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75494: HALEY, GAIL E. - My Kingdom for a Dragon.
75097: HALEY, GAIL E. - My Kingdom for a Dragon.
53042: HALEY, GAIL E. - Sea Tale.
53573: HALEY, ALEX. - Roots: The Saga of an American Family.
59374: HALEY, GAIL E. - Post Office Cat.
2852: HALFMANN, EUNICE K. - Clothespins and Calendars: Recollections of the Past.
60814: HALFON, MARK S. - Integrity: A Philosophical Inquiry.
78546: HALFON, MARK S. - Integrity: A Philosophical Inquiry.
39155: HALIFAX, EARL OF. - American Speeches of the Earl of Halifax.
13495: HALL, ADRIENNE. - Journey North: One Woman's Story of Hiking the Appalachian Trail.
54449: PRENTICE-HALL. - Prentice-Hall Author's Guide.
59554: HALL, EDITH AND WARD, OSSIAN. - Robin Rhode: Through the Gate.
84776: HALL, DONALD. - Ox-Cart Man.
56919: HALL, MADELINE (ILLUSTRATOR). - Miss Browne: The Story of a Superior Mouse.
84190: HALL, ROSALYS HASKELL. - Three Beggar Kings (a Story for Christmas).
68941: HALL, J. TILLMAN. - Dance!: A Complete Guide to Social, Folk, & Square Dancing.
21543: HALL, ALVIN L. (EDITOR). - Cooperstown: Symposium on Baseball and the American Culture (1990).
22005: HALL, DONALD. - Old Life.
76832: HALL, ALAN. - Wild Food Trailguide.
40437: HALL, ROSALYS. - Merry Miller.
40851: HALL, DONALD. - Ox-Cart Man.
24253: HALL, ROSALYS. - Out of Provincetown.
79635: HALL, DONALD. - Museum of Clear Ideas: New Poems.
41923: HALL, H. W. (EDITOR). - Science Fiction Book Review Index, 1923-1973.
85475: HALL, MANLY P. - Lost Keys of Freemasonry Or the Secret of Hiram Abiff.
25979: HALL, GORDON LANGLEY. - Peter Jumping Horse.
78538: HALL, HENRY MARION. - Ruffed Grouse.
55112: HALL, LEONARD. - Earth's Song.
59155: HALL, DONALD. - String Too Short to Be Saved.
28399: HALL, LEE. - Betty Parsons: Artist, Dealer, Collector.
28580: HALL, HUBERT. - Society in the Elizabethan Age.
83489: HALL, DONALD. - String Too Short to Be Saved.
30766: HALL, PATRICIA. - Johnny Gruelle: Creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy.
45317: HALL, NANCY CHRISTENSEN. - Macmillan Fairy Tale Alphabet Book.
51336: HALL, DOROTHEA. - Inspiration in Cross Stitch: 40 Gifts and Keepsakes for Christian Celebrations.
6574: (KENNETH GRAHAME) HALL, WILLIS. - Wind in the Willows.
8106: HALL, LYNN. - Fair Maiden.
62723: HALL, JAMES B. - Hunt Within: Poems.
45891: HALL, MICHAEL D. - Stereoscopic Perspective: Reflections on American Fine and Folk Art.
46023: HALL, H. W. (EDITOR). - Science Fiction Book Review Index, 1923-1973.
46162: HALL, FREDERIC ALDIN. - Homeric Stories for Young Readers.
55807: HALL, SIR A. DANIEL. - Fertilizers and Manures.
46825: HALL, C. W. - Drifting Round the World: A Boy's Adventures By Sea and Land.
10629: HALL, DONALD. - Principal Products of Portugal: Prose Pieces.
59222: HALL, DOROTHY K. AND MARTINEC, JAROSLAV. - Remote Sensing of Ice and Snow.
48544: HALL, MAXIMILIAN J. B. - Regulation and Supervision of Banks: Volume I: The Case for and Against Banking Regulation.
73021: HALL, DONALD. - Christmas Snow.
66164: HALL, MAX. - Harvard University Press: A History.
68572: HALL, DONALD. - When Willard Met Babe Ruth.
74224: HALL, ADAM (ELLESTON TREVOR). - Mandarin Cypher.
67012: HALL, LYNN. - Too Near the Sun.
76683: HALL, JOHN. - Court of Virtue (1565).
