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38094: COLLISON, BROOKE B. - Know and Be Known
23694: VON COLLN, DANIEL GEORG CONRAD (DAVID SCHULZ, ED. ) - Daniel Georg Conrad Von Colln's Biblische Theologie, Mit Einer Nachricht Uber Des Verfassers Leben Und Wirken, Bande I, II
42224: THE COLONIAL SOCIETY OF MASSACHUSETTS; ALLIS, FREDERICK S. , JR. , FOREWORD; PHILIP CHADWICK FOSTER SMITH, INTRODUCTION - Publications Of The Colonial Society Of Massachusetts Volume LII Collections, Seafaring In Colonial Massachusetts, A Conference Held By The Colonial Society Of Massachusetts November 21 And 22, 1975
35465: COLTON, CALVIN - Thoughts On The Religious State Of The Country; With Reasons For Preferring Episcopacy
33412: COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER (R. H. MAJOR, ED. AND TRANS. ) - My First Voyage: Christopher Columbus His Own Account in Spanish and English [Text and Coloring Book]
44561: COLWELL, MIRIAM - Young
45470: COMBLIN, JOSE (BURNS, PAUL, TRANS. ) - The Holy Spirit and Liberation
44966: COMEAU, BILL - Fragments from an Unknown Gospel
44815: COMER, JAMES P. - Waiting for a Miracle Schools Are Not the Problem
15002: COMMING, JOHN, ED. - Political India, 1832-1932: A Co-operative Survey of a Century
42190: COMMONS, JOHN R. ; PHILLIPS, ULRICH B. ; GILMORE, EUGENE A. ; SUMNER, HELEN L.' AND ANDREWS, JOHN B. , EDS. (RICHARD T. ELY, PREFACE; JOHN B. CLARK, INTRODUCTION) - A Documentary History Of American Society. Volume X, Labor Movement Index
39334: COMPANY, CSS PUBLISHING - Shadows to Sunrise 6 Worship Resources for Holy Week
35361: COMPIER, DON H. - What is Rhetorical Theology? Textual Practice and Public Discourse
44811: COMPTON, STEPHEN C. & JACKSON W. CAROLL - Rekindling the Mainline New Life Through New Churches
34404: COMSTOCK, GARY DAVID - Unrepentant, Self-affirming, Practicing Lesbian/bisexual/gay People Within Organized Religion
42059: CONANT, MRS. H. C. - The Earnest Man. A Sketch Of The Character And Labors Of Adoniram Judson, First Missionary To Burmah
26371: CONDER, C. R. ; KITCHENER, H. H. ; EDITED WITH ADDITIONS BY E. H. PALMER AND WALTER BESANT - The Survey Of Western Palestine: Memoirs Of The Topography, Orography, Hydrography, And Archaeology, Volume I, Sheet I.-VI., Galilee
14686: BLACKFORD CONDIT - Short Studies Of Familiar Bible Texts, Mistranslated, Misinterpreted, And Misquoted
25284: CONE, ORELLO - Rich And Poor In The New Testament A Study of the Primitive Christian Doctrine of Earthly Possessions
39759: CONES, BRYAN M. - Grant Us Peace
40386: CONFORTI, JOSEPH A. - Jonathan Edwards, Religious Tradition, and American Culture
12743: YVES CONGAR - Jalons Pour Une Theologie Du Laicat (unam Sanctam, 23)
25857: CONGAR, OBADIAH AND CHEEVER, HENRY T. - The Autobiography And Memorials Of Captain Obadiah Congar [1768-1848] For Fifty Years Mariner and Shipmaster from the Port of New York
29751: CONGREVE, JOHN - High Hopes, And Pleadings For A Reasonable Faith, Nobler Thoughts, Larger Charity Sermons Preached in the Parish Church of Tooting Graveney, Surrey
42988: CONKLIN, EDMUND S. - Principles of Adolescent Psychology
25286: CONNER, CHARLES CHAMBERS - In The Living Way, Notes Of Nature, Life, Ethics And Literature
38876: CONNOR, SHEILA - New England Natives A Celebration of People and Trees
43193: O'CONNOR, ELIZABETH - The new community
40348: O'CONNOR, STEPHEN - Will My Name Be Shouted Out
44410: CONRAD, MICHAEL FRANCIS - What Happens to You When You Lose a Pet? Spirituality for Pet Owners
28179: CONSTANT, BENJAMIN - De La Religion , Consideree Dans Sa Source, Ses Formes Et Ses Developpement. Complete In 5 Volumes. Deuxieme Edition
27827: CONSTANT - Recollections Of The Private Life Of Napoleon. Complete In 3 Volumes
44805: CONSTANTINE, MARK D. - Travelers on the Journey Pastors Talk about Their Lives and Commitments
11868: FLORENCE CONVERSE - Garments of praise, A Miracle Cycle
34545: CONWAY, GEORGE - Giving Good Gifts The Spiritual Journey of Parenthood
42538: CONYBEARE, W. D. - An Analytical Examination Into The Character, Value, And Just Application Of The Writings Of The Christian Fathers During The Ante-nicene Period. Being the Bampton Lectures for the Year MDCCCXXXIX
42314: CONYBEARE, J. J. - The Bampton Lectures for the year MDCCCXXIV: Being an Attempt to trace the history and to ascertain the limits of the secondary and spiritual interpretation of scripture
9956: JOSEPH COOK - Occident, with Preludes on Current Events (Boston Monday Lectures)
35247: COOK, STEPHEN L. - Prophecy and Apocalypticism Post-exilic Social Setting
44091: COOK, DANIEL J. - Language In The Philosophy Of Hegel [hardcover]
43072: COOK, HERMAN H. - The Apostle of Ryo-U
41078: COOK, CARY - Abram
28694: COOK, JOSEPH - Socialism, With Preludes On Current Events
9544: S. A. COOK - The Old Testament, A Reinterpretation
42470: COOK, EDWARD H. - A Book Of Sermons
13719: S. ARTHUR COOK - The Quest of Truth, Lecture-sermons, Being a Study of Varius Fields of Christian Truth
36682: COOK, ELAINE - Building a Ministry of Comfort and Compassion A Young Widow's Journey
36789: COOK, MICHAEL J. - Mark's Treatment Of The Jewish Leaders
25074: COOK, MILDRED EMILY (VARIATIONS IN THE MUSICAL PROGRAM SUGGESTED BY PEARL G. WINCHESTER) - The Adoration Of The Kings And Shepherds A Pageant of the Nativity
30707: COOKE, GEORGE WILLIS (KENNETH WALTER CAMERON, ED. AND PREFACE) - Memorabilia Of The Transcendentalists In New England
42362: COOKE, GEORGE WILLIS - A Guide-book To The Poetic And Dramatic Woks Of Robert Browning Uniform with the Six Volume Riverside Edition of His Poetic and Dramatic Works
43419: COOLEY, JOHN K - Baal, Christ, and Mohammed Religion and Revolution in North Africa
35667: COOLICAN, DON - The Story Of The Royal Family
36305: COOPER, C. W. , ED. ; STEERE, DOUGLAS V. , INTRODUCTION - Break the New Ground Seven Essays by Contemporary Quakers. Comes with Study Questions Leaflet
45409: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE & THOMAS PHILBRICK - The Crater Or, Vulcan's Peak
44411: COOPER, JOHN W. - Body, Soul and Life Everlasting Biblical Anthropology and the Monism-dualism Debate
34449: COPE, LAMAR - Faith for a New Day The New View of the Gospel of John
37337: COPELAND, E.LUTHER - A New Meeting of the Religions Interreligious Relationships and Theological Questioning
39878: COPENHAVER, MR. MARTIN B. & MR. ANTHONY B. ROBINSON & MR. WILLIAM H. WILLIMON - Good News in Exile Three Pastors Offer a Hopeful Vision for the Church
40096: COPENHAVER, MARTIN B. & ANTHONY ROBINSON; WILLMON, WILLIAM H. - Words for the Journey Letters to Our Teenagers about Life and Faith
43451: COPPEE, HENRY - Songs of Praise and Poems of Devotion in the Christian Centuries Elegantly Illustrated with Sixty Steel Engravings Executed in the First Style of the Art
42853: COPPLESTONE, J. TREMAYNE - John Eliot and the Indians 1604-1690
