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BOOKS012224I: RIZA, SELMAN - Sistemi foljor i letrarishtes shqiptare bashkekohore
BOOKS013039I: RIZA'I BAGH'BIDI, HASAN - Tarikh-i zabanha-yi Irani
BOOKS025102I: RIZAYI, UMID - Daramadi bar asnad-i shari-i dawrah-i Qajar
BOOKS022958I: RIZVI, SAYYID SA'ID AKHTAR - Imamate (The Vicegerency of the Prophet "s.a.")
BOOKS013756I: RIZVI, SAAED AKHTAR - Wahhabis' Fitnah Exposed
BOOKS019298I: RIZVI, SAIYID ALI AKHTAR - Almora [ Uttar Pradesh District Gazetteers ]
BOOKS019090I: RIZVI, S.N.H. ; EDITOR: - Dacca [ Bangladesh District Gazetteers ]
BOOKS015360I: RIZVI, SAIYED ALI AKHTAR; EDITOR: - Uttarkashi [Uttar Pradesh District Gazetteers]
BOOKS001366I: RIZVI, S.N.H. - The Shompen. A Vanishing Tribe of the Great Nicobar Island
BOOKS002203I: RIZVI, GOWHER & CASSEN, ROBERT, EDITORS: - Contemporary South Asia. Volume 2, nrs. 1 - 2 - 3 (1993)
BOOKS023639I: RIZVI, S. RIZWAN ALI. - Nizam al-Mulk Tusi : His Contribution to Statecraft, Political Theory, and the Art of Government
BOOKS031525I: RIZZETTO, RIZZARDO [ LUPI, EMILIO ] [ HAIMANN, GIUSEPPE ] [ PALADINI, LEONE ] - La Tripolitania quale risulta dai viaggi di Gherardo Rohlfs [bound together with 14 other pamphlets and extracts,ca. 1861-1883]
BOOKS020395I: ROA BÁRCENA, JOSÉ MARÍA [1827-1908] - Leyendas mexicanas : Cuentos y baladas del Norte Europa, y algunos otros ensayos poéticos
BOOKS008310I: ROACH, JOHN - Public Examinations in England 1850-1900
BOOKS012601I: ROACH, E. S. (EWELL STEVE) & MILLER, VAN S.; EDITORS: - Neurocutaneous Disorders
BOOKS007910I: ROBBINS, KEITH; COMPILER & EDITOR: - A Bibliography of British History 1914 - 1989
BOOKS016330I: ROBERGE, GASTON - Another Cinema for Another Society
BOOKS025822I: ROBERT, MAURICE [1880-1958] - Contribution à la Géologie du Katanga : le Système des Kibaras et le Complexe de Base
BOOKS020326I: ROBERT, MAURICE [1880-1958] - Contribution a la géologie du Katanga : Le système du Kundelungu et le système schisto-dolomitique
BOOKS031287I: ROBERTS, MICHAEL - Potency, Power & People in Groups
BOOKS028472I: ROBERTS, ROBERT - Das Familien-, Sklaven- und Erbrecht im Qorân
BOOKS012932I: ROBERTS, HUGH - The Battlefield Algeria, 1988-2002 : Studies in a Broken Polity
BOOKS014421I: ROBERTS, ALASDAIR SCOTT - Blacked Out : Government Secrecy in the Information Age
BOOKS029864I: ROBERTS, SAM - Hand-painted Signs of Kratie
BOOKS007181I: ROBERTS, T.J.; NASIR, YASIN J. & RAFIQ, RUBINA A. - Wild Flowers of Pakistan
BOOKS009020I: ROBERTS, DAVID - Paternalism in Early Victorian England
BOOKS017702I: ROBERTS, JANINE P. - Nach Völkermord: Landraub und Uranabbau : die Schwarzaustralier (Aborigines) kämpfen ums Überleben
BOOKS022500I: ROBERTS, MICHAEL - Exploring Confrontation : Sri Lanka - Politics, Culture and History
BOOKS024694I: ROBERTS, J. W. (JOHN WILLOBY) [1932-2005] - City of Sokrates : An Introduction to Classical Athens
BOOKS004470I: ROBERTS, RICHARD L. - Two Worlds of Cotton: Colonialism & the Regional Economy in the French Soudan, 1800-1946
BOOKS003884I: ROBERTS, HELLE SALSKOV - Corpus Speculorum Etruscorum. Denmark 1 : Copenhagen: Danish National Museum,The Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek
BOOKS014113I: ROBERTS, BERNADETTE - Experience of No-Self: A Contemplative Journey
BOOKS010306I: ROBERTS, BRIAN K. - Landscapes of Settlement : Prehistory to the Present
BOOKS020509I: ROBERTS, MARK - The Fundamentals of Literary Criticism
BOOKS021721I: ROBERTS, MICHAEL - Sinhala-ness and Sinhala Nationalism
BOOKS004182I: ROBERTS, ORLANDO W. - Narratives of Voyages and Excursions on the East Coast and in the Interior of Central America ..,.