70265: HALL, LEE. - Common Threads: A Parade of American Clothing.
76854: HALL, LAWRENCE K. - Doggett of Springfield: A Biography of Laurence Locke Doggett, Ph. D.
87739: HALL, ROBERT LEE. - Benjamin Franklin and a Case of Artful Murder.
54567: HALL, RICHARD. - Stanley: An Adventure Explored.
51828: HALL, LINCOLN. - Loneliest Mountain: The Dramatic Story of the First Expedition to Climb Mt Minto, Antarctica.
58316: HALL, AMANDA. - Foolish Husbands.
73643: HALL, SUSAN. - Gentleman of Leisure: A Year in the Life of a Pimp.
81854: HALL, DONALD. - Ox-Cart Man.
57238: HALL, CARL W. AND OLSEN, WALLACE C. (EDITORS). - Literature of Agricultural Engineering.
78277: HALL, JOHN A. AND JARVIE, I. C. (EDITORS). - Transition to Modernity: Essays on Power, Wealth and Belief.
51979: HALL, MALCOLM. - Caricatures.
53554: HALL, DONALD. - Painted Bed.
87679: HALL, ROBERT LEE. - Benjamin Franklin Takes the Case.
87547: HALL, ROBERT LEE. - Benjamin Franklin and a Case of Christmas Murder.
85564: HALL, JAMES NORMAN AND NORDHOFF, CHARLES BERNARD. - Faery Lands of the South Seas.
74878: HALL, DONALD. - Ox-Cart Man.
74656: HALL, DONALD. - Old and New Poems.
73712: HALL, GEOFFREY AND APPEL, DAVID. - Happy Mother Goose: Familiar Nursery Rhymes for Today's Child.
79531: HALL, DONALD. - When Willard Met Babe Ruth.
79147: HALL, K. G. - Exalted Heroine and the Triumph of Order: Class, Women and Religion in the English Novel, 1740-1800.
12519: HALLAM, PAUL. - Book of Sodom.
16906: HALLAM, ATLANTIS. - Star Ship on Saddle Mountain.
20526: HALLAM, ELIZABETH AND PRESCOTT, ANDREW (EDITORS). - British Inheritance: A Treasury of Historic Documents.
75298: HALLAM, SQUADRON LEADER T. D. - Spider Web: The Romance of a Flying-Boat Flight in the First World War.
59187: HALLBERG, PETER. - Old Icelandic Poetry: Eddic Lay and Skaldic Verse.
13967: HALLER, MARGARET E. - Libraries of New England.
55794: HALLER, JAMES. - Another Blue Strawbery: More Brilliant Cooking without Recipes.
52116: HALLER, LYNN (EDITOR). - Creative Edge: Page Design.
48690: HALLEY, ANNE. - Between Wars and Other Poems.
86739: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD. - Seven League Boots.
81181: HALLIDAY, E. M. - The Ignorant Armies: The Anglo-American Archangel Expedition, 1918-1919.
23230: HALLIDAY, F. E. - Cult of Shakespeare.
77698: HALLIDAY, NIGEL VAUX. - More Than a Bookshop: Zwemmer's and Art in the 20th Century.
62515: HALLISSEY, ROBERT C. - Rajput Rebellion Against Aurangzeb: A Study of the Mughal Empire in Seventeenth-Century India.
31607: HALLMAN, BARBARA MCCLUNG. - Italian Cardinals, Reform, and the Church As Property (1492-1563).
30234: HALLOCK, ANITA. - Scrap Quilts Using Fast Patch.
45005: O'HALLORAN, BARBARA COLLOPY. - Creature Comforts: People and Their Security Objects.
46165: HALLORAN, PAT. - Shady Side of Skeeter.
79560: HALLWORTH, GRACE (COMPILED BY). - Down By the River: Afro-Caribbean Rhymes, Games, and Songs for Children.
14885: HALPERN, SUE. - Four Wings and a Prayer: Caught in the Mystery of the Monarch Butterfly.
12225: HALPERN, DANIEL. - Seasonal Rights.
87356: HALPERN, RICHARD. - Eclipse of Action: Tragedy and Political Economy.
86025: HALPERN, DANIEL (EDITOR). - Who's Wrting This?: Notations on the Authorial I with Self-Portraits.
68888: HALPERN, DANIEL. - Life Among Others.
