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132051: - tekening plan en doorfnede van de Brittania cene dubelle otahitische Oorlogs-kano. drawing plan and cross section of the Britannia cene double Tahitian War-Canoe.
132031: - Het huis in de morai op atooi van Binnen. the house in the morai on Atooi Inside
132030: - Binnenste van een huis van Oonalashka.inside of a house of Oonalashka .
132034: - plan der haven van samganoodha in het eiland van Oonalaska. Plan harbor samganoodha in the island of Unalaska
131522: - Australians from Everywhere: Rogues, Misfits, and Adventurers Who Formed a New Society
132029: - Gezigt van een huis in nootka kanaal van binnen. sight of a house in nootka channel Inside
132042: - Gezigten der west kust van Amerika. Visions of the west coast of America
132039: - port praija aan het eiland st Jago. praija port on the island of st Jago
132060: - man van kersmis kanaal op het Vuurland. Man of Christmas channel of the fire Country.
132048: - schets van het kanaal van Nootka. sketch of the channel Nootka.
132049: - Kersmis Kanaalaan de s.w. kust van het vuurland . The Christmas Channel S.W. coast of the fire Country.
132038: - 3 Maps of Islands Wanooa; Wateeoo; Mangeea; Toobouai
132064: - Man van Kamtschatka. Man of Kamtschatka.
132045: - Kaart van de vriendKaart van de haven van Tongataboo 1777. Map of the port of Tongataboo 1777
132044: - Kaart van de vrienden- Eilanden. Map of the Friendly Islands
132032: - Drie gezigten van de punt met de poort op Kerguelens Land. Three visions of the point with the port kerguelens Country
132047: - Kaart van de vrienden- Eilanden. Map of the Friendly Islands
132024: - Gezict van de woonigen van de inboorlingen in nootka Kanaal.. face of the homes of the natives in Nootka Channel
132023: - Copper plate engraving of Zomer- En Winter -Wooningen Te Kamtschatka. Summer & Winter Homes in Kamtschatka
131706: - Great Sea Stories of the World
132040: - Gezigten der landen van de west-kust van amerika, ten westen van cook's Rivier. Visions of the countries of the west coast of America, west of Cook's River
132041: - Gezigten der kust van Asien. Visions of the coast of Asien,
132022: - Hoeden der inwoners van Oonalashka. ( Hats of the Inhabitants of Oonalashka)Wood engraving.
132062: - vrouw van Nieuw-Zeeland. woman from New Zealand.
131443: - Kamtschatkasche Sleede. (Dog Sled Kamchatka Russia)
132043: - Kaart van de eilanden in den omtrek van otahiti ontdekt op verschillende reizenem de waereld door de kapiteinen Byron, Wallis, Carteret en Cook in de faaren 1765, 1767, 1769. Map of the islands in the neighborhood of otahiti discovered several reizenem t
131723: - Queen Victoria's Jubilees, 1887 and 1897
131823: - Submarines
132046: - Matavia baai te Otahiti; Haven van Ohamaneno te Ulietea; Haven van Owharre te Huaheine; Haven van Oopaoa te Ulietea.. Matavia bay for Otahiti; Port of Ohamaneno for Ulietea; Port of Owharre for Huaheine; Port of Oopaoa for Ulietea..
132061: - man van het eiland Mallicolo. man of the island Mallicolo
131445: - Man van Nieuw Caledonia; Vrouw Van Nieu Caledonia
131447: - EENE VROUW VAN OONALASHKA; Een Man Van Oonalashka. Native Man of Alaska; Woman of Alaska.
132027: - Copper plate Engraving. Fiatook of kerkhof van het eiland van Tongataboo. fiatook or cemetery on the island of tonga Taboo
132028: - Gezigt op het eiland rotterdam. sight on the island of Rotterdam
132058: - Werktuigen van de Sandwich-Eilanders. Implements Sandwich Islanders.
131848: - The Mammoth Book of Battles. The Art & Science of Modern Warfare
132025: - Poulaho koning van de vrienden-eilanden kava Drinkende. Poulaho king of friendly Islands kava Drinking
132033: - Kaart van cooks rivier in het n.o. gedeelte van Amerika. map of cooks river in n.o. part of America
132057: - Gereedschap van de inwooneren van de nieuwe Hebriden. Tools of the inhabitants of the New Hebrides.
132059: - dingen door de inwooneren van nootka kanaal vervaerdigd . things by the inhabitants of nootka Channel.....
132050: - gezigt van het eil. suffren Blijvende. sight of the isl. suffren Permanent
132063: - Poulaho, koning de Vrienden Eilanden. Poulaho king of the Friendly Islands.
