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33931: [BURKE (EDMUND)] - Observations on a Late State of the Nation.
33937: [SHERLOCK (THOMAS)] - A Letter from the Lord Bishop of London, to the Clergy and People of London and Westminster; on Occasion of the Late Earthquakes.
33944: [DEFOE (DANIEL)?] - A Letter from a Member of the House of Commons to his Friend in the Country, Relating to the Bill of Commerce. With a True Copy of the Bill, and an Exact List of all those who voted for and against Engrossing it.
35566: [CLAYTON (JOHN)] - Friendly Advice to my Poor Neighbours; in a Series of Cottage Tales and Dialogues. By a Member of the Church of England.
36448: [OSBORNE (E. C. & W.)] - Osborne's London & Birmingham, Railway Guide, Illustrated with numerous engravings & maps.
30988: [BROWNE (PETER)] - The Procedure, Extent, and Limits of Human Understanding.
30996: [MANNING (ROBERT)] - England's Conversion and Reformation compared. Or, the Young Gentleman directed in the Choice of his Religion. To which is premised, A brief Enquiry into the General Grounds of the Catholick Faith. In a Conversation between a Young Gentleman and his Preceptor. Divided into Four Dialogues.
36438: [WYLD (JAMES)] - The Great Western, Cheltenham and Great Western, and Bristol and Exeter Railway Guides: a topographical, antiquarian, and geological account of the country, and of the towns and villages in the neighbourhood of the railways: with a preliminary description of the construction of the Great Western and other railways, illustrated with numerous and accurate engravings on wood; and guides to Windsor, Reading, Oxford, Glocester [sic], Hereford, Cheltenham, Bath, Wells, and Bristol.
36442: [OSBORNE (E. C. & W.)] - Osborne's Guide to the Grand Junction, or Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester Railway, with the Topography of the Country Through which the Line passes, and Complete Guides to the Towns of Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester.
34511: [ANSTIE (JOHN)] - A Letter addressed to Edward Phelips, Esq. Member for the County of Somerset; containing General Observations on the Advantages of Manufacturing the Combing Wool of England, which is Smuggled to France; and Cursory Remarks of the Evidence given by the Manufacturers to the Committee of the House of Commons: Also, a Refutation of the Argument adduced by the Author of the Annals of Agriculture, from an Official Paper of Mons. Calonne; to shew The Inconsiderable Quantity of British Wool imported into France. By the chairman of the Wool Meeting.
34584: [BOUTET (CLAUDE)] - The Art of Painting in Miniature: teaching the speedy and perfect acquisition of that art without a master. ... To which are added certain secrets of one of the greatest Italian painters for making the finest Colours, Burnish'd Gold, Shell-Gold, &c. Done from the original French.
34598: [DICKER (STEPHEN) ATTRIBUTED TO] - A Letter to a Member of Parliament, Concerning the Importance of our Sugar-Colonies to Great Britain. By a Gentleman, who resided many Years in the Island of Jamaica.
32424: [CARLOTTI (RÉGULUS)] - On the Medical Properties of the Eucalyptus Globulus, (Blue Gum Tree,) or Fever Tree, in the Treatment of Fevers, Bronchitis, &c.
35203: [BADESLADE (THOMAS)] - The History of the Ancient and Present State of the Navigation of the Port of King's-Lyn, and of Cambridge, and the rest of the trading-towns in those parts: And of the Navigable Rivers that have their Course through the Great-Level of the Fens, called Bedford Level. Also The History of the Ancient and Present State of Draining in that Level, in the Province of Marshland, and the Hundreds and Parts adjacent. From Authentick Records, and Ancient Manuscripts; and from Observations and Surveys carefully made upon the Spot these Three Years last past. With the method propos'd for draining the the said fens, and amending the harbour of Lyn: by Col. John Armstrong, chief Engineer of England. London: Printed by J. Roberts, for the Author, 1725. First Edition, folio, [12], 148pp., without the list of subscribers, text lightly browned, 3 engraved plans, 4 folding engraved maps of which 2 are hand-coloured. [Bound with:] ----. A Scheme for Draining the Great Level of the Fens, called Bedford-Level; And for Improving the Navigation of Lyn-Regis. Founded upon self-evident principles in experimental philosophy and practical mathematicks, and upon historical facts. And farther demonstrated, by comparing the River Ouse, with the River Thomas, &c. and Lyn-Harbour, with the Harbour of Rye. With reflections upon all the schemes hitherto proposed for draining the fens, shewing wherein they are defective. Also observations upon artificial-scours: shewing where, and in what cases they are, or can be of use; where not. Illustrated with a map. London: Printed and Sold by J. Roberts; Charles Harwick; William Thurlbourn, 1729. First Edition, folio, 10, [2, advert leaf]pp., at foot of titlepage: "No more than 150 copies printed", some faint water-staining to text. [Bound with:] [BRIDGEMAN (Charles)] A Report of the Present State of the Great Level of the Fenns called Bedford-Level. And of the port of Lynn; and of the rivers Ouse and Nean, the two great sewers of that country. With considerations on the scheme propos'd by the corporation of Lynn, for the draining the said fenns, and reinstating that harbour. And also a scheme humbly propos'd for the effectual draining those fenns, and reinstating that harbour or port. From a survey thereof made in August, 1724. by Mr. Charles Bridgman.
33347: [ALLNUTT (WILLIAM HENRY)] - Notes on Printers and Printing in the Provincial Towns of England and Wales. A Paper Read at the First Annual Meeting of the Library Association 1878.
36284: [HANNETT (JOHN)] - An Inquiry into the Nature and Form of the Books of the Ancients; with a History of the Art of Bookbinding, from the Times of the Greeks and Romans to the Present Day; Interspersed with Bibliographical References to Men and Books of All Ages and Countries. By John Andrews Arnett.
30756: [BLACKALL (OFFSPRING)] - The Lord Bishop of Exeter's Answer to Mr. Hoadly's Letter.
35453: [CROCKER (JOHN WILSON)] - The Battles of Talavera. A Poem.
31027: [BLENKINSOP (ADAM)] - A Transport Voyage to the Mauritius and back; touching at the Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena. By the Author of "Paddiana;" "A Hot-Water Cure," etc.
31055: [LEDIARD (THOMAS)] EDITOR. - The German Spy: or, Familiar Letters from a Gentleman on his Travels thro' Germany, to his Friend in England. Containing an Exact and Entertaining Description of the principal Cities, and Towns ... an Account of the Customs and Manners of the people, remarks on their language, interests and policies ... interspersed with the Secret History and Characters of the several Princes and Princesses, and other the most considerable personages in the Empire of Germany.
31067: [HOOLE (BARBARA)] - A Week at Harrogate. A Poem: in a Series of Letters...
31095: [NORTHLEIGH (JOHN)] - The Parallel: or, The New Specious Association an Old Rebellious Covenant. Closing with a Disparity between a True Patriot, and a Factious Associator.
33803: [HOLFORD (G.P.)] - Observations on the necessity of introducing a sufficient number of respectable Clergymen into our colonies in the West Indies; and the expediency of establishing for that purpose, by subscription, A College, in this Country, in which persons may be fitly educated for the Performance of the Clerical Functions, in that part of the British Empire.
27244: [THOMPSON (HENRY YATES)] EDITOR. - Facsimiles of Two "Histoires" by Jean Foucquet from Vols. I. and II. of the "Anciennetés des Juifs", Numbered Respectively 247 français in the National Library of France, and 101 in in the Supplemental Volume... of the Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts in the Collection of Henry Yates Thompson, to Which is Added a Notice with 2 Photogravures and Four Photographic Facsimiles (By Three-Colour Process) from Detached Pages of a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript of "Historie Ancienne jesqu'à Romains".
35657: [PIERSON (ERNEST)] - The Story of the Church of S. Guthlac of Stathern.
36007: [NIXON (HOWARD M.)] - Bookbindings from the Library of Jean Grolier. A Loan Exhibition.
19659: [WHITING (JOHN)] - A Catalogue of Friends Books; Written by Many of the People, Called Quakers, from the Beginning or First Appearance of the said People.
25871: [OPIE (AMELIA)] - Poems by Mrs. Opie.
24418: [ELLIS (SIR HENRY)] EDITOR. - A Catalogue of Manuscripts, Formerly in the Possession of Francis Hargrave... now Deposited in the British Museum.
23951: [WITTEK (MARTIN)] - Les Lumières dans les Pays-Bas Autrichiens et la Principauté de Liège..
24415: [MAISEAU (L.R.B.)] - Manuel de la Liberté de la Presse, ou Analyse des Discussions Législatives sur les trois lois Relatives à la Presse et aux Journaux et écrits Périodiques...
22550: [LABITTE (ADOLPHE)] - Gravures sur Bois Tirées de Livres Français du XVe Siècle.
26015: [HORSLEY (SAMUEL)] - The Following is the Speech Delivered by the Bishop of St. David's, in the House of Lords, May 31, 1791, on the Second Reading of the Bill for the Relief of Papists, or Persons Professing the Popish Religion.
26178: [BULLOCH (JOHN MALCOLM)] - Soldiering and Sailoring in the North-East of Scotland: A Bibliography. [Off-print from 'Aberdeen University Library Bulletin, No. XIV].
26216: [MUSGRAVE (WILLIAM)] - British Portraits. A Catalogue of a Genuine and Extensive Collection of English Portraits Consisting of the Royal Families, Peers, Gentry, Clergy, Lawyers, Military, Literary, Artists, Actors, Writing-Masters, Musicians, Female Sex, Phenomena, Convicts, Monsters, &c. From Egbert the Great to the Present Time; Comprising the Choicest Works of Delaram, Elstrack, Faithorne, Hollar, Loggan, Lumley, the Pass's, Place, Smith, Rob. White, &c. And nearly the whole that have been engraved after Sir Joshua Reynolds, and other Modern Artists, most of them Proofs, many Private Plates, and Unique Prints, not to be found in any other Collection, with Biographical and Genealogical Remarks. By an Eminent Collector, During the last Forty Years. The Collection is in perfect Preservation, and the Choicest Impressions, with Sixty Solander Port-Folios, Uniformly Lettered and Print-Presses, with Sliding Shelves; Which Will be Sold by Auction, By Mr. Richardson, At his House, No. 31, the Corner of Villiers-Street, in the Strand. In two Parts, The First, on Monday, Feb. 3, and the Seventeen following Days; the Second Part, on March 3, and the Twelve following Days, at Twelve O'Clock.
21843: [DUCLOS (R.) & CAILLEAU (ANDRÉ CHARLES)] - Dictionnaire Bibliographique, Historique et Critique des Livres Rares, Précieux, Singuliers, Curieux, Estimés et Recherchés qui n'ont Aucun Prix Fixe tant des Auteurs Connus que de ceux qui ne le sont pas...
21358: [JACKSON (WILLIAM A.)] - An Annotated List of the Publications of the Reverend Thomas Frognall Dibdin, D.D. Based mainly on those in the Harvard College Library with Notes of others.
26272: [BLISS (PHILIP) & BANDINEL (BULKELEY)] - A Catalogue of the Books, Relating to British Topography, and Saxon and Northern Literature, Bequeathed to the Bodleian Library, in the Year MDCCXCIX. By Richard Gough.
26275: [FRENCH (GILBERT J.) EDITOR.] - Bibliographical Notices of the Church Libraries at Turton and Gorton, Bequeathed by Humphrey Chetham.
20160: [MADAN (FALCONER)] - The Daniel Press. Memorials of C.H.O. Daniel with a Bibliography of the Press, 1845-1919.
19452: [SHEPHERD (RICHARD HERNE)] - The Bibliography of Swinburne. A Bibliographical List Arranged in Chronological Order of the Published Writings in Verse and Prose of Algernon Charles Swinburne (1857-1887).
19137: [BLOUNT (THOMAS)] - Boscobel: or, The History of His Sacred Majesties Most Miraculous Preservation after the Battle of Worcester, 3 Sept. 1651... London, 1660.
31014: [EGERTON (SIR THOMAS, BARON ELLESMERE)] - The Speech of the Lord Chancellor of England, in the Eschequer Chamber, touching the Post=nati.
18675: [BARBER (G.) AND OTHERS] - Fine Bindings 1500-1700 from Oxford Libraries.
16258: [POLLEN (JOHN) EDITOR] - Universal Catalogue of Books on Art. South Kensington Museum.
36576: [BAZIN (GILLES AUGUSTIN)] - The Natural History of Bees. Containing An Account of their Production, their Oeconomy, the manner of their making Wax and Honey, and the best Methods for the Improvement and Preservation of them. Translated from the French.
24286: [PHILLIPPS (SIR THOMAS)] - The Visitation of Middlesex, began in the Year 1663 by William Ryley, Esq. Lancaster, and Henry Dethick, Rouge Croix, Marshals and Deputies to Sir Edmund Bysshe.
24339: [HAMMOND (WILLIAM)] - Poems. By W.H.
10203: [MARTIN (T.)] - A Catalogue of a Valuable Portion of the Library of a Gentleman, Deceased. Among them are a Fine Collection of the Delphini Classics, in red morocco, gilt leaves, also the Philosophical Transactions, in ditto. Which will be Sold by Auction...
24977: [MORE (HANNAH)] - Village Politics. Addressed to all the Mechanics, Journeymen, and Day Labourers, in Great Britain. By Will Chip. A Country Carpenter.
25818: [LACAM (BENJAMIN)] - Thoughts on a Late Proposal for Piloting Ships at all Seasons through Channel Creek, Instead of the Old Passage by the Braces, into Hoogly River.
24952: [JACKSON (EDWARD)] - An Account of the Many and Great Loans, Benefactions, and Charities, Belonging to the City of Coventry, To which is annexed, a Copy of the Decretal Order of the Court of Chancery. Relating to the Memorable Charity of Sir Thomas White.
24735: [WILSON (SIR ROBERT THOMAS)] - Narrative of the British Expedition to Egypt. Carefully abridged from the History of that Campaign, by Sir Robert Thomas Wilson. With a Preliminary View of the Proceedings of the French, Previous to the Arrival of the British Forces. In which the Massacre of the Garrison of Jaffa, The poisoning the sick and wounded in the French Hospital, and the principles and conduct of Buonaparte, are further illustrated.
36435: [CORNISH (JAMES)] - Cornish's Guide and Companion to the Grand Junction and the Liverpool and Manchester Railways, containing also the stranger's guide to Liverpool and Manchester, and an account of Birmingham and all the towns on or near the line.
33155: [WESLEY (JOHN AND CHARLES)] - Graces. Before Meat.
32511: [KAVANAGH (JAMES W.)] - Mixed Education. The catholic case stated: or principles, working, and results of the system of national education; with suggestions for the settlement of the education question. Most respectfully dedicated to the Catholic Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland. By a catholic layman.
32513: [CROCKER (JOHN WILSON)] - A Sketch of the State of Ireland, Past and Present.
32529: [FAULKNER (T. W.)] - Abstract of Returns of Charitable Donations for Poor Persons in the County of Bucks.
34749: [MONTGOMERY (JAMES)] - Prose by a Poet.
23678: [PHILIP (I.G.)] - Gold-Tooled Bookbindings.
9397: [GIBSON (J.)] - The Bibliography of Robert Burns, with Biographical and Bibliographical Notes, and Sketches of Burns Clubs, Monuments and Statues.
22085: [AVERY (SAMUEL PUTNAM)] - Catalogue Raisonnée. Works on Bookbinding, Practical and Historical. Examples of Bookbindings of the XVIth to XIXth Centuries from the Collection of Samuel Putnam Avery, A.M. Exhibited at Columbia University Library. [Compiled by Charles Alexander Nelson].
22115: [MARSHALL (ROBERT G.)] - Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in Italy and of Books in Italian Printed Abroad 1501-1600. Held in Selected North American Libraries.
35609: [MARKHAM (REVD. RALPH)] - An Essay on Immorality [in verse]. In Three Parts.
36730: [HOWLETT (BARTHOLOMEW)] - A Selection of Views in the County of Lincoln; Comprising the Principal Towns and Churches, the Remains of Castles and Religious Houses, and Seats of the Nobility and Gentry; with Topographical, and Historical Accounts of Each View.
35889: [BONAPARTE (LOUIS-LUCIEN PRINCE)] - Parabola de seminatore ex evangelio Matthæi, in LXXII Europæas linguas ac dialectos versa, et Romanis characteribus expressa.
32222: [STODDART (LADY ISABELLA MONCRIEFF WELLWOOD)] - The Eskdale Herd Boy, A Scottish Tale. For the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons. By Mrs. Blackford.
36581: [MIDDLETON (THOMAS FANSHAW)] - The Country Spectator.
36072: [CARTER (JOHN) EDITOR] - John Hayward 1904-1965. Some Memories. [Offprint from 'The Book Collector', Winter 1965.]
23764: [COLLIJN (ISAK)] - Ett urval av 1400-Och 1500-Talstryck samt Konstnärliga Bokband ur Thore Virgins Samling på Qvarnfors.
30760: [SPANTON (JOHN)] - A Companion to Charnwood Forest.
33818: [BENTLEY (THOMAS RICHARD)] - A few cursory remarks upon the state of parties, during the administration of the Right Honourable Henry Addington. By a near observer.
21578: [BRETT (REGINALD), SECOND VISCOUNT ESHER] - The Modern Library Collected By Viscount Esher at Watlington Park.
35800: [SADA¯NANDA YOGI¯NDRA] - The Vedanta-sara translated by Dr. J. R. Ballantyne, Principal Sanskrit College, Benares, with an Introduction, Notes, and an Examination of its contents.
19622: [WOOD (P. WORSLEY) & WATTS (G.H.) ] - A Hand-List of English Books in the Library of Emmanuel College, Cambridge Printed Before MDCXLI.
36075: [SWEET (ERIC)] - The First English Printer, William Caxton, The First Printer of English.
28185: [CLARKE (WILLIAM)] - Repertorium Bibliographicum; or, Some Account of the Most Celebrated British Libraries.
28201: [BROWN (ARTHUR) CARY (HENRY) & HACKMAN (ALFRED)] - Catalogus Librorum Impressorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae in Academia Oxoniensi. [With:] Catalogus Impressorum Librorum Quibus Aucta Est Bibliotheca Bodleiana, Annis MDCCCXXXV-MDCCCXLVII.
28218: [MASON (G. E.)] - Catalogue of an Important and Valuable Collection of Books, Containing Numerous Rare and Curious Articles Relating to the Discovery, Early History, and Religious and Political Controversies of America and West Indies... Which will be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. S. Leigh Sotheby & John Wilkinson... on Friday, the 25th of May, 1860. London: J. Davy and Sons, 1860. [2],214pp., the property of G. E. Mason according to a cont. note in ink on title, orig. printed wrappers, 2628 lots. [Bound with:] Catalogue of a Large and Extremely Curious Collection of Theological Books, Consisting of Versions of the Holy Scriptures... being the Third Portion of the Entire and Extensive Collection of Books, Formed by Mr. G. E. Mason, Which will be sold by Auction, by Messrs Puttick and Simpson, on Wednesday, December 12th, 1860.
33231: [BURNEY (FRANCES)] - Cecilia, or Memoirs of an Heiress. By the Author of Evelina.
33233: [TENCIN (CLAUDINE ALEXANDRINE GUÉRIN DE)] - The Siege of Calais, an Historical Novel. Translated from the French.
19052: [ELLIS (SIR HENRY)] EDITOR. - A Catalogue of Manuscripts, Formerly in the Possession of Francis Hargrave... now Deposited in the British Museum.
27481: [VIVIAN (JOHN HENRY)] - Extracts of notes taken in the course of a Tour on the continent of Europe, in the years 1814 and 1815, principally relating to a visit to the island of Elba and a conversation held with Napoleon Bonaparte, during his residence there.
27513: [D'URFEY (THOMAS)] - The Progress of Honesty: or a View of a Court and City. A Pindarique Poem. By T. D.
27528: [BERNARD (SIR THOMAS)] - Of the Education of the Poor; Being the First Part of a Digest of the Reports of the Society for Bettering the Condition of the Poor: And Containing a Selection of those Articles which have a Reference to Education.
27546: [MOORE (EDWARD)] - The Trial of Selim the Persian, for Divers High Crimes and Misdemeanours.
27547: [POPE (ALEXANDER)] - The First Epistle of the Second Book of Horace, Imitated.
27621: [BURKE (JOHN FRENCH)] - Cottage Economy and Cookery, from Essays Submitted to the Royal English Agricultural Society.
27638: [WHITE (JOHN)] - Arts treasury: or, a profitable and pleasing invitation to the lovers of ingenuity. Contained in many extraordinary experiments, rarities, and curious inventions. In two parts. Part I. Containing the mystery of dying-cloths, silks stuffs, hair, feather, bone, horn, ivory, leather, &c. The manner of preparing colours... The art of drawing, limning, painting... Washing or colouring maps, or printed pictures, with sundry other things, &c. Part II. Containing the quality, generation and product of metals and minerals, natural and artificial; directions to harden or soften them for use... The mystery of beautifying writing with gold or silver... Weighing ships, extinguishing fire, blowing up houses or vessels under water, &c.
27693: [DALZEL (ANDREW)] - A Short Genealogy of the Family of Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale.
34457: [PROVIS (THOMAS, CALLING HIMSELF RICHARD HUGH SMYTH)] - The Victim of Fatality, or the Claimant of Ashton Court; a romantic tale of the late nineteenth century, being the life and history of the plaintiff in the late trial of Smyth versus Smyth. Written by himself whilst a prisoner in the county gaol of Gloucester ; with a correct lithographed likeness and autograph.
34459: [WATKINS (JOHN)] - Memoir of Chambers, the Marine Artist.
34463: [HUMPHREYS (R.)] - The Amusing Instructor, or, Tales and fables in prose and verse, for the improvement of youth: with useful and pleasing remarks on different branches of science... adorned with cuts.
34464: [O'BRIEN (CHARLES)] - A Treatise on Calico Printing, Theoretical and Practical: Including the latest Philosophical Discoveries - any way applicable :- Accompanied with Suggestions Relative to various Manufactures.
34342: [LASSONE (JOSEPH-MARIE-FRANOIS DE)] - An Account of the Tenia [or Long Tape Worm], and Method of Treating it.
34349: [LETTSOM (JOHN COAKLEY)] - Observations on the Plan Proposed for Establishing "A Dispensary & Medical Society For the private and only immediate Use of the Subscribers, their Families, and Friends."
33805: [GREY (CHARLES), 2ND EARL GREY] - Letters addressed to Lord Grenville and Lord Howick, upon their removal from the Councils of the King, in consequence of their attempting the total repeal of the Test Laws now in Force with Respect to His Majesty's Army and Navy. By A Protestant.
34117: [YOUNG (ARTHUR)] - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Lincoln; Drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement.
33997: [MAGNAN (DOMINIQUE)] - Calcografia della Colonna Antonina Divisa in 150 Tavole... Parte I [-III].
33896: [POTTER (THOMAS)] - The Reply of the Country Gentleman to the Answer of his Military Arguments, By the Officer.
33897: [WALLIS (JOHN)] - Outline or Skeleton Maps of the Diocese of Exeter. Part 1 [all published]. Containing, in thirteen plates, the Archdeaconry and County of Cornwall, in which the Boundaries of all the Deaneries, Hundreds, subdivisions of Hundreds, and Parishes, are accurately described.
33454: [REDE (LEMAN THOMAS)] - Bibliotheca Americana; or, A Chronological Catalogue of the Most Curious and Interest Books, Pamphlets, State Papers, &c. upon the Subject of North and South America, from the Earliest Period to the Present, in Print and Manuscript; for which Research has been made in the British Museum, and the Most Celebrated Public and Private Libraries, Reviews, Catalogues, &c. with an Introductory Discourse on the Present State of Literature in those Countries.
23477: [RITSON (JOSEPH)] - Bibliographia Poetica: A Catalogue of Engleish Poets, of the Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, and Sixteenth, Centurys, with a Short Account of their Works.
33279: [LEFEVRE (MRS. -)] - An Extract of Letters by Mrs. L***.
33282: [TEMPEST (STEPHEN)] - Religio Laici: or, a Layman's Thoughts upon his Duty to God, His Neighbour, and Himself.
33288: [COBDEN (RICHARD)] - Cobden-Delane Controversy. Opinions of the Liberal Press on the Correspondence between Mr. Cobden, M.P., and Mr. Delane, the Editor of the "Times."
