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017259: PEARCE, LSGT L - A Short History of the Regiment's Victoria Cross Holders
017355: GOODCHILD, CLEO PEARL AND TSICALAS, SUSAN - Murgon in Focus: A Photographic Record of Murgon and District from 1900s to 1950s
012600: DAVID PEARS - Wittgenstein (Fontana Modern Masters)
012437: DAVID PEARS (ED) - Russell's Logical Atomism
012438: D.F. PEARS - Bertrand Russell & the British Tradition in Philosophy
012331: D.F. PEARS (ED) - Freedom and the Will
015979: PEARSALL, PAUL - Making Miracles
016809: PEARSON, FREDERICK C. III - Pyrogens: Endotoxins, Lal Testing, and Depyrogenation (Advances in Parenteral Sciences Series Vol 2) with Contributions by Marlys Weary & James H. Jorgensen
015861: PEASLEY, W.J. - The Last of the Nomads
015708: PEDRICK, GALE - A Manual of Heraldry, Being a Popular Introduction to the Origin, Significance and Uses of Armorial Bearings; a Guide to the Forms and Regulations of the Art-Science of Blazonry and a Prelude to the Influence of Heraldry' Upon Poetry, Art, Architecture an
015095: PEDRINA, JEFF - Wallaby Airlines: Twelve Months Caribou Flying in Vietnam
013917: PEDROTTI, WALTER - Macrobiotica in Cucina Ricettario
016935: PEEBLES, IAN - Batter's Castle. Introduction by E.W. Swanton
014634: PEELE, GILLIAN; BAILEY, CHRISTOPHER J.; CAIN, BRUCE; PETERS, B. GUY (EDS) - Developments in American Politics 2
012330: DEAN PEERMAN (ED) - Frontline Theology with an Introductory Essay by Martin E. Marty
012224: DEAN G. PEERMAN AND MARTIN E. MARTY (EDS) - A Handbook of Christian Theologians
016453: PEERS, JULIET - More Than Just Gumtrees: A Personal, Social, and Artistic History of the Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors
013369: PELIKAN, JAROSLAV - The Riddle of Roman Catholicism: Its History, Its Beliefs, Its Future
012340: JAROSLAV PELIKAN (ED) - Twentieth Century Theology in the Making. 3 Volume Set. Vol. I Themes of Biblical Theology Vol. II the Theological Dialogue: Issues and Resources Vol. III Ecumenicty and Renewal. Translated by R.A. Wilson "Die Religion in Geschichte Und Gegenwart"
012337: JAROSLAV PELIKAN - The Riddle of Roman Catholicicsm: It's History, It's Beliefs, It's Future
012338: JAROSLAV PELIKAN - Human Culture and the Holy: Essays on the True, the Good and the Beautiful
016673: PELLMAN, RACHEL - Traditional Amish Quilts
015364: PELLOE, EMILY H. - Wildflowers of Western Australia
015050: PELVIN, RICHARD (ED) - Anzac: An Illustrated History 1914-1918
014908: PENNER, JAMES - Goliath: The Life of Robert Schuller
012335: JOHN PENNYCUICK - In Contact with the Physical World (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
012821: PENTTILÄ, PROFESSOR TIMO - 10 Jahre Für Meisterschule Architektur - 1981-1991.
014009: PENZER, N.M. - Paul Storr 1771-1844: Silversmith and Goldsmith
012334: CONRAD PEPLER - The English Religious Heritage
013082: PERCEVAL, JOHN - Fifty Years of Perceval Drawings. Compiled by Ken Mcgregor, Introduction by Andrew Sayers
017322: PERKINS, JILL - Fragments of War: Asian Christian Service at Work in Vietnam and Laos
014034: PERRET, GEOFFREY - Ulysses S. Grant Soldier & President
012347: NORMAN PERRIN - The Kingdom of God in the Teaching of Jesus (New Testament Library)
016599: PERRY, ROLAND - The Australian Light Horse: The Magnificent Australian Force & Its Decisive Victories in Arabia in World War I
016693: PERRY, GAI - 24 Quileted Gems: Sparkling, Traditional & Original Projects
014607: PERRY, ROLAND - The Changi Brownlow
015507: PESCOTT, E.E. - The Orchids of Victoria
014375: PESCOTT, TREVOR - The You Yangs Range
017543: PESCOTT, EDWARD E. - Gardening in Australia: A Practical Guide to Laying out and Cultivating Gardens, Lawns, Hedges, Paths; Diseases and Insects Pests; Propagation and Reproduction of Plants; Soil Preparation Etc. Etc.
013799: PESCOTT, E.E, - The Orchids of Victoria
013953: CHAMBERLAIN, PETER AND GANDER, TERRY - Light and Medium Field Artillery - World War 2 Fact Files
015972: MEYNS, PETER AND NABUDERE, DADI WADADA (EDS) - Democracy and the One-Party-State in Africa.
017601: PEDERSEN, PETER WITH CHRIS ROBERTS - Anzacs on the Western Front: The Australian War Memorial Battlefield Guide
016179: ANSELMO, PETER AND BROOKS, JAMES S. - Ayurvedic Secrets to Longevity and Total Health
013409: KALDOR, PETER ET AL. - Winds of Change the Experience of Church in a Changing Australia. The (National Church Life Survey)
013047: SHARPHAM. PETER - The First Wallabies and the Defection to Rugby League. Foreword by Peter Fitzsimons
016417: PETERSON, STELLA C. - Home Treatments Made Easy
012346: JOHN PETERSON - Realism and Logical Atomism: A Critique of Neo-Atomism from a Viewpoint of Classical Realism (Studies in the Humanities No. 14)
013193: PETRINI, CARLO - Slow Food Nation. Why Our Food Should Be Good, Clean, and Fair. Translated by Clara Furlan and Jonathan Hunt. Foreword by Alice Waters.
