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BOOKS022087I: HUACO, GEORGE A. - The Sociology of Film Art
BOOKS011222I: HUANG, PHILIP C.C. - Civil Justice in China: Representation and Practice in the Qing
BOOKS010093I: HUANG, MARTIN W. - Literati and Self-Re/Presentation: Autobiographical Sensibility in the Eighteenth-Century Chinese Novel
BOOKS006950I: HUANG, JOE C. - Heroes and Villains in Communist China. The Contemporary Chinese Novel as a Reflection of Life
BOOKS008719I: HUANG, RAY - Broadening the Horizons of Chinese History : Discourses, Syntheses, and Comparisons
BOOKS010529I: HUANG, RUI XIN - Ocean Circulation : Wind-Driven and Thermohaline Processes
BOOKS019744I: HUANG, YAO - Zai zhan dou zhong cheng zhang di Luo Ronghuan / Huang Yao
BOOKS007170I: HUANG, PHILIP C.C. - The Peasant Family and Rural Development in the Yangzi Delta, 1350-1988
BOOKS010731I: HUBALEK, ZDENEK - Cryopreservation of Microorganisms at Ultra-Low Temperatures
BOOKS021356I: HUBAND, MARK - Brutal Truths, Fragile Myths : Power Politics and Western Adventurism in the Arab World
BOOKS017534I: HUBATSCH, WALTHER - Die Ära Tirpitz : Studien zur deutschen Marinepolitik, 1890-1918
BOOKS007480I: HUBAUT, JOËL - Mixage C.K.K. Epidemia
BOOKS015702I: HUBBARD, MICHAEL - Agricultural Exports and Economic Growth : A Study of the Botswana Beef Industry
BOOKS006311I: HUBER, REINER K., EDITOR: - Systems Analysis & Modeling in Defense. Development, Trends, and Issues
BOOKS001196I: HUBER,THOMAS - Studien zur Theorie des Übersetzens im Zeitalter der deutschen Aufklärung, 1730-1770
BOOKS020442I: HUBER, MAKSYMILIAN TYTUS [1872-1950] - Pomiar zemi : Odczyt publiczny wygloszony w Krakowie d. 19. marca 1903 r. / M.T. Huber
BOOKS030886I: HUBERNACHUK, STANISLAV - Ukraïns'ka slovesnist' i vedy
BOOKS031621I: HUBERT, FRÉDÉRIC - Le grand pardon divisé en deux parties : le droit à l' existence : l'amour sacré de la patrie / par le citoyen Frédéric Hubert
BOOKS027231I: HUBERT, ALEX - Theorie der Domänenwände in geordneten Medien
BOOKS016679I: HÜBNER, HANS - Gottes Ich und Israel : Zum Schriftgebrauch des Paulus in Römer 9-11
BOOKS008642I: HUCKER, CHARLES O. - China's Imperial Past: An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture
BOOKS003149I: HUDA, S.M. - The Economic Development of Pakistan : From Self Reliance to Debt Ridden Economy
BOOKS030382I: HUDAYRI, MUHAMMAD HAMID - al-Nadwah al-tarikhiyah al-hammah 'an 'Umar al-Mukhtar wa-al-Intifadah al-Filastiniyah al-basilah
BOOKS002113I: HUDAYRI, MUHAMMAD HAMID - Hamas wa-intifadatuha al-basilah : shir
BOOKS030383I: HUDAYRI, MUHAMMAD HAMID - Umar al-Mukhtar : ra'id harb al-'isabat, qudwat al-jihad, imma al-nasr aw al-istishhad / idad Muhammad Hamid al-Hudayri
BOOKS019645I: HUDDLESTON, RODNEY D. ; PULLUM, GEOFFREY K. ; & BAUER, LAURIE - The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language
BOOKS015601I: HUDIG, FERRAND W. - Delfter Fayence: Ein Handbuch für Sammler und Liebhaber, ...... mit 291 abbildungen im text und vielen markenzeichen.
BOOKS014623I: HUDSON, H. ; KEEFER, T. ; RABKIN, L. ; & THOMPSON, A. ; EDITORS: - When Campus Resists: The Politics of Space, Power, and the Culture of Resistance in the Guelph Occupation Movement
BOOKS008154I: HUDSON, RICHARD A. - Arguments for a Non-transformational Grammar
BOOKS008347I: HUDSON, HUD - Kant's Compatibilism
BOOKS017971I: HUDSON, VALERIE M. - Bare Branches : Security Implications of Asia's Surplus Male Population
BOOKS016599I: HUDSON, BENJAMIN T. - Viking Pirates and Christian Princes: Dynasty, Religion, and Empire in the North Atlantic
BOOKS013260I: HUDSON, MICHAEL C.; EDITOR: - Middle East Dilemma: The Politics and Economics of Arab Integration
BOOKS011655I: HUET, MARIE-HELENE - Rehearsing the Revolution: The Staging of Marat's Death 1793-1797
BOOKS008615I: HUEY, ROBERT N. - Kyogoku Tamekane: Poetry and Politics in Late Kamakura Japan
BOOKS003099I: HUFBAUER, KARL - The Formation of the German Chemical Community (1720-1795)
BOOKS016172I: HUFBAUER, KARL - The Formation of the German Chemical Community, 1720-95
BOOKS005159I: HUFF, TOBY E. - The Rise of Early Modern Science: Islam, China and the West
BOOKS007880I: HUFFMAN, JAMES L.; EDITOR: - Modern Japan: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Nationalism
BOOKS012610I: HUFFMAN, JAMES L. - Creating a Public : People and Press in Meiji Japan
BOOKS028279I: HUG, HEINZ ; & GRAU, HEIDI ; COMPILERS : - Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921) : Bibliographie
BOOKS017084I: HUGE, ELIJAH ; TUERK, STEPHANIE ; & LOVE, TIMOTHY ; EDITORS: [ YALE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE] - Perspecta, The Yale Architectural Journal, No. 35 : Building Codes
BOOKS013197I: HÜGEL, FRIEDRICH, FREIHERR VON [1852-1925] - The Mystical Element of Religion as Studied in Saint Catherine of Genoa and her Friends, by Baron Friedrich von Hügel.
