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BOOKS007869I: KIM, HYUNJOO - Transcultural Customization of International Training Programs
BOOKS007515I: KIM, KYUN - Equilibrium Business Cycle Theory in Historical Perspective
BOOKS002114I: KIM, JOONG- EUN - Die Geschichte der Übersetzung des Alten Testaments ins Koreanische
BOOKS011990I: KIM, SEUNG-KYUNG - Class Struggle or Family Struggle? The Lives of Women Factory Workers in South Korea
BOOKS022161I: KIM, PU-SIK [1075-1151 AD] [ PAK, M. N. (MIKHAIL NIKOLAEVICH); EDITOR: ] - Samkuk sagi : Izd. teksta, perevod, vstup. statia i kommentarii M.N. Paka
BOOKS001354I: KIMATI, V. P. - Childhood Protein-Energy-Malnutrition (PEM) & Measles in Tanzania
BOOKS016265I: KIMBALL, GERTRUDE SELWYN [1863-1910]; EDITOR: [PITT, WILLIAM, EARL OF CHATHAM (1708-1778)] - Correspondence of William Pitt, When Secretary of State, with Colonial Governors and Military and Naval Commissioners in America
BOOKS008265I: KIMBER, CLARISSA THERESE - Martinique Revisited: The Changing Plant Geographies of a West Indian Island
BOOKS018624I: KIMCHE, JON - The Second Arab Awakening
BOOKS016707I: KIMMEL, MICHAEL S. - Absolutism and Its Discontents: State and Society in Seventeenth Century France and England
BOOKS011867I: KIMMEL, CAROLE A. & BUELKE-AM, JUDY; EDITORS: - Developmental Toxicology
BOOKS016740I: KIMMERLING, BARUCH - The Invention and Decline of Israeliness: State, Society, and the Military
BOOKS016961I: KIN, L. - The Pied Pipers of Heaven : Who Calls the Tune? About Ghosts, Demons, Gods, Angels, Shamans, Gurus, Occultists, Magicians,
BOOKS029800I: RIM KIN [1911-1959] - Nan Smabavi / Samapheavi : Pannadhikar nin qnakprae samrual S'in Sudha
BOOKS013490I: KINBERG, JOHAN GUSTAF HJALMAR [1820 - 1908] - De Tragulo javanico: Dissertatio zootomica
BOOKS020517I: KINBERG, OLOF [1873-1960] - Rättspsykiatriska utlåtanden 1907-1916
BOOKS030701I: KINCH, EMANUEL [1862-1934] - Erklaering, dateret den 27. September 1904, fra Hr. Emanuel Kinch
BOOKS002364I: KINDER, MARSHA; EDITOR: - Luis Bunuel's The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
BOOKS012133I: KINDLEBERGER, CHARLES P. - Comparative Political Economy : A Retrospective
BOOKS012236I: KINDLEBERGER, CHARLES P. - The International Economic Order: Essays on Financial Crisis and International Public Goods
BOOKS028518I: KINDLIMANN, SIBYLL - Die Eroberung von Konstantinopel als politische Forderung des Westens im Hochmittelalter .,.,.
