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93715: HOSFIELD, R. T. AND GREEN, C. P. (EDITORS). - Quaternary History and Palaeolithic Archaeology in the Axe Valley at Broom, South West England
22359: HOSKINS, JANET (EDITOR). - Headhunting and the Social Imagination in Southeast Asia.
50185: HOSKINS, ROBERT. - Jack-in-the-Box Planet.
29103: HOSKYNS, BEN. - Nature of Game: United Kingdom - Europe - North America with Holland & Holland.
6598: HOSKYNS, BARNEY. - Beneath the Diamond Sky: Haight-Ashbury 1965-1970.
14187: HOSPITAL, JANETTE TURNER. - Dislocations.
1476: HOSPITAL, JANETTE TURNER. - Borderline.
64594: HOSPODAR, MIRIAM KASIN. - Heaven's Banquet: Vegetarian Cooking for Lifelong Health the Ayurveda Way.
19655: HOSSACK, KARIN. - Simple Bead & Mosaic Style.
52769: HOSSEINI, KHALED. - Kite Runner.
31881: HOTALING, EDWARD. - They're Off!: Horse Racing at Saratoga.
41814: HOTCHNER, A. E. - Dangerous American.
56399: HOTMAN, FRANCOIS. - Francogallia.
27381: HOUDINI, HARRY. - Houdini's Paper Magic.
67858: HOUGEN, RICHARD T. - Look No Further.
1546: HOUGH, HENRY BEETLE. - The Port.
23658: HOUGH, SHERIDAN. - Nietzsche's Noontide Friend: The Self As Metaphoric Double.
11050: HOUGH, RICHARD. - First and Fastest: A Collection of Accounts of the World's Greatest Auto Races.
45448: HOUGHAM, PAUL C. - Encyclopedia of Archery.
32419: HOUGHTELING, LEILA. - Income and Standard of Living of Unskilled Laborers in Chicago.
42515: HOUGHTON, LEIGHTON. - In the Steps of the Anglo-Saxons.
81433: HOUGHTON, ERIC. - The White Wall.
49412: HOUGHTON, ERIC. - Mouse and the Magician.
74884: HOUGHTON, PATTI L. - Facing the North Wind: The Morton E. Wise Collection of Maurice Sendak.
59514: HOUK, ROSE. - Wild Cactus.
90765: HOULE, MARCY COTTRELL. - Wings for My Flight: The Peregrine Falcons of Chimney Rock.
55336: HOUNSELL, PETER. - Ealing and Hanwell Past: A Visual History of Ealing and Hanwell.
46883: HOUSE, R. C. - Sudden Gun.
49243: BOREAS PUBLISHING HOUSE. - Guide to Tallinn, 1935 + 1985.
73599: HOUSE, BRANT (EDITOR). - Book of Cats.
13775: HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY. - Prisoner of the Indies.
26250: HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY. - Brides of Solomon and Other Stories.
28564: HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY. - Exploits of Xenophon.
37128: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE. - Kind and the Foolish: Short Tales of Myth, Magic and Miracle.
56347: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE (RETOLD BY). - Stories from the Arabian Nights.
42360: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE. - Of Aucassin and Nicolette: A Translation in Prose and Verse from the Old French Together with Amabel and Amoris.
78019: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE (RETOLD BY). - Stories from the Arabian Nights.
88757: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE. - The Golden Sovereign.
94392: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE. - The Rat-Catcher's Daighter: A Collection of Stories.
93222: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE (RETOLD BY). - Stories from the Arabian Nights.
74434: HOUSNER, GEORGE W. AND HUDSON, DONALD E. - Applied Mechanics: Dynamics.
36051: HOUSTON, PEYTON. - Occasions in a World.
13178: HOUSTON, PAM. - Cowboys Are My Weakness.
41935: HOUSTON, JAMES. - Eagle Mask: A West Coast Indian Tale.
29004: HOUSTON, PAM. - Cowboys Are My Weakness.
14499: HOUSTON, JAMES. - Ice Swords: An Undersea Adventure.
30440: HOUSTON, PAM. - Cowboys Are My Weakness.
52768: HOUSTON, PAM. - Cowboys Are My Weakness.