132035: - Schets van de marquis de mendoca Eilanden. Outline of the Marquis de Mendoca Islands
132036: - *sandwich haven aan Mallicollo; balade haven aan nieuw Caledonia; Resolutie Haven aan het Eiland Tanna
132037: - Harvey's Eilande; Eiland Palmerston; Shildpad Eilande; Wild Eilande
132021: - Various Instruments Used By the Natives of Otaheite
132052: - praauw van het eiland amsterdam de afstand van het een boord tot het........ Plans for a Prow of Amsterdam Island
132026: - Copper plate engraving Winterwooning van kamtschatka van binnen. Winter Residence Kamtschatka Inside
95142: AASENG, N. - Eric Heiden Winner in Gold.
23061: KELSO ABBEY. - By D. Roberts. External view of Abbey with sheep & small figures in front.
95109: DRYBURGH ABBEY. - By. J. Dobbins.
129577: ABBOTTS, ADRIAN - Naked Spirits: A Journey into Occupied Tibet
63492: ABDULLAH, M. AND MATHEW, R. - The Time of the Peacock
130375: ABEND, HALLETT - Pacific Charter
122169: ABERCROMBIE, NICHOLAS & HILL, STEPHEN & TURNER, BRYAN S. - Dictionary of Sociology.
125681: ABLOW, KEITH; - Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson
125023: ABRAHAM,GERALD - Tolstoy. Great Lives.
119857: ABRAHAM, J. JOHNSTON. - Surgeon's Journey. The autobiography of J. Johnston Abraham.
68112: ACKROYD, PETER. - Chatterton.
129581: ACTON, EDWARD - The Present & the Past Russia
131400: ADAIR, JOHN - By the Sword Divided
121676: ADAMS, PHILLIP. - The Inflammable Adams. Illustrated by Chris Grosz.
55617: ADAMS, J. - The Herbartian Psychology Applied to Education. Being a series of essays applying the psychology of Johann Friedrich Herbart.
120262: ADAMS, PHILLIP. - The unspeakable Adams. Forty controversial and popular pieces. Illustrations by John Spooner.
117420: ADAMS, CECILY. - From the Diary of an Australian Decorator. A practical guide to Interior Design.
112658: ADAMS, GLENDA. - The Tempest of Clemenza.
110945: ADAMS, RICHARD. - Shardik.
106785: ADAMS, BRYAN. - Bryan Adams Photographs by Andrew Catlin.
74529: ADAMSON, J & FOLLAND, H - The Shepherd of the Ocean. A Biography of Sir Walter Raleigh.
107185: ADAMSON, PETER. - The Tuscan Master.
57281: ADCOCK, ST J. - The Glory That Was Grub Street. Impressions of Contemporary Authors.
116957: ADDISON, JOSEPH. - The Free-Holder or Political Essays.
115419: ADDISON, G.C. (ARRANGED BY) - The Justices Act. Incorporating Justices Acts 1902-1918 with notes of New South Wales Cases with an index.
121095: ADDITON, GRACE. - The Flavor of New England. A sampler of favorite recipes.
128379: ADLINGTON, WILLIAM (TRANS.); LUCIUS APULEIUS. - The Golden Asse of Lucius Apuleius. Translated Out of Latin By William Adlington Anno. 1566.
118604: AGATE, JAMES. - Playgoing. Being one of a series of essays edited by J.B. Priestley & entitled These Diversions.
125927: AGATE, JAMES;BEAUMONT, TIMOTHY WENTWORTH - The Selective Ego: The Diaries of James Agate
129043: AIRTH, RENNIE - The Dead of Winter. A John Madden Mystery
129767: AITKEN, GRAEME - 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous
95648: AKEHURST, RICHARD. - Sporting Guns.
121963: AKRIGG, G.P.V. - Jacobean Pageant. The Court of King James l.
27339: ALBEE, E. - Box and Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung. Two inter-related plays.
120250: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. - Little Men.
54473: ALDERMAN, C.L. - Stormy Knight: The Life of Sir William Phips.
128403: ALDERSON, MAGGIE. - How to Break Your Own Heart
110517: ALDINGTON, RICHARD. - A Dream in the Luxembourg.
131634: ALEXANDER, JOAN - Voices and Echoes: Tales from Colonial Women
124360: ALEXANDER, BRYAN; ALEXANDER, CHERRY - The Vanishing Arctic
131588: ALEXANDER, KRISTEN - Jack Davenport. Beaufighter Leader
129982: ALEXANDER, PAUL - Death and Disaster: The Rise of the Warhol Empire and the Race for Andy's Millions
111329: ALEXANDER, PACITA & PERKINS, ELIZABETH. - A Love Affair with Australian Literature. The Story of Tom Inglis Moore.
