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056357: BAKER LAKE ARTISTS - Qamanittuaq Drawings
053032: [VARIOUS ARTISTS] - The Acute Image in Canadian Art
055407: ROUNDSTONE COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS - Canadian Artists in Exhibition 1972-73
062440: WOMAN'S INSTITUTE OF DOMESTIC ARTS AND SCIENCES - First Steps in Dress Making; Cutting and Fitting; Dressmaking, Trimming, Finishing; Decorative Stiches and Trimmings (Four Volumes)
064630: THE ROYAL CANADIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS - Prairie Region Exhibition The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts
049778: ROYAL CANADIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS, THE - Prairie Region Exhibition Organized by the R.C.A. in cooperation with the Winnipeg Art Gallery
052457: ARTZIBASHEV, MICHAEL; PERCY PINKERTON (TRANS.) - Sanine: A Russian Love Novel
049498: ASH, SELENA EILIDH - The Wicca Book of Days: Festivals, Traditions, and Lore for Every Day of the Year
037814: ASHBEE, C. R. [CHARLES ROBERT] - Modern English Silverwork
065014: ASHCROFT, BILL; PAL AHLUWALIA - Edward Said The Paradox of Identity
9900031345: ASHCROFT, E. W. - Faraday
030228: ASHE, GEOFFREY - The Discovery of King Arthur
054984: ASHER, JAY - Thirteen Reasons Why A Novel
037837: ASHEVAK, KAROO - Karoo Ashevak
9900036821: ASHFORD, DAISY - Daisy Ashford: Her Book a Collection of the Remaining Novels by the Author of 'the Young Visitors'
056678: ASHLEY, MAURICE - The Golden Century: Europe 1598-1715
9900044205: ASHLEY, MIKE (ED.) / ILLUSTRATIONS BY LYNDA DYDE. - Phantom Perfumes and Other Shades / Memories of Ghost Stories Magazine.
036915: ASHMORE, SIDNEY G. (ED.) - P. Terenti Afri Comoediae: The Comedies of Terence Edited with Introduction and Notes
060817: ASHWELL, REG; DAVID HANCOCK - Indian Tribes of the Northwest
031706: ASHWORTH, JENN - A Kind of Intimacy
058976: ASKEW, CLAIRE - Generation V The Complete Guide to Going, Being, and Staying Vegan as a Teenager
061190: ASKINS, CHARLES - The American Shotgun
059875: ASLAN, REZA - Zealot The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth
9900037324: ASPINALL, ARTHUR [ED.] - The Formation of Canning's Ministry February to August 1827
060554: ASPLER, TONY - Vintage Canada
9900035038: ASPLEY, J. C. (ED.) - The Dartnell Direct Advertising Guide 1930 Edition
048848: ASQUITH, CYNTHIA; EILEEN BIGLAND - The Princess Elizabeth Gift Book In Aid of The Princess Elizabeth of York Hospital for Children
9900034748: CHUB, DYMTRO (ASSEMBLED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY) / TRANSLATED FROM UKRAINIAN BY YUURI TKACH - On the Fence an Anthology of Ukrainian Prose in Australia
9900019018: CANADA (LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY) - Report on the Exploration of the Country between Lake Superior and the Red River Settlement
9900026801: MANITOBA ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT AND REVIEW SUPPORT SERVICES, ET AL - Guidelines for the Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement for a Proposed Nuclear Electric Generating Station
9900039066: GOOD STRIKE, JOE ASSINIBOINE AND THE BOY / INTERPRETED BY THOMAS MAIN AND CORA CHANDLER - How Horses Came to the Ha'a'Ninin and Other Assiniboin Legends
038428: DE ASSIS, MACHADO; GROSSMAN, WILLIAM L. (TRANS.) - Epitaph of a Small Winner
060457: THE MANITOBA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION - Pioneers and Early Citizens of Manitoba A Dictionary of Manitoba Biography from the Earliest Times to 1920
005885: [MANITOBA PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION] - The History of Pharmacy in Manitoba 1878-1953
017573: THE SAN FRANCISCO ART ASSOCIATION - Painting and Sculpture
024835: [UKRAINIAN NATIONAL HOME ASSOCIATION] - Hoosli Ukrainian Folk Ensemble: 20th Anniversary Gala Concert Sunday, February 4, 1990, Centennial Concert Hall
031082: [BEAVER BASEBALL ASSOCIATION] - Beaver Baseball Association: 1972 Program
9900033493: [RED RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDENT ASSOCIATION] - Red River Community College Yearbook 1971-1972
060803: [THE MANITOBA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION] - Pioneers and Early Citizens of Manitoba A dictionary of Manitoba biography from the earliest times to 1920
048105: THE CANADIAN GAS ASSOCIATION - Discovering Canadian Cuisine A Modern Guide to Cooking and Entertaining
060970: [THE MANITOBA TRUCKING ASSOCIATION] - The History of Trucking in Manitoba The Manitoba Trucking Association, 1900-1997
059470: [BRITISH ASSOCIATION] - A Visit to Lower Fort Garry, "the Stone Fort", a Retrospect Thursday, August 26th, 1909
059982: CANADIAN BAR ASSOCIATION - Aboriginal Rights in Canada An Agenda for Action
9900025299: NATIONAL UNION OF CONSERVATIVE & UNIONIST ASSOCIATIONS - Gleanings and Memoranda / 23 Bound Volumes
035859: ASTER, HOWARD - Irving Layton: Taking Sides The Collected Social and Political Writings
015781: ASTTHORSSON, GISLI - Ink & Oilskin
061477: ATIENZA, JUAN GARCÍA - The Knights Templar in the Golden Age of Spain Their Hidden History on the Iberian Peninsula
050523: ATKINS, P. W. - The Periodic Kingdom A Journey into the Land of the Chemical Elements
