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005656: DIAMOND, DAVID - Theatre For Living: The Art and Science of Community-Based Dialogue
002019: DIAMOND, DAN (EDITOR) - Hockey Hall of Fame
003271: DIAWARA, FODE - Le Manifeste De L'homme Primitif
004789: DICKASON, OLIVE PATRICIA - Canada's First Nations: A History of Founding Peoples from Earliest Times
004032: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club
005875: DICKIE, DONALDA - The Enterprise in Theory and Practice
002111: DICKSON, STEWART - Broken Wing
002116: DICKSON, STEWART - Broken Wing
002210: DICKSON, LEONARD EUGENE - Elementary Theory of Equations
000884: DIDEROT, DENIS - The Nun
003412: DIEFENBAKER, JOHN G. - One Canada: Memoirs of the Right Honourable John G. Diefenbaker (Volumes 1 and 2 - Signed)
003099: DIETITIANS OF CANADA - Cook Great Food: 450 Delicious Recipes
005814: DILLON, GEORGE - The Flowering Stone
003453: DIOCESE OF NIAGARA - The History of the Diocese of Niagara to 1950 A. D.
004660: DIONNE, N.E. AND VARIOUS OTHERS - The Makers of Canada (21 vols)
003165: DJAO, A.W. - Inequality and Social Policy: The Sociology of Welfare
001865: DJWA, SANDRA - The Politics of the Imagination
004102: DOBROSLAVIC, T. (COMPIKER) - Genealogical Sources in the Vancouver Public Library: A Select List
001201: DOBSON, LINDA - Homeschooling: The Early Years Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 3-To 8-Year-Old Child
004302: DOBSON, MICHAEL; WELLS, STANLEY (EDITORS) - The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare
002892: DODD, THOMAS E. - Golden Vision: Be More, Earn More, Play More: Simple Steps for Understanding and Achieving Personal Fulfillment
005310: DOEKSEN, CORWIN; DOEKSEN, GERRY - Railways of the West Kootenay - Part 1
004138: DOHERTY, DIANA; EKSTEDT, JOHN W. - Conflict, Care and Control: The History of the British Columbia Corrections Branch 1848-1988
002308: DOLAN, TANYA - Starburst
004378: DOLAN, ALBERT H. - The Life of Matt Talbot
003970: DOLCE, JOE (EDITOR) - Details Magazine May 1995 (Vol 15 No 12) : The Sex Issue
002187: DOMBROWER, EDDIE - Dombrower's Art of Interactive Entertainment Design
003017: DONALD, DAVID; LAKE, JON (EDITORS) - Encyclopedia of World Military Aircraft Volume 1: A to K
005283: DONALDSON, JESSE - This Day in Vancouver
000090: DONNELL, DAVID - Sometimes a Great Notion
002684: DONNER, ARTHUR; KLIMAN, MEL; LAZAR, FRED - Issues in Canadian Economic Policy
002902: DORCEY, ANTHONY H. J. - Bargaining in the Governance of Pacific Coastal Resources: Research and Reform
005665: DOREEN HORSBURGH - So You Can Sleep In Peace
005914: DORFMAN, LAWRENCE - The Snark Handbook: Clichés Edition: Overused Buzzwords, Hackneyed Phrases, and Other Misuses of the English Language
003362: DORIAN, EDITH - The Twisted Shadow
005755: DORIS KIERNAN (EDITOR) - Artichokes to Zigny, Recipes from Around the World, Kitchen Crafts, Kids as Cooks
003573: DORWARD, SHERRY - Design for Mountain Communities: A Landscape and Architectural Guide
003459: DOTY, WAYNE (EDITOR) - The Tyee (University of Washington Yearbook) Vol XXVI 1925
004886: DOWDEN, EDWARD (EDITOR) - The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley with Introduction and Notes By Edward Dowden
004375: DOWNEY, LAWRENCE W. - The Secondary Phase of Education
002428: DOWNIE, MARY ALICE; GREENE, ELIZABETH; THOMPSON, M. A. (EDITORS) - The Window of Dreams: New Canadian writing for Children
001656: DOWNING, G. MICHALE (EDITOR) - Meical Care of the Dying 3rd Edition
000730: DOYLE, JAMES ERROCK - The Wrong Side of the Tracks
004897: DOYLE, BERTRAM - The Etiquette of Race Relations: A Study in Social Control
003434: DRABBLE, MARGARET - The Waterfall
003418: DRAKULIC, SLAVENKA - The Taste of a Man
004222: DRENGSON, ALAN; TAYLOR, DUNCAN (EDITORS) - Ecoforestry: The Art and Science of Sustainable Forest Use (Signed Copy)
