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27040: PLUCHE, NOEL-ANTOINE: - La mécanique des langues, et l'art de les enseigner ... Paris, chez la Veuve Estienne & Fils, rue S. Jacques ... 1751.
20045: POENSEN, C.: - Grammatica der Javaansche Taal. Leiden 1897.
218: POIRET, JEAN LOUIS MARIE.: - Bref om Numidien. I sammandrag. Stockholm, Kongl. Ordens-Tryckeriet, 1792.
15114: POLAND. - Resa genom Paalen (Polen), aaren 1793 och 1794. Sammandrag. Stockhlom, Johan Pfeiffer, 1797.
23024: DU PONCEAU, PETER STEPHEN & MORRONE, JOSEPH & DE LA PALUN: - A Dissertation on the Nature and Character of the Chinese System of Writing, in a Letter to John Vaughan, esq ... To which are Subjoined, a Vocabulary of the Cochinchinese Language by Father Joseph Morrone, R.C. Missionary at Saigon, ... And a Cochinchinese and Latin Dictionary, in Use Among the R.C. Missions in Cochinchina. Philadelphia, for the American Philosophical Society, 1838.
34141: POPE, GEORGE UGLOW REV.: - [Tamil title] The Naladiyar or Four Hundred Quatranis in Tamil. With Introduction, Translation, and Notes Critical; Philological and Explanatory to which is added a Concordance and Lexicon with Authorities from the Oldest Tamil Writers. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1893.
34140: POPE, GEORGE UGLOW REV.: - A handbook of the ordinary dialect of the Tamil language. Part v. A Tamil prose reader adapted to the handbook. Seventh edition. Oxford, Claredon press, 1906.
34143: POPE, GEORGE UGLOW REV.: - A handbook of the ordinary dialect of the Tamil language. Part iii. A compendious Tamil - English Dictionary. Seventh edition. Oxford, Claredon Press, 1905.
34142: POPE, GEORGE UGLOW REV.: - A handbook of the ordinary dialect of the Tamil language. Seventh edition. Oxford, Clarendon press, 1911.
99225: PORTAL, GERALD H.: - My Mission to Abyssinia. London, E. Arnold, 1892.
14386: PORTER, ROBERT KER: - Travelling Sketches in Russia and Sweden, during the Years 1805, 1806, 1807, 1808. Two volumes in one. London, R. Phillips, 1809.
45009: POUQUEVILLE, FRANCOIS CHARLES HUGUES LAURENT: - Pouqueville's resa genom Morea och Albanien till Konstantinopel och flere andre delar af det Ottomanniska riket. Åren 1798, 1799, 1800 och 1801. Two volumes. Örebro, N.M. Lindh, 1807.
35010: RÅMA PRASÅDA (TRANSLATOR): - Patanjali's Yoga Sutras with the commentary of Vyása and the gloss of Váchaspati Mi'sra. With an introduction from Rai Bahadur Srîsâ Chandra Vasu (Third edition). Published by Sudhindranath Vasu. Allahabad, Printed by Mr. J.J. Lawrence at the Liverpool Press, 1924.
120474: PRÉMARE, JOSEPH HENRY MARIE DE: - Notitia linguae sinicae. Hongkong, La Société des Missions Étrangčres, 1894.
120565: PRÉMARE, JOSEPH HENRY MARIE DE: - Notitia linguae sinicae. Malaccae: cura academiae anglo-sinensis, 1831.
17005: PRJEVAL'SKIJ, (PRJÉVALSKI), NIKOLAJ MICHAJLOVIC: - Mongolie et Pays des Tangoutes. Ouvrage traduit du russe avec l'authorisation de l'auteur par G. Du Laurens. Paris, Hachette, 1880.
99132: QUEEN VICTORIA / HELPS, ARTHUR (EDITOR): - Leaves from the journal of our life in the Highlands, from 1848 to 1861. To which are prefixed and added extracts from the same journal giving an account of earlier visits to Scotland, and tours in England and Ireland, and yachting excursions. London 1868. AND: More leaves from the journal of a life in the Highlands, from 1862 to 1882. London 1884.
