9900042606: [SHRINERS] - Abu-Bekr / 1962 Summer Session August 23-24-25 / Midwest Shrine Association / Sioux City, Iowa
9900042601: [SHRINERS] - Abu-Bekr / 1962 Summer Session August 23-24-25 / Midwest Shrine Association / Sioux City, Iowa
021901: SHRIVER, LIONEL - The New Republic
056715: SHRIVER, LIONEL - Double Fault
059673: SHRIVER, LIONEL - Game Control
058002: SHRIVER, LIONEL - So Much for That
041970: SHTEYNGART, GARY - Little Failure: A Memoir
057750: SHTEYNGART, GARY - Absurdistan
058182: SHUCHAT, WILFRED - A Treasure for My Daughter A Handbook for the Jewish Home
060814: SHUGART, COOKSEY - The Complete Guide to American Pocket Watches
055974: SHUKER, DR KARL P.N. - The Unexplained An Illustrated Guide to the World's Natural and Paranormal Mysteries
062896: SHUKIN, NICOLE - Animal Capital Rendering Life in Biopolitical Times
023796: SHULTZ, RICHARD H. - The Secret War Against Hanoi Kennedy and Johnson's Use of Spies, Saboteurs, and Covert Warriors in North Vietnam
050140: ENDO SHUSAKU - Silence
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050658: SHUTE, NEVIL - An Old Captivity
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028054: [MARYFIELD & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY] - Across Border and Valley: The Story of Maryfield & Fairlight & Surrounding Districts [Two Volumes]
9900043360: MANITOBA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Crescentwood Winnipeg's Finest Community
061652: [ASHERN HISTORICAL SOCIETY] - Taming a Wilderness A History of Ashern and District
9900037688: [FORT GARRY HISTORICAL SOCIETY] - Fort Garry Remembered Stories Collected in and About the Rm of Fort Garry, Manitoba
053397: [MANITOBA HISTORICAL SOCIETY] - Crescentwood: Winnipeg's Finest Community A Walking Tour
9900033658: [THE SELDEN SOCIETY] - A Centenary Guide to the Publications of the Selden Society
061312: [BRITISH & FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY] - The Holy Scriptures of the Old Testamant Hebrew and English
9900036091: SOCKEN, ROY G. - Intimate Strangers the Letters of Margaret Laurence and Gabrielle Roy
062549: SODERBERGH, STEVEN - Sex, Lies, and Videotape Movie Edition Screenplay
9900035482: ABIZADEH, SOHRAB AND ALLEN MILLS (EDS.) - The Return of Mitteleuropa Socio-Economic Transition in Post-Communist Central Europe
044539: SOJA, EDWARD W. - Postmodern Geographies The Reassertion of Space in Critical Social Theory
041406: SOKOLOV, BECKY - Knishes Are out And Other Sketches
9900040940: DE SOLA, REV. D. A. / A NEW ENGLISH TRANSLATION BY - The Festival Prayers According to the Custom of the German and Polish Jews / Containing the Whole of the Prayers
051332: AL-SOLAYLEE, KAMAL - Brown: What Being Brown in the World Today Means (to Everyone)
030442: SOLECKI, SAM, ED. - Spider Blues: Essays on Michael Ondaatje
050763: SOLINGER, DOROTHY J. - Chinese Business Under Socialism: The Politics of Domestic Commerce, 1949–1980
061233: SOLNIT, REBECCA - A Field Guide to Getting Lost
9900029527: SOLOMON, SUSAN - The Coldest March Scott's Fatal Antarctic Expedition
9900027901: SOLOMON, SUSAN - The Coldest March Scott's Fatal Antarctic Expedition
9900018183: SOLONECKI, JOYCE (ED.) - Fort Rouge Through the Years
054162: SOLVYNS, FRANCIS BALT - Manners and Costumes of India A Series of Six Coloured Engravings from Originals (1795)
057679: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER - One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
044864: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER - Solzhenitsyn (6 Volumes in Slipcase) August 1914; A Documentary Record Ed. Leopold Labedz; Cancer Ward; One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich; The Love-Girl and the Innocent; Stories and Prose Poems
062545: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER - Lenin in Zurich
9900045224: SOMERS, HARRY, MAVOR MOORE, JACQUES LANGUIRAND - Louis Riel / the Canadian Opera Company
9900042719: SOMERVELL, ARTHUR - The Twins' Tune Book Selections from the Poems of R.L. Stevenson and Others
037036: SOMERVILLE, E.E.; MARTIN ROSS - Experiences of an Irish R.M.
