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54224: WIESEL, E.  - Discours d’Oslo.
57492: WIESEL, E.  - Silences et mémoire d’hommes.
29834: WIGGIN, K.D. - New Chronicles of Rebecca.
52334: WIGHT, J. - The real James Herriot. The authorized biography.
59235: WIGODER, G. & AL.  - Dictionnaire encyclopédique du Judaïsme. Esquisse de l’histoire du peuple juif. Calendrier.
32822: WILBOIS, J. - Un Pays Neuf. L'Ouest Canadien.
53971: WILBUR, J.R.H. - The Bennett new deal: fraud or portent?
29258: WILBY, S. - Journey Across Tibet.
57846: WILCOX, R.T. - The mode in costume. A history of men’s and women’s clothes and accessories from Egypt 3000 B.C. to the present.
16210: WILDE, M. DE - L'Ordre Nouveau.
48192: WILDE, D.J. & BEIGHTLER, C.S. - Foundations of Optimization.
35903: WILDI, T. - Units.
43771: WILENTZ, A.  - The Rainy Season. Haiti since Duvalier.
9706: WILFORD, J.N.: - Mars Beckons. The Mysteries, the Challenges, the Expectations of Our Next Great Adventure in Space.
3290: WILFORD, J.N.: - The Mapmakers. The Story of the Great Pioneers in Cartography from Antiquity to the Space Age.
16878: WILHELM, J. - Paris Vu Par Les Peintres.
48424: WILHELMY, J.P. - Les Mercenaires Allemands au Québec du XVIIIe Siècle et leur Apport à la Population.
59980: WILKIN, S. - The works of Sir Thomas Browne. Volume 1, containing four books of vulgar errors.
29595: WILKINS, J. - Médecine de L'Adolescence : Une Médecine Spécifique.
36638: WILKINS, R. - The Doctor's Quotation Book. A Medical Miscellany.
35607: WILKINSON, SIR G. - The Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, Including Their Private Life, Government, Laws, Arts, Manufactures, Religion, Agriculture, and Early History. In Five Volumes.
38627: WILKINSON-LATHAM, R. & C. - Infantry Uniforms Including Artillery and Other Supporting Troops of Britain and the Commonwealth. I. 1742-1855. II. 1855-1939.
45814: WILKINSON, A. - Language and Education.
57142: WILKINSON, A.G. - The Moore collection in the Art Gallery of Ontario.
31024: WILL, C.M. - Was Einstein Right? Putting General Relativity to the Test.
51446: WILL, N.  - Essai sur la presse et le capital.
38531: WILLAMSON, D. - Brewer's British Royalty. A Phrase and Fable Dictionary.
15774: WILLANE, O. - L'Afrique Des Réalités.
34708: WILLEMS, E. - Les Bases Psychologiques de L'éducation Musicale.
3391: WILLET, F.: - L'Art Africain.
38530: WILLEY, B. - The Seventeenth Century Background. Studies in the Thought of the Age in Relation to Poetry and Religion.
47770: WILLIAMS, A.W.  - Navajo Political Process.
53794: WILLIAMS, G.  - Sir Thomas Lipton joue et gagne ou le triomphe de la technique.
29549: WILLIAMS, E.F. - Undiscovered France. An Eight-Weeks Automobile Trip in the Provinces with Special Reference to the Architecture, Archaeology, History, and Scenery.
28564: WILLIAMS, E.E. - Free to Speak His Mind. W.R. Ronald, Prairie Editor and a Aaa Architect.
38605: WILLIAMS, F. - Shakespeare of the Globe.
42338: WILLIAMS, I.A. - The Plays of Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
35142: WILLIAMS, E. - History of the People of Trinidad and Tobago.
35069: WILLIAMS, A.N. - Key Words of the Bible. A New Guide to Better Understanding of the Scriptures.
37447: BAYNTON-WILLIAMS, R. - Investing in Maps.
