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5929: ANONYMOUS. - Two Flappers in Paris.
92498: ANONYMOUS. - The Loves of a Musical Student.
94679: ANONYMOUS. - The Slaves of Cameroon.
66727: ANONYMOUS. - Banditti of the Rocky Mountains and Vigilance Committee in Idaho: An Authentic Record of Startling Adventures in the Gold Mines of Idaho.
84827: ANONYMOUS. - The New Epicurean & the Adventures of a Schoolboy: Two Tales from the Victorian Underground.
85867: ANONYMOUS. - The Power of Mesmerism and Laura Middleton: Two Novels from the Victorian Underground.
84899: ANONYMOUS. - Amorous Adventures of a Japanese Gentleman.
88329: ANONYMOUS. - Blind Lust: Being a True Account of the Adventures of M. De Vycabre and Other French Celebrities (1857).
60257: ANONYMOUS. - Berlinguer and the Professor: Chronicles of the Next Italy.
61164: ANONYMOUS. - Shuttered Houses of Paris.
84860: ANONYMOUS. - Sadopaideia.
84935: ANONYMOUS. - Lashed Into Lust: The Caprice of a Flagellator: A Victorian Novel.
89342: ANONYMOUS (PAUL PERRET). - Tableaux Vivants: Fifteen Erotic Tales.
56029: ANOUILH, JEAN. - Waltz of the Toreadors.
81651: ANOUILH, JEAN, SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL, CAMUS, ALBERT, AND GIRAUDOUX, JEAN. - Four Contemporary French Plays: Antigone, No Exit, Caligula, the Madwoman of Chaillot (ML 90).
94372: ANOUILH, JEAN. - The Waltz of the Toreadors.
39674: ANOYEIANAKIS, FOIBOS. - Ellhnika Laika Moyzika Organa (Greek Folk Musical Instruments).
77782: VAN ANROOY, FRANS. - Lady of the Sea.
66798: ANSARI, HUMAYUN (EDITOR). - Making of the East London Mosque, 1910-1951: Minutes of the London Mosque Fund and East London Mosque Trust Ltd.
73202: ANSCHUTZ, HEINRICH. - Die Gewehr-Fabrik Zu Suhl.
21134: ANSON, MARK J. P., FABOZZI, FRANK J., CHOUDHRY, MOORAD, AND CHEN, REN-RAW. - Credit Derivatives: Instruments, Applications, and Pricing.
83649: ANSON, ROBERT SAM. - Gone Crazy and Back Again: The Rise and Fall of the Rolling Stone Generation.
59824: ANSON, ROBERT SAM. - Gone Crazy and Back Again: The Rise and Fall of the Rolling Stone Generation.
69644: ANSTEY, F. - Bayard from Bengal.
50124: ANSTRUTHER, F. C. (RETOLD BY). - Old Polish Legends.
62975: ANSTRUTHER, IAN. - Knight and the Umbrella: An Account of the Eglinton Tournament, 1839.
60729: ANTALFFY, GYULA. - Thousand Years of Travel in Old Hungary.
40153: ANTHONY, T. ROBERT. - 19th Century Fairy Lamps.
11067: ANTHONY, EVELYN. - Far Flies the Eagle.
61912: ANTHONY, NORMAN. - How to Grow Old Disgracefully (Or Anthony's Adversities).
61042: ANTIN, DAVID. - Code of Flag Behavior.
30315: SOCIETY FOR THE PRESERVATION OF NEW ENGLAND ANTIQUITIES. - Old-Time New England (Volume 72): New England Furniture: Essays in Memory of Benno M. Forman.
14271: ANTLER. - Last Words.
57264: ANTOL, MARIE NADINE. - Healing Teas: How to Prepare and Use Teas to Maximize Your Health.
88565: ANTONINUS, BROTHER (WILLIAM EVERSON). - Who Is She That Looketh Forth As the Morning.
55338: ANTOUN, RICHARD T. - Arab Village: A Social Structural Study of a Trans-Jordanian Peasant Community.
85093: ANTOUN, RICHARD T. - Muslim Preacher in the Modern World: A Jordanian Case Study in Comparative Perspective.
77235: ANTUNA, MARIA LUISA AND GARCIA-CARRANZA, JOSEFINE. - Bibliografia de Juan Marinello.
93002: ANZELEWSKY, FEJA. - Durer: His Art and Life.