BOOKS003562I: HUGENHOLZ, N.M. - The Quantum Theory of Large Systems & its Application to the Structure of Nuclear Matter
BOOKS010770I: HUGENTOBLER, JAKOB - Die familie Bonaparte auf Arenenberg
BOOKS026510I: HUGGER, PAUL - Meister Tod : zur Kulturgeschichte des Sterbens in der Schweiz und in Liechtenstein
BOOKS014672I: HUGGERT, ANDERS ; EDITOR: - Studier i norrländsk forntid [Vol. I & II]
BOOKS015474I: HUGGINS, HAL A. - It's All in Your Head : Diseases Caused by Silver- Mercury Fillings
BOOKS026033I: HUGGLER, AUGUST [1877- 1944] - Brotversorgung, Getreidemonopol und Arbeiterschaft : Herausgegeben vom Aktionskomitee der Schweizerischen Arbeiterschaft
BOOKS014089I: HUGHES, JOHN [ LAKSHMAN JOO, SWAMI (1907-1991) ] - Self Realization in Kashmir Shaivism: The Oral Teachings of Swami Lakshmanjoo
BOOKS028482I: HUGHES, JOHN CALEB - De Lagardes Ausgabe der arabischen Übersetzung des Pentateuchs (Cod. Leiden arab. 377) / Nachgeprüft von J. Caleb. Hughes
BOOKS009661I: HUGHES, H. STUART - Sophisticated Rebels: The Political Culture of European Dissent, 1968-1987
BOOKS015310I: HUGHES, KENNETH JAMES - Signs of Literature: Language, Ideology and the Literary Text
BOOKS014972I: HUGHES, HENRY [D. 1862] - Treatise on Sociology, Theoretical and Practical.
BOOKS004014I: HUGHES, J.R.T. - Fluctuations in Trade, Industry & Finance. A Study of British Economic Development 1850 - 1860
BOOKS012979I: HUGHES, OWEN E. - Public Management and Administration: An Introduction
BOOKS024945I: HUGHES, KATHLEEN - Early Christian Ireland : Introduction to the Sources
BOOKS020090I: HUGHES, HOWARD C. - Sensory Exotica : A World Beyond Human Experience
BOOKS005095I: HUGO, GRAEME J.; HULL, TERENCE H.; HULL, VALERIE J.; & JONES, GAVIN W. - The Demographic Dimension in Indonesian Development
BOOKS016498I: HUHN, TOM ; EDITOR: - The Cambridge Companion to Adorno
BOOKS006060I: HUHTALA, LIISI - Kuu torpparin aurinko. Torppari-aihe suomalaisessa kaunokirjallisuudessa 1809 - 1918
BOOKS018740I: HUI, VICTORIA TIN-BOR - War and State Formation in Ancient China and Early Modern Europe
BOOKS031146I: HUIJBEN, JACQUES [1894-1948] ; & DEBONGULE, PIERRE - L'auteur on les auteurs de l'Imitation
BOOKS026709I: COMPANHIA INDUSTRIAL E AGRICOLA DA HUILA - Relatorio da Direcão Parecer do Conseilho Fiscal.,.,. Primeiro Exercicio 4 de Novembro de 1920 a 30 de Dezembro de 1921
BOOKS025378I: HUILLARD-BRÉHOLLES, JEAN-LOUIS ALPHONSE (1817-1871) ; EDITOR : - Chronicon Placentinum et chronicon de rebus in Italia gestis historiae stirpis imperatoriae Suevorum illustrandae aptissime,.,.
BOOKS003672I: HUIZING, HERMAN GERARDUS JACOBUS - Geomorfologische Problemen in het Zuid-Oosten van Belgie (Omgeving van Florenville). Een Beschouwing op Grond ...
BOOKS008543I: HUJJATI, NARIMAN [ HODJATY, NARIMAN ] [ HOJJATI ] - Bunyanha-yi nazari-i musiqi-i Iran
BOOKS031435I: GHING HUKDI - Lokgru dham Keng V"ânsâk
BOOKS020854I: HULANICKI, CZESLAW [1867-1932] - Przywodcy Proletarjatu w swietle wyrokow sadowych
BOOKS005861I: HULBERT, ARCHER BUTLER [1873-1933] - Portage Paths : The Keys of the Continent
BOOKS021920I: HULBERT, ARCHER BUTLER [1873-1933] - The Old Glade (Forbes’s) Road (Pennsylvania State Road)
BOOKS025251I: HULCOVA, MARIE - Krajky z nite zivota Marie Sedlackove-Serbouskove
BOOKS006424I: HULKA, BARBARA S.; WILCOSKY, TIMOTHY C. & GRIFFITH, JACK D. - Biological Markers in Epidemiology
BOOKS010885I: HULL, ISABEL V. - Sexuality, State, and Civil Society in Germany, 1700-1815
BOOKS009544I: HULSE, JAMES W. - The Forming of the Communist International
BOOKS017339I: HÜLSEMANN, KURT - Die niederdeutschen Sprichwörter in den Werken von Nicolaus Gryse
BOOKS024118I: HULSHOFF, A. L. ; & ADERS, GÜNTER - Die Geschichte der Grafen und Herren von Limburg und Limburg-Styrum und ihrer Besitzungen, 1200-1550 : Teil II, Band 1 & 2
BOOKS012129I: HULSTROM, ROLAND L.; EDITOR: - Solar Resources
BOOKS014310I: HULTÉN, PONTUS ; EDITOR : - Futurismo & futurismi
BOOKS011342I: HULTGARD, ANDERS [HULTGAARD, ANDERS, (1936- ) ] - Croyances messianiques des Test. XII Patr.: Critique textuelle et commentaire des passages messianiques
BOOKS027474I: HULTH, J. M. (JOHAN MARKUS) [1865-1928] ; COMPILER : - Bibliographia Linnaeana : matériaux pour servir à une bibliographie linnéenne : Partie I--livraison I
BOOKS009099I: HULTKRANTZ, ÅKE - General Ethnological Concepts
BOOKS013926I: HULTKRANTZ, AKE - Soul and Native Americans
BOOKS014146I: HULTKRANTZ, AKE - The Religions of the American Indians
BOOKS004199I: HULTKRANTZ, AKE - Les Religions des Indiens primitifs de l'Amerique: Essai d'une synthese typologique et historique
BOOKS023592I: HUMAYDI, 'ABD AL-HAKIM YASIN MUQBIL - Judhur al-quwah wa-al-mintaqah al-mahzurah : hal tuminu bi-al-dular?