34343: WILLIAMS, A.N. - The Holy City.
32014: WILLIAMS, C.F.A. - The Story of Notation.
31280: WILLIAMS, J.G. - Understanding the Old Testament.
43480: WILLIAMS, G. - The Great South Sea. English Voyages and Encounters 1570-1750.
31112: WILLIAMS, L. - Man and Monkey.
20705: WILLIAMS, T. - Une Femme Nommée Moise.
18451: WILLIAMS, M.B. - The Banff-Jasper Highway. Descriptive Guide.
59959: WILLIAMS, REV. J.A. - The doctrines and discipline of the Methodist church of Canada, 1882.
46648: WILLIAMS, J.H. - Postwar Monetary Plans and Other Essays.
39341: WILLIAMS, H.N. - A Gallant of Lorraine. François, Seigneur de Bassompierre, Marquis d'Harouel, Maréchal de France (1579-1646). Volume I.
39328: WILLIAMS, H.N. - Madame Récamier and her Friends.
13292: WILLIAMS, E.W.: - Know Your Ancestors. A Guide to Genealogical Research.
59695: WILLIAMS, J.  - Manuscrits espagnols du Haut Moyen Âge.
39774: WILLIAMS-FISHER, REV. T.J. - Venerabilis Bedae. Historiae Ecclesiasticae Gentis Anglorum. Liber III.
53149: WILLIAMS, J.N. - The plan. Memories of the BCATP.
56194: WILLIAMS, M. - Peeps at great cities. Paris.
30103: WILLIAMSON, M. - Robert Harris (1849-1919).
58319: WILLIAMSON, P. - Northern gothic sculpture.
58103: WILLIAMSON, P.J. - Corporatism in perspective. An introductory guide to corporatist theory.
56923: WILLIAMSON, G.C. & WILLIAMS, A.. - How to identify portrait miniatures. With chapters on how to paint miniatures.
29173: WILLIAMSON, A. - Le Luthier. Leçons de Vie D'Un Maître.
21844: WILLIAMSON, H.R. - Catherine de Médicis.
19674: WILLIAMSON, J.A. - The British Empire and Commonwealth. A History for Senior Forms.
40128: WILLIAMSON, H.R. - Kind Kit. An Informal Biography of Christopher Marlowe.
13444: WILLIAMSON, E.M. - Outport. A Newfoundland Journal.
14748: WILLIAMSON, J.A. - A Short History of British Expansion. The Old Colonial Empire.
39205: WILLIAMSON, H.R. - Lorenzo the Magnificent.
39718: WILLIAMSON, G. - The Donne Tradition. A Study in English Poetry from Doonne to the Death of Cowley.
56924: WILLIAMSON, G.C. - Portrait miniatures. From the time of Holbein 1531 to that of Sir William Ross 1860. A handbook for collectors.
57121: WILLINGHAM, B.  - Ironwood. Number 1.
40420: WILLISON, G.F. - Saints and Strangers. Being the Lives of the Pilgrim Fathers & their Families, with Their Friends & Foes.
48221: WILLMANN, J.B. - The department of housing and urban development.
39930: WILLOUGHBY, E.E. - A Printer of Shakespeare. The Books and Times of William Jaggard.
13949: WILLS, C. - La Sagesse Des Gênes. Nouvelles Perspectives Sur L'Evolution.
57420: WILLS, C. - Plagues. Their origins, history and future.
30984: WILMER, D. - Early English Glass. A Guide for Collectors of Table and Other Decorative Glass of the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries.
29867: WILMERDING, J. - Audubon, Homer; Whistler and Nineteenth Century America.
53949: WILMOT, C.  - The struggle for Europe.
26529: WILSEY, S. - Oh the Glory of It All.
36906: WILSON, C. - Ritual in the Dark.
44230: WILSON, A.N. - Paul. The Mind of the Apostle.
29854: WILSON, P.W. - The Greville Diary. Including Passages Hitherto Withheld from Publication. Volume I & II.
