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36225: (THOMAS ROWLANDSON). - School for Scandal: Thomas Rowlandson's London.
75006: H. T. (HELEN THOMAS). - As It Was.
12042: (CONSTANCE C. HARRISON). - Anglomaniacs.
60596: P. L. (PIERRE LOUYS). - Mother's Three Daughters.
72938: H. D. (HILDA DOOLITTLE ALDINGTON). - Collected Poems, 1912-1944.
57881: P. L. (PIERRE LOUYS). - Mother's Three Daughters.
8256: H. D. (HILDA DOOLITTLE ALDINGTON). - By Avon River.
72834: (BEATRIX POTTER). - Beatrix Potter's Famous Characters from the Peter Rabbit Books: Six Simple Jig-Saw Puzzles.
46919: C. 3. 3. (OSCAR WILDE). - Ballad of Reading Goal.
75625: B. B. (DENYS WATKINS-PITCHFORD). - Brendon Chase.
72302: (RUDOLF STEINER). - Weleda Werkstunden: Aus Den Betriebsvortragen Der Weleda.
68909: (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN). - Franklin Before the Privy Council, White Hall Chapel, London, 1774, on Behalf of the Province of Massachusetts, to Advocate the Removal of Hutchinson and Oliver.
69328: B. 8266, ----- PENITENTIARY (CLARENCE ALEXANDER RAE). - Tale of a Walled Town and Other Verses.
54486: R. D. - Less Eminent Victorians.
76972: (PAUL W. FLEMING). - Early History of the New Tribes Mission and Life and Work of Paul Fleming.
51566: AAGE, HANS (EDITOR). - Environmental Transition in Nordic and Baltic Countries
26948: AALL, INGRID, ET AL. - Ajanta Murals: An Album of Eighty-Five Reproductions in Colour.
13385: AALTO, ALVAR. - Alvar Aalto in His Own Words.
66330: AARDEMA, VERNA. - Tales for the Third Ear from Equatorial Africa.
33937: AARDEMA, VERNA. - This for That: A Tonga Tale.
15879: AARON, DAVID. - Aaron's Riming Bible, Volume III - Leviticus.
39067: AARON, STEPHEN. - Stage Fright: Its Role in Acting.
52490: AARON, JONATHAN. - Second Sight: Poems.
39492: AARON, CHESTER. - Better Than Laughter.
84023: AARON, JAN AND SALOM, GEORGINE SACHS. - Art of Mexican Cooking.
62965: AARONSOHN, ALEXANDER. - With the Turks in Palestine.
21051: AAV, MARIANNE AND STRITZLER-LEVINE, NINA (EDITOR). - Finnish Modern Design: Utopian Ideals and Everyday Realities, 1930-1997.
71722: ABATE, MICHELLE ANN. - Bloody Murder: The Homicide Tradition in Children's Literature.
74662: ABBA, GIUSEPPE CESARE. - Diary of One of Garibaldi's Thousand.
55729: ABBACK, IDRISS AND HANNOYER, JEAN. - Memoire de Soie: Costumes Et Parures de Palestine Et de Jordanie.
85981: ABBEY, LLOYD. - Braindances: Poems.
71916: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Sunset Canyon (Black Sun).
13670: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Fool's Progress.
65443: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Hayduke Lives!
42277: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Best of Edward Abbey.
72628: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Confessions of a Barbarian: Selections from the Journals of Edward Abbey, 1951-1989.
35875: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Fool's Progress: An Honest Novel.
20717: (ELIOT PORTER) ABBEY, EDWARD. - Appalachian Wilderness: The Great Smoky Mountains.
31851: ABBEY, EDWARD AND HYDE, PHILIP. - Slickrock.
35092: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Confessions of a Barbarian: Selections from the Journals of Edward Abbey, 1951-1989.
68594: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Earth Apples (Pommes de Terre): The Poetry of Edward Abbey.
383: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Confessions of a Barbarian: Selections from the Journals of Edward Abbey, 1951-1989.
3839: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Down the River.