BOOKS027859I: KING, MICHAEL [1945-2004] ; EDITOR : - Te Ao Hurihuri : Aspects of Maoritanga
BOOKS028228I: KING, NORBERT - Mittelalterliche Dreikönigsspiele : eine Grundlagenarbeit zu den lateinischen, deutschen und französischen Dreikönigsspielen.,.,
BOOKS013801I: KING, SALLIE B.; TRANSLATOR: [SATOMI, MYODO (1896-1978)] - Journey in Search of the Way: Spiritual Autobiography of Satomi Myodo
BOOKS013793I: KING, RICHARD - Early Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism : The Mahayana Context of the Gaudapadiya-karika
BOOKS011372I: KING, JOHN; WHITAKER, SHEILA & BOSCH, ROSA; EDITORS: - An Argentine Passion: Maria Luisa Bemberg and her Films
BOOKS011153I: KING, DENNIS - Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism
BOOKS009604I: KING, RICHARD A.; ROTTER, JEREMY I. & MOTULSKY, ARNO G.; EDITORS: - The Genetic Basis of Common Diseases
BOOKS019059I: KING, LESTER S. ; EDITOR: - Clio Medica. Acta Academiae Internationalis Historiae Medicinae. Vol. 11, No.s 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 [April- Dec. 1976]
BOOKS006501I: KING, JOHN - The Genetic Basis of Plant Physiological Processes
BOOKS016368I: KING, GARY ; TANNER, MARTIN ABBA ; & ROSEN, ORI ; EDITORS: - Ecological Inference: New Methodological Strategies
BOOKS005960I: KING, SUSAN SANDERSON, EDITOR: - Human Communication as a Field of Study. Selected Contemporary Views
BOOKS005504I: KING, A. HYATT - Mozart in Retrospect. Studies in Criticism & Bibliography
BOOKS004012I: KING, LESTER S., EDITOR: - Clio Medica. Acta Academiae Internationalis Historiae Medicinae, Vol. 10, nr. 1 - 2 - 3/4 [April -December 1975]
BOOKS000833I: KING, LESTER S., EDITOR: - Clio Medica. Acta Academiae Internationalis Historiae Medicinae, Vol. 9, no. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 [March - December 1974]
BOOKS010074I: KING, KIMBALL; EDITOR: - Hollywood on Stage: Playwrights Evaluate the Culture Industry
BOOKS007404I: KING, WINSTON L. - Buddhism & Christianity : Some Bridges of Understanding
BOOKS021109I: KING, WILLIS PERCIVAL [1839-1909] - Stories of a Country Doctor
BOOKS021116I: KING, JAMES - The Last Modern : A Life of Herbert Read
BOOKS024357I: KING, MARTIN LUTHER [ NOBEL FOUNDATION ] - The Quest for Peace and Justice : Nobel Lecture December 11, 1964 [contained in 'Les Prix Nobel en 1964']
BOOKS002615I: KINGREEN, HELMUT - Theodor Wilhelm Engelmann (1843 - 1909). Ein bedeutender deutscher Physiologe an der Schwelle zum 20. Jahrhundert
BOOKS019190I: KINGSBURY, DAMIEN - The Politics of Indonesia - Third Revised Edition
BOOKS012431I: KINGSBURY, HENRY - The Secret Trial of Brown University : April 26-May 5, 2004
BOOKS021026I: KINGSTON, JOHN; & BECKMAN, MARY E. ; EDITORS: - Between the Grammar and Physics of Speech [ Papers in Laboratory Phonology I ]
BOOKS006531I: KINNEY, ARTHUR F. [1933 - ]; EDITOR: - A Companion to Renaissance Drama
BOOKS005909I: KINOSHITA, YASUHITO & KIEFER, CHRISTIE W. - Refuge of the Honored : Social Organization in a Japanese Retirement Community
BOOKS022264I: KINROSS, PATRICK BALFOUR, BARON - Atatürk : The Rebirth of a Nation / Lord Kinross
BOOKS014018I: KINSLEY, DAVID R. - Goddesses' Mirror: Visions of the Divine from East to West
BOOKS015916I: KINSLEY, DAVID R. - Hindu Goddesses : Visions of the Divine Feminine in the Hindu Religious Tradition
BOOKS005324I: KINTGEN, EUGENE R. - The Perception of Poetry
BOOKS002787I: KINZIE, MARY - The Judge Is Fury: Dislocation and Form in Poetry
BOOKS005981I: KIPARSKY, V. - Die Kurenfrage
BOOKS019264I: KIPLE, KENNETH F. - A Movable Feast : Ten Millennia of Food Globalization
BOOKS002758I: KIPLE, KENNETH F.; & ORNELAS, KRIEMHILD CONEE; EDITORS: - The Cambridge World History of Food: Volume II
BOOKS006422I: KIPLE, KENNETH F. & KING, VIRGINIA HIMMELSTEIB - Another Dimension to the Black Diaspora. Diet, Disease, and Racism
BOOKS030395I: KIRAKOSIAN, A. - Hay parberakan mamuli matenagitut'yun, 1794-1967 : hamahavak' ts'ank / A. Kirakosian
BOOKS009038I: KIRAN, JAIDEV - Mitrasen
BOOKS009946I: KIRBY, SANDRA; GREAVES, LORRAINE & HANKIVSKY, OLENA - The Dome of Silence: Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport
BOOKS016426I: KIRCH, PATRICK VINTON ; & GREEN, ROGER CURTIS - Hawaiki, Ancestral Polynesia : An Essay in Historical Anthropology
BOOKS016425I: KIRCH, PATRICK VINTON - The Evolution of the Polynesian Chiefdoms
BOOKS003488I: KIRCHHOFF, RAINA - Die Syncategoremata des Wilhem von Sherwood : Kommentierung und historische Einordnung
BOOKS024336I: KIRCHHOFF, JOCHEN - Klang und Verwandlung : klassische Musik als Weg der Bewusstseinsentwicklung
BOOKS003864I: KIRCHLER, ERICH; RODLER, CHRISTA; HOLZL, ERIK & MEIER, KATJA - Conflict and Decision-Making in Close Relationships: Love, Money and Daily Routines
BOOKS028979I: KIRCHNER, IWAN - Sperrfeuer um Nahost : der Kampf um Vorderasien und Ägypten vom Mittelalter bis zu Gegenwart
BOOKS024578I: KIRCHNER, WALTHER - Commercial Relations between Russia and Europe 1400 to 1800 : Collected Essays.