004831: DREWE, ROBERT - The Bodysufers
001824: DRIESEN, DAVID M. - The Economic Dynamics of Environmental Law
000865: DROPSY, JACQUES - Vivre dans Son Corps: Expressions Corporelle et Relations Humaines
000428: DRURY, NEVILL - Merlin's Book of Magick and Enchantment
004516: DRUSHKA, KEN; NIXON, BOB; TRAVERS, RAY (EDITORS) - Touch Wood: Bc Forests at the Crossroads
005855: DUARTE, ALEX - Resonance: The Continuation of Studies of Rife Technology and Beam Ray
003258: DUBE, PETER - At the Bottom of the Sky
005125: DUBE, CHRISTOPHER - Leaping Without Words : Cultivating and Exploring the Sacred Through Writing and Reading (Revised Edition)
001556: DUFFIELD, BARBARA (EDITOR) - Vietnam and Japan: Japanese Investment and Aid Strategies in Vietnam: Implications for Development Directions
001781: DUFFY, ANN; MANDELL, NANCY; PUPO, NORENE - Few Choices: Women, Work and Family
002539: DUFOUR, CHRISTIAN - A Canadian Challenge / Le Defi Quebecois
004436: DULAI, PHINDER - Ragas: From the Periphery
003776: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Company of Jehu
001250: DUNCAN, MICHAEL - Sanctuary for the Heart
001918: DUNCAN, MICHAEL - Sanctuary for the Heart
005210: DUNFORD, H.BRIAN - Elements of Diatomic Molecular Spectra
002417: DUNKLING, LESLIE; WRIGHT GORDON - The Wordsworth Dictionary of Pub Names
003063: DUNN, CHARLES W. - Highland Settler : A Portrait of the Scottish Gael in Cape Breton and Eastern Nova Scotia
005255: DUNNINGTON, ANGUS - The Ultimate King's Indian Attack: Improve Your Results by Playing This Powerful Opening System
005314: DUNSMORE, ROGER - Blood House
006021: DURAND, DOUGLAS D. - Dancing Our Stories
002209: DURELL, CLEMENT V. - Advanced Algebra Volume 1
003185: DURRELL, GERALD MALCOLM - The Talking Parcel
003469: DWYER, D.J. - The Leather Industries of the Irish republic, 1922-55: A Study in Industrial Development and Location
001171: DY, VICTOR L. - Feng Shui for Everybody
003949: DYENS, OLLIVIER - The Profane Earth
002717: DYKER, DAVID A. - Restructuring the Soviet Economy
004641: DYLAN, BOB - One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) - SHEET MUSIC
004642: DYLAN, BOB - Can You Please Crawl Out Your window - SHEET MUSIC
004738: DYLAN, BOB - Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits (songbook)
004739: DYLAN, BOB - BOB DYLAN: DESIRE--Songs of Redemption [songbook]
006014: E.C. PUBLICATIONS INC. (MAD MAGAZINE) - Son of Mad Sucks
005968: EAMES, MARIAN; KIRSTEIN, LINCOLN (EDITORS) - Dance Index Vol VII : 1948 Index
004935: EARLE, JAMES H. - Graphics for Engineers (Revised)
000054: EASSON, ROGER R.; ESSICK, ROBERT N. - William Blake: Book Illustrator, A Bibliography and Catalogue of the Commercial Engravings, Volume I
000818: EASTERBROOK, W.T.; WATKINS, M.H. - Approaches to Canadian Economic History
002471: EASTMAN, LLOYD E. - Family, field, and Ancestors: Constancy and Change in China's Social and Economic History, 1550-1949
002056: EBERSOHN, WESSEL - Store Up the Anger: A Novel
001182: ECLIPSE - The Moon in Hand: A Mystical Passage
006173: EDDY Q.C., J.P. - Scarlet and Ermine: Famous Trials as I Saw Them from Crippen to Podola
004384: EDGE, MARC - Pacific Press: The Unauthorized Story of Vancouver's Newspaper Monopoly
002041: EDIS, GRAHAM - Victoria Sketchbook
000954: EDITORS OF LANIER PUBLISHING - The Back Almanac: The Best New Thinking on an Age Old Problem
003267: EDITORS OF 73 MAGAZINE - The Giant Book of Computer Software
000743: EDLIN, HERBERT L. - The Public Park (Local Search Series)
001487: EDMONDS, SARAH (EDITOR) - D'or Notes on Collaboration 2002
005390: EDMONDS, KATHY - Candles, Naturally: A Complete Guide to Rolling Beeswax Candles
005651: EDWARD KAY - I Am Canada: Sink andDestroy: The Battle of the Atlantic, Bill O'Connell, North Atlantic, 1940
002372: EDWARDS, CHARLES HENRY; PENNEY, DAVID E. - Calculus: With Analytic Geometry Early Transcendentals