BOOKS011691I: HUMBERT-DROZ, JULES [1891- 1971] - De Lénine à Staline : Dix ans au service de l'Internationale communiste, 1921-1931
BOOKS000871I: HUMBLA, PHILIBERT - Kilian Zoll 1818-1869
BOOKS019383I: HUME, EDWARD HICKS [1876-1957] - Doctors East, Doctors West : An American Physician's Life in China
BOOKS005963I: HUME, MARTIN A.S. - The Great Lord Burghley. A Study in Elizabethan Statecraft
BOOKS010582I: HUMLUM, JOHANNES - Pirzada : Rejser i Indien og Afghanistan
BOOKS028747I: HUMLUM, JOHANNES - Pirzada : Rejser i Indien og Afghanistan
BOOKS026868I: HUMLUM, JOHANNES [1911-1990] - Water Development and Water Planning in the Southwestern United States
BOOKS026839I: HUMMEL, SIEGBERT - Die meroitische Sprache und das protoaltaische Sprachsubstrat als Medium zu ihrer Deutung: Mit Aquivalenten von grammatischen.,.
BOOKS014640I: HUMMEL, SIEGBERT - Die lamaistische Kunst in der Umwelt von Tibet
BOOKS021481I: HUMMEL, SIEGBERT - Eurasian Mythology in the Tibetan Epic of Ge-sar
BOOKS017946I: HUMMELEN, WILLEM MARINUS HENDRIK - De Sinnekens in het Rederijkersdrama
BOOKS012289I: HUMMON, DAVID M. - Commonplaces : Community Ideology and Identity in American Culture
BOOKS002556I: HUMO, HAMZA - Pod Zhrvnjem Vremena : Pripovetke
BOOKS014240I: HUMPHREY, EDITH MCEWAN - The Ladies and the Cities: Transformation and Apocalyptic Identity in Joseph and Aseneth, 4 Ezra, the Apocalypse...,.
BOOKS013939I: HUMPHREYS, GLYN W. ; EDITOR: - Understanding Vision: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
BOOKS011682I: HUMPHREYS, LEONARD A. - The Way of the Heavenly Sword: The Japanese Army in the 1920's
BOOKS012768I: HUMPHREYS, ROY - Hawkinge, 1912-1961 : An In Depth History of the Former Royal Air Force Station Hawkinge
BOOKS016542I: HUMPHREYS, JAMES E. - Reflection Groups and Coxeter Groups
BOOKS015216I: HUMPHREYS, STEPHEN ; EDITOR: - Human Rights and Climate Change
BOOKS004437I: HUMPHRIES, JEFFERSON - Metamorphoses of the Raven: Literary Overdeterminedness in France and the South Since Poe
BOOKS026964I: HUNDERTMARK, EDELTRAUT - Stadtgeographie von Braunschweig
BOOKS008706I: HUNDSNURSCHER, FRANZ ; & KRAUS, DAGMAR ; EDITORS : - Investiturprotokolle Der Diozese Konstanz Aus Dem 16. Jahrhundert : Teil I - II - III
BOOKS025414I: HUNDT, HANS-JÜRGEN - Versuch zur Deutung der Depotfunde der nordischen jüngeren Bronzezeit unter besonderer Berücksichtigung Mecklenburgs
BOOKS007268I: WU HUNG - The Wu Liang Shrine : The Ideology of Early Chinese Pictorial Art
BOOKS030510I: HOÀNG VAN MA ; & VU BÁ HÙNG - Tiêng Pu Peo
BOOKS028420I: HUNGARY, KÚRIA [ ÍTÉLOTÁBLÁK ] - Planum tabulare, sive decisiones curiales, per excelsam deputationem ..,. collectae et in ordinem redactae anno 1769 ..,.
BOOKS002428I: HUNGARY, STATE PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE - Laszlo Rajk and his Accomplices before the People's Court
BOOKS001939I: HUNGARY. COURTS. MEGYEI BIRÓSÁG, BUDAPEST. - Strafprozess Tito-faschistischer Menschenräuber, Budapest, 15-17 November 1952
BOOKS002813I: HUNGARY - Jozsef Mindszenty devant le Tribunal du Peuple
BOOKS028476I: HUNGER, JOHANNES - Becherwahrsagung bei den Babyloniern nach zwei Keilschrifttexten aus der Hammurabi-zeit
BOOKS017001I: HUNGERLAND, ISABEL PAYSON CREED [1907- 19??] - Poetic Discourse
BOOKS007924I: HUNKE, HEINRICH - Landschaft und Siedlung im Lippischen Lander
BOOKS015044I: HUNT, GARRY E. ; & MOORE, PATRICK - Atlas of Uranus
BOOKS001395I: HUNT, ROLAND ; & HARRISON, JOHN - The District Officer in India 1930 - 1947
BOOKS003021I: HUNT, JAMES D. - Gandhi in London
BOOKS005228I: HUNTER, WILLIAM WILSON - The India of the Queen and other Essays
BOOKS010843I: HUNTER, F. ROBERT - Egypt Under the Khedives 1805-1879 : From Household Government to Moderrn Bureaucracy
BOOKS002576I: HUNTER, MONICA - Reaction to Conquest : Effects of Contact with Europeans on the Pondo of South Africa
BOOKS016260I: HUNTER, C. BRUCE. - A Guide to Ancient Mexican Ruins
BOOKS021894I: HUNTER, ERNEST - Aboriginal Health and History : Power and Prejudice in Remote Australia
BOOKS027174I: HUNTER, EDWARD [1902-1978] - The Past Present : A Year in Afghanistan
BOOKS006984I: HUNTINGTON, HENRY P. - Wildlife Management and Subsistence Hunting in Alaska
BOOKS022655I: HUPPERT, GEORGE - The Idea of Perfect History : Historical Erudition and Historical Philosophy in Renaissance France
