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9900036704: MACNEICE, LOUIS - The Strings Are False
058752: MACNEISH, RICHARD S. - An Introduction to the Archaeology of Southeast Manitoba
9900000973: MACOUN, JOHN - Manitoba and the Great Northwest
9900042028: MACOUN, JOHN - Manitoba and the Great Northwest: The Field for Investment; the Home of the Emigrant; Being a Full and Complete History
9900034514: MACPEEK, WALTER - Fetching Up Fred
060934: MACPHERSON, KEN - The River Class Destroyers of the Royal Canadian Navy
052610: MACPHERSON, MARY-ETTA - Shopkeepers to a Nation: The Eatons
047173: MACPHERSON, C. B. - The Life and Times of Liberal Democracy
027456: MACPHERSON, C.B. - Democarcy in Alberta: Social Credit and the Party System
056535: MACPHERSON, J. PENNINGTON, LT. COL. - Life of the Right Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald (Two Volumes Bound in One) By His Nephew
061055: MACPHERSON, M. A. - Outlaws of the Canadian West
062159: HOBBES; MACPHERSON, C. B., ED. & INTRO. - Leviathan
060294: MACRAE, ALLAN; AL KAHANOFF - L'Chaim! The Story of Minnie Kahanoff
045273: MACSKIMMING, ROY - Gordie: A Hockey Legend The Unathorized Biography of Gordie Howe
052549: MACSORLEY, C. M. - The Earl-Painter A Tale of The Time of Caxton
057809: MADDIN, GUY - From the Atelier Tovar Selected Writings
040670: ALBRIGHT, MADELEINE AND BILL WOODWARD - Madam Secretary A Memoir
052465: HAWORTH-MADEN, CLARE (ED.) - Art Nouveau: Architecture and Furniture
9900027173: MADGE, SIDNEY J. - The Domesday of Crown Lands
060563: MADIGAN, M.J. - Steuben Design A Legacy of Light and Form
027940: SHIRLEY J. R. MADILL; ALLAN J. RYAN - Colleen Cutschall House Made of Stars: September 8 - December 9, 1996
9900042412: MADILL, SHIRLEY (ESSAY) - A Sense of Place Photography in Manitoba
049338: MADILL, SHIRLEY J. R. - Robert Houle: Sovreignty over Subjectivity
055132: MADILL, SHIRLEY J. R. - Robert Houle Sovreignty over Subjectivity
032180: MADONNA - The Adventures of Abdi
043485: MADONNA - The English Roses
045248: MADSEN, AXEL - The Sewing Circle Hollywood's Greatest Secret: Female Stars who Loved Other Women
9900002286: MADSEN, AXEL - Hearts and Minds: The Common Journey of Simone de Beauvoir
050727: MADSEN, AXEL - Chanel A Woman of her Own
9900044416: MEDD, VERNA MAE AND EDNA ALEXANDRA MEDD (EDS.) - Macarthur Family Letters Correspondence among members of the family of John and Sarah Dallas Macarthur of Nairn, Scotland
044041: MAERIN, JORDAN - Raw Foods for Busy People Simple and Machine Free Recipes for Every Day
035215: MAESO, CARLOS M. - El Uruguay A Traves de un Siglo
9900026904: MAGALANER, MARVIN (ED.) - A James Joyce Miscellany
9900027032: MAGALI - La Crique Aux Bleuets
9900027029: MAGALI - Les Couleurs Du Reve
9900039824: [PUNCH MAGAZINE] - The Pick of Punch
064243: FOUND MAGAZINE - Found Magazine
9900042631: [ANONYMOUS] [THE CORNHILL MAGAZINE, 1860] - Electricity and the Electric Telegraph
9900018072: [HARPER'S MAGAZINE] - The Great North
063001: [NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE] - National Geographic Atlas of the World
9900037939: MAGEE, JAMES EDMUND - Your Place in the Cosmos Volume IV a Layman's Book of Astronomy and the Mythology of the Eighty-Eight Celestial Constellations
050615: MAGGIE, JOHN - The Honey Horn
9900010519: [MAGIC] - Marconick's Tu Tu Wun Rope Trick
065432: MAGILL, MARK - Why Is the Buddha Smiling Mindfulness As a Means of Bringing Calm and Insight to Your Life
065883: MAGNETICAL AND METEOROLOGICAL OBSERVATORY (TORONTO, ONT.) - Abstracts of Magnetical Observations Made at the Magnetical Observatory, Toronto, Canada West, During the Years 1856 to 1862, Inclusive and During Parts of the Years 1853, 1854, and 1855
056278: MAGNUS; DETLEF GOEBLER (TRANS.) - The 110 Pills after Jin Ping Mei
9900044367: MAGNUSSON, KRISTIANA - So Well Remembered
9900036011: MAGNUSSON, KRISTIANA - Roots That Bind
048669: MAGNUSSON, H. E. - Lykkjufoll Nokkur Sma Kvaedi
9900036611: MAGNUSSON, H. E. - Lykkjufoll Nokkur Sma Kvaedi
9900035128: MAGNUSSON, JON - Hjardir Kvaedi
059037: MAGRUDER, JULIA - Honoured in the Breach.