74234: HALPERT, STEPHEN AND HALPERT, BRENDA (EDITORS). - Brahmins & Bullyboys: G. Frank Radway's Boston Album.
64061: HALPIN, ANNE MOYER (EDITOR). - Unusual Vegetables: Something New for This Year's Garden.
60873: HALPIN, ANNE. - Seascape Gardening: From New England to the Carolinas.
58096: HALSEY, MARGARET. - This Demi-Paradise: A Westchester Diary.
55824: HALSMAN, PHILIPPE. - Frenchman: A Photographic Interview with Fernandel.
73787: HALSMAN, PHILIPPE. - The Frenchman: A Photographic Interview.
73788: HALSMAN, PHILIPPE. - The Frenchman: A Photographic Interview.
59579: (JEAN LEE LATHAM) HALVERSON, MICHELE (TRANSLATOR). - Le Chat Botte (Puss in Boots).
3209: HAMALIAN, LINDA. - Life of Kenneth Rexroth.
63788: HAMBLEN, EMILY S. - On the Minor Prophecies of William Blake.
66903: HAMBLEN, EMILY S. - On the Minor Prophecies of William Blake.
2025: HAMBLIN, DORA JANE. - Pots and Robbers.
45283: HAMBLIN, ROBERT W. AND BRODSKY, LOUIS DANIEL. - Selections from the William Faulkner Collection of Louis Daniel Brodsky: A Descriptive Catalogue.
14547: HAMBLY, GAVIN. - Cities of Mughul India: Delhi, Agra, and Fatehpur Sikri.
4751: HAMBLY, PETER. - Race Under Sail.
71611: HAMBOURG, MARIA MORRIS, ET AL. - Waking Dream: Photography's First Century: Selections from the Gilman Paper Company Collection.
9244: HAMBOURG, MARIA MORRIS. - New Vision: Photography between the World Wars.
38329: HAMBURGER, ROBERT N. (EDITOR). - Food Intolerance in Infancy: Allergology, Immunology, and Gastroenterology (Carnation Nutrition Education Series, Volume 1).
60668: HAMBURGER, ROBERT. - Stranger in the House.
24833: HAMEL, PAUL B. AND CHILTOSKEY, MARY U. - Cherokee Plants and Their Uses - a 400 Year History.
54717: HAMER, RED. - Four Seasons of the Chesapeake Bay (Two Volumes).
75384: HAMERMESH, DANIEL S. (EDITOR). - Labor in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors.
41441: HAMERTON, IAN (EDITOR). - W.A. S. Benson: Arts and Crafts Luminary and Pioneer of Modern Design.
72645: HAMES, PETER (EDITOR). - Dark Alchemy: The Films of Jan Svankmajer.
16744: HAMILL, PETE. - Killing for Christ.
43949: HAMILL, PETE. - Tokyo Sketches: Short Stories.
5808: HAMILL, PETE. - Tokyo Sketches: Short Stories.
48172: HAMILL, DOROTHY WITH CLAIRMONT, ELVA. - Dorothy Hamill: On and Off the Ice.
70469: HAMILL, PETE. - Drinking Life: A Memoir.
37355: HAMILTON, JAMES W. - Pwo Karen: At the Edge of Mountain and Plain.
86355: HAMILTON, MILTON W. - The Country Printer: New York State, 1785-1830.
19199: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA. - All Jahdu Storybook.
38536: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA. - Bells of Christmas.
21426: HAMILTON, GEOFF. - Geoff Hamilton's Paradise Gardens: Creating and Planting a Secluded Garden.
83044: HAMILTON, DAVID. - Best of David Hamilton.
23001: HAMILTON, JANE. - Book of Ruth.
24318: HAMILTON, JANE. - Book of Ruth.
41603: HAMILTON, CARL (EDITOR). - Pure Nostalgia: Memories of Early Iowa.
43297: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA. - Gathering.
76753: HAMILTON, WILLIAM PETER. - Stock Market Barometer: A Study of Its Forecast Value Based on Charles H. Dow's Theory of the Price Movement. With an Analysis of the Market and Its History Since 1897.
29378: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA. - Ring of Tricksters: Animal Tales from America, the West Indies, and Africa.
30490: HAMILTON, PETER F. - Fallen Dragon.
