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161968: DYSON, LYN - Snippets from the Past
226974: DYSON, GEORGE - Turing's Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe
268974: DYSON, RONALD - Gardening on Chalk and Lime
227469: DYSON, H.V.D.; BUTT, JOHN - Augustans and Romantics, 1689-1830 (Introductions to English Literature)
231501: HYLAND JEANETTE E - Maids, Masters And Magistrates : Twenty Women Of The Convict Ship New Grove: Maid Servants In Van Diemen's Land.
267640: J E & H S - The Melody of the Heart
239846: HOMER. TRANSLATED BY W CUDWORTH M. INST C.E - The Iliad of Homer: Books I, VI, IX
236447: BERTHON H. E - Specimens Of Modern French Prose
246412: E, LAURIE-LONG - Opium Clipper
239653: JOHNS CAPT. W.E.; - Comrades in Arms
259297: WADE E & BRADLEY A - Constitutional law
256404: KIRK K E - Fourth River:
267957: ELISABETH D.SVENDSEN M.B.E. - Twelve of my favourite Donkeys
259203: POCKNEE C E - Liturgical Vesture
258856: POCKNEE C E - Rites of Christian initiation:
184556: J. E. & H. S. - Rays of Sunlight
207482: ELLISON FRED E - Etchings Of Bath A Series Of Twenty Four Plates With Descriptive Letterpress
205530: GRIFFITHS O.B.E., RICHARD - Racing in the Dock: The Inside Story of the Biggest Scandal in Horseracing History
239844: VIRGIL. TRANSLATED BY W CUDWORTH M. INST C.E - The Aeneid of Virgil Books I-II
206068: EADE, PHILIP - Evelyn Waugh: A Life Revisited
264460: WHITE EAGLE - Best of White Eagle (New Edition): Wise Words From a Spiritual Teacher: The Essential Spiritual Teacher
269187: EAMES, ANDREW - Blue River, Black Sea
227399: EARL, DONALD - Age of Augustus
193950: EARL, JOHN - British Theatres and Music Halls (Shire Album)
214157: EARLE, PETER - The Life and Times of Henry V
206841: EARLE, JOE - Japanese Prints
266957: EARLE, PETER - The Life And Times Of James IiI
244391: EARLE, ALICE MORSE (ED.) - Diary of Anna Green Winslow: A Boston School Girl of 1771
231970: NICK EARLE - What's Wrong With The Church ? (A Penguin Special)
236127: G P W EARLE - Three Comedies. The Knight of the Burning Pestle. The Critic. The Importance of Being Ernest
199718: JOHN EARLE - Micro-Cosmographic
260013: EARLE, PETER - Sailors: English Merchant Seamen, 1600-1750
266985: EARLY, RICHARD E. - Weavers and War: A True Story
266980: EARLY, RICHARD E. - Master Weaver
266981: EARLY, RICHARD E. - Apprentice
271825: EARLY, LOUIS ROBERT - The Secret Tunnel: The Adventures of Peter and Paul
244341: EARNSHAW, PAT - Threads of Lace from Source to Sink
218274: TIMOTHY MOWL; BRIAN EARNSHAW - Trumpet at a Distant Gate: The Lodge as Prelude to the Country House
255401: EAST, W. G. - The Geography Behind History
231037: EASTAWAY, ROB - What Is A Googly?: The Mysteries Of Cricket Explained
229465: EASTMAN, P.D. - The Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary (Beginner Books(R))
233156: EASTMAN, ROSEMARY - The Kingfisher
265109: EASTOE, JANE; NATIONAL TRUST BOOKS - Hedgerow and Wildlife: Guide to Animals and Plants of the Hedgerow
268678: JAN EASTON - The Complete Stitch Encyclopedia
192870: EATON, CHARLES EDWARD - The Greenhouse in the Garden (Signed Association Copy)
219782: EATON, JOHN - Psalms for Life
263232: EATON, EVELYN - Quietly My Captain Waits
270437: MIGNON GOOD EBERHART - The White Cockatoo (Penguin Books. no. 240.)
232819: EBERSHOFF, DAVID - The Danish Girl
241675: EBURY - Successful Vegetable Cookery
243466: ECCLES, MARJORIE - The Inspector Mayo Mysteries
272032: ECHOLS, MARGIT - Patterns for Patchwork Quilts
219990: THEODOR ECHTERMEYER - Auswahl deutscher Gedichte fur hohere Schulen
217818: ECKERSLEY, GLENNYCE S. - Out of the Blue: True Stories of Extraordinary Spiritual Coincidences
260627: OLIVE ECKERSON - The Golden Yoke
261713: ECKLEY, GRACE - Finley Peter Dunne
227093: ECO, UMBERTO - Island of the Day Before
247034: ECO, UMBERTO - Baudolino
221875: THE ECONOMIST - The Economist Style Guide
241178: THE ECONOMIST - Numbers Guide (5th Edition): The Essentials of Business Numeracy
235891: THE ECONOMIST - The Economist Style Guide
248770: THE ECONOMIST - The Economist: Economics: Making sense of the Modern Economy
251646: PUNCH ED. - Punch: January - June, 1911.
