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141849: QUINN, TOM - Tales from the Water's Edge
084504: TOM QUINN - Heaven Upon Earth: The Countryside Remembered
137101: QUINN, PATRICK - Sales Writer's Thesaurus: Word Power
153205: AIDAN QUINN - Naomi Frears Exhibition
150934: A. J. QUINNELL - The Mahdi : a thriller
124840: QUINTESSENTIALLY - Quintessentially Reserve 2011
161371: QUINTON, DAVID; RUTTER, SIR MICHAEL - Parenting Breakdown: Making and Breaking of Intergenerational Links (Studies in Deprivation & Disadvantage)
161698: QUINTON, DAVID - Joining New Families: Study of Adoption and Fostering in Middle Childhood (Wiley Series in Child Care & Protection)
158690: QUIZMASTERS - Quiz Book Wants To Be Millionaire: The Quiz Book (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire)
093027: FORBES R. - Sir Henry Morgan
131500: BENVENUTO CELLINI WALLER.A.R, LUIGI RICCI (EDITOR) - - The Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini
118355: EL-SADEN MUNIR R. - Engineering Thermodynamics
141084: BARRY F R - Vocation and ministry
128463: BECKETT R - John Constable and the Fishers The Record of a Friendship
142744: FURNEAUX R - Famous Criminal Cases (Volume 6)
111410: LEAVIS F.R - The Common Pursuit
138730: TOLKIEN. J.R.R. ET AL - Angles and Britons. O`Donnell Lectures
150740: RABAN, JONATHAN - Coasting (Picador Books)
074993: RABAN, JONATHAN - Bad Land
074994: RABAN, JONATHAN - Driving Home: An American Scrapbook
099424: RABAN, JONATHAN - For Love and Money
151452: RABAN, JONATHAN - Driving Home: An American Scrapbook
094186: RABE, JOHN - The Good German Of Nanking: The Diaries of John Rabe
157583: RABE, JOHN - The Good German Of Nanking: The Diaries of John Rabe
137074A: MR FRANCIS RABELAIS, ILLUSTRATED BY W HEATH ROBINSON: - The Works of Mr Francis Rabelais, volume 1.
151818: RABELAIS, F. - La Vie Treshorrificque de Grand Gargantua Pere de Pantagruel Iadis Composee par Alcofribas Abstracteur de Quinte Essence. Livre Plein de Pantagruelisme
121073: RABELAIS , J M COHEN (TRANS) - Gargantua And Pantagruel
150306: RABINOWITZ, HAROLD - Conquer the Sky: Great Moments in Aviation
150887: ALJA RACHMANOWA - Milchfrau in Ottakring. Tagebuch einer russischen Frau
119855: RACINE, BRIGITTE; BENAOUDA, DIDIER - Les Recettes Secretes Des Jardiniers de Normandie
144926: RACINE, JEAN; CAIRNCROSS, JOHN [TRANSLATOR] - Iphigenia / Phaedra / Athaliah
154446: RACKHAM, ARTHUR; RACKHAM, ARTHUR [ILLUSTRATOR] - Once Upon a Time the Fairy-tale World of Arthur Rackham
087686: RACKHAM, H. (EDIT). - Christ's College in Former Days
121531: VON RAD, GERHARD - Genesis (Old Testament Library)
123430: RADCLIFFE, TIMOTHY; WILLIAMS, ROWAN [FOREWORD] - Why Go to Church?: The Drama of the Eucharist: The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book
099423: RADCLIFFE, ROBERT - Upon Dark Waters
132757: TIMOTHY RADCLIFFE - What is the Point of Being a Christian?
146384: NIKOLAUS PEVSNER; ENID RADCLIFFE - Yorkshire: The West Riding (The Buildings of England)
135844: RADELL, RICK; VINES, MIKE - Lancaster: A Bombing Legend
133259: E. & M. A. RADFORD - Encyclopaedia Of Superstitions
095112: RADFORD, EDWIN; RADFORD, M.A.; HOLE, CHRISTINA [EDITOR] - The Encyclopedia of Superstitions
155327: TERENCE; BETTY RADICE - The Brothers, and other plays
119911: RADIN, EDWARD D - Lizzie Borden: The untold story
151165: RADIN, RUTH YAFFE - Winter Place
156554: RADY, MARTYN - The Netherlands: Revolt and Independence, 1550-1660 (Access to A-Level History)
159191: RAE, JULIA - Captain James Cook Endeavours
160075: FURNISS-RAE, BILL - Believed Safe: A Fighter Pilot's Double Escapade
093881: RAE, T. I. [EDITOR] - Union of 1707
158576: RAE, THOMAS - The Book of the Private Press
157588: RAEBURN, MICHAEL [EDITOR]; KENDALL, ALAN [EDITOR]; - Classical Music and It's Origins
157589: RAEBURN, MICHAEL [EDITOR]; KENDALL, ALAN [EDITOR]; - The Nineteenth-century Legacy
157586: RAEBURN, MICHAEL [EDITOR]; KENDALL, ALAN [EDITOR]; - Heritage of Music: Music in the Twentieth Century v.4: Music in the Twentieth Century Vol 4
150210: RAGON, MICHEL - Expressionism
156485: RAHMAN, AZIZ UR - Teach Yourself Urdu in Two Months
117787: RAHTZ, PHILIP [EDITOR] - Rescue Archaeology
160647: BRITISH RAIL - Passenger Services North Eastern England 2nd November 1959 to 12th June 1960
160649: BRITISH RAIL - Passenger Services. London... South and West of England September 10, 1951
160646: BRITISH RAIL - Passenger Services Scotland 2nd November 1959 to 12th June 1960
114587: EINO RAILO - Valittu Kansa Ja Luvattu Maa
158305: GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY - Cathedrals
076239: RAINBIRD, JOY - Cooking with Joy: A collection of family recipes
122668: OFFICES OF THE RAINBOW - The Bruin Boys' Annual 1931
107783: RAINE, CRAIG; PASTERNAK, BORIS - The Electrification of the Soviet Union
143498: RAINE, THE REV JAMES. - Catterick Church, In The County Of York. A Correct Copy Of The Contract For Its Building, Dated In 1412, Illustrated With Remarks And Notes.
