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BOOKS014022I: JOHNSON, K. PAUL - Initiates of Theosophical Masters
BOOKS026502I: JOHNSON, GORDON ; EDITOR: - Modern Asian Studies : Volume 19, Part 4 : October 1985
BOOKS013804I: JOHNSON, TERRY; DANDEKER, CHRISTOPHER; & ASHWORTH, CLIVE - The Structure of Social Theory : Dilemmas, Strategies & Projects
BOOKS023899I: JOHNSON, SAMUEL, REV. [D. 1901] - The History of the Yorubas : From the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the British Protectorate
BOOKS010504I: JOHNSON, RICHARD R. - John Nelson: Merchant Adventurer
BOOKS027652I: JOHNSON, HUBERT C. - Frederick the Great and his Officials
BOOKS028035I: JOHNSON, M. L. ; ABERCROMBIE, MICHAEL ; & FOGG, G.E. ; EDITORS: - New Biology. Nr.s 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 27 [1947-1958]
BOOKS009648I: JOHNSON, ALLEN & PRICE-WILLIAMS, DOUGLASS - Oedipus Ubiquitous: The Family Complex in World Folk Literature
BOOKS008362I: JOHNSON, ELOISE E. - Rediscovering the Harlem Renaissance: The Politics of Exclusion
BOOKS007630I: JOHNSON, D. GALE - World Agriculture in Disarray
BOOKS010220I: JOHNSON, ELIZABETH A. - Friends of God and Prophets: A Feminist Theological Reading of the Communion of Saints
BOOKS019075I: JOHNSON, ALVIN SAUNDERS [1874- 1971] - The Clock of History
BOOKS018386I: JOHNSON, JULIET ELLEN - A Fistful of Rubles : The Rise and Fall of the Russian Banking System
BOOKS018055I: JOHNSON-ROULLIER, CYRAINA E. - Reading on the Edge : Exiles, Modernities, and Cultural Transformation in Proust, Joyce and Baldwin
BOOKS015515I: JOHNSON, LINDA COOKE ; EDITOR: - Cities of Jiangnan in Late Imperial China
BOOKS013304I: JOHNSON, SAMUEL [LASCELLES, MARY; EDITOR] - A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland [Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume 9]
BOOKS016924I: JOHNSON, ROBERT EUGENE - Peasant and Proletarian : The Working Class of Moscow in the Late Nineteenth Century
BOOKS015990I: JOHNSON, BARBARA - A World of Difference
BOOKS005873I: JOHNSON, W.R. - Momentary Monsters : Lucan and his Heroes
BOOKS005540I: JOHNSON, CAROL - Reason's Double Agents.
BOOKS005359I: JOHNSON, BARBARA - The Critical Difference. Essays in the Contemporary Rhetoric of Reading
BOOKS004676I: JOHNSON, CONRAD D. - Moral Legislation: A Legal-Political Model for Indirect Consequentialist Reasoning
BOOKS021412I: JOHNSON, PHYLLIS ; & MARTIN, DAVID ; EDITORS: - Destructive Engagement : Southern Africa at War
BOOKS003741I: JOHNSON, H.J.; LEACH, J.J.; & MUEHLMANN, R.G.; EDITORS: - Revolutions, Systems & Theories: Essays in Political Philosophy
BOOKS003705I: JOHNSON, AUBREY R. - The Cultic Prophet in Ancient Israel
BOOKS001347I: JOHNSON, A. ROSS - The Transformation of Communist Ideology : The Yugoslav Case
BOOKS001256I: JOHNSON, AUBREY R. - Sacral Kingship in Ancient Israel
BOOKS003434I: JOHNSON, DAG & KRISTIAN, A.A.S. - Investigations of the Technique of Soil Steaming
BOOKS012969I: JOHNSON, LEONARD W. - Poets as Players: Theme and Variation in Late Medieval French Poetry
BOOKS004086I: JOHNSON, BO - Die hexaplarische Rezension des 1. Samuelbuches der Septuaginta
BOOKS004035I: JOHNSON, A.H. - The Age of the Enlightened Despot 1660-1789
BOOKS029570I: JOHNSON, ROB - The Afghan Way of War : Culture and Pragmatism : A Critical History
BOOKS020970I: JOHNSON, GORDON ; EDITOR: - Review of the Cambridge Economic History of India and Beyond
BOOKS021451I: JOHNSON, HILDEGARD BINDER - Carta Marina : World Geography in Strassburg, 1525
BOOKS021640I: JOHNSON, CLAUDIA L. - Equivocal Beings : Politics, Gender, and Sentimentality in the 1790s : Wollstonecraft, Radcliffe, Burney, Austen
BOOKS001214I: JOHNSSON, GUNNAR - Om sjukdomsorsakerna enligt Israel Hwasser : en medicinhistorisk studie
BOOKS030314I: JOHNSSON, JOHN WILLIAM SCHIBBY ; EDITOR : [ CICAVO, GIOVANNI CARLO PAGANELLI ] - La peste de 1673 en Dalmatie I -II : G.C. P. Cicavo: Relazione della peste insorta l'anno 1763 nei borghi di Spalato ..,.