16474: ATHANASE COQUEREL - L'oraison Dominicale, Consideree Comme Un Resume Du Christianisme, Huit Sermons
31084: COQUEREL, ATHANASE - La Conscience Et La Foi
44928: COREY, GERALD - The Art of Integrative Counseling Second Edition
16841: MARGARET L. CORMACK - She Who Rides a Peacock, Indian Students and Social Change
18502: CARL HEINRICH CORNILL - Der israelitische prophetismus, In funf Vortragen fur gebildete Laien Geschildert
28773: CORNWALL, ANNA LLOYD - A Century Of Service Massachusetts Society for Aiding Discharged Prisoners 1846-1946
32934: CORRINGTON, ROBERT S. - Community of Interpreters On the Hermeneutics of Nature and the Bible in the American Philosophical Tradition
14850: HERBERT R. PURINTON AND SADIE BRACKETT COSTELLO - The Achievement of the Master
35359: COTTINGHAM, JOHN G. - The Meaning of Theism
26309: COULIN, FRANCK - Les Oeuvres Chretiennes, Conferences Prechees A. Geneve
11561: COULOMBE, DEBORAH A. - The Seaside Naturalist : A Guide to Study at the Seashore
30246: COULSON, N. J. - A History Of Islamic Law
42449: COULTON, G. G. - Art And The Reformation
45359: COUNTRYMAN, MR. L. WILLIAM - Read it in Greek An Introduction to New Testament Greek
35384: COUNTRYMAN, L.WILLIAM - Biblical Authority or Biblical Tyranny?
7672: COUPAR, REGINA - Light among the Shadows : Releasing Feminine Spirit
25679: COUSIN, M. V. ; WIGHT, O. W. , TRANS. - Lectures On The True, The Beautiful, And The Good Increased by an Appendix on French Art
7076: RAY HOWARD COWEN - Meditations from a Wheel Chair
42789: COWEN, CYNTHIA E. - Lite Worship Services for Advent and Christmas Three Programs for the Season
33369: COWEN, CYNTHIA E. - Lights, Symbols, and Angels Six Worship Resources for Advent, Christmas
30720: COWIE, LEONARD W. & JOHN SELWYN GUMMER - The Christian Calendar A Complete Guide to the Seasons of the Christian Year Telling the Story of Christ and the Saints from Advent to Pentecost
43171: COWLING, MAURICE - Mill and Liberalism
25907: COWPER, WILLIAM; JOHNSON, JOHN - Private Correspondence Of William Cowper, Esq. With Several Of His Most Intimate Friends. Complete In Two Volumes Third Edition
35407: COX, R. DAVID - Bond and Convenant A Perspective on Holy Matrimony from the Book of Common Prayer
45120: COX, STEVEN L. - Essentials of New Testament Greek
39461: COYE, BETH F. & MARMADUKE BAYNE & SANDRA L. SNODDERLY - My Navy Too A Political Novel Based on Real Life Experiences
15480: JOHN PATTERSON COYLE - The Spirit in Literature and Life, The E. D. Rand Lectures in Iowa College, 1894
43544: COYLE, JOHN PATTERSON [1852-1895] - The Imperial Christ With a Biographical Introduction by George A. Gates, President of Iowa College
35363: COYNE, G.V. & ALESSANDRO OMIZZOLO - Wayfarers in the Cosmos The Human Quest for Meaning
32558: CRABTREE, HARRIET - The Christian Life Tradition Metaphors and Contemporary Theologies
41751: CRACKNELL, KENNETH & SUSAN J. WHITE - An Introduction to World Methodism
14692: WILBUR F. CRAFTS - Must the Old Testament Go? Or, the Relation of the Old Testament to the Christian Life of To-day
25241: CRAGG, GERALD R. , ED. - The Cambridge Platonists
28392: KENNETH CRAGG - Counsels in Contemporary Islam (Islamic Surveys 3)
35366: CRAGG, K. - A Secular Experience of God
38721: CRAGG, GERALD ROBERTSON - Freedom and authority A study of English thought in the early seventeenth century
33238: CRAGON, JULIE - Bless My Child A Catholic Mother's Prayer Book
35405: CRAINSHAW, JILL Y. - Wise and Discerning Hearts An Introduction to Wisdom Liturgical Theology
42951: CRAM, RALPH ADAMS - The Nemesis Of Mediocrity
41696: CRANE, KEITH & ROLLIE LAL & JEFFREY MARTINI - Iran's Political, Demographic, and Economic Vulnerabilities
43764: CRANE, ELAINE FORMAN - Ebb Tide In New England Women, Seaports, and Social Change, 1630-1800
25572: CRANFIELD, RICHARD; HARRIS, JOHN - Memoir Of Thomas Cranfield, Of London
42583: CRANFIELD, C. E. B. - Romans Chapters 1-8 (International Critical Commentary) (Vol 1): Chapters 1-8 v. 1
13140: CRAWFORD, FRED R. (EDITOR) - Exploring Mental Health Parameters, Vol. III
38752: CRAWFORD, MICHAEL J. - Seasons of Grace Colonial New England's Revival Tradition in Its British Context
15557: HERMANN CREMER (BERNHARD PICK, TRANSLATOR) - A Reply to Harnack on the Essence of Christianity
25599: CREMER, ERNST - Die Stellvertretende Bedeutung Der Person Jesu Christi
42052: CREMER, HERMANN; KAPPELER, ERNST - Die Paulinische Rechtfertigungslehre Im Zusammenhange Ihrer Geschichtichen Voraussetzungen. Zweite Auflage. Bibelstellen Und Sachregister Zu Hermann Cremer Die Paulinische Rechtfertigungslehre
31602: CREMER, HERMANN; URWICK, WILLIAM, TRANS. - Supplement To Biblico-theological Lexicon Of New Testament Greek
35746: CRENSHAW, MARTHA, ED. - Terrorism, Legitimacy, And Power [hardcover] The Consequences of Political Violence
8409: JAMES L. CRENSHAW - Hymnic Affirmation of Divine Justice: The Doxologies of Amos and Related Texts in the Old Testament
40712: CRENSHAW, JAMES L. - Old Testament Wisdom An Introduction
34029: CREWS, NINA - You are Here
17228: CRICHTON, J. D. - Christian Celebration
17229: CRICHTON, J. D. - Christian Celebration: The Mass
37592: M'CRIE, THOMAS; VEITCH, WILLIAM; BRYSSON, GEORGE - Lives Of The Scottish Reformers, Containing The Lives Of Knox And Melville, Together With Memoirs Of William Veitch And George Brysson, Written By Themselves And Narratives of the Risings As Bothwell and Pentland, with an Historical Introduction by an American Editor
32930: CRILLEY, ROBERT S. - Veiled Glimpses of God's Glory Sermons for the Season after Pentecost (Last Third) , Cycle A, First Lesson Texts
29727: CROCKER, LIONEL GEORGE - Henry Ward Beecher's Art Of Preaching
42259: CROFT, GEORGE - Eight Sermons Preached Before The University Of Oxford In The Year 1786, At The Lecture Founded By The Late Rev. John Bampton
44813: CROMARTIE, MICHAEL - Disciples and Democracy Religious Conservatives and the Future of American Politics
41394: CROMBIE, ALEX - Natural Theology; Or Essays On The Existence Of Deity And Of Providence, On The Immateriality Of The Soul, And A Future State. Complete In 2 Volumes
43189: CRONJE, GILLIAN & SUZANNE CRONJE - Workers of Namibia
36204: CROPSEY, KAREN - Personal Prayers for Teachers Brief Prayers Dealing with Experiences Common Among Teachers
23863: CROSBY, ERNEST S. - Reformation And The Reformers A Layman's Story for Laymen
39571: CROSBY, MICHAEL H. - House of Disciples Church, Economics, and Justice in Matthew
16654: J. A. CROSS - The Faith of the Bible, Being a Collection of Extracts Gathered Out of the Old and New testaments with Notes and a Preface
36601: CROSS, RANDY - Lent: Bound For Golgotha A Lenten Study Based on the Revised Common Lectionary
43741: CROSSAN, JOHN DOMINIC - The Historical Jesus The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant
44042: CROSSAN, JOHN DOMINIC - In Parables The Challenge of the Historical Jesus.