BOOKS015853I: ROBERTS, HELEN HEFFRON ; & JENNESS, DIAMOND [ 1886 - 1969 ] - Songs of the Copper Eskimos [ Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18 , Vol. XIV, Pt. A]
BOOKS014630I: ROBERTSON, BRUCE CARLISLE - Raja Rammohan Ray : The Father of Modern India
BOOKS007599I: ROBERTSON, ANDREW W. - The Language of Democracy: Political Rhetoric in the United States and Britain, 1790 -1900
BOOKS006572I: ROBERTSON, ESMONDE M. - Mussolini as Empire-Builder: Europe and Africa 1932-36
BOOKS017791I: ROBERTSON, DURANT WAITE ; & HUPPÉ, BERNARD FELIX ; EDITORS: - Piers Plowman and Scriptural Tradition
BOOKS005572I: ROBERTSON, RITCHIE & TIMMS, EDWARD, EDITORS: - Gender and Politics in Austrian Fiction
BOOKS018123I: ROBERTSON, J. M. - Explorations
BOOKS017188I: ROBERTSON, LINDSAY GORDON - Conquest by Law : How the Discovery of America Dispossessed Indigenous Peoples of Their Lands
BOOKS019789I: ROBERTSON, MERLE GREENE ; EDITOR: - Primera Mesa Redonda de Palenque : A Conference on the Art, Iconography, and Dynastic History of Palenque, Part II
BOOKS022860I: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM [1721-1793] - The Progress of Society in Europe : A Historical Outline from the Subversion of the Roman Empire to the Beginning ..,.
BOOKS011760I: ROBIE, DAVID - Blood on their Banner: Nationalist Struggles in the South Pacific
BOOKS016302I: ROBINET, ISABELLE - Taoism: Growth of a Religion
BOOKS015891I: ROBINS, GAY - Women in Ancient Egypt
BOOKS003029I: ROBINSOHN, ABRAHAM - David Wolffsohn. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Zionismus
BOOKS027740I: ROBINSON, JUDITH - L'analyse de l'esprit dans les Cahiers de Valéry
BOOKS023926I: ROBINSON, RONALD EDWARD ; GALLAGHER, JOHN ; & DENNY, ALICE - Africa and the Victorians : The Official Mind of Imperialism
BOOKS014046I: ROBINSON, DOUGLAS - The Translator's Turn
BOOKS013822I: ROBINSON, ORRIN W. - Old English and Its Closest Relatives: Survey of the Earliest Germanic Languages
BOOKS019345I: ROBINSON-VALÉRY, JUDITH ; EDITOR: - Fonctions de l'esprit : Treize savants redécouvrent Paul Valéry
BOOKS002965I: ROBINSON, DAVID; MAYNARD, ALAN & CHESTER, ROBERT, EDITORS: - Controlling Legal Addictions. Proceedings of the Twenty Fifth Annual Symposium of the Eugenics Society,London,1988
BOOKS010944I: ROBINSON, SALLY - Engendering the Subject: Gender and Self-Representation in Contemporary Women's Fiction
BOOKS007913I: ROBINSON, GEOFFREY - The Dark Side of Paradise: Political Violence in Bali
BOOKS006333I: ROBINSON, MARGUERITE S. - Political Structure in a Changing Sinhalese Village
BOOKS011923I: ROBINSON, W. COURTLAND - Terms of Refuge: The Indochinese Exodus and the International Response
BOOKS006245I: ROBINSON, SIDNEY K. - Inquiry into the Picturesque
BOOKS018555I: ROBINSON, JAMES MCCONKEY - The Problem of History in Mark