127341: RAISTRICK, ARTHUR - Buildings in the Yorkshire Dales: Who Built Them, When and How? (The Yorkshire Dales library)
119417: RALEIGH, WALTER - The English Novel
133973: RALEIGH, WALTER - A Selection from the Letters of Sir Walter Raleigh (1879 - 1922). Ed. Lady Raleigh.
155339: INGE. WILLIAM RALPH. - Outspoken Essays
143509A: RAMEAU, P - The Dancing Master
151759: JENNIFER RAMKALAWON - Toulouse-Lautrec (Gift Books)
135927: RAMSAY, W M - The Teaching Of Paul In Terms Of The Present Day
153929: RAMSAY, ROBERT - Driving Back
148895: RAMSAY, DAVID - Lusitania: Saga and Myth
162129: RAMSAY, GORDON - Gordon Ramsay's Passion for Flavour..
145066: GORDON RAMSAY - Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food: Recipes from The F Word
124276: J RAMSBOTTOM - A Book of Roses
141576: RAMSBOTTOM, JOHN - Mushrooms & Toadstools A Study of the Activities of Fungi (New Naturalist Library No 7)
159397: IAN T. RAMSEY - On Being Sure in Religion
157697: DEAN RAMSEY - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character
136698: RAMSEY, GUY - Aces all
108023: ULLMAN JAMES RAMSEY - Man Of Everest
127279: RAMSEY, L.G.G; CONNOISSEUR - New Guide To Antique English Pottery, Porcelain And Glass
160085: RAMSEY, L. G. G. (ED.). - The Connoisseur New Guide to Antique English Silver and Plate
153225: RANCE, ADRIAN B. - Seaplanes and Flying Boats of the Solent
159583: R&A, R&A - Golf Rules Illustrated 2012
115376: RANDALL, RICHARD - Life as a Siamese Monk
102588: RANDALL, RICHARD - Life as a Siamese Monk
158322: RANDALL, IAN M. - Educating Evangelicalism: The Origins, Development and Impact of London Bible College
151764: RANDALL, GERALD - The English Parish Church
137328: RANDALL, STEPHEN - Four Seasons in One Day
132013: RANDALL, GERALD - Church Furnishing and Decoration in England and Wales
158236: RANDALL, WILLARD STERNE - George Washington: a Life
092029: RANDELL, NIGEL - The White Headhunter
070748: KLAVS RANDSBORG - The First Millennium AD in Europe and the Mediterranean: An Archaeological Essay
162602: RANIERI, MALCOLM - Traction Engine Album
154222: LEOPOLD VON RANKE - The History of the Popes During the Last Four Centuries Volume 1 One I
160549: RANKIN, CHRIS - Gorgeous Cross Stitch: More Than 60 Enchanting Projects to Decorate Every Room (A Sterling/Lark book)
074141A: IAN RANKIN - The Naming Of The Dead
160548: RANKIN, CHRIS - Splendid Samplers to Cross-stitch: 35 Original Projects
157716: RANKIN, IAN - Standing in Another Man's Grave (A Rebus Novel)
153958: RANSFORD, OLIVER - The Slave Trade: The Story of Transatlantic Slavery
122188: RANSLEY, PETER - The Price
082260: PEGGY ELLIOTT RANSOM - Ladies' Day at Dunduffin.
114204: RANSOM, P. J. G. - Archaeology of Railways
132578: RANSOME, ARTHUR - 'Racundra's' first cruise
161492: ARTHUR RANSOME - Swallows & Amazons
141727: RANSOME, ARTHUR - Winter Holiday
140264A: RANSOME, ARTHUR - Secret Water
141163: RANSOME, ARTHUR - The Picts and the Martyrs
158464: RANSON, RON - Perfecting Your Watercolours
160384: RANSON, RON - Ron Ranson on Skies: Techniques in Watercolours and Other Media
077107: RANSON, RON - Modern Oil Impressionists
160480: RANSON, RON - Watercolour Landscapes From Photographs
128608: RANSON, RON - Watercolour Painting: The Ron Ranson Technique
160387: RANSON, RON; CHAMBERLAIN, TREVOR - Oil Painting: Pure and Simple
118456: M. J. RANTZEN - A Little Ship Navigation
140021: RANTZEN, M.J. - Little Ship Navigation (Coastal).
145367: RANWELL, D.S. - Ecology of Salt Marshes and Sand Dunes
149850: RANWELL, D.S.; BOAR, ROSALIND - Coast Dune Management Guide
162594: RAPER, CHANTAL [CREATOR] - The Poetry of the Real
144717: RAPHAEL, ADAM - My Learned Friends
138967: RASCHEN, DAN - Don't Step on a Stonefish!
124848: RASH, BRYSON B. - Footnote Washington: Tracking the Engaging, Humorous, and Surprising Bypaths of Capital History
161488: RASKIN, BARBARA - Hot Flashes
142224: MAURICE G. RATHBONE - List of Wiltshire Borough Records earlier in date than 1836. Edited by M. G. Rathbone (Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society. Records Branch. vol. 5.)