016844: PETROPOULOU, ELIAS - Rebetika Tragoudia. Deutere Ekdose
015009: PEZAROS, PAVLOS - De Los Olores a Yodo. Poemas 1972-80. Traducción Cristina Petroula
012345: ROBERT H.PFEIFFER - History of New Testament Times with an Introduction to the Apocrypha
016240: TAYLOR, PHIL AND CUPPER, PAM - Gallipoli: A Battlefield Guide
016911: PARSON, PHILIP WITH CHANCE, VICTORIA (EDS - Concise Companion to Theatre in Australia (Revised & Abridged from Companion to Theatre in Australia)
017559: PHILIPS, DAVID, AND SUSANNE DAVIES (EDS.) - A Nation of Rogues? Crime, Law and Punishment in Colonial Australia
012738: PHILLIPS, JOHN A - The Form of Christ in the World: A Study of Bonhoeffer's Christology.
014231: PHILPOT, J.C. - Through Baca's Vale; or, Daily Words for Zion's Wayfarers. Selected from the Works of J.C. Philpot by His Daughters
013598: REUTERS PHOTOGRAPHERS - The Art of Seeing 2: The Best of Reuters Photography (2nd Edition)
014901: PIAT, THE REV. FR. STÉPHANE - JOSEPH - The Story of a Family: The Home of the Little Flower. Translated by a Benedictine of Stanbrook Abbey
015313: PICASSO, PABLO - Picasso: 80 Estampes
015310: PICASSO, PABLO - Picasso: Dessin 1966-1967
015311: PICASSO, PABLO - Picasso: Dessins Et Gouaches 1899-1972
015312: PICASSO, PABLO - Picasso: 156 Gravures Récentes
015309: PICASSO, PABLO - Picasso: Dessins En Noir Et En Couleurs 15 Décembre 1969-12 Janvier 1971
015314: PICASSO, PABLO - Picasso: Picasso. 45 Gravures Sur Linoléum 1958-1960
014707: PICKUP, G. (ED) - Natural Hazards Management in North Australia Proceedings of and Papers Arising out of a Seminar Held by the North Australian Research Unit of the Australian National University, Darwin 11-14 September 1978
014819: PIERCE, PETER (ED) - The Cambridge History of Australian Literature
014333: PIERONI, MARGARET - Discovering the Wildflowers of Western Australia
016583: PILKINGTON, ALAN LESLIE - The Tasseographer's Handbook: A Guide to Reading Tea Leaves
012816: PINDER, WILHELM - Deutscher Barock: Die Grossen Baumeister
014208: PINION, F B - A Hardy Companion: A Guide to the Works of Thomas Hardy and Their Background
014356: PIRIE, GORDON - Running Wild
014297: PIRINÇCI, AKIF - La Societa' Dei Gatti Assassini. Traduzione Di Marina de Napoli Cocci
012342: GEORGE PITCHER (ED) - Truth (Contemporary Perspectives in Philosophy Series)
012831: MORRISON, MARGARET PITT AND WHITE, JOHN (EDS.) - Western Towns and Buildings
012341: W.NORMAN PITTENGER - The Word Incarnate: A Study of the Doctrine of the Person of Christ (Library of Constructive Theology)
014770: PIZZINI, KATRINA - Pizzini a Tavola
017375: TUNBRIDGE, BR; ROGAN, PL. & BARNHAM , CA - A Guide to the Inland Angling Waters of Victoria
015693: LA PLACE, VIANA - Verdura: Vegetables Italian Style
013360: PLATO - Platonis Opera Recognovit Brevique Adnotatione Critica Instrvxit Ioannes Burnet Tomvs IV Tetralogiam VIII Continens
013779: PLIMER, ELIZABETH - Once Upon a Family. One Hundred Years of History 1871-1976 As Seen Through the Eyes of the Nine Swann Sisters of Elizabeth Farm House Paramatta.
015629: PLIMER, I.R. - Mineral Collecting Localities of the Broken Hill District
016017: PLOTKIN, BILL - Nature & the Human Soul: A Road Map to Discovering Our Place in the World
014284: PLUMMER, CHARLES - Bethada Naem Nerenn / Lives of Irish Saints. Edited from the Original Mss. With Introduction, Translations, Notes, Glossary and Indexes by Charles Plummer. 2 Volumes . (Vol. I Introduction, Texts, Glossary. Vol. II Translations, Notes, Indexes. )
015374: PODHAJSKY, ALOIS - The Complete Training of Horse and Rider in the Principles of Classical Horsemanship. Translated by Eva Podhajsky and Colonel V.D. S Williams
015219: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe. Australian Edition
016448: POGANY, WILLY - The Art of Drawing. Revised and Enlarged Edition Including Sketches and Studies.
016629: POKE, DOROTHY (ED) - Centenary Cookery Capers (1889 - 1989 )
014223: DE POLNAY, PETER - Napoleon's Police
015560: POPOVIC, LJUBO - Velika Igra Z Drazo Mihailovicem
012353: KARL POPPER - Unended Quest: An Intellectual Autobiography
016182: PORTER, COLE - Favorite Cole Porter Classics : Piano Accompaniment : Solos, Duets, and Trios, Arranged by Tony Esposito
016308: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - Morning Face
014128: PORTER, CHESTER - Walking on Water: A Life in the Law
016720: POSKITT, KJARTAN - The Murderous Maths of Everything
016690: POSTER, DONNA - Speed-Cut Quilts
014721: POTKOV, LEV - A World We Do Not See
015230: POTTER, DENNIS - The Nigel Barton Plays: Stand Up Nigel Barton / Vote Vote Vote for Nigel Barton
015769: POTTER, DENNIS - Ticket to Ride
013452: STRANI-POTTS, MARIA - The Cat of Portovecchio: Corfu Tales
017204: POULTER, HAZEL (JIM POULTER EDITOR) - Templestowe - a Folk History
015158: POWELL, RICHARD - I Take This Land
012356: JEAN-FRANÇOIS PRADEAU - Plato and the City: A New Introduction to Plato's Political Thought. Translated by Janet Lloyd with a Foreword by Christopher Gill
015428: PRATCHETT, TERRY - The Art of Discworld
014331: PRATT, ANNE - The Ferns of Great Britain and Their Allies the Club-Mosses, Pepperworts, and Horsetails.