033265: MAGUIRE, GREGORY - Making Mischief A Maurice Sendak Appreciation
045455: MAGUIRE, GREGORY - Mirror Mirror
050473: MAGUIRE, GREGORY - Son of a Witch: Volume Two in the Wicked Years
067506: MAGUIRE, MUIREANN - Red Spectres
053116: MAGUIRE, GREGORY - Out of Oz The Final Volume in the Wicked Years
062870: MAGUIRE, GREGORY - Wicked
032701: MAGYARI, LAJOS - Alexander Csoma de K Rös' Legacy Poem
9900038928: MAHAN, CAPTAIN A. T. - The Life of Nelson the Embodiment of the Sea Power of Great Britain
058365: MAHARAJ, RABINDRANATH - A Perfect Pledge A Novel
054764: MAHARSHI, RAMANA; ARTHUR OSBOURNE (ED.) - The Collected Works of Ramana Marashi
061253: MAHE, VINCENT - 750 Years in Paris
051871: MAHER, PAUL JR. - Jack Kerouac's American Journey The Real-Life Odyssey of On the Road
044733: MAHER, JOHN; JUDY GROVES - Chomsky For Beginners
029900: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB - Sugar Street The Cairo Trilogy III
052077: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB - Midaq Alley; the Thief and the Dogs; Miramar
059046: MAHLER, NICHOLAS - Angelman No. 1: "Fallen Angel A Super-Hero Graphic Novel!
9900025300: MAHMOUD, ADEL A. F., K. FRANK AUSTEN (EDS.) - The Eosinophil in Health and Disease
056840: MAHON, ANNE - Redemption Stories of Hope, Resilience and Life after Gangs
052280: MAI, FRANCOIS MARTIN - Diagnosing Genius
9900019352: MAIER, WALTER A. - The Book of Nahum a Commentary
040562: MAILER, NORMAN - The Prisoner of Sex
052265: MAILER, NORMAN - The Castle in the Forest
9900009557: MAILER, NORMAN - The Armies of the Night: History As a Novel the Novel As History
061562: MAILLARD, KEITH - Twin Studies
057898: MAINE, DAVID - Fallen A Novel
034179: MAIR, A. W. [TRANS.] - Oppian Colluthus Tryphiodorus
9900025148: MAIR, CHARLES - Through the Mackenzie Basin a Narrative of the Athabasca and Peace River Treaty Expedition of 1899
9900030160: MAIR, CHARLES - Tecumseh a Drama and Canadian Poems
039840: MAITLAND, LESLIE - Crossing the Borders of Time: A True Story of War, Exile, and Love Reclaimed
9900043316: MAJOR, G SHARP [PSEUD. OF GEORGE SIMPSON MATHIESON] - Crescendo a Business Man's Romance in Music
9900035186: MAJOR, KEVIN - Visual Artists of Newfoundland & Labrador a Juried Exhibition in Print
059355: MAJOR, KEVIN - Land Beyond the Sea
9900044421: MAJOR, G SHARP [PSEUD. OF GEORGE SIMPSON MATHIESON] - Crescendo a Business Man's Romance in Music
9900000416: [MODEL MAKING] - The Modelmaker for Those Interested in Making Working Models
029114: MALABRE, ALFRED L. - Lost Prophets An Insider's History of the Modern Economists
9900040708: MALAMUD, BERNARD - God's Grace
038041: MALAMUD, BERNARD - The Magic Barrel
032369: MALCOLM, JANET - Iphigenia in Forest Hills Anatomy of a Murder Trial
032372: MALCOLM, JANET - The Purloined Clinic Selected Writings
018592: MALHERBE, HENRY - The Flaming Sword of France Sketches from an Observation Post of the French Artillery Near Verdun
050255: MALIN, DAVID (INTRO.) - Heaven & Earth: Unseen by the Naked Eye
060913: MALKI, DAVID - Beards of Our Forefathers A Collection of Wondermark Comic Strips
047111: MALLARY, DOMINIC OWEN - Destroyer of Man: Selected Poems, 1984-2008
037857: MALLET, GINA - Last Chance to Eat The Fate of Taste in a Fast Food World
067490: MALLET, DAVID [JOHN BELL] - The Poetical Works of David Mallet With the Life of the Author
9900027855: MALLEY, LOUIS - Tiger in the Streets a Novel of the Spanish Harlem Jungle
031900: MALLON, THOMAS - Stolen Words
046323: MALLORY, J. R. - Social Credit and the Federal Power in Canada
024552: MALLOTT, ELIZABETH - Prairie Gold The First 60 Years of the Manitoba Cooperative Honey Producers Ltd.
