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BOOKS001839I: SHAW, GARETH - Processes & Patterns in the Geography of Retail Change, with Special Reference to Kingston upon Hull 1880-1950
BOOKS021094I: SHAW, WILLIAM ARTHUR [1865-1943] - A Bibliography of the Historical Works of Dr. Creighton, Late Bishop of London; Dr. Stubbs, Late Bishop of Oxford..,.
BOOKS024025I: SHAW, GEORGE [1751-1813] - Pisces [General Zoology, or Systematic Natural History, Vol. V, Part I]
BOOKS028622I: SHAW, STANFORD JAY [1930-2006] - Between Old and New : Ottoman Empire Under Sultan Selim III, 1789-1807
BOOKS019162I: SHAWE-TAYLOR, JOHN ; & CRISTIANINI, NELLO - Kernel Methods for Pattern Analysis
BOOKS019983I: SHAWQI, YUSUF [1925-1987] [ IBN AL-MUNAJJIM, YAYÁ IBN ALI (855 OR 6 - 912 AD)] - Risalat Ibn al-Munajjim fi al-musiqá wa kashf rumuz Kitab al-Aghani
BOOKS019995I: SHAYKH, AHMAD AL-MUTASIM - Mamlakat al-Abwab al-Masihiyah wa-zaman al-Inj
BOOKS023328I: SHAYKHI, MUNIRAH 'ALI MASUD IBN 'ALI - al-Awda' al-idariyah wa-al-ijtima'iyah wa-al-thaqafiyah fi madinat Murzuq, min 1842-1911 M
BOOKS030854I: SHCHERBAN', ANATOLII LEONIDOVYC - Dekor hlynianykh vyrobiv Livoberezhnoï Ukraïny : vid neolitu do seredn'ovichchia : Monohrafiia
BOOKS018517I: SHCHUTSKII, IULIAN KONSTANTINOVICH [1897-1938] - Researches on the I Ching
BOOKS030749I: RINCINDORJI ; DONGRUBJAMSU ; SHOUPU DING ; NEI MENGGU REN MIN CHU BAN SHE - Monggol arad-un minggan daguu [Vol. 2] : Aju baiidal, jang jangsil-un daguu
BOOKS021937I: WEN WU CHU BAN SHE - Zhongguo gu qing tong qi xuan [ A Selection of Ancient Chinese Bronzes ]
BOOKS010933I: SHEARER, DAVID R. - Industry, State, and Society in Stalin's Russia, 1926-1934
BOOKS024652I: SHEEHAN, JAMES J. - German Liberalism in the Nineteenth Century
BOOKS011941I: SHEEHAN, JAMES J. - Museums in the German Art World: From the End of the Old Regime to the Rise of Modernism
BOOKS014518I: SHEFFER, GABRIEL - Diaspora Politics: At Home Abroad
BOOKS016718I: SHEIKH, FAZAL - The Victor Weeps: Afghanistan
BOOKS027679I: SHEIKH, M. SAEED - Studies in Muslim Philosophy
BOOKS017649I: SHEINKIN, DAVID [ HOFFMAN, EDWARD ; EDITOR: ] - Path of the Kabbalah
BOOKS006894I: SHEJWALKAR, TRYAMBAK SHANKAR ; EDITOR : - Nagpur Affairs (Selection of Marathi Letters from the Menavli Daftar) : Volume 1
BOOKS021497I: SHELAT, BHARATI KIRTIKUMAR - The Chronological Systems of Gujarat : From Early Times upto 1304 A.D.
BOOKS011785I: SHELDON, KENNON MARSHALL; WILLIAMS, GEOFFREY; & JOINER, THOMAS E. - Self-determination Theory in the Clinic: Motivating Physical and Mental Health
BOOKS016551I: SHELL, MARC - Polio and Its Aftermath: The Paralysis of Culture
BOOKS020648I: MIZANUR RAHMAN SHELLY ; EDITOR: [ SHELLEY, MIZANUR RAHMAN ] - The Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh : The Untold Story / General Editor, Mizanur Rahman Shelley
BOOKS001306I: SHELTON, WALTER J. - English Hunger and Industrial Disorders: A Study of Social Conflict During the First Decade of George III's Reign
BOOKS018064I: SHEMEK, DEANNA - Ladies Errant : Wayward Women and Social Order in Early Modern Italy
BOOKS017851I: SHEN, ZIYIN ; & CHEN, ZELIN - The Basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine
BOOKS004858I: SHENDE, N.J. - Kavi and Kavya in the Atharvaveda
BOOKS012940I: JIAO LI JUN ; YU ZHEN SHENG - Zhu hong deng chuan qi
BOOKS030370I: SHENGELIA, MIKHEIL - Udzvelesi kolkhur-iberiuli medits'ina
BOOKS026532I: SHEOMBAR, HAYDEE SHASHIKALA - Understanding Logistics Coordination: A Foundation for Using EDI in Operational (Re)design of Dyadical Value Adding Partnerships
BOOKS010059I: SHEPARD, LESLIE - John Pitts: Ballad Printer of Seven Dials, London 1765-1844...a Short Account of his Predecessors in the Ballad & Chapbook Trade
BOOKS024756I: SHEPARD, GERALD FAULKNER [1867-1937] ; JACOBUS, DONALD LINES [1887-1970] ; EDITOR: - The Shepard Families of New England : Volume III: Additional Family Groups
BOOKS008575I: SHEPHERDSON, CHARLES - Vital Signs: Nature, Culture, Psychoanalysis
BOOKS001094I: SHER SINGH, "SHER - The Sansis of Punjab. A Gypsy and De-notified Tribe of Rajput Origin
BOOKS022010I: SHER, GILA ; & TIESZEN, RICHARD L. ; EDITORS: - Between Logic and Intuition : Essays in Honor of Charles Parsons
BOOKS003952I: SHERDA 'ANPADH' - Janthik Ghungur
BOOKS007044I: SHERIDAN, JAMES E. - Chinese Warlord: The Career of Feng Yu-hsiang
BOOKS024376I: SHERIDAN, JAMES J., EDITOR: [ ALANUS, DE INSULIS (D. 1202) ] - Anticlaudianus ; or The Good and Perfect Man [by] Alan of Lille. Translation and Commentary by James J. Sheridan.
BOOKS024378I: SHERIDAN, JAMES J., EDITOR: [ ALANUS, DE INSULIS (D. 1202) ] - The Plaint of Nature / Alan of Lille ; Translation and Commentary by James J. Sheridan.