012351: THÉO PREISS - Life in Christ. Studies in Biblical Theology N0. 13. Translated by Harold Knight
015646: PRENTIS, MALCOLM - The Scots in Australia
015797: ELVIS PRESLEY - Rockin' Elvis for Guitar: 15 of the King's Greatest Rock Hits
012350: G.L. PRESTIGE - Fathers and Heretics: Six Studies in Dogmatic Faith with Prologue and Epilogue Being the Bampton Lectures for 1940.
012427: JOHN PRESTON (ED) - Thought and Language. Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement 42
012403: RONALD H. PRESTON - Theology and Cahnge: Essays in Memory of Alan Richardson
015973: PRICE, WILLARD - Rip Tide in the South Seas
016203: PRICE, JOHN WASHINGTON (TRANSCRIBED & INTRO. BY PAMELA JEANNE FULTON) - The Minerva Journal of John Washington Price: A Voyage from Cork, Ireland, to Sydney, New South Wales, 1798-1800.
012359: H.H. PRICE - Thinking and Experience
012360: H.H. PRICE - Belief: The Gifford Lectures Delivered at the University of Aberdeen in 1960 (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
012358: H.A. PRICHARD - Moral Obligation: Essays and Lectures
016758: PRIDMORE, ADELE (COMP) - The Rich Valley. An Account of the Early Life of Mclaren Vale. Wth Illustrations from the Personal Records of Residents of the Vale
014201: PRIDMORE, SAXBY - The Case of Joshua Kirk: An Episode of Schizophrenia
015622: PRIESTLEY, SUSAN - Altona: A Long View
013527: PRIESTLEY, SUSAN - Warracknabeal: A Wimmera Centenary
013984: PROCTOR, GARY (COMP), SHERIDAN, NOEL (ED) - Yarnangu Ngaanya. Our Land-Our Body. A Touring Exhibition from the Warburton Community
015471: ROYAL COMMISSION ON VEGETABLE PRODUCTS - Handbook on Viticulture for Victoria
017519: PROTHEROE, ERNEST - Budge and Betty at Home
013104: PROTZ, ROGER - The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Beer: The Definitive Guide to the World's Great Brews
011983: SAMUEL GOROVITZ, RON G. WILLIAMS, DONALD PROVENCE & MERRILL PROVENCE - Philosophical Analysis: An Introduction to Its Language & Techniques. Second Edition
013126: STEERING COMMITTEE FOR THE REVIEW OF GOVERNMENT SERVICE PROVISION - Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage: Key Indicators 2005 Report
016245: PRYOR, JOHN W. - The Enigmantic Jew - in Quest of the Historical Jesus
016244: PRYOR, JOHN W. - Jesus Resurrected? : Sifting the Historical Evidence
013005: PUGIN, AUGUSTUS - Specimens of the Architecture of Normandy, from the Xith to the Xvith Century. Measured and Drawn by Augustus Pugin. Engraved by John and Henry le Keux. With Historical and Descriptive Notices by John Britton. New Edition, Edited by Richard Phené Spiers.
012981: PUIBOUBE, DANIEL - Le Manuel Du Bricolage
011939: WILLIAM PURCELL - Fisher of Lambeth: A Portrait from Life
017167: PURDIE, DOUG - The Bee Friendly Garden: Easy Ways to Help the Bees and Make Your Garden Grow
014998: PURLITZ, DR. FRIEDRICH UND STEINBERG, DR,.SIGFRID (HRSG) - Deutscher Geschichtskalender. A: Inland. 4 Bände, 1930 Komplett. ,
014994: PURLITZ, DR. FRIEDRICH UND STEINBERG, DR,.SIGFRID (HRSG) - Deutscher Geschichtskalender. Begründet Von Karl Wippermann. Fünfundvierzigster Jahrgang. Abteilung a: Inland. Januar - Dezember 1929
014992: PURLITZ, DR. FRIEDRICH UND STEINBERG, DR,.SIGFRID (HRSG) - Deutscher Geschichtskalender. A: Inland. April - Juni 1928
014993: PURLITZ, DR. FRIEDRICH UND STEINBERG, DR,.SIGFRID (HRSG) - Deutscher Geschichtskalender. A: Inland. Juli - September 1928
012163: RICHARD L. PURTILL - Logic: Argument, Refutationand Proof
017387: PYKE, LILLIAN M. - Camp Kiddies; a Story of Life on Railway Construction
014357: QUAIFE, MILO M. - Chicago's Highways Old and New: From Indian Trail to Motor Road
017587: QUAILL, AVRIL - Marking Our Times: Selected Works of Art from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Collection at the National Gallery of Australia
015742: QUANNE, MICHAEL - Prison Paintings. With an Introduction by John Berger
014124: QUATREMAIN, W.W. - Warwick Castle from Original Water Colour Paintings by W.W. Quatremain
015576: QUEVEDO - Los Sueños. Tomo I. Edición, Introducción Y Notas de Julio Cejador Y Frauca. CLásicos Castellanos Nº 31
