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26894: CONNECTICUT HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - George Dudley Seymour's Furniture Collection.
27255: INDIANA HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - Index, Indiana Source Books.
53135: WESTMINSTER HISTORICAL SOCIETY (COMPILED BY). - Homestead Heritage of Westminster.
84130: MALONE SOCIETY. - True Tragedy of Richard the Third.
57199: LYME HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - Lymes' Heritage Cookbook.
46508: COLUMBIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - Story of Columbia.
80920: PLYMOUTH PILGRIM SOCIETY. - Proceedings at the Celebration By the Pilgrim Society at Plymouth, December 21, 1870, of the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Landing of the Pilgrims.
70028: WATERFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - Waterford, Maine: 1875-1976.
84044: JAPAN SOCIETY. - Japan Film Center Presents: Kurosawa: A Retrospective.
50515: ROWE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - Rowe Historical Society, Inc. Bulletin.
55594: WINTONBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - From Wintonbury to Bloomfield.
12010: CONNECTICUT VALLEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - Papers and Proceedings of the Connecticut Valley Historical Society, 1876-1881.
80476: BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY. - Handlist of Books in the Library of the Bibliographical Society: March, 1935.
84218: WINTONBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - From Wintonbury to Bloomfield.
79917: AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION / ROYAL ECONOMIC SOCIETY. - Surveys of Economic Theory (Three Volumes).
29649: SODERBERG, HENRY. - Swedenborg's 1714 Airplane: A Machine to Fly in the Air.
68973: SOERGEL, ALBERT AND HOHOFF, CURT. - Dichtung Und Dichter Der Zeit: Vom Naturalismus Bis Zur Gegenwart (Two Volumes).
70103: SOGOMONOV, Y. AND LANDESMAN, P. - Nihilism Today.
73363: SOHRAB, MIRZA AHMAD. - Abdul Baha in Egypt.
43440: SOIFER, DEBORAH A. - Myths of Narasimha and Vamana: Two Avatars in Cosmological Perspective.
45364: SOKOL, CAMILLE. - Dis-Moi.
57800: SOKOLSKI, HENRY (EDITOR). - Pakistan's Nuclear Future: Reining in the Risk.
37574: SOLC, VACLAV. - Swords and Daggers of Indonesia.
29838: SOLDATI, MARIO. - Dinner with the Commendatore.
10214: SOLEM, G. ALAN. - Shell Makers: Introducing Mollusks.
16621: SOLINAS, FRANCO. - Squarcio the Fisherman.
65082: SOLLAS, W. J. - Ancient Hunters and Their Modern Representatives.
68780: SOLLERS, PHILIPPE. - Strange Solitude.
12491: SOLLEY, GEORGE C. AND STEINBAUGH, ERIC (SELECTED AND ARRANGED BY). - Moods of the Sea: Masterworks of Sea Poetry.
62346: SOLLIER, ANDRE AND GYORBIRO, ZSOLT. - Japanese Archery: Zen in Action.
28701: SOLNIT, DAVID. - Eastern Kayah LI: Grammar, Texts, Glossary.
13372: SOLOMON-GODEAU, ABIGAIL. - Male Trouble: A Crisis in Representation.
78979: SOLOMON, JON (EDITOR). - Apollo: Origins and Influences.
48007: SOLOMON, HELEN. - Polly Jumped over the Moon.
84838: (MARCEL DZAMA) SOLOMON, DEBORAH. - Marcel Dzama: Puppets, Pawns, and Prophets
74754: SOLONAS (SOLANAS), VALERIE. - Scum Manifesto.
70231: SOLOTAREFF, GREGOIRE. - Ogre and the Frog King.
23560: SOLOTAREFF, GREGOIRE. - Noel's Christmas Secret.
58300: SOLOTAREFF, GREGOIRE. - Don't Call Me Little Bunny.
10452: SOLOTAREFF, GREGOIRE. - Never Trust an Ogre.
56488: SOLOUKHIN, VLADIMIR. - Time to Gather Stones.
40073: SOLOVYEV, LEONID. - Beggar in the Harem: Impudent Adventures in Old Bukhara.
37076: SOLWAY, DAVID. - Anatomy of Arcadia.
64071: SOLWAY, DIANE. - Nureyev: His Life.
29297: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER. - Love-Girl and the Innocent: A Play.
