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BOOKS016657I: SAMUELS, WARREN J.; EDITOR: - The Chicago School of Political Economy
BOOKS024451I: SAMUELS, ANDREW ; EDITOR: - The Father : Contemporary Jungian Perspectives
BOOKS027533I: SAMUELSEN, EMIL J. ; ANDERSEN, EIGIL ; & FEDER, JENS ; EDITORS : [ NATO ADVANCED STUDY INSTITUTE (1971 : GEILO, NORWAY) ] - Structural Phase Transitions and Soft Modes. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute at Geilo, Norway.,.,.
BOOKS028170I: SAMUELSON, JAN - Eliten, riket och riksdelningen : sociala nätverk och geografisk mobilitet mellan Sverige och Finland 1720-1820
BOOKS011794I: SAMUELSON, PAUL A. [CROWLEY, KATE; EDITOR] - The Collected Scientific Papers of Paul A. Samuelson, Volume V
BOOKS002854I: SAMUELSON, PAUL A. [STIGLITZ, JOSEPH E; EDITOR] - The Collected Scientific Papers of Paul A. Samuelson, Volume II.
BOOKS005499I: SAMUELSON, PAUL A. [MERTON, ROBERT C.; EDITOR:] - The Collected Scientific Papers of Paul A. Samuelson. Volume III.
BOOKS005284I: SAMUELSON, PAUL A. [STIEGLITZ, JOSEPH E.; EDITOR: ] - The Collected Scientific Papers of Paul A. Samuelson. Volume I.
BOOKS011798I: SAMUELSON, PAUL A. [NAGATANI, HIROAKI & CROWLEY, KATE; EDITORS] - The Collected Scientific Papers of Paul A. Samuelson, Volume IV
BOOKS002690I: SAMY, P.L. - Pondicherry Census Atlas
BOOKS010406I: JHULA SAMYAJI [B. 1575 AD] [ MENARIA, PURUSHOTTAMLAL ] - Rushamani-harana
BOOKS013465I: SAN, M. SALIH [1919 - ] - Dogu Anadolu ve Musun izahli kronolojik tarihi
BOOKS007659I: SAN JANUARIO [JANUARIO CORREIA DE ALMEIDA], 1. VISCONDE DE - Missao do Visconde de San Januario nas Republicas da America do Sul 1878 e 1879
BOOKS006628I: SAN VICENTE, ANGEL - Dos registros de tributaciones y fogajes de 1413 poblaciones de Aragon correspondientes a las Cortes de los anos 1542 y 1547
BOOKS017962I: SAN JUAN, EPIFANIO - From Exile to Diaspora : Filipino Experience in the United States
BOOKS023139I: SANCHEZ GORDILLO, JUAN MANUEL - Marinaleda, Andaluciërs sta op! : de geweldloze strijd van een Spaans dorp tegen de onbarmhartige werkloosheid
BOOKS006226I: SANCHEZ-FABRES MIRAT, ELENA - Situacion historica de las Floridas en la segunda mitad del siglo XVIII (1783 - 1891). Los problemas de una region de frontera
BOOKS008019I: SANCHEZ-VENTURA Y PASCUAL, F. - The Apparitions of Garabandal
BOOKS006370I: SANCHEZ, F.; COLLADOS, M. & VAZQUEZ, M., EDITORS: - Solar Observations: Techniques & Interpretation. First Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics
BOOKS015552I: SANCHEZ, JOSEPH P. - Spanish Bluecoats: The Catalonian Volunteers in Northwestern New Spain, 1767-1810
BOOKS016827I: SÁNCHEZ DE TOCA, JOAQUÍN [1854-1942] - Ferrocarriles secundarios: Discusion del proyecto en el senado
BOOKS013168I: SÁNCHEZ, VÍCTOR - The Teachings of Don Carlos: Practical Applications of the Works of Carlos Castaneda
BOOKS004870I: SANCHEZ RODRIGUEZ, B.; DIOS VIDAL; G. & GARCIA SANCHEZ, A. - Las tierras cultivadas de Valga y Puentecesures
BOOKS004541I: SANCHEZ-ALBORNOZ, NICOLAS, EDITOR: - The Economic Modernization of Spain, 1830-1930
BOOKS001465I: SANCHEZ ALONSO, BLANCA - La inmigración española en Argentina, siglos XIX y XX
BOOKS028744I: SANDAY, WILLIAM [1843-1920] - Christologies Ancient and Modern
BOOKS002294I: SANDBROOK, RICHARD - Closing the Circle: Democratization and Development in Africa
BOOKS001228I: SANDBROOK, RICHARD - Proletarians and African Capitalism: The Kenyan Case, 1960-1972
BOOKS025175I: SANDELL, LIZA - English Language in Sudan : A History of Its Teachings and Politics
BOOKS022959I: SANDER-HANSEN, C.E. ; EDITOR: - Acta Orientalia ediderunt Societates orientales danica norvegica svecica : Vol. XXIII, 1-2 (1958)
