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243237: STOKES, MARGARET - Early Christian Art in Ireland
239660: STOKES, H. G. - English Place-Names Illustrated From Maps, Engravings And Photographs
248103: STOKES, GRAHAM - And Still the Music Plays: Stories of People with Dementia
220289: STOKES, TELFER. NEKRASOV, VSEVOLOD - Ajar (A History of Burnt Pans)
250358: S STOKES - Recital in Paris
251077: STOKOE, W J (COMPILER). - The Observer's Book of Trees
231878: W.J.STOKOE, A. LAURENCE WELLS - The Observer's Book of Grasses, Sedges and Rushes - One Hundred Species with 102 Illustrations, 48 in full colour
249859: W J STOKOE - The Observers Book Of Trees
206498: MIKE STONE - Chippenham (Archive Photographs: Images of England)
250613: STONE, JONATHAN - English Silver of the Eighteenth Century (Collectors Guide Books)
252285: RICHARD STONE - Manet
231772: SUE STONE - Love Life, Live Life: How to Have Happiness and Success Beyond Your Wildest Expectations
208123: HUMPHREY STONE - Elisabeth Frink, Sculpture and Drawings, Exhibition 1988
229326: STONE, BRIAN [INTRODUCTION]; STONE, BRIAN [TRANSLATOR]; - Medieval English Verse (Penguin Classics)
231985: IRVING STONE - Those Who Love, etc
235710: LYN STONE - The Captain and the Wallflower (Mills & Boon Historical)
229543: STONE, NORMAN - The Atlantic and Its Enemies: A History of the Cold War
205698: MICHEL HOOG; ROSEMARY STONEHEWER - Cezanne: The First Modern Painter (New Horizons)
251156: STONEMAN, PATSY [EDITOR] - Emily Bronte - Wuthering Heights (Readers' Guides to Essential Criticism)
251279: STONER, EDMUND CLIFTON - Magnetism
214453: SAMUEL GAILLARD STONEY - Plantations of the Carolina low country
247207: JIM STOODLEY - Jim Stoodley's Uncensored Private War
235354: STOPPARD, TOM - Albert's Bridge
224507: STOPPARD, TOM - Arcadia
221759: STOPS, GERVASE JACKSON- [EDITOR] - National Trust Studies
248493: JOHN STOREY - The Challenge to Management Control
222784: STOREY, MARTIN; BRANT, SHARON - Classic Knits for Real Women
249828: NEIL R. STOREY - The Dracula Secrets: Jack the Ripper and the Darkest Sources of Bram Stoker
237274: STORR, V.F - My Faith
216360: STORR, ANTHONY - The Dynamics of Creation (Penguin psychology)
225885: STORR, ANTHONY - The Integrity Of The Personality (Pelican Books)
230834: STORR, ANTHONY - The integrity of the personality (Pelican books)
172123: STORRS, ADRIAN - Discovering trees
217559: RS STORRS - Conditions Of Success In Preaching Without Notes. Three Lectures Delivered Before The Students Of The Union Theological Seminary
234919: STORRY, J.G. - Shattered Nation
197145: STORY, JACK TREVOR - Albert Rides Again
200553: JACK TREVOR STORY - The Urban District Lover
208683: ALFRED T STORY - Vagrom Men
234382: STOTT, JOHN R. W. - Ephesians: Building a Community in Christ (Bible studies)
245832: STOTT, ROWENA - The Hedgehog Feast
228290: STOTT, JOHN R. W. - Between Two Worlds: The Art of Preaching in the Twentieth Century
199222: TOOLE STOTT, RAYMOND - A bibliography of books on the circus in English: From 1773-1964
244760: STOTT, MARY - Forgetting's No Excuse
190699: STOTT, REBECCA - Darwin's Ghosts: In Search of the First Evolutionists
220863: STOTT, JOHN - The Contemporary Christian: An Urgent Plea For Double Listening
221624: STOTT, JOHN - Through the Bible Through the Year: Daily reflections from Genesis to Revelation
217664: JOHN. STOTT - Basic Christianity
229966: ANDREW MCCONNELL STOTT - The Pantomime Life of Joseph Grimaldi: Laughter, Madness and the Story of Britain's Greatest Comedian
241473: S. D. STOUIOTIS - Practical Modern Greek
189699: STOURTON, EDWARD - It's A Pc World: What It Means To Live In A Land Gone Politically Correct: What It Means To Live In A World Gone Politically Correct
242818: REX STOUT - Please Pass the Guilt: A Nero Wolfe Novel Edition: Reprint
242821: REX STOUT - Prisoner's Base - A Nero Wolfe Mystery
238215: STOUT, REX - A Right to Die: 40 (Nero Wolfe)
234772: STOUT, MIRA - One Thousand Chestnut Trees
242816: STOUT, REX - Murder By the Book
244993: REX STOUT - Might as well be dead (Fontana Books. no. 796.)