3444: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEKSANDR I. - Letter to the Soviet Leaders.
58009: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEKSANDR. - Candle in the Wind.
51458: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER. - One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.
28357: SOMERS, SUZANNE. - Touch Me.
50179: SOMERSET-WARD, RICHARD. - Angels & Monsters: Male and Female Sopranos in the Story of Opera.
35072: SOMERVILL, BARBARA A. - Nicolaus Copernicus: Father of Modern Astronomy.
45257: SOMERVILLE, E. OE. AND ROSS, MARTIN. - Experiences of an Irish R.M.
29944: SOMMER, BEULAH MUNSHOWER AND DEXTER, PEARL. - Tea with Presidential Families.
34751: SOMMER-BODENBURG, ANGELA. - Vampire on the Farm.
11656: SOMMER-BODENBURG, ANGELA. - Vampire Takes a Trip.
72074: SOMMER-BODENBURG, ANGELA. - My Friend the Vampire.
33732: SOMMERS, SUSAN. - French Chic: How to Dress Like a Frenchwoman.
73627: JOHN DE KUYPER & SON. - John de Kuyper's Complete Guide to Cordials.
27802: SONDHEIMER, ERNST (EDITOR). - Alpine Journal 1989/90 (Volume 94).
27803: SONDHEIMER, ERNST (EDITOR). - Alpine Journal 1990/91 (Volume 95).
47794: SONENSCHER, MICHAEL. - Hatters of Eighteenth-Century France.
55904: SONG-MI, YI. - Korean Costumes and Textiles.
13633: SONG, KIM HAI. - Chinese Zodiac Book: The Secret Astrology of the Orient.
36913: VON SONNENBURG, HUBERT, ET AL. - Rembrandt / Not Rembrandt in the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Aspects of Connoisseurship (Two Volume Boxed Set).
74102: SONO, AYAKO. - No Reason for Murder.
28358: SONO, AYAKO. - Watcher from the Shore.
15436: SONSINO, STEVEN. - Packaging Design: Graphics, Materials, Technology.
17805: SONTAG, SUSAN. - Duet for Cannibals.
83415: SONTAG, SUSAN. - On Photography.
62117: CHONG HAN-SOOK. - Iyo Island.
48431: SOOS, TROY. - Murder at Wrigley Field.
48432: SOOS, TROY. - Hunting a Detroit Tiger.
48433: SOOS, TROY. - Cincinnati Red Stalkings.
51955: SOOTIN, HARRY. - Science Experiments with Sound.
63647: SOPHOCLES. - Complete Plays of Sophocles.
77928: SOPHOCLES. - Antigone.
81292: SOPHOCLES. - Oedipus Rex / Antigone (Miniature).
78355: SOPHOCLIS (SOPHOCLES). - Fabulae.
69250: SOPKIN, CHARLES. - Seven Glorious Days, Seven Fun-Filled Nights: One Man's Struggle to Survive a Week Watching Commercial Television in America.
13320: SOPKO, EUGEN. - White Raven and the Black Sheep.
61862: SORABJI, RICHARD. - Opening Doors: The Untold Story of Cornelia Sorabji: Reformer, Lawyer and Champion of Women's Rights in India.
73803: SORANZO, GIROLAMO AND CICOGNA, EMMANUELE ANTONIO (EDITORS). - Bibliografia Veneziana Compilata Da Girolamo Soranzo, in Aggiunta E Continuazione Del "Saggio" Di Emmanuele Antonio Cicogna (Two Volumes Bound As One).
70419: SORAYA. - Soraya: A Life of Music, a Legacy of Hope.
24165: SOREL, EDWARD. - Superpen: The Cartoons and Caricatures of Edward Sorel.
40706: SORELL, WALTER. - Aspekte Des Tanzes: Gestern, Heute, Morgen.
42491: SORELL, WALTER. - Hanya Holm: The Biography of an Artist.
34451: SORELL, WALTER. - Looking Back in Wonder: Diary of a Dance Critic.
61048: SORENSEN, LORIN. - Classy Ford V8.
7440: SORENSEN, VIRGINIA. - Many Heavens.
8201: SORENSEN, VILLY. - Strange Stories.
68304: SORENSEN, LORIN. - Famous Ford Woodies.
2205: SORIANO, OSVALDO. - Funny Dirty Little War.