039080: SOMERVILLE, ANNIE - Fields of Greens New Vegetarian Recipes From The Celebrated Greens Restaurant
9900035293: SOMMERFELT, ALF - De Norske-Irske Bystaters Undergang 1169-1171
9900034014: SOMMERS, DICK - Eddie Called Me Boss
051682: SOMTOW, S. P. - Vampire Junction
9900043689: SONG, KYONG SIK - The Alternative Weaponry
036906: SONNENSCHEIN, EDWARD A. - T. Macci Plavti Mostellaria Second Edition
036911: SONNENSCHEIN, EDWARD A. (ED.) - T. Macci Plavti, Rvdens (Editio Minor)
055757: SONODA, KENICHI - Gunsmith Cats Bonnie & Clyde
021190: [VALENTINE & SONS] - Souvenir of Western Canada
042265: DAVID MAXWELL & SONS - Catalogue and Price List: Extra Parts
055890: SEAGRAM & SONS, JOSEPH E. - Life in Other Worlds A Symposium
034569: SONTAG, SUSAN - Under the Sign of Saturn Essays
057533: SONTAG, SUSAN - Death Kit
056978: SOOS, FRANK - Unified Field Theory Stories
058108: SOPHOCLES - The Three Theban Plays Antigone; Oedipus the King; Oedipus at Colonus
047398: SOPHOCLES; E.F. WATLING (TRANS.) - The Theban Plays
9900005858: SOPHOCLES - Oedipus/King of Thebes
057955: SOPHOCLES - Electra and Other Plays
051757: SORENSEN, THEODORE C. - Kennedy
062132: SORESTAD, GLEN - Jan Lake Poems
061989: SORESTAD, GLEN A. - Pear Seeds in My Mouth
056824: SORRENTINO, GILBERT - Something Said Essays
050965: SOTO, PATRICIA "PATSY - For Love, with Love, Through Love
9900021810: SOULE, GEORGE - The Future of Liberty
047402: SOUNES, HOWARD - Down the Highway The Life of Bob Dylan
062876: SOUNES, HOWARD - Amy 27 Amy Winehouse and the 27 Club
055553: SOUNES, HOWARD - Amy 27 Amy Winehouse and the 27 Club
9900034061: SOUSA, JOHN PHILIP - The Fifth String
036861: SOUTHALL, A. E. (ED.) - Imperal Year Book for Dominion of Canada, 1915-16 Second Year of Publication: Dominion Day, 1915
058376: THE EARL OF SOUTHESK - Saskatchewan and the Rocky Mountains A Diary and Narrative of Travel, Sport, and Adventure, During a Journey Through the Hudson's Bay Company's Territories, in 1859 and 1860
9900039080: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - The Life of Nelson
9900038430: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson
012559: SOUTHGATE, DONALD - The Passing of the Whigs 1832 - 1886
9900030994: SOUTHWOOD, A. R., M.D. - Heart Disease Some Ways to Prevent It
022463: SOX, DAVID - Relics and Shrines
9900033016: M'SPAARAN, ARCHIBALD - The Irish Legend of M'Donnell, and the Norman de Borgos: A Biographical Tale
9900034904: SPAHR, CHARLES B. (ED.) - Current Literature a Magazine of Contemporary Record
030450: SPARK, MURIEL - Aiding and Abetting
047806: SPARK, MURIEL - The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
9900026477: SPARROW, JOHN (ED.) - The Poems of Bishop Henry King
050694: SPATARI, WILLIAM CHARLES - The Magnificent Maricon
9900032753: SPEAKMAN, HAROLD - This Above All
062853: SPEAR, WAYNE K. - Full Circle The Aboriginal Healing Foundation and the unfinished work of hope, healing and reconciliation
060468: SPEIER, JACKIE - Undaunted Surviving Jonestown, Summoning Courage, and Fighting Back
029986: SPEIRS, DOUG - Bite-Sized Doug Unleashing the Free Press Funny Man
043296: SPEIRS, DOUG - Bite-Sized Doug
054669: SPEISER, E. A. (TRANS., INTRO., & NOTES) - Genesis
040787: SPENCE, LEWIS; LEWIS, JON E. (ED.) - A Brief Guide to Native American Myths & Legends
042560: SPENCE, SHEILA - The Faces of Dance
9900042260: SPENCE, THOMAS - Manitoba Et le Nord-Ouest Du Canada, Ses Ressources Et Ses Advantages Pour L'Emigrant Et Les Capitaliste.
9900041403: PHOTOGRAPHS BY SHEILA SPENCE - The Faces of Dance
9900025173: SPENCE, HUGH S. - Feldspar
9900042261: SPENCE, THOMAS - Manitoba Et le Nord-Ouest Du Canada, Ses Ressources Et Ses Advantages Pour L'Emigrant Et Les Capitaliste.
9900003548: SPENCE, F. S. - The Facts of the Case:... Report of the Royal Commission on the Liquor Traffic... .

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