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BOOKS004994I: EKELUND, ROBERT B., JR.; HEBERT, ROBERT F.; TOLLISON, ROBERT D.; ANDERSON, GARY M. & DAVIDSON, AUDREY B. - Sacred Trust: The Medieval Church as an Economic Firm
BOOKS026699I: EKHOFF, EMIL [1846-1923[ - St. Clemens kyrka i Visby
BOOKS030697I: EKHOLM, GUNNAR - Norrland : en studie i landsdelens äldre bebyggelsehistoria och kulturgeografi
BOOKS002117I: EKKA, WILLIAM ; & DANDA, AJIT K. - The Nagesia of Chhattisgarh
BOOKS008883I: EKKA, FRANCIS - Kurux Phonetic Reader
BOOKS013409I: EKLOF, BEN ; EDITOR: - School and Society in Tsarist and Soviet Russia
BOOKS022611I: EKLUND, HARALD [1901-1960] - Theologie der Entscheidung : Zur Analyse und Kritik der "existentiellen" Denkweise
BOOKS026559I: EKLUND, STEN ; EDITOR : [ BRIDGET, OF SWEDEN, SAINT (CA. 1303-1373 CE)] - Regvla salvatoris [ Opera minora, I ]
BOOKS021178I: EKMAN, FREDRIK LAURENTZ [1830-1890] - Appareils hydrographiques exposés par le professuer F.-L. Ekman au Congrés géographiques de Vénise, 1881.
BOOKS020931I: EKMANN, BJØRN ; KRISTIANSEN, BØRGE ; & SCHMÖE, FRIEDRICH ; EDITORS: - Literatur und Philosophie : Vorträge des Kolloquiums am 11. und 12. Oktober 1982
BOOKS002856I: EKREM, INGER ; JENSEN, MINNA SKAFTE ; & KRAGGERUD, EGIL ; EDITORS: - Reformation and Latin Literature in Northern Europe
BOOKS002104I: EKREM, MEHMET ALI - Relatiile Romano-Turce intre cele Doua Razboaie Mondiale (1918-1944)
BOOKS029974I: KINESES ERGATIKE EKSOUSIA - Ta alla nea : periodiko tes Kineses Ergatike Eksousia [Vol. 2, No. 6; June-August 1971]
BOOKS013190I: NORSKE HIMALAIA-EKSPEDISJONEN - Tirich Mir til Topps: Den Norske Himalaia-Ekspedisjonen.
BOOKS004635I: EKSTROM, KJELL - George Washington Cable. A Study of his Early Life & Work
BOOKS020015I: EKWALL, EILERT [1877-1964] - Studies on English Place-names
BOOKS010229I: ELAZAR, DANIEL J. & GEFFEN, RELA MINTZ - The Conservative Movement in Judaism: Dilemmas and Opportunities
BOOKS014416I: ELBAUM, MAX - Revolution in the Air : From Malcolm and Martin to Lenin, Mao and Che
BOOKS027532I: ELBE, R. - Histiologische Untersuchungen über die Veränderungen, Besonders den Vermehrten Fettgehalt der Organe bei der Jodoform- .,.,.
BOOKS023865I: ELBERT, SAMUEL HOYT [1907-1997] - Dictionary of the Language of Rennell and Bellona : Part I : Rennellese and Bellonese to English
BOOKS023830I: ELBERT, SAMUEL HOYT [1907-1997] ; KUSCHEL, ROLF ; & TAUPONGI, TOOMASI - Dictionary of the Language of Rennell and Bellona. Part 2: English to Rennellese and Bellonese
BOOKS028018I: ELBRECHT, AUGUST [1892-1944] - Systematik der abnehmbaren partiellen Prothese
BOOKS026653I: ELDEM, SEDAD HAKKI [1908-1988] - Türk evi plan tipleri
BOOKS022045I: ELDER, VIC [PSEUDONYM OF GINO PERENTE AKA EUGENIO MARIO PERENTE-RAMOS (1937-1995)] [ SOBA, ELIZABETH ; EDITOR: ] - Oldie on Fascism : Lectures Given by the Old on the Form, & Nature of Fascism as it Evolved in the United States of America....
