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37880: LIPCSEY, ILDIKO. - Romania and Transylvania in the 20th Century.
20802: LIPKE, PAUL. - Plank on Frame: The Who, What and Where of 150 Boatbuilders.
15659: LIPMAN, SAMUEL. - Music and More: Essays, 1975-1991.
4381: LIPMAN, ELINOR. - Way Men Act.
6424: LIPMAN, EUGENE J. AND VORSPAN, ALBERT (EDITORS). - Tale of Ten Cities: The Triple Ghetto in American Religious Life.
8782: LIPMAN, JEAN AND ARMSTRONG, TOM (EDITORS). - American Folk Painters of Three Centuries.
9252: LIPMAN, ELINOR. - Into Love and out Again.
50611: LIPP, SOLOMON. - Crucible of Ideas.
47680: LIPPARD, LUCY R. - Graphic Work of Philip Evergood: Selected Drawings and Complete Prints.
55911: LIPPMAN, PETER. - New at the Zoo.
83162: LIPPMANN, FRIEDRICH. - Art of Wood-Engraving in Italy in the Fifteenth Century.
53789: LIPPMANN, WALTER. - Stakes of Diplomacy.
89930: LIPPMANN, WALTER. - Western Unity and the Common Market.
88067: LIPPMANN, JOHN. - Deeper Into Diving.
61691: LIPPS-KANT, BARBARA AND ARNDT, KARL. - Karl Hurm: Gemalde, Materialbilder, Zeichnungen, 1980-2000.
74712: LIPPY, CHARLES H. (EDITOR). - Religious Periodicals of the United States: Academic and Scholarly Journals.
37504: LIPSCOMB, GUY. - Watercolor: Go with the Flow.
35068: LIPSET, SEYMOUR MARTIN AND SOLARI, ALDO (EDITORS). - Elites in Latin America.
50490: LIPSETT, ELLA PARTRIDGE. - Billy Dunkle Or What a Good Word Did.
63768: LIPSKI, JOHN M. - Language of the Islenos: Vestigial Spanish in Louisiana.
40569: LIPSTER, STEPHEN, ET AL. - Njatc Motor Control Textbook.
47472: LIPTON, LENNY. - Lipton on Filmmaking.
4663: LIPTZIN, SOL. - Jew in American Literature.
62784: LIRIO, JACK. - Fast Fabulous Desserts.
80316: LISCOMBE, RHODRI WINDSOR. - Altogether American: Robert Mills, Architect and Engineer, 1781-1855.
48279: LISKA, DANNY. - Two Wheels to Adventure: The First Overland Journey from Alaska to Argentina By Motorcycle.
44865: LISKER, SONIA O. AND DEAN, LEIGH. - Two Special Cards.
33827: LISLE, JANET TAYLOR. - Great Dimpole Oak.
58204: LISLE, JANET TAYLOR. - Lampfish of Twill.
84206: LISOWSKI, GABRIEL (ILLUSTRATOR). - On the Little Hearth: Words and Music of the Popular Yiddish Classic, Oif'n Pripitchik.
54524: LISOWSKI, GABRIEL. - Roncalli's Magnificent Circus.
27926: LISS, HOWARD. - Boston Red Sox: The Complete History.
76934: LISSARRAGUE, FRANCOIS. - Aesthetics of the Greek Banquet: Images of Wine and Ritual.
55622: DE LISSER, R. LIONEL. - Picturesque Catskills: Greene County.
89186: LIST, HERBERT, ET AL. - Herbert List: The Monograph.
40144: LISTER, ROBERT H. AND LISTER, FLORENCE C. - Aztec Ruins on the Animas: Excavated, Preserved, and Interpreted.
24279: LISTER, ROBIN (RETOLD BY). - Odyssey.
43764: LISTER, RAYMOND. - British Romantic Painting.
47944: LISTER, RAYMOND. - William Blake: An Introduction to the Man and to His Work.
69972: LISTER-KAYE, JOHN. - White Island.
61511: LISZT, FRANZ. - Letters of Franz Liszt (Two Volumes).
86093: LITCHFIELD, CARTER, ET AL. - Bethlehem Oil MILL, 1745-1934: German Technology in Early Pennsylvania.
61965: LITCHFIELD, MICHAEL. - Salvaged Treasures: Designing & Building with Architectural Salvage.