31040: QVIGSTAD, JUST KNUD: - Beiträge zur Vergleichung des verwandten Wortvorrathes der lappischen und der finnischen Sprache. No place or date. (ca 1880-90 ).
100090: RAE, EDWARD: - The White Peninsula, A Journey in Russian Lapland and Karelia. London, John Murray, 1881.
27011: RAMEL, JEAN PIERRE: - Dagbok, öfver franske medborgarne Pichegrus, Barthelemys, m.fl. Den 18 Fructidor (4 Sept.) 1797, skedda deportation til Guyana, deras vistande derstädes och flykt derifrån. Stockholm, Anders Zetterberg, 1799.
26004: RAMEL, JEAN PIERRE: - Journal ou temoignage de l'Adjudant Général Ramel, Commandant de la Garde du Corps legislatif de la Republique francaise, l'un des déportés ā la Guyanne aprčs le 18. Fructidor (4 Septbre) 1797... Leipzig 1799.
99601: RAMSEYER, FREDERIK AUGUSTUS & KÜHNE, JOHANNES / GUNDERT, H. (EDITOR): - Vier Jahre in Asante. Tagebücher der Missionare Ramseyer und Kühne aus der Zeit ihrer Gefangenschaft. Zweite verbesserte und vermehrte Auflage. Basel 1875.
28060: RAMSTEDT, G.J.: - Über die konjugation des Khalkha-Mongolischen. Akademische abhandlung. Helsingfors 1902.
29096: RANKEN, W.H.L.: - The dominion of Australia. An account of its foundations. London, Chapman and Hall, 1874.
37007: RASK, RASMUS KRISTIAN: - Kortfattet vejledning til det oldnordiske eller gamle islandske sprog. Kobenhavn 1832.
38046: RASK, RASMUS KRISTIAN: - Angelsaksisk sproglaere tilligemed en kort Laesebog. Stockholm, Hedmanske Bogtrykkeri, 1817.
32080: RAVIER, MARCEL HENRI / [PUGINIER, PAUL-FRANCOIS]: - Dictionarium latino-annamiticum completum et novo ordine dispositum cui accedit appendix. Ninh Phœ, ex typis missionis Tunquini occidentalis, 1880.
20086: REED, SIR EDWARD JAMES: - Japan: its History, Traditions, and Religions. With the Narrative of a Visit in 1879. Two volumes. London, J. Murray, 1880.
100224: REFTELIUS, CARL: - Historisk och politisk beskrifning, öfwer riket och staden Algier, ifrån år 1516 til och med år 1732. Two parts in one volume. Stockholm, Peter Jör. Nyström, 1737-39.
15085: REGNARD, JEAN FRANCOIS: - Voyage en Flandre, en Hollande, en Danemark et en Sučde (1681). Nouv. éd. Paris, A Lemerre, 1874.
208: REICHARD, C.T.: - Orbis Terrarum Antiquus, cum Thesauro Topographico, continente Indices Tabularum Geographicarum Topographicos, eosdemque criticos. I. (all publ). Norimbergae 1824.
34124: REINECKER (REINECCIO), CHRISTIAN: - Janua hebraeae linguae veteris testamenti in qua totius codicis hebraei vocabula una cum radicibus et grammatica vocum difficiliorum analysi comparent; ... accessit una cum grammatica lexicon hebraeo-chaldaicum. Three parts in one volume. Leipzig, Sumpt. Haered. Lanckisianorum, 1756.
100783: RELAND, ADRIAAN: - Palaestina, ex monumentis veteribus illustrata, in tres libros distributa, tabulis geographicis necessariis, iisque accuratis exornata, et a multis insuper, quae in primam editionem irrepserant, mendis purgata. Three parts in two volumes, bound in one.Trajeci Batavorum (Utrecht), Guilielmi Broedelet, 1714.
25010: RELAND, ADRIAN: - Antiquitates sacrae veterum hebraeorum breviter delineatae. Ed. tertia. Trajecti Batavorum (Utrecht), ex. libraria Gulielmi Broedelet, 1717.