BOOKS017783I: ELDRIDGE, RICHARD THOMAS - On Moral Personhood : Philosophy, Literature, Criticism, and Self-understanding
BOOKS008061I: ELEAS, ANTONIO - El Alfabeto : Analisis del proceso genealogico del lenguaje universal
BOOKS021443I: ELECTION STUDY COMMITTEE, UNIVERSITY OF DAR ES SALAAM - Socialism and Participation : Tanzania's 1970 National Elections
BOOKS022581I: ELERT, CLAES-CHRISTIAN - Phonologic Studies of Quantity in Swedish : Based on Material from Stockholm Speakers
BOOKS006201I: ELFERINK, L.J. - Lekythos. Archaologische, sprachliche und religionsgeschichtliche Untersuchungen
BOOKS013788I: ELGOOD, HEATHER - Hinduism and the Religious Arts
BOOKS016710I: ELIADE, MIRCEA [1907-1986] - The Quest : History and Meaning in Religion
BOOKS015289I: ELIAS, NORBERT [1987 - 1990] - Reflections on a Life
BOOKS008847I: ELIASOPH, NINA - Avoiding Politics : How Americans Produce Apathy in Everyday Life
BOOKS024379I: ELIASSEN, FINN-EINAR ; MIKKELSEN, JØRGEN ; & POULSEN, BJØRN ; EDITORS: - Regional Integration in Early Modern Scandinavia
BOOKS031166I: ELIOT, CHARLES [1862-1931] - The East Africa Protectorate : Second Impression
BOOKS026658I: ELISSEEFF, VADIME - Bronzes archaïques chinois au Musée Cernuschi / Archaic Chinese Bronzes : Vol. I - Tome I
BOOKS017126I: ELIZALDE, C.G.E. ; & FALCON, F. - Mga diotay nga sugilanon sa Biblia
BOOKS012351I: ELKINS, JAMES [1955 - ] - The Domain of Images
BOOKS022104I: ELKINS, ZACHARY - The Endurance of National Constitutions
BOOKS030114I: EPANASTATIKO KOMMOUNISTIKO KINEMA ELLADAS [E.K.K.E.] - Deutere koinopoiese gia te diakinese ton "Laikon Agonon" [10 June 1975]
BOOKS030113I: EPANASTATIKO KOMMOUNISTIKO KINEMA ELLADAS [E.K.K. E.] - Thema : Sygklese tes 7hs platias dieurumenes olomeleias tou K.E. tou E.K.K.E.
BOOKS029973I: ANTIFASISTIKO KINEMA ELLADAS - Manifesto tou Antifasistikou Kinematos Ellados
BOOKS029975I: ANTIFASISTIKO KINEMA ELLADAS - 'O Antifasistas [nr. 1; 1970]
BOOKS030115I: EPANASTATIKO KOMMOUNISTIKO KINEMA ELLADAS [E.K.K.E.] - Deltio plerophornses gia te diakinesp ton "Laikon Agonon" : Arthm. 3-4-5 [1975]
BOOKS030689I: ELLEHØJ, SVEND [1924-1988] - Olav Tryggvesons fald og Venderne
BOOKS030110I: ORGANOSIS MARXISTON LENINISTON ELLENON - Laikos Dromos - Ektakte ekdose [19 September 1969]
BOOKS018544I: ELLING, CHRISTIAN [1901-1974] - Documents inédits concernant les projects de A.-J. Gabriel et N.-H Jardin pour l'église Frédéric a Copenhagen
BOOKS022759I: ELLIOT, G.F. SCOTT - New and Little-known Madagascar Plants, Collected and Enumerated
BOOKS006375I: ELLIOT, FAITH ROBERTSON - The Family: Change or Continuity
BOOKS014317I: ELLIOTT, JOHN HUXTABLE - Spain and Its World, 1500-1700: Selected Essays
BOOKS013042I: ELLIOTT, ROBERT C. - The Literary Persona
BOOKS017115I: ELLIOTT, RALPH WARREN VICTOR - Runes : An Introduction
BOOKS021280I: ELLIOTT, DAVID L. - Thailand : Origins of Military Rule
BOOKS023375I: ELLIS, JOHN - Reply to 'The Holy Supper and Its Administering Mediums, by a Deacon' : In Which the Essential Points of the Wine Question ..,.