86953: LITCHFIELD, MARY E. - The Nine Worlds: Stories from Norse Mythology.
62392: LITHGOW, WILLIAM. - Rare Adventures and Painful Peregrinations of William Lithgow.
21555: LITOWINSKY, OLGA. - Writing and Publishing Books for Children in the 1990s: The Inside Story from the Editor's Desk.
78481: LITOWINSKY, OLGA. - The High Voyage.
58180: LITTAUER, RAPHAEL AND UPHOFF, NORMAN (EDITORS). - Air War in Indochina: Revised Edition.
61798: LITTELL, BLAINE. - South of the Moon: On Stanley's Trail Through the Dark Continent.
21088: LITTLE, CHARLES E. - Greenways for America.
23632: LITTLE, DARAN. - Life and Times at the Rovers Return.
41204: LITTLE, CHARLES T. (EDITOR). - Set in Stone: The Face in Medieval Sculpture.
90285: LITTLE, JANE. - Spook.
55490: LITTLE, ROBERT W. - Nature Printing.
9659: LITTLE, BROWN AND COMPANY. - One Hundred and Twenty-Five Years of Publishing, 1837-1962.
55503: LITTLE, M. RUTH. - Town and Gown Architecture of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1795-1975.
11029: LITTLE, LOYD. - Parthian Shot.
11943: LITTLE, CARL. - Paintings of New England.
61537: LITTLE, JANE. - Spook.
80793: LITTLE, JEAN. - Belonging Place.
88983: LITTLEDALE, HAROLD. - Alexander.
42509: LITTLEFIELD, HAZEL. - Lord Dunsany: King of Dreams: A Personal Portrait.
61020: LITTLEFIELD, GEORGE EMERY. - Early Boston Booksellers, 1642-1711.
64200: LITTLEFORD, CLARE. - Beholden.
52535: LITTLEJOHN, GARY. - Sociology of the Soviet Union.
70573: LITTLEJOHN, DAVID. - William T. Wiley: Selections from Two Exhibitions.
65435: LITTLER, MARK M. AND LITTLER, DIANE S. (EDITORS). - Handbook of Phycological Methods (Volume 4): Ecological Field Methods: Macroalgae.
59454: LITTLESUGAR, AMY. - Marie in Fourth Position: The Story of Degas' "the Little Dancer. "
24671: LITTLEWOOD, IAN. - Writings of Evelyn Waugh.
10582: LITTLEWOOD, S. R. - Art of Dramatic Criticism.
83217: LITTLEWOOD, VALERIE. - The Season Clock.
33534: LITVINOFF, BARNET. - Another Time, Another Voice: A Novel of the Seventeenth Century.
57059: LIU, MISEKI (PHOTOGRAPHER). - Secrets: Brooke Shields.
82772: LIU, LAURENCE G. - Chinese Architecture.
69793: LIU, WU-CHI AND LO, IRVING (EDITORS). - Sunflower Splendor: Three Thousand Years of Chinese Poetry.
25977: LIVELY, PENELOPE. - Perfect Happiness.
30268: LIVELY, PENELOPE. - Perfect Happiness.
90463: (VIRGIL) LIVELY, PENELOPE. - In Search of a Homeland: The Story of the Aeneid.
55777: LIVERMORE, S. T. - Livermore's History of Block Island, Rhode Island.
34577: LIVERMORE, S. T. - Livermore's History of Block Island, Rhode Island.
68211: LIVERMORE, H. V. - Portugal: A Short History.
8031: LIVERMORE, ELAINE. - Follow the Fox.
26530: LIVERPOOL, LORD RUSSELL OF. - Henry of Navarre: Henry IV of France.
86175: LIVESAY, J. F. B. - Peggy's Cove.
49363: SOUTHERN LIVING. - Cookies and Candy Cookbook.
27558: LIVINGSTON, BERNARD. - Papa's Burlesque House.
89918: LIVINGSTON, MYRA COHN. - There Was a Place and Other Poems.
1525: LIVINGSTON, MYRA COHN. - Climb Into the Bell Tower: Essays on Poetry.
53853: LIVINGSTON, MYRA COHN (SELECTED BY). - Thanksgiving Poems.
60436: LIVINGSTON, MYRA COHN. - Up in the Air.
