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019262: SYDNEY, CLARE - Graham Clarke
031946: SYLVESTER, DAVID - Francis Bacon: The Human Body
032483: SYMCHYCH, VICTORIA, AND VESEY, OLGA - The Flying Ship and Other Ukrainian Folk Tales
027880: SZABO, ZOLTAN - Zoltan Szabo Paints Landscapes
022254: SZABO, FRED - Linear Algebra: An Introduction Using Mathematica
029995: SZEKELY, EDMOND BORDEAUX - The Essene Gospel of Peace Book Two The Unknown Books of the Essenes
021022: TABB, WILLIAM K. - The Postwar Japanese System: Cultural Economy and Economic Transformation
026625: TABER, GEORGE M. - To Cork or Not to Cork: Tradition, Romance, Science, and the Battle for the Wine Bottle
030734: TAGUCHI, NISYU - Tenkoku The Seal Engraving from Hieroglyphs to Alphabet
007747: TAK, A.H. - The Eternal Verities: Shaikh Nooruddin Noorani and His Poetry
033678: AI TAKEDA - Sashiko: Japanese Traditional Hand Stitching
030683: TAKENAKA, REIKO - Enchanting Ikebana: Step-by-Step Japanese Flower Arrangements
031153: TAKTSIS, COSTAS - The third wedding
030435: TALL, DAVID ORME. - Functions of a complex variable (Library of Mathematics)
030035: TALL, CHERYL - Winged Manor
030105: TALMON, MOSHE - Single Session Therapy: Maximizing the Effect of the First (and Often Only) Therapeutic Encounter
033648: AMY TAN - The Chinese Siamese Cat
029463: PARVIZ TANAVOLI - Jewelry by Parviz Tanavoli
021947: TANCOCK, JOHN L. - The Sculpture of Auguste Rodin: The Collection of the Rodin Museum, Philadelphia
026513: TANIS, DAVID - A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes
031436: WATSON-TARA, MARLENE - Macrobiotics for All Seasons: Vegan Recipes for Year-Round Health and Happiness
015108: TARKOVSKIJ, ANDREJ - Hoffmanniana: Szenario Fur Einen Nicht Realisierten Film
031971: D.R. TARRANT - Marconi's Miracle
028562: TASHKIAN, VIRGINIA A. - Three Apples Fell from Heaven Armenian Tales Retold
032132: TAUR, YUAN; NING, TAK H. - Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices
024945: TAUSSIG, MICHAEL T. - Devil and Commodity Fetishism in South America
030320: TAVENER, JOHN AND MOTHER THEKLA - Ikons Meditations in Words and Music
030991: TAY, SIMON; SEDA, MARIA - The Enemy Within: Combating Corruption in Asia (Politics & International Relations)
028324: TAYLOR, PAUL B., AND AUDEN, W.H. - The Elder Edda A Selection
030774: RICHARD TAYLOR - The Complete Watercolor Course
028150: TAYLOR, RONALD J. - Schumann: His Life and Work
032536: TAYLOR, STUART ROSS - Solar System Evolution: A New Perspective
030431: TAYLOR, BILLY - Mambo Hits for Piano
030281: TAYLOR, RICHARD, AND CHRISTIE, IAN - The Film Factory
025699: TAYLOR, SYBIL - The Pumpkin Patch: A Traditional Buddhist Tale
027311: TAYMAN, JOHN - The Colony
033603: CHARLES TAZEWELL - The littlest angel (A Pop-up book)
017287: TCHAIKOVSKY, PETER ILICH - Valse-Scherzo for Violin and Orchestra Opus 34 (Conductor's Score)
032936: WIZARDS TEAM - Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook: Core Rulebook 1, Vol. 3.5
032644: TELANDER, RICK - Heaven Is a Playground, Third Edition
029566: TEMKO, FLORENCE AND TAKAHAMA, THOSHI - The Magic of Kirigami Happenings with Paper and Scissors
030384: VON TEMPSKI, ARMINE - Fire A Romance of Hawaii
033309: SAMUEL LIPA TENNENBAUM - Zloczow Memoir
029542: TEOXEIRA, MANUEL - The Protestant Cemeteries of Macau
032032: TERHUNE, ALBERT PAYSON - The Critter and Other Dogs
032923: TERRANCE, VINCENT - The Complete Encyclopedia of Television Programs 1947-1979 (in two volumes)
018141: TERRY, CHARLES SANFORD - Johann Sebastian Bach
033776: TERZAKIS, ANGELOS - The Greek Epic 1940-1941
033096: THAKAR, VIMALA - Silence in Action
015044: THALER, ALWIN - Shakspere to Sheridan: A Book About the Theatre of Yesterday and To-day
022268: THALMANN, WILLIAM G. - Conventions of Form and Thought in Early Greek Epic Poetry
032826: THEIL, HENRI - Applied Economic Forecasting
025521: THEOCHARIDES, PLOUTARCHOS, ET AL - Mount Athos Greek Traditional Architecture
032786: THISELL, A. GIDEON - Science of Watch Repairing Simplified
024280: THOMAS, GRAHAM STUART - Complete Flower Paintings and Drawings of Graham Stuart Thomas
030383: HUNTER-THOMAS, JOHN - Flora of the Santa Cruz Mountains of California a Manual of the Vascular Plants
033082: THOMAS, GRAHAM S. - The Complete Flower Paintings and Drawings of Graham Stuart Thomas
030639: THOMAS, STEPHEN B.; CAMBRON-MCCABE, NELDA H.; MCCARTHY, MARTHA M. - Public School Law: Teachers' and Students' Rights (6th Edition)
032974: WILLIE THOMAS - Jazz Anyone.....?: Play and Learn Blues and More, Book 2 (C Edition)
026590: THOMPSON, JOSEPH S. - Taxation's New Frontier A Businessman's Study of Dignified Vs. Contemptible Taxation