100566: RENDELL, F.M.: - Concise Handbook of the Island of Madeira. London, Kegan Paul & Co., 1881.
100294: RETZIUS, MAGNUS GUSTAF: - Bilder från Nilens land. Stockholm, Adolf Bonnier, 1891.
17067: DE REUILLY, J. (BARON): - Travels in the Crimea, and along the shores of the Black Sea, performed during the year 1803. London, R. Phillips, 1807.
43046: RIBAUD, MICHEL: - Un été au Japon Boréal. Japonais et Ainos dans le Yeso (Hokkaido). Paris, Delhomme et Briguet, éditeurs, 1897.
14390: RICAUT (RYCAUT), SIR PAUL: - Histoire de l'état present de l'empire Ottoman: contenant le maximes politiques des Turcs, les principaux points de la religion Mahometane, ses sectes, ses héresies, & ses diverses fortes de religieux; leur discipline militaire, ... Paris, Sebastien Mabre-Cramoisy, 1670.
44044: RICAUT (RYCAUT), PAUL: - Histoire de l'état present de l'Empire Ottoman: Contenant les maximes politiques des turcs; les principaux points de la religion mahometane, ses sectes, ses héresies, & ses diverses sortes de religieux; leur discipline militaire, avec une supputation exacte de leurs forces par mer & par terre, & du revenu de l'etat. Paris, Chez Sebastian Mabre-Cramoisy, 1670.
14227: RIESBECK, C.: - Bref, roerande Tyskland, skrifne af en resande fransos til sin broder i Paris. 2 volumes in one. Goetheborg, Sam. Norberg, 1789.
32133: RIGGS, REV. STEPHENS R. (EDITOR): - Grammar and Dictionary of the Dakota Language. Collected by the members of the Dakota Mission. Washington City, Published by the Smithsonian Institution, June 1852.
100920: RISK ALLAH EFFENDI, HABEEB: - The Thistle and the Cedar of Lebanon. London, James Madden, 1854.
13033: RIVAS, FR. MANUEL DE: - Idea del imperio de Annam, o'de los reinos unidos de Tunquin y Cochinchina. Madrid 1859.
99441: ROBERTSON-SCOTT, J.W.: - The People of China. Their Country, History, Life, Ideas, and Relations with the Foreigner. London 1900.
38015: ROBINSON, WILLIAM / NETSCHER, E. (TRANSLATOR): - Proeve tot opheldering van de gronden der Maleische spelling. No place. (Batavia?, about 1854).
99427: ROBINSON, CHARLES. HENRY & BURDON, J. ALDER: - Hausa Grammar with Exercises, Readings, and Vocabularies. New and revised edition. London 1909.
100615: ROCHER, ÉMILE: - La province chinoise du Yün-nan. Two volumes. Paris, E. Leroux, 1879-80.
158: ROCHON, A.: - Reisen nach Maroko und Indien 1767-1773. Weimar 1804.
32027: RÖHR (ROEHR, ROHR), JOHAN FRIEDRICH: - Palaestina eller historisk-geographisk beskrifning oefwer Judiska Landet wid Jesu tid. Oerebro, M. Lindh, 1824.
28089: ROLAND DE BUSSY, THÉODORE: - L'idiôme d'Alger, cours complet du dialecte en usage sur les côtes de l'Afrique septentrionale; renfermant indépendamment des dictionnaires francais-arabe et arabe-francais un exposé grammatical et des dialogues familiers. Alger, Bastide, 1847.
13047: ROLLIN, CHARLES: - Histoire ancienne des egytiens, des carthaginois, des assyriens, des babyloniens, des medes et des perses, des macédoniens, des grecs. 13 volumes. Paris 1775.
34019: ROSENMÜLLER, ERNST FRIEDRICH CARL (ROSENMUELLER, ERNST FRIEDRICH CARL, ROSENMULLER, ERNST FRIEDRICH CARL): - Institutiones ad fundamenta linguae arabicae. Accedunt sententiae et narrationes arabicae una cum glossario arabico-latino. Leipzig, Io. Ambros. Barth, 1818.