5747: HOUSTON, PAM. - Cowboys Are My Weakness.
55938: HOUSTON, JAMES. - Arctic Fisherman.
66118: HOUSTON, JAMES (EDITED AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Songs of the Dream People: Chants and Images from the Indians and Eskimos of North America.
90869: HOUSTON, JEANNE WAKATSUKI AND HOUSTON, JAMES D. - Farewell to Manzanar: A True Story of Japanese American Experience During and After the World War II Internment.
79935: HOUSTON, JAMES. - Frozen Fire: A Tale of Courage.
49966: VAN HOUTS, ELISABETH M. C., ET AL (EDITORS). - Chronology, Conquest and Conflict in Medieval England: Camden Miscellany XXXIV.
40441: HOUWINK, R. - Odd Book of Data.
56329: HOUZE, HERBERT G. - Samuel Colt: Arms, Art, and Invention.
84279: HOUZEAU, JEAN-CHARLES. - My Passage at the New Orleans Tribune: A Memoir of the CIVIL War Era.
73076: HOVING, THOMAS. - Art of Dan Namingha.
65237: HOWARD, RICHARD. - Inner Voices: Selected Poems, 1963-2003.
80901: HOWARD, JEAN G. - Half a Cage.
35944: HOWARD, JOHN TASKER. - World's Great Operas: Newly Enlarged Edition (ML 302)
37121: HOWARD, CLARK. - Doomsday Squad.
19870: HOWARD, MUNROE. - Call Her Dynamite.
24691: HOWARD, RICHARD. - Lining Up: Poems.
24692: HOWARD, RICHARD. - Fellow Feelings: Poems.
26042: HOWARD, ANGELA FALCO. - Summit of Treasures: Buddhist Cave Art of Dazu, China.
76789: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Conquering Sword of Conan.
76787: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Coming of Conan the Cimmerian.
76788: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Bloody Crown of Conan.
93038: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Shadows of Dreams: Poetry of Robert E. Howard.
28857: HOWARD, ELLEN. - Tower Room.
81580: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Son of the White Wolf.
65500: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Gent from Bear Creek.
5370: HOWARD, KEN (EDITOR). - Art Class: A Beginner's Complete Guide to Painting and Drawing.
45844: HOWARD, JOHN TASKER. - World's Great Operas: Newly Enlarged Edition (ML 302)
46580: HOWARD, RICHARD. - Damages.
86841: HOWARD, JOHN. - Touchstones: Essays on the Fantastic.
11539: HOWARD, PATRICIA. - Operas of Benjamin Britten: An Introduction.
69428: HOWARD, RICHARD. - Quantities.
94397: HOWARD, RICHARD. - Lining Up: Poems.
6599: HOWARD, OSWALD. - Montreal Diocesan Theological College: A History from 1873 to 1963.
85298: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Solomon Kane.
75974: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Always Comes Evening.
83789: HOWARD, LEON. - Essays on Puritans and Puritanism.
55750: HOWARD, ROBERT WEST. - Horse in America.
66297: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Savage Tales of Solomon Kane.
19244: HOWARD, CONSTANCE (EDITOR). - Textile Crafts.
83919: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Mayhem on Bear Creek.
64928: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Witch Shall Be Born.
20613: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Tigers of the Sea.
73515: HOWARD, RICHARD. - The Damages.
92231: HOWARD, JOHN. - Blake's Milton: A Study in the Selfhood.
79162: HOWARD, DONALD R. - Three Temptations: Medieval Man in Search of the World.
70608: HOWARD, DONALD R. - Idea of the Canterbury Tales.
67865: HOWARD, BLANCHE WILLIS. - Guenn: A Wave on the Breton Coast.
92303: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Black Colossus.
41438: HOWARTH, JACK AND HILDYARD, ROBIN. - Joseph Kishere and the Mortlake Potteries.
43316: HOWATSON, M. C. (EDITOR). - Oxford Companion to Classical Literature: Second Edition.
83933: HOWE, IRVING (EDITOR). - Beyond the New Left: A Confrontation and Critique.
20976: HOWE, PETER. - Shooting Under Fire: The World of the War Photographer.