012364: OLIVER CHASE QUICK - Doctrine of the Creed: Their Basis in Scripture and Their Meaning to-Day
013415: QUIN, TARELLA - Gum Tree Brownie and Other Faerie Folk of the Never-Never
012362: WILLARD VAN ORMAN QUINE - Word and Object
015387: LOEBLICH JNR, ALFRED R AND TAPPAN , HELEN ET. AL ( MOORE, RAYMOND C. ED.) - Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology Part C Protista 2 Sarcodina Chiefly "Thecamoebians " and Foraniniferida Volume 2
015657: STOLTZ, DR. DONALD R AND STOLTZ, MARSHALL L. - Norman Rockwell and the Saturday Evening Post : The Early Years 1916-1928
014858: ELLIS, ALEC R. AND BEMAS, C.G. - How to Build and Manage a Canoe Volume I
015384: LOEBLICH JNR, ALFRED R AND TAPPAN , HELEN (MOORE, RAYMOND C. ED.) - Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology. Part C Protista 2 Sarcodina Chiefly "Thecamoebians " and Foraniniferida Volume I
015949: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. AND SWANN, DONALD - The Road Goes Ever on: A Song Cycle
017245: MOULDS, F.R. AND BURNS, M.J. - From Little Seeds : A History of the Macedon State Nursery 1872 - 1995
015658: STOLTZ, DR. DONALD R AND STOLTZ, MARSHALL L. - Norman Rockwell and the Saturday Evening Post : The Later Years 1943-1971
016542: TUNBRIDGE, B. R. & ROGAN, P. L. - A Guide to the Inland Angling Waters of Victoria
015656: STOLTZ, DR. DONALD R AND STOLTZ, MARSHALL L. - Norman Rockwell and the Saturday Evening Post : The Middle Years 1928-1943
013881: BREGGIN, PETER R AND STERN, E.MARK (EDS) - Psychosocial Approaches to Deeply Disturbed Persons
013392: TRUDINGER, P.A. WALTER, M.R. AND RALPH, B.J. (EDS) - Biogeochemistry of Ancient and Modern Environments
016186: THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS (EDS) - The Union Prayer Book for Jewish Worship, Revised Edition Part II. English & Jewish Text
016947: RABL, VICTOR - An Early History of Murtoa 1871 to 1893
013775: RACKEMANN, NEV - Sharon Hall Golden Jubilee 1945 - 1995
012975: RAGON, MICHEL - Georges & Louise, le Vendéen Et L'Anarchiste
012372: KARL RAHNER (ED) - Encyclopedia of Theology: A Concise Sacramentum Mundi
012371: KARL RAHNER AND KARL LEHMANN - Kerygma and Dogma
013010: VICTORIAN RAILWAYS - Victorian Railways. General Appendix to the Book of Rules and Regulations and to the Working Time Table 1979 and Until Further Notice.
014378: DHAVAN, RAJEEV AND DAVIES, CHRISTIE (EDS) - Censorship and Obscenity
017121: RALPH, BRENDA RALPH AND MATTHEWS, RUIPERT - The Historical Atlas of Weaponry
012380: IAN T. RAMSEY - Religious Language: An Empirical Placing of Theological Phrases (the Library of Philosophy and Theology
012381: IAN T. RAMSEY (ED) - Christian Ethics and Contemporary Philosophy (the Library of Philosophy and Theology)
012378: IAN T. RAMSEY - Models and Mystery: The Whidden Lectures for 1963
012375: IAN RAMSEY (ED) - Prospect for Metaphysics: Essays on Metaphysical Exploration
012376: ARTHUR MICHAEL RAMSEY - From Gore to Temple: The Development of Anglican Theology between Lux Mundi and the Second World War 1889-1939. The Hale Memorial Lectures of Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, 1959
012370: IAN T. RAMSEY - Models for Divine Activity
012367: I.T.RAMSEY - Religion and Science: Conflict and Synthesis. Some Philosophical Refelections
012368: PAUL RAMSEY - Nine Modern Moralists
012369: PAUL RAMSEY - Basic Christian Ethics
012366: ARTHUR MICHAEL RAMSEY - The Gospel and Thae Catholic Church
016638: RAMSLAND, JOHN - Brave and Bold: Manly Village Public School 1858-2008
017115: RAMSLAND, JOHN - From Antarctica to the Gold Rushes in the Wake of the Erebus. Alexander Smith Rn, Polar Voyager, Astronomer & Goldfields Commissioner 1812-1872
016781: RAMSLAND, JOHN - With Just But Relentless Discipline: A Social History of Corrective Services in New South Wales
016635: RANDLE, KEVIN D., ESTES, RUSS, AND CONE, WILLIAM P. - The Abduction Enigma
015076: RANDLES, ROMA - A Life in Music: Ruth Nye and the Arrau Heritage
012388: D.H. RANKIN - The Development and Philosophy of Australian Aestheticism
015526: RANSMAYR, CHRISTOPH - Die Letzte Welt. Roman Mit Einem Ovidischen Repertoire
013573: RANSON, KITTY (ED.) - Lingard's Lavenham: A Photographic Tour of Lavenham Past.
