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BOOKS020105I: WARREN, MARK E. - Nietzsche and Political Thought
BOOKS021118I: WARREN, KAREN JOYCE ; & ERKAL, NISVAN ; EDITORS: - Ecofeminism : Women, Culture, Nature
BOOKS007549I: WARRINER, DOREEN [1904 - 19??] - Revolution in Eastern Europe
BOOKS018949I: WARRINER, DOREEN [1904-1972] - Land Reform and Development in the Middle East : A Study of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq.
BOOKS024674I: WARRY, J.G. (JOHN GIBSON) - Greek Aesthetic Theory : A Study of Callistic and Aesthetic Concepts in the Works of Plato and Aristotle
BOOKS000276I: WARSZYNSKA, JADWIGA, EDITOR: - Les recherches geologiques dans le Massif central et dans les Carpates polonaises.
BOOKS007261I: WARTBURG, WALTHER VON - Die Entstehung der romanischen Volker
BOOKS004719I: WARTENBERG, THOMAS E.; EDITOR: - Rethinking Power
BOOKS012532I: WARTMANN, BRIGITTE; EDITOR: - Weiblich-maennlich: Kulturgeschichtliche Spuren einer verdraengten Weiblichkeit
BOOKS008838I: WARWICK, PAUL V. - Government Survival in Parliamentary Democracies
BOOKS006439I: WARWICK, PAUL - The French Popular Front. A Legislative Analysis
BOOKS002265I: WASHBURNE, CHESTER W. - Petroleum Geology of the State of Sao Paulo - Brasil.
BOOKS017755I: PRAWET WASI - Dap fai Tai duai chittawiwat læ phalang hæng thang sai klang
BOOKS005062I: WASILJEV, JOHANN - Ubersicht uber die heidnischen Gebrauche, Aberglauben und Religion der Wotjaken in den Gouvernements Wjatka und Kasan
BOOKS015590I: WASIOLEK, EDWARD ; EDITOR: [DOSTOYEVSKY, FYODOR (1821 - 1881)] - The Notebooks for The Idiot [by] Fyodor Dostoevsky
BOOKS016991I: WASIOLEK, EDWARD - Tolstoy's Major Fiction
BOOKS007134I: WASKO, ANNA - Froemmigkeit und Ritteridee im Lichte der schwedischen ritterlichen Testamente aus dem 14. Jahrhundert...
BOOKS012343I: WASMANN, ERICH [1859-1931] - Der Kampf um das Entwicklungsproblem in Berlin; ausfuehrlicher Bericht ueber die im Februar 1907 gehaltenen Vortraege.
BOOKS004285I: WASSEN, S. HENRY & HOLMER, NILS M. - Estudios Chocoes
BOOKS012288I: WASSERFALL, RAHEL R.; EDITOR: - Women and Water : Menstruation in Jewish Life and Law
BOOKS019148I: WASSERMAN, STANLEY ; & FAUST, KATHERINE - Social Network Analysis : Methods and Applications
BOOKS009441I: WASSERMAN, RENATA R. MAUTNER - Exotic Nations: Literature and Cultural Identity in the United States and Brazil, 1830-1930
BOOKS017308I: WASSERSTEIN, BERNARD - The Secret Lives of Trebitsch Lincoln
BOOKS010958I: WASSERSTROM, JEFFREY N. - Student Protests in Twentieth-Century China: The View from Shanghai
BOOKS007391I: WASSERSTROM, SANDOR; EDITOR: - A mult es jovo mezsgyejen
BOOKS011185I: WASSINI, KHIARY S. T. - Tlemcen: lettre d’outre-tombe de l’ALN a l’ANP: un requisitoire pro-maquisard contre les menees des ex-fuyards
BOOKS022456I: WASSMANN, JÜRG ; EDITOR: - Abschied von der Vergangenheit : ethnologische Berichte aus dem Finisterre-Gebirge in Papua New Guinea
BOOKS003067I: WASWO, ANNE - Japanese Landlords : The Decline of a Rural Elite
BOOKS026290I: HELSINKI WATCH - Human Rights in Turkey's "Transition to Democracy
BOOKS010898I: WATERBURY, JOHN - The Nile Basin: National Determinants of Collective Action
BOOKS007542I: WATERBURY, JOHN - Exposed to Innumerable Delusions : Public Enterprise & State Power in Egypt, India, Mexico, and Turkey
BOOKS012024I: WATERBURY, JOHN - Hydropolitics of the Nile Valley
BOOKS028756I: WATERFIELD, GORDON - Sultans of Aden
BOOKS004397I: WATERHOUSE, D.F. - Biological Control of Weeds: Southeast Asian Prospects
BOOKS011594I: WATERMAN, JOHN - A History of the German Language With Special Reference to the Cultural & Social Forces that Shaped Standard Literary Language
BOOKS011879I: WATERS, KRISTIN; EDITOR: - Women and Men Political Theorists: Enlightened Conversations
BOOKS001661I: WATKIN, E.I. - Poets and Mystics
BOOKS011805I: WATKINS, EVAN - Everyday Exchanges: Marketwork and Capitalist Common Sense
BOOKS022476I: WATKINS, JOANNE C. - Spirited Women : Gender, Religion and Cultural Identity in the Nepal Himalaya
BOOKS006241I: WATKINS, ALMA TAYLOR - Eroticism in the Novels of Felipe Trigo
BOOKS009530I: WATKINS, DANIEL P. - A Materialist Critique of English Romantic Drama
BOOKS018318I: WATKINS, PETER, 1944- - Story of the W and Z
BOOKS016420I: WATKINS, ERIC - Kant and the Metaphysics of Causality
BOOKS024898I: WATKINS, MARY M. - Invisible Guests : The Development of Imaginal Dialogues
BOOKS026004I: WATSON, WILLIAM PATRICK, FIRM OF (LONDON) - Catalogues 10, 11, & 12: Science, Medicine, Natural History [1999-2002]
BOOKS008111I: WATSON, BENJAMIN - English Schoolboy Stories: An Annotated Bibliography of Hardcover Fiction
BOOKS008038I: WATSON, RITCHIE DEVON - The Cavalier in Virginia Fiction
BOOKS017109I: WATSON, DON - Indians of the Mesa Verde
BOOKS016958I: WATSON, MALCOLM [1873-1955] - African Highway : The Battle for Health in Central Africa
BOOKS004184I: WATSON, JAMES L., EDITOR: - Golden Arches East. McDonald's in East Asia
BOOKS000198I: WATSON, JEANIE - Risking Enchantment. Coleridge's Symbolic World of Faery
BOOKS011263I: WATT, W. MONTGOMERY - What is Islam?
