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77653: SCOTT-MONCRIEFF, DAVID. - Three-Pointed Star: The Story of Mercedes-Benz.
9678: SCOTT, J. M. - Hudson of Hudson's Bay.
60378: SCOTT, MARTHA B. - Artist and the Sportsman.
81306: SCOTT, SIR WALTER. - The Bride of Lammermoor I (Miniature).
16847: SCOTT, CLEO M. AND SCOTT, JR., G. RYLAND. - Antique Porcelain Digest.
76957: SCOTT, SIR WALTER. - Quentin Durward.
47527: SCOTT, W. I. D. - Shakespeare's Melancholics.
90066: SCOTT, SIR WALTER (EDITOR). - Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border: Consisting of Historical and Romantic Ballads Collected in the Southern Counties of Scotland with a Few of Modern Date Founded Upon Local Tradition.
92786: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume X (10) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
92769: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XIV (14).
82536: SCOTT, ALLEN J. - Geography and Economy: Three Lectures.
92804: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXXII (32) - in Three Parts (Three Books).
92787: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XVI (16) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
92745: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume VI (6).
92778: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXIX (29) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
78471: SCOTT, A. C. - Flower and Willow World: The Story of the Geisha.
85347: SCOTT, MARK M. - Conflict Pvp: Tactics & Teams.
52207: SCOTT-JAMES, ANNE. - Gardening Letters to My Daughter.
92784: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XI (11) - in Three Parts (Three Books).
92785: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XIX (19) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
92792: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXXVI (36) - in Three Parts (Three Books).
92793: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXX (30) - in Four Parts (Four Books).
79452: SCOTT, WILSON L. - Conflict between Atomism and Conservation Theory, 1644-1860.
92806: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXXV (35) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
92789: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXXIV (34) - in Four Parts (Four Books).
62823: SCOTT, EDWARD M. - Adolescent Gap: Research Findings on Drug Using and Non-Drug Using Teens.
92781: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXIII (23) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
92780: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXIV (24) - in Three Parts (Three Books).
92782: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XX (20) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
66423: SCOTT, J. M. - Great Tea Venture.
92766: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume VII (7).
92779: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXII (22) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
87255: SCOTT, ALEXANDER AND GIFFORD, DOUGLAS (EDITORS). - Neil M. Gunn: The Man and the Writer.
92775: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXVIII (28) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
92776: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXVI (26) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
92772: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXXI (31) - in Three Parts (Three Books).
92777: SCOTT, ROBERT N., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XXV (25) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
72702: SCOULLER, R. E. - Armies of Queen Anne.
1403: SCOVEL, MYRA. - To Lay a Hearth.
55041: SCOWCROFT, RICHARD. - Children of the Covenant.
55315: SCOWCROFT, RICHARD. - Back to Fire Mountain.
71599: SCRASE, DAVID. - Flowers of Three Centuries: One Hundred Drawings & Watercolors from the Broughton Collection.
78139: SCRIBNER, BOB AND BENECKE, GERHARD (EDITORS). - German Peasant War of 1525 - New Viewpoints.
87068: (EDITH WHARTON) SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE. - Stories of New York.
61991: SCRIVANI-TIDD, LISA, ET AL. - Greenwood Encyclopedia of Rock History (Six Volumes).
56300: SCUDDER, HORACE ELISHA. - Bodleys Telling Stories.
56301: SCUDDER, HORACE ELISHA. - Bodleys Afoot.
59501: SCULLY, VINCENT. - Pueblo: Mountain, Village, Dance.
35670: SCULLY, JAMES. - Marches: A Book of Poems.
86398: SCULLY, TERENCE. - Art of Cookery on the Middle Ages.
56980: SCURI, PIERA. - Late-Twentieth-Century Skyscrapers.
82805: SCURI, PIERA. - Late-Twentieth-Century Skyscrapers.
91217: VAN SCYOC, SYDNEY J. - Star Mother.
22187: SEABROOK, ELIZABETH. - Cabbages and Kings.
85229: SEABROOK, STEVEN. - Official Mork & Mindy Scrapbook.
