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016335: COUPERIN, FRANCOIS - Harpsichord Pieces
033346: COUSINS, NORMAN - Who Speaks for Man?
019535: COWARD, NOEL - Pretty Polly and Other Stories
033788: FLEUR COWLES - The Best of Flair
034161: JOY COWLEY - The meanies came to school
017928: COWPER, WILLIAM - The Correspondence of William Cowper Arranged in Chronological Order (Volume IV)
034015: JOHN P. COX - Theory of Stellar Pulsation. (PSA-2) (Princeton Series in Astrophysics)
031151: CRAFTON, DONALD - History of the American Cinema: The Talkies: American Cinema's Transition to Sound, 1926-1931
032211: CRAIG, LOIS A.; FEDERAL ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT, STAFF OF THE - The Federal Presence: Architecture, Politics, and Symbols in U.S. Government Building
032709: CRAIK, DINAH MARIA MULOCK - The Little Lame Prince and The Adventures of a Brownie
034208: DINAH CRAIK - Fairy Tales from Many Lands
031737: CRAVEN, WAYNE - American Art: History and Culture
021549: CRAWFORD, THOMAS EDGAR (JEFF C. DYKES, EDITOR) - The West of the Texas Kid 1881-1910
033742: JAE C. CHOE; BERNARD J. CRESPI - The Evolution of Mating Systems in Insects and Arachnids
030315: CRESPO, GEORGE L. - How the Sea Began: A Taino Myth
034457: PHILIP DAVID ZELAZO; MICHAEL CHANDLER; EVELINE CRONE - Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience (Jean Piaget Symposia Series)
034370: SEAN CRONIN - Irish Nationalism: A History of Its Roots and Ideology
021958: CROOK, JOHN - Law and Life of Rome
031108: CROSBY, RANICE W.; CODY, JOHN - Max Brödel: The Man Who Put Art Into Medicine
016521: CROSMAN, INGE KARALUS - Metaphoric Narration: The Structure and Function of Metaphors in A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu
023831: CROUCH, STEVE - Desert Country
030461: CROUSE, D.E. - The Ohio Gateway
028930: CROW, THOMAS E. - Painters and Public Life in Eighteenth-Century Paris
032993: THOMAS CROW - Painters and Public Life in Eighteenth-Century Paris
031060: CROWDER, MICHAEL - The Flogging of Phinehas McIntosh: A Tale of Colonial Folly and Injustice : Bechuanaland 1933
033011: CRUMB, ROBERT - Artistic Comics A Special Issue Made up Entirely of Excerpts from the Secret Sketchbooks of R. Crumb!
030843: CRUMMET, P.S., AND FREEMAN, P.S. - Button Guide Book no. 1 Their Manufacture, Use on Costumes, and Collectible Types
025711: CRUMP, SPENCER - Ride the Big Red Cars: How Trolleys Helped Build Southern California
031487: JAMES A. CRUTCHFIELD - Arizona Biltmore: Jewel Of The Desert
031952: ANNE J. CRUZANNE J. CRUZ, MARY ELIZABETH PERRY - Cultural Encounters: The Impact of the Inquisition in Spain and the New World (Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA)
013672: CSORBA, CSABA, ESTOK, JANOS, AND SALAMON, KONRAD - Illustrated History of Hungary
034000: CUBBON, WILLIAM, EDITOR - A Bibliiographical Account of Works Relating to the Isle of Man (in two volumes)
031005: CUITO, AURORA - Lofts Minimalistas/Minimalist Lofts (Spanish Edition)
034012: AURORA CUITO - Mario Botta: Archipockets
016098: CULLATHER, NICK;GLEIJESES, PIERO - Secret History: The C.I.A.'s Classified Account of Its Operations in Guatemala, 1952-1954
033489: CULLIMORE, CLARENCE - Santa Barbara Adobes
028134: CUMMING, ALAN - Not My Father's Son: A Memoir
033553: CUMMINGS, E.E. - Six Nonlectures
033242: JOE CUMMINGS - Buddhist Stupas in Asia: The Shape of Perfection (Lonely Planet Pictorial)
020217: CUNLIFFE, BARRY W. - Excavations at Portchester Castle, 1961-1971 Vol. II: Saxon
033385: CUNLIFFE, BARRY - Iron Age Communities in Britain An Account of England, Scotland and Wales from the Seventh Century BC until the Roman Conquest
033337: ROBERT CUREDALE - Design Thinking: process and methods manual
028141: CURRENT, ANGELLA - Breaking Barriers: An African-American Family and the Methodist Story
029613: CURTIS, BILL - Human Factors in Software Development
030941: CURTISS, SARAH J. - Everything Is
031671: ERNST ROBERT CURTIUS - European Literature and the Latin Middle Ages (Bollingen Series XXXVI)
024748: CUSACK, VICTOR A., AND WHITNEY, HARRSON LEWIS - A Symbol of Los Angeles The history of the Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport 1952-1961
031822: CUSHMAN, DAN - Stay Away, Joe
028565: CUTMORE, M. - The Pocket Watch Handbook
033409: PROFESSOR EMERITUS CARROLL L. RILEY PH.D.; BASIL C. HEDRICK PH.D. - Across the Chichimec Sea: Papers in Honor of J. Charles Kelley
032891: JACOBSON PH.D., DR. TIMOTHY C. - Making Medical Doctors: Science and Medicine at Vanderbilt since Flexner (History Amer Science & Technol)
033044: DAHL, ROALD - Fantastic Mr Fox
029365: DAHL, ROALD - Boy
033533: DAHLGREN, KARI - The Fisher Collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
031786: PIERRE DAIX - Cubists & Cubism
033427: DALTON, O.M. - The Treasure of the Oxus with other examples of Early Oriental Metal-work
032773: DAMASE, JACQUES - Carriages
034222: JACQUES DAMASE - Sonia Delaunay: Fashion and Fabrics
033160: MISCHA DAMJAN - December's Travels
030009: DANCO, JULIANA AND DUMITRU - La Peinture Paysanne sur Verre de Roumanie
034217: DAVID FASSLER; KIMBERLY DANFORTH - Coming to America: The Kids' Book About Immigration
025044: OHNHEISER DANIÈLE - Voyage à Rome
033324: DANIELS, DIANA L. AND LINHARES, PHILIP E. AND FRANK, PATRICK - Clayton Bailey's World of Wonders
032259: DANIELS, ALFRED - Drawing for fun
028361: DANTE, ALIGHIERI - Purgatorio: Second Book of the Divine Comedy (California Dante)
033395: DARBY, GENE - Leonard Equals Einstein
020286: DARLING, J.S., PREFACE AND NOTES - A Jefferson Music Book: Keyboard Pieces, Some with Violin Accompaniment
031785: DAVAL, JEAN LUC - Avant-garde art, 1914-1939
033672: MICHAEL DAVES - Young Readers Book of Christian Symbolism
029247: DAVID, RANDOLPH - Silence
029688: DAVIDSON, LOUIS - Trumpet Profiles
031089: DAVIDSON, BASIL RISBRIDGER - Scenes from the Anti-Nazi War
030449: DAVIDSON, WILLIAM M. - The Cardinal Cross An X-Ray of the Soul
021400: DAVIES, J.K. - Democracy and Classical Greece
034272: DAVIS, E.E. - Apparel Design Pattern Grading
027148: DAVIS, HARRY - The Art of Tasha Tudor
034274: DAVIS, BRUSE - Made In L.A. The Prints of Cirrus Editions
032323: DAVIS, ALISON - Salmonberry Blossoms in the New Year Some Cultural Significant Plants of the Haisla known to occur within the Greater Kitlope Ecosystem
