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001464: LYNN, VERA - We'll Meet Again: A Personal and Social Memory of World War Two
003960: LYNN, JONATHAN; JAY, ANTONY - Yes Minister: The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister by the Rt Hon. James Hacker MP - Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (3 Books)
005598: LYRIC BOOKS - The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches
001844: M., LUIS GARFIAS - Truth and Legend on Pancho Villa
002092: MAAS, HENRY S. - Tide Pools & Swoosh Holes
002067: MACDERMOT, GALT; RAGNI, GEROME; RADO, JAMES - Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical
001340: MACDONALD, D.R. - All the Men are Sleeping
001849: MACDONALD, WEBSTER - Memoirs of a Maverick Lawyer
003590: MACDONALD, ALASTAIR - If More Winters, or This the Last
004785: MACDONALD, RONALD G. (EDITOR) - Pulp and Paper Manufacture, Volume I: The Pulping of Wood (second edition)
005127: MACDONALD, MARK - Home
003805: MACDONALD, GARVIN - BodySpeak
002682: MACDOUGALL, MARY KATHERINE - Making Love Happen
001313: MACE, ESTHER L.; STAHL, LE ROY - Simplified Stage Costuming
000153: MACEWAN, GRANT - Our Equine Friends: Stories of Horses in History
000159: MACEWAN, GRANT - Sitting Bull: The Years in Canada
001592: MACGREGOR, J.G. - Edmonton: A History
005188: MACINNES, ELAINE - Light Sitting in Light: A Christian's Experience in Zen
005482: MACINNIS, CRAIG (EDITOR) - Remembering Guy Lafleur
004993: MACIVER, JOYCE - The Frog Pond
004360: MACKAY, SUSANNAH AND OTHERS - Excellent English 1: Language Skills for Success Workbook (with CD)
004359: MACKAY, SUSANNAH AND OTHERS - Excellent English 1: Language Skills for Success (with CD)
004874: MACKAY, BRENT - The King of Bean
004879: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - The Vanity Girl
000897: MACLAVERTY, BERNARD - Grace Notes : A Novel
001836: MACLEAN, BRIAN C. - Crime and Society : Readings in Critical Criminology
002653: MACLEAN, BRIAN D.; MILOVANOVIC, DRAGAN - Thinking Critically About Crime
006036: MACLEAN, DON J. - Quick Tips For Faster Fingers (with Audio CD)
004017: MACLEAN, PAT - For Sale By Owner
003679: MACMILLAN, THELMA "MURRAY - The Wondering Corner: A Collection of Poems
005817: MADDEN, RAYMOND - Being Ethnographic: A Guide to the Theory and Practice of Ethnography
001192: MADISON, GRANT - River for My Sidewalk
003231: MADOTT, DARLENE - Bottled Roses
003058: MAGER, ROBERT F. - Goal Analysis [with Checklist/Flowchart card]
005223: MAGNUSON, WAYNE - English Idioms : Sayings and Slang
004339: MAHATHIR BIN MOHAMAD - The Malay Dilemma
000245: MAHER, STEPHEN - Hurricane Juan: The Story of a Storm
003525: MAHER, ROBYNN; BLACKMORE, JANE (EDITORS) - Eclectica Magazine Issue 1
005801: MAHEUX, RODOLPHE - Handbook of Hormonal Contraception and Office Gynecology
000645: MAILLART, ELLA - The House of Many Faces
002624: MAILLOUX, CHRISTINE - A Woman in Turmoil (Esther Blondin)
005487: MAIN-VAN DER KAMP, HANNAH - The Parable Boat
002491: MAITLAND, ALAN - Favourite Summer Stories from Front Porch Al
003738: MAKER PRESS - The Vehicule Poets
000700: MAKI, MASAO - Spiritual Adventures of a Sushi Chef
001435: MAKOWSKI, IRENEUSZ - Melancholia Buntu
005155: MALLOWAN, AGATHA CHRISTIE - Come Tell Me How You Live
005615: MALMO-LEVINE, DAVID - Does Cannabis Inherently Harm Young People's Developing Minds?