207232: ALFRED H. MILES 9ED) - The Poets and the Poetry of the Century, Joanna Baillie to Mathilde Blind
186919: MINIERE M.ED., SANDRA - A Lighter Side To Cancer: From Wake-Up Call To Radiant Wellness
231557: FITZGERALD ED - A Nickel an Inch: A Memoir
243566: ANGUS ROSS )ED_ - Poetry of the Augustan Age
201170: EDDINGS, DAVID - The Ruby Knight (The Elenium)
239250: EDDINGTON, A. S.F - The Quantum Theory
264678: EDDINGTON, SIR ARTHUR. - The Expanding Universe
239249: EDDINGTON, A. S. - Gravitation The Law, Gravitation The Explanation
239251: EDDINGTON, A. S. - The Downfall Of Classical Physics And Relativity
255634: EDDISON, JOHN - Troubled Mind
268853: J EDDISON - Romney Marsh: the Debatable Ground: No. 41 (Oxford University Committee for Archaeology Monographs S.)
212656: JOHN J. EDDLESTON - Miscarriages of Justice: Famous London Cases (Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths)
215342: JOHN J. EDDLESTON - Criminal Women: Famous London Cases
216972: EDDLESTON, JOHN J. - A Century of London Murders and Executions
239122: LEVERETT A. ADAMS SAMUEL EDDY - Comparative Anatomy: An Introduction To The Vertebrates
234088: EDE, CHARLES (EDIT). - The Art Of The Book: Some Record Of Work Carried Out In Europe And The U.S.A., 1939-1950
267756: EDELMAN, MAURICE - Disraeli in Love
261505: MAURICE EDELMAN - Shark Island
217086: EDELMAN, GERALD M. - Wider Than the Sky: A Revolutionary View of Consciousness
230460: EDELMANN, ANTON - Anton Edelmann's Christmas Feast
259633: EDELSTEIN, J.DAVID; WARNER, MALCOLM - Comparative Union Democracy: Organization and Opposition in British and American Unions
242988: EDELSTEN, DAVID - Dorset Diaries: A Dog's Life and Other Jottings - Signed copy
264416: EDEN, DOROTHY - Death Is A Red Rose
265051: EDEN, DOROTHY - Afternoon Walk
241592: EDEN, CLARISSA; HASTE, CATE [EDITOR] - Clarissa Eden: A Memoir - From Churchill To Eden
216647: EDEN, DOROTHY - The Salamanca Drum
224668: EDEN, SIR ANTONY - The Memoirs of Sir Antony Eden Full Circle
269488: EDEN, PHILIP - "Daily Telegraph" Book of the Weather
263759: ANTHONY EDEN - Full Circle
224967: EDEN, SIR ANTONY - The Memoirs of Sir Antony Eden Full Circle
265787: ANTHONY EDEN - Full Circle
239842: J. G. EDGAR; - Cressy And Poictiers Or, The Story Of The Black Prince's Page
188175: MADALEN EDGAR - The Boys' Froissart
197775: KATHLEEN MARY EDGE - The After Cost
226865: EDGERTON, CLYDE - The Floatplane Notebooks
266744: EDGEWORTH, MARIA - Lazy Lawrence and other stories [Watergate Children's Classics, edited by John Betjeman, No.9]
245519: MARIA EDGEWORTH - Tales and Novels by Maria Edgeworth in 18 Volumes
269624: MARISA EDGHILL - Tape, Paper, Scissors: Cut, tape, and fold your way through more than 75 creative & colorful papercraft projects & ideas
264686: JAMES M. EDIE - Russian Philosophy V2: Nihilists, Populists: 002
247729: DUKE OF EDINBURGH (FOREWARD) - Report and proceedings : His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh's Study Conference on the Human Problems of Industrial Communities within the Commonwealth and Empire, 9-27 July 1956 - Volume 1
266462: EDINGTON, SARAH - The National Trust Book of Healthy Eating
250406: LORD MACAULAY. EDITED WITH OCCASIONAL NOTES BY GEORGE OTTO TREVELYAN. - Selections From The Writings Of Lord Macaulay. Edited With Occasional Notes By George Otto Trevelyan.