65658: SEABROOK, BRENDA. - Vampire in My Bathtub.
24662: SEABY, PETER AND PURVEY, P. FRANK. - Standard Catalogue of British Coins: Volume 2: Coins of Scotland, Ireland & the Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, Man & Lundy).
82320: SEALE, WILLIAM. - Domestic Views: Historic Properties Owned and Supported By the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America.
60068: SEALE, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - White House: Actors and Observers.
76866: SEALEY, MARICRISTIN. - Kinder Dolls: A Waldorf Doll-Making Handbook.
11823: SEALEY, RAPHAEL. - History of the Greek City States: Ca. 700-338 B.C.
44176: SEAMAN, MARK (INTRODUCTION). - Secret Agent's Handbook: The Wwii Spy Manual of Devices, Disguises, Gadgets and Concealed Weapons.
67831: SEAMAN, SYLVIA S. - How to Be a Jewish Grandmother.
64976: SEAMAN, W. A. L. AND SEWELL, J. R. (EDITORS). - Russian Journal of Lady Londonderry, 1836-7.
16655: SEARCY, MARGARET Z. - Charm of the Bear Claw Necklace: A Story of Stone Age Southeastern Indians.
30774: SEARING, HELEN. - Equal Partners: Men and Women Principals in Contemporary Architectural Practice.
76209: SEARING, A. E. P. - Land of Rip Van Winkle: A Tour Through the Romantic Parts of the Catskills: Its Legends and Traditions.
72162: SEARLE, RONALD. - Zoodiac.
33234: SEARLE, RONALD. - Zoodiac.
89207: SEARLE, JOHN R. - Intentionality: An Essay in the Philosophy of Mind.
91024: SEARLE, RONALD. - Which Way Did He Go?
64879: SEARLE, RONALD. - Situation Is Hopeless.
63080: SEARLE, WILLIAM. - Saint & the Skeptics: Joan of Arc in the Work of Mark Twain, Anatole France, and Bernard Shaw.
73152: SEARLE, RONALD. - King of Beasts & Other Creatures.
92979: SEARLE, RONALD. - Marquis de Sade Meets Goody Two-Shoes: A Few Crossed Paths & Treasured Moments.
71561: SEARS, EDMUND HAMILTON. - "That Glorious Song of Old. "
39539: SEARS, MARY SEEHAFER. - Scandinavian Look: Country By Design.
87197: SEARS, HAL D. - The Sex Radicals: Free Love in High Victorian America.
38905: SEATE, MIKE. - Choppers.
14462: SEAVER, PAUL S. - Wallington's World: A Puritan Artisan in Seventeenth-Century London.
26780: SEAVER, GEORGE. - Albert Schweitzer: Christian Revolutionary.
30831: SEAY, JAMES. - Water Tables.
15830: SEBALD, W. G. - The Emigrants.
65733: SEBALD, W. G. - Campo Santo.
14977: SEBASTIAN, JEANINE B. (TRANSLATOR). - Jack, le Tueur de Geants (Jack the Giant Killer).
59578: (JEAN LEE LATHAM) SEBASTIAN, JEANINE B. (TRANSLATOR). - Casse-Noisette (Nutcracker).
13183: SEBBY, SAM R. - Three Dragons.
16191: SEBOLD, ALICE. - Lucky.
29226: SEBOLD, ALICE. - Lucky.
51985: SEBOLD, ALICE. - Lucky.
89327: SEBOLD, ALICE. - Lucky.
59945: SECHAN, EDMOND. - String Bean (le Haricot).
86643: SECKEL, DIETRICH. - Art of Buddhism.
12358: SECKER, MARTIN (CHOSEN BY). - Eighteen-Nineties: A Period Anthology in Prose and Verse.
48150: SECUNDUS, JOANNES. - Basia of Joannes Secundus.
43071: SEDARIS, AMY. - I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence.
48555: SEDEN, JANET AND REYNOLDS, JILL (EDITORS). - Managing Care in Practice.
18496: SEDENKO, JERRY. - Butterfly Garden: Creating Beautiful Gardens to Attract Butterflies.