BOOKS002877I: WATT, W. MONTGOMERY - Islamic Political Thought. The Basic Concepts
BOOKS012078I: WATT, JEFFREY R. - The Making of Modern Marriage: Matrimonial Control and the Rise of Sentiment in Neuchatel, 1550-1800
BOOKS002008I: WATT, D.E. - Quantities for Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiations in Liquid Water
BOOKS030568I: WATTENBACH, W. [ TANGL, KARLMANN ] - Candela Rhetoricae : Eine Anleitung zum Briefstil aus Iglau [together with: "Die Grafen von Ortenburg in Kärnten"]
BOOKS005882I: WATTS, MEREDITH W. - Xenophobia in Unified Germany. Generations, Modernization, and Ideology
BOOKS027854I: WATTS, JOHN ; EDITOR : - The Donizetti Society Journal : Number Two
BOOKS004115I: WATTS, DAVID - Man's Influence on the Vegetation of Barbados 1627 to 1800
BOOKS002563I: WATTS, MARY S. FRASER-TYTLER - George Frederic Watts : [Volumes I & II] : The Annals of an Artist's Life
BOOKS007846I: WAUGH, EARLE H. - The Munshidin of Egypt: Their World and Their Song
BOOKS020196I: WAUGH, PATRICIA - Metafiction : The Theory and Practice of Self-conscious Fiction
BOOKS021425I: WAUGH, EARLE H. - Visionaries of Silence : The Reformist Sufi Order of the Demirdashiya al-Khalwatiya in Cairo
BOOKS016177I: WAWRO, GEOFFREY - The Franco-Prussian War: The German Conquest of France in 1870-1871
BOOKS011975I: WAXMAN, STEPHEN G. - Form and Function in the Brain and Spinal Cord: Perspectives of a Neurologist
BOOKS021176I: WAYNE, VALERIE ; EDITOR: - The Matter of Difference : Materialist Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare
BOOKS009437I: WAZALWAR, V.V. - Caturdandiprakasika: A Critical Study
BOOKS018672I: WAZIR, 'ALI 'ABD AL-QUDDUS 'UTHMAN - Adillat ilmiyah fi bayan haqiqat Bani Isra'il
BOOKS026398I: WAZZANI, MUHAMMAD IBN-AL-HASAN AL- [1910-1978] - Mawaqif as-saraf fi dikra 'l-arba'in
BOOKS001418I: WEAR, ANDREW ; GEYER-KORDESCH, JOHANNA ; & FRENCH, ROGER, EDITORS: - Doctors and Ethics: The Earlier Historical Setting of Professional Ethics
BOOKS009333I: WEART, SPENCER R. - Nuclear Fear: A History of Images
BOOKS011228I: WEATHERHILL, LORNA - Consumer Behaviour and Material Culture in Britain, 1660-1760
BOOKS027853I: WEATHERSON, ALEXANDER ; EDITOR : - The Donizetti Society Journal : Number Four
BOOKS019153I: WEAVER, STEWART ANGAS - The Hammonds : A Marriage in History
BOOKS011570I: WEBB, CLEMENT C.J. - Pascal's Philosophy of Religion
BOOKS007541I: WEBB, RICHARD CHARLES - Government Policy & the Distribution of Income in Peru, 1963 - 1973
BOOKS006432I: WEBB, IGOR - From Custom to Capital. The English Novel and the Industrial Revolution
BOOKS006293I: WEBB, STEPHEN H. - Re-Figuring Theology. The Rhetoric of Karl Barth
BOOKS018702I: WEBB, WILLIAM SNYDER ; & HAAG, WILLIAM GEORGE - The Fisher Site, Fayette County, Kentucky
BOOKS007277I: WEBBER, SABRA J. - Romancing the Real: Folklore and Ethnographic Representation in North Africa
BOOKS026714I: WEBER, ALBRECHT - Über ein zum weissen Yajus gehöriges phonetisches Compendium, das Pratijnâsûtra
BOOKS030586I: WEBER, HEINRICH [PSEUDONYM OF OTTO BAUER (1881-1938)] - Die russische Revolution und das europäische Proletariat
BOOKS027157I: WEBER, ALBRECHT FRIEDRICH [1825-1901] - Über den zweiten grammatischen Parasiprakaca des Krishnadasa
BOOKS024726I: WEBER, MAX [1864-1920] - Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Religionssoziologie, I [Bd. 1]
BOOKS010967I: WEBER, MAX - The Russian Revolutions
BOOKS026737I: WEBER, HANS - Über die Wuchsform von Bulbostylis paradoxa (Spreng.) Lindm. (Cyperaceae)
BOOKS018858I: WEBER, DIETRICH - Theorie der analytischen Erzählung
BOOKS030013I: WEBER, JOHANN GEORGE [1687-1753] - Ho Amen kai to Amen : hoc est, Commentatio exegetico-theologica in Amen Evangelicum, vel, Veritatem doctrinae Evangelicae..,.
BOOKS027673I: WEBER, FRANZ MICHAEL - Kaspar Schwenckfeld und seine Anhänger in den freybergischen Herrschaften Justingen und Öpfingen .,.,.
BOOKS016202I: WEBER, RALPH EDWARD - Masked Dispatches : Cryptograms and Cryptology in American History, 1775-1900
BOOKS015987I: WEBER, MAX [1864 - 1920] - Ancient Judaism
BOOKS015975I: WEBER, HENRI - Nicaragua: The Sandinist Revolution
BOOKS031319I: WEBER, FRIEDRICH AUGUST - Zwei Jahrhunderte Sachsisches Medizinalwesen
BOOKS013089I: WEBER, MAX - The Religion of India: The Sociology of Hinduism and Buddhism
BOOKS011868I: WEBER, SAMUEL - Mass Mediauras: Form, Technics, Media
BOOKS020550I: WEBER, WERNER [1919-2005] - Forderungen : Bemerkungen und Aufsätze zur Literatur
BOOKS022293I: WEBER, HANS - Morphologische und anatomische Studien über Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms
BOOKS028918I: WEBER, ERNA [1897-1988] - Mathematische Grundlagen der Genetik
BOOKS028147I: WEBERLING, FOCKO ; & LEENHOUTS, PIETER W. - Systematisch-morphologische Studien an Terebinthales-Familien : (Burseraceae, Simaroubaceae, Meliaceae, Anarcardiaceae.,.,.
BOOKS028233I: WEBERLING, FOCKO - Morphologische Untersuchungen zur Systematik der Caprifoliaceen
BOOKS015551I: WEBERMAN, ALAN J. ; & CANFIELD, MICHAEL - Coup d'etat in America : The CIA and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
BOOKS008129I: WEBSTER, LESLIE ; & BROWN, MICHELLE P. ; EDITORS: - The Transformation of the Roman World, AD 400-900
BOOKS013608I: WEBSTER, JOHN [1580? - 1625?] - The White Devil
BOOKS007260I: WEBSTER, T.B.L. - Hellenistic Poetry & Art
BOOKS018020I: WEBSTER, DANIEL [SHEWMAKER, KENNETH E. ; STEVENS, KENNETH R.; & MCGURN, ANITA; EDITORS:] - The Papers of Daniel Webster [Series 3] Diplomatic Papers: Volume 2. 1850-1852
BOOKS016188I: WEBSTER, DANIEL [WILTSE, CHARLES MAURICE ; & BEROCZHEIMER, ALAN R.; EDITORS:] - The Papers of Daniel Webster [Series 4] Speeches and Formal Writings: Volume 2: 1834-1852
BOOKS016187I: WEBSTER, DANIEL [ KONEFSKY, ALFRED S. ; & KING, ANDREW J.; EDITORS:] - The Papers of Daniel Webster [Series 2] Legal Papers: Volume 2: The Boston Practice
BOOKS016186I: WEBSTER, DANIEL [SHEWMAKER, KENNETH E. ; STEVENS, KENNETH R.; & MCGURN, ANITA; EDITORS:] - The Papers of Daniel Webster [Series 3] Diplomatic Papers: Volume 1. 1841-1843.
