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BOOKS019300I: UNGER, ROBERTO MANGABEIRA - Social Theory : Its Situation and Its Task. A Critical Introduction to Politics, A Work in Constructive Social Theory
BOOKS019275I: UNGER, ROBERTO MANGABEIRA - Plasticity into Power : Comparative-historical Studies on the Institutional Conditions of Economic and Military Success ..,.
BOOKS007732I: UNGER, ROBERTO MANGABEIRA [ CUI, ZHIYUAN ; EDITOR: ] - Politics : The Central Texts : Theory Against Fate
BOOKS017966I: UNGER, ROBERTO MANGABEIRA - False Necessity : Anti-necessitarian Social Theory in the Service of Radical Democracy..,.
BOOKS024787I: UNGER, MAX [1883-1959] - Muzio Clementis Leben
BOOKS000248I: UNGER, JOSEF, ET AL.. - Pohorelice-Klasterka : praveke sidliste, slovanska osada a zanikla stredoveka ves
BOOKS029306I: TARRUU UNGUREE - Waaqeffannaa : Amantii Duudhaa Ganamaa
BOOKS020488I: FRENTE UNICO [ JOVEN CUBA ] - Al pueblo de Camaguey
BOOKS019852I: TANZANIA AFRICAN NATIONAL UNION (TANU) [ NYERERE, JULIUS K. ] - The Arusha Declaration and TANU'S Policy on Socialism and Self-reliance
BOOKS011840I: UNITED STATES, TREASURY DEPARTMENT - Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury Transmitting Report of Special Commission of Experts as to Means of Improving Vault...
BOOKS023147I: UNITED STATES. DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR, BUREAU OF MINES [ HOOKER, A.B. ; ILSLEY, L.C. ; & ROADSTRUM, W.H.] - Investigations of Permissible Electric Mine Lamps 1930-40
BOOKS022867I: UNITED KINGDOM, HOUSE OF COMMONS - Tanjore Debts: The Ninth Report of the Commissioners Appointed Under an Agreement, Concluded on the 11th Febnruary 1824..,.
BOOKS024944I: UNITED STATES, ARMY, ICELAND BASE COMMAND - Armed Guardians : One Year in Iceland. Prepared by G-2 Section, Iceland Base Command
BOOKS002803I: UNITED NATIONS, DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS - Survey of Current Inflationary & Deflationary Tendencies
BOOKS009217I: UNITED STATES, DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Intervention of International Communism in Guatemala
BOOKS023882I: UNITED STATES, DEPARTMENT OF STATE. - Message from the President of the United States Transmitting ..,.Relative to the Mexican Zona Libre
BOOKS018990I: UNITED STATES SENATE, COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY, SUBCOMMITTEE ON CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS - Constitutional Rights of the American Indian. Hearings before the Subcomittee..,.Part 2: November 25, 29 & December 1, 1961
BOOKS017374I: UNITED STATES, DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Message of the President..,.in Relation to a Claim to the Guano on Alto Velo, an Island in the Vicinity of Saint Domingo
BOOKS017198I: UNITED STATES, WAR DEPARTMENT [JACKSON, ANDREW ] [ EATON, JOHN HENRY ] - Documents communicated to Congress by the President [bound together with 2 other US Government documents, ca. 1828-29]
BOOKS016128I: UNITED STATES, DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Message from the President of the United States..,.Respecting a Right of Way Across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec..,.
BOOKS016119I: UNITED STATES CONGRESS, HOUSE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY, SUBCOMMITTEE ON COURTS, CIVIL LIBERTIES, & ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE - Prison Inmates in Medical Research: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Courts, Civil Liberties, & the Administration of Justic
BOOKS016118I: UNITED STATES CONGRESS, SENATE COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND PUBLIC WELFARE, SUBCOMMITTEE ON HEALTH - Quality of Health Care - Human Experimentation, 1973. Hearings, 93rd Congress, First Session, on S. 974 ; S. 878 ..,. Parts 1-3
BOOKS028265I: UNITED STATES, DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Message of the President of the United States Communicating.,.,.Information in Regard to the Progress of the Revolution in Cuba
BOOKS002588I: UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC & CULTURAL ORGANIZATION - Study of Tropical Vegetation. Proceedings of the Kandy Symposium/ L'Etude de la Vegetation...
BOOKS016126I: UNITED STATES, DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Message from the President of the United States Communicating..,. Information Respecting the Aves or Bird Islands...,.
BOOKS021167I: UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, COMMITTEE ON UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES. - Communist and Trotskyist Activity within the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee..,.
BOOKS026715I: UNITED STATES, BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS, OFFICE OF EDUCATION PROGRAMS - Indian Education : Navajo [ Bilingual Education for American Indians. Vol. 2 ]
BOOKS015248I: UNITHIRI, N.V.P.; EDITOR - Tantrasarasangraha by Narayana with Mantravimarsini Commentary by Svarnagrama Vasudeva. Parts I & II
BOOKS025270I: UNIVERSIDAD DE YUCATÁN, ESCUELA DE CIENCIAS ANTROPOLÓGICAS. - Boletin de la Escuela de Ciencias Antropológicas de la Universidad de Yucatán [2 issues: No. 82 & 83 (1987)]
BOOKS001757I: UNIVERSIDAD CENTRAL DE VENEZUELA,DEPARTEMENTO DE SOCIOLOGIA Y ANTROPOLOGIA - Los Guarao del Delta Amacuro. Informe de una Investigacion de Campo efectuada con fines pedagogicos del 9 al 19 de Abril de 1954
BOOKS021581I: UNIVERSIDADE DE LISBOA, FACULDADE DE LETRAS - Artis: Revista do Instituto de Historia da Arte fa Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa. No. 3 [2004]
BOOKS026331I: BADISCHE LANDESBIBLIOTHEK (KARLSRUHE) / BIBLIOTHÈQUE NATIONALE ET UNIVERSITAIRE (STRASBOURG) - Thomas Murner : humaniste et théologien alsacien, 1475-1537 : exposition de la Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire ..,.
BOOKS028883I: UNIVERSITÉ IBN TOFAIL, FACULTÉ DES LETTRES ET DES SCIENCES HUMAINES - Lectures critiques du texte Maghrebin : actes du colloque national organisé par la Faculté des lettres et des sciences humaines
BOOKS026596I: UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES, EXTRA-MURAL STUDIES UNIT - Caribbean Plays - Short Length Play Nr.s 6 , 9, 16, 33
BOOKS013067I: KARNATAK UNIVERSITY - The Socio-economic Transformation of India : Dr. Ambedkar’s Vision : Papers and Proceedings of the National Level Symposium
BOOKS002554I: UNKART, RALF; GLANTSCHNIG, GEROLD & OGRIS, ALFRED - Zur Lage der Slowenen in Karnten. Die Slowenische Volksgruppe und die Wahlkreiseinteilung 1979 - Ein Dokumentation
BOOKS010428I: UNNI, N.P. - Some New Perspectives in Bhasa Studies
BOOKS023277I: UNNI, NARAYANAN PARAMESWARAN ; EDITOR & TRANSLATOR [ MAHENDRA VIKRAMA VARMA, KING OF KANCHI (FL. 600-630 CE)] - Mattavilasa Prahasana / of Mahendravikramavarman : Edited and Translated by N. P. Unni
BOOKS025402I: UNNIK, W. C. VAN (WILLEM CORNELIS) [1910-1978] - Tarsus of Jeruzalem : de stad van Paulus' juegd. Met een appendix ..,.
