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87618: KING, DOROTHY N. - Santa's Cuckoo Clock.
14721: KING, KAY. - Shanta, Sunil and the Cobra.
66718: KING, SPENCER B. - Sound of Drums.
17296: KING, ARTHUR AND STUART, A. F. - House of Warne: One Hundred Years of Publishing.
58397: KING, GRACE. - Grace King of New Orleans: A Selection of Her Writings.
38353: KING, CHRISTINE. - Tompkins & Talukdars.
38782: KING, RONALD. - Botanical Illustration.
1577: KING, STEPHEN. - Cycle of the Werewolf.
35286: KING, OWEN. - We're All in This Together: A Novella and Stories.
80429: KING, CAPTAIN CHARLES. - Trooper Ross and Signal Butte.
95114: (RICHARD BACHMAN) KING, STEPHEN. - The Bachman Books: Four Early Novels By Stephen King: Rage, the Long Walk, Roadwork, the Running Man.
58557: KING, BENJAMIN AND KUTTA, TIMOTHY J. - Impact: The History of Germany's V-Weapons in World War II.
25094: (TOMIE DE PAOLA) KING, B. A. AND CHILDREN (ILLUSTRATORS). - Criss-Cross Applesauce.
25371: KING, LOUISE TATE AND WEXLER, JEAN STEWART. - Martha's Vineyard Cook Book: A Diverse Sampler from a Bountiful Island.
27197: KING-SMITH, DICK. - Funny Frank.
27332: KING, STEPHEN. - Drakens Ogon.
69278: KING, STEPHEN, ET AL. - Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born.
27961: KING, MICHAEL. - Lorien Lost.
93622: KING, B. A. - Time and Quiet.
28906: KING, COLIN. - Space on the Floor: A Planned Approach to Teaching Drama.
32521: KING, PATRICIA. - Mabelle la Baleine.
92008: KING, CYNTHIA. - In the Morning of Time: The Story of the Norse God Balder.
13317: KING, RONALD. - Botanical Illustration.
53229: KING, CONSTANCE EILEEN. - Jumeau: Prince of Dollmakers.
2358: KING, CHARLES. - Wounded Name.
76115: KING, BEULAH. - Ruffs and Pompons.
46073: KING, H. C. - Exploration of the Universe: The Story of Astronomy.
62677: KING, ALEXANDER. - Memoirs of a Certain Mouse.
67260: KING, EDW. G. - Poem of Job.
10396: KING-SMITH, DICK. - Godhanger.
89241: KING, STEPHEN. - The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla.
85789: KING, STEPHEN (SELECTED BY). - Best American Short Stories 2007.
84034: KING, JEAN CALLAN. - Miss Mehitable's Monster.
47982: KING, HORACE. - Granville, Massachusetts to Ohio: A Story of the Migration and Settlement.
11334: KING, JR., ROMA J. - Bow and the Lyre: The Art of Robert Browning.
11696: KING, DEAN. - Patrick O'brian: A Life Revealed.
12017: KING, EDWARD. - Kentucky's Love; Or, Roughing It Around Paris.
57977: KING, TONY. - Christmas Junk Box.
94921: KING, STEPHEN. - Christine.
54110: KING, ELIZABETH. - Attention's Loop: A Sculptor's Reverie on the Coexistence of Substance and Spirit.
44631: KING, STEPHEN. - Just After Sunset: Stories.
93733: KING, TONY. - Keep in Touch: An Album of Tony King's Postcards.
94835: KING, STEPHEN. - Different Seasons.
57585: KING-SMITH, DICK. - Countryside Treasury.
68753: KING, ROBERT D. - Historical Linguistics and Generative Grammar.
84769: KING, STEPHEN. - Firestarter.
77500: KING, STEPHEN, ET AL. - Dark Tower: The Long Road Home.
73146: OTHER WORLD KINGDOM. - The Other World Kingdom in Pictures / Das Konigreich "Die Andere Welt" in Den Bildern / le Royaume Autre Monde En Images I.
21036: KINGMAN, LEE. - Year of the Raccoon.
