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BOOKS008054I: SPENCER, JOHN - The Kenya African Union
BOOKS010275I: SPENGLER, JOSEPH J. - France Faces Depopulation: Postlude Edition, 1936-1976.
BOOKS017699I: SPENGLER, OSWALD [1880-1936] - The Decline of the West. Volume II: Perspectives of World History
BOOKS017410I: SPENGLER, OSWALD [1880-1936] - The Decline of the West; Volume 1 : Form and Actuality
BOOKS003166I: SPENTER, ARNE - Sprachbewegung in der Landschaft um Marburg an der Lahn 1880-1960
BOOKS005363I: SPENTER, ARNE - Der Vokalismus der akzentuierten Silben in der schiermonnikooger Mundart. Eine geschichtliche Studie...
BOOKS019418I: SPER, A. [ PSEUDONYM OF HANS RAU (1882-1906)] [ RAU, HANS ] - Der Marquis de Sade und der Sadismus / von A. Sper.
BOOKS024627I: SPERBER, JONATHAN - The European Revolutions, 1848-1851
BOOKS027990I: SPERLING, MICHAEL - Optimierung der Anregungsbedingungen in einem induktiv gekoppelten Plasma für die Atomemissionsspektrometrie
BOOKS027659I: SPIECKERMANN, MARIE-LUISE ; EDITOR : - Der curieuse Passagier : deutsche Englandreisende des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts als Vermittler kultureller und technologischer.,.
BOOKS004213I: SPIEGEL, GABRIELLE M. - Romancing the Past. The Rise of Vernacular Prose Historiography in Thirteenth Century France
BOOKS020843I: SPIER, LESLIE [1893-1961] - The Ghost Dance of 1870 among the Klamath of Oregon
BOOKS011538I: SPIERINGS, EGILIUS L.H. - Management of Migraine
BOOKS018200I: SPIERS, R.A.H. ; EDITOR : - Round About 'The Mitre' at Oxford : (Episodes of the University, City and Hotel)
BOOKS008331I: SPIES, OTTO - Zwei volkstumliche Liebesgeschichten aus dem Orient. Ubersetzt und Untersucht
BOOKS017330I: SPIES, MARIJKE - Bij noorden om : Olivier Brunel en de doorvaart naar China en Cathay in de zestiende eeuw
BOOKS000282I: SPIES, OTTO - Die Turkische Prosaliteratur der Gegenwart
BOOKS018695I: SPIESS, CAMILLE [1878- 19??] - L'âme et le corps au point de vue bio-physiologique: Quelques réflexions a propos d'un ouvrage récent de M. Binet.
BOOKS000017I: SPIGEL, LYNN & CURTIN, MICHAEL; EDITORS - The Revolution Wasn't Televised: Sixties Television and Social Conflict
BOOKS003394I: SPIJER, SALOMON BERNARD - Geologie de la Region de Venaco (Corse)
BOOKS019109I: SPILLANE, JOHN DAVID - Medical Travellers : Narratives from the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries
BOOKS019788I: SPILOK, ULLA - Synonymer og Synonymproblematik i 1700 og 1800-tallet ..,.