032996: THOMPSON, RICHARD - Shapes and Colors: A Cul de Sac Collection
027791: ROY EVANS THOMPSON;DALE THOMPSON - Dear Homefolks / A Doughboy's Letters and Diaries Written by an American Soldier from 1917 to 1920, During and After World War I
033729: HUNTER S. THOMPSON - The Gonzo Tapes: [The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson]
032448: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Hell's Angels The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
026281: THOMPSON, MANLEY - The Pragmatic Philosophy of C.S. Peirce
033847: LAURENCE G. THOMPSON - Chinese Religion in Western Languages: A Comprehensive and Classified Bibliography of Publications in English, French, and German Through 1980 (Monographs of the Association for Asian Studies)
030225: THOMPSON, HARLAN - Star Roan An Adventure of California Rancho Days
002252: THOMPSON, PARKER C. - From Its European Antecedents to 1791 The United States Army Chaplaincy (Volume I)
027836: THOMSON, JOHN A. F. - Popes and Princes, 1417-1517: Politics and Polity in the Late Medieval Church (Early modern Europe today)
014942: THOMSON, JAMES A. - The Greek Tradition: Essays in the Reconstruction of Ancient Thought
017354: THOMTE, THEODORE - James Henry Stark's Antique Views of Boston
028387: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID - Walden or Life in the Woods
029581: THORNDYKE, HELEN LOUISE - Honey Bunch and Norman in the Castle of Magic
033199: THORNE, RUSS - Day of the Dead Art Inspiration & Counter Culture+
033647: THORP, EDWARD O. - Beat the Dealer A Winning Strategy for The Game of Twenty-One
032207: FRECHES-THORY, CLAIRE; TERRASSE, ANTONIE - The Nabis: Bonnard, Vuillard and Their Circle (Schools and Movements of Painting)
031190: THUILLIER, JACQUES - Georges de la Tour
030831: THURMAN, JUDITH - Cleopatra's Nose: 39 Varieties of Desire
032384: THURMAN, ROBERT - Inner Revolution: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Real Happiness
029608: THURMAN, ROBERT; WISE, TAD - Circling the Sacred Mountain : A Spiritual Adventure Through the Himalayas
032909: MAYER-THURMAN, CHRISTA C. - Lissy Funk: A Retrospective 1927-1988
031209: THURMAN, HOWARD, AND HARDIN, GARRETT - Lawrence lectures on Religion & Society
031311: THURMAN, CHRISTA C. MAYER - Textiles in the Art Institute of Chicago
011764: THURMAN, V.E., COMPILER AND EDITOR - Who's Who in the New Deal (California Edition)
019468: THURMAN, HOWARD - Deep is the Hunger: Meditations for Apostles of Sensitiveness
025848: TICHER, KURT - Irish Silver in the Rococo Period
030067: TICHY, JAROSLAV (AND JANE CARRUTH) - Persian Fairy Tales
028153: TICK, JUDITH - Ruth Crawford Seeger: A Composer's Search for American Music
024888: TIDBALL, HARRIET - Two-Harness Textiles Loom Controlled Weaves, Open-Work Weaves & Brocade
030385: TIEMANN, RUTH & ROLAND - A Boy Named John
014849: TIERSOT, JULIEN, COLLECTOR - Forty-Four French Folk-Songs and Variants From Canada, Normany, and Brittany
033510: TIEZZI, ENZO - Beauty & Science
030378: TOM TILL - In the Land of Moab
011118: TILLEY, FRANK - Teapots and Tea
033488: CHARLES TILLY - The Formation of National States in Western Europe. (SPD-8) (Studies in Political Development)
025432: TIMMS, EDWARD - Taking up the Torch : English Institutions, German Dialectics and Multicultural Commitments
029128: TINKER, F.G., JR. - Some Still Live
030021: TINKLE, LON - An American Original: The Life of J. Frank Dobie
032036: TITCHMARSH, E.C. - The Theory of Functions
031250: TOBIAS, CORNELIUS A; TOBIAS, IDA - People and particles
006176: TOBIAS, THOMAS J. - The Hebrew Orphan Society of Charleston, S.C. (founded 1801)
031287: TOBIEN, FELICITAS - Franz Marc (Artline Series)
031286: TOBIEN, FELICITAS - Persian Art Calouste Gulbenkian Collection
025808: TOBIN, STEVE - Aerial Roots
022805: TOLEGIAN, ARAM, TRANSLATOR - David of Sassoun: Armenian Folk Epic
022078: TOLKIEN, J.R.R., AND GORDON, E.V., EDITORS - Sir Gawain & the Green Knight
018018: TOLLES, FREDERICK B. - George Logan of Philadelphia
028069: DE TOLNAY, CHARLES - Michelangelo The Medici Chapel
028068: DE TOLNAY, CHARLES - Michelangelo The Sistine Ceiling
031198: TOM, K. S.; TOMS, K. S. - Echoes from Old China
030029: TOMITA, JUN & NORIKO - The Techniques of Kasuri
032658: TOMPKINS, SUE - Aspects in Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide to Interpretation
029610: TOMSON, SHAUN - Surfer's Code: 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life
030715: RUTH L. TONGUE - The Chime Child or Somerset Singers Being an account of some of their songs collected over sixty years.