142295: MAURICE G. RATHBONE - Guide to the Records in the Custody of the Clerk of the Peace for Wiltshire. Compiled ... by M. G. Rathbone, etc (Wiltshire County Council. County Records Committee. Guide to the Record Office. pt. 1.)
133417: RAU - Ikats: Woven Silks from Central Asia
124800: J.E.RAVEN - A Botanist's Garden
129099: J. E. RAVEN - A Botanist's Garden
148311: RAVEN, SIMON - Alms for Oblivion: Vol. II : Vol 2 [The Judas Boy; Places Where They Sing; Sound the Retreat; Come Like Shadows]
155080: RAVEN, SIMON - A Bird of Ill-omen
098725: RAVEN, SIMON - Morning Star
156630: RAVENSDALE, J.R. - Domesday Inheritance
129573: RAVERAT, GWEN - Period Piece - a Cambridge Childhood:
154312: GWEN RAVERAT - Period Piece. A Cambridge Childhood
146022: RAVIN, ARNOLD WARREN - The evolution of genetics (Academic paperbacks,biology series)
156534: RAWICZ, SLAVOMIR - The Long Walk: The Story that Inspired the Major Motion Picture: The Way Back
152002: RAWLE, GRAHAM - Woman's World: A Graphic Novel
083340: RAWLINGS, ROMY - Healing Gardens
096540: JOHN D. R. RAWLINGS - The History of the Royal Air Force
148802: RAWLINGS, JOHN D.R.; SEDGWICK, HILARY - Learn to Test, Test to Learn: History of the Empire Test Pilots' School
095689: RAWN, MELANIE - Ruins of Ambrai (Exiles)
148825: RAWSON, ANGELA F.; ROWAN-KEDGE, NIKKI - Wiltshire Cookery
109668: RAWSON, JESSICA - Ancient China: Art and Archaeology
115513: RAWSON, GLORIA; CALLINAN, DAVID - The Ten Minute Miracle: The Quick Fix Spiritual Survival Guide to Life
120101: RAWSON, ANGELA F.; ROWAN-KEDGE, NIKKI - Wiltshire Cookery
150921: RAWSON, ANGELA F.; ROWAN-KEDGE, NIKKI - The Sporting Cook Book
092515: RAWSON, ANGELA F.; ROWAN-KEDGE, NIKKI - Wiltshire Cookery
119507: RAY, E. (ED.) - The Best of Eliza Action
159376: RAY, JOHN - The Night Blitz: 1940-1941
096600: RAY, JOHN - The Battle of Britain: New Perspectives - Behind the Scenes of the Great Air War
129307: RAYMOND, ERNEST - The Chalice and the Sword
134337: RAYMOND, ERNEST - Tell England
136460: RAYMOND, P.G-; ORTZEN, L. - Tangled Web
110747: RAYNAL, MAURICE - Goya to Gauguin
147382: RAYNER, D A - The Long Flight
117950: CLAIRE RAYNER - The Running Years
151317: RAYNER, CLAIRE - The Haymarket
160396: RAYNES, JOHN - Drawing and Painting People
103771: RAYNES, JOHN - How to Draw The Human Figure. A complete guide
161708: RAYNOR, LOIS - Adoption of Non-white Children: Experience of a British Adoption Policy (Series/National Institute for Social Work Training)
097642: READ, ANTHONY; FISHER, DAVID - Berlin: The Biography of a City
134258: HENRY BUCKLE; DAVID READ - A Tommy's Sketchbook: Diary and Drawings from the Trenches
152089: HERBERT READ - A Concise History Of Modern Sculpture
144247: MISS READ - Country Bunch
128445: READ, HERBERT - A Coat of Many Colours Occasional Essays
123807: HERBERT READ - A Concise History of Modern Painting
131408: MISS READ - Chronicles of Fairacre
124252: MISS READ - The English Vicarage Garden: Thirty Gardens of Beauty and Inspiration
134105: READ, PIERS PAUL - The Train Robbers
162211: READ, MISS - Summer at Fairacre: The ninth novel in the Fairacre series
106985: MISS READ - Miss Read's Country Cooking or To Cut a Cabbage Leaf
107570A: HERBERT READ - A Concise History of Modern Painting
142893: MISS READ - Affairs at Thrush Green (Magna Library Series/Large Print)
138935: MISS READ - Country Bunch
153561: READ, HERBERT - The Meaning of Art
125348: READ, HERBERT. - Annals Of Innocence And Experience
137371: MISS READ - More Stories from Thrush Green: Battles at Thrush Green; Return to Thrush Green; Gossip from Thrush Green
145411: HERBERT READ - The Meaning of Art
152105: READ, HERBERT - Contemporary British Art (Pelican books)
143742: READ, DONALD - The Power of News: History of Reuters, 1849-1989
137550: MISS READ - World Of Thrush Green
125591: HERBERT READ - The British Council Exhibition of British Children's Drawings, South Africa 1946
102597: MISS READ - Fairacre Roundabout: Tyler's Row; Farther Afield; Village Affairs
103263: READ, JAN; MANJON, MAITE - Catalonia: Traditions, Places, Wine and Food
156178: MISS READ - No Holly For Miss Quinn
156259: READE, WINWOOD; HOSKING, ERIC - Nesting Birds, Eggs and Fledglings in Colour
156706: JULIAN READE - Assyrian Sculpture (Introductory Guides)
147748: READE, CHARLES - It's Never Too Late to Mend
116843: CHARLES. READE - The Cloister And The Hearth: A Tale Of The Middle Ages.
