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72810: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO. - The Prince.
65986: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO. - Mandragola.
79659: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO. - The Prince.
6739: MACHLIN, MILT. - Joshua's Altar: The Dig at Mount Ebal.
83364: MACHLIN, MIKKI. - My Name Is Not Gussie.
74249: MACHOVEC, FRANK J. - Hypnosis Complications: Prevention and Risk Management.
48430: MACHRAY, ROBERT. - Night Side of London.
1670: MACHUGH, EDWARD. - Favorite Radio Hymns of Edward Machugh.
34634: MACINNES, HAMISH. - Beyond the Ranges: Five Years in the Life of Hamish Macinnes.
64875: MACINNES, HAMISH. - Climb to the Lost World.
70401: MACINNES, C. M. - Early English Tobacco Trade.
26502: MACINNIS, CRAIG (EDITOR). - Remembering the Rocket: A Celebration.
52997: MACINTIRE, FRANCES W. - Home: A Bit of Heaven: Life in New England Methodist Parsonages at the Turn of the Century.
75809: MACINTYRE, A. C. - The Unconscious: A Conceptual Study.
5455: MACINTYRE, DONALD. - Wings of Neptune: The Story of Naval Aviation.
65446: MACINTYRE, BEN. - Forgotten Fatherland: The Search for Elisabeth Nietzsche.
12099: MACIVER, R. M. - Challenge of the Passing Years: My Encounter with Time.
76239: MACK, MICHAEL. - Sidney's Poetics: Imitating Creation.
72208: MACK, DAVID. - Kabuki: Circle of Blood (Vol. 1).
32902: MACK, NOELLE. - Red Velvet.
46633: MACK, CONNIE. - Connie Mack's Baseball Book.
80916: MACK, ROBERT ELLICE (EDITOR). - Blind Man's Buff, Stories and Rhymes for Holiday Times.
21600: MACKAL, ROY P. - Monsters of Loch Ness.
77548: MACKAY, GEORGE D., ET AL. - Stock Exchange in Caricature: A Private Collection of Caricatures, Cartoons and Character Sketrches of Members of the New York Stock Exchange, Humorously Portraying Their Fads and Foibles, and Conveying the Jovial Spirit and Good Fellowship. . . : Part One.
58522: MACKAY, DONALD. - Square Mile: Merchant Princes of Montreal.
74631: MACKAY, SHENA. - Bowl of Cherries.
10074: MACKAY, SHENA. - Dunedin.
87445: MACKAY, NIGEL. - Motivation and Explanation: An Essay of Freud's Philosophy of Science.
64740: MACKAY, JAMES. - Animaliers: A Collector's Guide to the Animal Sculptors of the 19th & 20th Centuries.
54759: MACKAY, DONALD A. - Building of Manhattan.
80756: MACKAY, ROBERT B., ET AL (EDITORS). - Long Island Country Houses and Their Architects, 1860-1940.
12170: MACKAYE, PERCY. - Sappho and Phaon: A Tragedy.
26441: MACKELLAR, WILLIAM. - Witch of Glen Gowrie.
75912: MACKEN, WALTER. - City of the Tribes.
85808: MACKENZIE, ROBERT C. - Football Scouting.
44336: MACKENZIE, W. DOUGLAS. - Ethics of Gambling.
33298: MACKENZIE, MARY MARGARET. - Plato on Punishment.
33704: MACKENZIE, CATHERINE. - Alexander Graham Bell: The Man Who Contracted Space.
35300: MACKENZIE, GARRY (ILLUSTRATOR). - Mother Goose.
6020: MACKENZIE, DONALD. - Sleep Is for the Rich.
47206: MACKENZIE, DONALD A. - Folk Tales from Russia.
74848: MACKENZIE, W. M. - Battle of Bannockburn: A Study in Medieval Warfare.
55146: MACKENZIE, OSGOOD HANBURY. - Hundred Years in the Highlands.
66393: MACKENZIE, JAMES. - Diseases of the Heart.
75244: MACKER, JOHN. - Burroughs at Santo Domingo.
10116: MACKETT-BEESON, A. E. J. - Chessmen.
12546: MACKIE, MARY-FRANCES L. - Avon, Connecticut: An Historical Story.