BOOKS022707I: SANDER-HANSEN, CONSTANTIN EMIL - Über die Bildung der Modi im Altägyptischen
BOOKS028114I: SANDER, LEVIN CHRISTIAN [1756-1819] - Polyhymnia, Euterpe, og Theone; eller, theoretisk Sammenligning af Musik, Rhytmik og Declamerekunst / ved L.C. Sander
BOOKS026588I: SANDER, JOCHEN - Hugo van der Goes : Stilentwicklung und Chronologie
BOOKS026800I: SANDERS, I. F. (IAN F.) [1949-1977] - Roman Crete : An Archaeological Survey and Gazetteer of Late Hellenistic, Roman and Early Byzantine Crete
BOOKS010193I: SANDERS, WILLY - Sprachkritikastereien und was der "Fachler" dazu sagt
BOOKS016284I: SANDERS, ANDREW - A Deed Without a Name: The Witch in Society and History
BOOKS009246I: SANDERSON, STEVEN E. - The Transformation of Mexican Agriculture: International Structure and the Politics of Rural Change
BOOKS009438I: SANDERSON, STEVEN E. - The Politics of Trade in Latin American Development
BOOKS006526I: SANDERSON, BASIL - Ships and Sealing Wax. The Memoirs of Basil, Lord Sanderson of Ayot
BOOKS005750I: SANDFORD, GREGORY W. - From Hitler to Ulbricht : The Communist Reconstruction of East Germany, 1945 - 46
BOOKS018328I: SANDHU, R. S. (RANVINDER SINGH), 1949- - The City and Its Slums : A Sociological Study
BOOKS010755I: SANDIN-FREMAINT, PEDRO A. - A Theological Reading of Four Novels by Marie Chauvet: In Search of Christic Voices
BOOKS023954I: BENEDICT SANDIN - The Sea Dayaks of Borneo before White Rajah Rule
BOOKS023722I: SANDO, JOE S. - Pueblo Profiles : Cultural Identity Through Centuries of Change
BOOKS013440I: SÁNDOR, PÁL [1925 - ] - Deák und die Frage der Hörigen auf dem Reichstag der Jahre 1832-1836
BOOKS020812I: SÁNDOR, FRIGYES ; EDITOR: - Musical Education in Hungary
BOOKS000872I: SANDSTRÖM, SVEN - Det sena 1800-talet - bildkonst och miljökonst
BOOKS009017I: SANDT, ANNE VAN DE ; COMPILER: - Les frères Sablet : dipinti, disegni, incisioni (1775 - 1815)
BOOKS019502I: SANDU, EUGEN PETRE - Stabilitate si spontaneitate in creatia epica folclorica
BOOKS012155I: SANDVED, ARTHUR O. - Studies in the Language of Caxton’s Malory and that of the Winchester Manuscript
BOOKS022069I: SANDWELL, ISABELLA - Religious Identity in Late Antiquity : Greeks, Jews and Christians in Antioch
BOOKS006632I: SANDY [ PSEUDONYM OF ORLANDO SANDI PEÑA ] - Meals a la tica: Costa Rican Cookbook
BOOKS011669I: SANDYWELL, BARRY - The Beginnings of European Theorizing: Reflexivity in the Archaic Age [Logological Investigations Volume 2]
BOOKS011668I: SANDYWELL, BARRY - Reflexivity and the Crisis of Western Reason [Logological Investigations Volume I]
BOOKS024936I: SANFORD, JOHN A. - Soul Journey : A Jungian Analyst Looks at Reincarnation
BOOKS001531I: SANGAVE, VILAS A. - Jaina Community. A Social Survey
BOOKS020868I: SANGEETHA RAO, R. - Giants of the East : Ambedkar & Mao
BOOKS020239I: SANGER, J.W. [ UNITED STATES. DEPT. OF COMMERCE ] - Advertising Methods in Cuba
BOOKS022668I: SANGGAR KOEBUS ; PRIYONO, DWI ; PUTRA, DHARMIKA ADHYAKSA - 101 cara memilih pemimpin / Sanggar Koebus
BOOKS021487I: RASHTRIYA SWAYAMSEVAK SANGH - R.S.S. Resolves 1950 - 2007 : Resolutions Passed by A.B.P.S. and A.B.K.M. of R.S.S. from 1950 to 2007
BOOKS026899I: SANGHAVI, SUKHLALJI [ LALBHAI DALPATBHAI INSTITUTE OF INDOLOGY ] - Studies in Indian Philosophy : A Memorial Volume in Honour of Pandit Sukhlalji Sanghvi
BOOKS004701I: SANGVICHIEN, SOOD; SIRIGAROON, PATAI; JORGENSEN, J. BALSLEV & JACOB, TEUKU - Ban-Kao. Neolithic Cemeteries in the Kanchanaburi Province. Part 2: The Prehistoric Thai Skeletons
BOOKS029370I: HUY SANH - Cháo chua cam, khu phong thãp, lói thuy
BOOKS020192I: SANIAL, LUCIEN [1836-1927] - Territorial Expansion : Together with Statistics on the Growth of Socialism in America.
