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9900032774: NIGHSWANDER, JOSEPH M. - Parkview Services for Seniors Stouffville, Ontario / a History 1962-1994
053758: NIHMEY, JOHN; STUART FOXMAN - Time of Their Lives: The Dionne Tragedy A true-life fairy tale
9900040630: NIJINSKY, ROMOLA - The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky
026071: NIKIFORUK, ANDREW - Pandemonium Bird flue, Mad Cow Disease, And Other Biological Plagues Of The 21st century.
028167: NIKIFORUK, ANDREW - Saboteurs Wiebo Ludwig's War Against Big Oil
042140: NIKLAUS, THELMA - Harlequin: The Rise and Fall of a Bergamask Rogue
025858: NILSEN, ANGELA; SARAH MAXWELL - Cakes and Cake Decorating A Complete Guide to Cake Decorating Techniques, WIth Over 100 Projects, From Traditional CLassics To The Latest in Contemporary Designs
039710: NIMAN, NICOLETTE HAHN - Righteous Porkchop: Finding a Life and Good Food Beyond Factory Farms
041716: NIN, ANAÏS - D.H. Lawrence: An Unprofessional Study
051987: NIN, ANAIS - Journal 1939 - 1944
060213: NIN, ANAIS - The Diary of Anais Nin (Six Volumes + Photo Supplement) 1931 - 1966
9900009885: NIN, ANAIS - Ladders to Fire
059977: NIN, ANAIS - The Diary of Anais Nin Volume 2: 1934-1939
059978: NIN, ANAIS - The Diary of Anais Nin Volume 3: 1939-1944
059959: NIN, ANAIS - Henry and June from "a Journal of Love The Unexpurgated Diary of Anais Nin (1931-1932)
063050: NIN, ANAIS - Winter of Artifice
054030: SIMONE, NINA AND STEPHEN CLEARY - I Put a Spell on You The Autobiography of Nina Simone
057261: NINH, BAO - The Sorrow of War A Novel
020027: NISBET, JACK - Sources of the River Tracking David Thompson Across Western North America
053393: NISBET, WILLIAM - Poems by Wm. Nisbet: Partly in the Scottish Dialect
053576: NISENSON, ERIC - 'Round About Midnight: A Portrait of Miles Davis
056225: NITSCHKE, GUNTER - Japanese Gardens
017705: NITSITAPIISINNI - The Story of the Blackfoot People
9900044282: NIXON, RICHARD - No More Vietnams
9900028747: NIXON, HOWARD M. - English Restoration Bookbindings Samuel Mearne and His Contemporaries
9900042560: NIXON, ELVA - Fifty Years to Gold Synchronized Swimming in Saskatchewan (1941-1991)
9900033900: NOBLE, SAMUEL - Rhymes and Recollections with Biographical Introduction by John Paul Dundee
054204: NOEL, S. J. R. - Politics in Newfoundland
9900026435: NOICE, HAROLD - With Stefansson in the Arctic
051978: NOLAN, BRIAN - King's War Mackenzie King and the Politics of War, 1939-1945
9900009340: [WILLIAM F. NOLAN] - Weird Tales Special William F. Nolan Issue Fall 1991
060483: NONAKA, EIJI - Cromartie High School: Volume 7
037728: NOONAN, PEGGY - The Time of Our Lives
060999: NOONAN, HAROLD W. - Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Hume on Knowledge
054264: NOOTEBOOM, CEES; LAURA WATKINSON (TRANS.) - Letters to Poseidon
057617: NOOTEBOOM, CEES - All Souls Day A Novel
056702: NOOTEBOOM, CEES; LAURA WATKINSON (TRANS.); SIMONE SASSEN (PHOTO.) - Roads to Berlin Detours and Riddles in the Lands and History of Germany
9900032716: [HELENORA GALE] ROBSON, NORA AND ROSAMUND GALE - Uncertain Heritage
9900035118: NORDAL, SIGURDUR - Fornar Astir
9900030000: [SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE]; WEIL-NORDON, PROF. P. (INTRO.) - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Centenary 1859-1959
027009: NORDSTROM, CAROLYN - A Different Kind of War Story
043017: NORFOLK, LAWRENCE - The Pope's Rhinoceros
9900036193: NORFOLK, LAWRENCE - Lempriere's Dictionary
013631: DENNIS, NORMAN AND A. H. HALSEY - English Ethical Socialism Thomas More to R.H. Tawney
026472: NORMAN, GEOFFREY - Bouncing Back: How a Heroic Band of Pows Survived Vietnam
017037: NORMAN, DIANA - Road from Singapore
059554: NORMAN, JESSE - Adam Smith What He Thought, and Why it Matters
056347: NORMAN, LEIF (ED.) - Flash 2017 Photographic Festival: October 1-31
058069: NORMAN, HOWARD - The Bird Artist
9900036149: NORMAN, F. J., E. H. WEBER, R. R. BRITTON (EDS.) - The Connecting File 1972 Edition the Royal Canadian Regiment
053273: MACKENZIE, NORMAN AND JEANNE - H.G. Wells: A Biography
055798: NORMAN, PHILIP - The Life and Good Times of the Rolling Stones
9900039894: MOORE, NORMAN AND STEPHEN PAGET - The Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London / Centenary / 1805-1905
048631: NORRELL, MARJORIE - Promise the Doctor
9900043333: NORRIS, FRED C. (ED.) - Then and Now
9900031092: NORRIS, GEORGE WILLIAM - Blood-Pressure Its Clinical Applications
060964: NORRIS - The Canadian Museum of Caricature / le Musee Canadien de la Caricature
035166: NORTH, HELEN F. - From Myth to Icon Reflections of Greek Ethical Doctrine in Literature and Art
059936: NORTH, ALEX - The Whisper Man A Novel
9900032820: NORTHFIELD, D. W. C. - The Surgery of the Central Nervous System A textbook for postgraduate students
060447: NORTHROP, HENRY DAVENPORT - Indian Horrors, or Massacres by the Red Men being a thrilling narrative of bloody wars with ... savages, including a full account of the daring deeds and tragic death of ... Sitting Bull, with startling descriptions of fantastic ghost dances, mysterious medicine men ... scalping of helpless settlers ... etc., the whole comprising a fascinating history of the Indians from the discovery of America to the present time ...
058321: NORTHRUP, CHRISTIANE - Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing
055243: NORTHUP, SOLOMON - 12 Years a Slave
038157: NORTON, LUCY - The Sun King and His Loves
059510: NORTON, JACK E.; BORIS VALLEJO (FOREWORD); ALAN DEAN FOSTER (AFTERWORD) - The Fantasy Art Techniques of Tim Hildebrandt
9900033848: NORTON, ROY - The Toll of the Sea
029255: NORTON, LUCY - The Sun King and His Loves
020384: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - The Middle Sea / Two Volumes in Slipcase A History of the Mediterranean
037588: NORWOOD, GILBERT - The Art of Terence
061637: [CULINARY NOTEBOOKS] - Appetizers dips & salsas, bready things, tasty morsels, hearty bites
9900034878: HALE, HALE WILLIAM (INTRODUCTION, NOTES AND ILLUSTRATIONS) - The Domesday of St. Paul's of the Year MCCXXIL; or, Registrum de Visitatione Maneriorum Per Robertum Decanum
013166: NOUN, LOUISE R.; WITH ESSAYS BY ANNELIE LUTGENS, MARIA MAKELA, AND AMYNAMOWITZ WORTHEN - Three Berlin Artists of the Weimer Era: Hannah Hoch, Kathe Kollwitz, and Jeanne Mammen
058078: NOVAKOVICH, JOSIP - Three Deaths
057634: NOVAKOVICH, JOSIP - Infidelities Stories of War and Lust
057635: NOVAKOVICH, JOSIP - April Fool's Day A Novel
062602: NOWLAN, ALDEN - Nine Micmac Legends
052173: NOWN, GRAHAM - Malt Whisky A Comprehensive Guide for Both Novice and Connoisseur
019035: NOYES, STEVE - Cities of India
019615: NOYES, STEVE - Ghost Country
025742: NOYES, STEVE - It Is Just That Your House Is So Far Away
9900034032: NOYES, PIERREPONT B. - The Pallid Giant a Tale of Yesterday and Tomorrow
038577: NOYES, STEVE - Cities of India
056285: NOYES, STEVE - Cities of India
026270: NUGENT, BENJAMIN - American Nerd The Story of My People
027217: NULAND, SHERWIN B. - Maimonides
058139: NULAND, SHERWIN B. - Leonardo Da Vinci
048059: NUMRICH, GEORGE R.; TRAST, IRA - The World Guide to Gun Parts Military · Modern · Antique: Over 150 Million Parts in Stock
042090: NUNBERG,GEOFFREY - Talking Right How Conservatives Turned Liberalism Into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-Reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show
9900016312: NUNGAK, ZEBEDEE; EUGENE ARIMA - Unikkaatuat Sanaugarngnik Atyingualiit Puvirngniturngmit Eskimo Stories from Povungnituk, Quebec, Illustrated in Soapstone Carvings
061101: [THE CANADIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TRAINED NURSES] - The Canadian Nurse and Hospital Review (17 Issues) Vol. XVI: No. 1-12; Vol. XVII: No. 1-4 & 7
9900009539: NUTCHUK WITH HATCH, ALDEN - Son of the Smoky Sea
041881: NUTTING, WALLACE - Furniture of the Pilgrim Century; 1620-1720, Including Colonial Utensils and Hardware
9900027501: NUTTING, ANTHONY - Lawrence of Arabia the Man and the Motive
9900036527: NYCH, E., J. GROVES, L. PURSE (COOK BOOK COMMITTEE) - Reunion Cook Book / Winnipeg Post Office
9900045188: NYISZLI, DR. MIKLOS - Auschwitz : A Doctor's Eyewitness Account
039443: NYLAND, GENTRY - Hot Bullets for Love A Double Action Detective Novel. Selection No. 2.
