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49446: HICKMAN, JANET AND CULLINAN, BERNICE E. (EDITORS). - Children's Literature in the Classroom: Weaving Charlotte's Web.
67341: HICKMAN, HANNAH. - Robert Musil & the Culture of Vienna.
68565: HICKMAN, PEGGY. - Silhouettes: A Living Art.
30733: HICKS, JOHN H. (EDITOR). - Thoreau in Our Season.
73651: HICKS, TYLER (PHOTOGRAPHER). - Histories Are Mirrors: The Path of Conflict Through Afghanistan and Iraq.
77849: HICKS, JOHN AND TUCKER, ROBERT (EDITORS). - Revolution & Reaction: The Paris Commune, 1871.
79776: HICKS, TYLER (PHOTOGRAPHER). - Histories Are Mirrors: The Path of Conflict Through Afghanistan and Iraq.
56798: HICKS, DAVID. - Style and Design.
87419: HICKS, ARNOLD LORNE (ILLUSTRATOR). - Book of Indians.
88631: HIDEO, OGUMA. - Long, Long Autumn Nights: Selected Poems of Oguma Hideo, 1901-1940.
72099: HIEBEL, FREDERICH. - Paulus Und Die Erkenntnislehre Der Freiheit.
52039: HIEBEL, FREDERICK. - Treasures of Biblical Research and the Conscience of the Times.
91771: HIEBERT, PAUL. - Willows Revisited.
43645: HIEBERT, PAUL G. - Konduru: Structure and Integration in a South Indian Village.
31570: HIESINGER, KATHRYN B. AND FISCHER, FELICE. - Japanese Design: A Survey Since 1950.
45747: HIGDON, HAL. - Team That Played in the Space Bowl.
67163: HIGGIE, JENNIFER. - Koen Van Den Broek: From the East to the West and Back.
77415: HIGGINBOTHAM, VIRGINIA. - Spanish Film Under Franco.
80880: HIGGINS, COLIN. - Harold and Maude.
76269: HIGGINS, STEVE. - Still Moving: The Film and Media Collections of the Museum of Modern Art.
48963: HIGGINS, CHARLES B., ET AL (EDITORS). - Current and Future Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Cardiovascular Disease.
91728: HIGGINS, AIDAN. - Langrishe, Go Down.
86601: HIGGINSON, A. HENRY. - British and American Sporting Authors: Their Writings and Biographies.
86020: HIGGINSON, T. B. (EDITOR). - The Canadiana Review.
69415: HIGGINSON, FRED H. - Bibliography of the Works of Robert Graves.
93380: HIGGINSON, A. HENRY. - The Perfect Follower: A Hunting Tale of Two Continents.
81138: HIGGINSON, A. HENRY. - British and American Sporting Authors: Their Writings and Biographies.
92583: HIGHET, GILBERT. - The Classical Tradition: Greek and Roman Influences on Western Literature.
55829: HIGHFIELD, ROGER. - Science of Harry Potter: How Magic Really Works.
27701: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA. - Small G: A Summer Idyll.
93809: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA. - The Animal-Lover's Book of Beastly Murder.
93801: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA. - Found in the Street.
77291: HIGHTOWER, FLORENCE. - Dark Horse of Woodfield.
51908: HIGHWATER, JAMAKE. - I Wear the Morning Star: Part Three of the Ghost Horse Cycle.
38248: HIGHWATER, JAMAKE. - Shadow Show: An Autobiographical Insinuation.
62445: HIGHWATER, JAMAKE. - Fodor's Indian America.
57883: HIGHWATER, JAMAKE. - Fodor's Indian America.
1295: HIGHWATER, JAMAKE. - Journey to the Sky.
3254: HIGHWATER, JAMAKE. - Rama: A Legend.
10405: HIGHWATER, JAMAKE. - Moonsong Lullaby.
50642: HIGHWATER, JAMAKE. - Song from the Earth: American Indian Painting.
73440: HIGINBOTHAM, HARLOW N. - Making of a Merchant.
48479: HIGLEY, HARRY. - Completely Cars.
73099: HIGMAN, FRANCIS M. - Style of John Calvin in His French Polemical Treatises.
