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15589: DOCUMENTA11 - Documenta11_platform 5 (Deutsch Brochure)
25393: N/A - Dom Zu Lubeck
23429: PAUL PROUTE S.A - Dessins - Estampes: Catalogue de Troy 2005
18726: N/A - Artworks: A Voice for the Arts (Spring 2009, No. 6.2. 19)
18646: N/A - International Journal of Biotronics: Environment Control and Environmental Biology (Vol 32 | 2003)
25110: N/A - Kyongju: A Thousand-Year Capitol
18641: N/A - Hjernearet: En Landsdaekkende Oplysningskampagne
18676: N/A - History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences: Medicine and Epistemology. Health Disease and Transformation of Knowledge (Supplement to Vol. 10)
18491: N/A - Paper-Cuts of Yangchow, China
18632: N/A - Art & Antiques (June 2011)
18675: N/A - History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (Vol. 12, No. 2)
9155: ANFAM, DAVID; ASHTON, DORE; BETSKY, AARON ET AL - Tate Magazine: Intelligence (the Art of Being Small) (Issue 22, Summer 2000)
31475: AARON, BENJAMIN (EDITOR) - Labor Courts and Grievance Settlement in Western Europe
25040: ABAD, IGNACIO MORILLA - Arte Del Renacimiento: Renaissance Art in Spain
28688: ABAKANOWICZ, MAGADALENA - Magdalena Abakanowicz: About Men, Sculpture 1974-1985 (September 19-October 12, 1985)
29942: WOBURN ABBEY - A Guide to Woburn Abbey
31947: ABBI, B. L. - Traditional Groupings and Modern Associations: A Study of Changing Local Groups in Papua and New Guinea
26342: ABBOTT, EDWIN - Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions
25282: ABDO, SARAH CAMPBELL - Wassily Kandinsky
22191: ABELLA, IRVING - The Canadian Labour Movement, 1902
26338: ABISHEGANADEN, PAUL - Young Musicians Singapore (Souvenir Program from the International Festival of Youth Orchestras, 1971)
26827: ABRAHAM, MOHIT - Nuclear Liability: A Key Component of the Public Policy. Decision to Deploy Nuclear Energy in Southeast Asia
25846: ABRAHAM, ITTY; NEWMAN, EDWARD; WEISS, MEREDITH L (EDITORS) - Political Violence in South and Southeast Asia: Critical Perspectives
21527: THE NATIONAL ACADEMIES - The Einstein Memorial: A Visitor's Guide
26447: ACEVEDO, CARLOS ALVEAR - Elementos de Historia de Mexico (Epocas Prehispanica Y Colonial)
27726: ACKERMAN, JAMES S. - Palladio (Architecture & Society)
31534: ACKERMAN, JAMES S. - Origins, Invention, Revision: Studying the History of Art and Architecture
28145: ACKLEY, CLIFFORD S. - Printmaking: The Evolving Image
25570: ACSM - Papers from the 31st Annual Meeting American Congress on Surveying and Mapping March 7-12, 1971
29870: ACZEL, AMIR D. - Fermat's Last Theorem: Unlocking the Secret of an Ancient Mathematical Problem
31155: ADAIR, ALVIS V. - Desegregation: The Illusion of Black Progress
30428: ADAM, HANS CHRISTIAN - Karl Blossfeldt (Taschen Icons Series)
25619: ADAM, MICHAEL - The Tree of Love: Exuberance and Eternity in Indian Art
26388: ADAMEC, OLDRICH (EDITOR) - The Czechoslovak Film: Der Tschechoslowakische Film
31340: ADAMS, HENRY - The Education of Henry Adams (Modern Library 76)
25303: ADAMS, DOUGLAS - The Prostitute in the Family Tree
31251: ADAMS, CLINTON - Cubism: Its Impact in the Usa, 1910-1930
30538: ADAMS, HENRY - What's American About American Art?: A Gallery Tour in the Cleveland Museum of Art
25472: ADAMS, ROBERT M. - Strains of Discord: Studies in Literary Openness
32224: ADAMS, ANSEL; BAKER, ROBERT - The Camera (New Ansel Adams Photography Series, Book 1)
29732: ADCOCK, CRAIG - James Rosenquist (an Exhibition Organized by Florida State University Gallery and Museum)
26699: ADDISS, STEPHEN; HO, WAI-KAM - Century of Tung Ch'i-Ch'Ang 1555-1636: A Short Guide to the Exhibition
24411: ADDY, JOHN - The Textile Revolution (Seminar Studies in History)
28524: ADELMANN, OLGA - Staatliches Institut Fur Musikforschung. Preussischer Kulturbesitz. Musikinstrumenten--Museum
32218: ADELSON, LAURIE; TAKAMI, BRUCE - Weaving Traditions of Highland Bolivia
31207: ADLER, TRACY L. - Yun-Fei Ji: The Intimate Universe
23477: ADLIN, JANE - Vanities: Art of the Dressing Table (the Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 2, Fall 2013)
25291: FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION - Private Pilot Practical Test Standards for Airplane, Rotorcraft, Glider, Light-Than-Air (Faa-S-8081-1, Chg 1)
15011: DECKER, KERSTIN; DRESEN, ADOLF AND HERBERT KREPPEL - Bernhard Heisig: Der Maler Und Sein Thema: Bilder Auf Stein Und Leinwand
32016: ADOVASIO, J.M.; PAGE, JAKE - The First Americans: In Pursuit of Archaeology's Greatest Mystery
21005: ADRIANI, GOTZ - Paul Cezanne Zeichnungen
22070: AEROFLOT - This Is Leningrad
30517: COMMITTEE ON VETERANS' AFFAIRS, US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES - Legacies of Vietnam: Comparative Adjustment of Veterans and Their Peers
24919: AGAVEV, RASIM; GRIGORVEV, VALERI - Azerbaijan (Socialist Republics of the Soviet Union)
30208: PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL ON AGING - Homes for the Aged in Sweden Offer Ideas for Americans
27848: DE AGOSTINO, A. - The Central Archaeological Museum of Etruria
22211: AGOSTINO, ALFREDO DE - Fiesole: The Archaeological Zone and Museum (83)
31036: AGRASANCHEZ, ROGELIO JR. - Mas Cine Mexicano / More Mexican Films: Sensational Mexican Movie Posters 1957-1990 (Bilingual Edition)
26294: US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Soil Survey of Alameda County, California, Western Part