BOOKS018076I: ROBINSON, JOAN [1903-1983] - Contributions to Modern Economics
BOOKS018073I: ROBINSON, W. P. (WILLIAM PETER) ; & RACKSTRAW, SUSAN J. - A Question of Answers. Volume I & II
BOOKS017792I: ROBINSON, JOAN ; EDITOR: - After Keynes
BOOKS017145I: ROBINSON, ROBERT GEORGE - The Clinical Neuropsychiatry of Stroke: Cognitive, Behavioral and Emotional Disorders Following Vascular Brain Injury
BOOKS016625I: ROBINSON, DAVID - Muslim Societies in African History
BOOKS005385I: ROBINSON, PETER - In the Circumstances. About Poems and Poets
BOOKS011957I: ROBINSON, PAUL H. - Structure and Function in Criminal Law
BOOKS016291I: ROBINSON, ALAN - Instabilities in Contemporary British Poetry
BOOKS004657I: ROBINSON, PEARL T. & SKINNER, ELLIOTT P., EDITORS: - Transformation and Resiliency in Africa as seen by Afro-American Scholars
BOOKS000535I: ROBINSON, DAVID - The Process of Becoming Ill
BOOKS012405I: ROBISON, RICHARD; BEESON, MARK; JAYASURIYA, KAMISHKA & KIM, HYUK-RAE; EDITORS: - Politics and Markets in the Wake of the Asian Crisis
BOOKS029815I: ROBITSCH, MATTHIAS - Geschichte des Protestantismus in der Steiermark
BOOKS025275I: ROBOTTI, ANDREINA [1913-1996] - Il vissuto nell'immagine : di Italo mussa
BOOKS014419I: ROBSON, CRAIG - Birds of Thailand
BOOKS012821I: ROBSON, CATHERINE [1962- ] - Men in Wonderland: The Lost Girlhood of the Victorian Gentlemen
BOOKS017736I: ROBSON, W. W. (WILLIAM WALLACE) [1923-1993] - The Definition of Literature and Other Essays
BOOKS027262I: ROBSON, BRIAN ALBERT ; EDITOR: - Nuclear Interactions : Conference held in Canberra, 28 August-1 September 1978 .,.,.
BOOKS004469I: ROBYNS, W. - Les especes congolaises du genre Panicum L.
BOOKS015878I: ROCCASALVO, JOAN L. - The Plainchant Tradition of Southwestern Rus'
BOOKS027718I: ROCHA, PEDRO ROMANO - L'office divin au Moyen Age dans l'Eglise de Braga : originalité et dépendances d'une liturgie particulière au Moyen Age
BOOKS022735I: ROCHA FARIA, JOSE MENDES DE ; & GONCALVES, CARLOS ALBERTO - Cartas de isopletas dos valores medios de alguns elementos climaticos e da classificacão de Köppen em Mocambique (por distritos)
BOOKS028968I: ROCHARD, PATRICIA ; EDITOR : [ INTERNATIONALE TAGE (34TH : 1992 : INGELHEIM AM RHEIN, GERMANY) ] - Türkei : Abendland begegnet Morgenland : Internationale Tage Ingelheim
BOOKS006153I: ROCHE, JEAN [ABBE] - L'epipaleolithique marocain
BOOKS002634I: ROCHE, JEAN, ABBÉ [1913-2008] - Le gisement mésolithique de Moita do Sebastiaõ (Muge - Portugal) : [Volume I] : Archéologie
BOOKS018306I: ROCHE, DANIEL - History of Everyday Things : The Birth of Consumption in France, 1600-1800
BOOKS028421I: ROCHE D'ESTREZ, GABRIEL ; EDITOR : - L'air : Revue mensuelle : 24e Année : No. 526 - 537 [Janvier - Décembre 1943]
BOOKS031011I: ROCHHOLZ, ERNST LUDWIG [1809-1892] - Tell und Gessler in Sage und Geschichte : Nach urkundlichen Quellen
