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34993: STEVE, M.J. - The Living World of the Bible. The Story of the People of God in a New Historical and Pictorial Setting.
40834: STEVENS, G. - Early Canadian Glass.
7024: STEVENS, G.: - In a Canadian Attic.
56303: STEVENS, G. - The Canadian collector. Furniture, glass, pottery & firearms of the 19th century.
37502: STEVENS, B. - Atomic Structure and Valency. For General Students of Chemistry.
31376: STEVENS, C.F. - The Six Core Theories of Modern Physics.
59975: STEVENS, M. - Power of attorney. The rise of the giant law firms.
60621: STEVENS, G.  - Canadian glass c.1825-1925.
39448: STEVENS, F.D. - Through Merrie England.
55127: STEVENS, B.K. & STEWART, L.L. - A guide to literary criticism and research.
52536: STEVENS, J.  - Voyages dans l’abîme.
44025: STEVENS, P. JR. - Studies in the Anthropology of Play: Papers in Memory of B. Allan Tindall.
51848: STEVENS, F. - Stonehenge today & yesterday.
56220: STEVENSON, J. & COOK, C.  - The slump. Society and politics during the depression.
5333: STEVENSON, R.L.: - The Treasure of Franchard.
19466: STEVENSON, D. - The Meditations of William Shakespeare.
58258: STEVENSON, L. - Seven theories of human nature.
56988: STEVENSON, G.  - Federalism in Canada. Selected readings.
37893: STEVENSON, V. - Words. The Evolution of Western Languages.
51451: STEVENSON, W.  - La confrérie Bormann.
59825: STEVENSON, F. - Lloyd George. A diary.
46928: STEWART, A.R. - The French in New England, Acadia and Quebec.
55562: STEWART, B. - A guide to Japanese prints and their subject matter.
8417: STEWART, G.: - Canada Under the Administration of the Earl of Dufferin.
3480: STEWART, J.S.: - The Folk Arts of Norway.
35066: STEWART, W. - M.J. The Life and Times of M.J. Coldwell.
36116: STEWART, M. - The Wicked Day.
34159: STEWART, D.J. - The Disguised Guest. Rank, Role, and Identity in the Odyssey.
31281: STEWART, D. - T.E. Lawrence.
31148: STEWART, I. - The Magical Maze. Seeing the World Through Mathematical Eyes.
31147: STEWART, I. - Concepts of Modern Mathematics.
31146: STEWART, I. - Another Fine Math You'Ve Got Me Into.
23375: STEWART, D. - T.E. Lawrence.
21105: STEWART, H. - Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast.
19844: STEWART, H. - The Shepherd's Manual. A Practical Treatise on the Sheep. Designed Especially for American Shepherds.
53431: STEWART, H.  - Looking at totem poles.
40967: STEWART, I. - Nature's Numbers. The Unreal Reality of Mathematics.
45740: STEWART, J.F. - The Strength and Weakness of Red Russia. Congress of Delegates of Independent Movements within the USSR held in Edinburgh 12th, 13th and 14th June 1950.
50156: STEWART, T.A. - The wealth of knowledge. Intellectual capital and the twenty-first century organization.
9671: STICK, D.: - The Outer Banks of North Carolina. 1584-1958.
27566: STIENNON, E. - étude Expérimentale Sur la Fonction Des Mots En Analyse Grammaticale.
49323: STIERLIN, H.  - L’Inde hindoue. Temples et sanctuaires de Khajuraho à Madurai.
49322: STIERLIN, H.  - Turquie. Des Seldjoukides aux Ottomans.
27636: STIEVENART, J.F. - Chefs-D'œUvre de Démosthène Et D'Eschine.
55295: STIGLER, J.W. & HIEBERT, J. - The teaching gap. Best ideas from the world’s teachers for improving education in the classroom.
54889: STIGLITZ, J.E. - La grande désillusion.
60801: STIGLITZ, J.E. - Quand le capitalisme perd la tête.
60470: STIGLITZ, J.E. - Whiter socialism?
32589: STILES, H.R. - Bundling. Its Origin, Progress and Decline in America.
47209: STIMSON, F.J.  - The Law of the Federal and State Constitutions of the United States.
50420: STIVELMAN, M.  - The death march.
44584: STOBAUGH, R. & YERGIN, D.  - L’Énergie du Futur.
59979: STOCKBRIDGE, F.P. & PERRY, J.H. - Florida in the making.
18147: STOCKER, DR. A. - L'Homme, Son Vrai Visage Et Ses Masques.