BOOKS013325I: UNNITHAN, N. PRABHA; HUFF-CORZINE, LIN; CORZINE, JAY; & WHITT, HUGH P. - The Currents of Lethal Violence: An Integrated Model of Suicide and Homicide
BOOKS004820I: UNNUTH, ABHIMANYU - Les empereurs de la nuit. Chroniques mauriciennes
BOOKS020445I: UNVALA, JAMSHEDJI MANECKJI [1888-1961] - Report on the Dakhmas of Tena
BOOKS028582I: ÜNVER, AHMET SÜHEYL [1898-1986] - Istanbul rasathanesi
BOOKS028128I: UNVERHAU, DAGMAR - Das Danewerk 1842 : Beschreibung und Aufmass
BOOKS011247I: UPADHYAYA, U.P. - Kannada Phonetic Reader
BOOKS026879I: MERUSUNDARA UPADHYAYA [15TH CENTURY CE] [ BHAYANI, HARIVALLABH CHUNILAL ; & SAHA, RA. MA. ; EDITORS: ] - Silopadesamala-balavabodha / Merusundaragani-viracita ; sampadako Ha. Chu. Bhayani, Ra. Ma. Saha, Gitabahena
BOOKS012455I: UPADHYAYA, U.P. - Nanjangud Kannada (Vakkaliga Dialect)
BOOKS025299I: UPADHYAYA, DEENDAYAL [1916-1968] - Rashtrajivana ki disa
BOOKS011358I: UPASAK, C.S. - History and Palaeography of Kharosti Script
BOOKS000201I: UPASAK, C.S. - History of Buddhism in Afghanistan
BOOKS020585I: UPATTIYAYAR, RENKANATA ; & CETURAMAN, KO ; EDITORS: - Ciruttonta Nayanar icai natakam
BOOKS025130I: UPPSALA UNIVERSITET, INSTITUTIONEN FÖR NORDISK FORNKUNSKAP [ SOCIETAS ARCHAEOLOGICA UPSALIENSIS ] - Tor : Meddelanden från Uppsala Universitets Museum för Nordiska Fornsaker ; nr.s 2-5 ; 7-12 ; 17-18; 20-28 ; 30 [1949-1999]
BOOKS008502I: UPRETY, HARI - Crisis of Governance: A Study of Political Economic Issues in Nepal
BOOKS000315I: UPRUS, H. - Tallinna Etikukivid
BOOKS014852I: URAGODA, C. G. - Wildlife Conservation in Sri Lanka : A History of Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka, 1894-1994
BOOKS001451I: URAS, ESAT - The Armenians in History and the Armenian Question
BOOKS001985I: URBAN, G.R. - Kinesis and Stasis. A Study in the Attitude of Stefan George & his Circle to the Musical Arts
BOOKS024059I: URBAN, JAN - Lichtenburkové : vzestupy a pády jednoho panského rodu
BOOKS024473I: URBAN, BERND ; & KUDSZUS, WINFRIED ; EDITORS : - Psychoanalytische und psychopathologische Literaturinterpretation
BOOKS001547I: URBANCZYK, PRZEMYSLAW - Medieval Arctic Norway
BOOKS028978I: URBANSKI, HANS - Karl von Lothringen : Österreichs Türkensieger : Biographie
BOOKS029483I: K'URDAZE, RAMAZ - T'anamedrove k'art'uli enis soc'ialur-kulturuli aspek'tebi
BOOKS008160I: UREY, DIANNE FAYE - The Novel Histories of Galdos
BOOKS020990I: UREY, HAROLD C. [ NOBELSTIFTELSEN / NOBEL FOUNDATION ] - Some Thermodynamic Properties of Hydrogen [contained in "Les Prix Nobel en 1934"]
BOOKS028271I: UREY, HAROLD CLAYTON [1893-1981] - Some Contributions of Molecular Spectra to Classical Chemistry
BOOKS009086I: D'URFEY, THOMAS [1653-1723] - Wonders in the Sun, or, The Kingdom of the Birds (1706)
BOOKS016603I: URIAGEREKA, JUAN - Rhyme and Reason: Introduction to Minimalist Syntax
BOOKS003095I: URICOECHEA, FERNANDO - The Patrimonial Foundations of the Brazilian Bureaucratic State
BOOKS011917I: URIU, ROBERT M. - Troubled Industries: Confronting Economic Change in Japan
BOOKS012941I: URIU, ROBERT M. [1959 - ] - Troubled Industries: Confronting Economic Change in Japan
BOOKS025480I: URNE, JOHAN CHRISTIAN [1705-1787] [ ROHMANN, AAGE ; EDITOR : ] - Ager-dyrkningens behandling paa Bornholm
BOOKS000287I: UROSEVIC, ATANASIJE - Novobrdska Kriva Reka : antropogeografska ispitivanja
BOOKS025432I: URQUHART, D. H. (DUNCAN HECTOR) - Prospects for Cocoa-growing in Uganda and Zanzibar : A Report
BOOKS027358I: USHTELENCA, ILIR - Diplomacia e Mbretit Zogu I-rë : 1912-1939
BOOKS026315I: USMAN, QARL MUHAMMAD, HADHRAT MAULANA - Muslim Society Will Apostatize if Qadyani Fitna Not Fought
BOOKS010682I: USRUN, NEVZAT - Cuceler Carsisi
BOOKS024253I: USSING, JOHAN LOUIS [1820-1905] - Niels Laurits Høyens Levned med Bilag af Breve : 1-2. Afd.
BOOKS017998I: USSING, HANS H. - The Biology of Some Important Plankton Animals in the Fjords of East Greenland
BOOKS028176I: USSING, HENRIK [1877-1946] ; EDITOR : [ CHRISTOPHERSEN, MARIE (1869-19??) ] - Fra Hedeboegnen : Optegnelser af Marie Christophersen / ordnede og udgivne af Henrik Ussing
BOOKS025923I: USSING, VILHELM CORNELLI - Om tinglige Rettigheders Overdragelse efter dansk Ret
BOOKS010286I: USSING, HANS H. - The Biology of Some Important Plankton Animals in the Fjords of East Greenland
BOOKS027773I: USSING, H. H. (HANS H.) [1911- 2000] - The Biology of Some Important Plankton Animals in the Fjords of East Greenland
BOOKS011039I: USSING, HENRIK ANDERSEN [1877-1946] ; & HANSEN, THORVALD - Mellem sydfynske Sunde : Hverdag og Højtid : Paa Grundlag af Optegnelser fra Thorvald Hansen, udarbejdet af H. Ussing
BOOKS001278I: USTORF, WERNER - Theologie im revolutionaren Bremen 1848 - 1852. Die Aktualitat Rudolph Dulons
BOOKS002410I: USTVEDT, HANS JACOB - Ueber die Untersuchung der musikalischen Funktionen bei Patienten mit Gehirnleiden, besonders bei Patienten mit Aphasie
BOOKS029490I: K'UT'AT'ELAZE, LILI ; EDITOR : [ BAGRATIONI, DAVID GEORGIEVICH (1767-1819) ; & BAGRATIONI, IOANE (1768-1830) ] - Davit' da Ioane Bagsationebis lek'sikograp'iuli nasromebi : tek'sti gamosac'emad moamzada, gamokvleva da sajieblebi
BOOKS029493I: UT'URGAIZE, T'EDO [ UTURGAIDZE, TEDO GIGOEVICH ] - K'art'uli enis istoriuli gramatikis morp'onologiuri da morp'osintak'suri aspek'tebi
BOOKS002609I: UTAMCANDANI, SUNDRI - Vichoro (Short Stories)
BOOKS026789I: UTAS, BO - A Persian Sufi Poem : Vocabulary and Terminology : Concordance, Frequency Word-list, Statistical Survey, Arabic loan-words .,.,.
BOOKS003131I: UTAS, BO, EDITOR: - Women in Islamic Societies. Social Attitudes & Historical Perspective
BOOKS026786I: UTAS, BO - Tariq ut-tahqiq : A Sufi Mathnavi Ascribed to Hakim Sanahi of Ghazna .,.,.
