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8422: VEYNE, PAUL (EDITOR). - History of Private Life: I: From Pagan Rome to Byzantium.
73121: VEZIN, ANNETTE AND LUC. - Kandinsky Et le Cavalier Bleu.
79153: VICARELLI, FAUSTO (EDITOR). - Keynes's Relevance Today.
12334: VICARY, RICHARD. - Manual of Advanced Lithography.
68131: VICINUS, MARTHA. - Industrial Muse: A Study of Nineteenth Century British Working-Class Literature.
67179: VICKERS, JACK A. (EDITOR). - Silver Anniversary of Castle Pines Golf Club: 1980-2005.
48217: VICKERS, DOUGLAS. - Money Capital in the Theory of the Firm: A Preliminary Analysis.
23326: VIDAL, BEATRIZ. - Legend of El Dorado: A Latin American Tale.
24111: VIDAL, GORE. - Inventing a Nation: Washington, Adams, Jefferson.
91915: VIDAL, GORE. - Julian (ML 395).
46731: VIDAL, GORE. - Thirsty Evil: Seven Short Stories.
91070: VIDAL, GORE. - Visit to a Small Planet and Other Television Plays.
73678: VIDAL, GORE. - Kalki.
82053: VIDICH, ARTHUR J. AND BENSMAN, JOSEPH. - Small Town in Mass Society: Class, Power, and Religion in a Rural Community (Revised Edition).
18477: VIEIRA, JOSE LUANDINO. - Loves of Joao Vencio.
70394: VIEMEISTER, AUGUST. - Architectural Journey Through Long Island.
36013: VIEN, NGUYEN KHAC. - Tradition and Revolution in Vietnam.
23605: VIERECK, PETER. - Tide and Continuities: Last and First Poems, 1995-1938.
30695: VIERECK, PETER. - Tree Witch: A Poem and a Play (First of All a Poem).
34795: VIERECK, PETER. - Persimmon Tree: New Pastoral and Lyrical Poems.
11155: VIERECK, PETER. - New and Selected Poems 1932-1967.
53878: VIERECK, PETER. - Strike Through the Mask!: New Lyrical Poems.
49160: VIERECK, LESLIE A. AND LITTLE, JR., ELBERT L. - Alaska Trees and Shrubs.
56994: VIERECK, PETER. - Archer in the Marrow: The Applewood Cycles, 1967-1987.
2990: VIERECK, PETER. - Persimmon Tree: New Pastoral and Lyrical Poems.
21129: VIERKE, JORG. - Bettas, Gouramis and Other Anabantoids: Labyrinth Fishes of the World.
63525: VIERTEL, PETER. - White Hunter, Black Heart.
94200: VIEUX-CHAUVET, MARIE. - Love, Anger, Madness: A Haitian Trilogy.
58075: VIGELAND, CARL. - Mostly Mozart Guide to Mozart.
66166: VIGIER, FRANCOIS. - Change and Apathy: Liverpool and Manchester During the Industrial Revolution.
32507: VIGNEAULT, ROBERT. - L'univers Feminin Dans L'ouvre de Charles Peguy.
74436: VIGNY, ALFRED DE. - Oeuvres Completes: Tome I.
85703: DE VIGNY, ALFRED. - The Military Necessity.
62636: VIGOR, P. H. - Guide to Marxism and Its Effects on Soviet Development.
88760: VIGUERS, RUTH HILL. - Margin for Surprise: About Books, Children, and Librarians.
14630: VILAS, C. N. AND VILAS, N. R. - Florida Marine Shells: A Guide for Collectors of Shells of the Southeaster N Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast.
68084: HANCOCK SHAKER VILLAGE. - Shaker Design: Hancock Shaker Village Collection.
57946: VILLEGAS, MARCELO (EDITOR). - Tropical Bamboo.
71000: VILLENEUVE, ROLAND. - Le Musee Des Supplices.
37745: VILLIERS, GUY. - British Heavy Horse.
89969: VILLON, FRANCOIS. - The Legacy and Other Poems.
12343: VILLON, FRANCOIS. - I Laugh Through Tears: The Ballades of Francois Villon.
48434: VINCE, JOHN. - Illustrated History of Carts and Wagons.
