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27249: GENIS, RENE - Rene Genis (May 7 - May 30, 1992)
25844: GENN, NANCY - Nancy Genn: Paper Paintings: September 6th-29th, 1984, Andrew Crispo Gallery
22217: COUNTRY GENTLEMAN - Gregory Peck for A.B. Chesterfield: Original Print Ad
28347: GENTRY, HERBERT - Herbert Gentry (Gallerihuset, 1991)
25157: GENTZLER, J. MASON - A Syllabus of Chinese Civilization
27150: GEORGE, THOMAS - Thomas George (Gallery Booklet, Maxwell Davidson, January 22 - February 16, 1985)
28529: GERGIEV, VALERY; VAZIEV, MAKHAR - Ardani Artists Presents Kirov Ballet: Official Souvenir Program 2003
28656: GERNSHEIM, HELMUT - Julia Margaret Cameron: Her Life and Photographic Work
19706: GERRY, TOM (EDITOR) - Arachne: An Interdisciplinary Journal of the Humanities (Vol 6, No. 2)
28972: GERSTENHABER, MURRAY - Lectures on Mathematics: Some Mathematical Problems in Biology in the Life Sciences
27787: GERZ, JOCHEN - Jochen Gerz: Une Exposition, an Exhibition
28781: GESSEN, KEITH (EDITOR) - N+1: The Conversion Experience (Fall 2011, Issue 12)
28915: GETZELS, JACOB W.; JACKSON, PHILIP W. - Creativity and Intelligence: Explorations with Gifted Students
27569: GETZWILLER, STEVE - Ray Manley's the Fine Art of Navajo Weaving
21753: VAN GHENT, DOROTHY - Willa Cather (Pamphlets on American Writers, No. 36)
20857: SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS - San Francisco Giants 1972 Press Radio Tv Guide
25279: GIBBS, EWAN - Facades: Drawings by Ewan Gibbs
24876: GIBSON, PETER - The Stained and Painted Glass of York Minister
26214: GIBSON, DAVID H.; MCCRACKEN, PATRICK - Still Moments: David H. Gibson
28531: GIBSON, JILL - Invitation: Jill Gibson at Ankrum Gallery (March 6-March 31, 1984)
28560: GIEBE, HUBERTUS - Hubertus Giebe: Malerei, Zeichnung
28458: GIEBE, HUBERTUS - Hubertus Giebe: Radierungen, Lithographien 1974-1996
26505: GIEDION, S. - The Eternal Present: The Beginnings of Art
24104: GIERE, RONALD N. - Explaining Science: A Cognitive Approach (Science and Its Conceptual Foundations)
14473: GIFFEN, PETER (EDITOR) - Applied Arts Quarterly (Volume 6, Number 3, Fall 1991)
24244: GIFFORD, DON - Zones of Re-Membering: Time, Memory, and (Un)Consciousness (Consciousness, Literature & the Arts)
23919: GILBERT, GREGORY - George Overbury 'Pop' Hart: His Life and Art
14532: GILBERT, CREIGHTON E (EDITOR) - The Art Bulletin (Volume LXV, Number 4, December 1983)
25540: GILBERT, SANDRA M. - Ghost Volcano: Poems
28291: GILBREATH, ALICE THOMPSON - Antlers to Radar: How Animals Defend Themselves
8780: GILL, KARAMJIT S. (EDITOR) - Ai and Society: The Journal of Human-Centred Systems ( Volume 20 Number 1, January 2006. )
27940: GILL, JENNIFER - The Bristol Scene: Views of Bristol by British Artists from the Collection of the City Art Gallery
12113: GILLIS, CHRISTINA M. - Seeing the Difference: Conversations on Death and Dying (Doreen B. Townsend Center Occasional Papers, 24-25)
24415: ROGERS SARAH J.; GILPIN, HEIDI; MASSUMI, BRIAN - Body Mecanique Artistic Explorations of Digital Realms
25794: GINGERICH, OWEN (EDITOR) - Scientific Genius and Creativity (Readings from Scientific American)
28808: GIONO, JEAN - The Man Who Planted Trees
23695: GIONO, JEAN - The Man Who Planted Trees
24106: GIOVACCHINI, SAVERIO; SKLAR, ROBERT (EDITORS) - Global Neorealism: The Transnational History of a Film Style
24255: GIROUARD, MARK - Cities and People: A Social and Architectural History
24352: GIROUARD, MARK - Alfred Waterhouse and the Natural History Museum (Natural History Museum Publications)
8968: GIROUD, VINCENT - Picasso and Gertrude Stein (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications)
26876: GISENFELD, GUNTER (EDITOR) - Augenblick 15: Cariolen Und Vexierbilder: Neue Studien Zum Ns-Unterhaltungsfilm
24931: GITLOW, ABRAHAM L. - Economics of the Mount Hagen Tribes, New Guinea (Monographs of the American Ethnological Society XII)
24747: GITTINGS, CLARE - Brasses and Brass Rubbing
26759: GLADSTONE, VALERIE - Second Annual Realism Invitational