005228: MALTON, H. MEL - Down In The Dumps: A Polly Deacon Murder Mystery
005165: MANDEL, ELI - An Idiot Joy
005710: MANDELBAUM, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Central Asia and the World: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan
003799: MANG-HANG, HO - Hong Kong Poisonous Plants
002213: MANLEY, DELARIVIER - The New Atlantis
001955: MANNERS, ROBERT A. (EDITOR) - American Anthropologist Vol. 77 No. 1 March 1975
005173: MANNING, JEANE; GARBON, JOEL - Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World
005868: MANSON, AINSLIE - Boy in Motion: Rick Hansen's Story
006074: MAO HENG; MAO CHANG - Book of Poetry [English-Chinese ]
006197: MARACLE, LEE - Daughters Are Forever
005829: MARAINI, DACIA - Devour Me Too (Essential poets series)
005828: MARAINI, DACIA - Voices
002600: MARCHESSAULT, JANINE (EDITOR) - Public 10 Love
005925: MARCY, STEVE; MARCY, JANIS - Mathimagination Book F: Geometry, Measurement and Cartesian Coordinates
002136: MARGOLIS, JACK S.; CLORFENE, RICHARD - A Child's Garden of Grass: The Official Handbook for Marijuana Users
004126: MARGOLIS, ERIC S. - War at the Top of the World: The Clash for Mastery of Asia
005919: MARGOSHES, DAVE - God Telling a Joke and Other Stories
004594: MARIN, RENE J. - Admissibility of Statements Sixth Edition
000806: MARKS, VIC; KOVACSICS, MICHAEL EDITORS - The Farmstead Book 1
005215: MARMOR, ARNOLD - Ruthless Fraternity
005354: MARQUIS, THOMAS GUTHRIE - The Jesuit Missions
005136: MARSDEN, WILLIAM - Stupid to the Last Drop: How Alberta Is Bringing Environmental Armageddon to Canada (And Doesn't Seem to Care)
000838: MARSHALL, DENIS EDITOR - Okanagan History 60th Report of the Okanagan Historical Society 1996
004492: MARSHALL, JOYCE - A Private Place
001924: MARTENS, TONY - The Spirit Weeps: Characteristics and Dynamics of Incest and Child Sexual Abuse with a Native Perspective By Brenda Daily and Maggie Hodgson
003594: MARTIN, ERIC (EDITOR) - Bondage Digest Volume #1, Issue #1
002021: MARTIN, PAUL; YOUNG, WILLIAM R. (EDITOR) - Paul Martin: The London Diaries 1975-79
002176: MARTIN, JULIAN S. (EDITOR) - Electronics Theory Handbook (Magazine) 1975 Edition
002986: MARTIN, JAMES - Chameleons: Nature's Masters of Disguise
003621: MARTIN, MELODY - Native Women's Studies: Dialoguing with Community, with Academia and with Feminism
002077: MARTIN, GEORGE R.R. - The Armageddon Rag
004462: MARTIN, ROBERT SCOTT; MCLAUGHLIN, JUDITH A.; WOODWARD, JONATHAN - Luna Rising: Psi Order Isra & Luna Sourcebook(A Sourcebook for Trinity)
006069: MARTIN, MRS H.S. (EDITOR) - The Province of British Columbia, Canada - Centennial Directory : History, Industry, Tourist, Business Listings, Old and New Photographs
005938: MARTIN, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Arts Magazine 60:9 May 1986
006174: MARTIN, MILDRED CROWL - Chinatown's Angry Angel: The Story of Donaldina Cameron
004377: MARX, MELVIN H. (EDITOR) - Learning: Processes
004826: MARX, KARL - The Poverty of Philosophy
005555: MASLOW, ABRAHAM H. - Motivation and Personality (Second Edition)
002808: MASON, ROGER BURFORD - The Beaver Picture and Other Stories
005340: MASON, ROGER BURFORD - Roy Vernon Sowers: A Life In Rare Books
003052: MASONIC SPRING WORKSHOP PLANNING COMMITTEE - Alberta Workshop! A Collection of the Theme Talks from the First 25 Years of the Masonic Spring Workshop Held in Banff, Alberta
004915: MASSEY, RAYMOND - When I Was Young
000500: MASSON, SOPHIE - The House in the Rainforest
004760: MATE, GABOR (FOREWORD) - A Room in the City: Photographs By Gabor Gasztonyi
001024: MATHESON, GEORGE - Cactus in Your Shorts