033797: WA THIONG'O, NGUGI - Something Torn and New An African Renaissance
056261: OAKE, DARCY - Behind the Illusion Unlocking the 9 Types of Magic
062998: OAKES, JILL; RICK RIEWE - Our Boots An Inuit Women's Art
061318: OAKES, JAMES - Freedom National The Destruction of Slavery in the United States, 1861-1865
056812: OAKES, JILL; RICK RIEWE (PRODUCTION) - Coates of Eider
062447: MAYER-OAKES, WILLIAM J. (ED.) - Life, Land and Water Proceedings of the 1966 Conference on Environmental Studies of the Glacial Lake Agassiz Region
056922: OAKES, JILL - Our Clothes A Travelling Exhibition of Inuit Clothing
058406: MAYER-OAKES, WILLIAM J. - Archeological Investigations in the Grand Rapids, Manitoba, Reservoir 1961-1962 With a Chapter on Faunal Materials by Paul W. Lukens, Jr.
026145: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - A Widow's Story: A Memoir
045319: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - The Accursed A Novel
9900026378: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Miracle Play
057288: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates 1973-1982
055602: OBAMA, BARACK - Dreams from My Father A Story of Race and Inheritance
058136: OBAMA, BARACK - The Audacity of Hope Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream
047576: OBER, CLINTON; STEPHEN T. SINATRA; MARTIN ZUCKER - Earthing The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!
9900008665: OBERHOLTZER, ELLIS PAXSON - The Referendum in America Together with Some Chapters on the Initiative and the Recall
031533: OBERMAN, SHELDON - This Business with Elijah
055692: OBERMAN, SHELDON - The Always Prayer Shawl
046870: OBREHT , TÉA - The Tiger's Wife
9900023001: OCAMPO, VICTORIA [TRANSLATED BY DAVID GARNETT] - 338171 T.E. (Lawrence of Arabia)
044789: OCHIAI, MIKE; AMY TOMITA [TRAN.S]; BRIAN KAI; KEN MATSUGU; GEORGE TOMITA - A Centennial Pilgrimage: Japanese Canadians and the United Church of Canada
012661: ODENS, PETER - The Desert Trackers (Men of the Border Patrol)
049490: ODJIG, DAPHNE; WOOD, MORGAN - Daphne Odjig: Four Decades of Prints
049106: OETELAAR, GERALD (EDITOR) - Canadian Journal of Archaeology / Journal Canadien D'Archéologie Volume 32, 2008: Issue 1
017460: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE - Public Investment and Full Employment
9900039092: [HIS MAJESTY'S STATIONERY OFFICE] - Eleven Hmso Publications Concerning British Armed Forces Operations During World War Two
060783: [THE WAR OFFICE] - Notes on Map Reading
018109: U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE - Hearing Before the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence House of Representatives One Hundred Third Congress, First Session
9900030119: [BRITISH WAR OFFICE] - Engines of War the Mechanised Army in Action
063045: MCAVITY, J. M.; IN COLLABORATION WITH OFFICERS AND MEN OF THE REGIMENT - Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) A Record of Achievement
9900042658: OFFORD, CARL - The Naked Fear
056999: OFFT, AVODAH K. - Night Thoughts Reflections of a Sex Therapist
9900044975: OGDEN, JACK - Ancient Jewellery
9900024974: OGDEN, FRANK - The Last Book You'LL Ever Read and Other Lessons from the Future
9900023056: OGG, AUSTIN - The Reign of Andrew Jackson: A Chronicle of the Frontier in Politics
9900029689: OGRODNIK, LAWRENCE N. - Water Management in the Red River Valley / a History and Policy Review
049092: OHNO, TAIICHI; NORMAN BODEK (FOREWORD) - Toyota Production System Beyond Large-Scale Production
047006: OHTSUKA, EIJI; HOUSUI YAMAZAKI - The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volume 1
9900038467: OJETTI, BENEDICTO - Synopsis / Rerum Moralium Et Iuris Pontificii Alphabetica Ordine Digesta
036754: OKEY, THOMAS - The Story of Avignon
062494: OKORAFOR, NNEDI - Lagoon
027370: OKRI, BEN - Dangerous Love
9900026489: OKRI, BEN - Astonishing the Gods
057820: OKRI, BEN - A Way of Being Free
033461: OLAFSON, KARL - A Sentimental Journey A Memoir
9900042138: OLAFSSONAR, SR. SIGURDAR - Sigur Um Sidir
9900035222: OLASON, PALL EGGERT - Islenzkar Aeviskrar Fra Landnamstimum Til Arsloka 1940
9900043992: SEPHARIAL [DR. WALTER GORN OLD] - The Theory of Geodetic Equivalents in Relation to Mundane Astrology including many Remarkable Proofs & Striking Prophecies
035408: DIODORUS [C. H. OLDFATHER, TRANS.] - Diodorus of Sicily / Volume IV Books IX-XII.40
9900006468: OLDHAM, J. H. - Christianity and the Race Problem
045001: OLESON, TRYGGVI J. - Early Voyages and Northern Approaches 1000-1632
9900035745: OLGEIRSSON, EINAR (ED.) - Rettur Timarit Um Thodfelagsmal [Three Loose Issues - Vol. XX (1935), Nos. 1, 5 and 6-7
052408: OLIEN, DARIN - Superlife: The 5 Simple Fixes That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome
033702: OLIVA, PETER - Drowning in Darkness
051260: FISHER, OLIVE AND CLARA TYNER - Totem, Tipi and Tumpline Stories of Canadian Indians
061011: OLIVER, JAMIE - Jamie Oliver's Great Britain 130 of My Favorite British Recipes, from Comfort Food to New Classics
035157: OLIVER, EDMUND HENRY - Roman Economic Conditions to the Close of the Republic
047443: OLIVER, JAMIE - Jamie at Home Cook Your Way to the Good Life
025659: OLIVER, CRAIG - Oliver's Twist The Life and Times of an Unapologetic Newshound
057016: OLIVER, JAMIE - Jamie's Kitchen A Cooking Course for Everyone
057971: OLIVER, JAMIE - Happy Days with the Naked Chef
059517: OLIVIERO, JAMIE - The Fish Skin
9900036484: OLLENBURGER, BEN C., ELMER A. MARTENS, GERHARD F. HASEL (EDS.) - The Flowering of Old Testament Theology a Reader in Old Testament Theology, 1930-1990
062290: OLLMAN, BERTELL - Social and Sexual Revolution Essays on Marx and Reich
052382: OLNEY, RICHARD; LEWIS ESSON - The Good Cook's Encyclopedia
062126: OLNEY, IAN - Euro Horror Classic European Horror Cinema in Contemporary American Culture
052352: OLSHESKI, CONSTANCE - Pantages Theatre: Rebirth of a Landmark
047098: OLSON, LYNNE - Troublesome Young Men The Rebels Who Brought Churchill to Power and Helped Save England
060527: OLSON, MARTIN - The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia Inhabitants, Lore, Spells, and Ancient Crypt Warnings of the Land of Ooo Circa 19.56 B.g.e. - 501 A.g.e.