17448: HOWE, DEBORAH AND JAMES. - Teddy Bear's Scrapbook.
67036: HOWE, GRAHAM AND ESAU, ERIKA. - E.O. Hoppe's Australia.
25065: HOWE, NICHOLAS. - Not without Peril: One Hunder and Fifty Years of Misadventure on the Presidential Range of New Hampshire.
68783: HOWE, DANIEL R. - From the Sublime. . .
44774: HOWE, SEAN (EDITOR). - Give Our Regards to the Atomsmashers!: Writers on Comics.
56313: HOWE, MAUD. - Roma Beata: Letters from the Eternal City.
11151: HOWE, JOHN (ILLUSTRATED BY). - Knights (a 3-Dimensional Exploration).
62152: HOWE, JR., JOHN R. - Changing Political Thought of John Adams.
79313: HOWE, JEFFERY (EDITOR). - Houses We Live in: An Identification Guide to the History and Style of American Domestic Architecture.
83404: HOWE, REGINALD HEBER AND HOWE, MARION APPLETON. - Common and Conspicuous Lichens of New England: A Fieldbook for Beginners (Five Volumes).
57796: HOWE, EMMY. - Rennie the Fish.
88915: HOWE, NORMA. - God, the Universe, and Hot Fudge Sundaes.
76697: HOWE, JAMES. - Eat Your Poison, Dear: A Sebastian Barth Mystery.
84441: HOWELL, EDGAR M. - Soviet Partisan Movement, 1941-1944.
52720: HOWELL, CHARLES AND KELLER, ALLAN. - MILL at Philipsburg Manor Upper Mills and a Brief History of Milling.
49792: HOWELL, ALICE O. - Beejum Book.
53763: HOWELL, SIMMONE. - Notes from the Teenage Underground.
62910: HOWELL, ROGER. - Sir Philip Sidney: The Shepherd Knight.
85758: HOWELL, STEVE B. (EDITOR). - Astronomical Ccd Observing and Reduction Techniques.
39801: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN. - Discovery of a Genius: William Dean Howells and Henry James.
23521: HOWELLS, JOHN. - Choosing Your Clematis.
92666: HOWELLS, W. D. - Their Wedding Journey.
61115: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN. - Their Wedding Journey.
77237: HOWELLS, WILLIAM. - The Heathens: Primitive Man and His Religions.
85994: HOWES, BARBARA. - The Blue Garden.
13476: HOWEY, M. OLDFIELD. - Cat in Magic.
94187: (MADELEINE L'ENGLE) HOWEY, M. OLDFIELD. - The Encircled Serpent: A Study of Serpent Symbolism in All Countries and Ages.
90480: HOWISON, GEORGE HOLMES. - George Holmes Howison: Philosopher and Teacher: A Selection from His Writings with a Biographical Sketch.
14845: HOWKINS, HEIDI. - K2: One Woman's Quest for the Summit.
27097: HOWLAND, LLEWELLYN. - Middle Road.
11380: HOY, KEN. - Strange Scavenging Creatures (Pop-Up Book).
58510: HOYE, JACOB (EDITOR). - Mtv Uncensored.
15577: HOYLE, FRED AND HOYLE, GEOFFREY. - Incandescent Ones.
67254: HOYLE, FRED. - On Stonehenge.
53464: HOYT, SHERMAN. - Sherman Hoyt's Memoirs.
45070: HOYT, MURRAY. - World of Bees.
7878: HOYT, EDWIN P. - Now Hear This: The Story of American Sailors in World War II.
89274: HOYT, EDWIN P. - The Jewel Hunters.
69254: HOYT, RICHARD. - Siskiyou Two-Step.
58461: HOYT, CHARLES KING (EDITOR). - Buildings for Commerce and Industry.
71225: HOYT, EDWIN P. - Horatio's Boys: The Life and Works of Horatio Alger, Jr.
69200: HOYT, JOSEPH BIXBY. - Baker River Towns.
62815: HOYT, OLGA. - Lust for Blood: The Consuming Story of Vampires.
80345: HOYT, SHERMAN. - Sherman Hoyt's Memoirs.
57365: HOYT, CHARLES KING (EDITOR). - Buildings for Commerce and Industry.