43631: VINCENT, MARGARET. - Ladies' Work Table: Domestic Needlework in Nineteenth-Century America.
34085: VINCENT, ANDREW. - Nature of Political Theory.
35451: VINCENT, L. M. - Competing with the Sylph: The Quest for the Perfect Dance Body.
2671: VINCENT, HOWARD (COMPILED BY). - Merrill Checklist of Herman Melville.
94654: VINCENT, BEV. - The Dark Tower Companion: A Guide to Stephen King's Epic Fantasy.
38062: VINE, RICHARD ALLAN. - John Barth: An Annotated Bibliography.
69366: VINEGAR, ARON. - I Am a Monument: On Learning from Las Vegas.
70743: VINING, ELIZABETH GRAY. - The Taken Girl.
55224: VINOGRAD, JULIA. - Street Skins.
75149: GEOFFREY OF VINSAUF. - Poetria Nova of Geoffrey of Vinsauf.
41122: VINTGES, KAREN. - Philosophy As Passion: The Thinking of Simone de Beauvoir.
77285: VINTON, IRIS. - Longbow Island.
82818: VINZ, MARK AND LUSK, DANIEL. - Winter Promises / Wild Onions.
42347: VIOLA, LYNNE. - Best Sons of the Fatherland: Workers in the Vanguard of Soviet Collectiviz Ation.
182: ULTRA VIOLET. - Famous for 15 Minutes: My Years with Andy Warhol.
68904: VIOLLET-LE-DUC, EUGENE-EMMANUEL. - Foundations of Architecture: Selections from the Dictionnaire Raisonne.
38569: VIORST, JUDITH. - Alexander, Who's Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move.
92988: VIORST, JUDITH. - Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
53055: VIORST, JUDITH. - Alexander, Who's Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move.
66233: VIRCHOW, RUDOLF. - Cellular Pathology As Based Upon Physiological and Pathological Histology.
40516: VIRGIL. - Virgil's Georgics.
42792: VIRGIL. - Virgil's Works: The Aeneid, Eclogues, Georgics (ML 75).
43532: VIRGIL. - Georgics of Virgil.
81300: VIRGIL (P. VERGILI MARONIS). - Bucolics / the Georgics (Miniature).
90207: VIRGIL. - Aeneid Book 3.
51289: VISCARDI, JR., HENRY. - School.
63818: VISCOMI, JOSEPH. - Blake and the Idea of the Book.
84821: VISET AND ROPS, FELICIEN (DRAWINGS). - Pleasure Bound: Diverse Tales from the Edwardian Underground (Three Erotic Novels).
59696: VISHNIAC, ROMAN. - Children of a Vanished World.
58701: VISHNIAC, ROMAN. - To Give Them Light: The Legacy of Roman Vishniac.
36682: VISIAK, E. H. - Mirror of Conrad.
89757: VISION, GERALD. - Modern Anti-Realism and Manufactured Truth.
24564: VISSER, MARGARET. - Way We Are.
21815: VITELL, BETTINA. - Taste of Heaven and Earth.
85314: VITTORINI, DOMENICO (RETOLD BY). - Old Italian Tales
4422: VITTORINI, ELIO. - The Twilight of the Elephant.
49383: DE VIVANCO, MARIA (TOLD BY). - El Cid, Soldier and Hero.
62027: DE VIVANCO, MARIA (TOLD BY). - Siegfried, the Mighty Warrior.
27243: VIVANTE, BELLA (EDITOR). - Women's Roles in Ancient Civilizations: A Reference Guide.
439: VIVANTE, ARTURO. - Run to the Waterfall.
71857: VIVELO, JACQUELINE J. - Reading to Matthew.
53471: VIVIAN, JOHN. - Building Stone Walls: Second Edition.
41569: VIZENOR, GERALD. - Everlasting Sky: New Voices from the People Named the Chippewa.
2662: VIZENOR, GERALD. - Interior Landscapes: Autobiographical Myths and Metaphors.
91852: VIZENOR, GERALD. - Blue Ravens: Historical Novel.
66972: VIZENOR, GERALD. - Shrouds of White Earth.
26309: VIZURRAGA, SUSAN. - Our Old House.