23097: ROSENMÜLLER (ROSENMULLER), ERNST FRIEDRICH CARL: - Institutiones ad fundamenta linguae arabicae. Accedunt sententiae et narrationes arabicae una cum glossario arabico-latino. Lpz, Io. Ambros., Barthii, 1818.
99678: [BODONI PRINT]. DE ROSSI, GIOVANNI BERNARDO: - Della lingua propria de Cristo e degli Ebrei Nazionali della Palestina da' tempi de' Maccabei dissertazioni. Parma, Dalla Stamperia Reale, 1772.
38043: [DEAF-MUTE]. ROTA, GIUSEPPE: - L'emancipazione dei sordo-muti considerazioni critico-filosofiche, sui fenomenio della parola, sull'istruzionew fonica e didattica della medesima, con tavole, e norme pratico-amministrative per un collegio-convitto di sordo-muti da fondarsi secondo un nuovo sistema. Trieste, G. Balestra & Co., 1879.
100602: RÖTTGER, EBERHARD HERMAN: - Thien, Ti, Hoih. ... Himmel, Erde, Brüderschaft. Geschichte der Brüderschaft des Himmels und der Erden der communistischen Propaganda China's. Der Ertrag ist für den Missions-Verein für China bestimmt. Berlin, In commission bei Wilhelm Hertz, 1852.
25023: ROUSSEAU, SAMUEL: - [Title in Persian] or, a Vocabulary of the Persian Language. Printed for S.Bagster, No. 81, Strand (London) Printed by the author at the Arabic and Persian Press, Wood Street, Spa Fields, 1803.
28145: ROUSSEAU, SAMUEL: - The Flowers of Persian Literature: Containing Extracts from the Most Celebrated Authors, in Prose and Verse; with a Translation into English; Being a Companion to Sir William Jones Persian Grammar. To which is prefixed an essay on the language and literature of Persia. London, Printed by and for the editor, at the Arabic and Persian Press, Spa Fields; J. Sewell, Cornhill; and Murray and Highley, Fleet Street, 1801.
35138: LE ROUX, JEAN-MARIE: - Essai de dictionnaire francais-haoussa et haoussa-francais précédé d'un essai de grammaire de la langue haoussa. Magana n Haoussa. Renfermant les éléments du langage parlé par les nčgres du Soudan. Alger, Adolphe Jordan, 1886.
18113: ROY, J.-J.-E.: - Souvenirs et récits d'un ancien missionnaire a la Cochinchine et au Tong-King. Tours 1881.
100218: RUSSELL, ALEXANDER: - The Natural History of Aleppo, and Parts Adjacent. Containing A Description of the City, and the Principal Natural Productions in its Neighbourhood; ... London, A. Millar, 1856 [1756].
100948: RYER, ANDRÉ DU (TRANSL.): - L'Alcoran de Mahomet. Traduit de l'arabe. Nouvelle edition revüe & corrigé. Two volumes in one. Amsterdam, Pierre Mortier, 1734.
120158: SA'DI (MUSHARRIF AL-DIN IBN MUSLIH AL-DIN): - Iqd-I-Manzûm. A Selection from the Bustán of Shaykh Saadi of Shiráz. Textbook for the Higher Standard Examination in Persian held by the Board of Examiners Fort Willam, and for the entrance course Calcutta University. Edited by Major H.S. Jarrett and Mawlawi Kabir Uddin Ahmad. Calcutta, the Urdoo Guide Press, 1880.
120377: SAKAI, SUTEHIKO (ED. & PUBL.): - Self Guide for Travellers in Japan. Published by Shuseido, Tokyo Meiji 20 (1887).
32050: SAKUMA, N.: - An Intermediate Japanese-English Dictionary for Assisting Students in Conversation and Composition. Tokyo, Ikubunsha & Osaka, Sekibunsha, 1904.
14293: LA SALLE: - Franske sjö-officeraren La Salles besynnerliga resor och öden i Nigritien och på afrikanska kusten. Two volumes in one. Stockholm, Johan Dahl & Kumblinska tryckeriet, 1797-1798.