244994: REX STOUT - More Deaths than One.
244995: REX STOUT - If Death ever slept (Fontana Books. no. 454.)
240843: STOUT, REX - The Rubber Band (Nero Wolfe Mysteries) (Nero Wolfe Mysteries (Paperback)): 3
239471: STOVER, JOHN F. - American Railroads (History of American Civilization)
169546: HARRIET BEECHER STOWE - Queer Little Folks
227640: STOWE, H.B. - Uncle Tom's Cabin
254830: JOHN STOWE - The Survey of London By John Stowe Citizen of London
233542: HARRIET BEECHER STOWE - Uncle Tom's Cabin
233947: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Uncle Tom's Cabin
254523: H B STOWE - Uncle Tom's Cabin
210742: STRACHAN, HEW [EDITOR] - The Oxford Illustrated History of the First World War (Oxford Illustrated Histories)
239782: LIZ STRACHAN - A Slice of Pi: All The Maths You Forgot To Remember From School
229648: STRACHAN, W J ET AL, EDITOR HOBERT HARLING - Image (Number Seven, Spring 1952) A Periodical of the Visual Arts. Sickert's Drawings
216289: STRACHAN, SIR HEW - The First World War
199732: STRACHEY, JOHN ST. LOE - From Grave To Gay
254789: LYTTON STRACHEY - Portraits In Miniature And Other Essays
253546: M STRACHEY - The Fathers without Theology
216192: SIGMUND FREUD; SIGMUND FREUD; JAMES STRACHEY - Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality ... Authorized translation by James Strachey
246870: LYTTON STRACHEY - Portraits In Miniature And Other Essays
253102: LYTTON STRACHEY - Queen Victoria
222381: LIEUTENANT-COMMANDER IAN STRANACK - The Andrew And The Onions - The Story Of The Royal Navy In Bermuda, 1795-1975
192905: HERBERT STRANG (ED) - Teeny Weeny Books, That Provoking Puppy
243162: STRANG, PAUL - Languedoc-Roussillon: The Wines and Winemakers
216566: HILARY FAWCETT; JEANNE STRANG - The Good Food Guide Dinner Party Book - recipes from restaurants in The Good Food Guide cooked, written, arranged and introduced by Hilary Fawcett and Jeanne Strang: 1st
237700: STRANG, HERBERT - The Motor Scout: A Story of Adventure in South America
248702: HERBERT STRANG - With Drake on the Spanish Main
211120: HERBERT STRANG ET AL - The Captain, November 1918
254018: RICHARD LE STRANGE - History of Herbal Plants
224080: STRANGER, JOYCE - Rusty
243188: STRANGER, JOYCE - Rusty
205244: STRANGER, JOYCE - Breed of giants
243193: STRANGER (JOYCE). - REX. By Joyce Stranger.