005282: MATTHIES, BARBARA F.; AZAR, BETTY SCHRAMPFER - Understanding and Using English Grammar Second Edition: Teacher's Guide Volume A
003381: MATTIUSSI, DIANE - Out of Incest : A Book of Hope
003449: MAUREEN - Here's to All the Men in Our Lives from the Ladies Abiding in Us - a Handbook on Relationships
002923: MAUTNER, THOMAS (EDITOR) - Penguin Dictionary of Philosophy, The
005789: MAVRIDES, PAUL - "Bob's" Favorite Comics, The SubGenius Comic Book No. 1
002301: MAVRIKAKIS, CATHERINE; (STEPHENS, NATALIE TRANSLATOR) - A Cannibal and Melancholy Mourning
004542: MAXWELL, JOHN - Mummy's Little Darling
000557: MAYER, MELANIE J. - Klondike Women: True Tales of the 1897-1898 Gold Rush
004767: MAYER, DAVID (SERIES EDITOR) - The Schirmer Books Theatre Manuals (Five Volumes in Slipcase)
004889: MAYER, MUSA - Holding Tight, Letting Go: Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer
001425: MCCARTHY, PETE - The Road to McCarthy
005857: MCCLELLAND, C. KIRK - On Making a Movie: Brewster McCloud
004719: MCCLEMENT, FRED - Guns in Paradise
005467: MCCLUNG, NELLIE LILLIAN - In Times Like These (Social History of Canada Series)
002080: MCCLYDE, ALAN - The Slaves of Elizabeth Fale
003743: MCCOURT, EDWARD - Saskatchewan
002300: MCCOWAN, DAN - Tidewater to Timberline
005952: MCCRACKEN, KAY - A Raven in My Heart: Reflections of a Bookseller
000762: MCCULLOUGH, MICHAEL - Granville Island: An Urban Oasis
003365: MCDERMID, VAL - The Mermaids Singing
003256: MCDEVITT, MICHELE - The Last Enemy
003883: MCDONALD, ROGER - The Tree in Changing Light
004487: MCDONNELL, LEO P.; KAUMEHEIWA, ALSON I. - The Use of Portable Power Tools
000337: MCDUFFIE, DWAYNE AND WRIGHT, GREGORY - Deathlok #1,2,3,4
002498: MCFARLAND, BEVERLY (SENIOR EDITOR) - Calyx: A Journal of Art and Literature By Women Volume 17 Number 3 1998
004016: MCFERRAN, RT. REV. DR. L.M. (BISHOP MACK) - Dream Fragments
002162: MCGEE, H.F. (EDITOR) - The Native Peoples of Atlantic Canada: A Reader in Regional Ethnic Relations
003455: MCGINN, BERNARD - The Calabrian Abbott: Joachim of Fiore in the History of Western Thought
003174: MCGOWAN, CHRISTOPER - The Successful Dragons: A Natural History of Extinct Species
001598: MCGRATH, WENDY - Common Place Ecstasies
005548: MCGRATH, CARMELITA - Escape Velocity
005392: MCGREGOR, KAREN - The Madonna Code: Mysteries of the Divine Feminine Unveiled
004928: MCKAY, JEAN - Gone to Grass
003426: MCKAY, ANNE - Acappella
005646: MCKAY, DON - Sanding Down This Rocking Chair on a Windy Night
001532: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Tomorrow and Tomorrow
001440: MCKINNON, BARRY - Songs & Speeches
001554: MCKNIGHT, GERALD - Bitter Legacy: Picasso's Disputed Millions
006154: MCLAUGHLIN, BRYNE (EDITOR) - canadianart: The Dirty Words Issue Spring 2018
006155: MCLAUGHLIN, BRYNE (EDITOR) - canadianart: Translation Summer 2018
006156: MCLAUGHLIN, BRYNE (EDITOR) - canadianart: Climates Fall 2018
006157: MCLAUGHLIN, BRYNE (EDITOR) - canadianart: Pleasure Winter 2019
006158: MCLAUGHLIN, BRYNE (EDITOR) - canadianart: Antimatter Winter 2020
005815: MCLEAN, ATHENA; LEIBING, ANNETTE (EDITORS) - The Shadow Side of Fieldwork: Exploring the Blurred Borders between Ethnography and Life
005426: MCLEISH, W.Y.; SMITH, J.E. - Education Through Mathematics: A Text-book for High Schools
004611: MCLEOD, ANDREW J.; MACINTOSH, IAN N. - British Columbia Business Corporations Act and Commentary 2011 Edition
003274: MCMASTER, SUSAN (EDITOR) - Waging Peace: Poetry And Political Action
006009: MCMULLEN, GEORGE - Walking in Two Worlds, Walking in Two Worlds (Red Snake Trilogy #3)
003355: MCNAMEE, JAMES - Them Damn Canadians Hanged Louis Riel!
