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005283: DONALDSON, JESSE - This Day in Vancouver
000090: DONNELL, DAVID - Sometimes a Great Notion
002684: DONNER, ARTHUR; KLIMAN, MEL; LAZAR, FRED - Issues in Canadian Economic Policy
002902: DORCEY, ANTHONY H. J. - Bargaining in the Governance of Pacific Coastal Resources: Research and Reform
005665: DOREEN HORSBURGH - So You Can Sleep In Peace
003362: DORIAN, EDITH - The Twisted Shadow
000250: DORNBERGER, WALTER - V-2: The Nazi Rocket Weapon
003573: DORWARD, SHERRY - Design for Mountain Communities: A Landscape and Architectural Guide
003459: DOTY, WAYNE (EDITOR) - The Tyee (University of Washington Yearbook) Vol XXVI 1925
004886: DOWDEN, EDWARD (EDITOR) - The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley with Introduction and Notes By Edward Dowden
004375: DOWNEY, LAWRENCE W. - The Secondary Phase of Education
002428: DOWNIE, MARY ALICE; GREENE, ELIZABETH; THOMPSON, M. A. (EDITORS) - The Window of Dreams: New Canadian writing for Children
001656: DOWNING, G. MICHALE (EDITOR) - Meical Care of the Dying 3rd Edition
000730: DOYLE, JAMES ERROCK - The Wrong Side of the Tracks
004897: DOYLE, BERTRAM - The Etiquette of Race Relations: A Study in Social Control
003434: DRABBLE, MARGARET - The Waterfall
003418: DRAKULIC, SLAVENKA - The Taste of a Man
004222: DRENGSON, ALAN; TAYLOR, DUNCAN (EDITORS) - Ecoforestry: The Art and Science of Sustainable Forest Use (Signed Copy)
004831: DREWE, ROBERT - The Bodysufers
001824: DRIESEN, DAVID M. - The Economic Dynamics of Environmental Law
004795: DRIVER, ELIZABETH (COMPILER) - Edith Adams Omnibus
000865: DROPSY, JACQUES - Vivre dans Son Corps: Expressions Corporelle et Relations Humaines
000428: DRURY, NEVILL - Merlin's Book of Magick and Enchantment
004516: DRUSHKA, KEN; NIXON, BOB; TRAVERS, RAY (EDITORS) - Touch Wood: Bc Forests at the Crossroads
000145: DU MAURIER, GEORGE - Peter Ibbetson
000222: DU BOIS, W. E. BURGHARDT - The Souls of Black Folk
003258: DUBE, PETER - At the Bottom of the Sky
005125: DUBE, CHRISTOPHER - Leaping Without Words : Cultivating and Exploring the Sacred Through Writing and Reading (Revised Edition)
001556: DUFFIELD, BARBARA (EDITOR) - Vietnam and Japan: Japanese Investment and Aid Strategies in Vietnam: Implications for Development Directions
001781: DUFFY, ANN; MANDELL, NANCY; PUPO, NORENE - Few Choices: Women, Work and Family
002539: DUFOUR, CHRISTIAN - A Canadian Challenge / Le Defi Quebecois
004436: DULAI, PHINDER - Ragas: From the Periphery
003776: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Company of Jehu
001250: DUNCAN, MICHAEL - Sanctuary for the Heart
001918: DUNCAN, MICHAEL - Sanctuary for the Heart
005210: DUNFORD, H.BRIAN - Elements of Diatomic Molecular Spectra
002417: DUNKLING, LESLIE; WRIGHT GORDON - The Wordsworth Dictionary of Pub Names
003063: DUNN, CHARLES W. - Highland Settler : A Portrait of the Scottish Gael in Cape Breton and Eastern Nova Scotia
001459: DUNNE, LEE - Goodbye to the Hill
005255: DUNNINGTON, ANGUS - The Ultimate King's Indian Attack: Improve Your Results by Playing This Powerful Opening System
005314: DUNSMORE, ROGER - Blood House
002209: DURELL, CLEMENT V. - Advanced Algebra Volume 1
003185: DURRELL, GERALD MALCOLM - The Talking Parcel
005449: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - The Plant Magic Man
003469: DWYER, D.J. - The Leather Industries of the Irish republic, 1922-55: A Study in Industrial Development and Location
001171: DY, VICTOR L. - Feng Shui for Everybody
003949: DYENS, OLLIVIER - The Profane Earth
002717: DYKER, DAVID A. - Restructuring the Soviet Economy
004641: DYLAN, BOB - One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) - SHEET MUSIC
004642: DYLAN, BOB - Can You Please Crawl Out Your window - SHEET MUSIC