243198: JOYCE STRANGER - Casey
196214: STRANGER, JOYCE - Two's Company
224182: STRANGER, JOYCE - Never Count Apples
170162: STRANKS, C.J. - Durham Cathedral (Pitkin Guides)
237687: STRASMAN, PETER G. - Vauxhall Chevette 1256c.c., 1975-84 Owner's Workshop Manual (Service & repair manuals)
237683: STRASMAN, PETER G. - Vauxhall Astra 1980-83 Owner's Workshop Manual
215315: STRATHERN, PAUL - The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance
186433: STRATHESK, JOHN - Bits From Blinkbonny Or Bell O' The Manse: A Tale Of Scottish Village Life Between 1841 And 1851
193238: STRATTON, DEBORAH - Mugs and Tankards
212654: STRATTON, MICHAEL; TRINDER, BARRIE - Book Of Industrial England
212914: STRATTON, JOHN M. - Agricultural Records, A.D.220-1977
233796: NED WARD; RALPH STRAUS - The London Spy Compleat in Eighteen Parts
231082: STRAUS, RALPH - Sala: The Portrait of an Eminent Victorian
232829: STRAUSS, DARIN - Chang and Eng
222760: STRAUSS, BARRY - The Trojan War
237526: STRAUSS, BARRY - The Trojan War
228561: STRAWSON, JOHN - On Drag-hunting
178498: STRAWSON, JOHN - Hussars Horses & History: The Military Memoirs of Major-General John Strawson
248379: JULIAN STRAY - Post Offices (Shire Library)
254287: STREATFEILD, NOEL - The Years of Grace
159049: STREATFEILD, DOMINIC - A History of the World Since 9 / 11
220330: STREATFIEDD, NOEL (ED) , EDWARDS, MONICA; BROWN, PAMELA; HUGHES, SHIRLEY (ILLUS) ET AL - By Special Request: Nine Stories for Girls Written for Noel Streatfeild
222514: STREATFIELD, NOEL - Growing Summer
241959: STREET, A.G.; ERIC FITCH DAGLISH [ILLUSTRATOR] - Wheat and chaff
241961: A.G.STREET - Johnny Cowslip
241905: STREET, A.G. - Thinking Aloud
241906: STREET, A. G. - Gentleman of the Party
241926: STREET, A G - Wessex Wins
243216: STREET, CAPT C.J. C. - With The Guns
202749: STREET, WILLIAM JOHN - Some beauty spots in a corner of North Berks: An illustrated description of some towns & villages within ten miles of Didcot; with commentaries on the ... visiblefrom points on the neighbouring Downs
247399: A. G. STREET - From Dusk Till Dawn
247410: A. G. STREET - The Gentleman of the Party
215918: STREET, A.G.; - Country Calendar
215916: A.G. STREET - The Endless Furrow
241928: A.G. STREET - Farming England
241935: STREET, A G - Holdfast. A Novel
246544: STREET, PAMELA - Portrait of Wiltshire (The portrait series)
243914: A. G. STREET - Country Days
243904: A. G. STREET - Hedge-Trimmings
241929: STREET, A.G. - Ditchampton Farm
241934: STREET, A.G. - Land Everlasting
241930: STREET, A. G. - Country Days
241937: STREET, A. G. (ARTHUR GEORGE), 1892-1966.; LIONEL EDWARDS [ILLUSTRATOR] - Country Calendar
241938: STREET, A G - Hedge-Trimmings
241944: STREET, A. G. - Hitler's Whistle
253285: A. G. STREET - Kittle Cattle
247451: STREET, A. G. - A Crook in the Furrow
237982: STREET, A. G.; - Moonraking (Oxford Paperbacks)
232679: MRYA STREET - Casserole cooking (St Michael cookery library)
170296: STREET, DOREEN - A Bristol Panorama: Fascinating Stories of People and Places in and Around the City
241966: STREET, A.G. - Cooper's Crossing
241967: STREET, A. G. - Fish and Chips
249375: A G STREET - Farmer's Glory
249566: A G STREET - Farmer's Glory
254054: STREET, A. G - In His Own Country: A Selection From The Writings Of A.G.Street
242143: STRENS, RGJ - Physics and Chemistry of Minerals and Rocks (NATO Advanced Study Institutes S.)
234230: STRETTON, M.JOHN - Closely Observed Trains: 1980-89 - Decade of Change on BR
135097: STRETTON, JOHN - Steam on Shed
252056: STRIBLEY, MIRIAM - Calligraphy Source Book
252200: MARY LOU STRIBLING - Mosaic Techniques
233463: STRIEDER, PETER - Hidden Durer
136390: STRINGER, CHRIS - Homo Britannicus: The Incredible Story of Human Life in Britain
230679: STRINGER, CHRIS - Homo Britannicus: The Incredible Story of Human Life in Britain
252538: LESLIE STROEBEL - View Camera Technique
246867: JOHN STROHMEIER & PETER WESTBROOK - Divine Harmony: The Life and Teachings of Pythagoras
246720: STRONG, ROY - Visions of England
235327: STRONG, ROY - The Artist & the Garden
186780: BEN STRONG - The Secret of Gnome Head
242311: ROY STRONG - Cecil Beaton the Royal Portraits
227394: STRONG, DONALD E. - The Classical World
195693: STRONG, ROY - The Artist and the Garden
225395: STRONG, ROY - Artists of the Tudor Court: Portrait Miniature Rediscovered, 1520-1620
218248: STRONG, ROY - And When Did You Last See Your Father?