003119: EDWARDS, A. W. - Likelihood
003359: EDWARDS, ROBERT - White Death: Russia's War on Finland 1939-40
006092: EDWARDS, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Tiller: A Bimonthly Devoted to the Arts and Crafts Movement, Volume 1, Number 5, May-June, 1983
006093: EDWARDS, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Tiller: A Bimonthly Devoted to the Arts and Crafts Movement, Volume 1, Number 6, July-August, 1983
006089: EDWARDS, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Tiller: A Bimonthly Devoted to the Arts and Crafts Movement, Volume 1, Number 1, September-October, 1982
006135: EDWARDS, PETER - The Big Sting: The true story of the Canadian who betrayed Colombia's drug Barons, Being an Interview with Douglas Jaworski
006090: EDWARDS, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Tiller: A Bimonthly Devoted to the Arts and Crafts Movement, Volume 1, Number 3, January-February, 1983
004239: EDWARDS, ERNEST P. - Easy Access
006091: EDWARDS, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Tiller: A Bimonthly Devoted to the Arts and Crafts Movement, Volume 1, Number 4, March-April, 1983
000431: EGAN, MARTHA - Milagros: Votive Offerings from the Americas
005153: EGGERT, HARALD - The Channel Island
006176: EIDEM, BENAJMIN W.; CETTA, FRANK; O'LEARY, PATRICK W. - Echocardiography in Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Disease
001517: EINARSON, JOHN; BACHMAN, RANDY - Randy Bachman: Takin' Care of Business
003277: EINARSON, JOHN - Neil Young: Dont Be Denied "The Canadian Years"
004884: ELEEY, PETER - The Plain of Heaven
002636: ELKIND, SAMUEL - Improvisation Handbook
004978: ELLIS, SUSAN; KEILHACK, KARL - Taxation: A Handbook for Insurance and Financial Advisors Volume 2
004443: ELLIS, SUSAN; KEILHACK, KARL - Taxation: A Handbook for Insurance and Financial Advisors Volume 1
001162: EMBERLEY, PETER - Zero Tolerance : Hot Button Politics in Canada's Universities
004601: EMERSON, NATHANIEL B. - Unwritten Literature of Hawaii: The Sacred Songs of
003985: EMILY CARR INSTITUTE OF ART AND DESIGN - Art Is All Over: Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design
006094: EMO, GLEN - Ham Handbook for the Advanced New & Revised Full Canadian Requirementa
003411: ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA - Britannica World Language Edition of Funk & Wagnalls New Practical Standard Dictionary in 2 volumes
005679: ENGLER, YVES - Lester Pearson's Peacekeeping: The Truth May Hurt
006134: ENGLERT, FATHER SEBASTIAN - Island at the Center of the World: New Light on Easter Island
003611: ENGLISH, HELEN W. DRUTT; DORMER, PETER - Jewelry of Our Time: Art, Ornament and Obsession
001856: ENNIS, CATHERINE - To the Lightning
001094: ENVIRONMENT CANADA - CANADIAN WILDLIFE SERVICE - HINTERLAND WHO'S WHO - Group of Miscellaneous Bird Pamphlets (Mostly waterfowl)
004271: EQUIPO - Leonardo Da Vinci, Genios de la Pintura
001400: ER, ANDREW - Improve Your Mathematics Primary Four
005833: ETHICON - Knot Tying Manual
001620: ETMANSKI, AL - A Good Life: For You and Your Relative with a Disability
006196: EUSTACHIUS, BARTHOLOMAEUS (CHERNIN AND SHKLAR EDITORS) - A Little Treatise on the Teeth: The First Authoritative Book on Dentistry (1563) (Dental Classics in Perspective, 2) (English, Latin and Latin Edition)
004980: EVANS, ELLEN - Massage Parlor Girl
005196: EVANS, DAVID - Understand Stalin's Russia
000636: EVANS, BERTRAND - Shakespeare's Tragic Practice
001214: EVANS, MARK - Herbal Plants: History and Uses
005197: EVANS, DAVID - Understand Mussolini's Italy
005200: EVANS, TONY - The Politics of Human Rights: A Global Perspective
000691: EXTENSIONS - Extensions: Evolutions by Bob Flick, Environment by Fred Herzog, Erections by Jack Dale
005325: EYTON, JOHN - Expectancy