62428: MACKIE, MARY-FRANCES L. - Avon, Connecticut: An Historical Story.
40281: MACKINLAY, HELEN. - Fifty-Five Photographs.
84503: MACKINSTRY, E. - The Fairy Alphabet: As Used By Merlin.
52196: MACKINTOSH, PRUDENCE. - Thundering Sneakers.
52193: MACKINTOSH, PRUDENCE. - Retreads.
25411: MACKLIN, KEN. - Dr. Watchstop: Adventures in Time and Space.
30494: MACKNESS, ROBIN. - Massacre at Oradour.
16495: MACKSEY, JOAN AND KENNETH. - Guinness Guide to Feminine Achievements.
7841: MACKSEY, KENNETH. - Guinness History of Land Warfare.
57316: MACKWORTH-PRAED, C. W. AND GRANT, C. H. B. - Birds of Eastern and North Eastern Africa: African Handbook of Birds, Series I, Volume I.
24239: MACLACHLAN, PATRICIA. - Skylark.
58064: MACLACHLAN, PATRICIA. - Tomorrow's Wizard.
73979: MACLACHLAN, PATRICIA. - Tomorrow's Wizard.
8704: MACLACHLAN, PATRICIA. - Arthur, for the Very First Time.
51577: MACLACHLAN, PATRICIA. - Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt.
54127: MACLACHLAN, PATRICIA. - More Perfect Than the Moon.
50268: MACLACHLAN, PATRICIA. - Tomorrow's Wizard.
44677: MACLACHLAN, PATRICIA. - Sarah, Plain and Tall.
85126: MACLACHLAN, PATRICIA. - Sarah, Plain and Tall.
28522: MACLACHLAN, PATRICIA. - Sarah, Plain and Tall.
83560: MACLAGAN, R. C. - Evil Eye in the Western Highlands.
67214: MACLANE, MARY. - Tender Darkness: A Mary Maclane Anthology.
86164: MACLAREN, DEANNA. - Little Blue Room.
86965: MACLAREN, DEANNA. - The First of All Pleasures.
7906: MACLAVERTY, BERNARD. - Walking the Dog and Other Stories.
78221: MACLAY, EDGAR STANTON. - History of American Privateers.
16625: MACLEAN, ANGUS H. - Galloping Gospel.
30142: MACLEAN, ALASDAIR. - From the Wilderness.
83241: MACLEAN, FITZROY. - Take Nine Spies.
33571: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR. - Seawitch.
4332: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR. - Captain Cook.
4713: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR. - Lonely Sea: Collected Short Stories.
7389: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR. - Force 10 from Navarone.
63627: MACLEAN, NORMAN. - A River Runs Through It.
72205: MACLEAN, NORMAN. - River Runs Through It.
86701: MACLEAN, FRENCH L. - Donitz's Crews: Germany's U-Boat Sailors in World War II.
53611: MACLEAN, NORMAN. - River Runs Through It.
70640: MACLEAR, CHRISTY AND ALBRECHT, DONALD. - Glass House: Pairings.
73812: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD. - Six Plays.
57110: MACLEISH, RODERICK. - Man Who Wasn't There.
32313: MACLEISH, WILLIAM H. - Gulf Stream: Encounters with the Blue God.
45003: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD. - Public Speech: Poems.
32596: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD. - Conquistador.
46468: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD. - Conquistador.
47324: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD. - Human Season: Selected Poems, 1926-1972.
45573: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD. - Herakles: A Play in Verse.
51252: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD. - Herakles: A Play in Verse.
51251: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD. - Herakles: A Play in Verse.
52526: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD. - American Cause.
87385: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD. - The Irresponsibles: A Declaration.
19987: MACLEOD, RUTH. - Nurse Ann in Surgery.
21533: MACLEOD, MARY (RETOLD BY). - King Arthur: Stories from Sir Thomas Malory's Morte D'arthur.
44684: MACLEOD, JOHN. - Dynasty: The Stuarts, 1560-1807.
74820: MACLEOD, FIONA (WILLIAM SHARP). - Immortal Hour: A Drama in Two Acts.
1231: MACLEOD, CHARLOTTE. - Vane Pursuit.