18485: SAMUEL M. CROTHERS - The Understanding Heart
23382: CROTHERS, SAMUEL MCCHORD - Prayers With an Introductory Note by Francis G. Peabody
11553: T. H. CROXALL - Kierkegaard Commentary
30525: CRUDEN, ALEXANDER - A Complete Concordance To The Holy Scriptures Of The Old And New Testament: Or, A Dictionary And Alphabetical Index To The Two Parts From the Tenth London Edition to Which is Added an Original Life of the Author
40143: CRUIKSHANK, MARGARET - Learning to Be Old Gender, Culture, and Aging. Second Edition
44989: CRUMPLER, ANNE B. & J. ANDREW MCTYRE & SARAH S. MCTYRE & KENNETH H. JR. CARTER & ROBERT E VAN VOORST & WILDA C.M. GAFNEY & DAVID ALBERT FARMER - The Pastors Bible Study, Vol. 3 (with Compact Disk) A New Interpreter's Bible Study
43547: CUCKSON, JOHN - Faith And Fellowship
31260: CUDJOE, S. D. - Aids To African Autonomy A Review of Education and Politics in the Gold Coast
32987: CUENI, R. ROBERT - Tenders of the Sacred Fire Sermons for the Season after Pentecost (First Third, Cycle A, First Lesson Texts)
38820: CULBERTSON, PHILIP L. - Counseling Men
37217: CULLEN, BRID - Colours Of Hope And Promise Personal Stories of HIV and AIDS. New Edition
43094: CULLEN, A. H. - Blazing the Trail - Some L.M.S. Pioneers of 1816 With 34 Illustrations (Four Colured) and Four Maps
9072: CULLMANN, OSCAR - Le culte dans l'Eglise primitive
44186: CULLMANN, OSCAR - Early Christian Worship
30423: CULLY, KENDIG BRUBAKER - Sacraments: A Languge Of Faith
17543: RAYMOND B. CULVER - Horace Mann and Religion in the Massachusetts Public Schools (Yale Studies in the History And Theory of Religious Education)
23674: CUMMING, JOHN - Sabbath Evening Readings On The New Testament, St. Mark
44557: CUMMING, JOHN - Apocalyptic Sketches. Lectures On The Book Of Revelation, Second Series
20470: CUMMING, JOHN - Sabbath Morning Readings On The Old Testament, Book Of Leviticus
27502: CUMMING, JOHN - Sabbath Evening Readings On The New Testament, St. Luke
24248: CUMMING, JOHN - Voices Of The Dead
34332: CUMMING, JOHN - Voices Of The Day
43550: CUMMING, JOHN - Teach Us To Pray Being Experimental, Doctrinal, and Practical Observations on the Lord's Prayer
34379: CUMMING, JOHN - Cumming's Minor Works, First Series The Finger of God. Christ Our Passover. the Comforter.
34382: CUMMING, JOHN - The Great Preparation; Or, Redemption Draweth Nigh Second Series
34381: CUMMING, JOHN - Cumming's Minor Works, Third Series Infant Salvation, the Baptismal Font, the Communion Table
34334: CUMMING, JOHN - The Great Consummation. The Millennial Rest; Or, The World As It Will Be. First Series
30692: CUMMINGS, ASA - A Memoir Of The Rev. Edward Payson, D.D. Late Pastor of the Second Church in Portland. Third Edition
28719: CUNHA, J. M. DA SILVA - Em Angola 16 De Maio a 2 De Junho De 1967
37260: CUNINGHAM, CHARLES E. - Timothy Dwight 1752-1817, A Biography
26663: CUNNINGHAM, LOUIS ARTHUR - Of These Three Loves
32301: CUNNINGHAM, W. - An Essay On Western Civilization In Its Economic Aspects (ancient Times)
41510: CUNNINGHAM, DAVID S. - Friday, Saturday, Sunday Literary Meditations on Suffering, Death, and New Life
42891: CUPITT, DON - The New Christian Ethics
34180: CURLEY, TERENCE P. - Console One Another A Guide for Christian Funerals
42016: CURREY, E. HAMILTON - Sea-wolves Of The Mediterranean, The Grand Period Of The Moslem Corsairs With Portraits and Illustrations
35365: CURRIE, THOMAS - Searching for Truth Confessing Christ in an Uncertain World
37005: CURRIE, THOMAS W. - The Joy of Ministry
30802: CURRIE, GREGORY AND MUSGRAVE, ALAN, EDS. - Popper and the Human Sciences
43320: CURRY, DANIEL - Life-Story Of Rev. Davis Wasgatt Clark, D.D., Bishop Of The Methodist Episcopal Church Compiled from Original Sources
31776: CURRY, BRUCE - Speaking of Religion
42315: CURTEIS, GEORGE HERBERT - Dissent, In Its Relation To The Church Of England: Eight Lectures Preached Before The University Of Oxford In The Year 1871, On The Foundation Of The Late Rev. John Bampton
23121: CURTIUS, ERNST; WARD, ADOLPHUS WILLIAM, TRANS. - The History Of Greece. Complete In 5 Volumes
44534: CUSIC, DON - The Sound of Light A History of Gospel and Christian Music
23792: CUTTS, EDWARD L. - A Dictionary Of The Church Of England Fourth Edition, Brought Up to Date
31178: DA SILVA CUNHA, J. M. - Desenvolvimento De Angola E Mcambique, Planeamento Da Economia E Problemas De Administracao Financeira
42040: DAGHLIAN, GARABED K. - Shafts Of Spiritual Light
33235: DAHL, JUDITH - River of Promise Two Women's Story of Love and Adoption
45432: DAHL, NILS ALSTRUP - Jesus in the Memory of the Early Church Essays
27717: DAHLE, BISHOP LARS NIELSEN (JOHN BEVERIDGE, TRANS. ) - Life After Death And The Future Of The Kingdom Of God
37138: STARR DAILY - The Way of Holy Affection (First Revised Edition)
36321: DALE, R. W. - The Epistle Of James And Other Discources
25506: DALES, JOHN B. AND PATTERSON, R. M. , EDS. - Report Of Proceedings Of The Second General Council Of The Presbyterian Alliance, Convened At Philadelphia, September, 1880
37569: DALY, HERMAN E. & JOHN B. COBB JR - For the Common Good Redirecting the Economy toward Community, the Environment, & a Sustainable Future
41617: O'DALY, GERARD J. P - Plotinus' philosophy of the self
22758: DANA, ELLIS H. - Protestant Strategy In The Making Modern Protestantism, Struggling for Greater Influence Aganst the Swirling Tides of Secular Ideas and Methods in a Dangerous World, Faces an Imperative Need for a More Dynamic Counciliar Approach
25883: DANA, MALCOLM - Getting Into The Game
24000: DANA, HAROLD FESSENDEN, ED. - Bowdoin Bugle, Volume LIII Published by Members of the Junior Class, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, 1898
25354: DANA, MARY S. B. - Letters Addressed To Relatives And Friends, Chiefly In Reply To Arguments In Support Of The Doctrine Of The Trinity
27882: DANA, DANIEL - Managing Differences How to Build Better Relationships At Work and Home
34204: DANA, KATHARINE FLOYD - Our Phil And Other Stories With Illustrations by E. W. Kemble
26072: DANFORTH, JOSHUA N. - Memoir Of William C. Walton, Late Pastor Of The Second Presbyterian Church In Alexandria, D.c., And Of The Free Church In Hartford, Conn.