003476: FACEY-CROWTHER, DAVID R. (EDITOR) - Lieutenant Owen William Steele of the Newfoundland Regiment: Diary and Letters
005179: FAHEY, REV. DENIS - The Rulers of Russia (Third edition, revised and enlarged)
003502: FAHRIG, W.F. - The Geology of the Athabasca Formation
002999: FAINLIGHT, RUTH; SILLITOE, ALAN - All Citizens are Soldiers: Fuente Ovejuna, A Play in two Acts Translated and Adapted from the Spanish of Lope De Vega
004131: FAIRBAIRM, BRETT ET AL. - Co-operatives & Community Development Economics in Social Perspective
004293: FAIRBRIDGE, RHODES W. - Australian Stratigraphy (SIGNED COPY)
006133: FAIRBURN SYSTEM OF VISUAL REFERENCES - The Fairburn System of Visual References Set No. 1:- Book1 Male-Full Figure, Book 2 Female-Full Figure, Book 3 Situation Poses and Hands (3 volumes)
002001: FALVEY, MARY - Community-Based Curriculum: Instructional Strategies for Students with Severe Handicaps
003578: FANAKEN, GERRY - Condominium Case Law in British Columbia
003579: FANAKEN, GERRY - Understanding and Improving the Condominium Concept: An Authoritative Guidebook
002578: FANTONI, BARRY - Barry Fantoni's Chinese Horoscopes : A guide to love, marriage and Friendship
001786: FARLEY, A.L. - Atlas of British Columbia: People, Environment, and Resource Use
003340: FARMER, BERNARD J. - Do Your Own Car Repairs at Low Cost
003242: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Black Bartlemy's Treasure
004162: FAROVA, ANNA (EDITOR) - Paragraphic / David Seymour ("Chim")
004161: FAROVA, ANNA (EDITOR) - Paragraphic / Andre Kertesz
005910: FARRAR, STEWART - What Witches Do: A Modern Coven Revealed
005366: FARRELL, LANCE - 10 Pomes By Lance Farrell
005634: FARREN, MICK; SNOW, GEORGE - Rock N'Roll Circus: The Illustrated Rock Concert
000071: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - The Sound and the Fury
001632: FAVRHOLDT, KEN (EDITOR) - The Confluence: A History of Multiculturalism in Kamloops
001433: FAWCETT, BRIAN - The Opening (Prince George, finally)
006029: FEBVRE, MICHELE (SOUS LA DIRECTION DE) - La Danse au Defi (French Edition)
004692: FEDERAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT BANK (CANADA) - Do It Yourself Kits: Business Planning Package
000748: FEHREN, FATHER HENRY - A New Look at Some Old Sins
004186: FELDENKRAIS, MOSHE - Awareness Through Movement The San Francisco Evening Classes Volumes 1 and 2 (Ten Audio Cassettes in Two Cases)
006143: FERENCZI, SÁNDOR (JUDITH DUPONT EDITOR) - Clinical Diary of Sándor Ferenczi
005384: FERGUSON, RUSSELL; ROELSTRAETE, DIETER - Roy Arden: Against the Day
005825: FERRARI MAGAZINE - Gran Turismo Models & Genealogies 1947-2015
000439: FERRELL, OLIVER P. EDITOR - Popular Electronics Electronic Experimenter's Handbook Winter 1968
005806: FERRER, ELIZABETH; ARNOLDO GONZALÉZ CRUZ - Ricardo Mazal: La Tumba de la Reina Roja: From Reality to Abstraction Paintings, Photographs, Drawings and Installation
001593: FETHERLING, DOUGLAS - Running Away to Sea: Round the World on a Tramp Freighter
004945: FEWSTER, DR. ERNEST - The Wind and the Sea
003178: FIDLER, RICHARD - RCMP: The Real Subversives
006140: FIDLER, PETER; HAIG, BRUCE (EDITOR) - Southern Alberta bicentennial: A look at Peter Fidler's journal : journal of a journey over land from Buckingham House to the Rocky Mountains in 1792 & 3
002530: FIENNES, RANULPH - The Secret Hunters
005824: FILSON, GLEN C.; ADEKUNLE, BAMIDELE - Eat Local, Taste Global: How Ethnocultural Food Reaches Our Tables
006198: FINK, MAX; TAYLOR, MICHAEL ALAN - Catatonia (A Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment)
004841: FINK, ANNA - The Way to You
004547: FINK, W.L.; KELLER, F.; SICHA, W.E.; NOCK JR., J.A.; DIX JR., E.H. - Physical Metallurgy of Aluminum Allows
001988: FINKLEMAN, KEN - The Newsroom: The Complete Scripts
002459: FIRTH, LESLEY (GENERAL EDITOR) - Who They Were