BOOKS010636I: SHERMAN, CAROL - Reading Voltaire's Contes: A Semiotics of Philosophical Narration
BOOKS009606I: SHERMAN, D. GEORGE - Rice, Rupees, and Ritual: Economy and Society Among the Samosir Batak of Sumatra
BOOKS007321I: SHERMAN, EDMUND A. - Meaning in Mid-Life Transitions
BOOKS015846I: SHERMAN, A. J. (ARI JOSHUA) - Island Refuge : Britain and Refugees from the Third Reich, 1933- 1939
BOOKS012567I: SHERMAN, CLAIRE RICHTER - The Portraits of Charles V of France (1338-1380)
BOOKS014814I: SHERRINGTON, CHARLES SCOTT, SIR, [1857 - 1952] - The Endeavour of Jean Fernel : With a List of the Editions of his Writings
BOOKS021601I: SHERRINGTON, CHARLES SCOTT, SIR [1857-1952] - The Integrative Action of the Nervous System : With a New Foreword by the Author & a Bibliography of his Writings.
BOOKS016594I: SHERRY, VINCENT B. - The Great War and the Language of Modernism
BOOKS002046I: SHERRY, PATRICK - Spirit, Saints, and Immortality
BOOKS029381I: SHERWANI, HAROON KHAN - Studies in Muslim Political Thought and Administration
BOOKS019496I: SHERWOOD, MARIKA - Many Struggles : West Indian Workers and Service Personnel in Britain, (1939-45)
BOOKS011405I: SHESHADRI, H.V.; COMPILER & EDITOR: - R.S.S. : A Vision in Action
BOOKS006052I: SHETH, SHIRISH S. & SUTTON, C.J.G.; EDITORS: - Menorrhagia
BOOKS003226I: SHETH, NOEL, - The Divinity of Krishna
BOOKS021479I: SHETH, V. S. - South Arabia : 1959-1967
BOOKS001157I: SHETTY, B.V. AND PANDEY, R.P. - Flora of Tonk District, Rajasthan
BOOKS024930I: SHEVELOV, GEORGE Y. ; & HOLLING, FRED ; EDITORS: - A Reader in the History of the Eastern Slavic Languages : Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian
BOOKS021562I: SHEVRIN, LEV N. ; & OVSYANNIKOV, ALEXANDER J. - Semigroups and Their Subsemigroup Lattices
BOOKS007292I: SHEY, THOMAS H. - Danish Communes: An Analysis of Collective Families in Contemporary Danish and American Society
BOOKS022653I: SHI, SHENGHAN - A Preliminary Survey of the Book Chi Min Yao Shu : An Agricultural Encyclopaedia of the 6th Century
BOOKS029942I: A'SHI, MUSTAFÁ ; TRANSLATOR & EDITOR : - Ahadith Hirudut (489/487-425 qabla al-milad) 'an al-Libiyin (al-Amazigh) / Isawl Hirudut ghf Imazighn (489/487-425 datas ..,.
BOOKS012203I: SHIBATANI, MASAYOSHI - The Languages of Japan
BOOKS004573I: SHIDA, TOSHI - On the Elasticity of the Earth & the Earth's Crust
BOOKS026722I: SHIEL, D. J. (DESMOND JOSEPH) - Ben Hall, Bushranger
BOOKS004082I: SHIELDS, NANCY E. & UHLE, MARY E. - Where Credit is Due. A Guide to Proper Citing of Sources - Print & Nonprint
BOOKS008872I: SHIERS, GEORGE & SHIERS, MAY; COMPILERS: - Early Television: A Bibliographic Guide to 1940
BOOKS015725I: SHIHA, MOSTAFA [ SHIHAH, MUSTAFA 'ABD ALLAH ] - Islamic Architecture in Egypt
BOOKS019265I: SHILLER, ROBERT J. - Irrational Exuberance : Second Edition
BOOKS008548I: SHIMADA, KENJI [ KENJI, SHIMADA ] - Pioneer of the Chinese Revolution : Zhang Binglin and Confucianism
BOOKS000299I: SHIMAN, LILLIAN LEWIS - Crusade Against Drink in Victorian England
BOOKS016619I: SHIMIZU, HIDETADA ; & LEVINE, ROBERT ALAN ; EDITORS: - Japanese Frames of Mind: Cultural Perspectives on Human Development
BOOKS004448I: SHIMKIN, DEMITRI B. ; SHIMKIN, EDITH M. & FRATE, DENNIS A., EDITORS: - The Extended Family in Black Societies
BOOKS013086I: SHIMURA, GORO - Automorphic Functions and Number Theory
BOOKS023298I: SHINDI, MAJDI - Muhakamat mufti Misr
BOOKS004794I: SHINE, HILL - Carlyle's Fusion of Poetry, History, and Religion by 1834
BOOKS005991I: SHINER, L.E. - The Secret Mirror: Literary Form and History in Tocqueville's Recollections
BOOKS020838I: SHINJITI, AHMAD IBN MUHAM IBN AL-'ABBAS AL-'ALAWI [ IDRISI, MUHAMMAD AL-RADI KANNUN AL-HASANI ; EDITOR: ] - Rawd shama'il ahl al-haqiqah fi al-tarif bi-akabir ahl al-tariqah
BOOKS006509I: SHINKMAN, PAUL G., EDITOR: - Advances in Neural & Behavioral Development, Volume 3
BOOKS007627I: SHIONOYA, YUICHI & PERLMAN, MARK; EDITORS: - Schumpeter in the History of Ideas
BOOKS018031I: SHIRANE, HARUO - Traces of Dreams : Landscape, Cultural Memory and the Poetry of Basho
BOOKS005177I: SHIRAZI, NASIR MAKARIM - A Summary of Rulings : According to the Verdicts of Grand Ayatullah Nassir Makaarim ash-Shirazi
BOOKS015200I: SHIRLEY, FLETCHER - An Investigation of the Relationship of Locus of Control and Social Opportunity to Life Satisfaction and Purpose ..,.
BOOKS026782I: SHIRLEY, EVELYN PHILIP [1812-1882] - Some Account of English Deer Parks : With Notes on the Management of Deer
BOOKS004154I: SHIRLEY, JAMES - Towards an Universal & Rational Grammar , 1726
BOOKS000234I: SHIROKOGOROFF, S. M. - Ethnological and Linguistic Aspects of the Ural-Altaic Hypothesis
BOOKS031441I: SHIRVANZADE [PSEUDONYM OF ALEXANDER MOVSESYAN (1858-1935)] [ ZAK'ARYAN, ANUSHAVAN ; EDITOR : ] - Shirvanzadei hraparakakhosakan zhar'angut'yunits', 1914-1919 tt''
BOOKS021856I: SHIVAJI, HAJIMAHAMAD ALLRAKHA ; EDITOR: - Visami Sadi [Vol. 6, No.s 1.6 (1918-1919)]
BOOKS000600I: SHIVANATH - History of Dogri Literature
BOOKS004771I: SHIVDASANI, SURAJ - Ikhlaki Nukta (Sahitik Essays)
BOOKS012773I: SHIVES, T. ROBERT; EDITOR: - Advanced Technology in Failure Prevention: Proceedings of the 43rd Meeting of the Mechanical Failures Prevention Group
BOOKS002196I: SHIVJI, ISSA G. - Pan-Africanism or Pragmatism : Lessons of the Tanganyika-Zanzibar Union
BOOKS018469I: SHKARVAN, A. [ SKARVAN, ALBERT (1869-1926) ] - Moi otkaz ot voennoi sluzhby : zapiski voennago vracha
BOOKS000428I: SHKILNYK, ANASTASIA M. - A Poison Stronger Than Love: The Destruction of an Objibwa Community
BOOKS012227I: SHKURTI, SPIRO - Tradita bujqesore te shqiptareve
BOOKS002481I: SHMIEFSKY, MARVEL - Sense at War with Soul. English Poetics (1865 - 1900)
BOOKS028612I: SHMUELEVITZ, ARYEH ; GICHON, MORDECHAI ; MARKHAM, J. DAVID ; & MENDELSON, DAVID ; EDITORS : - Napoleon and the French in Egypt and the Holy Land, 1789-1801 : Articles Presented at the 2nd International Congress .,.,.