000832: MCNEILL, CLARENCE GRENFELL - As Lovely as a Tree: Stories, Drawings and Carvings
001971: MCNEILL, FLORENCE - Swimming Out of History: New and Selected Poems
004849: MCPHERSON, CONOR - The Weir
001414: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - Ordeal By Fire: Volume II The Civil War
001256: MCTAGGART, K.C. - Golden Fleece
000242: MCTAVISH, DON - Big Rig 2: More Comic Tales from a Long Haul Trucker
003425: MCVITTIE, DEBORAH;VAIRA, URSULA - Panty Lines: A Poetic Anthology
004437: MCWILLIAMS, PETER - The Peter McWilliams Poetry Series - Volumes 1 Through 7
003150: MEAD, R.; CURNOW, R. N. - Statistical Methods in Agriculture and Experimental Biology
001031: MEADE, L.T. - Francis Kane's Fortune
003732: MECKEL, CHRISTOPH - Lyrik Prosa Graphik Aus Zehn Lahren
000755: MEDDIS, RAY - Elementary Analysis of Variance for the Behavioural Sciences
005221: MEDVED, MAUREEN - The Tracey Fragments
004314: MEISEL, STEVEN (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Versace Spring Summer 2001, Catalogo 39
003264: MEKLER, EVA - Masters of the Stage: British Acting Teachers Talk About Their Craft
004216: MELVILLE, D.S.; MORTON, BRIAN - Mai Po Marshes
004819: MELVIN, J.R. - The Tax Structure and Canadian Trade: A Theoretical Analysis
001399: MEMLING, CARL (ADAPTOR) - The Amazing Adventures of Dennis the Menace
005478: MENARD, PAUL - Philosophy Through the Past
005214: MENCER, DOROTHY - Tomorrow's Light
003433: MENCHER, GEORGE T.; GERBER, SANFORD E. (EDITORS) - Early Management of Hearing Loss
005636: MENDELSON, SUSAN; CRUZ, JOEY - The Lazy Gourmet
003089: MENDELSSOHN, K - What is Atomic energy?
005028: MENGHI, UMBERTO - Toscana Mia: The Heart and Soul of Tuscan Cooking
001575: MERCATI, MARIA - Thai Massage Manual
003224: MERGE, FLORENCE - Composizioni Floreali: Ikebana
004685: MERICKA, VACLAV - The Book of Orders and Decorations
004979: MERRICK, CLYDE - Sex Pack
001518: MERRILL, JOHN - Paul Young
004166: MERRILL, RICHARD; ORTIZ, JOE - The Gardner's Table: A Guide to Natural Vegetable Growing and Cooking
004110: METCALFE, STEVE - Strange Snow: A Play in Two Acts
002555: METZGER, BRUCE M. - A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament
003990: MEYER, STEPHENIE - Breaking Dawn, Special Edition
001773: MEYER, DAVID N. - The 100 Best Films to Rent You'Ve Never Heard of: Neglected Classics, Hits from By-Gone Eras, and Hidden Treasures
002449: MEYER, MICHALE - Stringberg: A Biography (Oxford Lives)
004907: MEYER, BRUCE - A Book of Bread
004908: MEYER, BRUCE; TAJ, H. MASUD - Alphabestiary
004145: MEYER, STEPHENIE - Eclipse (Special Edition)
003421: MEYER, STEPHENIE - New Moon Special Edition
005451: MEYER, JOHN - Bullets, butterflies, and Italy
002521: MEYERS, DIANA TIETJENS (EDITOR) - Feminist Social Thought: A Reader
004663: MICHAELS, DAVID S. - Palladium Numismatics & Artifacts Bid-Or-Buy Sale #11
004664: MICHAELS, DAVID S. - Palladium Numismatics & Artifacts Bid-Or-Buy Sale #12
000178: MICHALS, DUANE - The Nature of Desire
000628: MICHALS, DUANE - The Journey of the Spirit after Death
002954: MICHAUD, MARGARET A. - Dead End: Homeless Teenagers a Multi-Service Approach
004225: MICHEL, WINFRIED; TESKE, HERMIEN (EDITORS) - Van Eyck: Der Fluyten Lust-Hof, Volumes I, II & III complete. (Erste Vollstandig Kommentierte Gesamtausgabe/First Complete Edition with Full Commentary)
000676: MIKI, ROY - A Record of Writing: An Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography of George Bowering
005496: MILBURN, DIANE - The Deutschlandbild of A.R. Orage and the New Age Circle
001738: MILES, ANGELA; FINN, GERALDINE (EDITORS) - Feminism from Pressure to Politics, Second Revised Edition
005296: MILLARD, JOE - The Devil's Dollar Sign
004676: MILLER, SOMI A.; LAKE, PATRICIA - Thai Cooking Class (Bay Books Cookery Collection)
000351: MILLIGAN, PETER - Enigma #1-8
000352: MILLIGAN, PETER; BACHALO; PENNINGTON - Shade: The Changing Man #1-10
002895: MILLS, JOHN - Runner in the Dark
000289: MILN, LOUISE JORDAN - The Flutes of Shanghai
002724: MILNER, HENRY (EDITOR) - Inroads: A Journal of Opinion Number 3, Summer 1994
005241: MINNERY, JOHN - CIA Catalog of Clandestine Weapons, Tools, and Gadgets
005472: MIRIAM DYAK - In Celebration of Planet Earth
001785: MITCHAM, ALLISON (EDITOR) - The Best of Alden Nowlan
001528: MITCHELL, DAVID; DUFFY, DENNIS (EDITORS0 - Sound Heritage Vol VIII No 3: Bright Sunshine and a Brand New Country: Recollections of the Okanagan Valley 1890-1914
000061: MITCHELL, DONALD - Britten & Auden in the Thirties: The Year 1936
004582: MITCHELL, DONALD - The Politics of Food
003300: MITFORD, NANCY (MOSLEY, CHARLOTTE, EDITOR) - Love from Nancy: The Letters of Nancy Mitford
005885: MITOMA, JUDY (EDITOR) - Envisioning Dance on Film and Video (with DVD)
005768: MOEN, K. (KEITH) - Sperm
005700: MOENCH, DOUG ET AL. - Batman Legends of the Dark Knight: PREY
006061: MOHENO, ROBERTO BLANCO - Un Son Que Canta En El Rio
005900: MOHR-BLAKENEY, VICTORIA (EDITOR) - No Content or Studio Place or Decentralize...