30902: HAMILTON, SYLVIAN. - Bone-Pedlar.
32716: HAMILTON, FRANKLIN. - Crusades.
34294: HAMILTON, HENRY W. - Aftermath of War: Experiences of a Quaker Relief Officer on the Polish-Russian Border, 1923-1924.
34563: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA. - Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush.
76752: HAMILTON, WILLIAM PETER. - Stock Market Barometer: A Study of Its Forecast Value Based on Charles H. Dow's Theory of the Price Movement. With an Analysis of the Market and Its History Since 1897.
2156: HAMILTON, IAN. - In Search of J.D. Salinger.
45514: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA. - Wee Winnie Witch's Skinny: An Original African American Scare Tale.
4770: HAMILTON, CHARLES (EDITOR). - Cry of the Thunderbird: The American Indian's Own Story.
8592: HAMILTON, ALICE AND KENNETH. - Elements of John Updike.
40133: HAMILTON, ANN. - Corpus.
85115: HAMILTON, JANE. - Book of Ruth.
47883: HAMILTON, JOHN D. - Peabody Museum Collection of Japanese Sword Guards: With Selected Pieces of Sword Furniture.
79476: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA. - Wee Winnie Witch's Skinny: An Original African American Scare Tale.
49402: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA. - W.E. B. Du Bois: A Biography.
49440: HAMILTON, JANE. - Book of Ruth.
52122: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA. - White Romance.
52854: HAMILTON, NEIL A. - American Business Leaders: From Colonial Times to the Present (Two Volumes).
78137: (JOHN H. WATSON) HAMILTON, J. R. - My Life with Sherlock Holmes: Conversations in Baker Street By John H. Watson, M.D.
78058: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA. - All Jahdu Storybook.
86793: HAMILTON, EDITH. - Mythology.
36124: HAMILTON, JAMES. - Arthur Rackham: A Biography.
59502: HAMILTON-MERRITT, JANE. - Boonmee and the Lucky White Elephant.
84280: HAMILTON, CLARENCE G. - Epochs in Musical Progress.
86505: HAMILTON, JAMES. - Wood Engraving & the Woodcut in Britain, C. 1890-1990.
70560: HAMILTON, JOHN. - Thank Your Lucky Stars.
68146: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA. - Arilla Sun Down.
7610: HAMLEY, DENNIS. - Hare's Choice.
5473: HAMM, CHARLES. - Opera.
26353: HAMM, MIA. - Go for the Goal: A Champion's Guide to Winning in Soccer and Life.
37441: HAMMER, LOUIS AND SCHYFTER, SARA (TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY). - Recent Poetry of Spain: A Bilingual Anthology.
26973: HAMMER, MARCIA. - Learn to Play Mah Jongg.
29974: HAMMER, MARCIA. - Learn to Play Mah Jongg.
57335: HAMMER, MAX AND KAPLAN, ARTHUR M. - Practice of Psychotherapy with Children.
70825: HAMMER-PURGSTALL, JOSEPH VON. - History of the Assassins.
86088: HAMMERSTEIN II, OSCAR. - Complete Lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein II.
80561: HAMMETT, DASHIELL. - The Maltese Falcon, the Thin Man, Red Harvest.
33290: HAMMETT, DASHIELL. - Big Knockover: Selected Stories and Short Novels.
43333: HAMMITZSCH, HORST. - Zen in the Art of the Tea Ceremony.
61853: HAMMOND, BRYN. - Halcyon Days: The Nature of Trout Fishing.
23544: HAMMOND, DOROTHY. - Confusing Collectibles.
7078: HAMMOND, ALBERT L. - Proprieties and Vagaries: A Philosophical Thesis from Science, Horse Racing, Sexual Customs, Religion, and Politics. .
57491: HAMMOND, CHRISTOPHER. - How to Use Homoeopathy: A Comprehensive Instruction Book.
65530: HAMMOND, BRYN. - El Alamein: The Battle That Turned the Tide of the Second World War.
86021: HAMMOND, S. T. - My Friend the Partridge: Memories of New England Shooting.
69043: HAMMOND, S. H. - Wild Northern Scenes; Or Sporting Adventures with the Rifle and the Rod.
61283: HAMMOND, BRYN. - Halcyon Days: The Nature of Trout Fishing.
14663: HAMNETT, IAN. - Chieftainship and Legitimacy: An Anthropological Study of Executive Law in Lesotho.