33289: [RALPH (JAMES)?] - The Groans of Germany: or, the Enquiry of a Protestant German into the Original Cause of the present Distractions of the Empire; the fatal Consequences of an Emperor devoted to France, and the Conduct of Great Britain, since the Death of Queen Ann, with Regard to the Houses of Austria and Bourbon, the Ballance of Power, the Protestant Interest, and the Liberties of Europe. As also, Observations on the Neutrality of One of the Northern Electorates, and the Vote of a certain Elector in Favour of the Duke of Bavaria. Translated from the original lately publish'd at the Hague.
33290: [STANNARD (EATON)] - The Honest Man's Speech.
33291: [CHESTERFIELD (PHILIP DORMER STANHOPE, EARL OF)] - A vindication of a late pamphlet, intitled, The case of the Hanover troops considered: with some further observations upon those troops; being a sequel to the said pamphlet.
33293: [PULTENEY (WILLIAM)] - The conduct of the late and present m-------ry compared. With an Impartial Review of Public Transactions since the Resignation of the Right Honourable the Earl of Orford; and of the Causes that immediately effected the same. To which is added, Remarks on the Farther Report of a certain Committee. In a Letter to a Friend.
33294: [WISE (THOMAS)] - An Apology for the Business of Pawn-Broking. By a Pawn Broker.
33295: [CATERET (J., EARL GRANVILLE?] - The State of the Nation for the Year 1747, and respecting 1748. Inscribed to a Member of the present Parliament.
33188: [TISSOT (SAMUEL AUGUSTE DAVID), TRANSLATED BY J. KIRKPATRICK]. - Advice to the People in General, with Regard to their Health: but particularly calculated for those, who are the most unlikely to be provided in time with the best assistance, in acute Diseases, or upon any sudden inward or outward Accident. With A Table of the most cheap, yet effectual Remedies, and the plainest Directions for preparing them readily. Translated from the French Edition of Dr. Tissot's Avis au peuple, &c. Printed at Lyons; with all the Notes in the two former English Editions, and a few additional ones. By J. Kirkpatrick, M.D. With some further additional Notes and Prescriptions, and with the former Appendix.
33127: [GAIRDNER (WILLIAM TENNANT) & COATS (SIR JOSEPH)] - Discussion on the Pathology of Phthisis Pulmonalis. [Reprinted from the "Glasgow Medical Journal" for April 1881.]
33142: [CUMBERLAND (RICHARD)] - The Note of Hand; or, Trip to Newmarket. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane.
33147: [HARDWICKE (PHILIP YORKE, EARL OF)] - Two Speeches of a Late Lord Chancellor. Printed from an Authentic Copy.
33112: [DUNTON (JOHN)] - The Hazard of a Death-Bed-Repentance, Fairly Argued, from the late Remorse of W---- late D--- of D----- with Serious Reflections on his Adulterous Life ---- On his living so long in a known Sin----- On that Latin Epitaph he order'd to be set on the Tomb-stone of Miss Campion .... Also, the Dying Remonstrance of other Persons of Quality, and in particular, of John Hampton Esq; ..... To which is added, Conjugal Perjury, or an Essay upon Whoredom; Address'd to the Husbands of Quality that keep Misses.
33104: [GRENVILLE (RICHARD, LORD TEMPLE)] - A Letter to His Grace the Duke of Grafton, on the present Situation of Public Affairs.
33033: [BURKE (EDMUND)] - Observations on a Late State of the Nation.
33034: [KNOX (WILLIAM)] - An Appendix to the Present State of the Nation. Containing a reply to the Observations on that pamphlet.
33037: [EDWARDS (THOMAS)] - An Account of the Trial of the Letter y [upsilon] alias Y.
33042: [BANKTON (ANDREW MACDOWELL, LORD)] - An Essay upon Feudal Holdings, Superiorities, and Hereditary Jurisdictions, in Scotland. Shewing, 1. The Nature of Feudal Holdings, ..... 11. The Errors and gross Misrepresentations, touching the same, .... 111. That these Holdings, Superiorities and Jurisdictions have not been any of the Causes of the Rebellions 1715, or 1745. 1V. That the infringing the same may be dangerous to our happy Constitution.
33043: [SACKVILLE (CHARLES), DUKE OF DORSET] - A Treatise concerning the Militia, in Four Sections. 1. Of the Militia in General. 11. Of the Roman Militia. 111. The Proper Plan of a Militia, for this Country. 1V. Observations upon this Plan. By C. S.
33046: [ROTHERAM (JOHN)] - Account of the Statue of King Charles II. Formerly on Tyne Bridge, Newcastle, with the Pasquinade, on its removal to the Exchange, and the Reply.
33047: [DUMBELL (JOHN)] - A Letter to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Regent of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. [A Letter relative to Weights and Measures].
33049: [WILSON (THOMAS)] - Stanzas on the intended new line of road, from Potticar lane to Leyburn hole; With an account of the Memorable Events which have Occurred on Gateshead fell; And additional notes by the Publisher.
33051: [WITHERS (JOHN)] - The Dutch better Friends than the French to the Monarchy, Church, and Trade of England. In a Letter from a Citizen, to a Country Gentleman.
33057: [BURNET (GILBERT)] - An Enquiry into the Reasons for Abrogating the Test imposed on all Members of Parliament. Offered by Sa. Oxon.
33058: [KENNEDY (JOHN)] - Some Remarks on the Life and Writings of Dr. J[ohn] H[ill], Inspector-General of Great Britain. In a Series of Letters from a Gentleman in Town to his Friend in the Country. With occasional Hints relative to a Parallel Performance of a certain noble Earl. These Letters are printed as a supplemental Volume to the Inspectors, and all H[ill]'s other Writings, ....
33068: [COTTON (JAMES HENRY)] - Remarks upon the Report of the Commissioners on the State of Education in North Wales: Intended to have been addressed to the editor of the "North Wales Chronicle."
33071: [MALLET (DAVID)] - A Congratulatory Letter to Selim, on Three Letters to the Whigs [by Horace Walpole].
33024: [MILLER (JAMES)] - Mahomet the Impostor. A Tragedy. As it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by His Majesty's Servants.
33027: [FAVIÈRES (EDMÉ-GUILLAUME-FRANÇOIS)] - Paul et Virginie. Comédie, en trois actes, en prose, mêlée d'ariettes. Représentée par les Comédiens Italiens, le 15 Janvier 1791.
32935: [CAMPBELL (JOHN FRANCIS)] - Frost and Fire and Natural Engines, Tool-Marks and Chips. With Sketches Taken at Home and Abroad by a Traveller.
32869: [ROTTENBURG ( FRANCIS DE ), BARON] - Regulations for the Exercise of Riflemen and Light Infantry, and Instructions for their Conduct in the Field. Dublin: Printed for M. Neary Mahon and John Watson Stewart, 1807. Second Dublin edition, 8vo, iv, 70, [1, leaf of plate list]pp., 9 engraved plates (of which three are of music for bugles), recently bound with five other related pamphlets (see below) in a handsome full navy morocco, gilt ruled and lettered spine. An unrecorded edition. The only other Dublin printing was in 1803 for the same publishers and it is recorded in the British Library catalogue without mention of plates. Rottenberg, the original author of the German text here translated, served in America in the wars of the 1750's. [Bound with:] Regulations for the Exercise of riflemen and light infantry and instructions for their conduct in the field : a new edition containing the light infantry exercise according to his Majesty's regulations. London: Printed and sold by William Clowes, [1819]. 8vo, 72pp., with 8 engraved plates (including three of bugle music). OCLC locates only a single copy (Canadian War Museum), calls for eight plates and dates it 1819. [Bound with:] [CALVERT ( Sir Harry )] Information and instructions for commanding generals and others. [London:] Printed for T. Egerton by C. Roworth, [1803]. 8vo, 8vo, 42, [2, blank]pp. [Bound with:] DALBIAC ( Sir James Charles ) A military catechism for the use of young officers of the cavalry. Published with the approbation of His Royal Highness … London: Printed for T. Egerton, Military Library, 1806. 12mo, xvii, [1, blank], 67, [1, blank]pp., with the half-title. OCLC and Copac both record only the British Library copy. [Bound with:] Light infantry exercise: as ordered by his majesty's regulations for the movements of the troops. [London:] Printed for the War-Office, by T. Egerton, at the Military Library, 1804. Large 12mo, 22, [2, blank]pp. Apparently unrecorded. [Bound with:] General orders and observations on the movements and field exercise of the infantry.
32885: [RENDLE (A. B.)] - List of British Seed-Plants and Ferns. Exhibited in the Department of Botany, British Museum (Natural History).
32808: [FAIRFAX (HENRY)] - An Inpartial Relation of the whole Proceedings against St. Mary Magdalen Colledge in Oxon, in the Year of our Lord 1687. Containing only Matters of Fact as they Occurred.
32782: [HARGRAVE (FRANCIS)] - Brief Deductions relative to the aid and supply of the Executive Power, according to the Law of England, in Cases of Infancy, Delirium, or other Incapacity of the King.
32786: [HERVEY (JOHN), BARON] - Miscellaneous Thoughts on the present Posture both of our Foreign and Domestics Affairs. Humbly offer'd to the Consideration of the Parliament and the People.
32787: [GRANT (WILLIAM)] - The Occasional Writer: containing an Answer to the Second Manifesto of the Pretender's Eldest Son: which bears Date at the Palace of Holyrood-house, the 10th Day of October, 1745. Containing Reflections, Political and Historical, upon the last Revolution, and the Progress of the present Rebellion in Scotland.
32789: [MCDOWALL (ANDREW, LORD BANKTON)] - Two Orders of the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, made the fifth of August last, requiring the Lords of the Session in Scotland to lay before their Lordships, at the beginning of this Session of Parliament, Matters relating to Heretable Jurisdictions and Heretable Sheriff-ships, in that Part of Great Britain called Scotland. Together with the Returns made by the said Lords of Session, Parsuant to the said Two Orders.
32700: [MURRAY (PATRICK, 5TH BARON ELIBANK)] - Considerations of the Present State of the Peerage of Scotland. By a Peer of Scotland.
32354: [JOOST (SIEGFRIED)] - Bibliotheca Docet. Festgabe für Carl Wehmer.
32313: [SILLS (JOSEPH)] - Communications Relative to the Datura Stramonium, or Thorn-Apple: as a Cure or Relief of Asthma: Addressed to the Editor of the Monthly Magazine...
32224: [CRAIK (DINAH MARIA)] - A Woman's Thoughts about Women. By the Author of "John Halifax, Gentleman," &c. &c.
32228: A. (G.) - The Young Travellers in South America: or, a Popular Introduction to the History and Resources of that interesting and important region.
32001: [MORTON (T. N.)] - A Consice Sketch of the History of St. Botolph's Church, Boston, in the County of Lincoln. Reprinted from the Original Edition of 1843, with a few alterations and additions.
32004: [BRIDGEMAN (WILLIAM KENCELY)] - An Essay on the Pathology of Dental Caries, written in competition for the Prize Medal, 1863.
32009: [WILLIAMS (SAMUEL B.)] - Thoughts on Finance and Colonies. By Publius [pseud].
31966: [MACGREGOR (SIR DUNCAN, LIEUT. GENERAL]) - A Narrative of the loss of the Kent East Indiaman, by fire in the Bay of Biscay, on the 1st March, 1825. In a Letter to a Friend. By a Passenger.
31978: [BROUGHAM AND VAUX, HENRY BROUGHAM, BARON] - Lord Brougham's Reply to Lord John Russell's Letter to the Electors of Stroud, on the principles of of the Reform Act.
31830: [ILLINGWORTH (CAYLEY)] - A Topographical Account of the Parish of Scampton in the County of Lincoln, and the Roman Antiquities lately discovered there; together with Anecdotes of the Family of Bolles.
31827: [AMUSSAT (JEAN ZULIMA)] - Grenouillette: incision, introduction d'un petit morceau d'éponge, guérison.
31829: [WIGHTMAN (ROBERT)?] - The Edinburgh Packet opened, by a Collection of curious Pamphlets published on Occasion of the present unaccountable Rebellion, and on other important Critical Occasions, from the Year 1724 to the Year 1745; Written by one and the same Person. [attributed to Robert Wightman in a contemporary note written on the general title].
31763: [FOX (WILLIAM JOHNSON)] - A funeral sermon for Caroline Queen of England, delivered at Parliament-Court Chapel, on Sunday, August 19th, 1821.
31764: [FISHER (SAM)] - Sam is Sixty. 24th June, 1941. [Poetry].
31659: [NIXON (HOWARD M.)] - Bookbindings from the Library of Jean Grolier. A Loan Exhibition.
31603: [POLLEN (JOHN) EDITOR] - Universal Catalogue of Books on Art. South Kensington Museum.
31558: [EDMOND (J.P.) COMPILER] - Bibliotheca Lindesiana. Catalogue of English Broadsides 1505-1897.
31536: [JAMES (BRIAN)] - A Catalogue of the Tract Collection of Saint David's University College, Lampeter.
31414: [JOHNSON (RICHARD)?] - A New Theatrical Dictionary. Containing an account of all the Dramatic Pieces that have appeared from the Commencement of Theatrical Exhibitions to the Present Time. Together with their Dates when Written or Printed, where Acted, and Occasional Remarks on their Merits and Success. To which is added, an Alphabetical Catalogue of Dramatic Writers, with the Titles of all the Pieces they have Written, annexed to each Name, and also a Short Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the English Stage.
31417: [COLQUHOUN (PATRICK)] - A Treatise on the Police of the Metropolis; containing a detail of the Various Crimes and Misdemeanors by which Public and Private Property and Security are, at present, injured and endangered: and suggesting Remedies for their Prevention. By a magistrate, Acting for the Counties of Middlesex, Surry [sic], Kent, and Essex. - For the City and Liberty of Westminster - And for the Liberty of the Tower of London.
31419: A. H. - A Few slight Sketches of History, &c.: intended as Hints to Future Study.
31279: [ADAMS (JOHN)] - Index Villaris: or, an Exact Register, Alphabetically Digested, of all the Cities, Market-Towns, Parishes, Villages, the Hundred, Lath, Rape, Ward, Wapentake, or other Division of each County.: the Bishoprics, Deanries, Churches, Chappels, Hospitals; with the Rectories and Vicarages in England and Wales, and their respective Valuations in the King's Books the Private Seats of the King, Nobility and Gentry: ..... Hereto is added a perfect Catalogue of the Nobility of England and Wales, to the present Time, Feb. 20. 1700 with their respective Seats, and the Counties wherein they are Situate.
31281: [KILNER (JOSEPH) AND GROSE (FRANCIS)] - The Account of Pythagoras's School in Cambridge; as in Mr. Grose's Antiquities of England and Wales, and other Notices.
31008: [MORRIS (CORBYN)] - A Letter balancing the Causes of the present Scarcity of our Silver Coin, and the Means of immediate Remedy, and future Prevention of this Evil. Addressed to the Right Honourable the Earl of Powis.
27347: [BICKERSTAFFE (ISAAC)] - Love in a Village; A Comic Opera: As it is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden.
27373: [PRESTON (WILLIAM)] - The Female Congress; or, The Temple of Cotytto: a Mock Heroic Poem. By the author of Seventeen Hundred and Seventy-seven.
27376: [COMBER (THOMAS)] - A Discourse of Duels, Shewing the Sinful Nature and Mischievous Effects of Them, and Answering the usual Excuses made for them by Challengers, Accepters, and Seconds. By T.C. D.D.
30909: [DALRYMPLE (SIR DAVID)], EDITOR. - An Account of the Preservation of King Charles II. after the Battle of Worcester, drawn up by Himself. To which are added, His Letters to several persons. [An Account of His Majesty's escape from Worcester, dictated to Mr. Pepys by the King himself].
30912: [MACKENZIE (J.)] - A Woollen Draper's Letter on the French Treaty, to his Friends and Fellow Tradesmen all over England.
30934: [SHERLOCK (HESTER)?] - A Second Letter to a Gentleman of the Long Robe in Great Britain; wherein some of the late Illegal Proceedings of the Barons of the Exchequer, in the Kingdom of Ireland, are Plainly and impartially set forth.
30959: [HOADLY (BENJAMIN)] - An Enquiry into the reasons of the Conduct of Great-Britain, With Relation to the Present State of Affairs in Europe.
30960: [WILLISON (JOHN)] - A Letter to an English Member of Parliament, from a Gentleman in Scotland, concerning the Slavish Dependencies, which a great Part of that Nation is still kept under, by Superiorities, Wards, Reliefs, and other Remains of the Feudal Law, and by Clanships and Tithes.
30961: [HOADLY (BENJAMIN)] - An Enquiry into the reasons of the Conduct of Great-Britain, With Relation to the Present State of Affairs in Europe.
30964: [YONGE (SIR WILLIAM)] - Sedition and Defamation Display'd: in a Letter to the Author of the Craftsman.
30846: [BUDDEN (MARIA ELIZABETH)] - True Stories from Ancient History chronologically arranged, from the Creation of the World to the Death of Charlemagne. By the Author of "Always Happy," &c.
30851: [COWLEY (JOHN J.)] - The Candidates Guide or the Electors Rights decided shewing the Determination of the Rights of Elections, by the Honble. the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament, in all Contraverted Elections for the Counties and Boroughs in South Britain, from the Year 1624 to 1730 .... To which is added, the like Determinations in Contraverted Elections for North Britain, since the Union. With several Resolutions and Standing Orders relating to Elections, ....... Together with the Heads of the Statutes now in Force concerning the same; ... The whole digested into Alphabetical Order, with proper References and genuine Quotations. By J. C. Gent.
30852: [PULTENAY (WILLIAM)] - The Politicks on Both Sides, with Regard to Foreign Affairs, stated from their own writings, and examined by the Course of Events. With Observations on the Present State of Affairs in Great Britain, and the Effects of out Negociations, for several Years past.
30855: [FITZGERALD (THOMAS)] - Poems on Several Occasions.
30857: [WEBBER (SAMUEL)] - A Short Account of the State of our Woollen Manufacturies, from the Peace of Ryswick to this Time. Shewing, their Former Flourishing, and their Present Ruinous Condition; and that they always flourished when France could not get our Wool, but declined in Proportion to the Quantities of Wool Exported to them. To which is added an Effectual Scheme to prevent the Exportation of our Wool, by an Universal Registry.
30858: [MACAULAY (ALEXANDER)] - Property Inviolable: or, some Remarks upon a Pamphlet entituled, Prescription Sacred [which states that the clergy of Ireland have no legal right to the tithe of agistment].
30865: [GORDON (THOMAS)] - An Appeal to the Unprejudiced, concerning the present Discontents occasioned by the late Convention with Spain.
30870: [PULTENEY (WILLIAM, EARL OF BATH)] - A review of the excise-scheme; in answer to a pamphlet, intitled The rise and fall of the late projected excise, impartially considered. With Some Proper Hints to the electors of Great Britain.
30871: [WALPOLE (ROBERT, EARL OF ORFORD)] - Some considerations concerning the publick funds, the publick revenues, and the annual supplies, granted by Parliament. Occasion'd by a late Pamphlet, intitled, An enquiry into the conduct of our domestick affairs, from the Year 1721, to Christmas 1733.
30896: [ALLARDICE (ROBERT BARCLAY)] - Agricultural Tour in the United States and Upper Canada, with miscellaneous notices. By Captain Barclay of Ury.
30898: [DEFOE (DANIEL)?] - An Answer to the Late K. James's Last Declaration, dated at St. Germains, April 17. S.N. 1693.
30807: [MAXWELL (HENRY)] - Anguis in Herba: or the Fatal Consequences of a Treaty with France. Wherein it is prov'd, That the Principles whereby the French King governs himself, will not allow him to observe any Treaty longer than it is for his Interest to break it. That he has always aim'd at the Union of the Crowns of France and Spain since the Pyrenæan Treaty. That notwithstanding his Pretences to the contrary, such is his Design at this Day. And, that nothing can prevent it but to reduce his Power to such a Degree, as may perfectly break his Measures.
30808: [KENNETT (WHITE)] - Convocation-Craft: or, a brief History of the Intrigues, and Insolence, of English Convocations under the Papacy, till Restrain'd by King Henry V111. With an Account of their Behaviour since, intermix'd with proper Reflections, and Authorities to prove, that when they act beyond their Commission from the Crown, they incur the Danger of a Præmunire .......
30813: [ROBINSON (NICHOLAS)] - A Treatise on the Virtues and Efficacy of a Crust of Bread, Eat early in a Morning Fasting: to which are added, some particular remarks concerning great Cures accomplished by the Saliva, or Fasting-Spittle, as well when externally applied, as when internally given, in the Scurvy, Gravel, Stone, Rheumatism, and divers other diseases, arising from obstructions. By A Physician.
30814: [WAGSTAFFE (WILLIAM)] - A Letter from the Facetious Dr. Andrew Tripe at Bath, to his Loving Brother the Profound Greshamite [John Woodward], shewing, That the Scribendi Cacoethes is a Distemper arising from a Redundancy of Biliose Salts, and not to be Eradicated, but by a Diurnal Course of Oyls and Vomits. With an Appendix of Socrates his Clyster, and The Use of Clean Linnen in Controversy.
30444: [DUVAL (PIERRE)] - A Geographical Dictionary, In which are Described the most Eminent Countreys, Towns, Ports, Seas, Streights, and Rivers in the whole World. Very Useful for the Understanding of the Modern Histories.
30499: [MAIRET (FRANÇOIS-AMBOISE)] - Essai sur la Reliure.
30517: [GIBSON (DR. EDMUND) BISHOP OF LONDON.] - The Case of the Methodists Briefly Stated; More particularly in the Point of Field-Preaching.
30577: [PIERSON (CHRISTOFFEL)] - Explanation, of the famous and renowned glas-work. Or painted windows, in the fine and eminent Church at Gouda. For the use and commodity of both Inhabitants, and Foreigners that come to see this artificial Work.
30623: [GORDON (GEORGE)] - Collectanea for a Flora of Moray; or, A List of the Phaenogamous Plants and Ferns Hitherto Found within the Province.
30633: [CROMPTON (RICHARD)] - L'authoritie et jurisdiction des courts de la Maiestie de la Roygne: Nouelment collect & compose, per R. Crompton de milieu Temple Esquire. Apprentice del Ley. Si sueris Iudex,
30634: [LANGLOIS (FRANÇOIS, FANCAN CANON ST. HONORE)] - The Favovrites Chronicle.
30646: [SAINT GERMAN (CHRISTOPHER)] - The Dialogue in English, betweene a Doctor of Divinity, and a Student in the Lawes of England. [with the second Dialogue].
30647: [BURNET (SIR THOMAS)] - A Second Tale of a Tub: or, The History of Robert Powel the Puppet-Show-Man.
30661: [HEAD (RICHARD)] - Proteus Redivivus: The Art of Wheedling or Insinuation, in General and Particular Conversations and Trades. Together with the several Actions, Inclinations and Passions of both Sexes, and of all their Professions and Occupations. Discovering their many Tricks and Designs to Self-Advancement, though by Indirect Wayes and Methods. Fairly suited to these times, to prevent the Vertuous from Abuses, and to detect the Enormities of the Vitious. Furnished with many delightful Songs in various Chapters. Compil'd and Publish'd formerly by R. H. but now reprinted with Additions in every Chapter, to almost one half of the Book, by the same Author.
30662: [COURT (PIETER DE LA)] - The True Interest and Political Maxims of the Publick of Holland and West-Friesland. In Three Parts. The First Treating of Liberty in General. Of Manufactures. Fisheries. Traffick Navigation ...... Part 11. and 111. Of a Free Navigation, and clearing the Seas .... Of the natural Strength and Fortifications of Holland. And Of its Interest in all Respects as to the Government of a Single Person. Written by John de Witt, and other Great Men in Holland.
30680: [FELTON (HENRY)] - A Dissertation on Reading the Classics, and forming a Just Style. Written in the Year 1709, and addressed to the Right Honourable, John Lord Roos, the present Marquis of Granby.
30691: [CURRIE (JAMES)] - A Letter, Commercial and Political, addressed to the Rt. Honble. William Pitt: in which the real interests of Britain in the present crisis, are considered, and some observations are offered on the general State of Europe ....... By Jaspar Wilson, Esq.