58055: AL-HILALI, NEDA, ET AL. - Sculpture in Fiber: Twelve Artists Working with Off Loom Techiniques.
53639: HILDEBIDLE, JOHN. - Thoreau: A Naturalist's Liberty.
19576: HILDEBRANDT, RITA AND TIM. - Merlin and the Dragons of Atlantis.
85733: HILDEBRANDT, JR., GREGORY. - Greg and Tim Hildebrandt: The Tolkien Years (Expanded Edition).
50522: HILDEBRANDT, DIETER. - Piano Forte: A Social History of the Piano.
74783: HILDEBRANDT, GREG. - Greg Hildebrandt's Fantasies Forever: A Story & Coloring Book.
40301: HILDESHEIMER, WOLFGANG. - Collected Stories of Wolfgang Hildesheimer.
37718: HILDICK, E. W. - Ghost Squad and the Prowling Hermits.
24275: HILDICK, WALLACE. - Children & Fiction: A Critical Study of the Artistic and Psychological Factors Involved in Writing Fiction for and About Children.
30094: HILDICK, E. W. - Ghost Squad and the Halloween Conspiracy.
59692: HILDICK, E. W. - Dragon That Lived Under Manhattan.
27360: HILFIGER, TOMMY WITH DECURTIS, ANTHONY. - Rock Style: How Fashion Moves to Music.
73575: HILFIGER, TOMMY WITH DECURTIS, ANTHONY. - Rock Style: How Fashion Moves to Music.
64671: HILGARTNER, BETH. - Colors in the Dreamweaver's Loom.
52534: HILL, FRED JAMES AND AWDE, NICHOLAS. - History of the Islamic World.
37017: HILL, RALPH NADING. - Contrary Country: A Chronicle of Vermont.
54833: HILL, HEYWOOD AND ANNE. - Bookseller's War.
60474: HILL, RUSSELL. - Desert Conquest.
81913: HILL, DONNA. - Ms Glee Was Waiting.
21577: HILL, PORTER. - War Chest: An Adam Horne Adventure.
92205: HILL, DOUGLAS. - Warriors of the Wasteland.
53371: HILL, KAY. - And Tomorrow the Stars: The Story of John Cabot.
40793: HILL, R. D. - Agriculture in the Malaysian Region.
24022: HILL, TIM (EDITOR). - Audience: Volume 1, Number 1.
26626: HILL, PAMELA. - Stranger's Forest.
73786: HILL, JANET M. - Dainty and Artistic Desserts: With Menus & Special Recipes.
29334: HILL, HELEN, PERKINS, AGNES, AND HELBIG, ALETHEA (SELECTED BY). - Dusk to Dawn: Poems of Night.
31918: HILL, SARAH JANE FULL. - Mrs. Hill's Journal - CIVIL War Reminiscences.
1059: HILL, RALPH NADING. - Voyages of Brian Seaworthy: An Historical Adventure on Lake Champlain.
54350: HILL, DOUGLAS. - English to New England.
45668: HILL, JEN (EDITOR). - Exhilaration of Wings: The Literature of Birdwatching.
46061: HILL, DENNIS S., ET AL. - Insects of Hong Kong.
66772: HILL, EILEEN. - Robin Kane: The Candle Shop Mystery (#4).
66771: HILL, EILEEN. - Robin Kane: The Mystery of Glengary Castle (#3).
57204: HILL, CONOVER. - Antique Tools: An Illustrated Value Guide.
14476: HILL, HELEN, PERKINS, AGNES, AND HELBIG, ALETHEA (SELECTED BY). - Dusk to Dawn: Poems of Night.
49196: HILL, SUSAN. - Beware, Beware.
94072: HILL, MABEL BETSY. - The Snowed-in Family: A Judy Jo Story.
51381: HILL, HELEN AND MAXWELL, VIOLET. - When Marius Was Ten.
87049: HILL, EUGENE D. AND KERRIGAN, WILLIAM (EDITORS). - The Wit to Know: Essays on English Literature for Edward Tayler.
85666: HILL, DOUGLAS. - Exiles of Colsec.