020853: TOON, DAE-KYU - Law and Political Authority in South Korea
026300: TOPOLOS, MICHAEL, AND DOBSON, BETTY - California Wineries Volume One Napa Valley
029946: TORRE, SUSANA - Women in American Architecture: A Historic and Contemporary Perspective : A Publication and Exhibition Organized by the Architectural League of New Y
031814: TORRENS, DEBORAH - Fashion illustrated: A review of women's dress, 1920-1950
030936: TOTH, MARIAN DAVIES - Tales from Thailand: Folklore, Culture and History
031386: TOWNSEND, CHARLES, AND MCKEE, ELAINE - Elementary Czech 1
031387: TOWNSEND, CHARLES & MCKEE, ELAINE - Elementary Czech 2
031388: TOWNSEND, CHARLES, AND MCKEE, ELAINE - Intermediate Czech
031591: TOWNSEND, CHARLES EDWARD - Czech Through Russian
030708: TOZER, JANE; LEVITT, SARAH - Fabric of Society: A Century of People and Their Clothes, 1770-1870
030814: TRACHTENBERG, MARVIN; HYMAN, ISABELLE - Architecture: From Prehistory to Post Modernism
017426: TRACY, NICHOLAS - The Naval Chronicle : Contemporary Record of the Royal Navy at War Volume I 1793-1798
030721: TRAGER, OLIVER - Keys to the Rain: The Definitive Bob Dylan Encyclopedia
033041: TOMAS TRANSTROMER - Truth Barriers
031518: TRAUM, ARTIE - Basic Jazz Guitar
030798: TRAVEN, B. - The Rebellion of the Hanged
031955: TREAT, PAYSON J. - Diplomatic Relations between the United States and Japan 1895-1905
020644: TREGASKIS, RICHARD - Guadalcanal Diary
024648: TREIB, MARC;IMBERT, DOROTHEE - Garrett Eckbo: Modern Landscapes For Living
032041: TRENDALL, A. D. - Red Figure Vases of South Italy and Sicily (World of art)
032742: TRIGGER, BRUCE G.; WASHBURN, WILCOMB E. - The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas, Vol. 1: North America (2 Volume Set)
031918: TRIVEDI, DINESH - Vedic Particle Physics
008757: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Barchester Towers
032830: TRONZO, WILLIAM - The Via Latina Catacomb: Imitation and Discontinuity in Fourth-Century Roman Painting (Monographs on the Fine Arts) (College Art Association Monograph)
033503: ROBERT KUTTNER; SHARLAND TROTTER - Family Re-Union: Reconnecting Parents and Children in Adulthood
031403: CATERINE MILINAIRE; CAROL TROY - Cheap Chic: Update
016648: TRUETA, JOSEF - The Spirit of Catalonia
026827: TRUMAN, MARGARET - Harry S. Truman
033213: TIMOTHY TRUMAN - Conan Volume 7: Cimmeria
031232: TSAO, JUNG YING - The Paintings of Xugu and Qi Baishi
031045: C. RALPH BUNCHER; JIA-YEONG TSAY - Statistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Statistics, textbooks and monographs)
014836: TSUDA, NORITAKE - Handbook of Japanese Art
033566: KAREN TSUJIMOTO - Wayne Thiebaud
028286: TSUKERBLAT, BORIS S. - Group Theory in Chemistry and Spectroscopy: A Simple Guide to Advanced Usage (Theoretical Chemistry Series of Monographs)
026477: KYOICHI TSUZUKI - Saint Clair Cemin
025055: TUCKER, BEVERLEY D. - God Gave the Increase The Story of the Growth of a Mission Church in Japan
031902: TUDOR, TASHA - A Book of Christmas
027328: TUDOR, TASHA - Take Joy! The Tasha Tudor Christmas Book
031817: EDWARD R. TUFTE - Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative
029367: TULLOCK, GORDEON - Toward a Mathematics of Politics
031741: TUN, MAO - Midnight
019163: TURINA, JOAQUIN - Chez Le Cordonnier, En La Zapateria, At the Shoemaker's: Petites Scenes Pour Piano
028162: TRANEX TURISMO - The Train At the End of the World: The Legend That Was Not Allowed to Die
020428: TURLINGTON, CHRISTY - Living Yoga: Creating a Life Practice
020900: TURNER, JAMES GRANTHAM - One Flesh: Paradisal Marriage and Sexual Relations in the Age of Milton
033617: ETHEL TURNER - Seven Little Australians
033133: TURNER, ROBYN MONTANA - Rosa Bonheur (Portraits of Women Artists)
028685: J. M. W. TURNER - Turner Watercolours in the Tate Gallery
017180: TUSKA, JON - Billy the Kid: His Life and Legend
032422: TWAIN, MARK - Christian Science with Notes Containing Corrections to Date
033644: TWAIN, MARK - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
014411: TWICHELL, HORACE E. - History of the Minisink Country
030368: TWISSELMANN, ERNEST C. - A Flora of Kern County, California
028679: YUAN TZE - Voyage to the Shore - An Invitation to Enhance Your Health and Develop Your Life (Part Three)
025909: UBALDE, ANATALIO, EDITOR - Filipino American Architecture, Design, & Planning Issues
032286: UDALL, STEWART - 1976 Agenda for Tomorrow
031502: UDALL, STEWART L. - The Forgotten Founders: Rethinking The History Of The Old West
033709: KISSHOMARU UESHIBA - The Spirit of Aikido
015088: UHL, MARJORIE - Madame Alexander's Ladies of Fashion
032173: VAN UITERT, EVERT, AND VAN TILBORGH, LOUIS, VAN HEUGTEN, SJRAAR - Vincent Van Gogh Paintings and Drawings in 2 volumes
030433: MAGNUS ULLMAN, BRUTUS ÖSTLING - MELLAN VINGSPETSARNA: bilder ur fåglarnas liv - från Öland till Antarktis (Between the wingtips :The Secret Life of Birds) Photography, Brutus Östling and Text, Magnus Ullman
014701: ULLMANN, WALTER - The Carolingian Renaissance and the Idea of Kingship
027018: UMBRACO, KITTY & RUSSELL - Iridescent Stretch Glass
032418: UNDERHILL, RUTH M. - Red Man's America
032578: UNDSET, SIGRID - The Burning Bush
032894: E T A HOFFMANN; UNICORN - The Nutcracker (Unicorn Fairytale Classics)
025225: UNIVAC - Orientation to Electronic Data Processing
031254: UNKNOWN, AUTHOR - East African Mammals, Volume 3C Bovids
033518: HIROSHI UNNO - George Barbier: Master of Art Deco (Japanese Edition)
017873: UNRUH, ERIC L. - Pll: Linear Phase-Locked Loop Control System Analysis Software and User's Manual/Book and Disk
032587: UPDIKE, JOHN - Terrorist
030274: UPLEDGER, JOHN E. - Cell Talk: Talking to Your Cell(f)
033637: UPLEDGER, JOHN E. - CranioSacral Therapy II Study Guide
032131: VAINSHTEIN, B. K. - Modern Crystallography I (Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences)
015938: VAKAR, NICHOLAS P. - Belorussia: The Making of a Nation
031063: IOANNA PHOCA; PANOS VALAVANIS - Architecture and city planning: Rediscovering ancient Greece
033530: PETER VALDER - The Garden Plants of China
031797: VANDENBOSCH, AMRY - The Dutch East Indies
031712: VARE, DANIELE - The Last Empress
030363: VARGAS, ASTRID - Iberian Lynx Ex situ Conservation: An Interdisplincary Approach
030263: VASILIU, MIRCEA - Hark, The Little Angel
033534: VAZ, MARK COTTA, AND BARRON, CRAIG - The Invisible Art The Legends of Movie Matte Painting
032899: VAZ, KATIE - Take it Easy a Coloring Journal
022765: VEALE, SYDNEY AND "WREN" - How Planes Fly