18999: AUTHORITY OF THE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES - Ordnance Survey National Grid: One-Inch Map of England & Wales: London Sw (170)
30196: AHLENSLAGER, KATHLEEN E. - Glacier: The Story Behind the Scenery
31565: AINSWORTH, MARYAN W.; MARTENS, MAXIMILLIAAN P. J. - Petrus Christus: Renaissance Master of Bruges
28260: NATIONAL AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM - Official Guide to the National Air and Space Museum
25879: AIRNE, C.W. - The Story of Tudor and Stuart Britain Told in Pictures
27643: AIRNE, C.W. - The Story of Mediaeval Britain Told in Pictures
31788: OLYMPIC AIRWAYS - Kivnon / Motion: The Magazine of Olympic Airways, Autumn 1990
16287: AKIMUSHKIN, IGOR - Builders in the Wild
22986: AKINO, FUKU - Retrospective Exhibition of Fuku Akino
27842: EL AKKAD, OMAR - American War: A Novel
29449: ALBAIR, STEPHEN J. - Hidden Gardens, Private Views
28540: ALBEE, EDWARD - Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
25337: VORSPAN, ALBERT AND EUGENE J. LIPMAN - Justice and Judaism: The Work of Social Action
26413: ALBERTI, LEON BATTISTA - On Painting, Revised Edition
30619: ALBRECHT, DONALD - Glass + Glamour: Steuben's Modern Moment, 1930-1960
28364: ALCALA, LUISA ELENA; BROWN, JONATHAN - Painting in Latin America, 1550
29412: ALDABBAGH, NOOR - Once Upon Design : New Routes for Arabian Heritage
28207: ALDERETE, JAIME CALLEJA - Budget Practices and State Expenditures: Lessons for California
25786: ALEENE - Metallizing Dolls and Fabric: A Craft How to Create Book (B-3)
31195: ALEXANDER, JULIA MARCIARI; MACLEOD, CATHARINE (EDITORS) - Politics, Transgression, and Representation at the Court of Charles II
30982: ALEXANDER, HENRY AARON - Notes on the Alexander Family of South Carolina and Georgia and Connections, 1651-1954 (with Laid in Genealogical Chart)
28801: ALEXANDER, PETER - Peter Alexander: A Decade of Sunsets (23 January Through 20 1983, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery)
20333: ALEXANDER, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Bently Driver's Club Review (May 2003, No. 228)
17109: ALEXANDROFF, PAUL - Elementary Concepts of Topology
31457: ALFOLDY, GEZA - Noricum: History of the Provinces of the Roman Empire
15707: NEUMEYER, ALFRED AND JANOS SCHOLZ - Drawings from Bologna (1520-1800)
27808: ALIGHIERI, DANTE - The Inferno of Dante: A New Verse Translation (Bilingual Edition)
24032: ALINDER, JAMES (EDITOR) - Discovery and Recognition
30697: HAYS, ALLAN AND CAROL - Pottery of the Southwest (Shire Books No. 640)
16588: ALLAN, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - The Connoisseur (June 1976, Volume 191, Number 772, the Grosvenor House Antique Dealers' Fair)
27779: ALLAN, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - The Connoisseur (August 1974, Volume 186, Number 750, Gold and Silver Theme)
27023: MANDER, ALLEN AND ULF RENBORG (EDITORS) - Agriculture in a Turbulent World Economy: Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Conference of Agricultural Economists
30637: ALLEN, MARK; BROWN, JASON - Machine Project Guide to Cultural History and the Natural Sciences
28036: ALLEN, WOODY - Side Effects
28035: ALLEN, WOODY - Mere Anarchy
28845: ALLEN, LOUIS A. - Time Before Morning: Art and Myth of the Australian Aborigines
31518: ALLEN, PAT B. - Art Is a Way of Knowing: A Guide to Self-Knowledge and Spiritual Fulfillment Through Creativity
26883: ALLEY, ROALD - The Art of Henri Rousseau
28052: ALLEYNE, MICHAEL H. - Textiles: Knot and Color (Gallery Handout, October 25 - December 9, 1994)
30055: ALLGOOD, ROBERT (EDITOR) - The Solano Historian (Vol. IV, No. 1, May 1988)
24088: ALLHUSEN, EDWARD - John Constable (Medici Art Books)
10733: ALLISON, RICHARD C. - Late Oligocene Through Pleistocene Molluscan Faunas in the Gulf of Alaska Region (Offprint)
21065: ALPERS, SVETLANA; GREENBLATT, STEPHEN (EDITORS) - Representations 5 (Winter 1984)
21072: ALPERS, SVETLANA; GREENBLATT, STEPHEN (EDITORS) - Representations 52 (Fall 1995)
15195: ALPERS, SVETLANA (EDITOR) - Representations 12 (Fall 1985)
21066: ALPERS, SVETLANA; GREENBLATT, STEPHEN (EDITORS) - Representations 14: Special Issue on Sexuality and the Social Body in the Nineteenth Century (Spring 1986)
20334: ALPERS, SVETLANA - Alex Katz: Large Paintings
21070: ALPERS, SVETLANA; GREENBLATT, STEPHEN (EDITORS) - Representations 29: Entertaining History: American Cinema and Popular Culture (Winter 1990)
21068: ALPERS, SVETLANA; GREENBLATT, STEPHEN (EDITORS) - Representations 25: Special Forum on Engendering Art (Winter 1989)
21071: ALPERS, SVETLANA; GREENBLATT, STEPHEN (EDITORS) - Representations 44 (Fall 1993)
22295: ALSTEENS, STIJN; SPIRA, FREYDA - Durer and Beyond: Central European Drawings, 1400
29828: ALT, DAVID D.; HYNDMAN, DONALD W. - Rocks, Ice, and Water: The Geology of Waterton-Glacier Park
27334: ALTINAY, HAKAN (EDITOR) - Global Civics: Responsibilities and Rights in an Interdependent World
26782: CONSUMERS' COOPERATIVE SOCIETY OF PALO ALTO - Consumers' Cooperative Society of Palo Alto Fundraising Items (Letter, Donation Card, Faq Sheet)
27593: THE CITY OF PALO ALTO - Trees of Palo Alto
11820: ALVAREZ, JESUS H. - Santo Domingo de Oaxaca
28630: BAR-AM, MICHA - Our Daily Bread: Photographs from Israel
22324: AMALFITANO, LELIA; BERGSTEIN, GERRY - Gerry Bergstein: Paintings, April-May 1997