82610: ANZIEU, DIDIER. - Freud's Self-Analysis.
40674: AOYAGI, KENJI. - Mekong: The Last River.
75906: APKON, STEPHEN. - Age of the Image: Redefining Literacy in a World of Screens.
73770: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME. - Amorous Exploits of a Young Rakehell.
79836: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME. - Poet Assassinated.
82446: APOLLON, WILLY, ET AL. - After Lacan: Clinical Practice and the Subject of the Unconscious.
82518: APOSTLE, RICHARD A., ET AL. - The Anatomy of Racial Attitudes.
2074: APPACHANA, ANJANA. - Listening Now.
14422: APPEL, JENNIFER AND TOREY ALLYSA. - Magnolia Bakery Cookbook: Old-Fashioned Recipes from New York's Sweetest Bakery.
5994: APPEL, BENJAMIN. - Time of Fortune.
2255: APPEL, DAVID AND HUDSON, MERLE. - Raphael: The Herald Angel.
24588: APPELT, KATHI. - Alley Cat's Meow.
72690: APPELT, KATHI. - The Underneath.
1340: APPIGNANESI, RICHARD. - Italia Perversa, Part One: Stalin's Orphans.
54354: APPIGNANESI, LISA. - Mad, Bad and Sad: Women and the Mind Doctors.
70158: APPLEBY, JOYCE. - Relentless Revolution: A History of Capitalism.
63391: APPLEBY, STEVEN (ILLUSTRATION) AND MOLE, GEORGE (TEXT). - Better Living Through Air Guitar.
68949: APPLEBY, JOHN T. - Henry II: The Vanquished King.
25177: APPLEGATE, SHANNON. - Skookum: An Oregon Pioneer Family's History and Lore.
30240: APPLEGATE, FRANK GUY. - Indian Stories from the Pueblos.
55025: APPLETON, WILLIAM W. - Charles Macklin: An Actor's Life.
73007: APPLETON, VICTOR. - Tom Swift Circling the Globe.
12021: APPLETON, T. G. - Sheaf of Papers.
24904: APPLETON II, VICTOR. - Tom Swift and His Spectromarine Selector.
25079: APPLETON II, VICTOR. - Tom Swift and His Jetmarine.
79786: APPLETON II, VICTOR. - Tom Swift and His Atomic Earth Blaster.
93042: APPLETON, BREVET CAPTAIN NATHAN (PREPARED BY). - Russian Life and Society.
79488: APPLETON II, VICTOR. - Tom Swift and His Jetmarine.
30913: APPLETON, BONNIE LEE. - Landscape Rejuvenation: Remodeling the Home Landscape.
33759: APPLETON, VICTOR. - Tom Swift and His Airship Or the Stirring Cruise of the Red Cloud.
7482: APPLETON II, VICTOR. - Tom Swift and His Outpost in Space.
49680: APPLETON, LEROY H. AND BRIDGES, STEPHEN. - Symbolism in Liturgical Art.
45599: APPLETON, VICTOR. - Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle Or Fun and Adventures on the Road.
58778: APPLETON II, VICTOR. - Tom Swift and His Jetmarine.
10858: APPLETON II, VICTOR. - Tom Swift in the Caves of Nuclear Fire.
79866: APPLETON, VICTOR. - Don Sturdy on the Desert of Mystery Or Autoing in the Land of the Caravan.
79766: APPLETON, VICTOR. - Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone Or the Picture That Saved a Fortune.
54342: APPLEYARD, JOHN. - De Luna.
31617: APPOLLO, KEN. - Humble Work & Mad Wanderings: Street Life in the Machine Age.
32962: APPRENTICESHOP. - Half-Hull Modeling.
49430: APTE, ROBERT Z. AND EDWARDS, ANDRES R. - Tibet: Enduring Spirit, Exploited Land.
88485: APULEIUS, LUCIUS. - The Golden Ass.
42891: AQUILINO, JOY (EDITOR). - Art for Survival: The Illustrator and the Environment.
76310: AQUINAS, SAINT THOMAS. - Philosophical Texts.
94601: AQUINAS, SAINT THOMAS. - Nature and Grace: Selections from the Summa Theologica of Thomas Aquinas.
70911: AQUINAS, SAINT THOMAS. - Summa Contra Gentiles: First Book (Volume One).
70912: AQUINAS, SAINT THOMAS. - Summa Contra Gentiles: The Third Book (Part I - Chapters I-LXXXIII).