BOOKS006966I: SPINDLER, LOUISE S. - Menomini Women and Culture Change
BOOKS016432I: SPINELLA, MARCELLO - The Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine: Plant Drugs That Alter Mind, Brain and Behavior
BOOKS008114I: SPINELLI, LAWRENCE - Dry Diplomacy: The United States, Great Britain, and Prohibition
BOOKS028930I: SPINK - Cape of Good Hope - Rectangular Issues
BOOKS029095I: SPINK - Great Britain King George the V Issues [1911-1935] : The Monarch Collection - Part I
BOOKS028928I: SPINK - Important Stamps and Covers of South East Asia
BOOKS022339I: SPINKS, BRYAN D. - Western Use and Abuse of Eastern Liturgical Traditions : Some Cross-sections of Its History
BOOKS011922I: SPINNER, JEFF - The Boundaries of Citizenship: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality in the Liberal State
BOOKS022533I: SPINNER-HALEV, JEFF - Surviving Diversity : Religion and Democratic Citizenship
BOOKS014835I: SPINOZA, BENEDICTUS DE [1632 - 1677] [ WHITE, W. HALE; TRANSLATOR:] - Tractatus de intellectus emendatione : et de via, qua optime in veram rerum cognitionem dirigitur / translated from the Latin
BOOKS013673I: SPIRIDONOV, HERNANI - Krugovi morfostrukturi v Srednogorieto
BOOKS029554I: ARM THE SPIRIT [MEYER, MATT ; & MICKEL, BETSY ; EDITORS : ] - Enemies of the State
BOOKS016471I: SPIRO, MELFORD E. - Anthropological Other or Burmese Brother?: Studies in Cultural Analysis
BOOKS004518I: SPIRO, SOLOMON J. - Tapestry for Designs. Judaic Allusions in the Second Scroll & the Collected Works of A.M. Klein
BOOKS028026I: SPITZBARTH, WOLF-DIETER - Die Pronations- und Supinationsbewegungen beim Spitzhörnchen (Tupaia glis)
BOOKS009787I: SPITZER, ROBERT J.; EDITOR: - Politics and Constitutionalism : The Louis Fisher Connection
BOOKS019207I: SPIVEY, NIGEL JONATHAN - Enduring Creation : Art, Pain and Fortitude
BOOKS022183I: SPOEHR, ALEXANDER [1913-1992] - Marianas Prehistory : Archaeological Survey and Excavations on Saipan, Tinian and Rota.
BOOKS016389I: SPOLSKY, BERNARD - Language Policy
BOOKS022490I: SPONSLER, CLAIRE - Drama and Resistance : Bodies, Goods and Theatricality in Late Medieval England
BOOKS015494I: SPOONER, BRIAN ; EDITOR : - Population Growth: Anthropological Implications
BOOKS006917I: SPOOR, MAX - The State & Domestic Agricultural Markets in Nicaragua. From Interventionism to Neo-Liberalism
BOOKS011114I: SPORE, PALLE - Etudes toponymiques I: Les noms de lieux determines par un syntagme prepositionnel
BOOKS008656I: SPORE, PALLE - La diphtongaison romane
BOOKS018961I: SPORES, RONALD - The Mixtec Kings and their People
BOOKS027991I: SPORK-FRISCHLING, PETER - Optomotorische Kontrolle des Schwarmzusammenhalts bei wandernden Wüstenheuschrecken (Schistocerca gregaria Forskål)
BOOKS014030I: SPOTO, ANGELO - Jung's Typology in Perspective
BOOKS017740I: SPOTOFT, JOHS. - Osteosynthesis Colli Femoris: Klinisk-experimentelt arbejde med analyse af 304 operationer og efterundersøgelse af 183 patienter
BOOKS008042I: SPRAKER, ELLA HAZEL ATTERBURY - The Boone Family : A Genealogical History of the Descendants of George and Mary Boone who Came to America in 1717..,.
BOOKS006605I: SPRATT, D. A. - Linear Earthworks of the Tabular Hills of Northeast Yorkshire / by Don Spratt
BOOKS005139I: SPREE, REINHARD - Die Wachstumszyklen der deutschen Wirtschaft von 1840 bis 1880 mit einem konjunkturstatistischen Anhang.