027075: VECSEY, CHRISTOPHER - Jews and Judaism in the New York Times
010360: DE LA VEGA, D. MIGUEL LASSO (MARQUES DEL SALTILLO) - Un Gentilhombre De Jose I: El Marques De Arneva (1757-1837)
030719: VELOSO, CAETANO - Tropical Truth A Story of Music & Revolution in Brazil
032420: GIUSEPPE VERDI - Aida: Black Dog Opera Library (Book & Audio CD)
015500: VERDONER, YOKA, AND KAN, FRANCISCA VERDONER, EDITORS - Signs of Life: The Letters of Hilde Verdoner-Sluizer from Nazi Transit Camp Westerbork, 1942-1944
022619: VERMEULE, EMILY - Greece in the Bronze Age
028148: VERNADSKII, V. I. - Biosphere
031289: VERNE, MICHAEL; FRANCO, BETSY - Quiet Elegance: Japan Through the Eyes of Nine American Artists
024800: VERRES, ROLF - Paradies
027208: VERY, FRANK W. - An Epitome of Swedenborg's Science in Two Volumes
031220: VESSEL, MATTHEW F.; WONG, HERBERT H. - Natural History of Vacant Lots (California Natural History Guides, No. 50)
033537: ROD VICK - Christmas in Ireland
018485: VIDA, GEORGE - From Doom to Dawn: A Jewish Chaplain's Story of Displaced Persons
032631: VIDAL, GORE - Creation
033417: VIDOR, KING - A Tree is a Tree
030571: VIEMEISTER, AUGUST - Architectural Journey Through Long Island
033801: PETER A. SINGER; A. M. VIENS - The Cambridge Textbook of Bioethics
033165: VILIMKOVA, MILADA - Egyptian Jewellery
026086: VILLALOBOS, ALEJANDRO - Crayfishes of Mexico
028961: VILLOLDO, ALBERTO; JENDRESEN, ERIK - The Four Winds: A Shaman's Odyssey into the Amazon
031854: VINCENT, STEPHEN - O California! Slipcased Ed
018257: VINE, P. A. L. - The Royal Military Canal: An Historical Account of the Waterway and Military Road from Shorncliffe in Kent to Cliff End in Sussex
033333: DAVID L. WEIMER; AIDAN R. VINING - Policy Analysis: Concepts and Practice
026521: VIOLA, HERMAN J. - The Indian Legacy of Charles Bird King
030020: VISHAL, PANKAJ - Handbook of Sitar
030674: VIVALDI, ANTONIO - Concerto in Do per 2 trombe, archi e. cembalo
030766: VOGEL, JAROSLAV - Leos Janacek His Life and Works
033152: NIHON VOGUE - Beautiful Lace
025758: VOLPE, EDMOND LORIS - A Readers Guide to William Faulkner
030359: VOLPE, CARLO - Early christian to Medieval Painting
032353: DE VRIES, HAN & HUNTER SALOMON, PETER - Erich Salomon Portrat Einer Epoche
027568: WADDELL, L. AUSTINE - Lhasa and Its Mysteries With a Record of the Expedition 1903-1904
033640: JOSEF J. HALDA; JAMES W. WADDICK - The Genus Paeonia
024993: WAECHTER, SHARON A. - The Brazil Mound Archaeology of a Prehistoric Village
029928: WAGGONER, BOB - Charleston Grill at Charleston Place French-Influenced Lowcountry Cuisine
025048: WAGNER, LISA - Common Plants of the East Bay: A Guide to Common Non-woody Plants Found in East Bay Communities
032934: WAGNER, FRIEDRICH CHRISTOPH - Potters' Settlements on the Island of Siphnos
027379: WAGNER, KEN - The One Word Storybook
029885: WAINWRIGHT, A - A Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells Book One the Eastern Fells
032308: WAIT, FRONA EUNICE - Wines & vines of California;: Or, A treatise on the ethics of wine drinking,
033524: WALDEN, BERYL M., AND HU, SHIU YING - Wild Flowers of South China and Hong Kong Around the Year
033158: WALEY, ARTHUR, TRANSLATOR - Chinese Poems
011007: WALKER, KENNETH - The Making of Man
033356: MICK WALKER - Illustrated Ducati Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
031039: WALKER, CHERRYL - Women and Gender in Southern Africa to 1945
032806: MICHAEL S. WALKER - Quantum Fuzz: The Strange True Makeup of Everything Around Us
030353: WALKER, PETER; SIMO, MELANIE - Invisible Gardens: The Search for Modernism in the American Landscape
030643: WALL, JOHN - Moral Creativity: Paul Ricoeur and the Poetics of Possibility (AAR Reflection and Theory in the Study of Religion)
033473: ROBERT WALL - Ocean Liner Postcards in Marine Art 1900-1945
019608: WALLER, J. MICHAEL - Secret Empire: The KGB in Russia Today
033204: WALLER, JOHN H. - The Devil's Doctor: Felix Kersten and the Secret Plot to Turn Himmler Against Hitler
031798: WALSCH, NEALE DONALD - Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 1
025948: WALSH, STEPHEN - Music of Stravinsky
028325: BRUNO WALTER - Gustav Mahler
031615: WALTMANN, P. - Deterministic Threshold Models in the Theory of Epidemics (Lecture Notes in Biomathematics)
030806: WANG, YARONG - Chinese Embroidery
031679: WANG, ROBERT - The Qabalistic Tarot
032814: WANGERIN, WALTER - The Crying for a Vision
031414: WANLESS, JAMES; WANLESS, PHD JAMES - Voyager Tarot - Way of the Great Oracle
017493: WARD, JOHN (EDITED BY DONALD BEECHER AND BRIAN GILLINGHAM) - Six Airs for Two Bass Viols and Keyboard
025435: WARD, MARGARETE - Gong Hee Fot Choy Tells Your Fortune with Playing Cards Including Lessons in Astrology and Numerology
030452: WARD, HAZEL - For the Inner Eye
028099: VON WARD, PAUL - Gods, Genes, and Consciousness: Nonhuman Intervention in Human History
025596: WARD, FRANCIS KINGDON - Plant Hunting on the Edge of the World: Travels of a Naturalist in Assam and Upper Burma
025437: WARD, FRANCIS KINGDON - The Land of the Blue Poppy: Travels of a Naturalist in Eastern Tibet
020808: WARD, JAMES WILLIAM - Unabridged Dictionary of the Sensations "As If (2 volumes)
032929: WARD, ROBERT D.; ROGERS SR, WILLIAM WARREN - Convicts Coal and the Banner Mine Tragedy
027403: WARDER, A.K. - Introduction to Pali
033692: FRANK W. WARNER - Foundations of Differentiable Manifolds and Lie Groups (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) (v. 94)
028653: WARNER, LANGDON - The Enduring Art of Japan
033663: WARRICK, SHERIDAN F., EDITOR - The Natural History of the UC Santa Cruz Campus
027846: WARRICK, PROFESSOR PATRICIA S. - Mind in Motion: The Fiction of Philip K. Dick (Alternatives)
030900: FRANCES COUNTESS OF WARWICK - Life's Ebb and Flow
031408: WASHINGTON, J.A. - Laboratory Procedures in Clinical Microbiology
032933: WASNER, FRANZ - The Trapp Family Book of Christmas Songs
028307: WASS, CASSANDRA CAMILLE - Meditative Mazes & Labyrinths: Color and Trace the Paths to a Calm Mind & Spirit
031115: WASSERMAN, ABBY - Mary Tuthill Lindheim: Art and Inspiration
031672: WASSERSTEIN, WENDY - The Sisters Rosensweig
032650: WASSON, CHARLES S. - System Analysis, Design, and Development: Concepts, Principles, and Practices
029246: WATERS, FRANK - The Man Who Killed the Deer
028057: WATERS, ALICE L. - Chez Panisse Fruit
033197: ALICE WATERS - Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza and Calzone
032452: WATKEYS, FREDERICK W. - Old Edinburgh Volume II
031979: WATSON, ALLEN - What is Death?