004808: DYLAN, BOB - The Songs of Bob Dylan from 1966 Through 1975
004738: DYLAN, BOB - Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits (songbook)
004739: DYLAN, BOB - BOB DYLAN: DESIRE--Songs of Redemption [songbook]
004935: EARLE, JAMES H. - Graphics for Engineers (Revised)
000054: EASSON, ROGER R.; ESSICK, ROBERT N. - William Blake: Book Illustrator, A Bibliography and Catalogue of the Commercial Engravings, Volume I
000818: EASTERBROOK, W.T.; WATKINS, M.H. - Approaches to Canadian Economic History
002471: EASTMAN, LLOYD E. - Family, field, and Ancestors: Constancy and Change in China's Social and Economic History, 1550-1949
002056: EBERSOHN, WESSEL - Store Up the Anger: A Novel
001182: ECLIPSE - The Moon in Hand: A Mystical Passage
004384: EDGE, MARC - Pacific Press: The Unauthorized Story of Vancouver's Newspaper Monopoly
002041: EDIS, GRAHAM - Victoria Sketchbook
000954: EDITORS OF LANIER PUBLISHING - The Back Almanac: The Best New Thinking on an Age Old Problem
003267: EDITORS OF 73 MAGAZINE - The Giant Book of Computer Software
000743: EDLIN, HERBERT L. - The Public Park (Local Search Series)
001487: EDMONDS, SARAH (EDITOR) - D'or Notes on Collaboration 2002
005390: EDMONDS, KATHY - Candles, Naturally: A Complete Guide to Rolling Beeswax Candles
005651: EDWARD KAY - I Am Canada: Sink andDestroy: The Battle of the Atlantic, Bill O'Connell, North Atlantic, 1940
002372: EDWARDS, CHARLES HENRY; PENNEY, DAVID E. - Calculus: With Analytic Geometry Early Transcendentals
003119: EDWARDS, A. W. - Likelihood
003359: EDWARDS, ROBERT - White Death: Russia's War on Finland 1939-40
004239: EDWARDS, ERNEST P. - Easy Access
000431: EGAN, MARTHA - Milagros: Votive Offerings from the Americas
005153: EGGERT, HARALD - The Channel Island
001517: EINARSON, JOHN; BACHMAN, RANDY - Randy Bachman: Takin' Care of Business
003277: EINARSON, JOHN - Neil Young: Dont Be Denied "The Canadian Years"
000228: ELECTRONICS - An Age of Innovation: The World of Electronics 1930-2000
004884: ELEEY, PETER - The Plain of Heaven
002636: ELKIND, SAMUEL - Improvisation Handbook
004978: ELLIS, SUSAN; KEILHACK, KARL - Taxation: A Handbook for Insurance and Financial Advisors Volume 2
004443: ELLIS, SUSAN; KEILHACK, KARL - Taxation: A Handbook for Insurance and Financial Advisors Volume 1
001162: EMBERLEY, PETER - Zero Tolerance : Hot Button Politics in Canada's Universities
004601: EMERSON, NATHANIEL B. - Unwritten Literature of Hawaii: The Sacred Songs of
003985: EMILY CARR INSTITUTE OF ART AND DESIGN - Art Is All Over: Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design
003411: ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA - Britannica World Language Edition of Funk & Wagnalls New Practical Standard Dictionary in 2 volumes
005679: ENGLER, YVES - Lester Pearson's Peacekeeping: The Truth May Hurt
003611: ENGLISH, HELEN W. DRUTT; DORMER, PETER - Jewelry of Our Time: Art, Ornament and Obsession
001856: ENNIS, CATHERINE - To the Lightning
001864: ENSLER, EVE - The Vagina Monologues: The V-Day Edition
001094: ENVIRONMENT CANADA - CANADIAN WILDLIFE SERVICE - HINTERLAND WHO'S WHO - Group of Miscellaneous Bird Pamphlets (Mostly waterfowl)
004271: EQUIPO - Leonardo Da Vinci, Genios de la Pintura
001400: ER, ANDREW - Improve Your Mathematics Primary Four
003087: ERASMUS, UDO - Fats and Oils: The Complete Guide to Fats and Oils in Health and Nutrition
003918: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Ghandi's Truth: On the Origins of Militant Nonviolence
001620: ETMANSKI, AL - A Good Life: For You and Your Relative with a Disability
004980: EVANS, ELLEN - Massage Parlor Girl
005196: EVANS, DAVID - Understand Stalin's Russia
000636: EVANS, BERTRAND - Shakespeare's Tragic Practice