BOOKS027938I: HÜPPOP, OMMO - Der Einfluss von Wachstum, Thermoregulation und Verhalten auf den Energiehaushalt der Silbermöwe (Larus argentatus Pontoppidan
BOOKS020955I: HURD, RICHARD [1720-1808] [ TROWBRIDGE, HOYT ; EDITOR: ] - Letters on Chivalry and Romance (1762)
BOOKS011757I: HURKA, THOMAS - Virtue, Vice, and Value
BOOKS022387I: HURMUZI, ARSHAD [ AL-HIRMIZI, ERSHAD ] - The Turkmen and Iraqi Homeland
BOOKS022941I: HURMUZI, ARSHAD [ HÜRMÜZLÜ, ERSAT ] - The Turkmen Reality in Iraq
BOOKS009362I: HURNARD, NAOMI D. - The King's Pardon for Homicide Before A.D. 1307
BOOKS022635I: HURST, ALAN - Hardy : An Illustrated Dictionary
BOOKS007077I: HURST, STEVEN - The Foreign Policy of the Bush Administration. In Search of a New World Order
BOOKS022108I: HURST, RICHARD MAURICE - Republic Studios : Between Poverty Row and the Majors
BOOKS011593I: HURT, JAMES - Catiline's Dream: An Essay on Ibsen's Plays
BOOKS031641I: HURTER, FRIEDRICH EMANUEL: - Die aargauischen Klöster und ihre Ankläger: eine Denkschrift an alle Eidgenossen.,.[together with 11 other documents & extracts]
BOOKS015212I: HURWITZ, SIEGMUND - Lilith, the First Eve : Historical and Psychological Aspects of the Dark Feminine
BOOKS010713I: HUSAIN, ZAHID - Rationale of Partition
BOOKS010702I: HUSAIN, ZAHID - Demography and Partition of India
BOOKS007009I: HUSAIN, YUSUF - Glimpses of Medieval Indian Culture
BOOKS017354I: HUSAIN, A. B. M. - The Manara in Indo-Muslim Architecture
BOOKS000619I: HUSAIN, YUSUF - Two Studies in Early Mughal History
BOOKS011397I: HUSAIN, S.A. - The Last Prophet
BOOKS000986I: HUSAIN, YUSUF - Indo-Muslim Polity (Turko-Afghan Period)
BOOKS000101I: HUSAIN, YUSUF - The First Nizam. The Life & Times of Nizamu'l - Mulk Asaf Jah I
BOOKS011559I: HUSAINI, SAYYID MUHAMMAD ALI - Javamiul kalm par zaruri naqd-o-tabsarah
BOOKS005273I: HUSAYN QULI, MIRZA [D. 1925 OR 1926, CE] ; HAN SAHNAZI, 'ALI AKBAR ; PIRNIYAKAN, DARYUS - Radif-i Mirza Husaynquli bih rivayat-i 'Ali Akbar Shahnazi / niwista-i Daryus Pirniyakan
BOOKS024974I: HUSAYN 'ALI, HASAN - Guzari bar tarikh-i Zanjan
BOOKS025138I: HUSAYNI ABARI, HASAN - Isfahan, raha'vard-i Zayandahrud / navi-sandah, Hasan Husayni Abari ; virastar, Rizvan Pur'assar
BOOKS008767I: HUSAYNI SAVANIH NIGAR TAFRISHI, ABU AL-MAFAKHIR IBN FAZL ALLAH [ACTIVE 17TH CENTURY CE] - Munsha'at-i Tafrishi : majmu'ah-i az namah'ha-yi akhvani wa divani az dawran-i Safaviyah ..,.
BOOKS020899I: HUSAYNI ASHKIVARI, SADIQ - Buland akhtaran-i shahr-i Khafr: barrasi-i sangnivishtahha-yi Mazar-i Imamzadah Sayyid Majd al-Din Husayn ..,.
BOOKS014275I: HUSAYNI AL-ISHKAVARI, SADIQ ; EDITOR: - Asnad-i Qajari dar Majma-i Zakha'ir-i Islami, Qum, Iran
BOOKS017463I: HUSAYNI, 'ALI RIZA SHAH ; & RANJBAR, 'INAYAT ALLAH - Il'hava 'ashayir-i ustan-i Simnan
BOOKS020562I: HUSAYNI, 'ALI RIZA SHAH - Ashayir-i il-i Sangsari (Mahdishahr) : az karanahha-yi Kavir ta bulanda-yi Alburz
BOOKS025077I: HUSAYNIYAN, RUH ALLAH ; ET AL. - Bar'rasi-i naqsh-i matbu'at dar bastar'sazi-i Kudita-yi 28 Murdad : majmu'ah-i sukhanrani'ha va vizhah'namahi bih munasabat-i..,
BOOKS013935I: HUSBANDS, PHIL ; & HARVEY, INMAN ; EDITORS: - Fourth European Conference on Artificial Life
BOOKS022732I: HUSEMANN, FRIEDRICH ; & WOLFF, OTTO - A imagem do homem como base da arte medica : esboco de uma medicina orientada pela ciencia espiritual, patologia e terapeutica
BOOKS004000I: HUSEN, TORSTEN - Studier rorande de Eidetiska Fenomenon
BOOKS020283I: HÜSING, GEORG [1869-1930] - Völkerschichten in Iran
BOOKS008106I: HUSKEY, EUGENE - Russian Lawyers and the Soviet State: The Origins and Development of the Soviet Bar, 1917-1939
BOOKS022040I: HUSMANN, GABRIELA - Getrennt vereint-vereint getrennt : Sexualität und Symbiose in lesbischen Beziehungen
BOOKS000739I: HUSS, JOHANN - Mag. Joannis Hus "Expositio Decalogi" nach neuentdeckten Handschriften zur erstenmal herausgegeben von Wenzel Flajhans
BOOKS002255I: HUSSAIN, CH. MUHAMMAD - Development Planning in an Islamic State
BOOKS022601I: HUSSAIN, ABUL ; & DEKA, SURENDRA NATH - Huchari : Mukali bihu, bihu nasor niamawali
BOOKS009871I: HUSSEIN, SADDAM [1937-2006] - La revolution et les jeunes
BOOKS014418I: HUSSEIN, ABDIRAHMAN A. - Edward Said : Criticism and Society
BOOKS010010I: HUSSEIN, SADDAM [1937 - ] - Une tranchée commune ou deux tranchées opposées?