006131: MOIR, RITA - The Third Crop: A personal and historical journey into the photo albums and shoeboxes of the Slocan Valley 1800s to early 1940s
002781: MOLDWIN, ROBERT M. - The Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide
001694: MOLFESE, VICTORIA J. - Perinatal Risk and Infant Development: Assessment and Prediction
001970: MOLIERI, JORGE JENKINS - El Desafio Indigena En Nicaragua, El Caso De Lost Miskitos
002074: MOLIHER, MARIA - Diccionario Del Uso Del Espanol
004770: MOLLOY, KATHLEEN - Dining with Death
004926: MOMATIUK, YVA; EASTCOTT, JOHN - In a Sea of Wind
005899: MONACO DANCES FORUM - Les Nijinsky: Le Samedi 16 Decembre 2000
000633: MONK, LORRAINE EDITOR - Image 1: The Many Worlds of Lutz Dille
000634: MONK, LORRAINE EDITOR - Image 2: Photography Canada 1967
003875: MONK, MARIA - Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk: The Hidden Secrets of a Nun's Life in a Convent Exposed
000386: MONRO, H. A. U. - Insect Pests in Cargo Ships
005272: MONTALE, EUGENIO (GALASSI, JONATHAN TRANSL.) - Otherwise: Last and First Poems of Eugenio Montale
000240: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - The Golden Road
005941: MONTGOMERY, JOHN; RITCHEY, TODD - The Answer Model: A New Path to Healing
001422: MONTGOMERY, CHARLES - The Choir Director's Handbook?
000244: MOORE, MICHAEL - Will They Ever Trust Us Again?: Letters From The War Zone
002048: MOORE, PATRICK - Green Spirit: Trees Are the Answer
002066: MOORE, JOHN - Dance and Skylark
002312: MOORE, MAUREEN - Fieldwork
002828: MOORE, JOHN - The Blue Parrot
003090: MOORE, P. G.; SEED, RAYMOND - The Ecology of Rocky Coasts : Essays Presented to J.R. Lewis
003945: MOORE, DAVID S. - The Basic Practice of Statistics (3rd ed) with UNOPENED CD-ROM
003330: MOORE, DAVID S. - The Basic Practice of Statistics
005082: MOORE, ALAN; MOORE, LEAH - Tom Strong (Book 3)
003899: MOORE, STEVEN - The Meaning of Life : Poems Selected and New
005609: MOORE, JAKE; RECKITT, HELENA - Valerie Blass
000458: MORAN, BRIDGET - Stoney Creek Woman
006137: MORELOS, JESUS CAMACHO - Champinones Alucinantes
005805: MOREY, WALT - Sandy and the Rock Star
000261: MORGAN, ROLAND - Vancouver, Then and Now
002824: MORGAN, ROLAND - B.C. (British Columbia) Then and Now: Okanagan/Kootenay/Cariboo Volume One
005075: MORGAN, DAVID - Monty Python Speaks: The Complete Oral History of Monty Python
006163: MORIN, MELANIE H. - Niwhts'ide'ni Hibi'it'en (The Ways of Our Ancestors: Witsuwit'en History & Culture Throughout the Millennia)
001827: MORNEAU, ROBERT F. - Mantras for the Midnight: Reflections for the Night Country
005116: MORNINGSTAR, SALLY - Divining the Future
000493: MORRIS, JANE ANNE - Not in My Back Yard: The Handbook
004326: MORRIS, NEIL; POLLARD, MICHAEL; MALAM, JOHN; GRANT, NEIL; MARTELL, HAZEL MARY; ISENMAN, LISA; MCRAE, LYNN - The Illustrated History of the World: From the Big Bang to the Third Millennium
000344: MORRISON, GRANT - Dare #1 and 2
003151: MORTON, T. E. - Molluscs
004560: MOSCONI, JOSEPH; GONZALEZ, RITA (EDITORS) - Area Sneaks Issue 2, 2009
004555: MOSCONI, JOSEPH; GONZALEZ, RITA (EDITORS) - Area Sneaks Issue 1, 2008
002662: MOSER, PAUL K. (EDITOR) - A Priori Knowledge
004085: MOSHER, HOWARD FRANK - Where The Rivers Flow North
004189: MOSSOP, RON - Sundreamer's Flight
002847: MOTTALE, MORRIS MEHRDAD - The Arms Buildup in the Persian Gulf
001215: MOULD, RUPERT - The Rebel Radio Diary: A Social-Historical Political-Intrigue, Poetic Travelogue Set in Cuba