6407: SORIANO, OSVALDO. - Shadows.
24306: SORIN, GERALD. - Prophetic Minority: American Jewish Immigrant Radicals, 1880-1920.
6293: SORIN, GERALD. - Abolitionism: A New Persepective.
21781: SORKIN, MICHAEL AND ZUKIN, SHARON (EDITORS). - After the World Trade Center: Rethinking New York City.
48170: SORKIN, MICHAEL. - Exquisite Corpse: Writing on Buildings.
69320: SORLIER, CHARLES. - Chagall: Lithographe (V), 1974-1979.
70020: DE SORMO, MAITLAND C. - Noah John Rondeau: Adirondack Hermit.
32324: SOROS, GEORGE. - Underwriting Democracy.
29218: SORRELL, ALAN. - Reconstructing the Past.
72662: SORRENTINO, GILBERT. - Black and White.
9475: SORRENTINO, GILBERT. - Odd Number.
80294: SORRIE, BRUCE A. AND SOMERS, PAUL. - Vascular Plants of Massachusetts: A County Checklist.
4081: SORSBY, ARNOLD (EDITOR). - Tenements of Clay: An Anthology of Medical Biographical Essays.
44638: SOSEKI, NATSUME. - Grass on the Wayside (Michikusa).
42311: SOTHEBY'S. - Jaime Ortiz-Patino Collection: English 17th Century Chinoiserie Silver.
42312: SOTHEBY'S. - Jaime Ortiz-Patino Collection: French Furniture and Decorations.
73445: SOTHEBY'S. - Property from the Helga and Walther Lauffs Collection.
55183: SOTHEBY'S. - Great Garbo Collection.
41155: SOTO, GARY. - Neighborhood Odes.
47109: SOTO VELEZ, CLEMENTE. - Blood That Keeps Singing / la Sangre Que Sigue Cantando: Selected Poems.
69705: SOTO, GARY. - Elements of San Joaquin.
58142: SOUBIRAN, JULIEN J. (COMPILED BY). - Art and Technique of Photo-Engraving.
10016: SOUCIE, ANITA HOLMES. - Plant Fun: Ten Easy Plants to Grow Indoors.
44876: SOUCY, GAETAN. - Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches: A Novel.
32169: SOUHAMI, DIANA. - Selkirk's Island.
47281: SOULE, JEAN CONDER. - Captain Kangaroo and His Pals: Adventure on Pirate Island.
57008: SOULIE DE MORANT, GEORGE. - History of Chinese Art: From Ancient Times to the Present Day.
61512: SOULIOTI, STELLA. - Fettered Independence: Cyprus, 1878-1964 (Two Volume Boxed Set).
61296: SOULIOTI, STELLA. - Fettered Independence: Cyprus, 1878-1964 (Two Volume Boxed Set).
45474: MUSEO SOUMAYA. - 2300 Cucharas Y Utensilios: 2800 Anos.
77829: SOUSTER, RAYMOND. - Collected Poems of Raymond Souster: Volume Eight, 1991-1993.
59742: SOUTER, ALEXANDER. - Earliest Latin Commentaries on the Epistles of St. Paul: A Study.
25204: SOUTHALL, IVAN. - To the Wild Sky.
26595: SOUTHALL, IVAN. - Fox Hole.
64492: SOUTHALL, IVAN. - Head in the Clouds.
15834: SOUTHERN, TERRY. - Texas Summer.
19040: SOUTHERN, RICHARD. - Medieval Theatre in the Round: A Study of the Staging of the Castle of Perseverance and Related Matters.
83137: SOUTHERN, TERRY. - Blue Movie.
58019: SOUTHERN, PAT. - Domitian: Tragic Tyrant.
58984: SOUTHERN, TERRY. - Flash and Filigree.
20803: SOUTHWICK, ALBERT B. - Once-Told Tales of Worcester County.
81180: SOUTHWORTH, MAY E. - The Great Small Cat and Others: Seven Tales.
14244: SOUTHWORTH, JOHN V. D. - Pirate from Rome.
11490: SOUTHWORTH, JAMES GRANVILLE. - Poetry of Thomas Hardy.
71081: SOUZA, RAYMOND D. - Major Cuban Novelists: Innovation and Tradition.
52105: SOVIERO, DONALDO. - La Vera Cucina Italiana: The Fundamentals of Classic Italian Cooking.