BOOKS025399I: JOHNSTON, CLAIRE ; EDITOR : - The Work of Dorothy Arzner : Towards a Feminist Cinema
BOOKS016612I: JOHNSTON, BRUCE F. - The Staple Food Economies of Western Tropical Africa
BOOKS008203I: JOHNSTON, JOSEPH - Bishop Berkeley's Querist in Historical Perspective
BOOKS006527I: JOHNSTON, CHARLES HEPBURN - The View from Steamer Point : Being an Account of Three Years in Aden
BOOKS017918I: JOHNSTON, BRUCE F. ; & CLARK, WILLIAM C. - Redesigning Rural Development : A Strategic Perspective
BOOKS016787I: JOHNSTON, STEVEN - Encountering Tragedy: Rousseau, Politics, and the Project of Democratic Order
BOOKS016290I: JOHNSTON, DAVID - The Rhetoric of Leviathan: Thomas Hobbes and the Politics of Cultural Transformation
BOOKS013016I: JOHNSTON, MICHAEL - Syndromes of Corruption : Wealth, Power, and Democracy
BOOKS007072I: JOHNSTON, HANK - Tales of Nationalism: Catalonia, 1939 - 1979
BOOKS012602I: JOHNSTON, SEBASTIAN L.; & HOLGATE, S. T.; EDITORS: - Asthma: Critical Debates
BOOKS024031I: JOHNSTONE, PAULINE - The Byzantine Tradition in Church Embroidery
BOOKS030326I: JOHNSTRUP, FREDERIK [1818-1894] - Om Hævningsfænomenerne i Møens Klint : Foredrag paa det 11te skandinaviske Naturforskermøde i Kjøbenhavn 1873
BOOKS019517I: JOINVILLE, JEAN, SIRE DE [1224?-1317?] [ WAILLY, NATALIS DE (1805-1886); EDITOR: ] - Oeuvres de Jean sire de Joinville, comprenant: L'histoire de Saint Louis, le Credo et la lettre à Louis X..,.
BOOKS018095I: JOKL, ERNST [1907-1997] - The Clinical Physiology of Physical Fitness and Rehabilitation
BOOKS005431I: LE JOLIS, GUSTAVE - Du mandat et de la commission en droit romain, dans notre ancien droit et dans notre droit actuel..,.
BOOKS003683I: JOLIVET, REGIS - Introduction a Kierkegaard
BOOKS004632I: JOLIVET, ALFRED - Les romans de Henrik Pontoppidan. Cinquante anees de vie danoise
BOOKS021964I: JOLLES, ANDRÉ [1874-1946] - Einfache Formen : Legende, Sage, Mythe, Rätsel, Spruch, Kasus, Memorabile, Märchen, Witz
BOOKS013845I: JOLLEY, NICHOLAS; EDITOR: - Cambridge Companion to Leibniz
BOOKS009130I: JOLLEY, MOYA; & BRYKCZYNSKA, GOSIA; EDITORS: - Nursing: Beyond Tradition and Conflict
BOOKS010516I: JOLLY, PENNY HOWELL - Made in God's Image? Eve and Adam in the Genesis Mosaics at San Marco, Venice.
BOOKS017720I: JOLLY, W. P. - Sir Oliver Lodge
BOOKS021526I: JOLLY, SURJIT KAUR - Sikh Revivalist Movements : The Nirankari and Namdhari Movements in Punjab in the Nineteenth Century : A Socio-religious Study
BOOKS015465I: JOLY, HENRI - La France criminelle
BOOKS012633I: JOLY, HENRY L. - Random Notes on Dances, Masks and Early Forms of the Theatre in Japan
BOOKS004785I: JOLY, A. - Etude sur les Chadouliyas
BOOKS024392I: JOMARD, M. (EDME-FRANÇOIS) [1777-1862] - Coup d'oeil impartial sur l'état présent de l'Égypte, comparé à sa situation antérieure
BOOKS018676I: JOMIER, JACQUES - L'Islam vécu en Égypte (1945-1975)
BOOKS030823I: JOMIER, JACQUES - La place du Coran dans la vie quotidienne en Egypte
BOOKS011786I: JOMO K.S.; EDITOR: - Malaysian Eclipse: Economic Crisis and Recovery
BOOKS015944I: JONAS, HANS [ 1903 - 1993 ] - The Gnostic Religion : The Message of the Alien God and the Beginnings of Christianity
BOOKS001892I: JONAS, POL, EDITOR: - C'est d'un moine qui vout retolir a une nonne une ymage de Nostre Dame que il li avoit aportee de Jherusalem : miracle versifié
BOOKS007084I: JONASSEN, HAGBARD - Recent Pollen Sedimentation and Jutland Heath Diagrams
BOOKS013729I: JONASSON, PETUR M. [PETUR M. JONASSON]; EDITOR: - Ecology of Eutrophic, Subarctic Lake Myvatn and the River Laxa
BOOKS015929I: JONASSON, PÉTUR M. [ PÉTUR M. JÓNASSON ] - Ecology and Production of the Profundal Benthos in Relation to Phytoplankton in Lake Esrom
BOOKS025390I: JONES, ROBERT TUDUR [1921-1998] - The Principles of Nationalism : The Struggle for Human Dignity in Wales
BOOKS011584I: JONES, JAMES T. - Wayward Skeptic: The Theories of R.P. Blackmur
BOOKS011244I: JONES, JOHN [CA. 1766-1827] - Ecclesiastical Researches; or Philo & Josephus Proved to be Historians & Apologists of Christ, of his Followers, & of the Gospel
BOOKS011770I: JONES, GARETH - Christian Theology: A Brief Introduction