41626: DANIELS, BRUCE C. - Puritans At Play Leisure and Recreation in Early New England
35343: DANIELSSON, BROR - A Modern English-swedish Dictionary/modern Engelsk-svensk Ordbok
43543: DARGAN, EDWIN CHARLES [1852-1930] - The hope of glory, and other sermons
44903: DARIES, FREDERICK R. , ED. - A Book Of Chorales And Supplemental Hymns
42978: DARLOW, T.H. - Letters of George Borrow to the British and Foreign Bible Society 1911 First Edition
16614: DARMS, JOHN M. G. - With Christ Through Lent
44092: DENNIS N. KENEDY DARNOI - The Unconscious And Eduard Von Hartmann [hardback] a Historico-Critical Monograph
42596: DARR, KATHERYN PFISTERER - Isaiah's Vision and the Family of God
29422: DART, MARGARET S. - Yankee Traders At Sea And Ashore An Account of the Early Nineteenth Century Merchant Ships Built in Connecticut and Sailing from New York--And of Connecticut Travelers to the Far West and the Far East
32625: DAUGHTERS, ANDREW - Gospel Treasury Cycle C
36600: DAVENPORT, GENE L. - Powers and Principalities
23189: DAVIDSON, SAMUEL - An Introduction To The Old Testament, Critical, Historical, And Theological, Complete In 3 Volumes Containing a Discussion of the Most Important Questions Belonging to the Several Books
43551: DAVIDSON, A. B. ; PATERSON, J. A. , ED. - Waiting Upon God
27655: DAVIDSON, D. - Connexion Of Sacred And Profane History. Complete In 3 Volumes Being a Review of the Principal Events in the World As They Bear Upon the State of Religion, from the Close of the Old Testament History, Till the Establishment of Christianity
41371: DAVIDSON, ROBERT - History Of The Presbyterian Church In The State Of Kentucky With a Preliminary Sketch of the Churches in the Valley of Virginia
37998: DAVIES, SUSAN E. & SISTER PAUL TERESA HENNESSEE - Ending Racism In The Church
32282: DAVIES, DAVID RICHARD - Theology and the Atomic Age
25325: DAVIES, E. - The Believer's Handbook On Holiness, Showing How to Enter and How to Dwell in the Canaan of Perfect Love
42359: DAVIES, ARFOR TEGLA - Friends Ambulance Unit, The story of the F.A.U. in the Second World War, 1939-1946
36801: DAVIES, A. POWELL - The Urge To Persecute
14577: DAVID J. DAVIES - The Church and the Plain Man, The Moorhouse Lectures, 1917
35358: DAVIES, HORTON - Catching the Conscience Essays in Religion and Literature
40920: DAVIES, N. DE GARIS WITH NOTES BY THE EDITOR F. LL. GRIFFITH - The Mastaba of Ptahhetep and Akhethetep at Saqqareh, Parts 1+2 Part I: the Chapel of Ptahhetep and the Hieroglyphs. Part II: the Mastaba. the Sculptures of Akhethetep .
45035: DAVIES, EBENEZER - American Scenes And Christian Slavery: A Recent Tour Of Four Thousand Miles In The United States
27503: DAVIS, OZORA S. , ED. - An Invested Life: Butler Winfield Firman
43561: DAVIS, OZORA S. - Preaching On Church And Community Occasions
30564: DAVIS, WOODBURY [1818-1871] - The Beautiful City, And The King Of Glory
37006: DAVIS, DAVID A. - A Kingdom We Can Taste Sermons for the Church Year
44026: DAVIS, PETER - Where is Nicaragua
43084: DAVIS, J. MERLE - Davis, Soldier Missionary A Biography of Rev. Jerome D. Davis, D.D., Lieut-Colonel of Volunteers and For Thirty-Nine Years a Missionart of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in Japan
32280: DAVIS, J. MERLE (JOHN R. MOTT, INTRODUCTION - New Buildings On Old Foundations A Handbook for Stabilizing the Younger Churches in Their Environment
45461: PATRICIA & H DAVIS - Counseling Adolescent Girls (Creative Pastoral Care & Counseling)
40682: DAVIS, E.F. - Imagination Shaped Old Testament Preaching
38007: DAVIS, W. SUMNER (DOUGLAS R. A. HARE, FOREWORD) - Miracles An Updated Version
36979: DAW JR. , CARL P - Breaking the Word Essays of the Liturgical Dimensions of Preaching
39481: DAWN, MARVA J. - Is it a Lost Cause? Having the Heart of God for the Church's Children
36865: DAWN, MARIA - I'm Lonely Lord - How Long Meditations on the Psalms
44540: DAWN, MARVA J. ; DISMER, KAREN, ED. - Morning by Morning Daily Meditations from the Writings of Marva J. Dawn
39907: DAWN, MARVA J. - A Royal Waste of Time The Splendor of Worshiping God and Being Church for the World
33813: DAWSON, DAVID - Literary Theory
7156: CARLOS P. DAY - Rambles in Rhyme
39640: DAY, ANN B. , ED. - And So We Speak Experiences and Reflections of Openly Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Clergy and Seminarians in the United Church of Christ
23320: DAY, HOLMAN F. - Squire Phin
13281: EDWARD DAY - The Social Life of the Hebrews (the Semitic Series)
39912: O'DAY, ROSEMARY & FELICITY HEAL - Continuity and Change Personnel and Administration of the Church in England, 1500-1642
45489: DEAR, JOHN - They Will Inherit the Earth Peace and Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change
39693: DEBENEDETTI, CHARLES - Peace Heroes in Twentieth-century America
36348: DEBONA, GUERRIC (JOAN CHITTISTER, FOREWARD) - Praying with the Benedictines A Window on the Cloister
30559: DEBONSAT, FABER - The Pilgrim Faith Maintained An Exhibit of the Calvarminian Doctrine As Found in Vital Theology
36664: DEBONSAT, FABER - The Pilgrim Faith Maintained An Exhibit of the Calvarminian Doctrine As Found in Vital Theology
33931: ROBERT OWEN DECKER - Hartford Immigrants, A History of the Christian Activities Council (Congregational), 1850-1980
33857: DECKER, ANNE CARROLL - Circle of the Soul
20987: ROBERT OWEN DECKER - Hartford Immigrants, A History of the Christian Activities Council (Congregational), 1850-1980
19085: ROY J. DEFERRARI - College Organization and Administration (The Proceedings of the Workshop on College Organization and Administration, Conducted at the Catholic University of America from June 17-June 27, 1946)
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33920: FITZGERALD, WILLIAM JOHN - A Contemporary North American Prayer Book
36356: FITZGERALD, WILLIAM JOHN - Stories of Coming Home
45331: FITZMIER, JOHN R. - New England’S Moral Legislator Timothy Dwight, 1752–1817 (Hardcover)
36856: FLAKE, ELAINE M.; CURTIS, WILLIAM H. & KATHRYN V. STANLEY - God in Her Midst Preaching Healing to Wounded Women
43991: FLEISCHMAN, PAUL & VARIOUS - Eyes Wide Open Going Behind the Environmental Headlines
43088: FLEMING, DANIEL JOHNSON - Schools With A Message In India
