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224: MITCHELL, W.O. - Dramatic W.O. Mitchell Five Plays By W.O. Mitchell
98271: MITCHELL, CAPTAIN G. D. - Soldier in Battle
95793: MITCHELL, ALAN - The Guide to Trees of Canada and North America
80791: MITFORD, MARY - Sketches of English Life and Character with pictures by Stanhope Forbes A.R.A.
94906: MITGUTSCH, ALI AND ALICE POPPER - World on Wheels
97284: MITHA, FAROUK - Al-Ghazali and the Ismailis, a Debate on Reason and Authority in Medieval Islam
97075: MITIC, TRUDY D. - Canadian by Choice
96928: MITROVICA, ANDREW - Covert Entry : Spies, Lies and Crimes Inside Canada's Secret Service
95757: MITROVICA, ANDREW - Covert Entry: Spies Lies and Crimes Inside Canada's Secret Service
57692: MITSAKIS, K. - Macedonia throughout the Centuries
64359: MITTON, JENNIFER - Sleeping With the Insane
95656: MOAD, ELIZABETH - Thrilling Quilling
24080: MOBERL, R.C. - Ministerial Priesthood : Chapters (Preliminary to the Study of the Ordinal) on the Rationale of Ministry and the Meaning of Christian Priesthood
2519: MOCHE, DINAH L. - Life in Space
86060: MOCK, RUTH - Principles of Art Teaching
69800: MOCKRIDGE, REV. CHARLES H. - The Bishops of the Church of England in Canada and Newfoundland : Being an Illustrated Sketch of the Church of England in Canada, as Traced Through Her Episcopate
99287: MODEL, F. PETER; GRODEN, ROBERT - JFK: The Case For Conspiracy
54545: MODESITT, JEANNE - Sometimes I Feel Like a Mouse: A Book About Feelings
49755: MOEBIRMAN - Wayang Purwa: The Shadow Play of Indonesia
4477: MOELLER, HENRY R. - The Legacy of Zion : Intertestamental Texts related to the New Testament
78118: MOEN, ARLO M. - A Sailor's Stories
19347: MOFFATT, JAMES - The General Epistles James Peter and Judas
38961: MOHAUPT, ARTHUR G. - R.T.A. Service Manual
90290: MOHRT, MICHEL - Mariners' Prison
25790: MOIR, JOHN S. (ED) - History of the Canadian Corps of Signals
53405: MOIR, RITA - Survival Gear
12869: MOIR, RITA - Buffalo Jump
49608: MOIR, RITA - Survival Gear
16443: DE MOISSAC, JEANNE M. - Second Skin (Open Eye Poetry Ser.)
46768: MOL, HANS - Faith and Fragility Religion and Identity in Canada
7615: MOLAN, CHRIS - The Story of the Vikings : Great Tales from Long Ago
98866: MOLINA, RANDY; O'DELL, THOMAS; LUOMA, DANIEL; AMARANTHUS, MICHAEL; CASTELLAN, MICHAEL; RUSSELL, KENELM - Biology, Ecology, and Social Aspects of Wild Edible Mushrooms in the Forests of the Northwest A Preface to Managing Commercial Harvest
77195: MOLINA, FERNANDO - Existentialism as Philosophy
78814: MOLINARI, DAVE; RON COOK, CHUCK FINDER - Mario Lemieux : The Best There Was
26672: MOLLOY, E. (ED) AND ASSOC - Modern Oil Engine Practice
361: MOLONEY, SUSIE - A Dry Spell
92202: MOLONEY, ED - A Secret History of the IRA
99029: MOMATIUK, YVA AND EASTCOTT, JOHN - This Marvellous Terrible Place Images of Newfoundland and Labrador
87719: MONAHAN, MARGARET & MARY ENTWISTLE - Monkey Village: Stories Of India For 7 - 9 Year Olds
94077: MONCK, FRANCES E.O. - My Canadian Leaves : An Account of a Visit to Canada in 1864-1865
98190: ST. JOHN'S UNITED CHURCH MONCTON N.B. - Y.L.A. Recipes St. John's United Church Moncton N.B.
77913: MONDEN, LOUIS - Sin, Liberty and Law
99313: MONDRIAN, PIET - Tout L'oeuvre Peint de Piet Mondrian (Les Classiques de l'Art)
17916: MONFRIED, LUCIA - No More Animals!