148670: READE, WINWOOD; HOSKING, ERIC - Nesting Birds, Eggs and Fledglings in Colour
139957: READE, CHARLES - The Cloister and the Hearth
137541: W. J. READER - Victorian England
134207: READER, WILLIAM JOSEPH - At Duty's Call: Study in Obsolete Patriotism
103306: READER, JOHN - Kilimanjaro
141082: READER, RALPH - Ralph Reader Remembers
143203: RALPH READER - Oh, Scouting is a Boy
151857: VILLA-REAL, RICARDO; OTTO DE GARCíA, KAREN [TRANSLATOR] - The Alhambra and the Generalife
160431: REANEY, P. H. - Origin of English Place-names
156407: REAR, W.G. - London, Midland and Scottish Railway Branch Lines in North Wales
152153: LOUIS REAU - L'art gothique en france
139740: REBORA, PIERO - Cassell's Italian-English, English-Italian dictionary
091895: GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS - The Guinness Book of Film:The Ultimate Guide to the Best Films Ever
096734: REDDING, ROBERT; YENNE, BILL - Boeing: Planemaker to the World
157032: CHATTERTON REDERICK - Houses, Cottages & Bungalows
149295: REDFERN, M. - Insects and Thistles (Naturalists' Handbooks)
162399: REDFORD, A - The Economic History of England 1760 - 1860
156088: BRIAN REDHEAD, INTRO. - Political Thought from Plato to NATO
162092: REDMAN, HUGH. - pizzas
129607: REDMON, ANNE - The Genius of the Sea
128559: REDMON, ANNE - Second Sight
131660: REDMOND, MAJ. WILLIAM; SMITH-DAMPIER, E. M. [INTRODUCTION] - Trench Pictures From France: Trench Pictures From France
147939: L. G. REDMOND- HOWARD - Italy and the Italian People (The Nations of the War series)
158947: REDPATH, ALAN - Making of a Man of God
148913: REECE, EILEEN - French Farmhouse Kitchen
096871: REECE, RICHARD - Roman Coins (Practical Handbooks for Collectors)
161319: REED, BRYAN H.. EDWARD CADBURY CHARITABLE TRUST - Eighty thousand adolescents; a study of young people in the city of Birmingham by the staff and students of Westhill Training College, for the Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust. Directed and described by Bryan H. Reed
147686: REED, JAMES - Why You?: 101 Interview Questions You'll Never Fear Again
156310: FROST AND REED - Marcel Dyf
116286: REED, DAVID W. - Spirit of enterprise: The 1993 Rolex awards
151143: REED, A. W. - Maori Myth and Legend
110213: JENNIE REEKIE - Traditional French Cooking
107030: NICHOLAS MONSARRAT; C.S. FORESTER; DOUGLAS REEMAN - Great Sea Stories: The Cruel Sea, The Ship, Dive in the Sun
140247: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - Go in and Sink!
128294: DOUGLAS REEMAN, HENRY DECKER, SHEILA BURNFORD, CLARE FRANCIS - The Volunteers, Outrage; The Incredible Journey; & Red Crystal
151484: REES, VYVYAN - Mid-western Wales: Cardiganshire and Merioneth (Shell Guides)
159344: REES, LAURENCE - The Nazis: A Warning from History
159099: REES, SIAN - The Floating Brothel: The extraordinary true story of an 18th-century ship and its cargo of female convicts
098213: REES, LAURENCE - The War of the Century: When Hitler Fought Stalin
113714: REES, SIMON RAW; KELLY, MICK - Transferring Designs: How to Transfer Any Image on to Any Surface
137286: REES, LAURENCE - The Nazis: A Warning from History
153408: REES, YVONNE - Balconies and Roof Gardens
156613: ELIZABETH REES - Celtic Saints in Their Landscape
161215: REES, LAURENCE - World War Two: Behind Closed Doors: Behind Closed Doors - Stalin, the Nazis and the West
151384: REES, PETER - Anzac Girls: An Extraordinary Story of World War One Nurses
152213: REES, NIGEL - Cassell Dictionary of Cliches
154169: REES, NIGEL - The Guinness Book of Humorous Anecdotes
136739: REES, GORONWY - Chapter of Accidents
112094: REES, SIAN - The Floating Brothel
144074: REES, D.BEN - Chapels in the Valley: Study in the Sociology of Welsh Nonconformity
144377: REES, JESSICA - Sing a Song of Silence: A Deaf Girl's Odyssey
138565: REESE, TERENCE - Most Puzzling Situations in Bridge Play
138568: REESE, TERENCE; POTTAGE, JULIAN - Positive Declarer's Play (Master Bridge)
140551: REESE, TERENCE; TREZEL, ROGER - Snares and Swindles in Bridge (Master Bridge Series)
140552: REESE, TERENCE; TREZEL, ROGER - Master the Odds in Bridge (Master Bridge)
140548: TERENCE REESE - Reese on Play: An Introduction to Good Bridge
103501: REEVE, FRANK ALBERT - Victorian and Edwardian Cambridge
099726: REEVE, PHILIP - Predator's Gold (Mortal Engines Quartet)
131592: CHARLES C. F. GREVILLE; HENRY REEVE - A Journal of the Reigns of King George 4th King and William 4th
133157A: REEVE, HENRY - Greville's Journals of the Reigns of William IV and George IV Vol 1
153838: REEVES, JAMES - The Rhyming River Book Four
127121: JAMES REEVES - Exploits of Don Quixote
139081: REEVES, WILLIAM PEMBER - Long White Cloud
139644: REEVES, MARJORIE - Alfred and the Danes (Then & There)
115326: REEVES, JAMES - Short History of English Poetry
153836: REEVES, JAMES - Rhyming River: Bk. 2
115108: REEVES, JAMES [EDITOR] - Poets' World: Anthology of English Poetry
147110: REEVES, C.N. - The Complete Tutankhamun: The King, the Tomb, the Royal Treasure
157623: ELSA REHMANN - the Small Place its landscape architecture with 100 illustrations.