BOOKS011715I: ROCKE, ALAN J. - Nationalizing Science: Adolphe Wurtz and the Battle for French Chemistry
BOOKS024407I: RÖCKELEIN, HEDWIG ; & BUMILLER, CASIMIR ; EDITORS: - Ein unruhig Poet : Nikodemus Frischlin, 1547-1590
BOOKS002424I: ROCKER, RUDOLF [1873-1958] - Absolutistische Gedankengänge im Sozialismus
BOOKS017906I: ROCKER, RUDOLF [1873-1958] - Anarcho-Syndicalism
BOOKS015519I: ROCKMORE, TOM - On Heidegger's Nazism and Philosophy
BOOKS016692I: ROCKWELL, W. TEED - Neither Brain Nor Ghost: A Nondualist Alternative to the Mind-Brain Identity Theory
BOOKS004630I: ROCKWELL, JOAN - Fact in Fiction: The Use of Literature in the Systematic Study of Society
BOOKS002810I: RODDEN, R. J. ; WARDLE, K. A. ; PYKE, GILLIAN ; & YIOUNI, PARASKEVI - Nea Nikomedeia : Excavation of an Early Neolithic Village in Northern Greece [Volume I]: The Excavation & the Ceramic Assemblage
BOOKS006258I: RODDY, STEPHEN J. - Literati Identity and Its Fictional Representations in Late Imperial China
BOOKS027153I: RODE, OVE [1867-1933] - Opdigtede kendsgerninger / af Tys
BOOKS012849I: RODE, WALTHER [1876-19??] - Justiz: Fragmente
BOOKS025592I: RODE, OVE [1867-1933] - Paaskekrisen 1920
BOOKS015106I: RÖDEL, WOLFGANG - Forster und Lichtenberg: Ein Beitrag zum Problem deutsche Intelligenz und Französische Revolution.
BOOKS021930I: RODEMANN, HELMUT - Elektromagnetische Induktion in einer leitfähigen Platte mit eingelagertem vertikalem, endlichem Zylinder
BOOKS012558I: RODENBACH, GEORGES [1855-1898] - Bruges-la-morte : roman
BOOKS017660I: RODENWALDT, ERNST - Leon Battista Alberti : Ein Hygieniker der Renaissance
BOOKS022833I: RÖDER, JOSEF - Toutonenstein und Heunesäulen bei Miltenberg : Ein Beitrag zur alten Steinindustrie am Untermain
BOOKS003242I: RODHAIN, J. - Les Adenolymphoceles du Congo Belge
BOOKS014736I: RODINSON, MAXIME - Israel : A Colonial-settler State?
BOOKS013784I: RODMAN, SELDEN; & CLEAVER, CAROLE - Spirits of the Night: Vaudan Gods of Haiti
BOOKS015435I: RODMAN, PETER S. ; & CANT, JOHN G. H. ; EDITORS: - Adaptations for Foraging in Nonhuman Primates: Contributions to an Organismal Biology of Prosimians, Monkeys, and Apes
BOOKS003250I: RODMAN, MARGARET C. - Masters of Tradition: Consequences of Customary Land Tenure in Longana, Vanuatu
BOOKS009840I: RODNER, CLEMENCIA ; LENTINO, MIGUEL ; & RESTALL, ROBIN L. - Checklist of the Birds of Northern South America: An Annotated Checklist of the Species and Subspecies of Ecuador, Colombia ...,
BOOKS013938I: RODNEY, WALTER - History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905
BOOKS017768I: RODRIGUES, J. TOMÁS, MAJOR - A guerra aérea e o direito internacional público : dissertacão para o magisterio na escola militar
BOOKS020281I: RODRIGUES DA COSTA, JOSE DANIEL [1757-1832] - Carta interessante, seria, e jocosa, escripta ao Rmo. Sr. Fr. Tecla Branco da Cruz, com golpes mortaes, descarregadono..,.