004661: FIRTH, MATTHEW; MACCARI, MAX (EDITORS) - Grunt and Groan: The New Fiction Anthology of Work and Sex
004318: FIRTH, MATTHEW - Fresh Meat
003376: FISHER, DAVID - The War Magician: How Jasper Maskelyne and His Magic Gang Altered the Course of World War II
005819: FISHER, BURTON D. - Wagner's PARSIFAL Opera Study Guide and Libretto: Opera Classics Library
000623: FITCH, ED; RENEE, JANINE - Magical Rites from the Crystal Well
005270: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Great Gatsby and Other Stories
001690: FITZSIMMONS, JACK - Prenatal Diagnosis
000942: FLAMIN, BERNARD (TRADUCTION) - Tisser et Filer
004674: FLANDER, SCOTT - Sons of the City
003008: FLANNERY, TIM F.; NICOL, JOHN - The Life and Adventures of John Nicol, Mariner
002648: FLAXIMAN, R. (TRANSLATOR) - "Beryozka" Dance Company: Russian Folk Dance Company Directed By Nadezhdina
005456: FLEMING, KELE - Songs from the Tinforest (with CD)
004387: FLERAS, AUGIE; ELLIOTT, JEAN L. - Unequal Relations : An Introduction to Race, Ethnic and Aboriginal Dynamics in Canada (3rd edition)
005042: FLEURY, A. - Missel Vesperal Explique et Commente, Manuel De Piete et Rituel Des Fideles
003494: FLINT, RICHARD FOSTER - Glacial Map of North America Part 2 Bibliography and Explanatory Notes
003958: FLOOD, CYNTHIA - Making a Stone of the Heart: A Novel
002629: FLORIS, STEVE - Escape from Pannonia: A Tale of Two Survivors
000699: FLYNT, LARRY; ROSS, KENNETH - An Unseemly Man
002967: FLYNT, LARRY C. (EDITOR) - Chic Volume 1 Number 2, 5 and 6 (Portfolio One) December 1976
004402: FOCOSI, MARCELLO (VITTORIANO CAVARA, PREFACE) - Le paralisi dei muscoli oculo-motori estrinseci : sintomatologia e Diagnostica
003892: FOERSTER, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Chelsea 66
005035: FOGLE, BRUCE - Complete Dog Training Manual : The Easy-to-Follow, Kind Approach to Training Dogs of All Ages
005420: FOLEY, CHARLES - Legacy of Strife: Cyprus from Rebellion to Civil War
004744: FOLLETT, KEN - The Pillars of the Earth
003933: FOLSOM, ALLAN - Day of Confession
004491: FORAN FINANCIAL INSTITUTE - Foran Financial Planning Quiz & Answer Book for CFP Examination Candidates - Book Three
001503: FORD, GEORGE H. (EDITOR) - The Making of a Secret Agent; The Pickersgill Letters
006055: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - 1989 Ford Thunderbird / Cougar Electrical & Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual
006129: FORNEY INDUSTRIES - Forney Arc Welding Manual (8th Revised Edition)
000326: FORTIER, ALCEE AND FICKLEN, JOHN ROSE WITH FRANCIS NEWTON THORPE AS EDITOR - The History of North American Vol IX - Central America and Mexico
003904: FORTISEVN, ZEKE - Global Herb Manual (Completely Revised and Updated)
000612: FOSTER, STEVEN - A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants: Eastern and Central North America
001014: FOSTER, JOHN L. - Four O'Clock Friday : Original Poems
004748: FOTIAS, CARY - Blinkers Off: New Frontiers in Form Cycle Analysis
001439: FOURNIER, FRANCES - Quilt and Wear It
003191: FOXBORO COMPANY - Controlling - Recording - Indicating INSTRUMENTS for Temperature - Pressure - - Humidity - Flow
005632: FRALIC, SHELLEY; BIRD, KATE - Making Headlines: 100 Years of The Vancouver Sun
006111: FRANCIS, DANIEL (EDITOR) - The Collection Horizon Canada Volume 8, Number 96
005140: FRANCIS, MARK; KOEPPLIN, DIETER - Andy Warhol: Drawings 1942-1987
002202: FRANCIS, DIANE - Underground Nation
002514: FRANCIS, DANIEL - The Imaginary Indian: The Image of the Indian in Canadian Culture
003273: FRANCIS, R. D.; JONES, RICHARD; SMITH, DONALD B. - Origins : Canadian History to Confederation (4th ed)
004330: FRANCIS, DANIEL (EDITOR) - Horizon Canada Volume 9 Numbers 97-108 (12 Issues in Binder)
004376: FRANDSEN, ARDEN N. - How Children Learn: An Educational Psychology
005017: FRANK, ROBERT - Robert Frank