018884: MALLOY, RONALD ALEXANDER - Guilty Till Proven Innocent The Thomas Sophonow Story
9900044608: MALLOY, RONALD ALEXANDER - Guilty Till Proven Innocent (the Thomas Sophonow Story) / the Bizarre Case of the 'Cowboy Killer'
058964: MALMONT, PAUL - The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril A Novel
9900025647: MALO, ADRIEN - Clartes D'Evangile Sur Nos Sentiers
9900044061: MALONE, COLONEL DICK - Missing from the Record
054819: MALORY, THOMAS - Morte D'Arthur
025908: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Man's Fate
035053: MALTBY, ROBERT - Latin Love Elegy
058818: MAMATAS, NICK - Sensation
048120: MAN, JOHN - The Terra Cotta Army: China's First Emperor and the Birth of a Nation
052803: [NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MAN] - The Inuit Print (L'Estampe Inuit)
9900029761: [ABORIGINAL - INDIANS OF CANADA] NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MAN - Oracle - a Collection of 25 Pamphlets on Aboriginal Culture, Crafts, Tolls and Customs
034746: MANCHESTER, WILLIAM - A World Lit Only by Fire The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance
058073: MANCHESTER, SUSAN - Pouring Small Fire Poems
053001: WILLIAM MANCHESTER - The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill Visions of Glory 1874-1932
062323: MANCHESTER, WILLIAM - The Last Lion Winston Spencer Churchill; Alone: 1932-1940
054979: KRISTEN MANCINELLI - The Ketogenic Diet A Scientifically Proven Approach to Fast, Healthy Weight Loss
066677: MANDEL, ERNEST - An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory
067127: MANDELA, NELSON; ET AL. - Mandela: Young Voices of Canada Mandela and the Children, Toronto Skydome, September 25, 1998
063297: MANDELA, NELSON - Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela
066393: MANDELA, NELSON - Long Walk to Freedom The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela
063406: MANDER, JERRY - In the Absence of the Sacred The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations
056781: MANEA, NORMAN - October Eight O'Clock
062067: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - The City of Words
020342: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - News from Foreign-Can
043482: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - A Reading Diary
046008: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - News from a Foreign Country Came A Novel
047413: MANGUEL, ALBERTO; GIANNI GUADALUPI - The Dictionary of Imaginary Places Expanded Edition
044626: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - A History of Reading
056556: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - Into the Looking-Glass Wood
062962: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - A History of Reading
9900028490: MANHEIMER, RONALD] - A Map to the End of Time Wayfarings with Friends and Philosophers
9900037815: KANANI, MANISHA AND SHEHZAD HUSAIN - The New Indian Cooking Course
008188: [PRESS - MANITOBA] - The Multilingual Press in Manitoba
029025: [GOVERNMENT OF MANITOBA, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION] - The Regulation and Supplementary Material Regarding Patriotic Excercises in the Public Schools of the Province of Manitoba; Effective March 1st, 1966
023427: [GOVERNMENT OF MANITOBA] - Commission of Inquiry Into Manitoba Hydro Final Report December, 1979
036812: PROVINCE OF MANITOBA - Rules, Orders and Forms of Proceeding of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
068095: TRAVEL MANITOBA - The Manitoba Legislative Building Guide
042427: MILITARY HISTORY SOCIETY OF MANITOBA - Journal of the Military History Society of Manitoba Vol. 1, No. 2
011583: UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA, FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE - Twentieth Annual Progress Report January 1974 Agricultural Research, Experimentation, and Extension Work
9900012803: [MANITOBA] - La Question Des Ecoles Du Manitoba. La Minorite Sacrificee Au Fanatisme.