42380: STOCKLEY, W.F.P. - King Henry the Fifth's Poet Historical.
58157: STOESSINGER, J.G. - The might of nations. World politics in our time.
49326: STOESSINGER, J.G.  - Why nations go to war.
24428: STOETT, P. - Human and Global Security. An Exploration of Terms.
19603: STOETZEL, J. - La Psychologie Sociale.
61071: STOICIENS  - Les stoïciens. Cléanthe, Diogène, Laërce, Plutarque, Cicéron, Sénèque, Épictète, Marc-Aurèle.
57692: STOKES, H.S.  - Mort et vie de Mishima.
19352: STOKES, C.W. - Here and There in Montreal and the Island of Montreal. An Illustrated Descriptive Guide to the Historical and Picturesque Landmarks and Places of Interest in Montreal and Environs.
43806: STOKES, REV. E.H.  - Blossoms.
56207: STOKES, H.G. - The English seaside.
29035: STOLERU, L. - L'Impératif Industriel.
54915: STOLERU, L.  - Vaincre la pauvreté dans les pays riches.
20358: STOLERU, L. - L'Equilibre Et la Croissance Economiques. Principes de Macroéconomie.
31493: STOLL, R.R. - Sets, Logic and Axiomatic Theories.
30343: STOLYAR, A.A. - Introduction to Elementary Mathematical Logic.
59054: STONE, S.D. - Lesbians in Canada.
33764: STONE, I.F. - The Trial of Socrates.
33651: STONE, M. - The Paradise Papers. The Suppression of Women's Rites.
51221: STONE, E.H. - The stones of Stonehenge. A full description of the structure and of its outworks.
51261: STONE, I.  - Charles Darwin. Le roman de nos origines.
48265: STONE, L.O. - Urban development in Canada. An introduction to the demographic aspects.
40324: STONE, D.R. - The Art of Biedermeier. Viennese Art and Design, 1815 to 1845.
39873: STONE, G. - England from Earliest Times to the Great Charter.
19804: STONES, E. - Introduction à la Psychopédagogie.
36573: STORA, R. - Le Test de L'Arbre.
53850: STOREY, E. - The solitary landscape.
46743: STOREY, I.  - Walker’s Way. My Years with Walker Evans.
48935: STORL, W.D. - Shiva. The wild god of power and ecstasy.
56626: STORM, J. - The Valadon drama.
55648: STORRY, R. - A history of modern Japan.
46076: STOUT, M.  - The Myth of Sanity. Divided Consciousness and the Promise of Awareness.
57082: STOUT, R.  - 1. Les années 1930-1939. Fer de lance. Les compagnons de la peur. La bande élastique. La cassette rouge.
19625: STOVER, L.E. - La Science Fiction Américaine. Essai D'Anthropologie Culturelle.
58024: STOVER, E. & NIGHTINGALE, E.O. - The breaking of bodies and minds. Torture, psychiatric abuse, and the health profession.
41413: STRACHAN, H. - World War I. A History.
36852: STRACHEY, M. - The Fathers without Theology.
17516: STRACHEY, L. - La Reine Victoria.
56680: STRACHEY, L. - Lytton Strachey. The really interesting question and other papers.
58008: STRACHEY, L. - Elizabeth and Essex. A tragic history.
32453: STRAGE, M. - The Durable Fig Leaf. A Historical, Cultural, Medical, Social, Literary, and Iconographic Account of Man's Relations with His Penis.
56654: STRAHLER, A.N. - A geologist’s view of Cape Cod.
30201: STRAIN, J. - The Contribution of Ancient Greece.
27924: STRAKA, G. - Actes Du Xe Congrès International de Linguistique Et Philologie Romanes. Strasbourg 1962. 3 Vol.
16462: STRARAM, P. - One + One. Cinemarx & Rolling Stones.
40879: STRARAM, P. - Bribes 1. Pré-Textes & Lectures.
40880: STRARAM, P. - Questionnement Socra/Cri/Tique.
49988: STRARAM, P. & PIOTTE, J.M.  - Cinéma. Gilles Groulx, le lynx inquiet.
44429: STRASSER, O.  - L’Aigle Prussien sur l’Allemagne.
50570: STRASSER, O. & PANNEKOEK, A.  - Nation et lutte de classe.
29849: STRATER, H. - Henry Strater (1896- ). American Artist.
58132: STRATFORD, P. - Faith and fiction. Creative process in Greene and Mauriac.
30968: STRATHERN, P. - The Big Idea. Turing and the Computer.