BOOKS013502I: JONES, WILLIAM ALFRED - Memorial of the late Honorable David S. Jones. With an Appendix, Containing Notices of the Jones Family, of Queens County
BOOKS010015I: JONES, KELVIN - Law and Economy. The Legal Regulation of Corporate Capital
BOOKS024144I: JONES, KENNETH J. - Michal Leszczynski-Lester : marynarz i artysta
BOOKS009852I: JONES, WILLIAM C.; EDITOR: - Basic Principles of Civil Law in China
BOOKS027617I: JONES, DAVID J. V. - Crime, Protest, Community, and Police in Nineteenth-century Britain
BOOKS012174I: JONES, RUSSELL ; EDITOR : - Loan-words in Indonesian and Malay / compiled by the Indonesian Etymological Project
BOOKS010081I: JONES, RONALD W. - Globalization and the Theory of Input Trade
BOOKS015653I: JONES, DAVID R.; EDITOR - Spisok povremmennykh izdanii za 1917 G. (List of Periodical Publications for the Year 1917)
BOOKS018526I: JONES, PENN - Forgive My Grief : A Critical Review of the Warren Commission Report on the Assassination
BOOKS017657I: JONES, COLIN; & WAHRMAN, DROR ; EDITORS - The Age of Cultural Revolution : Britain and France, 1750-1820
BOOKS011740I: JONES, R.J. BARRY - The World Turned Upside Down? Globalization and the Future of the State
BOOKS015230I: JONES, RICHARD ; & DANIELS, KATE; EDITORS: - Of Solitude and Silence : Writings on Robert Bly
BOOKS016211I: JONES, DAVID EDWARDS - The Plays of T. S. Eliot
BOOKS015946I: JONES, GRANT D. - The Conquest of the Last Maya Kingdom
BOOKS005912I: JONES, GEOFFREY & KIRBY, MAURICE, EDITORS: - Competitiveness & the State : Government & Business in Twentieth-Century Britain
BOOKS030462I: JONES, A. H. M. (ARNOLD HUGH MARTIN) [1904-1970] - The Criminal Courts of the Roman Republic and Principate
BOOKS005777I: JONES, A.H.M. - The Greek City from Alexander to Justinian
BOOKS005727I: JONES, DANIEL - The Phoneme: Its Nature and Use
BOOKS005650I: JONES, A.H.M. - Sparta
BOOKS005601I: JONES, A.H.M. - Athenian Democracy
BOOKS005167I: JONES, GEORGE HILTON - Convergent Forces. Immediate Causes of the Revolution of 1688 in England
BOOKS003881I: JONES, ERIC ANTHONY - The Bureaucratic Politics of Soviet Energy Policy in the late Brezhnev Period 1976 - 1982: Policy Process & the Energy Balance.
BOOKS013386I: JONES, WILLIAM O. - Marketing Staple Food Crops in Tropical Africa
BOOKS015749I: JONES, OAKAH L. - Guatemala in the Spanish Colonial Period
BOOKS014788I: JONES, GWYN - The Norse Atlantic Saga, Being the Norse Voyages of Discovery and Settlement to Iceland, Greenland [and] America
BOOKS000652I: JONES, R.J. BARRY - Conflict & Control in the World Economy: Contemporary Economic Realism & Neo-Mercantilism
BOOKS021460I: JONES, SCHUYLER - The Political Organization of the Kam Kafirs : A Preliminary Analysis
BOOKS022129I: JONES, W. J. - Politics and the Bench : The Judges and the Origins of the English Civil War
BOOKS022176I: JONES, JOHN R. W. D. - The Practice of the International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda
BOOKS022752I: JONG, ALBERT DE [1891-1970] - Fritz Brupbacher (1874-1945) en zijn verhouding tot het anarchisme
BOOKS025447I: JONG, JOHANNES CORNELIS MARIE DE - Beiträge zur Kenntnis des Baues und der Entwicklung der Schwimmblase einiger Physoclisten
BOOKS009435I: JONG, WILLEM JOHANNES - Zur Geologie der Bergamasker Alpen, Nordlich des Val Stabina
BOOKS014218I: JONG, KAREL HENDRIK EDUARD DE [1872 - 19??] - Das antike Mysterienwesen in religionsgeschichtlicher, ethnologischer und psychologischer Beleuchtung
BOOKS005260I: DE JONG, J.W. - A Brief History of Buddhist Studies in Europe and America
BOOKS030647I: JONGENEEL, D. J. - Het spel, dat met Nederlandsch Indie gespeeld wordt
BOOKS012538I: JONGMANS, D.G. & GUTKIND, P.C.W.; EDITORS: - Anthropologists in the Field
BOOKS025437I: JONKER, KOOS HARRY JACK - Onderzoek over showers in de kosmische straling
BOOKS030700I: FINNUR JÓNSSON [1858-1934] - Gorm og Tyra : danmarkar bót
BOOKS009058I: JONSSON, BENGT R.; EDITOR: - Arv: Scandinavian Yearbook of Folklore 1979. Vol.35
BOOKS004220I: JONSSON, PER - Analyse af egenskaber hos svin af Dansk Landrace med en historisk indledning / Analysis of characters...