61925: SEDGES, JOHN (PEARL S. BUCK). - Long Love.
76978: SEDGWICK, HENRY DWIGHT. - Life of Edward the Black Prince, 1330-1376: The Flower of Knighthood out of All the World.
92631: SEDLEY, DAVID (EDITOR). - Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy.
72488: SEED, PATRICIA. - Ceremonies of Possession in Europe's Conquest of the New World, 1492-1640.
2232: SEEGAL, DAVID. - Victories & Foibles: Some Western Haiku.
42783: SEEGER, PETE (WORDS AND MUSIC). - One Grain of Sand: A Lullaby.
30258: SEEGER, PETE AND JACAOBS, PAUL DUBOIS. - Abiyoyo Returns.
87334: SEEGER, PETE. - The Incompleat Folksinger.
56330: SEEGER, RUTH CRAWFORD. - American Folk Songs for Christmas.
58982: SEEGER, RUTH CRAWFORD. - Music of American Folk Song and Selected Other Writings on American Folk Music.
72809: SEEGER, PETE AND SEEGER, CHARLES. - Foolish Frog.
65883: SEEGER, PEGGY. - Folk Songs of Peggy Seeger: 88 Traditional Ballads and Songs.
74722: SEEL, GRAHAM E. AND SMITH, DAVID L. - Early Stuart Kings, 1603-1642.
39720: SEELEY, J. - High Contrast.
41771: SEELEY, ROBERT A. - Handbook of Non-Violence.
1974: SEELEY, DAVID. - Too Cool to Get Married and Other True Stories.
31264: SEELIG, PATRICK. - Historic Golf Courses of America.
57349: SEELYE, JOHN. - The Kid.
82115: SEELYE, L. CLARK. - Early History of Smith College, 1871-1910.
890: SEESE, JUNE AKERS. - James Mason and the Walk-in Closet.
60156: SEFERIS, GEORGE. - Collected Poems (Revised Edition).
32421: SEFERIS, GEORGE. - On the Greek Style: Selected Essays in Poetry and Hellenism.
35587: SEFERIS, GEORGE. - Poems.
91856: SEFERIS, GEORGE. - On the Greek Style: Selected Essays in Poetry and Hellenism.
28519: SEFTON, CATHERINE. - Island of the Strangers.
53405: SEFTON, CATHERINE. - Ghost and Bertie Boggin.
36262: SEGAL, LORE. - Other People's Houses.
58429: (BROTHERS GRIMM) SEGAL, LORE (TRANSLATOR). - Bear and the Kingbird: A Tale from the Brothers Grimm.
51969: SEGAL, JERRY. - Place Where Nobody Stopped.
85592: SEGALEN, VICTOR. - Steles.
84949: SEGALL, J. PETER. - Deduct This Book!*: How Not to Pay Taxes While Ronald Reagan Is President.
84948: SEGALL, J. PETER. - Deduct This Book!*: How Not to Pay Taxes While Ronald Reagan Is President.
22747: SEGALL, MARK AND TOBIN, MARGARET. - How to Make Love to Your Money.
25856: SEGARRA, ANGELO. - Coca Finds a Shell.
84012: SEGAWA, SETSUKO. - Japanese Quilt Art II: Progressive Quilt.
84013: SEGAWA, SETSUKO. - Japanese Quilt Art.
29853: SEGER, KARL A. - Anti-Terrorism Handbook: A Practical Guide to Counteraction Planning and Operations for Individuals, Businesses, and Government.
65654: SEGHERS, ANNA. - Revolt of the Fishermen.
44541: SEGI, SHINICHI. - Yoshitoshi: The Splendid Decadent.
74704: SEGRAVE, KERRY AND MARTIN, LINDA. - Continental Actress: European Film Stars of the Postwar Era.
62635: SEGREST, JAMES AND HOFFMAN, MARK. - Moanin' at Midnight: The Life and Times of Howlin' Wolf.
78078: SEGUIN, L. G. - Country of the Passion-Play: The Highlands and Highlanders of Bavaria.