83298: HILL, VIRGINIA. - Squirly the Curly Pig.
71747: HILL, W. HENRY, AT AL. - Antonio Stradivari: His Life and Work (1644-1737).
94280: HILL, REGINALD. - A Pinch of Snuff.
65840: HILL, LEWIS AND NANCY. - Bulbs: Four Seasons of Beautiful Blooms.
91015: HILL, PAUL AND COOPER, THOMAS. - Dialogue with Photography.
94917: HILL, JEAN AND GEORGE. - Margarine Modelling.
53940: HILL, MARSHA (EDITOR). - Gifts for the Gods: Images from Egyptian Temples.
90602: HILL, GRACE LIVINGSTON. - Head of the House.
2259: HILLABY, JOHN. - Journey Home: A Walk About England.
87223: HILLARY, EDMUND AND DOIG, DESMOND. - High in the Thin Cold Air.
14009: HILLCOURT, WILLIAM. - Norman Rockwell's World of Scouting.
82713: HILLCOURT, WILLIAM. - Norman Rockwell's World of Scouting.
72750: HILLE, PETER AND YOUNG, BARRY. - Ship Models in Glass: A Bottle Shipwright's Handbook.
21278: HILLENBRAND, LAURA. - Seabiscuit: An American Legend.
33481: HILLENBRAND, LAURA. - Seabiscuit: An American Legend.
26907: HILLERMAN, TONY. - New Mexico, Rio Grande and Other Essays.
59730: HILLERMAN, TONY. - The Dark Wind.
95075: HILLERMAN, TONY (EDITOR). - The Best of the West: An Anthology of Classic Writing from the American West.
95065: HILLERMAN, TONY. - Talking God.
91194: HILLERMAN, TONY. - The Boy Who Made Dragonfly: A Zuni Myth.
46041: HILLERMAN, TONY. - New Mexico, Rio Grande and Other Essays.
95066: HILLERMAN, TONY. - Coyote Waits.
47786: HILLERMAN, TONY. - Boy Who Made Dragonfly: A Zuni Myth.
94870: HILLERMAN, TONY. - A Thief of Time.
95064: HILLERMAN, TONY. - Skinwalkers.
94872: HILLERMAN, TONY. - Words, Weather and Wolfmen: Conversations with Tony Hillerman.
94869: HILLERMAN, TONY. - A Thief of Time.
60864: HILLERT, MARGARET. - House for Little Red.
52434: HILLERT, MARGARET. - Sky Is Not So Far Away: Night Poems for Children.
91482: HILLES, HELEN TRAIN. - To the Queen's Taste: A Cook Book for Moderns (Revised Edition).
56856: HILLIARD, ELIZABETH. - Kilims: Decorating with Tribal Rugs.
57953: HILLIARD, ELIZABETH. - Chandeliers.
94066: HILLIARD, NICHOLAS. - Nicholas Hilliard's Art of Limning: A New Edition of a Treatise Concerning the Arte of Limning.
92694: HILLIER, JACK. - The Art of the Japanese Book (Two Volume Boxed Set).
20123: HILLIER, BEVIS (INTRODUCTION). - Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Memorabilia: The Vintage Years, 1928-1938.
7091: HILLIER, MARY. - Teddy Bears: A Celebration.
70277: HILLIER, J. - Japanese Print: A New Approach.
92141: HILLIER, BEVIS. - The Decorative Arts of the Forties and Fifties: Austerity / Binge.
93560: HILLMAN, PRISCILLA. - A Merry-Mouse Book of Months.
83944: HILLMAN, RICHARD. - Intertextuality and Romance in Renaissance Drama: The Staging of Nostalgia.
93559: HILLMAN, PRISCILLA (SELECTED AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - A Merry-Mouse Book of Favorite Poems.
95107: HILLMAN, PRISCILLA. - The Merry-Mouse Schoolhouse.
19668: HILLS, PATRICIA. - Eastman Johnson.
57449: HILLS, LAWRENCE D. - Propagation of Alpines.
66320: HILLYER, ROBERT. - Suburb By the Sea: New Poems.