BOOKS031165I: HUSSEIN, ASIFF - Caste in Sri Lanka : From Ancient Times to the Present Day
BOOKS031174I: HUSSEIN, ASIFF - Sarandib : An Ethnological Study of the Muslims of Sri Lanka
BOOKS010648I: HUSSEY, JOAN; COMPILER: - The Finley Papers: A Catalogue
BOOKS030631I: HUSTIN, ARTHUR - Le Luxembourg : son histoire domaniale, architecturale, décorative et anecdotique [Volume 2] : 1611-1911
BOOKS009572I: HUSTON, JAMES A. - Outposts and Allies: U.S. Army Logistics in the Cold War, 1945-1953
BOOKS023937I: HUTCHENS, ALMA R. ; TRETCHIKOFF, N.G. ; & TRETCHIKOFF, NATALIE K. - Indian Herbalogy of North America : A Study of Anglo-American, Russian and Oriental Literature on Indian Medical Botanics ..,.
BOOKS014130I: HUTCHENS, ALMA R. - Indian Herbalogy of North America
BOOKS005233I: HUTCHINS, W.J. - The Generation of Syntactic Structures from a Semantic Base
BOOKS028494I: HUTCHINS, FRANCIS G. - The Illusion of Permanence : British Imperialism in India
BOOKS014602I: HUTCHINSON, CECIL ALAN - Frontier Settlement in Mexican California: The Híjar-Padrés Colony and Its Origins, 1769-1835
BOOKS019319I: HUTCHINSON, J. (JOHN) [1884-1972] - The Families of Flowering Plants - Second Edition : Volumes I & II
BOOKS007998I: HUTCHINSON, JOHN F. - Politics and Public Health in Revolutionary Russia 1890 - 1918
BOOKS006069I: HUTCHINSON, PETER - Stefan Heym. The Perpetual Dissident
BOOKS012635I: HUTCHINSON, BRIAN [1953- ] - G.E. Moore's Ethical Theory : Resistance and Reconciliation
BOOKS011924I: HUTERS, THEODORE; EDITOR: - Reading the Modern Chinese Short Story
BOOKS011260I: HUTH, MICHAEL R.A. - Secure Communicating Systems: Design, Analysis, and Implementation
BOOKS027269I: HUTIRAY, GYULA ; & SÓLYOM, JENÖ ; EDITORS : - Charge Density Waves in Solids : Proceedings of the International Conference Held in Budapest, Hungary, September 3-7, 1984
BOOKS031593I: HÜTTER, RUDOLF - Die Steuerreform von 1934 und die landwirtschaftlichen Genossenschaften
BOOKS015488I: HUTTON, J.H. - Caste in India. Its Nature, Function, and Origins
BOOKS004830I: HUTTON, WILLIAM HOLDEN - Philip Augustus
BOOKS007243I: HUTTON, J. H. (JOHN HENRY) [1885-1968] - Chang Language : Grammar and Vocabulary of the Language of the Chang Naga Tribe
BOOKS008359I: HUTTUNEN, PERTTI; OLSSON, INGRID U.; TOLONEN, KIMMO; & TOLONEN, MIRJAMI - Palaeo-Ecological Investigations in Northern Sweden [Early Norrland 1]
BOOKS000476I: HUXLEY, P.A. ; EDITOR : - Plant Research and Agroforestry
BOOKS018969I: HUYLER, STEPHEN P. - Meeting God : Elements of Hindu Devotion
BOOKS012087I: HUYNH, KIM KHANH - Vietnamese Communism, 1925-1945
BOOKS006174I: HVAS, F. - Samling af Meddelelser om Personer og Familier af Navnet Hvas. Første Del
BOOKS025524I: HVASS, F. - Samling af Meddelelser om Personer og Familier af Navnet Hvas : Første Del : Erik Christian Grave Hvas og hans Descendenter
BOOKS007234I: HVID, NIELS, EDITOR: - Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Physical Medicine Kobenhavn 1956
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BOOKS001988I: JACOBSEN, ERIC - Translation: A Traditional Craft. An Introductory Sketch with a Study of Marlowe's Elegies
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BOOKS003156I: JAFFAR, S.M. - Islamic Culture (Islamic Way of Life). Its Ideological Basis (Quran & Sunnah). Lecture delivered at the Center for the Study ...
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BOOKS001464I: JALBANI, G.N. [ JALBANI, GHULAM HUSAIN ] - Life of Shah Waliyullah
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BOOKS018793I: JANAKI, VENGALIL A. - Some Aspects of the Political Geography of India
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BOOKS010370I: JANAKI, S.S. - Gadyakarnamrta of Sakala-Vidyacakravarttin : Text and Study
BOOKS006137I: JANAKI, S.S., EDITOR: - Siva Temple and Temple Rituals
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BOOKS021897I: JANAKI, SATYAMANGALAM SUBRAMANIAM ; EDITOR: [ KUPPUSWAMI SASTRI, S. (1880-1943)] - Mm. Professor Kuppuswami Sastri Birth Centenary Commemoration Volume : Part I: Collection of Sastri's Writings and a Kavya ..,.
BOOKS010786I: JANAN, MICAELA WAKIL - The Politics of Desire: Propertius IV
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BOOKS016942I: JANCKE, RUDOLF - Ursprung und Arten des realen Seins; das Sein der Zeit, der Sittlichkeit, der Kunst, der Freiheit, der Geschichte
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BOOKS006186I: JANES, CRAIG R. - Migration, Social Change, and Health. A Samoan Community in Urban California
BOOKS000223I: JANGAIAH, BOYA - Rangalu
BOOKS008710I: JANICAUD, DOMINIQUE - The Shadow of That Thought: Heidegger and the Question of Politics
BOOKS027304I: JÄNICH, KLAUS - Differenzierbare G-Mannigfaltigkeiten
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BOOKS000723I: JANIK, DIETER - Geschichte der Ode und der "Stances" von Ronsard bis Boileau
BOOKS000493I: JANJUA, NAZEER AHMAD ; NASIR, M. MAQSOOD ; & CHAUDHRY, GHULAM ULLAH - The Codling Moth "Cydia pomonella" (Linn.) in Baluchistan
BOOKS031379I: JANKÓ, JÁNOS [1868-1902] [ SEMAYER, VILIBÁLD (1868-1928) ; EDITOR & TRANSLATOR : ] - Ethnographie der Umwohner des Balatongestades
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BOOKS006183I: JANKOWSKY, KURT R. - Die Versauffassung bei Gerard Manley Hopkins, den Imagisten und T.S. Eliot...