5236: LEVI-STRAUSS, C.: - Anthropologie Structurale.
45431: STRAYER, J.R. - Western Europe in the Middle Ages.
57024: STREET, B.V.  - The savage in literature. Representations of primitive society in English fiction 1858-1920.
33500: STREET, P. - The Crab and Its Relatives.
58392: STREET, G.S.  - People and questions.
16799: STREHLER, G. - Une Vie Pour le Théâtre. Entretiens Avec Ugo Ronfani.
39750: STREIDT, G. & FRAHM, K. - Potsdam. Palaces and Gardens of the Hohenzollern. Châteaux et Jardins des Hohenzollern.
51823: STRICK, J.C.  - Canadian public finance.
26337: STRICKER, R. - Georges Bizet.
42677: STRICKER, R. - Musique du Baroque.
37327: STRIEDER, P. - The Hidden Dürer.
26539: STROBERG, J. - Urane. L'Education Et Les Lois Cosmiques.
40405: STRODE, H. - The Story of Bermuda.
46652: STROEBEL, L. & TODD, H.N. - Dictionary of Contemporary Photography.
51235: STROHL, H.  - L’épanouissement de la pensée religieuse de Luther de 1515 à 1520.
60278: STRONG-BOAG, V. & FELLMAN, A.C. - Rethinking Canada. The promise of women’s history.
37269: STRONG, R. - Cecil Beaton. Portraits de Cour.
51070: STRONG, T.H.  - Expecting trouble. The myth of prenatal care in America.
44635: STRONG, K. - Ox against the Storm. A Biography of Tanaka Shozo: Japan’s Conservationist Pioneer. (1841-1913).
40508: STROUD, D. - The Architecture of Sir John Soane.
42263: STROUD, D. - Henry Holland 1745-1806.
57709: STROWSKI, F.  - Montaigne.
41710: STRUEVER, S. & HOLTON, F.A. - Koster. Americans in Search of their Prehistoric Past.
37380: STUART, D.M. - The Boy Through the Ages.
19048: STUART, D.M. - Portrait of the Prince Regent.
39924: STUART, D.M. - Men and Women of Plantagenet England.
55523: STUART, A.M. - Consuelo and Alva Vanderbilt. The story of a daughter and a mother in the gilded age.
34260: STUBBINGS, F.H. - Prehistoric Greece.
60200: STUBBS, R. & UNDERHILL, R.D. - Political economy and the changing global order.
39044: STUBBS, S.A. - Bird's-Eye View of the Pueblos.
28117: STUCKI, P.A. - La Vie Spirituelle de L'Individu Et le Langage Doctrinal.
52776: JOURNAL OF ETHIOPIAN STUDIES  - Journal of Ethiopian Studies. Vol. XI, no 2, July 1973.
30299: STUMPFF, K. - Planet Earth.
42040: STURGIS, M. - Aubrey Beardsley. A Biography.
59005: STURLUSON, S. - Heimskringla. History of the Kings of Norway.
59010: STURLUSON, S. - L’Edda. Récits de mythologie nordique.
59822: STURSBERG, P. - Diefenbaker. Leadership gained 1956-62.
28028: STURTEVANT, E.H. - An Introduction to Linguistic Science.
36704: STURTEVANT, E.H. - Linguistic Change. An Introduction to the Historical Study of Language.
45939: STYCHIN, C.F. - A Nation by Rights. National Cultures, Sexual Identity Politics and the Discourse of Rights.
42467: STYRON, W. - Darkness Visible. A Memoir of Madness.
49415: SUANT, J.  - Vietnam 45-72. La guerre d’indépendance.
48890: SUBRAMUNIYASWAMI, S. - Saivite names. A practical manual for entering Hinduism.
59568: SUD  - Poètes des îles.
56451: SUDRE, R.  - Traité de para-psychologie.
57412: SUE, E. - Arthur.
40529: SUFFLING, E.R. - English Church Brasses. From the 13th to the 17th Century.
59795: SUFFRAN, M. - Bordeaux naguère 1859-1945. Instants ressuscités.
55940: SUGIYAMA, N.B.  - Diffusion of good government. Social sector reforms in Brazil.
55559: SUHL, Y. - They fought back. The story of the Jewish resistance in Nazi Europe.
25746: SULLEROT, E. - Histoire Et Sociologie Du Travail Féminin.
31258: SULLIVAN, W. - Black Holes. The Edge of Space, the End of Time.
30884: SULLIVAN, J.W.N. - Aspects of Science. First Series.