9900007317: [MANITOBA] - Place-Names of Manitoba
011351: [MANITOBA] - Brandon an Architectural Walking Tour
9900004578: [PRESS - MANITOBA] - The Multilingual Press in Manitoba
034823: THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA - Music Examinations Grade 1, Piano
9900007316: [MANITOBA] - Gazetteer of Canada Manitoba
051364: PROVINCE OF MANITOBA - Poetry of Manitoba
9900038326: [AGRONOMY - MANITOBA] - Annual Conference of Manitoba Agronomists December 16 and 17, 1959
061843: [MANITOBA] - Manitoba (Two Volumes) Pictorial and Biographical
055976: [LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF MANITOBA] - Rules, Orders, and Forms of Proceeding of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba Adopted by the House, February 23, 1903
055294: PROVINCE OF MANITOBA - Royal Commission Inquiry Into Northern Transportation
9900033500: [KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS IN MANITOBA] - Highlights of Columbianism in Manitoba 1986
062734: [PUBLIC WELFARE COMMISSION OF MANITOBA] - Third and Final Report of the Public Welfare Commission of Manitoba
063330: [PUBLIC WELFARE COMMISSION OF MANITOBA] - Second Interim Report of the Public Welfare Commission of Manitoba
9900029695: [AGRONOMY - MANITOBA] - Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Manitoba Agronomists [Three Reports: 1963, 1965, 1966]
9900044115: [MANITOBA] - Manitoba Heritage - a Collection of Eleven Pamphlets on Manitoba's Heritage Published by the Government of Manitoba
020466: MANJI, IRSHAD - Allah, Liberty & Love The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom
036539: MANKOWITZ, GERED - The Experience: Jimi Hendrix at Mason's Yard
058760: MANLY, DR. STEVEN - Visions of the Multiverse
017115: MANN, MARGARET - The Strike That Wasn't Teachers' "Strike" Brandon, 1922
052109: MANN, THOMAS - Joseph in Egypt (Two Volumes in Slipcase)
067406: MANN, THOMAS - Doctor Faustus The Life of the German Composer Adrian Leverkühn as Told by a Friend
052105: MANN, THOMAS - The Black Swan
063859: MANN, TOBY (ED.) - Practical Ayurveda
9900039936: MANN, THOMAS - This War
055556: MANN, THOMAS - The Tales of Jacob Joseph and His Brethren: I
061848: MANN, S. ALLAN - Story for a Rainy Day
052355: MANN, THOMAS - Joseph the Provider
052090: MANN, THOMAS; H.T. LOWE-PORTER (TRANS.) - The Transposed Heads, a Legend of India
052015: MANN, THOMAS; LOWE-PORTER, H. T. (TRANS.) - The Tables of the Law
9900012019: MANN, THOMAS - Joseph the Provider
047841: MANNERING, DEREK - Mario Lanza
042301: MANNING, CLARENCE A. - Outline of Ukrainian History
063887: MANNING, KIRSTY - The Song of the Jade Lily
9900039997: MANNING, H. W. (CHAIRMAN) - Report of the Royal Commission on Flood Cost Benefit
025701: MANSBRIDGE, PETER - Peter Mansbridge One on One: Favourite Conversations and the Stories Behind Them
055678: MANSEAU, PETER - Melancholy Accidents Three Centuries of Stray Bullets and Bad Luck
055475: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - In a German Pension
052364: MANSON, JOCK - United in Effort: Story of No. 53 Squadron Raf: 1916-1976
9900030600: MANUCCI, NICCOLAO - Memoirs of the Mogul Court
017487: MANUWAL, DAVID A., HARRY R. CARTER, TARA S. ZIMMERMAN, AND DENNIS L. ORTHMEYER, EDS. - Biology and Conservation of the Common Murre in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia / Volume I: Natural History and Population Trends
066498: MANZ, BEATRICE FORBES - Tamerlane His Rise and Rule
013378: MANZU; TEXT BY J. P. HODIN - Raccolta Amici Di Manzu
9900042479: [MAP] - Canada-Labrador Boundary Prepared by James White, F.R. G.S. , Expressly for 'Canada and Its Provinces'.
9900042356: [MAP] - Manitoba and Northwest Territories
9900015003: [MANITOBA - MAPS] - Manitoba North Maps
9900031965: DEL MAR, ALGERNON - Tube Milling a Treatise on the Practical Application of the Tube MILL to Metallurgical Problems
056334: MARACLE, ROSS; LINDA MARACLE - Medley of First Nations Cooking Creating a Family Heirloom
047327: MARANISS, DAVID - When Pride Still Mattered Lombardi: The Classic That Inspired the Broadway Play
9900040537: CONNELLY, MARC / WITH ILLUSTRATIONS BY ROBERT EDMOND JONES - The Green Pastures a Fable Suggested by Roark Bradford's Southern Sketches, 'Ol' Man Adam an' His Chillun''
035432: MARCELLINUS, AMMIANUS [JOHN C. ROLFE, TRANS.] - Ammianus Marcellinus / Volume III Books XXVII-XXXI. Excerpta Valesiana
062573: MARCH, FRANCIS A.; COLONEL GEORGE GALLIE NASMITH; GENERAL PEYTON C. MARCH (INTRO.) - History of the World War: An Authentic Narrative of the World's Greatest War With Canada's Part in the War
066870: MARCHAK, M. PATRICIA - Racism, Sexism, and the University The Political Science Affair at the University of British Columbia
021464: MARCHAND, PHILIP - Marshall Mcluhan The Medium And The Messenger
066402: HANDY-MARCHELLO, BARBARA - Women of the Northern Plains Gender and Settlement on the Homestead Frontier, 1870-1930
062519: MARCIREAU, JAQUES (ED.) - Recits D'Experiences
059283: MARCIREAU, JACQUES - Rene Guenon Et Son Oeuvre
064184: MARCIREAU, JACQUES - Jalousie, Passivite, Revolte Kolney, Verlaine, Rimbaud
024966: WAREING, MARCUS WITH JENI WRIGHT - Cook the Perfect...