30695: [CURRIE (JAMES)] - A Letter, Commercial and Political, addressed to the Rt. Honble. William Pitt: in which the real interests of Britain in the present crisis, are considered, and some observations are offered on the general State of Europe ....... By Jasper Wilson, Esq.
30697: [DWIGHT (TIMOTHY)] - The Triumph of Infidelity: A Poem. Supposed to be Written by Timothy Dwight, D. D. of Greenfield in Connecticut, in 1788.
30725: [IRELAND (JOHN)] - Nuptiæ Sacræ; or an Inquiry into the Scriptural Doctrine of Marriage and Divorce. Addressed to the Two Houses of Parliament.
30726: [SHERLOCK (THOMAS)] - A Letter from the Lord Bishop of London, to the Clergy and People of London and Westminster; on Occasion of the Late Earthquakes.
30736: [TAYLOR (EDWARD)] - Cursory Remarks on Tragedy, on Shakespear, and on certain French and Italian Poets, principally Tragedians.
30747: [WILLES (SIR JOHN)] - The Speech that was intended to have been spoken by the Terrae-Filius, In the Theatre at O----d, July 13. 1713. Had not his Mouth been stopp'd by the V. Ch------r.
30748: [BENSON (WILLIAM)] - A letter to Sir J- B--, by birth a Swede, but naturaliz'd, and a M--r of the present P---t: concerning the late Minehead doctrine, which was establish'd by a certain free parliament of Sweden, to the utter enslaving of that kingdom.
30755: [TINDAL (MATTHEW)] - New High-Church turn'd old Presbyterian. Utrum horum never a barrel the better herring.
32706: [TAIT (JOHN)] - The Cave of Morar, the Man of Sorrows. A Legendary Tale. In two parts.
32707: [STUART (JOHN, 3RD EARL OF BUTE)] - A Letter to the Earl of B---, [i.e. John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute] Relative to the Late Changes that have happened in the Administration.
32723: [BUTTERWORTH (EDMUND)] - New Sets of Copies in Alphabetical Order, Consisting Large Text, Round Hand and Running Hand; Written by Edmd. Butterworth, Writing Master and Accountant to the High School Edinburgh. Designed for the Benefit of his Scholars, and as a part of his Universal Penman, but may be had separate from that Large Work being a proper Introduction to it. [Edinburgh: s.n.] 1785. Oblong folio, engraved title followed by 19 engraved plates. [Bound with:] Butterworth's Universal Penman, or the Beauties of Writing Delineated in all the various hands now practised. Designed for the Improvement of Youth or Amusement of the Curious.
29149: [EDMOND (J.P.) COMPILER] - Bibliotheca Lindesiana. Catalogue of English Broadsides 1505-1897.
28993: [CLERKE (CHARLES)] - A Voyage Round the World, In His Majesty's Ship The Dolphin, Commanded by the Honourable Commodore Byron. In which is Contained, a faithful Account of the several Places, People, Plants, Animals, etc. seen on the Voyage: And among other Particulars, A minute and exact Description of the Streights of Magellan, and of the Gigantic People called Patagonians. Together with an accurate Account of Seven Islands lately discovered in the South Seas. By an Officer on Board the said Ship. Printed for J. Newbery and F. Newbery, 1767. Second edition, [4],186pp., without the final advert leaf, engraved frontispiece and a further 2 engraved plates, frontis., and title-page becoming loose, pencil ownership signature to title "Colonel [George Abbas Kooli] D'Arcy of the Falkland Islands". [Bound with:] [BYRON (John)] The Narrative of the Honourable John Byron (Commodore in a Late Expedition round the World) Containing An Account of the Great Distresses Suffered by Himself and His Companions on the Coast of Patagonia, From the Year 1740, till their Arrival in England, 1746. With a Description of St. Jago d Chili, and the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants. Also a Relation of the Loss of the Wager man of War, One of Admiral Anson's Squadron. Written by Himself, and now First Published.
28561: [FORRESTER (ALEXANDER)] - Cases in equity during the time of the late Lord Chancellor Talbot: with tables, of the names of cases, and principal matters.
28570: [FORRESTER (ALEXANDER)] - Cases in equity during the time of the late Lord Chancellor Talbot: with tables, of the names of cases, and principal matters.
27383: [CROCKER (JOHN WILSON)] - The Battles of Talavera. A Poem.
27848: [NIXON (HOWARD M.)] - Bookbindings from the Library of Jean Grolier. A Loan Exhibition.
27085: [O'CASEY (IAN V.) & MANEY (A.S.)] - The Nature and Making of Papyrus.
26673: [BOSANQUET (CHARLES)] - A Letter to W. Manning, Esq. M.P. on the Proposition Submitted to the Consideration of Government, for taking the Duties on Muscovado Sugar ad valorem.
31164: [SAINTE-MARIE, COUNT AT DHOW] - Algeria in 1845. A Visit to the French Possessions in Africa. [Translated by Thomasina Ross].
36597: [DAVIS (ELLIS JAMES)] - Etymonia.
33874: [GUERNSEY, COUNTESS OF, PSEUD.] - Genuine Edition of the Death-Bed Confessions of the late Countess of Guernsey, to Lady Ann H****** : developing a series of mysterious transactions connected with the most illustrious personages in the kingdom. To which are added, the Q----'s last letter to the K----, written a few days before her M----'s death.
33875: [RICHARDSON (JOSEPH)] - A complete investigation of Mr. Eden's Treaty, as it may affect the commerce, the revenue, or the general policy of Great Britain.
33889: [EDWARDS (DR GEORGE)] - A Certain Way to save our Country, and make us a More Happy and Flourishing People, than at any former period of our History.
30788: [BURGES (CORNELIUS)] - Some of the Differences and Alterations in the Present Common-Prayer-Book, from the Book established by Law, in quinto & sexto, Edw. 6. and 1 Eliz.
30801: [GORDON (THOMAS)] - An Apology for the Danger of the Church. Proving, that the Church is, and ought to be always in Danger; and that it would be dangerous for her to be out of Danger. Being a Second Part of the Apology for Parson Alberoni. By the same Author.
30802: [JOHNSON (JAMES)] - Panegyrical Essays upon the Prayer Lord, Pity the People; the only words of William 1. Prince of Orange, The Founder of the Government of the United Provinces, at his sudden and violent Death, 10th July 1584. Transform'd into the Order they are now in, Anno 1714, upon his Majesty's Accession to the Crown.
30803: [DEFOE (DANIEL)] - A Lay-Man's Creed, very short for the Benefit of the Poor Reader.
30804: [WAGSTAFFE (WILLIAM)] - A Comment upon the History of Tom Thumb.
30805: [STEELE (SIR RICHARD)] - A Letter to the Earl of O----d, concerning the Bill of Peerage. By Sir R-----d S-----le.
30287: [SINCLAIR (SIR JOHN)] - Hints Respecting the Culture and the use of Potatoes.
30306: [COMBE (WILLIAM)] - A Word in Season, to the Traders and Manufacturers of Great Britain.
35308: [BLAIZOT (GEORGE)] - Masterpieces of French Modern Bindings.
22954: [WEBSTER (WILLIAM)] - The Consequences of Trade, as to the Wealth and Strength of any Nation; of the Woollen Trade in Particular, and the Great Superiority of it over all other Branches of Trade... The Danger we are in of becoming a Province to France, unless an Effectual and Immediate Stop be put to the Exportation of our Wool... By a Draper of London.
33085: [DAWSON (THOMAS)] - Suspiria Sacra: or, the Church of Englands Memorial: with an admonition to Jesuits and their patrons, extracted out of the statute law. Dedicated to His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, in the Absence of the Convocation. By Tho. Dawson, D. D. a Member of the Convocation.
33089: [ATTERBURY (FRANCIS)] - The Speech of Francis Late Lord Bishop of Rochester, at the Bar of the House of Lords, on Saturday the 11th of May, 1723. In his defence against the bill then depending for inflicting pains and penalties upon him.
33090: [KELLY (GEORGE)] - The Speech of Mr. George Kelly. Spoke at the bar of the House of Lords, on Thursday, the 2d of May, 1723. In his defence against the bill then depending, for inflicting pains and penalties upon him.
33091: [SYKES (ARTHUR ASHLEY)] - An Answer to the Nonjurors Charge of Schism upon the Church of England.
33102: [PORTLAND (WILLIAM HENRY CAVENDISH-BENTINCK, DUKE OF)] - The Case of His Grace the Duke of Portland, respecting two leases, lately granted by the Lords of the treasury, to Sir James Lowther, bart. With observations on the motion for a remedial bill, for quieting the possession of the subject. And an appendix, consisting of authentic documents.
36151: [EATON (DANIEL ISAAC), 'ANTITYPE'] - The Pernicious Effects of the Art of Printing upon Society, Exposed. A Short Eassay. Addressed to the Friends of Social Order.
33809: [HOWELL (THOMAS BAYLY)] - Observations on Dr. Sturges's Pamphlet Respecting Non-Residence of the Clergy: in a Letter to Mr. Baron Maseres.
33814: [BARRETT (EATON STANNARD)] - A pastoral epilogue to, and by the author of All the talents.
35854: [MACPHERSON (ALEXANDER)] - Catalogue of Maps, Prints, Drawings, Etc. Forming the Geographical and Topographical Collection attached to The Library of His late Majesty King George the Third, and Presented by His Majesty King George the Fourth to The British Museum.
33031: [LORENZ (JEAN MICHEL)] - Oraison Funébre de tres-haut et tres-excellent seigneur Monseigneur Maurice de Saxe, duc élu de Curlande & Semigalie, maréchal général des camps & armées du roi, chevalier de l'Aigle blanc de Pologne, & de l'Ordre de Saxe, mort à Chambord dans la cinquante-cinquiéme année de son âge, le 30 nov. 1750 : célébrée par ordre de Sa Majesté dans l'eglise neuve de Strasbourg le 8 fév. 1751.
35629: [CROISET (JEAN)] - A Spiritual Retreat for One Day in every Month. Written in French by a Father of the Society of Jesus, and Faithfully Translated for the Common good of the English.
33388: [TAITT (ALEXANDER)] - The Right of the House of Stewart to the Crown of Scotland consider'd.
33393: [THOMAS PELHAM HOLLES, DUKE OF NEWCASTLE, AND THE RIGHT HON. HENRY PELHAM]. - A Letter to the Author of an Examination of the Principles; and an enqury [sic] into the conduct of the two b-rs: in which is proved, by indisputable facts of foreign transactions, that the two b--rs are true guardians to these kingdoms; ... and are therefore falsly accused by the said letter writer.
33394: [TAITT (ALEXANDER)] - The Right of the House of Stewart to the Crown of Scotland consider'd.
33397: [SONYER DU LAC (DIONISIUS AUGUSTINUS)] - Dissertatio phisiologica de secretione bilis et ejus in corpore humano effectibus ...
34262: [GÉNARD (FRANÇOIS)] - The School of Man. Translated from the French. To which is prefixed, a key to the satyrical characters interspersed in this work.
34243: [GIBSON (EDMUND)] - The Right of the Archbishop to continue or prorogue the Whole Convocation: Asserted in a Second Letter; by way of Reply to a Pamphlet, Entitled, The Power of the Lower House of Convocation to Adjourn it self, &c. and also to a late Book, Entitled, A Narrative of the Proceedings of the Lower-House, &c. with the Publisher's Preface: as far as they relate to the Point of Continuation.
33624: [BURTON (JOHN)] - Remarks on Dr. K----'s Speech before the University of O-------d, at the Dedication of Dr. R-----'s Library, on the XIIIth of April, MDCCXLIX. By Phileleutherus Londinensis.
33627: [BOHN (HENRY GEORGE)] - Observations on the Plan and Progress of the Catalogue of the Library of the British Museum. By a Bookseller.
36165: [RIGERSON (H. SUMMERFIELD)] - [Modern Ornament.]
25005: [CAMBON (MARIA GEERTRUIDA VAN DE WERKEN)] - Letters and Conversations Between Several Young Ladies, on Interesting and Improving Subjects. Translated from the Dutch of Madame de Cambon, with alterations and improvements.
30769: [HAREN (ONNO ZWIER VAN)] - The Sentiments of a Dutch patriot. Being the speech of Mr. V* H**n [Onno Zwier van Haren]. In an august Assembly on the present State of Affairs, and the Resolution necessary at this Juncture to be taken for the Safety of the Republic. Faithfully translated from the Dutch original.
30971: [?WARNER (I.)] - An Address to the University of Oxford, occasioned by a Sermon, intitled, The Divine Institution of the Ministry, and the absolute necessity of Church-Government; preached before that University by the Reverend Mr. Joseph Betty, on the 21st of September 1729. By I. W. L.
12528: [COLLIER (J.)] - The Literature Relating to New Zealand.
36159: [DOSSIE (ROBERT)] - The Handmaid to the Arts, Vol. the First. Teaching, I. A perfect knowledge of the Materia Pictoria, or, the nature, use, preparation, and composition of all the various substances employed in painting, as well vehicles, dryers, &c. as colours; including those peculiar to enamel and painting of glass. II. The means of delineation, or the several devices employed for the more easily and accurately making designs from nature, or depicted representations; either by off-tracing, calking, reduction, or other means; with the methods of taking casts, or impressions, from figures, busts, medals, leaves, &c. III. The various manners of gilding, silvering, bronzing, with the preparation of the genuine gold and silver powders, and imitations of them, as also of the fat oil, gold sizes, and other necessary compositions; the art of Japanning, as applicable not only to the former purposes, but to coaches, snuff-boxes, &c. in the manner lately introduced; and the method of staining different kinds of substances, with all the several colours. The whole being calculated, as well for conveying a more accurate and extensive knowledge of the manners treated of to professed artists, as to initiate those who are desirous to attempt these arts, into the method of preparing and using all the colours, and other substances employed in painting in oil, miniature, crayons, encaustic, enamel, varnish, distemper, and fresco, as also in gilding, &c. The Second Edition, with considerable Additions and Improvements. Volume the Second. Teaching, I. The preparation of inks, cements, and sealing-wax, of every kind. II. The art of engraving, etching, and scraping mezzotintos; with the preparation of the aqua fortis, varnishes or grounds, &c. in the best manner now practised by the French: as also the manner of printing copper plates; an improved method of producing washed prints; and of printing in chiaro obscuro, and with colours in the way practised by Mr. Ye Léon. III. The nature, composition, and preparation of glass of every fort. As also the various methods of counterfeiting gems, of all kinds, by coloured glass, pastes doublets, or the use of foils. IV. The nature, and composition of porcelain; as well according to the methods practised in China, as in the several European manufactories: with the best manner of burning, glazing, painting, and gilding the ware. V. Preparation of transparent and coloured glazings, for stone or earthen-ware. VI. The manner of preparing and moulding the papier mache, and whole paper, for the forming boxes, frames, festoons, &c., and of varnishing, painting, and gilding the pieces of each kink: with the method of making the light Japan ware. To which is added an appendix; containing several supplemental articles belonging, in some manner, to heads before treated of, either in this of the first volume: particularly, the method of marbling paper, of taking off paintings from old and transferring them to new cloths, of weaving tapestry, both by the high and low warp; of manufacturing paper hangings of every kind. The Second Edition, with considerable Additions and Improvements.
31076: [HARTE (WALTER)] - Essays on Husbandry. Essay I. A General Introduction; shewing that Agriculture is the Basis and Support of all flourishing Communities; - the antient and present State of that useful Art; - Agriculture, Manufactures, Trade, and Commerce justly harmonised; .... and possible Improvements in English Husbandry. Essay II. An Account of some Experiments tending to improve the Culture of Lucerne by Transplantation; .... From whence it appears, that Lucerne is an Article of great Importance in English Husbandry.
24022: [BÉNARD (MARCEL)] - Catalogue de Livres et Curiuex Anciens et Modernes Composant la Bibliothèque de M. M. B***.
21911: [BRYDGES (SIR SAMUEL EGERTON)] - Polyanthea Librorum Vetustiorum, Italicorum, Gallicorum, Hispanicorum, Anglicanorum, et Latinorum.
36753: [CALLIÈRES (FRANÇOIS DE)] - The Knowledge of the World, and the Attainments Useful in the Conduct of Life. Translated from the French of Monsieur Callieres, Secretary of the Cabinet to Lewis XIV. one of the Forty Members of the Academy, and Minster Plenipotentiary at the Peace of Ryswick.
36172: [TABOUROT (ETIENNE)] - Bigarrures or the Pleasant and Witlesse and Simple Speeches of the Lord Gaulard of Burgundy from a Manuscript circa 1660. [Translated by J. B. of Charterhouse. The editor's prefatory note signed: A. S., i.e. Alexander Smith.]
34483: [RICHARDSON (JOSEPH)] - A complete investigation of Mr. Eden's Treaty, as it may affect the commerce, the revenue, or the general policy of Great Britain.
31093: [SWIFT (JONATHAN)] - On Poetry: A Rapsody.
12807: [PHILIP (I.G.)] - Gold-Tooled Bookbindings.
35708: [HALL (MRS. S. C.)] - Alfred in India, or Scenes in Hindoostan.
36005: [CLARKE (WILLIAM)] - Repertorium Bibliographicum; or, Some Account of the Most Celebrated British Libraries. London: William Clarke, 1819. First edition, xlviii, [2], 138, 133*-138*, 139-454, 449*-454*, 455-672, [2]pp., engraved frontispiece and 9 engraved portraits (foxed and offset, the portrait of Towneley is inserted and stands proud), small ink splash to title, 2 woodcuts in the text. [Bound with:] A Dialogue in the Shades; between William Caxton, a Bibliomaniac, and William Wynken, Clerk. Rare Doings at Roxburghe Hall. A Ballad. The Diary of Roger Payne, with a Lithographic sketch on the Monument to be Erected to his memory by the Bibliographical Club.
36565: [MASKELYNE (NEVIL)] - The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris for the Year 1797 [-1800]. Published by Order of the Commissioners of Longitude.
15300: [FOLKARD (HENRY TENNYSON)] - Wigan Free Public Library. [First, Fourth and Fifth] Report of the Librarian.
12999: [AUSTIN (ROLAND) COMPILER.] - Catalogue of Gloucestershire Books Collected by Sir Francis Hyett of Painswick and Placed in the Shire Hall.
36573: [RENNELL (JAMES)] - War with France. The only Security of Britain, at the Present Momentous Crisis: Set forth in an earnest address to his fellow-subjects, by an old Englishman.
30374: [VERTUE (GEORGE)] - Prints. King Charles I. and the Heads of the Noble Earls, Lords, and others, who suffered for their Loyalty in the Rebellion and Civil-Wars of England. With their Characters engraved under each Print, extracted from Lord Clarendon. Taken from Original Pictures of the greatest Masters, many of them Sir Anthony Vandyke's, and all the Heads accurately engraved by Mr Geo. Vertue...
30382: [CLARKSON (BENJAMIN)] - The Battle of Newland, an Historical Ballad. In Four Parts.
36756: [HOBSON (W.) ATTRIBUTED AUTHOR] - The History and Topography of Ashbourn, The Valley of the Dove, and the Adjacent Villages; with Biographical Sketches of Eminent Natives, &c.
30887: [SAGE (JOHN)] - The Principles of the Cyprianic Age, with Regard to Episcopal Power and Jurisdiction: Asserted and Recommended from the Genuine Writings of St. Cyprian himself, and his Contemporaries. By which it is made evident, That the Vindicator of the Kirk of Scotland is obliged by his own Concessions to acknowledge, that he and his Associates are Schismaticks. In a Letter to a Friend. [London] In the Savoy, Printed by Edw. Jones, for Walter Kettilby, 1695. First Edition, 4to, signature M browned, with a final advertisement leaf, [4], 94, [2] pp. Bound with:- [SAGE (John)] A Vindication of a Discourse entituled The Principles of the Cyprianic Age, with regard to Episcopal Power and Jurisdiction: To Gilbert Rule's Cyprianic Bishop Examin'd and found not to be a Diocesan. Wherein besides a great many Things more briefly Considered, the usefulness of fixing the Principles of the Cyprianic Age is succinctly stated; ......
35664: [HERVEY (S. H. A.)], EDITOR. - Wedmore Parish Registers. Baptisms. 1561-1812. Marriages, 1561-1839. Burials. 1561-1860.
35700: [JOHNSON (SAMUEL)] - The Idler. By the Author of the Rambler. In Two Volumes. With Additional Essays.
35707: [BRANDON (ISAAC)] - Fragments in the manner of Sterne.
35739: [BÉDOYÈRE (HENRI HUCHET, COMTE DE LA)] - Catalogue des Livres Rare et Précieux de la Bibliothèque de M. le Comte de la B***.
31004: [WOOD (THOMAS)] - A New Institute of the Imperial or Civil Law. With Notes, shewing some of the Principal Cases, amongst other Observations, How the Canon Law, the Laws of England, and the Laws and Customs of other Nations differ from it. In Four Books. Composed for the Use of some Persons of Quality.
33278: [HILL (SIR RICHARD)] - The Church of England Vindicated from the Rigid Notions of Calvinism; Or, Some observations on a letter from the author of Pietas Oxoniensis to the Reverend Doctor Adams of Shewsbury. To which is added, a letter to the Reverend Mr. Romaine, in answer to his letter to Dr. Adams.
23345: [KER (NEIL) EDITOR.] - The Parochial Libraries of the Church of England. Report of a Committee Appointed by the Central Council for the Care of Churches to Investigate the Number and Condition of Parochial Libraries Belonging to the Church of England. With an Historical Introduction. Notes on Early Printed Books and their Care and Alphabetical List of Parochial Libraries Past and Present.
14779: [NIXON (HOWARD M.)] - Modern British and French Bookbindings from the Collection of J.R. Abbey.
32033: [FRANCIS (SIR PHILIP)] - A State of the British Authority in Bengal under the Government of Mr. Hastings. Exemplified in his Conduct in the Case of Mahomed Reza Khan. With a Debate upon a Letter from Mobareck Ul Dowlah, Nabob of Bengal. From authentic Documents.
36018: [WHITEHOUSE (EVA M.)] - Guide and History of Haywood and its Old Church, near Strafford in the Valley of the Trent. Compiled and Illustrated by "Stafforda".
36034: [TODD (GEORGE W.)] - A New Description of York, containing some Account of its Antiquities, Public Buildings, &c. Particularly the Cathedral. Compiled from the most authentic Records., forming a correct guide & useful compendium.
35554: [APPLEYARD (E.S.)] - Welsh Sketches, Chiefly Ecclesiastical, to the Twelfth Century. By the Author of "Proposals for Christian Union." [First, Second and Third Series].
32444: [WALPOLE (HORACE) & VERTUE (GEORGE)] - A Catalogue of Engravers, Who have been born, or resided in England; Digested by Mr. Horace Walpole from the MSS. of Mr. George Vertue; To which is added an Account of the Life and Works of the latter.
35520: [NEWMARCH (CHARLES HENRY)] - Recollections of Rugby, By an Old Rugbaean.
35519: [GREEN (HERBERT)] - Forgotten Lincoln. A History of the City from the Earliest Times, with complete lists of its Parliamentary Representatives, Bishops and Mayors. Being a Series of Articles reprinted from the "Lincoln Gazette & Times," 1896-7.
35512: [STILLINGFLEET (EDWARD)] - The Jesuits Loyalty, manifested in Three several Treatises lately written by them against the Oath of Allegeance: with a Preface, shewing the Pernicious Consequence of their Principles as to Civil Government. Also Three other Treatises concerning the Reasons of the Penal Laws. viz. 1. The Execution of Justice in England, not for Religion, but for Treason. [by William Cecil, Baron Burleigh]. 11. Important Considerations, by the Secular Priests. [by William Watson]. 111. The Jesuits Reasons Unreasonable.
24190: [TODD (HENRY JOHN)] - Catalogue of the Books, Both Manuscript and Printed, Which are Preserved in the Library of Christ Church, Canterbury.
35522: [WHITWORTH (SIR CHARLES)] - A Collection of the Supplies, and Ways and Means, from the Revolution to the Present Time. By a Member of Parliament.
35630: [HUTTON (WILLIAM)] - A Concise History of Birmingham, containing an Account of its Ancient State, and the Latest Improvements: together with a Statement of the Arrival and Departure of the Mails, Stage Coaches, Waggons, &c. &c. The whole forming a Complete Guide to the Inhabitant and Stranger.