92470: DE MONFRIED, HENRY - Hashish: a Smuggler's Tale
4682: MONIGAL, VALWYN - the Popular Potato Best Recipes
99073: MONNON, MARY A. - Miracles and Mysteries : The Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917
96290: MONNON, MARY ANN - Henry's Quest: Early Life in Rural Nova Scotia
86531: MONNON, ERNEST F.; MONNON, MARY ANN - Right on, You Got the Elbow Out! : Wartime Memories of the R. C. A. F.
98796: MONNON, MARY A. - Miracles and Mysteries : The Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917
79053: MONRO, D.H. - Godwin's Moral Philosophy: An Interpretation of William Godwin
49364: MONRO, BOB - McDonnell Douglas AH-Apache ( Classic warplanes)
21872: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - A Fair Day's Work
21174: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Pillow Fight
17139: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Pillow Fight
17147: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The White Rajah
16904: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - HMS Marlborough Will Enter the Harbour
51513: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Ship that Died of Shame and Other Stories
9648: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The story of Ester Costello
99053: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - the Master Mariner Book 1 Running Proud
146: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Tribe That Lost Its Head
70280: MONSARRAT, ANN - And the Bride Wore : The Story of the White Wedding
42730: MONTAGNES, ANNE - Jade Slash Laverna
83876: MONTAGUE, SUSAN - A Pictorial History of the University of New Brunswick
99147: MONTAGUE, ART - Canada's Rumrunners: Incredible Adventures And Exploits During Canada's Illicit Liquor Trade
97169: MONTEFIORE, SIMON SEBAG - Stalin : The Court of the Red Tsar
14082: MONTELEONE, THOMAS F. - The Time - Swept City
76941: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - The Golden Road
67354: MONTGOMERY, RUTHERFORD G. - Out of the Sun
27567: MONTGOMERY, BRIAN - A field-Marshall in the Family
53604: MONTGOMERY, RUTH - once There Was a Nun
83863: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - The Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery
90972: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Akin to Anne: Tales of Other Orphans
9564: MONTGOMERY, F.H. - Plants from sea to sea
93564: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Against the Odds: Tales of Achievement
98984: MONTGOMERY, LUCY MAUD; RUBIO, MARY (EDITOR); WATERSTON, ELIZABETH (EDITOR) - The Selected Journals of L. M. Montgomery Vol. 1 : 1889-1910
96708: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Rainbow Valley
91716: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - The Alpine Path : The Story of My Career
85258: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Akin to Anne: Tales of Other Orphans
49013: MONTGOMERY, F.H. - Plants from Sea to Sea
98540: MONTGOMERY, CAPTAIN M. R. - Khaki: The Canadian Army Magazine, Sept. 24, 1945 (Vol. 4, No. 25) Final Issue
77538: MONTGOMERY, FRANCES TREGO - Billy Whiskers and the Radio
96435: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Pat of Silver Bush
84075: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Road to Yesterday
94550: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Jane of Lantern Hill
95903: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - After Many Days: Tales of Time Passed
93454: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne's House of Dreams
84023: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - The Doctor's Sweetheart and Other Stories
98975: MONTGOMERY, LUCY MAUD; RUBIO, MARY (EDITOR); WATERSTON, ELIZABETH (EDITOR) - The Selected Journals of L. M. Montgomery Vol. II 1910-1921 (volume 2)
39088: MONTURE, SHARON; MCSWEENEY, JOHN - Fort Albany Reserve
98977: MOODIE, SUSANNA - Roughing it in the Bush: or Forest Life in Canada
91713: MOODIE, SUSANNA;MCDOUGALL, ROBERT L. - Life in the Clearings: To Which Is Added This Author's Introduction to Mark Hurdlestone