26786: FLEWELLING, RALPH TYLER - Philosophy And The War
33977: FLINT, PETER W. & TAE HUN KIM, EDS. - The Bible at Qumran Text, Shape and Interpretation
14165: JOHN S. FLORY - Flashlights from History, A Brief Study in Social Development
27613: FLOURNOY, PARKE P. - The Bearing Of Archaeological And Historical Research Upon The New Testament
45455: FLUNDER, YVETTE A. - Where the Edge Gathers Building a Community of Radical Inclusion
32505: FLURER, JAMES ALBERT - Towers in the Light Rebuilding the Liberal Christian Vision and the Mainline Church
29843: FOAKES-JACKSON, F. J. - The Life Of Saint Paul, The Man And The Apostle
33316: FOLEY, NADINE - Journey in Faith and Fidelity Women Shaping Religious Life for a Renewed Church
43327: FONTINELL, EUGENE - Self, God, and Immortality A Jamesian Investigation
25129: FOOTE, HENRY WILDER (AND JOHN CARROLL PERKINS) - Annals Of King's Chapel, Complete In Three Volumes From the Puritan Age of New England to the Present Day
29559: FOOTE, HENRY WILDER - The Commemoration By King's Chapel, Boston, Of The Completion Of Two Hundred Years Since Its Foundation, On Wednesday, December 15, 1886 Also Three Historical Sermons. with Ilustrations
23249: FORBES, JOHN - The Servant Of The Lord In Isaiah Xl-lxvi Reclaimed to Isaiah As the Author, from Argument, Structure, and Date
16469: S. RUSSELL FORBES - The Footsteps of St. Paul in Rome, an Historical Memoir, from the Apostle's Landing at Puteoli to His death, A.D. 62-64 Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged
45386: FORBES, JAMES; MOYERS, BILL, FOREWORD - Whose Gospel? A Concise Guide to Progressive Protestantism
43248: FORBUSH, WILLIAM BYRON, ED. - Fox's Book Of Martyrs A History of the Lives, Sufferings and Triumphant Deaths of the Early Christian and the Protestant Martyrs
42487: FORD, D. W. CLEVERLEY - An Expository Preacher's Notebook
37525: FORD, MICHAEL - Disclosures Conversations Gay and Spiritual
32708: FORD, JOHN T. & DARLIS J. SWAN, EDS. - Twelve Tales Untold Study Guide for Ecumenical Reception
32556: FOREMAN, LELIA ROSE - Shatterworld
100: RAYMOND LALOR FORMAN - Rough-Hewed and Other Sermons
41393: FORMEY, JEAN HENRI SAMUEL - An Ecclesiastical History; From The Birth Of Christ To The Present Time, Written Originally In French. Complete In 2 Volumes Bound In One. To Which is Added an Appendix, Giving an Account of the People Called Methodists, by the Translator
28525: FORRER, SAMUEL H. - Some Cognitive Elements Of Religious Experience
41059: FORRESTER, DUNCAN B. - The True Church and Morality Reflections on Ecclesiology and Ethics
40992: FORSTER, THE REV. CHARLES - Sinai Photographed or Contemporary Records of Israel in the Wilderness With an Appendix
25646: FORSTER, CHARLES - Mahometanism Unveiled: An Inquiry In Which That Arch-heresy, Its Diffusion And Continuance, Are Examined On A New Principle, Tending To Confirm The Evidences, And Aid The Propagation Of The Christian Faith Complete in 2 Volumes
28465: FORSTER, JOHN; CHOULES, J. O. , ED. - The Statesmen Of The Commonwealth Of England; With A Treatise On The Popular Progress In English History
33923: FORSTHOEFEL, THOMAS A. - Soulsong Seeking Holiness, Coming Home
30712: FORSYTH, PETER TAYLOR - The Christian Ethic Of War
32231: FORTIER, ALCEE, ED. AND NARRATIVE - Napoleon, Extracts From Henri Martin, Victor Duruy, Memorial De Sainte-Helene, Thiers Chateaubriand, Edgar Quinet, Madame De Remusat
40583: FORTUNE, MARIE M. - Is Nothing Sacred? The Story of a Pastor, the Women He Sexually Abused, and the Congregation He Nearly Destroyed
44412: FORTUNE, MARIE M - Keeping the Faith Guidance for Christian Women Facing Abuse
45388: FORTUNE, MARIE M. - Sexual Violence The Unmentionable Sin
45450: FOSDICK, HARRY EMERSON - The Hope of the World; Twenty-Five Sermons on Christianity Today,
32765: FOSKETT, MARY F. & O. WESLEY ALLEN, EDS. - Between Experience and Interpretation Engaging the Writings of the New Testament
43217: FOSKETT, MARY F. & JEFFREY KAH-JIN KUAN - Ways of Being, Ways of Reading Asian American Biblical Interpretation
13046: JOHN FOSTER - Essays in a Series of Letters to a friend, Two Volumes in One First American from the Third London Edition
21791: FOSTER, WALTER ROLAND - Bishop And Presbytery: The Church Of Scotland, 1661-1688
24571: FOSTER, CHARLES R. - Educating Congregations, The Future Of Christian Education
35631: FOSTER, JOHN MCGAW - To Know And Believe Studies in the Apostles' Creed
28315: FOSTER, THOMAS S. - Recreational Whitewater Canoeing: An Instructional Guide Revised Edition
37125: FOSTER, STEPHEN - Their Solitary Way Puritan Social Ethic in the First Century of Settlement in New England
41996: FOSTER, JOHN - An Essay On The Importance Of Considering The Subject Of Religion. Addressed Particularly to Men of Education. Second American Edition
28439: FOSTER, JOHN - Sir John Eliot: A Biography. 1592-1632. Complete In 2 Volumes. Second Edition
42242: FOSTER, SARAH JANE; REILLY, WAYNE E. (FOREWORD BY JACQUELINE JONES) - Sarah Jane Foster, Teacher of the Freedmen A Diary and Letters
23169: FOSTON, HUBERT M. - Man And The Image Of God
42480: FOWLER, ARLEN L. - The Black Infantry in the West, 1869-1891
41082: FOWLER, JAMES W. - Faith Development and Pastoral Care
41707: FOWLER, JAMES W. - Faithful Change The Personal and Public Challenges of Postmodern Life
44765: FOWLER, MARK A. - Mentoring Into Vocation Touchstones for the Journey
43360: FOX, GEORGE; JONE, RUFUS M. , ED. , INTRO. , AND NOTES - George Fox, An Autobiography
26657: FOX, JESSIE DOUGLAS - The House On Lark Street
34825: FOX, LOUISA; JONES, JAN NAIMO - Every Monday in the Mailbox
43754: FOX, EMMET & E. Y. HARBURG - Alter Your Life
41697: FOX, MARY VIRGINIA - Scheduling the Heavens The Story of Edmond Halley
35526: FRAGOMENI, RICHARD N. - Come to the Feast Invitation to Eucharistic Transformation
44051: FRANCE, ANATOLE - The Writings Of Anatole France Four Volumes in One
34702: FRANCESCHI, V.TODARO- - The Enigma of Energy Where Science and Religion Converge
15383: FRANCIS J. BROWN AND RICHARD B. ANLIOT, EDS. - Human Relations in Higher Education, A Report of a National Student Conference on Huyman Relations in Higher Education Held at Earlham College, March 29-31, 1951