35673: [SIKES (THOMAS)] - An Address to Lord Teignmouth. President of the British and Foreign Bible Society, occasioned by his address to the clergy of the Church of England. By a country clergyman.
35674: [OWEN (JOHN)] - A Letter to a Country Clergyman [Thomas Sikes], Occasioned by his Address to Lord Teignmouth, President of the British and Foreign Bible Society. By a Sub-urban Clergyman [John Owen].
35885: [BARROW (ALBERT STEWART)] - Shires and Provinces by "Sabretache". Illustrated by Lionel Edwards.
31084: [MULOCK (DINAH MARIA, LATER MRS. CRAIK)] - A Life for a Life. By the Author of "John Halifax, Gentleman," "A Woman's Thoughts about Women," &c., &c.
32217: [WHITEHEAD (JAMES)] - Pasteur Institute. Mansion House Fund.
28055: [CATE (CHESTER MARCH)] - The Spencer Collection of Modern Book Bindings. [Introduction by Henry W. Kent].
28082: [DONIOL (HENRI)] - Les Vitrines de l'Imprimerie Nationale a l'Exposition Universelle de 1889.
28097: [LEE (DR. JOHN)] - Oriental Manuscripts Purchased in Turkey.
28099: [LEE (DR. JOHN)] - Oriental Manuscripts Purchased in Turkey.
17481: [ONGANIA (FERD.)] - A Glance at the Grimani Breviary Preserved in S. Mark's Library, Venice.
33268: [ARMSTRONG (JOHN)] - The Oeconomy of Love. A Poetical Esssay.
32274: [WITHERS (PHILIP)] - Alfred or a Narrative of the daring and illegal measures to suppress a pamphlet intituled Strictures on the Declaration of Horne Tooke, Esq. respecting "Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales," commonly called Mrs. Fitzherbert; proving, on Principles of Law and Common Sense that a certain illustrious Personage is NOT ELIGIBLE to the important TRUST.
32300: [BREUGELMANS (R.)] EDITOR. - Leiden Imprints 1483-1600 in Leiden University Library and Bibliotheca Thysiana: A short-title catalogue.
33954: [MARTIN (W.)] - Indian Public Works: Water Conservancy and Communications. A Letter addressed to H. E. Sir Richard Temple, Bart., K.S.I., Governor of Bombay.
33955: [COPLESTON (EDWARD)] - A Reply to the Calumnies of the Edinburgh Review [No.31] against Oxford. Containing an Account of Studies pursued in that University.
35391: [JACKSON (WILLIAM A.)] - An Annotated List of the Publications of the Reverend Thomas Frognall Dibdin, D.D. Based mainly on those in the Harvard College Library with Notes of others.
27724: [JOHNSON (MARY)] - Madam Johnson's Present: or, every young woman's companion, in useful and universal knowledge. Digested under the following Heads: I. Spelling, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetick, taught without the Help of a Master. II. The Compleat Market-Woman. III. The Cook's Guide for dressing all Sorts of Flesh, Fowl and Fish. IV. For Pickling, Pastry, and Confectionary. V. An Estimate of the Expences of a Family in the middling Station of Life. VI. The Art and Terms of Carving Fish, Fowl, and Flesh. Vii. A Bill of Fare for every Month in the Year for Dinner and Supper, and also for extraordinary Occasions. Viii. The Young Woman's Instructor for the right Spelling of Words used in Marketting, Cookery, Pickling, Preserving, &c. &c. &c. To this edition are added, some plain and very necessary directions to maid-servants in general, and several useful Tables: Which renders it the Completest Book of the Kind ever published. The Compiler, Madam Johnson, in order to make this Book come as cheap as possible to the Purchasers, has, out of her Benevolence, fixed the Price at 1 s. 6 d. Bound; though it contains double the Quantity that is usually sold for that Sum.
35537: [LAROON (MARCELLUS)] - The Cryes of the City of London Drawn after the Life. Les Cris de la Ville de Londres dessignez après la Nature. L'Arti com[m]uni che vanno p[er] Londra Fatte dal Naturale. P. Tempest [excudit].
35494: [RICHARDSON (JOSEPH)] - A complete investigation of Mr. Eden's Treaty, as it may affect the commerce, the revenue, or the general policy of Great Britain.
35491: [KEATE (WILLIAM)] - The Address of William Bull [i.e. William Keate], Gent. to William Pool, Esq; Steward of the Manor of Bishop's-Whitelands, in the south part of Great Britain.
35486: [HEYWOOD (SAMUEL)] - The Right of Protestant Dissenters to a Compleat Toreration asserted; containing an Historical Account of the Test Laws, and shewing the Injustice, Inexpediency, and Folly of the Sacramental Test, as now imposed, with respect to Protestant Dissenters; With an Answer to the Objection from the Act of Union with Scotland. By a Layman.
36042: [DIBDIN (THOMAS FROGNALL)] - Bibliophobia. Remarks on the Present Languid and Depressed State of Literature and the Book Trade. In a Letter Addressed to the Author of the Bibliomania. By Mercurius Rusticus. With Notes by Cato Parvus.
17168: [CONSTABLE (DAVID)] - Catalogue of a Curious Collection of Books in General History and Literature, Particularly Rich in Early English and Scottish History and Poetry... Which Will be Sold by Auction, By Mr. Sotheby... On Tuesday the 16th of January, 1827, and Three Following Days.
19323: [FUSI (FRANCESCO)] - Bibliografia od Elenco Ragionato delle Opere Contenute nella Collezione de' Classici Italiani.
35483: [MILTON (JOHN)] - Comus: a Masque. (now adapted to the stage) as alter'd from Milton's masque at Ludlow-Castle, which was first represented on Michaelmas-Day, 1634; Before the Right Honourable The Earl of Bridgewater, Lord President of Wales. The principal Performers were The Lord Brackly, Mr. Tho. Egerton, The Lady Alice Egerton. The music was composed by Mr. Hen. Lawes, Who also represented the Attendant Spirit.
36677: [YOUNG (ARTHUR)] - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Suffolk; Drawn up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement.
36472: 'CIVIS.' - The Railway Question. Practical Suggestions for a Fundamental Reform of the Railway System, on a Principle Combining National Benefits with the Permanent Interests of Shareholders. By Civis.
31047: [GODWIN (WILLIAM)] - The History of the Life of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham.
35805: [CONWAY (HENRY SEYMOUR), GENERAL] - The Military Arguments, in the Letter to a Right Honourable Author, fully considered.
30778: [BASSET (JOSHUA)] - An Essay towards a Proposal for Catholick Communion. Wherein Sixty of the Principal Controverted Points, which have hitherto divided Christendom, being call'd over, 'tis examin'd, how many of them may, and ought to be laid aside, and how few remain to be accommodated, for the effecting a General Peace. By a Minister of the Church of England.
30674: [NICOLSON (WILLIAM)] - Leges Marchiarum, or Border=Laws: containing Several Original Articles and Treaties, Made and Agreed upon by the Commissioners of the Respective Kings of England and Scotland, for the better Preservation of Peace and Commerce upon the Marches of Both Kingdoms: From the Reign of Henry 111. to the Union of the Two Crowns, in K. James 1. With a Preface, and an Appendix of Charters and Records, relating to the said Treaties. By William Lord Bishop of Carlile.
36145: [TODD (JOEL)] - Todd's Album of Great Grimsby and Neighbourhood.
19385: [PARDON (GEORGE FREDERICK)] - The Juvenile Museum of Entertainment and Instruction. Embellished with Numerous Engravings.
35369: [FOSTER (GEORGE)] - Sketches of the Mythology and Customs of the Hindoos.
32641: [ALCOCK (THOMAS)] - Some Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Nathan Alcock, Lately Deceased.
35744: [ALFORD (HENRY)] - A History and Description of the Restored Parish Church of Saint Mary, Wymeswold, Leicestershire.
33479: [BARBER (G.) AND OTHERS] - Fine Bindings 1500-1700 from Oxford Libraries.
35695: [GREY (CHARLES GREY EARL)] - Parliamentary Reform! A View of the Defective State of the Representation of the People, being the copy of a petition presented to the House of Commons by the Hon. Charles (now Earl) Grey, in 1793.
32260: [SHARP (WILLIAM)] - An Account of a New Method of Treating Fractured Legs. Read before the Royal Society of London. To which is prefixed a Letter on that Subject to James Parsons, M.D., a Member of that respectable Society, dated November 6, 1766.
32270: [WEBSTER (WILLIAM)] - The Consequences of Trade, as to the Wealth and Strength of any Nation; of the Woollen Trade in particular, and the great superiority of it over all other Branches of Trade. ... By a Draper of London.
22987: [COTTON (NATHANIEL)] - Visions in Verse, for the Entertainment and Instruction of Young Minds.
34079: [DESCHAMPS (PIERRE)] - Dictionnaire de Géographie Ancienne et Moderne.
22532: [DUFF (EDWARD GORDAN)] - Notes on a Book of Drawings Attributed to Bernard Palissy which Belonged to Diane de Poitiers. With a Short Sketch of her Library, her Art Collections, and her Life.
22746: [BLANDFORD, MARQUESS OF] - White Knights Library. Catalogue of that Distinguished and Celebrated Library, Containing Numerous Very Fine and Rare Specimens from the Presses of Caxton, Pynson, and Wynkyn de Worde, &c... Which Will be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Evans... On Monday, June 7, and Eleven Following Days [& 22 June 1819].
33821: [MACGOWAN (JOHN)] - Priestcraft defended. A sermon, occasioned by the expulsion of six young gentlemen, from the University of Oxford, for praying, reading, and expounding the Scriptures.
33882: [ADDINGTON (HENRY)] - Some Account of the Abbey Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, at Dorchester, Oxfordshire.
35676: [WHITBREAD (SAMUEL)] - Official Correspondence between the Courts of Vienna and St. James, in French and English, Respecting a Negotiation for Peace; Being an Appendix to Mr. Whitbread's Speech in the House of Commons, Feb. 29th, 1808.
20277: [AUSTIN (ROLAND) COMPILER.] - Catalogue of Gloucestershire Books Collected by Sir Francis Hyett of Painswick and Placed in the Shire Hall.
20963: [O'CASEY (IAN V.) & MANEY (A.S.)] - The Nature and Making of Papyrus.
24993: [KITCHMER (WILLIAM)] - Apicius Redivivus. The Cook's Oracle: containing practical receipts. For roasting, boiling, frying... &c, &c, on the most economical plan for private families; also, the art of composing the most simple, and most highly finished broths, gravies, soups, sauces, and flavoring essences: the quantity of each article being accurately stated by weight or measure... The result of actual experiments made in the kitchen of a physician, for the purpose of composing a culinary code for the rational epicure.
18134: [LANGLAND (WILLIAM)] - Pierce the Ploughman's Crede.
27961: [COWIE (GEORGE)] - Cowie's Printer's Pocket-Book and Manual, Containing the Compositors' and Pressmen's Scale of Prices, Agreed upon in 1810 and Modified in 1816: all the Schemes of Impositions... the Hebrew, Greek, and Saxon Alphabets... a table for giving out Paper... a list of Master Printers, arranged on a new plan, and corrected to the present time.
35631: [DAVY (SIR HUMPHRY)] - Salmonia: or Days of Fly Fishing. In a Series of Conversations. With some Account of the Habits of Fishes belonging to the Genus Salmo. By An Angler.
33816: [BARRETT (EATON STANNARD)] - All the talents; a satirical poem. By Polypus. Dialogue the Fourth.
33869: [CAROLINE, QUEEN CONSORT OF GEORGE IV, KING OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND] - Journal of an English Traveller or Memoirs and Anecdotes of an Illustrious Personage: and of Her Court, Correspondence with the Earl of Liverpool, Mr. Whitbread, &c.
33750: [THOMPSON (ISAAC)] - Poetic Essays, on Nature, Men, and Morals. Essay 1. To Dr. Askew, of Newcastle
33754: [EMANUEL (EDWARD)] - Bradshaw's Complete Anglo-German Phrase-Book for Travellers and Students; with a Vocabulary of the most useful words in English and German; the Modes of addressing the Dignitaries of England and Germany; Letters, Notes of Invitation, Tables of Money, Weights and Measures, &c. Vollständiges Handbuch von Englisch-Deutschen, Redensarten; ......
33766: [HERVEY (JOHN), BARON] - Miscellaneous Thoughts on the present Posture both of our Foreign and Domestics Affairs. Humbly offer'd to the Consideration of the Parliament and the People.
33770: [BRETT (JOHN)] - A Free and Candid Inquiry humbly addressed to the Representatives of the Several Counties and Boroughs in this Kingdom: And proper at this Time to be read by their Several Electors. In a Letter to a Person of Distinction in the North from a Gentleman in Town.
33772: [BRETT (JOHN)] - An Answer to a late Pamphlet, Intituled, A Free and Candid Inquiry, Addressed to the Representatives, &c. of this Kingdom.
33774: [PRICE (JOSEPH)] - A Letter to Edmund Burke, Esq; On the latter Part of the late Report of the Select Committee of the State of Justice in Bengal. With some curious Particulars and original Anecdotes concerning the Forgery committed by Maha Rajah Nundcomar Bahadar, on the proof of which he lost his life. Together with some remarks on the Conduct of the Majority of the Civil Government at that time in Fort William, Bengal, proper and necessary to be perused and duly weighed by every Member of both Houses of Parliament, before they proceeded to determine on the Evidence given up in the first Report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons.
33778: [WEBB (PHILIP CARTERET)] - A Short Account of Danegeld: with some further particulars relating to Will. the Conqueror's Survey. By a Member of the Society of Antiquaries of London. Read at a Meeting of the Society, 1 April, 1756; and ordered to be printed.
33783: [COURTENAY (THOMAS PEREGRINE)] - A Plain Answer to the Misrepresentations and Calumnies contained in the Cursory Remarks of a Near Observer. By a more accurate observer.
33784: [PELTIER (JEAN GABRIEL)] - The Germanic Empire reduced into Departments under the Prefecture of the Elector of Brandenburg. Translated from the French.
33785: [BECKETT (OLIVER)] - A Statement of Facts connected with Proceedings before the Select Committee of the House of Commons appointed to try the Merits of the Petitions complaining of the Last Return for Newcastle-under-Lyme in a Letter from the Petitioning Candidate [Oliver Beckett] to the Electors in his Interest.
33787: [CROKER (JOHN WILSON)?] - A Short Letter from Quang-Tcheu. Translated by another Hand.
35669: [MAUBERT DE GOUVEST (J.-HENRI)] - L'Esprit de la présente guerre. Discours de M. de G. dans la Chambre des C. pour et contre les deux opinions dominantes dans le Parlement de la Grande-Bretagne, en faveur du commerce et de la paix.
35670: [PARK (JAMES ALLAN)] - An Earnest Exhortation to a Frequent Reception of the Holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Particularly addressed to young persons by a layman.
35671: [SHARPE (GRANVILLE)] - Annual Parliaments, The Ancient and Most Salutary Right of the Commons of Great-Britain. Being an Extract from Sharp's "Declaration of the People's Natural Rights to a Share in the Legislature," printed in 1774, P. 157 to 170. Wherein is shewn, that the Statutes of 4 Edw. III. C. 14. and 36 Edw. III. C. 10. which ordain, "that a Parliament shall be holden every Year once, &c." must necessarily be under-stood to mean, -A new Election of Representatives, "every Year once, and more often if need be."
22336: [WILLIAMSON (JOHN)] - A Treatise on Military Finance...
9851: [HARRISSE (HENRY)] - Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima. A Description of Works Relating to America Published Between the Years 1492 and 1551. [With:] Additions.
35232: [FOSTER (SIR MICHAEL)] - A Report of Some Proceedings on the Commission of Oyer and Terminer and Goal Delivery for the Trial of the Rebels in the Year 1746, in the County of Surry, and of Other Crown Cases, to Which Are Added, Discourses Upon a Few Branches of the Crown Law.
33398: [RUSCHENBERGER (WILLIAM S.)] - Three Years in the Pacific; containing notices of Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, &c. in 1831, 1832, 1833, 1834. By an Officer in the United States' Navy.
36705: [PERRY (SAMPSON)] - A Disquisition of the Stone and Gravel, and other Diseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, &c... By Wm. Adams, Surgeon, London.
36553: [LEVER (ELLIS)] - The Railway and the Mine. Lever's Illustrated Year-Book 1861.
32005: [SHEPHERD (W.R.)], EDITOR. - The Benedictines of Caldey Island (formerly of Painsthorpe, York) containing the history, purpose, method, and summary of the Rule of the Benedictines of the Isle of Caldey, S. Wales.
34210: [MCMICHAEL (J. W.)] - Notes of a Trip to Belgium, in 1866, by a Bridgnorth Volunteer. Printed for Private Circulation.
34220: [MARSHALL (CHARLES)] - An Epistle to Friends Coming forth in the Beginning of a Testimony: And of the Snares of the Enemy therein.
26547: [KNIGHT (HENRY GALLY)] - Ilderim: A Syrian Tale. In Four Cantos.
26601: [HOY (HENRY)] - Historical Collections Relative to the Town of Belfast: from the Earliest Period to the Union with Great Britain.
26623: [HEATH (CHARLES)] - Monmouthshire. Historical and Descriptive Accounts of the Ancient and Present State of Ragland Castle: Containing the Names, Size, and Appropriation, of the Different Apartments, when in their Splendor: List of the Household, and Method of Living, when Inhabited: Also, the Whole of the Correspondence which passed between the Marquis of Worcester, Proprietor and Occupier of the Castle; and Sir Thomas Fairfax, Knt. General of the Parliament Army, who Besieged it: with the Articles of Capitulation, on which it Surrendered... To which is added, by way of preface, Brief Notices of Wonastow, Tree-Owen, Dingatstow, and other objects in the road to Ragland. Collected from Original Papers and Unquestionable Authorities, by Charles Heath, Printer, Monmouth.
26624: [PECK (WILLIAM)] - A Topographical History and Description of Bawtry and Thorne, with the Villages Adjacent.
26626: [LOWTH (REV. ROBERT)] - Billesdon Coplow Hunt. Monday, February 24th. 1800.
34481: [COOKE (WILLIAM BRYAN)] - The Seize Quartiers of the Family of Bryan Cooke, Esq. of Owston [West Riding of Yorkshire], Hafod-y-Wern, and Gwysaney, and of Frances his Wife, daughter and heir of Philip Puleston, Esq. of Hafod-y-Wern, by Mary his wife, sister and coheir of John Davies, Esq. of Gwysaney and Llanerch. With Notes and Illustrations.
34484: [COLMAN (GEORGE)] - The Deuce is in Him. In two acts. As it is performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane.
16525: [FISHER (RICHARD)] - Catalogue of a Collection of Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts.
35777: [ALLEN (THOMAS)] - The History of the County of Lincoln. From the earliest period to the present time ..... Assisted by several Gentleman residing in the County, ..... Embellished by numerous Views.
35837: [THOMPSON (THOMAS)] - Ocellum Promontorium; or, Short Observations on the Ancient State of Holderness.
31107: [FORSTER (BENJAMIN)] - Some Account of the Church and Windows of St. Neot's in Cornwall.
34474: [DAVENPORT (CYRIL)] - Little Gidding Bindings. [Extracted from 'The Bibliographica', Part VI, 1896.]
34477: [HERON (JOHN)] - An Account of the Donations to the Parish of Newark upon Trent, in the County of Nottingham. By a Parishioner.
36649: [JENKS (SILVESTOR)] - An Essay upon the Art of Love, Containing an Exact Anatomy of Love and all the other Passions which attend it.
36642: [BALL (HENRY WILLIAM)] - The Social History and Antiquities of Barton-Upon-Humber.
36340: [LINDBERG (STEN G.)] - Kungliga Bokband c. 1490-1962.
36430: [CORNISH (JAMES)] - The Grand Junction, and the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Companion, Containing an account of Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester, and all the towns on or near the line...
36223: [MACKERELL (BENJAMIN)] - A New Catalogue of the Books in the Publick Library of the City of Norwich, In the Year 1732. To which is added, An Account of the Orders prescribed by the Court and Common-Council for the Regulation of the same. Together with an Account of Mr. John Kirkpatrick's Roman and Other Coins.
36112: [CULOT (PAUL)] - Exposition organisée a l'occasion de la visite des membres du Grolier Club de New-York au Musée de Mariemont le 28 mai 1967.
22308: ABBEY (J.R.) - Scenery of Great Britain and Ireland in Aquatint and Lithography 1770-1860. From the Library of J.R. Abbey. A Bibliographical Catalogue.
35309: ABBEY (MAJOR J.R.) - An Exhibition of Modern English and French Bindings from the Collection of Major J.R. Abbey.
33260: ABBEY (MAJOR J.R.) - An Exhibition of Modern English and French Bindings from the Collection of Major J.R. Abbey.
33261: ABBEY (MAJOR J.R.) - An Exhibition of Modern English and French Bindings from the Collection of Major J.R. Abbey.
33416: ABBEY (J.R.) - British Signed Bindings in my Library.
9190: ABBEY (MAJOR J.R.) - An Exhibition of Modern English and French Bindings from the Collection of Major J.R. Abbey.
32616: ABBEY (MAJOR J.R.) - Catalogue of Valuable Printed Books and Fine Bindings from the Collection of...
25834: ABBOT (ALEXANDER) - The Dundee Directory for 1818. Containing, Lists of Names—Public Bodies, Charitable Institutions—Public Offices, Shipping, &c. &c. &c.
34456: ABBOT (CHARLES) - Flora Bedfordiensis, Comprehending such Plants as Grow Wild in the County of Bedford, Arranged According to the System of Linnaeus, with Occasional Remarks.
26829: ABBOT (CHARLES) - Flora Bedfordiensis, Comprehending such Plants as Grow Wild in the County of Bedford, Arranged According to the System of Linnaeus, with Occasional Remarks.
9193: ABBOTT (WILBUR CORTEZ) - A Bibliography of Oliver Cromwell. A List of Printed Materials Relating to Oliver Cromwell, Together with a List of Portraits and Caricatures.
31617: ABBOTT (WILBUR CORTEZ) - A Bibliography of Oliver Cromwell. A List of Printed Materials Relating to Oliver Cromwell, Together with a List of Portraits and Caricatures.
21412: ABBOTT (WILBUR CORTEZ) - A Bibliography of Oliver Cromwell. A List of Printed Materials Relating to Oliver Cromwell, Together with a List of Portraits and Caricatures.
35546: ABERNETHY (JOHN) - Lectures on Anatomy, Surgery, and Pathology; including Observations on the Nature and Treatment of Local Disease. Delivered at St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
27033: BOOKBINDING. ABRAMI (LÉON) - Bibliothèque Léon Abrami. Livres illustrés du XVIIIe Siècle reliés en maroquin la plupart armoriés ou ornés de dentelles.
23539: ABRAMS (GEORGE) - The George Abrams Collection [Fifteenth-Century Books].
30658: ACCUM (FREDRICK) - A Practical Treatise on Gas-Light: exhibiting a summary description of the Apparatus and Machinery best calculated for Illuminating Streets, Houses, and Manufactories, with Carburetted Hydrogen, or Coal=Gas: with Remarks on the Utility, Safety, and general Nature of this new ranch of Civil Economy.
23667: ACCURTI (TOMMASO) - Miscellanea Bibliografica in Memoria di don Tommaso Accurti. Ed. Lamberto Donati.
34422: ACLAND (HENRY W.) - The Influence of Social and Sanitary Conditions of Religion: A paper read by desire at the church congress at Brighton, Oct. 9, 1874.
34426: ACLAND (SIR HENRY WENTWORTH) - Faith and Knowledge.
32907: ACLAND (HENRY W.) - Standard Medicines, or Revision of Remedial Agents.
26532: TRIENNIAL ACT. - A Letter to a Friend in Suffolk, Occasion'd by a Report of Repealing the Triennial Act.
32811: ROYAL MARRIAGE ACT. - Papers relating to the Claims of Sir Augustus d'Este, K.C.H. N.P., [London], [Privately Printed], 1831. First Edition, 4 genealogical tables at the beginning, [10], 16, [2], 38pp. Martin, Privately Printed Books, pp. 405-6. Bound with:- DILLON (Sir J. J.) A Letter to a Noble lord, explanatory of a Bill in the Court of Chancery, filed on behalf of Sir Augustus d'Este, from Sir J. J. Dillon.