031358: DAVIS, KORTRIGHT, AND FARAJAJE-JONES, ELIAS - African Creative Expressions of the Divine
029345: MARIAMNA DAVYDOFF - Memoirs of a Russian Lady: Drawings and Tales of Life Before the Revolution
034320: DAWSON, ROBERT - What We Share Photographic Projects 1984-1008
034090: ALASTAIR G. DAWSON - Ice Age Earth: Late Quaternary Geology and Climate (Physical Environment)
031496: DAY, DAVID - A Tolkien Bestiary
022322: O'DAY, ROSEMARY - Education and Society, 1500-1800: The Social Foundations of Education in Early Modern Britain
019648: DEAN, BERYL - Ecclesiastical Embroidery
017310: DEAN, DAVID - The Thirties: Recalling the English Architectural Scene
026490: DEAN, DAVID;ROYAL INSTITUTE OF BRITISH ARCHITECTS - Architecture of the 1930s: Recalling the English Scene
034143: DEATHRIDGE, JOHN - Wagner's Rienzi A Reappraisal Based on a Study of the Sketches and Drafts
030965: DEAUX, KAY; PHILOG&232;NE, GINA - Representations of the Social: Bridging Theoretical Traditions
030584: DECANEAS, ANTONY; WASHBURN, BRADFORD; ACKLEY, CLIFFORD S. - Bradford Washburn: Mountain Photography
031873: DECKER, MALCOLM - Benedict Arnold Son of the Havens
025649: DEHKES, EVELYN S. - The Young Viking Warrior
029392: DEJARNETTE, M.B. - Cranial Techniques Participant Guide
021819: DELAPORTE, FRANÇOIS - Nature's Second Kingdom
023583: DELLUMS, RONALD V.;HALTERMAN, H. LEE - Lying Down With the Lions: A Public Life from the Streets of Oakland to the Halls of Power
028097: DELPIERRE, MADELEINE - Se vetir au XVIIIe siecle (French Edition)
031346: DELPIERRE, MADELEINE - L'Eventai: Miroir De La Belle Epoque (French Edition)
031470: DEMOTT, BARBARA - Dogon Masks A Structural Study of Form and Meaning
031857: OTTO DEMUS - Romanesque Mural Painting
031147: DENBOROUGH, DAVID - Collective Narrative Practice: Responding to Individuals, Groups and Communities Who Have Experienced Trauma
015457: DENNIS, EVERETTE E. - Justice Hugo Black and the First Amendment: 'No Law' Means No Law
032897: DENNY, NORMAN, AND FILMER-SANKEY, JOSEPHINE - The Bayeux Tapestry The Story of the Norman Conquest
032215: DENYER, SUSAN - African Traditional Architecture: An Historical and Geographical Perspective
032963: U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT - Traffic in Opium and other Dangerous Drugs
029023: DERBYSHIRE, DESMOND C. - Handbook of Amazonian Languages
032952: DERVEER, HELEN R. VAN - The Little Sallie Mandy Story Book
018923: DESMOND, WILLIAM - Being and the Between
031118: DETLOFF, VIRGINIA - Spring Index 1941-1979
034173: DEUTSCH, O.E. COMPILER - Schubert Thematic Catalogue of all his Works in Chronological Order
030262: DEUTSCHMAN, ALAN - A Tale of Two Valleys: Wine, Wealth and the Battle for the Good Life in Napa and Sonoma
033933: JEANNIE DEVA - The Contemporary Vocalist Improvement Course (Book & 4 CD Edition)
030471: DEVLIN, KEITH - Mathematics: The Science of Patterns: The Search for Order in Life, Mind and the Universe
023778: DEVOE, SHIRLEY SPAULDING - The Art of the Tinsmith English and American
032877: DEVOE, SHIRLEY SPAULDING - English Papier-Mache of the Georgian and Victorian Periods
030581: GRETA DEVOS - Katoen Natie 150 Years - Part 1: A Story of J-hooks, Pirrewitjes and Dray-horses
031021: DIAMANT, ANITA - The Boston Girl: A Novel
028890: DIAMOND, JOHN, M.D. - The Life Energy in Music
033119: PATRICIA A. ROBERTSON; SUZANNE L. DIBBLE - Lesbian Health 101: A Clinician's Guide
030144: DIBBS, JOHN - Warbird Legends
027807: DICK, PHILIP K. - The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick
027892: DICK, PHILIP K. - Gather Yourselves Together
034121: DICK, PHILIP K. - Vulcan's Hammer Battle of the Brain Machines
028117: DICK, PHILIP K. - The Days of Perky Pat Collected Stories Volume Four
030156: DICKERMAN, GEORGE SHERWOOD - The Old Mount Carmel Parish Origins & Outgrowths
030138: DICKINSON, A. BRAY - Narrow Gauge to the Redwoods
033116: DICKS, H.V. - Marital Tensions: Clinical Studies Towards a Psychological Theory of Interaction (Maresfield Library)
029835: DIEPERSLOOT, JAN - Warriors of Stillness Meditative Traditions in the Chinese Martial Arts Volume 1
015315: DIGAETANI, JOHN LOUIS - Penetrating Wagner's Ring: An Anthology
019188: VAN DIJK, WIM L. - Petropolis 1958 (40 Desenhos a Pincel; 40 Brush Sketches)
024917: DILLON, RICHARD H. - San Francisco Adventurers and Visionaries
030240: DINESEN, ISAK - Isak Dinesen Herself: Telling Two Stories/the King's Letter/the Wine of the Tetrarch
033207: DINGILIAN, DER STEPANOS - Sketches from the Armenian Family Life: The Spousal Relationship
031482: DISNEY, WALT, AND BRUMBAUGH, FLORENCE - Donald Duck and His Nephews
020875: DIXON, JOHN MORRIS - The World Bank: Kohn Pedersen Fox and the Architecture of a Landmark Building
030582: DLUHOSCH, ERIC; SVACHA, ROSTISLAV - Karel Teige: L'Enfant Terrible of the Czech Modernist Avant-Garde
034439: BRYAN WILSON; KAREL DOBBELAERE - A Time to Chant: The Soka Gakkai Buddhists in Britain
031675: DOBSON, DAVID - Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607-1785
027918: DOBYNS, ZIPPORAH POTTENGER - Expanding Astrology's Universe
026674: DODDS, E.R., TRANSLATOR - Select Passages Illustrating Neoplatonism
029390: DOHERTY, RICHARD - Ireland's Generals in the Second World War
031474: DOISY, ADELBERT J. DE VILLARGENNESS - Army Life under Napoleon
030728: DOLEZ, ALBANE - Glass Animals: Thirty-Five Hundred Years of Artistry and Design
033264: SABINE DOMNICK - Cables, Diamonds, & Herringbone: Secrets of Knitting Traditional Fishermen's Sweaters
027674: SARAH DON - Art of Shetland Lace
033260: DONALD, DAVID - Lincoln's Herndon A Biography
027503: DONALD, DIANA AND MUNRO, JANE, EDITORS - Endless Forms: Charles Darwin, Natural Science, and the Visual Arts
034025: DONALDSON, BRYAN - Petey the Penguin and his Pink Pajamas
026877: DONHAM, DONALD L. (DONALD LEWIS) - Marxist Modern: An Ethnographic History of the Ethiopian Revolution
029256: DONLEAVY, J.P. - A Singular Man
034393: ANI PACHEN; ADELAIDE DONNELLEY - Sorrow Mountain: The Journey of a Tibetan Warrior Nun
030713: DENIS DONOGHUE - Who Says What and The Question of Voice (Princess Grace Irish Library) (The Princess Grace Irish Library Lectures Series)
019120: DORAISAMY, JOHN - Victoria Institution, the First Century, 1893-1993