28167: STEUBEN GLASS - Steuben Glass: Five Masterworks
19086: STEUBEN GLASS - Steuben Glass
24302: GLASSIE, HENRY - A Life of Learning (Acls Occasional Paper, No. 68)
28536: GLASSTONE, VICTOR - Victorian and Edwardian Theatres: An Architectural and Social Survey
12328: GLAZIER, KENNETH M. - Africa South of the Sahara: A Select and Annotated Bibliography, 1958-1963
23341: GLENN, LAEH; KANTAROVSKY, ALEXANDER; KOLSRUD, REBECCA - Another Romance: The 2010 New Wight Biennial (Los Angeles, Sept 23-Oct 7)
24220: GLEW, ADRIAN - Stanley Spencer: Letters and Writings
20873: GLOBE, ALEXANDER - Peter Stent, London Printseller: Circa 1642-1665: Being a Catalogue Raisonne of His Engraved Prints and Books with an Historical and Bibliographical Introduction
27987: GLOVER, BARBARA - Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia
24278: GLOWEN, RON (EDITOR) - The Glass Art Society Journal 1994 (Pacific Crosscurrents)
18349: GLUCKMAN, LEON - Wait a Minim! (Souvenir Booklet)
20611: GODEL, HOWARD J. - An American Vision IV
26529: GODFREY, WALTER H. - Lewes Castle
25322: GODFREY, SIMA (EDITOR) - Yale French Studies: The Anxiety of Anticipation (Number 66)
15325: GOEDHUIS, MICHAEL - On the Edge of the New Millennium: New Art from China
28832: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG - Theory of Colours
25808: GOETZ, DELIA - Letters from Guatemala
24719: GOFF, MARTYN - The Royal Pavilion: Brighton (Folio Miniatures)
26538: GOGUEN, J. A. (EDITOR) - Journal of Consciousness Studies (Vol 4, No. 3, 1997): Gallagher: Phenomenology
28794: GOGUEN, J. A. (EDITOR) - Journal of Consciousness Studies: Controversies in Science and the Humanities (Vol 1, No. 1)
25675: GOLD, STEVEN J. - From the Workers' State to the Golden State: Jews from the Former Soviet Union in California
25812: GOLDBERG, P. J. P. (EDITOR) - Women in Medieval English Society
14119: GOLDBERG, KEN - Ken Goldberg / Matrix 186: Ouija 2000 (Gallery Brochure)
24129: GOLDEN, JUDITH - Cycles: A Decade of Photographs
25440: GOLDEN, WILLIAM T. (EDITOR) - Worldwide Science and Technology Advice: To the Highest Level of Governments
23447: GOLDMAN, ISRAEL - Japanese Prints and Paintings: Recent Acquisitions Catalogue 11
18923: GOLDMAN, PAUL - Looking at Prints: A Guide to Technical Terms
26703: GOLDSCHEIDER, LUDWIG - Michelangelo: Paintings Sculptures Architecture
23084: GOLDSMITH, TIMOTHY H. - The Biological Roots of Human Nature: Forging Links between Evolution and Behavior
27398: GOLDSMITH, LLOYD - Lloyd Goldsmith: Cityviews
25623: GOLDSTEIN, NATHAN - Art of Responsive Drawing
24516: GOLDSTEIN, JOSHUA - Pac's in Profile
28825: GOLDSWORTHY, ANDY - Time: Andy Goldsworthy
28778: GOLDSWORTHY, ANDY; CRAIG, DAVID - Andy Goldsworthy: Arch
27073: GOLDYNE, JOSEPH - Joseph Goldyne: Announcement for 1974 Exhibition at Quay Gallery with Goya's Salmon Steak and Rembrandt's Shell
27105: GOLDYNE, JOSEPH - Recent Works: Monoprints, Watercolors, Paintings (Joseph Goldyne, Quay Gallery, 1974)
25508: FATHER ANTONINO DA CASTELLAMMARE DEL GOLFO - The Venerable Andrea of Burgio (Arba Sicula)
27828: GOLLWITZER, GERHARD - Sex, Eros, Marital Love: A Study of Their Psycho-Spiritual Origins
26704: GOMBRICH, E. H.; KLINE, MORRIS; SCHATTSCHNEIDER - Science and the Arts (Scientific American)
28752: GOMEZ, SUSY - Susy Gomez: Maldito Corazon (Spanish, French, German, and English)
25186: GOMEZ, M. - Cathedral of Mexico
25589: DISTRICT OF CHATEAU-GONTIER - Welcome to Mayenne Angevine
21956: GONZ - Maria Elena Gonzalez: Un Real Estates
27877: GOODBURN, ROGER - Chedworth Roman Villa: Gloucestershire
25927: GOODE, RICHARD - The Corporation Income Tax
28706: GOODMAN, SUSAN TUMARKIN - Artists of Israel, 1920-1980 (the Jewish Museum, New York, February 4-May 17, 1981)
27780: GOODMAN, MARILYN JS; LIEBERMAN, NATALIE K. - Learning Through Art: The Guggenheim Museum Collection
24789: GOODMAN, SUSAN TUMARKIN - Jewish Themes/Contemporary American Artists II
27613: GOODRICH, LLOYD - Winslow Homer
26683: GOODRICH, LLOYD - Edward Hopper