70913: AQUINAS, ST. THOMAS. - "Summa Theologica" of St. Thomas Aquinas: Part III: Second Number (Qq. XXVIL-LIX).
52085: ARAGON, JANE CHELSEA. - Major and the Mousehole Mice.
9617: ARAGON, JANE CHELSEA. - Major and the Mousehole Mice.
75412: ARAGON, LOUIS AND COCTEAU, JEAN. - Conversations on the Dresden Gallery.
59808: ARAGON, LOUIS. - Holy Week.
48567: ARAKI, H., ET AL (EDITORS). - Operator Algebras and Their Connections with Topology and Ergodic Theory.
56712: ARANO, LUISA COGLIATI. - Medieval Health Handbook: Tacuinum Sanitatis.
92452: ARANO, LUISA COGLIATI. - Miniature Lombarde: Codici Miniati Dall'VIII Al XIV Secolo.
60330: ARASON, STEINGRIMUR. - Smoky Bay: The Story of a Small Boy of Iceland.
53975: ARBERRY, ARTHUR J. - Omar Khayyam: A New Version Based Upon Recent Discoveries.
62675: ARBETTER, LISA. - Secrets of Style: The Complete Guide to Dressing Your Best Every Day.
22225: ARBOR, ROBERT AND WHITESIDE, KATHERINE. - Joie de Vivre: Simple French Style for Everyday Living.
16572: ARBUS, AMY. - Inconvenience of Being Born.
85378: ARBUS, DIANE. - Untitled.
61242: ARBUS, DIANE. - Untitled.
68925: ARBUS, DIANE. - Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph.
21660: ARCAND, BERNARD. - Jaguar and the Anteater: Pornography Degree Zero.
20348: ARCHAMBAULT, JOHN. - Counting Sheep.
26934: ARCHAMBAULT, FLORENCE. - Occupied Japan for Collectors.
10107: ARCHAMBAULT, REGINALD D. (EDITOR). - Philosophical Analysis and Education.
48648: ARCHARD, DAVID (EDITOR). - Philosophy and Pluralism.
41360: ARCHER, W. G. - Loves of Krishna: In Indian Painting and Poetry.
87824: ARCHER, JULES. - Superspies: The Secret Side of Government.
72120: ARCHER, CATHALINE ALFORD, ET AL. - Bicentennial History of Becket, Berkshire County, Massachusetts (Incorporat Ed June 21, 1765).
47612: ARCHER, W. G. - Hill of Flutes: Life, Love and Poetry in Tribal India: A Portrait of the Santals.
78265: ARCINIEGAS, GERMAN. - Caribbean: Sea of the New World.
32079: ARDAGH, PHILIP. - House Called Awful End: Book One of the Eddie Dickens Trilogy.
71636: ARDEN, WILLIAM. - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Dancing Devil (Number 25).
8259: ARDEN, JOHN. - Workhouse Donkey: A Vulgar Melo-Drama.
61593: ARDEN, WILLIAM. - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Moaning Cave (Number 10).
2508: ARDEN, WILLIAM (DENNIS LYNDS). - Die to a Distant Drum.
49824: ARDEN, WILLIAM. - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Laughing Shadow (Number 12).
50556: ARDEN, WILLIAM. - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Moaning Cave (Number 10).
84914: ARDEN, JOHN. - The Business of Good Government: A Christmas Play.
90939: ARDEN, WILLIAM. - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Moaning Cave (Number 10).
95020: ARDEN, WILLIAM. - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Shrinking House (Number 18).
72489: ARDEN, JOHN. - Gallows and Other Tales of Suspicion and Obsession.
85771: ARDEN, A. H. - Progressive Grammar of the Tamil Language.
64719: ARDENNE, PAUL. - Patrick Mimran, Peindre Apres le Japon (to Paint After Japan).
43586: ARDITO, STEFANO. - Mont Blanc: Discovery and Conquest of the Giant of the Alps.
23344: ARDITTI, JOSEPH (EDITOR). - Orchid Biology: Reviews and Perspectives, V.
94583: ARENDT, HANNAH. - The Human Condition.
58348: ARENDT, HANNAH. - Human Condition.
70959: L'ARETIN, ET AL. - Oeuvres Priapiques.
10671: ARGO, ELLEN. - Crystal Star.
83794: ARGUS, M. K. - Moscow-on-the-Hudson.