238154: EDITED WITH COMMENTARIES BY IRMA A. RICHTER [CONTRIBUTOR] - Selections from the Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci
209559: SITWELL EDITH - The Atlantic Book of British and American Poetry
248746: CORNFORTH. EDITH - When His Years Were Few
205842: RUDINGER EDITH (EDITOR) - Insurance And The Consumer - A Comsumer Publication
259624: BROWNE JOSEPHINE EDITING - The Role Of The State In Industrial Relations
248623: ALASTAIR CAMPBELL [EDITOR]; RICHARD STOTT [EDITOR]; - The Blair Years: Extracts from The Alastair Campbell Diaries
269141: RICHARD BARBER. EDITOR - The Pastons: A Family In The Wars Of The Roses
251634: BILL BRYSON [EDITOR] - Icons of England
248234: ALBERT H.R. BALL [EDITOR] - Selections from The Paston Letters
215789: C.B.WHEELER. EDITOR - Six Elizabethan Plays By Contemporaries Of Shakespeare
260236: CICERO (M.TULLI CICERONIS); GULIELMUS PETERSON (EDITOR) - Orationes V: Cum Senatui Gratias Egit; Cum Populo Gratias Egit; De Demo Sua; De Haruspicum Responso; Pro Sestio; In Vatinum; De Provinciis Consularibus; Pro Balbo
229315: PHYLLIS M JONES [EDITOR] - English Critical Essays, Twentieth Century (The World's Classics)
185835: POPE BENEDICT XVI; PETER JENNINGS [EDITOR] - Benedict Xvi And Blessed John Henry Newman: The State Visit - September 2010 - The Official Record
186066: RODNEY FOSTER; RONNIE SCOTT [EDITOR] - The Real 'Dad's Army': The War Diaries Of Col. Rodney Foster
186262: EDITOR - W. H. Smith & Son's Library Catalogue
187693: HESS JACOB; EDIZIONI DI STORIA E LETTERATURA [EDITOR] - Kunstgeschichtliche Studien. Zu Renaissance Und Barock
147794: EDITOR - Memories of Bristol
251729: REANEY [EDITOR]; WILSON [EDITOR]; - A Dictionary of English Surnames 3/e (Oxford Quick Reference)
263907: JOSEPH BETTEY [EDITOR] - Wiltshire Farming in the Seventeenth Century (Wiltshire Record Society)
234197: JIM BREITHAUPT; LAWRIE RYAN [EDITOR] - AQA Certificate in Physics (iGCSE) Level 1/2
268983: JONATHAN ALEXANDER [EDITOR]; PAUL BINSKI [EDITOR]; - Age of Chivalry: Art in Plantagenet England 1200-1400
185229: J.F.C. FULLER; JOHN TERRAINE [EDITOR] - The Decisive Battles Of The Western World And Their Influence Upon History 1792 - 1944: V. 2
257131: RONI JAY; RICHARD CRAZE [EDITOR]; JILL JAY [EDITOR]; WILL JONES [EDITOR]; - The Gardener's Pocket Bible: Every Gardening Rule of Thumb at Your Fingertips (Pocket Bibles)
225336: MORAN CAPLAT [EDITOR] - Glyndebourne Festival Opera 1968. Programme Book
225339: JOHN ALLISON [EDITOR] - Glyndebourne Festival Opera Programme 2001
225340: JOHN ALLISON [EDITOR] - Glyndebourne Festival Opera Programme 2003
243262: R.A. DOWNING; R.A. DOWNING [EDITOR] - Groundwater: Our Hidden Asset (Earthwise Popular Science Books)
258818: PREPARED BY WILLIAM LITTLE; C. T. ONIONS [EDITOR] - The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Volumes I and II, A to M and M to Z and Addenda
233801: GILES; JOHN GORDON [EDITOR] - Giles Daily Express & Sunday Express Cartoons
242486: BARRETT (PETER). EDITOR. - Great True Hunts. Edited By Peter Barrett.
263690: W. J STOKOE [COMPILER]; A BRUCE JACKSON [INTRODUCTION]; A LAURENCE WELLS [EDITOR]; - The Observer's Book of British Grasses, Sedges and Rushes
254297: DOUGLAS SCOTT [EDITOR] - Douglas Haig: The Preparatory Prologue Diaries & Letters 1861-1914
213300: ATLAS EDITOR - AA Glovebox Atlas Set
225639: ALEXANDRA WALSHAM [EDITOR] - Relics and Remains (Past and Present Supplements, Vol. 5)
252357: MICHAEL SNODIN [EDITOR] - Rococo : art and design in Hogarth's England : 16 May-30 September 1984 the Victoria and Albert Museum
249082: JOHN BETJEMAN; PENNIE DENTON [EDITOR] - Betjeman's London
203020: EUGENE RYAN; EUGENE RYAN [EDITOR] - Haig's Medical Officer: The Papers of Colonel Eugene 'Micky' Ryan CMG DSO RAMC
226412: BORIS FORD [EDITOR] - The Cambridge Guide To The Arts In Britain Volume 9 Since The Second World War
224458: EMMA CALLERY [EDITOR] - Year Round Dairy Cookbook - Simple Seasonal Food
245650: ALEXANDER POPE; JOHN BUTT [EDITOR] - The Poems of Alexander Pope. A One Volume Edition of the TWICKENHAM POPE.