49852: VLACH, JOHN MICHAEL. - Charleston Blacksmith: The Work of Philip Simmons.
39331: VLACHOS, ANGE. - Their Most Serene Majesties.
61976: VLACK, DON. - Art Deco Architecture in New York, 1920-1940.
53270: VOAKE, CHARLOTTE. - Ridiculous Story of Gammer Gurton's Needle.
77863: VOEGELI, MAX. - Prince of Hindustan.
76914: VOELKLE, WILLIAM. - Stavelot Triptych: Mosan Art and the Legend of the True Cross.
72985: VOGEL, HENRY AND AUDREY. - Early Days (Origins) of the Southern Knights: Volume 4.
39598: VOGEL, MORRIS J. - Cultural Connections: Museums and Libraries of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.
65010: VOGEL, C. J. DE. - Greek Philosophy: A Collection of Texts: Selected and Supplied with Some Notes and Explanations: Volume III: The Hellenistic-Roman Period.
93433: VOGELSANG, WILLEM. - The Afghans.
76923: VOGET, FRED W. - Shoshoni-Crow Sun Dance.
60667: VOGT, EVON Z. (EDITOR). - Aerial Photography in Anthropological Field Research.
83508: VAN VOGT, A. E. - House That Stood Still.
56057: VAN VOGT, A. E. - House That Stood Still.
90294: VOIGHT, VIRGINIA FRANCES. - The Girl from Johnnycake Hill.
76999: VOIGT, CYNTHIA. - Seventeen Against the Dealer.
25700: VOIGT, T. B., HAMILTON, BETTY R., AND GILES, F. A. - Ground Covers in the Midwest.
56525: VOIGT, CYNTHIA. - Come a Stranger.
81360: VOIGT, CYNTHIA. - Vandemark Mummy.
93504: VOIGT, CYNTHIA. - Come a Stranger.
92488: VOIGT, CYNTHIA. - A Solitary Blue.
31991: VOLAVKA, VOJTECH (INTRODUCTION AND NOTES). - Drawings of Frantisek Tichy.
52060: VOLD, DAVID J. AND DEVITIS, JOSEPH L. (EDITORS). - School Reform in the Deep South: A Critical Appraisal.
11186: VOLKART, EDMUND H. - Angel's Dictionary: A Modern Tribute to Ambrose Bierce.
94120: VOLLMANN, WILLIAM T. - Uncentering the Earth: Copernicus and the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres.
19463: VOLPE, TOD M. AND CATHERS, BETH. - Treasures of the American Arts and Crafts Movement, 1890-1920.
43771: VOLTAIRE, FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET DE. - Candide Or Optimism.
90897: VOLTAIRE, FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET DE. - Candide Or Optimism.
31777: VOLTAIRE, FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET DE. - Candide Or Optimism.
21158: VOLTAIRE, FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET DE. - Candide Or Optimism.
91009: VOLTAIRE, FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET DE. - The Dog and the Horse.
80833: VOLTAIRE, M. DE. - The Princess of Babylon.
50694: VOLTAIRE, FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET DE. - Poem Upon the Lisbon Disaster: Poeme Sur le Desastre de Lisbonne.
32250: VOLTES, PEDRO. - Abello.
63474: VOLTZ, JEANNE. - Barbecued Ribs and Other Great Feeds.
84445: VOLYNSKY, AKIM. - Ballet's Magic Kingdom: Selected Writings on Dance in Russia, 1911-1925.
33328: VONGERICHTEN, JEAN-GEORGES AND BITTMAN, MARK. - Jean-Georges: Cooking at Home with a Four-Star Chef.
69937: VONGERICHTEN, JEAN-GEORGES AND BITTMAN, MARK. - Jean-Georges: Cooking at Home with a Four-Star Chef.
83531: VONNEGUT, KURT. - Look at the Birdie: Unpublished Short Fiction.
95171: VONNEGUT, JR., KURT. - Sirens of Titan.
83552: VONNEGUT, JR., KURT. - Breakfast of Champions Or Goodbye, Blue Monday!
94544: VONNEGUT, JR., KURT. - Breakfast of Champions Or Goodbye, Blue Monday!