BOOKS029547I: JÖNSSON, HANNE - Gud til ære - kiercken til zirat : Peder Jenssøn Koldings prædikestol i Vor Frelsers Kirke i Horsens 1670
BOOKS021712I: JONSSON, BENGT R. ; SOLHEIM, SVALE ; DANIELSON, EVA ; NOLSØE, MORTAN ; & RICHMOND, WINTHROP EDSON ; EDITORS: - The Types of the Scandinavian Medieval Ballad : A Descriptive Catalogue
BOOKS025220I: FINNUR JÓNSSON [1858-1934] - Om Njála
BOOKS024320I: JÖNSSON, ARNE ; EDITOR: [ OXENSTIERNA, AXEL, GREVE (1583-1654)] - Letters from Sir James Spens and Jan Rutgers [ The Works and Correspondence of Axel Oxenstierna. 2nd series ; 13th Volume]
BOOKS014412I: JONTE-PACE, DIANE ELIZABETH - Speaking the Unspeakable : Religion, Misogyny and the Uncanny Mother in Freud's Cultural Texts
BOOKS012984I: JONZON, BENGT [1888 - 19??] - Studier i Paavo Ruotsalainens fromhet, med särskild Hänsyn till frälsningsvissheten
BOOKS011551I: JOOST, NICHOLAS & SULLIVAN, ALVIN - D.H. Lawrence and The Dial
BOOKS011567I: JORDAN, WILLIAM CHESTER - From Servitude to Freedom: Manumission in the Senonais in the Thirteenth Century
BOOKS024657I: JORDAN, WILLIAM CHESTER - The Great Famine : Northern Europe in the Early Fourteenth Century
BOOKS004967I: JORDAN, DAVID K. & OVERMYER, DANIEL L. - The Flying Phoenix. Aspects of Chinese Sectarianism in Taiwan
BOOKS003342I: JORDAN, C.F., EDITOR: - Amazonian Rain Forests. Ecosystem Disturbance & Recovery. Case Studies of Ecosystem Dynamics under a Spectrum of Land Use-Intens
BOOKS028209I: JORDAN, PASCUAL [1902-1980] - Zur Theorie der Cayley-Grössen [together with 6 other short monographs, ca. 1950-1964]
BOOKS002608I: JORDANOV, KIRIL; POROZHANOV, KALIN; & FOL, VALERIA; EDITORS: - Thracia 15: In Honour of Alexander Fol's 70th Anniversary
BOOKS009164I: JORDANOVA, LUDMILLA - Sexual Visions: Images of Gender in Science and Medicine between the Eighteenth and Twentieth Centuries
BOOKS007131I: JORDANSSON, BIRGITTA & VAMMEN, TINNE, EDITORS: - Charitable Women: Philanthropic Welfare 1780 - 1930
BOOKS021924I: JORDI, FRITZ; & VOGELER, HEINRICH ; EDITORS : - Fontana Martina : vollständiger Faksimile-Druck der von Fritz Jordi und Heinrich Vogeler 1931/32 in Ronco s./ Ascona ..,.
BOOKS015965I: JORGE, PAULO [ LIBERATION SUPPORT MOVEMENT ] - Interview with Paulo Jorge - Director of MPLA's Department of Information & Propaganda [Interviews in Depth: MPLA - Angola # 4]
BOOKS028177I: JØRGENSEN, BENT - Stednavne og samfærdselshistorie
BOOKS025273I: JØRGENSEN, MOGENS SCHOU - a collection of 34 offprints and extracts ca. 1976-1997
BOOKS028858I: JØRGENSEN, SVEND - Tree-felling with Original Neolithic Flint-axes in Draved Wood : Report on the Experiments in 1952-54
BOOKS017610I: JØRGENSEN, HANS [1886-19??] - A Dictionary of the Classical Newari
BOOKS006852I: JORGENSEN, ALFRED - Micro-Organisms and Fermentation
BOOKS026172I: JØRGENSEN, J. P. [JØRGENSEN-GANDLØSE, JENS PETER (1848-1909)] - Maal og Middel eller Hvad vil Danmarks Agrarforening?