43422: GUSTAV FRANK - Geschichte Der Protestantischen Theologie, Zweiter Theil. Von Georg Calirt Bis Zur Wolff'schen Philosophie
11737: FRANK K. FLINN, ED. - Hermeneutics and Horizons: The Shape of the Future (Proceedings of the Bahamas' Seminar on Hermeneutics & "Divine Principle")
43421: GUSTAV FRANK - Geschichte Der Protestantischen Theologie, Erster Theil Von Luther Bis Johann Gerhard
41418: VON FRANK, H. R. AND GRUTZMACHER, R. H. - Geschichte Und Kritik Der Neueren Theologie, Insbesondere Der Systematischen, Seit Schleiermacher Bearbeitet Und Bis Zur Gegenwart Fortgefuhrt Von R. H. Grutzmacher, Vierte Auflage
43423: GUSTAV FRANK - Geschichte Der Protestantischen Theologie, Zweiter Theil. Von Georg Calirt Bis Zur Wolff'schen Philosophie
37423: FRANK, ANNE; FRANK, OTTO H. & MIRJAM PRESSLER - The Diary of a Young Girl The Definitive Edition
45474: FRANK, THOMAS EDWARD - Polity, Practice and the Mission of the United Methodist Church 2006
42086: FRANK, S. L. & BORIS JAKIM, TRANS. - The Meaning of Life
45055: FRANK, ANNE; FRANK, OTTO H. & MIRJAM PRESSLER - The Diary of a Young Girl
43518: GUSTAV FRANK - Geschichte Der Protestantischen Theologie. 4 Bande.
30079: FRANKE, A. H. - Das Alte Testament Bei Johannes Ein Beitrag Zur Erklarung Und Beurtheilung Der Johanneischen Schriften
30080: FRANKE, AUGUST HERMANN - Die Stellung Des Johannes Zum Volke Des Alten Bundes Habilitations-Dissertation, Sammt Den Angehangten Thesen Mit Genehmigung Der Hochwurdigen Theologischen Facultat Der Vereinigten Friedriches-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg Am Sonnabend Den 4. Februar 1882 Offentllch Zu Vertreten
37004: FRANKFORTER, A. DANIEL - Stones for Bread A Critique of Contemporary Worship
39337: FRANKLIN, LEE - Watch and Pray Leader's Guide: Scriptures for the Church Seasons
16814: FRANKLIN H. LITTELL, ED. - Sermons to Intellectuals, From Three Continents
39119: FRANKLIN, ROBERT M. - Another Day's Journey Black Churches Confronting The American Crisis
27661: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - On The Choice Of A Mistress & Other Satires and Hoaxes
43194: FRANKLIN, JEROME L - Organization development; An annotated bibliography
44428: FRANTZ, NADINE PENCE & MARY T. STIMMING - Hope Deferred Heart-Healing Reflections on Reproductive Loss
43114: FRANZMANN, MARTIN H. - Follow Me: Discipleship According To Saint Matthew
39801: FRASER, LYN - Prayers from the Darkness The Difficult Psalms
10156: FREEDMAN, SAMUEL G. - Upon This Rock The Miracles of a Black Church
12009: ELMER S. FREEMAN - The Lord's Supper in Protestantism
23219: FREEMAN-GRENVILLE, G. S. P. - The Muslim And Christian Calendars, Being Tables For The Conversion Of Muslim And Christian Dates From The Hijra To The Year A.d. 2000
23269: FREEMAN, PHILIP - The Principles Of Divine Service, Two Volumes An Enquiry Concerning the True Manner of Understanding and Using the Order for Morning and Evening Prayer, and for the Administration of the Holy Communion in the English Church
25805: FREEMAN, EDWARD A. - The Reign Of William Rufus And The Accession Of Henry The First. Complete In 2 Volumes
24909: FREER, A. GOODRICH - Inner Jerusalem
43935: FREIRE, PAULO & CARMEN ST. JOHN HUNTER - Pedagogy in process The letters to Guinea-Bissau
25598: FREMANTLE, W. H. - The Doctrine of Reconciliation to God by Jesus Christ Seven Lectures, Preached During Lent 1870, with a Prefatory Essay
26863: FREMANTLE, W. H. - Christian Ordinances And Social Progress Being the William Belden Noble Letures for 1900
30425: FREMANTLE, W. H. - The World As The Subject Of Redemption, Being An Attempt To Set Forth The Functions Of The Church As Designed To Embrace The Whole Race Of Mankind Eight Lectures Delivered before the University of Oxford in the Year 1853
23485: FRENCH, RICHARD VALPY, ED. - Lex Mosaica, Or The Law Of Moses And The Higher Criticism
32319: FRENCH, WILLIAM LESLIE - The Psychology Handwriting
28495: FRENCHAK, DAVID J. , STOCKWELL, CLINTON E. AND JVAROSY, HELEN - Signs of the Kingdom in the Secular City Resources for the Urban Church
11290: W. H. FRERE - English Church Ways, Described to Russian Friends in Four Lectures Delivered at St. Petersburg in March, 1914
34653: FRETHEIM, TERENCE E. & KARLFRIED FROEHLICH - The Bible as Word of God In a Postmodern Age
36165: FREUDBERG, DAVID - Corporate Conscience Money, Power and Responsible Business
7779: FREUND, RONALD - What One Person Can Do to Help Prevent Nuclear War
37162: FRIBERG, NILS C. & MARK R. LAASER - Before the Fall Preventing Pastoral Sexual Abuse
38750: FRIES, SYLVIA DOUGHTY - The Urban Idea In Colonial America
34390: FRINGS, MANFRED S. , ED. AND INTRO. - Heidegger And The Quest For Truth
28404: FRINK, HENRY ALLYN - An Address Comemorative Of Richard Henry Mather, Professor Of Greek In Amherst College Delivered before the Faculty, Students, and Friends of the College, June 15th, 1890
41465: FROHLICH, KARLFRIED - Oscar Cullmann: Vortrage Und Ausatze 1925-1962
7491: LINDA FROST - Jesus and the Tug of Tough Tenderness
25798: FROTHINGHAM, OCTAVIUS BROOKS - Recollections And Impressions, 1822-1890
28574: FRY, DAVID E. - Northwood Institute, The First Twenty-five Years
28128: FRYE, CHARLES, ED. - Benjamin E. Mays Monograph Series, Fall 1987, Vol. I, No. I The Emerging Black Scholar
34652: FRYE, NORTHROP - The Double Vision Language and Meaning in Religion
45101: FRYMER-KENSKY, TIKVA - In the Wake of the Goddesses Women, Culture and the Biblical Transformation of Pagan Myth
14712: FUCHS, LUCY - We Were There: Women in the New Testament
25526: FULLER, THOMAS; NUTTALL, P. AUSTIN, ED. , NOTES, INDEXES - The History Of The Worthies Of England, Complete In 3 Volumes A New Edition
40447: FULLER, MARGARET (1810-1850) - Love-Letters of Margaret Fuller, 1845-1846, with an Introduction by Julia Ward Howe; to Which Are Added the Reminiscences of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Horace Greeley and Charles T. Congdon
6876: GEORGE STUART FULLERTON - The World We Live in, or Philosophy and Life in the Light of Modern Thought
43055: FUNK, F. X. ; CAPPADELTA, LUIGI, TRANS. - A Munual Of Church History. Complete In 2 Volumes Second Impression of the Authorized Translation from the 5th German Edition
45446: FUNK, ROBERT WALTER & THE JESUS SEMINAR - The Acts of Jesus What Did Jesus Really Do?