50164: HAMNETT, IAN. - Chieftainship and Legitimacy: An Anthropological Study of Executive Law in Lesotho.
13400: HAMPTON, MARK. - Mark Hampton on Decorating.
78404: HAMPTON, STEVEN. - Secrets of Lock Picking.
69662: HAMPTON, DUANE. - Mark Hampton: An American Decorator.
58020: HAMPTON, TIMOTHY. - Fictions of Embassy: Literature and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe.
41431: HAMRE, LEIF. - Contact Lost.
42612: HAMRE, LEIF. - Edge of Disaster.
29817: HAMSUN, KNUT. - The Wanderer: Under the Autumn Star & on Muted Strings.
16685: HAMSUN, KNUT. - Knut Hamsun Remembers America: Essays and Stories, 1885-1949.
23088: HAMSUN, KNUT. - Night Roamers and Other Stories.
29313: HAMSUN, KNUT. - Knut Hamsun Remembers America: Essays and Stories, 1885-1949.
79367: HAMSUN, KNUT. - Growth of the Soil (Two Volumes).
85429: HAMSUN, KNUT. - Vagabonds.
74347: HAMSUN, KNUT. - Victoria: A Love Story.
70817: HAMSUN, KNUT. - Rosa.
45656: HAMZA, ALYA. - Hasdrubal Thalassa Hotels: Tunisia.
52443: HAN, OKI S. AND PLUNKETT, STEPHANIE HABOUSH (ADAPTED BY). - Sir Whong and the Golden Pig.
48874: HANAFIN, PATRICK AND WILLIAMS, MELISSA S. (EDITORS). - Identity, Rights and Constitutional Transformation.
36310: HANAN, ALI AND NORRIS, PIP. - Untouched: Using Natural Materials and Methods to Decorate Your Home.
32481: HANCE, WILLIAM A. - Geography of Modern Africa (Second Edition).
65779: HANCER, KEVIN. - Hancer's Price Guide to Paperback Books (Third Edition).
63291: HANCKE, BOB, ET AL (EDITORS). - Beyond Varieties of Capitalism: Conflict, Contradictions, and Complementar Ities in the European Economy.
14296: HANCOCK, LESLIE. - Word Index to James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist.
22820: HAND, JULIA. - Wonderful World of Wigglers.
36680: HANDBERG, EJNER. - Shop Drawings of Shaker Furniture, Woodenware, Ironware, and Tinware.
6568: HANDBERG, EJNER. - Shop Drawings of Shaker Furniture and Woodenware (Two Volumes).
41712: HANDKE, PETER. - Ride Across Lake Constance and Other Plays.
28594: HANDKE, PETER. - Across.
59967: HANDKE, PETER. - Short Letter, Long Farewell.
64301: HANDLER, SARAH. - Austere Luminosity of Chinese Classical Furniture.
24163: HANDLER, SARAH. - Austere Luminosity of Chinese Classical Furniture.
68637: HANDLER, EDWARD. - America and Europe in the Political Thought of John Adams.
78767: HANDLIN, OSCAR. - The Newcomers: Negroes and Puerto Ricans in a Changing Metropolis.
27549: HANE, MIKISO. - Japan: A Historical Survey.
43402: HANEY, GERMAINE. - No Reservations.
47916: HANFF, HELENE. - Queen of England: The Story of Elizabeth I.
41940: HANFF, HELENE. - Apple of My Eye.
17622: HANFF, HELENE. - Queen of England: The Story of Elizabeth I.
45867: HANFF, HELENE. - 84 Charing Cross Road (Play Version).
25876: HANFF, HELENE. - Underfoot in Show Business.
65172: HANFF, HELENE. - 84, Charing Cross Road.
80451: HANFF, HELENE. - Letter from New York.
53012: HANFMANN, GEORGE M. A. - From Croesus to Constantine: The Cities of Western Asia Minor and Their Arts in Greek and Roman Times.
32279: HANFMANN, GEORGE M. A. - Letters from Sardis.
37031: HANIK, MARIAN. - Wieliczka: Seven Centuries of Polish Salt.
2949: HANKA, HAROLD. - Positive Images.
82036: HANKE, KEN. - Charlie Chan at the Movies: History, Filmography, and Criticism.