85211: HRABAL, BOHUMIL. - Closely Watched Trains.
47013: HREBENAR, RONALD J. AND THOMAS, CLIVE S. (EDITORS). - Interest Group Politics in the Southern States.
2338: HSIEH, TEHYI. - Confucius Said It First.
22430: HSU, ROBERT C. - Mit Encyclopedia of the Japanese Economy (Second Edition).
64801: HSU, KENNETH J. - Great Dying (Cosmic Catastrophe, Dinosaurs, and the Theory of Evolution).
51371: KEMIN HU. - Scholars' Rocks in Ancient China: The Suyuan Stone Catalogue.
90879: YU HUA. - China in Ten Words.
63664: KOMIKE HUA'OLELO. - Mamaka Kaiao: A Modern Hawaiian Vocabulary.
48954: HUANG, WENHU (EDITOR). - Advances in Nonlinear Dynamics in China: Theory and Applications.
63654: HUANG, MARTIN W. - Negotiating Masculinities in Late Imperial China.
15265: HUBANK, ROGER. - North Wall.
66763: HUBBARD, L. RON. - Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health: A Handbook of Dianetic Procedure.
37531: HUBBARD, ELBERT. - Message to Garcia: Being a Preachment By Elbert Hubbard.
62015: HUBBARD, L. RON. - Kingslayer.
22403: HUBBARD, J. T. W. - For Each, the Strength of All: A History of Banking in the State of New York.
13770: HUBBARD, L. RON. - Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000.
6505: HUBBARD, L. RON (BASED ON THE WORKS OF). - What Is Scientology?
45983: HUBBARD, MARGARET ANN. - Sister Simon's Murder Case.
62454: HUBBARD, MARGARET ANN. - Road to the King's Mountain.
70857: HUBBARD, ELEANORE MINEAH (ILLUSTRATOR). - Peter Piper's Playmates.
28673: HUBBARD, JAMIE. - Absolute Delusion, Perfect Buddhahood: The Rise and Fall of Chinese Heresy.
85978: HUBBARD, L. RON. - Buckskin Brigades.
62016: HUBBARD, L. RON. - Ghoul.
67869: HUBBARD, L. RON. - Buckskin Brigades.
65029: HUBBELING, H. G. - Spinoza's Methodology.
37892: HUBER, THOMAS M. - Leavenworth Papers Number 18: Japan's Battle of Okinawa, April-June 1945.
77971: HUC, EVARISTE REGIS AND GABET, JOSEPH. - Huc and Gabet: Travels in Tartary, Thibet and China, 1844-1846 (Two Volumes).
29942: HUCHTHAUSEN, PETER. - America's Splendid Little Wars: A Short History of U.S. Military Engagements: 1975-2000.
4870: HUCKER, CHARLES O. - China's Imperial Past: An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture.
15038: HUDAK, JOSEPH. - Design for Gardens.
23289: HUDAK, JOSEPH. - Gardening with Perennials Month By Month.
47288: HUDAK, JOSEPH. - Gardening with Perennials Month By Month.
49453: HUDAK, JOSEPH. - Gardening with Perennials: Month By Month.
58085: HUDDY, DELIA. - Humboldt Effect.
52639: HUDDY, DELIA. - How Edward Saved St. George.
85811: HUDNET, SELMA. - A Horse of Her Own.
12169: HUDSON, KENNETH. - Fashionable Stone.
60734: HUDSON, R. A. - Sociolinguistics.
79847: HUDSON, W. H. - Afoot in England.
87146: HUDSON, W. H. - Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest.
87142: HUDSON, W. H. - The Purple Land.
41702: HUDSON, KENNETH. - Dictionary of Diseased English.
27749: HUDSON, VALERIE M. AND DEN BOER, ANDREA M. - Bare Branches: Security Implications of Asia's Surplus Male Population.
77929: HUDSON, ROGER (EDITOR). - The Grand Quarrel: From the CIVIL War Memoirs of Mrs. Lucy Hutchinson; Mrs. Alice Thornton; Ann, Lady Fanshawe; Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle; Anne, Lady Halkett, & the Letters of Brilliana, Lady Harley.