57107: SEGY, LADISLAS. - Masks of Black Africa.
29247: SEHGAL, RASHME. - Home for Bhadrakali and Other Poems.
72341: SEIA, HUGO. - Mundjamba: The Life Story of an African Hunter.
42138: SEIDEL, MAX (PHOTOGRAPHER). - Suddeutsches Barock.
61901: SEIDEL, FREDERICK. - My Tokyo: Poems.
70703: SEIDEL, FREDERICK. - Nice Weather.
63014: SEIDLER, VICTOR J. (EDITOR). - Achilles Heel Reader: Men, Sexual Politics and Socialism.
44508: SEIDLER, VICTOR J. (EDITOR). - Achilles Heel Reader: Men, Sexual Politics and Socialism.
55645: (DAVID HOCKNEY) SEIDLER, TOR. - Dulcimer Boy.
82339: SEIDLER, GUNTER HARRY. - In Others' Eyes: An Analysis of Shame.
33161: SEIDMAN, HUGH. - Blood Lord.
60494: SEIDMAN, STEVEN. - Liberalism and the Origins of European Social Theory.
22550: SEIFE, CHARLES. - Alpha & Omega: The Search for the Beginning and End of the Universe.
16493: SEIFERT, ELIZABETH. - Doctor's Strange Secret.
16494: SEIFERT, ELIZABETH. - Dr. Jeremy's Wife.
16492: SEIFERT, ELIZABETH. - Two Faces of Dr. Collier.
14234: SEIFERT, JAROSLAV. - Casting of Bells.
52907: SEIFERT, LUCY. - Mysterious Golem (Pop-Up).
60605: SEIFERT, JAROSLAV. - Halley's Comet.
90140: SEIFERTOVA, LUCIE. - Mysterious Castles and Chateaux of Bohemia (Pop-Up).
23370: SEIGEL, JERROLD (EDITOR). - Figures on the Horizon.
20474: SEIKE, KIYOSHI, KUDO, MASANOBU, WITH ENGEL, DAVID H. - Japanese Touch for Your Garden.
25390: SEIKE, KIYOSHI, KUDO, MASANOBU, WITH ENGEL, DAVID H. - Japanese Touch for Your Garden.
27417: SEIKE, KIYOSHI, KUDO, MASANOBU, WITH ENGEL, DAVID H. - Japanese Touch for Your Garden.
59798: NOMA SEIROKU. - Arts of Japan: Ancient and Medieval, Vol. I.
86710: SELBORNE, JOANNA. - British Wood-Engraved Book Illustration, 1904-1940: A Break with Tradition.
82040: SELBY, SPENCER. - Dark City: The Film Noir.
31392: SELBY, HENRY A. - Zapotec Deviance: The Convergence of Folk and Modern Sociology.
10097: SELBY, BETTINA. - Frail Dream of Timbuktu.
11610: SELBY, JOHN. - Balaclava: Gentlemen's Battle.
90651: SELBY, JOHN. - Over the Sea to Skye: The Forty-Five.
82355: SELBY, RICHARD. - Know Your Number.
92932: SELBY, BETTINA. - Riding to Jerusalem.
72396: SELDIS, ANNA BRUNI. - La Dolce Cucina: The Italian Dessert Cookbook.
83956: SELF, JO. - Flowers.
31906: SELF, MARGARET CABELL. - Henrietta.
69811: SELF, MARGARET CABELL. - Fun on Horseback.
75621: SELF, MARGARET CABELL. - Shaggy Little Burro of San Miguel.
16482: SELF, WILL. - Sweet Smell of Psychosis.
68367: SELF, MARGARET CABELL. - Chitter Chat Stories.
92313: SELF, MARGARET CABELL. - The Happy Year.
45946: SELIG, ROBERT A., ET AL. - En Avant with Our French Allies.
27339: SELIGMAN, CRAIG. - Sontag & Kael: Opposites Attract Me.
2250: SELIGMAN, GERMAIN. - Oh! Fickle Taste Or, Objectivity in Art.
57180: SELIGMAN, PATRICIA. - Painting Murals: Images, Ideas and Techniques.