52485: LIVINGSTON, JANE, ET AL. - Odyssey: The Art of Photography at National Geographic.
78657: LIVINGSTON, MYRA COHN. - Whispers and Other Poems.
69081: LIVINGSTON, PETER VAN RENSSELAER. - How to Cook a Rogue Elephant: The Recipes and Recollections of Peter Van Rensselaer Livingston.
83785: LIVINGSTON, MYRA COHN (EDITOR). - What a Wonderful Bird the Frog Are: An Assortment of Humorous Poetry and Verse.
69702: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO. - Pop Art: A Continuing History.
30316: LIVINGSTONE, SHEILA. - Confess and Be Hanged: Scottish Crime and Punishment Through the Ages.
58281: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO (EDITOR). - British Object Sculptors of the '80s (Two Volumes).
36014: LIVIO, MARIO AND SHAVIV, GIORA (EDITORS). - Twelfth Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics.
48601: LIVIO, MARIO, ET AL (EDITORS). - Extragalactic Distance Scale.
38028: LIVNEH-FREUDENTHAL, RACHEL AND REINER, ELCHANAN (EDITORS). - Streams Into the Sea: Studies in Jewish Culture and Its Context.
50441: LIVY. - Livy: A History of Rome: Selections (ML 325).
33927: HE LIYI (TRANSLATOR). - Spring of Butterflies and Other Folktales of China's Minority Peoples.
77448: LIZARRAGA, FELIX. - A la Manera de Arcimboldo.
36642: LJUNGKVIST, LAURA. - Toni's Topsy-Turvy Telephone Day.
72305: LJUNGQUIST, ANNA. - Zur Qualitat in Der Ernahrung: Rezepte Fur Die Vegetarische Kuche.
80587: LLEWELLYN, K. N. - Put in His Thumb.
46911: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD. - Witch of Merthyn.
85814: LLOYD-JONES, HUGH. - The Justice of Zeus.
15081: LLOYD, FRAN (EDITOR). - Deconstructing Madonna.
21979: LLOYD, JILL AND PEPPIATT, MICHAEL (EDITORS). - Christian Schad and the Neue Sachlichkeit.
39717: LLOYD, H. ALAN. - Old Clocks.
40681: LLOYD, ALWYN T. - Liberator: America's Global Bomber.
40913: LLOYD, JEREMY. - Woodland Gospels According to Captain Beaky and His Band.
71022: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER (COMPILED BY). - Catalogue of the Earlier Itialian Paintings in the Ashmolean Museum.
26860: LLOYD, ROGER. - Letters from the Early Church.
62042: LLOYD, JENNIFER M. - Women and the Shaping of British Methodism: Persistent Preachers, 1807-1907.
63028: LLOYD, CYNTHIA B. AND NIEMI, BETH T. - Economics of Sex Differentials.
47407: LLOYD, JILL AND PEPPIATT, MICHAEL (EDITORS). - Christian Schad and the Neue Sachlichkeit.
79448: LLOYD, ROSEMARY. - Land of Lost Content: Children and Childhood in Nineteenth-Century French Literature.
49357: LLOYD, MARY EDNA. - Jesus, the Little New Baby.
72339: LLOYD, SAM. - Mr. Pusskins: A Love Story.
8154: LO, EILEEN YIN-FEI. - Chinese Way: Healthy Low-Fat Cooking from China's Regions.
11798: LO, IRVING YUCHENG AND SCHULTZ, WILLIAM (EDITORS). - Waiting for the Unicorn: Poems and Lyrics of China's Last Dynasty, 1644-1911.
32853: LOADER, COLIN. - Intellectual Development of Karl Mannheim: Culture, Politics, and Planning.
18286: LOADES, DAVID. - Politics of Marriage: Henry VIII and His Queens.
45379: LOBATO, ARCADIO. - Greatest Treasure.
32533: LOBB, EDWARD. - T.S. Eliot and the Romantic Critical Tradition.
39690: LOBDELL, SCOTT. - Hardy Boys (Undercover Brothers) #2: Identity Theft.
39691: LOBDELL, SCOTT. - Hardy Boys (Undercover Brothers) #9: To Die Or Not to Die?.
81910: LOBEL, ARNOLD. - Whiskers & Rhymes.
51078: LOBEL, ANITA. - Troll Music.