128869: ALEXANDER, JAMES - The Optimist's Guide to Understanding Women
114565: ALFORD, JANE ET AL. - The Ultimate Book of Cross Stitch.
125672: ALGRANTI, GILBERTO. - Titian to Tiepolo. Three Centuries of Italian Art.
106472: ALI, AYAAN HIRSI. - Infidel. My Life
13661: ALLAN, SIR W. - The Field of Prestonpans, (Death of Colonel Gardiner).
131562: ALLEN, WILLIAM SHERIDAN - The Nazi Seizure of Power. The Experience of a Single German Town 1930-1935
27786: ALLEN, G.C. - A Short Economic History of Modern Japan 1867-1937.
31139: ALLEN, K.S. - That Bounty Bastard The True Story of Captain William Bligh.
109233: ALLEN, H. C. - Keynotes and characteristics with comparisons of some of the leading remedies of the Materia Medica. A homoeopathic classic.
102324: ALLEN, GEOFFREY & DAVID. - Clive's Lost Treasure.
115565: ALLEN, G. FREEMAN. - Railways Past Present & Future,
122742: ALLENDE, ISABEL. - Paula : A Memoir
113954: ALLILUYEVA, SVETLANA. - Letters to a Friend. Translated from the Russian by Priscilla Johnson.
25573: ALLISS, P. - The Who's Who of Golf.
18313: ALLISTER, RAY. - Friese-Greene. Close-up of an Inventor.
113419: D'ALPUGET, BLANCHE. - Turtle Beach.
101910: D'ALPUGET, BLANCHE. - White Eye. A Novel.
127020: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - Citizen Soldiers: The U.S. Army from the Normandy Beaches to the Bulge to the Surrender of Germany, June 7, 1944 to May 7, 1945
131291: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. JR. - D-Day June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II
131619: AMIS, MARTIN. - Experience. A Memoir.
96807: AMIS, KINGSLEY. - You can't do both.
128580: AMIS, KINGSLEY. - Jake's Thing.
100368: ANDAHAZI, FREDERICO. - The Anatomist. Translated by Alberto Manguel.
103121: ANDERSEN, KURT. - Turn of the Century.
110802: ANDERSEN, PRIMROSE. - Stunning Stitches with Original Patterns. Illustrated by Sandy Ross.
106514: ANDERSEN, CHRISTOPHER. - Madonna. Unauthorised.
131546: ANDERSEN, CHRISTOPHER. - An Affair to Remember. The Remarkable Love Story of Katherine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy
118165: ANDERSON, JESSICA. - Taking Shelter.
126265: ANDERSON, WALTER - Meant to Be
121622: ANDERSON, MARGARET. - The Unknowable Gurdjieff.
99449: ANDERSON, JON LEE. - Guerrillas.
123528: ANDERSON, GORDON F. - 50 Years of Electricity Supply. The Story of Sydney's Electricity Undertaking.
115457: ANDERSON, FRANK J. - Riches of the Earth. Ornamental, Precious, and Semiprecious stones.
131992: ANDERSON, WALTER - The Confidence Course: Seven Steps to Self-Fulfillment
113066: ANDERSON, KEVIN J. - Ground Zero; Ruins. The X-Files. 2 novels based on TV series.
108558: ANDERSON, JANICE. - The Life & Works of Renoir. A compilation of works from the Bridgeman Art Library.
130630: ANDERSON, SUSANNE - Song of the Spirit Earth
115476: ANDREAS, OSBORN. - Joseph Conrad. A Study in Non-Conformity.
131598: ANDREW, CHRISTOPHER; GORDIEVSKY, OLEG - KGB : The Inside Story of Its Foreign Operations from Lenin to Gorbachev
65691: ANDREWS, M.R.S. - The Perfect Tribute. An episode in the life of Abraham Lincoln.
72076: ST ANDREWS. - St Leonards School 1877-1977. For Private Circulation.
129346: ANDREWS, JOAN. - Victorian And Edwardian Furniture: Price Guide And Reasons For Values
99808: ANDREWS, MICHAEL. - Eyewitness to War. Australia's Pacific Campaign 1941-1945.
115827: ANDREWS, COLMAN. - Living in the Sun. The Spanish Mediterranean Islands. Majorca; Minorca; Ibiza; Formentera.
27341: ANGELL, NORMAN. - The Great Illusion - Now A study of the relation of military power in nations to their economic and social advantage.