78708: SELIGMAN, BEN B. - Permanent Poverty: An American Syndrome.
87924: (ALFRED STIEGLITZ) SELIGMANN, HERBERT J. (FOREWORD). - Alfred Stieglitz Talking: Notes on Some of His Conversations, 1925-1931.
90562: SELIGSON, FRED JEREMY. - Narabi-Oka, the Woods.
74019: SELINE, JANICE, ET AL. - L'illustration de la Chanson Folklorique Au Quebec Des Origines a la Bonne Chanson / the Illustration of the Folksong in Quebec from Its Origins to la Bonne Chanson.
79895: SELL, HENRY BLACKMAN AND WEYBRIGHT, VICTOR. - Buffalo Bill and the Wild West.
42448: SELLAR, W. Y. - Roman Poets of the Augustan Age: Horace and the Elegiac Poets.
22685: SELLEW, CATHARINE F. - Adventures with the Giants.
24711: SELLEW, CATHARINE F. - Adventures with the Giants.
71780: SELLIN, PAUL R. - So Doth, So Is Religion: John Donne and Diplomatic Contexts in the Reformed Netherlands, 1619-1620.
64517: SELSAM, MILLICENT E. - Greg's Microscope.
15937: SELSAM, MILLICENT E. - Terry and the Caterpillars.
67049: SELSAM, MILLICENT. - You and the World Around You.
48245: SELSAM, MILLICENT E. - Terry and the Caterpillars.
67026: SELSAM, MILLICENT E. - When an Animal Grows.
83779: SELSAM, MILLICENT E. - Microbes at Work.
73438: SELSAM, MILLICENT E. - Greg's Microscope.
17565: SELTMAN, CHARLES. - Twelve Olympians.
48768: SELTZER, MICHAEL, ET AL (EDITORS). - Listening to the Welfare State.
7356: SELWYN, FRANCIS. - Sergeant Verity and the Swell Mob.
87840: SELZ, JEAN. - Gustave Moreau.
57461: SELZ, IRMA. - Curious Tourists.
51191: SELZNICK, BRIAN. - Invention of Hugo Cabret.
44397: SELZNICK, BRIAN. - Invention of Hugo Cabret.
75571: SEMBACH, KLAUS-JURGEN. - Henry Van de Velde.
14662: WEDGWOOD INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR. - Wedgwood: Its Competitors & Imitators, 1800-1830.
90378: SEMLER, L. E. - Eliza's Babes: Or the Virgins-Offering (1652): A Critical Edition.
41497: SEMMEL, STUART. - Napoleon and the British.
11283: SEMPE. - Par Avion.
92497: SEMPRUN, JORGE. - The Long Voyage.
30600: SEN GUPTA, S. C. - Shakespeare's Historical Plays.
90461: SEN, RAMPRASAD. - Grace and Mercy in Her Wild Hair: Selected Poems to the Mother Goddess.
73862: LIN TSIU-SEN. - Organismus Und Organisation: Ein Chinesischer Beitrag Zur Ordnung Der Welt.
84254: SEN, PRANAB KUMAR. - Logic, Induction and Ontology: Essays in Philosophical Analysis.
4794: SENA, JORGE DE. - In Crete with the Minotaur and Other Poems.
53000: SENDAK, PHILIP. - In Grandpa's House.
85348: SENDAK, MAURICE. - We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy: Two Nursery Rhymes.
41290: SENDAK, PHILIP. - In Grandpa's House.
86086: SENDAK, MAURICE. - In the Night Kitchen.
55485: SENDAK, MAURICE. - In the Night Kitchen.
75161: SENDAK, MAURICE. - Nutshell Library (Miniature Four Volume Boxed Set).
65906: SENDAK, MAURICE. - Hector Protector and As I Went over the Water: Two Nursery Rhymes with Pictures.
79159: SENDAK, PHILIP. - In Grandpa's House.
88763: SENDAK, MAURICE. - Bumble-Ardy.
63523: SENDAK, MAURICE. - Where the Wild Things Are.