28022: GOODSPEED, EDGAR J. - Paul
27370: GOODWIN, JT; MULLENS, BA; GERHARDT, RR - The Tabanidae of Tennessee
21629: GOODYEAR, FRANK H. - Perspectives on Contemporary American Realism: Works of Art on Paper from the Collection of Jalane and Richard Davidson
19433: GORBACHEV, MIKHAIL - Welcoming Address to the World Congress of Women
19437: GORBACHEV, MIKHAIL - Mikhail Gorbachev Receives George Shultz and Mikhal Gorbachev Talks to the Delegation from the Us House of Representatives of the Us Congress
19436: GORBACHEV, MIKHAIL - Young People Are the Creative Force of the Revolutionary Renewal
29067: GORDIS, DANIEL - Coming Together, Coming Apart: A Memoir of Heartbreak and Promise in Israel
28487: GORDON, ROBERT B.; MALONE, PATRICK M. - The Texture of Industry: An Archaeological View of the Industrialization of North America
21166: GORDON, GLENN - Made in Illinois: An Artisan Gallery
24068: GORDON, PHILIP - Artists of the American West
27424: GORDON, STEVEN E. - The Art of Steven E. Gordon
28340: GORE, M. S. - Urbanization and Family Change in India
28422: GORMAN, MICHAEL JOHN; BRADBURNE, JAMES M.; MARR, ALEXANDER (INTRODUCTION) - A Mysterious Masterpiece: The World of the Linder Gallery
26961: GORNICK, VIVIAN - Women in Science: 100 Journeys Into the Territory (Revised Edition)
24015: GOSS, TOM (EDITOR) - Print's Best Logos and Symbols: Winning Designs from Print Magazine's National Competition
9073: GOTLIEB, MARC (EDITOR) - The Art Bulletin (Volume LXXXVII, Number 3, September 2005)
26291: GOTTLIEB, MARC (EDITOR) - The Art Bulletin (December 2006, Number 4)
20184: GOTTSCHALL, EDWARD M. (EDITOR) - Typographic Directions: Advertising Directions 4: (Trends in Visual Advertising)
26513: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Mismeasure of Man
25304: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Questioning the Millennium: A Rationalist's Guide to a Precisely Arbitrary Countdown
17784: GOULET, CIE - Abstract Painting Redefined (Feb 16--Mar 30, 1985)
29003: BY ORDER OF THE GOVERNORS - A Brief Catalogue of the Pictures in Dulwich College Picture Gallery
26254: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Turner: Imagination and Reality (1966 Moma, Nyc Exhibition)
26408: GOYA, FRANCISCO - The Disasters of War (Dover Books on Fine Art)
25139: GRACE, DAPHNE - Beyond Bodies: Gender, Literature and the Enigma of Consciousness (Consciousness, Literature & the Arts: 38)
21273: KEITH, D. GRAEME ET AL - The Triumph of Humanism: A Visual Survey of the Decorative Arts of the Renaissance
28216: GRAFTON, CAROL BELANGER - Geometric Needlepoint Designs: Charted for Easy Use
25070: GRAHAM, HUGH DAVIS (EDITOR) - CIVIL Rights in the United States (Issues in Policy History, No 4)
24061: PANOFSKY, ERWIN; REYNOLDS, GRAHAM; ET AL - The Burlington Magazine (Volume LXXXIX, March 1947, No. 528)
24910: GRAHAM, MAUREEN - Women of Power and Presence: The Spiritual Formation of Four Quaker Women Ministers (Pendle Hill Pamphlet 294)
11267: GRAMACCINI, NORBERTO - Franz Gertsch Silvia: Chronicle of Painting
26037: GRANT, MICHAEL - Art in the Roman Empire
22617: GRANT, DEBORAH; THOMAS, ELIZABETH - Deborah Grant: Bacon, Egg, Toast in Lard (Matrix 228)
16467: GRANTZ, ARTHUR; DINTER, DAVID A; BISWAS, NIRENDRA - Map, Cross Sections, and Chart Showing Late Quaternary Faults, Folds, and Earthquake Epicenters on the Alaskan Beaufort Shelf
24171: GRAU, OLIVER; VEIGL, THOMAS (EDITORS) - Imagery in the 21st Century
23145: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R. (EDITOR) - Daedalus: Limits of Scientific Inquiry (Spring 1978)
14141: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R. (EDITOR) - Daedalus: Another India (Fall 1989, Volume 118, Number 4 )
27528: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R. (EDITOR) - Daedalus: The Making of Modern Science: Biographical Studies (Fall 1970)
26159: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R. (EDITOR) - Daedalus: What Future for the State? (Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences: Volume 124, No. 2, Spring 1995)