9101: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Monkey Wrench Gang.
71892: ABBEY, J. R. - Life in England in Aquatint and Lithography, 1770-1860: Architecture, Drawing Books, Art Collections, Magazines, Navy and Army, Panoramas, Etc. : A Bibliographical Catalogue.
62129: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness.
63255: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Abbey's Road.
56012: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Desert Images: An American Landscape.
11324: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Good News.
66128: ABBEY, KIERAN (HELEN REILLY). - Beyond the Dark.
55506: ABBEY, BARBARA. - Complete Book of Knitting.
76685: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Fire on the Mountain.
74831: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Abbey's Road.
85379: ABBEY, EDWARD AND HYDE, PHILIP. - Slickrock: The Canyon Country of Southeast Utah.
77269: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Slumgullion Stew: An Edward Abbey Reader.
75176: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Abbey's Road.
57840: ABBEY, EDWARD. - Slumgullion Stew: An Edward Abbey Reader.
70621: ABBEY, KIERAN (HELEN REILLY). - Beyond the Dark.
58441: ABBOT, W. W. - Royal Governors of Georgia, 1754-1775.
1409: ABBOT, WILLIS J. - Battle-Fields of '61.
16283: ABBOTT, JANE. - Bouquet Hill.
66868: ABBOTT, JOHN S. C. - Prussia and the Franco-Prussian War.
85483: ABBOTT, FRANK FROST. - The Common People of Ancient Rome: Studies of Roman Life and Literature.
38979: ABBOTT, T. K. - Catalogue of Fifteenth-Century Books in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin and in Marsh's Library, Dublin: With a Few from Other Collections.
74408: ABBOTT, CHARLES D. - Howard Pyle: A Chronicle.
85536: ABBOTT, JOHN S. C. - History of Christianity: Consisting of the Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth; the Adventures of Paul and the Apostles; and the Most Interesting Events in the Progress of Christianity, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time.
43090: ABBOTT, JACOB. - Harper Establishment: How Books Are Made.
31400: ABBOTT, ELIZABETH. - History of Celibacy.
33133: ABBOTT, MORRIS W. - Milford Tombstone Inscriptions.
35509: ABBOTT, JACK HENRY. - In the Belly of the Beast: Letters from Prison.
58800: ABBOTT, JOHN. - Keys of Power: A Study of Indian Ritual and Belief.
45787: ABBOTT, LYMAN. - Life and Literature of the Ancient Hebrews.
9578: ABBOTT, JOHN S. C. - History of Joseph Bonaparte.
46520: ABBOTT, BERENICE (PHOTOGRAPHER). - New York in the Thirties.
49534: ABBOTT, EDWIN A. - Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions.
50609: ABBOTT, CRAIG S. - Marianne Moore: A Descriptive Bibliography.
71678: ABBOTT, CLAUDE COLLEER. - Early Mediaeval French Lyrics.
56752: ABBOTT, GEORGE. - New Girl in Town.
34086: ABDEL-MAGID, AHMED F. AND RAGAN, JOHN A. (EDITORS). - Chemical Process Research: The Art of Practical Organic Synthesis.
5548: ABDILL, GEORGE B. - Locomotive Engineer's Album: The Saga of Steam Engines in America.
5549: ABDILL, GEORGE B. - Rails West.
33525: ABDULLAH, MORAG MURRAY. - My Khyber Marriage: Experiences of a Scotswoman As the Wife of a Pathan Chieftain's Son.
46842: ABDULLAH, ACHMED. - Lute and Scimitar.
69858: ABEL, ANNIE HELOISE (EDITOR). - Tabeau's Narrative of Loisel's Expedition to the Upper Missouri.
71369: ABEL-VIDOR, SUZANNE, ET AL. - Between Continents / between Seas: Precolumbian Art of Costa Rica.
64751: ABEL, RICHARD. - Cine Goes to Town: French Cinema, 1896-1914.
16077: ABELL, KATHLEEN. - King Orville and the Bullfrogs.