44268: LOBEL, ANITA (ILLUSTRATOR). - Wishing Penny and Other Fantasy Stories.
67626: LOBEL, ARNOLD. - Turnaround Wind.
90120: LOBEL, ANITA. - A Birthday for the Princess.
53484: LOBEL, ARNOLD. - On Market Street.
84376: LOBEL, ARNOLD. - The Ice-Cream Cone Coot and Other Rare Birds.
63005: LOBEL, ANITA. - Sven's Bridge.
78753: LOBEL, ARNOLD. - Ming Lo Moves the Mountain.
77882: LOBEL, ARNOLD. - Mouse Soup.
77243: LOBEL, ARNOLD. - Owl at Home.
68014: LOBEL, ARNOLD. - Fables.
60079: LOBEL, ARNOLD. - Mouse Tales.
77134: LOBEL, ARNOLD. - Mouse Tales.
51356: LOBEL, ANITA. - Dwarf Giant.
90119: LOBEL, ARNOLD. - The Rose in My Garden.
31664: LOBRUTTO, VINCENT. - Encyclopedia of American Independent Filmmaking.
88561: LOCHER, J. L. - Mark Boyle's Journey to the Surface of the Earth.
38531: LOCHHEAD, MARION. - Battle of the Birds and Other Celtic Tales.
39879: LOCHHEAD, MARION (RETOLD BY). - Other Country: Legends and Fairy Tales of Scotland.
71420: LOCHRIE, KARMA, ET AL. - Constructing Medieval Sexuality.
57352: LOCKARD, DUANE. - New England State Politics.
51841: LOCKE, FREDERICK W. - Quest for the Holy Grail: A Literary Study of a Thirteenth-Century French Romance.
38944: LOCKE, JOHN. - Two Treatises of Government.
57772: LOCKER, THOMAS. - Anna and the Bagpiper.
64927: LOCKER, THOMAS. - Miranda's Smile.
86849: LOCKHART-RADTKE, JUDITH. - Weaving Yarn, Weaving Cultures, Weaving Lives: A Circle of Women in Miramar, Oaxaca Mexico.
72515: LOCKHART, R. H. BRUCE. - Memoirs of a British Agent.
8464: LOCKLEY, MARTIN. - Eternal Trail: A Tracker Looks at Evolution.
78437: LOCKRIDGE, RICHARD. - One Lady, Two Cats.
18106: LOCKWOOD, MYNA. - Mouse Is Miracle Enough.
21646: LOCKWOOD, C. C. - Still Waters: Images, 1971-1999.
23196: LOCKWOOD, C. C. - Atchafalaya: America's Largest River Basin Swamp.
53534: LOCKWOOD, ALLISON MCCRILLIS. - Children of Paradise: A Northampton Memoir.
42092: LOCKWOOD, GEORGENE MULLER. - Your Victorian Wedding: A Modern Guide for the Romantic Bride.
26284: LOCKWOOD, GEORGENE MULLER. - Your Victorian Wedding: A Modern Guide for the Romantic Bride.
35592: LOCKWOOD, ALLISON. - Finding Paradise: Northampton, Massachusetts, 1654-1861.
64288: LOCKWOOD, CHARLES. - Bricks and Brownstone: The New York Row House, 1783-1929.
57254: LOCKWOOD, ALLISON MCCRILLIS. - No Ordinary Man: Judge Forbes and His Library: Forbes Library, 1894-1994.
25356: LOCKYER, HERBERT. - All the Prayers of the Bible: A Devotional and Expositional Classic.
25363: LOCKYER, HERBERT. - All the Doctrines of the Bible: A Study and Analysis of Major Bible Doctrines.
50506: LOCKYER, HERBERT. - All the. . . Of the Bible (23 Volumes).
65978: LOCOCK, C. D. - Imagination in Chess.
83906: LODATO, VICTOR. - Mathilda Savitch.
21453: LODDER, CAROL AND NIGEL. - Making Dolls' House Interiors: Decor and Furnishings in 1/12 Scale.
17202: LODGE, HENRY CABOT. - Democracy of the Constitution and Other Addresses and Essays.
17188: LODGE, HENRY CABOT. - Democracy of the Constitution and Other Addresses and Essays.
89150: LODGE, BERNARD (RETOLD AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Prince Ivan and the Firebird: A Russian Folk Tale.