BOOKS023326I: UTHAYMIN, 'ABD ALLAH AL-SALIH - Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Wahhab : The Man and his Works / Abd Allah Salih al-'Uthaymin
BOOKS024443I: UTHMAN, WA'IL - Hizb Allah fi muwajahat hizb al-Shaytan / Wa'il 'Uthma-n ; [taqdim Muhammad Mutawalli al-Sharawi]
BOOKS025336I: UTHMAN, FATHI - Ma'a al-Masih fi al-Anajil al-arba'ah
BOOKS019938I: UTHMAN, IKHLAS MUHAMMAD - al-Shayqiyah : al-qabilah wa-al-tarikh
BOOKS019946I: UTHMAN, UTHMAN JAMAL AL-DIN - Dirasah fi kitab al-Tabaqat
BOOKS020687I: UTHMAN, TAJ AL-SIRR - Malamih min tarikh Saltanat al-Fur al-ijtima'i, 1445 M-1874 M
BOOKS019932I: UTHMAN, TARIQ AHMAD - Al-Hamdab : al-ard, wa-al-hayah wa-al-nass
BOOKS019935I: UTHMAN, TAJ AL-SIRR - Tarikh al-Nubah al-iqtisadi al-ijtima'i : m. 500-1500 / ta'alif Taj al-Sirr 'Uthman al-Hajj
BOOKS023313I: UTHMAN, TAJ AL-SIRR - Taqwim naqdi li-tajribat al-Hizb al-Shuyu'i al-Sudani, 1946-1989
BOOKS029477I: P'UTKARAZE, SUSANA - Stambolis k'art'uli savane
BOOKS011498I: UTRECHT, ERNST - Papoeas in Opstand (De tweede kwestie Nieuw Guinea): Het verzet van de Papoes tegen het Indonesiese bewind in West Irian
BOOKS016750I: UTTAL, WILLIAM R. - The New Phrenology: The Limits of Localizing Cognitive Processes in the Brain
BOOKS029851I: CINT UTTAM - Sneh pañcras dis
BOOKS009731I: UUSITALO, LIISA [EDITOR] - Consumer Behaviour and Environmental Quality
BOOKS016336I: DEN UYL, DOUGLAS J. ; & RASMUSSEN, DOUGLAS B. ; EDITORS: - The Philosophic Thought of Ayn Rand
BOOKS010521I: UYSAL, HALIL - Gec Kalmanin Gurbetinde Bir Kosu: Siirler
BOOKS008047I: UZAIR, MOHAMMAD - Interest-Free Banking
BOOKS014894I: UZAWA, HIROFUMI - Economic Theory and Global Warming
BOOKS002025I: UZIELLI, G. AND AMAT DI S. FILIPPO, PIETRO - Mappamondi, Carte Nautiche, Portolani ed altri monumenti cartografici specialmente Italiani dei secoli XIII-XVII
BOOKS015689I: ÜZÜM, ILYAS - Ne heybeli ne torbali" : Günümüz Bulgaristan Alevîligi
BOOKS016896I: UZUN, MUHAMMAD - Yawm min ayyam 'Aqdali Zaynaki
BOOKS023028I: UZUNHASANOGLU, HASAN - Sirimi : Lazca - Türkce / Türkce - Lazca : Cep Sözügü
BOOKS008578I: VAAGE, LEIF E. & WIMBUSH, VINCENT L.; EDITORS: - Asceticism and the New Testament
BOOKS003479I: VAANANEN, VEIKKO, EDITOR: - Du segretain moine : Fabliau anonyme de XIIIe siecle. Edition critique d'apres tous les manuscrits connus
BOOKS026644I: VACANO, O. W. VON (OTTO WILHELM) ; & FREYTAG GEN. LÖRINGHOFF, BETTINA VON ; EDITORS: - Talamone : il mito dei Sette a Tebe : catalogo della mostra, Firenze, Museo Archeologico, 14 febbraio - 3 ottobre 1982
BOOKS012950I: VACASPATIMISRA [1420-1490] [JHA, KISORANATHA; EDITOR:] [JHA, KISHORE NATH] - Nyayatattvaokah: Dvitiyavacaspatimisrapranita Gautamiyanyayasutravyakhya / Nyayatattavaloka: A Commentary on the Nyayasutras...
BOOKS015781I: VACEK, JAROSLAV - Dravidian and Altaic "Water-Viscosity-Cold" : An Etymological and Typological Model
BOOKS010761I: VACEK, JAROSLAV & OBERFALZEROVA, ALENA; EDITORS: - Mongolica Pragensia 'O2: Ethnolinguistics And Sociolinguistics in Synchrony and Diachrony
BOOKS001056I: VACISSARA, THERA [ LAW, BIMALA CHURN (1892-1969) ; TRANSLATOR: ] - The Legend of the Topes (Thupavamsa) / Translated into English for the First Time
BOOKS012912I: VACUTEVACASTIRI, K. [VASUDEVASASTRI, KE] [1894-19??] & SUBRAHMANYASASTRI, KSE SAM; EDITORS: - Nadicakra [Naticakkiram] / Nadee Chakram: A Treatise on 'Feeling the Pulse' (In Sanskrit) With Tamil Translation
BOOKS024827I: VACUTEVACASTIRI, K - Talacamuttiram
BOOKS007118I: VACUTEVACASTIRI, K. ; & VENKATARAJAN, S. ; EDITORS: [ SERFOJI II, RAJA OF TANJORE (FL. 1798-1832)] - Carapentira vaitya muraikan : cvasa, cikitsai [ Sarabendra Vaidya Muraigal ]
BOOKS003459I: VAGELER, PAUL - Zur Bodengeographie Algiers. Faktoren der Bodenbildung und -verteilung. Die Catena als bodengenetische Einheit
BOOKS015337I: VAGELOS, P. ROY ; & GALAMBOS, LOUIS. - Medicine, Science and Merck
BOOKS020939I: VAGISWARI, ALLADI - Income-earning Trends and Social Status of the Harijan Community in Tamil Nadu
BOOKS001213I: VAHL, MARTIN AND HUMLUM, JOHANNES - Vahl's Climatic Zones & Biochores : A Description & Calculation of their Areas..,. Population & of their Grain Production
BOOKS006887I: VAHROS, IGOR ; & KAHLA, MARTII ; EDITORS : - Lingua Viget. Commentationes Slavicae in Honorem V. Kiparsky
BOOKS027822I: VAIDYA, PARASHURAN LAKSMAN - Saddharmalankavatarasutram
BOOKS003575I: VAIDYANATHAN, S.; EDITOR: - Studies in Dravidian Linguistics
BOOKS007902I: VAILATI, EZIO - Leibniz & Clarke: A Study of Their Correspondence
BOOKS021509I: VAJAPEYI, MADHULIKA - Madhya Pradesa mem Jaina dharma ka vikasa, prarambha se 1200. taka
BOOKS012946I: VAJDA, GEORGES - Deux commentaires karaïtes sur l’Ecclésiaste
BOOKS023582I: VAJDI AL-HUSAINI, SAYYID 'ABID 'ALI - Maulana Barkatullah Bhopali : inqilabi savanih
BOOKS001416I: VAJIC, BOZIDAR; & MIKIC, FEDOR - O sadrzaju vode i morfina u jugoslovenskom opijumu
BOOKS010507I: VAKALOPOULOS, APOSTOLOS EUANGELOU - Emmanouel Papas "Archegos kai hyperaspistes tes Makedonias": he historia kai to archeio tes oikogeneias tou
BOOKS016122I: VAKALOPOULOS, APOSTOLOS E. ; SVOLOPOULOS, KONSTANTINOS D. ; & KIRÁLY, BÉLA K. ; EDITORS: - Southeast European Maritime Commerce and Naval Policies from the Mid-eighteenth Century to 1914
BOOKS029349I: VAKALOPOULOS, APOSTOLOS EUANGELOU - Ho Makedonikos agonas, 1904-1908 : hos koryphaia phase ton agonon ton Hellenon gia te Makedonia
BOOKS019607I: VAKALOPOULOS, KONSTANTINOS APOSTOLOU [ VAKALOPOULOU, KONSTANTINOU A. - Ho voreios hellenismos kata ten proime phase tou Makedonikou agona, 1878-1894 / Konstantinou A. Vakalopoulou.