BOOKS022883I: KIRCHNER, OSKAR - Die mikroskopische Pflanzenwelt des Süsswassers [ Die mikroskopische Pflanzen- und Thierwelt des Süsswassers, Theil I ]
BOOKS027494I: KIRCZENOW, G. ; & MARRO, J. ; EDITORS : - Transport Phenomena : Sitges International School of Statistical Mechanics, June 1974 Sitges, Barcelona / Spain
BOOKS023831I: KIRILL [PSEUDONYM OF ANATOLII PETROVICH BEREZOVSKII (1879-19??)] - Odinnadtsat dnei na "Potemkin
BOOKS005173I: KIRIMAL, EDIGE MUSTAFA - Der nationale Kampf der Krimtürken mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Jahre 1917-1918
BOOKS026475I: KIRK-GREENE, ANTHONY H.M. ; & STONE, JOHN ; EDITORS: - Ethnicity, Empire and Race Relations : Essays in Honour of Kenneth Kirkwood
BOOKS015266I: KIRK, PAMELA - Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz: Feminism, Art and Religion
BOOKS014669I: KIRK, POUL - Hope and Onefootland: Exploring Vinland 1981
BOOKS004491I: KIRK, R. ; & LEWIS, D.J. - The Phlebotominae of the Ethiopian Region
BOOKS019858I: KIRK-GREENE, A. H. M. (ANTHONY HAMILTON MILLARD) - A Biographical Dictionary of the British Colonial Governor : Volume 1. Africa
BOOKS022621I: KIRKBY, R. J. R. (RICHARD J. R.) - Urbanisation in China : Town and Country in a Developing Economy, 1949-2000 AD
BOOKS012622I: KIRKBY, R. J. R.; BRADBURY, IAN K.; & SHEN, GUANBAO - Small Town China : Governance, Economy, Environment and Lifestyle in Three Zhen
BOOKS029640I: KIRKENDALE, WARREN - Fuge und Fugato in der Kammermusik des Rokoko und der Klassik
BOOKS029641I: KIRKENDALE, WARREN - Fugue and Fugato in Rococo and Classical Chamber Music
BOOKS011103I: KIRKESKOV, HANS - Oprorende Kendsgerninger. Elith Jensen Sagen Kort Fortalt: Et Juridisk Dokument
BOOKS026228I: KIRKHAM, PAT ; & THUMIM, JANET ; EDITORS: - You Tarzan : Masculinity, Movies and Men
BOOKS005986I: KIRKINEN, HEIKKI - Les origines de la conception moderne de l'homme-machine: le probleme de l'ame en France a la fin du regne de Louis XIV .,..
BOOKS003170I: KIRKPATRICK, PATRICIA G. - The Old Testament and Folklore Study
BOOKS017085I: KIRKPATRICK, FRANK G. - The Ethics of Community
BOOKS000696I: KIRKPATRICK, JOANNA - The Sociology of an Indian Hospital Ward
BOOKS019619I: KIRMAYER, SIEGLINDE - Der Miesbacher Anzeiger : Heimat- und Kampfblatt 1847--1950. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der bayerischen Provinzpresse
BOOKS024696I: KIRMMSE, BRUCE H. - Kierkegaard in Golden Age Denmark
BOOKS019580I: KIRPOTIN, VALERII IAKOVLEVICH [1898-1997] - Proza, dramaturgiia i teatr : stat'i / V. Kirpotin
BOOKS006941I: KIRSTE, JOHANN [1851-1920] - Orabazes
BOOKS011631I: KIRUSNAMURTTI CASTIRIKAL, TETIYUR ES. - Kanapati upacanai allatu Mahakanapati vitanam
BOOKS003338I: KISCH, HANAN JOSEF - Petrographical & Geological Investigations in the Southwestern Tydal Region, Sor-Trondelag, Norway
BOOKS025315I: KISHAN, B. V. - Schopenhauer’s Conception of Salvation
BOOKS030790I: KISHNANI, SANTDAS PUNHOOMAL ['SANTAL'] - Andara-jaa-Udhamaa (Santala-jaa-Poora)
BOOKS022808I: KISHNANI, VALIRAM - Sindh ja Santa Ain Mahatmaun
BOOKS012548I: KISHORE, NAND - Sikhs of India! Know Your Heritage! Recognise Your Destiny!