001214: EVANS, MARK - Herbal Plants: History and Uses
005197: EVANS, DAVID - Understand Mussolini's Italy
005200: EVANS, TONY - The Politics of Human Rights: A Global Perspective
004238: EWERT, HENRY - The Story of the B.C. Electric Railway Company
000691: EXTENSIONS - Extensions: Evolutions by Bob Flick, Environment by Fred Herzog, Erections by Jack Dale
005325: EYTON, JOHN - Expectancy
003476: FACEY-CROWTHER, DAVID R. (EDITOR) - Lieutenant Owen William Steele of the Newfoundland Regiment: Diary and Letters
005179: FAHEY, REV. DENIS - The Rulers of Russia (Third edition, revised and enlarged)
003502: FAHRIG, W.F. - The Geology of the Athabasca Formation
002999: FAINLIGHT, RUTH; SILLITOE, ALAN - All Citizens are Soldiers: Fuente Ovejuna, A Play in two Acts Translated and Adapted from the Spanish of Lope De Vega
004131: FAIRBAIRM, BRETT ET AL. - Co-operatives & Community Development Economics in Social Perspective
004293: FAIRBRIDGE, RHODES W. - Australian Stratigraphy (SIGNED COPY)
005706: FAITH HOLMES MCCLURE; TEYBER, EDWARD - Casebook in Child and Adolescent Treatment: Cultural and Familial Contexts (Children & Adolescents)
002001: FALVEY, MARY - Community-Based Curriculum: Instructional Strategies for Students with Severe Handicaps
003578: FANAKEN, GERRY - Condominium Case Law in British Columbia
003579: FANAKEN, GERRY - Understanding and Improving the Condominium Concept: An Authoritative Guidebook
002578: FANTONI, BARRY - Barry Fantoni's Chinese Horoscopes : A guide to love, marriage and Friendship
005040: FARJEON, CLANASH - A Handbook for Attendants on the Insane: The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper As Revealed to Clanash Farjeon
001786: FARLEY, A.L. - Atlas of British Columbia: People, Environment, and Resource Use
001741: FARMER, PAUL - AIDS and Accusation: Haiti and the Geography of Blame
003340: FARMER, BERNARD J. - Do Your Own Car Repairs at Low Cost
003242: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Black Bartlemy's Treasure
004162: FAROVA, ANNA (EDITOR) - Paragraphic / David Seymour ("Chim")
004161: FAROVA, ANNA (EDITOR) - Paragraphic / Andre Kertesz
005366: FARRELL, LANCE - 10 Pomes By Lance Farrell
003380: FARRELLY, FRANK; BRANDSMA, JEFF - Provocative Therapy
005634: FARREN, MICK; SNOW, GEORGE - Rock N'Roll Circus: The Illustrated Rock Concert
001632: FAVRHOLDT, KEN (EDITOR) - The Confluence: A History of Multiculturalism in Kamloops
001433: FAWCETT, BRIAN - The Opening (Prince George, finally)
000071: FAWCETT, COLONEL P.H. - The Sound and the Fury
004692: FEDERAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT BANK (CANADA) - Do It Yourself Kits: Business Planning Package
000748: FEHREN, FATHER HENRY - A New Look at Some Old Sins
004186: FELDENKRAIS, MOSHE - Awareness Through Movement The San Francisco Evening Classes Volumes 1 and 2 (Ten Audio Cassettes in Two Cases)
005384: FERGUSON, RUSSELL; ROELSTRAETE, DIETER - Roy Arden: Against the Day
000439: FERRELL, OLIVER P. EDITOR - Popular Electronics Electronic Experimenter's Handbook Winter 1968
001593: FETHERLING, DOUGLAS - Running Away to Sea: Round the World on a Tramp Freighter
004945: FEWSTER, DR. ERNEST - The Wind and the Sea
003178: FIDLER, RICHARD - RCMP: The Real Subversives
002530: FIENNES, RANULPH - The Secret Hunters
004841: FINK, ANNA - The Way to You
004547: FINK, W.L.; KELLER, F.; SICHA, W.E.; NOCK JR., J.A.; DIX JR., E.H. - Physical Metallurgy of Aluminum Allows
001988: FINKLEMAN, KEN - The Newsroom: The Complete Scripts
002459: FIRTH, LESLEY (GENERAL EDITOR) - Who They Were
004661: FIRTH, MATTHEW; MACCARI, MAX (EDITORS) - Grunt and Groan: The New Fiction Anthology of Work and Sex
004318: FIRTH, MATTHEW - Fresh Meat
003376: FISHER, DAVID - The War Magician: How Jasper Maskelyne and His Magic Gang Altered the Course of World War II