024602: DORESKI, CAROLE;DORESKI, C.K. - Elizabeth Bishop: The Restraints of Language
032053: DORMER, PETER, INTRODUCTION - The Illustrated Dictionary of Twentieth Century Designers
030635: DORNEMANN, JOAN; CIACCIA, MARIA - Complete Preparation: A Guide to Auditioning for Opera
025749: DOUGLAS, WILLIAM A. - Developing Democracy
030016: DOULMAN, DAVID J. - Development of the Tuna Industry in the Pacific Islands Region an Analysis of Options
031657: DOW, S.; CHADWICK, J. - The Cambridge Ancient History (Fascicle): 70: The Linear Scripts and Tablets as Historical Documents
030556: DOWDE, JENNY - Freeformations: Design and Projects in Knitting and Crochet (Milner Craft Series)
025618: DOWSON, ERNEST - The Complete Lyrics of Ernest Dowson
029215: ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE - The Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The Four Novels and the Fifty-Six Short Stories Complete
030264: MARTIGNETTE DR., CHARLES G - The Great American Pin-Up (Jumbo Series)
031540: DRAKE, MICHAEL - Population and Society in Norway 1735-1865 (Cambridge Studies in Economic History)
032399: DREW, JESSE - A Social History of Contemporary Democratic Media
023105: DREWE, ROBERT - The Savage Crows
026946: DRURY, CLIFFORD M. - San Francisco YMCA 1853 1953 One Hundred Years by the Golden Gate
025528: DRUSE, KEN;DRUSE, KENNETH - The Natural Garden
028449: DRYFHOUT, JOHN, CURATOR - Augustus Saint-Gaudens The Portrait Reliefs
032708: MARGARET DENISE DUBIN - Seaweed, Salmon, and Manzanita Cider: A California Indian Feast
032414: DUBIN, LOIS SHERR - The History of Beads: From 30,000 B.C. to the Present
021243: DUBOIS, THEODORE - Douze Pieces Nouvelles
014847: DUBOIS, PIERRE MAX - Concertstuck Pour Saxophone Alto Et Piano
033088: DUCRET, S. - German Porcelain and Faience
032290: DUFF, WILSON - Images, stone, B.C: Thirty centuries of Northwest Coast Indian sculpture
029249: DUFFY, CLINTON T. - The San Quentin Story
028188: DUFFY, CLINTON T., WITH AL HIRSCHBERG - 88 Men and 2 Women
030579: NEIL DUFFY - The Spirit in the Stick
033127: DUFOUR, CHARLES L. - Nine Men in Gray
025636: DUFOUR, JOHN JAMES - The American Vine-Dresser's Guide
029557: DUGO, ANDRE - Pete the Crow
030808: DULAC, EDMUND - A Fairy Garland
031555: DUMAS, HILLARY - Trefoil Guls, Stars & Gardens An Exhibition of Early Oriental Carpets
027909: DUMM, THOMAS L. - Democracy and Punishment (Rhetoric of the Human Sciences)
021148: DUMMETT, CLIFTON O., AND LOUIS DOYLE - Charles Edwin Bentley: A Model for All Times
031183: DUNCAN, SHIRLEY - Two Wheels to Adventure Through Australia by Bicycle
026551: DUNCAN, ELSE S. - The Collector's First Handbook on Antique Chinese Ceramics
034329: DUNCAN, TERRY E. ET AL - An Introduction to Latent Variable Growth Curve Modeling Concepts, Issues, and Applications
034180: DUNCAN, KENN - Divas! The Fabulous Photography of Kenn Duncan: from the Billy Rose Theatre Division of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
028857: DUNCAN, MICHAEL - Post Surrealism
029777: DUNKERTON, JILL ET AL - Giotto to Durer Early Renaissance Painting in The National Gallery
029776: DUNKERTON, PROFESSOR JILL; FOISTER, PROFESSOR SUSAN; PENNY, DR. NICHOLAS - Durer to Veronese: Sixteenth-Century Painting in the National Gallery (National Gallery London Publications)
029652: DUNLAP, WILLIAM - History of the Rise and Progress of The Arts of Design in the United States Vol. II
033986: JOHN DUNN - Democracy: A History
030494: DUNNING, JOHN; RIDGELY, ROBERT S. - South American Birds: A Photographic Aid to Identification
033682: JOHN E. DUPONT - South Pacific Birds, 2nd Revised and Updated Edition
032969: GERARD DUROZOI - History of the Surrealist Movement
034195: CORDELL DURRELL - Geologic History of the Feather River Country, California
034043: DURST, SANFORD J. - Comprehensive Guide to American Colonial Coinage Its Origins, History and value
010905: DURU, G., AND PAELINCK, J.H.P., EDITORS - Econometrics of Health Care
034404: DUVOISIN, ROGER - Petunia
032150: VAN DUZER, THEODORE; TURNER, CHARLES W. - Principles of Superconductive Devices and Circuits (2nd Edition)
032105: MARK S.G. DYCZKOWSKI - The Doctrine of Vibration: An Analysis of the Doctrines and Practices of Kashmir Shaivism
030336: DYE, IRA - The Fatal Cruise of the Argus: Two Captains in the War of 1812
017818: VAN DYKE, MARJORIE R. - Exploration and Excavations At Sitio Con Dios Ranch Ruins
028527: WHITE EAGLE,EAGLE, WHITE - In der Stille liegt die Kraft: Das White Eagle-Orakel
033953: JOE EARLE - Netsuke (V.& A.Museum)
017937: EAST, MICHAEL (EDITED BY DONALD BEECHER) - Two Part Fancies, or Duos from the Seventh Set of Bookes (1638) for Two Bass Viols, Celli or bass Recorders
023129: EASTWOOD, C. CYRIL - The Hidden Way
031658: EBIN, DAVID, EDITOR - The Drug Experience First-person Accounts of Addicts, Writers, Scientists, and others
031497: EBNER, MICHAEL H. - Creating Chicago's North Shore: A Suburban History
033187: ECKSTEIN, GUSTAV - Canary The History of a Family
034362: CHRISTINE K. ECKSTROM - Penguin (Photobook)
026561: EDER, JAMES F. - On the Road to Tribal Extinction: Depopulation, Deculturation, and Maladaptation Among the Batak of the Philippines
013611: EDGEWORTH, MATT, EDITOR - Ethnographies of Archaeological Practice: Cultural Encounters, Material Transformations
031805: FRANCIS EDMUNDS - Anthroposophy: A Way of Life
031547: BARBER. EDWARD - In the City
032778: EDWARD, KENNTH LT. COMDR. - We Dive at Dawn
022067: CHARLES-EDWARDS, T.M. - Early Irish and Welsh Kinship
034214: EDWARDS, E.D., COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Dragon Book
031125: EDWARDS, ROBERT - Aston Martin: Ever the Thoroughbred
034092: RICHARD EDWARDS - Ore Deposit Geology and Its Influence on Mineral Exploration
028290: EDWARDS, AMELIA B. - A Thousand Miles Up the Nile V1
031635: EDWARDS, ELIZABETH - Anthropology and Photography, 1860-1920
013679: EDWARDS, ERNIE, JR. - Woody Herman (Volume 3 1959-1965): A Discography
032616: EFFENDI, SHOGHI, TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR - The Dawn-Breakers Nabil's Narrative of the Early Days of the Baha'i Revelation
026791: EGAN, JENNIFER - Look at Me
034040: EGAN, JOSEPH B. - Wings of Flame Everyday Fables
021528: TATE GALLERY;EGERTON, JUDY;EINBERG, ELIZABETH - The Age of Hogarth: British Painters Born 1675-1709