BOOKS011080I: VAKARELSKI, KHRISTO [1896-1979] - Dobrudzha: Materialy kum veshtestvenata kultura na Bulgarite prez perioda na kapitalizma
BOOKS012178I: VAKEEL, NUSSERWANJEE HORMASJEE - Political Insanity of India
BOOKS013377I: VAKIL, MANEKLAL H. - Boycott of British Goods
BOOKS004861I: VAKIL, A.K. - Relations between the Legislature & Administration in Maharashtra State from 1957-1967
BOOKS015401I: VAKILI, VALLA - Debating Religion and Politics in Iran: The Political Thought of Abdolkarim Soroush
BOOKS023032I: VAKTIDOLU [ ATALAY, ADIL ALI ] - Alevilikte cem, görgü, sorgu, musahiplik
BOOKS023048I: VAKTIDOLU [ ATALAY, ADIL ALI ] - Alevik'te ehl-i beyt suvgisi ve Kuran-i kerim'de ehl-i beyt sureleri
BOOKS023040I: VAKTIDOLU [ ATALAY, ADIL ALI ] - Haci Bektas-i Veli : Makâlat-i Hünar Bettas-i Veli
BOOKS014288I: VALANTASIS, RICHARD ; EDITOR: - Religions of Late Antiquity in Practice
BOOKS029480I: T'VALCRELIZE, ZURAB - Cm. Ioane Nat'lismc'emlis monasteri / Monastery of St. John the Baptist
BOOKS003875I: VALDELIN, JAN - Landanalys Etiopien
BOOKS016226I: VALDES, MARIO J. ; & MILLER, OWEN J. ; EDITORS: - Identity of the Literary Text
BOOKS013229I: VALDÉS VIVÓ, RAÚL - Embajada en la selva y antes: Paralelo 17
BOOKS005406I: VALDES, MARIO J. - Shadows in the Cave: A Phenomenological Approach to Literary Criticism Based on Hispanic Texts
BOOKS007289I: VALENCIA H, FERNANDO - Inspeccion sanitaria del Municipio de Une: Apuntes sanitarios respecto al municipio de Une y a la epidemia que actualmente ...
BOOKS020314I: VALENTE, ALBINO - Contribuicão para o Estudo da Anatomia Pathologica gas Ganglios Spinaes do Homem (Doenca do Somno; Meningite cerebro spinal ..,.
BOOKS027834I: VALENTIJN, FRANCOIS [1666-1727] [ ARASARATNAM, SINNAPPAH ; EDITOR & TRANSLATOR : ] - Francois Valentijn’s Description of Ceylon
BOOKS013474I: VALENTIN, JEAN MARIE ; BARIÉTY, JACQUES ; & GUTH, ALFRED ; EDITORS: - La France et l'Allemagne entre les deux guerres mondiales : actes du colloque tenu en Sorbonne (Paris IV) 15-16-17 janvier 1987
BOOKS009298I: VALENTIN-SMITH, [JOANNES-ERHARD (1796-1891)] - De l'origine des peuples de la Gaule transalpine et de leurs institutions politiques avant la domination romaine
BOOKS015439I: VALENTIN, JEAN-PIERRE ; & LORSIGNOL, PAUL - Horizons nomades : Mauritanie -Niger
BOOKS014479I: VALENTINE, DOUGLAS - The Strength of the Wolf: The Secret History of America's War on Drugs
BOOKS028186I: VALENTINITSCH, HELFRIED ; EDITOR : - Hexen und Zauberer : die grosse Verfolgung, ein europäisches Phänomen in der Steiermark
BOOKS016602I: VALENZE, DEBORAH M. - The Social Life of Money in the English Past
BOOKS026603I: VALER, MICHAEL - Geschichte der Zensur und der Amtsehrbeleidigung im alten Graubünden, von der Reformationszeit bis zur Gegenwart .,.,.
BOOKS025389I: VALERA Y ALCALÁ-GALIANO, JUAN [1824-1905] - Doña Luz
BOOKS017338I: VALERI, FRANCESCO MALAGUZZI [ PINACOTECA DI BOLOGNA ] - I migliori dipinti della R. Pinacoteca di Bologna
BOOKS017837I: VALÉRY, PAUL [1871-1945] - Degas, Manet, Morisot
BOOKS017400I: VALÉRY, PAUL [1871-1945] - History and Politics [Collected Works, Volume 10]
BOOKS022168I: VALÉRY, PAUL [1871-1945] - Degas, Manet, Morisot [Collected Works in English of Paul Valery, Volume 12]
BOOKS023850I: VALIANTE, RAFAELLO, BARONE - Le Cystoseirae del Golfo di Napoli : Memoria
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BOOKS001119I: VALK, PETER DE - African Industry in Decline : The Case of Textiles in Tanzania in the 1980's
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BOOKS018149I: VALLEJO, CÉSAR [1892-1938] - César Vallejo : The Complete Posthumous Poetry
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BOOKS022821I: VALMIKI, OMAPRAKASA - Joothan : A Dalit’s Life / Omprakash Valmiki ; translated by Arun Prabha Mukherjee
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BOOKS024244I: VALSA, M. - Le Meurtre des enfants de Médée chez Néophron et chez Euripide
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BOOKS021997I: VALSINER, JAAN ; & ROSA, ALBERTO ; EDITORS: - The Cambridge Handbook of Sociocultural Psychology
BOOKS021799I: VALTONEN, TAPANI - Seasonal Phenomena of Temperature Selection, Gonadal Cycle and Liver Carbohydrate Metabolism in the Whitefish, Coregonus nasus
BOOKS001054I: VALUNJKAR, T. N. - Social Organization, Migration & Change in a Village Community
BOOKS014292I: VALVERDE, MARIANA - Diseases of the Will : Alcohol and the Dilemmas of Freedom
BOOKS014986I: VALVERDE, MARIANA - Diseases of the Will : Alcohol and the Dilemmas of Freedom
BOOKS024148I: VALYNSEELE, JOSEPH - Les maréchaux de Napoléon III : leur famille et leur descendance
BOOKS014137I: VANAIK, ACHIN - The Furies of Indian Communalism: Religion, Modernity and Secularization
BOOKS007589I: VANCE, NORMAN - Irish Literature: A Social History. Tradition, Identity and Difference
BOOKS015456I: VANCE, EUGENE - From Topic to Tale: Logic and Narrativity in the Middle Ages
BOOKS015141I: VANCE, VICTOR STUART - The Ready, Willing and Academically Able: A Longitudinal Study of Retention and Attrition Among North Carolina's New Classroom..
BOOKS011440I: VANDANA, MS. - Urbanisation in North India During the Medieval Period (1556-1668 A.D.)
BOOKS018451I: VANDENPLAS, A. - Influence de la température et de l'humidité de l'air sur les possibilités d'adaptation de la race blanche au Congo belge
BOOKS017662I: VANDERBILT, TOM - Survival City : Adventures Among the Ruins of Atomic America
BOOKS002050I: VANDERBURGH, FREDERICK AUGUSTUS - Sumerian Hymns from Cuneiform Texts in the British Museum: Transliteration, Translation and Commentary
BOOKS006900I: VANDERMEER, JOHN H. - The Ecology of Intercropping
BOOKS023181I: VANDERYST, HYACINTHE JULIEN ROBERT, ABBÉ - Études géo-agronomiques congolaises : introduction à la phytogéographie agrostologique de la province Congo-Kasai..,.
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BOOKS018449I: VANDEVELDE, A. J. J. - Nouvelles recherches sur les ferments solubles du lait
BOOKS016623I: VANDEWALLE, DIRK J. - A History of Modern Libya
BOOKS014753I: VANDOR, IVAN. - Die Musik des tibetischen Buddhismus
BOOKS014743I: VANDVIK, EIRIK [1904 -1953] - The Prometheus of Hesiod and Aeschylus
BOOKS013832I: VANEIGEM, RAOUL - The Movement of the Free Spirit: General Considerations and Firsthand Testimony Concerning Some Brief Flowerings...
BOOKS007631I: VANEZIS, P. N. - Makarios : Pragmatism v. Idealism.