BOOKS011947I: WEBSTER, JOHN - Word and Church: Essays in Christian Dogmatics
BOOKS016189I: WEBSTER, DANIEL [KING, ANDREW J.; EDITOR:] - The Papers of Daniel Webster [Series 2] Legal Papers: Volume 3: The Federal Practice
BOOKS023599I: WEBSTER, T. B. L. (THOMAS BERTRAM LONSDALE) [1905-1974] [ GREEN, J.R. (JOHN RICHARD) ; EDITOR: ] - Monuments Illustrating Old and Middle Comedy
BOOKS024765I: WECHSSLER, SIGRID - Ernst Fries (1801-1833) : Monographie und Werkverzeichnis
BOOKS007383I: WEDAR, STEN - Duty & Utility. A Study in English Moral Philosophy
BOOKS017836I: WEDGWOOD, C. V. (CICELY VERONICA) [1910-1997] - Truth and Opinion: Historical Essays
BOOKS018856I: WEDIN, ÅKE - El sistema decimal en el imperio incaico : Estudio sobre estructura política, divisíon territorial y población
BOOKS006947I: WEEDA, J. - La Geologie de la Vallee Superieure du Serio
BOOKS016303I: WEEDON, CHRIS - Feminist Practice and Poststructuralist Theory
BOOKS004451I: WEEKS, ALBERT L. - The First Bolshevik. A Political Biography of Peter Tkachev
BOOKS007962I: WEEKS, CHARLES A. - The Juarez Myth in Mexico
BOOKS023164I: WEENEN, JOHAN - Over Be-sterren en de bouw en samenstelling van Wolf-Rayet-sterren
BOOKS007898I: WEERAMANTRY, CHRISTOPHER - Nauru: Environmental Damage Under International Trusteeship
BOOKS027662I: WEGENER, C.F. (CASPAR FREDERIK) [1802-1893] - Om Anders Sörensen Vedel, kongelig Historiograph i Frederik IIs og Christian IVs Dage .,.,.
BOOKS001590I: WEGENER, KURT ; & KELLER, WILHELM - So kam es! : Ein Bildbericht vom Kampf um Deutschland 1918-1934
BOOKS026276I: WEGGE, PAUL - Vejledning i Behandling af smaa Skovejendomme : Udgivet af Dansk Skovforening
BOOKS027869I: WEGNER, WILLY - Däniken i søgelyset
BOOKS022356I: WEGNER, PHILLIP E. - Imaginary Communities : Utopia, the Nation and the Spatial Histories of Modernity
BOOKS018494I: WEGNER, DANIEL M. ; & VALLACHER, ROBIN R. - Implicit Psychology : An Introduction to Social Cognition
BOOKS019790I: WEGNER, WILLY - Ufoer - top secret? : flyvende tallerkener 1947-1966 : et resumé af den historiske udvikling gennem tyve år.,.,.
BOOKS021309I: WEGNER, THEODOR [1880-1934] - Brancasaurus Brancai Wegner : ein Elasmosauride aus dem Wealden Westfalens
BOOKS021047I: WEGNER, WILLY - Spøgelsesraketterne over Skandinavien i 1946
BOOKS023544I: WEGNER, WILLY - Ufo-landinger i Danmark
BOOKS009575I: WEHLING, FRED - Irresolute Princes: Kremlin Decision Making in Middle East Crises, 1967-1973
BOOKS030978I: WEHOFER, THOMAS MARIA [1870-1902] - Untersuchungen zur altchristlichen Epistolographie
BOOKS008026I: WEI, W.I.; SHEM, JONATHAN; & LARRAMORE, GEORGE; EDITORS: - Cancer of the Larynx and Hypopharynx
BOOKS013898I: WEIBEL, EWALD R. - The Pathway for Oxygen: Structure and Function in the Mammalian Respiratory System
BOOKS011563I: WEIBULL, JOERGEN W. [WEIBULL, JORGEN W.] - Evolutionary Game Theory
BOOKS018192I: WEIDENREICH, FRANZ [1873-1948] - Apes, Giants and Man
BOOKS025023I: WEIDLEIN, JOHANN - Ungarns Revisionspolitik und der Untergang des Deutschen Reiches : die Schuld Ungarns am Zweiten Weltkrieg und am Untergang..,.
BOOKS030229I: WEIDLEIN, JOHANN ; EDITOR : - Geschichte der Ungarndeutschen in Dokumenten 1930-1950 : 1. - 5. Lieferung
BOOKS015219I: WEIDLEIN, JOHANN - Pannonica : ausgewählte Abhandlungen und Aufsätze zur Sprach- und Geschichtsforschung der Donauschwaben und der Madjaren
BOOKS015121I: WEIDLEIN, JOHANN - Die schwäbische Türkei : 1 : Beiträge zu ihrer Geschichte und Siedlungsgraphie
BOOKS010085I: WEIDMANN, URS - Fliegersprache : vergleichende Betrachtung des Inhaltes englischer Fachausdrücke aus der Verkehrsfliegerei
BOOKS028665I: WEIGEL, HANS ; LUKAN, WALTER ; & PEYFUSS, MAX DEMETER - Jeder Schuss ein Russ, jeder Stoss ein Franzos : literarische und graphische Kriegspropaganda in Deutschland und Österreich.,.,.
BOOKS003969I: WEIGERT, EDITH - The Courage to Love. Selected Papers of Edith Weigert, M.D.