000898: FRANKENA, WILLIAM K. - Philosophy of Education
003322: FRANKLIN, STEPHEN - The Heroes: A Saga of Canadian Inspiration (Canadian Illustrated Library)
003546: FRASER, O.L.; FRASER, W.B. - La Cuisine Naturelle: Fruits and Vegetables
002009: FREED, JOSH - Fear of Frying: And Other Fax of Life
005859: FREEDMAN, JIM - Drawing Heat
002673: FREEMAN, IRA M. - Light and Radiation
003209: FREEMAN, R. AUSTIN - John Thorndyke's Cases Engraved in the Advanced Style of Pitman's Shorthand Vol. 1 - The Man with the Nailed Shoes
004731: FREEMAN, MICHAEL - The New 35 MM Handbook
001244: FREIMAN, LAWRENCE - Don't Fall Off the Rocking Horse: An Autobiography
004035: FRESHFIELDS BRUCKHAUS DERINGER - Employment Law in Hong Kong
003436: FRESHMAN, REV. CHARLES - The Autobiography of the Rev. Charles Freshman
003240: FRIDAY, NANCY - Innocent Love
004043: FRIED, MICHAEL - Absorption and Theatricality: Painting and Beholder in the Age of Diderot
001183: FRIEDLAND, MARTIN L. - Courts and Trials: A Multidisciplinary Approach
005736: FRIEDMAN, VITALY; LJESNJANIN, IRIS (EDITORS) - Redesign the Web (The #3 Smashing Book)
001037: FRIESEN, GERALD - The West: Regional Ambitions, National Debates, Global Age
002184: FRIESEN, EVELYN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - The Bedford Road Collegiate Institute Lantern 1937
003601: FRIZ, ANNA (REV ANNA MONTANA); PETERSEN, RANDY (EDITORS) - The Dead Beat Scrolls: The Incomprehensible Teachings of Harvey Christ
003025: FRONTINI, GIAN; KENNEDY, SCOTT - Manufacturing in Real Time: Managers, Engineers and an Age of Smart Machines (with CD)
001711: FRYER, MARY BEACOCK - Emily Stowe: Doctor and Suffragist (Canadian Medical Lives No. 6)
005800: FRYMIRE. ED - th Itching Orifice nd Othrs
006101: FU, PEI MEI - Pei Mei's Chinese Cook Book
003042: FUENTES, GREGORIA LOPEZ Y - Entresuelo
005373: FUJII, WAYNE N.T. (EDITOR) - GA (Global Architecture) Houses 22
000991: FULLER, LAWRENCE J. ; FISHER JR., HENRY A. - The Criminal Code of the Republic of China - Bilingual Edition
004894: FULLER, JANINE; BLACKLEY, STUART - Restricted Entry: Censorship on Trial
001804: FULTON, DAVID (EDITOR) - Spain: The Workers' Commissions, Basic Documents 1966/71
005234: FUNK, CARLA - Head Full of Sun
001322: FUSCO, COCO - English is Broken Here: Notes on Cultural Fusion in the Americas
004782: FUSSELL, PAUL - Boys' Crusade : American G. I. S in Europe - Chaos and Fear in World War Two
001365: GAGNON, MADELEINE - Women in a World at War: Seven Dispatches from the Front
004566: GAHLER HERBS - Product Manual: Guide to Medicinal Herbs & Combinations for Professional Use Only
005660: GAIL KIMBERLY - Dracula Began
006016: GAINES, WILLIAM M. - The Mad Frontier
001241: GALANTA, RHIANNON - Hunger/Code
003568: GALLOWAY, ARLENE - The Galloway Family (A Family History)
005365: GALLOWAY, JANICE - The Trick Is to Keep Breathing: A Novel
003241: GALLUN, RAYMOND Z. - The Planet Strappers (Pyramid G-658)
005698: GAMBOA, SANTIAGO - El Sindrome De Ulises (Spanish Edition)
005697: GAMBOA, SANTIAGO - Perder es cuestion de método
004690: GANDY, IDA - The Heart of a Village: An Intimate History of Aldbourne
000610: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - Clandestine in Chile: The Adventures of Miguel Littin
006044: GARCÍA, SANTIAGO; RUBÍN, DAVID - Beowulf (Sillón Orejero) (Spanish Edition)
001818: GARDEIL, H.D. - Introduction to the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas III: Psychology
002321: GARLAND, RONALD; HEWITT, BRIAN - Golf Nuts: You'Ve Got to Be Committed
005972: GARNER, STEVE - Whiteness: An Introduction
005741: GARROW, D. GORDON - Life's Like That: Diagnostic Radiology in Vancouver 1950-1991, A Personal Memoir
002151: GARVEY, JOHN; HENSON, BETH; IGNATIEV, NOEL (EDITORS) - Race Traitor 15 (Fall 2001)
002543: GASCO, ELYSE - Can You Wave Bye-bye, Baby?