058978: OLSON, CATHE - Lick It! Creamy Dreamy Vegan Ice Creams Your Mouth Will Love
057698: OLSON, SIGURD F. - The Singing Wilderness
9900043100: OLTMANN, RUTH - Lizzie Rummel / Baroness of the Canadian Rockies
9900043527: ONASSIS, JACQUELINE KENNEDY - The Estate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (Complete lot of four items, plus mailing case, for estate sale held April 23-26,1996)
018415: ONDAATJE, CHRISTOPHER - The Last Colonial Curious Adventures and Stories from a Vanishing World
026736: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Divisadero
054848: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The Cinnamon Peeler
030410: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Anil's Ghost
034217: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The Collected Works of Billy the Kid
059170: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The Collected Works of Billy the Kid Left Handed Poems
047415: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - In the Skin of a Lion
042165: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Coming Through Slaughter
038823: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Divisadero
059029: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Warlight
056976: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Running in the Family
057900: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Divisadero
049609: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The Collected Works of Billy the Kid
063079: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Anil's Ghost
060850: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Warlight
030411: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The Cat's Table A Novel
061951: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Secular Love
053123: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Divisadero
059702: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - In the Skin of a Lion
051134: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Anil's Ghost
060366: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The Collected Works of Billy the Kid Left Handed Poems
045328: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The English Patient
062635: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Anil's Ghost
9900002033: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The Collected Works of Billy the Kid
9900036901: ONDAATJE, KIM - Small Churches of Canada
9900031773: [WORLD WAR ONE] - Documents Relative to the European War
058947: ONER, S. T. (ED.) - Cannabis Indica Volume 2: The Essential Guide to the World's Finest Marijuana Strains
058949: ONER, S. T. - Cannabis Sativa Volume 2: The Essential Guide to the World's Finest Marijuana Strains
058881: ONFRAY, MICHEL - Atheist Manifesto The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
057683: ONFRAY, MICHEL - In Defense of Atheism The Case Against Christianity, Judaism and Islam
055111: ONLEY, TONI - Onley's True North
050288: ONO, MARI - How to Make Paper Planes and Other Flying Objects
056355: VAN OORT, FRANC - Etching/Gravures
9900027520: OPDYKE, GEORGE - A Treatise on Political Economy
063114: WEST-BAFFIN ESKIMO CO-OPERATIVE - Eskimo Graphic Art / Les Art Graphiques Esquimaux 1966
057129: AN OPERATOR - Selections from: The Fancy Or, True Sportsman's Guide
059627: OPPEL, KENNETH - The Boundless
043366: OPPEL, KENNETH - Airborn
060065: OPPEL, FRANK (ED.) - Tales of the Canadian North
060165: OPPEL, KENNETH - Airborn
024370: OPPEL, KENNETH - Darkwing
9900036223: OPPEN, WILLIAM - L'Experience Du Yak / Yak Experience
032491: [OPPORTUNITY] - Opportunity Winnipeg SPECIAL: The Arts
062277: ORAM, DAPHNE - An Individual Note of Music, Sound and Electronics
059860: ORBACH, SUSIE - Bodies
048828: ORBINSKI, JAMES - An Imperfect Offering Humanitarian Action in the Twenty-first Century
055588: [WINNIPEG SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA] - Symphony in Foods Variations of a Theme Composed by the Women's Committee of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
058745: WINNIPEG SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra 16 Month Calendar
9900002150: ORENSTEEN, MYER M. - Correlation of Anthropometrical Measurements in Cairo-Born Natives
034531: ORENSTEIN, PEGGY - Cinderella Ate My Daughter Dispatches From the Front Lines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture
035119: THE HONORARY ORGANISER - Hands Across the Seas" Magazine Vol. II No. 3 November 1913
053241: MILTON, JOHN; STEPHEN ORGEL AND JONATHAN GOLDBERG (ED., INTRO. AND NOTES) - The Major Works: Including Paradise Lose (Oxford World's Classics)
9900043750: ORGILL, DOUGLAS - Lawrence
059270: ORLEAN, SUSAN - The Orchid Thief
045949: ORLEAN, SUSAN - The Orchid Thief A True Story of Beauty and Obsession
028022: ORLEAN, SUSAN - Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend
061589: ORMOND, FRANCES L. - Highroads to Reading Book Two
9900028635: ORMSBY, MARAUDITED 07/2018.GARET A. - Coldstream Nulli Secundus a History of the Corporation of the District of Coldstream
033376: ORR, BOBBY - Orr My Story
9900021318: ORR, JOHN BOYD - Food Health and Income
9900028183: ORSATO, SERTORIO [SERTORII VRSATI] - Monumenta Patavina [Monvmenta Patavina] Collecta, Digesta, Explicata, Suisque Iconibus Expressa.
052301: ORTON, HAROLD; EUGENE DIETH - Survey of English Dialects
024869: ORTYNSKY, PAUL J.E. - 1992 Saskatchewan Ukrainian Centennial Program Executive, Saturday, August 8
051051: ORWELL, GEORGE; PETER DAVISON (ED.) - It Is What I Think: 1947-1948 The Complete Works of George Orwell: Volume Nineteen
057337: ORWELL, GEORGE - Keep the Aspidistra Flying
028096: ORWELL, GEORGE - The War Commentaries
055727: ORWELL, GEORGE - Animal Farm A Fairy Story
061741: ORWELL, GEORGE - A Clergyman's Daughter
051054: ORWELL, GEORGE; PETER DAVISON (ED.) - Our Job Is to Make Life Worth Living: 1949-1950 The Complete Works of George Orwell: Volume Twenty
060201: ORWELL, GEORGE - 1984
062240: ORWELL, GEORGE - Burmese Days
062923: ORWELL, GEORGE - Keep the Aspidistra Flying
059678: ORWELL, GEORGE - A Collection of Essays
062971: ORWELL, GEORGE - The Road to Wigan Pier
9900044985: OSBORNE, WILLIAM FREDERICK - The Faith of a Layman Studies in the Recoil from a Professionalized Religion
9900027085: OSBORNE, JERRY - Elvis Word for Word
9900045057: OSBORNE, ROBIN - Classical Greece
050317: OSBORNE, ROBIN (ED.) - Classical Greece: 500-323 Bc
044556: OSBORNE, LAWRENCE - The Accidental Connoisseur An Irreverent Journey Through the Wine World
039911: OSIPENKO, GEORGE - Dynamical Systems, Graphs, and Algorithms
9900004111: [OSLER, SIR WILLIAM] CHARLES G. ROLAND, EDITOR - Sir William Osler 1849-1919 a Selection for Medical Students
9900043026: OSLER, E. B. - The Man Who Had to Hang Louis Riel
9900026642: OSLER, E. B. - La Salle
9900038336: OSLER, E. B. - The Man Who Had to Hang Louis Riel
9900040201: OSLER, E. B. - The Man Who Had to Hang Louis Riel
9900004922: OSLER, E. B. - Light in the Wilderness
9900042543: OSTERVALD, JEAN-FREDERIC - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: With Arguments Prefixed to the Different Books
054930: OSTIGUY, JEAN RENE - Charles Huot
031938: OSTRANDER, JOHN - Secret Six: Danse Macabre
9900040662: OSTROWITZ, JUDITH - Interventions Native American Art for Far-Flung Territories
035921: OSTRY, ALECK SAMUEL - Nutrition Policy in Canada, 1870-1939
052012: OSTWALD, PETER F.; SACKS, OLIVER (FOREWORD) - Glenn Gould: The Ecstasy and Tragedy of Genius
060998: OTIS, LEAH L. - Prostitution in Medieval Society The History of an Urban Institution in Languedoc
9900038351: OTIS, PHILO ADAMS - The First Presbyterian Church a History of the Oldest Organization in Chicago
9900035417: OTIS, JAMES - Seth of Colorado A Story of the Settlement of Denver
062707: OTTO, RUDOLF - Mysticism East and West A Comparative Analysis of the Nature of Mysticism
048942: OTTO, RUDOLF - The Idea of the Holy
9900042424: OUCHI, ED - 'Til We See the Light of Hope
9900041356: OUELLET, HENRI (ED.) - Acta XIX Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici / Volumes I and II
9900026380: OUSBY, IAN - The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English
053702: OUSPENSKY, P.D. - The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution Second Edition, Enlarged
014940: OVCHARENKO, MARIA M. - Gogol (Hohol') and Osmachka Slavistica No. 64
9900026952: OVERBERGER, C. G. (ED.) - Macromolecular Syntheses a Periodic Publication of Methods for the Preparation of Macromolecules Volume One
025982: OVERBYE, DENNIS - Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos The Story of the Scientific Quest for the Secret of the Universe
039288: OVERSTREET, HARRY; BONARO OVERSTREET - What We Must Know About Communism
044631: OVERY, RICHARD - 1939 Countdown to War
040422: OWEN, LAUREN - The Quick: A Novel
9900026947: OWEN, FRANK (ED.) - Teen-Age Baseball Stories
048401: OWENS, LAURA - Laura Owens
040137: GREY OWL; VICTOR B. SCHEFFER [INTRO.] - Sajo and the Beaver People
047130: GREY OWL - The Collected Works of Grey Owl Three Complete and Unabridged Canadian Classics
9900032869: OWRAM, D. - The Economic History of Western Canada an Historical Overview / Discussion Paper No. 219
032141: [OXFORD] - Oxford Compact English Dictionary; New Fowler's Modern English Usage; Oxford Compact Thesaurus; Oxford Dictionary of Thematic Quotations [4 Volume Box Set]
062891: OYER, GORDON - Pursuing the Spiritual Roots of Protest
063011: OYEYEMI, HELEN - What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours Stories
062307: OZ, AMOS - Where the Jackals Howl And Other Stories
056617: OZEKI, RUTH L. - My Year of Meats
038844: OZERSKY, JOSH - Colonel Sanders and the American Dream
047942: OZICK, CYNTHIA - The Shawl
040518: OZMENT, STEVEN - The Burgermeister's Daughter Scandal in a Sixteenth-Century German Town
018122: MCDONNELL, LEO P. AND ALSON KAUMEHEIWA - The Use of Hand Woodworking Tools
9900045047: CARTLEDGE, P. AND F. D. HARVEY (EDS.) - Crux Essays Presented to G.F. M. De Ste. Croix on His 75th Birthday / History of Political Thought Volume VI Issue 1/2
052875: KARMA-GLIN-PA - The Tibetan Book of the Dead or The After-Death Experiences on the Bardo Plane, According to Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup's English Rendering.