023108: MARCUS, ERIC - Making History The Struggle for Gay and Lesbian Equal Rights, 1945-1990 : An Oral History
050989: MARCUS, GREIL - The Old, Weird America The World of Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes
059013: MARCUSE, HERBERT - Counterrevolution and Revolt
060095: MARCUSE, HERBERT - Studies in Critical Philosophy
052304: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Broomsticks & Other Tales
063083: MARETTE, FANNY - I Was Number 47177
9900030057: MARGENAU, HENRY (ED.) - Integrative Principles of Modern Thought
9900029227: MARGOLIS, DORIS T. - A Little Bit of This & a Little Bit of That
056228: BARRUCAND, MARIANNE AND ACHIM BEDNORZ - Moorish Architecture in Andalusia
048087: LINTON,MARILYN AND TANYA LINTON - 125 Best Ice Cream Recipes
067633: MARIN, JOHN A. - My Army Days: A Soldiers Memoirs Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
050102: MARINATOS, NANNO; ROBIN HAGG - Greek Sanctuaries
064347: MARIO, THOMAS - The Playboy Gourmet
9900034641: BEYEA, MARION AND MARCEL CAYA (EDS.) - Planning for Canadian Archives / Pour Un Developpement Planifie Des Archives Canadiennes
055621: LIU, MARJORIE AND SANA TAKEDA - Monstress Volume 1: Awakening
046269: MARKHAM, BERYL - West with the Night
058022: MARKHAM, BERYL - West with the Night
9900037122: MARKHAM, CLEMENTS R. - A Life of John Davis, the Navigator, 1550-1605, Discoverer of Davis Straits.
024853: MARKO, OLYA S. - Heart and Soul; Paintings by Jeanette Shewchuk
064126: MARKS, A. A. - Manual of Artificial Limbs Copiously Illustrated
055971: MARKS, HOWARD - Mr. Nice An Autobiography
059727: MARKS, DON - Playing the White Man's Games
055820: RAMONE, MARKY AND RICHARD HERSCHLAG - Punk Rock Blitzkrieg My Life as a Ramone
045717: MARLANTES, KARL - Matterhorn A Novel of the Vietnam War
055088: MARLING, KARAL ANN - Designs on the Heart The Homemade Art of Grandma Moses
9900035443: MARMONTEL, M. - Belisarius
018339: MARNOCH, JAMES - Western Witness The Presbyterians in the Area of the Synod of Manitoba 1700 - 1885
063756: MARO, PUBLIUS VERGILIUS - Doomed Love
057273: MAROM, MALKA - Sulha A Novel
067372: MAROZZI, JUSTIN - Tamerlane Sword of Islam, Conqueror of the World
051225: MARQUARDT, MARTIN - The Interlake: A Land and Its People
038008: [MARQUETTE AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL GUILD] - Footsteps Through the Years Ossowa, Reaburn, Marquette, Meadow Lea, Poplar Heights
062166: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA; GROSSMAN, EDITH (TRANS.) - Of Love and Other Demons
067676: MÁRQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCÍA - Love in the Time of Cholera
067488: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - One Hundred Years of Solitude
064149: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - Collected Novellas Leaf Storm, No One Writes to the Colonel, Chronicle of a Death Foretold
9900031950: MARQUIS, THOMAS GUTHRIE - English Canadian Literature
9900042016: MARQUIS, HELEN / ILLUSTRATED BY LEONARD VOSBURGH - The Longest Day of the Year
9900025892: MARQUIS, THOMAS GUTHRIE - The Cathedral and Other Poems
065466: MARQUIS, DON - The Lives and Times of Archy & Mehitabel
044821: MARR, RUTH - Manitoba Outdoor Adventure Guide : Cycling
066907: MARRA, ANTHONY - A Constellation of Vital Phenomena
062452: MARRAN, RAY J. - Making Models of Famous Ships
9900034001: MARRAT, REV. J. - The Land of the Ghauts; or, Pictures of Life in Southern India.