48385: VONNEGUT, KURT. - Armageddon in Retrospect: And Other New and Unpublished Writings on War and Peace.
35531: VONNEGUT, KURT. - Man without a Country.
94961: VONNEGUT, JR., KURT. - Player Piano.
55959: VONNEGUT, KURT. - Fates Worse Than Death: An Autobiographical Collage of the 1980s.
77513: VONNEGUT, JR., KURT. - Between Time and Timbuktu Or Prometheus-5: A Space Fantasy.
30133: VONNEGUT, JR., KURT. - Happy Birthday, Wanda June.
35911: VONNEGUT, KURT. - Galapagos.
1848: VONNEGUT, KURT. - Bluebeard.
38797: VONNEGUT, KURT. - God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian.
66875: VONNEGUT, JR., KURT. - Slaughterhouse-Five Or the Children's Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death.
87529: VONNEGUT, KURT. - Sun Moon Star.
85489: VONNEGUT, KURT. - Bluebeard.
28509: VONNEGUT, KURT. - Sun Moon Star.
76028: VONNEGUT, JR., KURT. - Happy Birthday, Wanda June.
87092: VONNEGUT, JR., KURT. - Slaughterhouse-Five Or the Children's Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death.
84031: VONSOVSKY, S. V. - Magnetism of Elementary Particles.
60004: VOORSANGER, CATHERINE HOOVER AND HOWAT, JOHN K. (EDITORS). - Art and the Empire City: New York, 1825-1861.
79031: VAN VOORST, CAROL. - Anglican Clergy in Maryland, 1692-1776.
62266: VOOUS, KAREL H. - Owls of the Northern Hemisphere.
47720: VOOUS, KAREL H. - Owls of the Northern Hemisphere.
53508: VOROBEJ, MARK. - Theory of Argument.
38978: VORPAHL, BEN MERCHANT. - My Dear Wister - the Frederic Remington - Owen Wister Letters.
89373: VORSE, MARY HEATON. - The Breaking in of a Yachtsman's Wife.
33221: VOSS, FREDERICK S. - Portraits of the American Law.
8641: VOSS-BARK, D. L. - Philip the Fox and Other Stories.
43489: VOSSLER, KARL. - Mediaevel Culture: An Introduction to Dante and His Times (Two Volumes).
89011: VOSTELL, WOLF AND HIGGINS, DICK. - Fantastic Architecture.
7240: VOSTELL, WOLF AND HIGGINS, DICK. - Fantastic Architecture.
49111: VOYDE, KNULLEN (STEPHEN F. HARRIS). - Book of Lamplight.
64490: VOYNICK, STEPHEN M. - Leadville: A Miner's Epric.
21178: VOZNESENSKY, ANDREI. - Selected Poems of Andrei Voznesensky.
90327: VOZNESENSKY, ANDREI. - Dogalypse: San Francisco Poetry Reading.
1594: VRETTOS, THEODORE. - Hammer on the Sea.
26337: DE VRIES, LEONARD. - Little Wide-Awake: An Anthology from Victorian Children's Books and Periodicals in the Collection of Anne and Fernand G. Renier.
52751: DE VRIES, LEONARD. - Little Wide-Awake: An Anthology from Victorian Children's Books and Periodicals in the Collection of Anne and Fernand G. Renier.
46965: DE VRIES, DANIEL. - The Films of Stanley Kubrick.
56146: DE VRIES, AUKE. - Living in Trees.
59753: VROOMAN, JOHN J. - Council Fire and Cannon.
38996: VULLIAMY, C. E. - Little Arthur's Guide to Humbug.
69461: VUONG, LYNETTE DYER. - Brocaded Slipper and Other Vietnamese Tales.
77433: VUSKOVIC, PEDRO AND ELGUETA, BELARMINO. - Che Guevara En El Presente de la America Latina.
12840: VYSE, STUART A. - Believing in Magic: The Psychology of Superstition.
52413: VYSHESLAVTSEV, B. P. - Eternal in Russian Philosophy.
90307: VYWAMUS (JANET MCCLURE). - Scope of Dimensions: How to Experience Multi-Dimensional Reality.
90308: VYWAMUS (JANET MCCLURE AND LILLIAN HARBEN). - Aha!: The Realization Book.