BOOKS022747I: SPRENGER, RUDOLF [ PSEUDONYM OF HELMUT WAGNER (1904-1989) ] - Bolshevism : Its Roots, Role, Class View and Methods
BOOKS006469I: SPRENGER, MAJA - Die etruskische Plastik des V. Jahrhunderts v. Chr. und ihr Verhaltnis zur griechischen Kunst
BOOKS007654I: SPRIANO, PAOLO - Stalin and the European Communists
BOOKS021111I: SPRIGGE, CECIL JACKSON SQUIRE [1896-1959] - Benedetto Croce : Man and Thinker
BOOKS030298I: SPRIGGS, JAMES A. ; EDITOR : - A Celebration of Wood : Proceedings of a Conference Held by York Archaeological Wood Centre in York, June 1993
BOOKS002616I: SPRING, A.- F. - Sur les larves d'oestre developpees dans la peau d'un enfant [together with 5 other offprints]
BOOKS009770I: SPRINGENSCHMID, R.; EDITOR: - Thermal Cracking in Concrete at Early Ages : Proceedings of the International Symposium held by RILEM...October 10-12, 1994
BOOKS027198I: SPRINGER, T. A. - Invariant Theory
BOOKS017475I: SPRINGER, SALLY P.; DEUTSCH, GEORG; - Left Brain, Right Brain
BOOKS000291I: SPROTT, JULIE E. - Alaska Native Parents in Anchorage. Perspectives on Childrearing
BOOKS007633I: SPRUG, JOSEPH W.; COMPILER: - Index to Fairy Tales, 1987-1992. Including 310 Collections of Fairy Tales, Folktales, Myths & Legends...
BOOKS018597I: SPUHLER, J. N. - Genetic Diversity and Human Behavior
BOOKS000613I: SPUZIC, VLADIMIR ; & SPUZIC, IVAN - Alergoloska ispitivanja u nas i njihovo imunolosko tumacenje
BOOKS011653I: SPYKMAN, NICHOLAS J. - The Social Theory of Georg Simmel
BOOKS026848I: SPYROPOULOS, THEODOROS G. ; CHADWICK, JOHN ; & MELENA, JOSÉ L. - The Thebes Tablets II : Including Indexes of the Thebes Tablets by José L. Melena
BOOKS021867I: SQUIER, E. G. (EPHRAIM GEORGE) [1821-1888] - Travels in Central America, Particularly in Nicaragua : With a Description of its Aboriginal Monuments, Scenery ..,. Vol. 2.
BOOKS012407I: SQUIER, E. G. (EPHRAIM GEORGE) [1821-1888] - Travels in Central America, Particularly in Nicaragua : With a Description of its Aboriginal Monuments, Scenery ..,. Vol. I.
BOOKS002378I: SQUIRE, LARRY W.; WEINBERGER, NORMAN W.; LYNCH, GARY & MCGAUGH, JAMES L., EDITORS: - Memory: Organization & Locus of Change
BOOKS028294I: SRBIK, HEINRICH, RITTER VON [1878-1951] - Ein Schüler Niebuhrs: Wilhelm Heinrich Grauert
BOOKS028443I: SRBIK, HEINRICH, RITTER VON [1878-1951] - Aus den Tagen der preussischen Unionspolitik
BOOKS028407I: SRBIK, HEINRICH, RITTER VON [1878-1951] - Ein Mordanschlag Felix Schwarzenbergs auf Ludwig Kossuth?
BOOKS028536I: SRECKOVIC, SLOBODAN - Osmanlijski novac kovan na tlu Jugoslavije
BOOKS019209I: SREDNICKI, MARK ALLEN - Quantum Field Theory
BOOKS008559I: SREEDHAR, M.V. - Sema Phonetic Reader
BOOKS000615I: SREEDHAR, M. V. - Sema Grammar
BOOKS000614I: SREEDHAR, M. V. - Naga Pidgin. A Sociolinguistic Study of Inter-lingual Communication
BOOKS011417I: SREEKANTAIYA, T.N. - Affricates in Kannada Speech and Other Linguistic Papers
BOOKS009913I: SRINIVASA RAU, K. - The Crisis in India
BOOKS018921I: SRINIVASA VARMA, G. - Yerukala Dialect