92973: SENDAK, MAURICE. - Maurice Sendak: Fantasy Sketches.
84003: SENDAK, JACK. - Circus Girl.
76821: SENDAK, JACK. - Magic Tears.
4302: SENDER, RAMON. - Tales of Cibola.
91565: SENDREY, ALFRED. - The Music of the Jews in the Diaspora (Up to 1800): A Contribution to the Social and Cultural History of the Jews.
51407: SENECA. - Seneca's Tragedies: Oedipus, Troades, Agamemnon.
66640: SENEFELDER, ALOIS. - Invention of Lithography.
241: SENELICK, LAURENCE. - Age and Stage of George L. Fox: 1825-1877.
71401: SENELICK, LAURENCE (EDITOR). - Theatre Arts on Acting.
36286: SENIOR, WILLIAM. - Travel and Trout in the Antipodes: An Angler's Sketches in Tasmania and New Zealand.
41933: SENN, ALFRED ERICH. - Emergence of Modern Lithuania.
49186: SENN, FRITZ (EDITOR). - New Light on Joyce from the Dublin Symposium.
42627: SENSABAUGH, G. F. - Tragic Muse of John Ford.
53052: SENTER, BILL. - Color Transfer (Achieving Impressionistic Effects with Watercolor Markers and Inks).
92423: SEOANE, COLONEL CONSUELO ANDREW. - Beyond the Ranges.
76583: SEPER, HANS. - Damals Als Die Pferde Scheuten: Die Geschichte Der Osterreichischen Kraftfahrt.
19804: SERAN, VAL. - Viet Nam Mission to Hell!
6400: SERENI, VITTORIO. - Sixteen Poems.
63077: SERENO, RENZO. - Rulers.
30334: SERFOZO, MARY. - Rain Talk.
23292: SERIO, JOHN N. - Wallace Stevens: An Annotated Secondary Bibliography.
87413: SERKIN, AMALIA (DOLL DESIGNER). - The Story of Tom Tit Tot.
17378: SERNETT, MILTON C. - Abolition's Axe: Beriah Green, Oneida Institute, and the Black Freedom Struggle.
60800: SERPELL, JAMES. - In the Company of Animals: A Study of Human-Animal Relationships.
29710: SERRANO, EDUARDO. - Still-Life in Colombia.
77282: SERRANO, PIO E. - Cuaderno de Viaje.
23378: SERRATO-COMBE, ANTONIO. - Aztec Templo Mayor: A Visualization.
43862: SERRELL, ALLISON. - At Home in the Hudson Valley.
68687: SERVENTI, SILVANO AND SABBAN, FRANCOISE. - Pasta: The Story of a Universal Food.
37758: KOREAN OVERSEAS INFORMATION SERVICE. - Rubbings from Ancient Korean Sculpture.
51879: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Shooting of Dan Mcgrew.
72673: ASTRO NUMERIC SERVICE (COMPILED BY). - Afa Astrological Atlas of the United States.
24057: SERVICE, PAMELA F. - Tomorrow's Magic.
72710: SERVICE, ALASTAIR AND BRADBERY, JEAN. - Megaliths and Their Mysteries: A Guide to the Standing Stones of Europe.
76553: SESHADRI, VIJAY. - 3 Sections: Poems.
41180: SESSIONS, ROGER. - Roger Sessions on Music: Collected Essays.
6034: SESSIONS, GENE A. - Prophesying Upon the Bones: J. Reuben Clark and the Foreign Debt Crisis, 1933-39.
59683: SESSIONS, RUTH HUNTINGTON. - Ups and Downs of Emily.
36910: SETBOUN, MICHEL (PHOTOGRAPHY). - Bell Towers of Paris: A Stroll Through the City of Light.
47514: SETCHKAREV, VSEVOLOD. - Studies in the Life and Works of Innokentij Annenskij.
77725: SETH, RONALD. - Noble Saboteurs (the Resistance Against Hitler's Forces).
70032: SETH, RONALD. - Children Against Witches.
83269: SETH, RONALD. - In the Name of the Devil.