BOOKS019409I: IRAN. SAZMAN-I ITTILA'AT VA AMNIYAT-I KISHVAR - Tarh'hava karikaturha-yi mardumi bih rivayat-i asnad-i Savak
BOOKS030246I: SAZMAN-I MUHASSILIN VA DANISHJUYAN-I IRANI-I KHARIJ AZ KISHVAR - Junbish-i danishju'i [nr. 15, 1362 (1983 CE)]
BOOKS001389I: KISIELEWSKI, JACEK - Gastrotricha from Raised and Transitional Peat Bogs in Poland
BOOKS003265I: KISJANTO, JAHJA - Risk Factors for Stroke in Young Indonesian Women
BOOKS001557I: KISLIAKOV, N.A. ; & VOROB'EVA, M.G., EDITORS: - Material'naia kul'tura narodov Srednei Azii i Kazakhstana
BOOKS017712I: KISS, KATALIN É. - The Syntax of Hungarian
BOOKS028726I: KISSLING, HANS JOACHIM ; & SCHMAUS, ALOIS ; EDITORS : - Serta monacensia : Franz Babinger zum 15. Januar 1951 als Festgruss dargebracht
BOOKS002978I: KISSMEYER, A. - Etudes sur les naevi pigmentaires de la peau humaine (Melanoblastomes Benins)
BOOKS000241I: KISSMEYER, A. - La Maladie de Boeck. Sarcoides cutanees benignes multiples.
BOOKS023931I: KIST, JOHANNES - Die Nachfahren des Grafen Berthold I. von Andechs
BOOKS016495I: KITANO, HIROAKI - Foundations of Systems Biology
BOOKS028919I: ISTANBUL KITAPLIGI [ CELIK GÜLERSOY VAKFI / FONDATION DE CELIK GÜLERSOY ] - Istanbul Kitapligi : katalog / Bibliothèque d'Istanbul : catalogue
BOOKS006092I: KITCHEN, MARTIN - The Political Economy of Germany, 1815-1914
BOOKS019772I: KITSON CLARK, G. S. R. (GEORGE SIDNEY ROBERTS) [1900-1975] - An Expanding Society : Britain 1830-1900
BOOKS011907I: KITSON, PETER J.; TREHARNE, ELAINE; ET AL; EDITORS: - The Year's Work in English Studies, Volume 74: 1993
BOOKS011900I: KITSON, PETER J.; ET AL; EDITORS: - The Year's Work in English Studies, 77
BOOKS014709I: KITTEL, GERHARD [1888-1948] - Die Probleme des palästinischen Spätjudentums und das Urchristentum
BOOKS018348I: KIVY, PETER - The Possessor and the Possessed : Handel, Mozart, Beethoven and the Idea of Musical Genius
BOOKS024096I: KIWANUKA, M. S. M. SEMAKULA - A History of Buganda : From the Foundation of the Kingdom to 1900
BOOKS030668I: KIYANI, KIYAMARS - Az Chah-i Kazima ta Chalqafa : nim nigahi bih tarikh, farhang va adab-i Il-i Qashqayi
BOOKS009106I: KIYAT, MEHMET - Dogu: Siirler
BOOKS030724I: KJAER, HANS [1873-1932] - Ydby Hede og dens mindesmærker fra oldtiden [together with 7 other offprints, etc]
BOOKS026403I: KJAER, HANS - Gravkister fra Stenalderens Slutningstid : nye Undersøgelser
BOOKS008243I: KJAERGAARD, DAGNY - La doctrine de la primaute de la vie contemplative par rapport a la vie active dans la Somme de Theologie de Saint Thomas...