BOOKS004232I: SHMUELI, URI & WEISS, GEORGE H. - Introduction to Crystallographic Statistics
BOOKS026830I: SHNEIDMAN, J. LEE (JEROME LEE) - The Rise of the Aragonese-Catalan Empire, 1200-1350 [Volume 1]
BOOKS027815I: SHNEIDMAN, J. LEE (JEROME LEE) - The Rise of the Aragonese-Catalan Empire, 1200-1350 [Volume 2]
BOOKS017390I: SHNEUR ZALMAN, OF LYADY [1745-1813] - Likutei Amarim [Tania]
BOOKS001144I: SHOCHAT, YANIR - Recruitment and the Programme of Tiberius Gracchus
BOOKS002239I: SHOEMAKER, JAMES H. - Labor in the Territory of Hawaii 1939
BOOKS002953I: SHOEMAKER, ROBIN - The Peasants of El Dorado. Conflict & Contradiction in a Peruvian Frontier Settlement
BOOKS015906I: SHOPE, ROBERT K. - The Analysis of Knowing: A Decade of Research
BOOKS016583I: SHOPEN, TIMOTHY ; EDITOR: - Language Typology and Syntactic Description : Volume I: Clause Structure
BOOKS019576I: SHOPOVA, A.P. - Deset-dnevno tsaruvanie : Izbulgarskoto v'stanie v' 1876 g. Dnevnitsi na edin' buntovnik'
BOOKS005746I: SHORT, KENNETH R. M. ; & FLEDELIUS, KARSTEN ; EDITORS: [ INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HISTORY AND THE AUDIO-VISUAL MEDIA ] - History & Film : Methodology, Research, Education : The Proceedings of the VIII. International Conference ..,.
BOOKS021959I: SHORT, K. R. M. (KENNETH R. M.) ; EDITOR: - Feature Films as History
BOOKS000628I: SHORT, K. R. M. (KENNETH R. M.) ; EDITOR: - Film & Radio Propaganda in World War II
BOOKS023927I: SHORTER, AYLWARD - Chiefship in Western Tanzania : A Political History of the Kimbu
BOOKS011239I: SHORTT, ADAM - Documents Relating to Canadian Currency, Exchange and Finance During the French Period. Volume I & II
BOOKS016544I: SHOSTAK, MARJORIE - Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman
BOOKS004763I: SHOURIE, ARUN; NARAIN, HARSH; DUBASHI, JAY; SWARUP, RAM ; & GOEL, SITA RAM - Hindu Temples : What Happened to Them : Volume I: A Preliminary Survey
BOOKS007572I: SHOVER, NEAL; CLELLAND, DONALD A.; & LYNXWILER, JOHN - Enforcement or Negotiation: Constructing a Regulatory Bureaucracy
BOOKS000601I: SHRESHTHA, KUSUM - Monarchy in Nepal : Tribhuvan Era : Imprisonment to Glory
BOOKS008785I: SHRESTHA, BUDDHI NARAYAN - Nepalkee ismana / Boundary of Nepal
BOOKS009115I: SHRIKHANDE, MOHAN S. ; & SANE, SHARAD S. - Quasi-symmetric Designs
BOOKS022915I: SHRIVASTAV, P.N. - Narsimhapur [ Madhya Pradesh District Gazetteers, (nr. 6)].
BOOKS020254I: SHRIVASTAV, P.N. - Datia [ Madhya Pradesh District Gazetteers, 13 ]
BOOKS020255I: SHRIVASTAV, P.N. - Betul [ Madhya Pradesh District Gazetteers, 7 ]
BOOKS020306I: SHRIVASTAV, P.N. - Jabalpur [ Madhya Pradesh District Gazetteers, 3 ]
BOOKS026903I: SHRIYAN, RATNA NAGESH - A Critical Study of Mahapurana of Puspadanta : A Critical Study of the Desya and Rare Words from Puspadanta’s Mahapurana .,.,.
BOOKS016743I: SHROCK, ROBERT RAKES - Geology at MIT 1865 to 1965: History of the First Hundred Years of Geology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology : Volume II
BOOKS015412I: SHRYOCK, ANDREW - Nationalism and the Genealogical Imagination: Oral History and Textual Authority in Tribal Jordan
BOOKS012314I: SHTERIONOV, SHTELIIAN D. & DZHONEVM ANGEL C. - Dokumenti za polozhenieto na Bulgarite v Makedoniia: nachal oto na XX v.: Bulgarski dokumenti ot Arkhiva kum Muzeia ...