26709: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R. (EDITOR) - Daedalus: The Next Generation: Work in Progress (Spring 1999)
26713: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R. (EDITOR) - Daedalus: America's Childhood (Volume 122, No 1, Winter 1993 )
24527: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Daedalus: The End of Tolerance: Engaging Cultural Differences (Fall 2000)
26731: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R. (EDITOR) - Daedalus: The American Academic Profession
25556: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R. (EDITOR) - Daedalus: American Education: Still Separate, Still Unequal (Fall 1995)
26989: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R. (EDITOR) - Daedalus: Bioethics & Beyond (Fall 1999, Volume 128, No. 4)
26906: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R. (EDITOR) - Daedalus: Education Yesterday Education Tomorrow
27812: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R. (EDITOR) - Daedalus: Art and Science ( Vol. 115, No. 3, Summer 1986)
26593: GRAVELY, F. H. - Bulletin of the Madras Government Museum. An Outline of Indian Temple Architecture. New Series. Vol. III, Part 2.
19274: GRAVES, NANCY - Nancy Graves: New Sculpture: Temptations of the Imagination-the Last Series
24420: GRAY, JOHN - Tecnologia, Progres I L'Impacte Huma Sobre la Terra / Technology, Progress and the Human Impact on the Earth
28284: GRAY, CLEVE (EDITOR) - David Smith Sculpture and Writings
22668: EL GRECO - Anunciacion, 1596-1600 (the Annunciation) Poster
27340: BRITISH MUSEUM, DEPARTMENT OF GREEK AND ROMAN ANTIQUITIES - A Short Guide to the Sculptures of the Parthenon in the British Museum (Elgin Collection)
22095: GREEN, DAVID - Gardens and Parks at Hampton Court and Bushey
26451: GREEN, WILDER; KAHN, LOUIS I. - Louis I. Kahn, Architect: Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Building, the University of Pennsylvania
26452: GREEN, WILDER; DREXLER, ARTHUR - Four New Buildings: Architecture and Imagery
22157: GREEN, RICHARD L. - A Salute to Historic Blacks in the Arts (Vol. VIII)
19174: RICHARD GREEN - Exhibition of XIX and XX Century European Paintings (November 16th-December 24th, 1988)
21274: GREEN, RICHARD; GREEN, JONATHAN; GREEN, MATTHEW - Nicholson, Hepworth, Moore
23671: GREEN, DAVID - Blenheim Park and Gardens
23712: GREENBERG, IDAZ - Guide to Corals and Fishes of Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean
25422: GREENBERG, SARAH (EDITOR) - Ra (the Royal Academy Magazine Number 79, Summer 2003)
24178: GREENBERG, DANIEL S. - Science, Money, and Politics: Political Triumph and Ethical Erosion
6236: GREENBERG, CLEMENT - The Harold Letters 1928-1943: The Making of an American Intellectual
21073: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN; HESS, CARLA (EDITORS) - Representations 54 (Spring 1996)
21074: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN; HESS, CARLA (EDITORS) - Representations 57 (Winter 1997)
21785: GREENE, RICHARD LAWRENCE; WHEELING, KENNETH EDWARD - A Pictorial History of the Shelburne Museum
25573: GREENFIELD, SUSAN A. - Journey to the Centers of the Mind: Toward a Science of Consciousness
27532: GREENSLADE, JR., THOMAS B. - A Short History of Kenyon College
25661: GREGOOR, NOL - Gesprekken Met F. Bordewijk (Forum Haganum)
27268: GREGORY, MARTYN - The 'Perry Landing' Set of China Trade Painting
23973: GREGORY, RICHARD L. - The Oxford Companion to the Mind: Edited by Richard L. Gregory
12166: MARCUS, GREIL ET AL - Representations 58 (Spring 1997 Number 58)
20451: GRESKOVIC, ROBERT; DUNNING, JENNIFER - The Kirov Ballet: United States Tour 1989
25215: GREY, THOMAS S. (EDITOR) - Journal of the American Musicological Society (Volume 54, Number 1, Spring 2001)
27920: GRIBBONS, JOSEPH (EDITOR) - The Nautical Quarterly (No. 26, Summer 1984)
24293: GRIEG, EDVARD - Edvard Grieg: Drawings and Caricatures
24177: GRIFFIN, RANDALL C. - Homer, Eakins, and Anshutz: The Search for American Identity in the Gilded Age