BOOKS022680I: KJAERUM, POUL - The Stamp and Cylinder Seals [ Failaka-Dilmun : The Second Millennium Settlements : Volume 1:1 ]
BOOKS020764I: KJELDGAARD, NIELS OLE - Dynamics of Bacterial Growth
BOOKS010096I: KJELLBERG, PAUL ; & IVANHOE, P. J. ; EDITORS: - Essays on Skepticism, Relativism and Ethics in the Zhuangzi
BOOKS013640I: KJELLMAN, NILS - Die Verbalzusammensetzungen mit "durch
BOOKS003921I: KJELLMARK, KNUT - En Stenåldersboplats i Järavallen ved Limhamn
BOOKS003910I: KJERRULF, HARALD - Om Alta och Altsmorning
BOOKS025751I: KJETTERUP, S. [PSEUDONYM OF CARL THEODOR SØRENSEN (1824-1914)] - Om vort Forsvar : Et Foredrag
BOOKS025761I: EVANGELISK-LUTHERSKE FRI-MENIGHED I KJØBENHAVN - Udkast til en Forfatning for den evangelisk-lutherske Fri-Menighed i Kjøbenhavn
BOOKS003993I: KJOLBYE, JORGEN; STOUGAARD, JORGEN & REIMANN, INGE, EDITORS: - Papers dedicated to Erik Hjalmar Larsen on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday November 2nd 1973
BOOKS021090I: KLABUNOWSKI, JE. I. [ KLABUNOVSKII, E. I. ] - Asymmetrische Synthese
BOOKS004856I: KLAES, NORBERT - Conscience & Consciousness : Ethical Problems of Mahabharata.
BOOKS006726I: KLAHR, SAULO; EDITOR: - Atlas of Diseases of the Kidney. Volume 4: Systemic Diseases and the Kidney
BOOKS015432I: KLAITS, JOSEPH - Servants of Satan: Age of the Witch Hunts
BOOKS003277I: KLAMI, HANNU TAPANI - Mutua magis videtur quam deposita : Uber die Geldverwahrung im Denken der romischen Juristen
BOOKS006770I: KLANICZAY, TIBOR; NEMETH, S. KATALIN & SCHMIDT, PAUL GERHARD, EDITORS: - Antike Rezeption und nationale Identitat in der Renaissance insbesondere in Deutschland und in Ungarn
BOOKS017482I: KLARER, ELISABETH - Jeg fløj med rumskib / af Elisabeth Klarer ; samt andre kontaktberetninger fra Sydafrika
BOOKS030061I: KLATTER-FOLMER, JETSKE - Turkse kinderen en hun schoolsucces : een dieptestudie naar de rol van sociaal-culturele oriëntatie, taalvaardigheid ..,.
BOOKS006683I: KLAUBER, LAURENCE MONROE [1883-1968] - Rattlesnakes: Their Habits, Life Histories and Influence on Mankind
BOOKS010839I: KLAUS, ALISA - Every Child a Lion : The Origins of Maternal and Infant Health Policy in the United States and France, 1890-1920
BOOKS015742I: KLAUSENBURGER, JÜRGEN - Morphologization: Studies in Latin and Romance Morphophonology
BOOKS028066I: KLEE, FREDERIK [1808-1864] - Syndfloden : En Raekke af geologiske Hypotheser, fremsatte fra et verdenshistorisk Standpunct
BOOKS030264I: KLEE, ERNST - Das Personenlexikon zum Dritten Reich : Wer war was vor und nach 1945?
BOOKS015217I: KLEE, ROBERT - Introduction to the Philosophy of Science : Cutting Nature at its Seams
BOOKS025699I: KLEEN, EMIL ANDREAS GABRIEL, [1847-1923] - Socialpolitiska kåserier / D:r Emil A.G. Kleen
BOOKS010749I: KLÉGR, ALES - The Noun in Translation : A Czech-English Contrastive Study
BOOKS015346I: KLEHR, HARVEY ; HAYNES, JOHN EARL ; & ANDERSON, K. M. (KIRILL MIKHAILOVICH) - The Soviet World of American Communism
BOOKS014575I: KLEIN, HERBERT S. - Parties and Political Change in Bolivia, 1880-1952
BOOKS013990I: KLEIN, DENNIS B. - The Jewish Origins of the Psychoanalytic Movement
BOOKS024901I: KLEIN, JOSEPHINE - Jacob's Ladder : Essays on Experiences of the Ineffable in the Context of Contemporary Psychotherapy
BOOKS011141I: KLEIN, GEORGE DE VRIES - Sandstone Depositional Models for Exploration for Fossil Fuels
BOOKS011035I: KLEIN, ALAN M. - Little Big Men: Bodybuilding Subculture and Gender Construction
BOOKS026941I: KLEIN, GEORGE DEVRIES ; EDITOR: - Holocene Tidal Sedimentation
BOOKS008462I: KLEIN-FRANKE, FELIX - Die klassische Antike in der Tradition des Islam
BOOKS008440I: KLEIN, HERBERT S. - Bolivia: The Evolution of a Multi-ethnic Society
BOOKS011743I: KLEIN, MAURY - Rainbow's End: The Crash of 1929
BOOKS008461I: KLEIN, HERBERT S. - Haciendas and Ayllus: Rural Society in the Bolivian Andes in The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.