000623: FITCH, ED; RENEE, JANINE - Magical Rites from the Crystal Well
005270: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Great Gatsby and Other Stories
001690: FITZSIMMONS, JACK - Prenatal Diagnosis
005629: FIXMAN, T. J. - Ratchet and Clank
000942: FLAMIN, BERNARD (TRADUCTION) - Tisser et Filer
004674: FLANDER, SCOTT - Sons of the City
003008: FLANNERY, TIM F.; NICOL, JOHN - The Life and Adventures of John Nicol, Mariner
002648: FLAXIMAN, R. (TRANSLATOR) - "Beryozka" Dance Company: Russian Folk Dance Company Directed By Nadezhdina
002481: FLEISHMAN, NEIL - Counsel for the Damned
005456: FLEMING, KELE - Songs from the Tinforest (with CD)
004387: FLERAS, AUGIE; ELLIOTT, JEAN L. - Unequal Relations : An Introduction to Race, Ethnic and Aboriginal Dynamics in Canada (3rd edition)
005042: FLEURY, A. - Missel Vesperal Explique et Commente, Manuel De Piete et Rituel Des Fideles
003971: FLIEDL, GOTTFRIED - Gustav Klimt: 1862-1918 The World in Female Form
003494: FLINT, RICHARD FOSTER - Glacial Map of North America Part 2 Bibliography and Explanatory Notes
003958: FLOOD, CYNTHIA - Making a Stone of the Heart: A Novel
002629: FLORIS, STEVE - Escape from Pannonia: A Tale of Two Survivors
000699: FLYNT, LARRY; ROSS, KENNETH - An Unseemly Man
002967: FLYNT, LARRY C. (EDITOR) - Chic Volume 1 Number 2, 5 and 6 (Portfolio One) December 1976
004402: FOCOSI, MARCELLO (VITTORIANO CAVARA, PREFACE) - Le paralisi dei muscoli oculo-motori estrinseci : sintomatologia e Diagnostica
003892: FOERSTER, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Chelsea 66
005035: FOGLE, BRUCE - Complete Dog Training Manual : The Easy-to-Follow, Kind Approach to Training Dogs of All Ages
005420: FOLEY, CHARLES - Legacy of Strife: Cyprus from Rebellion to Civil War
004744: FOLLETT, KEN - The Pillars of the Earth
002245: FOLSOM, MICHAEL - Mike Gold:a Literary Anthology: A Literary Anthology
003933: FOLSOM, ALLAN - Day of Confession
004491: FORAN FINANCIAL INSTITUTE - Foran Financial Planning Quiz & Answer Book for CFP Examination Candidates - Book Three
001503: FORD, GEORGE H. (EDITOR) - The Making of a Secret Agent; The Pickersgill Letters
004869: FORSYTHE, MATTHEW - Ojingogo
000326: FORTIER, ALCEE AND FICKLEN, JOHN ROSE WITH FRANCIS NEWTON THORPE AS EDITOR - The History of North American Vol IX - Central America and Mexico
003904: FORTISEVN, ZEKE - Global Herb Manual (Completely Revised and Updated)
000612: FOSTER, STEVEN - A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants: Eastern and Central North America
001014: FOSTER, JOHN L. - Four O'Clock Friday : Original Poems
004748: FOTIAS, CARY - Blinkers Off: New Frontiers in Form Cycle Analysis
001439: FOURNIER, FRANCES - Quilt and Wear It
005580: FOX, ROBERT; NIETO-GALAN, AGUSTI - Natural Dyestuffs and Industrial Culture in Europe, 1750-1880 (European Studies in Science History and the Arts, 2)
003191: FOXBORO COMPANY - Controlling - Recording - Indicating INSTRUMENTS for Temperature - Pressure - - Humidity - Flow
005632: FRALIC, SHELLEY; BIRD, KATE - Making Headlines: 100 Years of The Vancouver Sun
005140: FRANCIS, MARK; KOEPPLIN, DIETER - Andy Warhol: Drawings 1942-1987
002202: FRANCIS, DIANE - Underground Nation
002514: FRANCIS, DANIEL - The Imaginary Indian: The Image of the Indian in Canadian Culture
003273: FRANCIS, R. D.; JONES, RICHARD; SMITH, DONALD B. - Origins : Canadian History to Confederation (4th ed)
004330: FRANCIS, DANIEL (EDITOR) - Horizon Canada Volume 9 Numbers 97-108 (12 Issues in Binder)
004376: FRANDSEN, ARDEN N. - How Children Learn: An Educational Psychology
005017: FRANK, ROBERT - Robert Frank
001602: FRANKE, HERBERT W. - Computer Graphics - Computer Art Second, Revised and Englarged Edition