225396: STRONG, ROY - The English Renaissance Miniature
239998: STRONG, C.F. - Early Man and the First Nations
232024: STRONG, D. E. - Roman Imperial Sculpture , an Introduction to the Commemorative and Decorative Sculpture of the Roman Empire Down to the Death of Constantine
249795: STRONG, ROY - Creating Small Gardens
237064: ROY STRONG - The Roy Strong Diaries: 1967-1987
236067: STRONG, ROY; GREEN, ROBINA [ILLUSTRATOR] - Creating Small Formal Gardens
255229: SIR ROY STRONG (INTRODUCTION) - 600 Years of British Painting: The Berger Collection at the Denver Art Museum
171198: STRONG, ROY - Royal Gardens
181560: STRONG, L. A. G. - Flying Angel. The Story Of The Missions To Seamen
252339: ROY STRONG - Paintings in England, 1540-1620 : the Elizabethan image / by Roy Strong
171498: STRONG, SIMON - The Shining Path: World's Deadliest Revolutionary Force
250108: F STRONG - Days of Democracy Britain in Europe 1789-Present Day (Headway Histories)
235087: STRONG, PATIENCE - The Birthday Book
230868: STRONG, DONALD E. - Roman Crafts and Craftsmen
253793: STRONG, SIR KENNETH - Intelligence At The Top: The Recollections Of An Intelligence Officer
237990: STRONG, PATIENCE - Life is for Living: Thoughts on Practical Psychology
237848: STRONGE, SUSAN; SMITH, NIMA; HARLE, J. C. - A Golden Treasury: Jewellery from the Indian Subcontinent
206581: STROUD, JEAN - Special Correspondent
186852: STROUD, RICK - The Phantom Army Of Alamein: How The Camouflage Unit And Operation Bertram Hoodwinked Rommel
240948: STROUD, K.A. - Further Engineering Mathematics 3rd ed
155584: CAMBELL STUART, SIR. - Memorial to a King [George V]
235730: ANNE STUART - Lord of Danger
235731: STUART, ANNE - To Love A Dark Lord
222740: DOROTHY MARGARET STUART; - The Children's Chronicle
235735: ANNE STUART - Shadow Dance
246370: P G MAXWELL-STUART - The Great Scottish Witch-Hunt
254005: PETER MAXWELL-STUART - The British Witch: The Biography
199551: STUART, CHRIS; STUART, TILDE; BALFOUR, DARYL [PHOTOGRAPHER] - Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Great Game Parks of Africa)
232610: STUART, A. RAYMOND - Netting Your Ancestors: Tracing Family History on the Internet
240122: STUART, BRIAN - Some Lives of Brian
230184: STUBBINGS, F.H. - Prehistoric Greece
148348: STUBBS, JOHN - Donne: The Reformed Soul
228965: HEATH-STUBBS, JOHN - Selected Poems: John Heath-Stubbs
216300: JEAN STUBBS - The Painted Face
234136: STUCKENSCHMIDT, H.H.; DEVESON, R. [TRANSLATOR] - Twentieth Century Music (World University Library)
179653: A FELLOW STUDENT, ED BY HENRY HAYWARD - Bismarck and All About Him
212561: JOHANNES VON STUMM, - Johannes von Stumm,
238257: H. A. C. STURGESS - The Middle Temple Bench Book, Supplement to the Second Edition, From 1937 to 1958
156263: STURGIS, MATTHEW - Hampton Court Palace
224408: STURMAN, CLIVE - Police: An In-depth Investigation of a Police Force in Action
139505: STURT, JOHN - Revolt in the West
217834: STURZAKER, JAMES - Cosmic Breath
169759: SAM MOORHEAD; DAVID STUTTARD - AD 410: The Year That Shook Rome
242975: SAM MOORHEAD; DAVID STUTTARD - The Romans Who Shaped Britain
254502: SHOWELL STYLES - Mr. Fitton and the Black Legion
254643: SHOWELL STYLES - His Was Fire
235718: MICHELLE STYLES - The Viking's Captive Princess (Mills & Boon Historical)
251200: STYLING, MARK - Corsair Aces of World War 2 (Osprey Aircraft of the Aces)
225677: SUARES, JEAN-CLAUDE; CHWAST, SEYMOUR - The Illustrated Cat - A Poster Book
253405: J RIHA. R SUBIK - Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Cacti and Other Succulents
153536: SUCHET, JOHN - The Last Master: Passion And Anger: Passion and Anger v. 1