015593: RAPER, GEORGE - Australian Heritage Drawings Portfolio Number One. Reproduction of Four Original Watercolour Drawings from the Museum Library
012387: D. DAICHES RAPHAEL - Moral Judgement
014666: RASCHKE, CARL - The Next Reformation: Why Evangelicals Must Embrace Postmodernity
017424: RASMUSSEN, CAROLYN - Lauriston: 100 Years of Educating Girls 1901-2000
012384: CHARLES E. RAVEN - The Gospel and the Church: A Study of Distortion and Its Remedy
012385: CHARLES E. RAVEN - Natural Religion and Christian Theology. The Gifford Lectures 1952. Second Series: Experience and Interpretation
012383: CHARLES E. RAVEN - Jesus and the Gospel of Love: Being the Alexander Robertson Lectures Delivered in 1931 in the University of Glasgow
014833: RAWSON, JANE - A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Things
017452: RAWSON, JESSICA (FOREWORD) - The Chinese Bronzes of Yunan
016837: RAWSTHORN, ALICE - Yves Saint Laurent
016466: BATCHELDER, ALF; RUSDEN,ANN; WEBSTER, RAY AND WILLIAMS, KEN. - The Centenary Test : Melbourne Cricket Ground March 1977
016220: RAY, BENJAMIN C - Myth, Ritual and Kingship in Buganda
013485: RAYS, LENORE - Fleeting Light
014510: RCA - Rca Receiving Tube Manual - Technical Series Rc-14
017649: MISS READ - Miss Read's Country Cooking or to Cut a Cabbage Leaf
016600: READ, JOHN L. - Red Sand, Green Heart: Ecological Adventures in the Outback
013834: RÉAGE, PAULINE - Return to the Château Preceded by a Girl in Love
012396: BERNARD M.G. REARDON (ED) - Liberal Protestantism
012395: BERNARD M.G. REARDON - Religious Thought in the Nineteenth Century Illustrated from Writers of the Period
012394: ANDREW J. RECK - Speculative Philosophy: A Study of Its Nature Types and Uses
012390: MAURICE B. RECKITT - Maurice to Temple: A Century of the Ocial Movement in the Church of England. Scott Holland Memorial Lectures 1946
016992: REDDIN, J.W. - The First Stripper: Settling an Historical Argument
014535: REED, TALBOT BAINES - "Follow My Leader;" or, the Boys of Templeton
014914: REED, EVELYN - Sexism and Science
013722: REEKIE, DOUGLAS - These Were the Nerves: The Story of the Electric Cable and Wire Industry of Great Britain During the Years of War
015053: REES, PETER - The Other Anzacs: Nurses at War, 1914-1918
013422: REES, LLOYD - The Small Treasures of a Lifetime: Some Early Memories of Australian Art and Artists
012393: JOHN REES - Equality (Key Concepts in Political Science)
012392: WILLIAM L. REESE & EUGENE FREEMAN (EDS) - Process and Divinity: The Hartshorne Festchrift : Philosophical Essays Presented to Charles Hartshorne
016031: REESON, MARGARET - Whereabouts Unknown: The Story of Those Who Disappeared After the Fall of Rabaul in 1942 - and the Women Who Waited
015607: PECOCK, REGINALD (BISHOP OF ST ASAPH AND CHICHSTER) & GREET, WILLIAM CABELL (ED) - Pecock's Reule of Crysten Religion. Now First Edited from Pierpont Morgan Ms 519
017508: REID, R.L. (ED) - A Manual of Australian Agriculture. Fourth, Revised Edition
015451: REID, JOHN (ED) - When Memory Turns the Key: The History of the Shire of Romsey
012391: LOUIS ARNAUD REID - Ways of Knowledge and Experience
016871: O'REILLY, BERNARD - Green Mountains and Cullenbenbong
015501: REITZ, DENEYS - No Outspan
015500: REITZ, DENEYS - Trekking on. With a Preface by General the Rt. Hon. J.C. Smuts
016745: HOWE, RENATE AND SWAIN, SHURLEE - All God's Children: A Centenary History of the Methodist Home for Children and the Orana Peace Memorial Homes
014902: RENDU, EUGÈNE - Manuel de L'Enseignement Primaire: Pedagogie Theorique Et Pratique. Nouvelle édition Nouvelle édition Remaniée Et Très Augmentée Par A. Trouillet.
014680: URBAN RESEARCH AND ACTION - "But I Wouldn't Want My Wife to Work Here... . ": A Study of Migrant Women in Melbourne Industry. Research Report for International Women's Year by the Centre for Urban Research and Action
014938: RESTON, JAMES, JR. - Our Father Who Art in Hell
012257: COMMUNITY OF THE REURRECTION - Mirfield Essays in Christian Belief
012140: RT. REV AND RT. HON. J.W.C. WAND - The Church Quarterly Review. January-March 1964
012139: RT.REV AND RT. HON. J.W.C. WAND (ED) - The Church Quarterly Review. October-December 1963
015987: MACGEOGHEGAN, THE ABBE. WITH A CONTINUATION BY JOHN MITCHELL. REVISED AND CONTINUED BY D.P. CONYNGHAM. - The History of Ireland Ancient and Modern, Taken from the Most Authentic Records and Dedicated to the Irish Brigade. With a Continuation from the Treaty of Limerick to the Year 1868.
017612: REYNAUD, STEPHANE - Stephane Reynaud's 365 Good Reasons to Sit Down to Eat
017192: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM - Costume of the Western World: Elizabethan and Jacobean 1558-1625
016403: RHODES, DAVID - An Historical and Archaeological Investigation of the Loddon Aboriginal Protectorate Station and Mount Franklin Aboriginal Reserve. Occasional Report No. 46
016946: RHODES, DAVID - The History of the Ramahyuck Aboriginal Mission and a Report on the Survey of Ramahyuck Mission Cemetery. Occasional Report No. 47
017104: RHYS, KEIDRYCH - Modern Welsh Poetry
014801: RICE, BERKLEY - The C-5a Scandal: An Inside Story of the Military-Industrial Complex
015970: RICH, PAUL B. (ED) - Reaction and Renewal in South Africa
015971: RICH, PAUL B. - Hope and Despair: English-Speaking Intellectuals and South African Politics 1896-1976
015983: RICH, PAUL B. - State Power and Black Politics in South Africa, 1912-51
017392: REID, DR.RICHARD ET AL. - Beaucoup Australiens ICI: The Australian Corps in France, 1918.