BOOKS002375I: RODRIGUEZ BARRERA, JOAQUIN - Viaje, vida y costumbres de Fernando Poo
BOOKS009183I: RODRÍGUEZ HUÉSCAR, ANTONIO - José Ortega y Gasset’s Metaphysical Innovation : A Critique and Overcoming of Idealism
BOOKS007494I: RODRIGUEZ HERRERA, ESTEBAN - La gramatica, el lenguage y los periodicos
BOOKS007101I: RODRIGUEZ HUESCAR, ANTONIO - Jose Ortega y Gasset's Metaphysical Innovation . A Critique & Overcoming of Idealism
BOOKS015618I: RODRIGUEZ HUESCAR, ANTONIO - Jose Ortega y Gasset's Metaphysical Innovation: A Critique and Overcoming of Idealism
BOOKS026771I: RODRIGUEZ OLIVA, PEDRO - La villa romana del faro de Torrox (Malaga)
BOOKS003631I: RODRIGUEZ SANCHO, P [ASCUAL] . - Cinco anos de gobierno! Ojeada historica en el campo de la politica espanola
BOOKS003116I: RODRÍGUEZ CADENA, YOLANDA - Los semihablantes bilingues: habilidad e interaccion comunicativas
BOOKS007312I: RODRIQUEZ-ROBLES, JAVIER A.; GOOD, DAVID A.; WAKE, DAVID B. - Brief History of Herpetology in the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California..,.
BOOKS017839I: RODWAY, ALLAN EDWIN - The Craft of Criticism
BOOKS015921I: ROEDER, KENNETH DAVID - Nerve Cells and Insect Behavior
BOOKS018074I: ROEDIGER, VIRGINIA MORE - Ceremonial Costumes of the Pueblo Indians : Their Evolution, Fabrication, and Significance in the Prayer Drama
BOOKS013311I: ROEDIGER, DAVID R. - Colored White: Transcending the Racial Past
BOOKS029479I: ROEGER, JOSEF. - Aidos kynee : das Märchen von der Unsichtbarkeit in den Homerischen Gedichten : eine sprachgeschichtlich-mythologische ..,.
BOOKS002485I: ROEHRER-ERTL, OLAV; EDITOR: - Personen und ihre Umwelt aus 1000 Jahren Regensburger Geschichte: Forschungsergebnisse aus Anthropologie & Nachbarwissenschaften
BOOKS018461I: ROEHRICH, GUSTAVE GUILLAUME - Essay on the Life, the Writings, and the Doctrine of the Anabaptist, Hans Denk
BOOKS005824I: ROEN, ULRIK - Contributions to the Biology of Some Danish Free Living Freshwater Copepods
BOOKS027756I: RØEN, ULRIK IB - Studies on Freshwater Entomostraca in Greenland, II : Localities, Ecology, and Geographical Distribution of the Species
BOOKS010432I: ROESCH, E. - Der getreue Johannes: Eine vergleichende Maerchenstudie
BOOKS007799I: ROESDAHL, ELSE & SORENSEN, PREBEN MEULENGRACHT; EDITORS: - The Waking of Angantyr: The Scandinavian Past in European Culture/ Den nordiske fortid i europaeisk kultur
BOOKS026413I: ROESDAHL, ELSE - a collection of 8 extracts and offprints concerning medieval Danish archaeology, ca. 1976-1990
BOOKS003589I: ROESSINGH, H.K. - Inlandse Tabak. Expansie en Contractie van een Handelsgewas in de 17e en 18e Eeuw in Nederland
BOOKS014256I: ROFFMAN, ROGER A. ; & STEPHENS, ROBERT S. ; EDITORS: - Cannabis Dependence: Its Nature, Consequences and Treatment
BOOKS022101I: ROGAN, EUGENE L. ; & SHLAIM, AVI ; EDITORS: - The War for Palestine : Rewriting the History of 1948 - Second Edition
BOOKS003090I: ROGBY, OVE - Niederdeutsch auf friesischem Substrat : Die Mundart von Westerhever in Eiderstedt (Schleswig-Holstein)...,.