BOOKS008024I: JØRGENSEN, HANS [1886-19??] [ JORGENSEN, HANS ] [ JOERGENSEN, HANS ] - A Dictionary of the Classical Newari
BOOKS025018I: JØRGENSEN, LISE BENDER ; & TIDOW, KLAUS ; EDITORS: - Textilsymposium Neumünster : Archäologische Textilfunde : 6.5.-8.5.1981
BOOKS007195I: JORGENSEN, PER IB - Den prognostiske Betydning af Urinostriolmaling i Svangerskabers sidste Trimester...Vol. 1 & 2
BOOKS019058I: JØRGENSEN, HOLGER JACOB RASMUS [1896-1971] - Studier over bromatvirkningens natur
BOOKS006402I: JORGENSEN, PETER - Uber die Herkunft der Nordfriesen
BOOKS017995I: JORGENSEN, M. BORCH [ JØRGENSEN, MOGENS HENNING BORCH, 1921- ] - Pepsinogen in Blood and Urine
BOOKS025514I: JØRGENSEN, ELLEN [1877-1948] - Historiens studium i Danmark i det 19. aarhundrede
BOOKS016910I: JØRGENSEN, LISE BENDER & ERIKSEN, PALLE - Trabjerg: En vestjysk landsby fra Vikingetiden
BOOKS025574I: JØRGENSEN, ADOLF DITLEV [1840-1897] - Georg Zoega : Et mindeskrift
BOOKS000720I: JØRGENSEN, POUL HENNING - Die Bedeutung des Subjekt-Objektverhältnisses fur die Theologie : Der Theo-onto-logische Konflikt mit der Existenzphilosophie
BOOKS019200I: JØRGENSEN, J. P. - Historiske Optegnelser om Ledøje-Smørum Sogne fra Oldtiden til den nyere Tid
BOOKS026493I: JØRGENSEN, STIG. - Danmarks kongemagt og dens fødsel
BOOKS019976I: JØRGENSEN, PETER - Zum Schleswiger Niederdeutsch : Kritik und Forschung
BOOKS020356I: JØRGENSEN, LARS ; EDITOR: - Simblegård-Trelleborg : Danske gravfund fra førromersk jernalder til vikingetid
BOOKS025626I: JØRGENSEN, I. A. - Den danske Dagpresse 1901 : En kort Oversigt : Trykt som Manuskript
BOOKS025594I: JØRGENSEN, ADOLF DITLEV [1840-1897] - En redegørelse for min udvikling og mit forfatterskab
BOOKS023518I: JØRGENSEN, LARS ; LYNNERUP, NIELS ; LØKKE, ANNE ; & BALSLEV, HENRIK ; EDITORS : - Food, Population and Health : Global Patterns and Challenges : Proceedings of an Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Dynamics...,
BOOKS026585I: JØRGENSEN, E. LAUMANN - Sakrale riller i sten : Upåagtede helleristninger
BOOKS026630I: JØRGENSEN, CONNI-KAY - La visione esistenziale nei romanzi di Elsa Morante
BOOKS016869I: JORN, ASGER [1914-1973] ; & ARNAUD, NOËL - La langue verte et la cuite : Étude gastrophonique sur la marmythologie musiculinaire
BOOKS026822I: JORZICK, HANS-PETER - Die Siedlungsstruktur der Weserniederung zwischen Hoya und Riede oberhalb Bremens
BOOKS020548I: JOSÉ, FRANCISCO SIONIL - My Brother, My Executioner
BOOKS022139I: JOSEFSON, INGELA - Die Bezeichnungen für "gross-klein," "lang-kurz" im Altschwedischen
BOOKS003844I: JOSEPH, PAUL - Die Münzen des gräflichen und fürstlichen Hauses Leiningen
BOOKS013436I: JOSEPH, DANIEL D. ; FUNADA, TOSHIO ; & WANG, JING - Potential Flows of Viscous and Viscoelastic Fluids
BOOKS008547I: JOSEPH, WILLIAM A. - The Critique of Ultra-Leftism in China, 1958-1981
BOOKS007487I: JOSEPH, P. - What is Wrong with India?
BOOKS011528I: JOSEPH, RICHARD A. - Radical Nationalism in Cameroun : Social Origins of the U.P.C. Rebellion
BOOKS005066I: JOSEPH, ALICE & MURRAY, VERONICA F. - Chamorros and Carolinians of Saipan. Personality Studies
BOOKS021621I: JOSEPH, UMBAVU VARGHESE ; & BURLING, ROBBINS - Comparative Phonology of the Boro-Garo Languages
BOOKS021084I: JOSEPH, GILBERT MICHAEL ; EDITOR: - Gender and Sexuality: A Special Issue of "Hispanic American Historical Review" Vol.81, No.3/4 [August-November 2001]
BOOKS010849I: JOSEPHSON, PAUL R. - New Atlantis Revisited : Akademgorodok, the Siberian City of Science
BOOKS002096I: JOSEPHSON, LENNART - A Role. O'Neill's Cornelius Melody
BOOKS029367I: JOSH, SOHAN SINGH - Tragedy of Komagata Maru
BOOKS022763I: JOSHI, O. P. (OM PRAKASH) - Painted Folklore and Folklore Painters of India : A Study with Reference to Rajasthan
BOOKS006856I: JOSHI, G.V. & SHINDE, S.D. - Ecogeographical Studies in Terekhol & Vashisti Rivers (A Case Study of Mangrove Vegetation on River Banks Exposed to Silting...
BOOKS008407I: JOSHI, TIKA RAM - A Dictionary of Pahari Dialects 1911 and a Grammar & Dictionary of Kanwari 1909
BOOKS006809I: JOSHI, RAMCHANDRA VINAYAK - Pleistocene Studies in the Malaprabha Basin
BOOKS018926I: JOSHI, JAGAT PATI - Comparative Stratigraphy of the Protohistoric Cultures of the Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent
BOOKS018915I: JOSHI, G. N. (GULABBHAI NARANJI) - Aspects of Indian Constitutional Law
BOOKS004001I: JOSHI, H.M. - Recent Approaches to Axiology
BOOKS000494I: JOSHI, L. M., ET AL - Annotated Compendium on Wheat Diseases in India
BOOKS021614I: JOSHI, LAXMESH V. - A Critical Study of the Pratyaksa Pariccheda of Bhasarvajña's Nyayabhusana
BOOKS001848I: JOSHI, P.P. ; & CHAUDHURI, D.K. - Tripura. Handicraft Survey Report: Cane & Bamboo
BOOKS026902I: JOSHI, LAL MANI - Facets of Jaina Religiousness in Comparative Light
BOOKS010463I: JOSIPOVICI, GABRIEL - The World and the Book; A Study of Modern Fiction.