BOOKS019484I: WEIGLE, MARTA ; COMPILER: - A Penitente Bibliography
BOOKS024995I: WEIL, GOTTHOLD - Grundriss und System der altarabischen Metren
BOOKS021223I: WEIL, GUSTAV [1808-1889] - Mohammedanernes bibelske legender : hentede fra arabiske kilder og sammenlignede med jødiske sagn
BOOKS008535I: WEILER, PETER - British Labour and the Cold War
BOOKS017044I: WEIMANN, ROBERT - Structure and Society in Literary History: Studies in the History and Theory of Historical Criticism
BOOKS016418I: WEIMAR, VOLKER - Der Malmöer Waffenstillstand von 1848
BOOKS003899I: WEIMARCK, ANN- CHARLOTTE - Annamirl och Njutningens Ugn. Aspekter pa 'Folkkonsten' och Folkkonstforskningen i Europa
BOOKS004365I: WEINBAUM, LAURENCE - A Marriage of Convenience. The New Zionist Organization & the Polish Government 1936-1939
BOOKS002120I: WEINBERG, DIETER ; & SOBRINO, FRANCISCO - El ciclo del cerdo en Espana : investigaciones sobre las fluctuaciones de la produccion y de los precios desde 1939 a 1956
BOOKS014449I: WEINBERG, GERHARD L. - Germany, Hitler, and World War II : Essays in Modern German and World History
BOOKS012831I: WEINBERG, STEVEN [1933- ] - The Quantum Theory of Fields. Volume III: Supersymmetry
BOOKS012829I: WEINBERG, STEVEN [1933- ] - The Quantum Theory of Fields: Volume I: Foundations
BOOKS013446I: WEINBERG, I - Siria, Palestina, Suez, Egipt: Note de drum
BOOKS024430I: WEINBERG, GERHARD L. - The Foreign Policy of Hitler's Germany; Diplomatic Revolution in Europe, 1933-36
BOOKS006536I: WEINBERG, BILL - Homage to Chiapas : The New Indigenous Struggles in Mexico
BOOKS017890I: WEINBERG, STEVEN - The Discovery of Subatomic Particles
BOOKS027676I: WEINBERG, BERNARD [1909-1973] - The Art of Jean Racine
BOOKS012830I: WEINBERG, STEVEN [1933- ] - The Quantum Theory of Fields. Volume II: Modern Applications
BOOKS025351I: WEINBERG, JEHIEL JACOB - Halitsat kite'a va-halitsat semol / me-et Yeh'iel Ya'akov Vainberg
BOOKS008138I: WEINBROT, HOWARD D. - Augustus Caesar in "Augustan" England: The Decline of a Classical Norm
BOOKS013879I: WEINER, JAMES F. - Empty Place: Poetry, Space and Being Among the Foi of Papua New Guinea
BOOKS006874I: WEINER, JAMES F. - The Lost Drum : The Myth of Sexuality in Papua New Guinea and Beyond
BOOKS015444I: WEINER, ANNETTE B. - Inalienable Possessions: The Paradox of Keeping-while-giving
BOOKS012350I: WEINER, MICHAEL; EDITOR: - Japan's Minorities: The Illusion of Homogeneity
BOOKS001529I: WEINER, ANDREW D. - Sir Philip Sidney and the Poetics of Protestantism. A Study of Contexts
BOOKS002507I: WEINER, PIROSKA - Carved Honeycake Moulds
BOOKS026820I: WEINERT, HANS [1887-1967] - Entstehung der Menschenrassen
BOOKS022364I: WEINGÄRTNER, ERICH ; & TRAUTMANN, FRÉDÉRIC - New Caledonia : Towards Kanak Independence : Reports of an Ecumenical Visit to New Caledonia, 27 April-11 May 1984
BOOKS028285I: WEINHOLD, KARL - Über die Bruckstücke eines fränkischen Gesprächbüchleins
BOOKS028296I: WEINMANN, ALEXANDER [1901-1987] - Handschriftliche thematische Kataloge aus dem Benediktinerstift Melk
BOOKS024678I: WEINRIB, ESTELLE L. ; CARSON, JOAN ; EDITORS: - The Arms of the Windmill : Essays in Analytical Psychology in Honor of Werner H. Engel
BOOKS016613I: WEINRICH, A. K. H. (SISTER MARY AQUINA) - Chiefs and Councils in Rhodesia: Transition from Patriarchial to Bureaucratic Power
BOOKS017076I: WEINRICH, HARALD - Sprache in Texten
BOOKS005509I: WEINSTOCK, JOHN M. & ROVINSKY, ROBERT T., EDITORS: - The Hero in Scandinavian Literature from Peer Gynt to the Present
BOOKS003494I: WEIPPERT, MANFRED - Die Landnahme der israelitischen Stamme in der neueren wissenschaftliche Diskussion. Ein kritischer Bericht
BOOKS010972I: WEIS, FR. - Om aeggehvidestoffernes omdannelser under maltning og brygning
BOOKS028282I: WEISBECKER, WALTER G. - Camp Mail of Italian Prisoners of War & Civilian Internees in East Africa 1940-1947 : A Postal History Study
BOOKS016008I: WEISBERG, HAROLD [1913-2002] - Whitewash : The Report on the Warren Report
BOOKS011963I: WEISBERG, HERBERT F. & PATTERSON, SAMUEL C.; EDITORS: - Great Theatre: The American Congress in the 1990s
BOOKS013970I: WEISBURD, DAVID ; WARING, ELIN J. ; & CHAYET, ELLEN F. - White-Collar Crime and Criminal Careers
BOOKS004049I: WEISERT, JOHN JACOB - The Dream in Gerhart Hauptmann
BOOKS022523I: WEISMAN, LESLIE KANES - Discrimination by Design : A Feminist Critique of the Man-made Environment
BOOKS002573I: WEISS, ANITA M. & GILANI, S. ZULFIQAR; EDITORS: - Power and Civil Society in Pakistan
BOOKS003619I: WEISS, E.A. - Oilseed Crops
BOOKS016026I: WEISS, FREDRIC LARRY - Freud: Knowing and Not Wanting to Know
BOOKS000271I: WEISS, JUDITH A - Casa de las Americas : An Intellectual Review in the Cuban Revolution
BOOKS000727I: WEISS, FLORENCE - Kinder schildern ihren Alltag : die Stellung des Kindes im ökonomischen System einer Dorfgemeinschaft in Papua New Guinea ..,.
BOOKS012061I: WEISS, EDITH BROWN & JACOBSON, HAROLD K.; EDITORS: - Engaging Countries: Strengthening Compliance with International Environmental Accords
BOOKS001077I: WEISS, LAWRENCE M. - Lymph Nodes
BOOKS006140I: INSTITUTUM CANARIUM. GESELLSCHAFT ZUR ERFORSCHUNG DER VORGESCHICHTE DER KANARISCHEN INSELN UND WEISSAFRIKAS - I.C.-Nachrichten : Bulletin des Institutum Canarium. Nr. 28 (1978) - 41/42 (1982); 45 (1983) - 58 (1988)
BOOKS022776I: WEISSER, PABLO JORGE - A Vegetation Study of the Zululand Dune Areas : Conservation Priorities in the Dune Areas between Richard Bay and Mfolozi..,.
BOOKS018330I: WEISSKOPF, VICTOR FREDERICK [1908- 2002] - Knowledge and Wonder : The Natural World as Man Knows It
BOOKS016695I: WEISSMAN, DAVID - A Social Ontology
BOOKS008124I: WEISZ, GEORGE - The Emergence of Modern Universities in France, 1863 - 1914
BOOKS021779I: WEITLANER, ROBERTO J. ; & WEITLANER-JOHNSON, IRMGARD - Acatlán y Hueycantenango, Guerrero
BOOKS003415I: WEITS, TEUNIS - Body Fat: A Radiological View
BOOKS023315I: WEITUOR, GABRIEL GAI RIAM [ RIAM, GABRIEL GAI ] - Christian-Muslim Relations in Sudan : A Study of the Relationship between Church and State (1898-2005)
BOOKS005908I: WEITZER, RONALD - Transforming Settler States : Communal Conflict & Internal Security in Northern Ireland and Zimbabwe
BOOKS027041I: WEITZMANN, KURT [1904-1993] - Catalogue of the Byzantine and Early Mediaeval Antiquities in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection : Volume 3 : Ivories and Steatites
BOOKS010270I: WEIZSAECKER, C.F. VON [WEIZSACKER, C.F. VON] - The History of Nature
BOOKS012088I: WELCH, CLAUDE E., JR. - Dream of Unity: Pan-Africanism and Political Unification in West Africa
BOOKS004043I: WELCH, ROBERT - A History of Verse Translation from the Irish 1789 - 1897
BOOKS023614I: WELCKER, FRIEDRICH GOTTLIEB [1784-1868] ; RITSCHL, FRIEDRICH WILHELM [1806-1876]; & BERNAYS, J. ; EDITORS: - Museum für Philologie. Neue Fölge. Achten Jahrgang
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BOOKS012128I: WREN, THOMAS E. - Caring About Morality : Philosophical Perspectives in Moral Psychology
BOOKS017444I: WRIEDT, KLAUS - Schule und Universität : Bildungsverhältnisse in norddeutschen Städten des Spätmittelalters : Gesammelte Aufsätze
BOOKS008732I: WRIGHT, WILLIAM EDWARD - Serf, Seigneur, and Sovereign : Agrarian Reform in Eighteenth-century Bohemia
BOOKS019218I: WRIGHT, ALAN F. ; & HASTIE, NICHOLAS - Genes and Common Diseases: Genetics in Modern Medicine
BOOKS009843I: WRIGHT, LAURA; EDITOR: - The Development of Standard English, 1300-1800: Theories, Descriptions, Conflicts
BOOKS009728I: VON WRIGHT, GEORG HENRIK - Philosophical Logic [Philosophical Papers Volume II]
BOOKS009420I: WRIGHT, HERBERT G. [ & ROSSING, KARL-JOHAN; & MARILLA, E.L.] - The First English Translation of the "Decameron" (1620) [bound together with two other monographs]
BOOKS007843I: WRIGHT, MARY CLABAUGH - The Last Stand of Chinese Conservatism: The T'ung-chih Restoration, 1862-1874
BOOKS016407I: WRIGHT, JOHN - Libya: A Modern History
BOOKS011860I: WRIGHT, THOMAS, [1810-1877]; EDITOR: - Feudal Manuals of English History : A Series of Popular Sketches of our National History..,.