BOOKS014915I: SRINIVASA VARMA, G. - Kurumba Kannada : Pudukkottai Kurumba Dialect
BOOKS001549I: SRINIVASA VARMA, G. AND RAMASWAMY, R. - Harijan Dialect of Tamil
BOOKS022899I: SRINIVASA, P. S. - A Comparative Study of Sarana and Dasa Literature
BOOKS003153I: SRINIVASAN, K.S. - Phycologia Indica (Icones of Indian Marine Algae). Volumes 1 & 2
BOOKS002719I: SRINIVASAN, C. - Studies in the Mosses of South India
BOOKS004334I: SRINIVASAN, DORIS - Concept of Cow in the Rgveda
BOOKS026592I: SRINIVASAN, K. - The Truth About Tibet
BOOKS020850I: SRINIVASARAGHAVAH, A. ; EDITOR: - Rangaramanujabhasyopeta Brhadaranyakopanisat : Angalanuvadasahita [Volumes I & II]
BOOKS015256I: SRIPATIPANDITA [14TH CENTURY] [SRIPATI PANDITACARYA] [ NANJUNDARADHYA, M.G.; EDITOR: ] - Srikarabhasyam / Sripatipanditabhagavatpadacaryaviracitam ; sampadakah Em. Ji. Nanjundaradhyah
BOOKS017343I: SRIRAMA SASTRI, DURVASULA - Theory of Adoption
BOOKS022373I: SRIRAMAMURTI, POCAÑCARLA - Contribution of Andhra to Sanskrit Literature
BOOKS019055I: SRIVALLABHARAYAJI, GO. - Vaishnavabhavapracura Vajapeya yaga : svarupa aura mahattva / Go. Srivallabharayaji
BOOKS008493I: SRIVASTAV, PREM SHANKAR; COMPILER: - Rajasthan men Urdu tanz-o-mizah
BOOKS016975I: SRIVASTAVA, KUMKUM - The Wandering Sufis : Qalandars and their Path
BOOKS000507I: SRIVASTAVA, ALKA - Family Planning in India (An Economic Assessment)
BOOKS001219I: SRIVASTAVA, L.R.N. - Among the Wanchos of Arunachal Pradesh
BOOKS001158I: SRIVASTAVA, S.C.; JOHARI, D.P. AND GILL, P.S. - Manual of Sugarcane Production in India
BOOKS000807I: SRIVASTAVA, K. G. - Aristotle's Doctrine of Tragic Katharsis. A Critical Study.
BOOKS016607I: SRIVASTAVA, M. C. P. (MAHESH CHANDRA PRASAD) - Mother Goddess in Indian Art, Archaeology & Literature
BOOKS002691I: SRIVASTAVA, I.C. - Rajasthan Census Atlas
BOOKS022417I: SRIVASTAVA, A. L. - Srivatsa : An Auspicious Motif of Indian Art
BOOKS023475I: SRIVASTAVA, SURENDRA LAL - An Introduction to the Satavahana Coinage
BOOKS023476I: SRIVASTAVA, SADHANA - Chattisagarha ke rashtriya andolana mem Dhamatari Ancala ka yogadana : rajanaitika evam samajika pariprekshya mem
BOOKS002171I: INGI SIGURÐSSON - Íslenzk sagnfræði frá miðri 19. öld til miðrar 20. aldar
BOOKS001743I: TSENTRALNOE STATISTICHESKOE UPRAVLENIE KAZAKHISKOI SSR - Kazakhstan v Tsifrakh. Kratkii Statisticheskii Sbornik
BOOKS018912I: AKADEMIIA NAUK SSSR - Zhurnal obshchei biologii. Tom XIX - XXXIII No. 1 [1958-1972] [Lacking 1 issue for this period]
BOOKS015043I: ST. CLAIR, DAVID. - Drum and Candle
BOOKS001797I: ST. PATRICK'S CHURCH, KARACHI - Dor Mhuiniachi Rotti. Mensageiro do Coracao de Jesus, em Concanim. Otubr ani Novembr 1936, Pustoc XXII, Anc 10 & 11.
BOOKS017855I: STAAL, FRITS - Exploring Mysticism : A Methodological Essay
BOOKS018556I: STACEY, DAVID - The Pauline View of Man : In Relation to Its Judaic and Helenistic Background
BOOKS008287I: STACHOWIAK, HERBERT - Denken und Erkennen im kybernetischen Modell
BOOKS002308I: STACHOWSKI, STANISLAW; EDITOR: - Studia Turcologica Cracoviensia, 1.
