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22305: WEAVING, ALAN. - Insects. A Review of Insect Life in Rhodesia.
23121: WEBB, DENVER A. - Annals of the Cape Provincial Museums. Volume 1. Part 6. A Survey of Fortifications in the Province of Queen Adelaide and British Kaffraria, 1835-1866,
27093: WEBER, BRUCE. - Branded Youth and Other Stories.
26827: WEBER, BRUCE. (TEXT BY WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS). - Bruce Weber. (Catalogue of) an Exhibition By Bruce Weber at Fahey/Klein Gallery . . .
8835: WEIGT, ERNST. - Europaer in Ostafrika. Klimabedingungen Und Wirtschaftsgrundlagen. Mit 37 Karten Und Figuren Sowie 30 Abbildungen. Doppel-Heft 6/7.
22265: WEINBERG, PAUL. (PHOTOG). (ED. RIAAN DE VILLIERS). - Once We Were Hunters. A Journey with Africa's Indigenous Peoples.
25312: WEINER, ANNETTE B. - The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea
21505: WEINHOLTZ, F.W. (TR. D. HOPE-CROSS). - The Theory of Modern Cross-Country Gliding.
27478: WEISFELDER, RICHARD F. - Political Contention in Lesotho 1952-1965.
10305: WELLINGTON, JOHN H. - Southern Africa. A Geographical Study Volume 1. Physical Geography.
20871: WELLINGTON, JOHN H. - Southern Africa. A Geographical Study Volume 2. Economic and Human Geography.
23379: WELLS, M.J. - Annals of the Cape Provincial Museums. Volume 8. Part 12. Plant Remains from Amanzi Springs.
4535: WELSH, ANNE. & BOSTOCK, A.L. (ED). - Africa South of the Sahara. An Assessment of Human and Material Resources.
26688: WELZ, STEPHAN. - Cape Silver and Silversmiths. The Work of Silversmiths at the Cape of Good Hope from Late 17th to Mid 19th Century . . .
15557: WENDE, HAMILTON. - Deadlines from the Edge of War. Images of War from Congo to Afghanistan.
21646: WENDE, HAMILTON. - The King's Shilling.
24250: WERBNER, RICHARD. - Tears of the Dead. The Social Biography of an African Family.
27300: WESSELS, ANDRE. - The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902. White Man's War, Black Man's War, Traumatic War.
18861: WEST, OLIVER. - The Vegetation of Weenen County, Natal. Botanical Survey of South Africa. Memoir No. 23.
11656: WESTON, PAUL B. - Combat Shooting. For Police.
27192: WHEELER, TOM. - History of the South African Department of Foreign Affairs 1927-1993.
25572: WHIBLEY, PAULINE MEGAN. - Merriman of Grahamstown.
27195: WHISSON, MICHAEL G. - Interesting Times. A Short History of the Institute of Social and Economic Research, Rhodes University.
12728: WHITAKER, JOSEPH. - An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1981.
25361: WHITE, JAKE. & RAY, CRAIG. - In Black and White. The Jake White Story.
23091: WHITE, TED. (ED). - The Best from Amazing.
15495: WHITE, R.J. - Waterloo to Peterloo. Mercury Books No. 40.
25437: WHITE, GILBERT. (ED. RICHARD MABEY). - The Natural History of Selbourne. A New Edition with Engravings.
26313: WHITE, JON MANCHIP. - The Land God Made in Anger. Reflections on a Journey Through South West Africa.
26783: WHITE, EDMUND. (ED). (TR. BERNARD FRECHTMAN & EDMUND WHITE). - The Selected Writings of Jean Genet. Edited and with an Introduction By . . .
20652: WHITINGTON, R.S. - Keith Miller the Golden Nugget.
26680: WHITLOCK, ARTHUR. - Behind the Cockpit Door.
24406: WHITTLE, LUKY. (ILL. SISTER CATHERINE). - Father Joseph Gerard. Apostle of Lesotho.
16940: WICHT, C.L. - Forestry and Water Supplies in South Africa. Bulletin No. 33.
3546: WICHT, HEIN. - To Hide and Seek. The Story of Santa Suzanne Sanctuary.
9264: WICHT, HEIN. - Search for Rekira. An Adventure.
26663: WICOMB, ZOE. - David's Story.
23596: WICOMB, ZOE. - David's Story.
11169: WILDE, OSCAR. - The Happy Prince and the Selfish Giant. Fairy Tales By Oscar Wilde. Foreword By Hal W. Trovillion.