9357: KINGMAN, BRANT. - Drawings and Sculpture: October 1976 to February 1978.
13839: KINGMAN, LEE. - Sheep Ahoy.
46104: KINGSBURY, JOHN M. - Seaweeds of Cape Cod and the Islands.
74033: KINGSBURY, PAUL AND NASH, ALANNA (EDITORS). - Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Country Music in America.
60463: (HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN) KINGSLAND, L. W. (TRANSLATOR). - Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales.
38689: KINGSLEY, SEAN. - God's Gold: A Quest for the Lost Temple Treasures of Jerusalem.
75049: KINGSLEY, CHARLES. - The Water-Babies.
63131: (ARTHUR KOESTLER) KINGSLEY, SIDNEY. - Darkness at Noon: A Play.
76747: KINGSLEY, CHARLES. - Westward Ho!
69733: KINGSMILL, HUGH (EDITOR). - Johnson without Boswell: A Contemporary Portrait of Samuel Johnson.
38673: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA. - Small Wonder.
40454: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA. - Homeland and Other Stories.
24387: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA. - Bean Trees.
34032: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA. - Homeland and Other Stories.
86997: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA. - The Bean Trees.
1150: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA. - Pigs in Heaven.
9574: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA. - Homeland and Other Stories.
67498: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA. - Bean Trees.
79223: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA. - Homeland and Other Stories.
92232: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA. - The Bean Trees.
76417: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA. - Bean Trees.
16269: KINGSTON, MAXINE HONG. - Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book.
20981: KINKEAD, EUGENE. - Concrete Look at Nature: Central Park (and Other) Glimpses.
79091: KINNAIRD, MARION. - Story of Happy Hooligan.
23475: KINNARD, ROY. - Blue and the Gray on the Silver Screen: More Than Eighty Years of CIVIL War Movies.
41032: KINNELL, GALWAY. - Imperfect Thirst.
6238: KINNELL, GALWAY. - Flower Herding on Mount Monadnock.
60819: KINNELL, GALWAY. - Strong Is Your Hold.
54285: KINNELL, GALWAY. - Imperfect Thirst.
73581: (JAMES THURBER) KINNEY, JAMES R. WITH HONEYCUTT, ANN. - How to Raise a Dog: In the City. . . In the Suburbs.
66910: KINNEY, ARTHUR F. AND COLLINS, DAN S. (EDITORS). - Renaissance Historicism: Selections from English Literary Renaissance.
94247: KINNEY, JEFF. - The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: How Greg Heffley Went Hollywood.
94246: KINNEY, JEFF. - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Do-It-Yourself Book.
89436: KINNEY, ARTHUR F. - Continental Humanist Poetics: Studies in Erasmus, Castiglione, Marguertie de Navarre, Rabelais, and Cervantes.
27706: KINNEY, ARTHUR F. - Shakespeare By Stages: An Historical Introduction.
71015: KINNEY, ARTHUR F. - John Skelton, Priest As Poet: Seasons of Discovery.
74946: KINNEY, JEFF. - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Greg Heffley's Journal.
94241: KINNEY, JEFF. - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck (8).
72686: KINNEY, JEFF. - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth (5).
75902: KINNEY, JEFF. - Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Thirteen Volumes).
94245: KINNEY, JEFF. - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2).
94243: KINNEY, JEFF. - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth (5).
94242: KINNEY, JEFF. - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever (6).
54619: KINNEY, ARTHUR F. (EDITOR). - Rogues, Vagabonds, & Sturdy Beggars: A New Gallery of Tudor and Early Stuart Rogue Literature.
94248: KINNEY, JEFF. - The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: How Greg Heffley Went Hollywood.
94244: KINNEY, JEFF. - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw (3).
94240: KINNEY, JEFF. - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (4).
94237: KINNEY, JEFF. - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel (7).
35266: KINROSS, JOHN. - Walking & Exploring the Battlefields of Britain.
16268: KINSELLA, THOMAS. - Poems & Translations.
56567: KINSELLA, JOHN. - Peripheral Light: Selected and New Poems.
26627: KINSELLA, W. P. - Iowa Baseball Confederacy.