006035: MOUNTAIN HORSE, MIKE - My People, the Bloods
004624: MOURE, ERIN - Pillage Laud
000152: MOWAT, FARLEY - Sea of Slaughter
003056: MOWAT, FARLEY - Virunga : The Passion of Dian Fossey
006017: MOWERS, CLEO (EDITOR) - Towards a New Liberalism: Re-creating Canada and the Liberal Party
001360: MOWRY, LUCETTA - The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Early Church
000275: MOYER, CAROLYN - Hard Choices: A Life of Tom Berger
002215: MOYER, ELGIN S. - Who Was Who in Church History (Revised Edition)
002848: MOYER JR., HOMER E.; MABRY, LINDA A. - Export Controls as Instruments of Foreign Policy: The History, Legal Issues, and Policy Lessons of Three Recent Cases
003218: MOYNIHAN, ANSELM - Edel Quinn
001172: MR. "P - The World's Best Yiddish Dirty Jokes
005341: MU, WANG - Foundations of Internal Alchemy: The Taoist Practice of Neidan
004575: MUCKLE, M. EDWARD - Basic Hydroponics: Hydroponic Gardening for the Do-It-Yourselfer
004574: MUCKLE, M. EDWARD - Basic Hydroponics for the Do-It-Yourselfer
005037: MULGREW, IAN - Bud Inc : Inside Canada's Marijuana Industry
003887: MULIKITA, FWANYANGA M. - A Point of No Return
004940: MULLER, ROBIN - Tatterhood
006000: MULLIGAN, CLAIRE - The Reckoning of Boston Jim
003084: MUND, RAINER; MUNCH, GUNTHER - Straight Golf: The Basics of Good Golf
000913: MUNRO, RAYMOND Z. - The Sky's No Limit
002714: MURDOCH, ELMER H. - Shattering Religious Boredom
000196: MURPHY, PETER AND ABBOTT, JOHN EDITORS - Prison Journal No. 4
001479: MURPHY, C.E. - Urban Shaman
002355: MURPHY, BARBARA - The Ugly Canadian: The Rise and Fall of a Caring Society
005958: MURPHY, TERRY AND OTHERS - The World of Business: A Canadian Profile 2ed
001474: MURRAY, RONA (EDITOR) - Threshold: Six Women : Six Poets
001527: MURRAY, PAUL - An Evening of Long Goodbyes
002018: MURRAY, GEORGE; FOX, BRUCE R. - Fisher-Price, 1931-1963: A Historical, Rarity, Value Guide 2nd Edition
005807: MURRAY, JOAN - Chaki
000728: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - Forcing the Narcissus: Poems
001226: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - Hag Head
005608: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - Given
003833: MYEROWITZ, MAURICE A. - When Everything Was Nothing
005550: MYERS, PAUL - Rooster in the Cathedral: Reflections of a Pilgrim While Walking to Santiago
006078: MYRDAL, JAN; KESSLE, GUN - Albania Defiant
003586: N.E. THING CO. LTD. AND OTHERS - BC Almanac(h), Almanac Process Series #5
003366: NAIPAUL, V.S. - Between Father and Son: Family Letters (uncorrected proof)
002097: NAM, THANH - In the Shadow of the American Embassy
006024: NAMI, IIJIMA; OE, HIROYUKI - LIFE: Iijima Nami's Homemade Taste = nandemo nai hi omedeto no gohan [Japanese Edition]
001695: NARITA, HYOE (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Shonen Jump No. 17 Vol. 2 Issue 5 May 2004
000264: NASH, KNOWLTON - Microphone Wars: A History of Triumph and Betrayal at CBS
001355: NASH, KNOWLTON - The Swashbucklers: The Story of Canada's Battling Broadcasters
002370: NASH, KNOWLTON - The Swashbucklers: The Story of Canada's Battling Broadcasters
000285: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA - Annual Bulletin 6
000997: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA - The National Gallery of Canada Bulletin 12/1968
003313: NATIONAL LAMPOON - National Lampoon Tenth Anniversary Anthology, Volume I