BOOKS013063I: PORTUGAL. JUNTA CENTRAL DE ADMINISTRACAO DOS TRABALHOS DE MELHORAMENTO SANITARIO - Relatorio apresentado ao Governo pelo Junta Central de Administracao dos Trabalhos de Melhoramento Sanitario...
BOOKS023081I: DAS, BINOD SANKAR - Civil Rebellion in the Frontier Bengal, 1760-1805
BOOKS013516I: SANKARA MENON, T. K. - Cochin. Part I: Report. Part II - A & B: Tables [ Census of India, 1931, vol. XXI ]
BOOKS002005I: SANKARAN, A. - Some Aspects of Literary Criticism in Sanskrit or the Theories of Rasa and Dhvani
BOOKS019543I: SANKARAN NAIR, C. [ PURKAYASTHA, K.M. ] [ RIMINGTON, CEITCHELL ] - Sir Sankaran Nair's Minutes of Dissent [bound together with three other books & pamphlets, ca. 1920-1940]
BOOKS022775I: SANKARANARAYANAN, P. ; NATARAJAN, B. V. ; & MARIMUTHAMMAL, S. - Sugarcane Varieties Under Cultivation in India : Their Morphological Descriptions and Agricultural Characteristics
BOOKS020917I: SANKARANARAYANAN, K. C. - The Keralites and the Sinhalese
BOOKS022386I: SANKHDHER, BRIJENDRA MOHAN - Sambhal : A Historical Survey
BOOKS018801I: SANKLECHA, S. N. - Tramp Shipping in India
BOOKS020339I: SANKRTYAYANA, RAHULA ; & PATHAK, SUNITI KUMAR - The Album of the Tibetan Art Collections : Collected by Pt. Rahula Samkrityayana from the Nor, Zhalu, and Other Monasteries..,.
BOOKS019269I: CENTRE OF ADVANCED STUDY IN SANSKRIT - Practha bharatiya jalasastra : (Ancient Indian Hydrology)
BOOKS013755I: SANSOM, GEORGE BAILEY, SIR, [1883-1965] - A History of Japan to 1334
BOOKS007892I: SANSOM, ROBERT L. - The Economics of Insurgency in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam
BOOKS016476I: SANSONE, GENE - Evolution of New York City Subways: An Illustrated History of New York City's Transit Cars, 1867-1997
BOOKS011434I: SANTANI, DWARKADAS NAMANDAS - Fragrance of Sindhu Civilisation (Sindhu Sanskritia-Ji Sugandh): A Collection of Essays, Stories & Poems in Sindhi and English
BOOKS010876I: YOT SANTASOMBAT - Lak chang : kansang mai khong 'attalak Thai nai Tai Khong
BOOKS020165I: SANTAYANA, GEORGE [1863-1952] - The Last Puritan : A Memoir in the Form of a Novel [ The Works of George Santayana, Volume 4 ]
BOOKS023720I: SANTESSON, O. B. - Magiska skifferredskap från Norrlands stenålder
BOOKS008350I: SANTIAGO-VALLES, KELVIN A. - Subject People" and Colonial Discourses: Economic Transformation and Social Disorder in Puerto Rico, 1898-1947
BOOKS017763I: SANTILLANA, GIORGIO DE ; ZILSEL, EDGAR - The Development of Rationalism and Empiricism
BOOKS011994I: SANTNER, ERIC L. - My Own Private Germany: Daniel Paul Schreber's Secret History of Modernity
BOOKS018589I: SANTORO, VICTOR - Disruptive Terrorism
BOOKS026664I: SANTORO, GIORGIO - Il caso Thonet
BOOKS022090I: SANTORO, MICHAEL A. ; & GORRIE, THOMAS M. ; EDITORS: - Ethics and the Pharmaceutical Industry
BOOKS027118I: SANTOS, CARLOS MELO ; CAETANO, CRISTINA ; SANTOS, EUNICE ; TÁVORA, MARIA JOSÉ ; ALCINO, MANUEL ; ET AL. - Exposicão de pratas portuenses / Exhibition of Oporto Silver
BOOKS010833I: SANTOS, JOAQUIM NORBERTO DOS - Impressões dermo-papilares de indígenas de Mocambique : I : Sobre os desenhos das cristas das polpas dos dedos das maõs
BOOKS030119I: SANTOS, JOAQUIM NORBERTO DOS - Impressões dermopapilares de indígenas de Moçambique 2: novos elementos para o estudo dos desenhos das cristas digitais das mãos