43136: KINSELLA, THOMAS. - Poems: 1956-1973.
31323: KINSELLA, THOMAS. - Peppercanister Poems, 1972-1978.
985: KINSELLA, W. P. - Brother Frank's Gospel Hour and Other Stories.
1503: KINSELLA, W. P. - Red Wolf, Red Wolf.
13651: KINSELLA, THOMAS. - Notes from the Land of the Dead and Other Poems.
84740: KINSELLA, W. P. - Moccasin Telegraph and Other Tales.
2560: KINSETH, LANCE. - River Eternal.
23259: KINSEY, MIRIAM. - Contemporary Netsuke.
92822: KINSEY-WARNOCK, NATALIE. - The Canada Geese Quilt.
90686: KINSLEY, H. M. - One Hundred Recipes for a Chafing Dish.
88841: KINSMAN, J. BURNHAM. - The Vermont Townsman: A Compilation of the Laws of Vermont in Relation to the Powers, Duties, and Liabilities of Town Officers and Towns, with Forms, Directions, and Legal Decisions Adapted to the Statutes of the State.
53874: KINSTLER, EVERETT RAYMOND. - Painting Portraits.
24796: KINSTLER, EVERETT RAYMOND. - Painting Portraits: New Revised Edition.
31433: KINZIE, MARY. - Poet's Guide to Poetry.
73660: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Jungle Books.
75963: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Beginning of the Armadillos.
93661: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - The Jungle Books.
59512: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Irish Guards in the Great War: The First Battalion.
39620: (M. M. KAYE) KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Moon of Other Days: M.M. Kaye's Kipling: A Selection of Favourite Verses with Notes and Sketches By M.M. Kaye.
90334: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Mine Own People.
82667: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - The Two Jungle Books.
25299: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Early Verse By Rudyard Kipling, 1879-1889: Unpublished, Uncollected, and Rarely Collected Poems.
65074: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Seven Seas.
75676: KIPLING, RUDYARD AND THOMAS, LOWELL. - Great Kipling Stories: Together with a Life of Rudyard Kipling.
82662: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - They.
77956: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Mowgli's Brothers.
42759: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Recessional, the Vampire and Other Poems.
12012: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Works of Rudyard Kipling (Ten Volume Set).
80706: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Limits and Renewals.
63644: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Seven Seas.
94154: (MADELEINE L'ENGLE) KIPLING, RUDYARD. - The Jungle Books: Volume One.
49140: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Just So Song Book: Being the Songs from Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories.
83344: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Brazilian Sketches.
83533: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - They.
73932: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Das Dschungelbuch (the Jungle Book).
93015: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Recessional and Other Poems.
95097: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - The Jungle Books.
65168: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Departmental Ditties, Barrack-Room Ballads and Other Verses.
72528: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Kipling's Stories for Boys.
89790: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Soldier Stories.
77156: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - "Captains Courageous. "
93869: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - His Apologies.
70823: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Songs for Youth.
42105: KIRA, TETSUAKI AND HABE, TADASHIGE. - Shells of the Western Pacific in Color (Two Volumes).
67412: KIRBY, JACK. - Kamandi: Archives (Two Volumes).
37605: (PETER LAIRD) KIRBY, MIKE. - The Technician.
38792: KIRBY, JACK AND SIMON, JOE. - Comic Art Tribute to Joe Simon & Jack Kirby (Premium Collectible Trading Cards).
35578: KIRBY, JOSH. - Cosmic Cornucopia.
49566: KIRBY, SHEELAH (COMPILED BY). - Yeats Country: A Guide to Places in the West of Ireland Associated with the Life and Writings of William Butler Yeats.
24758: KIRCHNER, PAUL. - Rhino Presents: Forgotten Fads and Fabulous Flops: An Amazing Collection of Goofy Stuff That Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.
24201: KIRCHWEY, KARL. - Those I Guard.
50163: KIRCHWEY, KARL. - Engrafted Word: Poems.
56471: KIRICHENKO, EVGENIA. - Russian Design and the Fine Arts, 1750-1917.
60163: KIRINO, NATSUO. - Out.