60230: O’SULLIVAN, D. - Elegant extracts from the most celebrated British prose writers. To which is prefixed an introductory essay containing the observation of Swift, Johnson, Blair. Sir Walter Scott, Hazlitt, etc. on the different kind of prose composition; with biographical sketches and critical remarks. Vol. I. Prose.
40442: SULLIVAN, M. - The Arts of China.
44199: SULLIVAN, L.H.  - The Autobiography of an Idea.
60920: O’SULLIVAN, H. - Rapport préliminaire sur l’exploration de l’étendue de pays comprise entre le Lac St-Jean et la Baie de James faites en vertu d’instructions du département de la colonisation et des mines de la province de Québec.
29474: SULTE, B. - Mélanges Historiques Volume 14.
29473: SULTE, B. - Mélanges Historique Volume 11.
48409: SULTE, B.  - Mélanges Historiques. Études Éparses et Inédites. Volume 2.
48410: SULTE, B.  - Mélanges Historiques. Études Éparses et Inédites. Volume 5.
60234: SULTE, B.  - Chants nouveaux.
60997: SULTE, B.  - Histoire des canadiens-français, 1608-1880. Origine, histoire, religion, guerres, découvertes, colonisation, coutumes, vie domestique, sociale et politique, développement, avenir. 8 Volumes.
32811: SULTE, B. - Pages D'Histoire Du Canada.
22422: SULTE, B. - Mélanges Historiques. Etudes Eparses Et inédites. Volume 3.
60580: SULTE, B.  - Historiettes et fantaisies.
57186: SULTE, B.  - Jos. Montferrand.
61109: SULTE, B.  - Histoire de la milice canadienne-française, 1760-1897.
48408: SULTE, B.  - Mélanges Historiques. Études Éparses et Inédites. Volume 1.
58794: SULTE, B.  - Mélanges littéraires. Historiettes. Volume 1 et 2.
60579: SULTE, B.  - Des contes…
60235: SULTE, B.  - Poésies. Les Laurentiennes.
60236: SULTE, B.  - Au coin du feu. Histoire et fantaisie.
60252: SULTE, B.  - La bataille de Chateauguay.
47436: SULTE, B.  - Trois-Rivières d’Autrefois. Troisième Série. La Rivière des Trois-Rivières. Mélanges Historiques Volume 20.
53930: SULZBERGER, C.L. - Postcript with a Chinese accent. Memoirs and diaries, 1972-1973.
36650: SULZBERGER, C. - My Brother Death.
58357: SULZBERGER, G.L. - The fall of eagles.
47058: SULZBERGER, C.L.  - Post-Scriptum Chinois. Mémoires 1972-1973.
12182: SUMMERS, R. - Zimbabwe. Mystère Rhodésien.
42315: SUMMERS, M. - The Playhouse of Pepys.
37285: SUMMERSON, J. - The Classical Language of Architecture.
42909: SUMMERSON, J. - Georgian London.
44855: SUMMERSON, J. - The Unromantic Castle and Other Essays.
53575: WANNING SUN  - Leaving China. Media, migration, and transnational imagination.
48827: SUNDARARAJAN, K.R. & MUKERJI, B. - Hindu spirituality. Postclassical and modern.
32940: SUNDERLAND, L. ED. - The Troubles of a Country Parson. The Selborne Mob and Certain Other Matters.
22635: SUPER, A. - Décadence Et Restauration Du Chant Liturgique. Esquisses Historiques Et Artistiques.
636: SUPERVIELLE, J.: - Le Petit Bois Et Autres Contes.
33323: SUPPLE, E.W. - Spanish Reader of South American History.
32023: SURANY, M. DE - Essai de Graphologie Médicale.
13889: SURGERS, A. - La Comédie Francaise. Un Théâtre Au- Dessus de Tout Soupcon.
45285: SURPRENANT, M.  - Les Oiseaux Aquatiques du Québec, de l’Ontario et des Maritimes.
40062: SURTEES, S. - Waifs and Strays of North-Humber History.
280: FABRE SURVEYER, E.: - Edouard Raymond Fabre.
19243: FABRE SURVEYER, E. - Nathaniel Coffin (1766-1846).
19244: FABRE SURVEYER, E. - Charles-Ovide Perrault (1809-1937).
75: FABRE SURVEYER, HON. E.: - Dickens in France.
35976: SUSKIND, P. - Un Combat Et Autres Récits.
49197: SUSKIND, P.  - Le parfum. Histoire d’un meurtrier. Roman.