41084: LODGE, BERNARD. - Tanglebird.
19478: LODGE, BERNARD. - Mouldylocks.
68865: LOEB, JEPH, ET AL. - Hulk Volume 2: Red & Green.
48378: LOEDERER, RICHARD A. - Voodoo Fire in Haiti.
37365: VAN LOEN, ALFRED. - Drawings.
28630: LOEPER, JOHN J. - Shop on High Street: The Toys and Games of Early America.
62139: LOEPER, JOHN J. - Shop on High Street: The Toys and Games of Early America.
35178: LOESER, KATINKA. - Thousand Pardons.
11884: LOESER, KATINKA. - Thousand Pardons.
87522: LOESSER, FRANK. - Complete Lyrics of Frank Loesser.
70467: LOEWENFELD, CLAIRE AND BACK, PHILIPPA. - Complete Book of Herbs and Spices.
46793: LOEWENHERZ, BERT. - Image Victory: Portraits Akte Selbstportraits.
39262: LOEWENSTEIN, JOSEPH. - Author's Due: Printing and the Prehistory of Copyright.
71253: LOEWENTHEIL, STEPHAN. - Poe Catalogue: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Stephan Loewentheil Collection of Edgar Allan Poe Material.
25989: LOEWER, H. PETER. - Evergreens: A Guide for Landscape, Lawn and Garden.
22640: LOEWINSOHN, RON. - Meat Air: Poems 1957-1969.
44601: LOEWY, ERICH H. - Moral Strangers, Moral Acquaintance, and Moral Friends: Connectedness and Its Conditions.
20325: LOFARO, MICHAEL A. (EDITOR). - Davy Crockett's Riproarious Shemales and Sentimental Sisters: Women's Tall Tales from the Crockett Almanacs, 1835-1856.
20324: LOFARO, MICHAEL A. (EDITOR). - Davy Crockett's Riproarious Shemales and Sentimental Sisters: Women's Tall Tales from the Crockett Almanacs, 1835-1856.
64449: LOFFICIER, RANDY AND JEAN-MARC (EDITORS). - Visions of Arzach.
83556: LOFFICIER, JEAN-MARC AND RANDY (EDITORS). - Tales of the Shadowmen: Volume 5: The Vampires of Paris.
11110: LOFGREN, ULF. - Swedish Toys, Dolls and Gifts You Can Make Yourself: Traditional Swedish Handcrafts.
49523: LOFGREN, ULF. - Harlequin.
63250: LOFGREN, ULF (RETOLD AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Boy Who Ate More Than the Giant and Other Swedish Folktales.
25774: LOFT, ABRAM. - Violin and Keyboard: The Duo Repertoire (Two Volumes).
72175: LOFT, ABRAM. - Violin and Keyboard: The Duo Repertoire (Two Volumes).
75021: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle's Post Office.
87936: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle and the Secret Lake.
42823: LOFTING, HUGH. - Story of Doctor Dolittle.
43156: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle in the Moon.
31383: LOFTING, HUGH. - Story of Doctor Dolittle.
87970: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle's Caravan.
46893: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle's Puddleby Adventures.
88007: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle's Garden.
87994: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle's Post Office.
77611: LOFTING, HUGH. - Story of Doctor Dolittle.
87984: LOFTING, HUGH. - The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle.
25605: LOFTS, NORAH. - Lute Player.
49047: LOFTUS, CHRISTOPHER M. - Carotid Endarterectomy: Principles and Technique.
65204: LOGAN, JAKE. - Bloody Trail to Texas.
40705: LOGAN, ALASTAIR H. B. - Gnostic Truth and Christian Heresy: A Study in the History of Gnosticism.
83199: LOGAN, DANIEL. - All About Hawaii.
71541: LOGAN, JOHN A. - Great Conspiracy: Its Origin and History.
85313: LOGAN, WILLIAM. - Our Savage Art: Poetry and the CIVIL Tongue.
10071: LOGAN, WILLIAM. - Sad-Faced Men.
47448: LOGAN, JR., JOHN A. - No Transfer: An American Security Principle.
65198: LOGAN, JAKE. - Slocum's Gold.
55748: LOGAN, SHERIDAN A. - George F. Baker and His Bank, 1840-1955: A Double Biography.