BOOKS010154I: STACHOWSKI, STANISLAW; EDITOR: - Studia Turcologica Cracoviensia 8
BOOKS029687I: STACHOWSKI, STANISLAW - Historisches Wörterbuch der Bildungen auf -ci//-ici im Osmanisch-Türkischen
BOOKS003222I: STACHOWSKI, MAREK - Konsonantenadaptation russischer Lehnwoerter im Dolganischen
BOOKS013350I: STACKHOUSE, MAX L.; & OBENCHAIN, DIANE BURDETTE; EDITORS: - God and Globalization: Christ and the Dominions of Civilization [God and Globalization, Volume 3]
BOOKS004917I: STACY, R.H. - Defamiliarization in Language and Literature
BOOKS023144I: STADE, GEORG - Berichte über die Fortschritte auf dem Gesammtgebiete der Rohrzuckerindustrie 1891
BOOKS026326I: STADE, GEO. - Two pamphlets concerning German beet sugar industry, ca. 1890
BOOKS024788I: STADELMANN, RUDOLF [1902-1949] - Soziale und politische Geschichte der Revolution von 1848
BOOKS005108I: STADIUS, GUNNAR - Les jeux educatifs de Decroly dans l'enseignement des enfants anormaux: Etude sur les debuts de l'enseignement special
BOOKS007416I: STADLER, ALF - The Political Economy of Modern South Africa
BOOKS021363I: STAECK, KLAUS ; & STEIDL, GERHARD - Beuys in America
BOOKS003293I: STAFLEU, JAN - Seismic Models of Outcrops as an Aid in Seismic Interpretation
BOOKS029910I: STAGE, G.G. (GEORG GOTTLOB) [1839-1930] - Undersøgelser afgaaende Barselfeberen i Danmark udenfor Kjøbenhavn
BOOKS014364I: STAHL, NANETTE - Law and Liminality in the Bible
BOOKS008737I: STAHL, KATHLEEN M. - British and Soviet Colonial Systems
BOOKS017077I: STAHL, ERNST [ STAHL, CHRISTIAN ERNST (1848-1919) ] - Zur Biologie des Chlorophylls : Laubfarbe und Himmelslicht, Vergilbung und Etiolement
BOOKS019620I: STAHL, STEPHEN M. - Essential Psychopharmacology of Antipsychotics and Mood Stabilizers
BOOKS029836I: STAHLFEST, FREDERIK PETRUS [ THAARUP, FREDERIK (1766-1845)] - Indlæg i den ved den Kongelige Lands-Over- samt Hof- og Stads-Ret i Kjøbenhavn paadømte Sag : Magister artium Lindberg imod ..,.
BOOKS024112I: STÄHLIN, OTTO - Die Familie Stählin aus Memmingen
BOOKS005535I: STAIGER, EMIL - Grundbegriffe der Poetik
BOOKS006655I: STAJIC, DUBRAVKA - Kominterna i kolonijalizam
BOOKS025466I: STAJIC, VASA - Samoobrazovanje
BOOKS021163I: STAKHANOV, ALEKSEI GRIGOREVICH [1905-1977] - The Stakhanov Movement Explained / by its Initiator, Alexei Stakhanov
BOOKS025510I: STALDER, ANSELM [ HEIDT HELLER, RENATE ; EDITOR: ] - Anselm Stalder : der Figurenmagnet und die Flüssigkeit zur Auflösung der Figur : 30. Juni-18. August 1985..,.