BOOKS011500I: [CELLULES COMMUNISTES COMBATTANTES] VANGEERDE, PASCALE; CHEVOLET, DIDIER; SASSOYE, BERTRAND & CARRETTE, PIERRE - Aux militant(e)s des 'Internationalem Infoladen' (reponse a la lettre ouverte de l'ete 1990). A tou(te)s les camarades
BOOKS017732I: VANGGAARD, THORKIL - Panic : The Course of a Psychoanalysis
BOOKS010178I: VANITA, RUTH - Sappho and the Virgin Mary: Same-Sex Love and the English Literary Imagination
BOOKS012688I: HEMBYGDENS VÄNNER - I ungdomens led : minnesblad utgifna af "Hembygdens vänner" i Kimito
BOOKS007426I: VANSINA, JAN - The Children of Woot. A History of the Kuba Peoples
BOOKS013514I: VANSINA, JAN - The Tio Kingdom of the Middle Congo, 1880-1892
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BOOKS022792I: VARADACARYA [ VENKATACARYA, V. S., KARAPPANKAD ; & VIRARAGHAVADASA, SON OF NIRISMHAGURU RATNASARINI ; EDITORS: ] - Tattvasara with Ratnasarini / Edited with Introduction by Karappankadu Venkatachariyar
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BOOKS023819I: VÁRADY, LÁSZLÓ - Studies in Historico-political Culture of Antiquity and Humanism
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BOOKS026919I: VARDHAMANASURI [ACTIVE 1083-1116 CE] [ PAGARIYA, RUPENDRAKUMARA ; EDITOR: ] - Manoramakaha / Vaddhamanasuriviraiya ; sampadaka Rupendrakumara Pagariya
BOOKS026910I: VARDHAMANASURI [ACTIVE 1083-1116 CE] [ PAGARIYA, RUPENDRAKUMARA ; EDITOR: ] - Jugaijinindacariya / Vardhamanasuriviracita ; sampadaka Rupendrakumara Pagariya
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BOOKS011849I: VARGA, CSABA; EDITOR: - Marxian Legal Theory
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BOOKS005652I: VARGAS, ZARAGOSA - Proletarians of the North. A History of Mexican Industrial Workers in Detroit & the Midwest, 1917- 1933
BOOKS011999I: VARGAS UGARTE, RUBEN [1886-19??] - El beato Martin de Porras
BOOKS007140I: VARIAS, ALEXANDER - Paris and the Anarchists: Aesthetes and Subversives During the Fin de Siecle
BOOKS030304I: VARIOUS [ICELANDIC] - Trójumanna saga hin forna [bound together with four other books in Icelandic, ca. 1905-1915]
BOOKS024849I: VARIOUS [IRAQ] - a collection of 5 books concerning the Ba'ath regime in Iraq and Sadaam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait, ca. 1990-1991
BOOKS024845I: VARIOUS (PERU) - a collection of three pamphlets concerning Peru, ca. 1903-1922
BOOKS024858I: VARIOUS [MOZAMBIQUE] - a collection of 5 pamphlets concerning Mozambique, ca. 1906-1948
BOOKS018737I: VARIOUS [ NASHR-I SHAHR (TEHRAN, IRAN) ] - A collection of 53 Iranian popular cartoon humor booklets, ca. 2008-2014
BOOKS025272I: VARIOUS [PARAGUAY] - 4 items relating to Paraguay, ca. 1891-1958
BOOKS024854I: VARIOUS [TIMOR] - a collection of 3 pamphlets concerning Timor, ca. 1931-1966
BOOKS024860I: VARIOUS (ALCOHOL & ALCOHOLISM) - a collection of 6 books & pamphlets concerning the alcohol question, ca. 1906-1950
BOOKS024859I: VARIOUS [ANGOLA] - a collection of 5 books and pamphlets concerning Angola, ca. 1914-1967
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BOOKS024955I: VARIOUS [ALCOHOL] - A volume containing 6 books and pamphlets concerning alcohol, alcoholism and the alcohol question, all in German, ca. 1902-1929
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BOOKS024980I: VARIOUS [THAI HORROR COMICS] - A collection of 16 Thai comic books, ca. 2014
BOOKS007297I: VARIOUS [ DANSK MEDICINSK-HISTORISK SELSKAB (DANISH MEDICAL-HISTORICAL SOCIETY) ] - [ A volume containing 40 books,pamphlets & offprints issued by the Danish Medical-Historical Society ca.1918-1926]
BOOKS012453I: ANONYMOUS AND VARIOUS [PORTUGAL] - Ensaio juridico: A successao legal dos prazos ..,. [bound together with 11 other Portuguese books & pamphlets, ca. 1851-1885]
BOOKS025165I: VARIOUS [ LAOS ] - a collection of 32 Lao children's books, ca. 2004-2012
BOOKS025278I: VARIOUS [HAITHABU / HEDEBY ] [ JANKUHN, HERBERT ] [ SCHWANTES, GUSTAV ] [ SCHEEL, OTTO ] - a collection of 56 offprints, extracts, etc. concerning archaeological excavations of Haithabu / Hedeby, most ca. 1930s.
BOOKS026595I: VARIOUS [EGYPT] - a collection of 14 different broadsheet newspapers issued on the second anniversary of the 25 January 2011 uprising
BOOKS020499I: VARIOUS [ DÜRING, INGEMAR ; EARP, F.R. ; HANDLEY, E.W. ; EVANGELIUM, N. ; EITREM, S. ; DÖRING, K. ; ET AL. - A collection of 13 offprints and extracts concering classical philology, ca. 1935-1986.
BOOKS025839I: VARIOUS [EGYPTIAN PULP FICTION] - a collection of 8 Egyptian popular fiction books & periodicals, etc., ca. 1950s-70s, with lurid cover art
BOOKS000301I: VARIOUS [ JOUSSET DE BELLESME ; LAGNEAU, GUSTAVE ; GASTON DE SAPORTA ; BRIERRE DE BOISMONT ; ET AL. ] - A bound volume containing 11 pamphlets & extracts concerning palaeontology & physical anthropology, all in French, ca. 1980-1944
BOOKS025797I: VARIOUS [NEPAL] - 5 pamphlets concerning Nepal, ca. 1950-1968
BOOKS016131I: ANONYMOUS & VARIOUS [PORTUGUESE INDIA] [GOA] - O Visconde de Torres Novas e as Eleicoes em Goa [bound together with 13 other pamphlets concerning Portuguese India, 1861-1966]
BOOKS016127I: ANONYMOUS & VARIOUS [DENMARK] - Rigsdagen og Ministeriet: Nogle oplysende Bemærkninger ..,.[bound together with 18 Danish political pamphlets, ca. 1852-1870]
BOOKS001339I: [AMBEDKARITE, DALIT MOVEMENT, BAHUJAN, NEO-BUDDHIST MOVEMENTS & PUBLISHERS] VARIOUS - [A collection of 121 books & pamphlets issued by Ambedkarite, Dalit, Bahujan & Neo-Buddhist presses ca. 1985-2002]
BOOKS030083I: ANONYMOUS AND VARIOUS [ HESSE, GERMANY ] - Friedrich II und die neuere Geschichts-Schreibung ..,. [bound together with 5 other pamphlets concerning Hesse, ca. 1879-1904]
BOOKS029364I: VARIOUS [EGYPT] - a collection of 3 Egyptian children's books / primary-school textbooks, ca.1923-1960s
BOOKS000790I: VARMA, BIRENDRA - English East India Company and the Afghans, 1757-1800
BOOKS014898I: VARMA, KAILASH CHANDRA - The Aryans, the Veda and the Kaliyuga Era of 3102 B.C.