42031: FUNKE, GERHARD, ED. - Kant-studien, Philosophische Zeitschrift Der Kant-gesellschaft 65. Jahrgang Sonderheft. Akten/ Des 4. Internationalen Kant-kongresses Mainz 6-10 April 1974 Teil II, 1, 2: Sektionen, 2 Bde
25590: FURNESS, WILLIAM HENRY - Thoughts On The Life And Character Of Jesus Of Nazareth
25589: FURNESS, WILLIAM HENRY - A History Of Jesus
23969: FURNESS, WILLIAM HENRY - Discourses
32537: FURNHAM, ADRIAN (GREENBERG, J. FOREWORD) - The Protestant Work Ethic Psychology of Work Related Beliefs and Behaviours
27909: FURST-LAMBERT, RENATA AND PEREZ, SAIDA MALDONADO, EDS. - Perspectivas: Hispanic Theological Initiative Occasional Paper Series, Issue 6, Fall 2002
27637: FURST-LAMBERT, RENATA AND PEREZ, SAIDA MALDONADO, EDS. - Perspectivas: Hispanic Theological Initiative Occasional Paper Series, Issue 6, Fall 2002
40512: FUSSNER, F.SMITH - Tudor History and the Historians
16537: RALPH HENRY GABRIEL - Religion and Learning at Yale, The Church of Christ in the College and University, 1757-1957
33818: GABRIELE, EDWARD F. - Cloud Days and Fire Nights Canticles for a Pilgrimage Out of Exile
34103: GABRIELE, EDWARD F. - My Soul Magnifies the Lord
26823: GADD, C. J. AND LEGRAIN, L. - Ur Excavations, Volume I, Royal Inscriptions, Complete In 2 Books, I/1 Text And I/2 Plates
34651: GADDY, C. WELTON - Why Bother with the Bible? Understanding the Book of Faith
43049: GAEDE, BETH ANN - Congregations Talking About Homosexuality Dialogue on a Difficult Issue
44839: GAILLARDETZ, RICHARD R - A Daring Promise A Spirituality of Christian Marriage
38587: GALLAGHER, ROBERT A. - Power From On High A Model for Parish Life and Development
36590: GALLAGHER, CAROL J. - Reweaving the Sacred A Practical Guide to Change and Growth for Challenged Congregations
36576: GALLAGHER, CAROL J. - Reweaving the Sacred A Practical Guide to Change and Growth for Challenged Congregations
30562: GALLOWAY, GEORGE - The Idea Of Immortality, Its Development And Value The Baird Lecture, 1917
36587: GALLOWAY, JOHN T., JR.; BUCHANAN, JOHN M. - Ministry Loves Company A Survival Guide for Pastors
33436: GALLOWAY, PRISCILLA; COUSINEAU, NORMAND, ILLUSTRATOR - Aleta and the Queen A Tale of Ancient Greece
42587: GALLOWAY, KATHY; GALLOWAY, KATHY - Pushing the Boat Out New Poetry
37657: GALLOWAY, KATHY - Dreaming of Eden Reflections on Christianity and Sexuality
43062: GALLOWAY, KATHY - Walking in Darkness and Light Sermons and Reflections
44685: GAN, JONATHAN - The Metaphor of Shepherd in the Hebrew Bible A Historical-literary Reading
40778: GARBER, FREDERICK - Thoreau's Fable of Inscribing
42306: GARBETT, JAMES - Christ, As Prophet, Priest, And King: Beng A Vindication Of The Church Of England From Theological Novelties, In Eight Lectures Preached Before The University Of Oxford, At Canon Bampton's Lecture, In The Year Mdcccxlii. Complete In 2 Volumes.
43030: GARBETT, EDWARD - The Dogmatic Faith: An Inquiry Into The Relaiton Subsisting Between Revelation And Dogma; In Eight Lectures Preached Before The University Of Oxford In The Year 1867, On The Foundation Of The Late Rev. John Bampton
43344: GARCIA, ISMAEL - Justice In Latin American Theology Of Liberation (hardcover)
28567: GARDINER, FREDERIC - A Harmony Of The Four Gospels In English According to the Authorized Version, Corrected by the Best Critical Editions of the Original
35371: GARDNER, W. R. W. - The Doctrine Of Man The Islam Series
28011: GARDNER, PERCY - Exploratio Evangelica, A Brief Examination Of The Basis And Origin Of Christian Belief
42446: GARDNER, PERCY - The Principles Of Christian Art
45207: GARDNER, FREDA A. - Belonging to God Catechism Resources for Worship
41381: GARFIELD, JAY L. & PATRICIA HENNESSEY, EDS. - Abortion Moral and Legal Perspectives
44886: GARFIELD, LEAH MAGGIE - Sound Medicine Healing with Voice, Music and Song
38567: GARLICK, HARRIET TRUBEE - History Of The Trubee Family 1275-1894
41651: GARNETT, CHRISTOPHER BROWNE, JR. - The Kantian Philosophy Of Space
45041: GARRETT, GREG - Stories from the Edge A Theology of Grief
5549: WINFRED ERNEST GARRISON - Affirmative Religion
26069: GARRISON, E. W. - Memoir Of Mrs. Rebekah P. Pinkham, Late Consort Of Rev. E. Pinkham, Of Sedgwick, Me Containing an Account of Her Conversion; Interesting Letters to Her Friends; Her Writinigs for the Promotion of Missionary Objects, & C.