107713: ANGLESEY, MARQUESS OF - A History of the British Cavalry 1816-1919 Volume 4; 1899-1913
127905: ANON - Britain & Her Neighbours Book Five. The New Liberty 1485-1688
120527: ANON - War at Sea. Picturefacts 1.
118099: ANON - Brave & Bold. Stories for Boys.
120420: ANON. - Masterworks of Man and Nature. A compendium of breathtaking photographs and enlightened essays on our World Heritage - the natural and cultural wonders of our planet - and the international efforts to preserve them for generations to come.
117238: ANON - The Complete Book of Boat Maintenance.
127559: ANON - Who's Who in Music & Musician's International Directory
124153: ANON. - Miller's Antique Price Guide 1988
11675: ANON - The Old Mill Museum. Perth, Western Australia.
120605: ANON - Our Boys Best of All.
127732: ANON - The Complete New Manager
129283: ANON - Museums of the Andes
130271: ANON - The Quiver. Vol XLVI
124769: ANON. - Boned.
125790: ANON - Gauguin
130159: ANON - The Life & Times of Anthony a Wood
126749: ANON. - Sydney Thoroughbred Yearlings 1965.
126135: ANON - The Grosvenor House Antiques Fair. The Antique Dealers Fair. 1990 Handbook.
129562: ANON - Cooking Naturally with Australian Dairy Foods
131319: ANON. - Crossing the Blue Mountains. Journeys through Two Centuries from naturalist Charles Darwin to Novelist David Foster.
12669: ANON - 1882-1982 The Ashes Centenary Series. Official Pictorial Record.
17882: ANON - OCEAN RACING AROUND THE WORLD. Admiral's Cup, Southern Cross Cup, Southern Ocean Racing Conference and Onion Patch.
22435: ANON. - Germany's Claim to the Colonies. Information Department Papers, No.23.
29128: ANON - The Canberra Gardener.
52568: ANON - South Eastern Railway. Dover & Hastings Branches.
123170: ANON - The Grosvenor House Art & Antiques Fair 9-15 June 1999 Handbook
53638: ANON - Qin Shi Huang Pottery Figures of Warriors and Horses. No.1. Compiled by the Museum of Qin Shi Huang Pottery Figures of Warriors and Horses.
53784: ANON - Brochure - on the - Woman in The Home. One of the 15 subjects comprising the International University Society's Course, which are enumerated in the Certificate furnished to each Member. Sponsor: Helen Marion Wodehouse.
53852: ANON - El Dorado. Colombian Gold.
61859: ANON - Geography of China
62169: ANON - Walk In My Shoes A social justice resource book. Asian Bureau Australia.
126072: ANON - Painted Panorama 1800-1870. Paintings from the Mitchell & Dixson collections of the State Library of New South Wales. 1 to 30 November 1985.
130381: ANON - Australia & New Zealand Complete Book of Handcrafts
131229: ANON. - Miller's Antique Price Guide 1998
131209: ANON - Through Other Eyes : The Fred Hollows Foundation Ten Years On
125424: ANON. - The Macquarie Thesaurus. New Budget Edition.
78607: ANON. - Stafford and Neighbourhood. Sixteen photographs of Stafford and surrounding district.
79492: ANON - Official Illustrated Guide to Taronga Park Zoological Park Sydney.
130130: ANON - The Desperate Housewives Cookbook: Juicy Dishes And Saucy Bits
83047: ANON - The City's Centrepiece. The History of the Sydney G.P.O.
96364: ANON. - The Queen's Gift Book. In Aid of Queen Mary's Convalescent Auxiliary Hospitals for Soldiers and Sailors who have lost their limbs in the War.
97024: ANON - Currency Double Bill The Christian Brothers by Ron Blair; A lesson in English by Barry Oakley
129491: ANON - The United Service Journal & Naval & Military Magazine 1840. Part III
52440: ANON - Ladysmith. Tourist Guide.
131444: ANON. - Versierzels en Wapenen van de Inwooneren van Nieuw-Caledonia;Wapenen en Gereedschap van de Inwooneren van Nieuw-Caledonia
97555: ANON - Jude's Mission Hymnal. Containing 101 of the choicest musical settings of popular and original hymns, solos etc.
99128: ANON. - This Changing World. No. 1 -- South East Asia and the Pacific.
104212: ANON. - The Age of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. Organised by the International Cultural Corporation of Australia Limited in association with the Ministry of Culture, Republic of Turkey.
57343: ANON. - The Charters of the Royal Exchange Assurance and of The Royal Exchange Assurance of Houses and Goods from Fire.
124816: ANON - The Historical Reason Why. English History
121511: ANON. - Cocktails and Mixed Drinks.
113558: ANON - Decisions on the Rules of Golf. 2006-2007.