BOOKS022436I: SHTERNBERG, LEV IAKOVLEVICH [1861-1927] - The Social Organization of the Gilyak
BOOKS018927I: SHU, YI [ 1935- ] - Lao She zhi si / Shu Yi zhu bian
BOOKS023319I: SHUAYBI, MUHAMMAD - Mudawwanat mufradat wa-rumuz lughat al-khitab al-Sana'ani wa-afaquha al-ijtima'iyah wa-al-tarikhiyah
BOOKS012009I: SHUBIK, MARTIN - The Theory of Money and Financial Institutions, Volume 2
BOOKS008452I: SHUE, VIVIENNE - The Reach of the State: Sketches of the Chinese Body Politic
BOOKS020569I: SHUJA' RAZAVI, SAIDAH - Vazhahnamah-i tawsifi-i mimari va hawzahha-yi vabastah dar guyish-i Miybud: vazhigan-i ilm
BOOKS004859I: SHUKLA, B.R.K. - Drinks & Drugs in a North Indian Village - An Anthropological Study
BOOKS002433I: SHUKLA, KRIPA SHANKAR - A Critical Study of the Laghumanasa of Manjula
BOOKS006834I: SHUKLA, DINESH CHANDRA - Early History of Rajasthan
BOOKS008905I: SHUKLA, G.D. - In Defense of National Culture: A Study of the South Indian Kingdoms of the Vakatakas, Pallavas and the Vijaynagarans
BOOKS005756I: SHUKLA, PRABHAT KUMAR - Indigo and the Raj : Peasant Protests in Bihar 1780 - 1917
BOOKS003866I: SHUKLA, H.L. - The Literary Semantics of Kalidasa : A Pragmatic Approach
BOOKS011451I: SHUKLA, I.K. - Hindutva: Am Autopsy of Fascism as a Theoterrorist Cult and Other Essays
BOOKS002218I: SHULMAN, HELENE - Living at the Edge of Chaos : Complex Systems in Culture and Psyche
BOOKS000554I: SHUPZA, GAZMEND - Kryengritja fshatare e Shqipërisë së Mesme 1914-1915
BOOKS011826I: SHUTKIN, WILLIAM A. - The Land That Could be: Environmentalism and Democracy in the Twenty-First Century
BOOKS024386I: SHUWAYIR, MUHAMMAD IBN 'ABD ALLAH IBN 'ABD AL-RAHMAN - al-Sira al-siyasi wa-al-fikri fi al-Yaman khilala al-'asr al-Ayyubi, 593-614 H / 1196-1217 M
BOOKS010384I: SHY, OZ - The Economics of Network Industries
BOOKS023424I: SHYAM SUNDER, BATHULA [1908-1975] - They Burn : The 1,600,00,000 Untouchables of India
BOOKS025382I: SHYAM SUNDER, B. [1908-1975] - The Menace of the Dragon
BOOKS030806I: SHYLOV, IURIÏ OLEKSIIOVYCH - Aratta za 'vedoyu slovena' i pam'yatkamy Trypil'skoï kul'tury ta inshymy naukovymy dzherelamy
BOOKS030725I: SHYLOV, IURIÏ OLEKSIIOVYCH - Ukraïna u konteksti svitovoï tsyvilizatsiï : kurs lektsiï
BOOKS018843I: SIANGDAO - Khamphaya : kieo baosao læ thuapai / hiphom doi : Tho. Siangdao
BOOKS027781I: SIBBERN, GABRIEL [1824-1903] - Den stoiske og epikuræiske moral : en philosophisk-historisk sammenligning : et akademisk prøveskrift
BOOKS025509I: SIBER, HEINRICH [1870-1951] - Analogie, Amtsrecht und Rückwirkung im Strafrechte des römischen Freistaates
BOOKS029024I: SIBIYUWI, MADIHAH - Karithat al-ziyut al-masmumah bi-al-Maghrib, 1959-1960
BOOKS002264I: SIBLEY, DAVID - The Small Shop in the City
BOOKS017341I: SICHEL, KIM - Germaine Krull : Photographer of Modernity
BOOKS030552I: SICKEL, THEODOR, RITTER VON [ KOPETZKY, FRANZ ] [ RICHARD TRAMPLER - Das Reformations-Libell des Kaisers Ferdinand I: vom Jahre 1562 bis zur Absendung nach Trient [together with 2 other monographs]
BOOKS014206I: SIDAROUSS, SÉSOSTRIS - Des patriarcats: Les patriarcats dans l'Empire ottoman et spécialement en Égypte.
BOOKS023601I: SIDDIQI, MU'INUDDIN - Bhopal tasvir ke a'inah men
BOOKS014266I: SIDDIQI, MUHAMMAD ZUBAIR - Hadith Literature, Its Origin, Development, Special Features and Criticism
BOOKS010946I: SIDDIQI, AULAD AHMAD - Origin and Development of Land Tenures in U.P., 1800-1930
BOOKS009890I: SIDDIQI, ASRAR H. - Practice and Law of Banking in Pakistan
BOOKS018595I: SIDDIQI, S. A. (SELIM A.) - Public Finance in Islam
BOOKS004415I: SIDDIQI, ATIQ AHMAD ; EDITOR: - Sir Syed’s Correspondence : Selected Documents from the Sir Syed Academy Archives. Volume 2, Part 1.
BOOKS000618I: SIDDIQI, MUHAMMAD ZUBAYR - Studies in Arabic and Persian Medical Literature
BOOKS024505I: SIDDIQI, MAHBUBAH - Barrasi-i tarikhchah-i vaqf va mu'arrifi-i mawqufat-i muhim-i shahristan-i Shahrud
BOOKS011050I: SIDDIQUI, ASHRAF; EDITOR: - Bangladesh District Gazetteers: Rajshahi
BOOKS011062I: SIDDIQUI, ASHRAF; EDITOR: - Bangladesh District Gazetteers: Dinajpur
BOOKS011058I: SIDDIQUI, ASHRAF; EDITOR: - Bangladesh District Gazetteers: Kushtia
BOOKS012539I: SIDDIQUI, NAFIS AHMAD - Population Geography of Muslims of India
BOOKS005241I: SIDDIQUI, MAHMUD HUSAIN - The Memoirs of Sufis Written in India (Reference to Kashaf-ul-Mahjub, Siyar-ul-Auliya & Siyar-ul-Arifin)
BOOKS000604I: SIDDIQUI, M.K.A. - Muslims of Calcutta. A Study in Aspects of their Social Organisation
BOOKS000603I: SIDDIQUI, M. K. A., EDITOR: - Aspects of Society and Culture in Calcutta
BOOKS021646I: SIDDIQUI, M. K. A. - Voluntary Associations of the Muslims in Kolkata
BOOKS015533I: SIDEL, JOHN THAYER - Capital, Coercion and Crime: Bossism in the Philippines
BOOKS010939I: SIDER, GERALD & SMITH, GAVIN; EDITORS: - Between History and Histories: The Making of Silences and Commemorations
BOOKS031158I: SIDERAS, ALEXANDER - Die byzantinischen Grabreden : Prosopographie, Datierung, Überlieferung : 142 Epitaphien und Monodien aus dem byzantinischen..,.