BOOKS015864I: KLEIN, RICHARD - Cigarettes are Sublime
BOOKS005208I: KLEIN, VIOLA - The Feminine Character. History of an Ideology
BOOKS019754I: KLEIN, HERMANN JOSEPH [1844-1914] - Proshloe, nastoiashchee i budushchee vselennoi : obshchedostupnyia besiedy po kosmologicheskikh voprosov
BOOKS023984I: KLEINAU, HERMANN - Die von Werle im Raum Braunschweig-Nordharz-Halberstadt : Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der welfischen Dienstmannschaft ..,.
BOOKS015617I: KLEINMAN, ARTHUR - Patients and Healers in the Context of Culture: An Exploration of the Borderland Between Anthropology, Medicine and Psychiatry
BOOKS010747I: KLEINMICHEL, SIGRID - Aufbruch aus orientalischen Dichtungstraditionen : Studien zur uzbekischen Dramatik und Prosa zwischen 1910 und 1934
BOOKS030258I: KLEINSCHMIDT, HARALD - Ruling the Waves : Emperor Maximilian I, the Search for Islands and the Transformation of the European World Picture c. 1500
BOOKS024065I: KLEINSCHROTH, WERNER - Kleinschroth : Stammlisten
BOOKS005784I: KLEKOWSKI, EDWARD J., JR. - Mutation, Developmental Selection, and Plant Evolution
BOOKS013875I: KLEMM, DAVID E.; & ZÖLLER, GÜNTER; EDITORS: - Figuring the Self: Subject, Absolute and Others in Classical German Philosophy
BOOKS024371I: KLEMPT, ADALBERT - Die Säkularisierung der universalhistorischen Auffassung : zum Wandel des Geschichtsdenkens im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert
BOOKS020786I: KLENOVSKII, DMITRI [ KLENOVSKII, DMITRII I. (1892-1976) (PSEUDONYM OF D.I. KRACHKOVSKII)] - Stikhi : Izbrannoe iz shesti knig i novye stikhi (1965-1966)
BOOKS022095I: KLESHCHEV, ALEXANDER [ KLESHCHËV, ALEKSANDR SERGEEVICH ] - Linear and Projective Representations of Symmetric Groups
BOOKS011982I: KLETZ, TREVOR A. - Improving Chemical Engineering Practices: A New Look at Old Myths of the Chemical Industry
BOOKS001082I: KLEVENSKII, M. - V.M. Garshin
BOOKS010643I: KLEY, DALE VAN; EDITOR: - The French Idea of Freedom: The Old Regime and the Declaration of Rights of 1789
BOOKS003298I: KLEYN, HENRI FLORIAN WILLEM - Contribution to the Geology of the Odemira - Sao Luis Region (Southern Portugal)
BOOKS003188I: KLIEMAN, KAIRN A. - The Pygmies Were Our Compass : Bantu and Batwa in the History of West Central Africa, Early Times to c. 1900 C.E.