73165: HANKE, LEWIS. - Bartolome Arzans de Orsua Y Vela's History of Potosi.
36841: HANLEY, WILLIAM. - Mrs. Dally Has a Lover and Other Plays.
22258: HANLEY, EVE. - Jane and the Nodding Mandarin.
30173: HANLEY, BONIFACE AND FINK, SALVATOR. - Franciscans: Love at Work.
7552: HANLEY, EVE. - Enchanted Toby Jug.
7658: HANLEY, CLIFFORD. - Skinful of Scotch.
69758: HANLEY, JAMES. - Inner Journey: A Play in Three Acts.
14813: HANLEY, CHARLES J., CHOE, SANG-HUN AND MENDOZA, MARTHA. - Bridge at No Gun Ri: A Hidden Nightmare from the Korean War.
60308: HANLON, HOWARD A. - Bull Hunchers (a Saga of Logging the Tidewater Low Country).
40468: O'HANLON, REDMOND. - Trawler: A Journey Through the North Atlantic.
82439: HANLY, CHARLES. - Existentialism and Psychoanalysis.
42842: HANNA, BILL WITH ITO, TOM. - Cast of Friends.
86584: HANNA, A. J. - Bibliography of the Writings of Irving Bacheller.
48621: HANNAFORD, P. C. AND WEBB, A. M. C. (EDITORS). - Evidence-Guided Prescribing of the Pill.
76572: HANNAH, BARBARA BLAKE (MAKEDA LEVI). - Joseph: A Rasta Reggae Fable.
1200: HANNAH, BARRY. - Hey Jack!
86425: HANNAY, ALASTAIR. - Mental Images: A Defence.
5948: HANNERZ, ULF. - Soulside: Inquiries Into Ghetto Culture and Community.
87198: HANNOOSH, MICHELE. - Baudelaire and Caricature: From the Comic to an Art of Modernity.
75712: GUAN HANQING. - Selected Plays of Guan Hanqing.
36245: HANRAHAN, THOMAS (EDITOR). - Columbia Architecture Planning Preservation: Abstract 91 / 92.
86579: HANRAHAN, JOYCE Y. - Works of Maurice Sendak, 1947-1994: A Collection with Comments.
68895: HANRAHAN, JOYCE Y. - Works of Maurice Sendak, 1947-1994: A Collection with Comments.
87714: HANSBERRY, LORRAINE. - A Raisin in the Sun: A Drama in Three Acts.
51281: HANSBERRY, LORRAINE. - Raisin in the Sun: A Drama in Three Acts.
63650: HANSCOM, ELIZABETH DEERING AND GREENE, HELEN FRENCH. - Sophia Smith and the Beginnings of Smith College.
24565: HANSEL, C. E. M. - Search for Psychic Power: Esp & Parapsychology Revisited.
45076: HANSEL, C. E. M. - Esp: A Scientific Evaluation.
24525: HANSEN, RON. - Nebraska: Stories.
67488: HANSEN, RON. - Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford.
32641: HANSEN, ROGER D. - Politics of Mexican Development.
33720: HANSEN, CHADWICK. - Witchcraft at Salem.
919: HANSEN, RON. - Atticus.
5878: HANSEN, ROBERT P. - Deadly Purpose.
11032: HANSEN, RON. - Desperadoes.
61858: HANSEN, RON. - Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford.
47598: HANSOM. - Hansom Filmbilder: Aus Tonenden Filmen: Filmalbum 4.
41690: HANSON, JAMES AUSTIN. - Metal Weapons, Tools, and Ornaments of the Teton Dakota Indians.
69720: HANSON, LAWRENCE & ELISABETH. - Golden Decade: The Story of Impressionism.
30959: HANSON, ALICE M. - Musical Life in Biedermeier Vienna.
8151: HANSON, TYRRELL (COMMENTARY BY). - Pastoral Letters: Commentary to the First and Second Letters to Timothy and the Letter to Titus.
46107: HANSON, KENNETH O. - Distance Anywhere.
47568: HANSON, DERRICK. - God and the Profits: A Study of Christianity and Business.
11531: HANSON, LAWRENCE & ELISABETH. - Verlaine: Prince of Poets.
60576: HANSON, NORWOOD RUSSELL. - Patterns of Discovery: An Inquiry Into the Conceptual Foundations of Science.