63514: LOGAN, IAN AND NIELD, HENRY. - 'classy Chassy. '
63279: LOGAN, DANIEL. - Do You Have Esp?: Thirty Tests to Determine Your Abilities.
77319: LOGAN, ADELPHENA. - Memories of Sweet Grass.
65201: LOGAN, JAKE. - Across the Rio Grande.
65199: LOGAN, JAKE. - Ride, Slocum, Ride.
65200: LOGAN, JAKE. - Slocum and the Widow Kate.
65202: LOGAN, JAKE. - White Hell.
16369: LOGUE, VICTORIA AND FRANK. - Best of the Appalachian Trail Day Hikes.
86146: LOGUE, CHRISTOPHER. - All Day Permanent Red: The First Battle Scenes of Homer's Iliad (Rewritten).
9414: LOGUE. - New Numbers.
46096: LOGUE. - New Numbers.
66485: LOGUE, CHRISTOPHER. - All Day Permanent Red: The First Battle Scenes of Homer's Iliad (Rewritten).
6203: LOH, SANDRA TSING. - Depth Takes a Holiday: Essays from Lesser Los Angeles.
59499: LOHAN, FRANK J. - Sketching the Countryside: How to Draw the Vanishing Rural Landscape.
43774: LOHISSE, JEAN. - Anonymous Communication: Mass-Media in the Modern World.
88234: LOHMAN, LAURA. - Umm Kulthum: Artistic Agency and the Shaping of an Arab Legend, 1967-2007.
51158: LOLLOBRIGIDA, GINA. - Italia Mia.
29689: LOLLOBRIGIDA, GINA. - Wonder of Innocence.
24425: LOMASNEY, EILEEN. - Light from Another Room: New and Selected Poems, 1940-1994.
19544: LOMATEWAMA, RAMSON. - Silent Winds: Poetry of One Hopi.
56674: LOMAX, JAMES. - Textile Testing.
72615: LOMAX, STAN AND STANLEY, DAVE (EDITORS). - Treasury of Baseball Humor.
83185: LOMAX, ALAN, ET AL (COLLECTED AND DOCUMENTED BY). - Brown Girl in the Ring: An Anthology of Song Games from the Eastern Caribbean.
81681: LOMBARD, LAWRENCE BRIAN. - Events: A Metaphysical Study.
27416: LOMBARDI, VINCE. - Vince Lombardi on Football (Two Volumes).
75354: LOMBROSO-CARRARA, PAOLA. - Adventures of Chicchi.
55597: LOMUSCIO, JAMES. - Village of the Dammed: The Fight for Open Space and the Flooding of a Connecticut Town.
70472: LOMUSCIO, JAMES. - Village of the Dammed: The Fight for Open Space and the Flooding of a Connecticut Town.
36959: LONDON, JACK. - Before Adam.
87857: LONDON, JACK. - The Call of the Wild / the Sea-Wolf.
79006: LONDON, JACK. - Call of the Wild.
24010: LONDON, JONATHAN. - Into This Night We Are Rising.
90284: LONDON, JACK. - The Call of the Wild.
70082: LONDON, SHERYL AND MEL. - Versatile Grain and the Elegant Bean: A Celebration of the World's Most Healthful Foods.
46425: LONDON, JACK. - Jack London's Stories for Boys.
87789: LONDON, JACK. - Jack London's Tales of Adventure.
73453: LONDON, JACK. - The Game.
82121: LONDON, SHERYL. - Eggplant and Squash: A Versatile Feast.
85692: LONDON, JACK. - Curious Fragments: Jack London's Tales of Fantasy Fiction.
65158: LONDON, HANNAH R. - Portraits of Jews: By Gilbert Stuart and Other Early American Artists.
44035: LONDRAVILLE, JANIS AND RICHARD (EDITORS). - John Quinn: Selected Irish Writers from His Library.
32743: LONDRAVILLE, JANIS (EDITOR). - Prodigal Father Revisited: Artists and Writers in the World of John Butler Yeats.
41404: LONE DOG, LOUISE. - Strange Journey: The Vision Life of a Psychic Indian Woman.
2207: LONE DOG, LOUISE. - Strange Journey: The Vision Life of a Psychic Indian Woman.
84147: LONG, HELEN BEECHER. - How Janice Day Won.