44650: KIRINO, NATSUO. - Out.
15014: KIRK, JOHN T. - Impecunious House Restorer: Personal Vision & Historic Accuracy.
40515: KIRK, URSULA (EDITOR). - Neuropsychology of Language, Reading, and Spelling.
42904: KIRK, JOHN T. - American Furniture & the British Tradition to 1830.
3056: KIRK, MILDRED. - Everlasting Cat.
51348: KIRK, DANIEL. - Library Mouse.
79335: KIRK, ROBERT. - Translation Determined.
36578: KIRKCONNELL, WATSON. - Flying Bull and Other Tales.
64562: KIRKEBY, ED, ET AL. - Ain't Misbehavin': The Story of Fats Waller.
53749: KIRKEBY, ED. - Ain't Misbehavin': The Story of Fats Waller.
81832: KIRKER, HAROLD. - Architecture of Charles Bulfinch.
63057: KIRKER, JAMES. - Adventures to China: Americans in the Southern Oceans, 1792-1812.
73730: KIRKINEN, HEIKKI. - Les Origines de la Conception Moderne de L'homme-Machine / le Probleme de L'ame En France a la Fin Du Regne de Louis XIV (1670-1715): Etude Sur L'histoire Des Idees.
207: KIRKLAND, WALLACE. - Lure of the Pond.
92704: KIRKLAND, EDWARD CHASE. - Charles Francis Adams, Jr. , 1835-1915: The Patrician at Bay.
84026: KIRKMAN, MARSHALL MONROE. - Locomotive Appliances: Supplement to the Science of Railways.
94339: KIRKPATRICK, KATHERINE. - The Voyage of the Continental.
2126: KIRKPATRICK, SMITH. - Sun's Gold: A Novel of the Sea.
49558: KIRKPATRICK, EDWIN A. - Fundamentals of Child Study: A Discussion of Instincts and Other Factors in Human Development, with Practical Applications.
29221: KIRKSMITH, TOMMIE. - Ride Western Style: A Guide for Young Riders.
43081: KIRKUP, JAMES. - Magic Drum.
79343: KIRKUP, JAMES. - Queens Have Died Young and Fair: A Fable of the Immediate Future.
61742: KIRKWOOD, JAMES. - Some Kind of Hero.
84185: KIRSCH, KARIN. - The Weissenhofsiedlung: Experimental Housing Built for the Deutscher Werkbund, Stuttgart, 1927.
73989: KIRSCH, ROBERT AND MURPHY, WILLIAM S. - West of the West: Witnesses to the California Experience, 1542-1906.
69129: KIRSCH, GEORGE B. - Creation of American Team Sports: Baseball and Cricket, 1838-72.
59557: KIRSCHENBAUM, VALERIE. - Goodbye Gutenberg: Hello to a New Generation of Readers and Writers.
82430: KIRSTEL, M. RICHARD. - Pas de Deux.
20676: KIRWAN-VOGEL, ANNA. - Jewel of Life.
49625: KIRZNER, E. W. (TRANSLATOR). - Tractate Baba Kamma: Hebrew-English Edition of the Babylonian Talmud.
53378: KISCH, SIR CECIL (TRANSLATOR). - Wagon of Life and Other Lyrics By Russian Poets of the Nineteenth Century.
31532: KISER, CLYDE V., ET AL. - Trends and Variations in Fertility in the United States.
78469: KISH, JOHN. - Hungarian Avant-Garde, 1914-1933.
49831: KISHON, EPHRAIM. - Noah's Ark, Tourist Class.
6451: KISOR, HENRY. - Zephyr: Tracking a Dream Across America.
66863: KISSELBACH, THEO. - Leicaflex Book.
82437: KISSEN, MORTON (EDITOR). - Assessing Object Relations Phenomena.
95165: KISSINGER, HENRY A. - A World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of Peace, 1812-22.
35651: WONG KIEW KIT. - Art of Shaolin Kung Fu: The Secrets of Kung Fu for Self-Defence, Health and Enlightenment.
93586: KITA, MORIO. - The House of Nire.