000898: FRANKENA, WILLIAM K. - Philosophy of Education
003322: FRANKLIN, STEPHEN - The Heroes: A Saga of Canadian Inspiration (Canadian Illustrated Library)
003546: FRASER, O.L.; FRASER, W.B. - La Cuisine Naturelle: Fruits and Vegetables
002009: FREED, JOSH - Fear of Frying: And Other Fax of Life
002673: FREEMAN, IRA M. - Light and Radiation
003209: FREEMAN, R. AUSTIN - John Thorndyke's Cases Engraved in the Advanced Style of Pitman's Shorthand Vol. 1 - The Man with the Nailed Shoes
004731: FREEMAN, MICHAEL - The New 35 MM Handbook
001244: FREIMAN, LAWRENCE - Don't Fall Off the Rocking Horse: An Autobiography
004035: FRESHFIELDS BRUCKHAUS DERINGER - Employment Law in Hong Kong
003436: FRESHMAN, REV. CHARLES - The Autobiography of the Rev. Charles Freshman
003240: FRIDAY, NANCY - Innocent Love
004043: FRIED, MICHAEL - Absorption and Theatricality: Painting and Beholder in the Age of Diderot
001183: FRIEDLAND, MARTIN L. - Courts and Trials: A Multidisciplinary Approach
005736: FRIEDMAN, VITALY; LJESNJANIN, IRIS (EDITORS) - Redesign the Web (The #3 Smashing Book)
001037: FRIESEN, GERALD - The West: Regional Ambitions, National Debates, Global Age
002184: FRIESEN, EVELYN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - The Bedford Road Collegiate Institute Lantern 1937
003601: FRIZ, ANNA (REV ANNA MONTANA); PETERSEN, RANDY (EDITORS) - The Dead Beat Scrolls: The Incomprehensible Teachings of Harvey Christ
003025: FRONTINI, GIAN; KENNEDY, SCOTT - Manufacturing in Real Time: Managers, Engineers and an Age of Smart Machines (with CD)
003537: FROST, ERIC G.; NMARTIN, DONNA L. (EDITORS) - mesozoic-Cenozoic tectonic Evolution of the Colorado River Region, California, Arizona, and Nevada
001711: FRYER, MARY BEACOCK - Emily Stowe: Doctor and Suffragist (Canadian Medical Lives No. 6)
003042: FUENTES, GREGORIA LOPEZ Y - Entresuelo
005373: FUJII, WAYNE N.T. (EDITOR) - GA (Global Architecture) Houses 22
000991: FULLER, LAWRENCE J. ; FISHER JR., HENRY A. - The Criminal Code of the Republic of China - Bilingual Edition
004894: FULLER, JANINE; BLACKLEY, STUART - Restricted Entry: Censorship on Trial
001804: FULTON, DAVID (EDITOR) - Spain: The Workers' Commissions, Basic Documents 1966/71
005234: FUNK, CARLA - Head Full of Sun
001322: FUSCO, COCO - English is Broken Here: Notes on Cultural Fusion in the Americas
004782: FUSSELL, PAUL - Boys' Crusade : American G. I. S in Europe - Chaos and Fear in World War Two
001365: GAGNON, MADELEINE - Women in a World at War: Seven Dispatches from the Front
004566: GAHLER HERBS - Product Manual: Guide to Medicinal Herbs & Combinations for Professional Use Only
005660: GAIL KIMBERLY - Dracula Began
003229: GALANA, LAUREL; COVINA, GINA - The New Lesbians: interviews with Women Across the U.S. and Canada
001241: GALANTA, RHIANNON - Hunger/Code
003568: GALLOWAY, ARLENE - The Galloway Family (A Family History)
005365: GALLOWAY, JANICE - The Trick Is to Keep Breathing: A Novel
003241: GALLUN, RAYMOND Z. - The Planet Strappers (Pyramid G-658)
005698: GAMBOA, SANTIAGO - El Sindrome De Ulises (Spanish Edition)
005697: GAMBOA, SANTIAGO - Perder es cuestion de método
004690: GANDY, IDA - The Heart of a Village: An Intimate History of Aldbourne
000610: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - Clandestine in Chile: The Adventures of Miguel Littin
001818: GARDEIL, H.D. - Introduction to the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas III: Psychology
002321: GARLAND, RONALD; HEWITT, BRIAN - Golf Nuts: You'Ve Got to Be Committed
005741: GARROW, D. GORDON - Life's Like That: Diagnostic Radiology in Vancouver 1950-1991, A Personal Memoir
002151: GARVEY, JOHN; HENSON, BETH; IGNATIEV, NOEL (EDITORS) - Race Traitor 15 (Fall 2001)
002543: GASCO, ELYSE - Can You Wave Bye-bye, Baby?