004698: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA - National Gallery of Canada Journal No. 46 March 1984: Canadian Presentation Silver from the Henry Birks Collection
004031: NATIONAL DEFENCE CANADA - Air Command Weather Manual (with 2 CDs)
005619: NAYLOR, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Silver Birch Anthology - Wisdom From the World Beyond
004193: NDEGWA, STEPHEN N. - The Two Faces of Civil Society: NGOs and Politics in Africa
001984: NEAL, SHIRLEY D.; EMERY, SHERRYE E.; PAPKE, JACQUELINE A. - Financial $trategies for Women: The Basics: A Step By Step Guide to a Basic Financial Plan for Everyone. Sound Ideas to Save money, Make Informed Financial Decisions and Plan for a Secure Retirement
005690: NEAL, CHARLES - Tape Delay: Confessions from the Eighties Underground
004703: NEAVE, AIREY - The Flames of Calais : A Soldier's Battle, 1940
003338: NEAVE, AIREY - Little Cyclone
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000248: SMITH, KEVIN; MAHFOOD, JIM; HESTER, PHIL AND PARKS, ANDE - Clerks (The Limited Hardcover Book)
000577: SMITH, ALLAN - Canada - An American Nation?: Essays on Continentalism, Identity, and the Canadian Frame of Mind
000861: SMITH, PENNY; JOHN-THORPE, YASMIN EDITORS - To Hope and Beyond : Tales and Poems from British Columbia
004372: SMITH, ROBERT B. - Music in the Child's Education
004695: SMITH, PETER - The National Gallery of Canada: Past and Prologue
005718: SMITH, ANDREW F. - Eating History: Thirty Turning Points in the Making of American Cuisine (Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History)
006128: SMITH, COLIN (EDITOR) - Unfinished Business: Photographing Vancouver Streets 1955 to 1985 (west coast line 47 - Vol.39 No.2)
005452: SMITH, CHARLES - Circulations
004169: SMITH, MICHAEL PETER - Transnational Urbanism: Locating Globlazation
006159: SMITH, WILLIAM S. (EDITOR) - Art in America November 2018
005746: SMITH, WHITNEY; LOWRY, CHRISTOPHER (EDITORS) - Wild Culture: Ecology and Imagination
004448: SMYTH, J. E.; EASSON, A. J.; SOBERMAN, D. A. - The Law and Business Administration in Canada (Eleventh Edition)
001735: SMYTHE, KAREN E. - Stubborn Bones
000956: SNICKET, LEMONY (HANDLER, DANIEL) - The Austere Academy
000958: SNICKET, LEMONY (HANDLER, DANIEL) - The Hostile Hospital
002622: SNIDER, JILL - Duncan Hines Cake Mix Magic
001842: SNYDER, GORDON - Through Alberta Eyes: The Photographs of Orest Semchisen (Regards Albertains: Les Photographies d' Orest Semchisen )
001541: SNYDERS, TOM (EDITOR) - Tongue Tide Art Mag Vol 2 Issue 1
002489: SNYDERS, TOM (EDITOR) - Tongue Tide Art Mag First Issue
005887: SOEDARSONO - Wayang Wong: The State Ritual Dance Drama in The Court of Yogyakarta
005821: SOFFAN, LINDA URSA - The Women of the United Arab Emirates
002364: SOGLOW - Soglow's Confidential History of Moden England
004484: SOLES, DEREK - Lessons in Essay Writing
003562: SOLOMON, CHARMAINE - Charmaine Solomon's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Asian Food
004146: SOLOMONS, T. W. GRAHAM;FRYHLE, CRAIG B. - Organic Chemistry (Eighth Edition) with CD-ROM
004457: SOLWAY, DAVID - Saracen Island: The Poems of Andreas Karavis
002472: SOMERS, SUZANNE - Eat Great, Lose Weight
003531: SONE, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Pioneer Tales of Burnaby: Early Burnaby as Recalled by the Settlers Themselves Who Arrived from Every Corner of the World between 1888 and 1930 ..