1232: MACLEOD, CHARLOTTE. - Corpse in Oozak's Pond.
1370: MACLEOD, CHARLOTTE. - Owl Too Many
3177: MACLEOD, DAWN. - Oasis of the North: A Highland Garden.
40365: MACMAHON, BRYAN. - Jack O'moora and the King of Ireland's Son.
76897: MACMAHON, DARRIN M. - Divine Fury: A History of Genius.
49604: MACMANUS, SEUMAS. - Lad of the O'friels.
61789: MACMASTER, NEIL. - Burning the Veil: The Algerian War and the 'emancipation' of Muslim Women, 1954-62.
12848: MACMILLAN, CYRUS. - Glooskap's Country and Other Indian Tales.
15871: MACMILLAN, IAN. - Proud Monster.
78866: MACMILLAN, MIRIAM. - Etuk, the Eskimo Hunter.
34786: MACMILLAN, MARGARET. - Women of the Raj.
60462: MACMULLEN, RAMSAY. - Roman Social Relations, 50 B.C. To A.D. 284.
51738: MACNAB, GEOFFREY. - J. Arthur Rank and the British Film Industry.
41475: MACNAIR, PETER L. AND HOOVER, ALAN L. - Magic Leaves: A History of Haida Argillite Carving.
65902: MACNAMARA, JOHN. - Through the Rearview Mirror: Historical Reflections on Psychology.
77116: MACNAUGHTON, WILLIAM R. - Mark Twain's Last Years As a Writer.
26975: MACNEICE, LOUIS. - One for the Grave: A Modern Morality Play.
72386: MACNEIL, DUNCAN. - Charge of Cowardice.
53796: MACNEILL, EOIN. - Early Irish Laws and Institutions.
79320: MACNESS, JAY JACKSON. - American Witch.
74284: MACNESS, JAY JACKSON. - American Witch.
63979: MACNICOL, MARY. - Flower Cookery: The Art of Cooking with Flowers.
4719: MACONIE, ROBIN. - Science of Music.
87564: MACPHAIL, I. M. M. - The Crofters' War.
21583: MACPIKE, LORALEE. - Dostoevsky's Dickens: A Study of Literary Influence.
27819: MACQUARRIE, JOHN. - God-Talk: An Examination of the Language and Logic of Theology.
64334: MACQUARRIE, JOHN. - Jesus Christ in Modern Thought.
5061: MACQUEEN, J. G. - Hittites and Their Contemporaries in Asia Minor.
10124: MACQUOID, KATHARINE S. - Ward of the King: A Romance.
42181: MACRAE, MARION AND ADAMSON, ANTHONY. - Hallowed Walls: Church Architecture of Upper Canada.
31391: MACRAE, KENNETH A. - Highland Ways and Byways: A Selection from the Writings of Kenneth A. Macrae, 'coinneach Mor. '
82153: MACRAE, MARION AND ADAMSON, ANTHONY. - Ancestral Roof: Domestic Architecture of Upper Canada.
63107: MACRAE-GIBSON, GAVIN. - Secret Life of Buildings: An American Mythology for Modern Architecture.
82612: MACRITCHIE, DAVID. - Fians, Fairies and Picts.
23435: MACRURY, ELIZABETH BANKS. - Town Pounds: The Carats of New England History.
24488: MACSWEENEY, DAVID. - Crazy Ape: Sanity, Madness, Your Brain and You.
19537: MACVEY, JOHN W. - Time Travel: A Guide to Journeys in the Fourth Dimension.
39735: MACWEENEY, ALLEN AND ALLISON, SUE. - Bloomsbury Reflections.
87499: MADAN, T. N. - Non-Renunciation: Themes and Interpretations of Hindu Culture.
75648: MADAN, G. R. - Western Sociologists on Indian Society: Marx, Spencer, Weber, Durkheim, Pareto.
51703: MADARIAGA, SALVADOR DE. - Blowing Up of the Parthenon Or How to Lose the Cold War.
78025: MADAULE, JACQUES. - Albigensian Crusade: An Historical Essay.
13272: MADDEN, DAVID (EDITOR). - Remembering James Agee.
19510: MADDEN, STEVE (EDITOR). - Stradella's Black Book (Sir Knight Magazine).