103532: EMIL REICH - General History Of Western Nations From 5000 B.C. To 1900 A.D.
148587: REICH, CHARLES A. - The Greening of America
122274: REICHS, KATHY - Deadly Decisions
133214: WALTER REID - Architect of Victory: Douglas Haig
078825: REID, WALTER; MYDDELTON, D. R. - The Meaning of Company Accounts
149144: REID, CLEMENT - The Origin of the British Flora
137842: REID, JOHN - Sword of willow
139647: REID, RICHARD - Shell Book of Cottages
116615: MAIRI CRAWFORD HEDDERWICK; JOHN T. REID - Highland Journey: A Sketching Tour of Scotland Retracing the Steps of Victorian Artist J. T. Reid
125343: REID, ROBERT - Marie Curie
116278: REID, JIM - Chambers Scrabble Puzzle Book
135255: REID, MICHAELA - Ask Sir James: Life of Sir James Reid, for 20 Years Personal Physician to Queen Victoria
142689: REID, ALAN & WILLIAM KIRK - Royal Dunfermline A Historical Guide To The City And Its Antiquities; With An Account Of The Carnegie Benefactions
100778: REID, AILEEN - Beardsley
113076: REID, FORREST - Retrospective Adventures
149984: REID, DEREK - Mushrooms and Toadstools (Kingfisher)
153324: REID, PETER - Burke's and Savills Guide to Country Houses vol.2: Herefordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire
129344: REID, MICHAELA - Ask Sir James: Life Of Sir James Reid, For 20 Years Personal Physician To Queen Victoria
120983: REID, ROBERT. - Marie Curie.
115501: REID, ALAN - Concise Encyclopaedia of the Second World War
105076: O'REILLY, JAMES [EDITOR]; O'REILLY, SEAN [EDITOR]; - Pilgrimages: Adventures of the Spirit
139986: REILLY, PATRICK - George Orwell: The Age's Adversary
161367: REIN, MARTIN - Social Policy: Issues of Choice and Change
150305: REINER, ROBERT - The Blue-Coated Worker: A Sociological Study of Police Unionism (Cambridge Studies in Sociology)
150949: REINFELD, FRED - Improving Your Chess
157814: FRED REINFELD - A Catalogue of European Coins.
113559: REINHARDT, RICHARD - Ashes of Smyrna
147596: REITER, LAURA - Collins Learn to Paint - Abstracts
156176: RELEASE (ASSOCIATION) - Trouble with the Law: The Release Bust Book
151026: REMARQUE, ERICH MARIA - Der schwarze Obelisk
152228: REMBRANDT - Bible Drawings (Dover Art Library)
109138: RENARD, JULES. - Carrots
150263: JEAN RENART - Le lay de l'ombre
151154: RENAULT, MARY. - The Last of the Wine
136192: RENAULT, MARY - The King Must Die
160595: MARY RENAULT - Fire from Heaven
160704: RENAULT, MARY - The King Must Die
108334: RENAULT, MARY - The Charioteer
160596: RENAULT, MARY - The Persian Boy
108330B: MARY RENAULT - The Praise Singer. A Novel
112910: RENAULT, MARY - Nature of Alexander
150370: JANE'S MILITARY GUIDE; JANES; RENDALL, DAVID - Aircraft Recognition Guide
110418: RENDEL, PETER - Introduction to the Chakras
122512A: RENDELL, RUTH - Kissing the Gunner's Daughter
144485: RENDELL, RUTH - The Fourth Wexford Omnibus: Wolf to the Slaughter, Put on by Cunning and Speaker of Mandarin 4th
120916: RUTH RENDELL - A New Lease of Death
160680: RENDELL, RUTH - End In Tears: (A Wexford Case)
144933: RENDELL, RUTH - Road Rage
149940: RENDELL, STAN; RENDELL, JOAN - Steep Holm: The Story of A Small Island
158376: RENDELL, RUTH - A Judgement in Stone
114570: HOMER; WILLIAM RENNIE - Selections From Homer
149709: RENOIR, JEAN - Renoir My Father
147172: JEAN RENOIR: - Renoir. My Father
125139A: JEAN RENOIR - Renoir My Father
139135: RENOIR - Paintings, Drawings, Lithographs And Etchings
159730: RENWICK, DAVID - One Foot in the Grave
120913: RENWICK, W.L. - The Rise of the Romantics, 1789-1815: Wordsworth, Coleridge and Jane Austen (Oxford History of English Literature)
131922A: REPINGTON, C - The First World War 1914-1918 Personal Experiences Vol. II
157490: REPINGTON, CHARLES A. COURT. - Vestigia
142169: RIVERS REPORT - The Test and Itchen Association LTD
142168: RIVERS REPORT - The Test and Itchen Association LTD
142170: RIVERS REPORT - The Test and Itchen Association LTD
154724: REQ - Bible: New International Version
158069: SWISS FOUNDATION FOR ALPINE RESEARCH - The Mountain World 1953
158115: SWISS FOUNDATION FOR ALPINE RESEARCH - The Mountain World 1954
072911: JOHN RETALLACK - Welsh Guards
161683: REURS, CATHERINE - In Splendid Detail: Needlepoint Art
156812: REUTERS - Reuters - Our World Now 2: v. 2
156813: REUTERS - Reuters - Our World Now
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095267: ROBINSON, COMMANDER CHARLES N. - The British Tar in Fact and Fiction
161686: ROBINSON, DEBBY - Medieval Needlepoint
122271: ROBINSON, PETER - Watching the Dark: The 20th DCI Banks Mystery (Dci Banks 20)
133567: ROBINSON, JEFFREY - Yamani: The Inside Story