BOOKS006937I: ROGEARD, A.(AUGUSTE) [1820-1896] - Gelegenheits-Bemerkungen des Labenius: Ein Commentar zur Geschichte Julius Caesars von Napoleon III
BOOKS024617I: ROGER, MME. ; PUBLISHER : [ LEROUX, GEORGES ] - Les Crimes de la Commune : Les Ruines de Paris
BOOKS023269I: ROGERS, ROBERT - Journals of Major Robert Rogers
BOOKS023682I: ROGERS, COLIN DARLINGTON - The Surname Detective : Investigating Surname Distribution in England Since 1086
BOOKS015838I: ROGERS, FRANCIS MILLET - Atlantic Islanders of the Azores and Madeiras
BOOKS025180I: ROGERS, DAVID J. (DAVID JAMES) ; & APPAN, S. G. - Manihot Manihotoides (Euphorbiaceae)
BOOKS008859I: ROGERS, KELLY; EDITOR: - Self-Interest : An Anthology of Philosophical Perspectives
BOOKS004731I: ROGERS, BARBARA - The Domestication of Women : Discrimination in Developing Societies
BOOKS015445I: ROGERS, WILLIAM ELFORD - Interpreting Interpretation: Textual Hermeneutics as an Ascetic Discipline
BOOKS004531I: ROGERS, EVERETT M. - Diffusion of Innovations
BOOKS004455I: ROGERS, ARTHUR KENYON - English and American Philosophy since 1800. A Critical Survey.
BOOKS003425I: ROGGEN, HERIBERT - Die Lebensform des heiligen Franziskus von Assisi in ihrem Verhaltnis zur feudalen und burgerlichen Gesellschaft Italiens
BOOKS027217I: ROGGENKAMP, KLAUS W. ; & HUBER-DYSON, VERENA - Lattices over Orders I
BOOKS027216I: ROGGENKAMP, KLAUS W. - Lattices over Orders II
BOOKS015970I: ROGO, D. SCOTT - The Infinite Boundary: A Psychic Look at Spirit Possession, Madness, and Multiple Personality
BOOKS027462I: ROGRON, J.-A. (JOSEPH-ANDRÉ) [1793-1871] - Code de procédure civile expliqué [bound together with: "Code de commerce : expliqué par ses motifs et par des exemples"]
BOOKS011596I: ROHAN, KARL ANTON, PRINS [1898- 1975] - Schicksalsstunde Europas : Erkenntnisse und Bekenntnisse, Wirklichkeiten und Möglichkeiten / von Karl Anton Prinz Rohan
BOOKS009415I: ROHAN-CSERMAK, GEZA DE - Sturgeon Hooks of Eurasia
BOOKS003832I: ROHDE, H.P. - Dansk Bogillustration 1800 - 1890
BOOKS025538I: ROHDE, JOHAN [1856-1932] - Mindretalsytringer
BOOKS018520I: ROHDEN, FRIEDRICH VON - Der Ärztliche Verein zu Lübeck : 150 Jahre ärztliche Geschichte, 1809-1959
BOOKS008197I: ROHEIM, GEZA - Fire in the Dragon and Other Psychoanalytic Essays on Folkore
BOOKS028139I: ROHEN, JOHANNES WILHELM ; & UNGER, HANNS-HELLMUTH - Zur Morphologie und Pathologie der Kammerbucht des Auges
BOOKS019343I: RÖHL, JOHN C. G. ; EDITOR: - 1914 : Delusion or Design? The Testimony of Two German Diplomats
BOOKS025844I: ROHLEDER, SVEND - Varde lægekreds 1929-53 : uddrag af medicinalberetningerne
BOOKS029630I: ROHLOFF, ERNST ; EDITOR : [ JOHANNES, DE GROCHEO (ACTIVE 1300) ] - Der Musiktraktat des Johannes de Grocheo, nach den Quellen neu herausgegeben mit Übersetzung ins Deutsche und Revisionsbericht
BOOKS025843I: ROHLOFF, ERNST ; EDITOR : [ JOHANNES, DE GROCHEO (ACTIVE 1300 CE) ] - Studium zum Musiktraktat des Johannes de Grocheo
BOOKS006559I: ROHNER, RONALD PRESTON - The People of Gilford : A Contemporary Kwakiutl Village
BOOKS004669I: ROHRA, HARILAL M., EDITOR: - Sapak Saluni Sindhi
BOOKS012100I: RÖHRBEIN, KARIN [TEXT]; SCHENDEL, UTE [ILLUSTRATOR] ; MOMME [ILLUSTRATOR] : [BASIS-VERLAG] - Die Geschichte von der Verjagung und Ausstopfung des Königs
BOOKS016423I: ROHRER, GREGORY S. - Structure and Bonding in Crystalline Materials
BOOKS016415I: RÖHRICH, LUTZ ; EDITOR: - Probleme der Sagenforschung : Verhandlungen der Tagung veranstaltet von der Kommission für Erzählforschung der Deutschen Gese
BOOKS012000I: ROITBLAT, HERBERT L. & MEYER, JEAN-ARCADY; EDITORS: - Comparative Approaches to Cognitive Science
BOOKS016653I: ROJAS, RAUL ; & HASHAGEN, ULF ; EDITORS: - The First Computers: History and Architectures
BOOKS025854I: ROJAS, RICARDO - Belgrano : Conferencia leida el 18 de junio de 1920 en la celebracion del centenario de la muerte del heroe efectuada ..,.