6636: HUDSON, HEATHER E. - Communication Satellites: Their Development and Impact.
46206: HUDSON, DEREK. - Arthur Rackham: His Life and Work.
59889: HUDSON, W. H. - Ralph Herne.
10435: HUDSON, M. E. AND CLARK, MARY. - Crown of a Thousand Years: A Millennium of British History Presented As a Pageant of Kings and Queens.
86551: HUDSON, STEPHEN. - Myrtle.
75634: HUDSON, W. H. - Tales of the Gauchos.
56076: (WILLIAM RUSSELL) HUDSON, ROGER (EDITOR). - William Russell, Special Correspondent of the Times.
79035: HUDSON, W. H. - A Shepherd's Life: Impressions of the South Wiltshire Downs.
72039: HUDSON, CHARLES M. (EDITOR). - Black Drink: A Native American Tea.
84950: HUDSON, W. H. - Little Boy Lost.
77013: HUDSON, BRUCE. - Post-War British Thoroughbreds and Specialist Cars (1955-1960).
79950: HUDSON, W. H. - Ralph Herne.
79910: HUDSON, W. H. - Little Boy Lost.
89395: HUDSON, W. H. - Adventures Among Birds.
80750: HUDSON, DEREK. - Lewis Carroll: An Illustrated Biography.
7887: HUEBNER, HANS F. - Endorphins, Eating Disorders and Other Addictive Behaviors.
61692: HUEFFER, FRANCIS. - Troubadours: A History of Provencal Life and Literature in the Middle Ages.
53429: HUFBAUER, KARL. - Formation of the German Chemical Community (1720-1795).
83285: HUFF, BARBARA A. - Once Inside the Library.
86566: HUFF, BARBARA A. - Once Inside the Library.
76674: HUFF, SAM WITH CLARK, KRISTINE SETTING. - Controlled Violence: On the Field and in the Booth.
84022: HUFFARD, GRACE THOMPSON AND CARLISLE, LAURA MAE WITH FERRIS, HELEN (SELECTED AND ARRANGED BY). - My Poetry Book: An Anthology of Modern Verse for Boys and Girls.
35021: HUFFMAN, LARRY L. (COMPILED BY). - Legendary Whitetails II.
89253: HUFFMAN, JAMES L. - Politics of the Meiji Press: The Life of Fukuchi Gen'ichiro.
26663: HUFNAGLE, BILL. - Biker Billy Cooks with Fire: Robust Recipes from America's Most Outrageous Television Chef.
72286: HUGGINS, NATHAN IRVIN. - Black Odyssey: The Afro-American Ordeal in Slavery.
88923: HUGGINS, ALICE MARGARET. - Day of the False Dragon.
62311: HUGGINS, NATHAN IRVIN. - Black Odyssey: The Afro-American Ordeal in Slavery.
86557: HUGGLER, TOM. - Columbia Sportswear Company's Grouse of North America: A Cross-Continental Hunting Guide.
14053: HUGHES, G. BERNARD. - Sheffield Silver Plate.
15478: HUGHES, TED. - Wolfwatching.
17421: HUGHES, G. BERNARD. - Horse Brasses and Other Small Items for the Collector.
57016: HUGHES, TED. - Season Songs.
18144: HUGHES, ANN AND OWENS, W. R. (EDITORS). - Seventeenth-Century England: A Changing Culture (Two Volumes).
60159: HUGHES, LANGSTON. - Langston Hughes Reader.
14196: HUGHES, G. BERNARD. - English and Scottish Earthenware: 1660-1860.
39377: HUGHES, KATHY. - Collector's Guide to Nineteenth-Century Jugs: Volume II.
52627: HUGHES, DEAN. - Honestly, Myron.
23788: HUGHES, GEORGE R. AND JASNOW, RICHARD. - Oriental Institute Hawara Papyri: Demotic and Greek Texts from an Egyptian Family Archive in the Fayum (Fourth to Third Century B.C. ).
79317: HUGHES, RICHARD. - Wooden Shepherdess: The Human Predicament, Volume Two.
42270: HUGHES, DOM ANSELM (EDITOR). - Early Medieval Music Up to 1300.