52670: HILT, DOUGLAS. - Troubled Trinity: Godoy and the Spanish Monarchs.
93713: HILTON, JAMES. - Time and Time Again.
19975: HILTON, JAMES. - Time and Time Again.
24045: HILTON, LISA. - Athenais: The Life of Louis XIV's Mistress, the Real Queen of France.
64194: HILTON, PARIS WITH GINSBERG, MERLE. - Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose.
86714: HILTON, GEORGE W. - The Night Boat.
65148: HILTON, GEORGE W. - Ma & Pa: A History of the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad.
6992: HILTON, CAPTAIN WILLIAM. - Voyage to the Carolina Coast: Captain William Hilton's Narrative.
3277: HILTS, PHILIP J. - Behavior Mod.
90287: HIMES, CHESTER. - The Third Generation.
73879: HIMLER, RONALD. - Wake Up, Jeremiah.
81393: HIMMELMAN, JOHN. - Montigue on the High Seas.
89266: HIMSWORTH, HAROLD. - Scientific Knowledge & Philosophic Thought.
84384: HINCKLEY, F. LEWIS. - Hepplewhite Sheraton & Regency Furniture.
83927: HINCKLEY, F. LEWIS. - Directory of Queen Anne, Early Georgian and Chippendale Furniture: Establishing the Preeminence of the Dublin Craftsmen.
82283: HINDMAN, ELIZABETH BLANKS. - Rights Vs. Responsibilities: The Supreme Court and the Media.
55683: HINDS, WILLIAM ALFRED. - American Communities (Revised Edition).
16743: HINE, THOMAS. - Total Package: The Evolution and Secret Meanings of Boxes, Bottles, Cans, and Tubes.
16936: HINE, ROBERT V. - Community on the American Frontier: Separate But Not Alone.
20719: HINE, DARYL. - Minutes.
82858: HINE, ROBERT V. - California's Utopian Colonies.
759: HINE, DARYL. - In and out: A Confessional Poem.
1693: HINE, ROBERT V. - Second Sight.
62174: HINE, ROBERT V. - Josiah Royce: From Grass Valley to Harvard.
77167: HINE, THOMAS. - The Great Funk: Falling Apart and Coming Together (on a Shag Rug) in the Seventies.
27551: HINES, STEPHEN W. - "I Remember Laura": Laura Ingalls Wilder.
42897: HINGLEY, RONALD. - Nihilists.
50302: HINKINS, VIRGINIA. - Gently Now.
61028: HINKLEY, DANIEL J. - Explorer's Garden: Rare and Unusual Perennials.
62961: HINMAN, ELEANOR. - Master Puzzle of History.
20225: HINOJOSA, TISH. - Cada Nino / Every Child: A Bilingual Songbook for Kids.
83264: HINRICHS, DUNBAR MAURY. - Fateful Voyage of Captain Kidd.
46057: HINRICHSEN, HORST. - German Military Motorcycles in the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht, 1934-1945.
42737: HINSHAW, DAVID. - Alli and the Wishing Rock.
81177: HINTIKKA, JAAKKO. - Logic, Language-Games and Information: Kantian Themes in the Philosophy of Logic.
52312: HINTON, MILT, ET AL. - Over Time: The Jazz Photographs of Milt Hinton.
55130: HINTON, NIGEL. - Heart of the Valley.
94157: HINTON, S. E. - The Outsiders.
10756: HINTZE, NAOMI A. AND PRATT, J. GAITHER. - Psychic Realm: What Can You Believe?
73769: HIPP, MARIE-THERESE. - Mythes Et Realites: Enquete Sur le Roman Et Les Memoires (1660-1700).
72868: HIPPOCRATES. - Hippocrates: Volume VII (Loeb Classical Library).
67202: HIPPOCRATES. - Genuine Works of Hippocrates.
69558: HIPPOCRATES. - Hippocrates: Volume VIII (Loeb Classical Library).
94284: HIPPOCRATES. - Hippocrates: Volume VIII (Loeb Classical Library).
47912: HIRASUNA, DELPHINE (EDITOR). - Pentagram Papers.