001727: GASPARINI, LEN - Blind Spot
005061: GASS, KEN - Claudius
003928: GEE, H.L. - Nelson's Encyclopaedia
004269: GEETHA DV (EDITOR) - Masters' World Issue 3 September 2006
005081: GEISEL, THEODOR SEUSS (MAURICE SENDAK INTRO.) - The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss
004060: GELLARD, JOHN; BRUSSE, MARIJKA (EDITORS) - Writers of the Storm or the Prickly Pear
002727: GELPI, DONALD L. - Charism and Sacrament: a Theology of Christian Conversion
000499: GENDEL, ANNA - Art in Focus: New York
005174: GEORGE-WARREN, HOLLY (EDITOR) - Rolling Stone: The Illustrated Portraits
004845: GEORGE, KATHLEEN - Taken
002344: GERMAN CATECHETICAL ASSN; DAVIES, SISTER BENEDICT (TRANS) - Credo: A Catholic Catechism Study Edition
003047: GERNSBACK, HUGO (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Radio-Craft February 1938 - Special Broadcast Number
001296: GERSTENBERG, ALICE - The Pot Boiler
001274: GERVAIS, MARTY - From America Sent: Letters to Henry Miller
005171: GHADIRIAN, A.M. - Creative Dimensions of Suffering
004323: GHOSH, AMITAV - The Shadow Lines
001624: GIANGRANDE, CAROLE - Down to earth : The Crisis in Canadian Farming
001364: GIBB, CAMILLA - The Petty Details of So-And-so's Life
005547: GIBBS, ROBERT - All Things Considered
005556: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - Jesus, The Son of Man, His Words and His Deeds as Told and Recorded By Those Who Knew Him
003790: GIBSON, SCOTT (EDITOR) - Fine Woodworking's Home Furniture Spring 1995
002779: GIFFEN, PETER (EDITOR) - Applied Arts Magazine Talent Book (Fall 1992)
002778: GIFFEN, PETER (EDITOR) - Applied Arts Magazine 29 Vol 7 No 4 (Feb/Mar 1993)
002777: GIFFEN, PETER (EDITOR) - Applied Arts Magazine 28 Vol 7 No 4 (Nov/Dec 1992)
002592: GILBERT, ANTHONY (LUCY MALLESON) - The Night of the Fog
003015: GILDER, JULES H. - 110 IC Timer Projects
001936: GILES, MARIANNE - Criminal Law in a Nutshell
001034: GILL, BRENDAN - A Dream Come True : Great Houses of Los Angeles
001531: GILLESPIE, B. GUILD - On Stormy Seas: The Triumphs and Torments of Captain George Vancouver
002915: GILMOUR, CLARK S. - Memories of Mammaries and Mammon and More
002294: GINTER, C. R. - Realm of the Golden Feather
002929: GIRAUDOUX, JEAN - Les Cinq Tentations De La Fontaine
000141: GIRDWOOD, CHARLES ET AL. - The Big Dome: Over Seventy Years of Gold Mining in Canada
003828: GISH, DUANE T. - Evolution: The Challenge of the Fossil Record
004036: GISSELQUIST, DAVID - Oil Prices and Trade Deficits: U. S. Conflicts With Japan and West Germany
000684: GLAVIN, TERRY - A Death Feast in Dimlahamid
002996: GLAZEBROOK, G.P. DET. - A History of Canadian External Relations Revised Edition Volume II: In the Empire and the World 1914-1939
002406: GLENDINNING; MCEMAN - English in Computing
003006: GLINER, ROBERT; RAINES, R.A. (EDITORS) - Munching on Existence: Contemporary American Society Through Literature
002393: GLYNN, PAUL - Healing Fire of Christ: Reflections on Modern Miracles-Knock, Lourdes, Fatima
000131: GODFREY, W. EARL - Les Oiseaux Du Canada
004893: GODFREY, REBECCA - The Torn Skirt
000170: GODWIN, GAIL - The Finishing School
005519: GODWIN, DAVID - Greater Vancouver Extreme Ride Guide
005113: GOING, K. L. - Saint Iggy
003830: GOLD, E.J. - New American Book of the Dead Practitioner's Edition