033513: DAVE EGGERS - Zeitoun
032832: ANN SEBRELL EHRINGHAUS - Ocracoke Portrait
031999: EHRMAN, BART D. - The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot: A New Look at Betrayer and Betrayed
034153: JULIA EICHELBERGER - Tell about Night Flowers: Eudora Welty's Gardening Letters, 1940-1949
028156: LUCILLE EICHENGREEN - From Ashes to Life: My Memories of the Holocaust
029362: EID, ALAIN; VIARD, MICHEL - Butterflies and Moths of the World
034433: VIACHESLAV EINGORN - A Rock-Solid Chess Opening Repertoire for Black
029604: EISEN, EUGENE J. - The Mouse in Animal Genetics And Breeding Research
033698: WILLIAM EISEN - The Essence Of The Cabalah: Tarot, Hebrew, English
028031: EISENBERG, ELLEN - Hommage a Baudelaire
033227: EISENBUD, JULE - The world of Ted Serios "Thoughtographic" Studies of an Extraordinary Mind
031226: EITNER, LORENZ; FRYBERGER, BETSY G.; OSBORNE, CAROL M. - The Drawing Collection
030706: ELDER, WILL - The Mad Playboy of Art
018180: ELGAR, EDWARD - Cello Concerto Op. 85 Cello and Piano (arranged By the composer)
025523: BOGDANOU-ELIOPOULOU, MARIA - Kalymnos Greek Traditional Architecture
034396: DAVID SUZUKI; SARAH ELLIS - Salmon Forest
030456: ELLIS, EDITH - Mary Jane's Pa A Play in Three Acts
029339: ELSEN, ALBERT EDWARD - The Gates of Hell by Auguste Rodin
030310: ELY, CAROL - Jewish Louisville Portrait of a Community
017200: EMBODEN, WILLIIAM A. - Leonardo Da Vinci on Plants and Gardens
033937: W. B. STEVENSON; J. A. EMERTON - Grammar of Palestinian Jewish Aramaic: with an Appendix on the Numerals by J.A. Emerton
027808: EMMERSON, KATHY, ET AL - The Eye for Minutia The Research Notes of Leigh Emmerson
032808: GAIL EMMONS - Leaf Manipulation: A Beginner's Guide to Working with Leaves in a Contemporary Way
034270: EMIL EMS - Stockholm/Brussels: a retrospective in fine prints [Swedish/English]
015168: ENGELHARDT, ZEPHYRIN - The Franciscans in California
033215: ENGLER, ROBERT - The Politics of Oil A Study of Private Power and Democratic Directions
033898: BARBARA EPSTEIN - The Minsk Ghetto 1941-1943: Jewish Resistance and Soviet Internationalism
024832: EPSTEIN, ANN WHARTON - Art of Empire: Painting and Architecture of the Byzantine Periphery A Comparative Study of Four Provinces
017330: ERARDI, JOHN; RHODES, GREG - Opening Day : Celebrating Cincinnati's Baseball Holiday
032273: ERGIL, DOGU - Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen Movement in 100 Questions
032089: ERICKSON, MILTON H. - Conversations with Milton H. Erickson, Volume I: Changing Individuals (Norton Professional Books)
028265: ESCH, MARY E.; GURUN, SEMA; VAN LEER, BRUCE - The Ottoman Lady: A Social History from 1718 to 1918 (Contributions in Women's Studies)
029089: ESHELMAN, BYRON - Death Row Chaplain
034058: DAVID ESTERLY - Grinling Gibbons and the Art of Carving
032033: ESTES, ELEANOR - Rufus M.
033562: ESTES, ELEANOR - Ginger Pye
031543: ESTEY, MILES - Reckoning at the Frontier
030232: ETHELL, JEFFREY - Aircraft Nose Art: From World War I to Today (Motorbooks Classics)
026927: ETLIN, RICHARD A. - The Architecture of Death: The Transformation of the Cemetery in Eighteenth-Century Paris
032686: EVANS, IVAN - Bureaucracy and Race: Native Administration in South Africa (Perspectives on Southern Africa)
023246: EVANS, LEE - Jazz Keyboard Harmony
032868: EVANS, MARIAM - When the Elephants Came
024228: EVANS, HENRY HERMAN - Botanical Prints with Excerpts from the Artist's Notebooks
024849: EVANS, HELEN C.;METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK, N.Y.) - Byzantium: Faith and Power (1261-1557)
022788: EVASHEVSKI, FOREST, AND NELSON, DAVID M. - Scoring Power with the Winged T Offense
032079: EVERSTINE, LOUIS - The Anatomy of Suicide Silence of the Heart
030106: MC EWAN, IAN - Amsterdam
028423: MICHAEL EWANS - Wagner and Aeschylus: The Ring and The Oresteia
033455: WILLIAM A. EWING - Masterclass: Arnold Newman
033232: SAINT-EXUPERY, ANTOINE DE - Wind, Sand and Stars
013898: EYLER, PAUL W., AND MILLER, RALPH F. - Wildflowers Lancaster County
033595: EFFIONG EYO - Surviving Chemistry One Concept at a Time: Guided Study Book - 2012 Revision: A Guided Study book and Workbook for high school chemistry
034064: JOSEP PALAU I FABRE - Picasso in Catalonia
025046: FABRIZIUS, PETER;FABRY, JOSEPH;KNIGHT, MAX;FABRY, JOSEPH B. - A Peter Fabrizius Reader: Selected Stories, Exilia, Verses, and Essays from Two Worlds
031633: KASDAN MD FACS, MORTON L. - Occupational Hand & Upper Extremity Injuries & Diseases, 2e
028304: FAERNA, JOSE MARIA - Mondrian Cameo (Great Modern Masters)
032451: FAGAN, BRIAN M., COMPILER - Archaeology of the Chapel Site Royal Presidio of Santa Barbara
032333: FAIRBANK, JOHN K., REISCHAUER, EDWIN O., AND CRAIG, ALERT M. - East Asia The Modern Transformation
031688: FAIRLEY, LINCOLN - Mount Tamalpais: A History
018597: FAIRLEY, T.C., EDITOR - Sverdrup's Arctic Adventures
025123: FAIRSTAR, MRS. - Memoirs of a London Doll Written by Herself
029539: ALAN DUNDES; ALESSANDRO FALASSI - La Terra in Piazza: An Interpretation of the Palio of Siena
031663: DORA LISCIA BEMPORAD; ANNAMARCELLA TEDESCHI FALCO - Tuscany: Jewish Itineraries: Places, History and Art
032668: FALES, JANE - Dressmaking
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033673: ROBERT FARBER - Classic Farber Nudes: Twenty Years of Photography
032800: FARBERMAN, HAROLD - The Art of Conducting Technique: A New Perspective
029906: LA FARGE, OLIVER - Cochise of Arizona (The Pipe of Peace is Broken)
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031880: FARRIS, STELLA - The Magic Teddy Bear
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034103: BELLO FATTO, ROBERTA - Home Decorating with Paper Flowers
026351: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Pylon
007782: FAURE, GABRIEL - Madrigal (Op. 35) for Chorus of Mixed Voices (S.A.T.B.) with Piano Accompaniment
028704: FAURE, GABRIEL (ED. ROY HOWAT) - Pavane Op. 50 for 2 Voices, Flute and Piano
025468: FAUVER, TONI - Wildflower Walks & Roads of the Sierra Gold Country
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026271: FEILD, RESHAD - The Last Barrier
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023848: FERRIER, GRACE BACON - Teacher, Teacher, I Done It! I Done It! I Done Done It!