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BOOKS008460I: JANOS, ANDREW C. - Politics and Paradigms: Changing Theories of Change in Social Science
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BOOKS010457I: JANSSEN, MARIAN - The Kenyon Review 1939-1970: A Critical History
BOOKS025863I: JANSSEN, BORGE [1867-1933] - Kritiker over Kongens Grenader... [author's pocket notebook of ca. 90pp newspaper reviews of his work, ca 1916-1919].
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BOOKS004981I: JARINTZOV, N. - The Russians and their Language. With an Introduction discussing the Problems of Pronunciation and Transliteration.
BOOKS028382I: JARISCH, ADOLF [1850-1902] - Über die Coincidenz von Erkrankungen der Haut und der grauen Achse des Rückenmarkes
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BOOKS004927I: JARITZ, GERHARD ; EDITOR: - Mensch und Objekt im Mittelalter und in der frühen Neuzeit : Leben, Alltag, Kultur : Internationaler Kongress, Krems
BOOKS022917I: JARITZ, GERHARD ; EDITOR: - The Sign Languages of Poverty : International Round table-Discussion, Krems an der Donau, October 10 and 11, 2005
BOOKS011949I: JARRETT, MICHAEL - Drifting on a Read: Jazz as a Model for Writing
BOOKS013049I: JÄRVI, TOIVO HENRIK [1877 -19??] - Die Bestände der kleinen Maränen (Coregonus albula L.) und ihre Schwankungen, I & II
BOOKS012361I: JARVIE, JAMES NICOL - Lallans : A Selection of Scots Words Arranged as an English-Scottish Dictionary
BOOKS012468I: JARVIE, I. C. - The Revolution in Anthropology
BOOKS021958I: JARVIE, I. C. (IAN CHARLES) - Movies as Social Criticism : Aspects of their Social Psychology
BOOKS022109I: JARVIE, I. C. (IAN CHARLES) - Towards a Sociology of the Cinema : A Comparative Essay on the Structure and Functioning of a Major Entertainment Industry
BOOKS028225I: JÄRVINEN, ERKKI - Vi vil ikke underkues
BOOKS021634I: JASAVALA, BI AR [ JASWAL, B.R.] - Himacala Pradesa ke paramparika paridhana evam abhushana [ Himachal Pradesh ke paramparik paridhan avam aabhushan
BOOKS021666I: JASAVALA, BI ARA [ JASWAL, B.R. ] - Himacala Pradesa ke samskara gita
BOOKS010260I: JASCHEK, MERCEDES & KEENAN, PHILIP C.; EDITORS: - Cool Stars with Excesses of Heavy Elements: Proceedings of the Strasbourg Observatory Colloquium...July 3-6, 1984
BOOKS003321I: JASH, PRANABANANDA - Some Aspects of Jainism in Eastern India
BOOKS000596I: JASPAN, M.A. - Folk Literature of South Sumatra: Redjang Ka-Ga-Nga Texts
BOOKS030052I: JASPARS, JAN (JOHANNES OGIER MARIA) - Calculi for Constructive Communication : A Study of the Dynamics of Partial States
BOOKS017024I: JASPERS, RUTH - Heinrich von Stephan, der Schöpfer der Welteinheit im zwischenstaatlichen Postverkehr
BOOKS007143I: JASSAT, ABDUL - HAMID - Muslim Youth : Followers or Leaders
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BOOKS007623I: JAUME, ADELA - Genesis (Versos, 1937 - 1941)
BOOKS011000I: JAUNIAUX, ERIC; BARNEA, EYTAN R,. & EDWARDS, R.G.; EDITORS: - Embryonic Medicine and Therapy
BOOKS006185I: JAUSS, H.R.; EDITOR: - Nachahmung und Illusion. Kolloquium Giessen Juni 1963: Vorlagen und Verhandlungen
BOOKS005071I: JAVADI, HASAN - Satire in Persian Literature
BOOKS031141I: JAVADI AMULI, 'ABD ALLAH - A Commentary on Theistic Arguments / Ayatullah Jawadi Amuli
BOOKS029473I: JAVAXISVILI, GIORGI - Adreuli sua saukuneebis k'art'uli mc'ire k'andakeba : (reliep'uri k'andakeba stelebze. V saukunis bolo VIII saukunis dasacqisi)
BOOKS025123I: JAVID, HUSHANG - Musiqi-i Ramzan dar Iran / bih kushish-i Hushang Javid
BOOKS025129I: JAVID, HUSHANG ; & JURJANI, MUSÁ - Avaha-yi ruh'navaz: majmu'ah-i lalayi'ha-yi Irani / tahqiq va nigarish-i Hushang Javid, ba yari-i Musá Jurjani
BOOKS003105I: JAWAD, HADI MUHAMMAD - Dhuw al-ru'us al-sud : buhuth khilafiyah
BOOKS004181I: JAWAD, HAIFAA A., EDITOR: - The Middle East in the New World Order
BOOKS017273I: JAWADI, ALLAMALI SAYYED ZEESHAN HAIDER - A Brief Life Sketch of Imam Hasan (a.s.)
BOOKS013232I: JAWADI, ZEESHAN HAIDER - Exegesis & Imitation (Ijtehad-o-Taqleed) (Closing the Doors on the So called Seditious Self-reporting)
BOOKS000745I: JAWORSKA-CYGORIJNI, KRYSTYNA - Produkcja cynku z rud galmanowych w XIX wieku na ziemiach polskich
BOOKS008200I: JAY, NANCY - Throughout Your Generations Forever: Sacrifice, Religion, and Paternity
BOOKS015908I: JAY, GREGORY S. ; & MILLER, DAVID L., EDITORS: - After Strange Texts: Role of Theory in the Study of Literature
BOOKS005073I: JAYADEVA [12TH CENTURY A.D.] [ PANDA, BHAGABANA ; EDITOR: ] - Srigitagovindamahakavyam / Jayadevaviracitam ; Sarvangasundari-Srutiranjanitikadvayopetam ; sampadakah Bhagava
BOOKS027162I: JAYAKRISHNAN, VINITHA - Narayaneeyam - Vyakaranavum Prayogacaturiyum
BOOKS001604I: JAYAPAL, S. - Yadava Dialect of Tamil
BOOKS019074I: JAYARAM, B. N. ; EDITOR: - Basemetal Mineralisation in the Aladahalli Schist Belt, Karnataka : Multidisciplinary Integrated Studies ..,.