52435: ABELL, SAM, ET AL (ESSAYS). - Through the Lens: National Geographic Greatest Photographs.
82580: ABELL, SIR WESTCOTT. - The Shipwright's Trade.
83443: ABERBACH, JOEL D. AND PETERSON, MARK A. (EDITORS). - The Executive Branch.
17060: ABERCROMBIE, STANLEY. - Gwathmey Siegel.
73861: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES. - Sale of Saint Thomas: In Six Acts.
65326: ABERCROMBIE, STANLEY. - George Nelson: The Design of Modern Design.
78368: ABERLE, DAVID F. WITH MOORE, HARVEY C. - Peyote Religion Among the Navaho (Second Edition).
21179: ABERNATHY, FRANCIS EDWARD (EDITOR). - Paisanos: A Folklore Miscellany.
72984: ABERNATHY, FRANCIS EDWARD. - Singin' Texas.
14100: ABERNETHY, FRANCIS EDWARD (EDITOR). - Paisanos: A Folklore Miscellany.
60337: (DR. SEUSS) ABINGDON, ALEXANDER (COMPILED BY). - More Boners: Compiled from Classrooms and Examination Papers.
42658: ABISCH, ROZ. - Mai-Ling and the Mirror: Adapted from a Chinese Folktale.
60799: ABLE, KENNETH P. (EDITOR). - Gathering of Angels: Migrating Birds and Their Ecology.
67997: ABRAHAM, CLAUDE K. - Enfin Malherbe: The Influence of Malherbe on French Lyric Prosody, 1605-1674.
70967: ABRAHAM, CLAUDE K. - The Strangers: The Tragic World of Tristan L'hermite.
6237: ABRAHAMS, PETER. - Wild Conquest.
7376: ABRAHAMS, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Prize Stories 1987: The O. Henry Awards.
7630: ABRAHAMS, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Prize Stories 1985: The O. Henry Awards.
56014: ABRAHAMS, EDWARD. - Lyrical Left: Randolph Bourne, Alfred Stieglitz and the Origins of Cultural Radicalism in America.
60254: ABRAHAMS, ROGER D. (EDITOR). - Afro-American Folktales: Stories from Black Traditions in the New World.
50915: ABRAHAMS, R. G. - Political Organization of Unyamwezi.
79327: ABRAMOVITCH, INGRID. - Restoring a House in the City: A Guide to Renovating Town Houses, Brownstones, and Row Houses.
38633: ABRAMSON, BRUCE. - Digital Phoenix: Why the Information Economy Collapsed and How It Will Rise Again.
9994: ABRANSON, ERIK. - Ships of the High Seas.
59472: ABRAY, LORNA JANE. - People's Reformation: Magistrates, Clergy, and Commons in Strasbourg, 1500-1598.
57174: ABRIOUX, YVES. - Ian Hamilton Finlay: A Visual Primer.
73091: D'ABRO, A. - Evolution of Scientific Thought: From Newton to Einstein.
401: ABSE, D. WILFRED. - Clinical Notes on Group-Analytic Psychotherapy.
5689: ABSE, DANNIE. - Walking Under Water.
67833: ABSHER, TOM. - Forms of Praise.
51517: ABU-HAKIMA, AHMAD MUSTAFA. - Modern History of Kuwait, 1750-1965.
84555: ABULAFIA, DAVID. - The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean.
43938: NOBEL FOUNDATION AND THE SWEDISH ACADEMY. - Nobel Prize Library (Twenty Volumes).
44743: CAOZHOU PAINTING AND CALLIGRAPHY ACADEMY. - Caozhoushuhuayuan, 1985-1995.
68083: ACHAREKAR, M. R. - Rupadarsini: The Indian Approach to Human Form.
75464: ACHEBE, CHINUA. - Things Fall Apart.
22163: ACHEBE, CHINUA. - Hopes and Impediments: Selected Essays.
59371: ACHEBE, CHINUA. - Christmas in Biafra and Other Poems.
37777: ACHEBE, CHINUA. - Things Fall Apart.