80645: HUGHES, LANGSTON. - Five Plays (Tambourines to Glory, Soul Gone Home, Little Ham, Mulatto, Simply Heavenly).
43496: HUGHES, G. BERNARD. - Sheffield Silver Plate.
71211: HUGHES, TED. - How the Whale Became.
44583: HUGHES, CAROL. - Jack Black & the Ship of Thieves.
30412: HUGHES, FRIEDA. - Waxworks.
90217: HUGHES, TED. - The Iron Giant: A Story in Five Nights.
31425: HUGHES, TED. - Birthday Letters.
32673: HUGHES, BETTANY. - Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore.
78628: HUGHES, TED. - Iron Woman.
32952: HUGHES, KENT H. - Building the Next American Century: The Past and Future of American Economic Competitiveness.
34123: HUGHES, TED. - Wodwo.
52939: HUGHES, JONATHAN (EDITOR). - Men and Machines of Indy Car Racing: Cart 1988-89.
5609: HUGHES, G. BERNARD. - Small Antique Silverware.
6918: HUGHES, TED. - Iron Woman.
52938: HUGHES, JONATHAN (EDITOR). - Men and Machines of Indy Car Racing: Cart 1989-90.
63297: HUGHES, R. I. G. - Theoretical Practices of Physics: Philosophical Essays.
59391: HUGHES, SHIRLEY. - Lucy & Tom's A.B. C.
47564: HUGHES, TED. - Selected Translations.
80993: HUGHES, LANGSTON, ET AL. - One Act Play Magazine: Volume I, Number 3: July, 1937 (Soul Gone Home).
91628: HUGHES, RICHARD. - Gertrude's Child.
78667: HUGHES, KATHRYN. - Short Life and Long Times of Mrs. Beeton (the First Domestic Goddess).
80840: HUGHES, LANGSTON. - The Weary Blues.
77416: HUGHES, EDWARD J. - Writing Marginality in Modern French Literature: From Loti to Genet.
89238: HUGHES, TED. - What Is the Truth?: A Farmyard Fable for the Young.
9016: HUGHES, OWAIN. - Beholding Runner.
77272: HUGHES, TED. - Gaudete.
23852: HUGHES, TED. - Season Songs.
91627: HUGHES, RICHARD. - Gertrude's Child.
53603: HUGHES, SUKEY. - Washi: The World of Japanese Paper.
89526: HUGHES, TED. - What Is the Truth?: A Farmyard Fable for the Young.
52940: HUGHES, JONATHAN (EDITOR). - Men and Machines of Indy Car Racing: Cart 1987-88.
52941: HUGHES, JONATHAN (EDITOR). - Men and Machines of Indy Car Racing: Cart 1990-91.
50839: HUGHES, FRIEDA. - Wooroloo.
66542: HUGHES, TED. - Difficulties of a Bridegroom.
93051: HUGHES, ROBERT. - The Spectacle of Skills: Selected Writings of Robert Hughes.
89768: HUGHES, GEOFFREY. - Swearing: A Social History of Foul Language, Oaths and Profanity in English.
82232: HUGHES, LANGSTON. - Dream Keeper and Other Poems.
74341: HUGHES, LANGSTON. - Freedom's Plow.
68173: HUGHES, RICHARD. - Fox in the Attic.
91403: HUGHES, JOHN, PHILIPS, AMBROSE, AND JONES, HENRY. - The Siege of Damascus / the Distrest Mother / the Earl of Essex.
84645: HUGHES, THOMAS. - Tom Brown's School-Days
70102: HUGHES, TED. - Wolfwatching.
93482: HUGHES, LANGSTON. - The Collected Works of Langston Hughes (Sixteen Volumes).
89306: HUGHES, ROBERT. - American Visions: The Epic History of Art in America.
44167: HUGO, VICTOR. - Hunchback of Notre-Dame.
7613: HUGO, VICTOR. - Toilers of the Sea.
7614: HUGO, VICTOR. - History of a Crime.
90141: HUGO, VICTOR. - Poesies (Two Volumes).
74664: HUGO, VICTOR. - Theatre Complet: Tome II.
68042: HUGO, VICTOR. - Les Miserables (Two Volumes).