225548: EMILY DICKINSON; JAMES REEVES [EDITOR] - Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson
221351: MARTIN ALEXANDER; MARTIN ALEXANDER [EDITOR] - French History Since Napoleon
219550: JANE PORTAL [EDITOR] - Chinese Love Poetry (Gift Books)
208362: ANN FULLICK; LAWRIE RYAN [EDITOR] - AQA Certificate in Biology (iGCSE) Level 1/2
208367: LAWRIE RYAN; DR PATRICK FULLICK; LAWRIE RYAN [EDITOR] - AQA Certificate in Chemistry (iGCSE) Level 1/2
230391: WOODCARVING ILLUSTRATED; NEIL BELL [EDITOR] - Woodcarving Magazine on the Woodcarvers
253832: REX HAZLEWOOD [EDITOR] - The Scout Annual 1957
205565: EMILY ANDERSON [EDITOR] - The Dairy Book of Home Cookery
255689: THOMAS HARDY; ADRIAN ALINGTON [EDITOR] - Under the Greenwood Tree: Or The Mellstock Quire - A Rural Painting of the Dutch School
210989: HAROLD NICOLSON; NIGEL NICOLSON [EDITOR] - Harold Nicolson Diaries & Letters 1930 - 39
162706: LOUISE DREW [EDITOR] - Forty-Year Winter
211837: CHRIS MULLIN; RUTH WINSTONE [EDITOR] - A View From The Foothills: The Diaries of Chris Mullin
271671: PETER JAY [EDITOR] - The Greek Anthology: A Selection in Modern Verse Translations
242140: CHRIS COOK [EDITOR] - Pears Cyclopaedia 2001-2002
228621: TOM HOPKINS [EDITOR] - Picture Post 1938-1950
262369: RONALD BLYTHE [SELECTED BY] [EDITOR] - The Penguin Book of Diaries
162698: IAN HISLOP [EDITOR] - The Private Eye Annual 2002
190972: IAN HISLOP [EDITOR] - The Private Eye Annual 1998
224105: N.A. HALABY [EDITOR] - Instrument Pilot Examination Guide (Federal Aviation Agency, AC 61-8A)
265451: SIMON ARMITAGE [EDITOR]; TIM DEE [EDITOR]; - The Poetry of Birds: edited by Simon Armitage and Tim Dee
271615: LILIAS RYDER HAGGARD [EDITOR] - I Walked By Night
252531: MICHAEL J BRADDICK [EDITOR] - The Politics Of Gesture. Past And Present Supplement 4.
229188: GABY GOLDSACK [EDITOR]; - The Emperor's New Clothes
263231: JOSEPH HAYDN; VINCENT NOVELLO [EDITOR] - The Creation an Oratorio in Vocal Score Composed in the Years 1797 and 1798 (Novello's Original Octavo Edition)
237050: LINDA PARRY [EDITOR] - A Practical Guide to Canvas Work from the Victoria and Albert Collection
244390: EDMUND SPENSER; R. P. C. MUTTER [EDITOR] - Spenser's Minor Poems
259406: ROBERT CLARKE [EDITOR] - Wiltshire Studies: The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine Volume 106 2013
271601: DRIVE PUBLICATIONS [EDITOR] - Book of British Birds. Second Edition.