BOOKS014635I: STALEY, WILLIAM WESLEY - Introduction to Mine Surveying
BOOKS014438I: STALEY, KENT WADE - The Evidence for the Top Quark : Objectivity and Bias in Collaborative Experimentation
BOOKS015071I: STALEY, JEFFREY LLOYD, - Reading with a Passion : Rhetoric, Autobiography, and the American West in the Gospel of John
BOOKS009687I: STALLINGS, BARBARA - Class Conflict and Economic Development in Chile, 1958-1973
BOOKS014345I: STAM, ROBERT - Tropical Multiculturalism: A Comparative History of Race in Brazilian Cinema and Culture
BOOKS026720I: STAMATOPOULOS, NONDAS - Old Corfu : History and Culture
BOOKS008626I: STAMBACH, AMY - Lessons from Mount Kilimanjaro: Schooling, Community, and Gender in East Africa
BOOKS013236I: STAMENOVA, ZHIVKA - Etnosotsialni aspekti na bita v Iztochnite Rodopi prez 70te-80te godini
BOOKS012181I: STAMM, JOHANN JAKOB - Erlosen und Vergeben im alten Testament: Eine begriffsgeschichtliche Untersuchung.
BOOKS028572I: STAMM, KONRAD - Marokko-Müller : ein Schweizer Oberst im Reich des Sultans (1907-1911) : eine Tatsachenerzählung
BOOKS017866I: STAMMEL, HEINZ JOSEF - Die Apotheke Manitous : das medizinische Wissen der Indianer und ihre Heilpflanzen
BOOKS012486I: STAMMER, KARL ; EDITOR : - Jahres-Bericht über die Untersuchungen und Fortschritte auf dem Gesammtgebiete der Zuckerfabrikation [24 volumes, 1878-1900]
BOOKS004751I: STAMPERIUS, L. - Wilskracht en Genie. Tafereelen uit het Leven van Edison
BOOKS012206I: STANCHEVA, MARIA - Upper Miocene Ostracods from Northern Bulgaria
BOOKS014996I: STANFORD, CRAIG BRITTON - The Hunting Apes : Meat Eating and the Origins of Human Behavior
BOOKS029892I: STANG, MARGRETHE C. ; & AAVITSLAND, KRISTIN B. ; EDITORS : - Ornament and Order : Essays on Viking and Northern Medieval Art for Signe Horn Fuglesang
BOOKS021170I: STANGL, THOMAS - Zu Cassiodorius Senator
BOOKS012500I: STANISLAWSKI, MICHAEL [1952 - ] - Zionism and the Fin-de-siecle: Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism from Nordau to Jabotinsky
BOOKS011195I: STANKIEWICZ, MARIA - Kanaly sodowe w blonach neuronalnych owadow jako miejsce docelowe dzialania neurotoksyn pochodzacych z jadu skorpionow
BOOKS012943I: STANKOV, VALENTIN SLAVCHEV; EDITOR: - Problemi na gramatichnata sistema na bulgarskiia ezik
BOOKS016273I: STANLEY, JOHN L.; EDITOR: [SOREL, GEORGES (1847-1922)] - From Georges Sorel : Essays in Socialism and Philosophy
BOOKS026924I: STANLEY, RICHARD P. - Combinatorics and Commutative Algebra
BOOKS023264I: STANSBURY, HOWARD [1806-1863] - An Expedition to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake
BOOKS019310I: STAPLETON, AMMON [1850-1916] - Flashlights on Evangelical History : A Volume of Entertaining Narratives, Anecdotes and Incidents..,.
BOOKS017408I: STAPLETON, LAURENCE - The Elected Circle : Studies in the Art of Prose
BOOKS005505I: STAPLETON, LAURENCE - Marianne Moore. The Poet's Advance
BOOKS009123I: STARCEVIC, VLADAN - Anxiety Disorders in Adults : A Clinical Guide
BOOKS019362I: STARK, WERNER [1909-1985] - The Sociology of Knowledge : An Essay in Aid of a Deeper Understanding of the History of Ideas.
BOOKS017820I: STARK, FREYA - The Lycian Shore
BOOKS020178I: STARK, CHARLOTTE DEAN - Souvenir of St. John
BOOKS009292I: STARKIE, ENID - Petrus Borel the Lycanthrope: His Life and Times.