53827: HUGO, VICTOR. - Les Miserables (Mlg 3).
40524: HUGUENIN, JEAN-RENE. - Other Side of the Summer.
66864: HUIE, WILLIAM BRADFORD. - Execution of Private Slovik.
68054: O HUIGIN, SEAN. - Ghost Horse of the Mounties.
78627: O HUIGIN, SEAN. - Ghost Horse of the Mounties.
32013: HUIZINGA, JOHAN. - Autumn of the Middle Ages.
34076: HUIZINGA, LEONHARD. - "Take Your Jacket Off: " the Chronicle of a Merchant House As Seen Against 75 Years of World History.
46897: HUIZINGA, JOHAN. - Autumn of the Middle Ages.
31100: HULBERT, ARCHER BUTLER. - Forty-Niners: The Chronicle of the California Trail.
1545: HULBERT, ANN. - Interior Castle: The Art and Life of Jean Stafford.
7764: HULDSCHINER, ROBERT E. - Cow That Spoke for Seppl and Other Alpine Tales.
41600: HULL, ROGER H. - Irish Triangle: Conflict in Northern Ireland.
27972: HULL, ANTHONY H. - Goya: Man Among Kings.
37421: HULME, JOHN. - Les Oeuvres Completes de Lord Charles.
26751: HULME, JOHN. - Guillaume Chequespierre and the Oise Salon.
29898: HULME, KERI. - Te Kaihau / the Windeater.
29899: HULME, KERI. - Te Kaihau / the Windeater.
87677: HULME, JOHN. - Morder Guss Reims: The Gustav Leberwurst Manuscript.
71079: HULME, KERI. - Te Kaihau / the Windeater.
90666: HULTEN, PONTUS AND ARREOLA, MAGALI. - Niki de Saint Phalle.
80483: HULTON, ANN. - Letters of a Loyalist Lady: Being the Letters of Ann Hulton, Sister of Henry Hulton, Commissioner of Customs at Boston, 1767-1776.
75792: HULTS, DOROTHY NIEBRUGGE. - New Amsterdam Days and Ways: The Dutch Settlers of New York.
74052: HUMBLE, B. H. - Cuillin of Skye.
33311: HUME, LOTTA CARSWELL. - Favorite Children's Stories from China and Tibet.
22126: HUMEZ, ALEXANDER, HUMEZ, NICHOLAS, AND MAGUIRE, JOSEPH. - Zero to Lazy Eight: The Romance of Numbers.
84087: HUMFREY, PETER. - Cima Da Conegliano.
71667: HUMMEL, JR., RAY O. (EDITOR). - Southeastern Broadsides Before 1877: A Bibliography.
86161: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM. - The Last Husband and Other Stories.
31215: HUMPHREY, DORIS. - Doris Humphrey: An Artist First.
31337: HUMPHREY, SETH K. - Loafing Through the Pacific.
81349: HUMPHREY, JAMES ELLIS. - Amherst Trees: An Aid to Their Study.
82259: HUMPHREY, ZEPHINE. - Green Mountains to Sierras.
1381: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM. - Open Season.
35244: HUMPHREYS, R. A. - Latin American History: A Guide to the Literature in English.
6346: HUMPHREYS, JOHN O. - American Racetracks and Contemporary Racing Art.
85756: HUMPHREYS, ROBERTA M. (EDITOR). - Proper Motions and Galactic Astronomy.
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16891: JANSEN, GODFREY. - Why Robert Kennedy Was Killed: The Story of Two Victims.
64083: JANSSON, TOVE. - Sculptor's Daughter.
60179: JANSSON, SVEN B. F. - The Runes of Sweden.
50668: JANSSON, MAIJA (EDITOR). - Proceedings in Parliament 1614 (House of Commons).
87635: JANSSON, TOVE. - Finn Family Moomintroll.
76012: JANSZ, NATANIA AND LITZA. - Prudie Finds out.
3272: JANVIER, THOMAS. - In the Aztec Treasure House.
73296: JANZ, ROLF-PETER AND LAERMANN, KLAUS. - Arthur Schnitzler: Zur Diagnose Des Wiener Burgertums IM Fin de Siecle.
50136: JAQUES, FLORENCE PAGE. - Geese Fly High.