BOOKS014119I: ELLIS, ZOILA [1957- ] - On Heroes, Lizards and Passion : Seven Belizean Short Stories
BOOKS006262I: ELLIS, HAROLD A. - Boulainvilliers and the French Monarchy: Aristocratic Politics in Early Eighteenth-Century France
BOOKS024003I: ELLIS, HENRY, SIR [1777-1869] - A General Introduction to Domesday Book : Accompanied by Indexes of the Tenants in Chief, and Under Tenants..,. [Vol. 1-2]
BOOKS024085I: ELLIS, MESSRS ; ROSENTHAL, A. ; BLACKWELL'S ; WEIL, E. ; MORTON-SMITH, M. - a collection of 16 British antiquarian booksellers' catalogues, ca. 1936-1969
BOOKS007519I: ELLIS, DAVID - Literary Lives: Biography and the Search for Understanding
BOOKS016626I: ELLIS, STEPHEN ; & HAAR, GERRIE TER - The Worlds of Power: Religious Thought and Political Practice in Africa
BOOKS005214I: ELLIS, ROBERT RICHMOND - The Tragic Pursuit of Being. Unamuno and Sartre
BOOKS004128I: ELLIS, GEORGE AGAR - Historical Inquiries Respecting the Character of Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon,Lord Chancellor of England
BOOKS011895I: ELLIS, JOHN - Seeing Things: Television in the Age of Uncertainty
BOOKS015709I: ELLIS, A. B. (ALFRED BURDON) [1852 - 1894] - The Tshi-Speaking Peoples of the Gold Coast of West Africa. Their Religion, Manners, Customs, Laws, Language, Etc.
BOOKS010973I: ELLIS, JOHN M. - Language, Thought, and Logic
BOOKS024122I: ELLIS, CLARENCE - Hubert de Burgh : A Study in Constancy
BOOKS015177I: ELLWOOD, ROBERT S. - The Politics of Myth: A Study of C.G Jung, Mircea Eliade, and Joseph Campbell
BOOKS009584I: ELLWOOD, ROBERT - The Politics of Myth: A Study of C.G. Jung, Mircea Eliade, and Joseph Campbell
BOOKS017445I: ELM, EVA - Die Macht der Weisheit : Das Bild des Bischofs in der Vita Augustini des Possidius ..,.
BOOKS011915I: ELMAN, COLIN & ELMAN, MIRIAM FENDIUS; EDITORS: - Bridges and Boundaries: Historians, Political Scientists, and the Study of International Relations
BOOKS007132I: ELMBERG, JOHN-ERIK - The Popot Feast Cycle. Acculturated Exchange among the Mejprat Papuans
BOOKS001635I: ELMEDLAOUI, MOHAMED - Principes d'orthographe berbère : en graphie arabe ou latine
BOOKS010136I: ELMER, JONATHAN - Reading at the Social Limit: Affect, Mass Culture and Edgar Allen Poe
BOOKS014539I: ELMER, HERBERT CHARLES [1860-19??] - Studies in Latin Moods and Tenses
BOOKS019245I: ELON, AMOS - A Blood-dimmed Tide: Dispatches from the Middle East
BOOKS005074I: ELSASS, PETER - Strategies for Survival. The Psychology of Cultural Resilience in Ethnic Minorities
BOOKS011940I: ELSÄSSER, GÜNTER - Die Nachkommen geisteskranker Elternpaare: Der Einfluss endogener Elternpsychosen auf die Psychosen, Charaktere .,.
BOOKS029555I: ELSNER, JAS - Art and the Roman Viewer : The Transformation of Art from the Pagan World to Christianity
BOOKS019934I: ELSNER, JÜRGEN - Der Begriff des maqam in Ägypten in neuerer Zeit
BOOKS024022I: ELSNER VON GRONOW, BERENGAR - 500 Jahre : Oelsner, Elsner, Elsner v. Gronow, 1467-1967
BOOKS012643I: ELSON, R. E. (ROBERT EDWARD) [1947- ] - Suharto : A Political Biography
BOOKS009213I: ELSON, MELVIN L.; EDITOR: - Evaluation and Treatment of the Aging Face
BOOKS006345I: ELST, KOENRAAD - Bharatiya Janata Party vis-a-vis Hindu Resurgence
BOOKS022716I: ELST, KOENRAAD - Dr. Ambedkar : A True Aryan
BOOKS001033I: ELST, KOENRAAD - Ram Janmabhoomi vs. Babri Masjid. A Case Study in Hindu-Muslim Conflict
BOOKS003484I: ELST, P. VAN DER - Bijdrage tot de Kennis van de Zaadknopontwikkeling der Saxifragaceen
BOOKS023640I: ELST, KOENRAAD - Asterisk in Bharopiyasthan : Minor Writings on the Aryan Invasion Debate
BOOKS023647I: ELST, KOENRAAD - Return of the Swastika : Hate and Hysteria versus Hindu Sanity
BOOKS008586I: ELSTER, JON ; & MOENE, KARL OVE ; EDITORS: - Alternatives to Capitalism
BOOKS016316I: ELSTER, JON - Making Sense of Marx
BOOKS013639I: ELTESTER, FRIEDRICH WILHELM - Eikon im Neuen Testament
BOOKS006989I: ELTON, G.R. - The Practice of History
BOOKS017887I: ELTON, G.R. - Modern Historians on British History 1485-1945 : A Critical Bibliography 1945-1969
BOOKS005789I: ELTON, EDWIN J. & GRUBER, MARTIN - Investments : Volume 2: Securities Prices and Performance
BOOKS026277I: ELVINGE, FREDERIK - Kirurgisk Instrumentmageri i Danmark , osv. [i Dansk Veterinærhistorisk Årbog, 24. årgang, 1970]
BOOKS004652I: ELWELL-SUTTON, L.P. - Modern Iran
BOOKS004499I: ELWERT, W. THEODOR - Traite de versification francaise : Des origines a nos jours.