17897: GRIFFIN, TIM (EDITOR) - Artforum (October 2008, Vol. XLVII, Number 2)
24248: GRILLI, ELISE - Japanese Picture Scrolls (Art of the East Library)
25594: GRMEK, M. D. (EDITOR) - History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (Volume 3, No. 1, 1981)
25373: GRMEK, MIRKO D. (EDITOR) - History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (1997, Vol 19, No. 2)
18572: GRMEK, M. D. (EDITOR) - History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (Volume 6, No. 2, 1984)
25638: GROCHOWIAK, THOMAS; FELDHAUSS, IRMGARD; PRETZELL, LOTHAR - Naive Painting: 89 Pictures by 32 Artists from the Federal Republic of Germany 1982 an Exhibition Organized by the Institut Fur Auslandsbeziehungen Stuttgart
25926: GROHMANN, WILL - Paul Klee (Catalog 194)
10268: GROL, RIK VAN (EDITOR) - Cff 64 (Cubism for Fun)
27297: GRONEMAN, CHRIS H.; FEIRER, JOHN L. - Getting Started in Drawing and Planning
22869: GRONLUND, MELISSA;VILALTA, HELENA (EDITORS) - Afterall: Spring 2011, Issue 26
24472: GROSS, PHYLLIS; RAILTON, ESTHER P. - Teaching Science in an Outdoor Environment (California Natural History Guides)
29082: GROSSI, I. P. - Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva
21282: GROSSMAN, STEVE - Steve Grossman: New Paintings
23390: GROSVENOR, EDWIN S. (EDITOR) - Portfolio: The Magazine of the Visual Arts (Nov-Dec, 1981, Vol 3, No. 6)
23396: GROSVENOR, EDWIN S. (EDITOR) - Portfolio: The Magazine of the Visual Arts (Jan-Feb, 1981)
11870: GROSVENOR, EDWIN S. (EDITOR) - Portfolio: The Magazine of the Visual Arts (May-June, 1981)
28217: COATS SEWING GROUP - Canvas Embroidery Patterns (Book No. 1198)
28129: COATS SEWING GROUP - Canvas Embroidery (Book No. 1114)
28874: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP - Nature: The International Weekly Journal of Science (Vol 559, 19 July 2018, 7714)
26842: J. RICHARD GRUBER - Philip Morsberger: Paintings and Drawings from the Sixties (January 2000)
27232: GRUEN, JOHN - Debra Bermingham: Across the Blue Room (October 13 - November 13, 1993)
23449: GRUNDBERG, ANDY (EDITOR) - See 1: 4: A Journal of Visual Culture
24016: GRYSKI, CAMILLA - Cat's Cradle, Owl's Eyes: A Book of String Games
24160: GUANGDA, LIANG - Zhuhai China: 90's Chinese Modern Art Exhibition
26337: GUEMES, LINA - National History Museum Castillo de Chapultepec
26540: GUERIN, DANIEL - Die Amerikanische Arbeiterbewegung 1867-1967
25065: GUERRA, MARY ANN NOONAN - The History of San Antonio's Market Square
21625: RODRíGUEZ, BéLGICA; BUSTILLOS, JOSé - Latin American Art: A Resource Directory
26303: GUIGUET, C. J. - The Birds of British Columbia (8): Chicadees, Thrushes, Kinglets, Pipits, Waxwings, and Shrikes
23212: ST. LAWRENCE JEWRY NEXT GUILDHALL - St. Lawrence Jewry Next Guildhall in the City of London Guidebook
11460: BRITISH GUILDS - Crests of Ancient British Guilds
29151: GUILLERMOPRIETO, ALMA - Looking for History: Dispatches from Latin America
27821: GUILMARTIN, KENNETH K.; LEVINOWITZ, LILI M. - Music Together: Bells
29119: GUINNESS, DESMOND; SADLER, JULIUS TROUSDALE - Palladio: A Western Progress
25876: GUITTENY, MARC - Provence
25296: GULICK, SIDNEY LEWIS - The East and the West: A Study of Their Psychic and Cultural Characteristics
11667: GUMBEL, NICKY - The Da Vinci Code: A Response
12066: GUMPEL, WERNER - Energy Policy of the Soviet Union
28824: GUMPERT, LYNN; RIFKIN, NEIL - Golub (the New Museum of Contemporary Art)
27491: GUNN, SISVAN WILLIAM ARAM - Totem Poles in Stanley Park, Vancouver Bc
11459: GUNSAULUS, HELEN C. - Japanese Prints by Early Masters from the Clarence Buckingham Collection
26403: GUNTHART, LOTTE - Water Colors and Drawings: Lotte Gunthart
21493: GUR, O. SELCUK - Daily Life in Ancient Times
22721: GUSTAFSON, ALRIK - August Strindberg 1849-1912
24967: GUTTRIDGE, G. H. - The Early Career of Lord Rockingham 1730-1765
28380: GYARARI, TENRI - Exhibition: Ancient Cultural Relations between East and West from the Collection of Tenri Sankokan Museum