BOOKS001230I: JAYARAMAN, R. - Caste Continuities in Ceylon : A Study of the Social Structure of Three Tea Plantations
BOOKS008931I: JAYASHANKER, S. - Temples of Kasaragod District [Kerala]
BOOKS007336I: JAYASIMHA [B. 1953] - Haridasa kulatilaka Sri Gurugovinda Vithaladasaru. kri sa 1894-1983
BOOKS031314I: JAYASURIYA, EDMUND ; TRANSLATOR : - Hamsa sandesa : Translated into English
BOOKS031284I: JAYASURIYA, HERBIE - A Policeman Remembers : Memoirs of Herbie Jayasuriya (Retired Senior Superintendent of Police)
BOOKS026894I: JAYAVANTASURI [17TH CENTURY CE] [ SETHA, KANUBHAI V. ; EDITOR: ] - Srngaramanjari (Silavaticarita rasa) / Jayavantasurikrta ; sampadaka Kanubhai Vra. Setha
BOOKS026900I: JAYAVANTASURI [ACTIVE 17TH CENTURY CE] [ DALALA, NIPUNA A. ; EDITOR: ] - Rshidatta rasa / Jayavantasuri racita ; sampadaka Nipuna A. Dalala
BOOKS024728I: JAYAWARDENA, KUMARI - Feminism and Nationalism in the Third World
BOOKS027817I: JAYAWEERA, NEVILLE - The Vavuniya Diaries : Recollecting the First JVP Uprising 5th April 1971 - 19th August 1971
BOOKS021431I: JAYKO, MARGARET ; EDITOR: - FBI on Trial : The Victory in the Socialist Workers Party Suit against Government Spying
BOOKS004706I: JAYNE, SEARS REYNOLDS [ FICINO, MARSILIO ] - Marsilio Ficino's Commentary on Plato's Symposium : The Text and a Translation, with an Introduction, by Sears Reynolds Jayne
BOOKS017473I: JAZANI, BIZHAN [1937-1975] - Iran : The Socio-Economic Analysis of a Dependent Capitalist State
BOOKS025808I: JAZDZEWSKI, KONRAD - Atlas to the Prehistory of the Slavs : Parts I-II [Maps & Text]
BOOKS028807I: JAZULI, MUHAMMAD IBN SULAYMAN [D. 1465 CE] - Dalail al-khayrat wa shawariq al-anwar fi dhikr ..,., / les voies d'acces aux bienfaits et les jaillissements des lumieres ..,.
BOOKS025338I: JAZZAR, 'ABD AL-MU'IZZ 'ABD AL-HAMID - Ma'a al-hajij fi rihlat al-shawq wa-al-hanin
BOOKS025488I: JEAN-DESTHIEUX, F. (FRANCOIS) [1893-19??] - Scandales et crimes sociaux : assistance publique, prostitution, démence, etc.
BOOKS002591I: JEANNERET, O., EDITOR: - Alcohol & Youth
BOOKS021230I: JEANS, JAMES HOPWOOD [ WALDMEIER, MAX (1912-2000) ] - Astronomy and Cosmogony
BOOKS017869I: JEAPES, TONY, COLONEL - SAS : Operation Oman
BOOKS000939I: JEDIDI, MOHAMED - Jebeniana et sa région (Tunisie) : étude géographique
BOOKS014326I: JEFFERSON, REBECCA J. W. ; HUNTER, ERICA C. D. ; & KHAN, GEOFFREY ; COMPILERS: - Published Material from the Cambridge Genizah Collection: A Bibliography 1980-1997
BOOKS008977I: JEFFREY, RICHARD - Probability and the Art of Judgment
BOOKS011514I: JEFFRIES, RICHARD - Class, Power and Ideology in Ghana : The Railwaymen of Sekondi
BOOKS003606I: JEHLEN, MYRA; & WARNER, MICHAEL; EDITORS: - The English Literatures of America, 1500-1800
BOOKS006290I: JELAVICH, BARBARA - Russia & the Formation of the Romanian National State 1821 - 1878
BOOKS017316I: JELAVICH, BARBARA - History of the Balkans. Volume 2: The Twentieth Century
BOOKS018592I: JELGERHUIS-SWILDENS, H. - Les moyens modernes de la diffusion de la pensée dans les colonies
BOOKS007124I: JELIC, ILIJA M. - Zastita otpustenih osudenika i maloletnika : kao socijalna potreba i nacin njena izvodenja : istorisko-pravna i kriminalno..,.
BOOKS007399I: JELLICOE, SIDNEY - The Septuagint and Modern Study
BOOKS001066I: JELLICOE, MARGUERITE - The Long Path : A Case Study of Social Change in Wahi, Singida District, Tanzania
BOOKS028346I: JELLINEK, MAX HERMANN [1868-1938] - Über Aussprache des lateinischen und deutsche Buchstabennamen
BOOKS019555I: JELLINEK, ADOLPH [1821-1893] - Einleitung in die Thora : Fünf Reden [bound together with: "Das Gesetz Gottes ausser der Thora : Fünf Reden ..,.
BOOKS004579I: JEMNITZ, J. - The Danger of War and the Second International (1911)
BOOKS010539I: JENA, SURESA CANDRA [JENA, SURESH CHANDRA] ; EDITOR: - Odia boli / sampadana Suresa Candra Jena [Volumes I & II]
BOOKS000802I: JENA, K.C. - History of Modern Orissa
BOOKS001216I: JENICEK, LADISLAV & KRULIS, IVO - British Inventions of the Industrial Revolution in the Iron and Steel Industry on Czechoslovak Territory
BOOKS010519I: JENKINS, JOHN R.G. - Jura Separatism in Switzerland
BOOKS007395I: JENKINS, DAVID - The Scope and Limits of John Macquarrie's Existential Theology
BOOKS018908I: JENKINS, ROMILLY JAMES HEALD - Byzantium : The Imperial Centuries, AD 610 -1071
BOOKS028681I: JENKINS, GARETH - Context and Circumstance : The Turkish Military and Politics
BOOKS017277I: JENKINS, PHILIP - Dream Catchers : How Mainstream America Discovered Native Spirituality
BOOKS004564I: JENKINS, D.T.; EDITOR: - The Textile Industries [The Industrial Revolutions, Volume 8]
BOOKS011699I: JENKINSON, JACQUELINE - Scottish Medical Societies, 1731- 1939: Their History & Records
BOOKS020627I: JENKNER, FRITZ L. - Prähistorische und präcolumbianische Schädeltrepanation. Kultisch-theurgische oder rationell-medizinische Handlung?