033253: WATSON, JENNY - Queensland Collection Book 11
029444: WATSON, JANE WERNER - The Lion's Paw A Big Golden Book
027366: WATT, ALEXANDER - Paris Bistro Cookery
028680: ALAN WATTS - The Art of Contemplation A Facsimile Manuscript with Doodles
030594: WATTS, RICHARD J. - Language Myths and the History of English (Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics)
029674: WAUGH, EVELYN - They Were Still Dancing
033137: WAYWELL, GEOFFREY B. - The Free-standing Sculptures of the Mausoleum of Harlicarnassus in the British Museum
028588: SULAMITH WULFING; LUNAEA WEATHERSTONE - Mother's Wisdom: A 40 Card Deck
020328: WEBB, ROBERT LLOYD - Ring the Banjar: The Banjo in America from Folklore to Fact.
031327: WEBBER, IRMA E. - It Looks Like This A Point of View Book
031196: WEBBINK, PATRICIA - The Power of the Eyes
032716: WEBER, FRANCIS J. - Toiletry at the California Missions
028340: WEBER, MAX - Economy and Society: An Outline of Interpretive Sociology (2 volume set)
030366: WEBSTER, E. M. - The Moon Man: A Biography of Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay.
016280: WEBSTER, MARY HULL;KRAMER, HAL - Moments of Union: The Spiritual Paintings of Hal Kramer
030162: WEBSTER, FRANK V. - Two Boy Gold Miners
033038: DIETRICH BONHOEFFER; MARIA VON WEDEMEYER - Love Letters from Cell 92: The Correspondence Between Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Maria Von Wedemeyer, 1943-45
029699: WEDGWOOD, HENRY ALLEN - The Bird Talisman An Eastern Tale
023875: WEI, LILLY - Chuck Close Selected Paintings and Tapestries 2005-2009
031748: WEIDNER, JAY; BRIDGES, VINCENT - A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross
010996: WEIDNER, TIMOTHY, EDITOR - The Noyes Photographs: Personal Views of a Familiar World 1890 to 1920
030425: WEIGLE, MARTA - Spiders & spinsters: Women and mythology
026148: WEIL, ANN - The Very First Day
033268: WEIL, GUNTHER M., METZNER, RALPH, AND LEARY, TIMOTHY - The Psychedelic Reader Selected from The Psychedelic Review
024782: WEILGART, JOHN W. - The Language of Space
027095: WEINSTEIN, EMILY EVE - Cat Book
032679: WEINSTEIN, BRUCE - Knits Men Want (Stc Craft)
020103: WEINSTEIN, DAVE - Signature Architects of the San Francisco Bay Area
031832: WEINSTEIN, DAVE - It Came from Berkeley - How Berkeley Changed the World
033422: JERRY WEIST - 100 Greatest Comics Books
031864: WEITZMAN, JANE - Art & Sole: A Spectacular Selection of More Than 150 Fantasy Art Shoes from the Stuart Weitzman Collection
026708: WELCH, MARY BEAUMONT - Mrs. Welch's Cookbook
019126: WELK, LAWRENCE;MCGEEHAN, BERNICE - Ah-One, Ah-Two!: Life with My Musical Family
031693: WELLS, HENRY WILLIS - Traditional Chinese Humor: A Study in Art and Literature
029099: WELLS, CAROLYN - Patty Blossom
028382: WELLS, J C - Esperanto Dictionary (Teach Yourself)
028902: DONALD J. HARPER; BRIGITTE KHAN MAJLIS; HARMEN C. VELDHUISEN; PETER WENGER - Batik: Javanese and Sumatran Batiks from Courts and Palaces, Rudolf G. Smend Collection = Batiken von Fürstenhöfen und Sultanspalästen aus Java und . Rudolf G. Smend (English and German Edition)
033517: ARTHUR WENK - Claude Debussy and the Poets
028979: WENTE, CAROLYN; JONES, KIMBALL - Sharing the Vineyard Table: A Celebration of Wine and Food from the Wente Vineyards Restaurant
016427: WENTWORTH, DOROTHY - The Alden Family in the Alden House
032926: DAVID WERNER - Disabled Village Children: A Guide for Community Health Workers, Rehabilitation Workers, and Families
025996: WESCHLER, LAWRENCE - Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences
033282: C. F WESENCRAFT - Practical wargaming
033622: HEINZ LIESBROCK; THOMAS WESKI - How You Look At It: Photographs of the 20th Century
030504: WEST, ZITA - Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth, 1e
029908: LEVON WEST - Making an Etching
030739: WEST, DICK - The Backside of Washington
030438: WESTCOTT, EDWARD NOYES - David Harum A Story of American Life
030376: WESTERHAGEN, CURT VON - The Forging of the 'Ring': Richard Wagner's Composition Sketches for Der Ring Des Nibelungen
020967: WESTERMANN, D., AND WARD, IDA C. - Practical Phonetics for Students of African Languages
027983: WESTON, EDWARD (EDITED BY NANCY NEWHALL) - Edward Weston The Flame of Recognition His Photographs Accompanied By Excerpts from the Daybooks & Letters
031852: RUTH LILLY WESTPHAL - Plein Air Painters of California the North
030257: WESTPHAL, KATHERINE - Dragons and other creatures: Chinese embroideries of the Ch'ing Dynasty
026844: WEXLER, VICTOR G. - David Hume and the History of England
027991: WEYANT, W.S. - The Antarctic Atmosphere: Climatology of the Surface Environment (Antarctic Map Folio Series)
033000: WHARTON, EDITH - Italian Villas and Their Gardens
022995: WHEARE, JANE - Virginia Woolf: Dramatic Novelist
032796: WHEAT, MARIE - Nineteenth Century Costume Designs and Patterns for 1"-1' scale Mannequins and Dolls Vol. I
029605: QUENTIN WHEELER - The New Taxonomy (Systematics Association Special Volumes)