50123: WILSON, P.L.  - Pirate utopias. Moorish corsairs & european renegadoes.
55217: WILSON, F. - Graphic guide to interior design.
29491: WILSON, P.R. - Les Belles Vieilles Demeures Du Québec.
38395: WILSON, C. - Bernard Shaw. A Reassesment.
38394: WILSON, C. - Access to Inner Worlds. The Story of Brad Absetz.
28797: WILSON, J.A. - The Culture of Ancient Egypt.
40153: WILSON, J.H. - The Ordeal of Mr. Pepys's Clerk.
44901: WILSON, K. - The Games Climbers Play. A Collection of Mountaineering Writing.
24653: WILSON, H. - A Prime Minister on Prime Ministers.
51757: WILSON, E.  - Memoirs of Hecate county.
37347: WILSON, D. - The Anglo-Saxons.
41403: WILSON, F.P. - The English Drama 1485-1585.
36383: WILSON, I. - Undiscovered. The Fascinating World of Undiscovered Places, Graves, Wrecks, and Treasure.
32168: WILSON, I. - Jesus. The Evidence.
58048: WILSON, I. - Indian excursion.
30859: WILSON, I.R. - Archaeological Investigations at the Atigun Site, Central Brooks Range, Alaska.
46950: (DIGBY) : WILSON, I.W.  - A Geography and History of the County of Digby, Nova Scotia.
59968: WILSON, D. - Rothschild. A story of wealth and power.
44680: WILSON, E. - Letters on Literature and Politics 1912-1972.
52309: WILSON, R.D. & MCLEAN, E.  - The living past of Montreal.
42044: WILSON, D. - The Sun at Noon. An Anatomy of Modern Japan.
48659: WILSON, C. - Mysteries. An investigation into the occult, the paranormal and the supernatural.
39512: WILSON, S.M. - The Emperor's Giraffe and Other Stories of Cultures in Contact.
54002: WILSON, R. - The hedgerow book.
51725: WILSON, R.J.A. - A guide to the Roman remains in Britain.
57731: WILSON, J. - The earth shall weep. A history of native America.
39649: WILSON, D.M. - The Northern World. The History and Heritage of Northern Europe.
38186: WILSON, H.R. - Diffraction of X-Rays by Proteins, Nucleic Acids and Viruses.
14785: WILSON, C. - A Casebook of Murder. The Changing Patterns of Homicidal Killings.
13603: WILSON, C. - Unilever 1945-1965. Challenge and Response in the Post-War Industrial Revolution.
38639: WILSON, D. - The King and the Gentleman. Charles Stuart and Oliver Cromwell 1599-1649.
55511: WILSON, C. - Dancing with the devil. The Windsor and Jimmy Donahue.
41079: WILSON, J.D. - The Fortunes of Falstaff.
56205: WILSON, M. & AL. - Grand tour. A journey in the tracks of the age of aristocracy.
51230: WILSON, J.H. - The Wilson museum.
57227: WILSON, L.  - L’appel du Chibougamau. L’histoire d’une région minière du Québec.
55934: WIMSATT, W.U.  - No more prisons.
59480: WIMSATT, W.U.  - No more prisons.
32454: WINBOLT, S.E. - Britain Under the Romans.
44440: WINCHESTER, S.  - Their Noble Lordships. Class and Power in Modern Britain.
36699: WINCHESTER, S. - The Professor and the Madman. A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary.
22957: WINCHESTER, S. - The Professor and the Madman. A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary.
43054: WINCHESTER, S. - The Sun never Sets. Travels to the Remaining Outposts of the British Empire.
41414: WINCHESTER, S. - Korea. A Walk through the Land of Miracles.
40418: WINCKEL, F. - Music, Sound and Sensation. A Modern Exposition.
33887: WINCKLER, H. - The History of Babylonia and Assyria.