029144: FERRIN, LESLIE - Teapots Transformed: Exploration of an Object
029954: FERRIS, JAMES CODY - The X Bar X Boys at Rustlers' Gap
029039: FERRIS, JAMES CODY - The X Bar X Boys at the Round-up
030351: FETHERSTON, DAVID - Woodys
030867: FEW, STEPHEN - Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten
009366: FICHTER, WILLIAM I. - Lope De Vega: El Sembrar En Buena Tierra: A Critical and Annotated Edition of the Autograph Manuscript
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031816: FIELD, STEPHEN J. - California Alcalde
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023084: FIGNER, VERA - Memoirs of a Revolutionist
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032047: FLAGG, ERNEST - The Parthenon Naos from the author's forthcoming book entitled The Recovery of Art
028359: FLAHERTY, DONALD L., ET AL - Grape Pest Management
026548: FLIEGER, WILHELM, AND SMITH, PETER C. - A Demographic Path to Modernity Patterns of Early-Transition in the Philippines
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013907: FODOR, EUGENE - Italy 1958 (Fodor's Modern Guides)
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031332: FOSTER, GENEVIEVE - The World Was Flooded with Light: A Mystical Experience Remembered
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026014: CALIFORNIA OAK FOUNDATION - Compatible Plants Under and Around Oaks
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031315: FOX, FRANCES MARGARET - Washington, D.C. The Nation's Capital A Book for Young People
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034485: SALLY FOY - The grand design: Form and colour in animals
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031322: KENNETH FRAMPTON - Santiago Calatrava: Ingenieur Architektur : Engineering Architecture
027276: FRANCILLON, RENE J. - McDonnell Douglas Aircraft since 1920
032953: FRANCIS, SALLY R. - The Puppy that Found a Home
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034148: HELEN FRANKENTHALER - Helen Frankenthaler
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022461: FRANKLIN, JERRY F. - The Forest Communities of Mount Rainier National Park
027516: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - Poor Richard's Almanack
026581: FRANKS, JAMES A. - Mary Fields The Story of Black Mary
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030458: FRASER, A.S., AND SHORT, B.F. - The Biology of the Fleece
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032074: FREDERICK, ROBERT - A Companion to Business Ethics
034296: DAVID A. FREEDMAN - Statistical Models: Theory and Practice
033572: FREELAND, J.M. - Melbourne Churches 1835-1851 An Architectural Record
033509: DAVID FREEMAN; YVONNE FREEMAN - Essential Linguistics: What You Need to Know to Teach Reading, ESL, Spelling, Phonics, and Grammar
033943: MARGARET B. FREEMAN - The Unicorn Tapestries
032021: FREEMAN, MARK - Reaching for the sky: New York, 1928-1932 : drawings and prints
034225: FREESE, FRANK - Elementary Statistical Methods for Foresters
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032069: FRERE, PAUL - The Racing Porsches A Technical Triumph
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016128: FRIEDLANDER, LEE - Flowers and Trees
034098: ANDREW FRIEDMAN - Nutritional and Toxicological Significance of Enzyme Inhibitors in Foods (NATO Asi Series. Series B, Physics) (Vol 199)
033244: ALICE FRIEDMAN - Women and the Making of the Modern House
030479: FRIEDMAN, CLINTON - Subtraction
034304: THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN - Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America
032571: HER PSYCHATRIST-FRIEND - Violations of the Child Marilyn Monroe
032642: FRIEND, DONALD - The cosmic turtle: Batujimbar, Bali
031463: SOCIETY OF FRIENDS - Inventory of the Church Archives of Rhode Island Society of Friends
028318: PAMELA FRIERSON - The Burning Island: A Journey Through Myth and History in Volcano Country, Hawaii
030477: FRIKINS, PETER - The Australians in Nine Wars. Waikato to Long Tan
031020: FRISBY, DAVID - Fragments of Modernity: Theories of Modernity in the Work of Simmel, Kracauer and Benjamin (Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought)
032324: FRITZSCH, KARL EWALD - An illustrated history of German toys
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033575: MICHAEL FROSTICK - Jaguar Tradition
033973: FRUMKIN, GENE, EDITOR - Coastlines Spring 1960 The Non-Existent City
022489: FRUTON, JOSEPH S. - Molecules and Life: Historical Essays on the Interplay of Chemistry and Biology
029940: FRY, WALTER, AND WHITE, JOHN R. - Big Trees
027614: FRYBERGER, BETSY G. - Gavarni Prints from the Collection of R.E. Lewis
021432: FRYDE, E.B., AND MILLER, EDWARD, EDITORS - Historical Studies of the English Parliament
028739: FRYE, MELINDA YOUNG AND L. THOMAS - Natives & Settlers Indian and Yankee Culture in Early California
031172: FUERY, MIKE - Capt. Mike Fuery's New Florida Shelling Guide featuring Sanibel, Captive & many other barrier islands
034342: FUJITA, MASAHISA - Urban Economic Theory Land Use and City Size
031601: DENNIS FUKAI - Being SUSTAINABLE: Building Systems Performance
033564: FUKUDA, KEINICHI - Sunny Origami The Life of Buddha
031143: FULLER, DIANA BURGESS; SALVIONI, DANIELA - Art/Women/California, 1950–2000: Parallels and Intersections (San Jose Museum of Art)
008773: FURNIVALL, FREDERICK J., EDITOR - Loose and Humorous Songs from Bishop Percy's Folio Manuscript
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032848: HUC AND GABET (EDITORS SIR E. DENISON ROSS AND EILEEN POWER) - Travels in Tartary Thibet and China 1844-1846 (in two volumes)
033751: ROBERT GABRICK - Autocar Trucks 1899-1950 Photo Archive
028785: GAGE, JOHN - Color and Culture: Practice and Meaning from Antiquity to Abstraction (Color & Culture)
024434: GAGE, MAXWELL - Legends in the Rocks : An Outline of New Zealand Geology
033664: HOWARD REICH; WILLIAM M. GAINES; WILLIAM GAINES - Jelly's Blues: The Life, Music, And Redemption Of Jelly Roll Morton
032149: GAIR, JAMES W. - Studies in South Asian Linguistics: Sinhala and Other South Asian Languages
028575: GALINOU, MIREILLE, EDTOR - London's Pride: The Glorious History of the Capital's Gardens
033803: PRINCE GEORGE GALITZINE - Imperial Splendour: The Palaces and Monasteries of Old Russia
032479: GALLARD, BABETTE; CHINN, PAUL - LightFoot Guide to the via Francigena Edition 4 (Black and White) - Besançon to Vercelli
032477: GALLARD, BABETTE; CHINN, PAUL - LightFoot Guide to the via Francigena Edition 4 (Black and White) - Canterbury to Besançon
021538: GALLER, MEYER - Soviet Prison Camp Speech: A Surviver's Glossary