000304: SONIK, MADELINE - Drying the Bones
002076: SONTAG, ALAN; STEINBERG, PETER - Improve Your Bridge - Fast
001707: SOSNOWSKI, SAUL; POPKIN, LOUISE B. (EDITORS) POPKIN, LOUISE B. (TRANSL.) - Repression, Exile, and Democracy: Uruguayan Culture
003342: SOUCEK, LUDVIK - The Story of Communications
001522: SPALDING, FRANK - 100 Years in the R.C.M.P. Saddle! Or, Stop the Musical Ride, I Want Off!
004011: SPARKES, IVAN GEORGE - Yesterday's Town: Wycombe
003297: SPARKS, ALBERT K. - Invertebrate Pathology: Noncommunicable Diseases
002908: SPARLING, SHARON - Homing Instinct
003955: SPARSHOTT, FRANCIS - Scoring in Injury Time
000290: SPECK, WILLIAM T. AND BLUMER, JEFFREY L. - The Pediatric Clinics of North America 30/1: Symposium on Anti-Infective Therapy I
004680: SPEER, ALBERT - Spandau: The Secret Diaries
003438: SPIERS, JOSIAH - True Stories, New and Old for Young and Old
002665: SPILKA, BERNARD; MCINTOSH, DANIEL N. (EDITORS) - The Psychology of Religion: Theoretical Approaches
001893: SPRACK, JOHN - Rhodesia: South Africa's Sixth Province
005974: SPRAGUE, JOEY - Feminist Methodologies for Critical Researchers: Bridging Differences (Gender Lens)
004984: SPRINGER, WILLIAM - Dyke House
006037: ST. ONGE, SUSAN; ST. ONGE, RONALD - Interaction: Langue et Culture (Enhanced Eighth Edition)
005489: ST. STEPHEN'S COMMUNITY HOUSE - The Little Black Book: A Book on Healthy Sexuality Written By Grrrls for Grrrls
003466: STABILE, CAROL A. (EDITOR) - Turning the Century: Essays in Media and Cultural Studies
002497: STADELMAN, SARA LEE - Walk-Ons and Bit-Parts
006110: STANLEY-BAKER, JOAN - Nanga: Idealist Painting of Japan
006102: STANLEY-BAKER, JOAN - Nanga: Idealist Painting of Japan
005427: STARKINGS, RICHARD; LADRONN; MORITAT - Elephantmen, Vol. 2: Fatal Diseases
003519: STARLANYL; COPELAND, MARY ELLEN - Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Survival Manual
002462: STARLIGHT, MOLLY [MORIN, MOLLY] - Where Did My Ass Go? (Rough Draft)
005328: STEADMAN, RALPH - Bumper to Bumper Book for Children
005897: STEBBINS, GENEVIEVE - Delsarte System of Expression
000444: STEEL, RICHARD ET AL. - The Lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq Vol. I (The Tattler)
001871: STEELE, JUDY (EDITOR) - The Organic Way 164 Summer 2001
001872: STEELE, JUDY (EDITOR) - The Organic Way 166 Winter 2001
001873: STEELE, JUDY (EDITOR) - The Organic Way 169 Autumn 2002
001874: STEELE, JUDY (EDITOR) - The Organic Way 170 Winter 2002
000491: STEFFERUD, ALFRED - How to Know the Wild Flowers
003204: STEHELIN, PAUL H. - Electric City : The Stehelins of New France
001713: STEIN, GERTRUDE - Brewsie and Willie
002246: STEIN, GERTRUDE - Reflection on the Atomic Bomb
006113: STEINBERG, SAUL - All in Line
002183: STEINEL, MIKE - Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble: A Comprehensive Method for Jazz Style and Improvisation for the Alto Saxophone
003235: STEINER, CLAUDE M. - Healing Alcoholism
000013: STEINER, DIETMAR (EDITOR) - Neuer Wiener Wohnbau - New Housing in Vienna
002833: STEKEL, WILHELM; BOLTZ, OSWALD H. - Impotence in the Male - 2 Volumes
002834: STEKEL, WILHELM; PARKER, S. - Sexual Aberrations - 2 Volumes
002835: STEKEL, WILHELM; VAN TESLAAR, JAMES S. - Frigidity in Woman in Relations to Her Love Life - 2 Volumes
002836: STEKEL, WILHELM; VAN TESLAAR, JAMES S. - Peculiarities of behavior - 2 Volumes
000034: STELTER, GILBERT A. & ARTIBISE, ALAN F. J. - Shaping the Urban Landscape
000442: STENERSEN, ROLF - Edvard Munch: Close-Up of a Genius
003180: STENSON, FRED - The Trade (Unedited Proof)

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