124936: ANON - The Complete Family Kitchen
127906: ANON - Britain & Her Neighbours Book Six. The Modern World from 1688
106343: ANON - Photo Gallery. vol 1 Professional photographers works.
102125: ANON. - Summer Cruises. To Norway, Northern Capitals and the Land of the Midnight Sun.
120184: ANON. - South African Fish & Fishing. How fish are found and caught in the waters around southern Africa. How fish are preserved, transported and processed. How the fishing industry is organized.
118490: ANON. - Pitman 2000 Student Dictionary.
130074: ANON - The Complete Book of Needlecrafts
112501: ANON - First Editions of the works of esteemed authors & book illustrators of the XlXth century. No. 338. Books with Colour Plates. Association books & MSS. Sports & Pastimes.
112502: ANON - First Editions & Presentation Copies. XlXth century Authors & Book Illustrators. No. 296. Books with Colour Plates. Sports & Pastimes.
112500: ANON - First Editions of the works of esteemed authors & book illustrators of the XlXth century. No. 319. Association books & MSS. Sports & Pastimes.
111639: ANON - Clever Crafts to Decorate Your Home. Cushion classics to create. Stencils & Decoupage for country charm.
130108: ANON - Favourite Book for Boys
130109: ANON - Cheers Book for Boys
110991: ANON - Anglers' Omnibus.
110608: ANON - Poetry Australia. 123/124. The Narrative Challenge.
110368: ANON. - Writers and Artists Year Book 1961.
110289: ANON - Catalogue of the Charles R.J. Glover Library relating to Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand & The South Seas.
110242: ANON - Home Decorating Made Easy.
107372: ANON - Everyday Antiques.
105943: ANON - Giants of Literature - Dickens.
104859: ANON - The Play. 11 plays & 2 programs. An Illustrated Monthly journal. Vol 1 1 Cingalee; 5 Beauty & The Barge; 6 The Catch of the Season; Vol 2 11 The Admiral Crichton at the Duke of York's; Vol 5 27 Merely Mary Ann ; 28 His Highness my Husband; 29 Hi
104476: ANON - Nelson's Bumper Budget Book for Boys.
104393: ANON - Modern Masterpieces. 19 parts.
103399: ANON - Stewarts & Lloyds 1903-1953.
102797: ANON. - The Great Outposts of the Empire.
124031: ANON - Advertisers' Pocketbook. A Useful Manual Concerning the Preparation and Illustrations; the Typographical Arrangement of Advertisements; the Choice of Media; and the Methods Essential in Successful Advertising
102183: ANON - My Tall Book of Fairy Tales.
124534: ANON. - Complete Guide to Flower Gardening.
100508: ANON. - Four Footed Friends. Illustrated by Milo Winter.
115099: ANON - Geographica. The complete illustrated reference to Australia & the World.
115155: ANON - Fine Model Steam Engines, Locomotives, Ships, Aeroplanes & Road Vehicles. at the British Engineerium. Catalogue of sale 29 Nov 1982.
115156: ANON - Full Size Traction Engines, Steam Boats, Stationary Engines & Related Material at the British Engineerium. Catalogue of sale 25 Oct 1982
115158: ANON - Fine Historic Full Size & Model Steam Engines, Locomotives & Ships at the Brighton & Hove Engineerium. Catalogue of sale Sep 25 1978.
128534: ANON - Embroidery & Cross Stitch
119824: ANON - Shakespeare. The Comprehensive Soul.
115538: ANON - The Red Army. Men at War series 1914-1945. 27.
115440: ANON - Austro-Hungarian Armies of World War l. Corporal of Hussars. Men at War series 1914-1945. 68.
109446: ANONYMOUS. - Primary Colors.
104748: ANONYMOUS. (N. J. GEMMELL). - The Bride Stripped Bare.
119889: ANOUILH, JEAN. - The Lark. Translated by Christopher Fry.
115904: ANSON, MARGARET. - The Order of the Rod. A classic of Victorian Erotica.
74317: ANTHOLOGY - The Dolmen.
113681: ANTHONY, EVELYN. - Charles the King.
68133: ANTIQUARIES. - Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Vol 112, 1982.
131509: FRASER ANTONIA - Royal Charles: Charles II and the Restoration
30096: ANTROBUS, J.J. - Hatfield. Some Memories of Bishop's Hatfield And Its Past.
99992: APJOHN, LEWIS. - John Bright and the party of Peace, Retrenchment and Reform. Series: Memorable Men of the Nineteenth Century, Volume V.