BOOKS018971I: ELWIN, VERRIER [1902-1964] - Leaves from the Jungle : Life in a Gond Village
BOOKS012399I: ELWIN, VERRIER [1902-1964] - The Agaria
BOOKS003251I: ELWIN, VERRIER - Maria Murder and Suicide
BOOKS015651I: ELWOOD, RALPH CARTER ; EDITOR: - Vserossiiskaia konferentsiia Ros. Sots.-Dem. Rab. Partii 1912 goda / All- Russian Conference of the Russian Social-Democratic...
BOOKS029301I: ELYAS 'AYALNAH - Hadis 'Alamayahu : ba"hayaseyan" 'eyeta : yabacelar, yamastrétena yadoktrét meremeroc mazarzer ka'ahserot gar (1964-2003 'a.me.)
BOOKS010704I: EMADI, HAFIZULLAH - Politics of Development and Women in Afghanistan
BOOKS001543I: EMADI, HAFIZULLAH - State, Revolution, and Superpowers in Afghanistan
BOOKS010692I: EMADI, HAFIZULLAH - China's Foreign Policy Toward the Middle East
BOOKS006058I: EMBREE, AINSLIE T.; EDITOR: - Pakistan's Western Borderlands: The Transformation of a Political Order
BOOKS002493I: EMDE, ROBERT N.; HEWITT, JOHN K.; EDITORS: - Infancy to Early Childhood: Genetic and Environmental Influences on Developmental Change
BOOKS016216I: EMDE, ROBERT N. ; GAENSBAUER, THEODORE J. ; & HARMON, ROBERT JOHN - Emotional Expression in Infancy: A Biobehavioral Study
BOOKS000992I: EMENEAU, M.B. - Kolami. A Dravidian Language
BOOKS001095I: EMERSON, CARYL - The First Hundred Years of Mikhail Bakhtin
BOOKS017570I: EMIOT, ISRAEL - The Birobidzhan Affair : A Yiddish Writer in Siberia
BOOKS011622I: EMMANUEL, PIERRE - Baudelaire: The Paradox of Redemptive Satanism
BOOKS028742I: EMMANUELLI, FRANÇOIS XAVIER ; EDITOR : - Les Européens et les espaces océaniques au XVIIIe siècle
BOOKS000100I: EMMER, PIETER; METTAS, JEAN; & NARDIN, JERAN-CLAUDE ; EDITORS: [ - La Traite des Noirs par l'Atlantique : Nouvelles approches ...