210627: RAMONA CORMIER [EDITOR]; EWING CHINN [EDITOR]; RICHARD H. LINEBACK [EDITOR]; - Encounter: An Introduction to Philosophy
223359: HAROLD NICOLSON; NIGEL NICOLSON [EDITOR] - Diaries and Letters 1939-1945
242844: SIEGFRIED SASSOON; RUPERT HART-DAVIS [EDITOR] - Siegfried Sassoon Letters to Max Beerbohm with a Few Answers
208366: SAM HOLYMAN; LAWRIE RYAN; LAWRIE RYAN [EDITOR] - NEW AQA Science: GCSE Chemistry Teacher Book
232546: SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE; I. A. RICHARDS [EDITOR] - The Portable Coleridge
214989: RICHARD TAYLOR [EDITOR] - Before we go: Brockenhurst memories of peace and war c.1914-1945
208501: CGP BOOKS; CGP BOOKS [EDITOR] - A2 Physics AQA Student Book
252375: MARTIN CONWAY; PETER ROMIJN; MARTIN CONWAY [EDITOR]; PETER ROMIJN [EDITOR]; - The War for Legitimacy in Politics and Culture 1936-1946 (Occupation in Europe)
220952: JOHN LEWIS-STEMPEL [EDITOR] - England: The Autobiography: 2,000 Years of English History by Those Who Saw it Happen
241083: FRANCOIS VILLON; EDWARD FRANK CHANEY [EDITOR] - Francois Villon according to the Stockholm MS
243245: J CROFTS [EDITOR] - Gray Poetry & Prose, with Essays By Johnson, Goldsmith and Others
253735: REX HAZLEWOOD [EDITOR] - The Scout Annual 1966
210268: LINDA PARRY [EDITOR] - A Practical Guide to Canvas Work from the Victoria and Albert Collection
210432: CLIFFORD MAKINS [EDITOR] - Girl Annual No. 9. 1961
228287: EILEEN CROSSMAN; ME TEWKESBURY [EDITOR] - Mountain Rain: A New Biography of James O. Fraser
250493: RICHARD COBBOLD; RONALD FLETCHER [EDITOR] - The Biography of a Victorian Village: Richard Cobbold's account of Wortham, Suffolk 1860
179096: JOHN HISLOP [EDITOR]; DAVID SWANNELL [EDITOR]; - The Faber Book of the Turf
219190: MARY BERG; SUSAN LEE PENTLIN [EDITOR] - The Diary of Mary Berg: Growing Up in the Warsaw Ghetto
239305: WILLIAM FORBES-MITCHELL; MICHAEL EDWARDES [EDITOR] - The Relief of Lucknow, Folio Society
230208: STANLEY APPELBAUM [EDITOR]; RICHARD KELLY [EDITOR]; - Great Drawings and Illustrations from "Punch": 1841-1901 - 192 Works by Leech, Keene, du Maurier, May & 21 Others
245128: JEAN-NOEL BEYLER [EDITOR] - Orsay ; The Museum And Its Collections (Beaux Arts)
203436: SAMUEL PEPYS; ROBERT LATHAM [EDITOR]; WILLIAM MATTHEWS [EDITOR]; - The Diary of Samuel Pepys Volume III 1662
268670: VIRGINIA BREHAUT [EDITOR] - Tea Cozies
267639: JOHN R. CROSSLAND [EDITOR]; J M PARRISH [EDITOR]; - Britain's Wonderland of Nature
214836: ANN BAGGALEY [EDITOR] - Human Body: An Illustrated Guide To Every Part Of The Human Body And How It Works
237464: JOHN SCHOFIELD [EDITOR] - The London Surveys of Ralph Treswell (London Topographical Society Publication No. 135)
239745: IAN HISLOP [EDITOR] - The Private Eye Annual 2003
217841: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; ERIC SAMS [EDITOR] - Shakespeare's Edward III: An Early Play Restored to the Canon
183463: BARRY POWELL [EDITOR] - Devon's Glorious Past 1939-1945
253613: LAWRENCE BOOTH [EDITOR] - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 2012
253646: WILLIAM COBBETT; WILLIAM REITZEL [EDITOR] - The Autobiography of William Cobbett: the progress of a plough-boy to a seat in parliament
246054: R. L. STEVENSON; SIDNEY COLVIN [EDITOR] - Vailima Letters: Being Correspondence from R. L. Stevenson to Sidney Colvin, November 1890 - October 1894
255861: VITTORIO CUMINETTI [EDITOR] - All Florence
229187: NO NAME [EDITOR] - The Three Little Pigs
222392: COLLIN BROOKS; N. J. CROWSON [EDITOR] - Fleet Street, Press Barons and Politics: The Journals of Collin Brooks, 1932-1940: 11
266495: ROGER HUDSON [EDITOR] - Folio Book of Days
233074: BEN DUNCAN; JOHN HOWARD [EDITOR] - The Same Language
216925: GEORGE HERBERT; WENDY COPE [EDITOR] - Verse and Prose (Golden Age of Spiritual Writing)
184206: WILFRED OWEN; JON STALLWORTHY [EDITOR] - The War Poems Of Wilfred Owen
207408: ALEXANDRE DUMAS; MAINE [EDITOR] - The Black Tulip
261950: JOHN DIXON HUNT [EDITOR]; ERIK DE JONG [EDITOR]; - The Anglo-Dutch Garden in the Age of William and Mary
237862: WILLIAM PLOMER [EDITOR] - Kilvert's Diary 1870-1879
271425: FRANCIS TURNER PALGRAVE [EDITOR] - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems of the English Language with Additional Poems
266599: FRANCIS T. PALGRAVE [EDITOR] - The Golden Treasury Selected from the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language and Arranged with Notes
248654: DOUGLAS HAIG; JOHN BOURNE [EDITOR]; GARY SHEFFIELD [EDITOR]; - Douglas Haig: War Diaries and Letters 1914-1918
230659: CHARLES DICKENS; MELISA KLIMASZEWSKI [EDITOR] - The Seven Poor Travellers (Hesperus Classics)
236433: DAVID PEARSON; MARTIN RICKATSON [EDITOR] - Forty Years with Ford Tractors
225637: MATTHEW HILTON [EDITOR]; RANA MITTER [EDITOR]; - Transnationalism and Contemporary Global History
252497: ROGER HUDSON [EDITOR] - Folio Book of Days, Folio Society
252999: VIC SCHULER; FRANCIS SALMON [EDITOR] - Collecting British Toby Jugs: Includes Ralph Wood, Victorian, Twentieth Century and Kevin Francis Toby jugs
270212: NIGEL NICOLSON [EDITOR] - Harold Nicolson: Diaries & Letters 1930 - 39
246408: SKYHORSE PUBLISHING [EDITOR] - The History of the Lives and Bloody Exploits of the Most Noted Pirates: Their Trials and Executions
237590: REV. T.A. MOXON [EDITOR] - Aristotle's Poetics, Demetrius on Style, and Other Classical Writings on Criticism (Everyman's Library, No. 901)
262518: SARAH LUMLEY [EDITOR] - The Dairy Book Of Home Cookery: Everyday Specials.