48451: MADDEN, GARY (EDITOR). - Emerging Telecommunications Networks: The International Handbook of Telecommunications Economics, Volume II.
81840: MADDEN, CHRIS CASSON WITH PALOMBA, SARAH ELIZABETH. - Soul of a House: Decorating with Warmth, Style, and Comfort.
64338: MADDEN, THOMAS F. - Concise History of the Crusades.
87454: MADDOCK, JAMES W. AND LARSON, NOEL R. - Incestuous Families: An Ecological Approach to Understanding and Treatment.
15430: MADDOW, BEN. - Let Truth Be the Prejudice: W. Eugene Smith: His Life and Photographs.
51888: MADDOW, BEN. - Faces: A Narrative History of the Portrait in Photography.
38668: MADDOX, LUCY. - Nabokov's Novels in English.
68511: MADDOX, DONALD. - Arthurian Romances of Chretien de Troyes: Once and Future Fictions.
52480: MADDOX, LUCY. - Nabokov's Novels in English.
87814: MADDOX, ROBERT JAMES (EDITOR). - Hiroshima in History: The Myths of Revisionism.
20125: MADDUX, RACHEL. - Communication, the Autobiography of Rachel Maddux, and Her Novella, Turnip's Blood.
9596: MADDUX, RACHEL. - Walk in the Spring Rain.
74587: MADEIRA, GRACE L., ET AL. - Sailors' Valentines: Their Journey Through Time.
70618: MADELEVA, SISTER M. - Pearl: A Study in Spiritual Dryness.
70139: MADER, GUNTER AND NEUBERT-MADER, LAILA. - English Formal Garden: Five Centuries of Design.
33918: MADGE, STEVE AND BURN, HILARY. - Crows and Jays: A Guide to the Crows, Jays and Magpies of the World.
61404: MADIGAN, M. J. - Steuben Design: A Legacy of Light and Form.
76462: MADIS, GEORGE. - Winchester Book.
22580: MADISON, CHARLES A. - Owl Among Colophons: Henry Holt As Publisher and Editor.
10986: MADISON, CHARLES A. - Irving to Irving: Author-Publisher Relations 1800-1974.
78223: MADISON, JAMES. - Complete Madison: His Basic Writings.
59748: MADISON, LUCY FOSTER. - Joan of Arc: The Warrior Maid.
74499: MADISON, JANET (SELECTED BY). - Toasts You Ought to Know.
38867: MADONNA. - Yakov and the Seven Thieves.
40862: MADONNA. - English Roses.
86772: MADONNA. - Yakov and the Seven Thieves.
86771: MADONNA. - Adventures of Abdi.
86770: MADONNA. - Lotsa de Casha.
54468: MADONNA. - Adventures of Abdi.
19643: MAEDA, MANA. - Ji: Signs and Symbols of Japan.
85774: MAEDER, ANDRE AND RENZINI, ALVIO (EDITORS). - Observational Tests of the Stellar Evolution Theory.
81915: MAESTRO, BETSY AND GIULIO. - Where Is My Friend?: A Word Concept Book.
6351: MAESTRO, BETSY. - Story of Clocks and Calendars: Marking a Millennium.
81370: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE. - The Blue Bird: A Fairy Play in Six Acts.
79800: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE. - The Blue Bird: A Fairy Play in Six Acts.
31233: MAFFEI, PAOLO. - Monsters in the Sky.
82354: MAGAI, CAROL AND MCFADDEN, SUSAN H. (EDITORS). - Handbook of Emotion, Adult Development, and Aging.
51872: CENTURY MAGAZINE. - Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine: Vol. LXV (65), New Series, Vol. XLIII (43): November, 1902, to April, 1903.
34750: EDITORS OF BICYCLE MAGAZINE. - Noblest Invention: An Illustrated History of the Bicycle.
76210: TRAINS MAGAZINE. - Our Gm Scrapbook (from the Pages of Trains).
74633: BOSTON COOKING SCHOOL MAGAZINE. - American Cookery (Formerly the Boston Cooking-School Magazine of Culinary-Science and Domestic-Economics): Vol. XXXVII: May, 1933: No. 10.