18589: SAINT-AMAND, PIERRE - Destin de L'Histoire: Zadig Et Candide
25370: AMARIGLIO, JACK (EDITOR) - Rethinking Marxism (Vol 9, No. 4, 1996/97)
22527: AMAYA, MARIO - Realism Now
31137: ASTA BOLAFFI AMBASSADOR - Asta Bolaffi Ambassador: IL Tesoro Dei Magazzini Mele: Mercoledi 12 Dicembre 2007
32026: AMELUNXEN, HUBERTUS V. - Gustave le Gray Seestucke / Gustave le Gray Seascapes
26850: ART IN AMERICA - Art in America (June/July 2005, No. 6)
32123: STAINED GLASS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA - Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation of Historic Stained Glass
27556: ART IN AMERICA - Art in America (December 2005)
29546: GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Geological Society of America Bulletin (Volume 82, March 1971, No. 3)
23054: ART IN AMERICA - Art in America ( No. 2, February 2001)
18728: ART IN AMERICA - Art in America (April 2009, No. 4)
25959: PORSCHE CARS NORTH AMERICA, INC. - The World of Porsche: Cayenne S
20095: ART IN AMERICA - Art in America (February 2006, No. 2)
32317: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Series: Orienteering
25193: ART IN AMERICA - Art in America (December 2004, No. 11)
23770: ART IN AMERICA - Art in America (September 2001)
31407: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - Boy Scouts of America's Deck of Trees Cards
14255: BANK OF AMERICA - Small Business Reporter: Establishing an Dental Practice (Professional Management Series)
30192: CENTER FOR THE ARTS OF INDIAN AMERICA - Powhoge: An Exhibition of Pottery and Paintings from a Family in San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico
23771: ART IN AMERICA - Art in America (September 2004)
18509: ART IN AMERICA - Art in America (January 2005, No. 1)
29296: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Series: Cooking
25838: ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA - Abstracts: 86th General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (Volume 9-1984)
27774: IZAAK WALTON LEAGUE OF AMERICA - Balancing Act: Population, Consumption and the Global Environment
6283: ART IN AMERICA - America's Museums 1990-1991
31003: ORGANIZATION OF CHINESE AMERICANS - Community Harmony in the Spirit of Aloha (Convention: Organization of Chinese Americans)
22698: ART MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAS - Three Artists from Central America
24515: AMERSON, L. PRICE - Sacramento Valley Landscapes
25907: AMES, WINTHROP (DIRECTOR) - The Patsy, Booth Theatre, New York, Program for the Week of June 28, 1926, Presented by Richard Herndon
32191: AMIN, JULIUS - The Peace Corps in Cameroon
9757: RIJKSMUSEUM AMSTERDAM - Frans Hals, Jan Steen, Rembrandt, Vermeer (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)
29362: CHRISTIE'S AMSTERDAM - German Week in Amsterdam. Deutsche Woche in Amsterdam
23975: AMY, DOUGLAS J. - Proportional Representation: The Case for a Better Election System
24296: HENDERSON, AMY AND KAEPPLER, ADRIENNE L. (EDITORS) - Exhibiting Dilemmas : Issues of Representation at the Smithsonian
22463: ANAND, MULK RAJ - The Dancing Foot
31436: ANASTASSIOU, TASSOS - Kea: A Guide Book: History, Sightseeing
24532: ASLUND, ANDERS ET AL (EDITORS) - Eurasian Geography and Economics (Volume 47, No. 6, 2006)
25656: ANDERSON, JOHN D. - Postcard: New Clear Eye: Radiant Self Series
22116: ANDERSON, M. D. - The Choir Stalls of Lincoln Minster
25394: ANDERSON, LAURA - Rembrandt Innovations in Printmaking
19895: ANDERSON, JANET - Janet Anderson: A Thousand Prayers for an Empty Vessel
26030: ANDERSON, SCOTT - Fractured Lands
26366: ANDERSON, LAURA - The Sacred and the Profane Drawing Sculpture Video Installation (Lo Sagrado Y Lo Profano Dibujo Escultura Vedeo Instalacion)
28263: ANDERSON, DALE C. - Forever Fun: Antique Toy Catalogue (Premier Issue)
23531: ANDERSON, MAXWELL L. - Pompeian Frescoes in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
27214: ANDREOLI, ANNAMARIA - The Vittoriale
23906: COHEN, STEPHEN S.; SCHAWARTZ, ANDREW AND JOHN ZYSMAN (EDITORS) - The Tunnel at the End of the Light: Privatization, Business Networks, and Economic Transformation in Russia
24039: ANDREWS, ARTHUR LYNN (EDITOR) - Specimens of Discourse (English Readings)
32344: ANDREWS, WILLIAM - Punishments in the Olden Time: Being an Historical Account of the Ducking Stool, Brank, Pillory
20902: ANDREWS, CAROL - The Rosetta Stone
26224: ANDRIESSEN, MARI - Marius Van Beek (Art and Architecture in the Netherlands)
14715: ANGEL, FELIX (CURATOR) - Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture from Latin America/ Pintura, Dibujo Y Escultura de America Latina (Selections Form the Collection of the Inter-American Development Bank, June 20-August 18, 1995)
22614: GALLERY PAULE ANGLIM - John Buck Exhibition Invitation (Gallery Paule Anglim)
29988: GENERAL ANILINE AND FILM CORPORATION - Choosing Film for Your Camera: A Guide to Selection of Agfa Film
25892: ANNAS, GEORGE J. - Standard of Care: The Law of American Bioethics
21946: ANNO, KIM; LATIMER, TIRZA TRUE - Kim Anno Liquescent
28259: ANQUETIL, JACQUES - Carpets: Techniques, Traditions, and History
32259: ANREUS, ALEJANDRO; LINDEN, DIANA L.; WEINBERG, JONATHAN (EDITORS) - The Social and the Real: Political Art of the 1930s in the Western Hemisphere
14598: ADAMS, ANSEL AND JACK SZARKOWSKI - Celebrating the American Earth: A Tribute to Ansel Adams