33103: ADAIR (JAMES) - Observations on the Power of Alienation in the Crown before the first of Queen Anne, Supported by Precedents and The Opinions of many learned Judges. Together with some remarks on the conduct of administration respecting the case of the Duke of Portland.
30506: ADAM (PAUL) - Die Kunst des Handvergoldens, der Blinddruck und die Lederauflage.
35217: ADAMS (THOMAS F.) - Typographia: or, the Printer's Instructor; a Brief Sketch of the Origin, Rise, and Progress of the Typographic Art, with Practical Directions for Conducting Every Department in an Office, Hints to Authors, Publishers, &c.
14939: ADAMS (J.T.) - Catalogue of the Very Choice and Valuable Library, Principally of Important Books in English and French Literature and of Fine Illuminated Manuscripts...
31654: ADAMS (LIONEL E.) - A Plea for Owls and Kestrels. [Offprint from the Journal of the Northamptonshire Natural History Society, June, 1898].
31308: ADAMS (BERNARD) - London Illustrated 1604-1851: A Survey and Index of Topographical Books and their Plates.
24501: ADAMS (BERNARD) - London Illustrated 1604-1851: A Survey and Index of Topographical Books and their Plates.
36344: ADAMS (FREDERICK B.) - The Pierpont Morgan Library. [Offprint from 'Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science.']
32322: ADBURGHAM (ALISON) - Women in Print: Writing Women & Women's Magazines from the Restoration to the Accession of Victoria.
30664: ADDINGTON (SIR WILLIAM) - An Abridgment [sic] of Penal Statutes, which exhibits at one View, The Offence; the Punishment or Penalty annexed to that Offence; The Mode of Recovering and Application of the Penalty; The Number of Witnesses and Justices necessary to convict the Offender; With a Reference to the Chapter and Section of the enacting Statute. By William Addington, Esq. One of the Magistrates presiding at the Public Office in Bow Street.
34246: ADDRESS. - An Address Presented to the Reverend and Learned Ministers of the Church of England, by one sincerely desirous of finding out the Truth, in behalf of himself and others equally concern'd, as well for their own as the general Satisfaction.
32794: AN ADDRESS. - An Address to the Public. Occasioned by the; Lord Bishop of London's Letter to the Clergy and People of London and Westminster.
22701: LOFTS (W.O.G.) & ADLEY (DEREK) - William - A Bibliography.
25520: ADOLPHUS (JOHN) - The British Cabinet; Containing Portraits of Illustrious Personages, Engraved from Original Pictures: with Biographical Memoirs.
36319: INK ADVERT. - Walkden's Incomparable British Japan Ink. Which for its admirably shining Lustre and Blackness far exceeds any other yet published... Prepared only by Cooper & Phillips, (Late Charles Terry, formerly Walkden, Darby, & Terry,) 5, Shoe Lane, London. All other Sorts are Counterfeit.
30362: ADVICE. - Advice to a Painter. In a Poem to a Friend.
12689: AERONAUTICS. - Flight, Origins & Progress. Catalogue No. 70.
33476: AERONAUTICS. - An early, probably 18th century, copy in sepia ink of an engraving by Bartolozzi from a miniature by Cosway of Vincent Lunardi, folding paper mount, loosely held in Cockerell marbled paper folder, together with a 2pp., A.L.s from Roger Powell to Olive, 20th May 1946, on Douglas Cockerell and Son paper, in his fine calligraphic hand.
26277: ROXBURGHE CLUB. AETHELGIFU. - The Will of Aethelgifu. A Tenth Century Anglo-Saxon Manuscript, Translated and Examined by Dorothy Whitelock. With a Note on the Document by Neil Ker and Analyses of the Properties, Livestock and Chattels Concerned by Lord Rennell.
22155: ROXBURGHE CLUB. AETHELGIFU. - The Will of Aethelgifu. A Tenth Century Anglo-Saxon Manuscript, Translated and Examined by Dorothy Whitelock. With a Note on the Document by Neil Ker and Analyses of the Properties, Livestock and Chattels Concerned by Lord Rennell.
30966: DOMESTICK AFFAIRS. - An Enquiry into the Conduct of our Domestick Affairs, from the Year 1721, to Christmas 1733. In which the Caes of our National Debts, in the Sinking Fund, and all Extraordinary Grants of Money are particularly consider'd. Being a Sequel to Politicks on both sides
30853: DOMESTICK AFFAIRS. - An Enquiry into the Conduct of our Domestick Affairs, from the Year 1721, to Christmas 1733. In which the Caes of our National Debts, in the Sinking Fund, and all Extraordinary Grants of Money are particularly consider'd. Being a Sequel to Politicks on both sides
33386: NATIONAL AFFAIRS. - A Critical, Expatiatory, and Interesting Address to a Certain Right Honourable Apostate [Philip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield], on his present Unaccountable Conduct at this Critical Juncture; and on several other Important and National Affairs.
14421: ASIATICA & AFRICANA. - Catalogue 59.
22255: AGRICULTURE. - Catalogue of the Walter Frank Perkins Agricultural Library.
31304: AGRICULTURE. - Catalogue of the Walter Frank Perkins Agricultural Library.
31224: AGRICULTURE. - Rothamsted Experimental Station Library. Catalogue of the Printed Books on Agriculture Published Between 1471 and 1840. With Notes on the Authors by Mary S. Aslin.
27387: AGRICULTURE. - A Dissertation on the Nature of Soils, and the Properties of Manure: to which is added, the Method of making a Universal Compost, to supply the place of Dung, where that useful and necessary article cannot be obtained: the whole forming a body of intelligence calculated to establish facts that may be applied for the benefit of Mankind. London: Sold by Ridgway. 1828. First Edition, vii,[v],141,[1]pp., possibly lacking half-title, small ink splash to title, disbound. [Sold with:] An Appendix to the Dissertation on the Nature of Soils... This appendix forms a synopsis of the science of agriculture, practically delineated; pointing out the necessary things to be taken into consideration in the management of a farm.
32868: AGRIPPAG VON NETTESHEIM, HEINRICH CORNELIUS. - Della Nobilta et Eccellenza delle Donne, dalla lingua francese nella italiana tradotto. Con una oratione di M. Alessandro Piccolomini in lode delle medesime. Venice: Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, 1544. Small 8vo, 29, [1]ff, printer's device on title page and recto of last leaf, a couple of page numerals shaved, text nice a clean. The translation is attributed to Francesco Angelo Coccio. The original Latin version was first published in 1529, the French translation in 1530. Not in Adams. [Bound with:] FLORES (Juan de) Historia di Avrelio et Isabella : nellaquale si disputa: chi piu dia occasione di peccare, ho l'huomo alla donna, ho la donna a l'huomo, di lingva Spagnvola in Italiana tradotta di M. Lelio Aletiphilo. Venice: Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, 1543. Small 8vo, 38, [2]ff, printer's device on title page and verso of last leaf, woodcut initials, headlines slightly cropped, text nice and clean. Adams, F626. [Bound with:] SANSOVINO (Francesco Tatti) Ragionamento... nel quale breuemente s'insegna a giouani huomini la bella arte d'amore.
30943: AILMER (JOHN) - Musae Sacrae: seu Jonas, Jermiae Threni, & Daniel Graeco redditi Carmine.
32038: A.-L. DAUDY AINÉ - Hygiène de la Bouche, considérations générales sur les Dents et Leurs Maladies, &., par A.-L. Daudy Ainé, Chirurgien-Dentiste de la Faculté de Médecine de Paris, Dentiste du Lycée et des prinipaux Établissements Religieux de la Haute-Vienne, de la Creuse et de la Corrèze, etc.
27452: AINSLE (ROBERT) - Memoir on the Fiorin Grass. With a prefatory letter on the subject from William Douglas esq. of Almorness, Advocate, addressed to the conductor of the Farmer's Magazine, as published in that Magazine of March 1812.
29280: AIRD (ANDREW) - [Printers and Printing in Glasgow 1830-1890] Reminiscences of Editors, Reporters, and Printers; During the Last Sixty Years.
30342: AITON (WILLIAM) - A Treatise on the Origin, Qualities, and Cultivation of Moss-Earth.
31405: ALCAN (MICHEL) - Essai sur l'Industrie des Matières Textiles, comprenant le Travail complet du Coton, du Lin, du Cachemire, des Laines, de la Soie, du Caoutchouc, etc.
14640: ALDIS (HARRY G.) - A List of Books Printed in Scotland before 1700. Including those Printed Furth of the Realm for Scottish Booksellers. With Brief Notes on the Printers and Stationers.
31782: ALDIS (HARRY G.) - A List of Books Printed in Scotland before 1700, Including those Printed Furth of the Realm for Scottish Booksellers. With brief notes on the printers and stationers.
25749: ROXBURGHE CLUB. ALEXANDER (JONATHAN J.G.) - The Towneley Lectionary. Illuminated for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. The New York Public Library Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations Manuscript 91.
33092: ALEXANDER (WILLIAM) - Plain and Easy Directions for the Use of Harrogate Waters.
33406: ROXBURGHE CLUB. ALEXANDER (JONATHAN J.G.) - The Towneley Lectionary. Illuminated for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. The New York Public Library Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations Manuscript 91.
34721: ALIM (G.) - Hindustani Self-Taught (colloquial) with English Pronunciation.
35548: ALLEN (ZACHARIAH) - Defence of the Rhode Island System of the Treatment of the Indians, and of Civil and Religious Liberty. An Address delivered before the Rhode Island Historical Society, April 10th, 1876.
15484: ALLEN (J.A.) - Preliminary List of Works and Papers Relating to the Mammalian Orders Cete & Sirenia (1495-1840).
34478: ALLEY (GEORGE) - Observations on the Hydrargyria; or that Vesicular Disease arising from the Exhibition of Mercury.
29068: ALLIBONE (S. AUSTIN) - A Critical Dictionary of English Literature, and British and American Authors, Living and Deceased, from the Earliest Accounts to the Latter Half of the Nineteenth Century...
9173: ALLISON (A.F.) - Four Metaphysical Poets. George Herbert, Richard Crashaw, Henry Vaughan, Andrew Marvell; A Bibliographical Catalogue of the Early Editions of their Poetry and Prose (to the End of the 17th Century).
31743: ALLISON (A.F.) - Four Metaphysical Poets. George Herbert, Richard Crashaw, Henry Vaughan, Andrew Marvell; A Bibliographical Catalogue of the Early Editions of their Poetry and Prose (to the End of the 17th Century).
23711: ALLUT (PAUL) - Etude Biographique & Bibliographique sur Symphorien Champier.
24850: SCOTS ALMANACK. - The Universal Scots Almanack, for the Year of our Lord M,DCC,LXXXVII. Being the Third after Bissextile, or Leap Year. With New Lists, and an Improved Kalendar, (The Calculations by Mr Dinwiddie) is, with the Greatest Submission, Dedicated to the Honourable Henry Erskine, Dean, and other Members of the Faculty of Advocates...
34073: ALMEIDA (EDUARDO DE CASTRO E) - Inventario dos documentos relativos ao Brasil existentes no Archivo de Marinha e Ultramar. VIII: Rio de Janeiro 1747-1755.
33547: ALMELOVEEN (THEODOR JANSSON DE) - Celebrium Typographorum dissertatio epistolica, In qua De Stephanorum stirpe, indefessis laboribus, varia fortuna atque libris... Ejusdem Epistola de statu suae Typographiae ad Virum Clarissimun J. G. Graevium.
25765: ALSTON (R.C.) - A Bibliography of the English Language from the Invention of Printing to the Year 1800. Volume 4: Spelling Books.
35422: ALSTON (R. C.) - Inventory of Sale Catalogues of Named and Attributed Owners of Books Sold by Retail or Auction 1676-1800. An Inventory of Sales in the British Isles, America, the United States, Canada, and India.
13261: ALSTON (R.C.) - A Bibliography of the English Language from the Invention of Printing to the Year 1800. Volume 1: English Grammars Written in English and English Grammars Written in Latin by Native Speakers.
33317: ALSTON (R.C.) - A Bibliography of the English Language from the Invention of Printing to the Year 1800. A Corrected Reprint of Volumes I-X. Reproduced from the Author's Annotated Copy with Corrections and Additions to 1973 Including Cumulative Indices.
35425: ALSTON (R. C.) - Inventory of Sale Catalogues of Named and Attributed Owners of Books Sold by Retail or Auction 1676-1800. An Inventory of Sales in the British Isles, America, the United States, Canada, and India.
36638: KORTHALS-ALTES (J.) - Sir Cornelius Vermuyden. The Lifework of a great Anglo-Dutchman in land-reclamation and drainage with some notes by the Author on the present Condition of Drainage in England and a resumé of the Drainage legislation in Holland.
35636: KORTHALS-ALTES (J.) - Sir Cornelius Vermuyden. The Lifework of a great Anglo-Dutchman in land-reclamation and drainage with some notes by the Author on the present Condition of Drainage in England and a resumé of the Drainage legislation in Holland.
32421: ALTHAUS (JULIUS) - Cases Treated by Faradisation.
31816: ALTHAUS (JULIUS) - On Poisoning by Diseased Pork. Being an Essay on Trichinosis, or Flesh-Worm Disease: its Prevention and Cure.
31822: ALTHAUS (JULIUS) - Further Observations on the Electrolytic Dispersion of Tumours, Being a Paper read at the Annual Meeting of the British Medical Association at Edinburgh, August, 1875.
31358: ALTHAUS (JULIUS) - Progressive Locomotor Ataxy: Its Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.
18794: AMEISENOWA (ZOFIA) - Kodeks BaltazaraBehema.
22062: SPANISH-AMERICA. - Catalogue of Valuable and Rare Books, Chiefly Relating to the Languages, History & Topography of Spanish-America...
33753: PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN AMERICA. - Isawi Maslon Ka Khulasa. jis par Presbiterian ke kalisa ke log iman rakhte hain. The confession of faith of the Presbyterian Church in America, in Hindustani.
17024: AMERICANA. - Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of Books Relating to the History and Literature of America. Sold by Messrs. Puttick and Simpson. [Compiled by Henry Stevens]. Puttick and Simpson. 1861. 2 Parts, [vi],134;[ii],137-273pp., orig. printed wrappers bound in. A most carefully prepared auction catalogue containing 2,415 lots, with collations, etc., These books were in fact those Stevens used in compiling his American bibliography 'Historical Nuggets'. [Bound with:] Catalogue of a Very Extensive, Curious and Valuable Library, Comprising a Larger Collection than has Hitherto ever been Offered in One Sale of Rare, Curious, and Important Works in Anglo-American Literature... Which Will be Sold by Auction, by Messrs, Puttick and Simpson. Puttick and Simpson. 1859. [ii],iv,256pp., orig. printed wrappers bound in, 3,272 lots. [Bound with:] Catalogue of an Extensive and Valuable Collection of Rare and Interesting Books and Tracts Wholly Relating to America and the West Indies... Being a Second Portion of the Entire and Extensive Collection of Books, Formed by Mr. G.E. Mason, Which Will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Puttick and Simpson. Puttick and Simpson. 1860. [ii],134pp., orig. printed wrappers bound in, 1,672 lots. [Bound with:] Catalogue of a Collection of Extremely Curious, Interesting, and Rare Books, in which is Comprised the Library of the Late Dr. Moradei of Florence: The Collection being Particularly Rich in Italian and Spanish Literature... Which Will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Puttick and Simpson.
17078: AMERICANA. - Manuscript and Printed Americana. Catalogue 160.
21490: AMERICANA. - Rare Americana. A Catalogue of Historical and Geographical Books, Pamphlets & Manuscripts Relating to America. With Numerous Annotations Bibliographical and Descriptive. Offered for Sale by Henry Stevens, Son and Stiles.
17104: AMERICANA. - Americana. Manuscripts, Books, Maps, Views... Catalogue No. 139.
33048: TREATY OF AMIENS. - Official Papers, relative to the Preliminaries of London and the Treaty of Amiens. Published at Paris by Authority of the French Government.
30496: AMOS (WILLIAM) - Minutes in Agriculture and Planting. On the structure and component principles of vegetables. II. On the culture and use of nine of the best artificial, and of eight of the best natural grasses... III. On the construction and use of a sward dresser. IV. On the construction and use of a thistle cutter. V. On the construction and use of a compound roller... VI. On the construction and use of a tree-transplanter, for removing and planting large trees. VII. On the construction and use of a scuffle. VIII. On the construction and use of a couch grass drag. IX. On the construction and use of a couch grass rake. Illustrated with specimens of eight sorts of the best, and two sorts of the worst natural grasses, and with accurate drawings and descriptions of the above practical machines, on seven copper plates, whereby every farmer will be made perfectly acquainted with the best natural and artificial grasses, and not only be made acquainted with the use of, but also be enabled to construct the above machines.
24199: AMRAM (DAVID WERNER) - The Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy. Being Chapters in the History of the Hebrew Printing Press.
32414: ANAESTHESIA. - Anesthésie Locale.
35588: ANDERS (H. R. D.) - Shakespeare's Books. A Dissertation on Shakespeare's Reading and the Immediate Source of His Works.
22708: ANDERSEN (HANS CHRISTIAN) - Catalogue of the Important Collection of Books and Associated Material Relating to Hans Christian Andersen Formed by the late Doctor Richard Klein.
32395: ANDERSON (RICHARD JOHN) - Respiratory Excitation and Depression.
33300: ANDERSON (DR. M'CALL) - Address on the Treatment of Pulmonary Consumption delivered at the Glasgow Pathological and Clinical Society, 14th November, 1882with a note of a visit to Davos-Platz.
31920: ANDERSON (JOHN A.) - A Case of Aneurism of the Aorta Perforating the Pulmonary Artery. [Reprinted from the "Glasgow Medical Journal" for October, 1888.]
30847: ANDERSON (CHRISTOPHER) - Historical Sketches of the ancient Native Irish and their descendants; illustrative of their Past and Present State with regard to Literature, Education, and Oral Instruction.
30312: ANDERSON (JOHN) - Historical and Genealogical Memoirs of the House of Hamilton; with Genealogical Memoirs of the several Branches of the Family [With:] Supplement.
32311: ANDERSON (RICHARD JOHN) - Note on Apnoea and Heat Dyspnoea.
34411: ANDREE (JOHN) - Considerations on Bilious Diseases: and some particular affections of the Liver, and the Gall Bladder.
31751: ANDRESEN (ANDREAS) - Der Deutsche Peintre-Graveur. German Graphic Artists Cataloged from 1560 to 1800.
32373: ANDREWS (MAGNUS WHITTERN) - Practical Observations on the Application of Lunar Caustic to Strictures in the Urethra; illustrated by cases proving the permanency of the cure by that treatment, to which are added some remarks on its use in strictures of the oesophagus.
35645: ANDREWS (WILLIAM) EDITOR. - Bygone Leicestershire.
28075: ANDREWS (WILLIAM LORING) - Bibliopegy in the United States and Kindred Subjects.
23921: ANDREWS (WILLIAM LORING) - Bibliopegy in the United States and Kindred Subjects.
34405: RHEUMATISM. ANGIER (CHARLES) - Dissertatio medica, inauguralis, de rheumatismo acuto: quam, annuente summo numine, Ex Auctoritate Reverendi admodum Viri, D. Gulielmi Robertson, S.T.P. Academiae Edinburgenae Praefecti; Nec non Amplissimi senatus academici consensu, Et nobilissimae facultatis medicae decreto; pro gradu doctoris, summisque in medicina honoribus ac privilegiis rite et legitime consequendis; eruditorum examini subjicit Carolus Angier, Anglus, Societ. Chirurg. Obstet. Praes. Ann. et Soc. Ext. Nec non Societ. Hibern. Med. Praes. Ann. et Soc. Ext. Ad diem 24 Junii, hora locoque solitis.
24499: HORTULUS ANIMAE. - Cod. Bibl. Vindob. 2706. Le Jardinet de l'Âme. [A Facsimile Reproduction of the MS. in the Imp. and Royal Court Library, Vienna. Elucidations by Friedrich Dörnhoffer].
23847: ANNINGER (ANNE) - Spanish and Portuguese 16th Century Books in the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts. A Descriptive of an Exhibition and a Bibliographical Catalogue of the Collection.
9188: ANSELMO (ANTONIO JOAQUIM) - Bibliografia das Obras Impressas em Portugal no Século XVI.
34534: ANSTRUTHER (G. ELLIOT) - The Bindings of To-morrow. A Record of the Work of the Guild of Women-Binders and of the Hampstead Bindery.
31499: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES. - A Catalogue of the Printed Books in the Library of the The Society of Antiquaries of London. [Bound with:] A Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Library of the Society of Antiquaries of London.
33465: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES. - A Catalogue of the Printed Books in the Library of the The Society of Antiquaries of London. [Bound with:] A Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Library of the Society of Antiquaries of London.
30922: ANTOINE (A.) - L'Esprit des Enfans, ou Naivetés, Saillies Piquantes, Réparties Ingénieuses, Espiégleries, Traits de Bonté, de Courage, etc., d'Enfans que la plupart sont devenus des Hommes Célèbres; Recueillis par A. Antoine, Auteur des Animaux célèbres. &c.
32788: APOLOGY. - An Apology for the Conduct of a late celebrated second-rate Minister, from the Year 1729. at which Time he commenced Courtier, till within a few Weeks of his Death, in 1746. Giving a clear View of his real Principles and Design, and containing many curious and interesting particulars relative to the Time, and to Persons in the highest Stations. Written by himself and found among his Papers.
35440: APPERT (NICOLAS) - The Art of Preserving all kinds of Animal and Vegetable Substances for several Years.
18731: ARBER (EDWARD) EDITOR. - The English Scholar's Library of Old and Modern Works. No. 1-4.
24548: ARBER (EDWARD) EDITOR. - The English Scholar's Library of Old and Modern Works. No. 1-2.
33372: ARBERRY (ARTHUR J.) - The Chester Beatty Library. A Handlist of the Arabic Manuscripts MSS. 3001 to [5500].
32304: ARBOUR (ROMEO) - L'Ere Baroque en France: Repertoire Chronologique des Editions de Textes Litteraires. Premiere partie: 1585-1615 [1606-1615] Tome II.[With:] Deuxieme partie: 1616-128. [With:] Troisieme partie: 1629-1643.
22675: ARCH (JOHN AND ARTHUR) - A Catalogue of a Miscellaneous Collection of Books, New and Second Hand, on Sale, at the Prices Affixed, by John and Arthur Arch, No. 61, Cornhill, London. 1817 [& 1819].
11405: LYDENBERG (H.M.) & ARCHER (J.) - The Care and Repair of Books.
30299: ARCHER (REV. S.) - The Sunday Collectors & Epistles, Arranged in the Form of Question and Answer, for the use of Sunday Schools.
19444: ROYAL INSTITUTE OF BRITISH ARCHITECTS. - Catalogue of the Royal Institute of British Architects Library.
26145: ARCHITECTURE. [FOULC (EDMOND)] - Catalogue d'une très Importante Collection de Livres d'Architecture Recueils d'Ornements propres à la décoration des Édifices et aux Arts industriels par les maîtres Ornemanistes Français et Étrangers des XVIe, XVII et XVIIIe siècles. Livres Illustrés du Xve au XVIIIe Siècle comprenant notamment une remarquable série de livres a figures sur bois Italiens.
36392: ARCHITECTURE. [FOULC (EDMOND)] - Catalogue d'une très Importante Collection de Livres d'Architecture Recueils d'Ornements propres à la décoration des Édifices et aux Arts industriels par les maîtres Ornemanistes Français et Étrangers des XVIe, XVII et XVIIIe siècles. Livres Illustrés du Xve au XVIIIe Siècle comprenant notamment une remarquable série de livres a figures sur bois Italiens.
31793: ARMAO (ERMANNO) - In giro per il Mar Egeo con Vincenzo Coronelli. Note di topologia, toponomastica e storia medievali. Dinasti e famiglie italiane in Levante.
27698: COAT OF ARMS. - An early 18th century representation of the arms of Basnett and Gerrard by a herald painter, vellum.
30759: ARMSTRONG (JOHN) - Practical Illustrations of the Scarlet Fever, Measles, Pulmonary Consumption, and Chronic Diseases, with Remarks on Sulphureous Waters, &c.
27336: ARMSTRONG (ELIZABETH) - Robert Estienne, Royal Printer. An Historical Study of the Elder Stephanus.