9900025963: ATKINS, J. W. H. - English Literary Criticism: The Medieval Phase
026648: ATKINSON, CLARISSA W.; CONSTANCE BUCHANAN - Immaculate and Powerful, the Female in Sacred Image and Social Reality
040472: ATKINSON, KATE - Emotionally Weird A Novel
059528: ATKINSON, KATE - Transcription
064165: ATKINSON, KATE - When Will There Be Good News?
061522: ATKINSON, KATE - A God in Ruins
9900041848: ATKINSON, GEORGE E. - Rare Bird Records of Manitoba
052466: ATKINSON, KATE - Started Early, Took My Dog
061524: ATKINSON, KATE - Life After Life
9900020700: [ATLAS] - The Times Atlas of the World
9900039680: ATLAY, J. B. (ED.) - Trial of the Stauntons
052688: ATTENBOROUGH, DAVID - Life on Earth A Natural History
9900037831: ATTLEE, HELENA (TRANS.); ANN BRUNSKILL (ILLUS.) - The Girl in the Apple: From a Tuscan Folk Tale
9900036997: [LUCY E. IRVINE] (ATTRIB.) - The Swains of Scratching River
018758: ATTWOOD, C.H. - The Water Resources of Manitoba
019970: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Lady Oracle
057901: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Blind Assassin A Novel
038909: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Life Before Man A Novel
039037: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Life Before Man A Novel
039336: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Cat's Eye
061894: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Alias Grace
057245: ATWOOD, MARGARET; EARL G. INGERSOLL (ED.) - Margaret Atwood: Conversations
062176: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Payback Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth
041162: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Cat's Eye
062102: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Moral Disorder
060227: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Strange Things The Malevolent North in Canadian Literature
061535: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Blind Assassin
062116: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Cat's Eye
060258: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Lady Oracle
9900000664: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Cat's Eye
045634: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Bluebeard's Egg
064034: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Handmaid's Tale
9900039547: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Second Words Selected Critical Prose
060385: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Blind Assassin
9900010698: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Animals in That Country
063053: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Good Bones
057025: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Bluebeard's Egg
048013: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Payback Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth
060440: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Life Before Man
9900000222: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Dancing Girls and other stories
049285: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Journals of Susanna Moodie Poems
064332: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Good Bones and Simple Murders
057020: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Lady Oracle
057019: ATWOOD, MARGARET ELEANOR - Negotiating with the Dead A Writer on Writing
9900028149: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Animals in That Country
060251: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Bluebeard's Egg
9900044637: ATWOOD, C. M. - Annual Catalogue Ideal Poultry Yards
057102: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Payback Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth
053835: ATWOOD, MAGARET - The Edible Woman
065001: ATWOOD, MARGARET ELEANOR; CHARLES PATCHER - The Journals of Susanna Moodie
065003: ATWOOD, MARGARET ELEANOR - The Penelopiad The Myth of Penelope and Odysseus
058278: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Robber Bride
061886: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Heart Goes Last
063306: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Handmaid's Tale
057786: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Year of the Flood
052397: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Moral Disorder
063231: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Edible Woman
052589: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Moral Disorder
049858: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Journals of Susanna Moodie
063923: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Handmaid's Tale TV Tie-in Edition
030385: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Cat's Eye
059318: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Year of the Flood
052929: ATWOOD, MARGARET (INTRO.) - Barbed Lyres Canadian Venomous Verse
060207: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Alias Grace
057095: MARGARET ATWOOD - Survival A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature
036146: AUBERT, ROSEMARY - Free Reign A Suspense Novel
9900033526: [FRANCOISE D'AUBIGNE, MARQUISE DE MAINTENON] - Lettres de Madame de Maintenon, Tome VII [Bound with] Lettres Du Clerge de France, a Madame de Maintenon, Tome VIII.