23727: WAAL, CARLA. - Harriet Bosse: Strindberg's Muse and Interpreter.
44095: WABER, BERNARD. - Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.
51309: WABER, BERNARD. - Ira Says Goodbye.
67465: WABER, BERNARD. - Evie & Margie.
53666: WABER, BERNARD. - Ira Sleeps over.
49529: WABER, BERNARD. - Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.
12412: WABER, BERNARD. - Snake: A Very Long Story.
84160: WABER, BERNARD. - Bernard.
68017: WABER, BERNARD. - Ira Sleeps over.
70259: WABER, BERNARD. - Funny, Funny Lyle (and More About Lyle's Mother).
69661: WACE, ALAN. - Marlborough Tapestries at Blenheim Palace and Their Relation to Other Military Tapestries of the War of the Spanish Succession.
72569: WACHSMANN, SHELLEY. - Gurob Ship-Cart Model and Its Mediterranean Context.
72010: WACHSMUTH, GUENTHER. - Keplers Weltgeheimnis: Drama in 12 Bildern.
73916: WACK, MARY FRANCES. - Lovesickness in the Middle Ages: The Viaticum and Its Commentaries.
49151: WADDAN, ALEX. - Politics of Social Welfare: The Collapse of the Centre and the Rise of the Right.
83230: WADDELL, MARTIN. - The Toymaker: A Story in Two Parts.
85317: WADDELL, HELEN (RETOLD BY). - Princess Splendour and Other Stories.
84542: WADDELL, HELEN (TRANSLATOR). - Lyrics from the Chinese.
49002: WADDELL, D. A. G. (COMPILER). - Venezuela.
93446: WADDELL, L. AUSTINE - Lhasa and Its Mysteries: With a Record of the British Tibetan Expedition of 1903-1904.
21582: WADDINGTON, PATRICK. - Turgenev and George Sand: An Improbable Entente.
29538: WADDINGTON, PATRICK. - Turgenev and England.
52758: WADDLETON, NORMAN. - Waddleton Chronology of Books with Colour Printed Illustrations Or Decorations: 15th to 20th Century.
14730: WADE, ROBERT A. - Painting Your Vision in Watercolor.
24792: WADE, ROBERT A. - Painting Your Vision in Watercolor.
59340: WADSTROM, C. B. - Essay on Colonization: Particularly Applied to the Western Coast of Africa, with Some Free Thoughts on Cultivation and Commerce.
40500: WADSWORTH, CHARLES E. - Views from the Island.
62334: WADSWORTH, WALLACE C. (RETOLD BY). - Seven Wonderful Cats.
79843: WAECHTER, FRIEDRICH KARL. - Three Is Company.
93716: WAGEMAKERS, BART (EDITOR). - Archaeology in the Land of 'tells and Ruins': A History of Excavations in the Holy Land Inspired By the Photographs and Accounts of Leo Boer.
13754: WAGENER, HANS. - German Baroque Novel.
53844: WAGER, WALTER (EDITOR). - Playwrights Speak.
8335: WAGGERL, KARL HEINRICH. - Schone Sachen: Kostbarkeiten Aus Der Bauerlichen Welt.
29170: WAGGONER, KAREN. - Dad Gummit & Ma Foot.
35097: WAGGONER, GLEN. - Divots, Shanks, Gimmes, Mulligans, and Chili Dips: A Life in 18 Holes.
47466: WAGGONER, DIANA. - Hills of Faraway: A Guide to Fantasy.
58431: WAGNER, VERN. - Suspension of Henry Adams: A Study in Manner and Matter.
26033: WAGNER, NIKE. - Wagners: The Dramas of a Musical Dynasty.
8509: WAGNER, LINDA WELSHIMER. - Prose of William Carlos Williams.
42789: WAGNER, STEPHEN C. AND CLOSEN, MICHAEL L. - Shopping Bag: Portable Art.
33484: WAGNER, RICHARD. - Rhine-Gold: Music-Drama in 4 Scenes.
51292: WAGNER, RICHARD. - Richard Wagner: Stories and Essays.
49844: WAGNER, RICHARD. - Siegfried: Partitura.
49845: WAGNER, RICHARD. - Das Rheingold: Partitura.