21486: ACHILLEOS, CHRIS. - Beauty and the Beast: A Collection of Heroic Fantasy Illustrations.
21487: ACHILLEOS, CHRIS. - Sirens.
11174: ACKART, ROBERT. - Souffles, Mousses, Jellies and Creams.
84865: ACKER, KATHY. - Blood and Guts in High School.
684: ACKER, KATHY. - In Memoriam to Identity.
2185: ACKER, KATHY. - Literal Madness: Kathy Goes to Haiti, My Death My Life By Pier Paolo Pasolini, Florida.
85990: ACKERLEY, J. R. - Hindoo Holiday: An Indian Journal.
23697: ACKERMAN, MARTIN S. - Smart Money and Art: Investing in Fine Art.
57743: ACKERMAN, ROY (EDITOR). - Chefs Compendium: Who Is Who Among Chefs Working in Britain Today.
1854: ACKERMAN, DIANE. - Jaguar of Sweet Laughter: New & Selected Poems.
4471: ACKERMAN, DIANE. - Rarest of the Rare: Vanishing Animals, Timeless Worlds.
47894: ACKERMAN, KAREN. - Banshee.
84744: ACKERMAN, DIANE. - On Extended Wings.
66918: ACKERMANN, ROBERT JOHN. - Nietzsche: A Frenzied Look.
79579: ACKERMANN, ROBERT JOHN. - Religion As Critique.
32684: ACKERMANN, ROBERT JOHN. - Philosophy of Karl Popper.
66905: ACKROYD, PETER. - Dressing Up: Transvestism and Drag: The History of an Obsession.
63116: ACLAND, JAMES H. - Medieval Structure: The Gothic Vault.
17791: ACOCELLA, JOAN. - Willa Cather and the Politics of Criticism.
78192: ACOSTA, OSCAR ZETA. - Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo.
62620: ACTON, JAY. - Forgettables.
44315: ACTON, JAY. - Forgettables.
31632: ACTON, H. B. - Illusion of the Epoch: Marxism-Leninism As a Philosophical Creed.
14907: ACTON, HAROLD. - Three Extraordinary Ambassadors.
40091: ACTON, HAROLD. - Pazzi Conspiracy: The Plot Against the Medici.
24466: ACTON, HAROLD. - Memoirs of an Aesthete: 1939-1969.
64220: ACTON, HAROLD. - Last Medici.
18547: ACZEL, AMIR D. - God's Equation: Einstein, Relativity, and the Expanding Universe.
20698: ACZEL, AMIR D. - Entanglement: The Greatest Mystery in Physics.
58225: ADA, ALMA FLOR. - Yours Truly, Goldilocks.
29947: ADA, ALMA FLOR. - Yours Truly, Goldilocks.
24063: ADAIR, VIRGINIA HAMILTON. - Living on Fire: A Collection of Poems.
7364: ADAIR, VIRGINIA HAMILTON. - Ants on the Melon.
8142: ADAIR, VIRGINIA HAMILTON. - Beliefs and Blasphemies: A Collection of Poems.
62993: ADAM, THOMAS (EDITOR). - Philanthropy, Patronage, and CIVIL Society: Experiences from Germany, Great Britain, and North America.
68347: ADAM, MICHAEL. - Wandering in Eden: Three Ways to the East Within Us.
56616: ADAM, HELEN. - Gone Sailing.
71626: ADAMIAK, RICHARD (COMPILED BY). - Law Book Price Guide: A Market Value Reference for Antiquarian, out-of-Print and Rare Law Books and Documents and Other Law-Related Materials.
59078: ADAMS, ANSEL. - Yosemite Valley.
16344: ADAMS, LEITH AND BURNS, KEITH (EDITORS). - James Dean: Behind the Scene.
17509: ADAMS, SPENCER L. - Long House of the Iroquois.
17353: ADAMS, HAZARD. - Joyce Cary's Trilogies: Pursuit of the Particular Real.
75486: ADAMS, SARAH, ET AL. - Call and Response: Journeys in African Art.