28510: GYARARI, TENRI - Exhibition of Earthenware of Ancient Eastern Asia in the Collection of Tenri University Museums
27930: GYMPEL, JAN; WERNICKE, INGOLF - The Berlin Wall: Its Rise, Route, Remnants
26692: GYORGY, PETER; TURAI, HEDVIG (EDITORS) - Art and Society in the Age of Stalin
25107: BLECHER, FRANKLIN H. ET AL - The Bell System Technical Journal: Device Photolithography (Vol. 49, Nov. 1970, No. 9)
23371: ANDERSON, DON L.; KUENEN, PH. H.; ET AL - Scientific American Offprints: Geology
28432: HAAS, ROBERT BARTLETT - Muybridge: Man in Motion
26163: HABAKKUK, H. J - Population Growth and Economic Development Since 1750
26826: HABERLER, GOTTFRIED - A Survey of International Trade Theory (Special Papers in International Economics)
25948: HACKER, P. M. S. - Gravure and Grace: The Engravings of Roger Vieillard
25335: HACKL, ERICH - Aurora's Motive
27753: HACKMAN, WILLIAM - Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Art Spaces
28995: HADERS, PHYLLIS - Sunshine and Shadow: The Amish and Their Quilts
19715: HADIGHI, MEHRDAD (EDITOR) - Banham in Buffalo: 5 Years of the P. Reyner Banham Fellowships at the University at Buffalo School of Architecture
24428: HADLOCK, WENDELL S. - American Paintings and Drawings in the William A. Farnsworth Library and Art Museum
25477: WALLACE-HADRILL, J.M. - The Barbarian West: The Early Middle Ages: Ad 400-1000
29117: HAENLEIN, CARL - Neue Malerei: Berlin
27049: HAFNER, R. S. (EDITOR) - Transportation, Storage, and Disposal of Radioactive Materials (Pvp Vol 408)
25125: HAFTMANN, WERNER; HENTZEN, ALFRED; LIEBERMAN, WILLIAM S. - German Art of the Twentieth Century
26334: HAGEN, CHARLES; RICHARDSON, NAN (EDITORS) - Aperture 115: New Southern Photography between Myth and Reality (Summer 1989)
25293: VON HAGEN, VICTOR W. - Realm of the Incas (Revised Edition)
25598: HAHN, WILLIAM; ARKELIAN, MARJORIE DAKIN - William Hahn Genre Painter 1829-1887
23505: HALE, MEREDITH - Johannes Vermeer (Exhibition Brochure)
27123: HALE, NANCY - Nancy Hale: The Life in the Studio
25100: VON HALEM, SIBYLLE - Sibylle Von Halem: Eyches: An Exhibition of Work Completed During a Residency at Monagri
12054: HALL, DOUG - Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (Apt) 2006
11315: HALL, STEPHEN S. - Mapping the Next Millenium: The Discovery of New Geographies
27248: HALLADY, ROBERT - Classic Tarascan: Seated Man Eating, Colima
25331: HALPERN, GREG; TERKEL, STUDS - Harvard Works Because We Do
24755: HALPIN, MARJORIE M.; AMES, MICHAEL M. - Totem Poles: An Illustrated Guide (Museum Note No. 3)
26537: FRANS HALSMUSEUM - Frans Halsmuseum de Hallen
28416: HAMADA, SHOJI; LEACH, BERNARD - The Quiet Eye: Pottery of Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach
23409: HAMADAN, LAMEES; KORTUN, VASIF - Second Time Around: The United Arab Emirates Pavilion at the 54th International Art Exhibition --la Biennale Di Venezia, 2011
25510: HAMBURGER, JESSICA - China's Energy and Environment in the Roaring Nineties: A Policy Primer
24503: HAMBURGER, JEAN - The Diary of William Harvey: The Imaginary Journal of the Physician Who Revolutionized Medicine
8220: HAMILTON, R.W - Treasures of the Ashmolean Museum
26096: HAMILTON, ANN - Ann Hamilton: Whitecloth (the 1998 Larry Aldrich Foundation Award Exhibition)
20097: HAMOND - Hamond Historical Atlas
18420: HANEY, WILLIAM S. II - Utopia and Consciousness
8525: HANNAY, ALASTAIR (EDITOR) - Inquiry : An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy and the Social Sciences (Vol 23 No 1 March 1980)
29102: FRIIS-HANSEN, DANA - Abstract Painting Once Removed
28016: HANSEN, WALLACE R. - The Geologic Story of the Uinta Mountains, Geological Survey Bulletin 1291
24234: HANSON, LAWRENCE - Mortal Victory: A Biography of Paul Cezanne
28053: HANSON, JO - Artists' Taxes the Hands-on Guide: An Alternative to Hobby Taxes
24448: O'HARA, DANIEL - Radical Parody: American Culture and Critical Agency After Foucault
27449: HARD, FREDERICK - The Sculptured Scenes from Shakespeare: A Description of John Gregory's Marble Reliefs