034144: JOHN BERGGRUEN GALLERY - Helen Frankenthaler Paintings 1961-1973
034218: JOHN BERGGRUEN GALLERY - Abstract and Figurative Highlights of Bay Area Painting
033844: FRANCESCA GALLERY - Indian Miniatures Textile Art
031420: GALLMAN, J. MATTHEW - Receiving Erin's Children Philadelphia, Liverpool, and the Irish Famine Migration 1845-1855
033521: GALVIN, JOHN, EDITOR - The First Spanish Entry into San Francscio Bay 1775
034413: N. W. GALWEY - Introduction to Mixed Modelling: Beyond Regression and Analysis of Variance
029642: GAMBLE, ROBERT S. - Sully The Biography of a House
031150: GARAGIOLA, JOE - Baseball is a Funny Game
032335: CECILIA GARCIA - Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West: Cultural and Scientific Basis for Their Use
033300: JOHN F. GARDEN - Nicholas Morant's Canadian Pacific
031524: THE WOMEN'S GARDEN AND ART CLUB OF THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA - The Art of Classical Chinese Flower Arrangement
027751: JASON GARDNER - A Flower in the Mouth: The Beauty and Burden of Carnaval in Pernambuco, Brazil
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033714: JOHN GARDNER - In the Suicide Mountains
034357: JOHN A. WISE; V. DAVID HOPKIN; DANIEL J. GARLAND - Handbook of Aviation Human Factors (Human Factors in Transportation Series)
032627: GARMAN, SAMUEL - The Plagiostomia: Sharks, skates, and rays
029132: GARRARD, MARY D. - Artemisia Gentileschi around 1622: The Shaping and Reshaping of an Artistic Identity (The Discovery Series)
031043: GARSON, EUGENIA - The Laura Ingalls Wilder Songbook: Favorite Songs from the Little House Books
016779: GASCOIGNE, S.C.B.;ROBINS, M.O.;PROUST, K.M. - The Creation of the Anglo-Australian Observatory
024197: GASH, JONATHAN - Pearlhanger
033846: RICHARD E. LINGENFELTER; KAREN RIX GASH - The Newspapers Of Nevada: A History And Bibliography, 1854-1979
030305: GASSENDI, PIERRE; GUIEU, GASTON - Initiation à la théorie de la musique
032317: GATES, DAVID - The Spanish Ulcer: A History of the Peninsular War
030486: WILLARD B. GATEWOOD JR. - "Smoked Yankees" and the Struggle for Empire: Letters from Negro Soldiers, 1898-1902
033903: GREG GATZ - Complete Conditioning for Soccer (Complete Conditioning for Sports)
033364: GAUGUIN, PAUL - Noa Noa Voyage to Tahiti
032114: GAY, ROMNEY - Romney Gay's Big Picture Book Rhymes and Pictures of Children at Play
032838: GAYLE, MARGOT, LOOK, DAVID. W, AND WAITE, JOHN G. - Metals in America's Historic Buildings Uses and Preservation Treatments
031501: GEBHARD, DAVID; PERES, ANTHONY - Robert Stacy-Judd: Maya Architecture and the Creation of a New Style
034177: GEISSMAR, BERTA - The Baton and the Jackboot Recollections of a Musical Life
023547: VAN GELDER, LYDIA - Ikat
033921: MARK TRUEBLOOD; RUSSELL GENET - Telescope Control
032471: GENIRBERG, SAM - Among the Enemy: Hiding in Plain Sight in Nazi Germany
034369: GEORGE, NELSON - Deep in the Groove Rhino R & B
034328: GEORGE, ALEXANDER L. - Praganda Analysis A Study of Inferences Made from Nazi Propaganda in World War II
027578: GEORGE, J.C., AND BERGER, A.J. - Avian Myology
033896: ANDREW ARATO; EIKE GEPHARDT - The Essential Frankfurt School Reader
026443: GERARD, JAMES W. - My Four Years in Germany
031909: GERASSI, JOHN - The Premature Antifascists: North American Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39 : An Oral History
027945: SAINT GERAUD (WILLIAM KNOTT) - The Naomi Poems: Corpse and Beans
023002: GERBRANDT, CARL - Sacred Music Drama: The Producer's Guide
031473: GERDES, DICK - Mario Vargas Llosa
019910: VON GERKAN, MARG UND PARTNER;LEIPZIGER MESSE - Neue Messe Leipzig/New Trade Fair Leipzig
034116: MIR GHOLAM MOHAMMAD GHOBAR - Afghanistan in the Course of History, Volume Two
014221: GIAMARIO, DANIEL - The Lineage of the Soul (The Moon Material) Two Audiotapes
014222: GIAMARIO, DANIEL - The Spectrum of Masculinity: The Emerging Male Mysteries
032541: GIBSON, ARRELL MORGAN, EDITOR - Search for the Purebloods
033394: ARISTOPHANES; FLO GIBSON (NARRATOR) - Four Greek Comedies: The Birds, The Frogs, The Clouds and The Peace (Classic Books on Cassette Collection) [UNABRIDGED] (Classic Books on Cassettes Collection)
018968: GIDDINGS, PATRICIA;SHULMAN, JULIUS;TOLAND, JAMES;MCFADDEN, MICHAEL - Edward Paul Giddings: Art and Architecture of Passion
032378: GIDEON, S. - The Eternal Present The Beginnings of Architecture
030150: GIDMARK, DAVID - Building a Birchbark Canoe The Algonquin Wabanaki Teiman
032717: GIFFEN, GUY J. - California Expedition Stevenson's Regiment of First New York Volunteers
033448: GIGER, H.R. - H.R. Giger's Necronomicon
032564: GIKATILLA, RABBI JOSEPH - Gates of Light: Sha'are Orah (Sacred Literature Series)
030864: GILBERT, STUART - Letters of James Joyce Volume I
025178: GILBERT, FELIX - Hitler Directs His War The Secret Records of His Daily Military Conferences
022127: GILBERT, MARTIN - We Never Lost Hope: A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story
030088: GILCHRIST, ALEXANDER - Life and Works of William Blake with Selections from His Poems and other Writings (in two volumes)
022474: GILEAD, LE ROY F. - The Tuskegee Aviation Experiment and Tuskegee Airmen 1939-1949
030410: GILES, NELL - Punch In, Susie! A Woman's War Factory Diary
024764: GILLIES, MALCOLM, EDITOR - Bartok Companion
032156: GILLIGAN, SONJA CARL - The heterosexuals are coming;: The fusion strategy
023956: GILMER, MAUREEN - Redwoods and Roses: The Gardening Heritage of California and the Old West
032924: GILROY, RUTH G - Little ego, (A Gulliver House book)
011982: GINSBERG, MITCHELL - The Far Shore: Vipassana, the Practice of Insight
033794: ALLEN GINSBERG - Photographs Allen Ginsberg
032319: GINSBERG, GERALD L. - Electronic Equipment Packaging Technology
029446: GINSBURG, MADELEINE - Paris Fashions: The Art Deco Style of the 1920's
027794: GIOELLO, DEBBIE ANN - Understanding Fabrics: From Fiber to Finished Cloth (Language of fashion series)
032666: GIULIANI, MAURO - Variace pro solovou kytaru opus 7
034252: GJEDSTED, JENS JORN - Jazz I Reprisen
020000: GJERTSON, DONALD E.;TANG, LIN - Miraculous Retribution: A Study and Translation of Tang Lin's Ming-Pao Chi
016173: GLAMANN, KRISTOF - The Carlsberg Foundation The Early Years
034417: JEFFREY DR. GLANZ - Fundamentals of Educational Research: A Guide to Completing a Master's Thesis
016810: GLASENAPP, CARL FRIEDRICH;ELLIS, WILLIAM ASHTON - The Life of Richard Wagner (Volume II)
029352: GLASGOW, ELLEN - They Stooped to Folly A Comedy of Morals
032321: GLASKO, V. B.; BINCER, ADAM - Inverse Problems of Mathematical Physics (AIP Translation)
030999: GLASSTONE, SAMUEL AND EDLUND, MILTON - The Elements of Nuclear Reactor Theory
024318: GLEASON, DAN;GLEASON, BARBARA - Birds! From the Inside Out