33196: JARA, RENE AND SPADACCINI, NICHOLAS (EDITORS). - Amerindian Images and the Legacy of Columbus.
69696: JARDINE, MICHAEL. - On the Road to Janaidar. . . A Tale of Adventure to the Roof of the World.
82698: JARDINE, LISA. - The Awful End of Prince William the Silent: The First Assassination of a Head of State with a Handgun.
73417: JARDINE, LISA, ET AL. - Antony Gormley.
78811: JARRAWAY, DAVID R. - Wallace Stevens and the Question of Belief: Metaphysician in the Dark.
36659: JARRELL, RANDALL. - Lost World.
23441: JARRELL, RANDALL. - Losses.
73943: JARRELL, RANDALL. - Poetry and the Age.
54245: JARRELL, RANDALL. - Jerome: The Biography of a Poem.
34595: JARRELL, RANDALL. - No Other Book: Selected Essays.
74813: JARRELL, RANDALL. - Pictures from an Institution: A Comedy.
25262: JARRELL, RANDALL. - Sad Heart at the Supermarket: Essays & Fables.
86543: JARRELL, RANDALL. - Poetry and the Age.
58424: JARRETT, LAUREN. - Seasonal Journal: With Pleasures, Plans, and Projects for Home and Garden.
62320: JARRETT, JAMES. - Printing Style: For Authors, Compositors and Readers.
20091: JARRY, MADELEINE AND DOBRY, MARYVONNE. - Period Needlepoint for Antique Furniture.
85529: JARVES, JAMES JACKSON. - History of the Hawaiian and Sandwich Islands.
78843: JARVES, JAMES JACKSON. - The Art-Idea.
62106: JARVIS, CHARLES E. - Visions of Kerouac: The Life of Jack Kerouac.
62378: JARVIS, H. WOOD. - Pharaoh to Farouk.
33406: JASANOFF, SHEILA. - Designs on Nature: Science and Democracy in Europe and the United States.
55020: JASPERS, KARL. - Philosophy Is for Everyman: A Short Course in Philosophical Thinking.
55339: JAUNAL, JACK W. - Vietnam '68: Jacks Journal.
73316: JAVITS, BENJAMIN A. - Ownerism: A Better World for All Through Democratic Ownership.
81112: JAY, MAE FOSTER. - Rag-House Tales.
7318: JAY, PAUL. - Being in the Text: Self-Representation from Wordsworth to Roland Barthes.
82791: JAYNE, CHARLES A. - Progressions and Directions.
82789: JAYNE, VIVIA. - Aspects to Horoscope Angles.
57490: JAYNES, RICHARD A. - Laurel Book: Rediscovery of the North American Laurels.
57489: JAYNES, RICHARD A. - Laurel Book: Rediscovery of the North American Laurels.
86696: JEAFFRESON, JOSEPH RUSSELL. - The Faroe Isles.
80264: JEAL, TIM. - Explorers of the Nile: The Triumph and Tragedy of a Great Victorian Adventure.
3984: JEAN, MARCEL. - History of Surrealist Painting.
72148: JEAN, MARCEL (EDITOR). - Autobiography of Surrealism.
66929: JEANNERET, MICHEL. - Feast of Words: Banquets and Table Talk in the Renaissance.
10037: JEANNIERE, ABEL. - Anthropology of Sex.
86015: JEANS, SIR JAMES. - The Growth of Physical Science.
80343: JEANSON, FRANCIS, - Sartre and the Problem of Morality.
15407: JEAVONS, SIDNEY A. - Church Plate of Warwickshire: Diocese of Coventry.
82641: JEAVONS, JOHN. - How to Grow More Vegetables. . . Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land Than You Can Imagine.
65420: JEBB, MRS. JOHN GLADWYN. - Strange Career: Life and Adventures of John Gladwyn Jebb.
89726: JEBB, MILES. - Walkers.
82286: JEEVES, B. T. - A Checklist of Astounding (Three Volumes).
87920: JEFFARES, A. NORMAN (EDITOR). - Restoration Comedy (Four Volume Boxed Set).
27763: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Gamekeeper at Home / the Amateur Poacher.

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