BOOKS021232I: SANTOS, JOÃO ANTÓNIO CORREIA DOS, CAPITÃO [1874-1949 - Impressões de uma viagem de estudo : a instrução, a vida militar e as grandes indústrias na França e Alemanha
BOOKS023123I: SANTOS, FRANCISCO REIS - Ensaio sobre os factores essenciais do imperio britanico
BOOKS013221I: SANTOVA, MILA - Chiprovskiiat diskos
BOOKS001806I: SANTYANARAYANA, B. - Survey Report on Village Durtlang
BOOKS001784I: SANTYANARAYANA, B. - Town Survey Report : Lunglei
BOOKS002801I: SANYAL, CHARU CHANDRA - The Rajbansis of North Bengal (A Study of a Hindu Social Group)
BOOKS002183I: SANYAL, CHARU CHANDRA - The Rajbanis of North Bengal (A Study of a Hindu Social Group)
BOOKS020366I: SANYAL, CHARU CHANDRA - The Meches and the Totos : Two Sub-Himalayan Tribes of North Bengal
BOOKS003455I: VISCONDE DE MONTE-SAO - Deterioracao do Clima da Europa : Sua Influencia sobre a Agricultura
BOOKS029433I: SAORSAZE, MAIA - Ninocmindis saepiskoposo, XVI-XVIII ss.
BOOKS014039I: SAPIR, EDWARD [1884 - 1939] [MANDELBAUM, DAVID GOODMAN ; EDITOR:] - Selected Writings of Edward Sapir in Language, Culture and Personality
BOOKS010452I: SAPIRO, VIRGINIA - A Vindication of Political Virtue: The Political Theory of Mary Wollstonecraft
BOOKS014270I: SAPORITI, TERESA - Azulejeria de Eduardo Nery / Decorative Tiles of Eduardo Nery
BOOKS027631I: SAPPER, KARL [1866-1945] - Geographie und Geschichte der indianischen Landwirtschaft
BOOKS014745I: SAPUNDZHIEVA, VASILKA - Fosilite na Bulgariia : VI b.Paleogen. Morski Taralezhi.
BOOKS028773I: SAQQAT, 'ABD AL-JAWWAD ; & SULAYMANI, AHMAD ; EDITORS : - al-Tawasul al-sufi bayna Misr wa-al-Maghrib
BOOKS010078I: SARACHO, OLIVIA N. & SPODEK, BERNARD; EDITORS: - Multiple Perspectives on Play in Early Childhood Education
BOOKS010308I: SARADAMONI, K. - Emergence of a Slave Caste : Pulayas of Kerala
BOOKS003227I: SARADARASIMHA, KING OF BANERA (1723 OR 4 -1759 AD) [ PRATHAMAVRTTI ; EDITOR: ] - Sura-taranga / Saradarasimha viracita
BOOKS023871I: SARAMANDU, NICOLAE - Studii aromane si meglenoromane
BOOKS006126I: SARANGAPANI, R. - A Critical Study of Paripatal
BOOKS030402I: SARASIN, PAUL BENEDICT [1856 -1929] - Einige Bemerkungen zur Eolithologie
BOOKS025360I: SARASVATA, RAVATA - Mina-itihasa : Rajasthana mem mina, mera, meva adi namom se jñata mina jati ka aitihasika itivrtta
BOOKS007257I: SARASWATHI, S. - Towards Self-Respect: Periyar EVR on a New World
BOOKS011477I: SARASWATI, BAIDYANATH - Kashi: Myth and Reality of a Classical Cultural Tradition
BOOKS001491I: SARASWATI, BAIDYANATH - Brahmanic Ritual Traditions in the Crucible of Time
BOOKS023423I: SARATCHANDRAN NAIR, V. ; & RAJENDRABABU, SI. JI. - Samakalina Malayalavyakaranam (Contemporary Grammar of Malayalam)
BOOKS025753I: SARAUW, CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH CONRAD [1824-1900] - Betragtninger over vore forsvarsforhold
BOOKS009032I: SARAUW, CHR. - Die Entstehungsgeschichte des goethischen Faust
BOOKS008312I: SARAUW, CHR. - Uber Akzent und Silbenbildung in den alteren semitischen Sprachen
BOOKS018699I: SARAUW, CHRISTIAN PREBEN EMIL - Das niederdeutsche Spiel von Theophilus
BOOKS028669I: SARAY, MEHMET - The Russian, British, Chinese and Ottoman Rivalry in Turkestan : Four Studies on the History of Central Asia