032975: GLENCHUR, KIM E. - Learning Disabilities from a Parent's Perspective: What You Need to Know to Understand, Help & Advocate for Your Child
010567: GLICKSMAN, WILLIAM M. - A Kehillah in Poland During the Inter-War Years (Studies in Jewish Community Organization)
031890: GLINZ, WERNER - Chest trauma: Diagnosis and management (Fireside book)
029191: GLOTZ, G. - The Greek City and Its Institutions
027927: GLUCK, CAROL - Iphigenie En Tauride
031353: GOBLE, PAUL - Iktomi and the Ducks: A Plains Indian Story
031354: GOBLE, PAUL - Iktomi and the Berries: A Plains Indian Story
033712: JOHN A. GOETTE - Jade Lore
031677: GOFFEN, RONA - Renaissance Rivals: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Titian
033659: DAVID LANCE GOINES - A Basic Formal Hand
027528: GOINES, DAVID LANCE - A Basic Formal Hand
033660: DAVID LANCE GOINES - An introduction to the elements of calligraphy
031758: GOLD, BEN-ZION - The Life of Jews in Poland before the Holocaust: A Memoir
033146: GOLDBERG, LAURETTE - Johann Sebastian Bach Open Score: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Vol. 2
033145: GOLDBERG, LAURETTE - Johann Sebastian Bach Open Score: The Well-Tempered Clavier
031413: TIFFANY SHLAIN; KEN GOLDBERG - The Tribe: An Unorthodox Discussion Kit
034042: JOSEPH A. GOLDENBERG - Shipbuilding in Colonial America (Museum Publication - Mariners Museum)
033683: C. BALLARD; LAURENCE R. GOLDMAN - Fluid Ontologies: Myth, Ritual, and Philosophy in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea
027974: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - She Stoops to Conquer
031989: GOLDSMITH, JOEL S. - The Art of Meditation
034174: GOLDSMITH, JOEL S. - Living Between Two Worlds
030419: GOLDSTEIN, VIRGINIA BARCLAY - The Magic of Mess Painting: The Creativity Mobilization Technique
033890: GOLOMBEK, HARRY - Capablanca's Hundred Best Games of Chess Masterpieces by the Mozrt of the Chessboard
034253: IGOR GOLOMSTOCK - Totalitarian Art in the Soviet Union, the Third Reich, Fascist Italy, and the People's Republic of China
026233: GOLSTEIN, PEGGY - Long is a Dragon Chinese Writing for Children
031782: GONZALEZ, JOSE - The Epic Rhapsode and His Craft: Homeric Performance in a Diachronic Perspective (Hellenic Studies)
028213: GONZALEZ, JUAN; TORRES, JOSEPH - News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media
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025632: GRANT, BRUCE - Isaac Hull Captain of Old Ironsides The Life and Fighting Times of Isaac Hull nd the U.S. Frigate Constitution
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034151: HERBERT GROSSMAN - Emotional and Behavioral Problems in the Classroom: A Memoir
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011357: HARDUF, DAVID MENDEL - Transliterated Yiddish-English Dictionary
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022571: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Stories
020128: HAY, MALCOLM - Roots of Christian Anti Semitism
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031669: HEMSELL, ROD - The Philosophy of Evolution Darwin and Sri Aurobindo
031670: HEMSELL, ROD - The Philosophy of Evolution Mind and Supermind
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033490: HENDRICKSON, THOMAS - Massage for Orthopedic Conditions
034009: HENNACY, AMMON - The Book of Ammon
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028490: HENRY, FRANCOISE - Irish Art During the Viking Invasions (800-1020 A.D.)
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031293: HENSHALL, KENNETH G. - Dimensions of Japanese Society: Gender, Margins and Mainstream
018012: HENTY, CAROL - For the People's Pleasure : Australia's Botanic Gardens
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032044: HERNANDEZ, JO FARB, EDITOR - The Quiet Eye Pottery of Shoji Hamada & Bernard Leach
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032718: HILBURN, JOHN L. - Manual of Active Filter Design
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032205: GREG HILDEBRANDT - Vamps, Tramps & Beauties
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024016: HILL, KEN - The Morgan: The Art of Selling a Unique Sports Car
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032267: HILLERMAN, TONY - Sacred Clowns
029960: HILLIER, BEVIS - The World of Art Deco
027682: HILLIER, J. - The Japanese Print
029407: HINES, THOMAS S. - William Faulkner and the Tangible Past: The Architecture of Yoknapatawpha (California Studies in the History of Art)
033559: RONALD HINGLEY - The Russian Mind
031620: HINKLE, THOMAS C. - Cinchfoot The Story of a Range Horse
024268: HINKLEY, DANIEL J. - The Explorer's Garden: Rare and Unusual Perennials
034035: STEPHEN P. HINSHAW - The Mark of Shame: Stigma of Mental Illness and an Agenda for Change
033151: HIRATA, SONOE - Ondori Glorious Crochet Lace
025897: HIROTA, JOZAN - Bonkei: Tray Landscapes
020527: HIRSCHMANN, EDWIN - 'White Mutiny' The Ilbert Bill Crisis in India and Genesis of the Indian National Congress
028886: HOBHOUSE, PENELOPE - Plants in Garden History
027818: HOBSON, CHARLES - Why I Love Books The Artworks of Charles Hobson
028946: HOCHSCHILD, ADAM - The Mirror at Midnight: A South African Journey
030994: HOCHSCHILD, ARLIE RUSSELL - Managed Heart: Commercialization of Human Feeling
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033959: HOGG, A.G. - Karma and Redemption An Essay toward the Interpretation of Hinduism and the Re-Statements of Christianity
021036: HOLBORN, HAJO - A History of Modern Germany : The Reformation
021070: HOLBORN, HAJO - A History of Modern Germany : 1648-1840
031616: HOLDEN, ARUN V - Models of the stochastic activity of neurones (Lecture notes in biomathematics)
026878: HOLDSWORTH, HENRY - Portrait of Jackson Hole & the Tetons
034420: HOLL, ADELAIDE - Moon Mouse
032664: HOLLAND, CARLISLE, O.D. - Under the Eagle's Wing Medicine Mind Metaphysics
032014: HOLLANDER, LEE M. - The Sagas of Kormak and The Sworn Brothers
033440: ANNE HOLLANDER - Fabric of Vision: Dress and Drapery in Painting
026203: HOLLINGER, ROBERT - Pragmatism: From Progressivism to Postmodernism
026411: HOLLISTER, PAUL M. - Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights
029228: HOME, GORDON - Along the Rivieras of France & Italy
032943: HONEY, W.B. - The Art of the Potter A Book for the Collector and Connoisseur
030066: HONG, WONTACK - Paekche of Korea and the Origin of Yamato Japan
016399: CAROLYN HOOK - Fiber Fantasy (second edition): The Most Complete Thread Comparison Source Book
031494: MARGARET HOOKS, TINA MODOTTI - Tina Modotti (Aperture Masters of Photography)
031476: HOOPES, DONELSON F. - The Private World of John Singer Sargent