22018: SARELIUS, JOHANNES & PORTHAN, HENRIK GABRIEL (PRAESIS): - De praecipuis dialectis linguae fennicae. Praeside Mag. Henrico Gabriele Porthan. Åbo, Frenkell, 1810.
40033: SARMENTO, AUGUSTO CESAR RODRIQUES (SIGNED) / (MACHADO, JOAQUIM JOSÉ]. - [MOZAMBIQUE IMPRINT]. O Governador Geral da Provincia de Moįambique e as conferencias do engenheiro Machado na Sociedade de Geographia de Lisboa. Mocambique, Imprensa Nacional, 1881.
100897: SASTRI, NATESA: - Hindu Feasts Fasts & Ceremonies. With an Introduction by Henry K. Beauchamp. Madras, Printed at the M.E. Publishing House, Mount Road, 1903.
32144: SAVAGE LANDOR, A. HENRY: - Alone with the Hairy Ainu. Or, 3,800 Miles on a Pack Saddle in Yezo and a Cruise to the Kurile Islands. London, John Murray, 1893.
20001: SAVARY, CLAUDE ETIENNE: - Grammaire de la langue arabe vulgaire et littérale; ouvrage posthume de M. Savary, traducteur du Coran, augmenté de quelques contes arabes, par l'éditeur. Paris, de l'Imprimerie Impériale, 1813.
26065: SAVARY, CLAUDE ETIENNE: - Lettres sur l'Egypt, ou l'on offre le parallele des moeurs anciennes & modernes e ses habitans; oú l'on décrit l' état, le commerce, l'agriculture, le gouvernement, l'ancienne religion du pays, & la descente de St. Louis ā Damiette, tirée de Joinville & des auteurs arabes; avec des cartes géographiques. Three volumes. Amsterdam, Leiden, Rotterdam et Utrecht, 1787.
120232: [JAPAN - MUSIC]. SAWADA, R.: - Genroku hanami odori. Nagauta - music. Piano solo. + AND: YAMADA, KOSCAK: Rokudan (Koto music) Transcribed for piano. Two volumes. Published by Jujiya Gakkiten, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, 1928 & 1930.
17107: SCHAAF, KARL (EDITOR): - Lexicon syriacum concordantiale, omnes Novi Testamenti syriaci voces, et ad harum illustratinem multas alias syriacao, & linguarum assinium dictiones complectems, ... Lugd. Bat., J. Muller, 1717.
37051: SCHÄFER, HENRICH PROF. DR.: - Nubische texte im dialekte der Kunûzi (mundart von Abuhôr). Berlin, Verlag der Königl. Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1917.
99887: SCHEFFERUS, JOHANNES: - The History of Lapland wherein are Shewed the Original Manners, Habits, Marriages, Conjurations, &c of that People. Written by John Scheffer, Professor of Law and Rhetoric at Upsal in Sweden. Oxford, at the Theater, 1674.
14256: SCHEIDIUS, JACOB: - Glossarium arabico - latinum manuale maximam partem e Lexico Goliano excerptum. Lugd. Bat., apud J. le Mair (typis arabicis E. Scheidii), 1769.
99256: SCHEIDIUS, JACOB: - Glossarium arabico - latinum manuale maximam partem e Lexico Goliano excerptum. Lugd. Bat., apud J. le Mair [Typis arabicis Everardi Scheidii excudit J. Mooien Acad. Gelro-Zutph. Typogr. Ordin.], 1769.
28041: SCHEIDIUS, JACOB: - Glossarium arabico-latinum manuale maximam partem e Lexico Goliano excerptum. Editio altera. Lugd. Bat., Samuel & Joannem Luchtmans, 1787.
12077: SCHERPING, JACOB: - Det är, nyckelen til förståndet, eller inledning til de fyra orientaliska språken, Hebraiskan, Chaldaiskan, Syriskan och Arabiskan, som wisar, huru på kort tid ... Skara, Sal. Direct. Mollers änka, 1754.