94119: KITA, MORIO. - The Fall of the House of Nire.
56710: KITAGAWA, HIROSHI AND TSUCHIDA, BRUCE T. (TRANSLATORS). - Tale of the Heike: Heike Monogatari (Two Volumes).
92412: KITAGAWA, HIROSHI AND TSUCHIDA, BRUCE T. (TRANSLATORS). - The Tale of the Heike: Heike Monogatari.
54416: KITAHARA, AIKO. - Budding Tree: Six Stories of Love in Edo.
69581: KITCHEN, DENIS. - Denis Kitchen's Chipboard Sketchbook.
69580: KITCHEN, DENIS. - Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen.
69578: KITCHEN, DENIS AND BUHLE, PAUL. - Art of Harvey Kurtz: The Mad Genius of Comics.
85405: KITCHEN, E. F. - Suburban Knights: A Return to the Middle Ages.
48594: KITCHIN, KIRK T. (EDITOR). - Carcinogenicity: Testing, Predicting, and Interpreting Chemical Effects.
16298: KITELEY, BRIAN. - Still Life with Insects.
2679: KITMAN, MARVIN. - You Can't Judge a Book By It's Cover.
78150: KITROMILIDES, PASCHALIS M. - Enlightenment As Social Criticism: Iosipos Moisiodax and Greek Culture in the Eighteenth Century.
81586: KITROMILIDES, PASCHALIS M. (EDITOR). - Eleftherios Venizelos: The Trials of Statesmanship.
58398: KITZINGER, SHEILA. - Homebirth: The Essential Guide to Giving Birth Outside of the Hospital.
29319: KITZINGER, SHEILA. - Homebirth: The Essential Guide to Giving Birth Outside of the Hospital.
14614: KITZINGER, SHEILA. - Homebirth: The Essential Guide to Giving Birth Outside of the Hospital.
58322: KITZINGER, ERNST. - Byzantine Art in the Making: Main Lines of Stylistic Development in Mediterranean Art, 3rd - 7th Century.
85070: KIVIAT, ESTHER. - Paji.
93520: KIVIAT, ESTHER. - Paji.
60595: KJELGAARD, JIM. - Coming of the Mormons.
22796: KJELGAARD, JIM. - Coming of the Mormons.
42537: KLANCKO, ROBERT J. AND YVONNE S. - Easter Eggs & Art.
82872: KLASOVA, MILENA. - Stanislav Libensky / Jaroslava Brychtova.
82723: KLASSEN, JON. - We Found a Hat.
87572: KLEBER, BROOKS E. AND BIRDSELL, DALE. - The Chemical Warfare Service: Chemicals in Combat.
52739: KLEBER, JOHN E. (EDITOR). - Thomas D. Clark of Kentucky: An Uncommon Life in the Commonwealth.
57467: KLEEBERG, JOHN M. (EDITOR). - Canada's Money.
65327: KLEEBLATT, NORMAN L. (EDITOR). - Dreyfus Affair: Art, Truth, and Justice.
12229: KLEIJN, H. - Mushrooms and Other Fungi: Their Form and Colour.
14040: KLEIN, DENNIS B. (EDITOR). - Hidden History of the Kovno Ghetto.
61967: KLEIN, ERNEST. - Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the Hebrew Language for Readers of English.
39207: KLEIN, NORMA. - Hiding.
21965: KLEIN, JEFF Z. AND REIF, KARL-ERIC. - Death of Hockey, Or How a Bunch of Guys with Too Much Money and Too Little Sense Are Killing the Greatest Game on Earth.
81751: KLEIN, NORMA. - Naomi in the Middle.
83469: KLEIN, NORMA. - Blue Trees, Red Sky.
62299: KLEIN, STEFAN. - Leonardo's Legacy: How Da Vinci Reimagined the World.
30164: KLEIN, BRADLEY S. - Rough Meditations.
95084: KLEIN, MINA C. AND KLEIN, H. ARTHUR. - Temple Beyond Time: The Story of the Site of Solomon's Temple at Jerusalem.
19156: KLEIN, ETIENNE. - Conversations with the Sphinx: Paradoxes in Physics.
