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870: ABERCROMBIE, JOHN - The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings
1133: [JUDAICA] THE UNITED GRAND LODGE OF THE ORDER BRITH ABRAHAM - [the Order Brith Abraham Membership Certificate]
1065: BARROWS, ISABEL CHAPIN (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the National Conference of Charities and Correction at the Twenty-Fourth Annual Session Held in the City of Toronto, Ontario, July 7-14, 1897
1090: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT - The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, with a Memoir, Corrected by the Last London Edition
1077: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT - The Poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Complete in Three Volumes. Corrected by the Last London Edition with an Introductory Essay by H.T. Tuckerman
1066: BRUNO, FRANK JOHN - Trends in Social Work As Reflected in the Proceedings of the National Conference of Social Work 1874-1946
1064: NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF CHARITIES AND CORRECTION (U.S.). ANNUAL SESSION.; ISABEL CHAPIN BARROWS (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the National Conference of Charities and Correction at the Twenty-Third Annual Session Held in Grand Rapids, Mich. , June 4-10, 1896
1134: [GROVER & BAKER SEWING MACHINE CO.] - [Presidential Election Returns, by Counties and States, for 1848, 1852, and 1856. ]
1123: [WOMAN'S RELIEF CORPS] - [Clara Barton Memorial Ribbon]
869: SPANISH CORTES - Discusion Del Proyecto de Decreto Sobre El Tribunal de la Inquisicion
1078: DEMING, BARBARA - Prison Notes
1139: [PORTLAND DISPENSARY] - Organization, by-Laws and Officers of the Portland Dispensary, Incorporated 1877
1121: DISRAELI, BENJAMIN - Sybil, or the Two Nations
1135: TAKEN FROM AUTHENTIC DOCUMENTS - The Constitutions of the Several States of the Union and United States, Including the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation
1112: EVERETT, EDWARD - A Eulogy on the Life and Character of John Quincy Adams, Delivered at the Request of the Legislature of Massachusetts, in Faneuil Hall
800: FRANK, ANNE - Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
880: HEIDEGGER, JOHANN HEINRICH - Historia Papatus. Novissimo Historiae Lutheranismi & Calvinismi Fabro Kata Biaion Reposita. Qua Ecclesiae Romanae, Septem Periodis Distinctae, Origo & Progressus, Ad Nostra Usque Tempora, Pertexitur
1095: HUGHES, HELEN MACGILL - News and the Human Interest Story
1058: JACOBS, JANE - The Death and Life of Great American Cities
1089: KELLER, HELEN - The Song of the Stone Wall
1131: LOGAN, OLIVE - [Autographed Note, Signed by Olive Logan]
855: LURSEN, SILVESTER - De Templo Et Bibliotheca Apolinis Palatini. Liber Singularis Acc. Ob Argumenti Affinitatem Dissertationes Duae: Una: De Apolline, & Rarioribus Eius Cognominibus. Altera: De Bibliothecis Veterum, Cum Maxime Romanorum
1105: MANSBRIDGE, ALBERT - The Making of an Educationist
1130: MARSH, J.B.T. - The Story of the Jubilee Singers with Supplement Containing an Account of Their Six Years' Tour Around the World, and Many New Songs by F.J. Loudin
1136: MEACHAM, A[LFRED] B[ENJAMIN] - Wi-Ne-Ma (the Woman Chief. ) and Her People
1141: MILL, JOHN STUART - Autobiography
1138: LE MOYNE, PIERRE - La Gallerie Des Femmes Fortes [the Gallery of Heroic Women]
1099: NZEKWU, ONUORA - Wand of the Noble Wood
1093: PAYTON, BOYD E. - Scapegoat Prejudice/Politics/Prison
1082: PHILLIPS, WILLIAM ADDISON - Labor, Land and Law a Search for the Missing Wealth of the Working Poor
1119: PINDAR; HENRY ESTIENNE (EDITOR) - Pindari. Olympia, Pythia, Nemea, Isthmia. Caeterorum Octo Lyricorum Carmina, Alcaei, Sapphus, Stesichori, Ibyci, Anacreontis, Bacchylidis, Simonidis, Alcmanis, Nonulla Etiam Aliorum. Omnia Graece & Latine. Pindari Interpretatione Nova Est, Eaque Ad Uerbum: Caeteri Partim Ad Uerbum, Partim Carmine Sunt Redditi. With; Carminum Poetarum Novem, Lyricae Poeseos Principu, Fragmenta. Alcaei, Anacrontis, Sapphus, Bacchylidis, Stesichori, Simonidis, Ibyci, Alcmanis. Pindari. Nonulla Etiam Aliorum. Cum Latina Interpretatione, Partim Soluta Oratione, Partim Carmine
1079: VAN DER POST, LAURENS - The Dark Eye in Africa
1126: [POSTCARD] - The New York Colored Mission
878: PUGH, JOHN - Remarkable Occurrences in the Life of Jonas Hanway, Esq. Comprehending an Abstract of Such Parts of His Travels in Russia, and Persia, As Are the Most Interesting; a Short History of the Rise and Progress of the Charitable and Political Institutions Founded or Supported by Him; Several Anecdotes, and an Attempt to Delineate His Character
854: [RITSON, JOSEPH] (EDITOR); THOMAS BEWICK, JOHN BEWICK (ILLUSTRATORS) - Pieces of Ancient Popular Poetry: From Authentic Manuscripts and Old Printed Copies. Adorned with Cuts
1087: SANGER, MARGARET - Margaret Sanger an Autobiography
882: [SELDEN, JOHN; MARCUS ZUERIUS BOXHORN; CLAUDE SAUMAISE; DAVID JENKINS.] - Metamorphosis Anglorum, Sive Mutationes Variae Regum, Regni, Rerumque Angliae: Opus Historicum Et Politicum Ex Variis Fide Dignissimis Monumentis Ac Auctoribus Contextum, Ad Haec Usque Tempora Deductum, Memoriaeque Posteritatus Aeternae Consecratum
1124: [THE AMERICAN ANTI-SLAVERY SOCIETY] - The Anti-Slavery Record
1129: [GOVERNMENT OF THE ARMIES OF THE UNITED STATES] - [Sutler Appointed to the 81st Regiment of U.S. Colored Infantry Volunteers]
864: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Lady Byron Vindicated a History of the Byron Controversy, from Its Beginning in 1816 to the Present Time
1098: SUAREZ, BERNARDO RUIZ - The Color Question in the Two Americas
1039: TALBOT, MARION - More Than Lore: Reminiscences of Marion Talbot, Dean of Women, the University of Chicago, 1892-1925
753: THOMSON, JAMES - The Seasons
1096: THORNTON, ELDER ABEL - The Life of Elder Abel Thornton, Late of Johnston, R.I. A Preacher in the Free-Will Baptist Connexion, and a Member of the R.I. Q. Meeting. Written by Himself. Published by the R.I. Q. Meeting
1097: TRILLIN, CALVIN - An Education in Georgia: The Integration of Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes
1140: WASHINGTON, BOOKER T[ALIAFERRO] - Working with the Hands Being a Sequel to "Up from Slavery" Covering the Author's Experiences in Industrial Training at Tuskegee
1094: WELLESLEY, DOROTHY - Genesis an Impression
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