BOOKS001834I: VARMA, B.K. ; SAXENA, S.C. ; & BHARGAUA, V.K. - Carpet Craft of Obra Village [Bihar, Handicraft Survey Report]
BOOKS021003I: VARMA, SIDDHESHWAR - The Phonetics of Lahnda
BOOKS021612I: VARMA, SYAMA ; GAUTAMA, SUNRTA ; & THAKUR, MOLU RAM - Pahari bhasha vyakarana
BOOKS005754I: VARMA, BIRENDRA - From Delhi to Teheran. A Study of British Diplomatic Moves in North-Western India, Afghanistan and Persia, 1772 - 1803
BOOKS019259I: VARNEDOE, KIRK [1946-2003] - Pictures of Nothing : Abstract Art since Pollock
BOOKS028598I: VAROL, MARIE-CHRISTINE [ VAROL-BORNES, MARIE-CHRISTINE ] - Balat, faubourg juif d'Istanbul
BOOKS012584I: VARSAMOPOULOU, EVY - The Poetics of the "Künstlerinroman" and the Aesthetics of the Sublime
BOOKS023451I: VARYANI, PRITYAM L. - Sindhi bhasha ain Sanskriti [Sindhi bhasha aim samskrta]
BOOKS022594I: VASALY, ANN - Representations : Images of the World in Ciceronian Oratory
BOOKS011378I: VASANTHAKUMARI, T. - Generative Phonology of Tamil
BOOKS021803I: VASCO, CUNHA - A industria do algodão no Brasil
BOOKS030144I: VASCONCELLOS, A.M. [ VASCONCELOS, ADRIANO MENDES STRECHT DE (1867-1946) ] - A salvacão da República pela intervencão militar interna
BOOKS028135I: VASCONCELLOS, JOAQUIM DE ; EDITOR : [CLENARDUS, NICOLAUS] [ CLEYNAERTS, NICOLAS (1495-1542) ] - Cartas de Nicolau Clenardo e seu circulo litterario
BOOKS011343I: VASCONCELOS, ALCINO DE - Batida a mabecos, debaste fructuoso em densa matilha angolana
BOOKS020229I: VASCONCELOS, MANUEL DE - Estudo sobre osteosintese
BOOKS008881I: VASDEV ["NIRMAL"] - Sas Ri Sas
BOOKS016883I: VASENKARI, MARIA; ENGES, PASI; SIIKA, ANNA-LEENA; EDITORS: - A Festschrift for Prof. Annikki Kaivola-Bregenhøj on her 60th Birthday 1st February 1996
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BOOKS011467I: VASEY, MICHAEL W. & DADDS, MARK R.; EDITORS: - The Developmental Psychopathology of Anxiety
BOOKS014549I: VASFI, IHSAN S. - Irak Türkleri'nde deyimler ve atasözleri
BOOKS029498I: VASHAKIDZE, TAMAR ; EDITOR : - K’art’uli sitqvis kulturis sakit’khebi : tsigni met’ot’khmete
BOOKS008896I: VASHISHTHA, SUDARSHAN; EDITOR: - Himachal Pradesh Ka Prachin Tantra Granth-Sancha
BOOKS006344I: VASHRENEY, LAKCHMISAGAR - Adhunik Hindi Sahitya (1850 - 1900 AD)
BOOKS008590I: VASHUM, R. - Indo-Naga Conflict : Problem and Resolution
BOOKS012200I: VASILEV, GEORGI - Dualist Ideas in the English Pre-Reformation and Reformation: Bogomil-Cathar Influence on Wycliffe, Tyndale, Langland and Milton
BOOKS014192I: VASILEV, LIUBOMIR - BZNS po vreme na pravitelstvoto na Alexandur Tzankov (1923-1925)
BOOKS013428I: VASILEVA, MAIIA [VASSILEVA, MAYA] - Tsar Midas: Mezhdu Europa i Asiia
BOOKS003561I: VASILEVA, MARGARITA - Dimitur Marinov: Izsledovateliat na zhivata narodna starina
BOOKS001620I: VASILIKOS, VASILES [ VASSILIKOS, VASSILIS ] - Mesa ste nychta tes asphaleias
BOOKS007389I: VASILIU, VASILE GHEORGHE - The Income Tax in Great Britain and Roumania : A Comparative Study
BOOKS020194I: VASISHTHA, SUDARSANA ; JASAROTIYA, RAMESA ; & SANKHYAYANA, SAROJA - Kinnaura / sampadaka, Sudarsana Vasishtha ; sahayaka sampadaka, Saroja Sankhyayana, Ramesa Jasarotiya
BOOKS017685I: VASKO, TIMO - Die dritte Position : der Jüdisch-Christliche Dialog bei Schalom Ben-Chorin bis 1945
BOOKS023671I: VASQUEZ, JOHN A. - The War Puzzle Revisited
BOOKS010342I: VASRAM, N. ; & TOUSSI, A. - Mahdi in the Qur'an According to Shi'ite Qur'an Commentators
BOOKS016254I: VASSILIEV, ALEXEI [ VASIL'EV, A. M. (ALEKSEI MIKHAILOVICH) ] - Central Asia: Political and Economic Challenges in the Post-Soviet Era
BOOKS027163I: VASUDEVAN POTTI, R. [ VASUDEVANPOTTI, AR ] - Srimad Ananda Tirtha Virachitam Tattvaditrayam
BOOKS015810I: VASUDEVAN, T. - A Study of Stylistics in Sanskrit Poetics with Special Reference to Kuntaka, Parts I - II
BOOKS027165I: VASUDEVAN POTTI, R. [ VASUDEVANPOTTI, AR ] - Sri Madhvacaryar : Jivitavum Darsanavum
BOOKS012952I: VASUDEVARATHA [18TH CENTURY] [THAKKURA, ANANTALALA; EDITOR:] [THAKUR, ANANTALAL] - Gangavamsanucaritam by Vasudevaratha Somayajin; Deciphered and Edited by Anantala Thakur
BOOKS019926I: VASWAMI, J.P. - I Am a Sindhi : The Glorious Sindhi Heritage : The Culture and Folklore of Sind
BOOKS008734I: VASWANI, K.N. - We, The Sindhi People
BOOKS030224I: VATAR DE JOUANNET, FRANCOIS-PIERRE - Recueil des arrests de reglement du Parlement de Bretagne concernant les paroisses, qui fixent la manière d’en faire ..,.
BOOKS014201I: VATER, JOHANN SEVERIN [1771 - 1826] [JÜLG, BERNHARD (1825 - 1886)] - Litteratur der Grammatiken, Lexika und Wörtersammlungen aller Sprachen der Erde
BOOKS029944I: VATSOV, SPASA [ WATZOF, SPAS (1856-1928) ] ; EDITOR : [BULGARIA, TSENTRALNA METEOROLOGICHESKA STANTSIIA] - Zemletreseniia v Bulgariia..,./ Tremblements de terre en Bulgarie [Nr.s 1-17 (1902-1923)]
BOOKS014918I: VATSYAYAN, KAPILA - A Study of Some Traditions of Performing Arts in Eastern India : Margi and Desi Polarities
BOOKS016736I: VATTIMO, GIANNI - Beyond Interpretation: The Meaning of Hermeneutics for Philosophy
BOOKS002102I: VATUK, VED PRAKASH - Studies in Indian Folk Traditions
BOOKS005216I: VAUDEVILLE, CHARLOTTE - Barahmasa in Indian Literatures. Songs of the Twelve Months in Indo-Aryan Literatures.
BOOKS029384I: VAUGHAN, HERBERT ALFRED, CARDINAL ARCHBISHOP OF WESTMINSTER - A Vindication of the Bull ’Apostolicae curae’ : A Letter on Anglican Orders / by the Cardinal Archbishop and Bishops .,.,.
BOOKS007453I: VAUPEL, JAMES W.; ZHENGLIAN, WANG; ANDREEV, KIRILL F.; & YASHIN, ANATOLI I. - Population Data at a Glance: Shaded Contour Maps of Demographic Surfaces over Age and Time
BOOKS017980I: VAYDA, ANDREW PETER ; COMPILER: - Environment and Cultural Behavior: Environment and Cultural Behavior : Ecological Studies in Cultural Anthropology
BOOKS022659I: VAZEILLES, MARIUS - a collection of 11 pamphlets & offprints ca. 1936-1964 concerning Corrèze & Montagne Limousine [France] archaeology
BOOKS021595I: VAZHUTHANAPALLY, JOSEPH - The Biblical and Archaeological Foundations of the Mar Thoma Sliba
BOOKS029350I: VAZIRI, 'ALINAQI ; & MU'INI, AMIR - Armuni-i musiqi-i Iran ya musiqi-i rub'-i pardah / sakhtah va nigarish 'Alinaqi Vaziri ; sharh va bast va viraish Amir Muini
BOOKS009911I: VAZIRIYAN, 'ALI ; EDITOR: [ NAMAYISHGAH-I SALANAH-I TAYIPUGRAFI PUSTIR IRAN (5TH : 2010 : TEHRAN, IRAN)] - Asar-i panjumin namayishgah-i bayn al-milali-i hurufnigari-i pustir-i asma' al-husna
BOOKS004846I: VAZQUEZ CARRIOZOSA, ALFREDO - Plaidoire pour la Republique de Colombie dans l'affaire Colombo-Peruvienne relative a l'asile de Victor Raul Haya de la Torre...