38007: SCHLEGEL, FRIEDRICH KARL WILHELM VON: - Philosophische Vorlesungen insbesondere über Philosophie der Sprache und des Wortes. Wien, Carl Schaumburg u. Compagnie, 1830.
14275: VON SCHLÖZER (SCHLOEZER), KURD: - Russlands älteste Beziehungen zu Scandinavien und Constantinopel. Berlin, W. Besser, 1847.
38034: [DEAF-MUTE]. SCHMALZ, EDUARD: - Ueber die Taubstummen und ihre Bildung, in ärtztlicher, statistischer, pädagogischer und geschichtlicher Hinsicht; nebst einer Anleitung und zweckmässigen Erziehung der taubstummen Kinder im älterlichen Hause. Dresden & Leipzig, 1838.
32125: SCHMIDT, JOHANN ADOLF ERDMANN: - Vollstaendiges russisch-deutsches und deutsch-russisches Woerterbuch zum Gebrauch beider Nationen. Zweite gaenzlich umgearbeitete Stereotyp-Ausgabe. Two parts in one volume. Leipzig no date.
23076: VON SCHMIDT, FRIEDRICH SAMUEL: - Dissertation sur une colonie égyptienne, etablie aux Indes. Berne, no date (1759).
99388: SCHMIDT, ISAAC JACOB: - Grammatik der mongolischen Sprache. St. Petersburg, Buchdruckerei der Kaiserliche Akademie d. Wissenschaften. Zu haben bei W. Graeff ... und in Leipzig bei C. Cnobloch, 1831.
99058: SCHOPENHAUER, JOHANNA HENRIETTE: - Resa i England och Skottland. 2 parts in one volume. Stockholm, Zacharias Häggström, 1827.
99518: SCHOTT, WILHELM: - Über die Sprache des volkes R—ng oder Leptscha in Sikkim. Berlin, Verlag der Koniglichen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1882.
40028: SCHOU, DR. H.: - Udvandrerens reiseledsager. Praktisk haandbog i det engelske omgangssprog med vedfoiet udtale. Kjobenhavn, G. Jespersens Forlag, 1882.
24060: SCHREUDER, HANS PALUDAN SMITH: - [ZULU]. Grammatik for Zulu-sproget. Med fortale og anmaerkningar af Christoph Andreas Holmboe. Christiania, W.C. Fabritius, 1850.
100689: SCHÜTZENBERGER, PAUL: - Die Farbstoffe mit besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer Anwendung in der Färberei und Druckerei. Two volumes. Berlin, Robert Oppenheim, 1868-70.
34009: SCOTT, SIR JAMES GEORGE: - Burma: A Handbook of Practical Information. With Numerous Illustrations by the Author and Others. London, Alexander Morning Ltd, The De la More Press, 1906.
99988: SCROFANI, SAVERIO: - Resa i Grekeland 1794 och 1795. Öfversatt af G.A. Sillén. Three parts in one volume. Stockholm, Henrik A. Nordström & Joh. A. Carlbohm, 1806.
29139: SEBASTIANI, GIUSEPPE DE SANTA MARIA: - Seconda speditione all' Indie Orientali. Roma, nella stamperia di Filippo M. Mancini, 1672.
100468: SEID MUSTAPHA / SPRINCHORN, GUSTAF (TRANSL.): - Kort afhandling om wetenskapernas, krigs- och ingenieur-konstens tillstånd i Constantinopel år 1803 af Séīd Mustapha Ingenieur. Öfwersättning ifrån det wid slutet af 1218, efter Hegiran, eller i början af år 1803, ifrån nya tryckeriet i Scutari utkomne originalet. Strängnäs, C.E. Ekmarck, 1813.
777029: SEIDEL, AUGUST: - Praktische Grammatik der Japanischen Sprache für den Selbstunterricht. Mit Lesestücken, einem systematishcen Wörterbuch und 10 Schrifttafeln. Wien, Hartleben's Verlag, no date (about 1910).
120867: SEIMONJÍ, HARADA (COMP.): - [NISHIJIN-ORI TEXTILE SAMPLES]. Mon-ori Obiji Mihon (Satin woven fabric samples). Nishijin, Kyoto, no date but about 1880-90.