BOOKS002623I: STARKIE, ENID - From Gautier to Eliot. The Influence of France on English Literature 1851 - 1939
BOOKS002848I: STARKIE, WALTER [1894-1976] - Jacinto Benavente
BOOKS026238I: STARKOVA, VERA [1914-1979] - Kniha samoty
BOOKS003112I: STARN, RANDOLPH - Contrary Commonwealth. The Theme of Exile in Medieval & Renaissance Italy
BOOKS013728I: STAROBIN, JOSEPH R. (JOSEPH ROBERT) [1913 - 1976] - American Communism in Crisis, 1943-1957
BOOKS004577I: STAROBINSKI, JEAN - Action and Reaction : The Life and Adventures of a Couple
BOOKS018308I: STARR, PAUL - The Social Transformation of American Medicine
BOOKS025375I: STARRETT, HENRY P. ; COMPILER : [ UNITED STATES. BUREAU OF FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC COMMERCE ] - Trade Directory of South Australia. / Compiled by Henry P. Starrett, American Consul at Adelaide, Australia
BOOKS008025I: STATES, BERT O. - Dreaming and Storytelling
BOOKS019999I: ITALY. DIREZIONE GENERALE DELLA STATISTICA [ BODIO, LUIGI (1840-1920)] - L'Italia economica nel 1873. Pubblicazione ufficiale.
BOOKS004025I: STAUB, FRANCE - Fauna of Mauritius and Associated Flora
BOOKS028900I: STAUFFER, PAUL - Polen - Juden - Schweizer : Felix Calonder (1921-1937), "Exilpolens" Berner Emissäre (1939-1945), die Schweiz und Katyn (1943)
BOOKS009644I: STAVRAKY, GEORGE W. - Supersensitivity following Lesions of the Nervous System: An Aspect of the Relativity of Nervous Integration
BOOKS024178I: STAWIARSKA, TERESA - Naczynia szklane okresu rzymskiego z terenu Polski : studium archeologiczno-technologiczne
BOOKS026509I: STCHERBATSKY, TH. [STCHERBATSKOI, FEDOR IPPOLITOVICH (1866 - 1942)] - The Central Conception of Buddhism and the Meaning of the "Dharma
BOOKS008919I: STEADMAN, JOHN M. - Milton and the Paradoxes of Renaissance Heroism
BOOKS006596I: STEADMAN, JOHN M. - The Wall of Paradise: Essays on Milton's Poetics
BOOKS016447I: STEANE, JOHN M. - The Archaeology of Medieval England and Wales
BOOKS016312I: STEARMAN, ALLYN MACLEAN - Camba and Kolla: Migration and Development in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
BOOKS013763I: STEARNS, CYRUS - The Buddha from Dolpo : A Study of the Life and Thought of the Tibetan Master Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen
BOOKS010484I: STEARNS, PETER N. - Paths to Authority: The Middle Class and the Industrial Labor Force in France, 1820-48
BOOKS000633I: STEARNS, LOUIS W. - Sea Urchin Development. Cellular and Molecular Aspects
BOOKS008224I: STEBBINS, WILLIAM C. - The Acoustic Sense of Animals
BOOKS016814I: STEBICH, UTE - Haitian Art
BOOKS024044I: STECHOW, FRIEDRICH-CARL, FREIHERR VON - Die Stechows und ihre Zeit : 1000 Jahre im Wandel der Jahrhunderte Geschlechtshistorie der Herren und Freiherren von Stechow
BOOKS027956I: STEEG, ELKE - Komponenten des Phenylpropanmetabolismus als Bausteine des Honigaromas
BOOKS012749I: STEELE, J. MICHAEL - The Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class : An Introduction to the Art of Mathematical Inequalities
BOOKS006494I: STEELE, MARILYN - Life in the Round: A Model of Adult Female Development
BOOKS021992I: STEELE, MEILI - Theorizing Textual Subjects : Agency and Oppression
BOOKS023867I: STEEN, ADOLF - Samenes kristning og Finnemisjonen til 1888
BOOKS011107I: STEEN, JÜRGEN & WEIDEN, GABRIELE; EDITORS: - Tony Sender 1888-1964: Rebellin, Demokratin, Weltbürgerin
BOOKS005787I: STEENBERG, C.- M. - Etudes sur l'Anatomie et la Systematique des Maillots (Fam. Pupillidae S. Lat.)