005218: GOLD, E.J. (EDITOR) - Galaxy - Number Seven - Jan/Feb/ 1995 - Vol. II Issue 1
004084: GOLD, E.J. - Secret Talks I (Secret talks with G. [Gurdjieff] Volume I - Obligation and Sacred Prayer)
005285: GOLD, E.J. - Shakti, The Spiritual Science of DNA
003309: GOLDBLATT, MICHAEL L.; AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION;GOLDWASSER, DAN L. - Organizing Successful Client Seminars
003110: GOLDING, WAYNE - Mambo : Still Life with Franchise
005265: GOLDING, WILLIAM GERALD - The Brass Butterfly: A Play in Three Acts
004991: GOLDMAN, ROBERT; PAPSON, STEPHEN - Sign Wars: The Cluttered Landscape of Advertising
001345: GOMBIN, RICHARD - The Radical Tradition: A Study in Modern Revolutionary Thought
003773: GOMPERZ, THEODOR - The Greek Thinkers a History of Ancient Philosophy Vol. 2
002868: GOOD, CYNTHIA (INTRO) - If You Love This Country: 15 Voices for a Unified Canada, Bilingual Edition/Edition Bilingue
005339: GOODMAN, FELICITAS D. - Where the Spirits Ride the Wind: Trance Journeys and Other Ecstatic Experiences
003567: GOODRICH-FREER, A, - Outer Isles
001678: GOODSPEED, D.J. - The Good Soldier: The Story of Sir Isaac Brock
003626: GOODWEATHER, HARTLEY (THOMAS KING) - Dreadfulwater Shows Up
003894: GOODWIN, WILLIAM - The Unigriff
005217: GOODYEAR, R.A.H. - The Boys of Castlecliff School
000703: GORDON, WILLIAM A. - The Fourth of May: Killings and Coverups at Kent State
003474: GORDON, ADAM LINDSAY; ROBB, FRANK MALDON (EDITOR) - The Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon
004983: GORDON, D.M. - Soho Sex Club
004428: GORE, MAVIS - Where There's a Will : Year in Canada
002134: GORGON, DONALD - Cop Killer
001421: GORMAN, JACK - Pere Murray and the Hounds: The Story of Saskatchewan's Notre Dame College
001803: GOROV, VICTOR - Life-and-Death Struggle Against Fascism
003404: GOSSELIN, SALLY - Words One
004089: GOTO, HIROMI - Hopeful Monsters: Stories
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002934: LOOMERS, THE (DICK, DIANE, DAN) - Fresh Tracks: A Guide to Off Track Skiing from Squamish to Whistler)
004334: LOPES, HENRI - Dossier Classe: Roman
000047: LORCA, FEDERICO GARCIA - The Tragedies of Lorca
001962: 'LOTUS' (WOOD, WILLIAM ALFRED RAE) - Tales from Thailand: Fact and Fancy
002145: LOUAPRE, DAVE; SWEETMAN, DAN - The Wasteland
002715: LOUGHEED, VIVIEN - Central America By Chickenbus (3rd edition)
003252: LOUGHEED, VIVIEN - The Kluane National Park Hiking Guide
005572: LOUIE, TRAVIS - Travis Louie's Curiosities
003156: LOUVISH, SIMON - City of Blok
003518: LOVELACE, DELOS W. CONAWAY - The Illustrated King Kong
003452: LOW, PROFESSOR A.M. - Adrift in the Stratosphere
003527: LOWRY, MALCOLM - The Collected Poetry of Malcolm Lowry
005184: LOWRY, GLEN; ZALOVE, JERRY (EDITORS) - West Coast Line, Number 41, 37/2-3, Fall/Winter, 2003/4 "Woodsquat "
001477: LOWTHER, PAT - A Stone Diary
005474: LOWTHER, PAT - Final instructions: Early and uncollected Poems
004140: LU, SHENG-YEN - The Power of Mantra
005290: LUCAS, GEORGE; KATZ, GLORIA; HUYCK, WILLARD - American Graffiti (Photo Illustrated Screenplay)
003266: LUREE STAFF - Cyber Warrior : The Ultimate Manifesto for Internet Usage and Profiteering
004341: LUYCKX, P.T. (FOREWORD) - St. Mary's of the Assumption In the Canadian Rockies Banff Alberta Canada
001040: LYALL, ERNIE - An Arctic Man: Sixty-five Years in Canada's North