56545: ARGYLE, MICHAEL, ET AL. - Social Theory and Economic Change.
61443: ARGYLE, MICHAEL. - Bodily Communication (Second Edition).
74417: ARGYLL, DUKE OF. - Primeval Man: An Examination of Some Recent Speculations.
28641: ARIA, BARBARA. - Outside Inside: Decorating in the Natural Style.
54423: ARIAS, PAOLO ENRICO. - History of 1000 Years of Greek Vase Painting.
2427: ARIDJIS, HOMERO. - Lord of the Last Days: Visions of the Year 1000.
31022: ARIETI, SILVANO. - Parnas.
56725: ARIKHA, NOGA. - Passions and Tempers: A History of the Humours.
66312: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO. - Satires of Ludovico Ariosto: A Renaissance Autobiography.
70060: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO. - Orlando Furioso (Three Volumes).
74360: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO. - Satires of Ludovico Ariosto: A Renaissance Autobiography.
62364: ARIS, RUTHERFORD, ET AL (EDITORS). - Patterns and Dynamics in Reactive Media.
37527: ARISTOPHANES. - Acharnians.
25048: ARISTOPHANES. - Birds / the Frogs.
33930: ARISTOPHANES. - Two Plays: Peace and Lysistrata.
74538: ARISTOPHANES. - Five Comedies.
10029: ARISTOPHANES. - Ladies' Day.
95174: ARISTOPHANES. - The Plays of Aristophanes (Two Volumes).
95138: ARISTOPHANES. - The Birds / the Frogs.
76995: ARISTOPHANES. - Lysistrata.
54077: ARISTOPHANES. - Wasps.
95016: ARISTOPHANES. - The Plays of Aristophanes (Two Volumes).
86458: ARISTOPHANES. - The Birds / the Frogs.
78862: ARISTOPHANES. - Wasps.
58839: ARISTOTELES (ARISTOTLE). - Politik: Buch I, Buch II, Buch III (Two Volumes).
18612: ARISTOTLE. - Rhetoric and on Poetics.
75359: ARISTOTLE. - Works of Aristotle: Volume III: Meteorologica, de Mundo, de Anima, Parva Naturalia, de Spiritu.
94149: (MADELEINE L'ENGLE) ARISTOTLE. - On the Soul, Parva Naturalia, on Breath.
88051: ARISTOTLE. - Nicomachean Ethics.
81051: ARJOMAND, SAID AMIR (EDITOR). - Political Dimensions of Religion.
86390: ARKUSH, ELIZABETH N. AND ALLEN, MARK W. (EDITORS). - Archaeology of Warfare: Prehistories of Raiding and Conquest.
65053: ARLEN, MICHAEL (DIKRAN KOUYOUMDJIAN). - Green Hat: A Romance for a Few People.
294: ARLING, EMANIE. - Pot with Feeling: Flower Painting with a Short Autobiography.
77503: ARMAND, OCTAVIO. - Biografia Para Feacios.
91133: ARMANET, FRANCOIS AND QUIN, ELISABETH. - The Killer Detail: Defining Moments in Fashion.
88300: ARMANTROUT, RAE. - Partly: New and Selected Poems, 2001-2015.
77231: ARMBRUSTER, C. H. - Initia Amharica: An Introduction to Spoken Amharic: Part II: English-Amh Aric Vocabulary with Phrases.
53468: ARMEN, JEAN-CLAUDE. - Gazelle-Boy.
34537: ARMENS, SVEN. - Archetypes of the Family in Literature.
76285: ARMER, LAURA ADAMS. - Dark Circle of Branches.
30672: ARMISTEAD, SAMUEL G. AND ZULAIKA, JOSEBA (EDITORS). - Voicing the Moment: Improvised Oral Poetry and Basque Tradition
43226: ARMITAGE, ANGUS. - John Kepler.
51653: ARMITAGE, MERLE. - Operations Santa Fe: Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway System.
93605: ARMITAGE, MERLE. - Pagans, Conquistadores, Heroes and Martyrs.
37701: ARMITAGE, ALLAN M. - Armitage's Manual of Annuals, Biennials, and Half-Hardy Perennials.
81065: ARMITAGE, MERLE (EDITOR). - Igor Strawinsky (Stravinsky).
33476: ARMOUR, RICHARD. - Drug Store Days: My Youth Among the Pills & Potions.