21752: ADAMS, DOUGLAS AND LLOYD, JOHN. - Deeper Meaning of Liff.
22818: ADAMS, JAMES. - Landscaping with Herbs.
40268: ADAMS, BILL (EDITOR). - Sheffield Exhibition Knives.
40632: ADAMS, DOUGLAS. - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish: The Hitch Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy 4.
56520: ADAMS, ROBERT MCC. - Evolution of Urban Society: Early Mesopotamia and Prehispanic Mexico.
42049: ADAMS, CLINTON. - Crayonstone: The Life and Work of Bolton Brown.
25542: ADAMS, HENRY. - Selected Letters.
26347: ADAMS, RICHARD. - Iron Wolf and Other Stories.
51609: ADAMS, DOUGLAS AND LLOYD, JOHN. - Deeper Meaning of Liff.
43808: ADAMS, DENISE WILES. - Restoring American Gardens: An Encyclopedia of Heirloom Ornamental Plants, 1640-1940.
28196: ADAMS, EDWARD B. - Korea's Pottery Heritage: Vol. I.
28436: ADAMS, DOUGLAS AND LLOYD, JOHN. - Deeper Meaning of Liff.
44419: ADAMS, RICHARD E. W. - Prehistoric Mesoamerica: Revised Edition.
30302: ADAMS, ANSEL. - Photographs of the Southwest.
44911: ADAMS, BILL (EDITOR). - Sheffield Exhibition Knives.
34707: ADAMS, DOUGLAS AND LLOYD, JOHN. - Deeper Meaning of Liff.
53306: ADAMS, MARGERY W. (EDITOR). - Proceedings of the Twenty-First Wedgwood International Seminar.
1037: ADAMS, RICHARD. - Legend of Te Tuna.
1815: ADAMS, ALICE. - Medicine Men.
3735: ADAMS, RICHARD. - Iron Wolf and Other Stories.
5154: ADAMS, ALICE. - After You've Gone.
61999: ADAMS, ARTHUR G. - Hudson River Guidebook (Second Edition).
46655: ADAMS, DON. - Would You Believe. . . ?
21441: ADAMS, ARTHUR G. - Hudson Through the Years.
69857: ADAMS, JOHN F. - Beekeeping: The Gentle Craft.
48328: ADAMS, SCOTT. - Dilbert: A Treasury of Sunday Strips: Version 00.
83721: ADAMS, DAVID WALLACE. - Education for Extinction: American Indians and the Boarding School Experience, 1875-1928.
70019: ADAMS, EDITH A. - The High School: New Britain, Connecticut, 1850-1950.
49495: ADAMS, SHERMAN W. - Maritime History of Wethersfield, Vol. 1.
67034: ADAMS, CHARLES FRANCIS. - Diary of Charles Francis Adams: Volume 4: March 1831 - December 1832, Index
55713: ADAMS, HENRY. - Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres.
51166: ADAMS, ANSEL. - Ansel Adams: Letters and Images, 1916-1984.
62288: ADAMS, ADRIENNE. - Easter Egg Artists.
50734: ADAMS, WILLIAM FREDERICK (COMPILED BY). - Commodore Joshua Barney.
17958: ADAMS, RICHARD. - Nature Diary.
36380: ADAMS, ANSEL WITH ALINDER, MARY STREET. - Ansel Adams: An Autobiography.
59515: ADAMS, EDWARD B. - Through Gates of Seoul: Trails and Tales of Yi Dynasty: Volume I.
82114: ADAMS, EUSTACE L. - Fifteen (15) Days in the Air.
84323: ADAMS, FRANKLIN P. - Weights and Measures.
84748: ADAMS, R. J. Q. - Arms and the Wizard: Lloyd George and the Ministry of Munitions, 1915-1916.
66270: ADAMS, RAMON F. - Cowman Says It Salty.
40383: ADAMSON, DONALD. - Blaise Pascal: Mathematician, Physicist and Thinker About God.