36586: GARRISON, BECKY - Rising from the Ashes Rethinking Church
43000: GARTHWAITE, GENE R. - Khans and Shahs A History of the Bakhtiyari Tribe in Iran
29811: GARTNER, BERTIL - The Temple And The Community In Qumran And The New Testament A Comparative Study in the Temple Symbolism of the Qumran Texts and the New Testament
35825: GASPAR, KARL - How long? Prison reflections from the Philippines
27397: GASQUET, F. A. - Henry VIII. And The English Monasteries. Complete in 2 Volumes An Attempt to Illustrate the History of Their Suppression. Second Edition
34804: GASTIL, RAYMOND D. - Social Humanities Toward an Integrative Discipline of Science and Values
18632: GATES, TOM; GATES, LIZ - Stories from Kenya (Pendle Hill Pamphlet 319)
37781: GAUSTAD, EDWIN S. , ED. - A Documentary History Of Religion In America Since 1865 Second Edition
29623: GAUSTAD, EDWIN S. - Historical Atlas Of Religion In America
45502: GAUSTAD, EDWIN S. & MARK A. NOLL; EDS. - A Documentary History of Religion in America Since 1877. Third Edition
39821: GAUSTAD, EDWIN S. - A Documentary History of Religion in America to the Civil War Second Edition
33230: GAVENTA, BEVERLY ROBERTS - Easter Interpreting the Lessons of the Church Year
42037: GAVIN, W.J. & J.E. BLAKELEY - Russia and America A Philosophical Comparison: Development and Change of Outlook from the 19th to the 20th Century
17340: VOLNEY P. GAY - Freud on Sublimation: Reconsiderations
44799: GEDDE, PALMER L. - While You Can: Dealing With Death Before It Comes [leader's Guide]
42807: GEDEN, ALFRED S. - Outlines Of Introduction To The Hebrew Bible
44649: GEER, C. M. , ED. - Lewis Bayles Paton, 1864-1932, Memorial Service The Bulletin of the Hartford Seminary Foundation, Vol. XVIII, May-June 1932, No. 4
45085: GEER, C. M. , ED. - Lewis Bayles Paton, 1864-1932, Memorial Service The Bulletin of the Hartford Seminary Foundation, Vol. XVIII, May-June 1932, No. 4
44625: GEIS,SALLY B - Liberals & Other Born-Again Christians Commentaries on Bleeding Hearts and Warmed Hearts Coming Together
42832: GEISSLER, SUZANNE - Lutheranism And Anglicanism In Colonial New Jersey An Early Ecumenical Experiment in New Sweden
37013: GELDER, CRAIG VAN, ED. - Confident Witness--Changing World Rediscovering the Gospel in North America
20331: MICHAEL GELFAND - Lakeside Pioneers Socio-medical Study of Nyasaland (1875-1920)
40660: GELINEAU, JOSEPH - The liturgy today and tomorrow
45107: GENCH, FRANCES TAYLOR - Faithful Disagreement Wrestling with Scripture in the Midst of Church Conflict
25613: GENSCHLAG, WILLIBALD - Die Auserstehung Christi, Und Ihre Neueste Bestreitung (In Straussens Leben Jesu Furs Deutsche Volk)
45076: GENT, BARBARA & BETTY STURGES - The Altar Guild Book
38733: GENTZLER, RICHARD H. - Designing an Older Adult Ministry
45248: GENTZLER, RICHARD H. - The Graying of the Church A Leader's Guide for Older-Adult Ministry in the United Methodist Church
16564: JOHN FRANKLIN GENUNG - The Hebrew Literature of Wisdom in the Light of Today, A Synthesis
4865: GEORGE N. MARSHALL, ED. - The Church of the Pilgrim Fathers [Paperback}
17528: GEORGE H. BETTS, FREDERICK C. EISELEN, GEORGE A. COE, EDS. - Religion and Conduct, The Report of a Conference Held at Northwestern University, November 15-16, 1929
40249: GEORGE, TIMOTHY, ED. - Mr. Moody And The Evangelical Tradition
14831: GEORGE N. BOYD AND LOIS A. BOYD, EDS. - Religion in Contemporary fiction: Criticism from 1945 to the Present
29508: GEORGE ARTHUR BUTTRICK, ED. - The Interpreter's Bible, Volume III (3), Kings, Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Judges, Ruth, Samuel
40638: GEORGE, NATHAN D. - An Examination Of Universalism Embracing its Rise and Progress and the Means of its Propagation
41585: GEORGE ARTHUR BUTTRICK, ED. - The Interpreter's Bible, Complete in 12 Volumes The Holy Scriptures in the King James and Revised Standard Versions with General Articles and Introduction, Exegesis, Exposition for Each Book of the Bible
36180: GEORGE, IVY & MARGARET MASSON - Uncommon Correspondence An East-west Conversation on Friendship, Intimacy and Love
36562: GEORGE, N. D. - Annihilationism Not Of The Bible; Being An Examination Of The Principal Scriptures In Controversy Between Evangelical Christians And Annihilationists Comprising an Exposure of the Perversions and Sophistical Arguments by Which Annihilationism is Sustained, and a Refutation of the Doctrine.
34717: GERHART, MARY & ALLAN MELVIN RUSSELL - New Maps for Old Explorations in Science and Religion
39838: GERKIN, CHARLES V. - An Introduction to Pastoral Care
45181: GERRISH, B. A. - Grace and Gratitude The Eucharistic Theology of John Calvin
44706: GESTRICH, CHRISTOF - The Return of Splendor in the World The Christian Doctrine of Sin and Forgiveness
34810: GIANNELLA, DONALD A. , ED. - Religion And The Public Order, Number Five An Annual Review of Church and State, and of Religion, Law and Society
31362: GIBALDI, JOSEPH - Approaches to Teaching Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales"
25202: GIBB, H. A. R. - The Encyclopaedia Of Islam, New Edition, Volumes I, II, III, And IV
13097: DANIEL GIBBONS - God in Us, the World Faith of Quakerism
28260: GIBBS, JOSIAH W. - Philological Studies, With English Illustrations
17569: GEORGE H. GIBSON - The Structure of Community, A Study in Personal Relationships
39348: GIBSON, DIANE - Every Knee Shall Bow A Christmas Play in a Worship Setting
44829: GIBSON, KEN - The Purpose Directed Business
45037: GIDDINGS, FRANKLIN HENRY - The Principles Of Sociology An Analysis of the Phenomena of Association and of Social Organization
43871: GIESY, SAMUEL H. - The I Ams Of Christ: A Contribution To Christological Thought
42485: M'GIFFERT, ARTHUR CUSHMAN - Protestant Thought Before Kant
8697: MILLARD M. GIFFORD - Symphonic Silver
42235: GIFFORD, ORRIN PHILIP - The Shadow of the Rock and Other Sermons
18711: GILBERT CLIVE BINYON, ED. - Prayers for the City of God
35533: GILBREATH, EDWARD - Reconciliation Blues A Black Evangelical's Inside View of White Christianity
13345: GILL, DAVID W. (EDITOR) - Should God Get Tenure? : Essays on Religion & Higher Education
16911: STEPHEN M. GILL - The Discovery of Bangladesh
39285: GILL, ROBIN - Readings in Modern Theology
42391: GILL, JERRY H, ED. - Essays On Kierkegaard [Hardcover]
40675: GILL, FREDERICK C. - John Wesley's Prayers
25802: GILLETT, FIDELIA WOOLLEY (ASSISTED BY REV. A. B. GROSH) - Memoir Of Rev. Edward Mott Woolley [1758-1834] With an Appendix, Containing Selections from His Sermons
43343: GILMORE, ALEC - Baptism And Christian Unity
37084: GILSON, ANNE BATHURST - Eros Breaking Free: Interpreting Sexual Theo-Ethics
36067: GINGERICH, RAY C. & THEODORE C. GRIMSRUD - Transforming the Powers Peace, Justice and the Domination System
6773: GINI KING, ED. - Global Gardening: Poems, Prayers and Reflections for the Ecumencial Decade of Churches in Solidarity with Women, 1988-1998
32179: GINSBERG, MORRIS - Essays In Sociology And Social Philosophy. Complete In 3 Volumes Vol. I, on the Diversity of Morals; Vol. II, Reason and Unreason in Society; Vol. III, Evolution and Progress
34340: GIORDANI, IGINO - The Family A Community of Love
19055: P. C. LIERDE AND A. GIRAUD (A. MANSON, TRANSLATOR) - What Is A Cardinal? (The Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Catholicism, Volume 84)
44052: GIRAUD, CHARLIER - Blueberry, Tome 2 [french Language] Tonnerre à l'Ouest

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