BOOKS006850I: SIDERSKY, D. - Quelques Portraits de nos Maitres des Etudes Semitiques: Ernest Renan - Marquis de Vogue - Clermont - Ganneau...Berger...Halevy
BOOKS015737I: SIDKY, H. - Irrigation and State Formation in Hunza : The Anthropology of a Hydraulic Kingdom
BOOKS028057I: SIDLER-HUGUENIN, ERNST [1869-1922] - Über die hereditär-syphilitischen Augenhintergrundsveränderungen, nebst einigen allgemeinen Bemerkungen über Augenerkrankungen
BOOKS027576I: SIEBENMANN, FRITZ - Ueber Verkalkung der Herzmuskulatur
BOOKS013456I: SIEBENSCHEIN, HUGO [1889 - 19??] - Abhandlungen zur Wirtschaftgermanistik
BOOKS008496I: SIEBERS, TOBIN - Cold War Criticism and the Politics of Scepticism
BOOKS020464I: SIEBOLD, PAUL ; EDITOR : - 1000 Worte Hitler / Verantwortlicher Herausgeber : Paul Siebold
BOOKS013792I: SIEGEL, JAMES T. - A New Criminal Type in Jakarta: Counter-Revolution Today
BOOKS008237I: SIEGEL, LEE - Laughing Matters: Comic Tradition in India
BOOKS005087I: SIEGEL, JAMES - Shadow and Sound. The Historical Thought of a Sumatran People
BOOKS000196I: SIEGEL, JAMES T. - Fetish, Recognition, Revolution
BOOKS006273I: SIEGELBAUM, LEWIS H. - Stakhanovism & the Politics of Productivity in the USSR, 1935 - 1941
BOOKS025471I: SIEGELE, ULRICH - Kompositionsweise und Bearbeitungstechnik in der Instrumentalmusik Johann Sebastian Bachs
BOOKS026462I: SIEGFRIED, ERICH - Die Naphthalagerstätten de Umgebung von Solotwina : Ein Beitrag zur Tektonik des Karpathenrandes in Ostgalizien
BOOKS003089I: SIEGRIST, J. & HALHUBER, M.J., EDITORS: - Myocardial Infarction & Psychosocial Risks
BOOKS018674I: SIEGRIST, HENRY GALT - Selected Bibliography of 20th Century Geoscience and Related Scientific Literature of Micronesia: Part 1: Mariana Island Arc
BOOKS024583I: SIEGUMFELDT, CHR. - Østerlandsmissionen : Historisk skildret [Bd. I & II]
BOOKS003966I: SIELLE, E.F. - Mikkel. Fjorten Historier om en Abekat
BOOKS001766I: SIEMERS,GUNTER, EDITOR: - Papua-Neuguinea. Neuer Staat im Aufbruch- Ein Uberblick
BOOKS013022I: SIEMIATKOWSKI, FELIKS - Kometa Halleya w 1910 roku
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BOOKS028967I: SINCONA, SWISS INTERNATIONAL COIN AUCTION AG - Spezialsammlung Schweiz : Sammlung Emil Zuberbühler : Auktion 16 : 18. Oktober 2013 : Zürich
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BOOKS000206I: SONDEREGGER, STEFAN - Andreas Heusler und die Sprache
BOOKS000808I: SONDERGAARD, BENT - Indledende Studier over den Nordiske Stednavnetype "Lev" (Lov)
BOOKS025177I: HISTORISK SAMFUND FOR SØNDERJYLLAND - Sønderjysk månedsskrift [a collection of 185 issues, mostly ca. 1971-1987]
BOOKS025232I: HISTORISK SAMFUND FOR SØNDERJYLLAND - Sønderjydske Aarbøger [a collection of 91 volumes, ca. 1933-1988]
BOOKS013263I: SONG, SHIN-MIN; & WALDRON, KENNETH J. - Machines that Walk: The Adaptive Suspension Vehicle
BOOKS015847I: PHUWADOL SONGPRASERT - Ekkaphap : thamklang khwamplækyæk nai Phak Tai
BOOKS011877I: RATTHAKRIT SONGSAMPHAO - Dap sakun chang Thai nai Ratcha'anachak 'Ayutthaya
BOOKS027806I: BUNTHAN SONGSANASITA - Sing didi mithi khwæng Salavan : Phak 1. Adit - Patchuban - Anakhot (108 luang - 1009 banha) / hiphom doi Bunthan Songsanasita
BOOKS024838I: SONI, SURESA - Hamari samskrtika vicaradhara ke mula srota
BOOKS007987I: SONN, TAMARA - Interpreting Islam : Bandali Jawzi's Islamic Intellectual History
BOOKS011275I: SONNE, BIRGITTE - Eskimoiske Doderitualer: Religiose betydninger og sociale funktioner
BOOKS029519I: SONNE, BIRGITTE - The Happy Family : Myths, Ritual, and Society on Nunivak
BOOKS028005I: SONNEMANN, PETRA - Untersuchungen zum Sozialverhalten von Tiefland-Pakas (Cuniculus paca nelsoni Goldman 1913) unter Gefangenschaftsbedingungen
BOOKS021125I: SONNEMANN, ULRICH - Handwriting Analysis as a Psychodiagnostic Tool : A Study in General and Clinical Graphology
BOOKS007926I: SONODA, KYOICHI - Health and Illness in Changing Japanese Society
BOOKS015113I: SIDA SONSI - Rat kap sangkhom Mutsalim nai Filippin : chak khwamkhatyæng su khwamruammu
BOOKS004656I: SONTAG, FREDERICK - The Return of the Gods : A Philosophical / Theological Reappraisal of the Writings of Ernest Becker
BOOKS029083I: SOOM, JOST - Avancement et fortune : Schweizer und ihre Nachkommen als Offiziere, Diplomaten und Hofbeamte im Dienst des Zarenreiches
BOOKS004886I: SOOMANEY, JASHANLAL D. - Aad Akhar Gujharat [Crossword Puzzles in Sindhi)
BOOKS029954I: WARQINAA ABBAA SOORII - Sirna Gadaa : kallacha tokkummaa hundee bilisumma saba Oromoo : Gada Manifesto
BOOKS027170I: SOPRINTENDENZA PER I BENI AMBIENTALI E ARCHITETTONICI PER LE PROVINCIE DI VERONA, VICENZA E ROVIGO - Restauri di monumenti palladiani : diversi aspetti di un problema di tutela
BOOKS001431I: SORANZO, GIROLAMO - Bibliografia Veneziana compilata ... in aggiunta e continuazione del 'Saggio' di Emmanuele Antonio Cicogna. Vol. I & II
BOOKS019834I: SORAVA [PSEUDONYM OF GERRIT BARRON ] - Bloeddruppels op mijn kussensloop
BOOKS017661I: SORBAN, RAOUL - Fantasma Imperiului Ungar si Casa Europei : "Maghiaromania" în doctrina ungarismului
BOOKS008970I: SOREN, BASUDEV - Bonga nehar
BOOKS007936I: SOREN, BASUDEV - Kherwal Bonga Latha
BOOKS009958I: SOREN, BASUDEN - Marsal Hor
BOOKS020575I: SOREN, BASUDEV - Sereng anjle
BOOKS021046I: SOREN, BASUDEV - Lita alag
BOOKS030273I: SØRENSEN, PER - Prehistoric Iron Implements from Thailand
BOOKS024420I: SØRENSEN, KNUD - A Dictionary of Anglicisms in Danish
BOOKS012934I: SØRENSEN, HUGO H. ; EDITOR : - Spodsbjerg : En yngre stenalders boplads på Langeland
BOOKS016036I: SØRENSEN, LONE WRIEDT ; & PENTZ, PETER - Lindos IV, 2 : Excavations and Surveys in Southern Rhodes : The Post-Mycenaean Period until Roman Times and the Medieval Period
BOOKS028702I: SØRENSEN, RASMUS MØLLER [1799-1865], - Vor christne troes forsvar imod pastor Bastholms angreb med beviis for at hans yttringer, i hans betragtning om hindringer ..,.
BOOKS013695I: SØRENSEN, SØREN PETER LAURITZ - Studier over Koboltidoxalater
BOOKS009763I: SORENSEN, KNUD - Thomas Lodge's Translation of Seneca's De Beneficiis compared with Arthur Golding's Version: A Textual Analysis with Special ...