BOOKS016255I: EMMET, DOROTHY MARY [ 1904- 19??] - The Nature of Metaphysical Thinking
BOOKS010029I: EMMONS, LOUISE H. - Tupai: A Field Study of Bornean Treeshrews
BOOKS023060I: EMOTO, MASARU - Les messages cachés de l'eau
BOOKS017883I: EMPSON, WILLIAM - The Royal Beasts and Other Works
BOOKS023331I: ENANI, M. M. [ INANI, MUHAMMAD MUHAMMAD, AL-DUKTUR ] - On Translating Arabic : A Cultural Approach
BOOKS027695I: EL-ENANY, RASHEED - Naguib Mahfouz : His Life and Times
BOOKS008455I: ENDERS, ULRICH ; & REISER, KONRAD ; EDITORS : - Die Kabinettsprotokolle der Bundesregierung : Band 3 - 1950 : Wortprotokolle
BOOKS015960I: ENDIRÇE, NUKRET - Alevilik-Bektasilik'te çevre
BOOKS006909I: ENELOW, JAMES M. & HINICH, MELVIN J., EDITORS: - Advances in the Spatial Theory of Voting
BOOKS022639I: ENEVIG, ANDERS - Sigøjnere i Danmark
BOOKS022327I: ENEVIG, ANDERS - Vejkrucifikser i Danmark
BOOKS021334I: ENEVIG, ANDERS - Tatere og rejsende
BOOKS009372I: ENGBERG, JENS - Det slesvigske sporgsmaal 1850-1853
BOOKS022545I: ENGDAHL, SVEN - Studier i nusvensk sakprosa : några utvecklingslinjer
BOOKS003811I: ENGEL, GEORGE LIBMAN - Fainting : Physiological and Psychological Considerations
BOOKS005085I: ENGEL, ROLF [DEGN, OLE; EDITOR:] - Denmark: Randers, 1500-1950 [Scandinavian Atlas of Historic Towns, No. 10]
BOOKS013904I: ENGELBERT, ERNEST A. ; & SCHEURING, ANN FOLEY; EDITORS: - Water Scarcity: Impacts on Western Agriculture
BOOKS028310I: ENGELBRECHT, AUGUST [1861-1925] - Studien über den Lukaskommentar des Ambrosius : Mit einem Anhang über eine bisher verschollene Handschrift des Philastrius
BOOKS026814I: ENGELBRECHT, HERMANN HEINRICH [1709-1760] - Observationvm selectiorvm forensivm maximam partem accessionvm ad Mevii opvs decisionvm specimen [Volume I]
BOOKS004028I: ENGELL, H.C.; NERSTROM, B. & LUND, FLEMMING, EDITORS: - Papers on Urology, Vascular Surgery & Kidney Transplantation
BOOKS023925I: ENGELMANN, ALFRED - Die Brentano am Comer See
BOOKS013375I: ENGELMANN, ERIKA; EDITOR: [DEUTSCHE HISTORIKER-GESELLSCHAFT. SEKTION MEDIÄVISTIK] - Städtische Volksbewegungen im 14. Jahrhundert; Referat und Diskussion zum Thema Probleme städtischer Volksbewegungen ...
BOOKS008361I: ENGELMARK, ROGER; OLSSON, INGRID U.; RENBERG, INGEMAR; & ZACKRISSON, OLLE - Palaeo-Ecological Investigations in Coastal Vasterbotten, N. Sweden. [Early Norrland 9]
BOOKS028948I: ENGELS, ODILO ; & SCHREINER, PETER ; EDITORS : [ MEDIÄVISTENVERBAND. SYMPOSIUM (4TH : 1991 : COLOGNE, GERMANY)] - Die Begegnung des Westens mit dem Osten : Kongressakten des 4. Symposions des Mediävistenverbandes in Köln 1991 .,.,.
BOOKS002983I: ENGELSTED, S. - Klinisk Veiledning til Diagnose og Behandling af Hudens Sygdome
BOOKS002985I: ENGELSTED, S. - Konstitutionel Syphilis. Klinisk Undersogelse
BOOKS025928I: ENGELSTED, SOPHUS [1823-1914] - Kliniske Meddelelser fra Almindeligt Hospital
BOOKS011838I: ENGELSTEIN, LAURA & SANDLER, STEPHANIE; EDITORS: - Self and Story in Russian History
BOOKS025497I: ENGELSTOFT, LAURITS [1774-1851] - Udvalg af Laurids Engelstofts Skrifter : Bd. I - II - III
BOOKS028540I: ENGIN, VAHDETTIN - Rumeli demiryollari
BOOKS024915I: ENGINEER, ASGHARALI (ASGHAR ALI) - Lifting the Veil : Communal Violence and Communal Harmony in Contemporary India / Asghar Ali Engineer.
BOOKS012875I: ENGLÄNDER, OSKAR [1876-1937] - Preise und konjunktur beiträge zur krisen- und preistheorie
BOOKS003938I: ENGLE, RANDALL W.; SEDEK, GRZEGORZ ; KECKER, ULRICH VON ; MCINTOSH, DANIEL N.; EDITORS: - Cognitive Limitations in Aging and Psychopathology
BOOKS000725I: ENGLERT, E. PH. - Christus und Buddha in ihrem Himmlischen Vorleben
BOOKS012813I: ENGLISH, ROBERT D. - Russia and the Idea of the West: Gorbachev, Intellectuals & the End of the Cold War
BOOKS009199I: ENGNELL, IVAN - Critical Essays on the Old Testament
BOOKS006472I: ENGQVIST, JONATHAN HABIB ; & LANTZ, MARIA ; EDITORS: - Dharavi : Documenting Informalities
BOOKS024895I: ENK, PETRUS JOANNES [1885-1963] ; EDITOR: [ PROPERTIUS, SEXTUS ] - Elegiarum liber I (Monobiblos) : Cum prolegomenis, conspectu liborum et commentationum ad IV libros Propertii pertinentium..,.