052939: VAN PAASSEN, PIERRE - The Time Is Now!
039034: PACHTER, CHARLES; MARGARET ATWOOD - The Journals of Susanna Moodie
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013012: PACKER, CLIFF W. - How to Make a Drypoint Print in a Studio or Your Home
040420: PACKER, ANN - The Children's Crusade
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9900031059: PAGE, ERNEST W., M.D. - The Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
057163: PAGELS, ELAINE - Beyond Belief The Secret Gospel of Thomas
053873: PAGELS, ELAINE - Beyond Beleif The Secret Gospel of Thomas
050801: PAGELS, ELAINE; KAREN L. KING - Reading Judas The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity
9900031224: PAGET, STEPHEN (ED.) - Memoirs and Letters of Sir James Paget
047975: PAIGE, DANIELLE - The End of Oz
046786: PAINE, ALBERT BIGELOW - The Adventures of Mark Twain
9900031586: PAINE, ROBERT (ED.) - Patrons and Brokers in the East Arctic
054621: PAINE, THOMAS - The Age of Reason
9900029654: [PAINT] - Paint Manufacture
9900029653: [PAINT] - Paint Manufacture [Incorporating Varnish Lacquer Enamel and Colour] / Nine Volumes
9900030710: [QUEBEC - PAINTING] - Creation Quebec 81
9900032688: BYERS, BARBARA B., GABRIEL PAL ET AL (COMPILERS) - Early Canadian Companies
032615: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Snuff
053152: CHUCK PALAHNIUK - Lullaby
051305: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Fight Club
051300: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Pygmy
040240: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Choke
049465: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Pygmy
048187: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Choke
063005: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Invisible Monsters
056455: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Snuff
051285: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Lullaby
056471: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Make Something Up Stories You Can't Unread
9900020520: PALDAN, CAPT. GEORGE - Forty Years on Seven Seas
045879: GYATSO, PALDEN WITH TSERING SHAKYA - Fire Under the Snow: Testimony of a Tibetan Prisoner
052392: PALEOLOGUE, MAURICE; ERIC MOSBACHER (TRANS.) - My Secret Diary of the Dreyfus Case, 1894-1899
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9900035594: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS T. - The Golden Treasury Selected from the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language and Arranged with Notes
9900035593: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS T. - The Golden Treasury Selected from the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language and Arranged with Notes
060579: PALIN, MICHAEL; TERRY JONES - Ripping Yarns
052686: PALIN, MICHAEL - Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure
052684: PALIN, MICHAEL - Sahara
052687: PALIN, MICHAEL - Himalaya
058323: PALIN, MICHAEL - Pole to Pole
9900041630: PALLISER, JOHN - Solitary Rambles and Adventures of a Hunter in the Prairies
057828: PRIOR-PALMER, LARA - Rough Magic Riding the World's Loneliest Horse Race
035217: PALMER, ARTHUR - The Satires of Horace
9900043220: PAINTED BY SUTTON PALMER, R.I. / DESCRIBED BY A. R. HOPE MONCREIFF - Beautiful Britain Surrey
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054320: PALMER, DICK - Shooting the Longbow (and Other Tips)
9900029185: PALMER, STANLEY H., AND DENNIS REINHARTZ (EDS.) - Essays on the History of North American Discovery and Exploration
053189: PALMISANO, RICHARD - Journeys Into the Unknown Mysterious Canadian Encounters with the Paranormal
9900035127: PALSSON, PAUL S. - Skilarett Kvaedi
9900032413: PALSSON, GISLI (ED.) - Writing on Ice the Ethnographic Notebooks of Vilhjalmur Stefansson
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9900034409: PALTRIDGE, JOHN GILBERT - A History of the Faculty Club at Berkeley
025485: PAMUK, ORHAN - The Museum of Innocence
038194: PAMUK, ORHAN - The Naive and the Sentimental Novelist
051942: PANDILOVSKI, MELENTIE; KOHUT, TOM (EDS.) - Marshall Mcluhan and Vilem Flusser's Communication and Aesthetic Theories Revisited
054850: PANDIT, M.P. - Sri Aurobindo and His Yoga
031862: PANEK, RICHARD - Seeing and Believing How the Telescope Opened Our Eyes and Minds to the Heavens
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056886: PAPAELLINAS, GEORGE - Ikons A Collection of Stories
006347: PAQUETTE, A. J. [ARMAND] - Markings Scenes and Recollections of Winnipeg's North End
024562: PAQUETTE, A. J. [ARMAND] - Markings Scenes and Recollections of Winnipeg's North End
9900041527: PAQUETTE, A. J. [GLEN GORE-SMITH EDITORIAL ASSISTANCE] - Markings Scenes and Recollections from Winnipeg's North End
055314: PAQUETTE, A. J. - Markings Scenes and Recollections from Winnipeg's North End
9900044729: PAQUETTE, A. J. - Markings Scenes and Recollections from Winnipeg's North End
9900041009: PAQUETTE, A. J. [GLEN GORE-SMITH EDITORIAL ASSISTANCE] - Markings Scenes and Recollections from Winnipeg's North End
049247: PAREDES, AMERICO; ELLEN J. STEKERT - Urban Experience and Folk Tradition
9900036030: PARIS, JOHN - Japan Revealed Being an Edition in One Volume of the Author's Japanese Novels Kimono / Sayonara / Banzaii
018161: [ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL PARISH] - St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Centennial Souvenir Booklet 1876 - 1976
9900036211: PARISOT, REV. P. F. - The Reminiscences of a Texas Missionary
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062535: PARK, GEORGE S.; ELLA PARK - Park College Cook Book
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061342: PARK, MUNGO - The Life and Travels of Mungo Park; With the Account of His Death from the Journal of Isaaco, the Substance of Later Discoveries Relative to His Lamented Fate, and the Termination of the Niger
053184: PARKER, DOROTHY - Death and Taxes
046384: PARKER, RICHARD - John Kenneth Galbraith His Life, His Politics, His Economics
041389: PARKER, ROBERT B. - Thin Air
9900042895: PARKER, WINSTON / TOLD TO ELAINE TAYLOR THOMAS - Saddles and Service Winston Parker's Story
058347: PARKER, ROBERT M. - Bordeaux A Comprehensive Guide to the Wines Produced from 1961-1990
9900033004: PARKER, ED - I Didn't Come Hre to Stap the Memoirs of Ed Parker
061189: PARKER, C. W. (ED.) - Who's Who in Western Canada (Volume One Only) A Biographical Dictionary of Notable Living Men and Women of Western Canada
9900043051: PARKER, MATTHEW / NARRATED BY WILLIAM DUFRIS - Panama Fever [an Unabridged Audio Book Containing 14 Cds]
9900042728: PARKER, DOUGLAS V. - No Horsecars in Paradise a History of the Street Railways and Public Utilities in Victoria, British Columbia, Before 1897
9900038751: PARKER, BARRY - Sanctification in an Existential Environment; a Study of the Impact of Kierkegaard on the Pauline Doctrine of Sanctification
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9900035551: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - France and England in North America. A Series of Historical Narratives. Part Sixth. (Two Volume Set) A Half Century of Conflict
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9900035550: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - The Old Regime in Canada. France and England in North America. Part Fourth.
057870: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - The Oregon Trail Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life
039828: PARR, MARTIN - Small World
055061: PARR, MARTIN - The Photobook (Two of Three Volumes) A History: I & II
048688: PARR, JOY - Childhood and Family in Canadian History
9900027154: PARRAMON, J. M. - Artist's Guide to Anatomy
060917: PARRES, JAMES R. B.; MARC JACKSON - The Nor-Acme Gold Mine Story From Gold Showing to Gold Flowing
050845: PARRIS, BARNEY - The Loving Son
049255: PARRISH, MAXFIELD - The Maxfield Parrish Pop-Up Book
9900045105: PARRISH, WILLIAM B. - Grist for the MILL My Life in the Grain Business
029018: PARRY, ALBERT - Garrets and Pretenders A History of Bohemianism in America
035012: PARRY, HUGH - The Lyric Poem of Greek Tragedy
9900038455: PARRY, JOHN W. - The Story of Spices / Volume I / the Spices Described / Volume II / Morphology - Histology - Chemistry
055901: PARSONS, H. P. "HANK - Trail of the Wild Goose a story of a bush pilot ...