85591: (OVID) SETH, RONALD (TRANSLATOR). - Ovid's Art of Love: A New Prose Translation.
91940: SETH, RONALD. - The Spy Who Never Was Caught.
211: SETON, JULIA M. - Indian Creation Stories.
92617: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON. - Woodmyth & Fable.
75887: SETON, ANYA. - Smouldering Fires.
77831: SETON, ANYA. - Avalon.
66414: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON. - Animal Tracks and Hunter Signs.
52660: SETTEGAST, MARY. - When Zarathustra Spoke: The Reformation of Neolithic Culture and Religion.
16612: SETTLE, MARY LEE. - Turkish Reflections: A Biography of a Place.
22668: SETTLE, MARY LEE. - Spanish Recognitions: The Roads to the Present.
32284: SETTLE, MARY LEE. - All the Brave Promises: Memories of Aircraft Woman 2nd Class 2146391.
603: SETTLE, MARY LEE. - Charley Bland.
14638: SETTLE, MARY LEE. - Water World.
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39081: SILVERSTEIN, ALVIN AND VIRGINIA B. - Potatoes: All About Them.
21647: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL. - Different Dances.
45903: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL. - Giving Tree.
90211: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL. - Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Poems & Drawings of Shel Silverstein.
49640: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL. - Different Dances.
93249: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL. - The Missing Piece Meets the Big O.
45713: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL. - A Light in the Attic.
90389: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL. - Uncle Shelby's a Giraffe and a Half.
87501: SILVERSTEIN, THEODORE (EDITOR). - English Lyrics Before 1500.
93147: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL. - Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Poems & Drawings of Shel Silverstein.
86233: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL. - Different Dances.
89369: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL. - Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Poems & Drawings of Shel Silverstein.
41300: SILVESTER, SUSAN B. (EDITOR). - Book of Heath: Bicentennial Essays.
35045: SILVEY, ANITA. - 100 Best Books for Children.
55456: SILVEY, ANITA (EDITOR). - Children's Books and Their Creators.
66851: SILZ, WALTER. - Holderlin's Hyperion: A Critical Reading.
51235: SIM, DAVE. - Swords of Cerebus: Volume Six (with Supplement).
21887: SIMA, CAROL ANN. - Mermaid That Came between Them.
27823: SIMCOX, CARROLL E. - They Met at Philippi: A Devotional Commentary on Phlippians.
18821: SIMENON, GEORGES. - Letter to My Mother.
19172: SIMENON, GEORGES. - Maigret Et L'homme Tout Seul.
41959: SIMENON, GEORGES. - La Cage de Verre.
41960: SIMENON, GEORGES. - Les Anneaux de Bicetre.
81325: SIMENON, GEORGES. - A New Lease on Life.
31764: SIMENON, GEORGES. - Novel of Man.
81483: SIMENON, GEORGES. - Maigret Afraid.
81482: SIMENON, GEORGES. - Maigret and the Old Lady.
81481: SIMENON, GEORGES. - The Widower.
81479: SIMENON, GEORGES. - Maigret's First Case.
81347: SIMENON, GEORGES. - Fate of the Malous.
81346: SIMENON, GEORGES. - Maigret's Revolver.
46786: SIMENON, GEORGES. - Novel of Man.
37097: SIMIC, CHARLES AND STRAND, MARK (EDITORS). - Another Republic: 17 European & South American Writers.
83197: SIMIC, CHARLES. - Somewhere Among Us a Stone Is Taking Notes.
83466: SIMIC, CHARLES. - Austerities: Poems.
83175: SIMIC, CHARLES. - The World Doesn't End: Prose Poems.
63576: SIMIC, CHARLES. - Wonderful Words, Silent Truth: Essays on Poetry and a Memoir.
76054: SIMIC, CHARLES. - Sixty Poems.
74914: SIMMONDS, WILLIAM G. - Advertising Barns: Vanishing American Landmarks.
13701: SIMMONS, STEVEN. - Body Blows.
18619: SIMMONS-MOAKE, JANE. - Agility Training: The Fun Sport for All Dogs.