BOOKS016880I: JOST, FRANÇOIS - Essais de littérature comparée, II: Europaeana, 1e serie.
BOOKS009129I: JOST, HANS ULRICH - Politik und Wirtschaft im Krieg : die Schweiz 1938-1948
BOOKS015357I: JOSYAR, T.S. RANGANATHA ; EDITOR: [ ACYUTA ] - Deva Keralam (Candrakalanadi) : Critically Edited with Introduction
BOOKS009023I: JOUBERT, JEAN - Jules Senard : De la defense de Flaubert a la defense de la Republique, 1800-1885
BOOKS027743I: JOUBERT, CLAUDE-HENRY - Le fil d'or : étude sur la musique dans A la recherche du temps perdu
BOOKS009712I: JOUHANDEAU, MARCEL [1888-1979] - Monsieur Godeau marié
BOOKS026051I: ILLUSTRERET FAMILIE-JOURNAL - Om Flyvning og Luftsejlads
BOOKS014063I: CONSPIRACY JOURNAL - Fire From The Sky : Battle Of Harvest Moon & True Story Of The Space Shuttles
BOOKS014614I: JOVANOVIC, OLGE; ET AL - Tunel Maievitza
BOOKS030164I: SERBISCHE BIBLIOTHEK "KATARINA JOVANOVIC - Srpska citaonica i knjiznica 'Katarina Jovanovic' : Katalog I : 1978 : Knjige na srpsko-hrvatskom jeziku / Serbische Bibliothek
BOOKS009146I: JOVANOVICA, N.S.; "AMERIKANTSA - Feniks-Grad. Javno Predavanje
BOOKS020426I: JOVEN CUBA, ORGANIZACION ANTI-IMPERIALISTA. COMITE DISTRITAL CAMAGUEY - A todos los miembros de Joven Cuba - militantes de otras organizaciones revolucionarias y pueblo en general
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BOOKS012347I: KASPAR, OLDRICH - Soupis pramenu ..,./ Registro de las fuentes para la historia de los viajes de descubrimiento y la conquista del Nuevo Mundo ..,
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BOOKS013995I: KAUPPI, NIILO - French Intellectual Nobility: Institutional and Symbolic Transformations in the Post-Sartrian Era
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BOOKS012793I: KAUTZ, STEVEN - Liberalism and Community
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BOOKS008110I: KAVIRAJ, NARAHARI - Wahabi and Farazi Rebels of India
BOOKS003818I: KAVIRAJ, GOPI NATH - The History and Bibliography of Nyaya-Vaisesika Literature
BOOKS029552I: KAVIRAJ, GOPINATH [ KAVIRAJ, GOPI NATH (1887-1976) ] - Aspects of Indian Thought
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BOOKS017506I: KAWAI, HAYAO - Dreams, Myths & Fairy Tales in Japan
BOOKS011804I: KAWASH, SAMIRA - Dislocating the Color Line: Identity, Hybridity, and Singularity in African-American Narrative
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BOOKS011739I: KAY, LILY E. - The Molecular Vision of Life: Caltech, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Rise of the New Biology
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BOOKS001257I: KAY, GEORGE - Social Aspects of Village Regrouping in Zambia
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BOOKS007006I: KAZI, MUSHTAK ALI - Journey Through Judiciary
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BOOKS025137I: KAZIMI, BAHMAN - Musiqi-i qawm-i Talish
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BOOKS025152I: KAZIMI, BAHMAN - Musiqi-i qawm-i 'Arab
BOOKS020320I: KAZIMI, IRAJ - Dilfan dar guzar-i tarikh : mashahir-i ahl-i haqq
BOOKS020688I: KAZIMI, BAHMAN - Huviyat-i milli dar taranahha-yi aqvam-i Irani
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BOOKS018557I: KEAL, PAUL - Unspoken Rules and Superpower Dominance
BOOKS015616I: KEANE, WEBB - Signs of Recognition: Powers and Hazards of Representation in an Indonesian Society
BOOKS016362I: KEANE, MAUREEN - Mrs. S.C. Hall : A Literary Biography
BOOKS005101I: KEARNEY, RICHARD - Modern Movements in European Philosophy
BOOKS013874I: KEARNS, JOHN T. - Reconceiving Experience: A Solution to a Problem Inherited from Descartes
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BOOKS015159I: KEARY, C. F. - The Morphology of Coins
BOOKS021594I: KEATING, REX - Nubian Rescue
BOOKS006006I: KEATINGE, RICHARD W. ; EDITOR: - Peruvian Prehistory : An Overview of Pre-Inca and Inca Society
BOOKS026373I: KEAY, F. E. (FRANK ERNEST) - A History of the Syrian Church of India
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BOOKS007055I: KECSKEMETI, PAUL - Meaning, Comunication and Value
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BOOKS028539I: KEDAR, BENJAMIN Z. - Crusade and Mission : European Approaches Toward the Muslims
BOOKS015438I: KEDILAYA, A. SHANKER ; EDITOR: [ KESIRAJA (FL. 1260)] - Sabdamanidarpana, by Kesiraja, with the commentary of Linganaradhya
BOOKS021332I: KEDOURIE, ELIE - Nationalism
BOOKS016765I: KEECH, WILLIAM R. - Economic Politics: The Costs of Democracy
BOOKS021635I: O’KEEFE, TIM - Epicurus on Freedom
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BOOKS015103I: KEENAN, JEREMY - The Tuareg : People of Ahaggar
BOOKS019476I: KEENAN, EDWARD L. - The Kurbskii-Groznyi Apocrypha : The Seventeenth-century Genesis of the "Correspondence" Attributed to Prince A. M. Kurbskii..,.