131413: APPLETON, GILLIAN - Diamond Cuts: An Affectionate Memoir of Jim McClelland
118747: APTER, JEFF. - Tomorrow never knows. The Silverchair story.
106110: APULEIUS, LUCIUS. - The Golden Asse. With an introduction by Denis Saurat & drawings by Brian Robb.
119298: D'ARBANVILLE, MARK. - The Naked Husband.
130607: ARCANA, JUDITH - Our mothers' Daughters.
55828: ARCHER, FRED. - Tell Me More. More of the Story of Menzies Hotel.
122648: ARCHER, JEFFREY. - Sons of Fortune
114480: ARCHER, JEFFREY. - As The Crow Flies.
123409: ARCHER, JEFFREY. - Paths of Glory.
123948: ARCHER, FRED. - The Secrets of Bredon Hill. A Country Chronicle of the Year 1900
130895: ARCHER, JEFFREY. - And Thereby Hangs a Tale
108187: GOMEZ-ARCOS, AUGUSTIN. - The Carnivorous Lamb.
119568: ARDREY, ROBERT. - African Genesis; The Territorial Imperative. 2 volumes in slipcase.
108989: ARDREY, ROBERT. - The territorial imperative. A personal inquiry into the animal origins of property and nations.
107175: ARISTOPHANES. - Lysistrata, The Acharnians, The Clouds.
68782: ARLOTT, J. [ED]. - The Oxford Companion to Sports & Games.
122361: ARMANNO, VENERO. - The Volcano.
23580: ARMSTRONG, MARGARET.. - Fanny Kemble. A Passionate Victorian.
117543: ARMSTRONG, BONNIE BARTON. - Quilts. How to plan, cut, piece, applique & finish a classic quilt.
64956: ARMY. - WAR PICTURES BY BRITISH ARTISTS. 4. intro by Colin Coote.
53457: ARMYTAGE, J.C. - Concordia Gold Mines. Victoria. Victoria.
70045: ARNEIL, STAN. - One Man's War.
114087: ARNETT, PETER. - Live From the Battlefield. From Vietnam to Baghdad. 35 years in the world's war zones.
123233: ARNO - The Official Pictorial History of the Army Air Forces.
60862: ARNOLD, SIR E. - Adzuma or the Japanese Wife. A play in four parts.
66773: ARNOLD, B - What Kind of Country. Modern Irish Politics 1968-1983.
128171: ARRUDA, SUZANNE - Stalking Ivory. A Jade Del Cameron Mystery
128172: ARRUDA, SUZANNE - Mark of the Lion: A Jade del Cameron Mystery
120622: ARTHURSON, KEN WITH IAN HEADS. - Arko. My Game.
130183: ARTHURSSON, ELIZABETH - Ewes and I
115847: DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS. - Masterpieces of Painting & Sculpture.
96571: ARUNDEL, EDITH. - The Persistent Warrior.
131994: ASH, BERNARD - The Golden City. London Between the Fires 1666-1941
127513: ASHEL, GEOFFREY - Camelot & the Vision of Albion. Illustrated Edition
127021: ASHER, MICHAEL - Death or Glory. The Last Commando
115306: ASHLEY, LAURA. - Guide to Country Decorating.
110546: ASHLEY, LAURA. - Decorating with Textiles & Trimmings. Essential & Inspirational techniques Room by room.
110248: ASHLEY, MAURICE. - The Golden Century. Europe 1598-1715. History of Civilisation.
109524: ASHLEY, LAURA. - Complete Guide to Home Decorating.
102762: ASHLEY, LARUA. - Decorating with Patterns & Textures. Using Colour, Patterns and Texture in the Home. With Jane Struthers & step-by-step text by Alison Wormleighton.
130364: ASHLEY, LAURA. - Laura Ashley at Home. Six Family Homes & Their Transformation
99241: ASHWORTH, ANDREA. - Once in a House on Fire.
123931: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Asteroids. Isaac Asimov's Library of the Universe
123930: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Earths Moon. Isaac Asimov's Library of the Universe
120861: COUNTRY WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION. - Australian Country Women's Crafts.
63322: N.S.W. CRICKET ASSOCIATION. - Year Book together with Annual Report and Balance Sheet 1961-62.
129086: ASTON, MARGARET - The Fifteenth Century. The Prospect of Europe
98068: D'ATH, JUSTIN. - The Initiate.
130955: ATHERTON, MIKE - Opening Up : My Autobiography
101075: ATKIN, RONALD. - Revolution! Mexico 1910-20.
71326: ATSIC. - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission. Folder kit including nine brochures: ATSIC Guide to Your Commission; Change and the Aboriginal; Pope John Paul II in Alice Springs; Aboriginal Opportunities in Employment, Education and Training; Dreamtime
22395: ATTENBOROUGH, DAVID. - The First Eden. The Mediterranean World and Man.