BOOKS010367I: ENKVIST, NILS ERIK [WIDNAS, MARIA] [ZILLIACUS, HENRIK] [PIPPING, HUGO E.] - Caricatures of Americans on the English Stage Prior to 1870 [bound together with three other monographs]
BOOKS027108I: ENNAIFER, MONGI - La cité d'Althiburos et l'édifice des Asclepieia
BOOKS028813I: ENNASSIRI, MOHAMED KHALIL - Issues in Arabic Syntax
BOOKS026944I: ENNEMOSER, JOSEPH [1787-1854] - Das Horoskop in der Weltgeschichte
BOOKS000423I: ENNES, GUILHERME JOSE - A Desinfeccao Publica em Lisboa
BOOKS020634I: CALCUTTA DISTURBANCES COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY - Report of Proceedings ..,. Minutes of Evidence. Volume VII
BOOKS020636I: CALCUTTA DISTURBANCES COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY - Report of Proceedings ..,. Minutes of Evidence. Volume VI
BOOKS020965I: CALCUTTA DISTURBANCES COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY - Report of Proceedings ..,. Minutes of Evidence. Volume IV
BOOKS018436I: CALCUTTA DISTURBANCES COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY - Report of Proceedings ..,. Minutes of Evidence. Volume XI
BOOKS021806I: CALCUTTA DISTURBANCES COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY - Report of Proceedings ..,. Minutes of Evidence. Volume IX
BOOKS019796I: CALCUTTA DISTURBANCES COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY - Report of Proceedings ..,. Minutes of Evidence. Volume III
BOOKS015331I: ENRIGHT, D.J. - Fair of Speech: The Uses of Euphemism
BOOKS000944I: ENRIGHT, D.J. - Interplay: A Kind of Commonplace Book
BOOKS004826I: ENRIQUEZ DE SALAMANCA, FERNANDO ; & TAMARIT TORRES, J. - Estudios de fisiologia gastrica
BOOKS011983I: ENTELIS, JOHN P. - Algeria: The Revolution Institutionalized
BOOKS022487I: ENTELIS, JOHN PIERRE - Culture and Counterculture in Moroccan Politics
BOOKS005183I: ENTWISLE, BARBARA & HENDERSON, GAIL E.; EDITORS: - Re-Drawing Boundaries: Work, Households, and Gender in China
BOOKS029452I: SOCIÉTÉ D'HISTOIRE ET D'ARCHÉOLOGIE DE SAVERNE ET ENVIRONS [ WOLLBRETT, ALPHONSE ; HEITZ, HENRI ; EDITORS : ] - Pays d'Alsace : Cahiers trimestriels [ no.s 47; 65-129; 154-157 (a collection of 56 issues, ca. 1969-1991)]
BOOKS007424I: EONE, FRANCOIS RENE; POUTH POUTH, JOSEPH FREDY; ABESSOLO, BENOIT PIERRE; NOUMBI, JEAN-PIERROT; TALA, GUY; EONE, OSCAR DAGOBERT - Augustin Frédéric Kodock : Portrait et pensées: Une vie de risques, d'audaces et de services présentée par un groupe de citoyens
BOOKS000088I: EORDOGH, ISTVAN - Geschichte, Gründe und Voraussetzungen der rumänischen Expansion in Siebenbürgen : (1916 - 1920)
BOOKS029740I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Sosialiste Epanastase" : Nr. 16 [December 1972]
BOOKS029735I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Epanastatikes Sosialistikes Omades" : Nr. 11 [01 August 1971]
BOOKS029736I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Epanastatikes Sosialistikes Omades" : Nr. 11 [29 July 1971]
BOOKS029738I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Sosialiste Epanastase" : Nr. 14 [February 1972]
BOOKS029737I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Epanastatikes Sosialistikes Omades" : Nr. 12 [10 September 1971]
BOOKS029734I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Epanastatikes Sosialistikes Omades" : Nr. 8 [01 April 1971]
BOOKS029739I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Epanastatikes Sosialistikes Omades" : Nr. 13 [25 October 1971]
BOOKS029733I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Epanastatikes Sosialistikes Omades" : Nr. 3 [01 November 1970]
BOOKS029751I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Epanastatikes Sosialistikes Omades" : Nr. 6 [01 February 1971]
BOOKS029730I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Epanastatikes Sosialistikes Omades" : Nr. 7 [01 March 1971]
BOOKS029731I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Epanastatikes Sosialistikes Omades" : Nr. 9 [01 June1971]