BOOKS013011I: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD [ PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS ; EDITOR: ] - Collected Writings, Volume 5: 1949-1959
BOOKS011693I: WRIGHT, JOHNSON KENT - A Classical Republican in Eighteenth-Century France: The Political Thought of Mably
BOOKS019656I: WRIGHT, BETH SEGAL ; EDITOR: - The Cambridge Companion to Delacroix
BOOKS020133I: WRIGHT, ELIZABETH - Speaking Desires Can be Dangerous : The Poetics of the Subconscious
BOOKS021038I: WRIGHT, JOHN C. ; & KAGAN, JEROME ; EDITORS: - Basic Cognitive Processes in Children : Report of the Second Conference Sponsored by the Committee on Intellective Processes
BOOKS022230I: WRIGHT, J.M. VON - An Experimental Study of Human Serial Learning
BOOKS004704I: WRIGLEY, CHRIS; EDITOR: - British Trade Unions, 1945-1995
BOOKS011450I: WRIGLEY, CHRIS; EDITOR: - A Companion to Early Twentieth-Century Britain
BOOKS028430I: WROBEL, JOHANN - Ueber eine neue Hesiodhandschrift
BOOKS001345I: WROBLEWSKIEGO, ALEKSANDRA; EDITOR: - Bottom Fauna of the Heated Konin Lakes
BOOKS001134I: WRONSKA, JOLANTA - Archeolodzy warszawscy na poczatku XX wieku
BOOKS025988I: WU, CHENFU FRANCIS - Morphology, Anatomy and Ethology of Nemoura
BOOKS007408I: WU, AITCHEN K. - China & the Soviet Union. A Study of Sino-Soviet Relations
BOOKS013488I: WU, HAN [1909 - 19??] - Hai Jui Dismissed from Office, by Wu Han
BOOKS016442I: WU, JING-NUAN - An Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica
BOOKS004807I: WU, XIUQUAN [1908-1997] - Wo di li cheng / Wu Xiuquan
BOOKS019792I: WUELLER-HILLEBRAND, HERMANN BURKHART - German Armored Traffic Control during the Russian Campaign
BOOKS028876I: WULD HABIB ALLAH, AHMAD - Shinqit : al-Ashraf al-Adarisah al-Qalaqimah fi Muritaniya, qaba'il awlad al-Sharif Abi Buzulah namudhajan : dirasah fi al-ansab
BOOKS028782I: WULD BABBAH, MUHAMMADHUN - al-Nabighah al-Qallawi : hayatuhu wa-atharuhu al-'ilmiyah
BOOKS028832I: WULD AL-SA'D, MUHAMMAD AL-MUKHTAR - al-Fatawá wa-al-tarikh : dirasah li-mazahir al-hayah al-iqtisadiyah wa-al-ijtima'iyah fi Muritaniya min khilala fiqh al-nawazil
BOOKS029941I: WULD AL-SALIM, HAMAH ALLAH - Harakat al-Murabitin bayna al-'asabiyah wa-al-da'wah
BOOKS029025I: WULD 'ABD AL-HAMID, AL-TIJANI - al-Sidiyah al-sab'iyah : da'irat tasawwuf Sidi 'Abd Allah bin al-Hajj Ibrahim
BOOKS025910I: WULFF, DANIEL HØFFDING [1829-1900] - Nøgle til Almanakken, indeholdende en kort Forklaring over Festernes Oprindelse og Betydning, alle Maanedernes og Dagenes navne
BOOKS026623I: WULFF, HELMUTH [ BUDDECKE, ALBERT ] [ MUFF, WOLFGANG ] [ BREITLING, RICHARD ] - Geschichtsauffassung und Politik in Bismarcks Bewusstsein [bound with 13 other items ca. 1910-1944 concerning German history]
BOOKS017361I: WULFF, KURT [1881-1939] - Den oldjavanske Wirataparwa og dens Sanskrit-original : Bidrag til Mahabharataforskningen
BOOKS005848I: WULFF, K. - Über das Verhaltnis des Malayo-Polynesischen zum Indochinesischen
BOOKS027329I: WULFF, HANS E. - The Traditional Crafts of Persia : Their Development, Technology and Influence on Eastern & Western Civilizations
BOOKS005017I: WULFF, K. - Chinesisch und Tai. Sprachvergleichende Untersuchungen
BOOKS000705I: WULFF, MUNKE HERTEL - The Barbiturate Withdrawal Syndrome: A Clinical and Electroencephalographic Study
BOOKS004671I: WULFF, K. - Acht Kapitel des Tao-te-king
BOOKS007995I: WULLF, MARIUS - Social-Demokratisk Alberti-Skandale: Afsloringer fra den rode Bygning i Farigmagsgade
BOOKS023487I: WULLSCHLEGER, MAX - Schweizer kämpfen in Spanien : Erlebnisse der Schweizer Freiwilligen
BOOKS028125I: WUNDER, SVEN - The Economics of Deforestation : The Example of Ecuador
BOOKS024670I: WUNDER, GERD - Die Schenken von Stauffenberg : eine Familiengeschichte
BOOKS017432I: WUNDT, WILHELM MAX [1832-1920] - The Principles of Morality and the Departments of the Moral Life [ Ethics, Vol. 3]
BOOKS003766I: WUORINEN, JOHN N. - A History of Finland
BOOKS023996I: WURM, HEINRICH - Die Jörger von Tollet
BOOKS031260I: WÜRSCHMIDT, JOSEPH ; EDITOR : [ DIETRICH, VON FREIBERG (CA. 1250-CA. 1310 CE)] - Theodoricus Teutonicus de Vriberg : De iride et radialibus impressionibus : Dietrich von Freiburg : Über den Regenbogen ..,.