027938: WHEELOCK, LUCY, EDITOR - Songs with Music
031135: WHELAN, RUSSELL - The Flying Tigers The Story of the American Volunteer Group in China
031575: WHISSON, COLLEY - Creating Impressionist Landscapes in Oil
032436: WHITACRE, EDWARD - American Turnaround: Reinventing AT&T and GM and the Way We Do Business in the USA
033702: NEIL WHITE - Combinatorial Geometries (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)
033688: NEIL WHITE - Matroid Applications (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)
030871: WHITE, ALVIN M. - Essays in Humanistic Mathematics (M AA Notes)
030784: WHITE, JULIA M.; BRANDON, REIKO M.; WOODSON, YOKO - Hokusai and Hiroshige: Great Japanese Prints from the James a Michener Collection, Honolulu Academy of Arts
032881: MARY E. WHITE - The Flowering of Gondwana
030564: WHITE, WILLIAM CHARLES - Chinese Jews A Compilation of Matters Relating to the Jews of K'ai-feng Fu
033438: PALMER WHITE - Poiret
032389: WHITE, ANTHONY W. - A Birder's Guide to the Bahama Islands
033234: IAN WHITE - Australian Bush Flower Essences
019133: WHITEHEAD, RUSSELL F., EDITOR - Pencil Points October 1936: The Work of Tecton
025402: WHITEHEAD, LAURENCE, EDITOR - The International Dimensions of Democratization: Europe and the Americas
033752: LEE WHITELEY - The Playground Trail: The National Park-to-Park Highway. To and Through the National Parks of the West in 1920
032460: FRANK WHITFORD - Expressionist Portraits
014277: WHITING, BARTLETT JERE - When Evensong and Morrowsong Accord: Three Essays on the Proverb
032604: WHITING, MAGGI - The Progressive Knitter
030877: WHITLAM, E.GOUGH - The Whitlam Government, 1972-75
033424: WHITMAN, WILLIAM - The Giant Sorcerer or The Extraordinary Adventures of Raphael and Cassandra
030480: WHITNEY, THOMAS P., TRANSLATOR - Vasilisa The Beautiful
033343: WHITTAKER, W.G. - Fugitive Notes on Certain Cantatas and the Motets of J.S. Bach
032956: WHITTEMORE, DAN - "Tripping with Terwilliger" Song Book
032689: WHITTEMORE, EDWARD - Nile Shadows
033716: NOEL AND JIMMY-WHY - Clarke, George Frederick
028348: WICHMANN, SIEGFRIED - Jugendstil Art Nouveau
033237: R. EDWARD FREEMAN; JEFFREY S. HARRISON; ANDREW C. WICKS - Managing for Stakeholders: Survival, Reputation, and Success (The Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics Series in Ethics and Lead)
030971: WIDDOWS, P. F. - Lucan's Civil War
030447: WIER, ALBERT E., EDITOR - Miscellaneous Chamber Works
012333: WIER, ALBERT E., EDITOR - The Chamber Music of Beethoven (Longmans Miniature Arrow Score Series)
019167: WIER, ALBERT E., EDITOR - The Days of Marsick and Sitt (The Violist's Music Shelf Volume 8)
012334: WIER, ALBERT, EDITOR - The Chamber Music of Mozart (The Longmans Miniature Arrow Score series)
025146: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM;WIESEMAN, MARJORIE E.;ARONSON, JULIE - Perfect Likeness: European And American Portrait Miniatures from the Cincinnati Art Museum
028576: WIESEMANN, FALK - Genizah: Hidden legacies of the German village Jews (German Edition)
032991: V.B. WIGGLESWORTH - Principles of Insect Physiology
030602: WIGGLESWORTH, SIR VINCENT B. - The Principles of Insect Physiology
026328: WIGMORE, RICHARD - Schubert The Complete Song Texts
029145: WIJAYA, MADE - Tropical Garden Design
032685: WIK, REYNOLD M. - Benjamin Holt and Caterpillar: Tracks and Combines
032303: LEONIE VON WILCKENS - Mansions in Miniature: Four Centuries of Dolls' Houses (A Studio book)
029881: WILCOX, R. TURNER - The Mode in Hats and Headdress
032615: WILDE, IRMA - Merry Christmas Mr. Snowman!
033628: WILDE, OSCAR - The Ballad of Reading Goal
033481: BRIAN WILDSMITH - Fishes
032260: WILDSMITH, BRIAN - Pelican
032157: WILHELM, RICHARD - A Short History of Chinese Civilization
031468: WILKINS, MARILYN - California dye plants
029217: WILKINSON, JAMES JOHN GARTH - Revelation Mythology Correspondences
033625: JOANNA WILLIAMS - The Two-Headed Deer: Illustrations of the Ramayana in Orissa (California Studies in the History of Art)
031177: WILLIAMS, JOE - Woolaroc
031180: WILLIAMS, KEITH - The Cat Lovers Photograph Album
033556: TENNESSEE WILLIAMS - Notebooks - Tennessee Williams
027878: WILLIAMS, PAUL R. - New Homes for Today
033012: WILLIAMS, RICHARD - The Animator's Survival Kit
030827: WILLIAMS, PETER - J. S. Bach: A Life in Music
029606: WILLIAMS, DAVID M., AND FOREY, PETER L., EDITORS - Milestones in Systematics
015250: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, RALPH - Five Mystical Songs for Baritone Solo, Chorus (ad lib) and Orchestra
030733: RON WILLIAMS - San Francisco's Native "Sissy" Son
033311: WILLIAMSON, HAROLD F. - Winchester The Gun That Won the West
033599: DOUGLAS WILLIS - The Story of Crofting in Scotland
030744: WILLMOT, JOYCE R.; WILLMOT, JOYCE - Lace Flowers and How to Make Them
004759: WILLSON, DAVID HARRIS - The Privy Councillors in the House of Commons 1604-1629
028102: WILMERDING, JOHN. - American Light: The Luminist Movement 1850-1875, Paintings, Drawings, Photographs.