72561: ARMOUR, RICHARD. - Animals on the Ceiling.
16620: ARMSTRONG, ALAN. - Off in Zora: A Modern Day Tale of a Traveling Bookseller.
26477: ARMSTRONG, JOHN. - Idea of Holiness and the Humane Response: A Study of the Concept of Holiness and Its Social Consequences.
69585: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H. - Sounder.
61412: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD. - Alexis Smith.
44762: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD. - Themselves Alone.
30419: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD. - Albatross.
78184: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H. - Sounder.
45034: ARMSTRONG, MARTIN. - Laughing: An Essay.
35201: ARMSTRONG, JENNIFER. - Whittler's Tale.
35221: ARMSTRONG, EDWARD A. - Birds of the Grey Wind.
2601: ARMSTRONG, JENNIFER. - Mary Mehan Awake.
79089: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H. - Sounder.
6607: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS. - Ring Has No End.
71069: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H. - Hadassah: Esther, the Orphan Queen.
50383: ARMSTRONG, E. - Ciceronian Sunburn: A Tudor Dialogue on Humanistic Rhetoric and CIVIC Poetics.
38906: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. - U.S. Army Counterinsurgency Handbook.
1372: ARMYTAGE, FLORA. - Sebastian.
75779: ARMYTAGE, FRANCES AND TOMLINSON, JULIETTE. - Pynchons of Springfield: Founders and Colonizers (1636-1702).
53987: ARNAKTAUYOK, GERMAINE (ILLUSTRATOR). - Stories from Pangnirtung.
69072: ARNDT, KARL J. R. - Teutonic Visions of Social Perfection for Emerson: Verheissung Und Erfullung.
67177: ARNELL, PETER. - Made in Brooklyn: A Visual Diary, 1976-1996.
59120: ARNELL, J. C. - Sailing in Bermuda: Sail Racing in the Nineteenth Century.
19272: ARNESON, D. J. - Zorro Rides Again.
91922: ARNETT, WILLARD E. - Santayana and the Sense of Beauty.
42774: ARNHEIM, RUDOLF. - Toward a Psychology of Art: Collected Essays.
89676: ARNHEIM, RUDOLF. - The Power of the Center: A Study of Composition in the Visual Arts.
57662: ARNOLD, BILL. - Everyday Poetry (Contact Sheet, Number 121).
20071: ARNOLD, BOB. - Sky.
28052: ARNOLD, SUE. - Curiouser & Curiouser: The Best of Sue Arnold.
28878: ARNOLD, MATTHEW. - Matthew Arnold's Essays in Criticism: First Series.
75264: ARNOLD, SIR EDWIN (TRANSLATOR). - Song Celestial Or Bhagavad-Gita (from the Mahabharata).
231: ARNOLD, OREN. - Sun in Your Eyes.
4517: ARNOLD, DENNIS M. - Needlepoint Pattern Book.
4760: ARNOLD, BRUCE. - Art Atlas of Britain & Ireland: In Association with the National Trust.
78586: ARNOLD, ELLIOTT. - Spirit of Cochise.
85285: ARNOLD, OREN. - Thunder in the Southwest: Echoes from the Wild Frontier.
62369: ARNOLD, DOUG, ET AL (EDITORS). - Essays on Grammatical Theory and Universal Grammar.
46456: ARNOLD, BOB. - Where Rivers Meet.
95164: ARNOLD, LLOYD R. - High on the Wild with Hemingway.
76227: ARNOLD, OREN. - Hidden Treasure in the Wild West.
75787: ARNOLD, JAMES N. - Vital Records of Warwick, Rhode Island.
67017: ARNOLD, OREN (EDITOR). - Roundup of Western Literature: An Anthology for Young Readers.
50925: ARNOLD, ELLIOTT. - Finlandia: The Story of Sibelius.
75786: ARNOLD, JAMES N. - Vital Records of Cranston, Johnson and North Providence, Rhode Island.
33251: ARNOSKY, JIM. - Mouse Writing.
73338: ARNOSKY, JIM. - Sketching Outdoors in Spring.
4859: ARNOTT, PETER. - Byzantines and Their World.
80521: (EURIPIDES, ARISTOPHANES) ARNOTT, PETER D. (TRANSLATOR). - Three Greek Plays for the Theatre (Medea, Cyclops, the Frogs).
64438: ARNOTT, PETER D. - Introduction to the Greek Theatre.