BOOKS029728I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Epanastatikes Sosialistikes Omades" : Nr. 5 [08 Jan 1971]
BOOKS029729I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Epanastatikes Sosialistikes Omades" : Nr. 10 [01 July 1971]
BOOKS029732I: ORGANOSE SOSIALISTIKE EPANASTASE - He Mame : ekdidetai apo te "Epanastatikes Sosialistikes Omades" : Nr. 4 [01 December 1970]
BOOKS004713I: EPHIRIM-DONKOR, ANTHONY - African Spirituality : On Becoming Ancestors
BOOKS014297I: EPSTEIN, STEVEN - Speaking of Slavery : Color, Ethnicity, and Human Bondage in Italy
BOOKS007889I: EPSTEIN, SAMUEL DAVID - Traces and Their Antecedents
BOOKS009184I: EPSTEIN, T.S. - Economic Development and Social Change in South India
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BOOKS018167I: FARUKI, KEMAL A. - The Constitutional and Legal Role of the Umma
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BOOKS000109I: FAURE, BERNARD - The Will to Orthodoxy: A Critical Genealogy of Northern Chan Buddhism
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BOOKS002745I: FEI, JOHN C.H. & RANIS, GUSTAV - Growth and Development from an Evolutionary Perspective
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BOOKS022481I: FEIERMAN, STEVEN - Peasant Intellectuals : Anthropology and History in Tanzania
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BOOKS002930I: FEINBERG, RICHARD - Anuta: Social Structure of a Polynesian Island
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BOOKS000244I: FORNET, AMBROSIO ; EDITOR: - Bridging Enigma : Cubans on Cuba
BOOKS000658I: FORNIES CASALS, JOSE FRANCISCO - Fuentes para el estudio de la Sociedad y la Economia Aragonesas 1776-1808. Documentos citados en las Actas ...
BOOKS030504I: JÄMTLANDS LÄNS FORNSKRIFTSÄLLSKAP - Jämtländska räkenskaper 1564-1571 [Parts I & II]
BOOKS029038I: FORRER, LUDWIG - Die osmanische Chronik des Rustem Pascha
BOOKS003113I: FORRER, RICHARD - Theodices in Conflict. A Dilemma in Puritan Ethics & Nineteenth-Century American Literature
BOOKS000848I: FORSH, L. F.; EDITOR: - Ozera razlichnykh landshaftov Severo-Zapada SSSR: ch. 1: Gidrologicheskie osobennosti ozer i landshaftnaia kharakteristika ikh v
BOOKS001968I: FORENINGEN TIL HOVEDSTADENS FORSKONNELSE - Gravminder fra Kobenhavns og Frederiksbergs Kirkegaarde
BOOKS025385I: FORSSMAN, ERIK - Dorisch, jonisch, korinthisch : Studien über den Gebrauch der Säulenordnungen in der Architektur des 16.-18. Jahrhunderts
BOOKS019353I: FORSSMAN, HANS AXEL ; & ÅKESSON, HANS OLOF - Mental Deficiency of Different Origins : A Pictorial Survey : Photographs Exhibited at the International Copenhagen Congress..,.
BOOKS024585I: FÖRSTER, ERNST - Wem gebührt der Kranz? : Eine Festgabe bei der Enthüllung der Bavaria
BOOKS014465I: FORSTER, LEONARD WILSON ; EDITOR: - Studien zur europäischen Rezeption deutscher Barockliteratur
BOOKS011918I: FORSTER, KEITH - Rebellion and Factionalism in a Chinese Province: Zhejiang, 1966-1976
BOOKS029066I: FORSTER, EDWARD SEYMOUR ; TRANSLATOR : [ BUSBECQ, OGIER GHISLAIN DE (1522-1592) ] - The Turkish Letters of Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq, Imperial Ambassador at Constantinople, 1554-1562 / Translated from the Latin
BOOKS021908I: FORSYTH, JAMES - A Grammar of Aspect : Usage and Meaning in the Russian Verb
BOOKS013890I: FORT, ANDREW O.; & MUMME, PATRICIA Y.; EDITORS: - Living Liberation in Hindu Thought
BOOKS015747I: FORT, ANDREW O. - Jivanmukti in Transformation: Embodied Liberation in Advaita and Neo-vedanta
BOOKS015430I: FORT, ANDREW O. - Jivanmukti in Transformation: Embodied Liberation in Advaita and Neo-vedanta
BOOKS022479I: FORTIER, ANNE-MARIE - Migrant Belongings : Memory, Space, Identity
BOOKS025784I: FORTIN, RAOUL [1856-1945] - Société normande d'études préhistoriques. Compte rendu de la réunion tenue a` Rouen, le dimanche 3 octobre 1897
BOOKS001285I: FÖRTSCH, WILHELM - Religionsgeschichtlicht Untersuchung zu den altesten babylonischen Inscriften: I. Halfte.,..