9900026470: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN [FREDERICK] - Jacob Faithful
9900023386: MARRYAT, FREDERICK - Narrative of the Travels and Adventures of Monsieur Violet, in California, Sonora, and Western Texas
049728: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN - The Settlers in Canada
054523: MARSALIS, WYNTON; CARL VIGELAND - Jazz in the Bittersweet Blues
063371: MARSDEN, LORNA R. - Canadian Women and the Struggle for Equality
067105: MARSH, RICHARD; JULIAN WOLFREYS (ED.) - The Beetle Broadview Editions
046295: MARSH, WINIFRED PETCHEY - People of the Willow: The Padlimiut Tribe of the Caribou Eskimo portrayed in watercolours by Winifred Petchey Marsh
055935: MARSH, JAMES H. - The Fur Trade
9900017352: MARSH, WINIFRED PETCHEY - People of the Willow / Signed Copy
9900029545: MARSH, DR. L. C. - Report on Social Security for Canada
030457: MARSHAK, S. - Twelve Months A Fairy-Tale
034111: MARSHALL, G. C. - Technical Manual The Internal Combustion Engine
038629: MARSHALL, ANDREW - The Trouser People A Story of Burma in the Shadow of the Empire
042629: MARSHALL, ROBERT - The Haunted Major
045384: MARSHALL, JUSTIN - Jilted Love At Bay Press 2013 Fiction Annual
063401: MARSHALL, CLARE C . - Stars in Her Eyes Book One of the Sparkstone Saga
059585: MARSHALL, J. STANLEY - The Tumultuous Sixties Campus Unrest and Student Life at a Southern University
9900030973: MARSHALL, ROBERT, M.D. - Pulmonary Embolism Mechanism and Management
043913: MARSHALL, ALISON R. - Cultivating Connections: The Making of Chinese Prairie Canada
059016: MARSHALL, JEANNIE - Outside the Box Why Our Children Need Real Food, Not Food Products
052083: MARSTERS, ROGER - Bold Privateers: Terror, Plunder and Profit on Canada's Atlantic Coast
9900010953: SKELTON, R. A., THOMAS E. MARSTON AND GEORGE D. PAINTER - The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation
034298: MARTEL, YANN - Life of Pi
065835: MARTEL, YANN - Life of Pi
040118: MARTEL, YANN - The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios And Other Stories
056786: MARTEL, YANN - Beatrice & Virgil
057456: MARTEL, YANN - Life of Pi A Novel
056970: MARTEL, YANN - The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios Short Fiction
059754: MARTEL, YANN - The High Mountains of Portugal A Novel
053328: MARTEL, YANN - Beatrice & Virgil
041386: MARTEL, YANN - Life of Pi
056639: MARTEL, YANN - Self
066706: MARTEL, YANN - The High Mountains of Portugal A Novel
062105: MARTEL, YANN - Beatrice & Virgil
056483: MARTEL, YANN - Beatrice & Virgil
9900039689: MARTELL, I. ARLEIGH - One Window, Backward
028205: MARTENS, HEDY LEONORA - Favoured Among Women: A Biographical Novel
9900036332: MARTENS, PHYLLIS - The Mustard Tree / the Story of Mennonite Brethren Missions
9900042193: MARTENS, KATHERINE - All in a Row: The Klassens of Homewood
9900032977: BERG (MARTENS), CATHERINE - My Memories
050834: MARTIN, JAY - Plugged in
024952: WINDROW, MARTIN AND FRANCIS K. MASON - A Concise Dictionary of Military Biography The Careers and Campaigns of 200 of the Most Important Military Leaders
035266: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - Wild Cards (Six Volumes) I; II - Aces High; III - Jokers Wild; IV - Aces Abroad; V - Down and Dirty; VI - Ace in the Hole
064226: MARTIN, DALE B. - New Testament History and Literature The Open Yale Courses Series
042556: WAGNER-MARTIN, LINDA W. - Sylvia Plath A Biography
063140: MARTIN, BEN - Marcel Marceau Master of Mime
044227: MARTIN, ANDREW - Funny You Should Say That Amusing Remarks From Cicero to The Simpsons
9900036108: MARTIN, CHESTER - Lord Selkirk's Work in Canada [Volume 7 / Oxford Historical and Literary Studies}
9900042567: [PLAN (AS BLUEPRINT)] SURVEYED BY A. F. MARTIN, DOMINION LAND SURVEYOR - Plan of West Lynne, Being a Subdivision of Lot No. 5 in the Parish of St. Agathe in the Province of Manitoba
047670: MARTIN, GUY - Vegetables
048065: MARTIN, THOMAS R. - Herodotus and Sima Qian: The First Great Historians of Greece and China A Brief History with Documents
064240: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - Fire & Blood
058549: MARTIN, DAVID G. - The Second Bull Run Campaign, July - August 1962
057777: MARTIN, STEVE - The Pleasure of My Company A Novel
014912: MARTIN, E.G. - Sailorman
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053060: MAZZEO, TILAR J. - The Widow Clicquot The Story of a Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled It
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9900041149: MCCULLOCH, J. H. - The Men of Kildonan a Romance of the Selkirk Settlers
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066840: MCELRATH, DAMIEN (COMMENTARY) - Making the Little Black Book Inside the Working Manuscript of Twenty-Four Hours a Day
066460: MCELROY, GIL - Cold Comfort Growing Up Cold War
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054729: MCEWAN, IAN - Solar
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062705: RUIZ, DON MIGUEL WITH JANET MILLS - The Voice of Knowledge A Practical Guide to Inner Peace
024854: MIGUS, OKSANA K.; - Canadians of Ukrainian Origin: Reflections on the Formative Years, a Travelling Exhibtion
9900025316: MIKHAIL, E. H. (EDITOR) - W.B. Yeats Interviews and Recollections
045291: MILES, JACK - Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God
054130: MILES, BARRY - Call Me Burroughs A Life
059514: MILES, GEORGE W. (PHOTO.) - Native American Paintings
9900044046: MILES, WILMA SINTON [AKA BILLY MILES] - Celebrate the Life of Billy Miles
9900043059: MILES, ALFRED H. (ED.) [G. A. HENTY] - Fifty-Two Stories of Duty and Daring for Boys.