84146: LONG, HELEN BEECHER. - Janice Day, the Young Homemaker.
37540: LONG, ROBERT EMMET. - Barbara Pym.
76990: LONG, ROBERT EMMET. - Barbara Pym.
75723: LONG, JOHN D. - New American Navy (Two Volumes).
24513: LONG, CHERYL. - Friendly Neighbors.
76039: LONG, RICHARD. - Richard Long Em Braga.
5990: LONG, RICHARD A. (EDITOR). - Black Writers and the American CIVIL War.
78936: DE LONG, DAVID G., SEARING, HELEN, AND STERN, ROBERT A. M. (EDITORS). - American Architecture: Innovation and Tradition.
57002: LONG, WM. G. - Asses Vs. Jackasses.
50148: LONG, MELINDA. - Pirates Don't Change Diapers.
76179: LONG, HANIEL. - Marvellous Adventure of Cabeza de Vaca, Also Malinche.
88896: LONG, JOE B. - Papa Was a Fisherman (Memories of the Great Smokies).
59064: LONGACRE, EDWARD G. - Pickett: Leader of the Charge: A Biography of General George E. Pickett, C.S. A.
46976: LONGAIR, MALCOLM S. - Our Evolving Universe.
5760: LONGDEN, H. W. D. - Ways of the Veld Dwellers.
89054: LONGDEN, DERIC. - The Cat Who Came in from the Cold.
57094: LONGENECKER, MARTHA (EDITOR). - Paper Innovations: Handmade Paper and Handmade Objects of Cut, Folded and Molded Paper.
33793: LONGEST, DAVID. - Character Toys and Collectibles: Second Series.
56684: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - Song of Hiawatha.
89560: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - The Letters of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Volume IV, 1857-1865.
89559: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - The Letters of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Volume III, 1844-1856.
28584: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - Courtship of Miles Standish.
28585: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - Courtship of Miles Standish.
7471: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - Flower-de-Luce.
82505: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - The Hanging of the Crane.
53219: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - Hanging of the Crane.
89488: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - Poems and Other Writings.
70893: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - Longfellow's Evangeline.
57908: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - Paul Revere's Ride.
54370: LONGHENA, MARIA. - Maya Script: A Civilization and Its Writing.
29208: LONGMAN, HAROLD S. - Andron and the Magician.
34150: LONGMAN, HAROLD S. - Andron and the Magicians.
58328: LONGNECKER, MARTHA W. (EDITOR). - Transcultural Mosaic: Selections from the Permanent Collection of Mingei International / Museum of World Folk Art.
66685: LONGSTREET, AUGUSTUS B. - Georgia Scenes: Characters, Incidents &C. In the First Half Centery of the Republic.
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89070: MACLEOD, CHARLOTTE. - The Convivial Codfish.
40365: MACMAHON, BRYAN. - Jack O'moora and the King of Ireland's Son.
76897: MACMAHON, DARRIN M. - Divine Fury: A History of Genius.
49604: MACMANUS, SEUMAS. - Lad of the O'friels.
61789: MACMASTER, NEIL. - Burning the Veil: The Algerian War and the 'emancipation' of Muslim Women, 1954-62.
12848: MACMILLAN, CYRUS. - Glooskap's Country and Other Indian Tales.
15871: MACMILLAN, IAN. - Proud Monster.
78866: MACMILLAN, MIRIAM. - Etuk, the Eskimo Hunter.
34786: MACMILLAN, MARGARET. - Women of the Raj.
60462: MACMULLEN, RAMSAY. - Roman Social Relations, 50 B.C. To A.D. 284.
51738: MACNAB, GEOFFREY. - J. Arthur Rank and the British Film Industry.
41475: MACNAIR, PETER L. AND HOOVER, ALAN L. - Magic Leaves: A History of Haida Argillite Carving.
65902: MACNAMARA, JOHN. - Through the Rearview Mirror: Historical Reflections on Psychology.
77116: MACNAUGHTON, WILLIAM R. - Mark Twain's Last Years As a Writer.
26975: MACNEICE, LOUIS. - One for the Grave: A Modern Morality Play.
72386: MACNEIL, DUNCAN. - Charge of Cowardice.
53796: MACNEILL, EOIN. - Early Irish Laws and Institutions.