36577: ARMSTRONG (JOHN) - The History of the Island of Minorca. Illustrated with a Correct Map of the Island.
26037: STANDING ARMY. - The Seaman's Opinion of a Standing Army in England, In Opposition to a Fleet at Sea, As the best Security of the Kingdom. In a Letter to a Merchant, Written by a Sailor.
33083: STANDING ARMY. - The Necessity of a Plot: Or, Reasons for a Standing Army. By a Friend to K. G. [King George].
23275: ARNIM (MANFRED VON) EDITOR. - Europäische Einbandkunst aus Sechs Jahrhunderten, Beispiele aus der Bibliothek Otto Schäfer. Edited by Manfred von Arnim.
23696: NAPOLEON. ARNNA (JACQUES) - Catalogue de Lettres Autographes, de Documents Historiques, et de Souvenirs Napoleoniens.
30294: ARNOLD (WILLIAM HARRIS) - Ventures in Book Collecting.
30810: ASGILL (JOHN) - The Assertation is, that the Title of the House of Hannover to the Succession of the British Monarchy (on failure of Issue of her Present Majesty) is a Title Hereditary, and of Divine Institution.
36491: ASHER (G. M.) - Prospectus of a Bibliographical and Historical Essay on the Dutch Books and Pamphlets Relating to New-Netherland, and to the Dutch West-India Company, as also on the Maps / Charts / etc. of New-Netherland, accompanied by an historical map of the country. Compiled from the Dutch public and private libraries, and chiefly from the collection of Mr. Frederik Muller in Amsterdam. [Amsterdam: Frederik Muller, 1854.] [Bound with:] A List of the Maps and Charts of New-Netherland, and of the views of new-Amsterdam.
25348: ASHTON (CHARLES) - Llyfryddiaeth Gymreig o 1801 I 1810.
14420: ASIA. - Rare and Unusual Books Relating to Asia. Catalogue 82.
20106: LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. - Catalogue of the Library.
34233: DONCASTER AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION. - Bone Manure. Report of the Committee of the Doncaster Agricultural Association, on the advantages of Bones as Manure. Founded on Returns received in answer to the queries issued by the committee.
34341: BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. - Museum Catalogue. Illustrated by Woodcuts. Forty-First Annual Meeting. 1873.
34370: BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. - The Suggested Medico-Ethical Code of the British Medical Association. [Private and Confidential.]
33364: HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION. FRANKLAND-RUSSELL-ASTLEY (MRS.) - Report of the Manuscripts of Mrs. Frankland-Russell-Astley, of Chequers Court, Bucks.
24891: SOMERSET COUNTY PAUPER LUNATIC ASYLUM. - Eleventh Report of the Somerset County Pauper Lunatic Asylum, From the 1st of January, to the end of the Year 1858.
36425: ATABEY (SEFIK E.) - The Ottoman World: The Library of Sefik E. Atabey with a Supplement.
21541: LIVERPOOL ATHENAEUM. - Catalogue of the Library of the Athenaeum, Liverpool. To which are Prefixed the Laws of the Institution and the Rules for the Circulation of Books. Printed by Whittingham and Wilkins, Chiswick Press. 1864. xxxvi,589pp., inner hinges shaken, orig. cloth, a little frayed at extremities, uncut. [With:] Supplement... Containing the Books Received from January, 1864, to June 30th, 1892. Printed by Thomas Brakell Ltd., Liverpool. 1892. xiv,[ii],190pp., orig. cloth, slightly faded. [With:] Author-List of Additions to the Library. 1892-1905.
32400: ATHILL (SAMUEL BYAM) - Exercitatio Therapeutica, exhibens observationes quasdam de usu aquae frigidae externo. Quam, annuente summo numine, ex auctoritate reverendi admodum viri, D. Gulielmi Robertson, S.S.T.P. academiæ Edinburgenæ præfecti, nec non amplissimi senatus academici consensu, et nobilissimae facultatis medicæ decreto, pro gradu doctoratus, summisque in medicina honoribus et privilegiis rite et legitime consequendis; eruditorum examini subjicit Samuel Byam at Hill, antiguensis, Societæ Medicae Edinensis socius. Ad diem 12. Septembris, hora loca que solitis.
30730: ATKINSON (D. H.) - Ralph Thoresby the Topographer; His Town and Times.
35488: AUBREY (SIR JOHN) - Speech of Sir John Aubrey in the House of Commons on Monday Night, 22d of December, 1788.
31201: AUCTION. - Navigable Canal Property, Croydon and Mersth Railway, Commercial Dock Shares, an Ashby-de-la-Zouch Canal Bond, and a Reversion in the Long Annuities. Monthly Sale. Particulars of Shares in the Oxford, Shrewsbury, Monmouthshire, Leicestershire & Northamptonshire, Wilts and Berks, Ellesmere, Lancaster, Worcester and Birmingham, Canal Navigations... Which will be sold by Auction, By Mr. Scott, on Friday, the 5th of Oct. 1810, at Twelve o'Clock, at the Mart, London, Near the Bank of England...
27425: ALNWICK FARM AUCTION. - To be Sold by Auction, for Ready Money, By virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facias directed to the Sheriff of Northumberland, (Mr. D. Busby, Auctioneer), at the Firth Farm, near Alnwick, on Monday, January the 16th, 1832, all the Farming Stock and Implements of Husbandry, Belonging to Mr. Robert Swan...
36000: DERBYSHIRE AUCTIONS. - An excellent bound volume of 20 early nineteenth-century provincially printed auction catalogues held within the vicinity of Derbyshire. The auctions range in date from 1809 to 1842, the majority held at Ashborne, but other towns are represented: Matlock, Wirksworth, Bakewell, Leek, Chesterfield & Derby. The contents of the catalogues are wide and varied, they include household furniture, libraries of books, agricultural equipment, dairy & brewing utensils, wines, etc. The volume was put together by Thomas Bateman, a keen antiquarian and grandfather of Thomas Bateman Jr., the pioneering Derbyshire archaeologist. None of these catalogues are represented by Copac.
21336: AUDIN (MARIUS) - Le Livre son Architecture sa Technique. Preface d'Henri Focillon.
36556: AUDSLEY (GEORGE ASHDOWN & MAURICE ASHDOWN) - The Practical Decorator and Ornamentist. For the use of Architects, Practical Painters, Decorators, and Designers. Containing One Hundred Plates in Colours and Gold. With Descriptive Notices, and an Introductory Essay on Artistic and Practical Decoration.
30993: AULNOY (MARIE CATHERINE LA MOTHE, COMTESSE) - Memoirs of the Court of England. In Two Parts. By the Countess of Dunois, Author of the ingenious and diverting Letters of The Lady's Travels into Spain. Writ during Her Residence in that Court. Now made English. To which is added, The Lady's Pacquet of Letters, Taken from her by a French Privateer in her Passage to Holland. Suppos'd to be Written by several Men of Quality. Brought over from St. Malo's by an English Officer at the last Exchange of Prisoners.
13681: AURNER (NELLIE SLAYTON) - Caxton. Mirrour of Fifteenth-Century Letters. A Study of the Literature of the First English Press.
36276: AUSTIN (GABRIEL) - The Library of Jean Grolier. A Preliminary Catalogue. With an Introductory Study "Jean Grolier and the Renaissance" by Colin Eisler.
19577: AUSTIN (ROBERT B.) - Early American Medical Imprints. A Guide to Works Printed in the United States 1668-1820.
32089: AUSTRALIANA. - Catalogue of the Charles R. J. Glover Library Relating to Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand and the South Seas. [To be Sold by Auction 30th November-4th December, 1970].
27864: AUSTWICK (J. & B.) - The Decorated Tile. An Illustrated History of English Tile-making and Design.
9176: AMERICAN AUTHORS. - First Editions of the American Authors Collected by J. Chester Chamberlain...
32828: AVELINE (W. TALBOT) - The Geology of Parts of Nottinghamshire [Yorkshire] and Derbyshire. Explanation of Quarter Sheet No. 82 S.E. [& N.E.] of the Geological Survey of England and Wales.
34334: AVELING (JAMES HOBSON) - On Nidation in the Human Female. Reprinted from the 'Obstetrical Journal' for July, 1874.
23887: AVIATION. - Collection Georges Naudet: Locomotion Aérienne. Premier [-Second] Catalogue.
34855: BABINGTON (CHARLES CARDALE) - Flora of Cambridgeshire: or a Catalogue of Plants Found in the County of Cambridge...
30275: BABINGTON (CHARLES C.) - Flora Bathoniensis: or, a Catalogue of the Plants Indigenous to the Vicinity of Bath.
36306: BACHAUS (THEODORE) [PSEUD. OF HENRY MORRIS] - The World's Worst Marbled Papers. Being a collection of ten contemporary San Serriffean marbled papers showing the lowest level of technique, the worst combinations of colors, and the most inferior execution known since the dawn of the art of marbling. Collected by the author during a five year expedition to the Republic of San Serriffe.
31756: RUELENS (C.) & DE BACKER (A.) - Annales Plantiniennes de puis la Fondation de l'Imprimerie. Plantinienne a anvers Jusqua la mort de Chr. Plantin (1555-1589).
28293: ROXBURGHE CLUB. BACKHOUSE (JANET) - The Madresfield Hours. A Fourteenth-Century Manuscript in the Library of Earl Beuchamp.
27962: BACKHOUSE (EDWARD) - Miscellaneous Pieces.
33748: BACON (SIR FRANCIS) - The Apology of Sr. Francis Bacon Kt. In certain Imputations concerning the late Earl of Essex. Written to the Right Honourable his very good Lord, the Earl of Devonshire, Lord Liutenant of Ireland.
36031: BAEDEKER (KARL) - Southern Italy and Sicily with excursions to Malta, Sardinia, Tunis, and Corfu. Handbook for Travellers.
26502: BAER (JOEL H.) EDITOR. - British Piracy in the Golden Age: History and Interpretation, 1660–1730.
20300: BAER (JOSEPH) - Incunabula Xylographica et Typoggraphica, 1455-1500. Lagercatalog 585.
21939: BAESECKE (GEORG) - Lichtdrucke nach Althochdeutschen Handschriften. Codd. Par. Lat. 7640, S. Gall 911, Aug. CXI Jun. 25, Lobcow. 434.
36745: BAETA (HENRIQUE XAVIER) - Comparative View of the Theories and Practice of Drs. Cullen, Brown, and Darwin, in the Treatment of Fever, and of Acute Rheumatism.
32204: BAGNALL (A. G.) - New Zealand National Bibliography to the Year 1960. Editor and Principal Compiler A. G. Bagnall with the Assistance of P.A. Griffith & K.S. Williams.
11880: BAGNALL (A. G.) - New Zealand National Bibliography to the Year 1960. Editor and Principal Compiler A. G. Bagnall with the Assistance of P.A. Griffith & K.S. Williams.
35565: BAGSHAW (WILLIAM) - On Man; his Motives, their Rise, Operations, Opposition, and Results.
35956: BAILEY (H.) - Short Notes on the Bookbindings of Salisbury Cathedral Library.
33564: BAILEY (H.) - Bookbinding Specimens and Notes.
32190: BAILEY (ISABEL) - Pishey Thompson: Man of Two Worlds.
33563: BAILEY (H.) - Short Notes on the Bookbindings of Salisbury Cathedral Library.
20189: BAILLIERE (J.-B.) - Catalogue des Livres de Medecine Chirurgie, Anatomie, Physiologie, Histoire Naturelle, Physique, Chimie, Pharmacie / qui se Trouvent chez J.-B. Baillière, Libraire de l'Académie Nationale de Médecine ...
33202: BAILY (FRANCIS) - The Description and Use of a New Chart of History, exhibiting the most material revolutions that have taken place in the principal empires, kingdoms and states, from the earliest authentic records to the present year.
30883: BAIN (WILLIAM) - An Essay on the Variation of the Compass, shewing how far it is influenced by a change in the direction of the ship's head, with an exposition of the dangers arising to navigators from not allowing for this change of variation. Interspersed with Practical, Observations and Remarks. By William Bain, Master, Royal Navy.
35443: BAINES (EDWARD) - History, Directory, and Gazetteer, of the County Palatine of Lancaster...
36460: BAIRD (WILLIAM) - The One Pound Note: its History, Place, and Power in Scotland, and its Adaptability for England.
36124: BAKER (FRANK) - The Story of Cleethorpes and the Contribution of Methodism through Two Hundred Years.
32810: BAKER (PAUL R.) - The Fortunate Pilgrims: Americans in Italy 1800-1860.
27049: HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS. BAKER (ERNEST E.) - Are Shakespeare's Deeds to go to America? Reprinted from 'The Times' of 27th August, 1890.
27148: BAKER (CATHLEEN A) - By His Own Labor. A Biography of Dard Hunter.
14001: BAKER (ARTHUR) - Mastering Italic Calligraphy.
20075: BAKER (EREST E.) EDITOR. - The Halliwell-Phillipps Collection. A Calendar of the Shakespearean Rarities, Drawings & Engravings, Formerly Preserved at Hollingbury Copse, near Brighton.
1332: BALD (R. C.) - Bibliographical Studies in the Beaumont & Fletcher Folio of 1647.
31802: BALDING (MORTIMER) - Hydatid Disease of the Liver: Its Diagnosis and Treatment.
34335: BALFOUR (GEORGE W.) - On the Treatment of Aneurism by Iodide of Potassium. [Sold with:] Further Observations...
32379: BALFOUR (GEORGE WILLIAM) - The Physical Exploration of the Lungs.
25869: BROADSHEET BALLAD. - Farewell to the Bonnets of Blue. By a bit-by-bit Freeholder, but a thorough Reformer.
24924: SCOTTISH BALLAD. - Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch. To which is added, the Highland Plaid. Neil Gow's Fareweel, John Anderson, my jo, Maria.
24887: STREET BALLADS. - A Garland of New Songs.
34734: BALLER (F. W.) - The Sacred Edict: With a Translation of the Colloquial Rendering. Prepared for the use of junior members of the China Island Mission.
35823: BALLER (F. W.) - An Idiom Lesson. A Short Course in Elementary Chinese. Prepared for the China Inland Mission.
20328: ROSENKILDE (V.) & BALLHAUSEN (C.J.) - Thesaurus Librorum Danicorum 15th and 16th Century.
21884: BALSAMO (LUIGI) - Bibliography: History of a Tradition. Translated from the Italian by William A. Pettas.
34677: BALSTON (J.N.) - The Elder James Whatman: England's Greatest Paper Maker. [With:] The Whatmans and Wove Paper; Its Invention and Development in the West. Research into the Origins of Wove Paper and of Genuine Loom-Woven Wire-cloth.
27149: BALSTON (THOMAS) - James Whatman Father and Son.
36636: BALSTON (J.N.) - The Whatmans and Wove Paper; Its Invention and Development in the West. Research into the Origins of Wove Paper and of Genuine Loom-Woven Wire-cloth.
36637: BALSTON (J.N.) - The Elder James Whatman: England's Greatest Paper Maker (1702-1759). A Study of Eighteenth Century Papermaking Technology and its effect on critical phase in the history of English White Paper manufacture.
27771: BALSTON (J.N.) - The Elder James Whatman: England's Greatest Paper Maker. [With:] The Whatmans and Wove Paper; Its Invention and Development in the West. Research into the Origins of Wove Paper and of Genuine Loom-Woven Wire-cloth.
35382: BALSTON (J. N.) - The Elder James Whatman: England's Greatest Paper Maker (1702-1759). [A Study of Eighteenth Century Papermaking Technology and its effect on critical phase in the history of English White Paper manufacture].
13337: BALSTON (THOMAS) - William Balston Paper Maker 1759-1849.
35315: BALSTON (JOHN) - The Whatmans and Wove (Velin) Paper; Its Invention and Development in the West. Research into the Origins of Wove Paper and of Genuine Loom-Woven Wire-cloth.
19949: BALSTON (THOMAS) - William Balston Paper Maker 1759-1849.
27025: BALTAZAR. - Livres manuscrits, imprimés, gravés et peints 1975-1986.
21988: BANGE (E.F.) - Eine Bayerische Malerschule des XI. und XII. Jahhunderts.
35452: SCOTTISH BANKING. - Mercantile Embarrassments, and the Present State of the Banking System.
34520: BANKS (E.) - A Naturalist in Sarawak.
30679: BANKS (JOHN) - A Treatise on Mills, in Four Parts. Part First, On Circular Motion. Part Second, On the Maximum of Moving Bodies, Machines, Engines, &c. Part Third, On the Velocity of effluent Water. Part Fourth, Experiments on Circular Motion, Water-Wheels, &c.
27460: BANKS (SIR JOSEPH) - A Short Account of the Cause of the Disease in Corn, Called by Farmers the Blight, the Mildew, and the Rust.
19573: BARBADOS. - Bibliotheca Barbadiensis: A Catalog of Materials Relating to Barbados in the Boston Public Library.
36537: BARBER (GILES) - Textile and Embroidered Bindings.
30927: BARCLAY (JOHN) - A Description of the Arteries of the Human Body.
33962: BARCLAY (ROBERT) - The anarchy of the ranters, and other Libertines, the hierarchy of the Romanists, and other pretended Churches, Equally Refused, and Refuted, in a two-fold apology for the church and people of God, called in derision Quakers. Wherein They are vindicated from those that accuse them of Disorder and Confusion on the one Hand, and from such as calumniate them with Tyranny and Imposition on the other: Shewing, That as the true and pure Principles of the Gospel are restored by their Testimony; so is also the Ancient Apostolick Order of the Church of Christ re-established among them, and settled upon its Right Basis and Foundation. By Robert Barclay. To which is added, A brief examination and state of liberty spiritual, Both with Respect to Persons in their private Capacity, and in their Church Society, and Communion. By William Penn.
32124: BARKER (NICOLAS) - The Oxford University Press and the Spread of Learning 1478-1978: An Illustrated History.
29338: FOLIO SOCIETY. BARKER (NICOLAS) - FOLIO 40. A checklist of the publications of the Folio Society 1947-1987.
33389: BARKER (JOHN) - A Sermon Occasioned by the Victory obtained over the Rebels in Scotland, on the 16th of April, 1746. By His Majesty's Amy under the Command of His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland.
12789: BARKER (NICOLAS) - The Oxford University Press and the Spread of Learning 1478-1978: An Illustrated History.
20025: BARKER (NICOLAS) - The Butterfly Books. An Enquiry into the Nature of Certain Twentieth Century Pamphlets.
31922: BARLOW (THOMAS) - On a case of early disseminated myelitis occurring in the exanthem stage of measles and fatal on the eleventh day of that disease... Report on the microscopical examination of the spinal cord, by F.G. Penrose, M.D. ; received April 13th - read November 9th, 1886.
31275: BARLOW (THEODORE) - The Justice of the Peace: A Treatise containing the Power and Duty of that Magistrate, comiled from the Statutes at Large; the best and latest Reports; and other Books of Authority in the Law; with many new Cases never before printed. Interspersed with Variety of Precedents generally formed upon thw Words of the Acts of Parliament. Together with a Table of the Titles and the Principal Matters. By Theodore Barlow, of the Middle Temple, Esq; To which is added an Appendix, being a Summary of all the Acts of Parliament, whereby One or more Justices are authorised to Act either in or out of Sessions.
28031: ROXBURGHE CLUB. BARLOW (T.D.) - The Medieval World Picture & Albert Dürer's Melancholia.
32982: BARNARD (THOMAS) - An Historical Character Relating to The Holy and Exemplary Life of the Right Honourable the Lady Elisabeth Hastings: To which are added: I. One of the codicils of her last will, setting forth her devise of lands to the provost and scholars of Queen's College in Oxford, for the interest of twelve northern schools. II. Some observations resulting therefrom. III. A schedule of her other perpetual charities; with the principle rules for their administration.
31803: BARNES (HENRY) - Report of a Case of Hydatid Disease of the Liver Successfully Treated by Paracentesis. (Read at a meeting of the Border Counties Branch of the British Medical Association, held at Dumfries, October 29, 1880.)
31817: BARNES (HENRY) - On Chronic Accidental Poisoning. Read at a Meeting of Border Counties Branch held at Carlisle, June 25th, 1880.
32428: BARNS (HENRY) - On the Abuse of Narcotics.
32249: BARON (ALEXANDER) - The Wine of Etna.
31158: BARON (JOHN) - Delineations of the Origin and Progress of various Changes of Structure which occur in Man, and some of the inferior Animals; being the continuation of Works already published on this Subject [i.e. the tubercle].
31170: BALTIMORE (FREDERICK CALVERT) BARON - The Trial of Frederick Calvert, Esq; Baron of Baltimore [Maryland, America] in the Kingdom of Ireland, for a Rape on the Body of Sarah Woodcock; and of Eliz. Griffinburg, and Anne Harvey, otherwise Darby, as Accessories before the Fact, for procuring, aiding, and abetting him in committing the said Rape. At the Assizes held at Kingston, for the County of Surry, on Saturday the 26th of March 1768. Before ..... Sir Sydney Stafford Smythe, .... Published by Permission of the Judge. Taken in Short-Hand by Joseph Gurney.
36398: BARRON (REV. DOUGLAS GORDON) - The Castle of Dunnottar and its History. With a description of the Buildings by W. Mackay Mackenzie and G. P. H. Watson.
36663: BARTELL (EDMUND) - Cromer, Considered as a Watering Place; with Observations on the Picturesque Scenery in its Neighbourhood.
22975: DUNCAN (ALASTAIR) & DE BARTHA (GEORGES) - Art Nouveau and Art Deco Bookbinding: The French Masterpieces 1880-1940.
32431: BARTHOLOW (ROBERTS) - Permanganate of Potassium: its action and uses.
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34332: BARTLEY (JOHN) - Pharmacopoeia Hippiatrica: or, the gentleman farrier's repository, of elegant and approved remedies for the diseases of horses; in two books. Containing, I. The surgical; II. The medical part of practical farriery; Also, Directions for the proper Treatment of Post Chaise and other Horses, after violent Exercise. With suitable Remarks on the Whole To which are now added; observations on broken winded horses, endearing to prove the Seat of that Malady not to be the Lungs. The second edition; by J. Bartlet, Surgeon; Author of the Gentleman's Farriery.
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34619: GAMBA DI BASSANO (BARTOLOMMEO) - Serie dei Testi Di Lingua e di altre opere importanti nella italiana letteratura scritte dal secolo XIV al XIX.
27282: GAMBA DI BASSANO (BARTOLOMMEO) - Serie dei Testi Di Lingua Italiana e di Altri Esemplari del Bene Scrivere, Opera.
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32519: BEALE (JOSEPH HENRY) - A Bibliography of Early English Law Books. [with:] A Supplement...
33932: BEARBLOCK (JAMES) - A Treatise upon Tithes: containing an Estimate of every Titheable Article in Common Cultivation; with the various modes of compounding for the same ..... to which are prefixed, Observations on a Pamphlet written by Rich. Flower recommending the Abolition of Tithes ..... Dedicated to ..... the Bishop of Lincoln [George Pretyman-Tomline].
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22910: BEATTIE (JAMES) - The Minstrel; or, the Progress of Genius: and other Poems.
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30930: MAGAUD DE BEAUFORT. - Galerie des Arts Utiles ou entretiens d'un Père avec ses Enfants sur les Inventions, découvertes, perfectionnements et autre merveilles de l'industrie des Hommes. Ornée de jolie gravures.
14042: BEAUMONT (CYRIL W.) - A Bibliography of Dancing.
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30232: DE BELDER (ROBERT) - A Magnificent Collection of Botanical Books being the Finest Colour-Plate Books from the Celebrated Library formed by Robert de Belder.
30233: DE BELDER (ROBERT) - A Magnificent Collection of Botanical Books being the Finest Colour-Plate Books from the Celebrated Library formed by Robert de Belder.
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35510: FRANCE AND BELGIUM. - Vade-Mecum for Tourists in France and Belgium; containing a copious Phrase-Book and Vocabulary adapted for every emergency of the Traveller: with Maps of the chief Routes, and a variety of useful information.
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24047: BÉLINAC (ALBERT) - Catalogue de la Bibliothèque de feu Mr Albert Bélinac. Membre de Sociétes de Bibliophiles Industriel Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur. Première Partie: Très Beaux Livres Modernes Recouverts de Supernes Reliures d'Art. Examplaires uniques enrichis d'Aquarelles originales. Seconde Partie: Livres a Figures de XVIIIe Siècle Éditions Originales Éditions de Luxe. André Desvouges, Commissaire-Priseur.