BOOKS007610I: ROJO, GUILLERMO - Perifrasis verbales en el gallego actual
BOOKS030267I: ROKYTA, HUGO - Die Böhmischen Länder : Handbuch der Denkmäler und Gedenkstätten europäischer Kulturbeziehungen in den Böhmischen Ländern
BOOKS003013I: ROLAND, BERTHOLD - Die Malergruppe von Pfalz-Zweibrücken : Maler und Malerei eines kleinen Fürstenhofes im 18. Jahrhundert
BOOKS021711I: ROLAND HOLST-VAN DER SCHALK, HENRIETTE [1869-1952], WOLDA, W.; & ZANCKEL, JOH. ; EDITORS: - De Internationale. Orgaan van het Revolutionair Socialistisch Verbond No.s 1/2 - 3 [May-July 1915]
BOOKS022727I: ROLAND, ALEX ; EDITOR: - A Spacefaring People : Perspectives on Early Space Flight
BOOKS003991I: ROLANDER, SVANTE P. - Motion of the Lumbar Spine with Special Reference to the Stabilizing Effect of Posterior Fusion. An Experimental Study ...
BOOKS020539I: ROLF, IDA PAULINE [1896-1979] - Rolfing : The Integration of Human Structures
BOOKS020216I: ROLFE, ERICA ; & BATTRICK, B. ; EDITORS: [ EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY. PLASMA ENVIRONMENT WORKING GROUP ] - The Giotto Spacecraft Impact-induced Plasma Environment : Proceedings of the Giotto PEWG Meeting, 10-12 April 1984, Berne
BOOKS026300I: ROLLER, ARNOLD - Paginas de la historia del proletariado español (1848-1907)
BOOKS016328I: ROLLETT, HERM. - Die Special-Schriften über den Curort Baden bei Wien : Bibliographischer Beitrag zur topographisch-balneologischen Literatur..,.
BOOKS001978I: ROLSTED, E.V. - Aandssvageanstalten paa Gamle Bakkehus 1855-1905. Et Tilbageblik
BOOKS022767I: AMICI DEI MUSEI DI ROMA (ITALY) - Villa Borghese : mostra organizzata sotto gli auspici del Comune di Roma e dell’Ente Provinciale per il Turismo di Roma ..,.
BOOKS020330I: ROMAN, JÁNOS - Pottery of Sárospatak
BOOKS019852I: SOCIETATII TINERIMEA ROMÂNA - Tinerimea Româna in Satmar si Tara Oasului
BOOKS022253I: ROMANELL, PATRICK - Croce versus Gentile: A Dialogue on Contemporary Italian Philosophy
BOOKS005658I: ROMANELLI, SAMUEL - Travail in an Arab Land
BOOKS025159I: ISTITUTO DI STUDI ROMANI - Il limes romano : no. 2-9
BOOKS003515I: ROMANIA, MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS - Les ennemis de la paix et de la liberte des peuples: La politique agressive et les machinations de l'imperialisme americain ...