030953: WILSHIRE, KEN - Sal's Story A Biographical Look at the Life and Paintings of Salvatore Palazzolo 1909-2012
029590: WILSON, JOHN LYDE - The Code of Honor or Rules for the Government of Principals and Seconds in Duelling
030671: WILSON, LAURA - Hutterites of Montana
018256: WILSON, MELZIE - They Came to Locust Grove: The Saga of the Clark and Croghan Families Who Influenced the Growth of Kentucky and Our Nation
032736: WILSON, LONNIE - How To Implement Lean Manufacturing, Second Edition
024780: WHITAKER-WILSON, C. - Franz Schubert Man and Composer
032093: WILSON, COLONEL, EDITOR - Picturesque Palestine Sinai and Egypt (in 2 volumes)
030325: WILSON, EVA - 8000 Years of Ornament: An Illustrated History of Motifs
033699: L. D. EBERHART; R. L. WILSON - The Deringer in America, Volume I - The Percussion Period
025548: WILSON, B.F. - The Growing Tree
027360: WILSON, EDWARD - Diary of the 'Discovery' Expedition to the Antarctic 1901-1904
033772: ROSEMARY CRILL; JENNIFER WEARDEN; VERITY WILSON - Dress in Detail From Around the World
032512: WILSON, BARBARA KER - Fairy Tales of Mexico
026469: WILSON, HELEN VAN PELT, EDITOR - The Joy of Flower Arranging
025403: WILSON, HUGH D.;GALLOWAY, TIM - Field Guide : Stewart Island Plants
022879: WILSON, MARK, EDITOR - Objective Measurement: Theory into Practice Volume 1
033818: WILSON, KATHARINE - Golden Gate the Park of a Thousand Vistas
033352: ANDREW WILTON - Turner and the Sublime
016587: WINDER, R.B.;ZIADEH, FARHAT J. - Introduction to Modern Arabic
030645: WINDSOR, GUY - The Swordsman's Companion: A Modern Training Manual for the Medieval Longsword
033649: WING, R.L. - The I Ching Workbook
031445: WINGWALL, ALICE - Building Blocks
027895: WINKLER, FRANZ EMIL - For freedom destined: Mysteries of man's evolution in the mythology of Wagner's Ring operas and Parsifal
025018: WINKS, ROBIN W., EDITOR - The Historiography of the British Empire Commonwealth Trends, Interpretations, and Resources
029027: WINSPEAR, JACQUELINE - Leaving Everything Most Loved (Maisie Dobbs)
029984: WINTERSTEIN, CHRISTIAN - Goldgulden von Basel
031124: WIRTH, KURT - Drawing A Creative Process
032779: WISLER, GAIL C. - How to Control Orchid Viruses: The Complete Guidebook
032110: WISTER, OWEN - Red Men and White
031513: BIGG-WITHER, RUTH - Cameos from a Lace Cupboard
033157: WITHNER, CARL L., EDITOR - The Orchids A Scientific Survey
025032: WOELFLE, GRETCHEN - Jeannette Rankin: Political Pioneer
031178: WOLF, NORBERT - Still Life (Taschen's 25th Anniversary Special Edition)
021050: WOLFART, H. CHRISTOPH - Bibliography of Algonquian Linguistics
032941: JOHN OLIVER HAND; MARTHA WOLFF - Early Netherlandish Painting (National Gallery of Art Systematic Catalogues)
033184: WOLFF, THEODORE F. - Enrico Donati The Most Recent Work
026419: WOLFF, TOBIAS - The Liar
025640: WOLFF, JANE - Delta Primer: A Field Guide to the California Delta
026503: HAGENEY WOLFGANG - Decorative ornament. Vol. 3
024482: WOLFSON, ELLIOT R. - Circle in the Square: Studies in the Use of Gender in Kabbalistic Symbolism
033655: MILTON WOLPIN - Recent Practice and Theory (Imagery)
031236: WOOD, IAN A. - On Patrol with the B.C.O.F. in Japan
031701: WOOD, DONALD ALAN; TANAKA, TERUHISA; CHANCE, FRANK - Echizen: Eight Hundred Years of Japanese Stoneware
024363: WOODS, DAVID LEE - Cruising Historic San Francisco Bay with FDR's Presidential Yacht Potomac
031344: WOODS, SYLVIA - Songs Of The Harp: 20 Songs About Harps and Harpers
031622: ROBERT WOODWARD - VEIL: The Secret Wars of the CIA 1981-1987
029013: VANN WOODWARD, C. - The Battle for Leyte Gulf
032670: WOODWARD, N.R. - The Glass Insulator in America
031291: JON WORONOFF - Japanese Social Crisis
030522: WORRALL, JOHN D., EDITOR - Safety and the Workforce Incentives and Disincentives in Workers' Compensation
031882: FRANK E. WRENICK - The Streamline Era Greyhound Terminals: The Architecture of W.S. Arrasmith
033666: CLIFFORD A. WRIGHT - A Mediterranean Feast: The Story of the Birth of the Celebrated Cuisines of the Mediterranean from the Merchants of Venice to the Barbary Corsairs, with More than 500 Recipes
031173: WRIGHT, WILL - Sixguns and Society
029252: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Native Son
032948: WRIGHT, D.H. - The Date of the Leningrad Bede Revue Benedictine
032910: WRIGHT, DARE - Edith & Mr. Bear A Lonely Doll Story
032209: FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT - Truth Against the World: Frank Lloyd Wright Speaks for an Organic Architecture
032657: WRIGHT, JAMES A. - No More Gallant a Deed: A Civil War Memoir of the First Minnesota Volunteers (Great Lakes Connections: The Civil War)
033143: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - The Future of Architecture
028782: WRIGHT, MRS. FRANK LLOYD (OLGIVANNA) - The Roots of Life
031034: WRIGHT, DOREEN - Bobbin lace making
028825: WRIGHT, OLGIVANNA LLOYD - Frank Lloyd Wright His Life His Work His Words
032456: WRIGHT, JAMES W. A. - The Lost Cement Mine
031295: WRIGHT, LOUIS B. - The First Gentlemen of Virginia Intellectual Qualities of the Early Colonial Ruling class
023829: WROTH, WILILAM - Ute Indian Arts & Culture: From Prehistory to the New Millennium
032269: WROTH, WILLIAM - Christian Images in Hispanic New Mexico: The Taylor Museum Collection of Santos
033516: WU, NORBERT - Splendors of the Seas The Photographs of Norbert Wu
032782: SULAMITH WULFING - Lovers Oracle
028528: SULAMITH WULFING - Angel Oracle
018763: VAN DER WYK, JACK - Whirlwind Mallet Method
020885: XIE, HUAN ZHANG - The Scientific Basis of Qigong
029584: XIRAU, RAMON, INTRODUCTION - Arte Prehispanico de Mexico Coleccion Rufino Tamayo
033316: YABRO, CONNIE HENKE - Cancer Symptom Management
033763: YAM, LIM BIAN - The Eye of the Flower Arranger
020688: YAMADA, NAKABA - Ghenko: The Mongol Invasion of Japan
027764: YAMAMOTO, TSUNETOMO - The Hagakure, The: Code to the Way of the Samurai
022348: YAMASHITA, KIYOHIDE - Wonderful Japan in Pictures
029273: YAMASHITA, KAREN TEI - I Hotel
031686: YANAGI, SOETSU - Mingei: Masterpieces of Japanese Folkcraft
033528: YANAGI, SOETSU - The Unknown Craftsman A Japanese Insight into Beauty
032898: BELLE YANG - Baba: A Return to China Upon My Father's Shoulders
030197: YAPP, NICK - 150 Years of Photo Journalism, Vol. 1
026139: YARBRO, CHELSEA QUINN - Time of the Fourth Horseman
032869: A TEPEE IN HIS FRONT YARD - Drury, Clifford M.