54747: HANSON, JOSEPH E. - Grandfather Todd of Old Cape Cod.
56755: HANSON, CLARE. - Virginia Woolf.
48095: O HAODHA, MICHEAL. - Theatre in Ireland.
64793: O'HARA, JOHN. - Farmers Hotel.
88090: O'HARA, FRANK. - Collected Poems of Frank O'hara.
85843: O'HARA, FRANK. - In Memory of My Feelings: A Selection of Poems.
34302: HARADA, JIRO. - Japanese Gardens.
72608: HARALAMBOU, HARRY. - North Fork Living: Rustic Splendor on Long Island's East End.
57943: HARATY, PETER H. (EDITOR). - Put the Vermonters Ahead: A History of the Vermont National Guard, 1764-1978.
78809: HARBACH, CHAD. - The Art of Fielding.
42416: HARBERD, NICHOLAS. - Seed to Seed: The Secret Life of Plants.
52251: HARBERT, EARL N. - Force So Much Closer Home: Henry Adams and the Adams Family.
40246: HARBISON, E. HARRIS. - Christianity and History: Essays.
49901: HARBOTTLE, MICHAEL. - Blue Berets (Revised Edition).
51806: HARBURG, E. Y. - At This Point in Rhyme: E.Y. Harburg's Poems.
72046: HARBURG, E. Y. - At This Point in Rhyme: E.Y. Harburg's Poems.
87280: HARCOURT, BERNARD E. - The Illusion of Free Markets: Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order.
70126: HARD, WALTER. - Vermont Valley.
52221: HARD, CURTIS V. - Banners in the Air: The Eighth Ohio Volunteers and the Spanish-American War.
56514: HARDEMAN, NICHOLAS P. - Shucks, Shocks, and Hominy Blocks: Corn As a Way of Life in Pioneer America.
43713: HARDEN, EDGAR F. - Emergence of Thackary's Serial Fiction.
84265: HARDENDORFF, JEANNE B. (SELECTED BY). - Tricky Peik and Other Picture Tales.
9038: HARDER, ELEANOR. - Darius and the Dozer Bull.
26835: HARDESTY, STEVEN. - Ghost Soldiers.
17348: HARDING, SUSAN FRIEND. - Remaking Ibieca: Rural Life in Aragon Under Franco.
19080: HARDING, T. D., BOTTERILL, G. S., AND KOTTNAUER, C. - Sicilian Sozin.
19079: HARDING, T. D. AND MARKLAND, P. R. - Sicilian Richter-Rauzer.
23077: HARDING, MAY. - I See the Line of My Life.
23078: HARDING, MAY. - Clearings and Favors.
23079: HARDING, MAY. - Realizing.
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34500: HEDGPETH, DON AND REED, WALT. - Art of Tom Lovell: An Invitation to History.
50010: VAN HEEKEREN, H. R. - Bronze-Iron Age of Indonesia.
70318: HEEKIN, DEIRDRE. - Libation: A Bitter Alchemy.
10584: HEER, NANCY WHITTIER. - Politics and History in the Soviet Union.
81322: HEESTERMAN, A. R. G. - Forecasting Models for National Economic Planning.
64179: HEFFERNAN, JAMES A. W. - Re-Creation of Landscape: A Study of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Constable, and Turner.
69600: HEFFERNAN, THOMAS J. (EDITOR). - Popular Literature of Medieval England.
3266: HEFFERNAN, WILLIAM. - Corsican.
60834: HEFFERNAN, THOMAS FAREL. - Stove By a Whale: Owen Chase and the Essex.
60427: HEGARTY, REGINALD B. - Rope's End.
80044: HEGEL, GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH. - Philosophical Propaedeutic.
77334: HEGEL, GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH. - Hegel: On the Arts: Selections from G.W. F. Hegel's Aesthetics Or the Philosophy of Fine Art.
87467: HEGEL, G. W. F. - Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.
87487: HEGEL, GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH. - Hegel: On the Arts: Selections from G.W. F. Hegel's Aesthetics Or the Philosophy of Fine Art.
63416: HEGEL, GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH. - Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion: Together with a Work on the Proofs of the Existence of God (Three Volumes).
78270: HEGEL, RICHARD. - Nineteenth-Century Historians of New Haven.
79816: HEGEL, GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH. - Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion: Volume III: The Consummate Religion.