6108: WILDLIFE HERITAGE TRUST FUND. - Who's Zoo. A Light-Hearted Look at Wildlife and Animals.
11047: WILES, C.C. - The Tale of a Library. 1827-1948.
23653: WILHELM, PETER. - Some Place in Africa.
23641: WILHELM, PETER. - At the End of a War.
10260: WILHELM, PETER. - The Healing Process. A Novel.
10274: WILHELM, PETER. - The Dark Wood.
23652: WILHELM, PETER. - The Healing Process.
23673: WILHELM, PETER. - The Dark Wood.
23843: WILLEY, BASIL. - Nineteenth-Century Studies. Coleridge to Matthew Arnold.
12870: WILLIAM H. MCNEILL (ED). - Journal of Modern History. Published in Co-Operation with the Modern European History Section of the American History Association. Volume 46, Number 4, December 1974.
25252: WILLIAMS, THOMAS RHYS. - Field Methods in the Study of Culture.
27006: WILLIAMS, RON. - Miami Heat Wave.
26314: WILLIAMS, JOHN G. (ILLUS. ROGER TORY PETERSON). - A Field Guide to the Birds of East and Central Africa.
21504: WILLIAMS, NEIL. - Aerobatics.
23472: WILMOT, B.C. & WILMOT, L.P. - Annals of the Cape Provincial Museums. Volume 14. Part 2. A Selected Bibliography of Literature on Odonata from Africa and Adjacent Islands Part 2.
23447: WILMOT, B.C. & LESLIE P. - Annals of the Cape Provincial Museums. Volume 11. Part 10. A Selected Bibliography of Literature on Odonata from Africa and Adjacent Islands.
27301: WILSON, FRANCIS. & PERROT, DOMINIQUE. (EDS). - Outlook on a Century. South Africa 1870-1970.
27198: WILSON, F. & RAMPHELE, MAMPHELA. - Uprooting Poverty. The South African Challenge.
21098: WILSON, A.N. - Eminent Victorians.
8427: WILSON, CHRIS. & PRESS, MAX. - Catamaran Sailing to Win.
15772: WILSON, ARTHUR N. - International Diamonds. Number 2. A Review of the World's Diamond Industry and Trade.
24998: WILSON, MONICA & THOMPSON, LEONARD. (EDS). - The Oxford History of South Africa. Vol I - South Africa to 1870.
26371: WILSON, VIVIAN J. (ILLUS. PADDY WILSON). - Orphans of the Wild. The Story Behind Chipangali.
24257: WILSON, MONICA. - Communal Rituals of the Nyakyusa.
26782: WILSON, KEITH. & WALKER JOHN. - Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
26800: WILSON, ROBERT. & LLOYD, FREDERIC. - Gilbert & Sullivan. The D'oyly Carte Years.
25180: WINCHESTER-GOULD, DENNIS. (ILLUS. JILL ADAMS & KEVIN ROWLEY). - Citizens of the Wilderness.
14374: WINCHESTER-GOULD, DENNIS. - Mukoba. Where Lions Roared. A Week in a Wilderness Game Lodge.
27293: WINDRAM, FOSTER. - Night over Africa.
26746: WINDRUM, NORMAN. - The Ulster Grand Prix.
23467: WINGATE, LLOYD R. & SWANEPOEL, PIERRE. - Annals of the Cape Provincial Museums. Volume 13. Part 12. Collections of Recent Mammals in Southern Africa.
14853: WINTERBOTTOM, J.M. - Common Birds of the South East. Longman's Field Handbooks. Illustrated By Hazel Stokes
27499: WISHLADE, R.L. - Sectarianism in Southern Nyasaland.
23520: WITTMER, W. - Annals of the Cape Provincial Museums. Volume 19. Part 1. Die Gattung Sphinginopalpus Pic (Coleoptera: Malachiidae) Im Sudlichen Afrika (36. Beitrag Zur Kenntnis Der Fauna Afrikas).
14623: WOLFF, S.W. & MILSTEIN, P. LE S. - A Guide to the Terrestrial Gamebirds of the Transvaal.
25474: WOLFF, S.W. & MILSTEIN, P. LE S. - A Guide to the Terrestrial Gamebirds of the Transvaal.
19022: WOLHUTER, LOUIS. (ED). - The Nedbank Guide to Flyfishing in Southern Africa.
27342: WOOD, G.A.R. - Cocoa.