87420: CENTURY MAGAZINE. - The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine: May 1890, to October 1890: Vol. XL (40), New Series Vol. XVIII (18).
5123: MAGEE, HENO. - Hatchet.
34476: MAGGIN, ELLIOT S! - Star Raiders.
57626: MAGGS, SUE. - Step-By-Step: 50 Children's Party Cakes.
77769: MAGGS, ARNAUD. - Arnaud Maggs.
52398: MAGNER, LOIS N. - History of the Life Sciences: Second Edition.
77666: MAGNIN, FLORENCE. - Mascarade.
77667: MAGNIN, FLORENCE. - Contes Aux Quatre Vents
68711: MAGNUS, ERICA. - Boy and the Devil.
86684: MAGNUSSON, MAGNUS AND PALSSON, HERMANN (TRANSLATORS). - Vinland Sagas: The Norse Discovery of America: Graenlendinga Saga and Erik's Saga.
10355: MAGNUSSON, MAGNUS (EDITOR). - Chambers Biographical Dictionary.
63436: MAGRELLI, VALERIO. - Nearsights: Selected Poems.
87628: MAGRIS, CLAUDIO. - Inferences from a Sabre.
67215: MAGRIS, CLAUDIO. - Microcosms.
28955: MAGUBANE, PETER. - African Renaissance.
16079: MAGUIRE, GREGORY. - Lucas Fishbone.
25617: MAGUIRE, GREGORY. - Daughter of the Moon.
33372: MAGUIRE, LAURIE E. - Shakespearean Suspect Texts: The 'bad' Quartos and Their Contexts.
57189: MAGUIRE, MARY. - New Crafts: Bookworks.
79140: MAGUIRE, GREGORY. - Five Alien Elves.
8152: MAHARIDGE, DALE (ESSAY BY). - Last Great American Hobo.
2105: MAHER, MARY. - Devil's Card.
88086: MAHEU, JEAN, ET AL. - Le Corbusier Enciclopedia.
55957: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB. - Palace Walk: The Cairo Trilogy I.
86862: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB. - The Cairo Trilogy: Palace Walk, Palace of Desire, Sugar Street.
85576: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB. - The Cairo Trilogy: Palace Walk, Palace of Desire, Sugar Street.
45629: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB. - Journey of Ibn Fattouma.
87211: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB. - Adrift on the Nile.
51836: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB. - Journey of Ibn Fattouma.
58896: MAHLER, GUSTAV. - Symphony No. 8 in Full Score.
58894: MAHLER, GUSTAV. - Symphonies Nos. 5 & 6 in Full Score.
58893: MAHLER, GUSTAV. - Symphony No. 9 in Full Score.
52773: MAHLER, MARGARET S. - Selected Papers of Margaret S. Mahler (Two Volumes).
80966: MAHLER, ALMA. - Gustav Mahler: Memories and Letters.
59769: MAHLER, JANE GASTON. - Westerners Among the Figurines of the T'ang Dynasty of China.
82358: MAHLER, MARGARET S. WITH FURER, MANUEL. - On Human Symbiosis and the Vicissitudes of Individuation: Infantile Psychosis.
39640: MAHON, JAMES J. - Baltusrol: 90 Years in the Mainstream of American Golf.
36392: MAHONEY, JEAN AND RAO, PEGGY LANDERS. - At Home with Japanese Design.
42567: MAHONEY, BARBARA S. - Dispatches and Dictators: Ralph Barnes for the Herald Tribune.
29335: MAHONEY, STANLEY M. AND TAFT, FREDERICK I. - Stan Mahoney: The Adventures of a Working Man.
4690: MAHONEY, ROSEMARY. - Whoredom in Kimmage: Irish Women Coming of Age.
71267: MAHONEY, EDWARD P. (EDITOR). - Philosophy and Humanism: Renaissance Essays in Honor of Paul Oskar Kristeller.
78766: MAHONY, PATRICK. - Out of the Silence & a Book of Factual Fantasies.
56880: MAHY, MARGARET. - Rattlebang Picnic.
38572: MAHY, MARGARET. - Boy with Two Shadows.
40333: MAHY, MARGARET. - Tingleberrries, Tuckertubs and Telephones: A Tale of Love and Ice-Cream.