50411: WAGNER, HANK, ET AL. - Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman.
73244: WAGNER, JENNY. - John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat.
61356: WAGNER, RICHARD. - Opera & Drama (Two Volumes).
89349: WAGNER, JACK R. - Short Line Junction: A Collection of California-Nevada Railroads.
61172: WAGRET, PAUL. - Polderlands.
39862: WAGSTAFF, PATTY WITH COOPER, ANN L. - Fire and Air: A Life on the Edge.
84250: WAHL, JAN. - How the Children Stopped the Wars.
44075: WAHL, ALBERTA HUGHES. - Handsome, But Dead.
30194: WAHL, JAN. - Crazy Brobobalou.
35549: WAHL, JAN. - Cats and Robbers.
94818: WAHL, JAN. - Great-Grandmother Cat Tales.
59428: WAHL, JAN. - Jeremiah Knucklebones.
9274: WAHL, JAN. - Cucumber Princess.
62780: WAHL, JAN. - Toy Circus.
78737: WAHL, JAN. - Magic Heart.
85078: WAHL, JAN. - Pleasant Fieldmouse.
54663: WAHL, JAN. - Dracula's Cat and Frankenstein's Dog.
75890: WAHL, JAN. - Pleasant Fieldmouse Storybook.
77786: WAHL, JAN. - Prince Who Was a Fish.
75325: WAHL, JAN. - I Met a Dinosaur.
91609: WAHL, JAN. - The Little Blind Goat.
20279: WAIN, JOHN (EDITOR). - Edmund Wilson Celebration.
12087: WAINSCOTT, RONALD H. - Staging O'neill: The Experimental Years, 1920-1934.
29161: WAINWRIGHT, SHEILA (RETOLD BY). - Magical Menagerie: Tales from Perrault, Andersen, la Fontaine and Grimm.
4804: WAINWRIGHT, JOHN. - Acquittal.
73035: WAINWRIGHT, DAVID. - British Tradition: Simpson - a World of Style.
67744: WAINWRIGHT, GEOFFREY. - Doxology: The Praise of God in Worship, Doctrine, and Life: A Systematic Theology.
77138: WAISMAN, ORIT SONIA. - Body, Language and Meaning in Conflict Situations: A Semiotic Analysis of Gesture-Word Mismatches in Israeli-Jewish and Arab Discourse.
21477: WAITE, ROBERT G.L. - Kaiser and Fuhrer: A Comparative Study of Personality and Politics.
32692: WAITE, JOHN. - Serious Flyfishing.
3331: WAJDA, ANDRZEJ. - Double Vision: My Life in Film.
92435: WAKABAYASHI, BOB TADASHI. - Japanese Loyalism Reconstrued: Yamagata Daini's Ryushi Shinron of 1759.
88141: WAKE, JOAN. - The Brudenells of Deene.
92637: WAKEFIELD, GILBERT. - Room for Two: A Farce.
15697: WAKELIN, MARTYN. - Archaeology of English.
49421: WAKELIN, KATHARINE. - Trade and Innovation: Theory and Evidence.
56505: WAKELYN, JON L. - Birth of the Bill of Rights: Encyclopedia of the Antifederalists (Two Volumes).
78914: WAKEMAN, BARBARA. - Sketches, 1937-2001.
4801: WAKEMAN, FREDERIC. - Wastrel.
38186: WAKITA, OSAMU A. AND LINDE, RICHARD M. - Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings: Second Edition.
93893: WAKOSKI, DIANE. - The Motorcycle Betrayal Poems.
65649: WAKOSKI, DIANE. - Virtuoso Literature for Two and Four Hands.
43103: WALBANK, F. W. - Hellenistic World: Revised Edition.
26534: WALCOTT, DEREK. - Arkansas Testament.
56219: WALCOTT, DEREK. - White Egrets: Poems.
28148: WALCOTT, CLYDE WITH SCOVELL, BRIAN. - Sixty Years on the Back Foot: The Cricketing Life of Sir Clyde Walcott.
31844: WALCOTT, DEREK. - Caribbean Poetry of Derek Walcott (Poems of the Caribbean).
88850: WALCOTT, DEREK. - The Odyssey: A Stage Version.