266094: B. L. BURTT [EDITOR] - British Flowers In Colour
241701: WALTER SHEPHERD [EDITOR] - The Wonder Book of Science
262280: S. C. KENDALL [EDITOR] - The Sussex County Book
232629: OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS [EDITOR] - Concise, 1901-70 (The Dictionary of National Biography)
218260: CHRISTIES [EDITOR] - The First Sale Catalogue, 5th December 1766
207411: THOMAS HARDY; CYRIL ALDRED [EDITOR] - Far From the Madding Crowd - Edited with Introduction and Notes by Cyril Aldred
229332: KENNETH MUIR [EDITOR] - Elizabethan and Jacobean Prose: 1550-1620 (Pelican books of English prose, vol.1)
259403: ANDREW REYNOLDS [EDITOR] - Wiltshire Studies Vol 103, 2010
262696: FRANCIS EDWARDS. EDITOR - The Gunpowder Plot, Folio Society
184467: EDITOR - Spitfire In Pictures (Print Pack)
241392: DAVIES MARTIN; ITALIAN INSTITUTE OF LONDON [EDITOR] - The Italian Embassy in London and its works of art
268044: OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS [EDITOR] - New English Bible
260529: ARTHUR MEE [EDITOR] - The King's England : Berkshire, Alfred's Own Country
220421: KENNETH AND MIRIAM ALLOTT [EDITOR] - The Pelican Book of English Prose : 5 Victorian Prose 1830-1880
223068: JOYCE A YOUINGS; JOYCE A YOUINGS [EDITOR] - Privateering and Colonisation in the Reign of Elizabeth: Raleigh in Exeter 1985: Privateering and Colonization in the Reign of Elizabeth I - Catalogue (Exeter Studies in History): 10
251656: LADY EMILY TENNYSON; RICHARD J. HUTCHINGS (EDITOR); BRIAN HINTON (EDITOR) - The Farringford Journal of Emily Tennyson, 1853-1864.
234851: JASON BOWYER; KEN HOWARD [EDITOR] - Starting Drawing (Starting in Art)
233772: ALAN COREN EDITOR - Punch Book of Kids
250070: DAVID DUFF [EDITOR] - Queen Victoria's Highland Journals
232252: OLIVER GOLDSMITH; ERNEST RHYS [EDITOR] - The Vicar of Wakefield
234834: J. B. PRIESTLY; JOHN SCICLUNA [EDITOR] - An Inspector Calls (York Notes for GCSE)
266315: CHAUNEY DUNFORD [EDITOR] - Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet
248935: PHYLLIS M JONES [EDITOR] - English Critical Essays, Twentieth Century (The World's Classics)
223202: BIDDY BAXTER [EDITOR] - The Book of Blue Peter 9 (Annual)
240614: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; WALTER THOMSON [EDITOR] - The Sonnets of Shakespeare and Henry Wriothesley, Third Earl of Southampton, together with A Lover's Complaint and The Phoenix & Turtle
240094: PAUL CARTER [EDITOR] - The Forth & Clyde Canal Guidebook 2001
222486: CHRISTOPHER MORRIS [EDITOR] - The Illustrated Journeys of Celia Fiennes 1682-1712
190466: JOHN LEHMANN [EDITOR] - The Penguin New Writing. Penguin No 23
263399: THE EDITOR - Methodism, or the Beauties of Rev. John Wesley etc
251515: GAVIN FULLER; GAVIN FULLER [EDITOR] - The Telegraph book of Readers' Letters from the Great War (Telegraph Books)
205010: THE EDITOR - The Modern Book for Girls (1948)
209892: JOHN LEWIS-STEMPEL [EDITOR] - England: The Autobiography: 2,000 Years of English History by Those Who Saw it Happen
259870: ROBERT BALDICK [EDITOR] - Pages From The Goncourt Journal: With Contemporary Photographs by Nadar and Others, Folio Society
163899: SUSANNA TEE [EDITOR] - Fish and Seafood Cookbook (Love Food)
262688: RICHARD BARBER. EDITOR - The Pastons: A Family In The Wars Of The Roses, Folio Society
218107: NORMAN HIDDEN [EDITOR]; AMY HOLLINS [EDITOR]; - Many People, Many Voices: Poetry from the English-speaking world
229943: KRYSTIN LACH-SZYRMA; MONA KEDSLIE MCLEOD [EDITOR] - London Observed: A Polish Philosopher at Large, 1822-24
225634: ALAN KNIGHT [EDITOR]; S. A. SMITH [EDITOR]; - The Religion of Fools?: Superstition Past and Present
227704: G.A.T. ALLAN; J.E. MORPURGO [EDITOR] - Christ's Hospital
263205: WILLIAM WATSON [EDITOR] - The Great Japan Exhibition. Art of the Edo Period 1600-1868.