63210: SOWA, MICHAEL. - Sowa's Ark: An Enchanted Bestiary.
50184: SOWA, MICHAEL. - Sowa's Ark: An Enchanted Bestiary.
21166: SOWDER, WILLIAM J. - Existential-Phenomenological Readings on Faulkner.
42252: SOWERBY, ROBIN. - Greeks: An Introduction to Their Culture.
64023: SOWERBY, JANE. - Victorian Lace Today.
13580: SOYINKA, WOLE. - Mandela's Earth and Other Poems.
38947: SOYINKA, WOLE. - Shuttle in the Crypt.
23812: SOYINKA, WOLE. - Open Sore of a Continent: A Personal Narrative of the Nigerian Crisis.
58963: SOYINKA, WOLE. - Shuttle in the Crypt.
58340: SOYINKA, WOLE. - Isara: A Voyage Around "Essay. "
57802: SOYINKA, WOLE. - Ake: The Years of Childhood.
77864: SOYINKA, WOLE. - A Shuttle in the Crypt.
78141: SOYINKA, WOLE. - The Burden of Memory, the Muse of Forgiveness.
69240: SOYINKA, WOLE. - Mandela's Earth and Other Poems.
74640: SPACE, RALPH S. - Lolo Trail: A History of Events Connected with the Lolo Trail Since Lewis and Clark.
79174: SPACKS, PATRICIA MEYER. - Desire and Truth: Functions of Plot in Eighteenth-Century English Novels.
7649: SPACKS, BARRY. - Orphans.
73413: SPADE, KATE. - Kate Spade: Contents.
60087: SPAETH, SIGMUND. - Fifty Years with Music.
44599: SPAFFORD, CAROL SULLIVAN, ET AL. - Cyclopedic Education Dictionary.
62066: SPAGHT, MONROE E. - Multinational Corporation: Its Manners, Methods and Myths.
63016: SPAHR, JULIANA. - Fuck You - Aloha - I Love You.
24496: SPAID, GREGORY (PHOTOGRAPHER). - On Nantucket.
84051: SPALDING, SAMUEL CHARLES. - I've Had Me a Time!: With Autobiographical Sketch, Selected Poems, and Sermons.
43143: SPALDING, H. N. - In Praise of Life.
73356: SPALDING, CHARLES AND CARNEY, OTIS. - Love at First Flight.
1793: SPALDING, ALBERT. - Ton Albert Qui T'adore: The Courtship Letters of Albert Spalding to Mary V. Pyle.
74864: SPANGLER, TIMOTHY. - Law of Private Investment Funds (Second Edition).
77718: SPANIER, GINETTE. - It Isn't All Mink.
60876: SPANO, MICHAEL. - Auto Portraits.
39442: SPANOS, WILLIAM V. - End of Education: Toward Posthumanism.
61503: SPARGO, JOHN. - Syndicalism, Industrial Unionism and Socialism.
27273: SPARK, MURIEL. - Memento Mori and the Ballad of Peckham Rye (ML 373).
71725: SPARK, MURIEL. - Collected Poems: I.
64464: SPARK, MURIEL. - Muriel Spark Trio: The Comforters, the Ballad of Peckham Rye, Memento Mori.
63590: SPARK, MURIEL. - Memento Mori and the Ballad of Peckham Rye (ML 373).
502: SPARK, MURIEL. - Territorial Rights.
83427: SPARK, MURIEL. - The Bachelors.
78601: SPARKES, BRIAN A. - Greek Pottery: An Introduction.
26416: SPARKS, BEATRICE. - Voices: The Stories of Four Troubled Teenagers As Told in Personal Interviews.
30445: SPARKS, BEATRICE. - Voices: The Stories of Four Troubled Teenagers As Told in Personal Interviews.
5175: SPARKS, LAURENCE. - Self-Hypnosis: A Conditioned-Response Technique.
77410: SPARKS, BEATRICE. - Voices: The Stories of Four Troubled Teenagers As Told in Personal Interviews.
39901: SPARRE, VICTOR. - Flame in the Darkness: The Russian Human Rights Struggle - As I Have Seen It.
66145: SPARROW, WALTER SHAW. - George Stubbs and Ben Marshall.