97952: ATTERTON, JULIAN. - The fire of the kings.
131976: ATWOOD, MARGARET. - Life Before Man ; Cat's Eye
101900: SPINK AUCTIONS. - Australian and World Coins. Sale No. 33. For Sale by Auction Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th August, 1990.
109431: AUGHTON, PETER. - Endeavour. The Story of Captain Cook's First Great Epic Voyage.
131253: AUSTEN, JANE. - The Complete Novels.. Seven Great English Classics
119439: AUSTEN, JANE. - Mansfield Park.
131806: AUSTIN, A.B. - Fighter Command
74521: NORTHERN TERRITORY AUSTRALIA. - A Series of Magnificent Views illustrating scenes along the North South Highway.
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112750: CHATTERTON, E. KEBLE. - Gallant Gentlemen.
56533: CHATWIN, B. - Utz.
125372: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY. - The Canterbury Tales. An Ilustrated Edition
131238: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY; ROBINSON, F. N. - The Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer.
96763: CHAUCER. - The Nun's priest's tale. edited by Kenneth Sisam.
108855: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY. - Troilus & Criseyde. A new translation by Barry Windeatt.
107108: CHAUCER. - Troilus & Criseyde. Abridged & edited by R.C. Goffin.
131599: CHENEY, SHELDON - The Theatre. Three Thousand Years of Drama, Acting & Stage Craft
122185: CHESTER, ALAN. - The Cygnet Adventure.
127718: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Selected Essays
53465: CHEVALIER, N. - Sandridge, Victoria.
131618: CHICHESTER, SIR FRANCIS - Gipsy Moth Circles the World
124285: CHILD, JOHN. - Australian Rocks And Minerals.
126541: CHILDS, VALERIE - Favourite Food
18155: CHILTON, JOHN. - Who's Who of Jazz. Storyville to Swing Street. With a foreword by Johnny Simmen.
63575: CHING, L. - The Builders
104783: CHING, YUAN - Daughters and Sons
80293: CHISHOLM, ALEC - Scots Wha Hae. History of The Caledonian Society of Melbourne. Foreword by Rt Hon R Menzies.
126330: CHOATE, ALEC - Mind in Need of a Desert
109286: CHOATE, PAT. - Agents of Influence. How Japan's Lobbyists in the United Staes manipulate America's political & economic system.
102071: CHRISTESEN, C.B [ED]. - The Gallery on Eastern Hill. The Victorian Artists' Society Centenary.
128090: CHRISTIAN, GLYNN - Fragile Paradise
118593: CHRISTIAN, C.S. & ALDRICK, J.M. - Alligator Rivers Study. A review report of the Alligator Rivers Region Environmental fact-finding study.
110837: CHRISTIANSEN, RUPERT (ED.). - The Grand Obsession. A Collins anthology of Opera.
122488: CHRISTIE ET AL - Fine Full Size & Model Steam Engines, Locomotives & Ship Models at the Brighton & Hove Engineerium. Catalogue of sale April 14, 1980.
122489: CHRISTIES - Fine Steam Engines, Locomotive, Ship & Car Models at the Brighton & Hove Engineerium. Catalogue of sale 30 April 1979.
107926: CHUQUET, ARTHUR. - Human voices from the Russian campaign of 1812. Translated from the ""Etudes d'Histoire"" by M. HARRIET M. CAPES.
129487: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Second World War. Volume I. The Gathering Storm.
132018: CHURCHILL, WINSTON . S. - A History of the English Speaking Peoples.TheAge of Revolution. Volume 3
132017: CHURCHILL, WINSTON . S. - A History of the English Speaking Peoples.The Birth of Britain Volume 1
131489: CHURCHILL, WINSTON L. S.; LEE, CHRISTOPHER - A History of the English Speaking Peoples. A New 1 Volume Abridgement.
128673: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. - Winston S. Churchill. Volume I - Youth 1874-1900.
127836: CHURCHILL, JENNIE - Pet Sense. Caring for Pets & Native Fauna
131604: CHURCHILL, ALLEN - Over Here. An Informal Re-Creation of the Home Front in World War 1
30213: CLAIR, C. - Sir Stamford Raffles Founder of Singapore.
55476: CLAIR, C. - Mary Kingsley. African Explorer
70507: CLAIR, C. - Mary Kingsley. African Explorer
125099: CLANCY, TOM. - The Bear and the Dragon.
122738: CLANCY, T. WITH GRANT BLACKWOOD. - Dead or Alive
116235: CLANCY, TOM. - The Sum of all Fears.