027941: HOOVER, J. EDGAR - Masters of Deceit The Story of Communism in America and How to Fight It
034363: HOPE, LAURENCE - India's Love Lyrics
033561: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Outdoor Girls at Spring Hill Farm
030198: HOPKINSON, AMANDA - 150 Years of Photo Journalism (Vol 2)
018625: HOPPE, ARTHUR - The Perfect Solution to Absolutely Everything
030944: HORIUCHI, TOSHIMI - Synesthesia in Haiku and Other Essays
029844: HORIUCHI, TOSHIMI - Synesthesia in Haiku and Other Essays
030945: HORIUCHI, TOSHIMI - Gifts from the World of Creation
027966: HORL, MIKEL - A Nook of Bon Sense
032821: HORNFISCHER, JAMES D. - Ship of Ghosts: The Story of the USS Houston, FDR's Legendary Lost Cruiser, and the Epic Saga of Her Survivors
027566: HORTON, LAUREL AND MYERS, LYNN ROBERTSON - Social Fabric South Carolina's Traditional Quilts
030483: HORTON, MYLES; FREIRE, PAULO - We Make the Road by Walking: Conversations on Education and Social Change
033257: HOSHINO, TOMIHIRO - Road of the Tinkling Bell Painting, Poems and Essays
033606: WILLIAM N. HOSLEY - The Japan Idea: Art and Life in Victorian America
028498: HOUGH, ARTHUR S. - A Word For It
028550: HOULE, GEORGE - Le Ballet Des Facheux: Beauchamp's Music for Moliere's Comedy (Early Music Institute)
031682: RANDOM HOUSE - Tasha Tudor's Favorite Christmas Carols
027334: HOUSE, FLORENCE E. - Notes on Weaving Techniques
033831: JOVANSKA HOUSKA - Opening Repertoire: The Caro-Kann (Everyman Chess: Opening Repertoire)
033723: JEANNE WAKATSUKI HOUSTON - Farewell to Manzanar;: A true story of Japanese American experience during and after the World War II internment
032401: HOUTTE, ALISON; HOUTTE, MELISSA - Alligators, Old Mink and New Money: One Woman's Adventures in Vintage Clothing
017428: HOVANNISIAN, RICHARD G. - The Republic of Armenia Volumes I-IV
034463: HOWARD, BILL - Dixieland Beat a Folio of Dixieland Orchestrations Clarinet
032901: SUSAN HOY - Clarence Goes to The Chelsea Flower Show
034314: RICK H. HOYLE - Handbook of Structural Equation Modeling
028377: HRUBY, PETER - Daydreams and Nightmares Czech Communist and Ex-Communist Literature 1917-1987
029158: CHIH-TSING HSIA - Classic Chinese Novel: A Critical Introduction
031650: HSU, MADELINE - Dreaming of Gold, Dreaming of Home: Transnationalism and Migration Between the United States and South China, 1882-1943 (Asian America)
034384: ARTHUR P. WOLF; CHIEH-SHANG HUANG - Marriage and Adoption in China, 1845-1945
023146: HUANG, YUNG-CHUAN - Art of Traditional Chinese Flower Arranging
033303: FRANK HUBBARD - Three Centuries of Harpsichord Making
031769: DIDI-HUBERMAN, GEORGES - Invention of Hysteria: Charcot and the Photographic Iconography of the Salpêtrière
031685: HUBERT, JEAN-FRANCOIS - The Art of Champa
031577: HUDE, CAROLUS - Herodoti Historiae
031200: HUEBNER, LOUISE - Power through Witchcraft
025688: HUESTON, R.F.V. - Lives of the Lord Chancellors 1885-1940
033645: HUFF, DARRELL - How to Lie with Statistics
034440: HUFFMAN, SANDA, ET AL - Sub-saharan French Familiarization and Short-term training
031644: HUGHES, LANGSTON - Tambourines to Glory
032363: TED HUGHES, DAVID BIRRELL - Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being
032435: HUGHES, TED - Cave Birds: An Alchemical Cave Drama
030552: HUGHES, DUDLEY J. - Oil in the Deep South: A History of the Oil Business in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, 1859-1945
031188: HUGHES, LANGSTON - Montage of a Dream Deferred
027934: HUGO, VICTOR - Notre Dame De Paris
031724: HUMFREY, PETER; LUCCO, MAURO - Dosso Dossi: Court Painter in Renaissance Ferrara
031988: HUMMEL, ARTHUR W., EDITOR - Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing Period 1644-1912
027493: HUMMEL, JOHANN NEPOMUK - Trumpet Concerto Version for Trumpet and Piano in E flat Major
024058: HUNDERTWASSER, FRIEDENSREICH - Hundertwasser Friedensreich Regentag: Museum Ludwig, Köln, Dezember 1980 - Januar 1981
029920: HUNGERFORD, EDWARD - Men and Iron The History of New York Central
027470: HUNGERFORD, THOMAS W. - Contemporary College Algebra and Trigonometry: A Graphing Approach
033978: HUNT, IRENE - Up A Road Slowly
034075: EDGAR HUNT - Recorder and Its Music
034254: JOHN HUNT - The Furtwangler Sound
032886: HURD, EDITH THACHER - Christmas Eve
030418: HURWITZ, KEN - The line of David
031523: HUSDON, TRAVIS, AND BLACKBURN, THOMAS C. - The Material Culture of the Chumash Interaction Sphere Volume III Clothing, Ornamentation, and Groomin
032862: HUSSEY - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
030155: HUTCHINSON, J. - The Genera of Flowering Plants based principally on the Gerna Plantarum (in 2 volumes)
031711: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - With Forks and Hope An African Notebook
029259: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Devils of Loudun
033126: HUYLER, JOHN S. - The Stamp of the School: Reminiscences of the Thacher School, 1949-1992
033147: HYDE, DAYTON O. - Don Coyote: The Good Times and the Bad Times of a Much Maligned America
032301: HYDE, ALAN - Bodies of Law
032731: HYUN, PETER - Korean Children's Stories And Songs
027279: IANNARELLI, ANTHONY N.;IANNARELLI, JOHN G. - The Eighty Thieves: American P.O.W.S in World War II Japan
031907: IBBOTSON, ROGER G.; SINQUEFIELD, REX A. - Stocks, Bonds, Bills, and Inflation: Historical Returns (1926-1987) (Stocks, Bonds, Bills & Inflation Yearbook)
032728: IGARASHI, TAKENOBU - Takenobu Igarashi
026206: IGNACIO, ABE, ET AL - The Forbidden Book The Philippine-American War in Political Cartoons
033701: KIYOSHI IGUSA - Higher Complex Torsion and the Framing Principle (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society)
033695: KIYOSHI IGUSA - Higher Franz-Reidemeister Torsion (Ams/Ip Studies in Advanced Mathematics)
034016: KAROL WOJXLA; POPE JOHN PAUL II - Easter Vigil and Other Poems
030434: CAMP II, JOHN MCK. - Horses and Horsemanship in the Athenian Agora (Agora Picture Book)
034442: F. BARTON EVANS III - Harry Stack Sullivan: Interpersonal Theory and Psychotherapy (Makers of Modern Psychotherapy)
022366: INGALLS, JEREMY - The Metaphysical Sword
033106: INGEBORG, HELEN - How to Make a Swedish Christmas!
031398: INGRES, JEAN-AUGUSTE-DOMINIQUE - Portraits by Ingres: Image of an Epoch
026407: MUNSON-WILLIAMS-PROCTOR ARTS INSTITUTE - Jewels of Time: Watches from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute
028281: IRVIN, DONA L. - Unsung Heart of Black America: A Middle-Class Church at Midcentury
027278: IRVINE, LOUISE - Royal Doulton Bunnikins Collectors Book
027975: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Alhambra

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