26894: CLEVELAND, HARLAN AND HAROLD D. LASSWELL - Ethics and Bigness: Scientific, Academic, Religious, Political, and Military
24914: HARLOW, ANN - Bicoastal Artists of the 1870s
27362: HARLOW, ANN (EDITOR) - William Keith: The Saint Mary's College Collection: Supplement
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17441: KETTERER, R. N. - Moderne Kunst IV
24496: KEVLES, BETTYANN - Naked to the Bone
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28889: KIELL, NORMAN (EDITOR) - Psychiatry and Psychology in the Visual Arts and Aesthetics: A Bibliography
28957: KILLION, WILLIAM D. - Video Transmission Techniques
28326: KIM, KUMJA PAIK - Hopes and Aspirations: Decorative Paintings of Korea
27221: KIMBALL, ROGER; PERETZ, MARTIN - John Dubrow: New Paintings: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (October 3-November 18, 2000)
19627: KIMBALL, CATHY - Jaap Bongers: Reflections
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24906: KIMBALL, CATHY;, PETR, MARK - Holding Patterns: Selections from the Photography Collection of Arthur Goodwin
22639: KIMMELMAN, MICHAEL - The Accidental Masterpiece: On the Art of Life and Vice Versa
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25756: VERSOHNUNGS KIRCHE - Versohnungs Kirche in Berlin: Kapelle Der Versohnung
24019: KIRKPATRICK, DIANE - The Art of Sonia Landy Sheridan
28328: KIRSHENBLATT, MAYER; KIRSHENBLATT-GIMBLETT, BARBARA; EFIMOVA, ALLA - They Called Me Mayer July: Painted Memories of a Jewish Childhood in Poland Before the Holocaust (Gallery Booklet)
28230: KISER, CLYDE V. (EDITOR) - Research in Family Planning
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26547: KLEIN, GEORGE - Pieta: Mitleid Compassion Agape Caritas
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15848: KLEIN, STANLEY - Libet's Research on the Timing of Conscious Intention to Act: A Commentary
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27616: KNOPFLI, HANS - Crafts and Technologies: Some Traditional Craftsmen of the Western Grasslands of Cameroon (British Museum, Occasional Paper)
25469: KNORR, KLAUS - On the Uses of Military Power in the Nuclear Age
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28766: KOBAYASHI, HISAKO - Seeds in the Heart
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26448: KOEHLER, WILHELM - Rembrandt Harmensz Van Rijn (the Library of Great Painters)
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24786: KOPLOW, DAVID A. - Back to the Future and Up to the Sky: Legal Implications of "Open Skies" Inspection for Arms Control
28060: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF KOREA - National Museum of Korea: A New History Begins (in English and Korean)
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24159: KOSSLYN, STEPHEN M. - Image and Brain: The Resolution of the Imagery Debate
27892: KOSTOF, SPIRO - The Third Rome: 1870--1950: Traffic and Glory
28838: KOTANI, ROLAND - The Japanese in Hawaii: A Century of Struggle
28580: KOZLOFF, JOYCE; NOCHLIN, LINDA - Patterns of Desire
11072: KOZYREFF, CHANTAL; TOKUHISA, S. - Dix Siecles de Sculpture Sur Bois Au Japon
23363: KRAIRKISH, PIRIYA - The Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha: A Handbook for Guides
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20538: KREAMER, CHRISTINE MULLEN - African Cosmos: Stellar Arts
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23935: KREMER, NAOMIE - Keeping Time: Naomie Kremer Works, 1992-2004
22494: KRISHNAMACHARI, BOSE - Ghost: Bose Krishnamachari
26126: KRISHNAMURTI, JIDDU - Unconditionally Free: An Introduction to the Life and Work of J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986)
28827: KRULL, KATHLEEN - The Lives of the Artists: Masterpieces, Messes (and What the Neighbors Thought)
28187: KRUPP, FRED; HORN, MIRIAM - Earth: The Sequel: The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming
26851: KRUTCH, JOSEPH WOOD - The Colloid and the Crystal
26073: KUBIAK, RICHARD - Richard Aber, Doug Edge, Jud Fine: Santa Barbara Artists: 1978