BOOKS016857I: SØRENSEN, JOHN KOUSGÅRD - Patronymer i Danmark, 1 : Runetid og middelalder
BOOKS006879I: SØRENSEN, SVEN ; & SCHIRO, JOSEPH ; EDITORS: [ PAVELS, PEDER (1769-1855) ] - Malta 1796-1797 : Thorvaldsen’s Visit / Based on the Unpublished Diary of Peder Pavels
BOOKS024488I: SØRENSEN, ØYSTEIN ; EDITOR: - Nasjonal identitet - et kunstprodukt?
BOOKS005219I: SORENSEN, HANS - La Poesie de Paul Valery. Etude stylistique sur 'La Jeune Parque'.
BOOKS009697I: SØRENSEN, ØYSTEIN ; EDITOR: - Nationalism in Small European Nations
BOOKS004702I: SORENSEN, PER & HATTING, TOVE - Ban-Kao. Neolithic Settlements with Cemeteries in the Kanchanaburi Province. Part 1:The Archaeological Material from the Burials
BOOKS003917I: SORENSEN, S. - Om Sanskrits Stilling i den almindelige Sprogudvikling i Indien
BOOKS026003I: SØRENSEN, MARIANNE - Halvmånefasen og kuglen : kærlighed, arbejde og kvindefrigørelse i Charlotte Brontës romaner
BOOKS018100I: SØRENSEN, HOLGER STEEN - Word-Classes in Modern English with Special References to Proper Names : With an Introductory Theory of Grammar, Meaning..,.
BOOKS022549I: SØRENSEN, ANDERS DRAEBY ; GORMSEN, LISE ; & HØRNING, SØREN ; EDITORS: - Ethics, Rights and Death in Modern Medicine
BOOKS029119I: SØRENSEN, CAMILLA T. N. - The Contingent Rise of China : The Development in Chinese Post-Cold War Security Policy
BOOKS023520I: SØRENSEN, VIBEKE [1952-1995] - Denmark's Social Democratic Government and the Marshall Plan, 1947-1950
BOOKS028899I: SØRENSEN, GEORG - Changes in Statehood : The Transformation of International Relations
BOOKS006741I: SORGE, RICHARD - Tiefbohrtechnische Studien uber Olgruben-Betrieb und Spulbohrung
BOOKS007475I: SORGENFREI, THEODOR [1915 - 19??] - Marint nedre-miocæn i Klintinghoved paa Als. Et bidrag til løsning af Aquitanien-spørgsmaalet
BOOKS027913I: SORIA, SALLY PIA C. - Untersuchungen zur Schwermetallbelastung von Perna viridis und Crassostrea iredale aus der Bucht von Manila (Philippinen)
BOOKS018313I: SORKIN, MICHAEL - Exquisite Corpse : Writing on Buildings
BOOKS023246I: SÓS, ENDRE [1905-1969] - Cion bölcsei a horogkereszt árnyékában : egy antiszemita hamisitvány rémregénye
BOOKS030333I: SOSIASVILI, SOT'A - Rani vqop'ilvart'! ... Rani vik'nebit'?
BOOKS005120I: SOSIN, J.M. - English America and the Restoration Monarchy of Charles II. Transatlantic Politics, Commerce, and Kinship
BOOKS024335I: THOTSAPHON CHANGPHANITKUN ; KONG BANNATHIKAN KHAO SOT - Mahatsachan phayanak : thep phupokpong Phraphutthasatsana
BOOKS002551I: SOTIR, JANEV - Osnovni Vprosi za Balgarskija Sotsializm
BOOKS005880I: SOTIROV, IVAN - Chiprovska zlatarska shkola : sredata na XVI-nachaloto na XVIII vek
BOOKS026049I: SØTOFT, NIKOLAI BIERFREUND [1790-1844] [ MONRAD, DITLEV GOTHARD ] - Knud den Hellige : Tragödie : Udgivet efter Forfatterens Død af D.G. Monrad
BOOKS026042I: SØTOFT, NIKOLAI BIERFREUND [1790-1844] - Nikolai Søtofts Theater : Første Deel : Haarlokkerne , Hyrdedrengen, Legetøiet i Ørknen, Mac-Lean
BOOKS004328I: SØTTRUP, TAGE - Studies in the Pulmonary Function and the Diaphragmatic Function in Patients Convalescing from Life-Threatening Poliomyelitis..
BOOKS027270I: SOUBBARAMAYER ; & BOUJOT, J. P. ; EDITORS : - Ninth International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics
BOOKS000255I: SOUCHOPOVA, VERA - Hutnicki zeleza v 8. -11. stoleti na zapadni Morave
BOOKS012112I: SOUCHY, AGUSTÍN [1892- 19??] [ SOUCHY, AUGUSTIN ] - Anarcho-Syndikalisten über Bürgerkrieg und Revolution in Spanien: Ein Bericht
BOOKS001021I: SOUNDRA,P. - A Study of Saint Thirugnana Campantar
BOOKS004618I: SOUNTOURA, M'BAMISSA, ADJUTANT-CHEF - Mon Afrique: Recueil de poemes
BOOKS000413I: SOUREK, OTAKAR - The Chamber Music of Antonin Dvorak
BOOKS017462I: SOURESRAFIL, BEHROUZ - Khomeini and Israel
BOOKS025501I: SOURIRAJAN, P. [ CAURIRACAN, PON ] - National Consciousness in Tamil Literature
BOOKS007146I: SOURIRAJAN, S. - Reverse Osmosis
BOOKS026406I: SOUSA, LUZIA DA CONCEICÃO - Anacreonte : Breve estudo da sua obra
BOOKS023256I: SOUSA E ALMEIDA, JACINTHO CARNEIRO DE - Uma execucao iniqua: Embargos d'executado oppostos pela Companhia Agricole da Ilha de S. Thome na execucao hypothecaria..,.