26977: ANSPON, CATHERINE D. - Positional Play: Joe Mancuso and James Von Minor
27007: ANTAL, EDIT - Nuevos Actores En America Del Norte: Volumen 2
31272: ANTANOKOS, STEPHEN - Stephen Antonakos: New Works/1982
24398: ANTEQUERA, MARINO - The Alhambra and the Generalife
25350: ANTHES, RUDOLF - Tutankhamun Treasures: A Loan Exhibition from the Department of Antiquities of the United Arab Republic
30718: JOURNAL FOR ANTHROPOSOPHY - Journal for Anthroposophy (No. 21, Spring 1975)
18629: ART AND ANTIQUES - Art and Antiques (May 2011)
29561: ANTOKAL, GALE; BUCKWALD, CRAIG - We Are So Lightly Here: Gale Antokal
24469: ANTON, FERDINAND - The Secret World of the Aztecs (Adventures in Art)
23415: ANTONELLI, M. (EDITOR) - Intensive Care Medicine (Volume 35, No. 1, January 2009)
17174: ANTONELLI, M. (EDITOR) - Intensive Care Medicine ( Volume 35, No 2, February 2009)
24573: ANTONIOU, KLITSA; SALE, RICHARD; BURTON, JANE - Klitsa Antoniou: In the Horizon of the Game with the Other
23357: ANTRIM, DONALD - Another Manhattan (a Limited Edition Chapbook an Excerpt from " Emerald Light in the Air")
28723: ANTTONEN, VEIKKO (EDITOR) - Temenos: Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion (Vol 44, No. 1)
21383: KONINKLIJK MUSEUM VOOR SCHONE KUNSTEN ANTWERPEN - Breughel-Brueghel: A Flemish Painters' Family Around 1600
30242: APERTURE - Edward Steichen: The Early Years, 1900-1927 [Promotional Brochure]
20533: APERTURE - Aperture 205 (Winter 2011)
29996: APERTURE - Aperture: Kohei Yoshiyuki, Richard Avedon, Lee Friedlander, Martin Parr, Michel Campeau (Number 188, Fall 2007)
31790: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME - The Bestiary, or Procession of Orpheus
31899: APPELL, G. N. (EDITOR) - The Societies of Borneo. Explorations in the Theory of Cognatic Social Structure
27590: BON APPETIT - The Good Cook's Almanac (January Through December 1985)
28724: BON APPETIT - The Good Cook's Almanac (January Through October 1986)
26902: BON APPETIT - The Good Cook's Almanac (November, December 1983)
30282: APPIAH, KWAME ANTHONY; GUTMANN, AMY - Color Conscious
25849: APPIGNANESI, LISA (EDITOR) - The Legacy of French Theory (Ideas from France)
26511: DIQUINZIO, APSARA AND ALISON GASS - 2008 Seca Art Award (Tauba Auerback, Desiree Holman, Jordan Kantor, Trevor Paglen)
28599: ARBIB, MICHAEL A. - Cognition and Brain Theory (Vol 5, No. 2, Spring 1982)
23583: THE SCIENCE MUSEUM OF MINNESOTA; PEABODY MUSEUM OF ARCHAEOLOGY AND ETHNOLOGY - Towns and Temples (Mississippian Archaeological Sites Poster)
24878: ARCHER, MICHAEL - Stained Glass (Pitkin Guides)
31908: ARCHEY, GILBERT - South Sea Folk: Handbook of Maori and Oceanic Ethnology (Aukland War Memorial Museum, 20th October, 1937)
28277: THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS - Glass: Winter '97 Product Retreat (February 21-23, 1997)
23882: BOSTON SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTS - Boston Architecture
29319: INSTITUTE FOR SACRED ARCHITECTURE - Sacred Architecture (Issue 26, 2011)
24768: ARDENNE, PAUL - Patrick Mimran: Peindre Apres le Japan
21364: ARDON, MORDECAI; RONEN, AVRAHAM - [Mordecai] Ardon: Israele (XXXIV Biennale Di Venezia)
26765: ARENS, FRITZ VIKTOR - Der Mainzer Dom Und Das Dom-Museum
22514: ARENSBERG, SUSAN M.; TSUCHIYA, TAKAHIDE - Edo: Art in Japan 1615
32345: ARGAN, GIULIO CARLO - Art Treasures in Italy: Monuments, Masterpieces, Commissions, and Collections
28324: D'ARGENCE, RENE-YVON - Bronze Vessels of Ancient China in the Avery Brundage Collection
11852: D'ARGENCE, RENE-YVON LEFEBVRE - Treasures from the Shanghai Museum: 6,000 Years of Chinese Art (Exhibition Brochure)
30142: ARLIS - Art Documentation (Vol 36, No 1, Spring 2017)
30143: ARLIS - Art Documentation (Vol 36, No 2, Fall 2017)
30145: ARLIS - Art Documentation (Vol 37, No 1, Spring 2018)
25050: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Masterpieces from the Berlin Museums Exhibited in Cooperation with the Department of the Army 1948
30244: ARNABOLDI, MARIO ANTONIO - Gonzalez de Leon: Architecture As Art
14078: ARNDT, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Aramco World (Vol. 49, No. 1, January/February 1998)
32231: ARO, JOE - Harlem Globetrotters 1980 Tour Program
31301: ARONSON, RONALD - Camus and Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel That Ended It
29079: ARPE, VERNER - Schauspielfuhrer: Eine Geschicht Des Dramas (Mit 40 Abbildungen)
27104: ARRIGO, JOSEPH A. - The French Quarter and Other New Orleans Scenes
21990: ACHIM MOELLER FINE ART - Julio Gonzalez: Femme la Longue Chevelure (Woman Combing Her Hair)
25327: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Sfmoma Auction (October 19, 1996)
22140: THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Exhibition Ticket: Alfred Stieglitz and His Contemporaries
26231: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Recent Acquisitions: A Selection 2001-2002 (the Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Fall 2002)
19105: NORTON SIMON MUSEUM OF ART - Twelve Masterworks of European Painting
31703: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART - Studies in the History of Art, Volume 57: Conservation Research 1996-1997
21313: MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART (MOCA) - From Arbus to Gober: A Room of Their Own (Exhibition Guide)
31702: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART - Studies in the History of Art, Volume 51: Conservation Research 1995