008492: AUBREY, JOHN [BARBER, RICHARD, ED.] - Brief Lives
047230: AUBREY, JOHN; RICHARD BARBER [ED.] - Brief Lives
051693: AUBREY, JOHN; BARBER, RICHARD (ED.) - Brief Lives
9900004367: AUBREY, JOHN - Brief Lives
9900030736: AUBREY, JOSEPH - Our Republic. An Historical and Critical Essay on the Declaration of Independence of the United States.
9900037477: JEAN-AUBRY, G. - Joseph Conrad Life and Letters
051136: AUBRY, OCTAVIO; ARTHUR LIVINGSTONE (TRANS.) - Napoleon: Soldier and Emperor
039495: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - Sybil
9900028512: [ART AUCTION CATALOGS - SOTHEBY'S ARCADE AUCTIONS] - American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture [a Lot of Five Different Auction Catalogs]
9900042425: [ART AUCTION CATALOGS - SOTHEBY'S ARCADE AUCTIONS] - Modern and Contemporary Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture
9900028511: [ART AUCTION CATALOGS - SOTHEBY'S ARCADE AUCTIONS] - Modern and Contemporary Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture [a Lot of Six Different Auction Catalogs]
9900037634: AUDEN, W. H. - Secondary Worlds
9900036268: AUDRETSCH, ROBERT W. (COMPILED & EDITED BY) - The Salem, Ohio 1850 Women's Rights Convention Proceedings
049252: AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES - The Birds of America
047832: AUEL, JEAN M. - The Mammoth Hunters
063543: AUEL, JEAN M. - The Clan of the Cave Bear A Novel
062624: STOKER, BRAM; NINA AUERBACH AND DAVID J. SKAL (EDS.) - Dracula Authoritative Text, Contexts, Reviews and Reactions, Dramatic and Film Variations, Criticism
051852: AUGAITIS, DAINA (ED.); TOWNSEND-GAULT, CHARLOTTE (INTRO.) - Frame of Mind: Viewpoints on Photography in Contemporary Canadian Art
046017: AUGER, DALE - Medicine Paint The Art of Dale Auger
9900036710: FISCHER, AUGUST AND RUDOLF-ERNST BRUNNOW (EDS.) - Arabische Chrestomathie Aus Prosaschriftstellern
043476: AULD, DOUGLAS - Canadian Confederation at the Crossroads: The Search for a Federal-Provincial Balance
9900043501: AUMONIER, W. (ED.) - Modern Architecural Sculpture
9900037315: AUNGIER, GEROGE JAMES [ED.] - Croniques de London, Depuis L'an 44 Hen. III. Jusqu' a L'an 17 Edw. III
061143: AUROBINDO, SRI - The Life Divine
061368: AUSTEN, JANE - Northanger Abbey
064705: AUSTEN, JANE; CLAIRE GROGAN (ED.) - Northanger Abbey
060376: AUSTER, PAUL - Man in the Dark A Novel
060918: AUSTER, PAUL - Invisible
057716: AUSTER, PAUL - Mr. Vertigo
058168: AUSTER, PAUL - Smoke and Blue in the Face
064810: AUSTER, PAUL - The Brooklyn Follies
057707: AUSTER, PAUL - Timbuktu
058400: AUSTER, PAUL - Ghosts Volume Two of The New York Trilogy
058401: AUSTER, PAUL - The Locked Room Volume Three of The New York Trilogy
058291: AUSTER, PAUL - The Book of Illusions
060090: AUSTER, PAUL - 4 3 2 1
064510: AUSTER, PAUL - Travels in the Scriptorium A Novel
060360: AUSTER, PAUL - Sunset Park A Novel
057638: AUSTER, PAUL - Oracle Night A Novel
057637: AUSTER, PAUL - Invisible A Novel
054844: AUSTIN, MICHAEL W. - Running and Philosophy A Marathon for the Mind
9900035320: AUSTRAENI, BJORN - Andvorp Smasogur
9900044151: AUSTYN, CHRISTOPHER - Classic Sporting Rifles
063003: [NO AUTHOR] - Wilson's Topical and Textual Index
038497: [NO AUTHOR] - The Eastern Arctic Prayer Book [Eskimo] Diocese of the Arctic Anglican Church of Canada [As Revised 1974]
042192: [NO AUTHOR] - Price List: G.W. Bradley's Edge Tools
042465: [NO AUTHOR] - Voyages and Travels: Exibiting an Historical View of the Most Remarkable Voyages, Travels and Discoveries [Volume One Only]