BOOKS003401I: KLIENEBERGER, H.R. - The Christian Writers of the Inner Emigration
BOOKS021107I: KLIMPFINGER, SYLVIA - Die Testmethode in der Persönlichkeitsbegutachtung, Möglichkeiten und Grenzen
BOOKS030405I: KLINDT-JENSEN, OLE [1918-1980] - The Gundestrup Bowl : A Reassessment [together with 4 other offprints]
BOOKS006722I: KLINDT-JENSEN, OLE - Foreign Influences in Denmark's Early Iron Age
BOOKS018759I: KLINDT-JENSEN, OLE ; HELBAEK, HANS ; & MØHL, ULRIK - Bornholm i folkevandringstiden og forudsætningerne i tidlig jernalder
BOOKS018681I: KLINDT-JENSEN, OLE - Bronzekedelen fra Brå : Tidlige keltiske indflydelser i Danmark
BOOKS016851I: KLING, DAVID WILLIAM - The Bible in History: How the Texts Have Shaped the Times
BOOKS002577I: KLING, BLAIR B. - Partner in Empire : Dwarkanath Tagore and the Age of Enterprise in Eastern India
BOOKS024577I: KLINGE, MATTI - The Finnish Tradition : Essays on Structures and Identities in the North of Europe
BOOKS007308I: KLINGER, MAX - Volk in Ketten : Deutschlands Weg ins Chaos
BOOKS031083I: KLINGHOFFER, ARTHUR JAY - The Angolan War : A Study in Soviet Policy in the Third World
BOOKS023842I: KLITGÅRD, EBBE - Chaucer in Denmark : A Study of the Translation and Reception History 1782-2012
BOOKS005449I: KLOCKMANN, THOMAS - Gunther Tessmann: Konig im weissen Fleck. Das ethnologische Werk im Spiegel der Lebenserinnerungen...
BOOKS004818I: KLOETZLI, W. RANDOLPH [ KLOETZLI, RANDY ] - Buddhist Cosmology : Science & Theology in the Images of Motion and Light
BOOKS006018I: KLONDER, ANDRZEJ - Browarnictwo w Prusach Krolewskich (2 polowa XVI-XVII w.)
BOOKS024417I: KLOOS, RUDOLF M. - Einführung in die Epigraphik des Mittelalters und der frühen Neuzeit
BOOKS020520I: KLOPFENSTEIN, ALBERT - Die Haftpflichtversicherung beim Halterwechsel des Motorfahrzeuges : Art. 48² MFG
BOOKS002891I: KLOPFER, HELMUT - Das Dogma des Imam al-Haramain al-Djuwaini und sein Werk Al-'Aqidat an-Nizamiya
BOOKS022720I: KLÖPPER, RUDOLF - Niedersächsische Industriekleinstädte : siedlungsgeographisch betrachtet ; Beispiele zur Umwandlung der Kulturlandschaft .,.,.
BOOKS015168I: KLOSSOWSKI, PIERRE - Diana at Her Bath / The Women of Rome
BOOKS005312I: KLOSTERMAIER, KLAUS K. - A Survey of Hinduism
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BOOKS010181I: KUZNIAR, ALICE A.; EDITOR: - Outing Goethe & His Age
BOOKS023020I: KUZUCU, LUTFI - Krifce'den Yesilburc'a mübadil yasamlar
BOOKS025958I: KVÅLE, SIGURD [1902-1962] - Nar det blir natt : Noveller
BOOKS008300I: KVAM, KELA; EDITOR: - Strindberg's Post-Inferno Plays: Lectures Given at the 11. International Strindberg Conference, University of Copenhagen...1992
BOOKS012647I: KVANVIG, JONATHAN L. - The Value of Knowledge and the Pursuit of Understanding
BOOKS001831I: KVIDELAND, REIMUND; EDITOR: - Tradition and Modernisation: Plenary Papers Read at the 4th International Congress of the Societe Internationale d'Ethnologie...
BOOKS002121I: VETERINAERMEDICINSK FORENINGS KVINDEGRUPPE - Kvinde/Dyrlaege. Rapport over Kvindelige Dyrlaeges Erhvervsforhold
BOOKS023919I: KWAMENA-POH, M. A. - Government and Politics in the Akuapem State, 1730-1850
BOOKS003548I: KWEE, KIEM KENG - Photographic Magnitudes of 901 Variable Stars in a Region near the Galactic Centre, derived from Franklin - Adams Plates
BOOKS020565I: KWIATKOWSKI, P. F. - Na Ki'i Pohaku : A Hawaiian Petroglyph Primer
BOOKS020040I: KWIZDA, RICHARD - Vocabularium nocentium florae : Wörterbuch der wichtigsten Pflanzenschädlinge, Pflanzenkrankheiten und Unkräuter..,.