9900017694: PARSONS, CYRIL R. H. - Stamp Portraits of the Queen
9900039879: PARSONS, USHER, M.D. - Boylston Prize Dissertations on Inflammation of the Peritoneum, Eneuresis Irritata, Cutaneous Diseases, Cancer of the Breast
037703: PARSONSON, JACK - A Time to Remember
054334: PARTRIDGE OF SINTALUTA" [EDWARD ALEXANDER PARTRIDGE] - A War on Poverty The One War That Can End War
048528: PARTSCH, SUSANNA - Paul Klee 1879-1940
018146: PASINLI, ALPAY & SALIHA BALAMAN - Turkish Tiles and Ceramics Cinili Kosk
9900041264: PASK, JIM - 'Where It All Began' the History of the Lord Selkirk - West Kildonan Community
040685: DOS PASSOS, JOHN - Manhattan Transfer
022599: PASSOS, JOHN DOS - First Encounter
052308: DOS PASSOS, JOHN - 1919
055353: DOS PASSOS, JOHN; ALFRED KAZIN (INTRO.) - U.S. A. (3 Volumes) The 42nd Parallel; Nineteen Nineteen; The Big Money
061310: PASTERNAK, BORIS - Doctor Zhivago
042692: BENATAR, PAT AND PATSI BALE COX - Between a Heart and a Rock Place A Memoir
015689: PATAI, RAPHAEL - Sex and Family in the Bible
031639: PATCHETT, ANN - Run
052499: PATCHETT, ANN - Truth & Beauty A Friendship
052494: PATCHETT, ANN - Run A Novel
052243: PATCHETT, ANN - Truth & Beauty: A Friendship
035701: PATEL, RAJ - Stuffed and Starved The Hidden Battle for the World's Food System
9900022523: PATER, WALTER - Imaginary Portraits
9900022524: PATER, WALTER (PREPARED FOR THE PRESS BY CHARLES L. SHADWELL) - Gaston de Latour an Unfinished Romance
061904: PATERSON, EDITH - Tales of Early Manitoba from the Winipeg Free Press
058748: PATERSON, EDITH (COMPILED) - Winnipeg 100 100 Year Pictorial History of Winnipeg
9900024761: PATERSON, EDITH - Tales of the Early West
044365: PRAIRIE PATHFINDERS - Winnipeg Walks
058840: PRAIRIE PATHFINDERS, THE - Winnipeg Walks: New & Expanded Discovering Winnipeg on Foot
042947: PATON, ALAN - Cry, the Beloved Country A Story of Comfort in Desolation
9900037501: PATON, ALAN - Cry, the Beloved Country
9900027477: PATON, ALAN - Too Late the Phalarope
056216: HANBIDGE, PATRICIA AND LAURA PETERS - Best Garden Plants for Saskatchewan and Manitoba
9900029915: BAYER, PATRICIA AND MARK WALLER - The Art of Rene Lalique
043682: PATRICK, CARMEN - Making Liqueurs at Home
9900027710: PATRICK, STEPHEN A. - The Normandy Campaign June and July, 1944
9900039130: CAMPBELL, PATRICK / WITH DRAWINGS BY RONALD SEARLE - A Short Trot with a Cultured Mind
9900033013: SWEENY, G. PATRICK AND EDWARD SMITH, M.DS. - Diseases and Doctors: Medical Practice in Burlington, Ontario 1791-1961
054865: PATTANAIK, DEVDUTT - The Goddess in India The Five Faces of the Eternal Feminine
059922: PATTERSON, GEORGE; WILLIAM A. TAYLOR (COMPILED BY) - Manitoba Digest 1875-1911 of cases reported in Volumes Temp. Wood and I-XXI Manitoba Reports
9900040863: PATTIE, DONALD L. / ROBERT S. HOFFMANN - Mammals of the North American Parks and Prairies
9900043041: PATTISON, MARY - Cory in Recall History of Cory
028907: PATTON, BRIAN; BART ROBINSON - The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide, a Hiker's Manual
9900026032: PATTON, ANDREW - Poems and Quotations
061354: PAUCHET, DR. VICTOR - Le Chemin Du Bonheur La reeducation de soi-meme
010463: [EAST ST. PAUL] - East St. Paul District Plan
029312: PAUL, ERIC - Pussy Pow Wow by Mr. Pottymouth
058601: PAUL, DANIEL N. - First Nations History: We Were Not the Savages Collision Between European and Native American Civilizations
9900040623: [EAST ST. PAUL] - Heritage II a History of East St. Paul
029180: PAUL, ROSS H. - Leadership Under Rule The Challenging Role of the Canadian University President
032402: SIMMONS, PAULA AND CAROL EKARIUS - Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep Breeding, Care, Facilities
061338: PAULDING, LIET. HIRAM; A. GROVE DAY (INTRO.) - Journal of a Cruise of the United States Schooner Dolphin Among the Islands of the Pacific Ocean and a Visit to the Mulgrave Islands, in Pursuit of the Mutineers of the Whale Ship Globe
052544: PAULIN, TOM - The Day-Star of Liberty William Hazlitt's Radical Style
045890: COMEAU, PAULINE AND ALDO SANTIN - The First Canadians A Profile of Canada's Native People Today
008517: PAULS, PETER - Bethesda : First Fifty Years
026493: PAULS, JAKE F.; BETTY DYCK; ARTHUR REMPEL - Bethel / Pioneering in Faith 50 Years 1937-1987
050681: PAUSANIAS - Guide to Greece1: Central Greece
061497: PAUSCH, RANDY - The Last Lecture
050899: PAVESE, CESARE - Dialogues with Leucó
055964: PAVESE, EDITH - Tv Mania A Timeline of Television
056608: PAVESE, CESARE; D. D. PAIGE (TRANS.) - Among Women Only A Novel
055410: TEL-AVIV MUSEUM: HELENA RUBENSTEIN PAVILION - Eight Artists from Canada 12 November - 12 December 1970
037157: PAWEL, ERNST - The Nightmare of Reason A Life of Franz Kafka
052375: PAWLEY, HOWARD; PAUL MOIST (FOREWORD) - Keep True: A Life in Politics
052631: PAXMAN, JEREMY - The English A Portrait of a People
030339: PAXTON, TOM - Androcles and the Lion And Other Aesop's Fables
043370: PAYTRESS, MARK - I Was There: Gigs That Changed the World
049562: PAZ, OCTAVIO - The Monkey Grammarian
023269: PAZ, OCTAVIO - Conjunctions and Disjunctions
9900011682: PEACOCK, THOMAS LOVE - Nightmare Abbey
035786: PEAKE, ANTHONY - Is There Life After Death? The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die
045076: PEAKE, MERVYN - Gormenghast
051709: PEAKE, FELICITY - Pure Chance Memoirs of Dame Felicity Peake, First Director Women's Royal Air Force
041549: PEARL, ANITA MAY; CONSTANCE CUTTLE; BARBARA B. DESKINS - Completely Cheese: The Cheese Lover's Companion
058963: PEARL, MATTHEW - The Poe Shadow A Novel
9900019951: PEARSE, A. W. [CHARLES W. GORDON'S COPY - INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR] - Windward Ho Windjammer Days
037001: PEARSON, HESKETH - The Smith of Smiths Being the Life, Wit and Humour of Sydney Smith
027065: PEARSON, GEOFFREY A. H. - Seize the Day Lester B. Pearson and Crisis Diplomacy
045785: PEARSON, LESTER B. - Mike [Volume Three Only] The Memoirs of the Rt. Hon. Lester B. Pearson
031983: PEARSON, HELEN BRUCH - Mother Roots The Female Ancestors of Jesus
053712: PEARSON, CHARLES S. - On the Cusp: From Population Boom to Bust
060801: PEARSON, MICHAEL - Imagined Places Journeys into Literary America
9900002533: PEARSON, CAROL - Emily Carr As I Knew Her
052689: PEARSON, HESKETH - Gilbert and Sullivan: A Biography
9900029900: PEARY, MARIE AHNIGHITO - Ootah and His Puppy
042168: PEARY, MARIE AHNIGHTO - Children of the Artic By the Snow Baby and Her Mother
9900028370: PECKHAM, JOHN M. - Fighting Fire with Fire
059360: PEDEN, MURRAY - Fall of an Arrow
014822: PEELMAN, ACHIEL, ED. - Kerygma No. 46 Traditional Medicine Challenging the Mission of the Church
061415: PEKAR, HARVEY; PAUL BUHLE (ED.) - Students for a Democratic Society A Graphic History
060728: PALUD-PELLETIER, NOELIE - Louis, Son of the Prairies
052390: PELLETIER, JEAN; CLAUDE ADAMS - The Canadian Caper
9900045433: PELLEY, THELMA - Nursing: Its History, Trends, Philosophy, Ethics and Ethos
9900038752: PELLMAN, CARSTEN - An Examination of the Theological Debate Surrounding the Establishment Principle... In Ninteenth Century Scotland
9900044763: PELUSSI, GIULIO & RIVISTA DELL'ARREDMENTO (EDS.) - Living the Modern Way Form and Colour in Interior Decoration
019509: PEMPER, MIETEK - The Road to Rescue The Untold Story of Schindler's List
062689: PENASHUE, TSHAUKUESH ELIZABETH; ELIZABETH YEOMAN (ED.) - Nitinikiau Innusi I Keep the Land Alive
9900033378: PENDEXTER, HUGH - In the Black Hills
062529: PENGELLY, W. - The Literature of Kent's Cavern (Part II) Including the Whole of the Rev J. Mac Energy's Manuscript
9900030103: PENGELLY, COLIN - The First Bellerophon
060218: PENN, ROBERT WARREN - All the King's Men
9900043871: PENN, MARGARET - Young Mrs. Burton
019135: PENNER, ROLAND - A Glowing Dream: A Memoir
060767: PENNER, NORMAN, ED. - Winnipeg 1919 The Strikers' own History of the Winnipeg General Strike
9900030909: PENNER, LYDIA - Hanover: One Hundred Years
9900036518: PENNER, VIC (ED.) - Altona a Pictorial History
007174: PENNINGTON, DORIS - Agnes Macphail: Reformer Canada's First Female M.P.