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145703: FOREWORD BY OLIVER ROBINSON - Horlicks Home Book: Specially produced for Horlicks by Good Housekeeping
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143909: ROBSON, GRAHAM - Desert Airliners (Airlife's Colour)
161364: ROBSON, WILLIAM A. - Welfare State and Welfare Society
160967: ROBSON, WILLIAM ALEXANDER - Man and the social sciences;: Twelve lectures delivered at the London School of Economics and Political Science tracing the development of the social sciences during the present century
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161973: WILLIAM A ROBSON - Social Security
156417: ROBYNS, GWEN; GRACE OF MONACO, PRINCESS - My Book of Flowers
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151630: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Whiteoak Harvest
151631: MAZO DE LA ROCHE - Jalna
151633: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Wakefield's Course
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151596: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO. - The Master Of Jalna
067911: EDITOR : DAVID ROCK - Argentina in the Twentieth Century
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113957: YASAR KEMAL; RODITI, E. [TRANSLATOR] - Memed My Hawk
160613: RODOLFI, A. - Let's Speak Italian
156511: CETOLONI RODOLFO ET AL - - The Santuary of La Verna,
146256: RODRICKS, JOSEPH V. - Calculated Risks: Understanding the Toxicity of Chemicals in our Environment
132254: RODRIGO, R - Berlin Airlift
115477: RODRIGO, PAUL - The Numerology Handbook
123909: TOM RODWAY - Teach Yourself Fishing
152267: RODWELL, JENNY - Complete Watercolour Artist
156211: RODWELL, J. M. [TRANSLATOR] - The Koran (Everyman Paperbacks)
162703: RODWELL, JENNY; SMITH, ADRIAN [ILLUSTRATOR] - Artist's Guide to Mixing Colours: How to Get the Most from Your Palette
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142042: PETERSON. ROGER AND OTHERS. - A Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe
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122710: ROGERS, CYRIL M. - The World of Zebra Finches
120708: ROGERS, NORMAN - Wessex Dialect
131802: COLONEL H. C. B. ROGERS - Napoleon's Army
161951: ROGERS, BYRON - The Last Englishman: The Life of J.L.Carr
160222: ROGERS, JENNY [EDITOR] - Taste of Health
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138765: ROGERS, KENNETH - Wiltshire and Somerset Woollen Mills
152871: ROGERS, KENNETH - Book of Trowbridge
151392: ROGERS, KENNETH - Trowbridge: History and Guide
142314: ROGERS, DAVE - Independent Television Encyclopaedia of Adventure
116039: ROGERS, PAT - The Augustan Vision
159537: ROGERS, E.W. - Jesus the Christ
144363: ROGERS, CAROL - Women's Guide to Herbal Medicine
135268: ROGERSON, SIDNEY - Wilfred Rhodes, professional and gentleman
157556: ROGET, PETER MARK; KIRKPATRICK, E.M. [EDITOR] - Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases
156228: ROHAN, JACK - Rags, the Dog Who Went to War
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137021: ELEANOUR SINCLAIR ROHDE - The Scented Garden
133709: ROHL, JOHN C. G.; WARREN, MARTIN; HUNT, DAVID - Purple Secret: Genes, Madness and the Royal Houses of Europe
136391: ROHL, DAVID M. - Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation
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141530: ROKOS, KITTY - String teaching on a shoestring
142908: DORGELES ROLAND - Au beau temps de la butte
162486: ROLFE, PATRICIA (EDITOR.) - Italian Cooking Class Cookbook (Australian Women's Weekly)
116390: ROLLIN, JACK [EDITOR] - Rothman's Football Year Book 1994-95
076301: ROLLINSON, WILLIAM - Life and Tradition in the Lake District
133931: ROLPH, C.H. - Further Particulars
122017: ROLT, L. T. C. - Making of a Railway
146566: ROLT, L. T. C - The Thames from mouth to source
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136405: L.T.C. ROLT - Isambard Kingdom Brunel
157728: ROLT, L T C - Thomas Telford
110169: ROLT, L. T. C. - Landscape with Machines: An Autobiography
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156032: ROMA, NELLA CULTURA MODERNA - Ferrero, Guglielmo
148809: CATHERINE LAMPERT; ANTOINETTE LE NORMAND-ROMAIN - Rodin: His Art and His Inspiration
139300: ROMAN, ROLF [EDITOR] - Neoclassicism and Romanticism
113508: ROMANET, JEAN JEROME - Women, A-Z
162647: ROMER, JOHN - Great Excavations: John Romer's History Of Archaeology
132552: ROMER, JOHN - Ancient Lives - The Story Of The Pharohs' Tombstones
119301: ROMER, JOHN - Ancient Lives - the Story of the Pharohs' Tombstones