66619: SPARROW, WALTER SHAW (INTRODUCTION). - Nimrod's Hunting Tours: Interspersed with Characteristic Anecdotes, Sayings and Doings of Sporting Men.
64030: SPATARO, JR., LUCIAN. - Long Ride: The Record-Setting Journey By Horse Across the American Landscape.
24982: SPAULDING, LILY MAY AND SPAULDING, JOHN (EDITORS). - CIVIL War Recipes: Receipts from the Pages of Godey's Lady's Book.
37331: SPECK, ROSS V., ET AL. - New Families: Youth, Communes, and the Politics of Drugs.
38760: SPECTATOR. - Sir Roger de Coverley.
21833: SPECTOR, ROBERT. - Amazon. Com: Get Big Fast.
58215: SPECTOR, STEPHEN (EDITOR). - Essays in Paper Analysis.
76176: SPECTOR, NANCY, ET AL (ESSAYS). - Imperfect Innocence: The Debra and Dennis Scholl Collection.
62919: SPECTOR, ROBERT M. - Salt Water Guns.
43604: SPEDDING, COLIN AND SPEDDING, GEOFFREY. - Natural History of a Garden.
17256: SPEED, NELL (EMMA SPEED SAMPSON). - Molly Brown of Kentucky.
17255: SPEED, NELL (EMMA SPEED SAMPSON). - Molly Brown's Senior Days.
33253: SPEED, TOBY. - Water Voices.
59783: SPEED, NELL (EMMA SPEED SAMPSON). - Molly Brown's College Friends.
58972: SPEED, NELL. - Molly Brown's Freshman Days.
58971: SPEED, NELL (EMMA SPEED SAMPSON). - Molly Brown's Post-Graduate Days.
58974: SPEED, NELL (EMMA SPEED SAMPSON). - Molly Brown's College Friends.
71510: SPEERT, HAROLD. - Iconographia Gyniatrica: A Pictorial History of Gynecology and Obstetrics.
68665: SPEIRS, JOHN. - Poetry Towards Novel.
77508: SPENCE, JOSEPH. - Anecdotes, Observations and Characters of Books and Men.
23143: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - Treason By the Book.
61948: SPENCE, SARAH. - Rhetorics of Reason and Desire: Vergil, Augustine, and the Troubadours.
80178: SPENCE, JOHN. - Shetland Folk-Lore (Folklore).
40847: SPENCER, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR). - Davenant's Macbeth from the Yale Manuscript: An Edition, with a Discussion of the Relation of Davenant's Text to Shakespeare's.
24520: SPENCER, ROBERT. - Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest-Growing Faith.
31925: SPENCER, THEODORE. - Paradox in the Circle.
8751: SPENCER, FRANK. - Piltdown: A Scientific Forgery.
46316: SPENCER, HERBERT (EDITOR). - Chakkar: Polo Around the World.
60485: SPENCER, CLAIRE. - Gallows Orchard.
84095: SPENCER, J. W. AND BURROWS, J. M. D. - Early Days of Rock Island and Davenport: The Narratives of J.W. Spencer and J.M. D. Burrows.
76107: SPENCER, ELIZABETH. - The Legacy.
68540: SPENCER, JOHN R. - Andrea Del Castagno and His Patrons.
80024: SPENCER, PAUL. - Maasai of Matapato: A Study of Rituals of Rebellion.
83589: SPENDER, STEPHEN. - Year of the Young Rebels.
38830: SPENDER, J. A. - Life, Journalism and Politics (Two Volumes).
39220: SPENDER, STEPHEN. - Generous Days.
72064: SPENDER, STEPHEN. - Dolphins.
28366: SPENDER, STEPHEN. - Selected Poems.
49849: SPENDER, STEPHEN (EDITOR). - Choice of English Romantic Poetry.
49897: (SOPHOCLES) SPENDER, STEPHEN. - Oedipus Trilogy: King Oedipus, Oedipus at Colonos, Antigone.
75556: SPENSER, EDMUND. - Faerie Queene.
39863: SPERBER, MANES. - Unheeded Warning, 1918-1933.
56751: SPERGEL, IRVING. - Racketville, Slumtown, Haulburg: An Exploratory Study of Delinquent Subcultures.
22013: SPERLING, SUSAN KELZ. - Murfles and Wink-a-Peeps: Funny Old Words for Kids.
57343: SPERLING, SUSAN. - Animal Liberators: Research and Morality.