BOOKS021734I: ASOCIATIA FOSTILOR DETINUTI POLITICI DIN ROMANIA [ TUTEA, PETRE ; EDITOR: ] - Rezistenta : Bilunar Editat de Asociatia Fostilor Detinuti Politici din Romania . Anul I, No. 1 [ Februarie 1991 ]
BOOKS016374I: ROMANO, DAVID - The Kurdish Nationalist Movement: Opportunity, Mobilization and Identity
BOOKS022075I: ROMANO, DAVID - The Kurdish Nationalist Movement : Opportunity, Mobilization and Identity
BOOKS013966I: ROMANOS, GEORGE D. - Quine and Analytic Philosophy
BOOKS019513I: ROMANSKI, ST. ; & PENACOV, I. - Temoignages roumains sur la question de la Dobroudja
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BOOKS011668I: SANDYWELL, BARRY - Reflexivity and the Crisis of Western Reason [Logological Investigations Volume I]
BOOKS024936I: SANFORD, JOHN A. - Soul Journey : A Jungian Analyst Looks at Reincarnation
BOOKS030573I: DÔNG A SÁNG - Chiêu pháp và sát pháp trong nghê thuât tuong ky hiên dai : thuât dùng quân 2
BOOKS001531I: SANGAVE, VILAS A. - Jaina Community. A Social Survey
BOOKS020868I: SANGEETHA RAO, R. - Giants of the East : Ambedkar & Mao
BOOKS020239I: SANGER, J.W. [ UNITED STATES. DEPT. OF COMMERCE ] - Advertising Methods in Cuba
BOOKS022668I: SANGGAR KOEBUS ; PRIYONO, DWI ; PUTRA, DHARMIKA ADHYAKSA - 101 cara memilih pemimpin / Sanggar Koebus
BOOKS021487I: RASHTRIYA SWAYAMSEVAK SANGH - R.S.S. Resolves 1950 - 2007 : Resolutions Passed by A.B.P.S. and A.B.K.M. of R.S.S. from 1950 to 2007
BOOKS026899I: SANGHAVI, SUKHLALJI [ LALBHAI DALPATBHAI INSTITUTE OF INDOLOGY ] - Studies in Indian Philosophy : A Memorial Volume in Honour of Pandit Sukhlalji Sanghvi
BOOKS004701I: SANGVICHIEN, SOOD; SIRIGAROON, PATAI; JORGENSEN, J. BALSLEV & JACOB, TEUKU - Ban-Kao. Neolithic Cemeteries in the Kanchanaburi Province. Part 2: The Prehistoric Thai Skeletons
BOOKS029370I: HUY SANH - Cháo chua cam, khu phong thãp, lói thuy
BOOKS020192I: SANIAL, LUCIEN [1836-1927] - Territorial Expansion : Together with Statistics on the Growth of Socialism in America.
BOOKS013063I: PORTUGAL. JUNTA CENTRAL DE ADMINISTRACAO DOS TRABALHOS DE MELHORAMENTO SANITARIO - Relatorio apresentado ao Governo pelo Junta Central de Administracao dos Trabalhos de Melhoramento Sanitario...
BOOKS023081I: DAS, BINOD SANKAR - Civil Rebellion in the Frontier Bengal, 1760-1805
BOOKS013516I: SANKARA MENON, T. K. - Cochin. Part I: Report. Part II - A & B: Tables [ Census of India, 1931, vol. XXI ]
BOOKS002005I: SANKARAN, A. - Some Aspects of Literary Criticism in Sanskrit or the Theories of Rasa and Dhvani
BOOKS019543I: SANKARAN NAIR, C. [ PURKAYASTHA, K.M. ] [ RIMINGTON, CEITCHELL ] - Sir Sankaran Nair's Minutes of Dissent [bound together with three other books & pamphlets, ca. 1920-1940]
BOOKS022775I: SANKARANARAYANAN, P. ; NATARAJAN, B. V. ; & MARIMUTHAMMAL, S. - Sugarcane Varieties Under Cultivation in India : Their Morphological Descriptions and Agricultural Characteristics
BOOKS020917I: SANKARANARAYANAN, K. C. - The Keralites and the Sinhalese
BOOKS022386I: SANKHDHER, BRIJENDRA MOHAN - Sambhal : A Historical Survey
BOOKS018801I: SANKLECHA, S. N. - Tramp Shipping in India
BOOKS020339I: SANKRTYAYANA, RAHULA ; & PATHAK, SUNITI KUMAR - The Album of the Tibetan Art Collections : Collected by Pt. Rahula Samkrityayana from the Nor, Zhalu, and Other Monasteries..,.
BOOKS019269I: CENTRE OF ADVANCED STUDY IN SANSKRIT - Practha bharatiya jalasastra : (Ancient Indian Hydrology)

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