33615: WINDELBAND, W. - History of Ancient Philosophy.
40095: WINDLE, B.C.A. - The Romans in Britain.
8621: DUC DE WINDSOR: - Histoire D'Un Roi. Les Mémoires de Son Altesse Royale le Duc de Windsor.
39870: DUKE OF WINDSOR - A King's Story. The Memoirs of the Duke of Windsor.
50104: WINGERSON, L.  - Unnatural selection. The promise and the power of human gene research.
38110: WINGO, E.L. - The Illegal Trial of Jesus.
38523: WINICK, C. - Dictionary of Anthropology.
54111: WINKIN, Y. - Bateson, Birdwhistell, Goffman, Hall, Jackson, Scheflen, Sigman, Watzlawick. La nouvelle communication.
45484: WINNICK, R.H. - Letters of Archibald Macleish, 1907 to 1982.
56670: WINNICOTT, D.W. - La mère suffisamment bonne.
46005: WINNICOTT, D.W.  - Fragment d’une Psychanalyse.
46016: WINNICOTT, D.W.  - Processus de Maturation chez l’Enfant. Développement Affectif et Environnement.
59737: WINNICOTT, D.W.  - L’enfant et le monde extérieur.
23720: WINOCK, M. - Le Siècle Des Intellectuels.
56511: WINOCK, M.  - Le siècle des intellectuels.
47847: WINSLOW-SPRAGGE, L. - No Ordinary Man. George Dawson, 1849-1901.
49489: WINSLOW, K. - Dream world.
31592: WINSPEAR, A.D. - Lucretius and Scientific Thought.
10980: WINSPEAR, A.D.: - Lucretius and Scientific Thought.
59109: WINTER, G.  - Social ethics. Issues in ethics and society.
54279: WINTER, R.  - Music for our time.
55668: WINTER, J. - Common cents. Media portrayal of the Gulf war and other events.
43379: WINTER, K. - Shananditti. The Last of the Beothucks.
53892: WINTERBOTHAM, COL. F.  - Ultra.
60824: WINTLE, E.D.  - The birds of Montreal.
41428: WINTLE, C. - Around Historic Hampshire.
53580: WINTRINGHAM, T. & BLASHFORD-SNELL, J.  - Weapons & tactics.
7324: WIRTH, MAX.: - Lois Du Travail Au Xixe Siècle.
5361: WIRTH, TH.: - La Lorraine à la Belle Epoque.
20293: WISE, D. - Un Espion Disparaît.
60299: WISE, S.F. - Canadian airmen and the first World war. The official history of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Volume I.
58924: WISEMAN, A. - Old woman at play.
41015: WISSLER, C. - The American Indian. An Introduction to the Anthropology of the New World.
42398: WITHINGTON, R. - English Pageantry. An Historical Outline. 2 Vol.
30449: WITHROW, REV. W.H. - The King's Messenger : Or, Lawrence Temple's Probation. A Story of Canadian Life.
22460: WITHROW, W. - Contemporary Canadian Painting.
45934: WITNEY, D. - The Lighthouse.
52805: WITTE, E. & AL.  - Le bilinguisme en Belgique. Le cas de Bruxelles.
28575: WITTGENSTEIN, L. - Remarques Philosophiques.
52793: WITTGENSTEIN, L.  - Tractatus logico-philosophicus.
42959: WITTKOWER, R. - Gothic vs Classic. Architectural Projects in Seventeenth-Century Italy.
33829: WITTLIN, T. - Beria. Vie Et Mort Du Chef de la Police Secrète Soviétique.
29899: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - If I Were You.
59036: WODENING, S. - Péodisc Geléafa. The belief of the tribe. A handbook on Germanic heathenry and theodish belief.
58909: WODENING, S. - Hammer of the Gods. Anglo-Saxon paganism in modern times.
59011: WODENING, S.  - Germanic magic. A basic primer on galdor, runes, spa, and herbs.