44373: MAHY, MARGARET. - Birthday Burglar & a Very Wicked Headmistress.
57608: MAHY, MARGARET. - 17 Kings and 42 Elephants.
34335: MAHY, MARGARET. - Tick Tock Tales: Stories to Read Around the Clock.
34880: MAHY, MARGARET. - Clancy's Cabin.
48991: MAHY, BRIAN W. J. AND COMPANS, RICHARD W. (EDITORS). - Immunobiology and Pathogenesis of Persistent Virus Infections.
74787: MAHY, MARGARET. - Pillycock's Shop.
36505: MAHY, MARGARET. - Seven Chinese Brothers.
67038: MAHY, MARGARET. - Making Friends.
82108: MAHY, MARGARET. - Ultra-Violet Catastrophe! Or the Unexpected Walk with Great-Uncle Magnus Pringle.
80540: MAIBOM, HEIDI L. (EDITOR). - Empathy and Morality.
31389: MAIDEN, CECIL. - Song for Young King Wenceslas.
82174: MAIDEN, CECIL. - Speaking of Mrs Mccluskie.
65904: MAIDMENT, MARGARET. - Manual of Hand-Made Bobbin Lace Work.
68577: MAIER, NORMAN R. F. - Studies of Abnormal Behavior in the Rat: The Neurotic Pattern and an Analysis of the Situation Which Produces It.
84626: MAIER, GEORG. - Drama between Budapest and Vienna: The Final Battles of the 6. Panzer-Arme E in the East - 1945.
21624: MAILER, STAN. - Green Bay & Western: The First 111 Years.
85195: MAILER, NORMAN. - Barbary Shore.
55427: MAILER, NORMAN. - Conversations with Norman Mailer.
14148: MAILER, NORMAN. - Maidstone: A Mystery.
79524: MAILER, NORMAN. - Portrait of Picasso As a Young Man: An Interpretive Biography.
75444: MAILER, NORMAN. - Advertisements for Myself.
77626: MAILER, NORMAN. - Deaths for the Ladies and Other Disasters.
50123: MAILER, NORMAN. - Naked and the Dead.
70806: MAILER, NORMAN. - Faith of Graffiti.
64281: MAILS, THOMAS E. - Dog Soldiers, Bear Men and Buffalo Women: A Study of the Societies and Cults of the Plains Indians.
40252: MAIN, JACKSON TURNER. - Society and Economy in Colonial Connecticut.
80556: MAIN, JACKSON TURNER. - Social Structure of Revolutionary America.
32234: MAIN, JACKSON TURNER. - Upper House in Revolutionary America, 1763-1788.
35683: MAIN, ALISON AND PLATTEN, NEWELL. - Lure of the Japanese Garden.
31114: MAINE, DAVID. - Preservationist.
41324: MAINE, DAVID. - Preservationist.
65144: MAINGUET, MONIQUE. - Aridity: Droughts and Human Development.
80542: MAINI, DARSHAN SINGH. - Henry James: The Indirect Vision.
40403: MAIORINO, GIANCARLO. - Cornucopian Mind and the Baroque Unity of the Arts.
63662: MAIR, VICTOR H. (EDITOR). - Alphabetical Index to the Hanyu Da Cidian.
84400: MAISCH, JOHN M. - Manual of Organic Materia Medica: Being a Guide to Materia Medica of the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms.
34765: MAITLAND, SARA AND MULFORD, WENDY. - Virtuous Magic: Women Saints and Their Meanings.
47409: MAITLAND, ANTONY. - James and the Roman Silver.
57069: MAITZ, DON. - First Maitz: Selected Works of Don Maitz.
16057: MAJOR, CLARENCE. - My Amputations.
74481: MAJOR, CLARENCE. - Emergency Exit.
82875: MAJOR, MATE. - Erno Goldfinger.
49742: MAKHANLALL, DAVID P. - Best of Brer Anansi.
56553: MAKINE, ANDREI. - Confessions of a Fallen Standard-Bearer.
18518: MAKIYA, KANAN. - Rock: A Tale of Seventh-Century Jerusalem.
28445: MAKIYA, KANAN. - Rock: A Tale of Seventh-Century Jerusalem.