44910: ARNOUX, JEAN-CLAUDE. - Ultimate Water Garden Book.
75490: ARNOW, HARRIETTE SIMPSON. - Weedkiller's Daughter.
86077: ARNOW, HARRIETTE SIMPSON. - The Kentucky Trace: A Novel of the American Revolution.
85634: ARNOW, HARRIETTE SIMPSON. - The Kentucky Trace: A Novel of the American Revolution.
79079: ARON, RAYMOND. - German Sociology.
52401: ARONOWITZ, STANLEY. - Science As Power: Discourse and Ideology in Modern Society.
16929: ARONSON, JOYCE KRAUS (EDITOR). - Insights in Dynamic Psychotherapy of Anorexia and Bulimia: An Ontroduction to the Literature.
62870: ARONSON, MICHAEL. - Nickelodeon City: Pittsburgh at the Movies, 1905-1929.
49476: ARONSSON, THOMAS, ET AL. - Welfare Measurement in Imperfect Markets: A Growth Theoretical Approach.
2430: ARORA, SHIRLEY L. - Left-Handed Chank.
6154: ARPINO, GIOVANNI. - Novice.
94077: ARRABAL, FERNANDO. - The Compass Stone.
94101: ARRABAL, FERNANDO. - The Tower Struck By Lightning.
84913: ARRABAL, FERNANDO. - And They Put Handcuffs on the Flowers.
78412: ARREOLA, JUAN JOSE. - Confabulario Total [1941-1961].
43884: ARRIAZA, BERNARDO T. - Beyond Death: The Chinchorro Mummies of Ancient Chile.
92453: ARRIGONI, PAOLO. - Milano Nelle Vecchie Stampe (Volume Two): Avventimenti - Costumi - Piante.
73692: ARROW, WILLIAM (ADAPTED BY). - Return to the Planet of the Apes #3: Man, the Hunted Animal.
6117: ARROW, NEILL. - 10,000 Miles to Boston.
41405: ARROWSMITH, REX (EDITOR). - Mines of the Old Southwest.
77743: ARSAN, EMMANUELLE. - Les Debuts Dans la Vie: Roman.
91686: ARSAN, EMMANUELLE. - Emmanuelle II.
71010: ARSAN, EMMANUELLE. - Les Enfants D'emmanuelle.
78581: ARSAN, EMMANUELLE. - Nouvelles de L'erosphere.
66483: ARSAN, EMMANUELLE. - Emmanuelle II.
85668: ARSENAULT, EMILY. - The Broken Teaglass: A Novel.
38296: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART. - Art of Noriyuki Ushijima: 50 Years of His Achievement.
25514: SMITH COLLEGE MUSEUM OF ART. - Northampton Postcards.
30522: SEZON MUSEUM OF ART. - Individual Realities in the California Art Scene.
47352: MARC ROSEN FINE ART. - French Prints of the Late 19th Century.
62377: DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART. - Gallery Buffet Soup Cookbook (Revised Edition).
89177: PS ARTBOOK. - Adventures Into the Unknown: Volume Ten (10), January to July 1954, Issues 51-57.
13332: POMEGRANATE ARTBOOKS. - Inventors & Scientists: A Book of Postcards from the Library of Congress.
40658: ARTHOS, JOHN. - Shakespeare: The Early Writings.
25645: ARTHOS, JOHN. - Shakespeare: The Early Writings.
25779: ARTHOS, JOHN. - Status of the Humanities.
14206: ARTHUR, ELIZABETH. - Island Sojourn.
55693: ARTHUR, ROBERT. - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Secret of Skeleton Island (Number 6).
43231: ARTHUR, BURT AND BUDD. - Stranger.
3685: ARTHUR, ELIZABETH. - Beyond the Mountain.
5782: ARTHUR, ELIZABETH. - Looking for the Klondike Stone.
66809: ARTHUR, ROBERT. - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Fiery Eye (Number 7).
79492: ARTHUR, ROBERT. - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Secret of Skeleton Island (Number 6).
61097: ARTHUR, ROBERT. - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Screaming Clock (Number 9).
47727: ARTHUR, ROBERT. - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Whispering Mummy (Number 3).
64433: ARTHUR, ROBERT. - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Screaming Clock (Number 9).
49242: NAKHAMKIN FINE ARTS. - Exhibition of Three: Oleg Tselkov, Mihail Chemiakin, Ernst Neizvestny.