55701: WOHLER, J.P. - Charles de Salaberry. Soldier of the empire, defender of Quebec.
55673: WOLBERG, L.R. - Hypnoanalysis.
50026: WOLCHONOK, L. - The art of three-dimensional design.
53972: WOLCOTT, H.F. - A Kwakiutl village and school.
32197: WOLDERING, I. - Gods, Men & Pharaohs. The Glory of Egyptian Art.
30270: WOLF, F.L. - Number Systems and Their Uses.
47538: WOLF, M. & WITKE, R. - Women in Chinese Society.
10354: WOLF, F.A.: - Parallel Universes. The Search for Other Worlds.
33956: WOLF, M.A. - Quand Dieu Parlait Aux Hommes. Lecture Psychologique de la Bible.
31397: WOLF, F.A. - Taking the Quantum Leap. The New Physics for Nonscientists.
31396: WOLF, F.A. - Parallel Universes. The Search for Other Worlds.
20406: WOLF, C. - Changement D'Optique. Récits.
17884: WOLF, H. - Aggée Et Malachie. Reconsécration Et Renouveau.
55650: WOLF, E.  - Sons of the shaking earth.
38210: WOLF, F.A. - Star Wave. Mind, Consciousness, and Quantum Physics.
50008: WOLF, M.B.R. & SMITH, P.C. - In the trail of elder brother. Glou’s gap stories of the Micmac Indians.
59989: WOLF, C.  - Trame d’enfance.
56938: WOLF, SISTER A.C.  - Against all odds. Sisters of Providence mission to the Chinese, 1920-1990.
48716: WOLFE, D. - Le dossier Dahlia noir. La pègre, le nabab et le meurtre qui a choqué l’Amérique.
57965: WOLFE, G.K. - Critical terms for science fiction and fantasy. A glossary and guide to scholarship.
54277: WOLFE, T. - You can’t go home again.
49509: WOLFEREN, K. VAN  - L’énigme de la puissance japonaise. Le peuple et la politique dans une nation sans État.
46506: WOLFF, C.  - Bissexualité. Essai.
31839: WOLFF, P. - Western Languages Ad 100-1500.
30904: WOLFF, P. - Breakthroughs in Mathematics.
17853: WOLFF, R. - Economie Et Finances de la France. Passé Et Avenir.
55993: WOLFF, P. - Les protestants en France, 1800-2000.
59836: WOLFFLIN, H. - Renaissance and Baroque.
23154: WOLGENSINGER, J. - L'Histoire à la Une. La Grande Aventure de la Presse.
39710: WOLKOWITSCH, G. - Archives, Bibliothèques, Musées : Statut des Collections Accessibles au Public.
25917: WOLLHEIM, D. - Les Faiseurs D'Univers. La Science-Fiction Aujourd'Hui. Essai.
58179: WOLMAN, B.B. - The therapist’s handbook. Treatment methods of mental disorders.
44943: WOLMAN, B. - Above the Holy Land. Israel from the Air.
58148: WOLOFSKY, H. - Journey of my life. (A book of memories).
24603: WOLPERT, S. - Gandhi's Passion. The Life and Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi.
33635: WOLPERT, L. - The Triumph of the Embryo.
34694: WOLTON, T. - Le Grand Recrutement.
54161: WOLTON, D.  - Éloge du grand public. Une théorie critique de la télévision.
60012: WONG, S.D. - The deceptive hands of Wing Chun.
46621: WONG, J. - Beijing Confidential. A Tale of Comrades Lost and Found.
44077: WONG, J. - Jan Wong’s China. Reports from a not-so-Foreign Correspondent.
29830: WOOD, MRS. J.A.A. - From Error to Truth; or the Deacon's Daughters.
42295: WOOD, F. - Chinese Illustration.
24920: WOOD, W. - In the Heart of Old Canada.
10996: WOOD, A.: - Nineteenth Century Britain 1815-1914.