21860: KUCERA, R. E. - Probing the Athabasca Glacier
22666: KUH, KATHARINE - Art Has Many Faces: The Nature of Art Presented Visually
14062: KULIK, GARY (EDITOR) - American Quarterly (Volume 45, No. 3, September 1993)
23410: ABELS KUNSTFORLAG - Oslo Og Omegns: Vinter Og Sommerprakt
29148: NORMANNS KUNSTFORLAG - Stavkirker
25502: KUO, PING-CHIA - China: New Age and New Outlook
26172: KURUTZ, KD - Sacramento's Pioneer Patrons of Art: The Edwin Bryant Crocker Family
28574: KUSAMA, YAYOI - Yayoi Kusama: Giappone--XLV Biennale Di Venezia, 1993
28729: KUSHNER, TONY; SENDAK, MAURICE - The Art of Maurice Sendak: 1980 to Present
25628: KUSKIN, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Caxton's Trace: Studies in the History of English Printing
25706: KUSPIT, DONALD - The New Subjectivism: Art in the 1980s (Studies in the Fine Arts Criticism)
25417: KUSPIT, DONALD - F. Scott Hess: The Seven Laughters of God and Other Paintings
26625: KUWAYAMA, GEORGE - The Joy of Collecting: Far Eastern Art from the Lidow Collection
21314: KWON, CHEEYUN - Contemporary Korean Fiber Art: Reinterpreting the Korean Patchwork
12407: KAYL, BRADLEY L. ET AL - Assassin Issue #1a (Jet Henderson Cover)
25068: MEYER, RUBEN; LEVITT, MORTON; FALICK, MORDECAL L. AND BEN O. RUBENSTEIN - Essentials of Pediatric Psychiatry
26571: BROWN, DAVID L. ET AL (EDITORS) - Rural Economic Development in the 1980's: Prospects for the Future
27648: GOULD, JAMES L. AND CAROL GRANT GOULD (EDITORS) - Life at the Edge: Readings from Scientific American Magazine
27237: LABARGE, DOROTHY - From Drawing to Print Perception and Process in Cape Dorset Art (May 31-September 21, 1986, Glenbow Museum)
21634: LABAT, TONY - Tony Labat: New Work
24696: US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR - Safety in Industry: Mechanical and Physical Hazards, No. 1: Control of Electrical Shock Hazards (Bulletin 216)
27896: ROCHE LABORATORIES - Leopold Von Auenbrugger (1722-1809)
21375: ABBOTT LABORATORIES - Vision: I. Some Pathological Conditions of the Eye, II. Corneal Grafting and the Eye Bank
20400: FERMI NATIONAL ACCELERATOR LABORATORY - Fermi News (Volume 21, Friday, June 5, 1998, Number 11)
22708: FERMI NATIONAL ACCELERATOR LABORATORY - Fermi News (Volume 22, Tues, June 1, 1999, Number 11)
24502: FERMI NATIONAL ACCELERATOR LABORATORY - Fermilab 1988: Annual Report of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
23440: NAVAL RESEARCH LABORATORY - Proceedings of Natural Sciences Symposium (June 14, 1993)
24824: FERMI NATIONAL ACCELERATOR LABORATORY - Fermilab 1987: Annual Report of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
24784: LACHENBRUCH, ARTHUR H. - The Effect of Two-Dimensional Topography on Superficial Thermal Gradients (Geological Survey Bulletin 1203-E)
23784: LACMA - Van Gogh to Kandinsky (Brochure for Lacma Exhibition)
25217: LACMA - The Michele Berton Memorial Lectures on Japanese Art: The First Twenty Years
25314: LADUKE, BETTY - Companeras: Women, Art and Social Change in Latin America
16200: LAGERLOF, SELMA - Jerusalem Roman (Vollstandige Ausgabe in Einem Band)
25489: DEL LAGO, ADALBERTO - North American Architecture Trends: 1990-2000 (Skira Architecture Library)
27194: LAI, T. C. - Understanding Chinese Painting
27447: LAICHAS, WILLIAM D.; FOWLER, KATHRYNE; STEM, NANCY N - New Mexico Millennium Collection: A Twenty-First Century Celebration of Fine Art in New Mexico
24304: LAILLER, DAN; LE CUNFF, LOUIS - Discovering Saint-Malo
26933: LAKADAT, ADRIENNE (EDITOR) - Modulus 21: Politics and Architecture
19716: LAKE, CARLTON (EDITOR) - Baudelaire to Beckett: A Century of French Art and Literature
27405: LAMB, TOM - Marks on the Land: Aerial Photography by Tom Lamb
24644: LAMB, HELEN B. - Studies on India and Vietnam
21987: LAMBERT, JOHN - An Illustrated Guide to St. James Church, Piccadilly
24158: LAMBERT, PAGE - In Search of Kinship: Modern Pioneering on the Western Landscape

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