60099: WALCOTT, DEREK. - Collected Poems, 1948-1984.
87835: WALCOTT, DEREK. - The Fortunate Traveller.
80060: WALCOTT, DEREK. - Selected Poems.
60100: WALCOTT, DEREK. - Collected Poems, 1948-1984.
84119: WALCOTT, DEREK. - What the Twilight Says: Essays.
92298: WALCOTT, DEREK. - Omeros.
32429: WALCOTT, DEREK. - Omeros.
93240: WALCOTT, DEREK. - The Joker of Seville & O Babylon!: Two Plays.
39334: WALD, LILLIAN D. - Windows on Henry Street.
3027: WALD, ELISSA. - Meeting the Master.
77841: WALD, ELIJAH. - The Dozens: A History of Rap's Mama.
17542: WALDBAUER, GILBERT. - Millions of Monarchs, Bunches of Beetles: How Bugs Find Strength in Numbers.
57358: WALDBAUER, GILBERT. - Millions of Monarchs, Bunches of Beetles: How Bugs Find Strength in Numbers.
17913: WALDECKER, ALICE V. (EDITOR). - Norfolk, Connecticut: 1900 - 1975.
66641: WALDEN, II, HOWARD T. - Upstream and Down.
68988: WALDEN, DANIEL. - The Nutcracker.
55873: WALDEN, JANE BREVOORT. - Igloo.
19039: WALDEN, 2D, HOWARD T. - Native Inheritance: The Story of Corn in America.
43243: WALDEN, AMELIA ELIZABETH. - Spy on Danger Island.
53026: WALDEN, AMELIA ELIZABETH. - My World's the Stage.
83757: WALDENFELS, BERNHARD, ET AL (EDITORS). - Phenomenology and Marxism.
66116: WALDMAN, ANNE (EDITOR). - Beat Book: Poems and Fiction from the Beat Generation.
90328: WALDMAN, ANNE. - Fast Speaking Woman & Other Chants.
40405: WALDMANN, SUSANN. - Goya and the Duchess of Alba.
90878: WALDO, MYRA. - Complete Round-the-World Cookbook.
36720: WALDREP, SHELTON (EDITOR). - Seventies: The Age of Glitter in Popular Culture.
65828: WALDRON, ELSE. - Great Wall of China.
57120: WALDRON, ANN. - French Detection.
61800: WALDRON, ANN. - Luckie Star.
59901: WALDROP, KEITH. - Windmill Near Calvary.
36970: WALES, NYM. - Fables and Parables for the Mid-Century.
75771: H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES. - Regimental Standing Orders and Customs of the Prince of Wales's Volunteers.
73700: WALEY, ARTHUR. - Japanese Poetry: The 'uta. '
83119: WALEY, ARTHUR. - Secret History of the Mongols and Other Pieces.
74188: WALEY, ARTHUR. - Secret History of the Mongols and Other Pieces.
86636: WALEY, ARTHUR (TRANSLATOR). - Japanese Poetry: The 'uta. '
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41948: WEISS, ALLEN S. - Breathless: Sound Recording, Disembodiment, and the Transformation of Lyrical Nostalgia.
32112: WEISS, HARVEY. - Cartoons and Cartooning.
34057: WEISS, EDNA S. - Sally Saucer.
34116: WEISS, THEODORE. - Gunsight.
5660: WEISS, MALCOLM E. - Sky Watchers of Ages Past.
6528: WEISS, HARVEY. - Submarines and Other Underwater Craft.
51068: WEISS, RENEE KAROL. - Bird from the Sea.
49516: WEISS, THEODORE. - Last Day and the First.
53723: WEISS, THEODORE. - World Before Us: Poems, 1950-70.
51628: WEISS, THEODORE. - Last Day and the First.
57544: WEISS, ELLEN. - Jim Henson's Scary Scary Monsters (Pop-Up Book).
72228: WEISS, KEN. - Land Grabs and Six Shooters: Western Serials, 1930-1956.
69756: WEISS, RENEE KAROL. - Bird from the Sea.
26877: WEISSMAN, JUDITH REITER AND LAVITT, WENDY. - Labors of Love: America's Textiles and Needlework, 1650-1930.