BOOKS009296I: STEENBERG, JAN - Studier i dansk og nordtysk Teglstensarkitektur i 13. Aarhundrede
BOOKS012780I: STEENBERG, CARL MARINUS [1882-1946] - Etude sur deux espèces de Phronia dont les larves se forment de leurs excréments une couche protectrice..,.
BOOKS003337I: STEENKEN, WILLEM FREDERIK - Geology & Petrology of the Region South of Russanes,Saltdal, Norway
BOOKS001911I: STEENSBERG, AXEL [1906-1999] - Ancient Harvesting Implements : A Study in Archaeology and Human Geography
BOOKS013517I: STEENSBERG, AXEL - Fire-clearance Husbandry : Traditional Techniques Throughout the World
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BOOKS012283I: TANCHEV, IVAN - Bulgarskata durzhava i uchenieto na bulgari v chuzhbina: 1879-1892
BOOKS011209I: TANDBERG-HANSSEN, EJNAR & EMSLIE, A. GORDON - The Physics of Solar Flares
BOOKS011249I: TANDECKI, JANUSZ - Sredniowieczne ksiegi wielkich miast pruskich jako zrodla historyczne i zabytki kultury mieszczanskiej
BOOKS019026I: TANDON, PRAKASH - Beyond Punjab, 1937-1960
BOOKS011199I: TANDORI, DEZSO - Birds and Other Relations: Selected Poetry of Dezso Tandori
BOOKS016225I: TANDRUP, ANDERS - Thailand : Internal Colonialism and Revolutionary War
BOOKS023289I: TANEJA, L.C., SARHADI - Hindu talak bill aur naya Pakistan
BOOKS011896I: TANFORD, CHARLES & REYNOLDS, JACQUELINE - Nature's Robots: A History of Proteins
BOOKS013271I: TANG, XIAOBING [1964 - ] - Chinese Modern: The Heroic and the Quotidian
BOOKS028011I: TANGE, RINSE ANTHONY - Die normalen Pupillenweiten nach Bestimmungen in der Poliklinik
BOOKS003532I: TANGHE, P. BASIEL - De Ziel van het Ngbandivolk : Spreekwoorden - Vertellingen - Liederen
BOOKS028398I: TANGL, MICHAEL - Studien über das Stiftungsbuch des Klosters Zwettl
BOOKS007250I: TÅNING, A. VEDEL - Plaice Investigations in Icelandic Waters
BOOKS013513I: TANK, ULRICH - Die Dokumente der Esterhazy-Archive zur fürstlichen Hofkapelle, 1761-1770
BOOKS009204I: TANNEHILL, JOHN C.; ANDERSON, DALE A.; PLETCHER, RICHARD H - Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
BOOKS011225I: TANNER, J.R. - English Constitutional Conflicts of the Seventeenth Century, 1603-1689
BOOKS012358I: TANNER, MARCUS - Ireland's Holy Wars : The Struggle for a Nation's Soul, 1500 - 2000
BOOKS022122I: TANNER, KATHRYN - Christ the Key
BOOKS022995I: TANRIKULU, RASIT - Ilmi Cavidan
BOOKS024441I: TANTAWI, HUSAYN, AL-MUHANDIS - al-'Ubur : Misr .. ard al-tahaddi / Husayn al-Tantawi ; taqdim Ahmad al-'Imawi ... [et al.]
BOOKS017777I: TANTAWI, HUSAYN - Fikr Abd al-Nasir, tahlil siyasi li-fikr wa-falsafat wa-nidal al-zaim al-khalid
BOOKS003538I: TANTZEN, KARL - Uber die Bodenverhaltnisse der altern Stadlander Marsch
BOOKS006268I: TANZILUR-RAHMAN, DR. - The Judgement That Could Not Be Delivered In re: International Loan Agreements Under Shari'at Act 1991
BOOKS006795I: TANZILUR-REHMAN, JUSTICE DR. - Objectives Resolution and Its Impact on Pakistan Constitution and Law

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