80539: ADAMSON, PETER. - Classical Philosophy: A History of Philosophy without Any Gaps: Volume 1.
44788: ADAMSON, MELITTA WEISS AND SEGAN, FRANCINE (EDITORS). - Entertaining: From Ancient Rome to the Super Bowl: An Encyclopedia (Two Volumes).
51262: ADAMSON, GARETH. - Three Discontented Clowns.
3617: ADAMSON, DAVID GRANT. - Ruins of Time: Four and a Half Centuries of Conquest and Discovery Among the Maya.
48293: ADAMSON, JOY. - Pippa the Cheetah and Her Cubs.
56485: ADAMSON, JOY. - Peoples of Kenya.
69019: ADAMSON, W. A. - Enterprising Angler.
69020: ADAMSON, W. A. - Lake and Loch Fishing for Salmon & Sea Trout.
42975: ADAMSON, JOY. - Elsa.
63443: ADAN, MARTIN. - Cardboard House.
69063: ADCOCK, F. E. - Roman Art of War Under the Republic.
12040: ADCOCK, FLEUR AND SIMMS, JACQUELINE (EDITORS). - Oxford Book of Creatures.
68225: ADCOCK, F. E. - Thucydides and His History.
16007: ADDAMS, CHAS. - Chas Addams Mother Goose.
41558: ADDAMS, CHAS. - Monster Rally.
40189: ADDAMS, CHAS. - Chas Addams Mother Goose.
65796: ADDAMS, CHAS. - Monster Rally.
46179: ADDAMS, CHAS. - Creature Comforts.
85357: ADDAMS, CHAS. - Drawn and Quartered.
78897: ADDAMS, CHARLES. - My Crowd.
66739: ADDAMS, CHAS. - Groaning Board.
12274: ADDIE. - Silly Book of Animals.
49805: ADDISON, JOSEPHINE. - Illustrated Plant Lore: A Unique Pot-Pourri of History, Folklore and Practical Advice.
41239: ADDISS, STEPHEN. - 77 Dances: Japanese Calligraphy By Poets, Monks, and Scholars, 1568-1868.
69783: ADE, GEORGE. - True Bills.
84671: ADE, GEORGE. - More Fables (in Slang).
75157: ADE, GEORGE. - Forty Modern Fables.
68553: ADE, ROBIN. - Fisher in the Hills: A Season in Galloway.
71963: ADELER, MAX (CHARLES HEBER CLARK). - In Happy Hollow.
85784: ADELMAN, SAUL J., ET AL (EDITORS). - Hot Stars in the Galactic Halo.
54988: ADEN, PAUL (EDITOR). - Hosta Book: Making Sense of Gardening.
49136: ADEOTI, JOHN O. - Technology and the Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Emerging Trends in the Nigerian Manufacturing Industry.
75489: ADICKS, RICHARD (EDITOR). - Leconte's Report on East Florida.
70631: ADINOLFI, JOANN. - Tina's Diner.
25942: ADKIN, MARK. - Charge: Why the Light Brigade Was Lost.
21997: ADKINS, LESLEY AND ROY. - Keys of Egypt: The Obsession to Decipher Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
62885: ADKINS, C. J. - Equilibrium Thermodynamics.
39528: ADLER, DENNIS. - Mercedes-Benz: Silver Star Century.
22537: ADLER, DAVID A. - Picture Book of Helen Keller.
79406: ADLER, MARGOT. - Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America Today.
35382: ADLER, ELMER AND WINTERICH, JOHN T. (EDITORS). - Colophon: A Book Collectors' Quarterly: Part Ten.
35698: ADLER, BILL. - World's Worst Riddles and Jokes.
59902: ADLER, C. S. - Magic of the Glits.
48175: ADLER, JOYCE SPARER. - War in Melville's Imagination.
72439: ADLER, GERHARD. - Living Symbol: A Case Study in the Process of Individuation.
82483: ADLER, MORTIMER J. - Platonism & Positivism in Psychology.
19421: ADLER, EDWARD. - Notes from a Dark Street.