042752: [NO AUTHOR] - The Steel Square: Part 1
042762: [NO AUTHOR] - Twin Cities on the Red
041910: [NO AUTHOR] - Rayl's: Wood-Workers' Tools
041917: [NO AUTHOR] - The Cast Metals Handbook
046670: [NO AUTHOR] - The Medallion Folio of the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II 1952 ~ 1977
047599: [NO AUTHOR] - British North America Act and Amendments: 1867-1927 Together with Imperial Orders In Council Admitting Rupert's Land, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island, Respectively, Into The Union, And Other Acts Relating To The Formation and Establishment of Confederation
055933: AUTHORITY - The Queen's Regulations and Orders for the Army / Pocket Edition Adjutant-General's Office, Horse Guards, First of December 1859
045737: [VARIOUS AUTHORS] - 1979 Excavations at the Stott Site with Interpretations of Cultural Stratigraphy
049701: [MULTIPLE AUTHORS] - The Halo Graphic Novel
048155: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Scientific American Supplement Vol. I, No. 1-26; January - June 1876
052448: VARIOUS AUTHORS - New Directions in Prose and Poetry: 16
049358: [VARIOUS AUTHORS] - The Saga of Snow Lake
060539: MONSEN, AVERY AND JORY JOHN - All My Friends Are Dead
063782: KHAYYAM, OMAR; PETER AVERY AND JOHN HEATH-STUBBS (TRANS.) - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
042502: AW, TASH - Five Star Billionaire: A Novel
031797: AXELROD, PAUL - The Promise of Schooling Education In Canada, 1800-1914
042096: AXTON, RICHARD - European Drama of the Early Middle Ages
019356: AXWORTHY, LLOYD - Canada's Global Future Navigating a New World
9900038328: AXWORTHY, LLOYD (ED.) - The Citizen and Neighbourhood Renewal a Collection of Working Papers on Planning with People in the Inner City
057696: AXWORTHY, LLOYD [EDITOR] - The Future City A Selection of Views on the Reorganization of Government in Greater Winnipeg
038460: AYCKBOURN, ALAN - Three Plays: Absurd Person Singular, Absent Friends, Bedroom Farce
044561: AYKOL, ESMAHAN - Hotel Bosphorus
9900042834: AYRE, ROBERT / DONALD W. BUCHANAN (EDS.) - Canadian Art Volume XVI, No. 3 August, 1959
015303: AYRE, DON - Spirituality in Today's World More Revelations of a Spiritual Wanderer
9900030383: AYRES, MAY; JESSE F. WILLIAMS; THOMAS D. WOOD - Healthful Schools How to Build, Equip, and Maintain Them
9900030183: AYTOUN, WILLIAM EDMONSTONE - Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and Other Poems
013783: QUINN, DAVID B. AND NEIL M. CHESHIRE, EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY - The New Found Land of Stephen Parmenius the Life and Writings of a Hungarian Poet, Drowned on a Voyage from Newfoundland, 1583
9900039302: GRAHAM, R. B. AND FREDERICK READ - The Law Relating to Corroboration in Criminal and Illegitimacy Proceedings
9900035458: DOANE, F. B. AND W. E. THOMAS - Magnaflux Aircraft Inspection Manual
047188: WHITE, E. B. AND KATHARINE S. WHITE - A Subtreasury of American Humour
9900036105: CROHN, BURRILL B. AND HARRY YARNIS, M.DS. - Regional Ileitis
9900019126: MCCORD, JAMES B. (WITH JOHN SCOTT DOUGLAS) - My Patients Were Zulus
9900033635: KERR, ROBERT B. AND DOUGLAS WAUGH - Duncan Graham Medical Reformer and Educator / Canadian Medical Lives No. 1
9900040665: OWSLEY, SIBYL B. AND MRS. OSBORN HANN - Three Guides Adventuring
9900043295: M.M.B. - The Song of Songs
019311: BABA, SRI SATHYA SAI - Digest Collection of Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Sayings
031030: BABCOCK, MICHAEL - Susan Seddon Boulet: A Retrospective