001727: GASPARINI, LEN - Blind Spot
005061: GASS, KEN - Claudius
003928: GEE, H.L. - Nelson's Encyclopaedia
004269: GEETHA DV (EDITOR) - Masters' World Issue 3 September 2006
005882: GELINAS, ALINE (EDIRTOR) - Jean-Pierre Perreault Choreographer
004060: GELLARD, JOHN; BRUSSE, MARIJKA (EDITORS) - Writers of the Storm or the Prickly Pear
002727: GELPI, DONALD L. - Charism and Sacrament: a Theology of Christian Conversion
000499: GENDEL, ANNA - Art in Focus: New York
005174: GEORGE-WARREN, HOLLY (EDITOR) - Rolling Stone: The Illustrated Portraits
004845: GEORGE, KATHLEEN - Taken
002344: GERMAN CATECHETICAL ASSN; DAVIES, SISTER BENEDICT (TRANS) - Credo: A Catholic Catechism Study Edition
003047: GERNSBACK, HUGO (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Radio-Craft February 1938 - Special Broadcast Number
001296: GERSTENBERG, ALICE - The Pot Boiler
001274: GERVAIS, MARTY - From America Sent: Letters to Henry Miller
005171: GHADIRIAN, A.M. - Creative Dimensions of Suffering
004323: GHOSH, AMITAV - The Shadow Lines
001624: GIANGRANDE, CAROLE - Down to earth : The Crisis in Canadian Farming
001364: GIBB, CAMILLA - The Petty Details of So-And-so's Life
005547: GIBBS, ROBERT - All Things Considered
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006115: LEMASTER, RICHARD - Waterfowl Identification: The LeMaster Method
000461: LEMON, DON - Saxon's Everybody's Pocket Cyclopaedia of things Worth Knowing; Things Difficult to Remember; and Tables of References
004018: LENGERT, GERRY - Drywall Finishing Manual
001393: LENIN, V.I. - Experience of the CPSU: Its World Significance
001799: LENIN, V.I. - Letters from Afar
001800: LENIN, V.I. - Lenin's Last Letters and Articles
001801: LENIN, V.I. - A Great Beginning, How to Organise competition?
001802: LENIN, V.I. - Interviews Given to Foreign Correspondents
005809: LENNON, JOHN - The Penguin John Lennon
005831: LEONG, SLOANE - Prism Stalker #1, #2 and #3
002277: LEPE PRECIADO, JOSE T. - Donde La Tierra Acaba
003232: LEROUX, JOSEPH - Le Medaillier du Canada / The Canadian Coin Cabinet
005473: LESHAN, LAWRENCE - The Mechanic and the Gardener
003897: LETHBRIDGE, HENRY J. (INTRODUCTION) - The Hong Kong Guide 1893
003863: LETHBRIDGE, H.J. (INTRO) - All About Shanghai: A Standard Guidebook
003720: LEUNG, K.S.; LAI, M.K.; LAI, C.P. - Mathematics Today, A Programmed Course 4A
005358: LEUNG, SOPHIA M.R. - Art Treasures in China
002801: LEVENS, R.G.C. (EDITOR) - A Book of Latin Letters
005834: LEVERETTE, JOHN S.; HNATKO, GARY S.; PERSAD, EMMANUEL (EDITORS) - Approaches to Postgraduate Education in Psychiatry in Canada: What Educators and Residents Need to Know
002419: LEVINE, NORMAN (EDITOR) - Canadian Winter's Tales
004502: LEVINE, ALLAN - Coming of Age : A History of the Jewish People of Manitoba
000824: LEVY-BRUHL, LUCIEN - The 'Soul' of the Primitive
006047: LEVY, PAUL E. - River Queen: The Amazing Story of Tugboat Titan Lucille Johnstone
000509: LEWIS, DAVID (ED) - Landscape Painting Techniques
000681: LEWIS, PETER LLOYD (CURATOR) - The Blood Show
000683: LEWIS, PETER LLOYD (CURATOR) - Educating Barbie
001811: LEWIS, JUSTIN - The Ideological Octopus: An Exploration of Television and It's Audience
004596: LEWIS, ADAM - Salmon of the Pacific
000087: LEWIS, SHARI - The Tell It--Make It Book
006185: LEWIS, JIM; HART, CHARLES - Goldpanning Southwestern BC and Vancouver Island: A Prospector's Treasure Trail to Creeks of Gold (Creeks of Gold Series)
005248: LEYTON, ELLIOTT - Hunting Humans : The Rise of the Modern Multiple Murderer