57274: SPERLING, VALERIE (EDITOR). - Building the Russian State: Institutional Crisis and the Quest for Democratic Governance.
49654: SPERLING, SUSAN KELZ. - Poplollies and Bellibones: A Celebration of Lost Words.
80455: SPERLING, SUSAN KELZ. - Tenderfeet and Ladyfingers: A Visceral Approach to Words and Their Origins.
51092: SPERONI, CHARLES. - Wit and Wisdom of the Italian Renaissance.
23601: SPERRY, A. F. - History of the 33d Iowa Infantry Volunteer Regiment, 1863-6
29700: SPERRY, VICCI. - Art Experience.
2908: SPERRY, NEIL. - Neil Sperry's Complete Guide to Texas Gardening.
73032: SPERRY, MARGARET. - Brides of Darkness and Other Stories Adapted from Scandinavian Legend and Folklore.
85069: SPERRY, ARMSTRONG (TOLD AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - One Day with Jambi in Sumatra.
79462: SPERRY, ARMSTRONG. - Call It Courage.
81009: SPERRY, ARMSTRONG. - Call It Courage.
50221: SPETH, JAMES GUSTAVE. - Bridge at the Edge of the World: Capitalism, the Environment, and Crossing from Crisis to Sustainability.
58001: SPEVACK, YSANNE, ET AL. - Simple Organic Kitchen & Garden: A Complete Guide to Growing and Cooking Perfect Natural Produce, with over 150 Step-By-Step Recipes.
7551: SPEYER, LEONORA. - Slow Wall: Poems New & Selected.
67765: SPHRANTZES, GEORGE. - Fall of the Byzantine Empire: A Chronicle By George Sphrantzes, 1401-1477.
23989: SPICK, MIKE. - Designed for the Kill: The Jet Fighter - Development & Experience.
45196: SPIEGELBERG, FREDERIC. - Zen, Rocks & Waters.
65367: SPIEGELMAN, ART. - In the Shadow of No Towers.
84299: SPIEGELMAN, ART AND MOULY, FRANCOISE (EDITORS). - Toon Treasury of Classic Children's Comics.
49502: SPIEGELMAN, ART AND SCHNEIDER, BOB (EDITORS). - Whole Grains: A Book of Quotations.
73041: SPIEGELMAN, NADJA AND LOEFFLER, TRADE. - Zig and Wikki in the Cow.
75748: SPIELBERGER, WALTER J. AND FEIST, UWE. - Strassenpanzer (the German Scout Car).
75754: SPIELBERGER, WALTER J. AND FEIST, UWE. - Militarfahrzeuge: German Softskinned Vehicles of Ww2.
75753: SPIELBERGER, WALTER J. AND FEIST, UWE. - Armor in the Western Desert.
75752: SPIELBERGER, WALTER J. AND FEIST, UWE. - Sturmartillerie: From Assault Guns to Hunting Panthers.
75750: SPIELBERGER, WALTER J. AND FEIST, UWE. - Halbkettenfahrzeuge: German Halftrack Vehicles.
55287: SPIELMANN, M. H. AND LAYARD, G. S. - Kate Greenaway.
19316: SPIER, PETER (ILLUSTRATOR). - And So My Garden Grows.
41994: SPIER, PETER. - People.
23850: SPIER, PETER. - Noah's Ark.
58169: SPIER, PETER. - Of Dikes and Windmills.
51744: SPIER, PETER (ILLUSTRATOR). - London Bridge Is Falling Down!
54667: SPIER, PETER. - Of Dikes and Windmills.
45770: SPIER, PETER. - Noah's Ark.
46028: SPIER, PETER. - We the People: The Constitution of the United States of America.
66817: SPIER, PETER. - Crash Bang Boom.
13929: SPIER, PETER (ILLUSTRATOR). - London Bridge Is Falling Down!
84683: SPIER, JO (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Creation.
67818: SPIER, PETER. - Of Dikes and Windmills.
54028: SPIER, PETER. - Of Dikes and Windmills.
68417: SPIER, PETER (ILLUSTRATOR). - Star-Spangled Banner.
4891: SPIERING, FRANK. - Bearer of a Million Dreams: The Biography of the Statue of Liberty.
80407: SPIERS, EDWARD M. - Radical General: Sir George de Lacy Evans, 1787-1870.