37391: HIRONO, IWAO (EDITOR). - Naturally Occurring Carcinogens of Plant Origin: Toxicology, Pathology and Biochemistry.
34627: HIRSCH, WILLIAM RANDOLPH. - Red Chinese Air Force Exercise, Diet, and Sex Book.
34885: HIRSCH, ABBY WITH BURG, DALE. - Great Carmen Miranda Look-Alike Contest and Other Bold-Faced Lies.
90750: HIRSCH, S. A. - The Cabbalists and Other Essays.
91249: HIRSCHFELD, AL. - The World of Hirschfeld.
88333: HIRSCHFELD, TOM. - How to Master Video Games.
73760: HIRSCHFELD, MAGNUS AND ABRAHAM, FELIX. - Perversions Sexuelles.
72301: HIRSCHFELD, FLORENCE KERR. - Cooking with Love.
26741: HIRSCHFELDER, ARLENE AND DE MONTANO, MARTHA KREIPE. - Native American Almanac: A Portrait of Native America Today.
32195: HIRSCHHORN, CLIVE. - Films of James Mason.
2506: HIRSCHMANN, IRA. - Obligato: Untold Tales from a Life with Music.
90175: HIRSHLER, ERICA E. - A Studio of Her Own: Women Artists in Boston, 1870-1940.
61891: HIRSHLER, ERICA E. - Sargent's Daughters: The Biography of a Painting.
29860: HIRSOHN, DON. - Appalachian Tale: The Adventures of the Poetry Man.
81317: HIRSON, DENIS. - House Next Door to Africa.
91436: HIRST, K. E. AND RHODES, F. - Conceptual Models in Mathematics: Sets, Logic and Probability.
90486: HIRST, MICHAEL. - Michelangelo, Draftsman.
73393: HIRST, DAMIEN. - Cornucopia.
91132: HISCOCK, BRUCE. - The Big Rivers: The Missouri, the Mississippi, and the Ohio.
91926: HISCOCK, BRUCE. - When Will It Snow?
24035: HISCOTT, LESLIE. - Margravine.
91421: VAN HISE, JAMES. - The Secrets of Frank Herbert's Dune.
25398: VAN HISE, JAMES. - Man Who Created Star Trek: Gene Roddenberry.
22576: HISLOP, JOHN. - Turf.
65827: IDAHO MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY. - Idaho Indians: Tribal Histories.
38451: HITCHCOCK, ALBERT WELLMAN. - Psychology of Jesus: A Study of the Development of His Self-Consciousness.
82306: HITCHCOCK, PHILIP. - Dark Impressions: The Art of Philip Hitchcock.
72969: HITCHCOCK, ALBERT WELLMAN. - Psychology of Jesus: A Study of the Development of His Self-Consciousness.
29549: HITCHCOCK, SUSAN TYLER. - Wildflowers on the Windowsill: A Guide to Growing Wild Plants Indoors.
69638: HITCHCOCK, SUSAN TYLER. - Wildflowers on the Windowsill: A Guide to Growing Wild Plants Indoors.
91658: HITCHCOCK, EDWARD (COMPILED BY). - The Power of Christian Benevolence: Illustrated in the Life and Labors of Mary Lyon.
85896: HITCHCOCK, MARY E. - Two Women in the Klondike: The Story of a Journey to the Gold-Fields of Alaska.
66310: HITCHING, FRANCIS. - Earth Magic.
93786: HITCHINGS, HENRY. - The Language Wars: A History of Proper English.
58999: HITCHINS, KEITH. - Rumania: 1866-1947.
92645: HITLER, ADOLF. - Mein Kampf.
92343: HITLER, ADOLF. - Hitler's Secret Book.
20214: HITTE, KATHRYN. - Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Blizzards.
85050: HITTE, KATHRYN. - Mgm's National Velvet.
56384: HITZ, DEMI (ADAPTED AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Lu Pan, the Carpenter's Apprentice.
23310: HIXON, CARL K. - Guadalcanal: An American Story.
4495: HJORTSBERG, WILLIAM. - Nevermore.
58567: HO, MINFONG. - Hush!: A Thai Lullaby.