21984: SIMMONS, STEVEN J. - Greta's Revenge: More Alice and Greta.
40776: SIMMONS, J. L. - Shakespeare's Pagan World: The Roman Tragedies.
24910: SIMMONS, ADELMA GRENIER. - Little Book of Fragrances.
82956: SIMMONS, AMELIA. - American Cookery: A Facsimile of the First Edition, 1796.
78401: SIMMONS, ADELMA GRENIER. - Winter at Caprilands: Herb Teas - Recipes, Their History and Preparation - Gardening Advice.
12325: SIMMONS, ADELMA GRENIER. - Silver Garden: Silver Plants and Silver Gardens.
1261: SIMMONS, DAN. - Lovedeath.
45625: SIMMONS, WILLIAM. - Rolling Thunder.
81452: SIMMONS, ELLIE. - Wheels.
55638: SIMMONS, ADELMA GRENIER. - Strawberry Book.
58194: SIMMONS, ADELMA GRENIER. - Herb Grower's Hand Book.
36780: SIMMONS, ADELMA GRENIER. - Caprilands Wreath Book.
62669: SIMMONS, STEVEN J. - Alice and Greta's Color Magic.
34496: SIMMS, GEORGE OTTO. - Exploring the Book of Kells.
17297: SIMMS, W. GILMORE. - Scout Or the Black Riders of Congaree.
39320: SIMMS, P. MARION. - Bible in America: Versions That Have Played Their Part in the Making of the Republic.
21016: SIMMS, WILLIAM GILMORE. - Poetry and the Practical.
64734: SIMMS, FLORENCE MARY. - Etoffe Du Pays: Lower St. Lawrence Sketches.
36025: SIMON, SEYMOUR. - Paper Airplane Book.
18084: SIMON, CLAUDE. - Triptych.
24101: SIMON, PETER. - I and Eye: Pictures of My Generation.
85986: SIMON, OLIVER (EDITOR). - Signature: A Quadrimestrial of Typography and Graphic Arts: New Series 1, July 1946.
41867: SIMON, NEIL. - Broadway Bound.
41868: SIMON, NEIL. - California Suite.
41870: SIMON, NEIL. - Jake's Women.
42152: SIMON, NEIL. - Sunshine Boys.
87033: SIMON, NEIL. - Barefoot in the Park.
29021: SIMON, NEIL. - Brighton Beach Memoirs.
29914: SIMON, F. E. - Neglect of Science: Essays Addressed to Laymen.
30034: SIMON, DOLORES H. - Shawnee Pottery in Color.
30137: SIMON, NEIL. - Gingerbread Lady.
31122: SIMON, SHIRLEY. - Cousins at Camm Corners.
58430: SIMON, CARLY. - Nighttime Chauffeur.
313: SIMON, ANNE W. - No Island Is an Island: The Ordeal of Martha's Vineyard.
58402: SIMON, FREDERICK J. - Steaklover's Companion: 170 Savory Recipes from America's Greatest Chefs.
46735: SIMON, E. D. - How to Abolish the Slums.
10493: SIMON, ANNE W. - No Island Is an Island: The Ordeal of Martha's Vineyard.
71357: SIMON, NEIL. - Odd Couple.
53264: SIMON, HOWARD. - Cabin on a Ridge.
91418: SIMON, ROGER L. - The Mama Tass Manifesto.
88280: SIMON, LESLIE. - Jazz / Is for White Girls, Too.
85773: (AUSTIN WARREN) SIMON, MYRON AND GROSS, HARVEY (EDITORS). - Teacher & Critic: Essays By and About Austin Warren.
55700: SIMON, PAUL. - Lyrics, 1964-2008.
66484: SIMON, NEIL. - Brighton Beach Memoirs.
60781: SIMON, NEIL. - Odd Couple.
91419: SIMON, ROGER L. - The Mama Tass Manifesto.
86078: SIMONDS, O. C. - Landscape-Gardening.
79379: SIMONIN, LOUIS L. - Rocky Mountain West in 1867.
6639: SIMONS, RICHARD S. - Rivers of Indiana.

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