72962: WEISSMAN, DAVID. - Styles of Thought: Interpretation, Inquiry, and Imagination.
9893: WEISSMANN, GERALD. - Doctor with Two Heads and Other Essays.
94217: WEISSMULLER, JR., JOHNNY. - Tarzan: My Father.
54999: WEISZ, JOSEF. - Alpenblumen.
81386: WEITENKAMPF, FRANK. - Eno Collection of New York City Views.
11245: WEITZENHOFFER, FRANCES. - Havemeyers: Impressionism Comes to America.
78801: WELCH, JAMES. - Riding the Earthboy 40: Poems.
91188: WELCH, JAMES. - Riding the Earthboy 40: Poems.
93831: WELCH, DENTON. - Maiden Voyage.
31641: WELCH, SHEILA KELLY. - Horse for All Seasons: Collected Stories.
84224: WELCH, FINIS (EDITOR). - Causes and Consequences of Increasing Inequality.
69314: WELCH, DON. - Handwork.
16826: WELCH, JAMES. - Indian Lawyer.
86361: WELCH, JAMES. - Riding the Earthboy 40: Poems.
73838: WELCH, CHRIS. - Teenage Wasteland: The Early Years (the Who).
33475: WELCH, JAMES. - Death of Jim Loney.
61449: WELCH, LEW. - Selected Poems.
82995: WELCHER, ROSALIND. - Do You Believe in Magic?
74402: COMMITTEE OF WELCOME. - Welcome Home: In Commemoration of the Foreign Service and Home-Coming of the 26th Division.
84333: COMMITTEE OF WELCOME. - Welcome Home: In Commemoration of the Foreign Service and Home-Coming of the 26th Division.
39763: WELDON, JOHN LEE. - Thunder in the Heart.
970: WELDON, FAY. - Rules of Life.
9465: WELDON, FAY. - Rules of Life.
10580: WELDON, FAY. - Watching Me, Watching You.
1366: WELK, LAWRENCE. - Lawrence Welk's Bunny Rabbit Concert.
42653: WELLARD, JAMES. - French Foreign Legion.
49811: WELLARD, JAMES. - By the Waters of Babylon.
84800: WELLER, SAM. - Bradbury Chronicles: The Life of Ray Bradbury (Predicting the Past, Remembering the Future).
40937: WELLER, FRANCES WARD. - Closet Gorilla.
24482: WELLER, FRANCES WARD. - Boat Song.
44199: WELLER, MARC (EDITOR). - Rights of Minorities in Europe: A Commentary on the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.
94039: WELLHAUSEN, JULIUS. - The Pharisees and the Sadducees: An Examination of Internal Jewish History.
83959: WELLINGTON, MONICA. - Seasons of Swans.
28752: WELLINGTON, MONICA. - Seasons of Swans.
29524: WELLINGTON, MONICA. - Molly Chelsea and Her Calico Cat.
94931: WELLMAN, FRANCIS L. - The Art of Cross-Examination.
12691: WELLMAN, MARK AND FLINN, JOHN. - Climbing Back.
1317: WELLMAN, PAUL I. - Buckstones.
50984: WELLMAN, PAUL I. - Iron Mistress (Abridged Edition).
86536: WELLMAN, MANLY WADE. - Giants from Eternity.
67849: WELLS, WALTER A. - Common Head Cold and Its Complications.
75738: WELLS, RUTH DYER. - The Wells Family: Founders of the American Optical Company and Old Sturbridge Village.
36984: WELLS, ROSEMARY. - Max's Chocolate Chicken.
84551: WELLS, CAROLYN. - Idle Idyls.
37023: WELLS, H. G. - Brynhild Or the Show of Things.
70345: WELLS, H. G. - Island of Dr. Moreau.
53917: WELLS, HELEN. - Cherry Ames: Cruise Nurse (#9).
69642: WELLS, H. G. - This Misery of Boots
20454: WELLS, DIANA. - 100 Birds and How They Got Their Names.
72664: WELLS, ROSEMARY. - Leave Well Enough Alone.
71336: WELLS, CAROLYN AND GOLDSMITH, ALFRED F. - Concise Bibliography of the Works of Walt Whitman: With a Supplement of Fifty Books About Whitman.

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