143136: PETER O'DONNELL; ENRIC BADIA ROMERO - Modesty Blaise: Death Trap
116848: RONALD, PAUL. - The Basketmakers' Company: a history of the Worshipful Company of Basketmakers of the City of London
159124: RONAN, COLIN A. - The Natural History of the Universe
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118254: ROOTS, IVAN - The Great Rebellion 1642-1660
140214: TREVOR-ROPER, HUGH - Renaissance Essays
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120294: ROPER, LANNING - Hardy Herbaceous Plants
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155173: ROSENTHAL, MICHAEL - British Landscape Painting
134911: ROSENTHAL - Constable: The Painter and His Landscape
141034: ROSENTHAL, MICHAEL - The Character Factory: Baden-Powell and the Origins of the Boy Scout Movement
139464: ANN DUMAS; SIR NORMAN ROSENTHAL - From Russia: French and Russian Master Paintings 1870-1925 from Moscow and St Petersburg
154073: ROSENZWEIG, MARK R.; BREEDLOVE, S. MARC; LEIMAN, ARNOLD L. - Biological Psychology: An Introduction to Behavioral, Cognitive, and Clinical Neuroscience
159197: ROSIGNOLI, GUIDO - Badges and Insignia of World War II: Air Force, Naval, Marine
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149759: P. F. ROSMAN - Transport and Road Research Laboratory, A Simulation Apprach to Evaluationg the Environmental Effects of Roads and Traffic, TRRL Laoratory Report 826
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117892: ROSS, STEPHEN - A Pinch of Salt
142709: FRANK XAVIER ROSS - Flying Windmills. The story of the helicopter. With illustrations
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149633: ROSS, KAREN - Okavango: Jewel of the Kalahari
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132291: ROSS, JOSEPHINE - Royalty in Vogue
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136638: ROSS, CHARLES - The Wars of the Roses: A Concise History
156682: DAVID ROSS - The Steam Locomotive: A History
162623: ROSS, DAVID - The Willing Servant: A History of the Railway Locomotive
134385: ROSS, DAVID - The Illustrated History of British Steam Railways
161450: ROSS, JAMES - The Power I Pledge: Centenary Study of the Life of William Quarrier
157804: ROSS, CHARLES - Edward IV (The English Monarchs Series)
130654: ROSSI, SARA - Letts Guide to Collecting Paperweights
125195: PAOLO ROSSI - Instituti e Scuole d'Arte in Italia
157323: ROSSING, ROGER - The Praktica Book
151856: CLAUDIO ROSSINI - The Vatican City, St Peter's Basilica, A Visit Through Images
159156: ROSSITER, STUART - London (Blue guides)
130785: EDMOND ROSTAND - Chantecler - Piece Enquatre Actes, En Vers
153531: ROSTOVTZEFF, M. DUFF, J.D., TRANS. - A History of the Ancient World Volume II, Rome .
149643: ROSZAK, THEODORE - Unfinished Animal: Aquarian Frontier and the Evolution of Consciousness
098513: ROTH, EUGEN - Von Mensch zu Mensch
161639: ROTH, ANN - Needlepoint Designs From The Mosaics Of Ravenna.
136695: ROTH, D.L.M. - Awareness: Way to Improve Your Bridge, Master Bridge
138225: ROTH, PHILIP - Goodbye, Columbus
145407: ROTHENBERG, ROBERT E. - Title: Medical Dictionary and Health Manual The New American
134690: ROTHENSTEIN, MICHAEL. - Looking at Paintings
135084: ROTHENSTEIN, SIR JOHN - Tate Gallery
149824: ROTHERHAM, IAN D. [EDITOR] - Peatland Ecology and Archaeology: Management of a Cultural Landscape. The proceedings and Invited Papers, from the 1997 Sheffield Conference of the Landscape Conservation Forum. (Landscape Archaeology and Ecology, Volume 4)
142100: ROTHERY, BRIAN; ETC. - Art of Systems Analysis
127473A: ALICE EKERT-ROTHOLZ - The Time of the Dragons
149668: ROTHSCHILD, MIRIAM AND MARREN, PETER - Le Pantheon Peintures Murales Album Artistique
129492: ROTHSCHILD, MIRIAM; FARRELL, CLIVE - The Butterfly Gardener
137103: ROTHWELL, CATHERINE - Catherine Rothwell's Lancashire Cookbook
145336: BERTON ROUECH' - The Incurable Wound
132205: ROUECHE, BERTON - Annals of Medical Detection
120544: BLONDEL LA ROUGERY - Cartes Blondel Belge No 3 Flandre Occle
118813: ROULSTONE, ALAN; ROULSTONE, MICHAEL - Taverns in Town: A Pictorial Anthology
137808: ROUND,J.H. - Feudal England: Historical Studies on the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
156482: O'ROURKE, KEVIN - Reformasi: The Struggle for Power in Post-Soeharto Indonesia
142702: TOM O'ROURKE - West Briton Story
075192: O'ROURKE, KEVIN - Currier and Ives: The Irish and America
114747: ROUSE, W H D - The March Up Country
149748: ROUSE, ANDY - Life in the Wild: A Photographer's Year
108963: HENRI ROUSSEAU - Le Douanier Rousseau
143615: J.-J ROUSSEAU - Les Confessions.