BOOKS015028I: KWOK, SUN - Cosmic Butterflies: The Colorful Mysteries of Planetary Nebulae
BOOKS020136I: KWON, HEONIK - Ghosts of War in Vietnam
BOOKS012978I: KYBAL, VLASTIMIL [1880-1958] - Po ceskoslovenských stopách v Latinské Americe
BOOKS025677I: KYHN, VILHELM [1819-1903] - Dansk Kunst og Kunstudstillingen på Charlottenborg : Nogle Betragtninger
BOOKS005785I: KYLIN, HARALD - Die Phaeophyceen der schwedischen Westkuste
BOOKS029480I: KYNAST, KARL [1882-19??] - Apollon und Dionysos : nordisches und unnordisches Innerhalb der Religion der Griechen : eine rassenkundliche Untersuchung
BOOKS020220I: KYNCL, KAREL - After the Spring Came Winter
BOOKS025559I: KYNDAL, ERIK - Nadverlære og nadverfællesskab: den lutherske nadverlære kritisk belyst ud fra Ny Testamente og den økumeniske samtale i nutiden
BOOKS027444I: KYRIAKIDIS, STILPON PARASKEUAS [1887-1964] - Peri ten istorian tes Thrakes
BOOKS021599I: LAAR, MART - Metsavennad
BOOKS025609I: LÅÅS, SIGFRID [1886-1969] - Stenhamraminnen från sekelskiftet : liv och arbete vid Stockholms stads stenhuggerisamhälle på Svartsjölandet
BOOKS025606I: LABANAUSKAITE, ONA - Arkivyskupas Jurgis Matulevicius
BOOKS004485I: LABAREE, BENJAMIN W., EDITOR: - The Atlantic World of Robert G. Albion
BOOKS027675I: LABAUNE, PATRICK - Bibliographie de la péninsule arabique : sciences de l’homme : Fascicule 2 : La republique arabe du Yemen
BOOKS006946I: LABBY, DAVID - The Demystification of Yap: Dialectics of Culture on a Micronesian Island
BOOKS027009I: LABHARDT, FRANK JOACHIM - Das Sequentiar Cod. 546 der Stiftsbibliothek von St. Gallen und seine Quellen [Textband + Notenband]
BOOKS014514I: LABIN, SUZANNE - Les Etats terroristes et la guerre des lâches
BOOKS022347I: LABOREIRO, SIMÃO DE - Palavras de um portuguez : homens & institucões, factos e coméntarios, revolucão e dictadura
BOOKS000800I: LABRIOLLE, JACQUELINE DE - Les "Christophe Colomb" de Paul Claudel
BOOKS017474I: LABUSCHAGNE, BART C. [ LABUSCHAGNE, BAREND CHRISTOFFEL ] ; & SOLON, ARI MARCELO ; EDITORS: - Religion and State - From Separation to Cooperation? : Legal-Philosophical Reflections for a De-secularized World
BOOKS013986I: LACAN, JACQUES [1901 - 1981] - Speech and Language in Psychoanalysis
BOOKS021352I: LACAN, JACQUES [1901-1981] - Ecrits : A Selection
BOOKS030638I: LACARRIÈRE, JACQUES - Papiers d'orange
BOOKS002475I: LACERDA, JOAO SOARES DE - Zoologia Agricola. Apontamentos sobre a Cochonilha em Portugal
BOOKS015823I: LACERDA, JOSÉ DE [ ALMEIDA E ARAUJO CORREA DE LACERDA, JOSE MARIA DE ] - Da fórma dos governos com respeito á prosperidade dos povos e das cousas political em Portugal
BOOKS027906I: LACH, ROBERT [1874-1958] ; EDITOR : - Volksgesänge von Völkern Russlands : Turktatarische Völker : kasantatarische, mischärische, westsibirischtatarische..,.
BOOKS027911I: LACH, ROBERT [1874-1958] ; EDITOR : - Gesänge russischer Kriegsgefangener : III. Band : Kaukasusvölker : 2. Abteilung: Mingrelische, abchasische, svanische ..,.
BOOKS028287I: LACH, ROBERT [1874-1958] - Eine Tiroler Liederhandschrift aus dem 18. Jahrhundert
BOOKS028445I: LACH, ROBERT [1874-1958] - Gesänge russischer Kriegsgefangener : III. Band : Kaukasusvölker : 1. Georgische Gesänge
BOOKS027910I: LACH, ROBERT [1874-1958] ; EDITOR : - Gesänge russischer Kriegsgefangener : I. Band : Finnisch-ugrisch Völker : 2. Abteilung: Mordwinische Gesänge

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