256813: WILLIAM WATSON [EDITOR] - The Great Japan Exhibition. Art of the Edo Period 1600-1868.
190640: CASSANDRA KENT [EDITOR] - Matsui: The Microwave Cookbook
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257767: FARR, DIANA - Five at 10: Prime Ministers' Consorts Since 1957
228727: FARR, DENNIS - English Art 1870-1940
259575: ROY FARRAN - Winged Dagger; adventures on Special Service
257115: FARRAND, PHIL - The Nitpicker's Guide for Next Generation Trekkers: v. 2 (Nitpicker's guides: Star Trek - The Next Generation)
262553: FARRAR, JAMES - Unreturning Spring
235675: EDITED BY SIDNEY FARRAR, M.A. - English Literature. The Certificate Library.
271015: F. W. FARRAR - Eric or Little by Little
266639: FARRAR, F.W. - Julian Home: a tale of college life
213991: FARRAR, THE VERY REV. F.W. - Our English Minsters First Series
263129: FARRE, ROWENA - Seal Morning
231555: FARRELL, FRANCIS - The Greatest of Them All
244929: O'FARRELL, MAGGIE - The Hand That First Held Mine
263461: O'FARRELL, MAGGIE - Hamnet
245634: J O'FARRELL - Things Can Only Get Worse?: Twenty confusing years in the life of a Labour supporter
260372: FARRELL, MICHAEL - Thy Tears Might Cease
268765: LAUREN O'FARRELL - Stitch London: 20 Kooky Ways to Knit the City and More
253423: FARRER, A - Said or Sung: An Arrangement of Homily and Verse
250492: M FARRER - Black Leather Jacket
234730: FARRER, AUSTIN - Celebration of Faith
259697: AUSTIN FARRER - Crown of the Year
233494: FARROW, JOANNA - Seafood Microwave Cookery
221776: FARROW, JOANNA - Good Housekeeping: Great Recipes for Your Bread Machine
207730: FARRUGIA, VINCENT - Sharpen your wits: A book of puzzles and problems
243532: FARSON, DANIEL - Gallery: Personal Guide to Galleries in Britain and British Artists, Past and Present
268991: FASSETT, KAFFE - Kaffe Fassett at the V & A
231615: FASSETT, KAFFE - Glorious Interiors: Needlepoint, Knitting and Decorative Design Projects for Your Home
222786: FASSETT, KAFFE; HUNT, ZOE - Family Album: Knitting for Children and Adults
254768: FASSETT, KAFFE - Glorious Knitting
224928: FAST, HOWARD - Confession of Joe Cullen
143616: HOWARD FAST ET ALINE VELLAY-DALSACE - Haym Salomon : Fils de la libertee Haym Salomon, son of libertye, traduit de l'americain par Aline Vellay-Dalsace
239352: FATTORUSSO, G - Wonders Of Rome: The Monuments Of Antiquity, The Churches, The Palaces, The Treasures Of Art, A Handbook For Studenys And Travellers With 457 Illustrations
269329: FAUCHERRE, NICOLAS - Sous les pavs, la Bastille: Archologie d'un mythe rvolutionnaire
256136: G M FAULDING - Old Man's Beard And Other Tales
258905: FAULKNER, J.N. - Clapham Junction (Rail Centres S.)