BOOKS000775I: FORTUYN, A.B. DROOGLEEVER - Age, Stature and Weight in Surinam Conscripts
BOOKS030622I: ALL INDIA PEOPLE'S RESISTANCE FORUM [SAIBABA, G.N. ; EDITOR :] - Peoples Resistance : July-August 2002
BOOKS012013I: FOSS, LAURENCE - The End of Modern Medicine : Biomedical Science Under a Microscope
BOOKS003813I: FOSS, LISBET - Paul Gerhardt : eine hymnologisch-komparative Studie
BOOKS018647I: FOSTER, JOHN - Class Struggle and the Industrial Revolution : Early Industrial Capitalism in Three English Towns
BOOKS010265I: FOSTER, MICHAEL K. - From the Earth to Beyond the Sky: An Ethnographic Approach to Four Longhouse Iroquois Speech Events
BOOKS009836I: FOSTER, JACKSON W. - Chemical Activities of Fungi
BOOKS006996I: FOSTER, I. L.. & DANIEL, GLYN, EDITORS: - Prehistoric and Early Wales
BOOKS006341I: FOSTER, KENNETH R. ; BERNSTEIN, DAVID E. ; & HUBER, PETER WILLIAM ; EDITORS: - Phantom Risk : Scientific Inference and the Law
BOOKS018371I: FOSTER, LYNN V. - Handbook to Life in the Ancient Maya World
BOOKS018222I: FOSTER, GEORGE MCCLELLAND - Empire's Children : The People of Tzintzuntzan
BOOKS011869I: FOSTER, KENNETH R.; BERNSTEIN, DAVID E.; & HUBER, PETER W.; EDITORS: - Phantom Risk: Scientific Inference and the Law
BOOKS020532I: FOSTER, CHARLES HOWELL ; EDITOR: [WASSON, DAVID ATWOOD (1823-1887)] - Beyond Concord : Selected Writings of David Atwood Wasson
BOOKS021398I: FOSTER, HAL - Prosthetic Gods
BOOKS000220I: FOSTER, DAVID WILLIAM & ALTAMIRANDA, DANIEL; EDITORS: - From Romanticism to Modernismo in Latin America
BOOKS026942I: FOSTER, ALFRED L. [1904-1994] - a collection of 23 offprints and extracts, ca.1956-1973, concerning algebra
BOOKS021179I: FOTIC, KONSTANTIN [1891-1959] - The Political Situation in Yugoslavia Today [bound together with two other pamphlets]
BOOKS018319I: FOUCAULT, MICHEL [1926-1984] - L'archéologie du savoir
BOOKS018130I: FOUCAULT, MICHEL [1926-1984] - Les mots et les choses; une archéologie des sciences humaines
BOOKS004721I: FOUCHECOUR, C.-H. DE - La description de la nature dans la poesie lyrique persane du XIe siecle. Inventaire et analyse des themes.
BOOKS030418I: FOUCHET, MAX-POL [1913-1981] ; EDITOR : - Fontaine : revue mensuelle de la poésie et des lettres francaises : no.s 17; 18; 21; 22; 23; 24 [janvier-octobre 1942]
BOOKS000960I: FOUGSTEDT, GUNNAR - Finlands svenska befolkning åren 1936-1945 : en demografisk undersökning
BOOKS001407I: FOULCHE-DELBOSC, R. AND BARRAU-DIHIGO, L. - Manuel de l'Hispanisant, Tome I & II
BOOKS012661I: KOREAN CULTURE & ARTS FOUNDATION - Who's Who in Korean Literature
BOOKS022418I: CIBA FOUNDATION [ SYMPOSIUM ON LIPIDS, MALNUTRITION AND THE DEVELOPING BRAIN (1971 : LONDON) ] - Lipids, Malnutrition & the Developing Brain : A Ciba Foundation Symposium jointly ..,.in memory of Sir Nor
BOOKS006372I: CIBA FOUNDATION - Development of Mammalian Absorptive Processes

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