26294: WOOD, J.R.T. - The Welensky Papers. A History of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
18594: WOOD, PHILIP. - A Comprehensive Guide to Gardening in Zimbabwe.
8728: WOOD, ANTHONY. - Nineteenth Century Britain. 1815-1914.
11094: WOODCOCK, HUBERT B. DRYSDALE & STEARN, WILLIAM THOMAS. - Lilies of the World. Their Cultivation & Classification.
1775: WOODHOUSE, NGITA. - Flowers for Four Seasons.
26791: WOODMAN, RICHARD. (ILLUS. DAVID SMITH). - View from the Sea.
20793: WOODROW, MERVYN. - A Capital Affair.
7587: WOODS, DONALD. - Briefe Aus Sudafrika. (South African Despatches). Ich Gebe Wicht Auf.
19090: WOOLFSON, MALCOLM. - The Long Road That Led Toward the Natal Playhouse.
24190: WORTHINGTON, FRANK. - Chiromo the Witch Doctor and Other Rhodesian Studies.
25762: WREN, ROBERT M. - Achebe's World. The Historical and Cultural Context of the Novels of Chinua Achebe.
27357: WRIGLEY, GORDON. - Coffee.
27207: WRINCH-SCHULZ, JOYCE. - The First Sixty Years. A History of the Durban Country Club 1922-1982.
14490: WYKES, DAVID. - A Preface to Orwell.
24949: WYKES, ALAN. - Nimrod Smith. A Profile of T. Murray Smith, Professional Game Hunter.
24321: WYLIE, DAN. - Myth of Iron. Shaka in History.
26122: WYLIE, JILL. (ILLUSTRATED SUE ROSS). - Call. (Call-of-the Marsh). Life with a Basenji.
25651: WYLIE, JILL. - Search. Dogs to the Rescue in Wild Zimbabwe.
26121: WYLIE, JILL. - Wildwoods. The Making of a Wildlife Haven.
27020: WYLIE, JILL. - Barefoot and Pawprint. A Kenya Childhood.
27021: WYLIE, JILL. - Barefoot and Pawprint. A Kenya Childhood.
27501: WYLIE, DAN. & MACKENZIE, CRAIG. (EDS). - 'no Other World' Essays on the Life-Work of Don Maclennan.
22570: WYLIE, JILL. (ILLUS. SUE ROSS). - Call-of-the-Marsh. Life with a Basenji.
26367: WYLIE, JILL. (ILLUS. SUE ROSS). - Call-of-the-Marsh. Life with a Basenji.
25143: WYLIE, JILL. - Search. Dogs to the Rescue in Wild Zimbabwe.
12565: YATES, ROBERT L. - When I Was a Harvester.
26828: YATO, TOMOTSU. - Otoko. Photo-Studies of the Young Japanese Male.
8292: YATRON, MICHAEL. - America's Literary Revolt.
26837: YEE, KAL. - Slide. Photography By Kal Yee.
26798: YGLESIA, JOSE. - In the Fist of the Revolution. Life in Castro's Cuba.
11907: YOUNG, KIMBALL. - Personality. And Problems of Adjustment.
21635: YOUNG, FRANCIS BRETT. - The City of Gold.
18120: YOUNG, JOHN. - The Spirit of the Tower. The Grey. 1856-2006.
25880: YOUNG, D., VAN DER VLIGHT, J., QANYA, S. ET AL. - Understanding Concepts in Mathematics and Science. A Multilingual Learning and Teaching Resource in English, Isixhosa, Isizulu, Afrikaans.
15337: YSSEL-FAMILIE. - Gedenkboek Van Die Yssel-Familie Van Elandskuil. 1851-2001.
26308: ZEEDERBERG, H. (HARRY). - Veld Express.
22977: ZIEHL, SUSAN, C. - Population Studies. Introductions to Sociology.
10516: ZOLBERG, ARISTIDE R. - Creating Political Order. The Party-States of West Africa.
27374: ZOLLNER, LINDA. & HEESE, J.A. - The Berlin Missionaries in South Africa and Their Descendants.
7453: ZUR STRASSEN, HELMUT. - Namib. Portrait of a Desert.
25048: ZVEREV, E.A., ZVEREVA, YU. & MAMATCHENKO, O.V. - Hunting in Africa. A Handbook.
25049: ZVEREV, E.A., ZVEREVA, YU. & MAMATCHENKO, O.V. - Hunting in Africa. One Day.
11252: ZWENG, CHARLES A. - Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics' Manual. A Guide to the Faa Ratings.
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