78344: SPIES, WERNER, ET AL. - Homage to Richard Lindner: Special Issue of the Xxe Siecle Review.
43868: SPIGNESI, STEPHEN J. - Italian 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Cultural, Scientific, and Political Figures, Past and Present.
73912: SPILKA, ARNOLD. - And the Frog Went "Blah!" and Other Poems.
74195: SPILKA, ARNOLD. - Paint All Kinds of Pictures
13484: SPILLANE, MICKEY. - The Deep.
78454: SPILLANE, MICKEY. - The Deep.
63495: SPILLER, ROBERT E. - Third Dimension: Studies in Literary History.
73628: SPILLMAN, RONALD (PHOTOGRAPHER). - Cat's Whiskers.
56309: SPINDLER, RUSSELL S. - Military Novel.
72619: SPINELLI, JERRY. - Milkweed.
73319: SPINELLI, JERRY. - Eggs.
35554: SPINELLI, EILEEN. - Sophie's Masterpiece: A Spider's Tale.
66849: SPINELLI, JERRY. - Space Station Seventh Grade.
67006: SPINELLI, JERRY. - Maniac Magee.
82014: SPINELLI, JERRY. - The Library Card.
59364: SPINGARN, J. E. (EDITOR). - Critical Essays of the Seventeenth Century (Three Volumes).
50006: SPINK, REGINALD (RETOLD BY). - Fairy Tales of Denmark: A Sledge Ride, the Fat Cat, the Golden Apple, the Poor Horse.
30178: SPINOZA, BARUCH. - How to Improve Your Mind.
27443: SPINRAD, NORMAN. - Greenhouse Summer.
31612: SPINRAD, NORMAN. - Child of Fortune.
27596: SPIRIN, GENNADY. - Tale of the Firebird.
34347: SPIRIN, GENNADY. - A Apple Pie.
55369: SPIRO, SOCRATES. - Arabic-English Dictionary of the Colloquial Arabic of Egypt.
70202: SPITZ, LEWIS W. - Conrad Celtis: The German Arch-Humanist.
28749: SPITZ, ELLEN HANDLER. - Inside Picture Books.
60226: SPITZER, MATTHEW L. - Seven Dirty Words and Six Other Stories: Controlling the Content of Print and Broadcast.
70180: SPITZER, ALAN B. - French Generation of 1820.
63548: SPIVAK, GAYATRI CHAKRAVORTY. - Spivak Reader: Selected Works of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.
20626: SPIVEY, NIGEL. - Enduring Creation: Art, Pain, and Fortitude.
57991: SPIVEY, NIGEL. - Songs on Bronze: The Greek Myths Made Real.
78179: SPLINT, SARAH FIELD. - Art of Cooking and Serving.
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49266: STEWART, TRENTON LEE. - Mysterious Benedict Society.
65415: STEWART, IAN. - Les Fractals: Les Chroniques de Rose Polymath.
51460: STEWART, J. I. M. - Myself and Michael Innes: A Memoir.
20730: STEWART, R. J. - Celtic Myths, Celtic Legends.
76608: STEWART, JACKIE AND DYMOCK, ERIC. - Jackie Stewart: World Champion.
63145: STEWART, IAN. - Flatterland: Like Flatland, Only More So.
60615: STEWART, IAN. - Another Fine Math You've Got Me Into. . .
68642: STEWART, D. H. - Mikhail Sholokhov: A Critical Introduction.
67839: STEWART, JOAN HINDE. - Gynographs: French Novels By Women of the Late Eighteenth Century.
38398: STEWIG, JOHN WARREN. - Moon's Choice.
22190: STEWIG, JOHN WARREN (RETOLD BY). - Fisherman and His Wife.
48739: STEYAERT, JAN, ET AL (EDITORS). - Human Services and Information Technology: An International Perspective.
77778: STIASNY, KURT. - Was Grimmsche Marchen Erzahlen (Two Volumes).
47708: STICH, STEPHEN P. - Deconstructing the Mind.
67414: STICK, DAVID. - Bald Head: A History of Smith Island and Cape Fear.
84349: STICKNEY, WALT CHRISTOPHER. - How to Live with an Actor.
57075: STIEGLITZ, ALFRED. - Alfred Stieglitz: Photographs & Writings.
47709: STIERLIN, HENRI. - Art of the Aztecs and Its Origins.