86068: MOODIE, SUSANNA;MCDOUGALL, ROBERT L. - Life in the Clearings: To Which Is Added This Author's Introduction to Mark Hurdlestone
98392: MOODY, E. (ED.) - Decorative Art and Modern Interiors 1973/74
98488: MOODY, BARRY M. (EDITOR) - Repent and Believe : The Baptist Experience in Maritime Canada
32681: MOON, ROBERT - Pearson Confrontation Years Against Diefenbaker
50073: MOON, GRACE - White Indian
95466: MOONEY, FRASER - Jerome: Solving the Mystery of Nova Scotia's Silent Castaway
88746: MOORE, R. J. & FRANKTON, C. - The Thistles of Canada : Canada Department of Agriculture Monograph 10
99181: MOORE, KENNY - Bowerman and the Men of Oregon: The Story of Oregon's Legendary Coach and Nike's Co-founder
56674: MOORE, DAVID S.; MCCABE, GEORGE P. - Basic Practice of Statistics 3rd Edition Third
70463: MOORE, DAVID S.; MCCABE, GEORGE P. - The Basic Practice of Statistics
59741: MOORE, ROBERT JOHN - So Rarely in Our Skins
69089: MOORE, CHRISTOPHER - Louisbourg Portraits Five Dramatic True Tales of People who lived in an Eighteenth=Century Garrison Town
43916: MOORE, LILIAN AND LEONE ADELSON - The Terrible Mr. Twitmeyer
55592: MOORE, R.J. - Liberalism and Indian Politics 1872-1922
57767: MOORE, ROBERT JOHN - Museum Absconditum
64070: MOORE, HENRY;MELVILLE, ROBERT - Henry Moore; Sculpture and Drawings, 1921-1969
33615: MOORE, TOM - Good-Bye Momma
26725: MOORE, ISABEL - Spanish and Mexican Cooking
25987: MOORE, DONALD (ED) - Barry : The Centenary Year
22010: MOORE, JOHN (ED) - Among Thy Green Braes : a Guide to Cumnock and Doon Valley District
21365: MOORE, DORIS LANGLEY - Marie and the Duke of H : The Daydream Love Affair of Marie Bashkirtseff
20960: MOORE, THOMAS R. - A Thick and Darksome Veil : The Rhetoric of Hawthorne's Sketches, Prefaces and Essays
20357: MOORE, JANE ANN (ED.) - Cry Sorrow, Cry Joy : Selections From Contemporary African Writers
19778: MOORE, JOHN MONROE - Making the World Christian : The Essential Objectives in Missionary Endeavor
16731: MOORE, WILLIAM - The Soldiers Against the Assegais
73574: MOORE, HENRY J. - The Hardy Perennials
123: MOORE, BRIAN - The Mangan Inheritance
6437: MOORE, CAPT JOHN E. - Jane's Pocket Book of Major Warships
1788: MOORE, ARTHUR H. - The Valley of the Richelieu: an historical Study
6777: MOORE, MARK B. - Theory and Application of Mechanical Engineering Measurements
11831: MOORE-BETTY, MAURICE - The Maurice Moore-Betty Cooking School of Fine Cooking
93562: MOORE, LISA - February
9183: MOORE, FRANK J. - The Nixon Homesteaders and other Short Stories
93275: MOORE, PATRICK - The Domes of Mars
58721: MOORE, DAVID S.; MCCABE, GEORGE P. - The Basic Practice of Statistics Third Edition 3rd
115: MOORE, BRIAN - Lies of Silence
93390: MOORE, CLEMENT C. - The Night Before Christmas Animated
10894: MOORE, HARRY T. - D.H. Lawrence : The Man and his Works
7353: MOORE, BRIAN - No Other Life
62128: MOORE, DAVID S.; MCCABE, GEORGE P. - Introduction To The Practice Of Statistics 3rd Edition Third ( No CD)
67119: MOORE, MAUREEN - Fieldwork
60959: MOORE, DUGALD - Scenes from the Flood; the Tenth Plague of the First-born of Egypt Smitten and Other Poems
93875: MOORE, TOM - Tom Cods, Kids and Confederation
92461: MOORE, THOMAS - The Poetrical Works of Thomas Moore
80868: MOORE, DOROTHEA - Dick of the Day-Girls
83836: MOORE, LESLIE AND JOHNNY TUCKER - I Won't Kiss You Good-Night
95264: MOORE, CHRISTOPHER - The Loyalists: Revolution, Exile, Settlement
2742: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Gallipoli
73968: MOORES, TED; MOHR, MERILYN - Canoecraft : A Harrowsmith Illustrated Guide to Fine Woodstrip Construction
93056: MORANTZ, ALAN - Where Is Here: Canada's Maps and the Stories They Tell
21756: MORARIU, MODEST - Henri Rousseau : Le Douanier
31414: MORAY, HELGA - The Ruby Fleet
51949: MORAY, HELGA - The Ruby Fleet
9338: MORAY, JEREMY AND DEE GALE (ILLSU) - Timmy and the Whales
6440: MORAZAN, RONALD R. - Biographical Sketches of the Veterans of the Battalion of Orleans 1814-1815