BOOKS014812I: SARBADHIKARI, PRADIP ; EDITOR: - Reconstituting India
BOOKS020405I: SARDINHA, DENNIS - The Poetry of Nicolas Guillen : An Introduction
BOOKS027958I: SARDJONO, MUSTOFA AGUNG - Die Lembo-Kultur in Ost-Kalimantan : ein Modell für die Entwicklung agroforstlicher Landnutzung in den Feuchttropen
BOOKS017760I: SARGANT, WILLIAM WALTERS - The Mind Possessed : A Physiology of Possession, Mysticism, and Faith Healing
BOOKS011888I: SARI, NIL ; EDITOR: - History of Medicine, Pharmacology, Veterinary Medicine in Anatolia and Turkic Cultures
BOOKS020460I: SARIFIYAN, MUHSIN [ SHARIFIYAN, MOHSEN ] - Ahl-i matam : ava'ha va ayin-i sugvari dar Bushihr
BOOKS015961I: SARIKAYA, MEHMET SAFFET - XIII-XVI. asirlardaki Anadolu'da Fütüvvetnamelere göre dinî inanç motifleri
BOOKS023816I: SARKADY, JÁNOS [ FORISEK, PÉTER ; EDITOR: ] - Studies in Greek Heortology : Collected Papers
BOOKS015842I: SARKAR, SAHOTRA - Molecular Models of Life: Philosophical Papers on Molecular Biology
BOOKS022769I: SARKAR, JADUNATH, SIR, [1870-1958] ; EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR: [ MUSTAIDD KHAN, MUHAMMAD SAQI (D. 1724. CE)] - Maasir-i-Alamgiri : A History of the Emperor Aurangzib-'Alamgir (Reign 1658-1707 A. D.) of Sa-qi Mustaad Khan
BOOKS008993I: SARKAR, ICHHIMUDDIN - Aspects of Historical Geography of Pragjyotisa-Kamarupa (Ancient Assam)
BOOKS008641I: SARKAR, SAHOTRA; EDITOR: - Logic, Probability, and Epistemology: The Power of Semantics.
BOOKS008316I: SARKAR, SAHOTRA; EDITOR: - Logical Empiricism and the Special Sciences: Reichenbach, Feigl, and Nagel.
BOOKS001532I: SARKAR, JAYANTA & RAY, B. DATTA, EDITORS: - Social and Political Institutions of the Hill People of North East India
BOOKS015323I: SARKAR, HIMANSU BHUSAN. - Trade and Commercial Activities of Southern India in the Malayo-Indonesian World
BOOKS022855I: SARKAR, AMAL - Siva in Medieval Indian Literature
BOOKS011856I: SARKAR, SUMIT - Popular Movements and ’Middle Class’ Leadership in Late Colonial India : Perspectives and Problems of a ’History from Below’
BOOKS001952I: SARKAR, JAYANTA - The Jarawa
BOOKS001867I: SARKAR, NIRANJAN - Buddhism among the Monpas and Sherdukpens
BOOKS001590I: SARKAR, J.N. - Historiography Then & Now: Medieval Bihar : Being the Sixth Series of K.P.Jayaswal Memorial Lectures,1987
BOOKS000931I: SARKAR, NIRANJAN - Dances of Arunachal Pradesh
BOOKS002865I: SARKAR, JADU NATH, TRANSLATOR: - Bengal Nawabs. Containing Azad-al-Husaini's "Naubahar-i-Murshid Quili Khani", Karam 'Ali's "Muzaffarnamah
BOOKS001926I: EL-SARKI, MOHAMED YOUSSEF - La monoculture du coton en Egypte et le developpement economique
BOOKS002981I: SARLVIK, INGEGERD - Paths towards a Stratified Society.A Study of Economic,Cultural & Social Formations in South-West Sweden during Roman Iron Age..
BOOKS018901I: SARMA, K. VENKATESWARA ; EDITOR: [ LAGADHA (FL. 400 B.C)] - Vedanga Jyotisa of Lagadha in its Rk and Yajus Recensions : With the Translation and Notes of Prof. T.S. Kuppanna Sastry
BOOKS000674I: SARMA, RAMASVARUPA - Vivaha paddhati : vidhi sahita
BOOKS028465I: SARMA, K. VENKATESWARA ; EDITOR : [ KAUTALYA ] - Canakyasaptatih / Canakya-saptati : Edited with Critical Introduction by K. V. Sarma.