47342: SUSKIND, P.  - Sur l’Amour et la Mort.
56387: SUSNJARA, K.  - The furniture network. A new furniture industry.
60880: SUSSMAN, L.  - Les motifs imprimés de Spode/Copeland dans vingt sites de la Compagnie de la Baie d’Hudson.
32459: SUSSMAN, M. - Animal Growth and Development.
51234: SUSSMANN, G.  - Guide pratique du bringuant faiseur. Art et techniques du néo-cogit.
57376: SUTCLIFFE, A. - An economic & social history of Western Europe since 1945.
37386: SUTTON, G. - Glacier Island. The Official Account of the British South Georgia Expedition 1954-1955.
48892: SUTTON, K. - Indian astrology. How to discover the secrets of your Vedic star sign.
17873: SUYIN, H. - Les Cent Fleurs. La Peinture Chinoise Aujourd'Hui.
28532: SUYROT, A.M. DE - Philippine Duchesne. Religieuse Du Sacré-CœUr En Amérique Du Nord 1769-1852.
7301: SUZOR, P.: - Gros Gibier. Siam Et Laos. Cordillère Des Andes. Afrique Du Sud.
41271: SUZUKI, D.T. - Essais sur le Bouddhisme Zen. Troisième série.
57526: SUZUKI, D.T.  - Le non-mental selon la pensée Zen.
48783: SUZUKI, D.T. - The training of the Zen Buddhist monk.
56450: SUZUKI, D.  - Ma vie.
52532: SVIDINE, N.  - Le secret de Nicolas Svidine.
48851: SVOBODA, R.E. - Prakruti. Your Ayurvedic constitution.
55843: SVOBODA, J. & AL. - Hunters between East and West. The paleolithic of Moravia.
47595: SWAAN, W. - The Gothic Cathedral. With an Historical Introduction to the Cathedral in Medieval Society.
42837: SWADESH, M. - Le Langage et la Vie Humaine.
3560: SWAMI, S.P.: - The Geeta. The Gospel of the Lord Shri Krishna. Translated from the Original Sanskrit.
48971: SWAMI, S.V. - The 108 names of Sri Bhagavan (Ramana Ashtothra).
28147: SWANSON, R.J. - The Horizontal Line Synopsis of the Gospels.
40509: SWARBRICK, J. - The Works in Architecture of Robert and James Adam.
43736: SWARUP, S. - 5000 Years of Arts and Crafts in India and Pakistan.
58679: SWEENEY, J.J. - Three young rats and other rhymes.
29831: SWEETSER, D. - One Way Around the World.
38168: SWETZ, F.J. - From Five Fingers to Infinity. A Journey through the History of Mathematics.
56915: SWEZEY, M.P. - The Romanov family album.
56353: SWINDELLS, G.A. - A history of Marple.
39014: SWINGLEHURST, E. - The History of the Kings & Queens of England & Scotland.
48412: SWINTON, G.  - La Sculpture des Esquimaux du Canada.
54345: SWINTON, G.  - Sculpture of the Eskimo.
18603: SWISHER, W.S. - Psychology for the Music Teacher.
44935: SYDENHAM, M.J. - The French Revolution.
42921: SYKES, C.S. - The Big House. The Story of a Country House and its Family.
56175: SYKES, J. - Family in Peru.
39622: SYKES, G.M. - Crime and Society.
9580: SYLVAIN, MGR R. PH. - Saint Germain Eveque de Paris. Titulaire de la Cathédrale Et Patron Du Diocèse de Rimouski. Etude Sur la Liturgie, Les Moeurs Et Les Coutumes Du Vie Siècle. (496-576).
2686: SYLVAIN : - En Flânant Dans Les Portages.
21796: SYLVAIN - Pochades.
55153: SYLVAIN - Par les Chemins qui marchent.
58829: SYLVAIN  - Mon petit pays.
12330: SYLVESTER, D.: - Magritte.
57667: SYLVIUS, J. & RUYNES, P. DE  - La papesse du diable.
33322: SYMONDS, J.A. - A Problem in Greek Ethics. Being an Inquiry Into the Phenomenon of Sexual Inversion Addressed Specially to Medical Psychologists and Jurists.
38552: SYMONDS, J.A. - Shakspere's Predecessors in the English Drama.
39642: SYMONDS, R.W. - The Ornamental Designs of Chippendale. Dessins d'Ornement du Style Chippendale.
35096: SYMONS, J. - The Tell-Tale Heart. The Life and Works of Edgar Allan Poe.