145238: ROUTH, FRANCIS - Stravinsky (Master Musician)
154691: HAROLD VICTOR ROUTH - The Diffusion of English Culture Outside England: a Problem of Post-War Reconstruction (Current problems)
124675: ROBERT ROUTLEDGE - Science In Sport Made Philosophy In Earnest
143845: ROUTLEDGE, ROBERT - Discoveries and Inventions of the Nineteenth Century
149988: ROUTLEY, ERIK - The Church and music: An enquiry into the history, the nature and the scope of Christian judgement on music
144655: THOMAS ROWBOTHAM - The Art of Landscape Painting in Water-Colours
159479: ROWE, ROBIN W. - Sticky-Blue!: A Boy and a Battleship
145462: ROWE, DR. ALFRED LESTIE - Matthew Arnold: Poet and Prophet
154836: ROWE, GEORGE - Rowe's Illustrated Cheltenham Guide
162033: ROWE, DR. ALFRED LESTIE - Oxford in the History of the Nation
121479: PETER LAFFERTY; JULIAN ROWE - The Hutchinson Dictionary of Science
119919: ROWE, D. J. - London Radicalism 1830 - 1843: A Selection from the Papers of Francis Place
161362: ROWE, JANE; ETC.; GARNETT, LOUISE - Child Care Now: A Survey of Placement Patterns (BAAF research series)
160914: ROWE, JANE; LAMBERT, LYDIA - Children Who Wait: A Study of Children Needing Substitute Families
159035: ROWE, DR. ALFRED LESTIE - Four Caroline Portraits
160438: ROWELL, P.M. - Preaching Peace
130230: ROWELL, MARGIT - Objects of Desire, The Modern Still Life
130563: ROWLAND, BENJAMIN - The Art And Architecture of India: Buddhist, Hindu, Jain: Hindu, Buddhist, Jain (Pelican history of art)
133326: ROWLAND, JOHN - Poisoner in the Dock
156592: ROWLAND, MARTIN - Biology
155872: ROWLAND, BENJAMIN - Art in East and West: An introduction through comparisons
133239: ROWLAND, JOHN - The Peasenhall mystery
143377: EDITOR-T. J. S. ROWLAND - Everyday Things for Lively Youngsters
152225: ROWLANDS, JOHN - Rubens Drawings and Sketches : Catalogue of an Exhibition
153036: T ROWLANDSON - The Tour Of Doctor Syntax In Search Of The Picturesque: A Poem
087290: ROWLANDSON, TOM - Amorous Illustrations of Thomas Rowlandson
109337: ROWLEY, TREVOR - The Norman Heritage: 1066-1200
140438: ROWLEY, TREVOR - Villages in the Landscape (Archaeology in the field series)
160587: ROWLEY, GILL [EDITOR] - Traveller's Guide to the Italian Menu (The travellers' menu guides)
120996: J. J BAGLEY; P B ROWLEY - A Documentary History of England, Volume 1 (1066-1540)
156606: J. K. ROWLING - The Casual Vacancy
153905: J. K. ROWLING - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) [Adult Edition]
160184: W. ROWLINSON - Sprich Mal Deutsch! 1
160185: ROWLINSON, W - Sprich mal Deutsch! 2
115548: ROWNTREE, DIANA - Interior Design
162518: ROWNTREE, B. SEEBOHM & G. R. LAVERS. - Poverty And The Welfare State: A Third Social Survey Of York Dealing Only With Economic Questions.
162418: ROWNTREE, B. SEEBOHM - Old People. Report Of A Survey Committee On The Problems Of Ageing And The Care Of Old People
135099: A L ROWSE - The Tower Of London
133104A: A. L ROWSE - The Use of History (Teach Yourself History)
153086: ROWSE, A.L. - The Later Churchills
153211: ALFRED LESTIE ROWSE - Jonathan Swift: Major Prophet
137106: ROWSE, A. L. - The Tower of London in the History of the Nation
143631: A. L. ROWSE - The England of Elizabeth
153079: A. L. ROWSE - The Early Churchills: An English Family
113664: ROWSE, A.L.; PORTILLO, MICHAEL - The Expansion of Elizabethan England
136189: ROWSE, A. L - The English past: Evocations of persons and places
141865: ROWSE, A. L. - William Shakespeare, a Biography.
160705: ROWSE, A. L. - Ralegh and the Throckmortons
155550: ROWSE, A. L. - The Tower of London in the History of the Nation
158123: A. L. ROWSE - The England of Elizabeth
150536: ROY, ARUNDHATI - The God of Small Things
119821: GENDERS. ROY. - Planting Fruit Trees
092213: ROYLE, TREVOR - Kitchener Enigma
141209: ROYNON, GAVIN - Home Fires Burning: The Great War Diaries of Georgina Lee, 1914-1919
132901: ROYNON, GAVIN - Massacre of the Innocents
158975: MARTIN RP - The Epistle of Paul to the Philippians
157615: RUARK, ROBERT - The Honey Badger
147036: RUBBO, SYDNEY DATTILO - A Review of Sterilization and disinfection, as applied to medical, industrial and Laboratory Practice
156805: RUBEN, LISSA - Cry From The Wild: A Tale of Two Orphans
105126: RUBENFELD, JED - The Interpretation of Murder
120784: RUBENS, BERNICE - Five Year Sentence
103618: RUBENS, BEATTIE; TAPLIN, OLIVER - Odyssey Around Odysseus
141227: RUBENSTEIN, RICHARD L.; ROTH, JOHN K. - Approaches to Auschwitz: The Legacy of the Holocaust
151672: RUBIN, ZICK - Children's Friendships (The Developing Child)
100639: RUBINSTEIN, GILLIAN - Flashback
117542: RUDD, ELIZABETH, EDITOR - Dragons
159503: NATALIE RUDD - Peter Blake (Modern Artists series)
162359: RUDDOCK, E. HARRIS - The homoeopathic vade mecum of modern medicine and surgery
156900: RUDE, GEORGE - Hanoverian London, 1714-1808 (Sutton History Classics)
119500: RUDE, GEORGE - Hanoverian London, 1714-1808 (History of London)
140012: RUDE, GEORGE - Ideology and Popular Protest
139503: RUDE, GEORGE - The Crowd in History: Study of Popular Disturbances in France and England, 1730-1848
125434: GERALDINE RUDGE - Crafts, The Decorative and Applied Arts Magaine No 144 January / February 1997
151057: RUDGLEY, RICHARD - Lost Civilisations of the Stone Age: A Journey Back to Our Cultural Origins
161434: RUDOLF, MILDRED DE MONTJOIE - Everybody's children: The story of the Church of England Children's Society, 1921-48
135834: KIPLING RUDYARD: - The Naulahka - a Story of West and East
115509A: KIPLING RUDYARD - Life's Handicap
144666: KIPLING. RUDYARD. - Rudyard Kipling'S Verse Inclusive Edition 1885-1918

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