BOOKS009307I: SOUSA, JOAO DE; EDITOR: - Um dossier de provas edificantes ( A questao do Hospicio)
BOOKS017153I: DE SOUSA, RONALD - The Rationality of Emotion
BOOKS004166I: TEIXEIRA DE SOUSA - A Questao dos Tabacos (de 21 de Marco a 17 de Maio de 1906)
BOOKS000838I: SOUSA, ESTER PEREIRA DE - Contribuicões para o conhecimento da Flora da Guiné Portuguesa
BOOKS000763I: SOUSA RIBEIRO, ANTONIO DE [1868-19??] - Liccão das mulas
BOOKS001900I: SOUSA FALCAO, ANTONIO HENRIQUES DE - A experimentacão no Posto de Culturas Regadas do Vale do Limpopo (Servicos de Agricultura de Mocambique)
BOOKS028403I: SOUTER, ALEXANDER [1873-1949] - De codicibus manuscriptis Augustini quae feruntur quaestionum Veteris et Novi Testamenti CXXVII
BOOKS001393I: SOUTHALL, AIDAN WILLIAM; EDITOR: - Social Change in Modern Africa : Studies Presented and Discussed at First International African Seminar
BOOKS009768I: SOUTHGATE, DOUGLAS & WHITAKER, MORRIS - Economic Progress and the Environment : One Developing Country's Policy Crisis
BOOKS003879I: SOUTHGATE, DOUGLAS & WHITAKER, MORRIS - Economic Progress & the Environment. One Developing Country's Policy Crisis
BOOKS004280I: SOUTHWOOD, T.R.E. [ SOUTHWOOD, RICHARD, SIR ] - The Structure of the Eggs of the Terrestrial Heteroptera and Its Relationship to the Classification of the Group
BOOKS001622I: SOUTHWORTH, FRANKLIN C. - Nepali Transformational Grammar: A Sketch
BOOKS007731I: SOUZA, JOSE JOAQUIM DE - Estatistica dos valores e respectivos direitos do commercio e movimento de navegacao das possessoes ultramarinas... 1890 e 1899
BOOKS006705I: D'SOUZA, VICTOR S. - Inequality & its Perpetuation: A Theory of Social Stratification
BOOKS008651I: SOVA, DAWN B - Banned Books : Literature Suppressed on Social Grounds
BOOKS017603I: SOVA, DAWN B. - Literature Suppressed on Sexual Grounds
BOOKS020284I: SOVIJÄRVI, ANTTI [1912-1995] - Die gehaltenen, geflüsterten, und gesungenen Vokale und Nasale der finnischen Sprache : Physiologisch-physikalische Lautanalysen
BOOKS001825I: SOWAYAN, SAAD ABDULLAH - Nabati Poetry : The Oral Poetry of Arabia
BOOKS015115I: SOWELL, THOMAS - Classical Economics Reconsidered
BOOKS028958I: SOYSAL, ISMAIL ; EDITOR : [ FOUNDATION FOR STUDIES ON TURKISH-ARAB RELATIONS ] - Studies on Turkish-Arab Relations : Annual : 4 : 1989
BOOKS028939I: SOYSAL, ISMAIL ; EDITOR : - Turkish Review of Middle East Studies : Annual : 1993 [Volume 7]
BOOKS015958I: SOYYER, YILMAZ - Sosyolojik açidan Alevî Bektasî geleneci
BOOKS010073I: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION ON THE COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL USES OF OUTER SPACE - Space Commerce: Proceedings of the Second International Conference & Exhibition on the Commercial & Industrial Uses of Outer...
BOOKS016309I: SPADACCINI, NICHOLAS ; & TALÉNS, JENARO ; EDITORS: - Autobiography in Early Modern Spain
BOOKS024081I: SPAETER, RUDOLF - Ahnen-und Sippenkreise Spaeter : Teil I & II.
BOOKS030235I: SPAHIU, NEXHMEDIN - National Awakening Process Among Orthodox Albanians
BOOKS030254I: SPAHIU, HËNA - Qyteti iliro-arberor i Beratit
BOOKS024699I: SPAHIU, ARSIM - Iliriciteti i maqedonasve dhe i epirotëve
BOOKS029678I: SPAHLINGER, MATHIAS - A collection of 9 musical compositons, articles and theoretical writings, ca. 1975-1981
BOOKS002907I: SPAIN, JAMES W. - The Way of the Pathans
BOOKS016931I: SPAIN, DIRECCIÓN GENERAL DE ARCHIVOS Y BIBLIOTECAS. - La Orden de Santiago y los monarcas españoles en la Edad Media : catalogo de exposicion
BOOKS020038I: SPAIN, JUNTA CENTRAL DE COLONIZACION Y REPOBLACION INTERIOR - Memoria presentada por esta junta al gobierno de S.M., referente a los estudios y trabajos realizados ..,.
BOOKS002202I: SPALBURG, J.G. - De Tapanahoni Djuka rond de eeuwwisseling: het dagboek van Spalburg (1896-1900)
BOOKS007955I: SPALDING, KAREN - Huarochiri: An Andean Society Under Inca and Spanish Rule
BOOKS024326I: SPALTENSTEIN, FRANÇOIS - Commentaire des élégies de Maximien
BOOKS014846I: SPANG-HANSSEN, HENRIK STAKEMANN - Cyberspace and International Law on Jurisdiction: Possibilities of Dividing Cyberspace into Jurisdictions with Help of Filters a
BOOKS009725I: SPANG-HANSSEN, EBBE - Les prepositions incolores du francais moderne
BOOKS005466I: SPANG-HANSSEN, HENNING - Recent Theories on the Nature of the Language Sign
BOOKS005148I: SPANG-HANSEN, EBBE - Les propositions incolores du francais moderne.
BOOKS002654I: SPANGGAARD, KRISTEN D. - Dansk Skonlitteratur i fransk Oversaettelse.../ Les lettres danoises en traduction francaise depuis le Moyen Age jusqu'a 1975...
BOOKS021609I: SPANGLER, GOTTFRIED ; & ZIMMERMANN, PETER ; EDITORS: - Die Bindungstheorie : Grundlagen, Forschung und Anwendung
BOOKS017492I: SPANUTH, JÜRGEN - Das Enträtselte Atlantis
BOOKS009518I: SPARING, MARGARETHE WILMA - The Perception of Reality in the Volksmärchen of Schleswig-Holstein : A Study in Interpersonal Relationships and World View
BOOKS025835I: SPARRE, JOHANNES - Tradition og antitradition
BOOKS001240I: SPARRMAN, ANDERS [ HANSEN, LARS ; HANSEN, VIVEKA ; CORMACK, EIVOR ; SÖRBOM, PER ; & EDBERG, RAGNAR ; EDITORS : ] - The Linnaeus Apostles : Global Science & Adventure : Vol. 5 : Southern Africa, Oceania, Antarctica, South America
BOOKS012269I: SPARROW, MALCOLM K. - The Character of Harms : Operational Challenges in Control
BOOKS017858I: SPARSHOTT, FRANCIS EDWARD - Looking for Philosophy
BOOKS003346I: SPARUP, K.H. - Late Prognosis in Lumbar Disc Herniation. An Investigation of the Clinical Importance of the Degenerative Disc...