83037: ADLER, DAVID A. - You Think It's Fun to Be a Clown!
30458: ADOFF, ARNOLD. - Daring Dog and Captain Cat.
73962: ADOFF, ARNOLD (EDITOR). - I Am the Darker Brother: An Anthology of Modern Poems By Negro Americans.
79414: ADOFF, ARNOLD. - Eats: Poems.
76392: ADOFF, ARNOLD. - All the Colors of the Race: Poems.
85473: ADOFF, ARNOLD. - Ma Nda la (Mandala).
66839: ADONIS (ALI AHMED SAID). - Pages of Day and Night.
39004: ADORNO, ROLENA AND PAUTZ, PATRICK CHARLES. - Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca: His Account, His Life, and the Expedition of Panfilo de Narvaez (Three Volume Boxed Set).
75982: ADORNO, ROLENA. - Guaman Poma: Writing and Resistance in Colonial Peru.
51412: ADSHEAD, S. A. M. - Modernization of the Chinese Salt Administration, 1900-1920.
71876: AEBERSOLD, CAROL V. AND BELL, CHANDA A. - Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition (Book Only).
74355: AERS, DAVID. - Piers Plowman and Christian Allegory.
53988: AESCHYLUS. - Seven Against Thebes.
9662: AESOP. - Aesop, Five Centuries of Illustrated Fables.
75825: (ANTONIO FRASCONI) AESOP. - 12 Fables of Aesop.
42307: DEPARTMENT OF INDIAN AFFAIRS (OTTAWA). - Linquistic and Cultural Affiliations of Canadian Indian Bands.
54572: AFFLECK, DIANE L. FAGAN. - Just New from the Mills: Printed Cottons in America: Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries.
50462: AFZAL-KHAN, FAWZIA AND SESHADRI-CROOKS, KALPANA (EDITORS). - Pre-Occupation of Postcolonial Studies.
44622: AUDI AG. - Audi: Passion for Progress.
44457: AGAN, CINDY. - Painting Watercolors That Sparkle with Life.
69846: AGASSI, JOSEPH. - Faraday As a Natural Philosopher.
3865: (GUY DAVENPORT) AGASSIZ, LOUIS. - Intelligence of Louis Agassiz: A Specimen Book of Scientific Writings.
84249: AGATE, JAMES. - Half-Past Eight: Essays of the Theatre.
85991: AGEE, JAMES. - The Morning Watch.
52786: AGEE, JAMES. - Collected Poems of James Agee.
80001: AGEE, JAMES. - Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, a Death in the Family, Shorter Fiction.
81726: AGEE, JAMES. - Collected Short Prose of James Agee.
48061: AGEE, WILLIAM C. (ESSAY). - James Daugherty (1887-1974): Late Abstractions.
52620: AGEE, JAMES. - Letters of James Agee to Father Flye: Second Edition.
79251: AGEE, JAMES. - Collected Short Prose of James Agee.
50869: AGEE, JAMES. - Letters of James Agee to Father Flye.
48971: AGGARWAL, BHARAT B. (EDITOR). - Human Cytokines: Handbook for Basic and Clinical Research: Volume III.
1477: AGGELER, GEOFF. - Confessions of Johnny Ringo.
78806: AGOSIN, MARJORIE. - Cartographies: Meditations on Travel.
64327: (IRWIN S. CHANIN) AGREST, DIANA (EDITOR). - Romance with the City: Irwin S. Chanin.
6751: AGRO, ELISABETH R. AND GRAND, STANLEY I. - Collector As Bookbinder: The Piscatorial Bindings of S.A. Neff, Jr.
18120: AGUILAR, GRACE. - Days of Bruce: A Story from Scottish History (Two Volumes).
68698: AGUILERA-MALTA, DEMETRIO. - Seven Serpents & Seven Moons.
3722: AHEARN, ALLEN AND PATRICIA. - Collected Books: The Guide to Values.
47151: AHEDO GURRUTXAGA, IGOR. - Transformation of National Identity in the Basque Country of France, 1789-2006.