BOOKS011298I: JENNESS, DIAMOND [1886-1969] - Eskimo String Figures [Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-18, Volume 13: Eskimo Folk-lore, Pt. B]
BOOKS031037I: JENNI, HANNA ; EDITOR : - Das Grab Ramses' X. (KV 18)
BOOKS010506I: JENNINGS, LAWRENCE C. - French Reaction to British Slave Emancipation
BOOKS006489I: JENNINGS, K. ; & MILLER, V. - Growing Fuchsias
BOOKS009543I: JENNISKENS, PETER [ JENNISKENS, PETRUS MATHEUS MARIE ] - Meteor Showers and their Parent Comets
BOOKS028278I: JENRICH, HOLGER - Anarchistische Presse in Deutschland 1945-1985
BOOKS012100I: JENSEN, CLAUS KJELD ; & NIELSEN, KAREN HØILUND ; EDITORS : - Burial & Society : The Chronological and Social Analysis of Archaeological Burial Data
BOOKS025977I: JENSEN, HANS - Lundehøjs historie : fra Tistrup- og Vardeegnens mindeverden
BOOKS025635I: JENSEN, CHR. - Vor Rejse i Arbejder- og Bondestaten : Beretning fra den danske Fagdelegations Besøg i Sovjet-Rusland under Revolutionens..,.
BOOKS025652I: JENSEN, ERIK BARTRAM - Arbejdere i Rød Bevægelse : Socialdemokratisk Forbund i Viborg 1885-1935. Syndikalister og kommunister i Viborg 1918-1922
BOOKS030412I: JENSEN, KRISTIAN - Rhetorical Philosophy and Philosophical Grammar : Julius Caesar Scaliger's Theory of Language
BOOKS005215I: JENSEN, JØRGEN STEEN - Møntfundet fra Kirial på Djursland : 81.422 mønter deponeret o. 1365
BOOKS018849I: JENSEN, HANS ARNE - Dansk jordpolitik 1757-1919. Bind I & II
BOOKS027864I: JENSEN, SØREN E. - Carmen
BOOKS025619I: JENSEN-HAARUP, ANDERS CHRISTIAN [1863-1934] - I Sydamerika : Skildringer fra det vestlige Argentina
BOOKS024106I: JENSEN, BERNARD - The Greatest Story I've Ever Told : Healing Arts Can Learn from Iridology
BOOKS025698I: JENSEN, THIT (MARIA KIRSTINE DOROTHEA) [1876-1957] - Børnebegrænsning : Hvorfor? og hvordan? / Thit Jensen
BOOKS013699I: JENSEN, VERNON H. - Nonferrous Metals Industry Unionism, 1932-1954 : A Story of Leadership Controversy
BOOKS028098I: JENSEN, KAJ NYKJAER - Svendborg Toldsteds skibe og fartøjer 1837-1867
BOOKS010297I: JENSEN, AXEL PETER - Hammer og Torup : Træk af to landsbyers historie
BOOKS017477I: JENSEN, KURT MØRCK - Non-agricultural Occupations in a Peasant Society : Weavers and Fishermen in Noakhali, Bangladesh
BOOKS008289I: JENSEN, ELITH - Direktor Kyhl og Bestyrelsen i 'Forenede Danske Motorejeres Forsikringsaktieselskab'....
BOOKS030315I: JENSEN, P. G. C., OVERRETSSAGFØRER - Konflikten i Østifternes Kreditforening
BOOKS016638I: JENSEN, JENS LAURITZ - Et Par smaa Bemærkninger i Anledning af Hr. Cand. theol. Hjorts Anmeldelse af Prof. Nielsens Skrift "Evangelietroen .,.,.
BOOKS030611I: JENSEN, JØRGEN STEEN - Møntfundet fra Kirial på Djursland : 81.422 mønter deponeret o. 1365
BOOKS018822I: JENSEN, HANS [1890-1945] - De danske stænderforsamlingers historie, 1830-1848 [Bind I - II]
BOOKS015711I: JENSEN, THYRA BUUS - Constance Leth : Grundtvigs Ungdomskærlighed
BOOKS005800I: JENSEN, KLAUS BRUHN; EDITOR: - News of the World : World Cultures Look at Television News
BOOKS022563I: JENSEN, JULIO HANS CASADO ; EDITOR: - The Object of Study in the Humanities : Proceedings from the Seminar at the University of Copenhagen, September 2001
BOOKS026190I: JENSEN, O. - Giovanni Pietro Caraffa (som Pave kaldt: Pavl IV) og de religiøse Strømninger i Italien paa hans Tid : En historisk Fremstilling
BOOKS025556I: JENSEN, POUL - Presse, Penge og Politik 1839-48 : Den sidste enevoldskonges forhold til konservative pressekredse--især i København
BOOKS013131I: JENSEN, POUL - Presse, Penge og Politik 1839-48. Den sidste enevoldskonges forhold til konservative pressekredse - især i København
BOOKS004522I: JENSEN, MERETE STISTRUP - Les Voix Entre Guillemets". Problemes de l'Enonciation dans quelques Recits Francais et Danois Contemporains
BOOKS004214I: JENSEN, LARRY R. - Children of Colonial Despotism: Press, Politics, and Culture in Cuba, 1790-1840
BOOKS014778I: JENSEN, OSCAR - I Nigerfart Med Kongen af Benin
BOOKS003898I: JENSEN, ELLA - Nordsamsisk. Undersogelse af Udtrykssystemet
BOOKS003657I: JENSEN, HANS ARNE - Seeds and Other Diaspores in Soil Samples from Danish Town and Monastery Excavations, dated 700-1536 A.D.

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