BOOKS017340I: KEENE, HENRY GEORGE - The First Book of the Anvari Suheli : A Literal Translation in English
BOOKS008531I: KEESING, ROGER M. - Melanesian Pidgin and the Oceanic Substrate
BOOKS015213I: KEESING, ROGER M. - Kwaio Religion : The Living and the Dead in a Solomon Island Society
BOOKS003954I: KEFFER, HAJO - De Obligationibus: Rekonstruktion einer spatmittelalterlichen Disputationstheorie
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BOOKS023198I: KEHRIG, HENRI. - Le Privilege des vins à Bordeaux
BOOKS018474I: KEHYA, ALI OGUZ - Murtazam Benim
BOOKS024083I: KEIDING, NILS RUD - Protein-bound Carbohydrates and Proteins of Serum from Diabetic Patients and the Relation to the Late Diabetic Manifestations
BOOKS003290I: KEIJZER, FRANS GASPARD - Outline of the Geology of the Eastern Part of the Province of Oriente, Cuba (E of 76' WL). With notes on the Geology of Other...
BOOKS003208I: KEIJZER, FRED - Representation and Behavior
BOOKS005682I: KEIL, CHARLES - Tiv Song
BOOKS020097I: KEIL, FRANK C. ; & WILSON, ROBERT ANDREW ; EDITORS: - Explanation and Cognition
BOOKS002261I: KEILHACK, KONRAD - Einfuhrung in das Verstandnis der geologische-agronomischen Karten des Norddeutschen Flachlandes. Ein Erlauterung ...
BOOKS025038I: KEILING, HORST - Archäologische Zeugen der jungsteinzeitlichen Bauernbevölkerung Mecklenburgs
BOOKS026412I: KEILING, HORST - a collection of 5 extracts concerning German archaeology, ca. 1974-1987
BOOKS010834I: KEISER, ELIZABETH B. - Courtly Desire and Medieval Homophobia : The Legitimation of Sexual Pleasure in Cleanness and its Contexts /
BOOKS009401I: KEITH, A.M. - The Play of Fictions: Studies in Ovid's Metamorphoses Book 2
BOOKS008084I: KEITH, W.J. - Regions of the Imagination: The Development of British Rural Fiction
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BOOKS026526I: KEKELIDSE, K [ KEKELIZE, KORNELI ] - Die Bekehrung Georgiens um Christetum / von K. Kekelidse
BOOKS010873I: KEKES, JOHN - Moral Wisdom and Good Lives
BOOKS015112I: KELEMEN, PÁL. - El Greco Revisited: Candia, Venice, Toledo.
BOOKS002480I: KELKAR, RAY BHADUR G.K. - Relatorio sobre os melhoramentos agricolas dos campos comunais de Goa
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BOOKS028449I: KELLE, JOHANN NEPOMUK VON [1828-1909] - Die deutsche Dichtung unter den Fränkischen Kaisern 1024-1125
BOOKS021368I: KELLEHER, MARGARET - The Feminization of Famine : Expressions of the Inexpressible?
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BOOKS007396I: KELLENBENZ, HERMANN - Die Zuckerwirtschaft im Kolner Raum von der napoleonischer Zeit bis zur Reichsgrundung
BOOKS004209I: KELLENBERGER, J. - The Cognitivity of Religion. Three Perspectives
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BOOKS008848I: KELLER, LYNN - Re-making It New : Contemporary American Poetry and the Modernist Tradition
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BOOKS016574I: KELLER, SUZANNE INFELD - Beyond the Ruling Class: Strategic Elites in Modern Society
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BOOKS020508I: KELLER, EVELYN FOX - A Feeling for the Organism : The Life and Work of Barbara McClintock
BOOKS023955I: KELLERMANN, BERNHARD [1879-1951]; EDITOR: - Was sollen wir tun? Mit Diskussionsbeiträgen von Theodor Plievier, Th. Lieser, Adam Scharrer, Bernhard Bechler, Robert Havemann
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BOOKS013715I: KELLY, J. N. D. (JOHN NORMAN DAVIDSON) - Golden Mouth: the Story of John Chrysostom - Ascetic Preacher, Bishop: The Story of John Chrysostom - Ascetic Preacher, Bishop
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BOOKS011690I: KELLY, GARY; EDITOR: [SCOTT, SARAH] - Bluestocking Feminism: Writings of the Bluestocking Circle 1738 - 1785: Volume 5: Sarah Scott
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BOOKS007123I: KELLY, JOHN D. - A Politics of Virtue : Hinduism, Sexuality & Countercolonial Discourse in Fiji