014513: RICHARDS, EUGENE - The Blue Room
012365: KEL RICHARDS - Aussie Pilgrim's Progress: John Bunyan's Immortal Story Retold
012412: ALAN RICHARDSON (ED) - A Dictionary of Christian Theology
012405: HERBERT W. RICHARDSON - Theology for a New World
012401: ALAN RICHARDSON - Christian Apologetics
012399: ALAN RICHARDSON - The Miracle Stories of the Gospels
012400: ALAN RICHARDSON - Religion in Contemporary Debate
012397: ALAN RICHARDSON - An Introduction to the Theology of the New Testament
012398: ALAN RICHARDSON - History Sacred and Profane: Bampton Lectures for 1962`
012382: ALAN RICHARDSON (ED) - A Theological Word Book of the Bible
012374: ALAN RICHARDSON (ED) - A Theological Word Book of the Bible
015880: RICHTER, SVIATOSLAV, MONSAINGEON, BRUNO - Sviatoslav Richter: Notebooks and Conversations. Translated by Stewart Spencer
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013628: SIGNORILE, MICHELANGELO - Life Outside - the Signorile Report on Gay Men: Sex, Drugs, Muscles, and the Passages of Life
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015121: SINGER, PETER - The Most Good You Can Do. How Effective Altruism Is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically
015624: SIRIANNI, FRANK ANTHONY - Antony and Cleopatra: The Reality Behind the Myth
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014921: SLATER, L. OSCAR - Walking Tour of South Yarra West
013217: SLEIGH, BARBARA - Kingdom of Carbonel
013778: SLEIGH, BARBARA - No One Must Know
012453: GERARD S. SLOYAN - What Are They Saying About John
015078: SLY, EDWARD "TED - The Luck of the Draw: Horses, Spitfires and Kittyhawks
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012452: NINIAN SMART (ED) - Philosophers and Religious Truth
012465: A.F. SMETHURST - The New Canons and Obedience to the Book of Common Prayer. A Paper Read Before the Annual Meeting of the Alcuin Club 12th January 1950
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016726: SMITH, BERNARD - The John Murtahg Macrossan Lectures 1961 : Australian Painting Today
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013011: AUSTRALIAN FABIAN SOCIETY - The Trial of John Winston Howard
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016746: SPRAKE, AUSTIN - Londonderry the Golden Hole
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015812: SPRINGSTEEN, BRUCE - Devils and Dust
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016850: SPURGEON, C.H. - The Treasury of David. Volume One: Psalm I to LVII; Volume III Psalm CXI to CL.
012482: JOHN STACEY - Groundwork of Theology
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013835: SANEX WTA TOUR COMMUNICATIONS STAFF (COMP) - Sanx Wta Tour 2000 Player Guide
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013840: COREL WTA TOUR COMMUNICATIONS STAFF (COMP) - Official 1996 Corel Wta Tour Media Guide
013839: WTA TOUR COMMUNICATIONS STAFF (COMP) - Wta Tour 1999 Player Guide
013836: SANEX WTA TOUR COMMUNICATIONS STAFF (COMP) - Sanx Wta Tour 2002 Player Guide
015465: STAHL, ZVI - Jewish Ghettos' and Concentration Camps' Money (1933-1945). Translation from Hebrew: Rebecca Sternberg
017299: STALIN, J. - Problems of Leninism
012927: STAMPFLE, FELICE. - Giovanni Battista Piranesi: Drawings in the Pierpont Morgan Library. With a Foreword by Charles Ryskamp.
015789: STANG, AARON (ED) - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: The Guitar Collection
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016612: STANNAGE, C.T. - The People of Perth. A Social History of Western Australia's Capital.
016490: STANTON, ROSEMARY - Healthy Cooking. The Best of Rosemary Stanton's Recipes for Health and Energy
017219: STAPLETON, AUSTIN - Schiller's Richest Find: Jade!
016263: STAPLETON, IAN - Secondhand and Solid: The Story of the Building of Wollangarra
016257: STAPLETON, IAN - Jim & Molly, Two Special Australians
012873: PRESERVATION LEAGUE OF NEW YORK STATE - Good Buildings Good Times: A Manual of Program Ideas for Promoting Local Architecture
013822: AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF STATISTICS - Strikig a Balance! Australia's Development and Conservation
012481: ETHELBERT STAUFFER - New Testament Theology. Translated from the German "Die Theologie Des Neuen Testaments' by John Marsh
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015448: STAVIS, BARRIE - Lamp at Midnight. With a Foreword by Linus Pauling
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012172: L.S.STEBBING - A Modern Introduction to Logic
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015706: STEPHENS, THEO A. (COMP) - My Garden's Bedside Book
013417: STERNE, LAURENCE - The Beauties of Sterne ; Including Many of His Letters and Sermons, All His Pathetic Tales, Humorous Descriptions, and Most Distinguished Observations on Life. Selected for the Heart of Sensibility.
015006: ALBERT E. KAHN WITH ASSISTANCE BY STEVEN AND BRIAN KAHN - The Unholy Hymnal; Falsities and Delusions Rendered by President Richard Nixon, President Lyndon Johnson, Vice President Spiro Agnew, Et. Al. And Other Choirboys of the Credibility Gap
015791: CAT STEVENS - Classic Cat Stevens: A Collection of All the Music from Four Landmark Cat Stevens Albums. Arranged for Piano/Vocal with Guitar Frames and Full Lyrics
015450: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Penny Plain and Twopence Coloured" from Memories and Portraits, 1887.
017009: STEVENSON, SOPHIA JUDITH - Across the Vanished Years: Memories of a Pioneer Pastoral Family of Central Queensland.
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013965: STOREY, MARGARET - The Dragon's Sister and Timothy Travels.
015463: STORY, ROB - Mountain Biking
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014161: STOTT, JOHN R.W. - The Message of 2 Timothy: Guard the Gospel (the Bible Speaks Today)
014162: STOTT, JOHN R.W. - The Message of Acts: To the Ends of the Earth (the Bible Speaks Today)
015308: STOUT, REX - Before Midnight
015674: STOUT, REX - Kings Full of Aces: A Nero Wolf Omnibus
012486: G.F.STOUT - God and Nature. The Second of Two Volumes (the First Being 'Mind and Matter') Based on the Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of Edinburgh in 1919 and 1921. Edited by A.K. Stout with a Memoir by J.A. Passmore
015788: DIRE STRAITS - Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits
014266: STRAUSS, DAVID FRIEDRICH - Voltaire. : Sechs Vorträge.