26592: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART (MOMA) - Art in Progress: Fifteenth Anniversary Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (Moma)
26581: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, NEW YORK - Moma Painting and Sculpture Acquisitions (July 1, 1953 Through December 1, 1956)
26486: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF ART - Open (Fall 2000, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)
21463: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Take Your Time: Olafur Eliasson (Exhibition Invitation)
31879: HIGH MUSEUM OF ART - Brochure/Invitation: Celebrity Portraits from the Sir Elton John Collection
22919: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Art Treasures of the World Booklets: Seven Booklet Set
13902: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Celebrating Modern Art: The Anderson Collection (October 7, 2000-Jan 15, 2001)
20465: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART - Pre-Raphaelites and the Book ( February 17 - May 12, 2013)
27574: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, GALERIA DE LA RAZA - Postcards (5): Reckoning with Hxstory (September 24-October 22, 2016)
32060: PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF ART - Philadelphia: Three Centuries of American Art Selections from the Bicentennial Exhibition
26301: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART (MOMA) - Two Exhibitions: Works of Art: Given or Promised and the Philip L. Goodwin Collection (Moma Bulletin, Vol XXVI, No. 1, Fall 1958)
22272: MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART (MOCA) - Contemporary Perspectives Art Auction: 150 Artists, 15 Curators, 1 Night
28336: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - American Drawings, Watercolors, and Prints
22699: MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART - Art Contemporaries (Moca, Spring 2004)
22931: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART - Titian: Prince of Painters (Gallery Guide for October 28, 1990-January 27, 1991 Exhibition)
26084: CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART - Five Years: The Friends of the Corcoran: The Contemporary Spirit
24632: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Recent Acquisitions: A Selection 1999-2000
23682: THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Drawings: Recent Acquisitions: An Announcement of the Paul J. Sachs Committee
25428: SANTA BARBARA MUSEUM OF ART - Archivero I: Research Papers on Works of Art in the Collection of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art
23019: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Open: Winter/Spring 2/4
21977: ACHIM MOELLER FINE ART - Max Beckmann: Jahrmarkt (Annual Fair, 1921)
23317: KENT FINE ART - American Myths
20667: SAMUEL DORSKY MUSEUM OF ART - Reading Objects 2008
21350: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Frida Kahlo (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Exhibition Booklet, 2008)
22273: MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART (MOCA), LOS ANGELES - Individuals: A Selected History of Contemporary Art 1945–1986 (Exhibition Guide)
31303: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Brochure: India!
26580: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, NEW YORK - Moma Painting and Sculpture Acquisitions (June 1, 1953 Through June 30, 1955)
26775: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - The American Bicentennial Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
30128: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART - A Brief Guide to the National Gallery of Art of the United States of America, Washington Dc
26244: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Recent Acquisitions: A Selection 2003-2004 (the Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, LXII, No. 2, Fall 2004)
26235: THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Recent Acquisitions: A Selection 2000-2001 (the Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Volume LIX , Number 2)
21352: OHARA MUSEUM OF ART - Ohara Museum of Art, Volume I
24033: SANTA CLARA MUSEUM OF ART AND HISTORY - Richard Deutsch: Sculpture
11907: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Tokyo: Form and Spirit (Exhibition Brochure)
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26270: DE BRUYN, GUNTER - Preussens Luise: Vom Entstehen Und Vergehen Einer Legende
32043: BRYAN, JOHN E. - Timber Press Pocket Guide to Bulbs
26549: BRYANT, DOROTHY - Killing Wonder
26722: BUBER, MARTIN - Paths in Utopia
16016: BUCERZAN, DANA - Space and Surface
21937: BUCHAN, ALEX R. - The Peterhead Whaling Trade
21962: BUCHANAN, NANCY; HENDERSON, ROBBIN - 50s/80s / Nancy Buchanan and Robbin Henderson
25878: BUCHOLZ, ELKE LINDA - Leonardo Da Vinci: Life and Work (Art in Focus)
32188: BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F., JR. - Seca Presents Firing Line with William F. Buckley, Jr. : The Psychological Society
30289: BUCKRICH, JUDITH RAPHAEL - The Long and Perilous Journey: A History of the Port of Melbourne
29135: BUDGE, ERNEST ALFRED WALLIS - The Rosetta Stone
31968: BUDIANSKY, STEPHEN - Code Warriors: Nsa's Codebreakers and the Secret Intelligence War Against the Soviet Union