230177: SUCHODOLSKI, BOGDAN - A History of Polish Culture
238171: SUCKLING, NIGEL - Heroic Dreams
236087: SUDBERY, RODIE - The Village Secret
244036: SUDELL, RICHARD [EDITOR] - New Illustrated Gardening Encyclopaedia
255146: RICHARD SUDELL - The New Illustrated Gardening Encyclopaedia
233430: SUDELL, RICHARD - Odhams Garden Encyclopaedia Illustrated (2 volumes)
247169: RICHARD SUDELL - Teach Yourself Gardening
230064: SUDJIC, DEYAN - Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, James Stirling: New Directions in British Architecture
226179: SUDO, KUMIKO - East Quilts West II: 2 (Needlework and Quilting)
253592: DS SUDWEEKS - The Magic Hand-Held Blender Cookbook
168782: SUDWORTH, ANNE; GRANT, JOHN - ENCHANTED WORLD: The Art of Anne Sudworth
163074: SUE, EUGENE - Le Juif Errant, Tome Premier
226155: SUETONIUS, MORE - Title: The Twelve Caesars
211615: SUGDEN, D. - Arctic and Antarctic : a Modern Geographical Synthesis
209906: SUGDEN, JOHN - Blue Jacket: Warrior of the Shawnees (American Indian Lives)
211602: SUGDEN, DAVID EDWARD; JOHN, BRIAN - Glaciers and Landscape: A Geomorphological Approach
254010: PHILIP SUGDEN - The Complete History of Jack the Ripper
250292: C SUGLIANO - St.Petersburg (Places and History)
249943: PEADAR MAC SUIBHNE - Kildare in 1798
248177: WE SUIDA - Raphael.
243298: SUKMANDZHIEVA, MARIIA TENEVA - Georgi Dimitrov before the fascist court,
226839: SULLEROT, EVELYNE - Woman, Society and Change (World University Library)
221526: SULLIVAN, TRICIA - Maul
229838: SULLIVAN, J. H.; WOOTTON, KENNETH [ILLUSTRATOR] - Parliamo Italiano: a First Book of Oral Italian
193617: SULLIVAN, J - But for the Grace of God. The Travellers' Library
244736: JIM SULLIVAN - F4U Corsair in Action - Aircraft No. 145
228083: EDMUND J SULLIVAN - The Art of Illustration
251204: JIM SULLIVAN - F6F Hellcat in Action - Aircraft No. 36
209504: SULLIVAN, JOHN JEREMIAH - Pulphead: Dispatches from the Other Side of America
240830: SULLIVAN, J. P. - Propertius: A Critical Introduction
251111: FRANK J. SULLOWAY - Freud, Biologist of the Mind: Beyond the Psychoanalytic Legend
239042: DEREK SUMERAY - London Plaques: No. 568 (Shire Library)
253005: VS SUMMERHAPYES - Wild Orchids Of Britain
254957: R S SUMMERHAYS - Problem Horse
223235: SUMMERHAYS, R. S. - Elements of Riding
225695: SUMMERS, GERALD - Where Vultures Fly
214636: SUMMERS, PETER [EDITOR]; TITTERON, JOHN E [EDITOR]; - Hatchments in Britain: The Northern Counties v. 3 (Hatchments in Britain): Cumbria, Northumberland, Durham, Lancashire, Yorkshire
176825: SUMMERS, JULIE - Our Uninvited Guests: The Secret Life of Britain's Country Houses 1939-45
245204: SUMMERS, GERALD - Owned by an Eagle
210780: JULIE SUMMERS - British and Commonwealth War Cemeteries (Shire Library)
214641: SUMMERS, PETER; TITTERON, JOHN E - Hatchments in Britain: Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland v. 8 (Hatchments in Britain)
250146: SUMMERS, GERALD - Wings Over Wales
214644: SUMMERS, PETER [EDITOR]; TITTERON, JOHN E [EDITOR]; - Hatchments in Britain: Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire v. 1 (Hatchments in Britain)
214638: SUMMERS, PETER; TITTERON, JOHN E - Hatchments in Britain: Kent, Surrey, Sussex v. 5 (Hatchments in Britain)
228046: SUMMERSON, JOHN - Georgian London
235888: SUMMERSON - The Summerson Book of Railway Sidings
204864: SUMMERSON, JOHN - Fifty Years of the National Buildings Record, 1941-91
228054: JOHN SUMMERSON - The Architecture of the Eighteenth Century: -World of Art Series- (E)
224488: JOHN SUMMERSON - The Architecture of the Eighteenth Century: -World of Art Series- (E)