055495: BABEL, ISAAC - Collected Stories
047571: BACCI, INGRID [FOREWORD BY DR. JOHN UPLEDGER] - The Art of Effortless Living Do Less, Let Go, and Discover Health, Emotional Well-Being, and Happiness
048430: BACH, RICHARD - Jonathan Livingston Seagull A Story
042463: BACKHOUSE, JANET - The Illuminated Manuscript
9900028966: [MARTIN BUCER] BACKUS, IRENA - Martini Buceri Opera Latina / Volume II / Enarratio in Evangelion Johannis (1528, 1530, 1536)
9900016778: BACON, FRANCIS - The History of the Reign of King Henry the Seventh
058672: BACON, JOSEPHINE - A Tea in the Tundra / Nipishapui Nete Mushuat
9900042328: BACON, LEONARD - The Legend of Quincibald
9900035632: BACON, GEORGE WASHINGTON - Bacon's Survey Map of Central Scotland
9900036709: BACONI, FRANCISCI DE VERULAMIO [FRANCIS BACON, BARON VERULAM] - Novum Organum Sive Indicia Vera de Interpretatione Naturae
039667: BACQUE, JAMES - Other Losses An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans After World War II
058128: BADAMI, ANITA RAU - The Hero's Walk
047705: DOUGLAS BADCOCK - My Kind of Painting
039842: BADDELEY, ORIANA - Drawing the Line: Art and Cultural Identity in Contemporary Latin America
057013: BADERTSCHER, PATRICIA - Papers in Manitoba Archaeology Preliminary Report No. 6: The 1979 Excavations at Fbmi-5, Swan River, Manitoba
048375: BADERTSCHER, PATRICIA M. - The 1979 Excavations at Fbmi-5, Sawn River, Manitoba Papers in Manitoba Archaeology. Preliminary Report ; No. 6
9900033698: BAEDEKER, KARL - Great Britain Handbook for Travellers
9900019522: BAEDEKER, K. - Suddeutschland Oberhein, Baden, Wurttemberg, Bayern Und Die Angrenzenden Teile Von Osterreich
9900019524: BAEDEKER, KARL - Southern Germany (Wurtemberg and Bavaria)
058590: BAGCHI, AMIYA KUMAR - Perilous Passage Mankind and the Global Ascendancy of Capital
9900034101: BAGOT, A. G. - Sport and Travel in India and Central America
053780: BAIGENT, MICHAEL; RICHARD LEIGH - The Temple and the Lodge
048835: BAILEY, DONALD A. - Religious Explorations History, Theology & Spiritual Values
063482: BAILEY, ANNE J. - The Chessboard of War Sherman and Hood in the Autumn Campaigns of 1864
023346: BAILEY, F.M.; PETER HOPKIRK [INTRO.] - Mission to Tashkent
9900043822: BAILEY, DONALD M. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Friction the Journal of Unpopular Culture / Includes Supplement Hip / Volume 1, Number 1 / Fall, 1990
060304: BAILEY, D. W. - British Public Opinion on the American War, in Prints
047251: BAILEY, F.M.; PETER HOPKIRK [INTRO.] - Mission to Tashkent
047775: BAILEY, MARTIN (ED.) - The Folio Society Book of the 100 Greatest Paintings
064802: BAILEY, DARRYL - Essence
9900041084: BAILEY, NATHAN - Nathan Bailey's Dictionary English-German and German-English Two volumes in one.
054856: BAILEY, PAUL (ED.) - The Stately Homo A Celebration of the Life of Quentin Crisp
035953: BAILLIE, MARTHA - Madame Balashovskaya's Apartment
9900041871: BAIN, DON - Ivan Eyre Pavilion Gallery
9900000077: BAIN, J. ARTHUR - Life and Adventures of Nansen, the Great Arctic Explorer
025291: BERYL BAINBRIDGE - According to Queeney
9900019673: BAINBRIDGE, BERYL - The Birthday Boys
052291: BAINBRIDGE, BERYL - Master Georgie
9900011464: BAINTON, ROLAND H - The Travail of Religious Liberty: Nine Biographical Sketches
060503: BAIOCCHI, TALIA - Sherry A Modern Guide to the Wine World's Best-Kept Secret, with Cocktails and Recipes
058367: BAIR, DEIRDRE - Simone de Beauvoir A Biography
9900042154: BAIRD, VAUGHAN L. - The Sculptor Cecil Clarence Richards, R.C. A.