BOOKS003243I: SARMA, BINA KUMARI - History of Somavamsi Rule in Orissa
BOOKS012072I: SARMA, MADHAB CHANDRA - Structural Analysis of the City of Gauhati (A Geographical Study)
BOOKS010757I: SARMAH, PROBHAT - Change and Continuity Among the Tai-Khamyang of Assam
BOOKS004416I: SARMAH, THANESWAR - The Bharadvajas in Ancient India
BOOKS021857I: SARNGADHARA [ SASTRI, PARASURAMA ; EDITOR: ] - Sarngadharasamhita / Sarngadharacaryaviracita; Bhisagvaradhamallaviracitadipika-Panditakasiramavaidyaviracita-Gudharthadipikabhy
BOOKS018367I: SARRÉ, JEAN-LUC - Rurales, urbaines et autres
BOOKS017977I: SARTI, RAFFAELLA - Europe at Home : Family and Material Culture, 1500-1800
BOOKS006466I: SARTON, GEORGE [1884-1956] - The History of Science and the New Humanism
BOOKS018437I: SARTON, GEORGE [1884-1956] - Ancient Science and Modern Civilization
BOOKS017537I: SARTON, GEORGE [1884-1956] - Six Wings : Men of Science in the Renaissance
BOOKS019911I: SARTONO, S. - Notes on a New Find of Pithecanthropus Mandible
BOOKS030287I: SARTORIUS, GEORG FRIEDRICH CHRISTOPH [1765-1828], FREIHERR VON WALTERSHAUSEN - Ueber die Gefahren, welche Deutschland bedrohen : und die Mittel, ihnen mit Glück zu begegnen / von Georg Sartorius
BOOKS018211I: SARTRE, JEAN PAUL [1905-1980] - Between Existentialism and Marxism
BOOKS018402I: SARTRE, JEAN PAUL [1905-1980] - Critique of Dialectical Reason, Volume I: Theory of Practical Ensembles
BOOKS010047I: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL ; EDITOR : - Les temps moderne: revue mensuelle [a collection of 39 issues ca. 1947-1982]
BOOKS008497I: SARTWELL, CRISPIN - The Art of Living: Aesthetics of the Ordinary in World Spiritual Traditions
BOOKS006698I: SARVADHIKARI, RAJKUMAR - The Taluqdari Settlement in Oudh
BOOKS024563I: SARVATI, MOHAMMAD REZA - Zhi'umurfuluzhi-i mintaqahi-i Iran
BOOKS018924I: SARVOTTAMAN, KE. - Daksinatya desi cchandoritulu, tulanatmaka parisilana / Dravidian Prosody : A Comparative Study
BOOKS026911I: SASADHARA [ MATILAL, BIMAL KRISHNA ; EDITOR: ] [ GUNARATNASURI (ACTIVE 1385-1425 CE)] - Nyayasiddhantadipah / Sasadharakrtah ; Gunaratnaganiviracitatippanayutah ; sampadaka Bimala Krsna Matilala
BOOKS007992I: SASS, LOUIS A. - The Paradoxes of Delusion: Wittgenstein, Schreber, and the Schizophrenic Mind
BOOKS019898I: SASS, ELSE KAI - Comments on Rembrandt's Passion Paintings and Constantijn Huygens's Iconography
BOOKS016838I: SASSEN, SASKIA - Guests and Aliens
BOOKS015588I: SASSOON, ANNE SHOWSTACK - Gramsci's Politics
BOOKS001781I: SASTRA,V. LAKSHMIPATHI ; JAMES, P.V. ; & HABIBULLAH, WAJAHAT - Village Survey Report : Chetlat
BOOKS024409I: SASTRE, ALFONSO - Escrito en Euskadi : revolución y cultura (1976-1982)
BOOKS026864I: SASTRI, K. MAHADEVA ; COMPILER: - A Descriptive Catalogue of Malayalam Manuscripts in H. H. the Maharajah's Palace Library.,.,:Vol. II : Attakkatha, Bharatasastra
BOOKS019803I: SASTRI, P.P. S. ; COMPILER: [ TANJORE MAHARAJA SERFOJI'S SARASVATI MAHAL LIBRARY ] - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Sanskrit Manuscripts..,. Vol. XI - Vaisesika, Nyaya, Sankhya & Yoga
BOOKS026845I: SASTRI, K. MAHADEVA ; COMPILER: - A Descriptive Catalogue of Malayalam Manuscripts in H. H. the Maharajah's Palace Library.,.,: Vol. 1 : Itihasa, Purana and Kavya
BOOKS025348I: SASTRI, GOVINDA - Anka darsana : ankasastra ke Bharatiya anveshana evam cintana ki maulika prastuti
BOOKS003692I: SASTRI, HARAPRASAD, EDITOR: - Ramacaritam of Sandhyakarandin
BOOKS011436I: SASTRI, V.G. SUBYANARAYAMA - Tamil Mozhiyin Varalaru
BOOKS012505I: SASTRI, SANTI BHIKSU [SASTRI, SANTIBHIKSHU (1912- )] [TSANG, HUEN, FL. 652] [BAGCHI, PRABODH CHANDRA] - Jnanaprasthana-sastra of Katyayainputra Retranslated into Sanskrit from Chinese Version of Hiuan Tsang
BOOKS020615I: SASTRI, P.P.S. ; COMPILER: [ MAHARAJA SERFOJI’S SARASVATI MAHAL LIBRARY, TANJORE, INDIA ] - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Sanskrit Manuscripts in the ..,.Sarasvati Mahal Library. Volume XIII: Uttaramimamsa (Advaita)
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BOOKS002447I: SEMPLE, D. AND GREIG, E.D.W. - An Enquiry on Enteric Fever in India carried out at the Central Research Institute, Kasauli...