5593: WOOD, L.A.: - A History of Farmer's Movements in Canada. The Origins and Development of Agrarian Protest 1872-1924.
54884: WOOD, L.  - The army horseshoer, 1912.
43876: WOOD, E. - Vedanta Dictionary.
34379: WOOD, A. - Bertrand Russell. The Passionate Sceptic.
34318: WOOD, C. - The Greenwich Village Blues.
34271: WOOD, M. - Domesday. A Search for the Roots of England.
33329: WOOD, A. - The Physical Basis of Music.
32519: WOOD, J.E.; - Sun, Moon and Standing Stones.
57914: WOOD, GENERAL SIR E.  - Calvalry in the Waterloo campaign.
58341: WOOD, M. - In search of the Trojan war.
18452: WOOD, K. - Birds and Animals in the Rockies.
44950: WOOD, C.T.  - Philip the Fair and Boniface VIII. State vs. Papacy.
58256: WOOD, C.T. - The quest for eternity. Manners and morals in the age of chivalry.
58347: WOOD, E. - Zen dictionary.
39320: WOOD, M. - In Search of the Dark Ages.
54085: WOOD, R. - West Hartlepool. The rise and development of a Victorian new town.
45394: WOOD, G.S. - Revolutionary Characters. What made the Founders Different.
39284: WOOD, C.T. - The Age of Chivalry. Manners and Morals 1000-1450.
13577: WOOD, E.E. - La Pratique Du Yoga.
60297: WOOD, J.E.R.  - Detour. The story of Oflag IVC.
55529: WOOD, R. - An introduction to Saudi Arabian antiquities.
59839: WOOD, E.A. - Science from your airplane window.
27693: WOODCOCK, G. - Letter to the Past. An Autobiography.
38422: WOODCOCK, P.G. - Short Dictionary of Mythology.
45029: WOODCOCK, G.  - Beyond the Blue Mountains. An Autobiography.
33108: WOODGER, J.H. - Biology and Language. An Introduction to the Methodology of the Biological Sciences Including Medicine.
41379: WOODHAM-SMITH, C. - Queen Victoria. Her Life and Times. Volume One. 1819-1861.
57876: WOODHEAD, A.G. - The study of Greek inscriptions.
32824: WOODING, F.H. - The Angler's Book of Canadian Fishes.
44384: WOODLEY, E.C. - The Bible in Canada.
5019: WOODLEY, E.C.: - La Famille Joseph Et Les Annales de Québec. Un Siècle Et Demi D'Histoire.
58626: WOODMAN, H.D.  - Slavery and the Southern economy. Sources and readings.
48940: WOODROFFE, SIR J. - Principles of Tantra. Part I.
48792: WOODROFFE, SIR J. - Introduction to Tantra Sastra.
26481: WOODROW, A. - Les Jésuites. Histoire de Pouvoirs.
17524: WOODROW, A. - Les Jésuites. Histoire de Pouvoirs.
37357: WOODRUFF, D. - The Life and Times of Alfred the Great.
53593: WOODS, H.D. & OSTRY, S. - Labour policy and labour economics in Canada.
15059: WOODS, S.E. - La Saga Des Molson 1763-1983.
42481: WOODTHORPE, T.J. - A History of the Isle of Sheppey Kent.
31120: WOODWARD, R.S. - Probability and Theory of Errors.
57363: WOODWARD, W.E. - Meet General Grant.
45440: WOODWARD, E.L. - The Age of Reform 1815-1870.
43432: WOODWORTH, R.S. - Psychologie Expérimentale. Première Partie. Mémoires, Habitudes, Réactions, Émotions, Esthétique. Deuxième Partie. Psychophysique, Sensations et Perceptions, Attention, Pensée.
32606: WOOLDRIDGE, D.E. - The Machinery of the Brain.
45547: WOOLF, V. - La Traversée des Apparences.
42634: WOOLF, V. - Mrs Dalloway.