9900032502: BAIRD, MAJOR KENNETH G. (HARVELYN BAIRD MCINNIS, ED.) - Letters to Harvelyn from Japanese Pow Camps: A Canadian Soldier's Letters to His Young Daughter During World War II
9900016848: [MARGUERITE TAYLOR] VAUGHAN L. BAIRD - The Sculptress
064245: BAIRD, GEORGE (ED.); MARK LEWIS (ED.) - Queues Rendezvous Riots Questioning the Public in Art and Architecture
010545: BAKER, W. KING - In the Heart of Canada
063567: BAKER, DENYS VAL (ED.), ET AL. - Writers of Today
033490: BAKER, NICHOLSON - Vox
034309: BAKER, NICHOLSON - Checkpoint: A Novel
062208: BAKER, ARTHUR - The American Esperanto Book A Compendium of the International Language
057260: BAKER, NICHOLSON - The Way the World Works Essays
057139: BAKER, NICHOLSON - The Anthologist
9900037478: BAKER, GEORGE PIERCE (ED.) - Charles Dickens and Maria Beadnell Private Correspondence
9900032328: BAKER, W. KING - In the Heart of Canada
046301: BAKER, MALCOLM & BREDNA RICHARDSON, EDS. - A Grand Design The Art of the Victoria and Albert Museum
9900031129: BAKER, WALTER (ED.) - Shaping the Future: Canada in a Global Society / 1978 / Conference Proceedings
058240: BAKER, NICHOLSON - Vox
057066: BAKER, NICHOLSON - A Box of Matches
051277: BAKER, RICHARD - Condemnation (Forgotten Realms: R.A. Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen, Book 3)
062855: BAKER, CHET; CAROL BAKER (INTRO.) - As Though I Had Wings The Lost Memoir
058368: BAKER, MICHAEL - Our Three Selves A Life of Radclyffe Hall
9900043927: BAKER, J. H. (ED.) - Reports from the Lost Notebooks of Sir James Dyer Volume I and Volume II
9900030992: BAKER, DORIS M., M.D., F.R.C.P. - Cardiac Symptoms in the Neuroses
053022: BAKER, MARILYN - The Winnipeg School of Art: The Early Years
063175: BAKEWELL, SARAH - At the Existentialist Cafe
060415: BAKKER, R. SCOTT - The Judging Eye The Aspect Emperor: Book One
024849: BALA, RONALD J.; DON TRAVIS; JAMES T. WILLS [EDS.] - John Paul II 1984 Papal Visit [to Manitoba]
049240: BALAN, JARS - Salt and Braided Bread Ukrainian Life in Canada
045743: BALCOM, REBECCA J. - Analysis of the Faunal Remains from the Cherry Point Site
9900039560: BALDRIDGE, DAVID - Farmer Haskins / Comedy-Drama / in Four Acts
027364: BALDWIN, SHAUNA SINGH - What the Body Remembers
062273: BALDWIN, ALEC; ANDERSEN, KURT - You Can't Spell America without Me The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J. Trump (A So-Called Parody)
9900040387: BALDWIN, MAY - An English Schoolgirl in Moscow
9900032366: BALDWIN, SHAUNA SINGH - The Tiger Claw
045518: BALKANSKI, NEMO - Fib Chronicle
047589: BALL, JESSE - The Curfew
057188: BALL, JOHN - In the Heat of the Night
050257: BALL, JOHN - In the Heat of the Night
9900044223: BALL, THOMAS E. - Julian Bond Vs John Lewis / on the Campaign Trail with John Lewis & Julian Bond
013264: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The Lighthouse
037447: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The Gorilla Hunters
033630: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The World of Ice or, the Whaling Cruise of "the Dolphin And the Adventures of her Crew in the Polar Regions
9900034376: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The Fire Brigade or Fighting the Flames / a Tale
9900015198: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The World of Ice
060637: BALLARD, J. G. - Hello America
037085: BALLARD, J. G. - Miracles of Life: Shanghai to Shepperton An Autobiography
064875: BALLARD, J. G. - Hello America
056143: BALLARD, J. G. - The Kindness of Women
062479: BALLARD, J. G. - Super-Cannes
052451: BALLARD, MIKE (ED.) - Skatebook 5: The Hellmag Takeover Volume
052452: BALLARD, MIKE (ED.) - Skatebook 3: First Last
063282: THE ROYAL WINNIPEG BALLET - The Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium: Edmonton, January 19/20 The Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium: Calgary, January 25/26
056906: [ROYAL WINNIPEG BALLET] - Royal Winnipeg Ballet
9900017432: BALMANNO, MRS. MARY - Pen and Pencil
051317: BALME, MAURICE - Athenaze An Introduction to Ancient Greek - Book 2
9900007065: BALZAC, HONORE DE - The Girl with the Golden Eyes
053075: BANCHEK, LINDA; ELAINE ARNOLD (ILLUS.) - The Ayurveda Cookbook: Cooking for Life
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044581: BLISS, DOUGLAS PERCY; ROBERT BURNS; SIR WALTER SCOTT; ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - The Devil in Scotland Being Four Great Scottish Stories of Diablerie Along With an Introduction Essay and Thirty-Nine Wood Engravings by Douglas Percy Bliss
063825: BLISS, NISHANGA - Real Food All Year Eating Seasonal Whole Foods for Optimal Health and All-Day Energy
9900032028: BLISS, D. W., M.D. - Feeding Per Rectum: As Illustrated in the Case of the Late President Garfield, and Others.