80070: MORAZÉ, CHARLES - Les Bourgeois Conquérants, XIXe Siècle
55393: MORCHAIN, JANET KERR - Sharing a Continent: An Introduction to Canadian-American Relations
80591: MORCK, IRENE - Five Pennies: A Prairie Boy's Story
27380: MORDELL, ALBERT - The Erotic Motive in Literature
96179: MORE, JULIAN - Impressionist Paris: The Essential Guide to the City of Light
96374: MORE, JAMES F. - The History of Queens County
79509: MOREAU, R.E. - The Departed Village: Berrick Salome at the Turn of the Century
90882: MOREIRA, PETER - Backwater Nova Scotia's Economic Decline
78416: MORET, ANTONIO - Lapidarium: Guida Alla Collezione Di Ornati Lapidei Tardoantichi E Medievali Donati Da Mons Antonio Moret Alla Cattedrale Di Ceneda - Vittorio Veneto
78417: MORET, ANTONIO - Due Prestigiose collezioni Archeologiche Donate Da Mons Antonio Moret al Musei Del Cenedese E Dell'Alto Livenza
36451: MOREY, WALT - Runaway Stallion
96351: MORGAN, EDMUND S. - American Slavery, American Freedom: The Ordeal of Colonial Virginia
43546: MORGAN, JOE; MARTINEZ, BUCK - The Official Book of the 1993 World Series: A Series to Remember : Toronto and Philadelphia, 1993
39159: MORGAN, ALLEN - Jessica Moffat's Silver Locket
54927: MORGAN, ROBERT J. - Perseverance : The Story of Cape Breton's University College, 1952-2002
29475: MORGAN, KATE - The Story of Things
63096: MORGAN, LEN - Airliners of The World
51882: MORGAN, PETER - The Caribbean Connection
5597: MORGAN, WILLIAM J. - Supervision and Management of Quality Food Preparation
1459: MORGAN, BRYAN - Early Trains
57127: MORGAN, BERNICE; HELEN PORTER; GERALDINE RUBIA; SELECTED AND EDITED BY - From This Place: a Selection of Writing By Women of Newfoundland and Labrador
91904: MORGAN, JOAN E. - Castle of Quebec
96132: MORGAN, ROBERT J. - Rise Again! The Story of Cape Breton: from 1900 to Today Book 2
78785: MORGAN, CARL - Birth of a City: Commemorating Windsor's Centennial 1992
68373: MORGENSTERN, JULIAN - As a Mighty Stream -- The Progress of Judaism Through History
93657: MICHAEL MORIARTY - The gift of stern angels
48611: MORISON, ALEXANDER - The Physiognomy of Mental Diseases
54057: MORITZ, A. F. - Rest on the Flight into Egypt
86740: MORIYAMA, NAOMI,DOYLE, WILLIAM - Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat: Secrets from My Mother's Tokyo Kitchen
33597: MORLEY, SHERIDAN (EDITOR) - Theatre 72 Plays; Players; Playwrights; Theatres; Opera; Ballet
66454: MORLEY, PATRICIA A. - Robertson Davies ( Profiles in Canadian Drama)
3613: MORLEY, CHIRSTOPHER - Parson's Pleasure
50334: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - The Old Mandarin
85909: MORLEY, WILLIAM F. E. [WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY DR. DEREK F. CRAWLEY] - A Bibliographical Study Of Major John Richardson
93995: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Parnassus on Wheels
83832: MOROSCO, OLIVER AND J.N. LARAIA - The Peg O'My Heart Waltz (Mauve)
42173: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - The Butterfly Lion
68364: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - King of the Cloud Forests
49963: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - Mr. Nobody's Eyes
49956: MORPURGO, M. - My Friend Walter
49962: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - Little Foxes
85505: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - From Hereabout Hill
89942: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - Sam's Duck
85508: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - Twist of Gold
78451: MORRALL, JOHN W. - The Vengeance of Billy Bawkins Story-Time Books No 60
6227: MORRALL, JOHN B. - The Medieval Imprint : The founding of Western European Tradition
34524: MORRESSY, JOHN - The Humans of Ziax II / The Drought on Ziax II
50716: MORRESSY, JOHN - The Humans of Ziax II / the Drought of Ziax II
59799: MORRILL, GEORGE - Dark Sea Running
76711: MORRIS, ERIC - Churchill's Private Armies : British Special Forces in Europe, 1939-42
36700: MORRIS, ALAN - First of Many : The Story of Independent Force, R.A.F.