057821: PENNINGTON, CHRISTOPHER - The Destiny of Canada Macdonald, Laurier, and the Election of 1891
062679: PENNY, LOUISE - The Brutal Telling
056744: LECOUTEUR, PENNY AND JAY BURRESON - Napoleon's Buttons How 17 Molecules Changed History
062676: PENNY, LOUISE - Kingdom of the Blind
041496: PENROSE, ROGER - The Emperor's New Mind Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics
9900042504: PENROSE, CHARLES JR. - 'They Live on a Rock in the Sea!' the Isles of Shoals in Colonial Days
025669: PENZER, N.M.; - Poison Damsels and Other Essays in Folklore and Anthropology
053635: PEPPIATT, MICHAEL - Francis Bacon in Your Blood A Memoir
059680: PERCIVAL, THOMAS - A Father's Instructions; Consisting of Moral Tales, Fables, and Reflections; Designed to Promote the Love of Virtue, a Taste for Knowledge, and an Early Acquaintance with the Works of Nature
9900029196: PERCIVAL, JOHN - Agricultural Botany Theoretical and Practical
036538: PERCY, WILLIAM ALEXANDER - Lanterns on the Levee Recollections of a Planter's Son
062340: PERCY, H. R. - Flotsam
053537: PERCY, CHRISTOPHER VANE - Lalique: A Collectors Guide
057967: PEREC, GEORGES; IAN MONK (TRANS.); DAVID BELLOS (INTRO.) - Three by Perec Which Moped with Chrome-plated Handlebars at the Back of the Yard?; The Exeter Text: Jewels, Secrets, Sex; A Gallery Portrait
9900033087: PERELMAN, S. J. - Bite on the Bullet or Under the Spreading Atrophy
051485: PERIN, ROBERTO - Rome in Canada The Vatican and Canadian Affairs in the Late Victorian Age
9900039290: PERKINS, DAVE - Canada's Submarines 1914-1923
013278: PERLMUTTER, KRISTINE, EDITORIAL BY - The Icelandic Canadian Fortieth Summer Issue, June, 1982 Volume XL No. 4
036151: PERLSTEIN, STEVE - Rebel Baseball The Summer the Game was Returned to the Fans
052347: PERLSTEIN, RICK - Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America
043705: PERO, LINDA SZEKELY - American Chronicles The Art of Norman Rockwell
055190: PERO, LINDA SZEKELY - American Chronicles The Art of Norman Rockwell
055189: PERO, LINDA SZEKELY - American Chronicles The Art of Norman Rockwell
9900034653: PERRAULT, ANTONIO - Religion, Culture Et Liberte Au Canada
035025: PLUTARCH; PERRIN, BERNADOTTE (TRANS.) - Plutarch's Lives VIII: Sertorius and Eumenes, Phocion and Cato the Younger In Eleven Volumes
062619: PERRON, DANIEL; MARK CHIPMAN (FOREWORD) - Dancing Gabe One Step at a Time
053446: PERROTTA, TOM - Little Children
9900037334: PERROY, EDOUARD [ED.] - The Diplomatic Correspondence of Richard II
055917: PERRY, ANNE - Murder on the Serpentine A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel
041473: PERRY, ANNE - Midnight at Marble Arch
041474: PERRY, ANNE - Dorchester Terrace
041640: PERRY, W. J. - The Children of the Sun: A Study of the Egyptian Settlement of the Pacific
046751: PERRY, RICHARD J. - The Maxfield Parrish Identification & Price Guide
9900035466: PERRY, CHARLES M. - Toward a Dimensional Realism
055915: PERRY, ANNE - Blood on the Water A William Monk Novel
047946: PERRY, ANNE - Treachery at Lancaster Gate
9900041641: PERRY, MARIA - Elizabeth I the Word of a Prince, a Life from Contemporary Documents
062877: PERRY, PAUL - Fear and Loathing: The Strange and Terrible Saga of Hunter S. Thompson An Unauthorized Biography
057187: PERRY, JOEL - Funny That Way Adventures in Fabulousness
057669: PERRY, JAMES M. - Arrogant Armies Great Military Disasters And the Generals Behind Them
055914: PERRY, ANNE - Revenge in a Cold River A William Monk Novel
9900041043: PERRY, F. MADELINE - Bgh-100 a History of Brandon General Hospital 1883-1983
061559: PERRY, ADELE - Aqueduct Colonialism, Resources, and the Histories We Remember
9900029245: PERSALL, MISHAEL - Navenad
059011: SHAH, IDRIES (TRANSLATED FROM THE PERSIAN AND PRESENTED BY) - The Hundred Tales of Wisdom: Life, Teachings and Miracles of Jalaludin Rumi from Aflaki's Munaqib, Together with Certain Important Stories from Rumi's Works Traditionally known as 'The Hundred Tales of Wisdom'
052841: PERUTZ, LEO - The Swedish Cavalier
027066: PESSEN, EDWARD - Jacksonian American Society, Personality and Politics
025710: D'EPIRO, PETER AND MARY DESMOND PINKOWISH - What Are the Seven Wonders of the World? And 60 Other Great Cultural Questions
063018: BEILENSON, PETER AND HARRY BEHN, TRANS. - Haiku Harvest Japanese Haiku Series IV
9900032523: CLARK, PETER AND PAUL SLACK (EDS.) - Crisis and Order in English Towns 1500-1700
9900024338: WARD, PETER AND BRUCE D. J. BATT / EDITED BY JAMES B. TREFETHEN - Propagation of Captive Waterfowl the Delta Waterfowl Research Station System
060091: KAMINSKY, PETER AND MARIE RAMA - Bacon Nation 125 Irresistible Recipes
062618: PETERKIN, ALLAN - One Thousand Beards A Cultural History of Facial Hair
011433: BOWSER, W. E., T. W. PETERS AND J. D. NEWTON - Soil Survey of Red Deer Sheet Report No. 16 of the Alberta Soil Survey
026423: PETERS, P.J - This Land of Ours And Other Poems
011439: LINDSAY, J. D, W. ODYNSKY, T. W. PETERS AND W. E. BOWSER - Soil Survey of the Buck Lake (Ne83b) and Wabamun Lake (E 1/2 83g) Areas Alberta Soil Survey Report No. 24
061993: PETERS, P. J. - Driftwood And Other Poems
010000: PETERS, JAKE - Approaching the Glory I Know Whom I Have Believed
053223: PETERS, VICTOR - All Things Common The Hutterian Way of Life
050783: PETERS, SOLIMAN - Business As Usual Complete and Unexpurgated
9900035558: PETERS, LYNDA (ED.) - Estote Fideles
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053762: PITCHFORK, AIR COMMODORE GRAHAM; AIR CHIEF MARSHAL SIR LEWIS HODGES (FOREWORD) - Shot Down and on the Run: The Rcaf and Commonwealth Aircrews Who Got Home from Behind Enemy Lines, 1940-1945
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9900039999: PREPARED BY R. P. C. LTD. [RESOURCE PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS] - An Historic and Present Land Use and Open Space Inventory of the Winnipeg Region
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9900035822: PLUNKETT, THOMAS - Winnipeg Canada's Third Largest City / an Explanation of Its New Government
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056292: PLUTARCH - On Sparta
055669: PLUTARCH - The Rise and Fall of Athens: Nine Greek Lives
059948: PLUTARCH - Essays
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031734: POGUE, CAROLYN - Language of the Heart Rituals Stories and Information About Death
9900042369: POHL, R. W. - Einfuhrung in Die Mechanik Und Akustik (Introduction to Mechanics and Acoustics)
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051534: POITIER, SIDNEY - The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography
024414: ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE - Visit of Pope John Paul II: 1984, September 9-2
044715: COMMISSIONERS OF THE ROYAL NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE - The New West Being the Official Reports to Parliment of the Activities of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force 1888 - 1889
044717: COMMISSIONERS OF THE ROYAL NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE - Opening Up the West Being the Official Reports to Parliment of the Activities of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force 1874 - 1881
056288: COMMISSIONERS OF THE ROYAL NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE - Opening Up the West Being the Official Reports to Parliment of the Activities of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force 1874 - 1881
056263: COMMISSIONERS OF THE ROYAL NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE - Law and Order Being the Official Reports to Parliment of the Activities of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force 1886 - 1887
060665: POLING, JIM SR. - Tom Thomson The Life and Mysterious Death of the Famous Canadian Painter
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059397: POLLAN, MICHAEL - The Omnivore's Dilemma
059380: POLLAN, MICHAEL - In Defense of Food
059993: POLLAN, MICHAEL - In Defense of Food An Eater's Manifesto
061798: POLLARD, EDWARD A. - Southern History of the Great CIVIL War in the United States
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061706: PORTIS, CHARLES - True Grit
053341: POSENER, JILL - Spray It Loud
040036: POSPISIL, LEOPOLD - The Kapauku Papuans of West New Guinea
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042010: POSTMAN, NEIL - The Disappearance of Childhood
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049270: POTTER, BEATRIX - Story of Miss Moppet and a Fierce Bad Rabbit
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9900035031: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
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9900030935: POTTER, THE REV. AUSTIN - From Wealth to Poverty; or, the Tricks of the Traffic. A Story of the Drink Curse.