BOOKS020070I: WÜRTH, D. - Vom Dorfschulmeister zum Stadtschultheißen in Schwenningen a. Neckar
BOOKS011083I: WÜRTTEMBERG, KAMMER DER STANDESHERREN - Verhandlungen der Kammer der Standesherren des Königreichs Württemberg [a collection of 14 volumes ca. 1841-1847]
BOOKS025312I: WÜSCHT, JOHANN - Die magyarische Okkupation der Batschka 1941-1944 : dokumentarische Stellungnahme zur jugoslawischen Darstellung
BOOKS006260I: WUTHNOW, ROBERT - Experimentation in American Religion. The New Mysticisms & their Implications for the Churches
BOOKS031534I: WUTTE, MARTIN [1876–1948] - Kärntens Freiheitskampf
BOOKS011274I: WUTZ, HERBERT - Zur Theorie der literarischen Wertung: Kritik vorliegender Theorien und Versuch einer Grundlegung.
BOOKS010778I: WYATT, DAVID K. - Studies in Thai History : Collected Articles
BOOKS016361I: WYATT, TRISTRAM D. - Pheromones and Animal Behaviour: Communication by Smell and Taste
BOOKS004980I: WYBAN, CAROL ARAKI - Tide and Current. Fishponds of Hawaii
BOOKS008239I: WYCHERLEY, WILLIAM - The Plain-Dealer. A Comedy
BOOKS012480I: WYCZANSKI, ANDRZEJ - La consommation alimentaire en Pologne aux XVI et XVIIe siecles
BOOKS028021I: WYDLER, ALBERT [1886-1949] - Die Histologie der Kretinenstruma mit Berücksichtigung der Klinik des Kretinismus und der funktionellen Untersuchung
BOOKS021354I: WYE, DEBORAH ; & WEITMAN, WENDY. - Eye on Europe : Prints, Books & Multiples : 1960 to Now
BOOKS007367I: WYLIE, RAYMOND F. - The Emergence of Maoism : Mao Tse-tung, Ch'en Po-ta, and the Search for Chinese Theory, 1935-1945
BOOKS004951I: WYLIE, LAURENCE, EDITOR: - Chanzeaux. A Village in Anjou
BOOKS000516I: WYLLER, TORGEIR BRUUN - Consequences of Cerebral Stroke
BOOKS031148I: WYLLER, EGIL ANDERS - Platons Parmenides in seinem Zusammenhang mit Symposion und Politeia : Interpretationen zur platonischen Henologie
BOOKS019604I: WYMAN, LELAND CLIFTON [1897-1988] - Navaho Sandpainting : The Huckel Collection
BOOKS013654I: WYMANN, EDUARD [1870-1956] - Der heilige Karl Borromeo und die schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft : Korrespondenzen aus den Jahren 1576-1584..,.
BOOKS006928I: WYNARCZYK, POORAN; WATSON, ROBERT; STOREY, DAVID; SHORT, HELEN & KEASEY, KEVIN - Managerial Labour Markets in Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises
BOOKS003986I: WYRSCH, JAKOB ; BIRCHLER, LINUS & AUGUSTIN, HERMANN - Anton Stockmann. Leben und Werk 1868 - 1940
BOOKS013770I: WYSE, AKINTOLA J. G. - The Krio of Sierra Leone : An Interpretive History
BOOKS029496I: C'XATARAIšVILI, K'VELI - Guriis samt'avros seert'eba Ruset't'an
BOOKS006236I: XAVIER, CALDAS - O 20 de Marco ou a Rebeliao de Angola e a Bomba
BOOKS022296I: XAVIER, ALBERTO - A "Boceta de Pandora" que os Deuses confiaram à guarda de Nehru
BOOKS017513I: XENOPHON [ MORUS, SAMUEL FRIEDRICH NATHANAEL ] [ LEUNCLAVIUS, JOHANNES ] - Xenophontis Historia Graeca. Recensit animadversiones et indicem adiecit Sam. Frid. Nathan Morus Gr. et Lat. Lingv. Proferssor
BOOKS011282I: XEPHLOUDAS, STELIOS [1902-19??] - Esy, ho kyrios Ch. k'enas mikros prinkepas
BOOKS004819I: XHUFI, MUHARREM - Mbi Historikun e Progonatit
BOOKS014482I: XIANG, LANXIN - Recasting the Imperial Far East: Britain and America in China, 1945-1950
BOOKS022452I: SHANG XIANMIN - Clinical Experiences [ Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine & Pharmacology, Volume 5 ].
BOOKS010744I: XIAO, ZONGDI ; EDITOR: - Hong jun chang zheng guo Sichuan : ge ming wen wu xuan ji / Xiao Zongdi ... [deng] bian xie.
BOOKS012982I: DENG XIAOPING [ TENG, HSIAO-PING (1904-1997)] - Fundamental Issues in Present-day China
BOOKS024738I: ZHU XIAXI [ CHOO, RICARDO ] - Taiguo jiang tou he wu shu man tan / The Spirit & Voodoo World of Thailand
BOOKS029428I: XIDASELI, SALVA ; EDITOR : - K'art'uli Renesansis sakit'xebi : ezgvneba akademikos Salva Nuc'ubizis dabadebidan 100 clist'avs
BOOKS012340I: WANG YUAN-XIN - Cin'deki Turk diyalektleri arastirma tarihi
BOOKS029685I: XOS'TARIA, DAVIT' - Klarjet'is eklesiebi da monastrebi
BOOKS014120I: XU, GAN [171 - 218] [ MAKEHAM, JOHN ; TRANSLATOR] - Balanced Discourses: A Bilingual Edition
BOOKS029686I: XUC'IS'VILI, VALDIMER - Satanistebis Sak'art'velo
BOOKS000842I: SUN XUEQUAN - Applied Chinese Acupuncture for Clinical Practitioners
BOOKS011558I: XYLANDER, RUDOLF, RITTER UND EDLER VON [1872-1946] - Die Eroberung Abessiniens 1935/36 : militärische Erfahrungen und Lehren aus dem ersten neuzeitlichen Vernichtungskrieg .,.,.