48296: KLEIN, BARBRO AND WIDBOM, MATS (EDITORS). - Swedish Folk Art: All Tradition Is Change.
63961: KLEIN, MAURY. - Unfinished Business: The Railroad in American Life.
59044: KLEIN, JR., WILLIAM M. - Gardens of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.
70898: KLEIN, KELLY. - Emotion.
56668: KLEIN, K. K. - Sex of Angels.
85369: KLEIN, CALVIN AND ADAMS, BRYAN. - American Women.
50329: KLEIN, HERBERT S. - Middle Passage: Comparative Studies in the Atlantic Slave Trade.
80632: KLEIN, NORMA. - Mom, the Wolf Man, and Me.
79139: KLEIN, BRADLEY S. - Rough Meditations.
91010: KLEIN, A. M. - The Hitleriad.
68326: KLEIN, STANLEY. - World in a Tree.
59213: KLEINSCHMIDT, EDWARD. - First Language.
93058: KLEINZAHLER, AUGUST. - Sleeping It Off in Rapid City: Poems, New and Selected.
85129: KLEIST, HEINRICH VON. - Die Marquise Von O. . .
83955: KLEMENS, MICHAEL W. - Amphibians and Reptiles of Connecticut and Adjacent Regions.
56636: KLEMM, CHRISTIAN, ET AL. - Alberto Giacometti.
65296: KLEMM, FRIEDRICH. - History of Western Technology.
48465: KLEMMER, PAUL AND WINK, RUDIGER (EDITORS). - Preventing Unemployment in Europe: A New Framework for Labour Market Policy.
32433: KLEVEN, ELISA. - Ernst.
74454: KLEVIN, JILL ROSS. - Turtle Street Trading Co.
43245: KLEVIN, JILL ROSS. - Turtles Together Forever!
2340: KLIMA, IVAN. - Judge on Trial.
9524: KLIMA, IVAN. - My First Loves.
74814: KLIMENT, ALEXANDR. - Living Parallel.
58936: KLIMOWICZ, BARBARA. - Ha, Ha, Ha, Henrietta.
32222: KLIN, AMI, ET AL (EDITORS). - Asperger Syndrome.
84216: KLINE, MORRIS. - Mathematics in Western Culture.
71787: KLINE, T. JEFFERSON. - Screening the Text: Intertextuality in New Wave French Cinema.
87084: KLINE, SUZY. - Shhhh!
35568: KLING, DAVID W. - Bible in History: How the Texts Have Shaped the Times.
76093: KLING, KEN. - How I Pick Winners: A Complete Handbook on Horse Racing.
27375: KLINGER, ROBERT LEE. - Distaff Sketch Book: A Collection of Notes and Sketches on Women's Dress in America, 1774-1783.
94896: KLINGLE, MATTHEW. - Emerald City: An Environmental History of Seattle.
70599: KLINGNER, FRIEDRICH. - Virgils Georgica.
55958: KLINKOWITZ, JEROME. - Vonnegut in Fact: The Public Spokesmanship of Personal Fiction.
29936: KLINKOWITZ, JEROME. - Vonnegut Effect.
56734: KLINKOWITZ, JEROME AND LAWLER, DONALD L. (EDITORS). - Vonnegut in America: An Introduction to the Life and Work of Kurt Vonnegut.
73901: KLIVANS, ELINOR. - Fearless Baking: Over 100 Recipes That Anyone Can Make.
39365: KLOCKARS, CARL B. - Professional Fence.
45274: KLONSKY, MILTON. - Blake's Dante: The Complete Illustrations to the Divine Comedy.
82770: KLONSKY, MILTON. - William Blake: The Seer and His Visions.
23582: KLOPFER, PETER H. - Habitats and Territories: A Study of the Use of Space By Animals.
87511: KLOPFER, PETER H. - Behavioral Aspects of Ecology.
83705: (GLENN ST. CHARLES) KLOPSTEG, PAUL E. - Turkish Archery and the Composite Bow.
30983: KLOSS, WILLIAM. - Samuel F.B. Morse.