81032: AHLBERG, ALLAN. - Snail House.
27089: AHLBERG, ALLAN. - Improbable Cat.
29878: AHLBERG, JANET AND ALLAN. - Old Joke Book.
78758: AHLBERG, JANET AND ALLAN. - Starting School.
46188: AHLSTRAND, ALAN (EDITOR). - Corvette, 1984-1987: Shop Manual.
78784: AHMAD, DHORA. - Landscapes of Hope: Anti-Colonial Utopiansim in America.
65636: (BARRY MOSER) AHMADJIAN, VERNON. - Flowering Plants of Massachusetts.
51395: (BARRY MOSER) AHMADJIAN, VERNON. - Flowering Plants of Massachusetts.
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69546: ANDREAS, CONNIRAE AND ANDREAS, STEVE. - Change Your Mind - and Keep the Change: Advanced Nlp Submodalities Interventions.
28152: ANDREATO, ELIFAS. - Impressoes / Impressions.
10695: ANDRESKI, STANISLAV. - Parasitism and Subversion: The Case of Latin America.
59576: ANDRESKI, IRIS. - Old Wives' Tales: Life-Stories from Ibibioland.
71345: ANDREW, MALCOLM. - Gawain-Poet: An Annotated Bibliography, 1839-1977.
65342: ANDREW, DUDLEY (EDITOR). - Breathless: Jean-Luc Goddard, Director.
52727: ANDREW, KEITH. - Handbook of Cricket.
61650: ANDREW, DONNA T. AND MCGOWEN, RANDALL. - Perreaus and Mrs. Rudd: Forgery and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century London.
71524: ANDREWS, JOHN. - Airborne Album: Normandy.
36561: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN. - Eternal Feminine and Other Stories.
84576: ANDREWS, FANNIE FERN. - Holy Land Under Mandate (Two Volumes).
50530: ANDREWS, TED. - Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small.
78166: ANDREWS, MICHELLE. - Shepherd's Christmas: A Christmas Pop-Up.
19657: ANDREWS, F. EMERSON. - Philanthropic Giving.
38460: ANDREWS, J. S. - Man from the Sea.
71523: ANDREWS, JOHN. - Airborne Album: 1943-1945, Normandy to Victory.
42399: ANDREWS, V. C. - Gates of Paradise.
42400: ANDREWS, V. C. - Fallen Hearts.
42401: ANDREWS, V. C. - Garden of Shadows.
42402: ANDREWS, V. C. - Dark Angel.
42403: ANDREWS, V. C. - Heaven.
26146: ANDREWS, F. EMERSON. - Knights and Daze: A Family Fun Book.
82798: ANDREWS, COLMAN. - Catalan Cuisine: Europe's Last Great Culinary Secret.
84545: ANDREWS, EDWARD D. - Community Industries of the Shakers.
27712: ANDREWS, P. L. R. AND SANGER, G. J (EDITORS). - Emesis in Anti-Cancer Therapy: Mechanisms and Treatment.
44711: ANDREWS, V. C. - My Sweet Audrina.
34906: ANDREWS, KENNETH R. - Drake's Voyages: A Re-Assessment of Their Place in Elizabethan Maritime Expansion.
3383: ANDREWS, LYNN V. - Windhorse Woman: A Marriage of Spirit.
5020: ANDREWS, WAYNE. - Siegfried's Curse: The German Journey from Nietzsche to Hesse.
84809: ANDREWS, TED. - Animal-Wise: The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature.
6518: ANDREWS, ROY CHAPMAN. - Nature's Way: How Nature Takes Care of Its Own.
79441: ANDREWS, MALCOLM. - Dickens on England and the English.
8024: ANDREWS, ALLEN. - Pig Plantagenet.
8407: ANDREWS, V. C. - My Sweet Audrina.
45915: ANDREWS, EDWARD DEMING AND ANDREWS, FAITH. - Work and Worship: The Economic Order of the Shakers.
9565: ANDREWS, CLARENCE A. - Literary History of Iowa.

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