35612: MAKSIMOVIC, DESANKA. - Shaggy Little Dog.
496: MALAMUD, BERNARD. - Rembrandt's Hat.
9118: MALAMUD, BERNARD. - Pictures of Fidelman: An Exhibition.
69069: MALAMUD, BERNARD. - Malamud Reader.
62358: MALANGA, GERARD. - 10 Poems for 10 Poets.
42255: MALANIA, FAE. - Quantity of a Hazel Nut.
83940: MALAPARTE, CURZIO. - Those Cursed Tuscans.
10132: MALARKEY, TUCKER. - Obvious Enchantment.
73753: MALCLES, LOUISE-NOELLE. - Manuel de Bibliographie.
19037: MALCOLM, JANET. - Crime of Shiela Mcgough.
44915: MALCOLM, TRISHA (EDITOR). - Anny Blatt: Timeless Classics from the Knit Collection.
33669: X, MALCOLM. - Malcolm X: The Last Speeches.
54760: MALCOLM, NORMAN. - Thought and Knowledge: Essays.
84822: X, MALCOLM WITH HALEY, ALEX. - Autobiography of Malcolm X.
79275: MALCOLM, NORMAN. - Thought and Knowledge: Essays.
71052: MALCOLMSON, ANNE (ADAPTED BY). - Miracle Plays: Seven Medieval Plays for Modern Players.
65471: MALEE. - Tiger Claw & Velvet Paw.
3245: MALEE. - Tiger Claw & Velvet Paw.
12483: MALET, ORIEL. - Beginner's Luck.
24464: MALET, ORIEL. - Beginner's Luck.
78448: MALEY, WILLY. - Salvaging Spenser: Colonialism, Culture and Identity.
17558: MALGONKAR, MANOHAR. - Bend in the Ganges.
42084: MALIN, IRVING. - Saul Bellow's Fiction.
4523: MALIN, MILLARD F. - Mystery of the Sun: A Treatise on the Solar Enigma and Its Solution.
84814: MALINA, JUDITH. - Diaries of Judith Malina, 1947-1957.
82087: MALINA, JUDITH AND BECK, JULIAN. - Paradise Now: Collective Creation of the Living Theatre.
37495: MALING, ARTHUR. - Dingdong.
6056: MALING, ARTHUR. - Loophole.
46567: MALINOWSKI, BRONISLAW. - Sex, Culture, and Myth.
59640: MALISIC, VESNA AND GROZDANIC, MILE. - Mijo Mijuskovic.
36195: MALITZ, JEROME. - Plants for the Future: A Gardener's Wishbook.
15812: MALITZ, JEROME. - Personal Landscapes.
24478: MALITZ, JEROME. - Plants for the Future: A Gardener's Wishbook.
76357: MALKUS, ALIDA. - The Amazon: River of Promise.
53801: MALLALIEU, J. P. W. - Extraordinary Seaman.
75376: (PAUL AUSTER) MALLARME, STEPHANE. - Tomb for Anatole.
44491: MALLEA, EDUARDO. - All Green Shall Perish and Other Novellas and Stories.
60506: MALLET, PAUL HENRI. - Northern Antiquities (Two Volumes).
42818: MALLET-JORIS, FRANCOISE. - Witches: Three Tales of Sorcery.
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69906: MASSY, CARL. - Fly Fishing for Trout.
66707: MASTEROFF, JOE. - Harold Prince's Cabaret.
15417: MASTERS, ANTHONY. - Man Who Was M: The Life of Maxwell Knight.
22545: MASTERS, ROBERT E. L. AND HOUSTON, JEAN. - L'art Psychedelique.
78085: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE. - Harmony of Deeper Music: Posthumous Poems of Edgar Lee Masters.
26332: MASTERS, CHARLES J. - Glidermen of Neptune: The American D-Day Glider Attack.
27319: MASTERS, R. E. L. AND LEA, EDUARD (COMPILED BY). - Anti-Sex: The Belief in the Natural Inferiority of Women: Studies in Male Frustration and Sexual Conflict.
3926: MASTERS, JOHN. - Coromandel!
5236: MASTERS, ROGER D. - Fortune Is a River: Leonardo Da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli's Magnificent Dream to Change the Course of Florentine History.