9900009394: BLOCH, IWAN - The Sexual Life of Our Time in Its Relations to Modern Civilization
015564: BLOCK, DIANA - Arm the Spirit A Woman's Journey Underground and Back
060951: JEAN BLODGETT AND MARIE BOUCHARD - Jesse Oonark A Retrospective
063924: BLODGETT, JEAN - The Coming and Going of the Shaman: Eskimo Shamanism and Art Winnipeg Art Gallery March 11 to June 11, 1978
9900040207: BLODGETT, JEAN [NOTES] - Looking South
055308: BLODGETT, JEAN, ET AL. - The Mcmichael Canadian Art Collection Twenty-fifth Anniversary Edition 1965-1990
9900032281: BLODGETT, E. D. - Five Part Invention a History of Literary History in Canada
9900040622: BLOM, ROSE R. - Tache Rural Municipality 1880-1980
9900036998: BLOM, ROSE R. - Tache Rural Municipality 1880-1980
9900019782: BLOM, ROSE R. - Tache Rural Municipality 1880-1980
9900034150: BLOMBERG, ROLF - Buried Gold and Anacondas
049572: BLOND, ANTONY - Brief History of the Private Lives of the Roman Emperors
056763: BLOOM, HAROLD - Omens of Millennium The Gnosis of Angels, Dreams, and Resurrection
037908: BLOOM, HAROLD - Othello
058372: BLOOM, HAROLD - Shakespeare The Invention of the Human
9900042473: BLOOMFIELD, ROBERT - The Banks of Wye; a Poem. In Four Books.
028797: [THE ISLAND BLUEPRINT AND MAP CO.] - Road Map of Vanouver Island with Handy Logs, Index, and Fishing Notes
050825: BLUMBERG, GARY - Glover Undercover
064973: BLUMENTHAL, HESTON - Heston Blumenthal at Home
9900027989: BLUNDEN, EDMUND - Votive Tablets Studies Chiefly Appreciative of English Authors and Books
9900038627: BLUNT, REV. HENRY - A Practical Exposition of the Epistles to the Seven Churches of Asia
062982: BLY, ROBERT - Iron John A Book About Men
065020: BLYTH, R. H. - Haiku Volume Two: Spring
043501: BLYTON, ENID - Noddy and the Aeroplane
9900036382: BLYTON, ENID - Mary Mouse and Her Family
012910: BLYTON, W. J. - The Modern Adventure
9900040293: BLYTON, ENID - Noddy and the Aeroplane
9900032677: STRONG-BOAG, VERONICA JANE - The Parliament of Women: The National Council of Women of Canada 1893-1929 History Division Paper No. 18
063817: BOALER, JO - Limitless Mind Lean, Lead, and Live Without Barriers
9900041390: [W. J. PHILLIPS] / [WINNIPEG] PUBLIC PARKS BOARD - Park and Recreational Scenes / Winnipeg / Canada
9900030326: EDWARDS, WM. [SECRETARY OF THE BOARD AND EDITOR] - The Journal of the Board of Arts and Manufactures for Upper Canada / Volumes VI and VII
9900044996: BOARDMAN, JOHN / N. G. L. HAMMOND (EDS.) - The Cambridge Ancient History / Second Edition / the Expansion of the Greek World, Eighth to Sixth Centuries B.C.
9900044997: BOARDMAN, JOHN (ED.) - The Cambridge Ancient History / Plates to Vol. III / the Middle East, the Greek World and the Balkans to the Sixth Century B.C.