70687: ARTSCHWAGER, RICHARD. - Richard Artschwager: Drawings.
84008: ARTZYBASHEFF, BORIS (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Fairy Shoemaker and Other Fairy Poems.
75031: ARTZYBASHEFF, BORIS (RETOLD AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Seven Simeons: A Russian Tale.
84754: ARUNDEL, HONOR. - Green Street.
89694: ARUNDEL, JOCELYN. - Whitecap's Song.
72134: ARVOLD, ALFRED G. - Little Country Theater.
30788: ASAAD, GHAZI. - Hallucinations in Clinical Psychiatry: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals.
46512: ASANO, HACHIRO. - Faces Never Lie: The New Art of Japanese Physiognomy.
67040: ASBJORNSEN, P. C. AND MOE, J. E. - Man Who Kept House.
93362: ASBURY, HERBERT. - Sucker's Progress: An Informal History of Gambling in America from the Colonies to Canfield.
81238: ASCH, FRANK. - George's Store.
42039: ASCH, FRANK. - Flower Faerie.
87360: ASCH, SHOLEM. - In the Beginning: Stories from the Bible.
79528: ASCH, FRANK. - Linda.
87464: ASCH, FRANK. - City Sandwich: Poems.
72239: ASCH, FRANK. - Elvira Everything.
22160: ASCHAN, ULF. - Man Whom Women Loved: The Life of Bror Blixen.
41109: ASCHENBRENNER, KARL AND ISENBERG, ARNOLD (EDITORS). - Aesthetic Theories: Studies in the Philosophy of Art.
94045: ASENSIO, EUGENIO. - Itinerario Del Entremes: Desde Lope de Rueda a Quinones de Benavente.
23415: AL-ASFOUR, TAIBA A. - Changing Sea-Level Along the North Coast of Kuwait Bay.
54673: ASH, JUTTA (RETOLD AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Rapunzel: A Tale By the Brothers Grimm.
41220: ASH, BRIAN. - Faces of the Future: The Lessons of Science Fiction.
18017: ASH, RUSSELL AND LAKE, BRIAN. - Bizarre Books.
51091: ASH, BRIAN. - Who's Who in Science Fiction.
58202: ASH, JOHN. - Byzantine Journey.
56102: ASH, PETER . - Blazing Tumbleweed.
55595: ASHANTI (ASHANTI SHEQUOIYA DOUGLAS). - Foolish / Unfoolish: Reflections on Love.
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93403: BANNERMAN, HELEN AND VER BECK, FRANK - The Little Black Sambo Story Book.
86829: BANNERMAN, HELEN. - Little Black Sambo.
83652: BANNERMAN, HELEN. - Story of Little Black Quibba.
78031: BANNING, EVELYN I. - Mary Lyon of Putnam's Hill.
18865: BANNISTER, DON. - Burning Leaves.
22363: BANNON, CYNTHIA J. - Brothers of Romulus: Fraternal Pietas in Roman Law, Literature, and Society.
90681: BANNON, LAURA. - Patty Paints a Picture.
41296: BANNON, LOIS ELMER AND CLARK, TAYLOR. - Handbook of Audubon Prints.
84854: BANNON, LAURA. - The Famous Baby-Sitter.
69159: BANSKOTA, NARROTTAM PRASAD. - Indo-Nepal Trade and Economic Relations.
14327: BANTOCK, NICK. - Missing Nose Flute and Other Mysteries of Life.
25308: BANTOCK, NICK. - Artful Dodger: Images & Reflections.
83923: BANTOCK, NICK. - The Forgetting Room: A Fiction.
27208: (SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE) BANTOCK, NICK. - Kubla Khan: A Pop-Up Version of Coleridge's Classic.
76280: BANTOCK, NICK. - The Venetian's Wife: A Strangely Sensual Tale of a Renaissance Explorer, a Computer, and a Metamorphosis.
24748: BANTOCK, NICK. - Jabberwocky: A Pop-Up Rhyme from Through the Looking Glass.
94959: BANZ, STEFAN. - One Rock Upon Another: Marcel Duchamp, Jules Verne, Joseph Beuys, Max Bill, Fischli/Weiss, Ai Weiwei.
36651: BAR, SHMUEL. - Warrant for Terror: The Fatwas of Radical Islam and the Duty to Jihad.