BOOKS027530I: SEMPRINI, GIOVANNI [ ALBERTI, LEON BATTISTA ] [ SIMONE, STEDANO DE ] [ SANCTIS, FRANCESCO DE ] - L. B. Alberti : con 24 illustrazioni [bound together with: "Leon Battista Alberti : Pagine Scelte" ]
BOOKS023113I: SEN, KARABI - Values and their Significance
BOOKS013558I: SEN GUPTA, ANIMA - Essays on Samkhya and Other Systems of Indian Philosophy. Parts I & II
BOOKS003052I: SEN, SIPRA - Arunachal Pradesh and the Tribes. Select Bibliography
BOOKS002775I: SEN, S.N. ; & CHAUDHURI, MAMATA - Ancient Glass and India
BOOKS009154I: SEN, RANGALAL - Political Elites in Bangladesh
BOOKS008994I: SEN, SURENDRA NATH - Early Career of Kanhoji Angria and Other Papers
BOOKS001815I: SEN, N.C., EDITOR - Handloom Weaving in Nagaland [ Nagaland. Handicraft Survey Report. ]
BOOKS018514I: SEN, DINESHCHANDRA [1866-1939] - Chaitanya and His Companions
BOOKS026288I: SEN, MOHIT - Communism and the New Left
BOOKS005768I: SEN, SIPRA - Tribes of Mizoram. Description, Ethnology and Bibliography (1840 - 1990)
BOOKS005685I: SEN, KESHUB CHUNDER [1838-1884] - The New Veda or Jeevan Veda
BOOKS005107I: SEN, KSHITIMOHAN - Medieval Mysticism of India
BOOKS002510I: SEN, RANJIT - Understanding Indian History
BOOKS003973I: SEN, RAMENDRANARAYAN - Introducing Molsom
BOOKS002099I: SEN GUPTA, KALYAN KUMAR - Pabna Disturbances and the Politics of Rent 1873-1885
BOOKS003800I: SEN, NANILAL - A Critique of the Theories of Viparyaya
BOOKS001769I: SEN, S.N. - A Bibliography of Sanskrit Works on Astronomy & Mathematics. Part I: Manuscripts,Texts,Translations & Studies
BOOKS001599I: SEN, JAHAR - India & Nepal. Some Aspects of Culture Contact
BOOKS000901I: SEN, SUBRATA - The Institution of Stridhana in the Dharmasastra
BOOKS000748I: SEN, TULIKA - Growth and Development of Bengalee Girls
BOOKS001826I: SEN, DIPANKAR ; & SINHA, SUHUMAR - West Bengal. Handicraft Survey Report: Masland Mat
BOOKS001614I: SEN, GAUTAM - The Military Origins of Industrialisation & International Trade Rivalry
BOOKS020884I: SEN, SAKUNTAL - Inside Pakistan
BOOKS021075I: SEN, SAMARENDRA CHANDRA - Four Essays on the Poetry of Yeats
BOOKS023083I: SEN, DHARANI ; & GHOSH, A. K. (AMIT KUMAR) ; EDITORS: - Studies in Prehistory : Robert Bruce Foote Memorial Volume
BOOKS023500I: SEN SHARMA, DEBABRATA - Aspects of Tantra Yoga
BOOKS026935I: SEN, SUBHADRA KUMAR [1939-2009] - Old Bengali Syntax
BOOKS009646I: SENANAN, WIBHA - The Genesis of the Novel in Thailand
BOOKS000385I: SENCOURT, ROBERT - The Consecration of Genius. An Essay to Elucidate the Distinctive Significance & Quality of Christian art & literature ...