244577: SUMMERSON, JOHN NEWENHAM; COLVIN, HOWARD [FOREWORD] - Inigo Jones (Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art)
246094: SUMNER, HEYWOOD - Cuckoo Hill: Book of Gorley
140437: SUNSTEIN, CASS R - On Rumours: How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, What Can Be Done
233312: SUOMINEN, TEUVO. - Suomalainen Maisema (The Finnish Landscape)
218646: TES: TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT - TES Survival Guides For Teachers: Managing Behaviour
253307: A VETERINARY SURGEON - Dog Book The Complete book of dog care (Sherley's Dog Book)
156529: SURMAN, RICHARD - Secret Churches
213664: SURRIDGE, B. J. AND MARGARET DIGBY. - A Manual Of Co-Operative Law And Practice
251633: ROBERT SMITH SURTEES - Jorrocks' Jaunts & Jollities
240052: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH - Jorrocks' jaunts and jollities / R.S. Surtees, with colour plates by Henry Alken
242883: ROBERT S SURTEES - Mr Facey Romford's Hounds (Nonsuch Classics)
247536: R S SURTEES - Jorrocks`s Jaunts and Jollities
231018: SURTEES, ROBERT S. - Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour
231081: SURTEES, ROBERT S. - Handley Cross: Or, Mr.Jorrocks's Hunt
231019: SURTEES, R.S. - Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds
238846: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH - Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour
239432: R.S.SURTEES; - Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour
251998: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Blandford Forum (Sheet 1300 (ST80/90)) (Pathfinder maps)
251988: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Cricklade: Sheet 1134 (Pathfinder Maps)
253028: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Chippenham and Castle Combe (Sheet 1168 (ST87/97)) (Pathfinder maps)
223514: AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION/ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ireland (AA / OS leisure guides)
223436: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ordnance Survey Map: Ancient Britain: South Sheet Second Edition
251980: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Dalton and Coxwold: Sheet 642 (Pathfinder Maps)
251997: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Yeovil and Merriot (Sheet 1279 (ST41/51)) (Pathfinder maps)
251982: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ludlow (Sheet 951 (SO47/57)) (Pathfinder maps)
251983: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Tenbury Wells and Mortimer's Cross (Sheet 972 (SO46/56)) (Pathfinder maps)
251996: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ilminster (Sheet 1278 (ST21/31)) (Pathfinder maps)
251994: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Tiverton (Devon) (Sheet 1276 (SS81/91)) (Pathfinder maps)
253030: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Westbury and Trowbridge: Sheet 1200 (Pathfinder Maps)
253031: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Bath and Keynsham (Sheet 1183 (ST66/76)) (Pathfinder maps) 1:25 000
251981: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Wymondham (Norfolk) (Sheet 902 (TG00/10)) (Pathfinder maps)
170925: ORDNANCE SURVEY - The West Country: Walks and places of interest in Avon / Somerset / Wiltshire (Out and About Walking Guides to Britain)
185953: AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION/ORDNANCE SURVEY - Guide To The New Forest (Aa / Os Leisure Guides)
250519: BRITISH GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - Bristol and Gloucester District (British Regional Geology S.)