78673: BAR-ITZHAK, HAYA. - Jewish Poland: Legends of Origin: Ethnopoetics and Legendary Chronicles.
73119: BARAJAS, LUIS (EDITOR). - Flaunt: The Denim Issue #122 (Guess Thirtieth Anniversary).
29638: BARAL, ROBERT. - Revue: Great Broadway Period.
90414: BARALE, MICHELE AINA AND RABINOVITZ, RUBIN. - A Kwic Concordance to Samuel Beckett's Trilogy: Molloy, Malone Dies and the Unnamable (Two Volumes).
70280: BARASCH, LYNNE. - Winter Walk.
36098: BARASH, DAVID P. - Sociobiology and Behavior.
57615: BARASH, CATHY WILKINSON. - Vine & Climbers.
50634: BARATZ, MORTON S. - Union and the Coal Industry.
56477: BARBANSON, ADRIENNE. - Fables in Ivory: Japanese Netsuke and Their Legends.
21569: BARBARY, JAMES. - Fort in the Wilderness.
41560: BARBASH, SHEPARD. - Oaxacan Woodcarving: The Magic in the Trees.
31348: BARBASH, SHEPARD. - Oaxacan Woodcarving: The Magic in the Trees.
77579: BARBE, MURIEL CULP. - Union Forever.
41483: BARBEAU, MARIUS. - Tsimsyan Myths.
41484: BARBEAU, MARIUS. - Medicine Men on the North Pacific Coast.
26875: BARBER, ANTONIA. - The Enchanter's Daughter.
94952: BARBER, RICHARD (SELECTED BY). - Chronicles of the Dark Ages: The Coming of the Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Saxon Lore and Learning, the Fall of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms (Three Volume Boxed Set).
20367: BARBER, R. W. - Arthur of Albion: An Introduction to the Arthurian Literature and Legends of England.
43843: BARBER, RICHARD. - Holy Grail: Imagination and Belief.
44288: BARBER, RICHARD. - Tournaments.
94730: BARBER, RICHARD (EDITOR). - Epics of the Middle Ages.
61855: BARBER, R. L. N. - Cyclades in the Bronze Age.
52483: BARBER, BERNARD. - Water: A View from Japan.
66113: BARBER, RICHARD. - Figure of Arthur.
54957: BARBER, R. W. - Arthur of Albion: An Introduction to the Arthurian Literature and Legends of England.
71173: BARBER, RICHARD (EDITOR). - The Pastons: A Family in the War of the Roses.
77077: BARBER, SHERI M. (COMPILED BY). - Fannie's Diaries: The Diaries of Frances Minerva Smith, Born 3/24/1841 in Connecticut, Wife of Benjamin Franklin Page.
42846: BARBER, WILLIAM J. - Designs Within Disorder: Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Economists, and the Shaping of American Economic Policy, 1933-1945.
47969: BARBERO, LUCA MASSIMO. - Enzo Fiore.
82775: BARBET, PIERRE (CLAUDE AVICE). - The Joan-of-Arc Replay.
77853: BARBIER, CHRISTOPHE (EDITOR). - Le Rire de Tintin: Les Secrets Du Genie Comique D'herge.
59139: BARBOUR, ARTHUR J. - Painting Buildings in Watercolor.
36331: BARBOUR, CAPTAIN JOB. - Forty-Eight Days Adrift: The Voyage of the "Neptune II" from Newfoundland to Scotland.
66371: BARBOUR, FREDERICK K. - Stature of Fine Connecticut Furniture.
89267: BARBOUR, JOHN. - The Bruce: An Epic Poem (Written Around the Year A.D. 1375).
29516: BARBOUR, KAREN. - Mr. Bow Tie.
32072: BARBOUR, KAREN. - Mr. Bow Tie.
49329: BARBOUR, DOUGLAS. - Michael Ondaatje.
38520: BARBROOK, ALEC. - God Save the Commonwealth: An Electoral History of Massachusetts.
42066: BARCHATOVA, Y., ET AL. - Portrait of Tsarist Russia: Unknown Photographs from the Soviet Archives.
76396: BARCLAY, GLEN ST JOHN. - Anatomy of Horror: The Masters of Occult Fiction.
10152: BARCOTT, BRUCE. - Measure of a Mountain: Beauty and Terror on Mount Rainier.
63719: BARDEN, ROSALIND. - Tv Monster.
22474: BAREHAM, TONY (EDITOR). - Anthony Trollope.

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