26275: BUECHNER, THOMAS S. - Norman Rockwell: A Sixty Year Retrospective
23222: BUERGER, JANET E.; GARTENBERG, JON; BARRY, IRIS - Image: Journal of Photography ( Vol 23, No. 1, June 1980)
21689: BUHRLE, E. G. - The Foundation: E.G. Buhrle Collection
27834: SCARBOROUGH-BULL, ANN - Creatures, Corals, and Colors in America's Seas
22319: BULLA, J. M. - An Introduction to Florentine Sculpture in the XV Century
24000: BULLOCK, HELEN D. (EDITOR) - Historic Preservation (Volume 28, No 4, October-December 1976)
24001: BULLOCK, HELEN D. (EDITOR) - Historic Preservation (Volume 28, No 2, April June 1976)
26818: BULLOCK, HELEN D. (EDITOR) - Historic Preservation (Volume 29, Number 3, July-September 1977)
23999: BULLOCK, HELEN D. (EDITOR) - Historic Preservation (Volume 28, Number 1, January-March 1976)
23998: BULLOCK, HELEN D. (EDITOR) - Historic Preservation (Volume 29, Number 1, January-March, 1977)
17117: BULLOCK, THOMAS K. - The Silversmith in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg
25299: BULLOCK, HELEN D. (EDITOR) - Historic Preservation (January-March, 1972)
23891: BULLOCK, HELEN D. (EDITOR) - Historic Preservation (Vol 23, No. 4, Oct-Dec 1971)
23892: BULLOCK, HELEN D. (EDITOR) - Historic Preservation (Vol 23, No. 3, July-Sept 1971)
23270: BULT, MILDRED (EDITOR) - Old Devonshire Dances (Curwen Edition 5640)
30999: BUNZL, GEORGE - The Face of the Sun Kingdoms: The Indians of Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador and Peru and Their Ancient Lands
22294: BUONARROTI, MICHELANGELO - Sibyllen Und Propheten
23220: BURCKHARDT, CARL J. - Abschied Von Rudolf Alexander Schroeder
29299: BURGER, DEBRA KAY - The Process of Change
26196: BURGER, NORBERT - Photokina: Weltmesse Des Bildes, Koln 1990, World's Fair of Imaging Systems, Cologne 1990
15074: BURGOIN, JOSE RAMON GARCIA - Versos a Minerva
20672: BURLINGHAM, CYNTHIA - Inventing the Print 1500-1800 (Gallery Brochure)
30345: BURNETT, DAVID - Measures of Time: Photographs by David Burnett 1963-2002
32017: BURNS, MARY F. - Portraits of an Artist: A Novel About John Singer Sargent
22511: BURNS, JIM - Transluminal: The Paintings of Jim Burns
28111: BURROUGHS, STEPHEN - Teaching Calligraphy in Adult Education (Case Study Initiative)
31924: BURSON, NANCY - Composites: Computer-Generated Portraits
31987: BURT, CHARLES E.; BURT, MAY DANHEIM - Herpetological Results of the Whitney South Sea Expedition VI
29562: MATTHEW MARKS GALLERY; BURTON, RICHARD - Richard Burton: Recent Paintings and Works
19589: BURY, STEPHEN - Breaking the Rules: The Printed Face of the European Avant Garde 1900-1937
29142: BUSCH, HEATHER; SILVER, BURTON - Why Paint Cats: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics
26873: BUSHNELL, GEOFFREY HEXT SUTHERLAND - The First Americans: The Pre-Columbian Civilizations
29744: BUSHNELL, O. A.; DAWS, CAVAN - The Illustrated Atlas of Hawaii: An Island Heritage Book with a History of Hawaii
29127: BUSSAGLI, MARIO - Chinese Painting
31998: BUSSE, MARK; TURNER, SUSAN; ARAHO, NICK - The People of Lake Kutubu and Kikori: Changing Meanings of Daily Life
31412: BUTEL, JANE - Jane Butel's Quick and Easy Southwestern Cookbook
29525: BUTLER, LEROY - Looking West 1970
31528: BUTLER, CHARLES T. (EDITOR) - Audubon's Last Wilderness Journey: The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America
24587: BUTLER, CHARLES T.; LAUFER, MARILYN - Recent Graphics from American Print Shops
19009: BUTTERFIELD AND BUTTERFIELD - Special Oriental Auction (Sale 2933, October 1976)
30902: BUTTERFIELD AND BUTTERFIELD - Butterfield and Butterfield Tete-Beche: Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Arts and Crafts / North American, Pre-Columbian, Spanish Colonial and Tribal Works of Art (May 11, 1998)
23481: BUTTERFIELD AND BUTTERFIELD - American Indian and Ethnographic Art in San Francisco ( April 25, 1991 Sale)
28717: BUTTERFIELD AND BUTTERFIELD - Important 17th and 20th Century American, English, and European Paintings and Drawings (December 9, 1975)
19450: BUTTERFIELD AND BUTTERFIELD - Important French, English and Continental Furniture Objets D'Art (Public Auction--December 8, 9, 10, 1975)
19003: BUTTERFIELD & BUTTERFIELD - Important XVIII Through XX Century American, English and European Paintings and Drawings (Sale 2902, December 1975)
12577: BUTTERFIELDS - Butterfields: American and European Paintings (August 16, 1983)
30404: BONHAMS AND BUTTERFIELDS - Fine Oriental Rugs and Carpets (Bonhams and Butterfields, March 17, 2009)
18325: BUUS, HELGE - Fanefjord Kirke
22559: BUZIAK, ED (EDITOR) - Camera and Darkroom (Issue 42, 1999)
21031: BYRD, CECIL K.; KERN, KEITH C.; NEU, JOHN - An Exhibit to Commemorate the One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary of the Beginning of the War of 1812
24258: BYRNE, KEVIN (EDITOR) - Responsible Science: The Impact of Technology on Society
22437: BYRNE, BENDAN; SHEEHAN, PATRICIA O. - Ten Years of Service to New Jersey: Tenth Annual Report July 1976–June 1977
31787: BYTWERK, RANDALL L. - Paper War: Nazi Propaganda in One Battle, on a Single Day, Cassino, Italy, May 11, 1944
25369: ABEGGLEN, JAMES C. ET AL - U.S. -Japan Economic Relations: A Symposium on Critical Issues (Research Papers and Policy Studies, No. 1)
24327: MACE, ARTHUR C. ET AL - Wonderful Things: The Discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb
32238: THOS. MOSER CABINETMAKERS - Thos. Moser: Cabinetmakers Catalog 1990 (with Price List)