BOOKS003939I: VAZQUEZ DE ESPINOSA, ANTONIO - Compendio y Descripcion de las Indias Occidentales
BOOKS014194I: VEATCH, ROBERT M. - Disrupted Dialogue : Medical Ethics and the Collapse of Physician/Humanist Communication, 1770-1980
BOOKS006228I: VEDALANKAR, SHARDADEVI - The Development of Hindi Prose Literature in the Early Nineteenth Century : 1800 - 1856 A.D.
BOOKS024036I: VEDDER, HEINRICH - South West Africa in Early Times : Being the Story of South West Africa up to the Date of Maharero’s Death in 1890
BOOKS026494I: VEDEL SIMONSEN, LAURITS SCHEBYE [1780-1858] - Bidrag til Lehnsmanden paa Hagenskov, Rigsraad og Ridder Hr. Jørgen Brahes Levnetsbeskrivelse.,.,.
BOOKS025814I: VEDEL, VALDEMAR [1865-1942] - Studier over Guldalderen i dansk Digtning
BOOKS030063I: VEEGER, LOUIS MARIA - Papoea-dorpsverzorgsters : een sociaal-hygiënisch experiment in Nederlands Zuid Nieuw-Guinea
BOOKS018261I: VEEN, JOHAN VAN - Dredge Drain Reclaim : The Art of a Nation
BOOKS021731I: VEEN, ADRIAAN HENDRIK VAN DER - A Study of Pyrochlore
BOOKS014142I: DAS, VEENA - Structure and Cognition : Aspects of Hindu Caste and Ritual
BOOKS014981I: VEENENDAAL, A. J. - Railways in the Netherlands : A Brief History, 1834-1994
BOOKS018723I: VEENENDAAL, A. J. [ VEENENDAAL, AUGUSTUS J., JR. ] - Slow Train to Paradise : How Dutch Investors Helped Build American Railroads
BOOKS022796I: VEER, DHARAM - Dr. Ambedkar ki prabhav vadi vyakhya
BOOKS021559I: VEERABHADRAPPA, B.V. - Vaastu : Truth or Myth?
BOOKS018958I: VEERAIAH, M. - The Structure and Grounds of Inference in Nyaya and Aristotle
BOOKS025813I: VEERAMANI, K. ; COMPILER: [ AMBEDKAR, BHIMRAO RAMJI ] - Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on Congress and Brahmins
BOOKS008426I: VEERAMANI, K. & KUPPUSWAMY, P.R. - According to Law We Are Still Shudras - But How? (A Social-Legal Study)
BOOKS008904I: VEERAMANI, K. - The History of the Struggle for Social and Communal Justice in Tamil Nadu
BOOKS023550I: VEERAMANI, K. - Periyar and Ambedkar
BOOKS017729I: VEERARAGHAVAN, VIDVAN A.; COMPILER: - Descriptive Catalogue of Tamil Manuscripts: Drâvidaprabandhams and Rahasyaprabandhams
BOOKS007082I: VEERESH, G.K.; MALLIK, B.; & VIRAKTAMATH, C.A.; EDITORS: - Social Insects and the Environment: Proceedings of the 11th Congress of IUSSI, 1990
BOOKS007715I: VEGA, GARCILASO DE LA [1539-1616] [ LIVERMORE, HAROLD V.; TRANSLATOR: ] - Royal Commentaries of the Incas and General History of Peru. Part One
BOOKS020486I: VEGA, EDUARDO DE LA [ DIRECTORIO ASOCIACION DE LUCHADORES ACTIVOS DEL PARTIDO LIBERAL] - Para evitar el Triumfo del Verdugo del Gral. Jose Miguel Gomez, Todos los Medios son Buenos
BOOKS018692I: VEIGA, OSVALDO PINTO DA - O problema do carvão catarinense
BOOKS020474I: VEIGA PESTANA, ALBERTO DA [1890-1962] - Colectânea de apreciacões a "Recordacões e confidências
BOOKS011981I: [EDGEWORTH, MARIA] VAN DE VEIRE, HEIDE; WASLKER, KIM & BUTLER, MARILYN; EDITORS: - The Novels and Selected Works of Maria Edgeworth, Volume 5
BOOKS002644I: VEITER, THEODOR, EDITOR: - Volk und Volkstum in Donauraum, Festgabe fur Prof. Franz Hieronymus Riedl
BOOKS002605I: VEITER, THEODOR - Das Furstentum Liechenstein als Region. Theoretische Grundlagen zu den Begriffen Region und Regionalismus
BOOKS002521I: VEITER, THEODORE - Bibliographie zur Sudtirolfrage (1945-1983)
BOOKS015220I: VEITH, ILZA ; TRANSLATOR: - The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine [Huang Ti nei ching su wên ..,.Chapters 1-34 / translated from the Chinese]
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BOOKS024476I: VIBE, CHRISTIAN - Arctic Animals in Relation to Climatic Fluctuations
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BOOKS016919I: NGUYEN KHAC VIEN ; EDITOR: - Données ethnographiques, II
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BOOKS021329I: NGUYEN KHAC VIEN ; EDITOR: - Collapse of the Neo-colonialist Regimes in Indochina
BOOKS021330I: NGUYEN KHAC VIEN ; EDITOR: - Hanoi : From the Origins to the 19th Century
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BOOKS005656I: VIERHAUS, RUDOLF - Germany in the Age of Absolutism
BOOKS020270I: HOÀNG QUOC VIET - Brief Review of the Viet-Nam Situation after Six Years of Resistance
BOOKS021336I: COMMUNAUTÉ VIETNAMIENNE - Les prisonniers politiques : Saïgon, un régime en question
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BOOKS010016I: VIEWEG, RICHARD [1896-1972] - Ephemeridenzeit und Atomzeit
BOOKS012380I: VIEWEG, RICHARD [1896-1972] - Kulturbedeutung der Werkstoffe
BOOKS013134I: VIG, PETER SORENSEN [1854 - 1930] - Den danske udvandring til Amerika, dens aarsager og veje tilligemed en udsigt over dansk litteratur om Amerika og dansk-amerikan
BOOKS002245I: VIGNE, PAUL - L'oeuvre scientifique de Auguste Lumiere dans la domaine de la Bbologie et de la medicine
BOOKS026876I: VIJAYA KUMARI, S. - Sphota Concept of Bharatamisra
BOOKS005460I: VIJAYACHANDRAN, K. - Silent Valley: Myth & Reality. An Exposure of the National Committee on Environmental Planning & Coordination...
BOOKS026905I: VIJAYALAKSHMY, R. - A Study of Civakacintamani : Particularly from the Point of View of Interaction of Sanskrit Language and Literature with Tamil
BOOKS012003I: VIJAYAVENUGOPAL, G. - A Modern Evaluation of Nannul (eluttatikaram)
BOOKS006097I: VIJAYAVENUGOPAL, G. - Nominal Composition in Tamil
BOOKS005641I: VIKAR, LASZLO & BERECZKI, GABOR - Votyak Folksongs
BOOKS009050I: VILA, ANDRE - Aksha II: Le cimitiere meroitique d'Aksha
BOOKS002502I: VILAMO-PENTTI, EVA, EDITOR: - De Sainte Leocade au tans que Sainz Hyldefons estoit arcevesques de Tholete cui Nostre Dame donna l'aube de prelaz...