9900003958: BOAS, FREDERICK S. - Sir Philip Sidney Representitive Elizabethan / His Life and Writings
045695: BARRY, DONALD; APPLEBAUM, BOB AND EARL WISEMAN - Fishing for a Solution Canada's Fisheries Relations with the European Union, 1977-2013
055969: COTTER ROBERT MICHAEL "BOBB"; INGRID PITT (FOREWORD) - Ingrid Pitt, Queen of Horror The Complete Career
063801: BOCCIO, FRANK JUDE - Mindfulness Yoga The Awakened Union of Breath, Body, and Mind
020049: BOCK, DENNIS - The Ash Garden
042869: BOCK, DENNIS - Going Home Again
9900032189: BOCKUS, HENRY L., M.D. - Postgraduate Gastroenterology As Presented in a Course Given Under the Sponsorship of the American College of Physicians
9900043648: BOCQUEL, BERNARD - Cksb, la Radio Du Petit-Canada / Une Emission Radiographique
019487: BOCUSE, PAUL - Paul Bocuse in Your Kitchen
055029: BODDY, ALEXANDER A. - By Ocean Prairie and Peak Some Gleanings from an Emigrant Chaplain's Log, on Journeys to British Columbia, Manitoba, and Eastern Canada
9900028268: BODENHEIMER, EDGAR - Treatise on Justice
050992: BODINE, ECHO L. - Echoes of the Soul The Soul's Journey Beyond the Light - Through Life, Death, and Life After Death
9900035562: SCOTT, R. BODLEY AND R. MILNES WALKER (EDS.) - The Medical Annual a Year Book of Treatment and Practitioners Index
037103: BOECKH, AUGUSTUS - The Public Economy of the Athenians with Notes and a Copious Index
9900034123: BOER, K. W. (ED.) - Sharing the Sun / Solar Technology in the Seventies / Volume 2
9900045068: BOETHIUS, AXEL / J. B. WARD-PERKINS - Etruscan and Roman Architecture
9900000834: BOGGS, WINTHROP S. - Foundations of Philately
059160: BOGIATJI, ANGELIKI; STEPHEN BORYS; ANDREAS SCHOLL - Olympus The Greco-Roman Collections of Berlin
9900044532: BOHAN, ELIZABETH BAKER / ILLUSTRATED BY LANGDON SMITH - The Drag-Net a Prison Story of the Present Day
9900034656: BOILY, MARIE-LOUISE - Nos Braves Pionniers En Terre Manitobaine / Souvenirs de Colonisation
064043: BOIS, W.E.B. DU - Darkwater: Voices from Within the Veil
061433: BOIS, J. S. ANSELME - La Decouverte de Soi-Meme
027647: BOK, CHRISTIAN; MARGARET ATWOOD [INTRO.] - Ground Works: Avante-Garde for Thee
9900033307: BOLAND, JOHN - Short Story Technique
055257: BOLANO, ROBERTO - Woes of the True Policeman
052950: BOLDUC, HENRY LEO - The Journey Within: Past Life Regression and Channeling A Fascinating Journey into Our Deepest Memories
012532: BOLING, ROBERT G.; WRIGHT, G. ERNEST [INTRODUCTION] - The Anchor Bible: Joshua A New Translation with Notes and Commentary
061582: BOLL, MARCEL; JACQUES REINHART - La Conquete de la Verite Recit Simplifie des Derniers Progres de la Logique Scientifique
052588: BOLL, HEINRICH - The Safety Net
9900024496: BOLOTENKO, GEORGE - A Future Defined Canada from 1849 to 1873
055408: BOLT, RON - The Inner Ocean Paintings and Drawings By Ron Bolt
9900031774: BOLTON, GAMBIER - Startling Facts About Our Bible
058438: BOLUS, MALVINA (ED.) - People and Pelts Selected Papers: Second North American Fur Trade Conference
9900027245: BONADIO, FELICE A. - North of Reconstruction Ohio Politics, 1865-1870
059405: BONANSINGA, JAY - Robert Kirkman's the Walking Dead: Descent
059334: BOND, EDWARD - At the Inland Sea
012748: BOND, C. C. J. - The Ottawa Valley and the Fur Traders
036914: BOND, REV. JOHN & WALPOLE, ARTHUR SUMNER - The Phormio of Terence with Notes and an Introduction
062266: BOND, EDWARD - At the Inland Sea Modern Plays
9900017700: BOND, NELSON - The Postal Stationery of Canada
058843: BONE, IAN - Bash the Rich True Life Confessions of an Anarchist in the UK
9900042307: BONHAMS - Fine British Amd Continental Watercolours and Drawings Tuesday 8 November 2005 London
9900008187: BONIFACE, FATHER - Pioneering in the West
063769: LA SOCIETE HISTORIQUE DE SAINT-BONIFACE; COLLEGE UNIVERSITAIRE DE SAINT-BONIFACE - Une Nation, Un Leader / a Nation, a Leader de la naissance au gibet / from Birth to the Gibbet
042896: BONIFATIO ET AL FISCHER - Biblia Sacra: Iuxta Vulgatam Versionem [Two Volumes] Genesis-Psalmi; Proverbia-Apocalypsis
051465: BONNER, RAYMOND - At the Hand of Man: Peril and Hope for Africa's Wildlife
032106: BOO, KATHERINE - Behind the Beautiful Forevers Life, Death, and Hope In a Mumbai Undercity
058290: BOO, KATHERINE - Behind the Beautiful Forevers
063390: BOOCHANI, BEHROUZ - No Friend But the Mountains Writing from Manus Prison
049355: BOOGAERTS, PIERRE - Coins de Rues (Pyramides), N.Y. , 1978/79 =: Street Corners (Pyramids), N.Y. , 1978/79
059597: [EDITORS OF THE SCRAP BOOK] - The Scrap Book: Volume II Spetember, 1906 to February, 1907
029235: MURDOCH BOOKS - The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook
062454: EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - Mystic Places
062455: EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - Psychic Voyages
062456: EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects

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