23785: ARLINGTON CABLE - Direct Mail Postcard: Cable Tv Arlington
28068: CABUTTI, LUCIO - Antonio Borrani: Meridiana Luce/Ombra
24319: CACHIN, FRANCOISE - Cezanne
29216: CAHILL, JAMES; TSAO, HSINGYUAN; MARTIN, FRED - East Meets East in the West: (March 12-April 30, 1998, Limn Gallery)
31925: CAHILL, JAMES - Chinese Paintings: XI-XIV Centuries (Art of the East Library)
25321: CAIRNCROSS, ALEC - Snatches
29411: CALDWELL, BILL - Oakland: A Photographic Journal
25281: CALDWELL, KATHERINE FIELD - The Potter's Art in China: Prehistoric Through Sung
24224: CALDWELL, JOHN; BISHOP, JANET - Toward a New Museum: Recent Acquisitions in Painting and Sculpture, 1985-1991 (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)
30258: CALDWELL, JOHN (CURATOR) - Carnegie International, 1988
26558: CIRCLE BOOKS CALENDAR - Collection of Afa Circle Books Astrological Calendars from 1979-1995
27013: CALHOUN, CHARLES A. (INTRODUCTION) - Operation of Glen Canyon Dam - Final Environmental Impact Statement (Summary)
28008: HAND BOOKBINDERS OF CALIFORNIA - The Hand Bookbinders of California: 30th Anniversary Exhibit: The Catalog of the Exhibition
27208: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY LIBRARY - Christmas Exhibition: Gifts to the Libraries, 1979
29674: STATE OF CALIFORNIA - California Division of Mines and Geology: Cdmg Notes (21, 25, 27, 38) and Related Materials
31421: THE BOOK CLUB OF CALIFORNIA - Assorted News-Letters, the Book Club of Calfornia, 1948-2015 (48 Issues)
22562: STATE OF CALIFORNIA - California Population 1968
22584: STATE OF CALIFORNIA - California Population 1969
22585: STATE OF CALIFORNIA - California Population 1967
26997: STATE OF CALIFORNIA - Sutter's Fort, State Historical Monument
9358: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY - A Visitor's Guide to the Architecture & History of the Doe Library (University of California, Berkeley)
28329: CALPIN, H.P. (EDITOR) - The South African Way of Life Values and Ideals of a Multi-Racial Society
32141: CALVIN, JACK - Sitka: A Short History by Jack Calvin
24060: CALVIN, WILLIAM H. - How Brains Think: Evolving Intelligence, Then and Now
31434: CALVINO, ITALO - Die Hose Des Teufels (German Text)
22377: CALZA, G.; BECATTI, G. - Ostia (Itineraries of the Museums, Galleries and Monuments of Italy Series, N. 1)
26393: CALZA, RAISSA - Museo Ostiense (Itineraries of the Museums, Galleries and Monuments of Italy Series)
29403: SAN FRANCISCO CAMERAWORK - San Francisco Camerawork: Annual Photography Auction (1992)
29592: SAN FRANCISCO CAMERAWORK - Camerawork: A Journal of Photographic Art (Spring/Summer 2008)
29528: SAN FRANCISCO CAMERAWORK - Camerawork: A Journal of Photographic Art (Spring/Summer 2009)
29218: SAN FRANCISCO CAMERAWORK - Camerawork: A Journal of Photographic Art: Net Art (Spring/Summer 1999)
30986: SAN FRANCISCO CAMERAWORK - Camerawork: Not Landscapes: Fragments + Metaphors (Fall/Winter 2001)
19786: SF CAMERAWORK - Sf Camerawork Quarterly (Vol 14, No. 1, Spring 1987)
32090: CAMERON, LOUISA PRINGLE - Private Gardens of Charleston
26459: CAMPEN, CRETIEN VAN - The Hidden Sense: Synesthesia in Art and Science (Advance Review Copy) (Leonardo Book Series)
25604: CANADAY, JOHN - Embattled Critic: Views on Modern Art
29696: CANADAY, JOHN - Embattled Critic: Views on Modern Art
21926: CANBY, JEANNY VORYS - The Ancient Near East in the Walters Gallery
23339: CANCEL, ROBERT - Allegorical Speculation in an Oral Society: The Tabwa Narrative Tradition (Modern Philology, Vol 122)
26101: CANCOGNI, AGOSTINO - Agostino Cancogni: La Poetica Dell'Immagine
25750: CANDRAKIRTI (TRANSLATED BY MERVYN SPRUNG) - Lucid Exposition of the Middle Way: The Essential Chapters from the Prasannapada of Candrakirti
31544: CANNELL, DAVID; LEATHER, JOHN - Modern Development in Yacht Design (with Log Book)
23931: CAPELO, M. JOSE RIVAS - Goya's Frescoes: A Guide to the Church of San Antonio de la Florida
29408: CAPON, EDMUND; MACQUITTY, WILLIAM - Princes of Jade
30804: CAPORAEL, SUZANNE - Suzanne Caporael: Roadwork
30403: CAPORAEL, SUZANNE - Suzanne Caporael: The Memory Store
25315: DI CAPUA, MARCO - Topaz (Martin Petz)
23287: CARDONA, RAMON GABARROS - Anthropos: Literatura Popular: Conceptos, Argumentos Y Temas 166/167
27058: CARDWELL, DONALD - The Norton History of Technology (Norton History of Science)
17849: CARELL, ANGELA; HERRMANN, THOMAS - Interaction and Collaboration Modes for Integrating Inspiring Information Into Technology-Enhanced Creativity Workshops
22997: CAREY, MARTHA - Pierre-Auguste Renoir, the Luncheon of the Boating Party: The Phillips Collection (Medaenas Monographs on the Arts)
25313: POLICY ALTERNATIVES FOR THE CARIBBEAN AND CENTRAL AMERICA - Changing Course: Blueprint for Peace in Central America and the Caribbean
26852: CARLISLE, OLGA ANDREYEV - Under a New Sky: A Reunion with Russia
29604: CARLSON, DAISY - Exploding the Codex: The Theater of the Book
27121: CARMEAN, E.A. JR. - The Great Decade of American Abstraction: Modernist Art 1960 to 1970
31966: CARNEGY, DAPHNE - Maiolica (Ceramics Handbook)
26543: CARNES, PACK (EDITOR) - Western Folklore (Volume 51, July/Oct 1992, Numbers 3 and 4)
31060: CARNIGLIA, JERRY - Jerry Carniglia: Paintings
30500: CARO, ANTHONY - Anthony Caro: New Sculpture
28403: CARR, WESLEY - Westminster Abbey
31479: CARR, EMILY - Pause: A Sketch Book