79320: MACNESS, JAY JACKSON. - American Witch.
74284: MACNESS, JAY JACKSON. - American Witch.
63979: MACNICOL, MARY. - Flower Cookery: The Art of Cooking with Flowers.
4719: MACONIE, ROBIN. - Science of Music.
87564: MACPHAIL, I. M. M. - The Crofters' War.
21583: MACPIKE, LORALEE. - Dostoevsky's Dickens: A Study of Literary Influence.
27819: MACQUARRIE, JOHN. - God-Talk: An Examination of the Language and Logic of Theology.
64334: MACQUARRIE, JOHN. - Jesus Christ in Modern Thought.
5061: MACQUEEN, J. G. - Hittites and Their Contemporaries in Asia Minor.
10124: MACQUOID, KATHARINE S. - Ward of the King: A Romance.
42181: MACRAE, MARION AND ADAMSON, ANTHONY. - Hallowed Walls: Church Architecture of Upper Canada.
82153: MACRAE, MARION AND ADAMSON, ANTHONY. - Ancestral Roof: Domestic Architecture of Upper Canada.
63107: MACRAE-GIBSON, GAVIN. - Secret Life of Buildings: An American Mythology for Modern Architecture.
82612: MACRITCHIE, DAVID. - Fians, Fairies and Picts.
24488: MACSWEENEY, DAVID. - Crazy Ape: Sanity, Madness, Your Brain and You.
19537: MACVEY, JOHN W. - Time Travel: A Guide to Journeys in the Fourth Dimension.
39735: MACWEENEY, ALLEN AND ALLISON, SUE. - Bloomsbury Reflections.
87499: MADAN, T. N. - Non-Renunciation: Themes and Interpretations of Hindu Culture.
51703: MADARIAGA, SALVADOR DE. - Blowing Up of the Parthenon Or How to Lose the Cold War.
78025: MADAULE, JACQUES. - Albigensian Crusade: An Historical Essay.
13272: MADDEN, DAVID (EDITOR). - Remembering James Agee.
19510: MADDEN, STEVE (EDITOR). - Stradella's Black Book (Sir Knight Magazine).
48451: MADDEN, GARY (EDITOR). - Emerging Telecommunications Networks: The International Handbook of Telecommunications Economics, Volume II.
81840: MADDEN, CHRIS CASSON WITH PALOMBA, SARAH ELIZABETH. - Soul of a House: Decorating with Warmth, Style, and Comfort.
64338: MADDEN, THOMAS F. - Concise History of the Crusades.
87454: MADDOCK, JAMES W. AND LARSON, NOEL R. - Incestuous Families: An Ecological Approach to Understanding and Treatment.
15430: MADDOW, BEN. - Let Truth Be the Prejudice: W. Eugene Smith: His Life and Photographs.
51888: MADDOW, BEN. - Faces: A Narrative History of the Portrait in Photography.
38668: MADDOX, LUCY. - Nabokov's Novels in English.
68511: MADDOX, DONALD. - Arthurian Romances of Chretien de Troyes: Once and Future Fictions.
52480: MADDOX, LUCY. - Nabokov's Novels in English.
88702: MADDOX, BILL AND BEESON, HAROLD. - Rags and Patches.
20125: MADDUX, RACHEL. - Communication, the Autobiography of Rachel Maddux, and Her Novella, Turnip's Blood.
9596: MADDUX, RACHEL. - Walk in the Spring Rain.
74587: MADEIRA, GRACE L., ET AL. - Sailors' Valentines: Their Journey Through Time.
70618: MADELEVA, SISTER M. - Pearl: A Study in Spiritual Dryness.
70139: MADER, GUNTER AND NEUBERT-MADER, LAILA. - English Formal Garden: Five Centuries of Design.
33918: MADGE, STEVE AND BURN, HILARY. - Crows and Jays: A Guide to the Crows, Jays and Magpies of the World.
61404: MADIGAN, M. J. - Steuben Design: A Legacy of Light and Form.
76462: MADIS, GEORGE. - Winchester Book.
22580: MADISON, CHARLES A. - Owl Among Colophons: Henry Holt As Publisher and Editor.
10986: MADISON, CHARLES A. - Irving to Irving: Author-Publisher Relations 1800-1974.
90497: MADISON, RUSS. - Victory Among the Insane.

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