37088: KLUCKHOHN, CLYDE. - Culture and Behavior: Collected Essays of Clyde Kluckhohn.
79124: KLUCKHOHN, CLYDE. - Anthropology and the Classics.
84263: KLUGER, RICHARD. - When the Bough Breaks.
48462: KLUNDERT, THEO C. M. J. VAN DE. - Growth Theory in Historical Perspective: Selected Essays of Theo Van de Klundert.
75968: KLUVER, BILLY. - Day with Picasso.
88267: KLYUEV, NIKOLAI. - Poems.
50758: KNAB, FREDEREICK. - Northampton of Today, 1902-03: Depicted By Pen and Camera.
57507: KNACKSTEDT, MARY V. WITH HANEY, LAURA J. - Marketing and Selling Design Services: The Designer Client Relationship.
49636: KNAFF, JEAN CHRISTIAN. - Animal Characters.
80547: KNAGGS, NELSON S. - Adventures in Man's First Plastic: The Romance of Natural Waxes.
93835: KNAPP II, JOHN. - A Pillar of Pepper and Other Bible Nursery Rhymes.
41905: KNAPP, RAYMOND. - Symphonic Metamorphoses: Subjectivity and Alienation in Mahler's Re-Cycled Songs.
70362: KNAPP, JEFFREY. - Shakespeare Only.
69439: KNAPP, ROBERT S. - Shakespeare - the Theater and the Book.
90545: KNAUSGAARD, KARL OVE. - My Struggle: Book Five.
22321: KNELL, DAVID. - English Country Furniture: The Vernacular Tradition, 1500-1900.
3544: KNEPLER, HENRY. - Gilded Stage: The Years of the Great International Actresses.
89397: KNIGHT, MARY. - The Fox That Wanted Nine Golden Tails.
65240: KNIGHT, CHARLES A. - Literature of Satire.
36301: KNIGHT, IAN J. - Warrior Chiefs of Southern Africa.
16207: KNIGHT, DAMON. - Late Knight Edition.
21916: KNIGHT, THOMAS S. - Charles Peirce.
39714: KNIGHT, WILLIAM ALLEN. - Shepherd of Jebel Nur.
51853: KNIGHT, DAVID C. - Haunted Souvenir Warehouse.
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45522: LAMB, CHRISTIAN. - From the Ends of the Earth (Passionate Plant Collectors Remembered in a Cornish Garden).
8998: LAMB, NANCY. - Great Mosquito, Bull, and Coffin Caper.
78028: LAMB, HAROLD. - Alexander of Macedon: The Journey to World's End.
82690: LAMB, ROBERT. - The Plug at the Bottom of the Sea.
71156: LAMB, CHARLES. - New Year's Eve.
74225: LAMB, HAROLD. - Constantinople: Birth of an Empire
87045: LAMB, JULIAN. - Rules of Use: Language and Instruction in Early Modern England.
91081: (WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE) LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY. - Tales from Shakespeare.
80020: LAMB, GEOFFREY. - Pencil and Paper Tricks.
16752: LAMBERT, JANET. - Spring Fever.
20679: LAMBERT, JACKLYN AND SAMBORSKI, JEFFREY. - In the Limelight: A Two-Sided Moving Puzzle.
27251: LAMBERT, JANET. - Boy Wanted.
45209: LAMBERT, MARK. - Dickens and the Suspended Quotation.
45320: LAMBERT, SYLVIE. - Ring: Design: Past and Present.
83885: LAMBERT, KAREL. - Meinong and the Principle of Independence.
7833: LAMBERT, GAVIN. - Dangerous Edge.
47845: LAMBERT, JANET. - Boy Wanted.
88393: LAMBERT, JANET. - Practically Perfect.
52459: LAMBERT, DAVID L. (EDITOR). - Frontiers of Stellar Evolution.
78274: LAMBERT, KAREL AND VAN FRAASSEN, BAS C. - Derivation and Counterexample: An Introduction to Philosophical Logic.
91435: LAMBERT, KAREL (EDITOR). - Philosophical Applications of Free Logic.
85305: LAMBERT, JANET. - High Hurdles.