BOOKS003492I: VILAMO-PENTTI, EVA, EDITOR: - ' La Court de Paradis'. Poeme anonyme du XIIIe siecle. Edition critique d'apres tous les manuscrits connus
BOOKS012977I: VILAS, CARLOS MARÍA - Perfiles de la Revolución Sandinista: Ensayo
BOOKS002498I: VILASECA, SALVADOR ; & CAPAFONS, FRANCISCO - La cueva sepulcral eneolitica de l'Arbones (Termino de Pradell)
BOOKS021225I: MU'ASSASAH-I FARHANGI-I QADR-I VILAYAT - Ayat-i shaytani : bariztarin jalvah-i dushmani-i istikbar-i jahani ba Islam-i nab-i Muhammadi
BOOKS000040I: VILCEK, J. & DE MAEYER, EDWARD, EDITORS: - Interferons and the Immune System
BOOKS016463I: VILENKIN, ALEXANDER ; & SHELLARD, E. P. S. (E. PAUL S.) - Cosmic Strings and Other Topological Defects
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BOOKS004788I: VILJOEN, STEPHAN - Economic Systems in World History
BOOKS001026I: VILKUNA, KUSTAA - Volkstümliche Arbeitsfeste in Finnland
BOOKS016973I: VILLA, JOSE GARCÍA - The Anchored Angel: Select Writings by Jose Garcia Villa
BOOKS001297I: VILLADSEN, VILADS; GARFF, JAN; FRANDSEN, JAN WURTZ; AND KNUDSEN, VIBEKE, EDITORS: - Festschrift to Erik Fischer: European Drawings from Six Centuries
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BOOKS023022I: VILLANUEVA, JAIME [1765-1824] [ VILLANUEVA ASTENGO, JAIME ] - Viage literario á las iglesias de España. Tomo X: Viage a Urgel
BOOKS026256I: VILLAR, EMILIO HUGUET DEL [1871-1951] - Types de sol de l’Afrique du Nord : I - II
BOOKS002638I: VILLARI, PASQUALE [1827-1917] - Saggi di storia, di critica e di politica : Nuovamente raccolti e riveduti dall’autore.
BOOKS014513I: VILLEHARDOUIN, GEOFFROI DE - Zavladiavaneto na Konstantinopol
BOOKS021364I: VILLORENTE, DAVID ; & JAMES, TODD - Mascots & Mugs : The Characters and Cartoons of Subway Graffiti
BOOKS029951I: VILMAR, A. F. C. (AUGUST FRIEDRICH CHRISTIAN) [1800-1868] ; RANKE, ERNST; GILDEMEISTER, JOHANNES - Das Verhältnis der evangelischen Kirche in Kurhessen zu ihren neuesten Gegnern [bound with 7 other pamphlets ca. 1839-1867]
BOOKS029959I: VILMAR, JACOB WILHELM GEORG [1804-1884] - Die Acten des Strafverfahrens des Consistoriums zu Cassel gegen Metropolitan Vilmar in Melsungen [bound with 15 other pamphlets]
BOOKS002912I: VILPPULA, HILKKA - Das Dreschen in Finnland
BOOKS029778I: TO VIMA - 17 N: Ena apokaluptiko ntokoumento : Oles oi disketes me tis parakoloutheseis apo te giafka tes damareos
BOOKS029777I: TO VIMA - 17 N : To telos tes istorias
BOOKS024806I: VIMALAKIRTI, DO ; & MESRAMA, KE. SI. ; EDITORS: - Anguttara : Phule-Ambedakaravadi samskrtika-sahityika cetana ka trayamasika [a collection of 6 issues ca. 1993-1997]
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BOOKS004115I: WATTS, DAVID - Man's Influence on the Vegetation of Barbados 1627 to 1800
BOOKS002563I: WATTS, MARY S. FRASER-TYTLER - George Frederic Watts : [Volumes I & II] : The Annals of an Artist's Life
BOOKS007846I: WAUGH, EARLE H. - The Munshidin of Egypt: Their World and Their Song
BOOKS020196I: WAUGH, PATRICIA - Metafiction : The Theory and Practice of Self-conscious Fiction
BOOKS021425I: WAUGH, EARLE H. - Visionaries of Silence : The Reformist Sufi Order of the Demirdashiya al-Khalwatiya in Cairo
BOOKS016177I: WAWRO, GEOFFREY - The Franco-Prussian War: The German Conquest of France in 1870-1871
BOOKS011975I: WAXMAN, STEPHEN G. - Form and Function in the Brain and Spinal Cord: Perspectives of a Neurologist
BOOKS021176I: WAYNE, VALERIE ; EDITOR: - The Matter of Difference : Materialist Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare
BOOKS009437I: WAZALWAR, V.V. - Caturdandiprakasika: A Critical Study
BOOKS018672I: WAZIR, 'ALI 'ABD AL-QUDDUS 'UTHMAN - Adillat ilmiyah fi bayan haqiqat Bani Isra'il
BOOKS001418I: WEAR, ANDREW ; GEYER-KORDESCH, JOHANNA ; & FRENCH, ROGER, EDITORS: - Doctors and Ethics: The Earlier Historical Setting of Professional Ethics
BOOKS009333I: WEART, SPENCER R. - Nuclear Fear: A History of Images
BOOKS011228I: WEATHERHILL, LORNA - Consumer Behaviour and Material Culture in Britain, 1660-1760
BOOKS027853I: WEATHERSON, ALEXANDER ; EDITOR : - The Donizetti Society Journal : Number Four
BOOKS019153I: WEAVER, STEWART ANGAS - The Hammonds : A Marriage in History
BOOKS011570I: WEBB, CLEMENT C.J. - Pascal's Philosophy of Religion
BOOKS007541I: WEBB, RICHARD CHARLES - Government Policy & the Distribution of Income in Peru, 1963 - 1973
BOOKS006432I: WEBB, IGOR - From Custom to Capital. The English Novel and the Industrial Revolution
BOOKS006293I: WEBB, STEPHEN H. - Re-Figuring Theology. The Rhetoric of Karl Barth
BOOKS018702I: WEBB, WILLIAM SNYDER ; & HAAG, WILLIAM GEORGE - The Fisher Site, Fayette County, Kentucky
BOOKS007277I: WEBBER, SABRA J. - Romancing the Real: Folklore and Ethnographic Representation in North Africa
BOOKS026714I: WEBER, ALBRECHT - Über ein zum weissen Yajus gehöriges phonetisches Compendium, das Pratijnâsûtra
BOOKS027157I: WEBER, ALBRECHT FRIEDRICH [1825-1901] - Über den zweiten grammatischen Parasiprakaca des Krishnadasa
BOOKS024726I: WEBER, MAX [1864-1920] - Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Religionssoziologie, I [Bd. 1]
BOOKS010967I: WEBER, MAX - The Russian Revolutions
BOOKS026737I: WEBER, HANS - Über die Wuchsform von Bulbostylis paradoxa (Spreng.) Lindm. (Cyperaceae)
BOOKS018858I: WEBER, DIETRICH - Theorie der analytischen Erzählung
BOOKS030013I: WEBER, JOHANN GEORGE [1687-1753] - Ho Amen kai to Amen : hoc est, Commentatio exegetico-theologica in Amen Evangelicum, vel, Veritatem doctrinae Evangelicae..,.
BOOKS027673I: WEBER, FRANZ MICHAEL - Kaspar Schwenckfeld und seine Anhänger in den freybergischen Herrschaften Justingen und Öpfingen .,.,.
BOOKS016202I: WEBER, RALPH EDWARD - Masked Dispatches : Cryptograms and Cryptology in American History, 1775-1900
BOOKS015987I: WEBER, MAX [1864 - 1920] - Ancient Judaism
BOOKS015975I: WEBER, HENRI - Nicaragua: The Sandinist Revolution
BOOKS013089I: WEBER, MAX - The Religion of India: The Sociology of Hinduism and Buddhism
BOOKS011868I: WEBER, SAMUEL - Mass Mediauras: Form, Technics, Media
BOOKS020550I: WEBER, WERNER [1919-2005] - Forderungen : Bemerkungen und Aufsätze zur Literatur
BOOKS022293I: WEBER, HANS - Morphologische und anatomische Studien über Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms
BOOKS028918I: WEBER, ERNA [1897-1988] - Mathematische Grundlagen der Genetik
BOOKS028147I: WEBERLING, FOCKO ; & LEENHOUTS, PIETER W. - Systematisch-morphologische Studien an Terebinthales-Familien : (Burseraceae, Simaroubaceae, Meliaceae, Anarcardiaceae.,.,.
BOOKS028233I: WEBERLING, FOCKO - Morphologische Untersuchungen zur Systematik der Caprifoliaceen

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