57741: CLARE, P. - The Struggle for the Great Barrier Reef.
129377: CLARE, MAURICE - A Day with Walt Whitman. Days with the Poets Series
118251: CLARK, J.M. - Collins Contemporary german Dictionary. German-English; English-German.
127792: CLARK, GRAEME (ED) - Australia & New Zealand Sires '88
122017: CLARK, PETER J. - An Australian Diesel Locomotive Pocketbook.
130976: CLARK, MANNING. - From the Earliest Times to the Age of MacQuarie
78503: CLARK, MANNING - The Quest for Grace.
124150: CLARK, MARCUS - For the Term of His Natural Life
131923: ALAN CLARK - Aces High: The War in the Air Over the Western Front, 1914-18f
122978: CLARK, MARY HIGGINS. - Two Little Girls in Blue
113810: CLARK, MAVIS THORPE. - Jingaroo.
111306: CLARK, SYDNEY. - All the best in France.
103919: CLARK, LEONARD. - The Marching Wind.
102903: CLARK, MANNING. - Disquiet. And Other Stories.
124421: CLARK, KENNETH - Another Part of the Wood. A Self Portrait.
128517: CLARK, MAVIS THORPE. - The Brown Land Was Green & the Min-Min. Australian Childrens Classic
79431: CLARKE, PETER. - Hell and Paradise. The Norfolk- Bounty - Pitcairn Saga.
118750: CLARKE, KEITH C. - Getting started with Geographic Information Systems. Fourth edition.
104663: CLARKE, JOAN. (ED) - The Australian & New Zealand Writers' Handbook.
114100: CLARKE, DONALD. (ED) - The Car. How it Works & How it's Made.
131077: CLARKE, ETHNE; PERRY, CLAY - English Country Gardens
122916: CLARKSON, EWAN - The Many-Forked Branch
126526: CLAYPOLE, YVONNE - Living on the Edge: A Personal Antarctic Story
95670: CLEARY, J. - Mask of the Andes
126189: CLEARY, JON - Different Turf
114103: CLEARY, JON - You Can't See Around Corners.
131958: CLEEVE, BRIAN - 1938: A World Vanishing
130786: CLEGG, BRIAN - Inflight Science. A Guide to the World from Your Airplane Window
127636: CLELAND, R. - Pathways to Independence. Story of Official and Family Life in Papua New Guinea From 1951 to 1975.
97705: CLEMENT, CATHERINE. - Theo's Odyssey.
110626: CLEWES, DOROTHY. - Summer Cloud.
126483: CLIFFORD, ARTHUR - Send Her Down, Hughie! An Australian Experience
109854: CLIFFORD, BARRY WITH PAUL PERRY. - The Black Ship. The quest to recover an English pirate ship and its lost treasure.
102305: CLIFT, KEN. - This Magic Land. Photography by Aussie Ostara.
102004: CLIFT, KEN. - ''Yes! I Remember'' A Story in Free Verse & Prose.
114374: CLITHEROE, PAUL. - Making Money. The Keys to Financial Success.
65846: CLOSTERMANN, PIERRE - Flames in the Sky. Translated by Oliver Berthoud.
129452: CLUCAS, PHILIP - The British Isles
126051: CLUNE, GEORGE - Why Gather Moss? Travel & Adventures in Five Continents
28992: CLUNE, FRANK. - Flying Dutchmen. Narrative of an Expedition of Discovery from Australia to the Netherlands with the ""Flying Dutchmen"".
70552: CLUNE, FRANK. - Land of Hope and Glory. An Australian Traveller's Impressions of Post-War Britain & Eire.
113092: CLYNE, DENSEY. - Wildlife in the Suburbs. Illusttrated by Martyn Robinson.
128106: COATES, FRANK. - Echoes from a Distant Land
100936: COATS, PETER. - A Book of Gardens. From House & Garden.
127221: COBEN, HARLAN - Promise Me
126538: COCHRAN, CHARLES. - The Secrets of a Showman
131933: COCHRANE, PETER - Australians at war
50210: COCHRANE, CAPT. J.D. - A Pedestrian Journey Through Russia and Siberian Tartary to the Frontiers of China, the Frozen Sea & Kamtchatka.
121454: COCKBURN, CLAUD. - Cockburn Sums Up. An Autobiography.
131452: COCKBURN, CLAUD. - The Devil's Decade
13720: COCKER, W.D. - New Poems.
131146: COE, BRIAN. - Techniques of the World's Great Photographers
120818: COE, DAVID B. - Bonds of Vengeance. Book 3 of the Winds of the Forelands.

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