31669: MORRIS, DAVID - Festival City
25126: MORRIS, WINIFRED - Dancer in the Mirror
19310: MORRIS, PHILIP H. - The Canadian Patriotic Fund : a Record of Its Activities from 1914 to 1919
15639: MORRIS, WILLIAM S. [ED.] - The Unity We Seek: Lectures on the Church and the Churches
13741: MORRIS, JANET - Earth Dreams
97253: MORRIS, ERIC - Salerno : a Military Fiasco
76921: MORRIS - Lucky Luke: De Trek Naar Oklahoma
4951: MORRIS, GWLADYS EVAN - Tales from Bernard Shaw
69462: MORRISON, SCOTT; HORNBY, LANCE - Mats Sundin : The Centre of Attention
98793: MORRISON, A.L. - My Island Pictures : A history of Prince Edward Island
71479: MORRISON, CHARLES CLAYTON - The meaning of Baptism
35462: MORRISON, FRED "CURLY" AND HOWARD LISS - The Strategy of Pro Football
35419: MORRISON, JAMES H. - Alfred Fitzpatrick
47280: MORRISON, ALAN - The Third Degree Diplomat
99296: MORRISON, WILBUR H. - Point of No return The Story of the 20th Air Force
12996: MORRISON, LESLIE - Complicity by Desire
99052: MORRISON, LEIF - Trapped : A Cape Breton Fisherman's Abduction to Nigeria
11973: MORRISON, GEORGE W. - Country Parson
6101: MORRISON, CLAUDIA - From the Foot of the Mountain
8741: MORRISON, JAMES H. - Camps and Classrooms: A Pictorial History of Frontier College
95309: MORRISON, JAMES H. - Common Heritage : An Annotated Bibliography of Ethnic Groups in Nova Scotia
93435: MORRISON, SCOTT (INTRODUCTION BY R. ALAN EAGLESON) - The Days Canada Stood Still: Canada Vs. USSR 1972
95566: MORRISON, JAMES H.; MOREIRA, JAMES - Tempered by Rum: Rum in the History of the Maritime Provinces
80506: MORRISON, JAMES H. - Common Heritage : An Annotated Bibliography of Ethnic Groups in Nova Scotia
97012: MORRISON, JIM - 45 Acres of Fun & Tears
95715: MORRISON, DAVID - Inuit : Les Peuples Du Froid
97539: MORRISON, LEONARD A. - History of the Morison or Morrison Family, with most of the "Traditions of the Morrisons (Clan Mac Ghillemhuire), Hereditary Judges of Lewis, by Capt. F.W.L. Thomas, of Scotland, and a Record of the Descendants of the Hereditary Judges to 1880.
97999: MORRISSEY, DONNA - The Deception of Livvy Higgs
76513: MORRISSEY, STEPHEN - The Mystic Beast
86049: MORRISSEY, THOMAS M. - North River to the Land of the Cherry Blossoms
62303: MORROW, R.A.H. - Story of the Springhill Disaster Comprising a Full & Authentic Account of the Great Coal Mining Explosion...February 21st, 1891...