BOOKS005865I: KELLY, GAIL P. & ELLIOTT, CAROLYN M. - Women's Education in the Third World : Comparative Perspectives
BOOKS017097I: KELLY, WALTER KEATING - Proverbs of All Nations, Compared, Explained, and Illustrated
BOOKS016596I: KELLY, HENRY ANSGAR - Satan: A Biography
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BOOKS019642I: KELLY, AILEEN M. - Views from the Other Shore : Essays on Herzen, Chekhov and Bakhtin
BOOKS024361I: KELLY, DOUGLAS - The Arts of Poetry and Prose
BOOKS004093I: KELSEY, SEABN - Inventing a Republic: The Political Culture of the English Commonwealth, 1649-1653
BOOKS029101I: KEMAL, CENAP - Terminologie internationale en Turc : phonétique et formes graphiques
BOOKS003282I: KEMILÄINEN, AIRA - L'affaire d'Avignon (1789-1791) from the Viewpoint of Nationalism
BOOKS012306I: KEMILEV, ASEN - Preselenieto na severno-dobrudzhanskitie Bulgari prez 1940 godina
BOOKS023910I: KEMMER, CLAUS - Von Cranach bis Baselitz : Meisterwerke des Clairobscur-Holzschnitts
BOOKS001889I: KEMMERLING, D.L.L. AND WOUDSTRA, H.W. - De Geologie en Geomorphologie van den Idjen & Analyse van Merkwaardige Watersoorten op het Idjen-Hoogland
BOOKS013006I: KEMP, PETER - H.G. Wells and the Culminating Ape: Biological Themes and Imaginative Obsessions
BOOKS029982I: KEMPEN, C. J. J. VAN - De cultuur der Hevea
BOOKS021448I: KEMPERMAN, J. H. B. [ KEMPERMAN, JOHANNES HENRICUS BERNARDUS ] - The Passage Problem for a Stationary Markov Chain
BOOKS023211I: WONG LIN KEN - The Trade of Singapore, 1819-69
BOOKS003324I: CUI YONGQIANG ; & CHEN KEN - Tests : Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion
BOOKS008457I: KENDALL, LEON T.; & FISHMAN, MICHAEL J.; EDITORS: - A Primer on Securitization
BOOKS016319I: KENDALL, LAUREL - Getting Married in Korea: Of Gender, Morality and Modernity
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BOOKS029379I: NGUYÊN KHÁC KHOÁI - An thân bô máu
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BOOKS008676I: VU THÉ KHÔI ; EDITOR : - Vu Tông Phan vói van hóa Thang Long - Hà Nôi
BOOKS024554I: KHOMEINI, RUHOLLAH - The Lamp of Guidance into Vicegerency and Sanctity (Misbah ul-Hidayah ila'l-Khilafah wa'l-Wilayah)
BOOKS013600I: KHOMEINI, RUHOLLAH [ 'AZIMI, MOHAMMAD REZA; & LIMBA, MANSOOR L. ; EDITORS: ] - The Wine of Love : Mystical Poetry of Imam Khomeini
BOOKS003403I: KHOSLA, ROMI - Buddhist Monasteries in the Western Himalaya
BOOKS002579I: KHOURCHID, SAID - La Langue de Yunus Emre : Contribution a l'histoire du turc pre-ottomane Volume I-III
BOOKS013547I: KHOURI, ABRAHAM A. - Copie de l'Affaire de l'Election de l'Archévêché Grec-Orthodoxe du Mont-Liban
BOOKS015011I: KHOURY, ADEL THEODOR; & WIEGELS, MARGOT ; EDITORS: - Weg in die Zukunft : Festschrift für Prof. Dr. Anton Antweiler zu seinem 75. Geburtstag / hrsg. von Adel-Theodor Khoury und Mar
BOOKS009472I: KHOWAITER, ABDUL-AZIZ - Baibars the First: His Endeavours and Achievements
BOOKS013744I: KHRAPUNOV, IGOR N. [ CHRAPUNOW, IGOR NIKOPLAEVIC ] - Mogilnik Druzhnoe : III-IV vv. nashei ery / Cemetery of Droozhnoye : 3rd-4th centuries
BOOKS003139I: KHRISTOV, KH; STOIKOV, G. & MIJATEV, K. - Rilskii Monastir. Istorija - Zodchestvo - Rezba - Stenopis
BOOKS004170I: KHUBCHANDANI, BANSI - Bhaji Vayal Zindgi
BOOKS001072I: KHUBCHANDANI, LACHMAN, M., EDITOR: - Language in a Plural Society
BOOKS001071I: KHUBCHANDANI, LACHMAN M. - Tribal Identity : A Language & Communication Perspective
BOOKS020811I: KHUDAVIRDI TAJ'ABADI, MUHAMMAD - Tarikh-i siyasi va ijtima'i-i Kirman az vurud-i Islam ta payan-i Al Buyah
BOOKS027628I: KHUDAYI, MABUBAH - Mafhum-i rast va chap dar asatir-i Iran
BOOKS020234I: KHUDRI, SAYYID SHIHAB - Farhang giyahan darwi Kurdistan : Kurdi-Farsi
BOOKS016662I: KHUHRO, HAMIDA ; EDITOR : - Sind Through the Centuries : Proceedings of an International Seminar held in Karachi in Spring 1975
BOOKS024509I: KHULQI, MIHRDAD ; & MARASHI, MUHAMMAD HUSAYN - Dastur-i hakkaki / talif-i Mihrdad Khulqi ; [virastar va namayahsaz, Muhammad Husayn Marashi]

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