BOOKS020211I: CENTRE NATIONAL D'ÉTUDES SPATIALES - Quatrièmes journées d'optique spatiale / Fourth Conference on Space Optics : Marseille, 6-8 novembre 1973
BOOKS007137I: SPAULDING, ROBERT - How Spanish Grew
BOOKS019844I: SPAWFORTH, A.J.S. [ SPAWFORTH, ANTONY ] ; EDITOR: - The Court and Court Society in Ancient Monarchies
BOOKS015405I: SPEAR, THOMAS T. - Mountain Farmers: Moral Economies of Land and Agricultural Development in Arusha and Meru
BOOKS018406I: SPECTOR, TOM - The Ethical Architect : The Dilemma of Contemporary Practice
BOOKS013313I: SPECTOR, TOM [1957 -] - The Ethical Architect: The Dilemma of Contemporary Practice
BOOKS017381I: SPEER, ROBERT ELLIOTT [1867-1947] - Race and Race Relations : A Christian View of Human Contacts
BOOKS022019I: SPEGELE, ROGER D. - Political Realism in International Theory
BOOKS029991I: SPEIJER, EMANUEL ARNOLD MAURICE - De hypopygia van eenige agromyzidae, benevens theoretische beschouwingen over de homologieën van de aanhangsels hiervan
BOOKS001873I: SPEISER, ANDREAS - Die Mathematische Denkweise
BOOKS013367I: SPELLER, ELIZABETH - Following Hadrian : A Second Century Journey through the Roman Empire
BOOKS017495I: SPENCE, DONALD P. - Narrative Truth and Historical Truth : Meaning and Interpretation in Psychoanalysis
BOOKS028047I: SPENCER, H.S. - On Zoroastrian Traditions, Customs & Ceremonials
BOOKS014443I: SPENCER, CHRISTOPHER ; & BLADES, MARK ; EDITORS: - Children and Their Environments : Learning, Using and Designing Spaces
BOOKS009552I: SPENCER, FRANK - Piltdown: A Scientific Forgery
BOOKS009390I: SPENCER, COLIN - The Heretic's Feast: A History of Vegetarianism
BOOKS006310I: SPENCER, H - Pathology of the Lung. Volume 1 & 2
BOOKS018368I: SPENCER, HERBERT - Pioneers of Modern Typography
BOOKS005548I: SPENCER, THEODORE - Selected Essays
BOOKS005479I: SPENCER, SHARON - Space, Time and Structure in the Modern Novel
BOOKS008054I: SPENCER, JOHN - The Kenya African Union
BOOKS031354I: SPENGEL, LEONHARD VON ; EDITOR : [ EUDEMOS OF RHODES ] - Eudemi Rhodii peripatetici fragmenta quae supersunt collegit Leonardus Spengel
BOOKS010275I: SPENGLER, JOSEPH J. - France Faces Depopulation: Postlude Edition, 1936-1976.
BOOKS017699I: SPENGLER, OSWALD [1880-1936] - The Decline of the West. Volume II: Perspectives of World History
BOOKS017410I: SPENGLER, OSWALD [1880-1936] - The Decline of the West; Volume 1 : Form and Actuality
BOOKS003166I: SPENTER, ARNE - Sprachbewegung in der Landschaft um Marburg an der Lahn 1880-1960
BOOKS005363I: SPENTER, ARNE - Der Vokalismus der akzentuierten Silben in der schiermonnikooger Mundart. Eine geschichtliche Studie...
BOOKS019418I: SPER, A. [ PSEUDONYM OF HANS RAU (1882-1906)] [ RAU, HANS ] - Der Marquis de Sade und der Sadismus / von A. Sper.
BOOKS024627I: SPERBER, JONATHAN - The European Revolutions, 1848-1851
BOOKS027990I: SPERLING, MICHAEL - Optimierung der Anregungsbedingungen in einem induktiv gekoppelten Plasma für die Atomemissionsspektrometrie
BOOKS017667I: SPHINX, COMTESSE - Le secret de Marguerite / par la Csse Sphinx
BOOKS027659I: SPIECKERMANN, MARIE-LUISE ; EDITOR : - Der curieuse Passagier : deutsche Englandreisende des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts als Vermittler kultureller und technologischer.,.
BOOKS004213I: SPIEGEL, GABRIELLE M. - Romancing the Past. The Rise of Vernacular Prose Historiography in Thirteenth Century France
BOOKS020843I: SPIER, LESLIE [1893-1961] - The Ghost Dance of 1870 among the Klamath of Oregon
BOOKS011538I: SPIERINGS, EGILIUS L.H. - Management of Migraine
BOOKS018200I: SPIERS, R.A.H. ; EDITOR : - Round About 'The Mitre' at Oxford : (Episodes of the University, City and Hotel)
BOOKS008331I: SPIES, OTTO - Zwei volkstumliche Liebesgeschichten aus dem Orient. Ubersetzt und Untersucht
BOOKS017330I: SPIES, MARIJKE - Bij noorden om : Olivier Brunel en de doorvaart naar China en Cathay in de zestiende eeuw
BOOKS000282I: SPIES, OTTO - Die Turkische Prosaliteratur der Gegenwart
BOOKS018695I: SPIESS, CAMILLE [1878- 19??] - L'âme et le corps au point de vue bio-physiologique: Quelques réflexions a propos d'un ouvrage récent de M. Binet.
BOOKS000017I: SPIGEL, LYNN & CURTIN, MICHAEL; EDITORS - The Revolution Wasn't Televised: Sixties Television and Social Conflict
BOOKS003394I: SPIJER, SALOMON BERNARD - Geologie de la Region de Venaco (Corse)
BOOKS019109I: SPILLANE, JOHN DAVID - Medical Travellers : Narratives from the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries
BOOKS020841I: SPILLMANN, FRANZ - Die Sirenen aus dem Oligozän des Linzer Beckens (Oberösterreich) : mit Ausführungen über "Osteosklerose" und "Pachyostose
BOOKS019788I: SPILOK, ULLA - Synonymer og Synonymproblematik i 1700 og 1800-tallet ..,.
BOOKS006966I: SPINDLER, LOUISE S. - Menomini Women and Culture Change
BOOKS016432I: SPINELLA, MARCELLO - The Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine: Plant Drugs That Alter Mind, Brain and Behavior
BOOKS008114I: SPINELLI, LAWRENCE - Dry Diplomacy: The United States, Great Britain, and Prohibition
BOOKS028930I: SPINK - Cape of Good Hope - Rectangular Issues
BOOKS029095I: SPINK - Great Britain King George the V Issues [1911-1935] : The Monarch Collection - Part I
BOOKS028928I: SPINK - Important Stamps and Covers of South East Asia
BOOKS011922I: SPINNER, JEFF - The Boundaries of Citizenship: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality in the Liberal State
BOOKS022533I: SPINNER-HALEV, JEFF - Surviving Diversity : Religion and Democratic Citizenship
BOOKS029927I: SPINNLER, HEINZ - Bau der Hauenstein-Basislinie Sissach-Olten 1912-1916
BOOKS014835I: SPINOZA, BENEDICTUS DE [1632 - 1677] [ WHITE, W. HALE; TRANSLATOR:] - Tractatus de intellectus emendatione : et de via, qua optime in veram rerum cognitionem dirigitur / translated from the Latin
BOOKS013673I: SPIRIDONOV, HERNANI - Krugovi morfostrukturi v Srednogorieto
BOOKS029554I: ARM THE SPIRIT [MEYER, MATT ; & MICKEL, BETSY ; EDITORS : ] - Enemies of the State
BOOKS016471I: SPIRO, MELFORD E. - Anthropological Other or Burmese Brother?: Studies in Cultural Analysis
BOOKS004518I: SPIRO, SOLOMON J. - Tapestry for Designs. Judaic Allusions in the Second Scroll & the Collected Works of A.M. Klein

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