75401: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE. - Mitch Miller.
80456: MASTERS, BRIAN. - Now Barabbas Was a Rotter: The Extraordinary Life of Marie Corelli.
79949: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE. - Spoon River Anthology.
29345: MASTRETTA, ANGELES. - Mexican Bolero.
61436: MATAR, NABIL. - Turks, Moors, and Englishmen in the Age of Discovery.
33783: MATE, FERENC. - Finely Fitted Yacht (Volumes I and II).
77904: MATEO, MARGARITA (EDITOR). - Poesia de Combate.
52755: MATHER, CHARLES O. - Billfish: Marlin, Broadbill, Sailfish.
34890: MATHER, F. C. - After the Canal Duke: A Study of the Industrial Estates Administered By the Trustees of the Third Duke of Bridgewater in the Age of Railway Building, 1825-1872.
35585: MATHER, VICTORIA. - Party Blonde: Social Stereotypes from the Telegraph Magazine.
10095: MATHER, CHRISTINE. - True West: Arts, Traditions, and Celebrations.
80486: MATHER, JR., FRANK JEWETT. - Charles Herbert Moore: Landscape Painter.
85768: MATHER, RICHARD. - Bay Psalm Book: Being a Facsimile Reprint of the First Editian, Printed By Stephen Daye at Cambridge, in New England in 1640.
34515: MATHERS, POWYS (TRANSLATOR). - Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night (Four Volumes).
9450: MATHERS, EDWARD POWYS. - Coloured Stars: Versions of Fifty Asiatic Love Poems.
82557: MATHERS, PETRA. - Theodor and Mr. Balbini.
12141: MATHESON, RICHARD. - Hell House.
41709: MATHESON, RICHARD. - Hunted Past Reason.
25566: MATHESON, RICHARD. - Shock!: Thirteen Tales to Thrill and Terrify.
31078: MATHESON, SUSAN B. - Polygnotos and Vase Painting in Classical Athens.
63559: MATHESON, RICHARD. - The Shrinking Man.
74641: MATHESON, RICHARD. - Hunted Past Reason.
52780: MATHEW, DAVID. - Lord Acton and His Times.
65092: MATHEWS, SHAILER. - Messianic Hope in the New Testament.
30656: MATHEWS, NANCY MOWLL. - Art of Charles Prendergast from the Collections of the Williams College Museum of Art & Mrs. Charles Prendergast.
31857: MATHEWS, HARRY. - Conversions.
32243: MATHEWS, JACK. - Battle of Brazil.
58517: MATHEWS, NANCY MOWLL. - Maurice Prendergast.
59335: MATHEWS, JOHN JOSEPH. - Osages: Children of the Middle Waters.
74789: MATHEWS, RICHARD. - Worlds Beyond the World: The Fantastic Vision of William Morris.
82592: MATHEWS, LOUISE. - Bunches and Bunches of Bunnies.
69041: MATHEWSON, JR., RUFUS W. - Positive Hero in Russian Literature.
21425: MATHIAS, ROBERT (RETOLD BY). - Aesop's Fables.
77266: MATHIAS, PETER (EDITOR). - Science and Society, 1600-1900.
63601: MATHIEU, PIERRE-LOUIS. - Gustave Moreau.
52289: MATHIS, CLEOPATRA. - Bottom Land: Poems.
81549: MATHIS, STEPHEN. - Philosophy and the Law: How Judges Reason.
85321: MATHISON, RICHARD. - His Weird and Wanton Ways: The Secret Life of Howard Hughes.
20080: MATLOCK, GLEN WITH SILVERTON, PETE. - I Was a Teenage Sex Pistol.
87608: MATLOFF, MAURICE. - Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare, 1943-1944.
84492: MATONIS, A. T. E. AND MELIA, DANIEL F. (EDITORS). - Celtic Language. Celtic Culture: A Festschrift for Eric P. Hamp.
57373: MATOTT, JUSTIN. - My Garden Visits.
5750: MATSCHAT, CECILE AND CARMER, CARL. (SELECTED BY). - American Boy Adventure Stories.
84522: MATSON, WALLACE I. - Existence of God.

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