BOOKS031071I: XYLANDER, JOSEF VON, OBERLIEUTNANT RITTER ; & ARETIN, KARL MARIA VON, OBERLIEUTNANT FREYHERR ; EDITORS : - Kriegs-Schriften / herausgegeben von baierischen Offizieren [Heft nr.s 1 - 2 - 3]
BOOKS018712I: YA-OTTO, JOHN [ GJERSTAD, OLE ; & MERCER, MICHAEL ] - Battlefront Namibia : An Autobiography
BOOKS009049I: YA'QUBI, RUQAYYAH - Dunya-yi shigift-i Jinn, Iblis, Shaytan
BOOKS027188I: ABU YUSUF YA'QUB [731 OR 732-798 CE] [ FAGNAN, EDMOND (1846-1931) ; TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: ] - Le livre de l’impôt foncier : (Kitâb el-kharâdj) / Abou Yousof Ya'koub ; traduit et annoté par E. Fagnan
BOOKS011635I: EL-YACOUBI, HASSAN HASAN SHEIKH SALIM & EL YACOUBI, "AMAR" JANE BIDDLE MERRITT - Islam, the Language of Oneness: Tawhid, the Islamic Paradigm
BOOKS011634I: EL-YACOUBI, HASSAN HASAN & EL YACOUBI, "AMAR" JANE BIDDLE MERRITT - Whatever Your Lord Is, You Are HIS: al-Ubudiyyah: the Islamic Paradigm of Humanity
BOOKS012886I: EL-YACOUBI, HASSAN HASAN SHEIKH SALIM ; & EL-YACOUBI, JANE MERRITT - The Deadlock of Eastern Western Kufur Secular Concepts of Rights : Islam in its own Right : World Light Splendor
BOOKS006693I: YADAV, KRIPAL C. - Elections in Panjab 1920 - 1947
BOOKS006690I: YADAV, JAGDISH S. - Cultural Heritage of Mathura: A Bibliography
BOOKS006688I: YADAV, K.C. - The Revolt of 1857 in Haryana
BOOKS003474I: YADAV, B.B.L.; BILLORE, K.V.; JOSEPH, T.G. & CHATURVEDI, D.D. - Cultivation of Guggulu
BOOKS008485I: YADAVA, YOGENDRA P.; EDITOR: - Readings in Maithili Language, Literature and Culture
BOOKS006347I: YADAVA, YOGENDRA P. & KANSAKAR, TEJ R., EDITORS: - Lexicography in Nepal. Proceedings of the Institute on Lexicography, 1995
BOOKS021703I: YADAVA, GANGA PRASAD - Dhanapala and his Times : A Socio-cultural Study Based Upon his Works
BOOKS008014I: YAFFE, URI ; & YAFFE, TAMAR - A Home by the Jordan River : The Story of a Pioneering Family
BOOKS019339I: YAFI, ABDALLAH - La condition privée de la femme dans le droit de l’Islam
BOOKS013545I: YAGCIOGLU, HALIM - ltin günlerin esiginde: Siirler
BOOKS023733I: YAGHI, 'ABD AL-RAHMAN - Ma'a Ghassan Kanafani wa-juhudihi al-qisasiyah al-riwa'iyah
BOOKS018056I: YAGHMAIAN, BEHZAD - Social Change in Iran : An Eyewitness Account of Dissent, Defiance, and New Movements for Rights
BOOKS010175I: YAHUDA, A. S. [ BAHYA BEN JOSEPH IBN PAKUDA (11TH CENTURY AD)] - Prolegomena zu einer erstmaligen Herausgabe des kitab Al-Hidaja 'il a fara 'id al-qulub (hovot ha-levavot) von Bachja..,.
BOOKS011652I: YAHYA, HARUN - Les désasters causés a l'humanité par le darwinisme
BOOKS028785I: SALIH IBN YAHYÁ [CA. 1446 CE] [ SALIBI, KAMAL SULEIMAN (1929-2011) ; & HOURS, FRANCIS ; EDITORS : ] - Tarikh Bayrut, wa-huwa akhbar al-salaf min dhurriyat Buhtur ibn 'Ali Amir al-Gharb bi-Bayrut [ta'lif] Salih ibn Yahyá..,.
BOOKS018150I: YAKOVLEV, ALEXANDER N. [ IAKOVLEV, A. N. (ALEKSANDR NIKOLAEVICH) [1923-2005] - A Century of Violence in Soviet Russia
BOOKS021696I: YAMADAGNI, VASANTA - Rasalila tatha rasanukarana vikasa
BOOKS028924I: YAMAGUTI, SATYU [1894-1976] - Parasitic Copepods from Fishes of Japan : Parts 1 - 3.
BOOKS007154I: YAMAGUTI, SATYU - Monogenetic Trematodes of Hawaiian Fishes
BOOKS029704I: YAMAMOTO, KAZUHIKO - Struktura etike e të drejtës zakonore shqiptare / The Ethical Structure of the Albanian Customary Law
BOOKS019286I: YAMAMURA, KOZO ; & YASUBA, YASUKICHI ; EDITORS: - The Political Economy of Japan. Volume 1: The Domestic Transformation
BOOKS015957I: YAMAN, MEHMET - Alevilikte cem : Inanç - Ibadet - Erkan
BOOKS023029I: YAMAN, ALI ; & ERDEMIR, AYKAN - Alevism-Bektashism : A Brief Introduction
BOOKS002207I: YAMASHITA, KOICHI - Patanjala Yoga Philosophy with Reference to Buddhism
BOOKS015671I: YAMBA, C. BAWA - Permanent Pilgrims : The Role of Pilgrimage in the Lives of West African Muslims in Sudan
BOOKS029312I: YAMIN, MUHAMMAD HUSAIN - Daramadi bar lahgasinasi dar zaban-i Farsi-i Dari : wa numunahayi az lahgaha-i in zaban
BOOKS028779I: YAMLAHI, AL-MUKHTAR - al-Shurafa' al-Yamlahiyun wa-dawruhum fi al-'Ara'ish : wa-al-taliq 'alá Adwa' 'ala´ dhakirat al-'Ara'ish .,.,.
BOOKS027196I: YANAGIHARA, HIROSHI - Theory of Hopf Algebras Attached to Group Schemes
BOOKS007040I: YANG, ANAND A. - The Limited Raj: Agrarian Relations in Colonial India, Saran District, 1793 - 1920
BOOKS019397I: YANG, YIYAN - Mi mi shi jie / Yang Yiyan zhu
BOOKS007125I: YANG, ANAND A. - Bazaar India : Markets, Society, and the Colonial State in Gangetic Bihar
BOOKS017631I: YANG, JIANG - A Cadre School Life : Six Chapters
BOOKS015947I: YANG, MAYFAIR MEI-HUI - Gifts, Favors and Banquets: Art of Social Relationships in China
BOOKS016013I: YANG, MARTIN C. [ YANG, MOU-CH'UN ] - A Chinese Village : Taitou, Shantung Province
BOOKS005950I: YANG, LIEN-SHENG - Studies in Chinese Institutional History
BOOKS020859I: YANG, JWING-MING - The Root of Chinese Chi Kung : The Secrets of Chi Kung Training
BOOKS009863I: YANGONTAN, HONI & MOYMADIDE - Conversations et textes ngam (maro)
BOOKS002452I: YANKOV, ANGEL [IANKOV, ANGEL (1961 - )] - Kalendarni praznitsi i obichai na bulgarite katolitsi, kraia na XIX--sredata na XX vek
BOOKS003763I: YANOV, ALEXANDER - The Origins of Autocracy : Ivan the Terrible in Russian History
BOOKS006308I: YANS-MCLAUGHLIN, VIRGINIA - Family and Community. Italian Immigrants in Buffalo, 1880 - 1930
BOOKS018824I: YARAVINTELIMATH, C. R. - Jesting Jeremiah : A Study of Noel Coward's Comic Vision
BOOKS019405I: YASHAR, DEBORAH J. - Contesting Citizenship in Latin America : The Rise of Indigenous Movements and the Postliberal Challenge
BOOKS001409I: YASHAR, DEBORAH J. - Demanding Democracy: Reform & Reaction in Costa Rica & Guatemala, 1870s-1950s
BOOKS023299I: YASIN, 'ABD-AL-QADIR - Hamas : Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyah fi Filastin
BOOKS008320I: YASIN, OZKER - Babil Daha Uzakta: Siirler
BOOKS014378I: YASUNAGA, TOSHINOBU - Ando Shoeki : Social and Ecological Philosopher in Eighteenth-Century Japan
BOOKS008784I: YATES, FRANCES AMELIA [1899-1981] - Astraea : The Imperial Theme in the Sixteenth Century
BOOKS021134I: YATES, PETER - Structure Determination : Commentaries on the Determination of the Structures of Some Natural Products
BOOKS002512I: YAZDANFAR, VAHID - Guyish va rusum mardum-i Manujan : bakhsh-i avval
BOOKS025696I: YAZDANI, G. M. - Fishes of Khasi Hills
BOOKS016865I: YDE, ALF - Nogle undersøgelser over nyrefunktionen ved epilepsi
BOOKS004663I: YDE, JENS - Material Culture of the Waiwai
BOOKS015806I: YEAGER, RODGER ; & MILLER, NORMAN N. - Wildlife, Wild Death: Land Use and Survival in Eastern Africa
BOOKS017598I: YEATMAN, JONATHAN - Daffodil and Golden Eagle : The Saga of Two Balloons crossing the Sahara
BOOKS019238I: YEATS, W. B. (WILLIAM BUTLER) [1865-1939] [ PHILLIPS, CATHERINE ; EDITOR: ] - The Hour Glass : Manuscript Materials
BOOKS017116I: YEAZELL, RUTH BERNARD - The Death and Letters of Alice James: Selected Correspondence
BOOKS000438I: YEDIYILDIZ, BAHAEDDIN - Institution du Vaqf au XVIIIe siecle en Turquie. Etude socio-historique.