005198: LYNCH, MICHAEL - Understand Nazi Germany
001464: LYNN, VERA - We'll Meet Again: A Personal and Social Memory of World War Two
003960: LYNN, JONATHAN; JAY, ANTONY - Yes Minister: The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister by the Rt Hon. James Hacker MP - Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (3 Books)
005598: LYRIC BOOKS - The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches
002782: M'GONIGLE, MICHAEL; PARFITT, BEN - Forestopia: A Practical Guide to the New Forest Economy
001844: M., LUIS GARFIAS - Truth and Legend on Pancho Villa
002092: MAAS, HENRY S. - Tide Pools & Swoosh Holes
002067: MACDERMOT, GALT; RAGNI, GEROME; RADO, JAMES - Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical
001340: MACDONALD, D.R. - All the Men are Sleeping
001849: MACDONALD, WEBSTER - Memoirs of a Maverick Lawyer
003590: MACDONALD, ALASTAIR - If More Winters, or This the Last
004785: MACDONALD, RONALD G. (EDITOR) - Pulp and Paper Manufacture, Volume I: The Pulping of Wood (second edition)
005127: MACDONALD, MARK - Home
003805: MACDONALD, GARVIN - BodySpeak
002682: MACDOUGALL, MARY KATHERINE - Making Love Happen
001313: MACE, ESTHER L.; STAHL, LE ROY - Simplified Stage Costuming
000153: MACEWAN, GRANT - Our Equine Friends: Stories of Horses in History
000159: MACEWAN, GRANT - Sitting Bull: The Years in Canada
001592: MACGREGOR, J.G. - Edmonton: A History
005188: MACINNES, ELAINE - Light Sitting in Light: A Christian's Experience in Zen
005482: MACINNIS, CRAIG (EDITOR) - Remembering Guy Lafleur
004993: MACIVER, JOYCE - The Frog Pond
000083: MACKAY, DONALD - Empire of Wood : The MacMillan Bloedel Story
004360: MACKAY, SUSANNAH AND OTHERS - Excellent English 1: Language Skills for Success Workbook (with CD)
004359: MACKAY, SUSANNAH AND OTHERS - Excellent English 1: Language Skills for Success (with CD)
004874: MACKAY, BRENT - The King of Bean
004761: MACKAY, ROBERT W. - Soldier of the Horse
004879: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - The Vanity Girl
000897: MACLAVERTY, BERNARD - Grace Notes : A Novel
001836: MACLEAN, BRIAN C. - Crime and Society : Readings in Critical Criminology
002653: MACLEAN, BRIAN D.; MILOVANOVIC, DRAGAN - Thinking Critically About Crime
004017: MACLEAN, PAT - For Sale By Owner
003679: MACMILLAN, THELMA "MURRAY - The Wondering Corner: A Collection of Poems
001192: MADISON, GRANT - River for My Sidewalk
003231: MADOTT, DARLENE - Bottled Roses
003058: MAGER, ROBERT F. - Goal Analysis [with Checklist/Flowchart card]
005223: MAGNUSON, WAYNE - English Idioms : Sayings and Slang
004339: MAHATHIR BIN MOHAMAD - The Malay Dilemma
000245: MAHER, STEPHEN - Hurricane Juan: The Story of a Storm
003525: MAHER, ROBYNN; BLACKMORE, JANE (EDITORS) - Eclectica Magazine Issue 1
000645: MAHLIA, KONSTANTINA DIMITRA - The House of Many Faces
002624: MAILLOUX, CHRISTINE - A Woman in Turmoil (Esther Blondin)
005487: MAIN-VAN DER KAMP, HANNAH - The Parable Boat
002491: MAITLAND, ALAN - Favourite Summer Stories from Front Porch Al
002709: MAJUMDER, MRS. P. - Popular Indian Cookery Recipes
003738: MAKER PRESS - The Vehicule Poets
000700: MAKI, MASAO - Spiritual Adventures of a Sushi Chef
001435: MAKOWSKI, IRENEUSZ - Melancholia Buntu
005695: MALET-VEALE, CHARMAINE H. - Napoleon Lived Next Door

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