93415: MORSE, WILLIAM INGLIS - The Land of the New Adventure : The Georgian Era in Nova Scotia
47375: MORSE, MARIE - Deuxieme Arrimage
21331: MORSE, RANDY - Canada / The Mountains
14559: MORSE, RANDY - The Mountains of Canada
56929: MORTIMER, JOHN - The Summer of a Dormouse
56930: MORTIMER, JOHN - Felix in the Underworld
22853: MORTIMER, DR. A. G. - Lenten Preaching : Three Courses, Sermons for Lent, Twenty Lent Sermons
96410: MORTON, DESMOND - Canada at Paardeberg : Canadian War Museum Canadian Battle Series No. 2
76948: MORTON, DESMOND AND SERGE BERNIER (TRANS) - Une Histoire Militaire du Canada, 1608-1991
75972: GRANATSTEIN & MORTON - Nation Forged in Fire: Second World War
44810: MORTON, ANTHONY - Burgle the Baron
57943: MORTON, DESMOND - Mayor Howland: the Citizens' Candidate
64653: MORTON, DESMOND - A Military History of Canada: From Champlain to Kosovo ( 4th edtion)
57611: MORTON, G.F. - Highlands and Backwoods : The Legend and the Hero
21534: MORTON, W. L. - The Kingdom of Canada : A General History from the Earliest Times
33046: MORTON, W.L. - The West and Confederation 1857-1871
98346: MORTON, DESMOND - A Peculiar Kind of Politics: Canada's Overseas Ministry in the First World War
97898: MORTON, ANDREW - 17 Carnations: The Royals, the Nazis, and the Biggest Cover-Up in History
4771: MORTON, DESMOND WITH TERRY COPP - Working People: an Illustrated history of Canadian Labour
93718: MORTON, DESMOND - Silent Battle: Canadian Prisoners of War in Germany, 1914-1919
95586: MORTON, DESMOND, (INTRO) - The Queen v Louis Riel
99159: MORTON, DESMOND - A Short History of Canada
69492: MORTON, RALPH KELLY - Behind the Headlines: Moose River to Shangri-la
87111: MOSCOVITCH, ARLENE - Constructing Reality : Exploring Media Issues in Documentary
90612: MOSCOWITZ, SAM - HORRORS UNKNOWN: The Challenge from Beyond; The Pendulum; Body and Soul; The Flying Lion; Grettir at Thorhall-stead; Werewoman; Unseen Unfeared; The Pool of the Stone God; From Hand to Mouth
99177: MOSHER, EDITH - The Sea and the Supernatural
67410: MOSHER, JOHN D. - Official Directory of the Town of Bridgewater 1960
23263: MOSHER, TERRY - Did the Earth Move?
21617: MOSHER, TERRY - Did the Earth Move? Another 180 Caricatures
97690: MOSHER, EDITH - White Rock : The Story of Gypsum in Hants County
97575: MOSHER, EDITH - Old-Time Travel in Nova Scotia
98985: MOSHER, EDITH - Haunted Tales of the Unexplained
86893: MOSIER, JOHN - Deathride : Hitler vs. Stalin - The Eastern Front, 1941-1945
98932: MOSS, E.H. - Flora of Alberta: A Manual of Flowering Plants, Conifers, Ferns and Fern Allies Growing without Cultivation in the Province of Alberta, Canada
68973: MOSSE, GEORGE L. - Germans & Jews - The Right, The Left, And The Search For A "Third Force" In Pre-nazi Germany
59087: MOSSMAN, KEITH - The Pip Book
74094: MOTIANEY, ARUN - Supercycles: The New Economic Force Driving Global Markets and Investment Strategy
50054: MOTT, A. S. - Gothic Ghost Stories
24504: MOULTON, LE ARTA - The Gluten Book
15957: MOUNTFORD, CHARLES P.( INTRO) - Aboriginal Paintings from Australia
71603: MOUSAVIZADEH, NADER (ED) - The Black Book of Bosnia: The Consequences of Appeasement
68109: MOUSSEIGNE, ALAIN - Musee De l'Annonciade. Saint-Tropez.
33813: MOW, ANNA B. - Going Steady with God
78844: MOWAT, GRACE HELEN - The Diverting History of a Loyalist Town
88153: MOWAT, FARLEY - Canada North Now The Great Betrayal
56405: MOWAT, WILLIAM AND CHRISTINE - Native Peoples in Canadian Literature [themes in Canadian literature]
98679: MOWAT, FARLEY & DEVISSER, JOHN, - This Rock Within the Sea: A Heritage Lost
55352: MOWAT, GRACE HELEN - Funny Fables of Fundy and Other Poems for Children
98167: MOWAT, FARLEY - Ordeal By Fire: The Search for the Northwest Passage
15602: MOWAT, WILLIAM AND CHRISTINE - Native Peoples in Canadian Literature [themes in Canadian literature]
99258: MOWAT, FARLEY - The Desperate People : Death of a People - The Ihalmiut
88154: MOWAT, FARLEY - World of Farley Mowat : a Selection of His Works
99195: MOWAT, FARLEY - Westviking : The Ancient Norse In Greenland and North America
98697: MOWAT, JOHN, B. - The Place-Names of Canisbay, Caithness with Map