42635: WOOLF, V. - La Maison Hantée.
56256: WOOLF, L. - The village in the jungle.
43062: WOOTEN, J. - We are all the same. A Story of a Boy's Courage and a Mother Love.
19520: WOOTON, C. - Singing-Masters of My Soul.
35642: WORCESTER, D. - The Chisholm Trail. High Road of the Cattle Kingdom.
39884: WORDEN, B. - Stuart England.
51194: WORINGER, W.  - L’art gothique.
54268: WORLEY, M.P. - Sculptor to Queen Marie-Antoinette. Pierre Julien.
29980: WORMSER, G. - Le Septennat de Poincaré.
49352: WORMSER-MIGOT, O.  - L’ère des camps.
44887: WORONOFF, J. - Japan’s Commercial Empire.
58001: WORTH, S. - Studying visual communication.
60149: WORTHAM, H.E. - The delightful profession: Edward VII. A study in kingship.
59382: WOUTERS, L. & NAMUR, Y.  - Poètes aujourd’hui. Un panorama de la poésie francophone de Belgique.
36765: WRENN, C.L. - A Study of Old English Literature.
31229: WRENN, C.L. - The English Language.
44247: WRIGGINS, H. - Development and Protest in Ceylon and South Asia.
56397: WRIGHT, R.  - Brève histoire du progrès.
35297: WRIGHT, W.B. - Tools and the Man.
33486: WRIGHT, F.A. - Woman. A Satire. From the Latin of Juvenal.
31035: WRIGHT, H. ED. - Cambridge University Studies 1933.
51228: WRIGHT, L.M. & LEAHEY, M.  - Familles et maladies chroniques.
39034: WRIGHT, E. - The Fire of Liberty.
44601: WRIGHT, G. - France in Modern Times. From the Enlightenment to the Present.
60608: WRIGHT, E.  - The fables of La Fontaine.
57350: WRIGHT, W.A.  - Letters and literary remains of Edward Fitzgerald. In three volumes.
57807: WRIGHT, R. - Time among the Maya. Travels in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico.
44807: WRIGHT, J.E.B. - The Technique of Mountaineering. A Handbook of Established Methods.
56603: WRIGHT, C. - Casanova ou l’essence des lumières.
53154: WRIGHT, J. - L’architecture pittoresque au Canada.
47056: WRIGHT, F.L.  - L’Avenir de l’Architecture.
46941: WRONG, G.M.  - A Canadian Manor and its Seigneurs. The Story of a Hundred Years, 1761-1861.
51021: WU-CHI, L.  - La philosophie de Confucius.
40449: WUNDER, R.P. - Extravagant Drawings of the Eighteenth Century. From the Collection of The Cooper Union Museum.
55532: WUNDERLICH, H.G.  - The secret of Crete.
45545: WURLITZER, R.  - Walker.
33947: WURMBRAND, R. - Karl Marx.
33778: WYCHERLEY, R.E. - The Stones of Athens.
56249: WYCKOFF, W.A. - The workers. An experiment in reality. The East.
25592: WYCZYNSKI, P. - Nelligan 1879-1941. Biographie.
52697: WYDEN, P.  - Bay of pigs. The untold story.
46602: WYETH, A. - The Helga Pictures.
35771: WYKES, A. - Doctor Cardano. Physician Extraordinary.
36481: WYKES, A. - The Doctor and His Enemy.
32240: WYLD, H.C. - The Historical Study of the Mother Tongue. An Introduction to Phililogical Method.
47707: WYLEN, G.J. VAN - Thermodynamics.
46196: WYMAN, M.  - Sweeping the Earth. Women Taking Action for a Healthy Planet.
38537: WYNDHAM, R. - South-East England.
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52653: ZUKAV, G.  - The dancing Wu Li masters. An overview of the new physics.
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43173: ZYLBERBERG, J. & AL. - Masses et Postmodernité.

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