94932: HO, BETTY YU-LIN. - A Chinese and Western Daily Practical Health Guide.
22779: HOAGLAND, TONY. - Donkey Gospel.
32773: HOAGLAND, EVERETT. - Black Velvet.
459: HOAGLAND, EDWARD. - Seven Rivers West.
558: HOAGLAND, EDWARD. - Peacock's Tail.
21620: HOARE, SISTER MARY REGIS. - Virgin Soil: Mother Seton from a Different Point of View.
78120: HOBAN, RUSSELL. - Mouse and His Child.
59826: HOBAN, LILLIAN. - Arthur's Pen Pal.
83103: HOBAN, LILLIAN. - Mr. Pig and Family.
23904: HOBAN, LILLIAN. - Arthur's Christmas Cookies.
82510: HOBAN, LILLIAN. - Arthur's Halloween Costume.
77523: HOBAN, RUSSELL. - Charlie the Tramp.
88223: HOBAN, RUSSELL. - Nothing to Do.
81670: HOBAN, RUSSELL. - The Rain Door.
32435: HOBAN, RUSSELL. - Pedaling Man and Other Poems.
59827: HOBAN, LILLIAN. - Arthur's Honey Bear.
20590: HOBAN, RUSSELL. - Egg Thoughts and Other Frances Songs.
93521: HOBAN, RUSSELL. - A Near Thing for Captain Najork.
60148: HOBAN, LILLIAN. - Arthur's Christmas Cookies.
26418: HOBAN, LILLIAN. - Silly Tilly and the Easter Bunny.
53208: HOBAN, LILLIAN. - Arthur's Prize Reader.
88088: HOBAN, RUSSELL AND LILLIAN. - Save My Place.
75047: HOBAN, RUSSELL. - Dinner at Alberta's.
63775: HOBAN, LILLIAN. - Harry's Song.
85099: HOBAN, RUSSELL. - The Marzipan Pig.
85443: HOBAN, RUSSELL. - The Dancing Tigers.
75210: HOBAN, RUSSELL. - Bedtime for Frances.
82493: HOBAN, LILLIAN. - Silly Tilly's Valentine.
54395: HOBAN, RUSSELL. - How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen.
88339: HOBART-HAMPDEN, MRS. (E.). - The Little Rajah: A Tale of Hidden Treasure in India.
84032: TSR HOBBIES. - Star Frontiers: Science Fiction Role Playing Game (Boxed Set).
56670: HOBBS, EDWARD W. - How to Make Old-Time Ship Models.
28453: HOBBS, MICHAEL (COMPILED BY). - Golfer's Companion: An Anthology of Golf Writing from 1457 to the Present.
34987: HOBBS, MARY. - Young Milton.
11180: HOBBS, LISA. - Running Towards Life.
56669: HOBBS, EDWARD W. - How to Make Clipper Ship Models.
15273: HOBDAY, CHARLES. - Golden Ring: English Poets in Florence from 1373 to the Present Day.
57574: HOBERMAN, MARY ANN. - Marvelous Mouse Man.
49768: HOBERMAN, MARY ANN. - Fine Fat Pig and Other Animal Poems.
53716: HOBERMAN, MARY ANN. - Marvelous Mouse Man.
20771: HOBHOUSE, PENELOPE. - Plants in Garden History.
70285: HOBHOUSE, PENELOPE. - On Gardening.
6404: HOBSBAUM, PHILIP. - Reader's Guide to Robert Lowell.
37561: HOBSON, J. ALLAN AND WOHL, HELLMUT. - From Angels to Neurones: Art and the New Science of Dreaming.
19330: HOBSON, ARCHIE (EDITOR). - Remembering America: A Sampler of the Wpa American Guide Series.
59546: HOBSON, WENDY. - Ladies' Flower Garden.
23757: HOBSON, LINDA WHITNEY. - Walker Percy: A Comprehensive Descriptive Bibliography.
73518: HOBSON, J. A. - Richard Cobden: The International Man.
32483: HOBSON, JR., FRED C. - Serpent in Eden: H.L. Mencken and the South.
77192: HOBSON, G. D. - English Binding Before 1500.