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34137: BELL (GEORGE HAMILTON) - Letter to Sir Henry Halford, Bart. M. D. President of the Board of Health, &c. &c. &c. on the tendency of the proposed regulations for cholera: with observations as to the nature of the disease, and the course to be followed immediately on its appearance in a family.
34323: BELL (BENJAMIN) - A Probationary Essay on Blennorrhagia Venerea; Submitted... to the examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh...
35480: BELL (THOMAS) - The Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases of the Teeth.
30933: BELLENGER (W. A.) - Nouveau Guide de Conversations Modernes ou Dialogues usuels et familiers contenant en outre de Nouvelles Conversations sur les Voyages, les Chemin de fer, les Bateaux a vapeur, etc. en Quatres Langues Francais, Anglais, Allemand, Italien ...... par MM. Bellenger, Witcomb [Charles], Steuer et Zirardini [Guiseppe], Professeurs de Languages.
31994: BELLETT (G.) - The Antiquities of Bridgnorth; with some Historical Notices of the Town and Castle.
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33877: BENGALI. - The Four Gospels with the Acts of the Apostles in Bengali.
35747: BENGALI. - The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Bengali Language. Translated from the original Greek by the Calcutta Baptist Missionaries with native assistants.
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12469: BENKOVITZ (MIRIAM J.) - A Bibliography of Ronald Firbank. [With:] Supplement.
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36599: MINERVA PRESS NOVEL. BENNETT (MRS. [ANNA MARIA]) - The Beggar Girl and Her Benefactors. In Seven Volumes. By Mrs. Bennett, Author of Welch Heiress, Juvenile Indiscretions, Agnes De-Courci, and Ellen Countess of Castle Howell.
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16215: BERKOVITS (ILONA) - Illuminated Manuscripts from the Library of Matthias Corvinus.
14695: BERKOVITS (ILONA) - Illuminated Manuscripts from the Library of Matthias Corvinus.
26219: BERNAL (RALPH) - Catalogue of the Very Choice and Valuable Collection of Prints... Comprising Principally of English and Foreign Portraits of the Great Men of Europe from the time of Queen Mary to James Second... a most splendid Selection of the Works of Hogarth... Which will be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. S. Leigh Sotheby & John Wilkinson... On Monday, 19th of February, 1855, and Two following Days.
23198: BERNARD (AUG.) - Antoine Verard et ses Livres a Miniatures au XVe Siecle.
27527: BERNARD (SIR THOMAS) - The Barrington School; Being an Illustration of the Principles, Practices, and Effects, of the New System of Instruction, in Facilitating the Religious and Moral Instruction of the Poor.
36033: BERNARD (MADAME) - German Equivalents for English Thoughts.
28083: BERNARD (AUGUSTE) - Geofroy Tory, Painter and Engraver: First Royal Printer: Reformer of Orthography and Typography under François I. An Account of his Life and Works, by Auguste Bernard, Translated by George B. Ives.
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23135: BERNERS (DAME JULIANA) - A Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle. Being a Facsimile Reproduction of the First Book on the Subject of Fishing Printed in England by Wynkyn De Worde at Westminster in 1496. With an Introduction by Rev. M.G. Watkins.
35916: BERNERS (DAME JULIANA) - The Boke of Saint Albans by Dame Juliana Berners. Containing Treatises on Hawking, Hunting, and Cote Armour; Printed at Saint Albans by the Schoolmaster-Printer in 1486. Reproduced in Facsimile with an Introduction by William Blades.
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26391: BERRA (TIM M.) - William Beebe: An Annotated Bibliography.
35734: BESLEY (H.) - Views of Devonshire. [Views of Clovelly. From the Pier; Ilfracombe. From Hillsborough; Ilfracombe. From Lantern Hill; Barnstable; Bideford; Appledore and Instow].
23986: BESOMBES (ALBERT) - Livres Anciens et Modernes. Provenant de la Succession de M. Albert Besombes...
19456: BESTERMAN (THEODORE) - Early Printed Books to the End of the Sixteenth Century. A Bibliography of Bibliographies.
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11978: BÉVENOT (MAURICE) - The Tradition of Manuscripts; A Study in the Transmission of St. Cyprian's Treatise.
33804: BEVERLEY (JOHN) - The Poll for the Election of a Representative in Parliament for the University of Cambridge, on Friday, February 7, 1806. Candidates: Lord Henry Petty, Lord Althorp, Lord Viscount Palmerston.
35845: BEVINGTON (MICHAEL) - Stowe: A Guide to the House.
35846: BEVINGTON (MICHAEL) - Stowe: The Garden and the Park.
35820: BHATT (J. R.) - Animal Life. In Story and Picture with special reference to Ceylon.
31479: HOLY BIBLE. - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Newly Translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, by His Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be Read in Churches.
27405: KENNICOTT BIBLE. - The Kennicott Bible. [Fine facsimile reprint of the Hebrew Bible, written and illuminated in medieval Spain in 1476]. An Introduction by Bezalel Narkiss and Aliza Cohen-Mushlin.
36174: BIBLES. - Bibles & Biblical Literature, Including the Best Works, Ancient & Modern, on the Criticism, Interpretation, and Illustration of Holy Scripture, Being a very complete and extensive Collection of bibles in all Languages, Biblical Commentators and Critics of all ages, sects, and languages, Jewish and Rabbinical Authors, the most important works in every department of Sacred Philology, History, and Antiquities, and other subjects by which the Bible is illustrated, with a Collection of Samaritan Manuscripts Including Three very ancient Pentateuchs, To Which are appended A minutely Classified Index of Authors, and Alphabetical Index of Subjects. On Sale, at the Prices affixed, by C. J. Stewart.
21344: BIBLIOGRAPHER, THE. - A Journal of Book-Lore.
15722: BIBLIOGRAPHICA. - Papers on Books, their History and Art.
24259: BIBLIOPHILOS. - The Rights of the Publick to the Valuable Library at St. Nicholas' Church, Newcastle, Duly Considered. By Bibliophilos.
21373: ELLIS (H.J.) & BICKLEY (F.B.) - Index to the Charters and Rolls in the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum.
33312: BIDDER (GEORGE) - A Short Account of George Bidder,
24029: BIDOIRE (PIERRE) - Catalogue de Très Beaux Livres de XVe au XIXe Siecles... Manuscrits, Incunables, Classiques, Livres Illustres... Leon Andre Commissaire-Priseur.
30965: EXCISE BILL. - Some Observations upon a paper, intituled. The List. That is, of those who Voted for and against the Excise-Bill
22999: THEATRE BILL. - Theatre, Dalby, Wednesday, April 16, 1845. Chaos is Come Again...
28126: BILL (E. G. W.) - A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library MSS. 1222-1860. With a supplement to M. R. James's Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace by N.R. Ker.
35496: INDIA BILL. - True State of the Question.
26739: BILLINGS (E.R.) - Tobacco: Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce, with an Account of its various Modes of use, from its First Discovery until now.
34124: BILLINGSLEY (JOHN) - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Somerset, With observations on the means of its improvement. Drawn up in the tear 1795, for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement.
27944: OXFORD BINDINGS. - Unique and other Oxford Bindings, Executed at the University Binding House in London.
21422: SILVER BINDINGS. - Silver and Enamel Bindings [Breslauer Collection].
36368: GREGYNOG BINDINGS. - The Miss Margaret Davies Complete Collection of Special Gregynog Bindings. With an Introduction by Dorothy A. Harrop.
26704: BINNING (CAPT. THOMAS) - A Light to the Art of Gunnery. Wherein is laid down the True Weight of Power both for Proof and Action, of all sorts of Great Ordnance. Also the true Ball, and allowance for Wind. With the most necessary Conclusions for the Practice of Gunnery, either in Sea or Land-Service. Likewise the Ingredients, and making of most necessary Fire-Works: As also many Compositions for the Gunner's Practice, both at Sea and Land.
20659: BINNS (NORMAN E.) - An Introduction to Historical Bibliography.
9272: BIRD (ROBERT MONTGOMERY) - The City Looking Glass. A Philadelphia Comedy, in Five Acts. Edited, with an Introduction by Arthur Hobson Quinn.
35806: BIRD (JAMES BARRY) - An Assistant to the Practice of Conveyancing; containing Indexes or References to the several Deeds, Agreements, and other Assurances comprised in the several Precedent Books of authority now in print. From the Time of Sir Orlando Bridgman to the present Period. With Short Remarks on the Distinguished Qualities of each Precedent; and Cursory Observations on the Peculiar Merit of the Conveyancers by whom they were respectively prepared.
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9275: BITTING (KATHERINE GOLDEN) - Gastronomic Bibliography.
32905: BLACK (DONALD CAMPBELL) - Observations on Therapeutics and Disease.
31135: BLACK (GEORGE F.) - A Gypsy Bibliography. Gypsy Lore Society. Monographs. No. 1.
9277: BLACK (R.D. COLLISON) - A Catalogue of Pamphlets on Economic Subjects Published Between 1750 and 1900 and now Housed in Irish Libraries.
20093: BLACK (M.H.) - Cambridge University Press 1584-1984.
31605: BLACK (GEORGE F.) - A Gypsy Bibliography. Gypsy Lore Society. Monographs. No. 1.
32298: BLACKADDER (H. HOME) - Observations on Phagedaena Gangraenosa. In Two Parts. I. The history and cure of the disease, deduced from observation and experience, and containing a simple and effectual method of treatment. II. An investigation into the history of the disease, as it is to be found in the writings of various ancient and modern authors.
31457: LANGFELD (WILLIAM R.) & BLACKBURN (PHILIP C.) - Washington Irving: A Bibliography. [With] A Census of Washington Irving Manuscripts by H. L. Kleinfield.
34254: BLACKBURN (LANCELOT) - The blessedness of suffering persecution for righteousness sake. A sermon Preach'd before Her Majesty at St. James's Chappel: on Sunday December 26. 1708. By Lancelot Blackburn, Dean of Exeter, and Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty. Publishd by her Majesty's Especial Command.
24556: BLACKBURN (CHARLES F.) - Rambles in Books.
27430: BLACKER (WILLIAM) - An Essay of the Improvement to be made in the Cultivation of Small Farms by the Introduction of Green Crops, and Housefeeding the Stock thereon...
34854: BLACKMER (HENRY MYRON) - The Library of Henry Myron Blackmer II.
31007: BLACKMORE (SIR RICHARD) - Essays upon Several Subjects.
32937: BLACKNER (JOHN) - The History of Nottingham, Embracing its Antiquities, Trade, and Manufactures, from the Earliest Authentic Records, to the Present Period.
36413: BLACOW (RICHARD) - A Letter to William King, LL.D. Principal of St. Mary Hall in Oxford. Containing a particular Account of the Treasonable Riot at Oxford, in Feb. 1747.
34528: BLADES (WILLIAM) - The Biography and Typography of William Caxton, England's First Printer.
22458: BLADES (WILLIAM) - The Pentateuch of Printing, with a Chapter on Judges. With a Memoir of the Author, and List of his Works by Talbot B. Reed.
22350: BLADES (WILLIAM) - The Biography and Typography of William Caxton, England's First Printer.
22443: BLADES (WILLIAM) - The Biography and Typography of William Caxton, England's First Printer.
20012: BLADES (WILLIAM) - An Account of the German Morality=Play, Entitled Depositio Cornuti Typographici, as Performed in the 17th & 18th Centuries...
35822: BLAGG (THOMAS M.) - The Parish Registers of Shelton, in the County of Nottingham, for the Years 1595-1812, with Appendices.
33588: BLAIZOT (CLAUDE) - Reliures Francaises Contemporaines, Quelques Tendances.
23841: BLAIZOT (CLAUDE) - Reliures Francaises Contemporaines, Quelques Tendances.
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13643: BLAKE (WILLIAM) - Notes for a Catalogue of the Blake Library at The Georgian House, Merstham by Kerrison Preston.
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36106: BLAKE (N. F.) - Caxton and his World.
32806: BLAKESLEY. - Account of the Parish of Blakesley, Northamptonshire.
33562: BLAKISTON (J. M. G.) - Winchester College. Unfamiliar Libraries XI. Reprinted from 'The Book Collector', Autumn, 1967.
32241: BLANCHET (P. H.) - Complements de Mathematiques Speciales...
31083: BLANE (WILLIAM) - An Account of the Hunting Excursions of Asoph ul Doulah, Visier of the Mogul Empire, and Nabob of Oude. By William Blane, Esq; who attended in these Excursions in the Years 1785 and 1786.
21037: BLISS (CAREY S.) - A Pair on Printing. Atkyns' 'The Original and Growth of Printing' & William Caslon and the First English Type Specimen Book. Reproduced in Facsimile with Introductions by Carey S. Bliss.
9295: BLOCK (ANDREW) - The Book Collectors Vade Mecum.
12431: BLOOM (J. HARVEY) - English Tracts, Pamphlets and Printed Sheets: A Bibliography. Vol 1. (Early Period) 1473-1650. (Suffolk).
30659: BLOUNT (THOMAS) - Boscobel: or The compleat history of His Sacred Majesties most Miraculous Preservation after the Battle of Worcester, 3 Sept. 1651. Introduc'd by an exact Relation of that Battle; and Illustrated with a Map of the City.
34747: BLOXAM (MATTHEW HOLBECHE) - On certain Sepulchral Effigies and Monuments in South Yorkshire. A Paper read at the Annual Meeting of the Yorkshire Architectural Society, held at York, on the 25th of October, 1849.
24040: BLUMENTHAL (GEORGE) - Catalogue des Livres Illustres du XVIIIe Siecle. Editions Originales de Grands Classiques Francais Riches Reliures Armoriees et Autographes Anciens.
12213: BLUMENTHAL (JOSEPH) - The Printed Book in America.
14013: BLUMENTHAL (JOSEPH) - The Spiral Press. An Exhibition of Books and Ephemera Designed and Printed at The Spiral Press in New York from 1926 to 1968.
9301: BLUMHARDT (J.F.) - Catalogue of the Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Oriya, Pushtu, and Sindhi Manuscripts in the Library of the British Museum.
31692: BLUMHARDT (J. F.) - Catalogue of Hindustani Printed Books in the Library of the British Museum.
34509: BLUNDEN (WILLIAM) EDITOR. - The Poems of William Collins. Edited with an Introductory Study.
29103: BLUNT (JOHN HENRY) EDITOR. - A Dictionary of Sects, Heresies, Ecclesiastical Parties and Schools of Religious Thought.
27047: SITWELL (SACHEVERELL) & BLUNT (WILFRID) - Great Flower Books 1700-1900. A Bibliographical Record of Two Centuries of Finely-Illustrated Flower Books.
35831: BLUNT (WILFRID SCAWEN) - My Diaries: Being a Personal Narrative of Events, 1888-1914. Part Two: 1900 to 1914.
31395: BOALCH (D. H.) - Prints and Paintings of British Farm Livestock 1780-1910. A Record of the Rothamsted Collection. With an Historical Sketch of the Development of British Farm Livestock Breeds as Represented in the Collection By John Hammond.
15196: BIRMINGHAM SCHOOL OF PRINTING. BOCKWITZ (DR. HANS H.) - Baskerville in Letters. Translated into English by Herbert Woodbine.
31925: BODINGTON (ALICE) - The Mammalia: Extinct Species and Surviving Forms. [From "Journal of Microscopy and Natural Science".]
21211: OFFICINA BODONI. - Ippolito e Lionora. From a Manuscript of Felice Feliciano in the Harvard College Library.
14728: BOECKLER (ALBERT) - Deutsche Buchmalerei Vorgotischer Zeit.
23374: BOECKLER (ALBERT) - Das Goldene Evangelienbuch Heinrichs III.
9305: BOECKLER (ALBERT) - Das Goldene Evangelienbuch Heinrichs III.
33539: BOFFITO (GIUSEPPE) - Biblioteca Aeronautica Italiana. Precede uno studio sull'aeronautica nella letteratura nell'arte e nel folklore/ [With:] Primo Supplemento Decennale.
33592: BOGENG (G. A. E.) - Der Bucheinband ein Handbuch fur Buchbinder und Buchersammler.
9307: BOGENG (G.A.E.) - Geschichte der Buchdruckerkunst der Frühdruck.
15003: HOLZMANN (MICHAEL) & BOHATTA (HANNS) - Deutsches Anonymen-Lexicon.
18445: BOHATTA (DR. HANNAS) - Katalog der in den Bibliotheken der Regierenden Linie des Fürstlichen Hauses von und zu Liechtenstein Befindlichen Bücher aus dem XVI.—XX. Jahrhundert.
16381: BÖHMER (GÜNTER) - Die Welt des Biedermeier.
34027: BOHN (HENRY G.) - The Origin and Progress of Printing. A Lecture Delivered at Twickenham, April 8th, and Repeated by Desire at Richmond, April 21st, 1857.
9310: BOHN (HENRY GEORGE) - A Catalogue of Books.
30895: BOHUN (WILLIAM) - Declarations and Pleadings in the most usual Actions brought in the several Courts of King's-Bench and Common Pleas at Westminster, viz. In Actions of {Scandal of Peers ..... Slander of Common Persons .... Account against Bailiffs, .... Debt on Bonds, ..... Ejectment of Manors, .... also (Incidently) shewing the Forms of Proceedings as well in the Petty Bag-Office in Chancery, as in Corporation Courts, &c.
34066: BOLTON (HERBERT E.) - Guide to materials for the history of the United States in the principal archives of Mexico.
25116: BOOKBINDING. VAN DER BOM (F.L.) - Iets Over den Boekband in den Loop der Eeuwen.
28575: VALMONT DE BOMARE (JACQUES CHRISTOPHE) - Dictionnaire raisonne, universel d'histoire naturelle: Contenant l'histoire des animaux, des vegetaux et des mineraux, et celle des corps celestes, des meteores, et des autres principaux phenomenes de la nature; avec l'histoire des trois regnes, et ... une table concordante des noms latins, ...
33138: BOMBAY. - The Gazetteer of Bombay City and Island (Facsimile Reproduction). Originally Printed in 1909.
18052: BOND (W.H.) EDITOR. - Eighteenth-Century Studies in Honor of Donald F. Hyde.
13804: BOND (EDWARD) - A Catalogue of Books Selected from the Extensive and Valuable Library...
34420: BOND (FRANCIS T.) - On the Pathology of Rheumatism. [Reprinted from the 'Midland Quarterly Journal of Medical Science,' 1858.]
36221: BONDY (LOUIS W.) - Miniature Books. Their History from the Beginnings to the Present Day.
31908: BONNAFFE (EDMOND) - Dictionnaire des Amateurs Francais au XVIIe Siecle.
9322: BONNAFFE (EDMOND) - Dictionnaire des Amateurs Francais au XVIIe Siecle.
33377: BONNARDOT (ALFRED) - Essai sur la Restauration des Anciennes Estampes et des Livres Rares ou traite sur les meilleurs procedes a suivre pour reparer, detacher, decolorier et conserver les gravures, dessins et livres.
31113: BONNER (JAMES) - A New Plan for speedily increasing the number of Bee-Hives in Scotland; and which may be extended, with equal success, to England, Ireland, America, and to any other part of the World capable of producing Flowers.
35539: DRAPERS SAMPLE BOOK. - Large Sample Book of Fancy Coloured Patterned Velvet's for Curtains. [Cover title] Saison d'Eté 1890. Draperies et Nouveautés. Meurant Béfort.
24236: BAY PSALM BOOK. - The Crowninshield-Stevens-Brinley-Vanderbilt-Whitney Copy of the Bay Psalm Book. [Sold by Public Auction]...
36479: UNIVERSAL POCKET-BOOK. - The Universal Pocket-Book; being the most comprehensive, useful and compleat book of the kind, ever yet publish'd: containing amongst a great many other Particulars, I. A map of the world, World, with a Geographical Description of the Same. II. An Historical Table of remarkable Events, from the Creation to Julius Caesar. III. A Map of England, with an Account of the Number of Parishes, Market-Towns, Market-Days, Cities, Bishopricks, &c. IV. A List of the House of Peers, with their Names, Title, Motto, Town-House and Country-House. V. A short abstract of the History of England. VI. The Gardiner's Monthly Director in the Fruit, Flower and Kitchen Garden. Vii. A Table of simple Interest at 5 per Cent. Viii. Rates of Watermen, Coachmen and Chairmen. IX. A Table ready cast up shewing the Value of any Quantity of Goods at any Price. X. Of the General and Penny-Post. XI. A New Perpetual Almanack. XII. The Prices of the different Works, of Bricklayers, Masons, Joiners, Carpenters, Plumbers, Slaters, Painters, Plaisterers, Paviors, Smiths, Carvers, &c. XIII. Of Ancient and Modern Coins, Weights, Measures, &c. XIV. A New Plan of the City of London, with a Description of whatever is remarkable. XV. An Account of all the Stage-Coaches, and Carriers in England and Scotland. XVI. A list of places at court, with their salaries and in whose gift. The whole Design'd for the Use, Benefit, and Convenience of all Sorts of Persons.
32768: THE BAY PSALM BOOK. - The Crowninshield-Stens-Brinley-Vanderbilt-Whitney Copy of the Bay Psalm Book. [Sold by Public Auction]... [Together with a "Census of Recorded Copies of The Bay Psalm Book."].
30721: POLL BOOK. - The Contest. Being an Account of the Matter in Dispute between the Magistrates and Burgesses, and an Examination of the Merit and Conduct of the Candidates in the present Election. For Newcastle upon Tyne. Sold by the Booksellers in Newcastle, and the neighbouring Towns. 1774. First Edition, extra-illustrated with the inclusion of 2 later portraits of Sir Walter Blackett and Sir M. W. Ridley, [2], 40 pp. Bound with:- BURGESSES POLL. The Burgesses Poll at the Late Election of Members for Newcastle upon Tyne. Containing the Conditions agreed on by the Candidates for regulating the Poll. State of the Poll each day. - The number each Candidate Polled every day. - The whole number of Persons each day, their Names, Companies, Places of Residence, how they voted, the day each polled on, and number on the poll ranged alphabetically. - Copied from the Original Books taken on the spot, pursuant to the Direction of the Hon. Constantine John Phipps, And Thomas Delaval, Esq. To which is added, A summary View of the Disputes which arose, and Arguments used by the Candidates, Counsellors Lee, Fawcett, and Wilson, in defence of their proceedings upon the Hustings, &c.....
35598: SAMPLE BOOK. - Practical Suggestions on Motifs and Color Schemes for Covers Announcements Mailing Pieces.
36289: MINIATURE BOOK. [TAYLOR (PETER)] - The Paper-Making Rhyme.
36545: GREAT DOMESDAY BOOK. - Great Domesday Book. Penny Edition.
26137: WOMEN BOOKBINDERS. - Les Femmes Bibliophiles. Catalogue of a Collection of Books Bound by Famous Binders for Royal and Distinguished Ladies from Marguerite de Valois to the Empress Eugénie.
33493: DESIGNER BOOKBINDERS. - Designer Bookbinders at Leighton House 1985. A Catalogue of the Exhibits.
33515: DESIGNER BOOKBINDERS. - Modern British Bookbinders. An Exhibition of Modern British Bookbinding by Members of Designer Bookbinders. [Exhibited at] The Pierpont Library; The Newberry Library; University of California; The Victoria and Albert Museum.
15716: BOOKBINDING. - Engelska Bokband. [Catalogue of an Exhibition of Bindings by] The Guild of Contemporary Bookbinders.
27945: BOOKBINDING. - The Law Times on the Deterioration of Law Libraries: The Disease and the Remedy.
27946: BOOKBINDING. - Christmas Card from Birdsall & Son Ltd.
25122: BOOKBINDING. - Modern British Bookbinding - La Reliure Moderne Britannique - De Moderne Britse Boekband. [Exhibited at] Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Brussels & Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague. 1985.
21813: BOOKBINDING. - Les Plus Belles Reliures de la Réunion des Bibliothèques Nationales. [Introduction by Émile Dacier].
13609: BOOKBINDING. - Notes Descriptive of an Exhibition of Bookbindings of the Fifteenth to the Nineteenth Centuries. Together with a Select List of Books on Bookbindings and Bookbinding.