120756: SEKKA, KAMISAKA : - Uta-e (Poems and Pictures). Kyoto, Unsodo, Showa 9 (1934).
120669: SEKKA, KAMISAKA: - Kokkei Zuan, A Collection of Humorous Designs by Sekka Kamisaka, the author of "Kairo". Kyoto, Yamada Unsodo, Meiji 36 (1903).
99798: SEMEDO, ĮLVARO: - Relatione della grande monarchia della Cina. Rome, sumptibus Hermann Scheus, 1643.
120514: SERIZAWA, KEISUKE: - Okinawa Fûbutsu. Tokyo, Shôwa 23 (1948).
120510: SETSUZAN, FURUYA (ILL.): - Kodai Moy› Ch›cho (Ancient Designs: Butterflies and Birds). Two volumes. Kyoto, Yamada Unsodo, Meiji 39 (1906).
32047: SEWERZOW, NICOLAI: - Sewerzow's Erforschung des Thian-Schan-Gebirgs-Systems 1867. Nebst Kartographischer Darstellung desselben Gebietes und der See'nzone des Balkasch-Alakul und Siebenstromlandes nach den Originalen und Offiziellen russischen Aufnahmen. 2 volumes. Gotha, Justus Perthes, 1875.
35050: SHAKESPEAR, JOHN: - A grammar of the Hindustani language. Fourth edition, to which is added a short grammar of the Dakhani. London, for the author, 1843.
777030: SHAND, W.J.S. & WEINTZ, H.J.: - Japanese self-taught and grammar. London, Marlborough & Co. Ltd, (1907).
32119: SHAW, THOMAS: - Travels or Observations Relating to Several Parts of Barbary and the Levant. Oxford, printed at the Theatre, 1738.
120559: SHIMOMURA, GYOKKO (TAMAHIRO): - SHIMOMURA, GYOKKO (TAMAHIRO): Nishiki Fukuro Cho (Brocade Bag Designs). Kyoto, Unsodo, Taisho 10 (1920).
120480: ROKKAKU SHISUI (CHUTARO): - Shinsen Moyo ni Shiori. (New patterns for bookmarks). Two volumes. Kyoto, Unsodo, Meiji 34 (1901).
99984: SIA, MARY LI (MRS. RICHARD H.P. SIA): - Chinese Chopsticks. A Manual of Chinese Cookery and Guide to Peking Restaurants. Peking, Peking International Women's Club, 1938.
19102: SIDNEY, SAMUEL: - The three colonies of Australia; New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia; their pastures, copper mines, & gold fields. London 1852.
99744: SIESTRZENCEWICZ DE BOHUSZ, STANISLAW: - Histoire du royaume de la Chersonese Taurique. St. Petersburg, le l'Imprimerie de l'Académie Impériale Russie, 1824.
15107: SIEVERS, W.: - Asien. Eine allgemeine Landeskunde. Lpz & Wien 1892.
15108: SIEVERS, W.: - Afrika. Eine allgemeine Landeskunde. Lpz & Wien 1891.
100487: SILVESTRE DE SACY, ANTOINE ISAAC BARON: - Mémoire sur deux provinces de la Perse orientale, le Gardjestan et le Djouzdjan. Paris, Fr. Buisson, 1813.
40018: SIMPSON, WILLIAM: - The Buddhist Praying-Wheel. A Collection of Material Bearing upon the Symbolism of the Wheel and Circular Movements in Custom and Religious Ritual. London, Macmillan and Co., 1896.
29094: SINNETT, FREDERICK: - An account of the colony of South Australia, prepared for distribution at the International Exhibition of 1862. Adelaide, W.C. Cox, 1862.
100681: SIRÉN, OSVALD: - Les peintures chinoises dans les collections américaines. Five volumes. Paris & Bruxelles 1927-28.
777031: SJÖBORG (SJOBORG, SJOEBORG), NIC. HENR.: - Litterae gothicicae, ab Asia oriundae, ad scandinavos hospites deductae. Dissertartio archaeologica. Lund (1805).
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