74259: HOBSON, LINDA WHITNEY. - Walker Percy: A Comprehensive Descriptive Bibliography.
71328: HOCCLEVE, THOMAS. - Regiment of Princes.
50358: HOCCLEVE, THOMAS. - Selected Poems.
55364: HOCHBAUM, H. ALBERT. - Wings over the Prairie.
39376: HOCHBERG, BURT (EDITOR). - 64-Square Looking Glass: The Great Game of Chess in World Literature.
82972: HOCHBERG, HERBERT. - Logic, Ontology, and Language: Essays on Truth and Reality.
85500: HOCHHEIM, W. HOCK. - Knife Fighting Encyclopedia: Volume 1: The Foundation.
48478: HOCHHEIM, W. HOCK. - Congress of American Knife Fighters Knife Fighting Encyclopedia: Volume 1.
92333: HOCHHUTH, ROLF. - Soldiers: An Obituary for Geneva.
61468: HOCKEY, JENNNY, ET AL. - Mundane Heterosexualities: From Theory to Practices.
27033: HOCKING, MICHAEL. - Parish Seeks the Way.
60620: HOCKING, JOHN G. AND YOUNG, GAIL S. - Topology.
84295: HOCKNEY, DAVID. - Hockney Posters.
57076: HOCKNEY, DAVID. - Cameraworks.
87410: HODERMARSKY, ELISABETH. - John la Farge's Second Paradise: Voyages in the South Seas, 1890-1891.
48055: HODGART, MATTHEW. - New Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms: Being the Fifth Part of the Travels Into Several Remote Parts of the World By Lemuel Gulliver.
65722: HODGE, JANE AIKEN. - Private World of Georgette Heyer.
39234: HODGE, MERTON. - Wind and the Rain: A Play in Three Acts.
61731: HODGE, JANE AIKEN. - Private World of Georgette Heyer.
88700: HODGES, MARGARET (RETOLD BY). - The Fire Bringer: A Paiute Indian Legend.
60359: HODGES, CARL G. - Benjie Ream.
36568: HODGES, GEORGE. - Apprenticeship of Washington and Other Sketches of Significant Colonial Personages.
40408: HODGES, GEORGE. - Fountains Abbey: The Story of a Mediaeval Monastery.
40807: HODGES, ELIZABETH JAMISON. - Three Princes of Serendip.
57026: HODGES, MARGARET (RETOLD BY). - Up the Chimney.
4747: HODGES, BART (AS TOLD TO). - Life's Little Dramas.
78956: HODGES, MARGARET (RETOLD BY). - Saint George and the Dragon: A Golden Legend.
11584: HODGES, C. WALTER. - Namesake.
58628: HODGES, DONALD C. - Bureaucratization of Socialism.
85325: HODGES, C. WALTER. - Overland Launch.
55284: HODGES, HENRY AND PYDDOKE, EDWARD. - Ancient Britons (How They Lived).
79717: HODGES, C. WALTER. - Overland Launch.
80685: HODGES, ELIZABETH JAMISON. - A Song for Gilgamesh.
78824: HODGINS, BRUCE W. AND HOBBS, MARGARET (EDITORS). - Nastawgan: The Canadian North By Canoe & Snowshoe: A Collection of Historical Essays.
36366: HODGSON, BARBARA. - Dreaming of East: Western Women and the Exotic Allure of the Orient.
88457: HODGSON, WILLIAM HOPE. - Deep Waters.
49071: HODGSON, TERRY. - Drama Dictionary.
68282: HOEHLING, A. A. - Damn the Torpedoes!: Navel Incidents of the CIVIL War.
90380: HOENSELAARS, TON AND KINNEY, ARTHUR F. (EDITORS). - Challenging Humanism: Essays in Honor of Dominic Baker-Smith.
61549: HOENSHEL, ELMER U. - Tenting with Abraham.
34172: HOERR, JOHN. - Harry, Tom, and Father Rice: Accusation and Betrayal in America's Cold War.
93214: HOES, ROSE GOUVERNEUR. - The Dresses of the Mistresses of the White House As Shown in the United States National Museum.