016130: STRAUSS, JENNIFER - Winter Driving: Poems
012483: BURNETT HILLMAN STREETER - The Primitive Church Studied with Special Reference to the Origins of the Christian Ministry. The Hewett Lectures, 1928
014738: STRINGFELLOW, WILLIAM. KELLERMAN, BILL WYLIE (ED) - A Keeper of the World: Selected Writings of William Stringfellow. Edited with and Introduction by Bill Wylie Kellermann
014937: STRONG, DAVID SJ - Jesuits in Australia an Ethnographic History of the Society of Jesus in Australia
015557: GELDER, STUART AND ROMA - Long March to Freedom
016619: STURROCK, MORNA - Women of Strength, Women of Gentleness: Brigidine Sisters, Victorian Province
013219: SÜE, EUGÈNE - La Coucaratcha
015541: SULLIVAN, JOHN - Euroa: Portrait of an Australian Country Town
016791: SULLIVAN, DENISE - Talk About the Passion: R.E. M. : An Oral History
017503: SULYOK, TOM. (ED) - The Weekly Times Farmers' Handbook. Sixth Revised Edition.
013941: SUMMERHAYES, V.S. - Wild Orchids of Britain with a Key to the Species
015616: SUMMERS, H.J. - They Crossed the River: The Founding of the Mater Misericordiae Hospital Brisbane by the Sisters of Mercy
015419: SUMNER, JOHN - Recollections at Play: A Life in Australian Theatre
015940: SUMNER, WILLIAM LESLIE - The Pianoforte
016812: KIM II SUNG - With the Century; Reminiscences of Kim IL Sung 7 (Continuing Edition)
016813: KIM II SUNG - With the Century; Reminiscences of Kim IL Sung 6
015763: SUPERVIELLE, ANNE-MARIE - La Quinta. Translated from the French by Lowell Bair
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015959: SUSSER, BERNARD - The Jews of South-West England: The Rise and Decline of Their Medieval and Modern Communities
015214: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY - Simon
016317: FALKINER, SUZANNE & OLDFIELD, ALAN - Lizard Island: The Story of Mary Watson
016989: SWAN, KEITH - A History of Wagga Wagga
012112: LEONARD SWIDLER (ED) - Küng in Conflict. Edited, with Translation and Commentary by Leonard Swidler
017382: SWIFT, EMERSON H. - Youthful Rambles on the Trail of the Classics 1912-1915
013498: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES - The Springtide of Life: Poems of Childhood. With a Preface by Edmund Gosse
017303: SYKES, BOBBI - Love Poems and Other Revolutionary Actions
017176: SYKES, ROBERTA B. - Black Majority: An Analysis of 21 Years of Black Australian Experience As Emancipated Australian Citizens
015182: SZABO, ZOLTAN - Zoltan Szabo's 70 Favorite Water Color Techniques
015565: SZCXYGIEL, MARIUSZ - Gottland
016714: SZILVASY, LINDA MARKULY - The Jeweled Egg : A Comprehensive Guide to Design and Creation of Decorated Eggs
016487: BAYES, A.W.; DALZIEL, T. AND ZWECKER, J.B. (ILLUSTRATORS) THE BROTHERS DALZIEL (ENGRAVED) - Our Favourite Nursery Rhymes with Upwards of One Hundred Illustrations
014168: BLACKABY, HENRY T. AND BLACKABY, MELVIN D. - Experiencing God Together; God's Plan to Touch Your World
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013234: TAGLIAFERRI, CARLA - Green Places: Creative Garden Design
014641: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH - Collected Poems and Plays
012973: TAGUIEFF, PIERRE-ANDRÉ - Face Au Racisme. Complet En 2 Volumes. T1 : Les Moyens D'Agir ; T2 : Analyses, Hypothèses, Perspectives. Sous la Direction de Pierre-André Taguieff. (Isbn: 2707120111 / 2-7071-2011-1)
012498: CHARLES H. TALBERT - Reading John: A Literary and Theological Commentary on the Fourth Gospel and the Johannine Epistles
017631: TAME, ADRIAN - The Matriarch: The Kathy Pettingill Story
015510: TANNENBAUM, GERALD - The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution: What Really Did Happen in China
012888: TANNER, HOWARD (CURATOR - Converting the Wilderness: The Art of Gardening in Colonial Australia
014349: TANNOCK, P.D. (ED) - The Organization and Administration of Catholic Education in Australia
015525: TAORMINA, GIUSEPPE - Giuseppina E Anna Turrisi Spigolature E Scritti Rari Sconosciuti.
016236: TARDIF, PHILLIP - Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Girls: Convict Women in Van Diemen's Land, 1803-1829
013981: TASHLIN, FRANK - The Possum That Didn't
016153: TATE, AUDREY - Shadows and Substance the History of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists 1949-1999
016327: TAUMAN, MERAB - The Chief C.Y. O'Connor
015938: TAYLOR, HAROLD - Pianist's Talent: A New Approach to Piano Playing Based on the Principles of F. Matthias Alexander and Raymond Thiberge. Foreword by John Ogdon
015542: TAYLOR, JAN - Flower Power in the Australian Bush and Garden: The Fascinating Interrelationship between Insects and Plants.
017533: TAYLOR, RICHARD - Medicine out of Control: The Anatomy of a Malignant Technology
015334: TAYLOR, MARGARET STEWART - St. Helena: Ocean Roadhouse. Foreword by Sir Cedric Morris. Illustrated and with Map.
012511: VINCENT TAYLOR - The Life and Ministry of Jesus
012502: JOHN V. TAYLOR - The Go-between God: The Holy Spirit and the Christian Mission
012504: KENNETH TAYLOR - Truth Meaning: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Language
012501: JOHN V. TAYLOR - The Incarnate God
012496: VINCENT TAYLOR - The Person of Christ in New Testament Teaching
012497: JOHN V. TAYLOR - The Christlike God
012494: VINCENT TAYLOR - The Names of Jesus
012495: VINCENT TAYLOR - The Atonement in New Testament Teaching
014076: HEALTHY ABORIGINAL LIFE TEAM (H.A.L.T.) - Anangu Way: In the Past We Were Happy and Free from Sickness; and in the Future We Will Become Strong and Healthy Again
015351: JENNINGS, PAUL, GREENWOOD, TED AND DENTON, TERRY - Freeze a Crowd : Riddles, Puns, Conundrums.