000658: LIAN, YANG; HOLTON, BRIAN TRANS. - Where the Sea Stands Still: New Poems
004718: LIDDELL-HART, BASIL H. - History of Second World War
004672: LIDDIARD, NORMAN G. - The Borough of Swindon 1900-1974, Being a Commemorative Essay By Norman G. Liddiard
003710: LIFE MAGAZINE SPECIAL EDITION - Woodstock Music Festival
001926: LIGHT, E.S. (EDITOR) - Edward Scott: Man of Faith, Man of Action
001376: LIGHTFOOT, CLAUDE M. - Black American and the World Revolution
003877: LIKEY, MICHAEL H. - Developing Your Psychic Awareness (with audio CD)
005305: LILLARD, CHARLES; GLAVIN, TERRY - A Voice Great Within Us: The Story of Chinook
001860: LINDAU, JOAN - Letting in the Night
000496: LINDQVUST, SVEN - Land and Power in South America
002468: LINGARD, JOAN - Rags and Riches
002089: LIPMAN, SAMUEL - Music and More: Essays, 1975-1991
002515: LIPMAN, EUGENE J. (EDITOR) - The Mishnah: Oral Traditions of Judaism
003508: LIPSON, S. G.; LIPSON, H.; TANNHAUSER, D.S. - Optical Physics (Third Edition - Corrected)
003622: LIPTAK, BELA G. (EDITOR) - Instrument Engineers' Handbook: Volume I, Process Measurement & Volume II, Process Control
001498: LIPTON, CHARLES - The Trade Union Movement of Canada 1827-1959
005867: LITTLE, NOEL C. - Magnetohydrodynmics
005166: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - The Documentaries
005170: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Plainsongs
002963: LIVESEY, DEREK L. - Introduction to Physics
003081: LLOSA, MARIO VARGAS; BENSOUSSAN, ALBERT (TRANS) - Qui a Tue Palomino Molero
003429: LLOYD, JOHN URI - Etidorpha or the End of Earth
003057: LO, BRYAN - Wealth Life: The Easy Lifestyle to Achieve Happiness, Wealth and Financial Freedom
002359: LODGE, DAVID - Language of Fiction: Essays in Criticism & Verbal Analysis of the English Novel
003394: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - Outre-mer A Pilgrimage Beyond the Sea
006068: LOO, TINA - States of Nature: Conserving Canada's Wildlife in the Twentieth Century
002934: LOOMERS, THE (DICK, DIANE, DAN) - Fresh Tracks: A Guide to Off Track Skiing from Squamish to Whistler)
004334: LOPES, HENRI - Dossier Classe: Roman
000047: LORCA, FEDERICO GARCIA - The Tragedies of Lorca
005907: LORD, BETH - The Ultimate Workbook: for Preserving Your Legacy & You
001962: 'LOTUS' (WOOD, WILLIAM ALFRED RAE) - Tales from Thailand: Fact and Fancy
002145: LOUAPRE, DAVE; SWEETMAN, DAN - The Wasteland
002715: LOUGHEED, VIVIEN - Central America By Chickenbus (3rd edition)
003156: LOUVISH, SIMON - City of Blok
003518: LOVELACE, DELOS W. CONAWAY - The Illustrated King Kong
003452: LOW, PROFESSOR A.M. - Adrift in the Stratosphere
005184: LOWRY, GLEN; ZALOVE, JERRY (EDITORS) - West Coast Line, Number 41, 37/2-3, Fall/Winter, 2003/4 "Woodsquat "
001477: LOWTHER, PAT - A Stone Diary
005474: LOWTHER, PAT - Final instructions: Early and uncollected Poems
004140: LU, SHENG-YEN - The Power of Mantra
005290: LUCAS, GEORGE; KATZ, GLORIA; HUYCK, WILLARD - American Graffiti (Photo Illustrated Screenplay)
006033: LUMMIS, MICHAEL; MARCUS, PHILLIP - Dark Souls III (Special Collector's Edition Guide)
003266: LUREE STAFF - Cyber Warrior : The Ultimate Manifesto for Internet Usage and Profiteering
004341: LUYCKX, P.T. (FOREWORD) - St. Mary's of the Assumption In the Canadian Rockies Banff Alberta Canada
001040: LYALL, ERNIE - An Arctic Man: Sixty-five Years in Canada's North
005198: LYNCH, MICHAEL - Understand Nazi Germany

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