15667: SYMONS, J. - A Reasonable Doubt. Some Criminal Cases Re-Examined.
48149: SYMONS, J. - Dashiell Hammett.
43919: SYMONS, J.  - Conan Doyle. Portrait of an Artist.
53268: SYMONS, J. - The great detectives. Seven original investigations.
55663: SYNMMES, P. - Chasing Che. A motorcycle journey in search of the Guevara legend.
58859: SYPHER, W.  - Four stages of Renaissance style. Transformations in art and literature 1400-1700.
6828: SZABO, G.: - Twentieth Century French Drawings from the Robert Lehman Collection.
47358: SZALWINSKI, R.  - Pellerin.
44473: SZARKOWSKI, J. - The Photographs of Jacques-Henri Lartigue.
30083: SZASZ, T.S. - La Schizophrénie. Le Symbole Sacré de la Psychiatrie.
44388: SZASZ, T.S. - The Manufacture of Madness. A Comparative Study of the Inquisition and the mental health Movement.
13929: SZASZ, T.S. - Le Péché Second.
59732: SZASZ, T.L.  - Idéologie et folie. Essais sur la négation des valeurs humanistes dans la psychiatrie d’aujourd’hui.
50369: SZEDLECKI, A. - L’album de ma vie.
30382: HEY, T. & WALTERS, P. - The Quantum Universe.
27279: GUSSOW, H.T. & ODELL, W.S. - Champignons Comestibles Et Vénéneux. étude Des Champignons Comestibles Et Vénéneux Les Plus Répandus Au Canada.
27191: BELIVEAU, T. & AL. - Elle Travaillait à Idéal Dress.
26923: PRADINES, M.T. & LAFFONT, J.P. - Georges Bastide Philosophe de la Valeur.
32460: WILLIAMSON, T. & BELLAMY, L. - Ley Lines in Question.
35945: RAVENSDALE, T. & MORGAN, J. - The Psychology of Witchcraft. An Account of Witchcraft, Black Magic and the Occult.
32944: PETERSON, R.T. & CHALIF, E.L. - A Field Guide to Mexican Birds. Field Marks of All Species Found in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize (British Honduras), El Salvador.
32106: BUTLER, S.T. & MESSEL, H. - Light and Life in the Universe. Selected Lectures in Physics, Biology and the Origin of Life.
37793: MATHON, T. & MARIE, J.J. - L'Affaire Pliouchtch.
31332: MCNALLY, R.T. & FLORESCU, R. - In Search of Dracula. A True History of Dracula and Vampire Legends.
31245: BUTLER, S.T. & MESSEL, H. ED. - Time. Selected Lectures.
30917: VANDERSLICE, J.T. & AL. - Thermodynamics.
16864: ROUX, T. & BRACONNOT, J.C.: - L'Homme Et la Pollution Des Mers.
22879: TAARJI, H. - Les Voilées de L'Islam.
53795: TABARLY, E.  - De Pen Duick en Pen Duick. De la transatlantique à la transpacifique.
53750: TABARY  - Valentin le vagabond et les hippies.
57064: TABOUIS, G.R. - The private life of Tutankhamen. Love, religion and politics at the court of an Egyptian King.
35699: TABOUIS, G.R. - Nebuchadnezzar.
10720: SIXTE LE TAC: - Histoire Chronologique de la Nouvelle France Ou Canada Depuis Sa Découverte (MIL Cinq Cent Quatre) Juques En L'an MIL Six Cents Trente Deux.
36301: TACHE, J.C. - Esquisse Sur le Canada Considéré Sous le Point de Vue économiste.
61146: TACHE, J.C. - De la tenure seigneuriale en Canada et projet de commutation.
58574: TACHE, B. & LABERGE, J.A.  - Flore régionale et industrie forestière.
29983: TACITE - Livres I, II Des Histoires.
27035: TACITE- SUETONE - Pas de Poison Pour Agrippine.
59024: TACITE  - La Germanie.
33864: TACITUS - The Annals of Imperial Rome.
56127: TAGLIAPIETRA, L. - La ballata del vetro soffiato.
26776: TAGORE, R. - Le Naufrage.
17872: TAGORE, R. - Le Jardinier D'Amour. La Jeune Lune.
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46936: TREMBLAY, V.  - Histoire du Saguenay depuis les Origines jusqu’à 1870.
50414: TREMBLAY, J.  - La force symbolique des histoires. Pour une croissance humaine et spirituelle des jeunes.
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36769: TRENCH, R.C. - On the Study of Words.