94238: MOWAT, FARLEY - The Polar Passion: The Quest for the North Pole with Selections from Arctic Journals
99086: MOWAT, FARLEY - Eastern Passage
95929: MOWAT, FARLEY - The Serpent's Coil
95795: MOWAT, FARLEY - The Dog Who Wouldn't be
92347: MOWAT, FARLEY - The New Founde Land
93036: MOWAT, FARLEY - The Farfarers : Before the Norse
95589: MOWAT, FARLEY - Grey Seas Under
97742: MOWAT, FARLEY - Westviking : The Ancient Norse in North America (West Viking)
97784: MOWAT, FARLEY & BLACKWOOD, DAVID (ILLUS ) - Wake of the great Sealers
99085: MOWAT, FARLEY - Bay of Spirits : A Love Story
99197: MOWAT, FARLEY - And No Birds Sang
99194: MOWAT, FARLEY - The Farfarers : Before the Norse
45305: MOWRY, GEORGE E - The Era of Theodore Roosevelt and the Birth of Modern America 1900 - 1912
72826: MOYER, PATSY - Modern Collectible Dolls: Identification and Value Guide Vol 3
96775: MOYLE, CLAY - Sam Langford: Boxing's Greatest Uncrowned Champion
38506: MOYLES, R. G. - Complaints Is Many and Various, but the Odd Divil Likes It : Nineteenth Century Views of Newfoundland
67397: MOYNET, CAPTAIN PAUL - Victory in the Fezzan
32394: MPNKEWITZ, VERENA - Yoyo and His Friends
6449: MTPAAA - Metropolitan Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association Centennial Book
93352: MUCKELROY, KEITH - Discovering a Historic Wreck (Handbooks in maritime archaeology)
11674: MUELLER, REV F.J. - They Knew Christ
29461: MUGAN, MONICA - The Sea and the Gallows
37050: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - A Third Testament
51844: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - Chronicles of Wasted Time: The Green Stick
89132: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - Chronicles of Wasted Time: The Infernal Grove
93733: MUGNAINI, JOSEPH A - Oil painting;: Techniques and Materials
33799: MUIR, HELEN - The Belles Lettres of Alexandra Bonaparte
6846: MUIR, FRANK - The Frank Muir Book :An Irrelevant Companion to Social History
90910: MUIR, PADDY; NOVA SCOTIA ROAD BUILDERS ASSOCIATION - Great Roads: A History of the Nova Scotia Road Builders Association
4985: MUIR, ELIZABETH GILLAN AND WHITELEY, MARILYN FARDIG - Changing Roles of Women within the Christian Church in Canada
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98969: PARKER, GARY;PARKER, GERRY - The Eastern Panther: Mystery Cat of the Appalachians
44433: PARKER, S.M. - Tumbling Waters
44039: PARKER, JOHN - Cumbria : A Guide to the Lake District and its County
98752: PARKER, JOHN - SBS-The Inside Story of the Special Boat Service
35474: PARKER, GEORGE - The Evolution of Canadian Literature in English 1914-1945
34298: PARKER, WILLIAM - Men of Courage
30911: PARKER, RICHARD - A Valley Full of Pipers
90469: PARKER, MIKE - Running the Gauntlet : An Oral History of Canadian Merchant Seamen in World War Two
98974: PARKER, MIKE - Historic Dartmouth: Reflections of Early Life
12241: PARKER, DAVID M. - Ocean Voyaging : A Critical Discussion of the Modern Cruising Yachts and the Techniques of Ocean Sailing
7925: PARKER, JOHN - Warren Beatty : The Last Great Lover of Hollywood
72493: PARKER, S. M. - On Drifting Wing (signed)
93779: PARKER, MIKE - Running the Gauntlet : An Oral History of Canadian Merchant Seamen in World War Two
98829: PARKER, G. R. - Biology of the Kaminuriak Population of Barren-ground Caribou. Part 2: Dentition as an Indicator of Age and Sex, Composition and Socialization of the Population
97085: PARKER, MIKE - Guides of the North Woods: Hunting and Fishing Tales from Nova Scotia 1860-1960
94860: PARKER, JOHN P. [MBE]/ MASTER MARINER - Cape Breton Ships and Men
96975: PARKER, MIKE - Woodchips and Beans: Life in the Early Lumber Woods of Nova Scotia
36608: PARKER, ROWLAND - Men of Dunwich: the story of a vanished town.
77120: PARKER, TONY - The Unknown Citizen
97432: PARKER, MIKE - Buried in the Woods: Sawmill Ghost Towns of Nova Scotia
92351: PARKER, JOHN P. - Sails of the Maritimes : The Story of the three- and Four-Masted Cargo Schooners of Atlantic Canada 1859 - 1929.
662: PARKER, XENA LEY - A Beginner's Book of Needlepoint and Embroidery

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