013344: TEICHER, JULIAN, HOLLAND, PETER, GOUGH, RICHARD - Employee Relations Management: Australia in a Global Context
012509: WILLIAM TEMPLE - Christus Veritas: An Essay
012510: WILLIAM TEMPLE - Readings in St. John's Gospel (Firts and Second Series)
012499: WILLIAM TEMPLE - William Temple and His Message: Selections from His Writings Arranged by Canon A.E. Baker with a Memoir by the Bishop of Chichester
014888: TENNENT, SIR JAMES EMERSON - Ceylon: An Account of the Island Physical, Historical and Topographical, with Notices of Its Natural History, Antiquities, and Productions. Illustrated by Maps, Plans and Drawings. Third Edition Thoroughly Revised. Volume 1
015757: DEPARTMENT OF EXTERNAL TERRITORIES - Investment Pulse Papua & New Guinea
016047: AUSTRALIA. DEPARTMENT OF TERRITORIES - Territory of Papua and New Guinea : Commonwealth of Australia; Minister for Territories: The Honourable Paul Hasluck; Administrator: D.M. Cleland
017218: TERRY, FRANCES - They Came to the Margaret
013171: JENKINS, TERRY AND BRENDA - Firewood Tramways of the Walhalla Mines 1865-1915 : A Research Paper on the History of the Firewood Tramways of the Walhalla Mines
012507: IRVING THALBERG - Enigmas of Agency: Studies in the Philosophy of Human Action (Muirhead Library of Philososphy)
015933: THAYER, ALEXANDER - Life of Beethoven. Revised by Elliot Forbes. Edited with an Introduction by Ian Curteis.
017195: VAN THIENEN, FRITHJOF - Costume of the Western World - the Great Age of Holland, 1600-1660. Translated from the Dutch by Fernard G. Renier and Anne Cliff
014426: MAULNIER, THIERRY & PROUTEAU, GILBERT - L'Honneur D'être Juif
012061: PHILIP THODY - Huxley: A Biographical Introduction (Leaders of Modern Thought)
013977: THOMAS, CAPTAIN R.E. - Stowage: The Properties and Stowage of Cargoes. Revised and Enlarged Edition
012880: CRAM, RALPH ADAMS, HASTINGS, THOMAS AND BRAGDON, PAUL - Six Lectures on Architecture. The Scammon Lectures for 1915
012530: J.HEYWOOD THOMAS - Paul Tillich: An Appraisal (the Library of Philosophy and Theology)
012520: J.HEYWOOD THOMAS - Paul Tillich (Makers of Contemporary Theology)
017596: THOMPSON, NOEL - Post Cards to Grandma: A Pioneer Family & the Great War
016485: THOMPSON, E. SETON - Tierhelden. Die Geschichte Einer Katze, Einer Taube, Eines Luchses, Eines Haswen, Eines Hundes, Zweier Wölfe Und Eines Renntiers. Mit Vilelen Illustrationen. Berechtige ûbersetzung Von Max Pannwitz.
017153: THOMPSON, MAJOR GENERAL JULIAN - Dunkirk: Retreat to Victory
016883: THOMPSON, MARY - Old Castlemaine Gaol : The History of the Old Castlemaine Gaol 1857-1995
015325: THOMPSON, JOHN - Horse Drawn Farm Implements Parts I, II. III and IV (4 Volume Set)
015968: THOMPSON, DAVID T. - Pinter the Player's Playwright
017645: THOMPSON, ISAAC M. - The Lyalldale Waltz: A Light-Hearted Look at Rural Life About South Canterbury over the Past Seventy Years
015324: THOMPSON, ALLYN - Making Your Own Telescope
017100: THOMPSON, G.T. - A Brief History of Solil Conservation in Victoria 1834-1961
015653: THOMSON, ROBERT L. - Lessoonyn Sodjey 'Sy Ghailck Vanninagh
017171: THOMSON, WILLIAM - A Practical Treatise on the Cultivation of the Grape Vine
014587: THOMSON, IAN - Primo Levi: A Life
013155: THOMSON, JOHN MANSFIELD - A Distant Music. The Life and Times of Alfred Hill 1870-1960.
012506: DAVID THOMSON - The Aims of History: Values of the Historical Attitude (the General Studies Library)
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014796: DRAGE, WILLIAM AND PAGE, MICHAEL - Riverboats and Rivermen
014799: MCNAIR, REV. WILLIAM WITH WESLEY LUTTON ET AL. - The Wesley Story: Centenary of Wesley Church, Perth, Western Australia, 1870-1970.
015008: WILLIAMS, LAUREN - The Sad Anthropologist
015335: WILLIAMS, G. SYDNEY (CONSULTING EDITOR) - Plumbing, Sanitation and Domestic Engineering - in 4 Volumes
013930: WILLIAMS, DOUG - Get Smart: Teaching Maths Through Art
012612: R.R. WILLIAMS - Authority in the Apostolic Age. With Two Essays on the Modern Problem of Authority
012611: DANIEL DAY WILLIAMS - What Present Day Theologians Are Thinking: Revised Edition
013654: MONIER-WILLIAMS, RANDALL - The Tallow Chandlers of London. Volume IV: Ebb and Flow
013087: WILLIAMS, R.M. - A Song in the Desert
016482: WILLINGTON, JOAN KYFFIN (ED) - Maisie: Her Life and Letters from 1898 T0 1902.
017638: WILLIS, BARBARA - Footprints: A History of the Shire of Tullaroop

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