058800: POTTER, RUSSELL - Pyg The Memoirs of Toby, the Learned Pig
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051885: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. [EDITOR] - Boswell in Holland 1763-1764 Including His Correspondence with Belle de Zuylen (Zelide)
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9900043208: POTYONDI, BARRY - Selkirk 'the First Hundred Years'
9900042995: [POULENC] - Ethical Medical Specialities / a Reference Book / for Physicians Only
061345: POULET, ROBERT - La Lanterne Magique de la Critique
011732: POULIN, GUY, COMPILED BY - Index to Township Plans of the Canadian West / Index de Plans Des Cantons de L'Ouest Canadien
053700: POULTON, J. ALEXANDER; ARPON BASU - Great Canadian Hockey (Three Volume Boxed-Set) Greatest Games of the Stanley Cup; Hockey's Hottest Players; NHL Enforcers
043418: POUND, EZRA - Selected Cantos of Ezra Pound
039311: POWE, B. W. - Mystic Trudeau The Fire and the Rose
041563: POWELL, JULIE - Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously
062969: POWELL, ANTHONY - A Dance to the Music of Time / 4 Volume Set
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057069: POWELL, PADGETT - Edisto
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062984: POWER, NINA - One Dimensional Woman
047960: POWER, EILEEN - Medieval Women
062542: POWER, C.G. - The R.C. A. F Overseas The First Four Years
048844: POWER, EILEEN - Medieval People
9900036124: POWER, LYALL - Alien Heart the Life and Work of Margaret Laurence
028122: POWERS, RON - Dangerous Water: A Biography of the Boy Who Became Mark Twain
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044335: POWERS, RICHARD - Orfeo A Novel
052637: POWERS, RICHARD - Galatea 2. 2
057144: POWERS, J. F.; ELIZABETH HARDWICK (INTRO.) - Morte D'Urban
049615: POWERS, LYALL - Alien Heart The Life and Work of Margaret Laurence
061272: POWYS, JOHN COWPER; LLEWELLYN POWYS - Confessions of Two Brothers
9900032492: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Weymouth Sands
9900000004: POWYS, LLEWELYN - The Verdict of Bridlegoose
9900039316: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Odes and Other Poems
048733: PRABHUPADA, HIS DIVINE GRACE A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI - The Science of Self-Realization Articles from Back to Godhead magazine
047013: PRABHUPADA, A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI - Bhagavad-Gita As It Is
054858: PRABHUPADA, HIS DIVINE GRACE A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI - Krsna: The Supreme Personality of Godhead / Volume One A Summary Study of Srila Vyasadeva's Srimad-Bhagavatam, Tenth Canto
052473: PRACHT, KLAUS - Modern Oriels on Roofs and Facades
058094: PRANGE, GORDON W. - Hitler's Speeches and the United States
060656: PRATAP, VIJAYENDRA - Beginning Yoga
055780: PRATO, GREG - Grunge Is Dead The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music
024053: PRATT, E.J. - Towards the Last Spike: A Verse Panaroma of the Struggle to Build the First Canadian Transcontinental from the Time of the Proposed Terms of Union with British Columbia (1870) to the Hammering of the Last Spike in the Eagle Pass (1885)
9900027347: PRATT, E. J. - Behind the Log
052701: PRATT, E. J. - Brebeuf and His Bretheren
9900032685: PRATT, MAJOR A. M - The Story of Manitoba's Weekly Newspapers
9900004958: PRATT, MAJOR A. M - The Story of Manitoba's Weekly Newspapers
049415: PRAWER, S. S. - Karl Marx and World Literature
9900042103: PRECIADO, A. A. - Exporting to the World a Manual of Practical Export for All Who Are Interested or Engaged in Foreign Trade
034128: PREEDY, GEORGE R. - Double Dallilay
051442: PREISS, BYRON (ED.) - The Ultimate Frankenstein: New Stories by Some of the World's Leading Authors
032423: PRENTUN, ONNUR - Salmabok Og Helgisida-Reglur [Icelandic Hymn Book] Hins evangeliska luterska kirkjufelags Islendinga i Vesturheimi.
051250: PRESCOTT, W.H. - The Conquest of Mexico (Two Volumes)
004425: [WINNIPEG FREE PRESS] - The Way We Live in Manitoba
023864: PRESS AND INFORMATION OFFICE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT - The Quadripartite Agreement on Berlin
036525: [ZEBRA PRESS] - Life and Death in Hollywood The Sensational Picture Document of Hollywood's Most Turbulent Years
9900027305: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - The Instant It Happened
062806: [WAYNE THEBAUD]; PARASOL PRESS, LTD. - Wayne Thebaud Graphics 1964-1971
049486: [OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS] - The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (Two Volumes in Slipcase) Complete Text Reproduced Micrographically
054217: [WINNIPEG FREE PRESS] - Their Majesties Visit to Manitoba
032209: PRESTON, ALISON - Blue Vengeance
033196: PRESTON, ALISON - The Geranium Girls
061034: PRESTON, DIANA; MICHAEL PRESTON - Taj Mahal Passion and Genius at the Heart of the Moghul Empire
041202: PRESTON, DOUGLAS J. - Dinosaurs in the Attic An Excursion into the American Museum of Natural History
045559: PRESTON, KERRISON [ED.] - The Blake Collection of W. Graham Robertson
9900029328: PRESTON, ANTONY - Warships Battleships / Aircraft Carriers / Submarines
053360: PRESTON, DIANA - Wilful Murder: The Sinking of the Lusitania
9900034771: PRETI, NUMA / PRINCIPAUX DEBUTS REVISES PAR D. JANOWSKI - Traite Complet Du Jeu Des Echecs / Quartieme Edition / L'ABC Des Echecs
061353: PREVOST, MARCEL - L'Art D'Apprendre
9900025232: PRICE, CHRISTINE (ILLUSTRATOR) - Widdecombe Fair an Old English Folk Song
9900041823: PRICE, CHARLES S. - The Great Physician
9900030006: PRICE, ALFRED - Rail Life a Book of Yarns
9900035196: PRICE, LIAM - 'THE PLACE-NAMES OF THE BARONY OF NEWCASTLE, COUNTY OF WICKLOW' - Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XLIV, Section C, No. 6
9900035291: PRICE, LIAM - Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XLVI, Section C, No. 5 / 'Place-Names of the Barony of Arklow, County of Wicklow'
9900028619: PRICE, RICHARD - The Wanderers
9900043926: PRICHARD, M. J., AND D. E. C. YALE (EDS.) - Hale and Fleetwood on Admiralty Jurisdiction
004485: PRIES, GEORGE DAVID - A Place Called Peniel Winkler Bible Institute 1925-1975
9900034252: PRIES, GEORGE DAVID - A Place Called Peniel Winkler Bible Institute 1925-1975
053877: PRIESS, DAVID - How to Get Rid of a President History's Guide to Removing Unpopular, Unable, or Unfit Chief Executives
9900034379: PRIESS, ANITA - Exiled to Siberia
020237: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - English Journey
034655: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - The Glass Cage
9900028421: PRIESTLEY, RAYMOND E. - Antarctic Adventure: Scott's Northern Party
047774: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - English Journey
9900039658: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Adam in Moonshine
9900019463: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Lost Empires
9900029287: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Fools and Philosophers / a Gallery of Comic Figures from English Literature