9900035386: MILES, ALFRED H. (ED.) [G. A. HENTY] - Fifty-Two Stories for Boyhood and Youth.
9900043061: MILES, ALFRED H. (ED.) [G. A. HENTY] - Fifty-Two Stories of Pluck and Peril for Boys
9900043060: MILES, ALFRED H. (ED.) [G. A. HENTY] - Fifty-Two Stories of Heroism in Life and Action for Boys
9900044047: MILES, WILMA JERMAN [AKA BILLY MILES] - Billy, Navy Wife
050728: MILFORD, NANCY - Savage Beauty The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay
056690: MILITANO, CARMELO - The Fate of Olives
9900007085: MILITZ, ANNE RIX - Primary Lessons in Christian Living and Healing
066525: MILL, JOHN STUART; ELIZABETH RAPAPORT (ED.) - On Liberty HPC Classics Series
9900022592: MILL, JOHN STUART - Autobiography
050758: MILL, JOHN STUART; F. E. L. PRIESTLEY (INTRO.) - The Collected Works of John Stuart MILL, Vol. 10: Essays on Ethics, Religion Society
9900037916: MILL, JOHN STUART - Autobiography
063747: MILL, JOHN STUART - On Liberty
067982: MILL, JOHN STUART; A.D. LINDSAY, INTRO. - Utilitarianism, Liberty and Representative Government
048497: MILL, JOHN STUART; ASHLEY, W. J. (ED. & INTRO.) - Principles of Political Economy With Some of Their Applications to Social Philosophy
052523: MILL, JOHN STUART - On Liberty and Other Essays
058579: MILL, JOHN STUART - On Liberty
9900030577: MILL, JOHN STUART - Considerations on Representative Government with an Index (Now First Added)
044909: MILLAN, LORRI; SHAWNA DEMPSEY - Supernovas
053799: MILLAR, JOHN; AARON GARRETT (ED. & INTRO.); KNUD HAAKONSSEN (ED.) - The Origin of the Distinction of Ranks Or, An Inquiry into the Circumstances Which Give Rise to Influence and Authority, in the Different Members of Society
053789: MILLAR, JOHN; MARK SABLER PHILLIPS (ED.); DALE R. SMITH (ED.) - An Historical View of the English Government From the Settlement of the Saxons in Britain to the Revolution in 1688
064523: MILLAR, MARK; JOHN ROMITA JR. - Kick-Ass 2
064522: MILLAR, MARK; JOHN ROMITA JR. - Kick-Ass
9900030595: MILLAR, JAMES, M.D. - Elements of Chemistry, with Its Application to Explain the Phenomena of Nature and the Processes of Arts and Manufactures
067832: MILLARD, ANNE-MARIE - Fusion Fitness 15 Martial Art Workouts for Mind, Body and Spirit
058532: MILLARD, ELEANOR - River Child
062502: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - The King's Henchman A Play in Three Acts
062202: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - Collected Lyrics of Edna St. Vincent Millay (Vol. One Only) Volume One
062065: MILLBURN, JOSHUA FIELDS; NICODEMUS, RYAN - Everything That Remains A Memoir by The Minimalists
030002: DE MILLE, AGNES - Lizzie Borden A Dance of Death
010594: MILLER, ORLO - Death to the Donnellys
033864: MILLER, JIM - Flash A Novel
036900: MILLER, MOLLY - The Thalassocracies Studies in Chronography II
067630: MILLER, JUDITH; ET AL. - Germs Biological Weapons and America's Secret War
043464: MILLER, J. R. - Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens: A History of Indian-White Relations in Canada
043729: MILLER, MARION MILLS, ED. - The Classics Greek & Latin / 15 Volumes
040658: MILLER, J. R. - Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens A History of Indian-White Relations in Canada
032468: [MILLER, PAMELA J.] - Mccord Family Papers, 1766-1945 [2 Voluomes] Volume 1: Inventory; Volume 2: David Ross McCord Collecting Correspondence
057435: MILLER, JOHN; RANDALL KORAL (EDS.) - White Rabbit A Psychedelic Reader