70046: LAMBERT-BEATTY, CARRIE. - Being Watched: Yvonne Rainer and the 1960s.
25378: LAMBETH, BENJAMIN S. - Transformation of American Air Power.
18327: LAMBTON, ANTONY. - Abbey in the Wood.
57782: LAMBURN, JOAN. - Mr. Soloski's Cats.
39418: LAMM, JOHN. - Ferrari: Stories from Those Who Lived the Legend.
42439: LAMOND, HENRY G. - Brindle Royalist: A Story of the Australian Plains.
86651: LAMONT, CORLISS. - The Illusion of Immortality.
12080: LAMONT, W. D. - Value of Judgement.
17426: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND. - Kempeitai: Japan's Dreaded Military Police.
92735: LAMONT, DANIEL S., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XLV (45) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
92765: LAMONT, DANIEL S., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XLIV (44).
92813: LAMONT, DANIEL S., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XLVII (47) - in Three Parts (Three Books).
34674: LAMONT, CORLISS. - Lover's Credo.
92751: LAMONT, DANIEL S., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series II (2) - 8 Volumes.
11522: LAMONT, CORLISS (EDITOR). - Thomas Lamonts in America.
72727: LAMONT, CORLISS. - Freedom of Choice Affirmed.
92812: LAMONT, DANIEL S., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XLII (42) - in Three Parts (Three Books).
92788: LAMONT, DANIEL S., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume L (50) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
92810: LAMONT, DANIEL S., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XLIX (49) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
92790: LAMONT, DANIEL S., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XLVI (46) - in Three Parts (Three Books).
92774: LAMONT, DANIEL S., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XLVIII (48) - in Two Parts (Two Books).
92814: LAMONT, DANIEL S., ET AL. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Series I (1), Volume XLI (41) - in Three Parts (Three Books).
49846: LAMORISSE, ALBERT. - Red Balloon.
51949: LAMORISSE, ALBERT. - Red Balloon.
23701: LAMOTT, ANNE. - Blue Shoe.
28082: LAMOTT, ANNE. - All New People.
58976: LAMOTT, ANNE. - Joe Jones.
58975: LAMOTT, ANNE. - Joe Jones.
56430: LAMOTT, ANNE. - All New People.
56483: LAMPARD, MARIE TURBOW, ET AL (EDITORS). - Uncommon Vision of Sergei Konenkov, 1874-1971: A Russian Sculptor and His Time.
73883: LAMPELL, MILLARD. - Pig with One Nostril.
31459: LAMPERT, CATHERINE. - Lucian Freud: Recent Work.
21716: LAMPLUGH, LOIS. - Midsummer Mountains.
89621: LANCASTER, G. - Electron Spin Resonance in Semiconductors.
29556: LANCASTER, OSBERT. - Classical Landscape with Figures.
60548: LANCASTER, OSBERT. - Saracen's Head Or the Reluctant Crusader.
88710: LANCASTER-BROWN, PETER. - Halley & His Comet.
35596: LANCE, PHILLIP C. - Queendom of the Honey Bees.
94364: LANCE, DAVID. - Goines Posters.
54690: LANCHNER, CAROLYN (EDITOR). - Paul Klee.
79134: LANCOURT, SAUL (ADAPTED BY). - Bumble Bee Prince.
41649: LAND, LORETTA CHURNEY. - Hiram Hitchcock's Legacy: The History of the Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital School of Nursing.
49677: LANDAIS, HUBERT. - French Porcelain (Pleasures and Treasures).
22367: LANDAU, RALPH, ET AL (EDITORS). - Mosaic of Economic Growth.
63072: LANDAUER, THOMAS K. - Trouble with Computers: Usefulness, Usability, and Productivity.
84657: LANDE, LAWRENCE. - Confederation Pamphlets: A Check-List - Liste Abregee.
32479: LANDE, STEPHEN L. AND VANGRASSTEK, CRAIG. - Trade and Tariff Act of 1984: Trade Policy in the Reagan Administration.
95035: LANDECK, BEATRICE. - Echoes of Africa in Folk Songs of the Americas.

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