056989: PRIEUR, ANNICK - Mema's House, Mexico City On Transvestites, Queens, and Machos
9900045134: PRIME, FREDERICK - Dedication of Tablet in the State House, Philadelphia / Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
040897: PRIMER - Elson-Gray Basic Readers
9900030643: [PRIMERS] - Maple Leaf Primer for Canadian Little Folks
008338: PRINGLE, JIM - United We Stand a History of Winnipeg's CIVIC Workers
035434: PRINGLE, HEATHER - The Mummy Congress Science, Obsession, and the Everlasting Dead
051042: PRINGLE, DUNCAN JOHN - Life As a Pow: What My Father Never Told Me
9900036418: PRIOR, OLIVER H. (ED.) - Caxton's Mirrour of the World
052023: SISTERS OF ST. BENEDICT'S PRIORY - St. Benedict's Priory: Winnipeg, Manitoba 1912-1987 Jubilee Booklet 1912-1987
017724: COMMITTEE FOR THE DEFENSE OF SOVIET POLITICAL PRISONERS - Inside Soviet Prisons Documents of the Struggle for Human and National Rights in the USSR
JA030648: PRITCHARD, REV. E.C.R., B. A. - The Red River Settlement: A Gripping Narrative of Pioneer Days; Memoirs - History - Adventure
041165: PRITCHETT, V.S. - Lasting Impressions Essays 1961-1987
9900043767: PRITCHETT, HENRY S. - Andrew Carnegie
053568: PROCOPIUS; H.B. DEWING (TRANS.); JEFFREY HENDERSON (ED.) - History of the Wars V: Books 7. 36-8
056868: PROCOPIUS - Secret History, the
9900037958: PROCTOR, MADELINE L. - Woodlands Echoes History of the Townships of the Rural Municipality of Woodlands No. 8
9900037957: PROCTOR, MADELINE L. - Woodlands Echoes History of the Townships of the Rural Municipality of Woodlands No. 8
039775: BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM PRODUCTS - Boehringer Ingelheim Portfolio 4 Dermatology
063092: [ONTARIO'S NSL PROGRAM] - Ontario's Nsl Program: Teaching and Learning a Native Language As a Second Language
9900042605: [PROGRAMS] - The Royal Winnipeg Ballet of Canada [Together with Program] / Fifteenth Season / Playhouse Theatre / September 29-30, 1953
053356: PRON, PATRICIO; MARA FAYE LETHEM (TRANS.) - My Fathers' Ghost Is Climbing in the Rain
049879: PROPERTIUS - Propertius Elegies Book III
057714: PROSE, FRANCINE - Goldengrove
050283: PROTHERO, STEPHEN - The American Bible How Our Words Unite, Divide, and Define a Nation
033706: PROULX, ANNIE - Brokeback Mountain
061360: PROUST, MARCEL - In Search of Lost Time Volume I: Swann's Way
061527: PROUST, MARCEL; JOHN STURROCK (TRANS.) - Sodom and Gomorrah
062874: PROUST, MARCEL - Swann's Way
054614: PROUST, MARCEL - In Search of Lost Time
058404: PROVENCHER, PAUL - Provencher Last of the Coureurs de Bois
056359: PRUDEK, WOLFGANG M. - Carrying the Message An Introduction to Iroquios Stone Sculpture
9900032940: MAX GOLDIN [EDITED BY EILEEN PRUDEN AND GARFIELD MCRAE] - An Affair with My City Selected Works of Max Goldin
9900037907: PRYCE, J. HARRY - The Red Reel the Story of Canada Wire
044493: PRYDE, DUNCAN - Nunaga My Land, My Country
032887: PRYOR, MARK - The Blood Promise A Hugo Marston Novel
9900038359: PRZYBYCIEN, FRANK E. - Utica: A City Worth Saving
9900004208: ANONYMOUS [ALIQUIS - PSEUDONYM, POSS. OF RICHARD MARKS] - The Village Church Yard; (Two Volumes Bound As One) or, Reflections on Death, Past Times, and a Future State
041785: THE SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON PUBLICATIONS - Meeting the Challenge The Lodge Officer at Work
055614: AIRCRAFT PUBLICATIONS - Who's Who in Canadian Aviation and Annual Aircraft Directory for 1939 Everything You Want to Know about Aviation in Canada
062587: WORLD FESTIVAL PUBLICITY - Expo 67 Universal and Intenational Exhibition of 1967. Montreal, Canada
9900034127: [PIETER DE HOOCH] PUBLISHED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY WILHELM R. VALENTINER - Pieter de Hooch / the Master's Paintings / in 180 Reproductions with an Appendix on the Genre Painters in the Manner of de Hooch
049262: [PEGUIS PUBLISHERS] - Early Buildings of Manitoba
059017: SHS PUBLISHING - One Gear Converting and Maintaining Single Speed and Fixed Gear Bicycles
9900027500: [ROYAL COMMISSION ON BOOK PUBLISHING] - Canadian Publishers & Canadian Publishing
053797: PUFENDORF, SAMUEL; IAN HUNTER (ED. & INTRO); DAVID SAUDERNS (ED., INTRO. & TRANS.); KNUD HAAKONSSEN (ED.); ANDREW TOOKE (TRANS.) - Whole Duty of Man, According to the Law of Nature
053801: PUFENDORF, SAMUEL; SIMONE ZURBUCHEN (ED. & INTRO.); KNUD HAAKONSSEN (ED.); JODOCUS CRULL (TRANS.) - Of the Nature and Qualification of Religion in Reference to CIVIL Society
053802: PUFENDORF, SAMUEL; SIMONE ZURBUCHEN (ED. & INTRO.); KNUD HAAKONSSEN (ED.); THEOPHILUS DORRINGTON (TRANS.) - The Divine Feudal Law Or, Covenants with Mankind, Represented
053796: PUFENDORF, SAMUEL; THOMAS BEHME (ED. & INTRO.); KNUD HAKKONSSEN (ED.); WILLIAM ABBOT OLDFATHER (TRANS.) - Two Books of the Elements of Universal Jurisprudence
059474: PUGH, RALPH B. - Imprisonment in Medival England
057005: PUIG, MANUEL; JAN L. GRAYSON (TRANS.) - Blood of Requited Love
061575: PULIXI, PIERGIORGIO; CAROL PERKINS (TRANS.) - The Night of the Panthers
037676: PULLINGER, KATE - The Mistress of Nothing
047076: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The Shadow in the North
062758: PULLMAN, PHILIP - Northern Lights His Dark Materials
062229: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The Amber Spyglass His Dark Materials; Book Three
9900039077: [PUNCH, OR THE LONDON CHARIVARI] - Punch Vol. 134. January 1, 1908 to June 24, 1908.
9900042314: [PUNCH, OR THE LONDON CHARIVARI] - Punch Volume XXXV 1858
9900032318: [PUNCH] - The Pick of Punch an Annual Selection
049493: [THE PROPRIETORS OF PUNCH] - The New "Punch" Library (Twenty Volumes)
9900036846: [PUNCH, OR THE LONDON CHARIVARI] / [PUNCH'S ALMANAC FOR 1852] - Punch Vol. XXII 1852
053486: [THE EDITORS OF PUNCH] - Punch Vol XL
9900031508: PURCHAS, SAMUEL, B.D. - Hakluytus Pothumus or Purchase His Pilgrimes Contayning a History of the World in Sea Voyages and Land Travells Complete 20 volume set uniformly bound in original blue cloth
026833: PURDY, SUSAN G. - The Family Baker 150 Never-Let-You-Down Basic Recipes
041009: PURDY, AL - A Splinter in the Heart
9900026628: PURDY, RALPH S. - Farmers - What Now?
062287: PURKISS, DIANE - The English CIVIL War A People's History
057980: PUTNAM, HILARY - Realism and Reason Philosophical Papers, Volume 3
9900030646: PUTT, ERIC D. - Sunflower Seed Production
059473: PYE, KENNETH A. - The Use of Troops in CIVIL Disturbances in the United States A Paper Delivered at a Seminar on Canada: Centralization or Devolution
058758: PYE, MICHAEL & KIRSTEN DALLEY (EDS.) - Exposed, Uncovered, & Declassified Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past
022588: PYLE, ERNIE - Here Is Your War
062532: PYLE, HOWARD - The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
038036: PYNCHON, THOMAS - V.
061576: PYNCHON, THOMAS - Inherent Vice
9900012876: PYNE, STEPHEN J - The Ice: A Journey to Antarctica

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