26400: CARR, KATHLEEN THROMOD - Polaroid Transfers: A Complete Visual Guide to Creating Image and Emulsion Transfers
30050: CARR, ANNEMARIE WEYL (EDITOR) - Gesta: International Center of Medieval Art (Volume XXXVI/I 1997)
23729: CARR, EMILY - The Book of Small
30280: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
26631: CARROLL, JOSEPH - The Cultural Theory of Matthew Arnold
30313: CARRUTH, J. A. - The Bonnie Prince Charlie Country and the 1745 Jacobite Rising
32329: CARSON, GERALD - Country Stores in Early New England
27949: CARTER, STEPHEN L. - (Integrity)
28225: CARTER, RITA - Mapping the Mind
30580: CARTWRIGHT, R. F. - The Pictorial History of Saint Mary Redcliffe, Bristol (Pitkin Pride of Britain)
20913: CARTWRIGHT, FREDERICK F.; BIDDISS, MICHAEL D. - Disease and History: The Influence of Disease in Shaping the Great Events of History
32122: CARY, JANE RANDOLPH - How to Create Interiors for the Disabled: A Guidebook for Family and Friends
23214: AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE; CASADY, R. B.; SAWIN, P. B.; DAM, J. VAN - Commercial Rabbit Raising (Agriculture Handbook No. 309)
31986: CASELBERG, JOHN (EDITOR) - Maori Is Ny Name: Historical Maori Writings in Translation
29070: CASEY, JANET; ODEKON, MEHMET - Classless Society
28776: CASOLO, JENNIFER CELANI - Natura Viva in Casa Medici: Animal Paintings in the Medici Collection
30178: CASSIRER, ERNST - Language and Myth
30272: CASSON, HUGH - Hugh Casson's Cambridge
28557: CASTELLUCCIO, STEPHANE - Collecting Chinese and Japanese Porcelain in Pre-Revolutionary Paris
24938: HEVER CASTLE AND GARDENS - Hever Castle and Gardens (Brochure)
30082: KRONBORG CASTLE - Kronborg: The Castle and the Royal Apartments
29000: CASTLEMAN, RIVA - Printed Art: A View of Two Decades
28644: CASTLEMAN, RIVA; WITTROCK, WOLFGANG (EDITORS) - Henri de Toulouse Lautrec: Images of the 1890's
29653: CASTY, ALAN - Development of the Film: An Interpretive History
25595: CATE, PHILLIP DENNIS - Impressionists on the Water
30012: CATHCART, LINDA L.; ORR-CAHALL, CHRISTINA - Billy Al Bengston, Paintings of Three Decades
15425: CATHCART, LINDA L. - Elmer Bischoff: The Arts Club of Chicago, February 25 Through March 22, 1980
31260: SALISBURY CATHEDRAL - Ephemera: Salisbury Cathedral and a Look at a Medieval City (3 Items)
30615: CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL - Church Buildings: John Piper, John Ward, John Doyle
21996: LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL - The Story of Lichfield Cathedral
8736: SAINT BAVO'S CATHEDRAL - Saint Bavo's Cathedral Guide
32307: CATLING, H. W. - Notes on Brass-Rubbing
29690: CAVALIERE, ALIK - Contemporary Artists: [Alik] Cavaliere
28818: CAVELLINI, GUGLIEMO ACHILLE - Autoritratti Self-Portraits Autoportraits Selbstportrats: Living Room Exhibition 1981
31679: GALERIE JEAN-FRANCOIS CAZEAU - Morceaux Choisis: Selected Works
25668: CEASER, JAMES W. - Reconstructing America: The Symbol of America in Modern Thought
28816: CECH, JOHN; SENDAK, MAURICE - Imagination and Innovation: The Story of Weston Woods
28437: CEDERLUND, JOHAN, HEER, ED DE, KERSTEN, MICHIEL - Rembrandt Etchings from the Zorn Collections: Summary Catalogue
27438: CELIGNY, FRANCOISE DE - Bernard Piga
22318: CEMBALEST, ROBIN (EDITOR) - Artnews (Volume 100, Number 11, December 2001)
20798: CEMBALEST, ROBIN (EDITOR) - Artnews (Volume 100, Number 3, March 2001)
31916: CENNINI, CENNINO D'ANDREA; THOMPSON, DANIEL V. JR. - The Craftsman's Handbook: "IL Libro Dell' Arte" and the Materials and Techniques of Medieval Painting (2 Books)
23662: CENNINI, CENNINO D'ANDREA; THOMPSON, DANIEL V. JR. - The Craftsman's Handbook: "IL Libro Dell' Arte
28020: BUREAU OF THE CENSUS - Census Tracts, Atlanta, Ga, Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (1970 Census of Population and Housing, Phc(1)-14)
26597: ISRAEL INFORMATION CENTER - The Middle East Peace Process: An Overview: September 1994
21639: CANTOR ARTS CENTER - Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University: Passion for Collecting
25269: WALKER ART CENTER - Scale and Environment: 10 Sculptors
22616: NATIONAL GUGAK CENTER - National Gugak Center (Vol 121)
29255: HUNTINGTON BEACH ART CENTER - Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz: Thirst and Barbara Benish: Sandcastles
23732: STORM KING ART CENTER - Enclosures and Encounters: Architectural Aspects of Recent Sculpture
28138: SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER - A History of the CIVIL Rights Movement and Those Who Died in the Struggle
22981: SAN DIEGO SUPERCOMPUTER CENTER - Telemicroscopy: Collaboratory for Microscopic Digital Anatomy
17041: PACIFIC STUDIES CENTER - Pacific Research and World Empire Telegram (Vol 1, No. 4, Jan-Feb-Mar 1970)
28028: THE WISCONSIN CENTER, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, MADISON - The Book and the Spade (April 13 - May 4, 1975)
21007: SOCIETE PAUL CEZANNE - Atelier Cezanne 1902-2002: Le Centenaire
25741: CEZANNE, PAUL - Cezanne 10 Planches En Couleurs
24126: CEZIEL, MICHELLE - Translucence: Southern California Art from the 1960s and 1970s
26336: CHAGALL, MARC - Avissar Chagall Wall Plaque: The Tribe of Naphtali from Marc Chagall Stained Glass Window Series
31699: CHAGALL, MARC; DE LA FONTAINE, JEAN - The Fables of la Fontaine Illustrated by Marc Chagall

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