BOOKS012553I: SENDER, KLAUS [KOMMUNISTISCHEN PARTEI DEUTSCHLANDS / MARXISTEN-LENINISTEN (NEUE EINHEIT)] - Über das Wesen des DGB [bound together with 7 other pamphlets issued by KPD / M-L]
BOOKS009635I: SENDER, KLAUS [KOMMUNISTISCHEN PARTEI DEUTSCHLANDS / MARXISTEN-LENINISTEN (NEUE EINHEIT)] - The International Situation, Europe and the Position of the Marxist-Leninist Parties : Outlines and Theoretical Explanations
BOOKS017079I: SENECHAL, MARJORIE ; & FLECK, GEORGE M. ; EDITORS: - Patterns of Symmetry
BOOKS015936I: SENER, CEMAL; EDITOR: - Alevilik Üstüne Ne Dediler
BOOKS022446I: SENEVIRATNE, H. L.; EDITOR: - Identity, Consciousness and the Past : Forging of Caste and Community in India and Sri Lanka
BOOKS014166I: SENFT, GUNTER - Classificatory Particles in Kilivila
BOOKS029448I: SENGELIA, LUIZA - Irani K'erim-Xan Zendis dros
BOOKS021027I: SENGHOR, LÉOPOLD SÉDAR [1906-2001] - Pour une relecture africaine de Marx et d'Engels
BOOKS008430I: SENGUPTA, SANTOSH CHANDRA - Human Existence, Transcendence and Spirituality
BOOKS001600I: SENGUPTA, SYAMALKANTI - The Social Profiles of the Mahalis. The Tribal Basket-Makers of Midnapur
BOOKS026047I: NYE STUDENTERFORENINGS SENIORAT - Beretning om den nye Studenterforenings nordiske Höitid den 13de Januar 1845 : udgiven af Senioratet
BOOKS027589I: SENNE, HEINRICH - Beitrag zur Statistik des Verlaufs, der Prognose und des Ausgangs der Nephritis...,.
BOOKS006256I: SENNER, W.M. - The Reception of German Literature in Iceland, 1775 - 1850
BOOKS017287I: SENNETT, RICHARD - Respect in a World of Inequality
BOOKS015915I: SENSHARMA, DEBA BRATA [ SEN SHARMA, DEBABRATA ] - Philosophy of Sadhana: With Special Reference to the Trika Philosophy of Kashmir
BOOKS000442I: SENYUREK, MUZAFFER - The Pontian Ictitheres from the Elmadag District
BOOKS006184I: SEPPAN, A. - Never Be a Hindu
BOOKS006148I: SERAPHIM, HANS JURGEN - Die landliche Besiedlung Westsiberiens durch Russland
BOOKS019175I: SERDYUK, IGOR N. - Methods in Molecular Biophysics : Structure, Dynamics, Function
BOOKS001059I: SEREMETAKIS, C. NADIA (CONSTANTINA NADIA) - The Last Word : Women, Death, and Divination in Inner Mani
BOOKS017888I: SEREQUEBERHAN, TSENAY - African Philosophy : The Essential Readings
BOOKS023990I: SERÉVILLE, E. DE (ETIENNE) ; & SAINT-SIMON, F. DE - Dictionnaire de la noblesse française
BOOKS030281I: SERGI, GIUSEPPE [1841-1936] - Gl’indigeni Americane : ricerche antropologiche
BOOKS028632I: SERJEANT, R. B. ; & BIDWELL, ROBIN LEONARD ; EDITORS : - Arabian Studies : I
BOOKS024983I: SERNER, ARVID [1890-1940] - On "Dyss" Burial and Beliefs about the Dead during the Stone Age, with Special Regard to South Scandinavia
BOOKS013321I: SERPELL, JAMES; EDITOR: - The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behaviour, and Interactions with People
BOOKS017214I: SERRA, LUIS SAMANDÚ - De La derrota crear primavera : sobre el exilio latinoamericano en Holanda
BOOKS002499I: SERRA-RAFOLS, J. DE C. ; & FORTUNY, EPIFANIO DE - Excavaciones en Santa Maria de Egara (Tarrasa)
BOOKS027274I: SERRA, GUY ; EDITOR : - Nearby Molecular Clouds : Proceedings of a Specialized Colloquium of the Eighth IAU European Regional Astronomy Meeting .,.,.
BOOKS016169I: SERRANO, MIGUEL - C.G.Jung and Hermann Hesse: A Record of Two Friendships
BOOKS028118I: SERRE, JEAN-PIERRE - OEuvres / Collected Papers : Volume I : 1949-1959
BOOKS027227I: SERRE, JEAN-PIERRE - Cohomologie Galoisienne : Cours au Collège de France, 1962–1963
BOOKS028119I: SERRE, JEAN-PIERRE - OEuvres / Collected Papers : Volume II : 1960 - 1971
BOOKS027416I: SERRE, JEAN-PIERRE - Algèbre locale, multiplicités : cours au Collège de France, 1957-1958
BOOKS028892I: SERTKAYA, OSMAN FIKRI ; ET AL. ; EDITORS : [ ISTANBUL ÜNIVERSITESI EDEBIYAT FAKÜLTESI, TÜRKIYAT ARASTIRMA MERKEZI ] - Besinci Milletler arasi Türkoloji Kongresi : Istanbul, 23-28 Eylül 1985 : Tebligler : II. Türk edebiyati : cilt 2.

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