18046: BOOKBINDING. - Prachteinbände 870-1685: Schätze aus dem Bestand der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München.
17929: BOOKBINDING. - Bibliopegy. Association Bindings and others of Artistic Beauty from the Sixteenth to Twentieth Centuries. Offered for Sale by Chas. J. Sawyer. Catalogue No. 255.
35134: BOOKBINDING. - Modern Book-Bindings & Their Designers. Special Winter Number 1899-1900.
36613: SPECIMENS OF BOOKBINDING. - Original bookbinder's sample, "Specimens of Bookbinding", representing the choice on offer to prospective customers, including calf and buckram bindings, morocco title labels in contrasting colours, raised bands, gilt tooling and lettering.
23767: BOOKBINDING. - Bog og Bind Udgivet af Dansk Bogbindertidende.
33516: BOOKBINDING. - Sydney Morris Cockerell & Joan Rix Tebbutt. Thirty Recent Bindings. With an Introduction by Sir Harry Barnes.
19028: BOOKBINDING. - Bookbinding. Including Books from the Libraries of Howard M. Nixon and Edward McLean. Catalogue 56.
34467: BOOKBINDING. - Engelska Bokband. [Catalogue of an Exhibition of Bindings by] The Guild of Contemporary Bookbinders.
33417: BOOKBINDING. - The Bookbinder in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg. An Account of his Life & Times, & of his Craft.
33420: BOOKBINDING. - Arno Werner; Master Bookbinder. An Exhibition at the Houghton Library.
33191: BOOKBINDING. - Modern French Bookbindings by Members of the Socite de la Reliure Originale.
33195: BOOKBINDING. - Fine Bindings Gothic to Modern. European Handbound Books in the Princeton University Library together with the William H. Scheide Library and the Robert H. Taylor Collection. [Exhibition Catalogue].
32777: BOOKBINDING. - Fine Bindings. Offered for Sale by Chas. J. Sawyer. Catalogue No. 273.
32685: BOOKBINDING. - Watkinson Library, Trinity College Library. Book Bindings Exhibited in the Trumbull Room.
30872: BOOKBINDING. - Konigliche Bucher, Bucheinbande des Hauses Hohenzollern.
30616: BOOKBINDING. - VERHEYDEN (Prosper) Noord-Hollandse Boekbanden. Extract from Het Boek.
30617: BOOKBINDING. - KYRISS (Ernst) Der Erfurter Buchbinder Wilhelmus Winter. Extract from Sonderdruck aus dem Gutenberg-Jahrbuch 1944/49.
28273: BOOKBINDING. - BP Refresher Course: Bookbinding. A Series of Articles from 'British Printer' by H. A. De Coverly.
26998: BOOKBINDING. - Leathers for Bookbinding and Upholstery, Produced by Edw. & Jas. Richardson, Elswick Leather Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
27021: BOOKBINDING. - Reliures du Moyen Age au Ier Empire. Exposée a la Bibliothèque Royale.
33517: BOOKBINDING. - British Bookbinding Today. With an Introduction by Edgar Mansfield.
35726: BOOKBINDING. - Catalogue of the Special Exhibition of Art Bookbindings. Opened on the occasion of the 14th Annual Meeting of the Library Association of the United Kingdom; Nottingham Meeting, 1891. Museum and Art Gallery, Nottingham Castle.
19012: BOOKBINDING. - Modern British Bookbinders. An Exhibition of Modern British Bookbinding by Members of Designer Bookbinders. [Exhibited at] The Pierpont Library; The Newberry Library; University of California; The Victoria and Albert Museum.
28030: BOOKBINDING. - Exhibition of Modern Bookbindings by the Chief European Craftsmen, at The Caxton Head, 232, High Holborn...
28049: BOOKBINDING. - The Fine Bindings of Marguerite Duprez Lahey. An Exhibition at the Pierpont Morgan Library.
33250: BOOKBINDING. - Reliures de Nicole Fournier. La Poetique de la Matiere.
35298: BOOKBINDING. - Tregaskis Centenary Exhibition Catalogue. A Catalogue of the Tregaskis Centenary Exhibition 1994, Together with a Facsimile of the Tregaskis Exhibition Catalogue of 1894. With Introductions by Marianne Tidcombe and an Essay by Bernard C. Middleton.
35967: BOOKBINDING. - International Bookbinding Exhibition by the Chief Craftsmen from All Parts of the World, at the "Caxton Head", 23 High Holborn, London, W.C., from Wednesday, June 27th to Saturday, July 7th, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Daily.
33530: EMBROIDERED BOOKBINDINGS. - Exhibition of Silver Embroidered and Curious Bookbindings.
33590: MOSAIC BOOKBINDINGS. - Mosaic Bookbindings: A Catalogue of an Exhibition.
33200: ROYAL ENGLISH BOOKBINDINGS. - Royal English Bookbindings in the British Museum.
36385: OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS BOOKBINDINGS. - Binding Exhibit Paris, 1900.
36386: OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS BOOKBINDINGS. - Binding Exhibit Paris, 1900.
31548: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Book-Plates (Ex-Libris). To by Sold by Auction by Messrs. Puttick & Simpson.
21451: BOOKPLATES. - A Catalogue of Old and Rare British and American Book-Plates (Ex-Libris), Offered for Sale at the Prices Affixed...
21453: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of a Collection of Book-Plates, (Ex-Libris), the Property of a Well-Known Amateur.
21459: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of Book-Plates (Ex-Libris) Offered for Sale by Edmund Lister... Catalogue No. 2.
21469: BOOKPLATES. - A Choice Collection of Modern and Early American Bookplates, Books about Bookplates, Including an almost Complete Set of the Bookplates by E.D. French and those made by J.W. Spenceley. With a Large and Rich Assortment of Bookplates by other American and Foreign Artists, Comprising the Entire Collection of Mr. Herman G. Weicker...
21472: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of Book-Plates (Ex-Libris) Consisting of a Private Collection Recently Purchased... Catalogue No. 3.
21474: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Book-Plates, (Ex-Libris)...
21475: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Book-Plates, (Ex-Libris) and Armorial China.
21477: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of a Collection of Book-Plates, Including many Rare Dated Plates.
21478: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Book-Plates, (Ex-Libris) and Armorial China.
21479: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of Book-Plates, (Ex-Libris). The Property of a Well-Known Collector.
21480: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Book-Plates, (Ex-Libris).
21481: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Book-Plates, (Ex-Libris).
21482: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Book-Plates, (Ex-Libris).
21484: BOOKPLATES. - General Catalogue of Book-Plates, A Descriptive Reference List of Ex-Libris, Compiled and Annotated by James Dorman. No. 1, Part I. [All Published].
21444: BOOKPLATES. - Catalogue of a Collection of Ex-Libris Formed by a Well-Known Collector. Comprising Examples of Early Dated; Jacobean; Chippendale; Pictorial; Bookpile; Sheraton; and other Styles...
14434: ITALIAN BOOKS. - Fine Italian Books 15th and 16th Century. Bulletin X.
10451: PUBLICATION OF SCHOOL BOOKS. - On the Publication of School Books by Government at the Public Expense. A Correspondence with the Right Honourable Lord John Russell, M.P.
34845: COOKERY BOOKS. - Catalogue of the Westbury Collection of Cookery Books...
35002: COOKERY BOOKS. - Catalogue of the Collection of Books on Cookery and Gastronomy. The Property of M. Leon Lambert.
21561: MEDICAL BOOKS. - Notable Medical Books from the Lilly Library, Indiana University. Prepared by William R. LeFanu.
31342: SPANISH & PORTUGUESE BOOKS. - Rare, Unusual & Standard Books in Spanish & Portuguese on Many Subjects... with an Important Appendix of Spanish & Portuguese Judaica. Catalogue 72.
13303: SPANISH & PORTUGUESE BOOKS. - Rare, Unusual & Standard Books on Many Subjects in Spanish & Portuguese... Catalogue 71.
14433: ILLUSTRATED BOOKS. - Illustrated Books from the XV to the XIX Century. Catalogue 26.
4784: ITALIAN BOOKS. - Fine Italian Books 15th and 16th Century. Bulletin X.
14411: BOOKSELLER'S CATALOGUE. - A Catalogue of Leading Books on Egypt and Egyptology, and on Assyria and Assyriology, to be had at the Affixed Prices, of Trübner & Co.
14950: BOOKSELLER'S CATALOGUE. - A Catalogue of Valuable New and Second-Hand Books, English and Foreign, in all Classes of Literature and the Fine Arts, also, Early Printed Books, Manuscripts, Etc. On Sale at Very Reasonable Prices by Willis and Sotheran.
21255: BOOKSELLER'S CATALOGUE. - New Publications, Printed for T.N. Longman and O. Rees, No 39, Paternoster-Row, London.
33678: ANTIQUARIAN BOOKSELLERS' ASSOCIATION. - Directory of Antiquarian Booksellers in the British Isles. Compiled and Published by The Antiquarian Booksellers' Association (International). 3rd Edition.
12881: BOOTH (RICHARD) EDITOR. - The Country Life Book of Book Collecting.
31408: BOOTHROYD (BENJAMIN) - The History of the Antient Borough of Pontefract, containing an interesting Account of its Castle, and the three different Sieges it sustained, during the Civil War, with Notes and Pedigrees, of some of the most distinguished Royalists and Parliamentarians, chiefly drawn from manuscripts never before published.
24035: BORDEAUX (HENRY BORDES DE) - Catalogue de Livres Rares et Precieux... 21-22 mars 1902.
35323: BORELLA (MR.) - The Court and Country Confectioner: or, the House-Keeper's Guide; To a more speedy, plain, and familiar method of understanding the whole art of confectionary, pastry, distilling, and the making of fine flavoured English wines from all kinds of fruits, herbs, and flowers; comprehending near five hundred easy and practical receipts, never before made known. Particularly, Preserving. Candying. Icing. Transparent Marmalade. Orange. Pine-Apple. Pistachio, and other Rich Creams. Caramel. Pastils. Bomboons. Syrups. Puff, Spun, and Fruit-Pastes. Light-Biscuits. Puffs. Rich Seed-Cakes. Custards. Syllabubs. Flummeries. Trifles, Whips, Fruits, and other Jellies. - Pickles, &c. Also New and easy directions for clarifying the different degrees of sugar, together with several bills of fare of deserts for private gentlemen's families, A new edition. To which is added, a dissertation on the different species of fruits, and the art of distilling simple waters, cordials, persumed oils, and essences. By Mr. Borella, now head confectioner to the Spanish Ambassador in England.
14906: BORRONI (FABIA) - Le Carte Rajna della Biblioteca Marucelliana. Catalogo e Bibliografia.
33143: BORTHWICK (WILLIAM) - An Inquiry into the Origin and Limitations of the Feudal Dignities of Scotland.
35148: BOSANQUET (EUSTACE F.) - English Printed Almanacks and Prognostications. A Bibliographical History to the Year 1600.
24402: BOSANQUET (EUSTACE F.) - English Printed Almanacks and Prognostications. A Bibliographical History to the Year 1600.
23575: BOSANQUET (EUSTACE F.) - English Printed Almanacks and Prognostications. A Bibliographical History to the Year 1600.
35761: BOSQUET (ÉMILE) - Barèmes ou devis de travaux de reliure, établis au moyen de 48 tableaux divisés en 28 formats chacun, indiquant les prix de revient, tant en main d'oeuvre qu'en fournitures, de 54 genres de reliure et emboîtages divers, soit plus de 1200 devis, précédés d'une notice, accompagnés d'un tableau de réductions sur les travaux en nombres, d'un projet de prix courant et d'une feuille in-plano soleil donnant les tracés et dimensions de tous les formats par Em. Bosquet.
27263: BOSSUAT (ROBERT) - Manuel Bibliographique de la Littérature Française du Moyen Age.
9340: BOTTASSO (ENZO) - Storia della Biblioteca in Italia.
23743: BOUCHOT (HENRI) - Les Reliures d'Art a la Bibliothèque Nationale.
35790: BOUCHOT (HENRI) - Les Reliures d'Art a la Bibliothèque Nationale.
32639: BOUCHOT (HENRI) - The Book: its Printers, Illustrators, and Binders, from Gutenberg to the Present Time.
30864: BOUGEANT (GUILLAUME-HYACINTHE) - A Philosophical Amusement upon the Language of Beasts. Written originally in French, by Father Bougeant, a famous Jesuit; now confined at La Fleche, on Account of this Work.
33029: BOUILLY (JEAN NICOLAS) - Jean-Jacques Rousseau, à ses derniers momens: trait historique en un acte et en prose, représenté pour la premiere fois, à Paris, par les comédiens italiens ordinaires du roi, le 31 décembre 1790.
32171: BOUISSON (ETIENNE FREDERIC) - De la Bile, de ses Varietes Physiologiques, de ses Alterations Morbides.
23308: BOURALIERE (M.A. DE LA) - L'Imprimerie & la Librairie a Poitiers Pendant le XVIe Siecle. Bulletin et Mémoires de la Société des Antiquaires de l'Ouest, tome XXIII, Année 1899.
21815: BOURDILLON (F.W.) EDITOR. - Cest Daucasi & de Nicolete. Reproduced in Photo-Facsimile and Type-Transliteration from the Unique MS. in the Bibliothèque Nationale at Paris, fonds français, 2168.
15076: BOURDILLON (F.W.) - The Early Editions of The Roman de la Rose. Illustrated Monographs No. XIV.
20497: BOURDILLON (F.W.) - The Early Editions of The Roman de la Rose. Illustrated Monographs No. XIV..
24445: BOURSEAUD (H.-M.) - Histoire et Description des Manuscits et des Éditions Originales des Ouvrages de Bossuet.
36661: BOW (WILLIAM FORRESTER) - Notions of the Nature of Fever, and of Nervous Action.
29260: BOWEN (KAREN LEE) - Christopher Plantin's Books of Hours: Illustration and Production.
36494: YORKSHIRE MAP. BOWEN (EMANUEL) - An Accurate Map of the County of York, Divided into it's Ridings and Subdivided into Wapontakes, Drawn from Surveys with various Improvements, Shewing also by Concentrick Circles, the distance of all places in the County from the City of York by Eman: Bowen, Geographer to His Majesty.
26933: BOWES (ROBERT) - A Catalogue of Books Printed at or Relating to the University Town & County of Cambridge from 1521 to 1893. With Bibliographical & Biographical Notes. [with:] Index.
21437: BOWES (ROBERT) - A Catalogue of Books Printed at or Relating to the University Town & County of Cambridge from 1521 to 1893. With Bibliographical & Biographical Notes. [With:] Index.
26030: BOWLES (WILLIAM LISLE) - Verses to John Howard, F.R.S. on his State of Prisons and Lazarettos.
26031: BOWLES (WILLIAM LISLE) - The Grave of Howard. A Poem.
34238: BOWMAN (WILLIAM) - The traditions of the clergy destructive of religion: with an enquiry into the grounds and reasons of such traditions. A sermon preach'd at the visitation held at Wakefield in Yorkshire, June 25. 1731.
30735: BOWNAS (SAMUEL) - A Description of the Qualifications necessary to a Gospel Minister, containing Advice to Ministers and Elders, how to conduct themselves in their Conversations, and various Services, according to their Gifts in the Church of Christ.
26723: SNUFF-BOXES. - The Horner's Craft. An Exhibition Illustrating the Ceremonial, Decorative and Domestic uses of Horn from Medieval to Modern Times.
28235: GOLD SNUFF BOXES. - Catalogue of Gold Snuff Boxes Miniatures and Objects of Vertu. The Property of the Fribourg Foundation from the Collection of the late Rene Fribourg, Sold by Auction by Messrs Sotheby and Co., Monday, October 14th, 1963.
26733: GOLD BOXES. - Highly Important Gold Boxes. The Property of The Lord Rothschild.
35324: BOXING. AMATEUR OF EMINENCE, AN. - The Complete Art of Boxing, According to the Modern Method; Wherein the whole of that manly accomplishment is rendered so easy and intelligent, that any person may be an entire master of the science in a few days, without an other instruction than this book. To which is added, the general history of boxing. Containing an account of the most eminent professors of that noble art, who have flourished from its commencement to the present time. By an amateur of eminence.
34007: BOXING. - The Art of Manual Defence; or, System of Boxing: Perspicuously Explained in a Series of Lessons, and Illustrated by Plates. By a Pupil both of Humphreys and Mendoza.
32670: BOYCE (WILLIAM B.) - A Grammar of the Kaffir Language by William B. Boyce, Wesleyan Missionary. Second Edition, augmented and improved, with Vocabulary and Exercises by William J. Davis, Wesleyan Missionary.
9344: BOYESEN (EINAR) - J.W. Cappelen 1805-1878. Noen Blad av Norsk Bokhandels og Norsk Kulturkamps Historie.
25847: BOYLE (P.) - With Additions and Alterations. Boyle's New Fashionable Court and Country Guide, and Town Visiting Directory, for 1799. Containing an Alphabetical Arrangement of the names and places of abode (in Town And Country) of all the Ladies and Gentlemen of Fashion. To which is added, the Inns of Court, &c. And, For the Use of Porters in the Halls, Servants, &c. a separate Register of all the Fashionable Streets is prefixed; which are set down in a numerical Manner, that the Reader may see at one View, and become acquainted in an Instant with the Names of the various Persons of Fashion, according to the Numbers in each.
9345: BOYNE (WILLIAM) - The Yorkshire Library. A Bibliographical Account of Books on Topography...
32189: BOYNE (WILLIAM) - The Yorkshire Library. A Bibliographical Account of Books on Topography, Tracts of the Seventeenth Century, Biography, Spaws, Geology, Botany, Maps, Views, Portraits, and Miscellaneous Literature, Relating to the County of York. With Collations and Notes on the Books and Authors. With Collations and Notes on the Books and Authors.
24263: BOZE (CLAUDE GABRIEL DE) - Catalogue des Livres du Cabinet de M. de Boze.
32061: MILLHOUSE (JOHN) & BRACCIFORTI (FERDINAND) - New English and Italian Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary...
36312: BRADE (LUDWIG) - Illustriertes Buchbinderbuch. Ein Lehr- und Handbuch der gesamt Buchbinderei und aller in dieses Fach einschlagenden Kunsttechniken von Hans Bauer und Paul Kersten.
30746: BRADFORD (SAMUEL) - Unanimity and Charity, the Characters of Christians. A sermon preached in the parish-church of St. Sepulchre, June 16th, 1709. Being Thursday in Whitsun-Week, at the anniversary meeting of the children educated in the charity-schools, in and about the cities of London and Westminster. Publish'd at the Request of several Gentlemen concern'd in that Charity. By Samuel Bradford, D. D. Rector of St. Mary le Bow, and Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty.
14977: BRADLEY (JOHN W.) - Illuminated Manuscripts.
34799: BRADSHAW (HENRY) - Collected Papers. Comprising 1. 'Memoranda'; 2. 'Communications' Read before the Cambridge Antiquarian Society; Together with an Article Contributed to the 'Bibliographer', and Two Papers not Previously Published. [Edited by Francis Jenkinson].
25070: BRAGGE (WILLIAM) - Bibliotheca Nicotiana; A Catalogue of Books About Tobacco, Together with a Catalogue of Objects Connected with the use of Tobacco in all its Forms. Collected by William Bragge.
36057: BRAGGE (WILLIAM) - Bibliotheca Nicotiana; A Catalogue of Books About Tobacco, Together with a Catalogue of Objects Connected with the use of Tobacco in all its Forms. Collected by William Bragge.
31032: BRAINERD (DAVID) - An Abridgment [sic] of Mr. David Brainerd's Journal among the Indians. Or, the Rise and Progress of a remarkable Work of Grace among a Number of the Indians. In the Provinces of New-Jersey and Pensylvania [sic] .....
36766: BRAITHWAITE (ROBERT) - Sphagnaceae Britannicae Exsiccatae.
9351: BRANNER (JOHN CASPER) - A Bibliography of Clays and the Ceramic Arts.
35602: BRASSINGTON (W. SALT) - Historic Bindings in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. With Reproductions of Twenty-four of the Finest Bindings.
21393: BRASSINGTON (W. SALT) EDITOR. - A History of the Art of Bookbinding, with Some Account of the Books of the Ancients.
13442: BRASSINGTON (W. SALT) EDITOR. - A History of the Art of Bookbinding, with Some Account of the Books of the Ancients.
34651: MANNING (REV. OWEN) & BRAY (WILLIAM) - The History and Antiquities of the County of Surrey, Compiled from the best and most authentic historians, valuable records, and manuscripts in the public offices and libraries, and in private hands. With a facsimile copy of Domesday, engraved on thirteen plates. Continued to the present day by William Bray.
19653: CORRARD DE BREBAN. - Recherches sur l'Établissement et l'Exercice de l'Imprimerie a Troyes...
23945: CORRARD DE BREBAN. - Recherches sur l'Établissement et l'Exercice de l'Imprimerie a Troyes.
25344: BRECKNOCKSHIRE. - A List of Brecknockshire Manuscripts and Records in the National Library of Wales.
27919: LITHOGRAPHY. BRÉGEAUT (R. L.) - Manuel Complet Théorique et Pratique du Dessinateur et de l'Imprimeur Lithographe. Seconde édition revue, corrigée, augmentée et ornée de douze lithographies.
31049: BREMONTIER (NICOLAS T.) - Recherches sur le Mouvement des Ondes.
34777: BRESLAUER (B.H.) - The Uses of Bookbinding Literature.
24148: BRESLAUER (BERNARD H.) - Bibliotheca Bibliographica Breslaueriana.
33473: BRESLAUER (BERNARD H.) - Bibliotheca Bibliographica Breslaueriana.
26724: BREWER (HAMPTON) - Revelations About Tobacco. A Prize Essay on the History of Tobacco, and its Physical Action on the Human Body, through its various Modes of Employment.
31778: BREWINGTON (M. V. & DOROTHY) - Kendall Whaling Museum Prints.
30744: BREWSTER (SIR FRANCIS) - New Essays on Trade, wherein the present State of our Trade, it's Great Decay in the Chief Branches of it, and the Fatal Consequence thereof to the Nation (unless timely Remedy'd) is considered, under the most Important Heads of Trade and Navigation.
35471: BREWSTER (JOHN) - Meditations for the Aged.
28093: BRICKER (CHARLES) - A History of Cartography: 2500 Years of Maps and Mapmakers. Maps chosen and displayed by R.V. Tooley, Preface by Gerald Roe Crone.
25823: BOSTON BRIDGE. - Collection of Facts and Documents Relative to the Project of a Bridge from South Street in Boston [Massachusetts] to Dorchester Neck, and the Annexation of that Peninsula to the Town of Boston.
36593: BRIDGENS (RICHARD) - Furniture with Candelabra and Interior Decoration Designed by R. Bridgens.
31284: BRIDGMAN (SIR ORL.) - Sir Orl. Bridgman's Conveyances : being Select Precedenents of Deeds and Instruments concerning the Most considerable Estates in England. Drawn and Approved by that Honourable Person in the Time of his Practice.
33893: BRIDGMAN (WILLIAM KENCELY) - On Caries and its Treatment. (Read before the Odontological Society of London, March 4th, 1861).
35680: O'BRIEN (MATTHEW) - Mathematical Tracts, Part I. On Laplace's Coefficients, The Figure Of The Earth; The Motion Of A Rigid Body About Its Center Of Gravity And Precession And Nutation.
12823: O'BRIEN (KATE) - English Diaries and Journals. Britain in Pictures.
22456: BRIGGS (ASA) EDITOR. - Essays in the History of Publishing in Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the House of Longman 1724-1974.
9356: BRIGGS (GRACE M.) EDITOR. - The Honnold Library. The William W. Clarey Oxford Collection. A Descriptive Catalogue.
34402: JAUNDICE. BRIGGS (WILLIAM) - Dissertatio medica, inauguralis, de ictero. Quam, Annuente Summo Numine, Ex Auctoritate Reverendi admodum Viri, D. Gulielmi Robertson, S. T. P. Academiae Edinburgenae Praefecti; nec non Amplissimi Senatus Academici consensu, Et nobilissimae Facultatis Medicae decreto; pro gradu doctoris, Summisque in Medicina Honoribus ac privilegiis rite et legitime consequendis; eruditorum examini subjicit Gulielmus Briggs, Anglus, Soc. Reg. Phys. Sod. Hon. Ad diem 24 Junii, hora locoque solitis.

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