BOOKS029282I: MAREYÉ YEGZAW - Qenéyawi ya'ewqat fatara / baMareyé Yegzaw
BOOKS005989I: YELLIN, JEAN FAGAN ; & BOND, CYNTHIA D. ; COMPILERS: - The Pen is Ours: A Listing of Writings by and about African-American Women Before 1910 with Secondary Bibliography to the Presen
BOOKS001962I: YEMELYANOVA, T., EDITOR: - Khokhloma Folk Painting
BOOKS030513I: TRÂN HÂU YÊN THÊ - Song xua phô cu và nhung ghi chép bên lê
BOOKS004456I: YENAL, EDITH - Charles d'Orleans . A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources
BOOKS005553I: YENSER, STEPHEN - Circle to Circle. The Poetry of Robert Lowell
BOOKS028634I: YERASIMOS, STEFANOS [1942-2005] ; EDITOR : - Istanbul, 1914-1923 : capitale d'un monde illusoire ou l'agonie des vieux empires
BOOKS028691I: YERASIMOS, STEFANOS [1942-2005] - Hommes et idées dans l’espace ottoman
BOOKS022134I: YESHITELA, OMALI [ AFRICAN PEOPLE'S SOCIALIST PARTY ] - Stolen Black Labor : The Political Economy of Domestic Colonialism : The Basis of Demand by African People in the U.S...,.
BOOKS027677I: MANSUDAE YESULTAN - Wan shou tai yi shu tuan / The Mansudae Art Troupe / L'ensemble artistique de Mansoudai
BOOKS003710I: YETKIN, CETIN - Belgelerle Türkiye'de 17 intihar olayi
BOOKS015700I: YETMAN, DAVID ; & VAN DEVENDER, THOMAS R. - Mayo Ethnobotany: Land, History and Traditional Knowledge in Northwest Mexico
BOOKS024198I: UNG-NO YI [ YI UNG-NO MISULGWAN ] - 70 nyondae I Ung-no munjja ch usangjon 1 / Ungno Lee's Abstract Paintings of the 70s I, Ungno Lee / Roland Barthes
BOOKS006063I: YICK, JOSEPH K.S. - Making Urban Revolution in China: The CCP - GMD Struggle for Beiping-Tianjin 1945-1949
BOOKS025729I: YIEND, JENNY ; EDITOR: - Cognition, Emotion, and Psychopathology : Theoretical, Empirical, and Clinical Directions
BOOKS028590I: YILDIZ, HASAN - Fransiz belgeleriyle Sevr-Lozan-Musul ücgeninde Kürdistan
BOOKS029703I: YMERI, NIMET - Nga Peza në Vishegrad : një histori e shkurtër e Brigadës së 22-S
BOOKS001208I: YNGVE, VICTOR H. - Linguistics as a Science
BOOKS003275I: YNTEMA, LUITZEN - Mathematical Models of Demographic Analysis
BOOKS014125I: YOCKEY, HUBERT P. - Information Theory, Evolution, and The Origin of Life
BOOKS008246I: YODER, H. S. (HATTEN SCHUYLER) - Generation of Basaltic Magma
BOOKS016492I: YOFFEE, NORMAN - Myths of the Archaic State: Evolution of the Earliest Cities, States, and Civilizations
BOOKS003331I: YOGYANTI-AJISUKSMO, CLARA ROSA PUDJI - Self-Regulated Learning in Indonesian Higher Education.A Study Carried out at Atma Jaya Catholic University in Jakarta,Indonesia
BOOKS010621I: YORK, HERBERT F. - The Advisors : Oppenheimer, Teller, and the Superbomb
BOOKS021695I: CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK - Final Report of Special Committee of the Associate Alumni of the City College ..,. [together with (same) "Minority Report..,."]
BOOKS029178I: FIKRE YOSEPH - Becañaw 'Afrikawi fidal: The Sole African Alphabet: tasaselo yaqaraba 'adis ya'Ityopya ser'ata-fidal gabatana yanebab malamamaga
BOOKS014526I: YOSHIKAWA, TSUNEO - Foundations of Robotics : Analysis and Control
BOOKS029402I: YOTMAI - Huachai pathana
BOOKS012841I: YOUNG, DUDLEY - Origins of the Sacred: The Ecstacies of Love and War
BOOKS007326I: YOUNG, KANALU G. TERRY - Rethinking the Native Hawaiian Past
BOOKS007894I: YOUNG, IRIS MARION - Intersecting Voices: Dilemmas of Gender, Political Philosophy, and Policy
BOOKS010644I: YOUNG, THOMAS DANIEL; EDITOR: - The New Criticism and After
BOOKS012418I: YOUNG, CRAWFORD - Politics in the Congo: Decolonization and Independence
BOOKS001440I: YOUNG, MICHAEL W. - Magicians of Manumanua. Living Myth in Kalauna
BOOKS013252I: YOUNG, ORAN R.; EDITOR: - The Effectiveness of International Environmental Regimes: Causal Connections and Behavioral Mechanisms
BOOKS001498I: YOUNG, G. ALASTAIR; & SMITH, RICHARD L. - Essentials of Statistical Inference
BOOKS000209I: YOUNG, ORAN R. - The Institutional Dimensions of Environmental Change : Fit, Interplay, and Scale
BOOKS028511I: YOUNG, DESMOND - Fountain of the Elephants
BOOKS006997I: YOUNGBLOOD, ROBERT L. - Marcos Against the Church: Economic Development & Political Repression in the Philippines
BOOKS011933I: YOUNGMAN, FRANK - The Political Economy of Adult Education & Development

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