027940: YATES, T. E - Venn and Victorian bishops abroad: The missionary policies of Henry Venn and their repercussions upon the Anglican episcopate of the colonial period 1841-1872 (Studia missionalia Upsaliensia)
031931: YEATMAN, ANNA - Postmodern Revisionings of the Political (Thinking Gender)
030540: MICHAEL C. F PROCTOR; PETER YEO - The pollination of flowers (The New naturalist; a survey of British natural history)
033630: WAI-LIM YIP - Ezra Pound's "Cathay" (Princeton Legacy Library)
033256: YOLEN, JANE - Girl Who Cried Flowers
031294: YONEKURA, SEIICHIRO - The Japanese Iron and Steel Industry, 1850-1990: Continuity and Discontinuity (Studies in the Modern Japanese Economy)
030347: YONEMURA, ANN - Yokohama Prints from Nineteenth-Century Japan
031106: YOOD, JAMES; OLDKNOW, TINA - William Morris: Animal/Artifact
033856: ISAO YOSHIKAWA - Building Bamboo Fences
029188: YOSHIMURA, YUJI AND HALFORD, GIOVANNA M. - The Japanese Art of Miniature Trees and Landscapes Their Creation, Care, and Enjoyment
031948: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! - Seuss, Dr.
032297: YOUMANS, VANCE JOSEPH - The Plough and the Pen: Paul S. Gross and the Establishment of the Spokane Hutterite Colony
030595: YOUNG, M. D. - Sustainable Investment and Resource Use: Equity, Environmental Integrity and Economic Efficiency
032162: YOUNG, VICTOR - Ships of Wellington: The Past 50 Years
032139: YOUNT, LISA - Frontier of Freedom: African Americans in the West (Library of African-American History)
028374: YUEY, JOE - Song and Yuan Porcelains from the Hall of the Twenty Rarities
030217: YUN, CHANG-SOP - Hanguk ui konchuk =: Korean architecture (Korean Edition)
033782: YUSUF, HAMZA - The Creed of Imam Al-Tahawi
030759: ZADEH, FAY - My Life and Travels With the Father of Fuzzy Logic
032896: ZAMBUCKA, KRISTIN - Princess Kaiulani: The Last Hope of Hawaii's Monarchy
032546: ZANE, THOMAS L., EDITOR - Bonsai Manual for Appreciating, Judging and Buying Bonsai
029369: ZAREN, ANANDA - Materia Medica Core Elements of the Materia Medica of the Mind
030505: ZAWITZ, RICHARD X.; TEXT BY JONATHAN THOMSON - Richard X Zawitz: Infinity and Tao
027150: ZAWODNY, J. K.;ZAWODNY, JANUSZ KAZIMIERZ - Nothing but Honour: The Story of the Warsaw Uprising, 1944
032999: ROGER ZELAZNY - The Illustrated Roger Zelazny
029755: ZELEVANSKY, LYNN - Beyond Geometry: Experiments in Form, 1940s-1970s
031381: ERNESTINE KOPP; VITTORINA ROLFO; BEATRICE ZELIN - New Fashion Areas for Designing Apparel Through the Flat Pattern (Textbook of the Fit-Fairchild Series)
032365: ZEMITIS, MARTINS ROBERTS - Violin Varnish and Coloration
033378: HE ZHANG - The Fossils of China
027055: LUO GUAN ZHONG - Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume II
027056: LUO GUAN ZHONG - Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume I
016378: ZIMMERMAN, JANE - An Encyclopedia of 375 Needlepoint Stitch Variations
027873: ZIMMERMAN, JANE D. - Encyclopedia of 375 Needlepoint Stitch Variations
026238: ZIMMERMAN, JANE D. - An Encyclopedia of 276 Needlepoint Stitch Variations
033790: ELIZABETH ZIMMERMANN - The Opinionated Knitter
033218: ZION, ROBERT L. - Trees for Architecture and the Landscape
031334: ZOEST, ROB VAN - Huis Schuylenburch (Dutch Edition)
028928: DE ZOETE, BERYL - Dance & Drama in Bali
022806: ZOHRAP, GRIGOR - Voice of Conscience
032376: ZOLA, GARY PHILLIP - Isaac Harby of Charleston, 1788-1828: Jewish Reformer and Intellectual (Judaic Studies Series)
024847: ZONIS, MARVIN - Majestic Failure: The Fall of the Shah
031790: ZSOLNAI, LASZLO - Beyond Self: Ethical and Spiritual Dimensions of Economics (Frontiers of Business Ethics)
028455: VICTOR ZUCKERKANDL - Man the Musician (Bollingen Series (General))
033604: STEFANO ZUFFI - Michelangelo, the Sistine Chapel (Rizzoli Quadrifolio)
019925: ZUKOWSKY, JOHN, EDITOR - The Architecture of Von Gerkan, Marg + Partners
019919: ZUKOWSKY, JOHN, EDITOR - Chicago Architecture 1872-1922: Birth of a Metropolis
023712: ZWEIG, ARNOLD - The Case of Sergeant Grischa

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