31234: TRENCH, R.C. - Dictionary of Obsolete English.
42502: TRENHOLM, V.C. & CARLEY, M. - The Shoshonis. Sentinels of the Rockies.
55464: TREPANIER, E.  - Garcia Lorca et La Barraca.
42828: TRESMONTANT, C. - Comment se Pose Aujourd'hui le Problème de l'existence de Dieu.
46429: TRESS, A.  - Fish Tank Sonata.
28062: TRETHEWEY, W.H. - A Critical Edition of la Petite Philosophie an Anglo-Norman Poem of the Thirteenth Century.
36995: TREVELYAN, G.M. - The National Trust. A Record of Fifty Years' Achievement.
30819: TREVELYAN, G.M. - Illustrated English Social History. 4 Vol.
55446: TREVELYAN, G.M. - A shortened history of England.
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38369: TREVES, F. - The Cradle of the Deep. An Account of a Voyage to the West Indies.
39770: TREVOR-ROPER, H. - The Rise of Christian Europe.
39785: TREVOR-ROPER, H. - Hermit of Peking. The Hidden Life of Sir Edmund Backhouse.
58495: TREVOR-ROPER, H.  - Princes et artistes. Mécénat et idéologie dans quatre cours Habsbourg, 1517-1633.
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53751: BERNET & TRILLO  - Carnage +
28969: TRIMBLE, M. - Roadside History of Arizona.
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52686: TRIPET, F.  - Trusts patrimoniaux anglo-saxons et droit fiscal français.
14649: TRIPOT, DR. J. - La Guyane. Au Pays de L'or, Des Forcats Et Des Peaux-Rouges.
57711: TRIPP, F.R.  - Canada’s army in World War II. Badges and histories of the corps and regiments.
27759: TRISTAN, F. - Houng. Les Sociétés Secrètes Chinoises.
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14409: TROEBST, C.C. - L'Art de Survivre En Montagne, En Mer, Sous Les Tropiques, Etc.
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50611: TROMPENAARS, F.  - Riding the waves of culture. Understanding cultural diversity in business.
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29986: TROTEREAU, J. - Retrouver Ses Racines.
38461: TROTET, G. - Précis de Lichénologie. Morphologie- Anatomie- Physiologie- Biologie.
18240: TROTSKY - Cours Nouveau. (1923).
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38216: TROTTER, W. - The Collected Papers of Wilfred Trotter.
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57979: TROWBRIDGE, W.R.H.  - Cagliostro.
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59107: CHRETIEN DE TROYES - Le conte du Graal ou le roman de Perceval.
13917: CHRETIEN DE TROYES - Yvain Ou le Chevalier Au Lion.
29231: TRUC, G. - Histoire de la Littérature Catholique Contemporaine.
1954: TRUCK, R.P. : - Au Bord de la Nuit.
30845: TRUDEAU, R.J. - Introduction to Graph Theory.
21119: TRUDEAU, P.E. - Les Cheminements de la Politique.
19257: GOBEIL TRUDEAU, M. - Bâtir Une Eglise Au Québec. Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures : De la Chapelle Primitive à L'Eglise Actuelle.
58841: TRUDEAU, P.E.  - Le fédéralisme et la société canadienne-française.
60187: TRUDEAU, P.E. - The Asbestos strike.
24914: TRUDEL, M. - Mémoires D'Un Autre Siècle.
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6571: TRUDEL, F.X.A.: - Nos Chambres Hautes. Sénat Et Conseil Législatif. Relié Avec Discours Prononcé Par L'Hon. J.A. Chapleau Au Banquet Des Ouvriers à Ottawa le 18 Octobre 1888.
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46946: (CHARLESBOURG) : TRUDELLE, C.  - Paroisse de Charlesbourg.
12806: TRUDELLE, ABBE: - Trois Souvenirs,
55890: TRUDGILL, P. - Sociolinguistics. An introduction to language and society.
32667: TRUE, W.P. - The Smithsonian. America's Treasure House.
30461: TRUMBULL, H. - History of the Indians Wars.
26479: TRUNGPA, C. - Folle Sagesse. Suivi de Casse Dogme Par Zéno Bianu Et Patrick Carré.
34790: TRYSTRAM, F. - Le Procès Des étoiles.
42301: TSCHOPIK, H. JR. - Indians of the Montana.
48779: TSERING, G. - Four essential Buddhist texts.
20832: TSERING, D. - Le Dalai-Lama Mon Fils. L'Histoire D'Une Mère.
12242: LAO TSEU - Tao Te King. Le Livre de la Voie Et de la Vertu.