251993: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Glastonbury and Street (Sheet 1238 (ST43/53)) (Pathfinder maps)
251987: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Aylesbury and Tring (Sheet 1094 (SP81/91)) (Pathfinder maps)
251995: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Mere and Chilmark (Sheet 1240 (ST83/93)) (Pathfinder maps)
244502: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Dartmoor - Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure Maps 28: Sheet 28
251985: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Hereford (South) and Area (Sheet 1040 (SO43/53)) (Pathfinder maps)
233658: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ordnance Survey One-inch Map of England and Wales. Torquay. New Popular Edition. Sheet 188
251984: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Beulah and Abergwesyn (Sheet 991 (SN85/95)) (Pathfinder maps)
251990: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Lambourn and Aldbourne (Sheet 1170 (SU27/37)) (Pathfinder maps)
251991: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Windsor (Sheet 1173 (SU87/97)) (Pathfinder maps)
184924: AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION/ORDNANCE SURVEY - Leisure Guide New Forest (Aa / Os Leisure Guide)
212073: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ordnance Survey Walker's Britain: The Complete Pocket Guide to Over 240 Walks and Rambles
251989: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Patchway and Chipping Sodbury: Sheet 1151 (Pathfinder Maps)
239010: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ordnance Survey Map of Southern Britain in the Iron Age
231265: SUSINI - Roman Stonecutter: Introduction to Latin Epigraphy
223532: SUSSMAN, PAUL - The Lost Army Of Cambyses: a heart-pounding and adrenalin fuelled adventure thriller set in Egypt
251325: ROSEMARY SUTCLIFF - Knight's Fee (Oxford Paperbacks)
218903: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY; FELTS, SHIRLEY [ILLUSTRATOR] - Sun Horse, Moon Horse (Knight Books)
221959: SUTCLIFFE, JENNY; DUIN, NANCY - A History of Medicine: From Pre-history to the Year 2020
234944: SUTCLIFFE, JENNY; ECKERSLEY, RUPERT - The Body Maintenance Manual
198872: SUTCLIFFE, THOMAS HENRY - Conversation with the deaf
222945: ERNST G. SUTER - Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera / Switzerland / Suiza
236598: SUTER, F. - Lessons in Zulu
185643: SUTHERING, JANE. - Vegetarian Suppers (Sainsbury Recipe Library)
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239382: THOMPSON, ERIC - The Adventures of Ermintrude (The magic roundabout)
208969: THOMPSON, BEN - Ban This Filth!: Letters From the Mary Whitehouse Archive
241544: THOMPSON, JULIAN - Imperial War Museum Book of the War at Sea: The Royal Navy in the Second World War
252194: SUZANN THOMPSON - The Polymer Clay Sourcebook
226941: THOMPSON, WILLIAM I. - Passages About Earth
196471: G. THOMPSON - Record of the Tercentenary of the Foundation of King Edward VIth's Free Grammar School, Bury St. Edmunds
248812: V NEWEY. A THOMPSON - Literature and Nationalism (English texts & studies)
236824: THOMPSON, JULIAN - The Royal Marines
239381: THOMPSON, ERIC - The Adventures of Dylan (Magic Roundabout)
236121: WORRALL THOMPSON, ANTONY - Antony Makes it Easy: Fuss-free Food in Minutes
221674: E. V. THOMPSON - Churchyard and Hawke (Amos Hawke Mysteries)
250727: SUZANN THOMPSON - The Polymer Clay Sourcebook
238179: THOMPSON, FLORA; MABEY, RICHARD [INTRODUCTION] - Lark Rise to Candleford (Penguin Modern Classics)
254954: THOMPSON, FLORA - The Illustrated Lark Rise to Candleford (Cresset Library)
253322: TOMMY THOMPSON - The Script Letter: Its Form, Construction And Application
195808: COVENTRY PATMORE; OSBERT HENRY BURDETT; JOHN MERRELL; ALICE CHRISTIANA THOMPSON - Odes, 1868. Edited, with a bibliography, by John Merrell
252916: THOMPSON, C.J.S. - The Witchery of Jane Shore
247859: JON THOMPSON - Carpet Magic The Art of Carpets from the Tents, cottages and Workshopas of Asia Exhibition 23rd April to 19th June 1983

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