89269: HOFF, SYD. - The Litter Knight.
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74341: HUGHES, LANGSTON. - Freedom's Plow.
68173: HUGHES, RICHARD. - Fox in the Attic.
91403: HUGHES, JOHN, PHILIPS, AMBROSE, AND JONES, HENRY. - The Siege of Damascus / the Distrest Mother / the Earl of Essex.
84645: HUGHES, THOMAS. - Tom Brown's School-Days
70102: HUGHES, TED. - Wolfwatching.
93482: HUGHES, LANGSTON. - The Collected Works of Langston Hughes (Sixteen Volumes).
89306: HUGHES, ROBERT. - American Visions: The Epic History of Art in America.
94798: HUGO, VICTOR. - Les Miserables (Three Volumes).
44167: HUGO, VICTOR. - Hunchback of Notre-Dame.
7613: HUGO, VICTOR. - Toilers of the Sea.
7614: HUGO, VICTOR. - History of a Crime.
90141: HUGO, VICTOR. - Poesies (Two Volumes).
74664: HUGO, VICTOR. - Theatre Complet: Tome II.
68042: HUGO, VICTOR. - Les Miserables (Two Volumes).
53827: HUGO, VICTOR. - Les Miserables (Mlg 3).
40524: HUGUENIN, JEAN-RENE. - Other Side of the Summer.
66864: HUIE, WILLIAM BRADFORD. - Execution of Private Slovik.
68054: O HUIGIN, SEAN. - Ghost Horse of the Mounties.
78627: O HUIGIN, SEAN. - Ghost Horse of the Mounties.
32013: HUIZINGA, JOHAN. - Autumn of the Middle Ages.
34076: HUIZINGA, LEONHARD. - "Take Your Jacket Off: " the Chronicle of a Merchant House As Seen Against 75 Years of World History.
46897: HUIZINGA, JOHAN. - Autumn of the Middle Ages.
31100: HULBERT, ARCHER BUTLER. - Forty-Niners: The Chronicle of the California Trail.
1545: HULBERT, ANN. - Interior Castle: The Art and Life of Jean Stafford.
7764: HULDSCHINER, ROBERT E. - Cow That Spoke for Seppl and Other Alpine Tales.
41600: HULL, ROGER H. - Irish Triangle: Conflict in Northern Ireland.
27972: HULL, ANTHONY H. - Goya: Man Among Kings.
37421: HULME, JOHN. - Les Oeuvres Completes de Lord Charles.
26751: HULME, JOHN. - Guillaume Chequespierre and the Oise Salon.
29898: HULME, KERI. - Te Kaihau / the Windeater.
29899: HULME, KERI. - Te Kaihau / the Windeater.
87677: HULME, JOHN. - Morder Guss Reims: The Gustav Leberwurst Manuscript.
71079: HULME, KERI. - Te Kaihau / the Windeater.
31452: HULTEN, K. G. PONTUS. - The Machine As Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age.
90666: HULTEN, PONTUS AND ARREOLA, MAGALI. - Niki de Saint Phalle.
80483: HULTON, ANN. - Letters of a Loyalist Lady: Being the Letters of Ann Hulton, Sister of Henry Hulton, Commissioner of Customs at Boston, 1767-1776.
75792: HULTS, DOROTHY NIEBRUGGE. - New Amsterdam Days and Ways: The Dutch Settlers of New York.
74052: HUMBLE, B. H. - Cuillin of Skye.
33311: HUME, LOTTA CARSWELL. - Favorite Children's Stories from China and Tibet.
22126: HUMEZ, ALEXANDER, HUMEZ, NICHOLAS, AND MAGUIRE, JOSEPH. - Zero to Lazy Eight: The Romance of Numbers.
84087: HUMFREY, PETER. - Cima Da Conegliano.
71667: HUMMEL, JR., RAY O. (EDITOR). - Southeastern Broadsides Before 1877: A Bibliography.
86161: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM. - The Last Husband and Other Stories.
31215: HUMPHREY, DORIS. - Doris Humphrey: An Artist First.
31337: HUMPHREY, SETH K. - Loafing Through the Pacific.

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