218068: LISA FAULKNER - Recipes from My Mother for My Daughter
181591: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - Charlotte Gray
253979: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - On Green Dolphin Street
258325: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - The Fatal Englishman: Three Short Lives
254110: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - Human Traces: Sebastian Faulks
225683: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - Paris Echo: Sebastian Faulks
178509: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN [EDITOR]; WOLF, DR HOPE [EDITOR]; - A Broken World: Letters, Diaries and Memories of the Great War
244474: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - Engleby
264261: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - The Girl at the Lion d'Or
245348: SEBASTIAN FAULKS - Jeeves and the Wedding Bells
251320: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - The Fatal Englishman: Three Short Lives
267412: FAURE, GABRIEL (TRANS GEORGE MILLARD). - The Italian lakes (Beaux pays series)
268774: JEAN FAVIER - Langeais: A Medieval Residence
240994: FAVIER, JEAN - Francois Villon
267544: WILLIAM FAWCETT - Fox-Hunting
219617: FAWCETT, JANE - The future of the past: Attitudes to conservation, 1174-1974
258140: EDITED BY RAYMOND FAWCETT - Empire Youth Annual 1952
246149: [WILLIAM FAWCETT] - An Elucidation Of Several Parts Of His Majesty'S Regulations For The Formations And Movements Of Cavalry
257039: J E S FAWCETT - Law of Nations
231872: INCHFAWN. FAY. - The Verse book of a Garden
246584: STEPHEN FAY - Measure for Measure: Reforming the Trade Unions
208339: STAFF OF FC&A - Fix It, Clean It, and Make It Last: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Household Items Last Forever
235825: FEARNSIDE, G. H. - All Stations West - the Story Behind the Sydney - Perth Standard Gauge Railway.
258562: FEAST, SEAN - Heroic Endeavour: The Remarkable Story of One Pathfinder Force Attack, a Victoria Cross and 206 Brave Men
258180: SEAN FEAST - The Last of the 39ers: The Extraordinary Wartime Experiences of Squadron Leader Alfie Fripp
235715: FEATHERSTONE, CHARLOTTE - Temptation & Twilight
230153: FEAVER, WILLIAM - When We Were Young: Two Centuries of Children's Book Illustration
267564: FEAVER, WILLIAM - When We Were Young
218360: FEDDEN, ROBIN - The National Trust: Past and Present
222833: ROBIN FEDDEN - Chantemesle
263168: FEE, JACQUELINE - Sweater Workshop
249989: PAUL FEENEY - A 1950s Childhood: From Tin Baths to Bread and Dripping
261640: FEGAN, MELISSA - Literature and the Irish Famine 1845-1919 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
225162: FEGRADOE, KEN - Quantum Man: The Undiscovered Sex
268515: FEHER, KLARA. - And Don't Miss Hungary!
269639: FEHRENBACH, T.R. - Lone Star: A history of Texas and the Texans
262728: FEHRENBACH, T. R. - The Swiss Banks
250168: FEILD, RACHAEL - Buying Antique Pottery & Porcelain
244831: JESSE FEILER - iPad For Seniors For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))
250150: KEITH FEILING - A History Of England - From The Coming Of The English To 1918
263826: KEITH FEILING - A History Of England - From The Coming Of The English To 1918
220386: FEIST, RAYMOND E. - Shadow of a Dark Queen (The Serpentwar Saga, Book 1): 01
243402: FEIST, RAYMOND E. - The King's Buccaneer
237227: FEJTO, FRANCOIS - History of People's Democracies
268486: FEKETE, ISTVAN - Thistle
200999: FEKETE, GYULA - Hungary
244632: FELIPE, JESUS [EDITOR]; HASAN, RANA [EDITOR]; - Labor Markets in Asia: Issues and Perspectives (Asian Development Bank Books)
259109: FELIX, JIRI - A Field Guide in Colour to Marshlands and Freshwater Birds, Eggs and Nests
267600: JIRI FELIX - Colour Guide to Familiar GARDEN and FIELD BIRDS Eggs and Nests
241273: FELIX, JIRI; KUTHANOVA, O. [TRANSLATOR] - Colour Guide to Familiar Woodland and Hill Birds
241274: FELIX, JIRI - Colour Guide to Familiar Marshland and Freshwater Birds
212923: FELL, HENRY - On Being a Tenant Farmer
208914: FELL, H.GRENVILLE - The Connoisseur Year Book 1952
236686: FELL, DEREK; RENOIR, JACQUES [FOREWORD] - Renoir's Garden
256531: W FELLER - An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, Vol. 1. 3rd Edition
270531: FELLOWES, JESSICA - Bright Young Dead: Pamela Mitford and the treasure hunt murder (The Mitford Murders)
238989: FELLOWES, JULIAN - Past Imperfect
244064: EDMUND HORCE FELLOWES - The English Madrigal Composers
149821: FELLOWS, MIRANDA - Watercolours Made Easy (Art books)
216622: FELLS, RICHARD; GREVATT, TIM [ILLUSTRATOR] - A Visitor's Guide to Underground Britain: Caves; Caverns; Mines; Tunnels; Grottoes
230403: FELTON, JENNIE - The Girl Below Stairs: The Families of Fairley Terrace Sagas 3: The third emotionally gripping saga in the beloved Families of Fairley Terrace series

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