47733: TSOSIE, D. & T. - Spirit Visions. The Old Ones Speak.
59429: CHUANG TSU - Inner chapters. A companion volume to Tao The Ching.
22689: TSUCHIYA, T. - The Development of Economic Life in Japan.
38255: TSUTOMU, M. - Poupées de Bambou.
13662: TUCCI, G. - Rati-Lila. Essai D'Interprétation Des Représentations Tantriques Des Temples Du Népal.
56621: TUCHMAN, B.W. - A distant mirror. The calamitous 14th century.
55549: TUCHMAN, B.W. - Bible and sword. England and Palestine from the bronze age to Balfour.
8933: TUCK, J.A.: - La Préhistoire de Terre-Neuve Et Du Labrador.
18443: TUCK, L.M. - Les Marmettes : Leur Répartition, Leurs Populations Et Leurs Particularités Biologiques. Etude Du Genre Uria.
55154: TUCK, R.C.  - Gothic dreams. Rêves gothiques : the architecture of William Critchlow Harris, 1854-1913.
57026: TUCK, R.C. - Gothic dreams. The life and times of a Canadian architect William Critchlow Harris 1854-1913.
54451: TUCKER, G.H. - Jane Austen the woman. Some biographical insights.
58320: TUCKER, P.H. - Monet at Argenteuil.
26341: TUCKER, R.C. - Stalin As Revolutionary 1879-1929. A Study in History and Personality.
44114: TUCKER, J.B. - Scourge. The Once and Future Threat of Smallpox.
41620: TUENI, N. - L'Age d'Écume.
39185: TUER, A.W. - Old London Street Cries and the Cries of To-Day with Heaps of Quaint Cuts.
54301: TUGAULT, Y.  - Fécondité et urbanisation.
45827: TUGWELL, M. - Peace with Freedom.
36020: TUIN, H. VAN DER - Les Vieux Peintres Des Pays-Bas Et la Littérature En France Dans la Première Moitié Du Xixe Siècle.
29533: TUKER, M.A.R. - Cambridge.
60666: TULCHIN, J.S. - Problems in latin american history. The modern period.
44915: TULCHINSKY, G. - Taking Root. The Origins of the Canadian Jewish Community.
48766: TULL, H.W. - The Vedic origins of Karma. Cosmos as man in ancient indian myth and ritual.
52157: TUMERELLE, M.  - Œuvres comiques.
44788: TUNNEY, C. - Biographical Dictionary of World War II.
21121: TUPPER, SIR C. - Recollections of Sixty Years in Canada.
51692: TURBERVILLE, A.S. - Johnson’s England. An account of the Life & manners of his age. 2 Volumes.
49619: TURCHET, P. - La synergologie. Pour comprendre son interlocuteur à travers sa gestuelle.
59512: TURCHET, P.  - Le langage universel du corps.
21753: TURCOTTE, L.P. : - Histoire de L'Ile D'Orléans.
41919: TURCOTTE, E. - Réflexions sur l'Avenir des Canadiens Français.
43371: TURCOTTE, L.P. - Centenaire de l'Assaut de Québec par les Américains, 31 Décembre 1775.
60254: TURCOTTE, L.P.  - Le Canada sous l’union, 1841-1867.
58326: TURENNE, A.  - Petit dictionnaire du « joual » au français.
56710: TURGEON, M.  - Énergie et réflexologie. La polarité à votre portée.
51598: TURGEON, M.  - Découvrons la réflexologie. Technique d’acupuncture sans aiguilles.
46976: (SAINTE-CLAIRE) : TURGEON, P.P.  - La Vie à Ste-Claire pendant 150 Ans.
44525: TURNBULL, A. - Scott Fitzgerald. A Biography.
27073: TURNBULL, F.G. - Remember Me to Everybody. Letters from India, 1944-1949.
9225: TURNBULL, C.M.: - The Forest People. A Study of the Pygmies of the Congo.
37482: TURNBULL, C.M. - The Mountain People.
35713: TURNBULL, A. - Thomas Wolfe. A Biography.
35290: TURNBULL, C.M. - Wayward Servants. The Two Worlds of the African Pygmies.
38479: TURNBULL, C.M. - Man in Africa.
29880: TURNER, N.B. - A Riband on My Rein. Poems.
26197: TURNER, C.F. - Across the Medicine Line.
55742: TURNER, L.M. - Indiens et Esquimaux du Québec. Vol. 1. Inuit et Nenenot de l’Ungava.

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