46898: HEGGEN, THOMAS AND LOGAN, JOSHUA. - Mister Roberts: A Play.
55286: HEGI, URSULA. - Stones from the River.
64269: HEGI, URSULA. - Unearned Pleasures and Other Stories.
61565: HEIBEL, YULE F. - Reconstructing the Subject: Modernist Painting in Western Germany, 1945-1950.
83354: HEIDE, FLORENCE PARRY. - Grim and Ghastly Goings-on.
41352: (EDWARD GOREY) HEIDE, FLORENCE PARRY. - Treehorn's Wish.
43969: HEIDE, ROBERT AND GILMAN, JOHN. - Box-Office Buckaroos: The Cowboy Hero from the Wild West Show to the Silver Screen.
48152: (EDWARD GOREY) HEIDE, FLORENCE PARRY. - Treehorn's Wish.
57719: HEIDE, FLORENCE. - Maximilian Becomes Famous.
68944: HEIDE, FLORENCE. - Little One.
68668: (EDWARD GOREY) HEIDE, FLORENCE PARRY. - Treehorn's Treasure.
73033: HEIDE, FLORENCE PARRY. - My Castle.
87540: HEIDEGGER, MARTIN. - History of the Concept of Time: Prolegomena.
52104: HEIDENREICH, ALFRED. - Risen Christ and the Etheric Christ.
74498: HEIDERSTADT, DOROTHY. - More Indian Friends and Foes.
72726: HEIER, EDMUND. - L.H. Nicolay (1737-1820) and His Contemporaries.
53301: VAN HEIJENOORT, JEAN (EDITOR). - Frege and Godel: Two Fundamental Texts in Mathematical Logic.
59613: HEIKELL, ROD. - Greek Waters Pilot: A Yachtsman's Guide to the Coasts and Islands of Greece.
18948: HEILBRONER, JOAN. - Meet George Washington.
71744: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - Limits of American Capitalism.
71689: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - Making of Economic Society.
68416: HEILBRONN, CHARLES. - Sun, Moon, and the Gardener's Son.
83312: HEILBRUN, FRANCOISE AND NEAGU, PHILIPPE. - Pierre Bonnard: Photographs and Paintings.
57207: HEILENMAN, DIANE. - Gardening in the Lower Midwest: A Practical Guide for the New Zones 5 and 6.
75880: HEILER, FRIEDRICH. - Die Religionen Der Menschheit.
32244: HEILMAN, ROBERT BECHTOLD. - Southern Connection.
52295: HEILMAN, SAMUEL C. - People of the Book: Drama, Fellowship, and Religion.
39218: HEIMANN, EDUARD. - Reason and Faith in Modern Society: Liberalism, Marxism, and Democracy.
7626: HEIMEL, CYNTHIA. - Get Your Tongue out of My Mouth, I'M Kissing You Good-Bye!
83577: HEIN, WOLFGANG-HAGEN (EDITOR). - Alexander Von Humboldt: Life and Work.
22918: HEINE, HELME. - Marvelous Journey Through the Night.
12056: HEINE, HEINRICH. - Lyric Poems and Ballads.
28686: HEINE, STEVEN. - Shifting Shape, Shaping Text: Philosophy and Folklore in the Fox Koan.
2931: HEINE, HEINRICH. - Heine's Poems: Roses and Cypress.
59084: HEINE, HEINRICH. - Jewish Stories and Hebrew Melodies.
78231: HEINE, HEINRICH. - Florentine Nights.
85322: HEINE, HEINRICH. - Selected Works.
66275: HEINE, STEVEN. - Opening a Mountain: Koans of the Zen Masters.
15138: HEINEMANN, LARRY. - Paco's Story.
54360: HEINEMANN, LARRY. - Close Quarters.
25307: HEINESEN, WILLIAM. - Art of the Faroe Islands.
1449: HEINEY, DONALD. - America in Modern Italian Literature.
33322: HEINL, JR., ROBERT DEBS. - Dictionary of Military and Naval Quotations.
81718: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. - Stranger in a Strange Land.
24883: HEINRICH, BERND. - Geese of Beaver Bog.
56388: HEINRICH, BERND. - Ravens in Winter.
77919: HEINRICH, BERND. - Bumblebee Economics.
75541: HEINRICH, BERND. - Year in the Maine Woods.

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