052066: MILLER, FRANCIS TREVELYAN; THOMAS, LOWELL (INTRO.) - General Douglas Macarthur: Fighter for Freedom
047425: MILLER, BERNIE - Collision Monuments Etcetera
9900008291: MILLER, HENRY - Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch
067161: MILLER, JOHN W. - A Christian Approach to Sexuality
9900027198: MILLER, BYRON S. - Sail, Steam and Splendour a Picture History of Life Aboard the Transatlantic Liners
047872: MILLER, K.D. - All Saints Stories
9900032076: MILLER, JOE / FOREWORD BY NOYES CAPEHART LONG / TEACHER, ARTIST, WRITER, ENCOURAGER, FRIEND - Joe's Journals the Art & Tales of a Sojourner / a Decade of Watercolor Journaling
9900037293: MILLER, THOMAS - Godfrey Malvern; or, the Life of an Author
046642: MILLER, JONATHAN - Steps and Stairs
060241: MILLER, HENRY - Black Spring
053357: MILLER, ARTHUR - Homely Girl, a Life And Other Stories
9900041491: MILLER, WAYNE S. - A Field Theory of Evolution / Volume II / Consciousness and Biological Dynamics
055904: MILLER, HELGA & GEORGE HOUSER (TRANS.); KRISTJANA GUNNARS (ED.) - Redhead the Whale and Other Icelandic Folk Tales
059413: MILLER, FRANK; GEOF DARROW - The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot
066607: MILLER, HENRY - Tropique Du Cancer
059560: MILLER, C.A. - Sir John Hawkins: Dr. Johnson's Friend-Attorney-Executor-Biographer A Reorientation of The Knight, The Lady, and Boswell
051296: MILLER, STEPHEN G. - Arete Greek Sports From Ancient Sources
052481: MILLER, ALICE DUER - The White Cliffs
9900030442: MILLER, WRIGHT WATTS - Books an Introduction to Reading
9900045015: MILLETT, PAUL - Lending and Borrowing in Ancient Athens
9900039549: MILLGATE, MICHAEL - The Achievement of William Faulkner
047614: MILLHAUSER, STEVEN - Edwin Mullhouse The Life and Death of an American Writer 1943-1954
055948: MILLIER, ARTHUR - Grigory Gluckmann Thirty-Six Reproductions of Paintings, 1922-1956
052851: MILLIGAN, FRANK - Eugene A. Forsey
9900034798: MILLIGAN, EDWARD A. - Dakota Twilight the Standing Rock Sioux, 1874-1890
9900039304: MILLINGTON, REV. T. S. - Through Fire and Through Water a Story of Peril and Adventure
067134: MILLMAN, LAWRENCE - A Kayak Full of Ghosts Eskimo Tales
9900041868: MILLO, BELLE (ED.) - Voices of Winnipeg Holocaust Survivors
004817: MILLOY, JOHN S. - The Plains Cree Trade, Diplomocy and War, 1790 to 1870
027794: MILLS, ALLEN - Fool for Christ: The Intellectual Politics of J.S. Woodsworth
064898: MILLS, SARA - Discourse
9900041536: MILLS, JOHN M. - Cataract Traction the Railways of Hamilton / Canadian Traction Series / Volume 2
063576: MILLS, KENNETH G. - Anticipations Poems
9900025537: MILLS, M. (ED.) - Lybeaus Desconus
9900032337: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Ancestral Voices
051810: MILNE, A. A. - The World of Christopher Robin The Complete When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six
062213: MILNE, A. A. - When We Were Very Young
066339: MILNE, A. A.; ERNEST H. SHEPARD (ILLUST.) - Winnie-the-Pooh
056330: MILNE, A. A. - When We Were Very Young
062726: MILNE, A. A. - The Christopher Robin Story Book
053838: MILNE, A. A. - When We Were Very Young
067060: MILNE, COURTNEY - The Sacred Earth
049766: MILNE, A. A. [ALAN ALEXANDER] - The Ugly Duckling: A Play in One Act French's Acting Edition. No. 1360
053947: MILNE, COURTNEY - Spirit of the Land Sacred Places in Native North America
066853: MILNE, DAVID; ROSEMARIE L. TOVELL (ED.) - Reflections in a Quiet Pool The Prints of David Milne

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