74475: STIERNOTTE, ALFRED P. - God and Space-Time: Deity in the Philosophy of Samuel Alexander.
4339: STILES, MARTHA BENNETT. - Star in the Forest: A Mystery of the Dark Ages.
68075: STILES, HENRY REED. - Bundling: Its Origin, Progress and Decline in America.
24491: STILL, PETER AND VINA. - Kidnapped and the Ransomed: The Narrative of Peter and Vina Still After Forty Years of Slavery.
48208: STILL, JAMES. - Run of the Elbertas.
84381: STILL, JAMES. - Jack and the Wonder Beans.
51929: STILLINGER, ELIZABETH. - Historic Deerfield: A Portrait of Early America.
43048: STILLINGER, ELIZABETH. - Historic Deerfield: A Portrait of Early America.
70603: STILLINGER, THOMAS C. - Song of Troilus: Lyric Authority in the Medieval Book.
45168: STILLINGER, ELIZABETH. - Historic Deerfield: A Portrait of Early America.
73645: STILLMAN, DAMIE. - Decorative Work of Robert Adam.
79562: STILLMAN, PETER G. (EDITOR). - Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit.
81853: STILLMAN, NIGEL, ET AL. - Warhammer: Armies.
64617: STILSON, CHARLES BILLINGS. - Seven Blue Diamonds.
24888: STILWELL, STEVEN A. - What Mystery Do I Read Next?: A Reader's Guide to Recent Mystery Fiction (Second Edition).
66701: STIMSON, F. J. - King Noanett: A Story of Old Virginia and the Massachusetts Bay.
23865: STINCHECUM, AMANDA MAYER. - Kosode: 16th-19th Century Textiles from the Nomura Collection.
46807: STINE, J. H. - History of the Army of the Potomac.
63369: STINE, MEGAN AND STINE, H. WILLIAM. - Three Investigators in the Case of the Weeping Coffin (Number 1).
83189: STINE, RICHARD. - World of Richard Stine.
26220: STING. - Shape of My Heart.
79304: STING. - Shape of My Heart.
34165: STIRK, DAVID. - 'carry Your Bag, Sir?': The Story of Golf's Caddies.
9509: STIRK, S. D. - Prussian Spirit: A Survey of German Literature and Politics, 1914-1940.
66165: STIRLING, S. M. - Meeting at Corvallis.
36715: (CHRISTOPHER MORLEY) STIRLING, EDWARD. - Rag-Picker of Paris Or the Modest Modiste.
65712: STIRLING, S. M. - Sunrise Lands.
65713: STIRLING, S. M. - Scourge of God.
70006: STIRLING, S. M. - Sword of the Lady: A Novel of the Change.
66161: STIRLING, S. M. - Sky People.
70007: STIRLING, S. M. - Protector's War.
79988: STITES, RAYMOND S., ET AL. - Sublimations of Leonardo Da Vinci: With a Translation of the Codex Trivulzianus.
42292: STIVERS, DAVE. - Nabisco Brands Collection of Cream of Wheat Advertising Art.
33797: STIX, JUDITH SAUL. - Bessie Lowenhaupt: From Life: A Very Personal Portrait.
59271: STJERNA, KNUT. - Essays on Questions Connected with the Old English Poem of Beowulf.
74621: (CHARLES PERRAULT) STOBBS, WILLIAM (RETOLD AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Puss in Boots: Perrault's 'maitre Chat. '
51370: STOCK, BRIAN (TRANSLATED AND INTRODUCED BY). - Medieval Latin Lyrics.
60017: TOWN OF STOCKBRIDGE. - Stockbridge Story, 1739-1989.
15166: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - Best Short Stories of Frank R. Stockton.
67183: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - Bee-Man of Orn and Other Fanciful Tales.
27665: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - Casting Away of Mrs. Lecks and Mrs. Aleshin.
860: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - Late Mrs Null.
75166: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - John Gayther's Garden and the Stories Told Therein.
76109: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - Stories of the Three Burglars.
79285: VAN STOCKUM, HILDA. - Gerrit and the Organ.
76009: STODDARD, WHITNEY S. - Facade of Saint-Gilles-Du-Garde: Its Influence on French Sculpture.
83814: STODDARD, TOM. - Turnaround: Paul "Bear" Bryant's First Year at Alabama.

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